Revelations and Prophecies from God's Eternal Virgin Wisdom given through Shaker Instrument, Paulina Bates, 1841.  

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WISDOM instructs Females who are bound in Marriage to Males.

The subject continued, with particular instructions to females.

1 Again bow down, O ye inhabitants of the earth, and ye daughters of men, ye children of nature, come listen to my words, and of my sayings gather instruction.

2 Ye who have no evidence that ye are called by the law of grace; but are walking the path of nature, in pursuit of its enjoyments, trusting therein to find happiness, which is the great desire of all people; yet are unwilling to lose the protecting arm of the Almighty, and fall a loose prey to the devouring judgments of God, which are declared against a sinful and rebellious world who refuse to regard the requirements of either law or gospel, unto you I now speak, and my voice is to the daughters of men.

3 Thou who hast become the wife, and bosom friend of thy choice, remember the law of the Lord, for the direction of natural people, to do and keep it. Honor thy husband that he may honor thee; yield and subject unto him, but go no further in sexual connection than accords with the laws of God, given in the beginning, and the regulations of his servant Moses respecting times and seasons, for the protection of men in the flesh, while following the path of nature, to prevent uncleanness and brutality in their desires and gratification.

4 And ever remember that ye are seen in all your works, and a strict account is kept of all your proceedings; this account ye, sooner or later, must meet in judgment, ere ye can become the subjects of grace, and find that resurrection from dead works, the subject of which neither marry nor are given in marriage; but are as the Angels of God in heaven, who have never fallen into dead works, or those who by the grace of God, through his beloved Son and Daughter, are redeemed from the fall, and are as the Angels of God who never fell.

5 This I speak unto you, that ye may know the truth and shape your doings accordingly. For God has surely designed an overturn among the inhabitants of the earth, and his designs will as surely be accomplished. And those who will not mend their lives, and walk more godly, even if they remain for a season among those who choose the broad way, his judgments will surely roll upon them, and they shall know that He is God, and that his word is fulfilling unto them.

6 And ye daughters of men, give ear unto my words, and know that I am no other than Wisdom, the Holy and Eternal Mother of your never-dying souls, and with a Mother's care and tenderness do I now address you.

7 O ye daughters of men, ye are called to be the glory of the man, the crown of his enjoyments, and the bright morning star of his existence. Listen and understand: Ye are not called to become defiled and polluted, and to wallow in fleshly gratification as a sow walloweth in the mire, in order to fulfill the marriage covenant, and rear up an offspring to him, and become a crown of glory to his existence. Nay in no wise. I Wisdom will teach you a far better way to act the part of a mother, and a bosom friend to your companion.

8 Rise early, and look well to your household affairs; go forth in cheerfulness and good humor, and perform well your part which is allotted to you. Lay your hand to the distaff, and know that it is the diligent hand which maketh rich, and idleness is the sure threshold to destruction. Be diligent, and forbear to use with a lavish hand, the hard earnings of thy husband, lest he become weary of thee.

9 Forbear to make use of the clamorous tongue, which above all is grievous to be borne; but with the tongue which uttereth forth in the small, still voice, words of love and kindness, mayest thou govern in thy sphere, and order all thy household affairs in wisdom and with discretion.

10 Thou mayest be artful in thy insinuations, to gather the feet of thy husband within his own dwelling, lest he wander in by and forbidden paths, and this too, to thy sorrow and bitterness in the time to come.

11 Refrain thy feet from wandering abroad for amusement and pleasure; but rather find amusement within your own dwellings, in the nurture and tuition of thy little ones, and in discharging all the necessary duties which remain incumbent upon thee. And remember withal to keep a clean habitation, and let order, regularity and cleanliness govern thy premises, even from the house top to the cellar, that the blessing of peace may attend you, and the holy Angels, which pass and repass, may have respect to your habitations.

12 And ye that will humbly regard these sayings of mine, and from them gather understanding, although your lot, and even your choice, be cast for a season, in the wide world; yet in these outwards courts, in their order, will I delight to dwell, and my spirit of wisdom and understanding shall take its abode with the sons and daughters of men, and the blessings of the God of heaven shall rest upon them, according to their natural state.

13 Ye who have a desire to do the will of your God; yet choose the path of nature, and are willing to subject to his requirements; upon all such as ye are able to benefit by deeds of goodness, turn your hands with all diligence; first to do good to your own household, and then lend the hand of charity to your neighbor.

14 Use all your influence to suppress the haunts of iniquity and debauchery, and know ye, that the hand of Divine Wisdom shall be with you in this. And as a token of my approbation, I will register your names in my eternal Book of records, as being of that number who have willingly stretched forth the hand to reclaim the vicious, and, if possible, to do good to those of their sex, that lie buried in ruinous habits; yet have souls immortal, which must forever and eternally exist.

15 Thus say I Wisdom, In love and in mercy to those who are called by my name, as the feminine part of man, have I long stretched my wings, and shed my gentle influence in the hearts of those who would receive it; and caused them to gather a portion of my spirit of love and tenderness to those whose souls lie under ruinous habits, and are fast sinking in the pit of endless shame and ruin.

16 Yea, with my arm have I led them on, and with my gentle whispers have I influenced them to acts of humanity, to deeds of friendship towards the inexperienced orphans of their own sex, to bend their steps into the paths of industry and virtue.

17 Such deeds, crieth the voice of Wisdom, are registered in the eternal world, by the Angels of the living God, and shall weigh heavy in the balance, to favor them in the day of God's wrath upon the wicked and rebellious. And thus, ye that have an opportunity, may favor the purposes of God in reclaiming the world, and gain good to your immortal souls, while dwelling without the courts of his holiness.

18 The spirit of the Lord Almighty, through his holy Angels, hath, for many years, been at work in the hearts of the sons of men, to do away error, and by degrees, prepare their hearts to make a sacrifice of their ungodly ways and habits, and become willing to meet his requirements, either by subjecting to the law of nature, or to the gospel.

19 While at the same time, my lovely Angels of wisdom have descended to the earth, crowned with the love and tenderness of a Mother, whose love is above all love, and whose tenderness is not to be compared with any thing natural or fallen.

20 Thus have I caused my holy Angels to descend, clothed with my holy and divine spirit, to work in the hearts of the daughters of men, for the purpose of reclaiming those of their own sex to the path of moral virtue, who have strayed, and are still straying in the soul-sinking habits of making merchandise of their chastity, and of selling that which ever ought to be valued by the high and the low, yea, and of all classes, the most valuable, whose worth is above rubies and fine gold.

21 And they that have listened, and still continue to listen to the whisperings of the voice of Wisdom, shall inherit the blessing of God, and thus far answer the end of their calling in outward things, and thereby recommend their souls to the mercy of God, in the day which is to come.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part VI; Chapter 4



WISDOM explains the Time of Moses vs. the Present .

Reasons for the indulgences permitted under the law of Moses, which were not consistent with the original law of nature, and which are wholly inadmissible at the present day, &c.

1 A few words of instruction from the mouth of Holy Mother Wisdom, concerning the laws of God, in the days of his shadowing work, under the Patriarchal and Mosaic dispensation.

2 Ye who walk in nature's path, are called upon by the voice of the Almighty, and by the regular order of all his creation, to return to the observance of the law of nature, and the moral requirements of his holy laws and statutes, given to his ancient people, to render them tolerable in his sight, that he might draw near to them, and through them show forth the glimmer or shadow of that work to be revealed in the latter day; not only for subduing sin, but the very nature of sin; not only for the destruction of death, but of him that hath the power of death, by that warfare which is not carnal, but mighty in power.

3 I say, ye that are called to the observance of this law, if ye continue in the natural state, that ye may not be wholly cut off from the face of Him who sitteth upon the throne; beware, beware how ye bring up the offenses of God's ancient and rebellious people, for a cloke to your transgressions, by arguing thus and thus;

4 "Are we, in this late period of the world, called upon by the voice of God, to return to the customs and ordinances of his ancient people, whom he hath spewed from his presence, and scattered to the four winds, in order, in the least degree, to become acceptable to him, as natural beings?"

5 Thus, saith the voice of Wisdom, ye are not called to return to the customs and ordinances of God's ancient people, any further than the law which God enjoined upon them, to render them tolerable in his sight, that he might draw sufficiently near to them to show forth the shadow of that work which was to come.

6 But as for the work of shadowing forth, ye have nothing to do with it; for the day of shadowing is at an end, and the substance is already revealed.

7 Ye may argue the propriety of a plurality of wives, as being tolerated in the days of God's ancient people; but be it known unto all men, that the plurality of wives and fleshly associates were never directed by the word of God; but were only suffered in that dark age, for the following reasons:

8 The ancient Israelites, God's figurative people, were, by their wars in conquering their natural enemies, designed to prefigure that spiritual warfare which is to subdue the enemies of the soul. This being the case, God suffered a plurality of wives and fleshly associates, (that is, concubines,) that they might the more readily adhere to his requirements, respecting the law of times and seasons.

9 And as in the prosecution of their wars in those days, they took many female captives, they were permitted to make wives of them, in addition to the Israelitish women, and by this means to increase their numbers and strength in their wars against their enemies.

10 All this God suffered, in the days of his figurative people, to prevent uncleanness by violations of the law, as their sense was strongly inclined to increase their numbers by natural generation, and barrenness was considered a great reproach. This was ordered of God to prefigure the reproach of his spiritual people who should be found in barrenness of soul, unable to bring forth the fruits of the spirit that souls may be sustained by them.

11 All these things considered, God suffered many things of his figurative people, in their then existing circumstances, which were a grief in his sight, and in no wise according to his laws and commands to them; for a plurality of associates for fleshly gratification was no where required in the law; and these evils finally grew to their overthrow, and were the very cause of God's extreme vengeance upon them as a nation and a people.

12 Although their crimes were called by many and various names, the bottom and foundation of their ruin and overthrow, was the indulgence of their ungoverned and unrestrained lusts against the laws and commands of God. Therefore these vile and lawless practices can never become a cloke sufficient to shield the transgressor from the awful judgments of God which await the filthy and abominable.

13 Man, in this day of the mighty power of God, while abiding in the natural order, is called to become perfect in his generations, even as Noah was perfect in his generations, and thereby obtained the favor of God, and through his mercy found an ark of safety to his soul, and the souls of his posterity, who feared the Lord, and were perfect in their generations.

14 For in this, they lived according to the law of nature and not according to their corrupt and carnal propensities, as did the corrupt inhabitants of the earth, by whom they were surrounded, for which the Lord God of heaven, in his wrath, was about to destroy them by a flood of water.

15 Noah was perfect in his generations, and became a preacher of the same to the surrounding inhabitants of the world; and for this cause they hated him, and sought his life. He was, indeed, a preacher of righteousness.

16 And this was the righteousness which he preached; That mankind should abstain from filthy lusts, and from beastly pollutions, which they wallowed in, as swine wallowed in the mire; by which means their spirits became inflamed to commit acts of violence, one against another, until the earth became one continued scene of debauchery, cruelty and bloodshed; for which the anger of the Lord was kindled, and He purposed to destroy the subjects of so vile a generation.

17 But God in his infinite wisdom, mercy and condescension, in all ages of the world, previous to his judgments for sins and transgressions, sends forth his solemn warnings, by the mouth of his prophets, to give all a timely warning to repent, if they will. And although through mercy and forbearance, his judgments are stayed and prolonged for a season, to try those who dwell upon the earth, to leave all without excuse; yet sure are his judgments to the wicked and willful transgressors.

18 So it was in the days of Noah, who found favor in the sight of God, because of the purity and uprightness of his daily walk, wherein he provoked not the God of all purity to spew him from his presence.

19 Therefore He anointed him a prophet, to warn the world in his name, to flee from their wickedness and pollutions, and confine their beastly passions to the strict order of nature, and go forth merely for the purpose of multiplying their species upon the face of the earth, and not for the purpose of gratifying their foul and abominable passions, which were far more than beastly, even devilish and infernal.

20 And also to warn the violent to cease from shedding blood, and gratifying a spirit of revenge, one against another, but to return to that peace, purity and tranquillity which would ensure unto them the blessing and protection of their God.

21 And this was the word and warning of God, through his servant and faithful prophet Noah, for which they laugh him to scorn, and in derision thrust him from them; and had it not been for the protecting arm of the Almighty, they would have put an end to his existence in this life, that they might no more be troubled with his reproofs and warnings in the name of the Almighty.

22 And thus ye may see, in that early period of the world, through the influence of the subtile deceiver and inflamer of men's passions, they refused the offers of mercy, and chose to continue in their own self-pleasing ways and gratifications, regardless of all the solemn warnings of God, through his servant Noah, which were frequent, loud and terrible, in many cases: for the Lord had no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but had rather they would return and live.

23 Then did the Lord decree the flood of water to destroy man in his presence; for it repented Him that He had made man; but for the sake of the righteous who had found favor in his sight, He ordered the building of the ark, still further trying their stubborn and unrelenting hearts, that they might yield, if possible, at this near approach of seeming sudden destruction.

24 But their hearts had become hardened by the prince of darkness, to unbelief; and the same voice that whispered into the ears of the first parents of mankind, assuring them that they should not surely die, busily whispered into the ears of these, telling them to fear not; for although it might be the voice of God, yet He was only threatening them a little; that He would never kill them, as had been represented to them.

25 Yea, and the greater part of them he hardened into a belief that the voice of the Lord was not in all these warnings, but that they originated merely from an infatuated brain, and the like. And although the ark was long preparing in their sight, and the fierceness of the wrath of God was stayed; yet sure were all his predictions fulfilled; and to the utter astonishment of the wicked, the ark was borne up which enclosed the righteous family, while they and all they possessed were left to undergo certain and sure destruction.

26 Now these circumstances and events ye all know, who believe in the word of God, and in the record of the holy scriptures. And thus it was suffered of God to be recorded, as a standing monument of warning to the children of men, in ages to come; that they might read, reflect and consider; and that instead of rashness and presumption, they might suffer reason and candor to govern them, and thereby escape the fiery indignation of the Almighty.

27 Such indignation is, and ever was, and ever will be kindled against the abominations of man. And although God may long lengthen out his mercy, and forbear to render immediate punishment for sin and transgression; yet sure are his judgments, when his times of forbearance are accomplished. 

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part VI; Chapter 5



That the Instincts of Man are Proof that the Deity is Dual (both male and female).

1 Thus saith Holy Wisdom, It is made evident by all which ye can see, read and discern that there remaineth an instinct in the creature man, which causes him to adore and worship, as God, either visible or invisible substances. Ye may see this even in untaught children, who remain ignorant of divine things. Ye may also see it in those who know nothing of the living and true God, how prone they are to erect images, to bow down to and worship.

2 And among all the images which man hath been constrained, by a natural instinct to erect, to bow down and worship, is there none in the name and form of the female? Have there not been both gods and goddesses erected, whereby man might give vent to that instinct, which, in the beginning, was of God, although suffered, like all other instincts, to become corrupted by the fall? Truly ye will all acknowledge this.

3 Why then should all this be, if there existed no power eternal and divine, which called forth the adoration of mortals, save only in the line of the male? Ye cannot blot out the existence of the female; for all the works of God declare it, from the foundation of the world, that the Deity is composed of both male and female.

4 Since the knowledge of the true and living God had been shed abroad in the hearts of the children of men, which forbids their bowing down to graven images, fashioned and formed by the art of man, how have they turned their idolatrous purposes to the adoration of the female, as being the principle object of their earthly felicity and happiness!

5 If then, ye have, by the cunning and artful influences attached to the female, become captivated, allured and drawn into by and forbidden paths, can ye not by the same hand, which hath become truly artful and witty in the things of God, whose influence and witty inventions have become purified by the fire of the refiner, can ye not be led forth into the path of life?

6 For I Wisdom, am the Mother of witty inventions; but my inventions work in direct opposition to the inventions of the mother of harlots, who, by her vile insinuations, leads men into crooked paths; but that influence which cometh from me, worketh for the deliverance of the souls of men.

7 Ye read of cherubim and seraphim, who dwell in the exalted regions of divine light; but ye behold them both in the male order, knowing no distinction only the different degrees of holiness. But this is not so. The cherub order of Angels are of the male kind, and most powerful; the seraph order of Angels are of the female kind, and most glorious.

8 And be it known to all nations, kindreds and tongues, that the power and glory of God, agreeable to the sacred figures in the temple, are combined and cover the mercy seat, in this latter day, in which Zion shall return and be comforted, and the sanctuary of their hearts cleansed, and the temple of living souls built up.

9 And the wings of Jehovah shall never cease to cover the ark of this testimony, from whence proceed the oracles of grace and mercy to man, and his covenant with the children of men. This is a sure and everlasting covenant of mercy to all souls that will comply with his terms, and meet Him according to his own plans, in which He hath purposed to meet the fallen race of man.

10 These plans are laid in wisdom, and executed in mercy to all souls, who will bow to the order of his appointing, and to the lead of his anointing, and subject to the will of God made known through them; each sex, in their own order, shall find the door of hope, an entrance into the new and living Jerusalem, by the sacrifice of all which is of the world, in themselves, and subjecting to the laws, statutes and ordinances of the new and living kingdom of purity and peace.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part VI; Chapter 8



The Law of Nature Explained.

Origin of the moral law of nature.  The operation of Witnesses thereof until Christ's first appearing.

1 Thus saith the Angel; The law of nature declared by Holy Wisdom, in the preceding chapters, is the law established by the Creator in the beginning, in the creation of man, as the true order in which they were to propagate their offspring, and contained that moral law by which they were to be guided in their conduct towards each other, according to the rules of justice, mercy, good faith and integrity.

2 Man was created to be the lord of all things in the natural world; to be the connecting link between the natural and spiritual world. Thus, by the law of life implanted in his living soul, directed by the ministration of the Angels of Providence, it became his duty to cultivate and bring into order, all things in this lower world; and to have dominion over them, and protect them from the disorderly influences of the powers of evil.

3 Therefore, can any rational mind suppose that, in this important station, he would be less regular in his own order, in all his works, than any part of the inferior creation? and especially in the propagation of his offspring, which was the most important work he could perform in the natural state?

4 Could he be less regular than the animal or vegetable creation? Must he not, as their lord and protector, be an example, in this respect, of the order of times and seasons, and of the direction of Divine Wisdom, in order to be the proper medium to convey the blessing and improving knowledge, from the heavens of order to the natural world?

5 Yea, truly saith the Angel of Wisdom; for if man become disordered, nothing could be conveyed by him to the inferior part of the creation, except through a disorderly medium. But man was endowed with the power of free agency, and with faculties superior to any other being in the natural world. Therefore the law and order for his guidance in all things, was given to his rational soul, and implanted in the constitution of his nature.

6 And had he kept this law, he could have maintained his dominion over all inferior things. It was his duty, in the propagation of his offspring, to wait the times and seasons appointed by the Creator, and until the providential power of God was given to him by the Angels, to enable him to bring forth his true likeness in proper order.

7 This was the order of his creation, by which he was to bring forth his likeness, in the proper times and seasons, as regular as the trees of the field bring forth their fruits, and by the same providential and directive power, according to his order.

8 In this order, the fire of lust would have been unknown, which is the seed of the wicked one, received into the nature of man, from the powers of darkness, for the purpose of propagating their vile offspring in the natural world.

9 For as man had the faculty of procreation created in him, after he came to maturity, whenever that faculty was set in operation, in the male and female, he could generate his offspring according to his then present state, whether he remained pure or became corrupted.

10 And as he was then in a state of probation, he could not be prevented from being accessible to the disorderly influences of the power of evil, that tempted him to act in his own independent will, and prove the powers of his nature.

11 Therefore, yielding to these bewitching charms, he received the fire of lust from the fallen spirits, by which his whole nature was corrupted; and by its power, the faculty of procreation was brought into operation, before the time appointed of God. Hence it is that all the offspring of man have been corrupted, by that base and foul propensity, which degrades him below the animal and vegetable creation.

12 Thus man gave up his power and dominion to the fallen spirits of evil, by which means they found an entrance into the natural creation, and set up the kingdom of Satan in the world; for they had become his ministers. In consequence of this, Satan became the prince of this world, instead of rational man, to whom it was first given.

13 In this, man lost his right to the providential power of God, and to the ministration of the Angels of Providence, by which he would have been enabled to accomplish all his works in proper order; and especially to procreate his own offspring in the times and seasons of God's appointment; in a manner acceptable to Him.

14 Therefore he died to the life of that law and order which his Creator had placed in him; yet the law and order did not die; but still remained as a living witness, with a flaming sword against him, which turned every way to guard the way of the tree of life, in that order. There remained then, no possible way by which he could receive any life of the true order of God, only by repentance, and in proportion as that corrupt nature which he received from the serpent of iniquity, is wounded and disarmed of its power: and eternal life can never be obtained until this is wholly slain.

15 The original powers and faculties of man's nature did not die; but he could not receive the primary power designed to propagate his offspring, nor keep the order of times and seasons, without a special ministration of the Angels of Providence. This God reserved in his own power.

16 The fall of man could not prevent the Creator from exercising his own power, when He saw fit to administer it, to subserve his own purposes. Therefore, when man, by his punishment, was sufficiently humbled to repent, according to the order of that dispensation, which could only be in a figurative degree, God, by a special revelation, revived the law of nature, so far as respected the order of times and seasons, in the propagation of man's offspring.

17 And He dispensed sufficient power through his Angels, to enable the line of the patriarchs, generally, to keep this law, and also such as were in covenant relation with them, and who were willing to deny themselves sufficiently. These were called the children of God, in contradistinction to the children of men, or seed of Cain, who corrupted the earth by their licentious passions, and gave loose to unbridled lusts, without regard to any times or seasons.

18 Therefore God, in a special manner, raised up Enoch among the patriarchs, and dispensed his miraculous power through his Angels to him, whereby he was enabled to govern his nature, to walk with God, according to that dispensation, and beget sons and daughters, in the manner, and in the times and seasons of God's appointment.

19 Thus he was both a preacher and an example of righteousness, according to the law of nature, and the moral law of God to all the children of men. Therefore, when he had done the work which God had appointed, he was taken away by the Angels whom he had obeyed, to dwell with them in mansions of justification.

20 In like manner He raised up Noah, and endowed him with sufficient power to keep the moral law, and to be strictly obedient to the Angels of Providence, in the propagation of his offspring. For although he waited till he was five hundred years old for permission; yet he never touched that work until he was directed so to do, at the proper times and seasons, by his guardian Angel.

21 Thus he was "a just man, and perfect in his generations," according to all that the Lord had commanded him, so did he in this, and in all other cases. Therefore he was a preacher and an example of righteousness, to all the children of men; and by his example condemned the whole world.

22 For in his days the sons of God, or those that walked in covenant relation with the patriarchs, and in a good degree kept the moral law, and paid regard to the order of times and seasons, rapidly fell away, and began to mingle with the children of men, or seed of Cain, and took them wives of all they chose of their lewd daughters, and went in unto them, according to the dictates of their own lusts, without any appointment of God, or any regard to the order of times and seasons.

23 This continued until all the children of men forsook the moral law, and the earth was filled with violence, bloodshed and carnage, and every species of wickedness, and their licentious debauchery knew no bounds. By giving loose to unbridled lust, was the primary cause, that all flesh corrupted its way before God: In consequence of which the protection and forbearance of God was withdrawn, until He sent a flood of waters and destroyed them all.

24 Noah only, was found perfect in that generation: and though he often warned them, that if they persisted in their wickedness, God would send a flood of waters, and sweep them from the earth; yet they heeded him not, until his warnings were fulfilled by their terrible destruction.

25 But Noah, by his obedience to that law, which the children of men had violated, found grace in the eyes of the Lord, and God established his covenant with him, and he was saved with his wife and family, in the ark, from the flood, and became the father and patriarch of the new world.

26 This was a figure of the salvation which shall be obtained in the gospel Ark, from the floods of destruction which will roll upon, and destroy the world of the ungodly. This salvation will be effected through Christ, manifested in the order of the heavenly Parentage, in the new creation of God.

27 The cases of Enoch and Noah were instances of that power which God in wisdom, had reserved to be displayed in his own time, to raise up instruments among men, who should be witnesses and representatives, by precept and example, of his original law and order for man, while remaining in a state of nature.

28 So also was Abraham, in the generation of Isaac, to whom after waiting many years for the fulfillment of the promise of a son, the Angel said, "I will certainly return unto thee, according to the time of life, and lo, Sarah thy wife shall have a son, at this set time, in the next year." And though Sarah was past bearing, according to the course of nature; yet this promise was fulfilled.

29 Thus should Adam have waited, and thus would he have received permission and power at the appointed time. Isaac and Rebecca were also representatives of the same order, in the birth of Jacob and Esau, which could not be produced until permission and power were granted by divine direction. So also was Manoah and his wife, in the case of Samson; and also Zechariah and Elizabeth, in the case of John the Baptist; and many others have been representatives of the same law and order.

30 Again hearken, saith the Angel; Notwithstanding the awful destruction of the inhabitants of the earth by the flood, the posterity of Noah, when they began to multiply upon earth, soon began also to forget the hand of the Lord: for they disregarded the moral law, and the law of times and seasons, in the propagation of their offspring.

31 But they were led by their lust and ambition, insomuch that the earth was again filled with violence, and every species of licentious obscenity, debauchery and abomination, until they became more ungodly than the antediluvians. For to their other abominations they added this: They forsook the Lord, and most universally worshipped gods after the imaginations of their own hearts. In this abominable worship they far exceeded those destroyed by the flood.

32 Therefore God raised up a peculiar people, to be his witnesses to the world, that He was God. To these He gave his laws, according to the work and order of that age and dispensation, which was only figurative of the substance of the good things which were yet to come.

33 This law was added by reason of the gross transgressions and corruptions of the inhabitants of the earth, and was given to maintain the knowledge and worship of the one true God, and to restrain the licentious and lawless passions of man within some bounds; so that the earth need not be so corrupted, that the inhabitants thereof must be destroyed before the time of the end.

34 The law of Moses was, in a good degree, a transcript of the original law of God, especially that contained in the ten commandments; but it was not perfectly so; for in some cases the law of Moses allowed war and bloodshed, to cut off the wicked corrupters of the earth. It also allowed involuntary servitude, and some other things which were not according to the original law of God.

35 Nor was the law of Moses the perfect law of nature: for it did not prohibit a plurality of wives, not the putting away of their wives, to marry again some woman upon whom their lust was placed. These indulgences were all contrary to the true law of nature, given in the beginning.

36 The law of Moses was adapted to the state of the world in that age, and according to the work of that dispensation, which was imperfect, being but a shadow of a more perfect work; therefore it could not "make the comers thereunto perfect," even as to the law of nature, and much less as to the law of grace.

37 But for the hardness of their hearts, many indulgences were allowed therein, which were not according to the moral law and order of nature. For had they been fully reined up to that law, they, as a body, would have rejected it, and joined themselves entirely to the nations of the earth, in idolatry, and there would have been no people to maintain the witness and the worship of the true God.

38 Yet many in Israel, in all the ages of their existence, as God's covenant people, through the light of the law, and the instructions handed down from their fathers, saw a glimpse of the perfect moral law and order of nature. These, forsaking those indulgences, were witnesses, in a good degree, both by precept and example, of the perfect law and order of nature, in its original state; at least so far as respected the order of times and seasons, and the keeping the law of mercy and justice.

39 Among these were the prophets, generally, and many others, particularly the Essenes of the latter times of the Jewish dispensation, who prefigured the work manifested through Christ. And no age nor nation has been wholly destitute of such witnesses. All such were noticed and blessed of God, and were a blessing in their day and generation, wherever they were; yea, and such were the first witnesses of Christ when he appeared.

40 Such were good Simeon and the prophetess Anna, who had then wholly consecrated themselves to the Lord; And such was Nathaniel, of whom Jesus testified, "Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile." And among his first followers there were many such; and such, in general, were the devout men of every nation under heaven, who first received and obeyed the doctrines of the apostles.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part VI; Chapter 9; Section I



The Law of Grace Explained.

Christ establishes the Law of Grace for his followers; but arraigns mankind to judgment by the laws of nature, which God first gave to man.

1 When the Son of God was sent into the world, to lay the foundation of the new and spiritual creation, and to reveal those principles which, in their full manifestation would bring in everlasting righteousness, and establish the Law of Grace; he arraigned the world before the righteous judgment of God; but he did not reprove nor condemn them for not keeping the law of grace: for they knew it not, having never been taught it.

2 But he reproved them for their violations of the moral law of justice, mercy and kindness, which were comprehended in these words; "All things that ye would that men should do unto you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets."

3 He also reproved and condemned them for their violations of the law of Moses, and showed them wherein that law differed from the true moral law, and the law of order and nature. He testified that it was for the hardness of their hearts that Moses suffered certain indulgences; but from the beginning it was not so.

4 Read Christ's sermon on the Mount, and his answer to the young man who asked what he should do to inherit eternal life. He first referred him to the moral law; but on his declaring that he had been faithful in that, he offered him a part in the Law of Grace. But as he refused this offer, he lost his former justification, and his rightful heirship to the superior and spiritual work.

5 But although Christ taught, both by precept and example, the law of grace, and the work of the regeneration; yet he knew and testified that all men could not receive that work, save those to whom it was given. It was necessary that he should declare the laws that God had given to man in former dispensations, that the world might know wherein they had transgressed, and were condemned of God: for by these only could they be judged.

6 Therefore his word to those who had not sufficient faith and conviction, to empower them to take up a full cross, and follow him in the regeneration, required them to live strictly to the moral law, and to the order of nature; and testified that short of this, the heavy woes and judgments of the Almighty would fall upon them.

7 This was clearly manifested by the Savior's lamentation over Jerusalem, and the heavy woes he pronounced upon the scribes and pharisees, and the lawyers, who virtually led the people to transgress every moral precept of the law of God.

8 The apostles also required those who had not received that measure of faith, which enabled them to take up a full cross against a carnal nature, to live up to the moral law and order of nature. They forbid all chambering and wantonness, and taught the disciples to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.

9 By this they plainly alluded to those lawless works of the flesh, which have no respect to an offspring, and showed them that, by indulging in such things, they would fall under the wrath of God, which was revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men.

10 So long as the primitive Church stood in a good degree of its original rectitude, the two orders of the law of nature and of grace were, in a great measure, maintained. For there were those who kept the law of grace, by separating themselves from the world, and denying all ungodliness and all the works of the flesh.

11 These formed the inner court of the spiritual temple of God, and worshipped God in spirit, and sacrificed every carnal passion upon the golden altar of purity; and the incense of their prayers, sacrifices and praises, were wafted by the holy ministering Angels, to the throne of God.

12 But there were many who believed in Christ, who forsook the corrupt and licentious practices of the Gentiles; yet they had not received a sufficient measure of faith and conviction, to bring them any further than the law and order of nature. They kept the moral law, abstained from the unfruitful works of darkness, and in a great measure, observed the law of nature, so far as respected times and seasons for the propagation of offspring.

13 Such were held in relation with the Church; for they constituted the outer court of the spiritual temple, and were owned as members in that order. But such were not in the true sanctuary of holiness; nor were they members of that order which worshipped therein.

14 This outward order of the Church was prefigured by the court of the Gentiles, which stood without the figurative temple, in all the ages of ancient Israel. Here those Gentiles were allowed to come, who believed in the true God, and that He dwelt with Israel, as his covenant people; yet had not sufficient conviction of its necessity to submit to the whole law, especially circumcision, and thereby become of Israel.

15 These brought their sacrifices and offerings to God, into this court, which were offered in the court of Israel, according to the law. But they formed no part of the house of Israel, in that order; yet many of them honored the temple with their best gifts. They were also, in many respects, guided by the moral law, which they learned from the Israelites, whose cause they supported, when they stood in rectitude, and befriended them as far as they were able in that state.

16 Most of the knowledge respecting the moral law of justice, charity and chastity, found among the ancient nations of the earth, was derived from this source. All such were noticed of God, as having a relation to his people, and received the blessing promised to Abraham; "I will bless him that blesseth thee, and curse him that curseth thee."

17 But when Israel adopted the customs of the Gentiles, and sought to come no further than the order of the court of these Gentiles, they soon fell from the whole law, and became, indeed, worse than the Gentiles that knew not God; therefore they fell under the divine curse, and were destroyed and led captive by those very Gentiles who had before honored them with great honor. These cast their temple to the ground, and took possession of their heritage.

18 That which was prefigured in Israel, took place in substance, in the ages of the christian Church, so long as there was a body that kept the order of the inner court, by serving God in a life of self-denial, according to the law of grace. Those who were in the order of the outward court, found a joining to the Church, through which they found the protection and blessing of God, according to that outward order; but they did not find any travel in spiritual regeneration. This work was to be effected in the spiritual world.

19 But when those who had been called as the spiritual Israel, all as a body fell into the outward court, and sought to blend the law of grace and the law of nature, or rather the flesh and the spirit together, teaching the law of grace in words and forms only, while in practice they only professed to keep the law of nature; they gradually lost the divine protection, by wholly casting off the law of grace, and corrupting the law of nature, until they fell into a worse state than the Gentiles who knew not God.

20 The Gentiles, who represented the fallen nature of man, then entered in and shut up the way into the sanctuary of holiness, trod down the holy city, (that is, genuine christianity,) and cast down the temple, (that is, the Church of Christ,) to the ground; and thus scattered the power of the holy people; so that there was no true heritage of spiritual Israel found upon earth. For the Gentiles held the possession of the consecrated ground of the Church, under the name of christianity. But in reality, it was the kingdom of the Beast under the reign of antichrist.

21 During the many dark ages of the reign of antichrist, the truth was cast to the ground. The law of grace was lost to the professors of the christian name; and the true knowledge of the law of nature was lost from the whole mass of the children of men, and the moral law was almost entirely disregarded. Therefore such times of iniquity, spiritual darkness, and abominations of all kinds, were never known upon earth since man was created.

22 Yet in all these dark ages, God reserved to Himself the power to raise up witnesses in his name, who testified against the corruptions of the law of grace, in the name of christianity; and against the violations of the moral law and the law of nature among all men. These, like stars in this night of moral and spiritual darkness, shone as examples in a greater or less degree, both of the law of nature and of grace. Yet not one among them all, truly understood either the one or the other, in their original purity.

23 For after the fall of the primitive Church, there was no body of people in which their effects could be displayed; and the witnesses themselves were under sackcloth and darkness: for they saw not the real distinction between the flesh and the spirit; therefore the clear light being once lost and veiled by the clouds of antichristian darkness, it could never shine forth again, until those clouds were dispelled, and the Sun of Righteousness should again arise, and spread forth its rays of light, for the restoration of all things to their proper order.

24 But by the testimony of these witnesses, the world was condemned before God. Therefore when the seventh trumpet began to sound, all the race of man was found guilty, and under deep condemnation in the sight of a holy God; and his wrath and sore judgments were decreed and sent forth against them.

25 And in the days of this trumpet, the mystery of God shall be finished, respecting the probationary state of all souls. Hence the same work of judgment will go on in every degree thereof. And except the Lord had shortened these days of judgment, no flesh could be saved. But for the sake of the elect seed, which He hath chosen, hath He shortened these days, and lengthened out the days of mercy.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part VI; Chapter 9; Section II



The Perfect Gospel is NOW Established.

The Church established in the perfect gospel, which admits of none who do not travel in regeneration. But the world of mankind are arraigned and called to judgment by the declaration of the moral law and order of nature.

1 About the commencement of the sounding of this seventh trumpet, the Sun of Righteousness began to rise, the second time, with healing in his wings, with life and power to heal all souls from the plagues of a fallen and accursed nature; yea, all who are willing to gather under his wings of mercy and protection, according to the order in which they are called by the divine light.

2 From this time, the Almighty Creator, by the revivifying light and power of this divine Sun, began to bring forth in the world, those unchangeable principles and laws which He had implanted in his creation. By the operation of these laws, He will establish his everlasting kingdom of peace and righteousness which shall have no end.

3 These have operated more and more, among the children of men, both in the order of Providence and grace, in the respective orders which were, according to his divine purposes, for the reformation of mankind, to restore them to that order, that they need not be wholly cut off by his righteous judgments, and never overtake the salvation of God.

4 This is brought to light by the heavenly order of the Sun of Righteousness, in the perfect dispensation of the second appearing of Christ, wherein he hath come to be glorified in his saints, and to be admired in all who believe.

5 He hath established his holy Church of the saints, which is the holy sanctuary, into which no man can enter and dwell, but such as deny all the carnal propensities of nature, forsake the flesh and all that belongs thereto, and walk the path of regeneration, by following his pure and self- denying example.

6 This is his holy sanctuary and habitation, the tabernacle of God with man, and the place of his throne, from whence his holy word and laws must be revived, declared and sent forth to all the inhabitants of the earth, adapted to every order and state of his creatures. But there can be no court of the Gentiles attached to this holy temple; that is, none can have any relation as members of this perfect Church; unless they make a full sacrifice of all things, for Christ's sake and the gospel's.

7 Christ never owned any as his disciples, but such as denied themselves, and walked the path of spiritual regeneration. Although in the established order of the Church, those who kept the moral law of nature, were allowed a certain degree of membership, which was as far as the order of that dispensation could come, being imperfect; yet this was the very medium through which the primitive Church fell. Hence this outer court is separated from the Church in this perfect dispensation.

8 But though none in this state, can dwell in the sanctuary among the saints, and be glorified with heavenly glory in Christ; yet thousands that remain without the camp of the saints, may believe that this is the temple of God, and admire Christ in his saints, who are not called to the spiritual work, by their measure of faith and conviction, but still have a work, in the order of Providence, to do in the world.

9 For many such will discern the good fruits of love and unity, brought forth by the saints, in the outward order, while they have but little real discernment of the divine internal principle and power from which these virtuous fruits proceed. Yet as this beautiful order and the fruits thereof can be found no where else; they will thereby be led to give testimony of their superior excellence, and strive to produce the outward order in the world; and by this they will defend the cause of the saints, and honor Zion with the greatest honor they can bestow; unless they enter into her courts of holiness. And many, by these means, will be led thus to do, and will become subjects of the full cross.

10 From the first sound of this trumpet, God hath raised up, from time to time, many instruments among all people, especially in this land, and endowed them with his providential power and light, to bear witness against all the corruption of his righteous laws, who have labored with zeal, each in their respective orders, to reform mankind.

11 These, and all others who are sincerely striving after increasing spiritual light and virtue, and endeavoring to establish the primitive rights and liberties of man, have been blessed of God, according to the order of that work. And without this preparatory work, which hath broken the tyrannical and binding power of antichrist, and disarmed the power of persecution, in the kingdom of the Beast, Zion could never have arisen and been established, as the kingdom of the saints on earth.

12 And since the establishment of the law of grace, by the rays of its light, adapted to the state of the world, great and increasing light hath sprung up in the hearts of many, respecting the moral law and order of nature; and great exertions are made by many witnesses, to check its lawless violations.

13 All these labors are owned and blessed of God, in their order. And these labors and principles will increase until they spread through every nation and people, and till many shall strive and, for a time, be enabled to keep the moral law and order of nature, in a great measure, inviolate, preparatory to the establishment of the law and order of grace.

14 These, though they cannot form an outward court in Zion, as members thereof; yet they will form the outward court of the order of Providence in the world, wherein God will work to prepare for his kingdom, and for the protection of Zion from the raging power of persecution, and through which he will dispense his blessings to the children of men, according to the natural order.

15 Therefore, as in all dispensations, God hath declared his laws from his sanctuary on earth, not only to his covenant people, but to all the inhabitants of the earth, according to their order, that they might know the path of their justification or condemnation; so it is now even still more needful at the present day, when He hath drawn near to judge the world, and to make an everlasting separation between the precious and the vile.

16 Therefore, the declaration of his laws must go forth from Zion, and his word and requirements be made known from his highest sanctuary on earth; otherwise those works among men, that are agreeable to his will, in their order, could not receive the seal of his sanction from his eternal throne.

17 For this cause hath Holy Wisdom sent forth a declaration of the law of nature, which comprehends the moral law of life, established by the Creator in the beginning. And this has been sanctioned by revelation, in all dispensations, for natural people, and adapted to all orders and states, being that law by which all souls must be judged, before they can find the law of grace, or enter the kingdom of heaven.

18 And if ye are found unfaithful in the mammon of unrighteousness, (temporal things or natural state,) who will commit to your trust the true riches? But all souls that come into his kingdom, must thenceforth be judged by the law of grace.

19 Holy Wisdom hath also declared the law of grace, and shown the difference between that and the law of nature. And be it known to you, all ye people, that these two can never be blended together. In seeking to do this, the subjects of all religious revivals have failed and fallen away, from the days of the apostles to the present time; that only excepted which increased in spirit, until it ushered in the second appearing of Christ. And all such revivals will fail, that stop short of this self-denying work.

20 To whom much is given, much will be required. But none are required to go beyond the light which God has given them. The law of nature was given to man in a state of innocence in nature; and if he had kept it, he would have been justified; yet he would have needed to pass through the work of regeneration, and be born into the heavenly state, or he could never enter the kingdom of God through endless ages.

21 And all souls must finally come to this work, or never find complete redemption. For until this work is effected, let them be ever so perfect, in the law of nature, they are still natural people, and have no relation to the second man, the Lord from heaven, as children of the new creation. But all who do this voluntarily, in this life, will be the most glorious order of souls in the kingdom of God forever.

22 All the light of goodness, truth and virtue, that was ever revealed on earth, was dispensed from the rays of the divine Sun of Righteousness, which was manifested in its heavenly order, in Christ the Son of God. Although the light and power manifested in him, hath ever been the only mediator between God and man, from the beginning of the creation; yet this has ever been manifested in various orders, manners and degrees, adapted to the state of man, for the time being; and by this light he must be judged.

23 Therefore, let all who hear these sayings and declarations of the laws of God, by Holy Wisdom, sincerely try themselves thereby; and if they find themselves transgressors; know that they must repent and reform, or they will be visited by the wrath and judgments of God to destruction.

24 But after hearing these sayings, if they honestly believe that they have not light and conviction sufficient to require and enable them to come into the law of grace, and follow Christ in the work of regeneration, but have a work still to do in the world, let them keep the moral law of nature, and do all in their power to prevent the violation of it in others. For by the violation of these laws, the human race are sunk and debased, both constitutionally and morally, into their present corrupt and deplorable state.

25 But know ye, that in the choice you make, nothing but perfect honesty will answer the purpose. Seek not to deceive yourselves, nor to deceive others; but remember it is with a just God you have to deal, a God whom you cannot deceive: for He knows the thoughts and intents of the heart, and the measure of faith which ye have received to your understanding, and will reward you accordingly.

26 And so long as souls remain in the world, and find that they are able to keep this law, and honestly engage in this work, they are justified according to that order, and have a work to do in the outer court, in the order of Providence, and will be blessed therein.

27 But if they strive for this, and cannot reform and come to these requirements, let them know that they are called to a greater work, and must come to the law of grace as their only remedy. And if they do not obey this call, they will lose all divine protection and blessing, and fall into a worse state than before, and far worse than those who never heard these sayings. "Let him that readeth understand."

28 But hearken to my words, all ye who are called by the voice of the "Spirit and the Bride," and have a privilege in the courts of Zion, to follow Christ in the high and holy work of spiritual regeneration, think not to say in your hearts, If I can have my choice, I will choose to follow the law of nature. This will be a cloke of deceit.

29 But know ye, that God will not be mocked and the soul go unpunished. Truly He will not destroy your free agency, nor prevent you from choosing the path of your own destruction, if ye determine so to do, after having been called by his mercy to share a part in his holy kingdom.

30 Nay verily. But remember for certainty, that if ye do this, ye will lose all justification, and forfeit the blessing and protection of God, and a blast will fall on all your works; yea, a divine curse will rest upon all you do; and you will, at last, hear the awful sentence, "Depart from me, ye cursed; for I know you not."

31 Therefore, behold all ye inhabitants of the earth! the way of life and death hath been clearly set before you, from the Eternal Parents; and when ye hear these laws, ye are required to choose for yourselves, whom ye will serve; and as ye choose, so will ye be judged by that righteous judgment by which the Son of God will judge the world.

32 "The Father judgeth no man; but hath committed all judgment to the Son." And this no soul can escape. Hence it is necessary that his witnesses should bear testimony to these laws. And remember that it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God, with your souls covered with iniquity. But great mercy and goodness will be extended to those who repent and reform from vicious practices.

33 These declarations, saith the Angel, I am commanded by Holy Wisdom, to reveal in her name, as a witness to her eternal word; and these shall, in due time, be proclaimed to all the children of men, that they may know, to their understanding, the path of duty, and be left without excuse.
The Angel of prophetic light. SALVATOR REGIA

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part VI; Chapter 9; Section III



The first and second Appearing of Christ clearly summarized.

6 Christ first made his appearance upon earth, in a vessel of clay; and the earth was favored with the sound of the gospel of the Son of God. So in like manner is it in his second coming, in the Bride, the Mother Spirit; the testimony of Christ through the woman, was first made manifest on earth, in and through an earthen vessel, and by her the earth was first favored with the gospel of Christ's second coming, wherein is revealed the fullness of the Deity.

7 So marvel not that it is thus necessary for all souls to wait until Christ's second appearing on earth, before the heavens could become partaker of this light. For as man and woman both fell by transgression, while dwelling in tenements of clay, it must needs be that both man and woman become tried in all points, and by obedience conquer sin, while dwelling in tenements of clay.

8 These things I speak, hoping you will see the propriety of the work of Christ's second coming, as well as his first, being first accomplished on earth. But whether ye believe or disbelieve, ye cannot alter the truth, that Christ has appeared the second time, in the vessel of the female, to do away the nature of the world, and redeem man to God, by the power of the regeneration; and no soul can find acceptance with God in any other way.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part VII; Chapter 12



Clear Statement of True "Spiritual Warfare".

3 Truly this is the cause of my rejoicing, with exceeding great joy, that peace is proclaimed on earth, and good will to man, whereby every soul is blest with the offers of peace, if they will accept it, upon the terms which God hath laid out, by turning the sword within, to the destruction of every inbred enemy.

4 Ye read and understand that the figurative Israel was a warring nation, successful over their outward enemies, while they remained obedient to the commands of God, and waged their wars according to his word to them; but whenever they took their own way, one side of the union and approbation of their God, they never failed to come under loss, or fall before their enemies.

5 So it is in the spiritual warfare; they who wage their warfare within, in obedience and according to the word of God, never fail to triumph over their most inveterate foes. But when souls take their own ways, and according to their own wills, seek to subdue their inbred foes, in this spirit they never fail to fall before their enemies, and if not utterly defeated, they suffer great loss and fall behind, and fail of that victory which ever attends the obedient warrior.

6 Obedience therefore contains the only needful virtue to bring success to the spiritual warrior. Obedience to the commands of God, revealed through the second coming of his beloved Son, proclaims that warfare within, which brings peace and quietness without. And this is the peace which Christ came to establish on earth, which is a sword to the carnal mind, and all in man which breathes forth enmity to the righteous commands of God.

7 And this is the cause of my joy, that peace on earth and good will to man are proclaimed by the warfare which is not carnal, but mighty to the pulling down the strongholds of Satan in the soul. And for this cause, do I daily and hourly give honor and glory to the God of Israel, who is able and willing to save all who will come unto Him, in the order of his appointment, which is established both in heaven and on earth, for the full and final redemption of fallen man.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part VII; Chapter 10



Concise Description of what Sin is.

6 For disobedience to the commands of God, is sin, and all the sin that God will ever hold the soul guilty of, or impute condemnation for. For by the knowledge of the law cometh transgression. Had there been no law, there could have been no transgression.

7 Therefore may ye see, that sin cometh by transgression, and justification by obedience. They who received the spirit of Christ, and walked in obedience, were perfect in their day; and in this sense lived sinless lives, walked with God, and were owned and accepted of Him.

8 But to be born of the Spirit, and created a new creature in Christ, was not the work of his first appearing; neither could this be accomplished until the fullness of the Deity was revealed, and the Mother Spirit brought forth and made a distinct being, which is the second appearing of Christ in and with the Bride, without sin unto full and final salvation and redemption.

9 This work brings an end to the work of generation, and causes souls, like innocent children, to commence their travel in the path of regeneration, and to come forth in the new birth. And thus may souls receive the kingdom of heaven as little children, and follow Christ in the regeneration, the direct reverse of generation.

10 These become children of the resurrection; and by learning obedience and practicing the same, they live unto righteousness and die to sin and to the nature of sin, until they arrive to full perfection.

11 But every increasing work of God, brings an increase of order, of laws and statutes, sufficient to cause those who walk in obedience thereunto, to become perfect in their day. Therefore, as this is the last and final call of God to the lost children of men, to come forth in that resurrection of life, which makes its subjects perfect, even as the Angels in heaven are perfect, it must needs be, that laws and restrictions be multiplied, sufficient to cause the obedient soul to attain to this perfection.

12 For Christ is come to do away all unrighteousness, and make an end of sin, and destroy its rebellious nature, that those who walk in him, in newness of life, do not sin.

13 And thus, they that are born of God, through the spirit of his two anointed ones, by faithfully putting off the deeds of the fall, by confession and true repentance, and traveling in the regeneration, will find the new birth. Such become new creatures in Christ. And he that is thus born of God, sinneth not; for the divine nature is formed in him, and he yields perfect obedience.

14 Thus in obedience, souls may travel step by step, in the path of regeneration, until they arrive at full stature in Christ Jesus, having overcome the world, as did their Lord; and thus far, are the children of the new birth made perfect, and sin not. But no power in heaven or on earth, is, or ever will be granted, sufficient to protect the soul in disobedience.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part VII; Chapter 17



Counsel to Those who Doubt the Concept of the "Spiritual Mother".

The testimony of the apostle Thomas. All are invited to come and prove the truth of Christ's doctrine for themselves. The great stumbling block and rock of offense to the unbelieving world is, Mother.

1 This morning, by the special command of my Heavenly Father, through his Son Jesus Christ, I do with great cheerfulness, descend to the earth, and place my name and my witness to the Lord's holy and eternal Book, as a seal to his holy and eternal word, out of whose mouth goeth the sword.

2 And this is my witness, that all which I behold therein contained, I do, with the greatest confidence, testify to be the truth; and the reason why I know these things to be true, is simply this; like a little child, I have proved them for myself.

3 And this is the only way souls can ever know of the doctrine whether they be true or not. Although men may believe never so much; yet unless their belief brings them to the point of proving the matter for themselves, they can never know of the doctrines whether they be of God or not.

4 Now as a well-wisher, and an anxious friend to all souls, I handsomely invite those who have a desire to know the truth of these things, to come and prove them, then ye may know of the doctrines, whether they be of God. If this ye do in the sincerity of your souls, desiring to gain good, and willing to receive good, let it come from whence or through whom it may, even as a little child, ye will soon be convinced.

5 Yea, I am not afraid to warrant that ye will soon be convinced beyond a doubt, that God hath been the framer of these things, and ye can say of a truth, I know of the doctrines that they are of God, and will finally prove a savor of life unto life, or of death unto death, to every soul that receiveth them.

6 Ye may query at these sayings of mine, wherein I earnestly solicit all who wish to know and become convinced beyond a doubt: For I am Thomas, called the unbelieving disciple, who would not be persuaded by hear-say, being forced to prove the matter for myself. Therefore I have a great deal of charity for those who are slow to believe; and I would that all, being thus scrupulous concerning the coming of our Lord, be constrained to come and see, feel, taste and handle these things for themselves.

7 For no soul cometh to Christ, in this day, in which he hath risen to make an end of sin, in all who call upon his name, but must become convinced beyond a doubt, that it is no other than the body of Christ in his true witnesses, who have been slain to the world, and the world to them: for the marks of the cross, the spear and the sword are visible in all their features, and they daily partake of the wormwood and gall.

8 And thus they become daily crucified with Christ. And they whose unbelief forbids them to see all this, let them prove these things by actual experience, and I think they will be able to feel them, if their eyes are holden so that they cannot see.

9 So be encouraged, one and all; and if ye are not so ready to believe, if ye have a persevering spirit, you will sooner or later be convinced, and know of these things which I now declare unto you; for they are true.

10 As for me, Thomas, I am nothing more nor less than a simple child in my Father's house, and as such, I received the kingdom. I have been born of the Spirit and the Bride, the same as all other living souls, who ever have or ever will become alive in Christ by slaying the enmity of their natures.

11 And as for the rock of offense which God hath placed in Zion, in this latter day, so far from being a stumbling block in my way, I view it as no other than the glory of Zion, which is the Mother Spirit, ever merciful, ever loving and soothing, never ending in her toil. I say without this, which is a rock of offense to the wise of this world, Zion would be robbed of her glory.

12 And this I do proclaim to be the glory of Zion, and without this glory, her courts would be desolate and gloomy. And the glory of God which hath risen indeed, the same is my glory; for I glory in my Mother, even as a fond child, and without her I am desolate and gloomy; her smile is able to banish all fear, and her soothing words lull my soul into heavenly security.

13 I speak more particularly of my Mother, knowing that the name of THE MOTHER still remaineth a rock of offense to the greater part of mankind, which is a hard saying. The name of the Father is no stumbling block in Zion, nor out of Zion.

14 How easily may ye comprehend these things, if ye will. Reflect for a moment, ye who have parents in nature, who govern the house in the fear of God, and according to his word: They who look well to their household, and discharge their duty as faithful parents in nature; do ye not view them as a blessing, as they both stand combined as heads of the family, and as rulers of the house? and can the government be complete without the two powers combined in one voice? Truly it cannot.

15 Then, for instance, take away the mother, and is not the glory of the house departed, and her walls a gloomy wild of desolation? Truly these things are so, and ye all know them to be so. And if these things in nature are so, and the woman is the glory of the house, ever loving, ever soothing, ever ready and willing, and never ending in her care and concern, why not equally so in the spiritual?

16 I say, if this be the glory of the natural house, why not the glory of the house of the Lord, and in the work of the Lord, where the man is not without the woman, nor the woman without the man? And they who have become of the one family of Christ, which admits of Father and Mother, who govern and guide the house, equally as consistent would it seem to them, to blot the name of the Father as the Mother, both being combined in one spirit, and one is not without the other in the work of God.

17 And thus is the glory of Zion revealed, a stumbling block and rock of offense, to the wise and exalted of this world: for God hath hid these things from the wise, and revealed them to babes, to those who become little and simple enough to receive them.

18 And blessed be God the Father, and blessed be his Holy Wisdom, the Eternal Mother, of all souls; and blessed be the everlasting Bridegroom and Bride of the new creation, who are able to bring forth souls unto God, pure and undefiled, without fault before his holy and eternal Throne.

19 And ye who hear these sayings of mine, and believe them not, come and prove them for yourselves; that in so doing, your unbelief may be pardoned, and not remain upon you a damning sin: for blessed are they who believe by seeing; but more blessed are they who believe while yet afar off. My word is finished, and I add no more. Farewell in love.
From the apostle THOMAS.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part V; Chapter 23



Holy WISDOM's Word about the Endurance of this Book.

The last and decisive word of Holy and Divine Wisdom, the Eternal Mother, sealed by the Almighty Power, concerning their most holy and divine word, which they, unitedly, have declared should be sent forth to the nations of the earth.

1 And again saith Wisdom, the Eternal Mother, the brightness and the helper-meet of the Almighty Father; Thus and thus far is my righteous will done, and my divine purposes accomplished. The sacred Book of my most holy and divine sayings is written in perfect obedience to my word; and my faithful witnesses have sealed it in honor and glory to my name, even as my righteous desire was of them.

2 For I am indeed a God of peace, and order is my first law. O then, ye chosen of your God, and ye anointed of your Eternal Parents, unto you it is, that we now deliver this sacred volume of our righteous, heavenly and divine sayings.

3 Be not hasty, but be sure and careful in your dealings with this sacred Book; for although it is lengthy, and containeth much good matter; yet it is, in deed and in truth, the still small voice of heaven, and needeth no mighty wonders wrought concerning it; for the evidence of its everlasting truth is with it and in it.

4 The anointed witnesses of heaven have sealed it, and their witness and seal shall follow the word whithersoever it goeth; and no man shall have power to unseal that which the Almighty and Everlasting Father and his Divine Wisdom, the Eternal Mother, have sealed with their own hands. Amen.

Inspired Writer, Adah Zillah Potter.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Appendix, VII


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