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Jane Lead, 17th Century Prophetess of God [1624–1704] (with Francis Lee): An update to the 1683 Edition, 18 years after it was first printed for the public by Jane Lead.

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The Revelation of Revelations, 2nd Edition  

C H A P.    XV.

[Margin Note:  January 21, 1680.]

THE sum of all these Discoveries, concerning the Reign of Christ, must be terminated in the Virgin-seed.   Eve’s lost Chastity regained will produce a new Generation, to whom this Kingdom shall be committed in trust.   This was revealed from that Vision which Holy John saw, of a great Wonder in Heaven, A Woman cloathed with the Sun, and the Moon under her feet, and a Crown of twelve Stars on her head. [Margin Note: Rev. 12. v. 1.] 

Many Interpretations have been made of this Vision, which here I am neither to approve of or condemn;  but to mind the Opening of the Living Word, who is present to explain, whatsoever is obscure, to those who turn aside from the Wisdom of the Flesh, and receive the Anointed Drops, as they fall from the Heavenly Cloud;  to which is required a well purified Vessel, in which no taint of Putrefaction doth remain.    This was a Proviso given me to observe throughout all this Ministration, which made me set Times a-part to prepare the Vessel, before I could see the Cloud break, and send down its Shower upon my Ground:  This I mention for their sakes, who are in this Ministration of Revelation.

Now to proceed to what the Lord hath opened to me, from this Figure of the Woman, who is represented here as travelling {travailing} in Birth;   intimating to us that as by a Woman, a sinful Off-spring was brought forth, in which Sorrow, Sin and the Curse had Dominion;   so from this Eternal Virgin-Wisdom, a Birth is to be born, in which nothing but Joy, Life, Blessing and Eternal Power and Dominion shall take place.   This Virgin, Adam had in himself, before ever Eve was taken out of him;  but she with-drew as soon as Adam looked Outward, as if he were not sufficient of himself to encrease and multiply for the replenishing of Paradise, God having created him Male and Female in himself.   But this Design was overturned;  and Eve’s Generation is now multiplied over the face of the whole Earth, from whence Paradise with the Virgin is fled:  Yet a Wonder is now again seen in the Heavens, which we are to declare to our own little Flock;  which brings such Tidings of Joy, as doth far excel that of Gabriel, to her who was the blessed amongst Women, as being designed to be the Mother of our JESUS in his Fleshly appearance.   But now, by this Virgin He is brought forth in Another Appearance;  as a mighty Ruler and Potentate over this Earth:  who is really and truly to fulfil whatsoever was typified in Solomon’s Reign.   David’s Wars must cease;  which cannot be till this everlasting Virgin hath brought forth her Man-child, who is to possess what Adam and Eve have lost of Paradise, and Mount-Zion’s Kingdom:  All which is to be restored by the Virgin, who is not limited to Male or Female, for she may assume either according to her good pleasure, for she is both Male and Female for Angelical Generation.

But here it may be asked, What is this Virgin?   Whence is she?    How can she introduce her self into that Nature, where her pure Chastity hath been violated?

This last indeed may be accounted a Wonder above our hopes and expectations, which yet she is in a readiness to do, as is well known to them, who have understood her, and preferred her above all things;  as being well assured, that like as all Bliss and Peace fled away with her, so upon her return, all good will come back with her again. [Margin Note: Meaning Wisdom, who is God’s espoused Virgin.]   As to her Nativity, it is from everlasting before the Creation of Heaven or Earth.   She was before all, as being the Co-essential creating Power in the Deity, which formed all things out of nothing, and hath given a dignified existency to all those Seraphick Glories which move within her own Sphere, who are the product of an unsearchable Wisdom, for the replenishing of those superior Worlds which are little known in This, where we are out-casts;  neither can we be acquainted with such Glories, till we be born again out of her Virgin-Womb;  for so it must be before ever we come to be [Christs, (deleted in 2nd Edition.)] in conformity with Christ our Head.

A Marvelous thing the Lord hath revealed to me, concerning this Woman which holy John saw, viz. That she represents God’s Spouse and Mate, from whom the highest Birth, the Eternal Word of Wisdom did go forth, as the mighty Alpha and Omega, in a distinct Glorious Personality, known to himself in God, and the everlasting Virgin, before any thing of the Heavenly Hosts were created.   For he stood equally in the Counsel of the Father and Virgin, for the bringing of the whole Creation into a Figurative Manifestation.   Now for what is all this, but to discover the Mystery of this Woman, that she is the Eternal Virgin, who will essentially introduce her self into those who are prepared and appointed to enjoy her?   She will confer her Sun and Crown of Stars upon her Representatives.    Here will be brought down the One Elemental Robe, and the Quint-Essential Root will again be found, which will give a most Glorious Luster, and all renew the gross vile Matter, as being the acting Wisdom to shew forth God’s wonders;  all which reserved are until her day.   She is looked for as God’s fruitful Bride, to bring forth Christ’s Personality in Plurality, as so many immaculate Princes, ruling in God.    Just cause will be found, (if we consider this Principle, wherein the Serpent with so much bitterness wars against the Virgin and her Seed) why her Off-spring, as soon as born, is caught up to Heaven.   From whence the Dragon is cast out, and where the Iron Rod will crush him, and be too hard for him, and his Adherents.   Her Off-spring will appear all Virgins, with her own Lustrous Son, who is the first-born among the Kings of the Earth and Heavens.   Oh the High and Majestical Glory, which shall proceed from the Virgin’s Womb;  with whom is the Blessing that will abound in fruitful Gifts, and high working Powers from the Magia-Ground.   Eve’s Conception in Sorrow shall not here be known;  for this Virgin never was disobedient, or broke Faith with God, who is her Husband;  the Fruit of whose travel {travail} is Blessing and Joy through the whole Generation that shall be Born of her:  She shall be the Mother of the true Virgin-Church, wherein no mixture of Will-Worship or False Doctrine shall be found.

But it may be Queried, How can this heavenly Virgin endure to come down upon this defiled Earth, for to multiply her Off-spring in it?   For without doubt the Serpent and Dragon will violently rage against her, which we have experience of in our selves, when he crowds into our very Heavens, with all evil Beasts at his Heels, waging War against us.

Yet nothing of all this shall be able to prevent God’s purpose, who will appear with his Virgin in the Divine Body, and cover her with the One Element, which will torment all Evil-Spirits, and wear them out, who can as little endure her Virgin-Purity, as the Virgin-Spirit can bear their Poyson.   Therefore a separation is made, as we read, that the Woman had a Place prepared for her in the Wilderness, which signifies the Spirit of Faith, which carries it from off the sensual Ground, where the Concourse of fluttering Spirits of all kinds are;   wherefore this is no place for God’s Virgin to stay in, she may be in danger of having her Chastity violated, or of being drowned with the wrathful Floods of the Dragon.   The Serpent will not cease to make his attempts with more subtilty than ever, because by this introduced Virgin-Spirit, his Head-power shall be crushed, and his Seed dis-inherited;  but the Virgin-Spirit, shall mount like an Eagle, and so escape the Dragon’s Deluge.    A Fountain is opened in the Desert, of which the Soul, which is in union with the Virgin, shall drink, instead of the muddy Waters of the Earth, which she loathes:   Pleasant Food is provided in this Wilderness by God himself, and his Christ.    The Lord affords these Dainties to the abstracted Life, where the Virgin-Spirit is a stranger to sensitive Self within, as well as to the enchanting World without.    Here it wants {lacks} no good Company, for it is never without Heavenly Visitants, because it reserves it self chiefly for converse with the Deity, from whom she expects all her Blessing and Increase:   And thus the Soul shall spring and multiply, where the Virgin hath realized her self.   Her Wilderness shall become a rich Sharon-Pasture, a Land of unknown Plenty, where Gold, Silver, and precious Stones shall be as the Dust under the Feet of these holy separated Virgins:  Also, within and without, their feeding shall be on Power, Joy, and Peace, till the division of Time shall come to an end;  in which a further Mystery will be understood.   But oh! let all this be first fully witnessed.

C H A P.    XVI.

[Margin Note:  February 1, 1680.]

HEre follows a further Advertisement from Him, who is come to fulfil old Prophesies in the substance of his own Person, that is Born of the Virgin;   from whom we may expect the perfecting of that, which all fore-going Ministrations and Manifestations have left short, in regard of those Wonders which shall be effected in this latter Age.   To which end Christ hath opened the Center-Eye, that can pierce as deep as the Deity, where this Virgin lies hid with all her Glory:  who, ever since Adam’s day hath been obscured, because she would not trust her self with any Mortal;  only some of her shining Rays have now and then been scattered into holy Souls.  A taste of which hath been given, as the first Fruits of what is yet reserved for Christ the Lord’s second Birth-day:   where shall be provided a Pentecost-Feast, according to the Royal and Heavenly State of Jehovah’s Bride and Mate.    Oh! how unable am I to bring forth in Words what hath been shewed me, of the latter Fruits that Wisdom’s Children shall feed upon in that day!   The discovery of which we will pass by at present, and first define what wonderful Virgin this is, and of how noble an Extract, who is taken into God’s Bosom, in a mutual Love-embracing;  and therefore may be termed the Eternal Goddess, in a high and sober sense:  And it is an Evil, and Sinful thing to give this Title to any other;  as it is too frequently done.

But to proceed to describe this Virgin, according to the delineation which God hath given of her;  as first to its Matter and Substance, it is of that thin pure Airy Subtlety, so as nothing of the gross and ponderous outward Elements can mix with it:  for they would but tarnish her Clarity;   which is ever conversant with the Deity.   Which was signified by the Sun and Stars which were seen about the Head of the Woman in the Revelations, signifying those superior Planets, which cannot be adulterated with the Defilements of this inferior Orb, as possessing far higher and more exalted Powers, carrying Dominion over all that is beneath them.   For as the lower Planets hold down in subjection to the Curse, so these deliver and set free from it.    Wherefore it is all-worthy to be Inquired, in what Planet the Nativity of the Virgin may be again Renewed? [Margin Note: For this Virgin-Nativity, look into the Wisdom of Solomon, Chap. 6. and 7.]   This must be by Serene Venus: which must bring forth the mighty Birth under Bright Sol;  in Conjunction with the rest of the Superior Planets, which are all harmoniz’d in One. [Margin Note: By these superior Planets are understood the seven Spirits of God.]    For they agree to bring forth the Mother, and then the Son, in the Virgin Humanity that bears from the Heavenly Matter both Figure and Form, Organically, for Operation in their various Properties:  which are deciphered by the highest Wisdom, to illustrate the only true Virgin in her beautiful Form.   The divine Mold for her Shape is Again found, according to what was before either Angels or Man were formed, which is not to be portrayed, till she come to be Essentially manifested within;  only her Organical Faculties are unto us described, thereby to know what makes out the Virgin’s high Descent, in these several Faculties, as follow.

The first Faculty set before me, was that of Seeing, seated in her Eye, which appeared like a fiery Ray, and sparkled as a Star, piercing all things in the Heights and Depths.   An Eye that slumbers not, but watcheth at each Centers-Gate, to spy what goeth in and out, to prevent all violation of her Virgin-Chastity, that her Vow may not be broken, by which she stands engaged to her Husband.

The second Faculty is that of Hearing, seated in the Ear, which must be so Chaste as to turn away from all corrupt and unsavoury Language, which speaks not God forth in his immense Love and Goodness, or in his Greatness and Sovereignty.   The true Virgin’s Ear is turned inward, to listen to the sweet Voice of her Bridegroom;  she waits for the dropping of his Lips, whose Words are the strength and marrow of her Life;  she is in such Union with the Deity, that she can’t hearken to any strange Voice, lest she should be defiled thereby:  The greatest danger and hurt she feels from the talking Spirits, from the dark Center in the Soul, from which her Virgin-Ear turns away, and dare in no wise stay in their astral Counsel;   and therefore turns her Ear to those Echo’s, Voices and Sounds, which leave a sweetness, that resists the taking of delight in corrupt and impertinent Communications from without:  Thus reserving both Eye and Ear, she still moves forward in her heavenly Sphere.

The third organical Faculty is that of Smelling:   This may be understood in a two-fold Sense;   the first is a drawing in of the Paradisical Perfumes, and those sweet ravishing Odours, which are sufficient to renew languishing Life, and to make it strongly active and vigorous.   Secondly, the Virgin is in her self an high scented Odour;  her Garments send forth a Fragrancy far surpassing all the spicy Compositions of this earthly Climate.   How Vile and Despicable doth every thing, that hath lost its Paradisiacal Property, appear to those who sometimes draw in these ravishing Odours, which might they but continue, they would never desire any other Food.   Shall I declare what is made known to me of the Virtue of these Virgin Perfumes?   It is aver’d to me, they will recover a putrefied Soul, and eat out all the Poyson of Original Sin, and recover dead flesh, and keep it from Putrefaction;   it is a Balsam endued with so penetrating a Spirit, that it can go through Stone and Iron, Flesh and Bones.   None can know this till they have passed the Virgin’s Womb, and then they will double this Witness.   Now it is to be considered, how unsupportable all rank Plants of the Earth are to the Virgin, who continually breathes this perfumed Air:  When ever she makes a swift pass through this noisome Kedar, what a strong scented Garland doth she need, that nothing of Infection may hurt her Virgin Purity:  To which end, this Provision is made to keep out the Evil Scents, which every where meet us in the Walks of this World.

The fourth Faculty is that of Tasting.   Here we find what it is that nourisheth the Virgin;  her Food is in her self, and it is no other than pure Deity, which riseth as a flowing Spring from her own deep:  She lives upon Spirit of Air, which maintains and blows up the Quint-Essential Fire, as the first Virgin-matter, out of which the Soul was made, which in Adam became adulterated, by eating of the forbidden-fruit, who might have lived upon the Root of Eternal Life, which he had in himself;  he might have tasted the Paradisiacal Fruits at pleasure;   For what was palpable without, he had essentially in the Virgin within himself, so that he might chuse whether he would eat of them or no in a corporeal way.   This hath been a secret hitherto little understood;  but God in Christ, through his appearance hath revealed it, and for this end, to let us know what we are to feed upon at the return of our Virginity, whose Life’s Nourishment will be in it self, without any dependance upon any thing from without.   Oh! there will quite another thing be known in the Virgin Soul, when she is espoused to Her, though she hath liberty to eat, as Adam had before the fall.   So here the outward Mouth may taste of these mortal Fruits, but not of necessity, because the Life is centered in, and maintained from the Heart of the Deity, for the encrease and growth of pure Virgin Nature.   And truly nothing but God can be the Virgin’s Food, nothing is so well digested by her, for it is a flowing source of Almighty strengthening, and pleasant tasting, according to an infinite variety.   This being once found, the Soul cannot more eat down the Fruits of the mixed Tree, in whose Root the Curse is, whereby Death comes in, which hides the Virgin from the Soul’s Essence.

The fifth Faculty is the super-sensual Feeling: What Sense more excellent than this?   Can there be a greater Confirmation than a feeling Life, out of which Joy, Peace and Assurance do spring?   The Virgin feels her self in the Centre of the Deity;  she handles what doth not appear to be tangible, viz. Breath, Spirit, Fire and Air; in all these her feeling motion is in great Serenity.   A Center-Life, that burneth from the Mirror of the Deity, boyles Love up to that height, as nothing is felt but Pleasure and ravishing Delight;  it is the Heat and Blood that runs through every Vein of the Virgin-Body, and is an Antidote against all Fear and Pain, which is felt in the mortal Sense:  Oh! what Deaths, Achings and Griefs have we felt in our Souls, as well as in our Bodies! our Minds being in continual Anxiousness and Trouble, to see what we are fallen into;  I speak of such who have been touched with the Fire-Stone of the Virgin, which must go before her Healing Medicine.   And blessed are they who have first known the painful feeling under her severe Discipline;  for such shall be her polished Pillars on which she will engrave her Virgin-Name, as he saith, who is the true and faithful Witness, who is come to take off the Virgin’s Vail, that we may see her in the Glass of perfection, and come to know and feel her, not as distinct and apart from us, but all Virginized in her Essential Deity, that the joyful feeling In-breath of Fire and Air may be witnessed, and then we shall see what shall follow the Harmony of these Scenes, which is the Character of the Virgin-Nature, the Pattern we are to try our selves by, for which end we are also called to look into her Mirror, that so it may stir up all savour of desire in us, to have those Senses in their excellency awakened in us.

Oh, great Empress and Queen of all Worlds! wilt thou, after so long a time of Desertion, once appear again!    Who is it that hath entreated thy Favour, and gained a Promise from thee, of a Visit?   Though this be too short:  because nothing now will satisfie, unless thou bestow thy self, with all thy divine Senses, as a co-deified Life;  to shew that thou art now prevail’d upon, to joyn with the Redeeming Blood, to restore thy own Virginity, where thou findest Humility and Importunity in that Personality, which is all beloved of the highest Wisdom, and only Spouse of God.   Know and remember us who are brought to thy feet, and have been under thy severe Discipline:   therefore allot thy self to be our Garland and Crown!

C H A P.    XVII.

[Margin Note:  February 8, 1680.]

NOW we are advanced one step higher towards Wisdom’s heavenly Throne, from whence her Golden Scepter is stretched forth to lay hold on, which passeth through and beyond every elementary Cloud, which the sensitive Life hath raised, so as we could not see our way to that sparkling Rock of the Deity;  for which cause the bright Sun now shines from her Eternal Orb, through the dark Clouds, that we might see every ascending degree, twisting and winding so intricately, that without a Guide expressly sent down from that Sphere, there is no possibility ever to come to any one of her Gates which lead to the New-Jerusalem.

These are set before me to be in number Twelve, five of which were spoken of in the fore-going Chapter: [Margin Note from 1st Edition: Which five Gates were the 5 Senses spoken of before.  Now proceed we to the following seven Gates.] And now we repair to her Oracle as our Guide for the revealing of the other seven Gates, together with the Way which leads from one to the other, where the hidden Track of the Virgins Way may be found, treading upon that unknown Ground, under which is found a rich and precious Stone, from which the highest blessing will abound.

The Way to the first of these seven Gates is very solitary and lonely;  it is very rare to meet with two agreed to hold out in it to the end, it is so full of rending Thorns and affrightning wild Beasts; for herein lies the design of the horned Beast to scatter and divide such who are agreed to travel in Wisdom’s Path:  Also, the Nimrod Hunters of this World send out after them, either to divide or bring them back again.   These are the Oppositions we may expect in this Way, against which we must be provided and fore-armed, that our entrance by this Gate may not be prevented.   The Inscription of this Gate is Abnegation or Renunciation of this outward Principle.   The first Question which is asked by the Angel who keeps this Gate, is, Are you come away as Strangers and Pilgrims?   Will you no more return to the Traffick of Babylon?   For the Prince of this City will only admit of such as shall abjure {renounce or refrain from} all Commerce with the Merchants of Tarshish, though by this means all earthly Riches are gained, to keep up a Worldly Reputation and Fame;  but the Angel of this Gate will have good Assurance that whoever comes up hither be quite broken off from, and have no further dealing with the Harlot Daughter of Sidon, who hath deceived the Kingdoms of this World with her Sorceries.   Whoever they be that get through this straight Gate, for them a sure and good Foundation is laid, to walk forward towards the second Gate.

But here another thing is to be considered, before entrance can be given;  for this Angel is charged not to take any ones single Security, but he enquires whether Christ’s Spirit in them, and his Person from them will stand engaged to perform all this Agreement?   For she dares not trust the Soul upon a single Promise, though fervent and unfeigned, and full of good Will, yet it is not sufficient, if he be not able to maintain the Gate-ground against his Enemies, that will attempt to circumvent him.   Therefore we that are come hereunto, are to give in the Name of our Security, and so pass on freely to the second Gate.

The second Gate is called the wrestling or struggling Gate;  it is the Gate of Probation.   Before it stands a Center-Gulf:  Here will rise what will countermand the Pilgrim back again into the worldly Principle, which he had abjured and left behind.   Wisdom stands by her Angel to call and invite to come through;  but the Gulf swells so very high, that it appears impossible to get over.   Legions of Spirits here do follow, crying out, What mean you to run so great a hazard, as to leave a place, where is store of all good things for supply and maintenance?    Thus Temptations and Assaults will beset the Pilgrim, threatening hard and bitter things to him who is a seeking his own Native Country, and original Virginity, and endeavours with great wrestling to get rid of all these knawing Vipers.   What! say they, will you turn quite away from those pleasant Joys in which others live, spending their days in God’s Love and Peace, and therein rest contented, not attempting the passing of this Gulf, till the limit of your Life requires it?

All this and much more will press in to turn away the Soul from pursuing after its Virgin Crown;  and therefore this Gate is called the Probation Gate.   Now if the Spirit of Christ be so powerful in the Soul, as not to regard these Temptations, being resolved to venture through the fiery Gulf, that Soul will win the Virgin’s Heart.   For here indeed is manifested a full proof of Love’s affiance, by coming out from, and renouncing all the Charms of the Daughter of Babylon, who hath used all her Art to fright the Soul from attempting ever to enter this Gate:  She hath through all Ages rescued from the Serpent’s twisting toil, and brought many back to enter into her Gates again.   Wonderful it will be to see any one come off a Conqueror here;   for this is the most perilous Gate, because of the Gulf which stands before it.    The mortal Spirit, whose Affection is joyned to gross Elementary things, cannot pass this Gulf without suffering loss:  it is a Life that cannot be saved, but must be swallowed up.   But Christ, our Life, will swiftly pass through, as a fiery Chariot, and the naked Soul with him, who hath resisted all those Temptations which would have hindered his entrance into this Gate, which is the very winning of that Field, where Wisdom’s Gold of Ophir, and unknown rich Substance doth lie.    Oh! who is it that will hold out the Encounter at this Gate?  It may be truly said, That many have striven to enter, but because they would or could, not leave behind all mortal Burthens {burdens}, and come quite naked out of Babylon, they were not able to enter.   This is that which hath dis-enabled many to enter, and will continue to do so, except the Christ of the mighty God enable us to pass, and then we shall with freedom and ease come up to the third Gate.

The third Gate is Translation, by Fixation in Wisdom’s Land or Principle.   The Center of the Virgin Wisdom may often open and take up the Soul and Spirit into it, and then be shut again, and the Soul let down into the Babylon’s Principle:  This, I say, may happen often before the Soul comes to be fixed in Wisdom’s Orb.   But when the Soul is fixed in the Heavenly sprouting Life of its Emmanuel, and translated into a pure Nazarite Virginity, which knows nothing more of the fallen Birth.    Here the Soul stands in another Principle, having got firm footing in Wisdom’s Land.   Here a goodly Lot is cast for the conquering Soul, who will find all riches stand before her in Wisdom’s Treasury, without either bounds or limits.    Whatsoever is of use or service is there laid down at the feet of a translated Spirit, as the return of her Adventure and Trust in that day, whilst she was under the Temptation of the glittering Stars of this Elementary Region, all whose Promises were but as a snare and bar to keep from knowing this high Translation.

Oh! what a welcome Feast do I see already prepared within this Gate, to satiate both the Eye and Taste! The Virgin comes and salutes the Soul with a Loves entercourse, saying, Come now and inherit Substance with me, ye who have been in weary Travel to attain this fixation Gate;  I behold you in the face of the Bridegroom, by whose means you are arrived here.   Now in his Name ask and have.   See now what Honour and Preferment you shall have in my Kingdom, which will recompense a thousandfold for the loss you have sustained in the World, from whence you are come out.   As you did give credit to me upon the word of my Testimony, and the same which was brought to your Ear, though as yet you possessed nothing of what’s intended for you.   But here is now what will weigh down and recompense all your Sufferings, when you resisted manfully those busie Spirits that would have blocked up your way;  but in strong Faith you have broke through all.    Let your Victory be assigned to him who hath the opening Key for to let in from Gate to Gate.   All this is from the dropping Lips of Sophia and her Bridegroom, who now stand ready to open the fourth Gate.

The fourth Gate is called the Bountiful Gate. From hence the richest Gift is brought forth, that ever hath been received since Adam lost his Virgin, who now here gives her self again to the Soul.   Oh, great is this Benignity! who could ever have hoped for such degrees of Advancement, after so long a day of Desertion and night of Apostacy?    An Echo sound we now do hear, that she will appear in her Bounty.    But to whom shall this Gate open stand, to receive this Liberality from her hand?   Is it not for Ruth, who hath forsaken the Moabitish Land, and come to be fixed There, whence her eternal Nativity is derived.   Where she is no sooner arrived, but she is decked with all the Virgin’s Ornaments, which are the various Accomplishments in all supernal Powers and high Abilities, to act in a divine Omnipotent manner,  whether in a corporeal form, or out of it, as shall be judged meet {suitable or fitting}, with reference to Place, Time or Persons, and according to the Region where the Bridegroom, with his Bride, shall be, whether in the Heights above or Depths beneath, where his and her rejoycing shall be in each other, through the breaking open of the Center, from whence the Virgin-Tincture, as a warm Fire-blood, doth flow in every Vein, and a nourishing Life is felt passing through every Sense.   This is that Gift which the Virgin will bestow upon the fixed Soul, for a greater Manifestation of God’s manifold Wonders throughout the habitable part of this Earth, where the whole Trinity in Wisdom will assume a Virgin-humanity, to bring all what hitherto hath been confused into Order again.   The Government of the brutish Spirit must give way to her day, who comes to overturn all Merchants with their Merchandise.   No Wares of the Assyrian shall be brought through her Gates, neither shall any Sale of the Harlot’s Goods be mingled with her Treasures:  but a vast separation there shall be, as between Paradise and this World, where all things stand in an anxious Birth;  but that other Sphere is blessed with a perpetual Spring of all pleasant things, which we shall know and understand in their variety in the next Gate.   Which now we are, by the steady hand of Christ, led up to, that we may see the utmost Latitude of Wisdom’s inward City, and come to know all the goings in and comings out at these Mystical Gates.

The fifth Gate bears the Title of Wisdom’s Factory of all that is managed by her Magia, from her own stock and Principle, being very different from all the Merchandise which is used in this visible World, which is wholly shut out of her Gates;  for none can drive an earthly Trade, but such as bear the Mark and Number of the Beast here in this outward Principle:  Wherefore Wisdom will take none to be her Factors, but those who have renounced all Babylonish Trade, which is maintained by bearing the Mark of the Beast, from the introduced subtilty of Reason.   A new and wonderful Way is prescribed to them who shall have the Mark and Name of the Virgin’s white Stone, by which they shall be impowered to drive a free and mighty Trade within this heavenly City, which shall make all Babylon’s Wares grow out of request, both as to Spiritual Wares or bodily Sustenance, as soon as some Virgin-Passengers shall have entered this Gate, who shall be so highly favoured for having here broke through, that they shall have liberty to open this high Factory to the rest of their fellow-Members, that yet are Captives in the Assyrian Land, and were there brought up according to the Laws and Customs of the Babylonians, which could not be avoided, during their time of Captivity.   But now Babylon’s Sun is going down, and the Night of Death and Darkness is spreading it self over all the pompous state of the Merchants of the Earth.   [Margin Note: See Rev. 18. v. 11, 12, &c.]  All this will be seen upon the breaking in of Bridegroom’s Spirit, and his Virgin, who will deliver the exile Captives, and clasp them close within themselves, and exercise the Soul in another Science:  Its skill and wisdom in the divine Magia[Margin Note: *The Word Magia is the creating Power of the Holy Ghost: and is so to be understood as often as named.] will actually go forth from this Co-essential participation of the Virgin-Nature, to renew all good and pleasant things, according to the first Paradisical Property, as in the following Gate will be made out, where the Virgin will particularly exercise her Magia for Redemption out of the present Captivity, under which the Israelites as well as Ethiopians do groan, being beset with the effects of Sin and Mortality, which this sixth Gate doth deliver us from.

The sixth Gate is called the Transferring Gate, where the most choice and noble Gifts are transferred from the Palace of the glorious Majesty, as the Foundation of Wisdom’s factory, managed by Wisdom’s Correspondents, who are skillful in the working Wheel of the divine Magia.    Oh! what transferring Powers will pass from one to the other! to bring forth the flourishing of Eden, that it may again appear in this habitable World.    Wisdom’s Lovers now must dig deep to find this Kernel, which hath lain hid in the Ground of Virgin-Wisdom, from whom it must be transmitted to them, who shall plant Paradise in a greater Latitude in this World:  For which a sure and unalterable Decree is gone forth; for it is affirmed by the living Word, who declares before-hand the truth of these things, which are already begun, and shall be finished as soon as all the Virgin’s Gates are passed and entered.   And this is more considerable, where such a mutual constant Correspondency is betwixt those two Kingdoms, Paradise and Mount-Zion, all rich things will be transferred from each to other;  yea, an immortal Factory is here to be maintained, betwixt the Inhabitants of these two heavenly Countries, and so transferred still into this lower Orb, as occasion shall be.   For though some part of this Earth, by virtue of the Virgin-Stone, may be ting’d into a Paradisical Property, and thereby made capable of Commerce with the superiour Worlds, yet there will be a race of Vagabond Cains, that will abide still under the Curse.   Tho’ Paradise be made visible in this World, yet all will not suddenly thereby be brought to leave Babylon’s Merchandise, neither will the divine Arts and Mysteries be transferred commonly, but upon such who have sought them diligently, and have let all other Arts and Callings go for them, being resolved to know no other but the heavenly Magia.   This is the invisible Stock which the Virgin doth traffick with, to gain Honour, Wealth, Renown, and a Crown of Glory to her God and Bridegroom.

Now it may be asked, What matter is here to work upon for such abundant increase?   Where lies the Mystery of this Art, that must be transferred by her as a Gift?

I Answer;  That this is a great Secret, which cannot be revealed all at once, and so deeply Mystical, that none but Wisdom’s exercised Magicians have ever sounded it, and found the matter hereof.   Yet we must not deny the great favour which the Most High hath afforded for the opening of this secret thing, through the very Person of Christ’s glorified Humanity, that so we might know what will make mortal Dross become like the fine Gold of Ophir.

But to give an Answer to that Question, What that matter is, which in Wisdom’s Principle we are to work upon?   I say, first negatively, That it is no gross tangible Matter, that we shall traffick with;  we shall need no Barns or Store-houses to lay it up in:  To describe it according to what is revealed, we say, it is a rushing Breath, a tincturing Blood, a running flash of Light and Fire coagulating together; in a word, it is the Power of the Deity transferred to a Virgin-Spirit, on God’s behalf, as in the Person of Christ and his Virgin, transmitting themselves as a spiritual Root, from whence all fruitful Powers of the Holy Ghost may be proved;  for otherwise all fore-passed things will bring little Glory to our mighty King and Saviour.

The seventh Gate is the Gate of Projection, which will take off all Vails that have been upon the most Holy Place, where we may enter, as all knowing in Wisdom’s Mysteries and Wonders.   But here lies the difficulty, how to attain the skill to stir up the precious Gift:  that according to what was before described, from the tincturing Blood of the divine Virgin, we may be able to bring forth Matter, Form and Colour, according to the Quintessential Spirit, transferred from the highest Being.

But it may be asked here, How, or in what manner doth this Projection operate?

I Answer;  Several ways, all which may be referred to these two Heads, viz. Transformation and Transfiguration; in which two great effects, Projection will be known in its essential Virtue, flowing out, and entering in where the Venom of the Serpent is.   Which poysonous Matter is transferred in his Seed universally into Man: and must be cured in the Soul by means of this Projection, from the Tincture of Wisdom’s Stone;  which causes an unalterable Transmutation of all gross Matter, and turns the vile Bodie’s shape into a bright heavenly Consistency:   Such a Celestial Body Wisdom’s Virgin shall have power to put on, when called up to the Seraphick Thrones, there to appear before the highest Majesty, to receive new Commissions, what to act further, according to the Counsel and Will of the Holy Trinity.   Who will greatly delight to put them upon working what is Noble, Great and Wonderful, which none can parallel, except they have first passed all the fore-mentioned Gates.

If it be asked, What Works and Signs shall follow Wisdom’s Projections?

I Answer; They are such as Jews will not believe before they see them;  nay, even Wisdom’s Disciples, who have been gathered under her Wing, and drunk of her tincturing Blood, will be sometimes in doubt of these things, whilst they are yet but Passengers from Gate to Gate:   Wherefore we must not expect to be believed by those who are yet without the Gates.    However, we will, according to what hath been revealed by the supreme Magus, declare and set forth what God can do by his Instruments, who are thus highly and divinely qualified.

In the first place, they will be able to act from a creating Power;  the Virgin’s Omnipotency will enable them to give a new Form, Virtue and Purity to all things now existing in gross Corruptibility.    For as Transformation first passeth upon all the fallen Properties of the Soul’s Essences, so it will go out and renew whatsoever doth stick in the Curse, even all Vegetables, Animals and Minerals, together with the Body of fallen Man:   All these, I say, shall be sublimed and transmuted into a simple, pure and paradisical Figure, Colour, and Taste, quite of another Nature than what they now have.   Thus the Disciples of Wisdom, by means of this Tincturing Spirit, shall bring in a new Creation by way of Transformation:  The Mystery of which none can ever find out but Wisdom’s Magi, who are under her Discipline, and do lie in her Bridegroom’s Bosom.

In the second place, they who are transformed into the Virgin’s Nature will not only be able to separate the Curse from the outward Creation, so as Death and Corruption shall be tasted no more;  because healing Waters will flow from the glassy Sea, and encompass every place where Wisdom’s Off-spring shall pitch their Habitation;  but they shall also be able to transmute all gross Mettals into transparent Gold, so as it shall be far more plentiful than in Solomon’s time.    This very gross Earth on which we now tread shall be made Chrystalline.    The River that was divided into four Heads, which hath been cut off ever since Adam was turned out of Paradise, shall now be made to return again with a full Stream;  to bring forth the Seed of Gold, Bedellium, and the Onyx Stone in a sparkling Glory.   Mansion-Houses here shall be built, and goodly Tents pitched, which shall excell all the Structures which ever yet have been;  for these dwelling places shall be Magical, sometimes visible, and at other times invisible, according to the pleasure of the blessed Inhabitants, who dwell therein in everlasting Security:  These shall live alone, and shall not be numbered amongst the Nations, who live without Wisdom’s Gates.   If any Sodomites shall attempt to break in upon them, devouring Coals shall be scattered to terrifie and consume them;  though Destroying of any be their strange work, and also disagreeable to the Nature of Love, and the peaceful Region wherein they live;  yet upon just occasion, Power will go forth in this way for their defense.   Moses was a meek and peaceable Man, and yet he was made a terror to Egypt: He had no way to subdue Pharaoh, but by shaking his Magical Rod, which alone could do more than whole Hosts of armed Men;  And this will be the way of God’s appearance, to keep under the wild and brutish sort of Men, who are as ravenous Beasts, greedy of Prey.   Wherefore the Paradisical Planters will know how to deal with such, whilst they are commissionated to go in and out amongst them;  and it will be their daily business to deliver the Israelites from bondage and thrall, and that by displaying Jehovah’s Wonders in such a manner as that Age shall require, which shall be in an higher degree than ever hath been done here before.   For though the Miracles of former days were great and excellent, as those which were wrought by our Lord, and by the Prophets before him, as well as Apostles after him, such as were the healing of the Sick, the raising of the Dead, the restoring of the Lame, the making of the Dumb to speak, the Deaf to hear, and Blind to see;  all which were both inwardly and outwardly performed by our Lord upon the Soul as well as the Body;  yet the Lord hath given full assurance, that not only all these shall be revived, but that the Magical Center shall open in a greater degree of variety than heretofore.   So that the greatest Wonders are yet to be manifested, which we are appointed to wait for, till this Projecting Gate shall open upon us, where all Miracles will be brought forth afresh, for the Crown and Glory of the Virgin-Bride and her followers.  Which Gate, Lord Jesus, hasten to open for such who are under thy strong and powerful Drivings!


IN thy Light, sweet Sophia we are come to a discovery,
Where long have lain our lost forgotten Dowry.
Celestial Gates, which now open stand,
Have given us a view into the wealthy Land,
Where all things in the divine
Magia stand;
In that place there is no working with Tool or Hand,
For all in Spirit there do act from that Power,
Which nought of the Earthly Craft can Sever.

Joy we then now in sight of this bless’d Day,
Wherein Wisdom’s Wonders so richly display.
But it may be asked,
When shall this be?
And who amongst the now Living it shall see?
I tell thee for surety, some there are in Corporeity,
To whom she will with her
Golden Key in Soveraignty,
That shall unlock the precious stony Rock fully,
Where the Ocean-Treasury of her Deity lies hiddenly.

Oh! hear Virgin-Wisdom’s call and cry,
Who skill’d would be in her Mystery:
A new Way of Manufactory stands open, I see.
Such Treasures as the World’s Wonders be;
A Ship laden Within, that God himself again
Will enter in, to seize upon those Heav’nly Gems.
Ah, blessed sale!  for such rich Goods imbark’d here,
For what less than the Acting Stone will appear?

Be there Merchants as are not Transitory,
That understand Wisdom’s Manufactory;
Who hiddenly have increased their Store,
And do study these Sciences yet more and more,
That so they might to those eternal Gems reach,
(Or else Redemption will not be compleat,
For putting an end to the Toyl, Care and Sweat,)
By passing through all of Wisdom’s
twelve Gates?

Come then away, holy Souls: and separate
From all drossy Things that do captivate;
And you will find such a Pearly Price,
That will make you flourish as in
The Golden River there-from will flow,
That the All-essential Goodness ye will know:
For in
Wisdom’s Principle there doth lie
That which will make the Worldly Craft to flie.


The  Same   Paraphras’d  by  a  Friend  of  the
A U T H O R.

IN thy Light sweet Sophia we Descry
Where our Long-lost Forgotten
Dower does lie.
Those Heavenly Gates, which now Unfolded stand,
Have Prospect given into That Wealthy Land,
Where there no Working is with Tool and Hand:
But All as God’s Amazing wonders fair,
         In their Divine
Magia Stand.
All wrought by
Spirits Act, ev’n full Intent
Of God’s Concurrent Will

Rejoice we then in sight of this Blest Day,
Wisdom shall her Wonders rich Display.
But when?  But who this Blissful Day shall see?
Fear not this Generation cannot pass,
Before she does the mighty Worthies raise,
        To whom she will, with Golden
       Of Her Omniscient Sovereignty,
                    Freely Unlock
             The Pretious Stoney Rock,
Where lies the Ocean-Treasures of the Deity.

O Hear the Virgin Wisdom’s Call and Cry,
Who would be
Adepts of Her great Mystery.
Adventurers on new way of Trafick bent,
Treasures that shall become the World’s Astonishment.
                    O come and here Imbark
Faith’s All-ore-Floating Ark:
Which brings such Lading from the Heavenly Shoars,
                  Where the Glassy Ocean Roars,
                          As shall at last invite
Wisdom with Men again to take Delight;
And God himself Descending to partake,
And Bless, and back again receive His Stores;
O Blessed Sale!  Rich Stock imported here!
What can less than th’ All-wonder-working Stone appear?

And are there Merchants then not Transitory,
Trading in Wisdom’s Pearls, Celestial Manufactory.
That secretly improve their Talents Store,
And heap Inestimable Treasures more and more;
Unwearied till that
(a) Union-Gem they reach,
That brings
Redemption full to Nature’s Breach.
That puts an end to Sweat. and Toil, and Care,
When the
Twelve Gates of Wisdom entred are.

(a) The Latin Word Unio, signifies a rich and pretious Pearl; as well as Union.  Both senses here Accord together.   The secret and inestimable Pearl, is the Blessed Nuptial with Christ;   which opens among the Saints on Earth in the Latter Day:  through the Return and Manifestation of the Divine Wisdom; which is the Female, or Virgin Nature in Christ.

Come then ye Holy Souls and Separate
From Earth’s vile wares, that under Nature’s Curse
Their wretched Barterers Bind and Captivate.
Make out for this one Pearl of mighty Price:
‘Twill make you Flourish in Eternal Youth;
    ‘Twill open in you Paradise.
For out of this the Golden Rivers flow,
That the Essential Goodness ye shall know.
Wisdom’s Orb such Mines and Treasures lie,
Which when obtain’d Earth’s Merchants once shall spy,
To th’ Bats and Moles their Rusty Gold shall fling,
And to the Skirts of these Adeptist Magi cling,
Their Craft forgotten, here shall Crouch to Buy,
While Mammon’s Altars unfrequented lie:
     And as their Purchase-Penny bring
To their Neglected God their Souls an Offering.


C H A P.    XVIII.

[Margin Note:  March 2, 1680.]

UPon the close of this Subject, I had renewed again from the Person of my Lord, a fiery Shower;  that did fall as the dropping Rain from the Holy Ghost, to refresh and bring up what hath been sown by the former Revelations, which is to be looked for as the effect of every true discovery:  And I desire the same plentiful Shower may come down upon them, who shall receive and read the Words of this Prophecy.   For a most wonderful and strange time is at hand, and doth call upon us to leave the Moabitish Land, and to engrave our Names on every one of Wisdom’s Gates, that so we may claim a right to enter, and not be only Spectators and Admirers without, of the great Riches and Glory, to which Magical Spirits are advanced.   But we are yet to open a more inward Ear, to hear the Message which the Lord hath expressly left for his Elect, who are watching at Wisdom’s Gates, from thence to ascend one step higher, that they may be enclosed in the Magical Eye of the Holy Ghost:  where the highest Wisdom is to be learnt and understood, and actually practised, for the planting of a new Paradisical Nursery, and its never-fading Beauty and Glory.    By which means the Deity may be invited to renew his Walks with Men, as at the beginning.   Who will take great delight to see the Children of Paradise acting Magically under the Conduct and Government of the Eye of the Holy Ghost.  For no work or action is so agreeable to the Trinity, as that which is wrought from the Magical seeing Eye, where God beholds and views himself in his manifold Wonders of Wisdom, in Nature’s Virginity.

But now the great Question of those who are willing to be Wisdom’s Disciples, is, Which way they may ascend up to this Globe-Eye, to become Magicians in the Holy Ghost’s Property?

This Question is deep and weighty, and shall be answered according to the Gift of Revelation received;   Know then, that the way to ascend to the Globe-Eye, is through its descending down into the Root-Essence of the Soul, and contracting with it Philosophically, turning it into a Magick Eye;  where then it may most easily ascend, and fly to be an Eye, in the Globe-Eye, before which all stands naked and open, whatsoever hath proceeded from the Center-Ground of God’s Globe of Eternity.   Therefore they who shall find such favour, as to be introverted and environed with this Eye, may well come to understand the grounds of the divine Magia, and be able to exert it from the Co-essential Power of the Holy Ghost;  without which all attempts for it will lie in Scorn and Derision.   Hence we may understand where the Ground-work for divine Philosophy doth lie;  whereby great Overturns and mighty Changes may be effected in this World’s Region, where God will have great occasions for divine Magi to act in his behalf.   And truly somewhat begins to work in order hereunto;   for the Magick Eye hath cast forth an enticing Glance to draw up unto it, and there to stand a while as locked up in it, as a close working Philosopher, that carefully tends his Furnace, where the Celestial Fire burns softly to bring forth a transparent Stone, in which the first-born Magick of the Holy Ghost doth consist:  But here we may be said to launch so deep into the Abyssal Eye, as to lose our selves whilst we are seeking this one precious thing, that can make this old wrinkled Face of the Creation to become young and fresh, as Paradise in its first springing.   But who will grieve at the loss of this gross Matter?   The true Philosopher well knows, that this is the gross Body which the Fire is to kindle upon, being of that penetrating Nature, as to dissolve the whole bulk of Sensuality, with the strong twisted band of Rationality: For when the great Artificer, the Holy Ghost, comes to set his Furnace at work in very deed, in the Soul, all gross thick matter does by degrees transpire.   For what is so great an Enemy to the divine Magia, as the rational Wisdom, which is in strong Combination with the human Sense?    It is as an Inundation of Waters which hath prevailed like Noah’s Flood, to drown the Fire-spark of Faith, so that it is scarce to be found alive in any ones Earth:  All Furnaces have hitherto been too weak;  the strong Tide of the rational Mind hath broke in like a Sea, to chill and damp what the Spirit of God would have still blown up unto Victory.   For whosoever shall attain to be an Adeptist in the Magical Eye of Sophia, must watch the Mouth of the Furnace continually, that the Spirit of Faith may work high through the gentle heat and constant supply of that Matter which maintains the Heavenly Fire, which can only master and get dominion over all the thick dark Body of Mortal Sense, which hath long been the grand Adversary of Virgin-Wisdom’s Magicians, and hath kept them from attaining the Gate of Projection.   Now what is there to be considered further, to help us forward in this high point of Magical Philosophy, seeing the benefits are of so great import, and serve for the repairing of a ruinous state of things within our selves, and every where round about us.   We are to observe these Orders and Rules, which go along with Faith’s Magia.

First, There must be an absolute trust reposed in Christ the essential Deity, as contracting and coagulating with our soulish Essence, and thereby recover our unipotency.   O The depth of those Sayings of our Lord, when personally upon the Earth, who still invited and called upon all to believe on him, as Co-essential with the Father, and thereby entrusted with all that Power and Sufficiency which can be called God’s.

Now here is given us to understand a deep and mystical Sense;  how that the Lord did not limit or shut up the Faith to his particular Personality and Appearance on the Earth;  for that was not to abide, but directed to the exerting forth of our Faith to the Lo I am, in whom there is no change to the end of all Worlds.   He is now therefore to be believed on, as introduced into our soulish Essence;  for there he brings in the Globe-Eye, as the sure Ground-work for all the various operations of the Holy Ghost to act out the great Magical Powers from:  Thus our Faith is directed to a God-like Almightiness within our selves.   If we can but find the Incarnation of Christ, the Lord in us, we then have a sure and steady Anchor for our Faith to hold by, and work out our freedom Magically: And having somewhat of subtle pure Matter to work upon, we may go on forward to Projection.

Another Rule is, the going forth in the prerogative Royal of the Will, that is immersed into and become one with the Power of the Holy Ghost.   We may remember that Christ the Lord, upon doing any great or marvellous Cure, put forth the Soveraignity of his Will, as when he said to the Leper, I Will be thou clean:  And sometimes he put it to those, who, he perceived had Faith in him, saying, What Will ye that I should do unto you?   And no less was effected for them than they desired the Lord should do for them.

These expressions of our Saviour may be a grand Rule for us to follow, and ought well to be regarded by us;  for in the Will is the highest Magick, when it is united with the Will of the Highest;  when these two Wheels meet in one, they are the swift running Chariot, which nothing can cross or stop, in which the Bridegroom, with his Bride Sophia, ride most triumphantly together over all things, viz. over Rocks, Mountains and Hills, which are all made Plain before them, and Seas dryed up.    What is able to resist a Will that is united with God’s Will, before which every thing must stoop and bow?   Which Will, when ever it goes forth, always accomplisheth its Enterprise.   It is not a naked Will that wants {lacks} its Garment of Power:  impregnable Almightiness is with it, to pluck up, to plant, to kill, and to make alive;  to bind and to loose, to save and destroy.   All which Power will be centered in the Royal free-born-will, which we shall come fully to know, and to understand, as we are made one in the Holy Ghost;  then may we go forth safe and secure in the Magick Will, to glorifie great Elohim, whether in Body visible or invisible;  all is and shall be acted forth according to the fore-sight of the Magical Globe-Eye, and carried on, in and through the operation of the Holy Ghost in impotent and despicable Vessels in the Eye of the World.    These are they whom God will take into his high School of divine Wisdom, there to be brought up in the deep Wisdom, and to be so perfectly accomplished, as that nothing may be beyond their art and skill to perform, to exalt and magnifie their God and King, by whom alone they shall be enabled to do all marvelous things.

Now from the fore-going Rules, we are taught to drown the Many Wills, that have been generated from the mixed Essence of the Soul, and to loose them in the Abyssal-Deep, from whence then may spring the Virgin-Will, that never was in Bondage to any thing of degenerate Man, but stands free and clear in Conjunction with Almighty Power.    Which will most certainly produce answerable Consequences, as kept fixed in the Socket, where the burning Oil of the Holy Ghost flames out in sparkling Magick, operating here and there upon Persons and Things, for Change and Renovation:  yet none can pierce the way, but such as are become Masters of this high Art.   I know nothing more worthy for the single Eye to look into, and contend for, than the Magia of Faith; which was once delivered unto, and exerted by the Saints of former Generations; and why we should give it for lost now, I see no cause, but should be earnest for the reviving of it, and calling it up from the Dead.

I shall not here determine whether for want of this Power, we may not lie under the charge of having lost our first Love:   but sure I am, that this Magical Power of Faith is in a manner quite lost, for the re-attaining of which, the Holy Ghost is awakening Wisdom’s slumbering Virgins:   And therefore the Lord hath appeared in his own glorified Humanity to reveal these Mysteries, and that by one who is as the smallest Dust, that lies under the trampling Power of the earthly Wise, and those that are mighty in Reason.   Yet here the Way is laid open to attain to this All-powerful Activity in the Magia of the Holy Ghost, to encourage and provoke us to set upon the work, giving Praise unto him, who hath been pleased to reveal where the Key of the Magia doth lie, which will open that Treasury that can fully enrich all impoverished Souls.   Wherefore it is worth the lending our Ear to Wisdom’s renewed Call and Cry, and no longer to delay, but hasten to get through all her Gates, and to be Planters of a new Paradisical Earth;  through the Magical Operation of the Holy Ghost.   Which is the absolute imployment and business of Some known to God, who if they continue faithful, shall never have reason to be ashamed, or repent of their being engaged therein;  notwithstanding they may meet with great Threats and Sufferings at first from Nabal, the churlish Spirit of this World, that can love or favour nought but what is of its own liking:.  But Wisdom’s Children shall be able to set themselves free, as they become Students in the Art of this divine Magia.   And  Rebecca the true Virgin-Mother, is ready to give such advice as will supplant Esau, that Jacob may carry away the Blessing.   Oh! what is like to the Magical Stone, for the bringing in of a superabundant encrease from the right golden Grain, by which all excellent and perfect things did at first spring.

At the return of which a new and marvelous Change every where will appear in the highest Unity and Community, in all those Celestial Immunities which the Most-High is invested withal. Thus having brought forth, in some part, what hath been showered down from the Heavenly Powers, at several Seasons upon me, with a command to publish it, I have nothing more but to Pray, we may obey all these precious Rules.

C H A P.    XIX.

[Margin Note:  March 5, 1680.]

A Further Revelation upon the last subject:  which I thought had been concluded, but the running Oil doth spring a-fresh for an Addition, that so all help might be ministered, by way of Manuduction, to such high Spirited Souls, as shall resolve to Separate themselves, that they may be meet to intermeddle with all Wisdom;  and thereby be enabled to stand before the Globe-Eye of Almighty Soveraignity.   Which is a peculiar Prerogative, appropriated only to the wise and pure in Heart, who shall set themselves a-part to follow the Track of the divine Magia, which by the Holy Ghost is prescrib’d:  that so we may once more again stand upon Paradisical Earth,;  with our impregnable Circle drawn about us, to keep the Serpent, and all his brood of wild Creatures out from us.

It will be well worth our waiting for every drop of pure Unction, which shall now fall for fuller Instruction, and be distributed forth, as the Spring-Tide of the Spirit doth in us rise, Which was renewed in this Word; viz. Learn to LIVE GOD, and GOD shall live Thee:  his most holy Tabernacle shall be thy Covert, which shall be visible to the Sons of Men;  that they may know the Most Holy One, in the waste and desolate places of the Earth, with his Own will dwell. [Margin Note: A weighty Expression from Emmanuel.]   Urging that foregoing Rule for this end, that the Magical Attraction of Faith, which ariseth from the burning Love, must bring God down to be all in all:  that so the Humanity may be covered over with the Tabernacle of the Deity.   Which will be our House that cannot be dissolved;  though the Starry Heavens, together with the four Elements, and all their product do pass away;   For though they take their original from the holy Being, yet they cannot abide forever;  because they cannot incorporate with the pure Deity.   Therefore they must have their time to expire, when God shall descend in his most holy Tabernacle.

Now what will it be less than the rending away the vail of these visible Heavens, in their first and second Administration, and all shadowed Representations and Figurations;  wherein some-what of Glory, (as a twinkling Star) in this benighted Day, doth appear.   All which have but made way for the opening of the everlasting Tabernacle, where we may be clothed upon with the Magical Body of the Holy Ghost;  that so we may know what it is to Live GOD.    Oh! what weight doth this Word carry with it?   Let us not suffer it to go lightly off:  but take in what the Urim and Thummim doth Advertise about this high Contaction.

But here may be Inquired, What it is that may qualifie us to possess God’s living Tabernacle?   Verily no less is required than for us to live God, and for God to live us;  which is the wonderful Hypostatical Union, which Christ our Lord spake of in his day.   We shall know Him in the Father, and so reciprocally the Father swallowing up into himself the whole Body of the Sonship;  which is the height and luster of that Kingdom which is to come, and is to be yielded up to the one God, who is over all:  Not that He will be a living Tabernacle to all, but only to those who are meetly qualified.   Who are they then who may expect to be rearers up of this Tabernacle, which the Majesty of the Glory will fill?   They are pure, holy and separated Souls, set apart for this very purpose, bearing the Inscription of Heavenly Magicians;  as being principled in that great Mystery, and being made all knowing through the friendly Counsel and Revelation of the Virgin-Wisdom;   who is the great Revealer of these Mystical Sciences and Magical Arts;  such as were practiced before this World or its Craft were in being.   But now the Wisdom of this World is needed and universally exercised, by all ranks and degrees under the present Fall:  Regenerate and Unregenerate do both agree in this matter, and do make use of Reason for the supply, succor, and support of the mortal Spirit and Body.

But what will you say, if this good old Magical way, from which the whole Creation is turned, shall in this last Age be restored and found again;  for the redeeming out of the Care, Sorrow and painful Exercise of Mind and Body?   This will be worth lending an Ear to;  it being such a mysterious and advantageous Art, as will sufficiently pay the Cost of what we shall be Out in Attaining it.   The ground we go on for this new way of Living, after a God-like manner, are the many Scripture Prophecies that run all in this Sense;  with which agrees what is of late renewed to Some, who are waiting for their Lot within this New Paradisical Scene;  being under the Dispensation of such Revelations, as are in order to give an entrance into the Tabernacle of God.   Where it will be natural to produce all things Magically;  by beginning first to exercise this Mystical Wisdom, and Power, upon it self;  as having an old Creation which must be dissolved, that a New one may take its place.   The Physician must first give proof that he can heal himself, before he undertake others.   So in this matter, the true Magus is taught to make a tryal of his skill upon his own inward and outward Defects;  and thereby gain the Fearful and Unbelieving, that they also may come and enter through this everlasting Gate:  where the New Jerusalem Magicians are in their first Paradisical Callings;  which the Holy Ghost hath received Commission to put some Holy qualified Souls afresh upon, that they may be leading Presidents to others.  [Margin Note: Methinks I hear some say, This is such a new Model as is wonderful strange;   Pray open the Mystery of it yet more fully. Answer; I only can give out what the Measuring line of the Spirit hath fathomed and no more.]

But it may be further enquired, What this Magia is?   And how it may be acted forth, to alter the whole state of things Internally and Externally?

For this a greater Depth we have to sound
from the Divine Abyssal Ground.

It is thus made out to us, That it is a rising Infinitum, that forms it self into a Birth;  the Matter of which can no otherwise be described, than the Unknown Being of God himself, who is a meer virtual working Power, in a finite Being:  From whence a flowing Source of generating Powers do Act forth, from what lieth hid so unconceivably, as cannot be either seen, felt or heard out of it self;  but only as it produceth great and marvelous Effects upon whatever it doth move.   This is That which is called the Magia of the Holy Ghost, so defined, as he hath pleased to reveal it unto us.

Now it remains to Inquire, By whom? and how this is to be acted forth? and for what end it is to be manifested after such an high degree?

As to the first, By whom this is to be exerted, or acted forth?   Of this much hath been said already;  we shall only therefore mention one thing, which is the principal Qualification of those to whom this Honour shall be given, viz. They are to take up a firm and fixed Resolution to follow this Magical Vocation Only, and to reject all others that proceed from the Astral Birth, that do pour in whole Floods to drown the little spark of Faith;   from whence the Magia Tree must first grow, and appear in all its various Fruits. [Margin Note: Magia is the Faith of the operation of the Holy Ghost.]   This I say, is that which is to be done on our parts, as we would be Adeptists in the supersensual working Wheel, which will run us into our lost Dominion, to be in God again.   But then Watchfulness is required to repel, and judge down every whirling Motion and Thought, that shall rise to thwart the Magia Way;   which indeed is nothing else but a most pure single act of Faith, heightened to that degree, as to become a kind of Omnipotency;  if they can but get free from the Life of Sense, which is its great and home-born Enemy.   Which will hardly suffer the Soul to make its pass away:  but follows still at the Heels;   till the Hand of Faith grows strong enough to use the Magical Rod, which may break their binding Circle;  that so we may get a swift pass into the boundless Liberty;  and come to be expert in the Theosophical Science.   Which is not of Man, nor after any rational Wisdom of Man:  but as the pure fiery Breath of the Holy Ghost, doth incorporate with the Fire-Essence of the Soul;  and so drives it up into a Body of all-Magical operation.   For the free actuation of which Life, we are warned to cease from all other ways and employs; and upon this only to fix our Minds, and to stop our Ears to the pleas and cries of the Senses, that would still have us to lie at the Breast of the Creature, when as nothing but Death, Sorrow and the Curse can be sucked from thence.    It is indeed but Natural so to do, as long as we stand in the first Birth, from which it will be hard to get loose, till the Other come to rise in the Soul’s center.   For in this second Birth, there is a strong force, which is able to overcome and break that Yoke, which hath been so often near strangling this Magical Birth of Life, that it could not display its free Breath.    Wherefore let us now take heed and fly away from our mortal Senses, and totally exclude them from that new erected Throne, Council and Court.   Where in pure Abstraction and a  Child-like posture of Spirit, we may wait to learn how to act forth, each one according to his Gift, in this high and supernatural Magia.   That we may speak out what Lineage and Birth we are brought forth in, after God’s own likeness, in Power, Wisdom and Purity:  to glorifie Him in a new Tabernacle-Body, Magically raised.  The which being consummated within the outward form of visible Corporeity;  the unchangeable Priesthood begins within the most holy Place:  and is carried on, but not as in the figurative and fleshly Administration, wherein was need of Atonements and Offerings for Sin;  which in this great and more perfect Tabernacle there will be no occasion for, Sin being ended;  and the Holy Ghost having obtained a more excellent Ministration in us, to wit, Offering the first Fruits of Redemption, which in no fore-going Ministration was ever reached unto.

[Margin Note:  March 16, 1680.]

But here it may be asked, What manner and kind of Offerings will those first Fruits of Redemption be?

This is a Question which cannot be so fully answered, till we are completely perfected in this Tabernacle, which hitherto is only in rearing.   But what of these Immunities hath been expressed by the great Priest, and opened from the Tabernacle-Testimony to me, shall be given forth for their sakes who may have right to bring in such perfect Offerings, to the most holy and separated Place;   in the day of their Restoration, mutually with Us, who are expecting the Accomplishment, in all its divine Ordinances and Consecrations; for the Perfecting every Comer hereunto.

But now to define what kind of Offerings we shall bring, as Priests to God;  we must know they are the Fruits of the Magia, in their out-flowing Operation, which actually send out a most powerful Spirit;  from its own essential Spring of Spirit;  wherein God is the only pure Original of it.   And what is it sent forth to effect, but a new Generation of Heavens and Earth?   For the Magia worketh in this manner, saying, Let the old Tabernacle, with all its shadowy Appearances, pass away, and be no more.    And it is So:  for the force of the out-going Spirit incorporates with the Word, and makes it Essential;   whether it be expressed Vocally or no.   The Con-centered Decree so passeth into it: And then the Spirit carrieth all Power with it, either to nullifie and make void, or to give a new Plantation, and an heavenly splendorous Formation upon Creatures and Things, for a lustrous Transformation of what is fading and dying;  that so Immortality may be renewed, whether in Rationals, Animals or Vegetables.   The Matter now of the One Element is so immersed and coagulated in a Magical Spirit;  that it is able to give a Life, where ever the very Face of Death doth appear, whether Dead, as to a Spiritual Life, (according to that saying, And you hath he quickened, who were dead in Trespasses and Sins) or otherwise, as to that which is Natural.  Who is this Spirit in the Person of Christ, but the same Holy Ghost, in his out-going Power;  that through our Persons so influencing,  gives a Resurrection to a Dead Life;  whether in our selves or others;  as cause requires?   Then also it influenceth, as to the very Mortal Life; to prolong it, and to secure it from Pain and Sickness:  yea, from Death itself.   But this quickening Spirit is yet only appropriated to such as have dyed and suffered with Christ in the Flesh;  and thereby have Overcome the World.

Therefore let none think that they can come to this degree of Power, Might and Dignity, till they are born again from the Dead:  that is, to a cessation of the enkindled Life from the Stars, which generate earthly Motions and Thoughts, and work in a way of Sensuality;   from which there must be a departing, in reference to those great Things which are to succeed.   I have been often brought to see the limit of the first Born Life, that doth consist between Time and Eternity, in the stirring Essences of Sin.  Whereby I am made so wisely knowing, as not to grieve, or to have any Reluctancy upon the sentence of a total Expiration of such an injurious Life;  as keeps me out of God’s Tabernacle-Body, where I can no more dye.   Whereupon the Holy Ghost, out of the Virgin-Body, doth cry and call to such, who would come to be all-Magicals, to offer up their first-Born rational Life for a Sacrifice.   And then of a truth we shall bring other kinds of Fruits and Offerings:  and be no more as Tributaries and Servants to Sin, Beast, or Dragon;  but be freed, through the Rising Birth, that will mount and fly over all those, who have kept the other under, in great Fear and Bondage.   In this we shall come to be Kings in God’s House, and to be of his own Family.   Oh! what hath been here let down, by Golden Drops, from the Head-Fountain!   Let it O God, mingle all forcibly for Life-contaction, with the more noble part within us:  that so this great and perfect Tabernacle may be, according to its own secret way, compacted indissolvably;  where we may securely dwell, and nothing of Violence, Oppression or Fear meet with;  but receive Power from the rising Body of the Holy Ghost, to bear down, and expel whatsoever is against us.

This is what the Lord hath by a signal Word averred:  and He will see it fulfilled, as in any one such a Spirit of Resolution shall be found, to go forward in this great Enterprize;  to encounter, and rush through every Throng, that would stop and put Them by, who are ready to Adventure their All for it.

Now somewhat may be said as to those high Ends, for which God is resolved to raise his principal Magia:   Which are These.

First, To redress, comfort and relieve the groaning Creation, which is in spiritual travail;  even such who are in Famine and Death, in Agonies, Sorrow and Heaviness, through divers Temptations, and the Buffetings and Wiles of Satan.   To these the Magical Balsam shall be given for Cure, from such as are first risen in the Tabernacle-Body of God.    They shall bind all evil Spirits, and there shall go forth a virtual Power from them to do, as if Christ were in Person there.

And in the second place, this Power shall extend it self to the taking away of all outward Maladies of the Body;  and all Sufferings relating to Penury and Want;  and all Weariness, Toil and anxious Care for the Needs and Requirings of the Body.


C H A P.    XX.

[Margin Notes:  March 24, 1680.
A fresh Prophetical Opening upon this Subject.]

A Further Addition to the former Subject.    Know then, that as in a miraculous way, This will be made as healing Waters from out of the Threshold of the Sanctuary, that shall recover the dry and parched Earth, to make it bud and flourish, as it did before the Curse did overflow it:  Take it either inwardly, as to spiritual Fruitfulness;  or otherwise, as to the outward Elementary state.   Great also will be the Trust that will be granted by the mighty Jehovah, for management hereof for his little Flock’s sake:  And it shall be put into the Hands of some that are to be set apart, as good and principal Shepherds indeed;  who can both let out, and lay down their Life for the elect Sheep.   Which are to be gathered in, not by Sounds, or Words;  but by a Magical Impregnation, which can send in a Breath of Life, to quicken what is as dead.   This is now what we are in a daily expectation of from the rich Furniture, which will come down with the Tabernacle-Body. 

Oh come holy Souls! and let us be in a watchful posture:  For I do see in the Spirit, that the Morning of this Day begins apace to clear;  the bright Clouds do open;  the face of our Heavens appear;  the separating Vail is all rending away;  that out of the first Tabernacle we may pass, and within the most Holy Place fixedly stay.   Where we shall have no cause to fear, that God will henceforth move away;  because we our selves shall be brought up to that height of Purity, that all Offerings shall be most pleasant and powerful, from the everlasting Flame of the Holy Altar;  from whence ascending Powers will go up, to bring down such Gifts as will all abundantly enrich, more than came down in the day of Pentecost.    For they were but the first Fruits;  and did but continue a little while:  But here is such a Shower of the Eternal Powers to fall down upon this Second Call to the Jerusalem-waiters;   as shall bring forth the Harvest of the Lord’s Joy;  whose Spirit, for the ripening of these Fruits, doth work most powerful.   What now is to be done by us?   But only to drink in the falling Dews, and dropping Showers, and to grow as Lilies that may know neither Heat nor Drought, Toil nor Care.   Hasten, O God! and send thy Angel-Reapers, for some Fields do begin to look White;  whose ripe Fruits may into thy Store-house be brought as the first Offerings, for the consummating of all those great and mighty things, which thou hast taught us in this little Volume of thy Life Book!

hand.gif (931 bytes)[After this ought to follow from the Authors Diary, {entitled, A Fountain of Gardens} Vol. III. Part II. p.233, What is there Inserted of a further Revelation, being Dated April 14, 1680. which will afford some Light to the Divine Communion ensuing.]   

{ Transcriber’s Note:  As directed in the above notation, PasstheWORD  adds the missing text from J.L.’s Diary to this transcription of The Revelation of Revelations, 2nd Edition, 1701 for the benefit of the Reader.} 

April 14, 1680.

THE Springs from the Glassy Sea, which were all fiery, I did most pleasantly feel. O what a flowing Tide of Spirit was at this Season witnessed, that gave healing to every Organical Faculty, to make them Sound, Serene, and Perfect:   And that in the midst of all the dissatisfaction I had lately met withal, from Objects and Things Without.   This River of Joy and Peace was sent into me, to swallow up all that might disquiet; as a signal Trophy of Victory.   The Peace of God which none can understand, (but those who have it shed into their Souls) was now known:  Though the Evil One had so acted his part, as to have taken it away, if it were possible.   What I was now made to know, I cannot make known to any, who are yet in the weakness of the Flesh.   But this I shall in short aver, that I felt the Deity to arise, as a Molten Sea of Transparency.   This was a God-over-running with a glowing Stream.   Indeed Voices and Seraphims;   Sounds and Lightnings;  Tastings, Feelings, and Spicy Scents broke all in at once;  which was named to be the True and Essential Seasoning of a Vessel, that hath held out, without Cracking, in the Fiery Trials.   This was the Pledge, and present Reward for what new Assaults I had encountered with, which only my GOD alone was privy to. ~~ {End of insert}
{Transcriber’s Note:  The inserted text may be found in  PTW’s online transcription of J.L.’s A Fountain of Gardens, Vol. III, Part TWO. [File 3 of 4],  journal-entry dated April 14, 1680.}

C H A P.    XXI.

[Margin Note:  April 16, 1680.]

HEre follows a high ravishing Communion with the Trinity enjoy’d:  but receive it not as an Elevation, but from a Spirit translated as into another light Region:  the half of which is not to be expressed, which was here enjoyed.

The Throne of the most Holy is now pitched in the center of the Heart of Jesus, as in conjunction with my Heart, from whence such issues of Life do flow, as renew a perpetual Spring of Joy.   For the Lord pronounced the fulness of all Blessing from the circle-Throne of his Presence;  bedewing me with the Water of Life from the Glassy Sea, mingled with the Fire of Love: assuring me, that the Curse, which is annexed to fallen Nature, should now flee away from God’s and the Lamb’s Throne.   Which Throne, the Lord hath chosen me to be unto him, in which the Scepter of his Kingdom should rule over all in the divine Omnipotence.   Upon which Thunder-cry, that passed through my Heavens, all Nations, Tongues and Languages, Spirits and Powers, did give up to Him:  who is come to fix his Throne;  and to create all things New;  and to confirm his Covenant in the newness of the Spirit;  and to nullifie all of the dead and fruitless Life, that stands in the Letter-Precept, which could never destroy the Root of Sin.

It is now made known from the Word of Truth, that nothing else shall ever fetch out the Serpent’s Sting, but the overflowing of the burning Oil from the Sea of Glass;  which is broken up by the violent stroke of the Holy Ghost:  All other Santifications and Renewings, are imperfect and changeable;  till this doth come to rise as a Covering, to make the gross Body Transparent.

So now then we are to observe, that when-ever God shall come, in very deed, to enthrone himself in any, there will be felt this burning Sea;  from which the fiery Lamps do proceed, which guard the Throne.    Oh! it is the most great and high Attainment, that a Spirit veil’d with Corporeity can look for, to have GOD come down in his Throne-dominion, and to cast down all other Thrones;  in which the dark fiery Spirits have acted their part, in the inward Tent of the Mind.

All which now is to be destroyed, and consumed by the pure flaming Throne: which will sufficiently witness, that God’s Kingdom is now got beyond Words;  and is sprung up in a feeling Power.   O the Joys and Pleasure, which my Soul doth feel in its first rising!    It is infinitely more precious than hath been related;  though even by Christ’s own Personality:  whose appearance did so variously describe the Glory of his Kingdom to me.  But now to come and bring it into me, will in due season produce other things, than what hath been believed, or expected by the Staggering and Fearful:  who have cryed, The Lord doth yet delay his coming; so upbraiding and beating his fellow Servants; and crying for Signs and Wonders, without which they can Own nothing.   But let all such slighting Spirits know, that the Throne and Kingdom of the Lamb may for some considerable time be forming, fashioning, furnishing and enriching with Glory;  and all this carried on very Secretly, till the whole Mystery of the Kingdom be first Inwardly compleated;  before it come to make a visible Show, by a terrible acting of Wonders.    And know, that such as are come to feel the Kingdom in its invisible Powers, and the seven Lamps of Fire burning;  and are set down with Christ upon the Throne, reigning over, and judging down all Nations in themselves;  shall have Judgment and Power given them over all, that have vilified and set light by them, in the day of their outward Rule and Authority, whilst the suffering Lambs of God were yet in their Minority.   But careful we will not be concerning Judgment given, or Dominion exercised, as yet out of the Circle-Throne of the Lamb in our selves:  but we must follow on till it be fully perfected, and the Kingdom established.   It is the present Business of our Day, to watch to have every Lamp fed from the glassy Sea:  that so, springing in the Light and Love-Flames, a Crystalline Throne may in us be maintained for the whole Deity.   For verily whilst such a Thing as This is felt and witnessed, there is a most ravishing Tranquillity.   Oh! what is greater than to have Christ seated upon his Throne within us?   All Matters and Things then must needs be in a peaceable and holy Order, and blessed Subjection.    Happy are they whose inward Eyes are open, all this to See, Possess and Enjoy:   when retired out from all Creaturely Society, and so translated into and among the Seraphick Spirits in Heavenly Places.

C H A P.    XXII.

[Margin Note:  April 24, 1680.]

SInce my Apartment to be Alone, a full Concourse doth now continually meet me;  even such Company, as makes me spend my Hours and Days with all spiritual Mirth and Joy.   For I am now come in Truth (without Flattery or crackling Sparks, that go out again) unto the everlasting burning Throne of the Deity.   Where just and perfect Spirits do rise as so many lesser Flames, most numerously, as God’s encompassing Host, ministering all that may delight me.   So that I find I am to be reserved for God’s Throne-Conversation;  which is as the seven Days Feast of Tabernacles, wherein nothing of servile Work is to be thought upon. [Margin Note: Seven Days of Solitude from all of mortal Society, that might be avoided.]   This is a time of an Holy Convocation, and celebrating the Praises of the Lamb;  who alone hath wrought the Victory for us.   Oh! what shall let now, but that all within me may give the Trumpet-Sound, and great shout that the Lord Omnipotent is come to Reign?   Rejoyce ye Heavens without, within, and round about;  for the Lord Jehovah hath only done it.   He hath made Wars to cease, and keeps the Enemy without the Gates.   Oh mighty Prince and Saviour!  thou art entered into thy Throne-rest!   Thou art become Lord of the Sabbath indeed:   and therefore thou hast Power to Eternalize it, as a Memorial of thy redeeming Blood, which is become the quickening and reigning Life.  Maintain my Love evermore in this new governing Sphere with Thee;   for never knew I such a pleasant state, as since the time thou hast brought thy Kingdom into me, to rule over all in Peace and Love;  and keep every Spirit under check, and reverend awe:  Thy Throne is set;  thy Council is fixed;  the Urim and Thummim of sound and right Judgment is come down;  and Decrees  are herefrom gone forth, which all powerful Might will see executed within this all-hidden Realm of my Soul and Mind.

The Prospect of all This which now is come, the Spirit (in Christ my Lord’s Personality) did give me to see;   and therefore to Prophesie;  as hoping the Time is at hand:  which is so in very good earnest.   For I am made to understand, that the holy and just One is come, in his first and early Reign to put all things to rights, that were found in confusion, in the fallen Properties of Nature:  and to Harmonize whatsoever did put forth from the bitter Root-Essence in Jars and Strife.

Now to have a Cure come in, to relieve this fallen, weary, tired-out Life, that was in such a perplexed Strife, can do no less than give cause of great Triumph;  where-ever such a Dominion is known, and entered upon, though invisibly:    None is privy to what is done or acted there, but the obedient Subjects that do wait upon the Throne, and are ready to fulfil all the Royal Laws that are expressed from the High Counsel of the Trinity.   And truly, I do find great Joy in keeping up to this Restriction, and these Ordinances which do appertain to the Lord Christ’s Kingdom;  although they be quite different, and of another kind, than what was allowed to be;  and by the Just One winked at;  before that Word, which is Spirit and Life did protest to me,   “That he was come to make a total alteration;  and to throw out all the Forms and Constitutions, which have passed for a Heavenly Formation;  but which never reached to this new, most perfect and excellent Kingdom:  which is so Chrystalline, as that the Spirit and Soul are realized in a circled Glory;  and so shut up, as no more to look out, or come down from off this high mounted white Throne;  whereon the Reins of a great and wonderful Government are to be held fast unto.”      For which many cautional Words I have received.    For it is the Abiding, and Perseverance, that will work out the most glorious Victory:  Since no one that is shot up to the highest Stature in Christ, and so ripe for the Government, is yet come to be exempted from Assaults and Temptations;  that will still put forth from the satanical and  earthly Kingdom, where all carnal earthly Senses, and rational Subtilty do still lie lurking.   So that if the exalted Spirit that doth sit upon the Throne with Christ, should but venture down, and debase it self, by complying with what it hath rejected of this World’s Laws and Rudiments;  it is possible the Kingdom may be rent away, as in Saul’s case:  nay, in Solomon himself, God would not remit it; but when he departed from the Lord in any degree, but received a Rebuke from him to purpose for it.   All which was laid before me, for the holding fast the Scepter in Humility, Purity, Fear, Righteousness, and holy Courageousness:  that I might so hold out in this first and invisible Reign of the Lamb of God;  that he may come to be visibly magnified, for the Conviction of those that are yet alienated by a Spirit of Unbelief, as not knowing the peaceable Fruits of this Kingdom within.   Which in no wise can mingle with what is of the Starry Government;  it is quite of another Spirit:  It neither careth nor seeketh for Regency or Dignity, from these inferior Planets;  which give the World’s Wealth and Honour to the vilest and basest of Men.   Wherefore it is little regarded by such, who have Eyes to see the workings of the superior Constellations, which move in the third Heaven, remote from all mortal sight;  from which alone I have sought for Honour, Credit, and Reputation:  And now I am greatly satisfied to be esteemed of no Repute, and to be as a poor Lazarus for the joy of that Kingdom, which is already possessed by me:  Yet not here so resting, as not to expect and believe, but that this invisible Kingdom will so work out visibly;  as it may make the Sun, Moon and Stars of this inferior Orb to bow before it.   For the assurance of which, we can desire no fuller, nor better Evidence, than the total and victorious Reign of God over all the Sin-infected Properties.   Let this be but finished, it will be a certain Introduction to the manifestative Reign of the Holy Ghost.   Who will not fear to face the Locusts of the Earth, that have had their Fulness and Blessings from the Beast’s Kingdom; whose Glory will then certainly wither and dye away.   Nay, they who are of the number of Israelites, and yet abide in the Abomination of Self-Love, will be so ashamed and confounded at the opening of this plentiful Store;  that will so abundantly shower down upon them that sit on the Throne with Christ;  that all those who have detained these worldly Goods, shall have such Indignation against themselves for it, that they shall throw their Gold and Silver to the Bats and Moles of the Earth, and take hold of the skirts of the Throne Princes, and cry to partake of their Lot and Portion.   For it will be of that Quality, and that daily increasing Substance;  for the satisfying of all kinds of Requirings of the outward Body:  that Jacob’s All and Enough will most surely here be possessed, without Death, Curse or Sorrow.   Which we know to have attended the whole visible Treasury gotten by the outward Wisdom, and devised Art of Man.   Who have thereby so Idoliz’d the Works of their Hands, that they have quite run themselves out of those Blessings, which come in, by and through, giving up their whole Mind and Will to the Lord’s dominion.

[Margin Note:  April 26, 1680.]

This is the surviving Kingdom, that shall spread from the Root of Christ risen up in his perfect stature, within and throughout the Soul’s Essence, to deifie it, so that it may abide in the unalterable Substance of a Godded Nature;  without the hazard of ever relapsing into Sin, Curse or sorrowful Weakness:  which will be the most wonderful Salvation that ever yet was brought to manifestation.   For which cause it will necessarily follow, that this visible Kingdom will be also established, and become as a lifted up Ensign;  that all flesh may tremble and fall before it, which did so insult and lift up it self in Arrogancy.   Where the Lord was but as yet come in his first Reign, no show of Glory was there seen to outward appearance:  but rather dark Clouds of Sufferings;  which being rightly improved, make meet for the full possession of the first and second Kingdom, each one in their high graduation, for coming forth to Glorification;  according as they are now in the hidden Spheres.    Where the high Throne-Glories are manifested in another manner, of Kingly Pomp and Splendor, than what ever hath, or indeed could possibly be figured out here, till the Kingdom it self do work out Visibly.    And then we shall know what we at present are known of our God for, in order to this excelling Reign;  which is to answer to the Royalty, Purity and Pomp, that God himself is now with all in his Glorified Saints and Angels.

It is fully assured me, that God hath taken into his Eye and Love election at this very day, those who shall come to sit in Princely Majesty, and great Dominion, in the inward Regency of the Soul conquering the thwarting motions of Sin, and their own Passions.   Oh Faithfulness, Truth and Love to carry through here! they will be signs, and evidence sufficient, what God will further exalt unto.   In the Interim, whosoever shall have attained to the first Kingdom, in Wisdom, Sanctification, and the excelling Charity;   know that these will give the mighty onset for entrance, into the utmost bounds of this everlasting Kingdom.   Which we shall not think it only sufficient to pray for, but to be Doing all that is required for it;  in all comely order and fixed resolution, to hold fast what we have already gotten:  that so none may supplant us, of That which will be the lifted up Crown, to be seen every where upon the Heads of the Anointed Ones.

C H A P.    XXIII.

[Margin Note:  May 3, 1680.]

Here follows divine Openings of the Reign and
Kingdom of the Love

HAving been exercised for some considerable time, in the Prophetical Office and Ministration, from the Spirit of Revelation, as my Writings bear witness;  concerning the Kingdom of Christ in its suffering state first of all, then in its rising up through Tribulation unto Victory, for Dominion and Glorification through the Love:  Now I am to Relate what Further given down hath been.  The Degrees which lead hereunto, have been sufficiently described [in The Heavenly Cloud, first printed in 1681, by the Author;] which hath had most forcible effects, for the bringing in and establishing of this Kingdom.   Wherein, and to whom this Spirit of Prophesie was given for a sealing Evidence, that the Spirit of Truth was the Spring of those foregoing Revelations:  which are now to be confirmed by the present Reign of a Risen Christ, in some personalities, which are and shall be taken up for this end;  to show it forth, by that most excellent and perfect thing coming in, which is the Love-Dominion.    Which hath exalted the same Prophetical Spirit, to be with Christ upon the Throne, and doth Absolutely rule in God’s meek Love over the whole Region, even to the utmost parts of the Souls inward Earth.    Wherein now great peace is found;  the Government being carried on serene and calm, through the conquering Love.   Which hath, like a River, run over the whole Earth.    But this was not so fully felt, known, and witnessed as of late.    The former Reign was maintained but in an imperfect degree:  the Spirits within were indeed under awe and check;  yet unwillingly made subject to this Kingdom’s Laws, that were renewed, suitably to this most eminent and singular Ministration.   Sometime I was under it;  which was looked upon as sharp and severe:  The Old Man being rein’d in very straight, would have gone forth into reluctancy;  and so break all Harmony in the properties, that should be found abiding in the new Model.

And thus indeed the Kingdom hath suffered violence;  and hath been hid in great Strife:   as many Holy Souls may witness with me in the same case;  who are come thus far to the Dominion.   Which is a good and hopeful Introduction to the ruling Scepter of Love;  in which will be found a far more pleasant and joyous Kingdom:  when all and every Spirit is brought over, and subjected to the Love’s Soveraignity, respectively in their order and place, to their superior Governour, the Heaven-born Spirit, who personates Christ upon the Throne.   Now to come to have every motion tinged with the fiery Love Balsam, how will they run and fly, at the very look of the Kingly anointed Eye:  where Love’s rays are so vehement, as to captivate every thought to the obedience of the Lord’s Anointed King;  not in some, but in all and every thing!   Which will indeed make every Saint that hath attained hereunto, walk worthy of God.   Whose Being consisteth in the Essentiality of LoveAnd where any is admitted to be as God’s fellow Companion, by being in the Center-Life of a Love-dominion;   There must necessarily follow all Holy Boldness to come into a Christs propriety with God the Father;  as Heirs with him of all Kingdoms, that are worthy of inheriting, whether in the Mystery, or out of it.   Love’s Center opens through all;  and brings in an endless Pleasure and Joy:  which cannot be by any worldly Craft stolen away.    Therefore it is that most excellent thing, that will heal and cure all within the Soul;  reconciling what was at variance, whether in relation to God, or to any of our fellow Members.   Therefore what is to be more desired, or to be paralleled with it?   I must solemnly profess, that I have found such Soveraign Power and Sweetness in the opening of this Love-Center, that I cannot but commend it to others:   and seek earnestly to have more fellow-Commoners with me at God’s Table;  that there we may sit down together, and feed upon the fruits of Love, which are the Wine and Strength of the Kingdom.   For in very Truth I am come to witness Holy Paul’s conclusion of it, that it is the absolute Perfect Thing, that works out all imperfection, removing all sorrow and grief from the Mind and Heart.   For it is a strong and vehement Heat, that devours fear and anxiety.   Oh! how doth it shelter and secure from all blood-sucking Vipers, that they cannot prey upon the inward part of the Soul.   Because this is a Love which cannot imagine into any evil thing;  and therefore nothing of the Serpent’s Venom can mingle with it.   Which makes the Soul to know it self to be returned into its Eternal primary Concord and Virgin Simplicity.

But now it may be Queried, Whether I give forth the commendation of this high and perfect Love, from Revelation, or from divine and pure sensation?   I must truly humbly acknowledge, it is from Both:   they are met together, as proceeding from one Love-Center.   Which is the first Glass wherein I saw the amiable Beauty, and worthiness of this most Excellent Thing;  with all those advantages and great prerogatives attending it.   For it brings in no less than a Kingdom of sweet peaceable Amity and Love;  whereby I now Sensibly find an unspeakable benefit.

But it may be asked farther, How comes this most precious and worthy Thing to be wrought so Essentially in the Soul, as to be evermore ruling upon the Throne;   as having got absolute conquest over whatsoever would make Seditions, and Broils, within the Regency of the Soul?

In Answer to this, I shall give my Own particular Experience, as one who hath obtained Grace of this kind.   It is Risen, and hath wrought out great Victory, after it was begotten by Species and Revelation, and formed in me, as a true Essential Life-Birth;   which I did find daily grow up;  and it did encrease in Wisdom and Strength.   But then after that, this Love was grown up to such a vehemency towards my God, as known to me, in the person of my Lord Christ;  from and through frequent visits, and very intimate Conversation:   which I did daily enjoy, in an unknown and most singular way.   This in very Truth was so grateful and sweet, that it drew up my superior vital Spirit after Him:  So that all Places and Companies, became very tedious and unpleasant to me, where I was prevented of feeding the flame of my Love, still from the beatifical enjoyment of his presence.

The truth is, I had sucked in such a sweet Savour, through a most intimate Friendliness, (to which my Lord condescended, for the Joy and Love-delight of my Soul) as I could scarcely admit the giving my Conversation to any, in whom I could not see his all-amiable Spirituality;  for which alone I reserved my self.   For indeed I could willingly have attended it day by day continually, without any intervening Night.   But my Bridegroom after all this ingratiating of himself to me, did often prove those two great Witnesses in me, of Faith and Love;  which as two Twins did grow up out of the fresh Sharon, which was renewed Within;   from whence they did with great strength and loveliness spring.   But many hard Encounters, and rude Assaults, they were fain {obliged or constrained} to bear.   And first in this respect, my Lord Jesus having begotten his own lively Signature in me, by his often appearing, and so passing in himself as an Essential rising Body, that naturally cared only to move and act in the Sphere of High and Heavenly things, and at no time to be found out of that Circumference:   in this to be thwarted and prevented, was my very great tryal;  I having reference only to GOD in this matter.   On whom my Faith and Love was exercised, for having all outward vacancies and advantages;  that might cherish and nourish up this Lily-Birth, according to its native Kind:   which never could agree to go out into the gross, muddy, and infectious Air of this noisome Kedar, or Worldly Region.    But so it was, that my Lord suffered it thus, by reason of many temporal Necessities, wherein I was constrained to spend my time:  which should wholly have been employed upon a more worthy and considerable account, than to serve the Table of the outward Man:  which I looked upon as very low and mean, in comparison of that High-born Heir, whom I carried as an invisible Glory, under the Vail of contemptible Corporeity.   And upon this consideration God tried his own begotten Love, whether it would hold out under all damps, checkings and suppressings, both inward and outward, which it met withal.   For I apprehend, I had so great an interest and hold of the Almighty, that it had been an easie thing to have had all Needful things to come to serve the free born Spirit, and not be engaged in the Toil and servile Care, after the Rudiments of the present fallen and self-ingrossing Generation.    The Customs and Manner of which, my Spirit had long since been made to dissent from, in obedience to the Law of Faith: which I continue to keep up unto, expecting all Income of Blessing there-from.   And though hitherto the Lord hath exceedingly approved me herein;  yet now the Thousand-fold is beginning to break in, even by that pure and only Love-dominion, which I do feel open in the highest leavening Property:  for it reacheth to the Bounds of the everlasting Mountain of God’s immutability of Love, from whence it springs.   And what? may it not multiply and produce, as it goeth on, still conquering all Enmity, where-ever it meets it, as having overcome it in its own soulish Essence;  and so may do the same in others, who groan and travail for the same;  being but weak in Love, and so not able to out-wrestle Love’s opposite.

This is, and will be the signal Motto, whereby that perfect thing call’d Charity   will be known, [Margin Note from 1st Edition: The which hath induced the Author to publish these divine Secrets] which seeketh not its own Dignity and Tranquility in Heavenly Places, there to reign in the Love alone;  but most ardently seeks it for its fellow-Members, even when rejected and fought against.  For this is the new Gospel-Law, so urged and pressed by the Lord, and his Apostles in their day, as knowing it was the only means to plant us again in our own pure Eternal Beginning, where nothing but perfect Love was known.   Oh! this is of such import and weight, as I cannot but from the feeling sense hereof, set forth the exceeding Sweetness that is to be found in it, when it comes off a Conqueror;  having been tryed by God himself, and by our fellow Disciples, which is more piercing than any Tryals from others.   Yet all this will not quench the right Spirit, which is tinctured with the God-head flame of Love:  It is so strong, that it works over all Choakings, and Water-Floods that would drown it.

[Margin Note:  May 6, 1680.]

Thus have I given a most true and experimental Account, how the Kingdom of Love came to reign in Dominion:  for all Shakings of this pure Plant, rooted and fastened it as an invincible Rock;  As in reference to GOD, the Being of Love;  so likewise towards all my fellow-Members, growing up in all their various degrees in this Body of Love;   fulfilling that Royal Law, which is to love one another from a pure Heart; not superficially or feignedly, but with such a Love as wherewith God our Father hath loved us.   Who caused his Love to enter in our Enmity:  and did thereby slay it, and reconcile a depraved Nature, which stood out in all Refractoriness {stubborn disobedience} against his Grace and Kindness.

Now after this sort we are to love one another, even where we meet with Reluctancy, and Gain-sayings {denials, disputes or contradictions}, to the killing and opposing of this pure thing;  yet Charity, that is begotten of God in us, will suffer, and bear and rise up a Conqueror through all Beatings and Quenchings.   And truly, whosoever hereunto arrive, and can fixedly keep upon the Throne, and uncessantly Reign over all Assaultings and Contradictions of this kind in themselves, and out of themselves, they may well and really conclude, that the Perfect Thing is come, that will redeem from all Evils;  even from the wrathful Root it self of Enmity:  From whence all Self-Love, Envy, Haughtiness, Covetousness and Bitterness do proceed.   Now Love’s-Birth rising in its strong Might in the Soul, is as that Eternal anointed Christ, who is come to condemn Sin in our Flesh;  yea, the very Root and Source of all Sin:  and we shall certainly know the falling away of the Man of Sin thereby.   For Love is that which irrecoverably sinks him into his own bottomless Lake, from whence he can never rise any more.

But it may be said, this is a rare and wonderful thing indeed;  But is it attainable during this time of Mortality?    Yea assuredly, or else the Lord, Christ, would never have urged it, and commanded it so frequently, both in leaving it as his last Charge, and Summing up the whole Law of Perfection, in Love to God and our fellow-Members;  preaching the same Doctrine by his Spirit in the Apostles after his Ascension, according as it is by St. John and St. Paul abundantly recorded: Read their Epistles, and you will find what an Eminency is put upon this Gift, more than all others*  [* What follows having been Carelessly Omitted in the Former {1st} Edition, is Restored in This from the Original.] as that which is the Band of Perfection, that unites and ties the other firmly together.   I shall Instance one special Scripture, and refer you to what you may find in numerous Places elsewhere.   But this had its peculiar Openings, by the Anointing in me, Col.3.12. where you will find sumd up a Bundle of rich Fruits of the Spirit, wherein we might have concluded, nothing more could have been added, for the making the Man of God perfect.   But the Apostle goeth on further, as if all this was too short, there was yet an higher Work to be aimd at, which follows in these words, And above all things put on Charity, which is the Bond of Perfectness.   One would have thought this had been included, when he exhorted to put on Bowels of Kindness, Humbleness, Meekness, Longsuffering and Forgiveness.            {Note from PTW: The remainder of the text from Chap. XXIII is in the Next File}

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