Last update: March 9, 2015

A Detailed Look at a Copied Document,
Jane Lead's The Heavenly Cloud Now Breaking.


Abbreviations used on this page are as follows ...

  • PasstheWORD is abbreviated as PTW;

  • Jane Lead is abbreviated as JL;

  • The Editor at, Diane Guerrero, is abbreviated as DG.


First: A Detailed Comparison between PTW's copyrighted, electronic, source files for JL's The Heavenly Cloud Now Breaking   and DG's derivative work, the SDV edition of the same...

As you review the Document Sample-Comparisons below notice that ...

PasstheWORD's Copyrighted Source E-Files
of the Authentic JL Documents are shown ...
on the LEFT. 

DG's Early Versions of Modified Documents
at are shown ...
on the RIGHT.

DGsHeavCldTitlePageCompared to PTWs
The Title Pages again compared:  DG had copied the PTW original, changed the spelling of just one word from PTW's on-line version of the authentic original, which PTW had rendered to look as close  as possible to the title page of JL's printed 17th century edition.


Now, let's examine the typical manipulations done by DG to PTW's original source document.

1stHeavCld Content Comparison
Comparison #1:  DG took the PTW original, broke it apart, added her own new paragraph definitions and numbers (thus interrupting the flow of the message), added a numbered list, and applied her choice of changes to the content of the text.



2ndHeavCld Content Comparison
Comparison #2:  DG continued breaking apart the original content into new paragraphs, and applied her changes.



     3rdHeavCld Content Comparison
Comparison #3: This set of verses was copied exactly into DG's early derivative version.



     4thHeavCld Content Comparison
Comparison #4:  In this example, DG not only arbitrarily broke text into new paragraphs
but also she is began to add her new section titles where they did not appear in the original.



5thHeavCld Content Comparison
Comparison #5:  Another section of verse was copied by DG from PTW
with only slight changes for her SDV edition.



6thHeavCld Content Comparison
Comparison #6:  And so it went; DG copied the original, added new paragraph numbering,
added section marks, added her own section titles, etc.



Second:   Now, let's see why DG's document
looks SO MUCH like PTW's original source document...

Take a look at the underlying HTML3 code on the left which was generated over 10 years ago when the manuscript text was first transcribed by PTW.   Now look at the underlying HTML code from DG's Derivative edition on the's the SAME code.

1stHeavenly Cloud HTML Code Comparison
Whenever DG opened one of PTW's documents in her more modern software, OR whenever she copied and pasted from the PTW originals into her e-files, she got the underlying old code from PTW as well. 

Notice that when she leaves the text intact after she pastes it, the old code still is retained which fact showed clearly upon examination to anyone who knew how to "view the source code" from their browser. 
2ndHeavenly Cloud HTML Code Comparison
But when DG started changing the spacing and reformatting, her more modern HTML software produced pieces of modern code that look a lot different from the old code as seen farther down on the right in this example.

The presence of the old code in DG's derivative works was proof positive that she had been copying directly from the PTW copyrighted e-files. 


This screen-capture showing examples of some HTML 3 syntax on the left versus DG's more modern HTML code on the right, should be informative to those with eyes to see.

3rdHeavenly Cloud HTML Code Comparison

When DG composed something of her own in her more modern software, as seen on the right in the sample above, she generated HTML source code altogether different from the old HTML3 code shown on the left from a PTW sample. Compare the old code syntax vs. the more modern, for these 2 samples. 


If Diane Guerrero had done all her own work, then ALL of the HTML code for every single part of every derivative SDV document should be in her more modern HTML code, which it obviously was not.  The presence of HTML3 code within DG's e-files proved to those at PTW that DG had helped herself to the foundation code from PTW's manually transcribed e-files...and now you know it too.   She violated the copyright laws of the United States and attempted to cover up her guilt.

As soon as DG became aware (in June of 2009) that her HTML code was being examined, thus disclosing her illegal activities, she quickly began converting all of her SDV editions into PDF files as a method of "covering her tracks" so that in the future, no one would be able to examine them as we had done, and no one would ever know what she had done. 

By the beginning of 2012, ALL of her illegal SDV documents that she offered for free download at had been converted to PDF files which she had branded with her own name. 

By the Summer of 2012, ALL of the free SDV downloads and free SDV booklet offers had disappeared as had all the files of her earlier website; a new commercial website had taken its place.   DG offered ALL of her illegal SDV documents only FOR SALE at, and on her newly created website,, which also offered them (until late 2014).

When her broken promises to provide free downloads of the SDV editions were exposed, the editor once again re-did both of her websites.  First she offered free downloads of what she called the 17th century version of JL's writings which she had pirated and modified illegally from PTW.   This went on for some time, while she was still trying to sell her illegal SDV editions from both of her websites.

Then by Spring of 2013, she again began offering free downloads of her SDV editions, but no free booklets have ever been offered as she had previously promised.  (She had aggressively begun marketing the illegal booklets derived from PTW's stolen e-files, elsewhere on the Internet.)  She appeared to have reworked ALL of the modified files on her website, re-nameing all of them once again...this time with an ambiguous 8 digit number to further cover-up her fraud. 

Her cover-up is complete; or is it?  What does your heart tell you? 

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