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A General Comparison of Documents
from showing the early versions of their Derivatives at — with Commentary


Abbreviations used on this page are as follows ...

  • PasstheWORD is abbreviated as PTW;

  • Jane Lead is abbreviated as JL;

  • The Editor at, Diane Guerrero, is abbreviated as DG.

First: A General Look at DG's derivative works...

The Screen-Captures below show what was found at in late 2008 - early 2009 when PTW received reports suggesting that their documents had been copied.  As you review the Document Sample-Comparisons below notice that ...

PasstheWORD's Copyrighted Source E-Files
of the Authentic JL Documents are shown ...
on the LEFT. 

DG's Early Versions of Modified Documents
at are shown ...
on the RIGHT.

Heavenly Cloud title page comparison

Document # 1


8 Worlds title page comparison

Document # 2


1st Philadel.Msg title page comparison

Document # 3


Laws of Paradise title page comparison

Document # 4


2nd Philadel. Msg  title page comparison

Document # 5


Fountain Of Gardens vol1 title page comparison

Document # 6


60 Propositions-1679 Prophecy page comparison

Document # 7


Ascent to Mount  title page comparison

Document # 8

You may have noticed — there are OBVIOUS SIMILARITIES !


Second: Samples of how DG further modified and re-formatted PTW's e-text... 
[from Document #6]

FOG vol1 copied text comparison #1

FOG vol1 copied text comparison #2

The above 2 examples are typical of what was found comparing any sections of corresponding documents from the source website,, and the DG's website, during that early time period.

More telling details about DG's first attempted SDV edition of Volume 1 of JL's Fountain of Gardens (Document #6). The first appearance at (of what DG had newly defined as the first four chapters ) was in the Spring of 2009, along with DG's promise to finish her entire SDV edition of the Fountain of Gardens, Volume One, by the Summer of 2009; she did not keep her word.  No additional sections were posted, and the first four "chapters" of the counterfeit disappeared from as of July 15, 2009.  

Upon examination of what she had posted, it was no surprise to find that the e-text of DG's first four chapters ended exactly at the same point in the text, on exactly  the same word as PTW's HTML-File 1 of 4 of the authentic Fountain of Gardens, Volume One. This  was clear evidence that the editor had pirated the PTW e-text as a basis for her derivative SDV version. 

It was SO MUCH easier for the editor to start with the copyrighted e-files (the digitized text from the authentic manuscripts that had been meticulously typed and proofed from PTW).  All she had to do was make her editorial changes, claim them as her own, brand them with her own name in equal prominence with JL's name {see top right in the graphic shown immediately above}, publish them to the Internet and offer them in hardcopy booklets for distribution. 

Third: Additional obvious copied text from PTW's on-Line
"Bibliography & Index of the Authentic Works of Jane Lead"

Copied PTW JL Index Text sample 1

Copied PTW JL Index Text sample 2

Copied PTW JL Index Text sample 3

In the above 3 examples, the descriptions from PTW's 2009 "Bibliography & Index of Jane Lead's Works" shown on the LEFT were used by DG to describe her "To Be Determined" list which she defines above right as JL manuscripts that she has NOT yet where else did she obtain this text which she had never seen, except at PTW?

Fourth: DG's Cover Story

DGs Cover Story

DG's cover story hinged on 1) a claim to have obtained her own copies of the originals for her derivative works and 2) to have "scanned" her alleged copies of the original printings into text.  Her last statement [above] that "all original manuscripts are in the public domain" is simply untrue.  It is important for you to understand, that in the 21st century, many large libraries, university archives and holders of rare books have copyrighted their microfilms of out-of-print books and their old manuscripts, as a way to generate revenue for themselves.  They most often  have a policy stating that copies of the manuscripts can only be used for the purposes of a NON-COMMERCIAL nature or private study.  This stipulation is verified below in a screen capture from the British Library's website; the uploading of the manuscript images to SCRIBD by DG clearly violated that stipulation. 

British Library Copyright Policy

DG identified the British Library as her supplier of the images of the original manuscript for JL's The Heavenly Cloud Now Breaking in an email to PTW dated February 20, 2009.  The image above makes it clear that those images are copyrighted.  When first challenged by PTW, DG hurriedly provided PTW with a copy of her cover page from Document #1, the Heavenly Cloud.  Take a look at what she sent to PTW.

DGs cover page from HC source

As you can see [where the black arrow is pointing], the copyright from the British Library had been attached to the images that she received.  DG would later go on to upload those very images (after branding them as her own work) to along with other JL manuscript images in 2009 and 2011.  So it appears that DG ignored the copyright of the British Library, just as she ignored the copyright at PTW.   Are these actions of a woman of integrity?

Also sent by DG to PTW was a PDF of her source copy from the British Library of the text of the Heavenly Cloud... here for your consideration is a composite of some pages of interest.

Composite of DG's Defective Source Copy

Now, take a close look at the screen-capture above, showing the quality of the copy of the British Library original pages that DG claims to have used for her Document #1; also notice that DG had already branded the images with her name before she sent the file to PTW despite her knowledge of the copyright of the British Library.   Even if DG had obtained a valid (legal, uncopyrighted) source copy (which she did not), her copy would have to be clear enough to be detectable by the OCR software;  the sample of pages above appear to contain defective areas of unreadable text, as you can see.

With all these sections of unreadable text (circled in red in the example above), where did DG find the words that are clearly unreadable in her British Library's source?   Ans. There is only one place that the missing words could have come from, and that is from the copyrighted electronic source files at PTW!  So this is another reason why we believe that all of DG's derivative works of Jane Lead, which she calls the SDV editions, have been systematically built upon the copyrighted, electronic, source files stolen from PTW and that her entire cover story (of scanning of them into text) is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

Our last telling image speaks volumes about the ethical practices of the editor at

DG pirates Google PDF to her site

In the summer of 2009, DG blatantly copied this entire Google-Books PDF file to her own website even though the Google Usage Guidelines were there for her to read explaining that their work to produce the file was expensive and was only for personal, non-commercial use; she further renamed it "wars.pdf" and linked to it residing on her own website from her index page [all circled in red].   This Google file contained the page-images of an 1816 edited reprinted version of the Wars of David, to which other materials had been added.  The PTW authentic original of JL's The Wars of David and the Peaceable Reign of Solomon was published in 1700, 116 years earlier than the modernized version from 1816.

Fifth: DG's Announced Derivative Works Available in Hardcopy

DG's Printing Announcement


Sixth: DG covertly invited Donations for the Booklets

DG's Offer of Derivative Documents


Seventh:   As of April 2009, the majority of's site-content was derived from e-files that had been illegally taken from PTW.

DGs Site Content as of April 2009

These 3 screen-captures were taken in early April of 2009, before the 8th & 9th derivative documents were added to this list. 
All items circled in blue are built upon copied text!

It was apparent from the beginning as the happenings at were reviewed, that DG had first  concentrated on the shortest-length JL documents in order to build her site-content quickly.  This was her fastest way to expand the number of available SDV documents, never minding that it made a jumble of the revelations that they contained...exposing readers to a confusing, out-of-order presentation. 

As an exercise and to give you a helpful perspective, [using Firefox 3.0, as of 5/28/09], PTW surveyed the number of printed pages of derivative documents that could be downloaded from when it contained the first 9 derivative documents.  DG's total potential printable site-content was 316 pages; of those 316 pages, 267 pages were based on the copyrighted source HTML files from PTW...i.e. at that time, over 84% of's entire site content of derivative documents was derived from e-files that have been illegally pirated from PTW.

Eighth:  DG Removed PTW Links and All Reference to PTW from

In early 2009, before PTW confronted DG about copyright violation, and long before PTW began assembling evidence for this report, various pages at contained flattering mention of PTW's work, and links to PTW for her site viewers.  Sometime before March 5th, after DG stopped responding to emails from PTW, all mention, references, and links to the authentic on-line reproductions of Jane Lead's original works at PTW were removed from  This is another example of deception as well, because site visitors now have no way of knowing that on-line transcriptions of the authentic originals are available or where to find them.  DG was (and still is) covering her tracks, as it were, so that others will be deceived.

Ninth: Another Early Untruth from DG

Diane Guerrero had contacted PTW in 2004 asking to use their e-files for her own publishing project.  Permission was denied by PTW.   DG wrote an email on April 27, 2008 to PTW, stating that she was no longer going to concern herself with publishing —  she also acknowledged (in the last sentence that is marked in yellow) that she had been denied permission to use PTW files four years earlier.

DGs Email to PTW on 4-27-2008.

Then a mere four days after the above email to PTW, DG registered her new domain,  This registration date of 5/1/08 date is clearly shown in the screen-capture of the Whois Database record for on the left...again she had not spoken the truth.

DGs registration record.jn the Whois database.
So you can see that DG had NOT been truthful to PTW about her plans to publish.  She had already made her plan, picked out her domain name and had begun the registration process when she wrote her diversionary email to PasstheWORD only 4 days before this registration was recorded.      


For those who are interested, there is much more to report.  You may view a summary of the Contact History between PTW and DG which also chronicles her unfolding  chicanery {deceitful, tricky maneuvers} at  Other evidentiary Report links can be found at the bottom of the Fair Warning Reports Page.

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