Revelations and Prophecies from God's Eternal Virgin Wisdom given through Shaker Instrument, Paulina Bates, 1841.  

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About Slavery and Displacement of Natives from the Land; Curses on those who Engage in such Practices.

The earth shall be renewed; the deserts and waste places shall be replenished and made fruitful. Judgments declared against oppression and slavery. The state of the oppressor and the oppressed shall be reversed hereafter.

1 Thus saith the HOLY ALPHAMINE. [The creator as Male and Female], the beginning and the ending, the Most High and Holy One of Israel, My voice is to the deserts and to the uninhabited places, to the mountains, the groves and the waste places, yea, and to the clefts of the rocky mountains, and to the caverns, and whithersoever my curse hath been, there will I cause my blessing to go and remain.

2 And the earth shall again be renewed and replenished in my sight; for I will smile upon the deserts and they shall become fruitful; and I will howl in my fury against the habitations of dragons, the screech owl and the cockatrice, and the haunts of devils.

3 For lo! The time is near at hand when the earth shall be redeemed from her waste and desolate places, and be renewed, and become a fruitful garden; for the hand of the Lord is stretched out for the deliverance of all flesh, and whosoever will, may be set at liberty; and he that remaineth under bondage, he it is that seeketh death rather than life, and chooseth bondage rather than to be set at liberty.

4 For I will break the yoke of bondage and slay the cruel oppressor, and set at liberty the captive, and the servant shall be even as his lord. And he shall not escape that hath lorded over his fellow creatures, and with a hand loaded with tyranny, hath heaped afflictions and measured out wrath, and hath taken vengeance, unjust vengeance into his own hands, and hath, with the ferocity of a tiger, wreaked it upon his fellow beings, regardless of humanity, regardless of the laws of God or man.

5 How think ye to be treated, ye that have done thus and thus, when stripped of your mortality, and called to appear in the world of spirits, with no other recommendation than your works? And ye that are loaded with such crimes as these, where will ye appear? Where will your works recommend you?

6 But ye say, "Have I not a right to do whatsoever I will with my own? Have I not a right to beat an unruly ox or any other dumb animal, for which I have paid my own money to purchase?"

7 "And have I not the same right to beat my servant, procured by my own money, who is in my sight, no more nor less than a beast purchased by money, to undergo the toils and hardships which the brutal creation are incapable of performing?"

8 "How shall I be accountable for this, seeing the laws of the land do uphold me in it? For what more is a servant than a beast, although he be in human form? And in a special manner those of the colored race, what are they but beasts?"

9 "And those of the natives of the soil, what are they more or less than wild savages? What are they but wild beasts of the wilderness? Where can be the harm of keeping them in their place, that they cumber not the fertile soil?"

10 "Is not the wilderness the place for the beasts of prey? Will they not, when the wilderness shall be cleared and cultivated, retreat still further into the wilderness? And is it not their nature so to do? Is it according to their creation to dwell on cultivated soil? Did the Lord so form them?"

11 "Surely not: Neither is it the nature of the wild savages to dwell on cultivated soil, although it be of their own cultivation. Surely it never was designed of the Almighty for it so to be, that the savage race should cumber the pleasant soil of America."

12 "But as the wild beasts are driven by the husbandman who cultivateth the ground and inhabiteth the soil, and causeth them to retreat still farther into the wilderness; so in like manner shall these wild inhabitants be driven by civilized man, into remote and distant regions, that they cumber not the pleasant and fertile soil, designed for the more noble part of God's creation."

13 But, saith the Lord God, who are the more noble part of my creation? Am I as man, that I should have respect to persons? Am I as man that I should have respect to colors? Have I not created all, and placed upon them the color which seemed good in my sight?

14 Have I not placed a distinction between the nations of the earth, and given each nation their language, and placed some mark of distinction, either in their visage or color? And why so? Was it because I regarded some more and some less? Did I design in this to give toleration for one nation to hold dominion over another? Did I design in this that one color should lord it over another color?

15 Where do ye find authority for this? Do ye find it written in the sacred volume of the law, given by the Almighty to his servant Moses? In no wise. Do ye find it written in the law of Christ, in the word or the example of his beloved Son, who came not to destroy the law of Moses, but to fulfill and strengthen it by works of love and charity?

16 And how, saith the Lord Almighty, shall I recompense the abominations of the children of men, because of their tyranny and oppression; and because of the grievous burdens which they have caused the poor and needy to carry, which they themselves were not willing so much as to touch with their fingers?

17 O wretched and abominable man! When will the earth cease her groaning and her lamentations, because of the abominations which rest thereon? Her cries have come up before Me, because of the fraud and deception, the bribery and the traffic of human bodies, making merchandise of the liberties and rights of man; for it was never designed by the Creator that man's feet should be confined in a bushel, and bound with a chain of tyranny.

18 As I have decreed that man should arise and answer the end of his calling, and come forth in that beauty which was designed by the Creator in the beginning; as I live, saith the Lord God, so shall it be accomplished.

19 And I will rend the yoke of tyranny: I will break the arm of oppression, and scatter the power of the oppressor, and lay low the haughtiness of man, who seeketh to be exalted above his fellows, and hold dominion over the rights of man, and bring him into bondage where I the Lord never decreed bondage, but left him to the freedom of his own will from the beginning.

20 Woe! Woe! Woe! Be to the slave holders, and to slave traffickers, who plunder for captives, and with an arm loaded with cruelty, grasp their victims and rend them from their native soil, regardless of favor or humanity, and place their feet in iron fetters, and limit the use of their faculties, lest, through the multitude of their afflictions, they should become the destroyers of themselves or of their oppressors.

21 Indeed their cruel captors and oppressors might expect that they would attempt to deliver themselves from oppression, and would rather fall into the hands of an unknown God, than to risk their fate with those who sought to destroy their rights and liberties, and bring them under such cruel and severe tyranny.

22 Yea, woe! woe! be to those who hold traffic in this line; for with an arm loaded with severe judgments will I, the Lord, measure unto them according to their doings, and not one soul of those who have been traffickers and dealers in oppression, in this manner, as before mentioned, shall escape my wrath. Whether they be clothed in tenements of clay, or whether they be stripped of their earthly tabernacles, the same hand of justice shall meet them whithersoever they flee.

23 For as they have shown no mercy nor regarded any petitions, though very heart rending, except to a heart of stone; so will I the Lord, measure unto them; and they shall be sold under the hand of the oppressor, and they shall become servants under the dominion of Satan and his angels, and by them shall they be tormented, day and night, without ceasing until they shall have paid the utmost farthing.

24 And they shall never come into my presence, except it be by the prayers and intercessions of those abused slaves, who have found the mercy and charity of that God, who knoweth no injustice in his dealings with the works of his hands. Nay, saith the Lord, not until mercy shall be obtained for them by the prayers of those whom they have trampled under foot, as it were, by their cruel abuses, shall they ever come into the presence of that God who holdeth all souls in equal estimation.

25 For I will cause these afflicted ones to be gathered by the arm of love, and they shall be under bondage to no man nor woman. And they shall become heirs of the promise, children of the free parentage, feeling no bondage; for they shall be freed from that which cometh by sin.

26 And when they have gained that measure of the spirit of Christ, that they can, in the sincerity of their souls, forgive their enemies and oppressors, and pray to Me with the prayer of my beloved Son, and say, "Father, forgive them, for they knew not what they did:" Yea, when they can pray thus, for their enemies and oppressors, in the sincerity of their souls, I will hear them.

27 And when ye who have been their oppressors, become sufficiently humbled and broken in spirit, that ye can forgive yourselves, and in the agony of your souls, can implore the forgiveness of those whom ye have injured, ye may begin to find mercy. And if ye are willing to receive food and nourishment at their hands, and acknowledge them as your lords, and with the simplicity of a little child, who had been sorely afflicted, because of his willful disobedience, willing to receive mercy upon any terms, never so degrading;

28 Then, saith the Lord, there may be a door opened for you; but until then shall my wrath be upon you, and my sore displeasure will I cause to rest upon you.

29 But, thus saith the Lord, How many will there be who will spurn in their hearts and say, "Where will be the heaven for me, if I must come upon a level, and even stoop beneath those whom I have considered as mere domestics, and as dogs in my sight, and have regarded them as beneath the human creation? How shall I ever be made happy with those of my inferiors?"

30 "Do we not read, 'In my Father's house are many mansions?' And even if these have souls as precious in his sight as mine, why cannot they be in a mansion by themselves, and enjoy the society of their own equals, and not mix the honorable and base together?"

31 "Surely the Lord, in his wisdom, hath never decreed it so, that the rich and the poor, the bond and the free, the white and the black should be upon a level. How can I bear the thoughts of this? Would I not rather live in a dungeon and enjoy the society of my equals, than to dwell in a splendid palace and mingle with the baser sort, and hold communion with the vile and illiterate of the earth?"

32 "Truly I would," saith the haughty and unregenerate soul, who hath soared upon the lofty mountains of pride and self-exaltedness, and hath held in contempt and lorded it over the souls of the children of men, as being unworthy to come into his presence, except on the bended knees of homage and self-abasement.

33 And now, saith the Lord, truly hast thou said, "Rather would I dwell in a dungeon with my equals, than dwell in a splendid palace with such." So it is, and so it shall be; for thou shalt dwell in the dungeon, and thou shalt have a mansion which I have prepared for thee.

34 And thou shalt have those of thy equals to dwell with thee; for thou art not worthy to dwell with these whom thou hast so cruelly abused and trodden under foot; for as thou hast soared above all that is of Me; so in proportion must thou descend, before thou canst find acceptance, and be willing to comply with the terms which I the Lord have laid down for all souls.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part II; Chapter 2

1 Thus saith the holy Angel who knoweth what is; Say ye, O ye unjust slave holders and oppressors of mankind! "We do find authority in the law of Moses for so doing. Where not the Israelites directed to buy bond men and bond maids of the heathen, and strangers in the land, and leave them to their children for a perpetual possession? And were they not commanded to drive out and destroy the inhabitants of the land of Canaan?"

2 "This is our foundation and our authority for making slaves of the people of color, who are heathen; and also for driving out the heathen natives of this land, and taking their places. And Christ came not to destroy the law, but to fulfill it."

3 But, saith the Angel, is this any foundation for you to support the unjust tyranny and cruel slavery which ye maintain? O ye unrighteous oppressors! Were not the Israelites the covenant people of God? And were they not taught by the ministration of Angels, the knowledge and worship of the true God, and his holy laws for their guidance? And were they not required by these laws, to teach their bond servants the knowledge of the true God, and to make them partakers of the benefits of his laws?

4 Yea, truly; for the law saith, "Ye shall have one law, both for him that is home born, and for the stranger that is within thy gates." The heathen were destitute of the knowledge of the true God. They were idolaters, and were greatly oppressed by their rulers among themselves. Therefore it was a great benefit to them, to be purchased by the Israelites, according to the manner in which the law required them to be treated.

5 For did not the law require that they should be treated with lenity and kindness? Did it not command that, "If a man smite the eye of his servant, or the eye of his maid, that it perish; he shall let him go free for his eye's sake? Or if he smite out his manservant's tooth, or his maidservant's tooth; he shall let him go free for his tooth's sake?"

6 Moreover it is commanded. "Thou shalt not deliver unto his master the servant which is escaped from his master unto thee: He shall dwell with thee, even among you, in that place which he shall choose in one of thy gates, where it liketh him best; thou shalt not oppress him." These were the benevolent provisions of the law of Moses respecting servants: and could unjust cruelty and oppression exist under these provisions?

7 O ye unjust slave holders! Do you obey these laws? Do you teach these heathens, as ye call them, the knowledge of the true God? Do ye teach them the principles of Christianity, even as ye understand them? Do ye not, generally, keep them as ignorant as possible, of all divine and sacred things, and render them as much like beasts as is in your power?

8 With what confidence can ye appeal to the law of Moses, to support you in this unrighteous oppression? For these pointedly condemn you, and cut you off from all such claim. Let the righteous and merciful provisions of these laws be enforced upon you, and how long would slavery exist in your land?

9 Therefore your specious foundation is false, base and rotten, and cannot support you: for it was brought forth by the deceitful influence of the powers of darkness, to uphold you in your base and wicked works of pride, lust, luxury and cruelty. And on no better foundation doth your excuse stand for your abuse of the poor ignorant natives of the land.

10 The Israelites were commanded to drive out the original inhabitants of the land of Canaan, because of their wickedness. For by their idolatry and every species of abomination, they had corrupted the earth, and become a curse to the race of man. Therefore their destruction was just, and was designed even for their own good; for they were growing worse and worse. It was also designed for a warning to the workers of the like abominations, in all ages of the world.

11 But the Israelites were commanded to dwell in their places, and maintain the worship of the true God and his holy laws, for an example to all other nations. Have ye received any such divine command to drive out the natives of the land? Nay, in no wise.

12 But guided by your own ambition and covetousness, ye have done it through treachery, and the basest fraud and violence; because, by your knowledge, you have by superior means in your power, dispossessed the poor ignorant natives of their inheritance, and filled their places with those who were more unjust, unrighteous and wicked in the sight of God than they. And know ye, that I will certainly require their blood, tears and sufferings at your hands, saith the just and merciful Father of all.

13 And they shall find a place and a name in my kingdom, and shall drink the cup of joy; while your names shall be cast out as evil, and ye shall drink the cup of sorrow and sufferings, until ye are humbled and have atoned for your injustice; and ye shall never find a place in my kingdom, until ye find forgiveness of those whom ye have wrongfully despoiled and oppressed.

14 And think ye to find a foundation on which to build your pride and oppression, because Christ the Son of God came not to destroy the law of Moses, but to fulfill it? Do ye find it written in the law of Christ, or in the example of the beloved Son of God?

15 In what respect did he come not to destroy the law, but to fulfill it? Was it not because he did not destroy the holy, just and merciful principles thereof? Surely it was: for he fulfilled them in their true spirit and substance, and established them in their fullness and perfection, as the everlasting law of righteousness, benevolence, mercy and truth, which admits of no tyranny nor bondage of soul nor body; "For whosoever the Son maketh free, is free indeed."

16 Therefore, O ye unjust hypocrites! ye have no foundation, neither in the law of Moses nor in the law of Christ; but they both cut you off from all justification.

17 Hence your foundation for the support of these things is false, and cometh from the wicked one, like the foundation of all your corrupt abominations, by which ye have filled the earth with violence, fraud and oppression; and it shall be swept away with the refuge of lies, by the righteous judgments of a just God, saith the holy Angel of prophetic light.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part II; Chapter 3


Similarity between the Old Jew's and Modern Christianity's Views of the 1st & 2nd Coming of Christ.


The high and exalted ideas of the Jews concerning the first appearing of Christ, was the cause of their unbelief and opposition; so in his second coming, will the expectations of mankind be disappointed, and great will be their opposition.

1 Thus saith the Lord of hosts, Bewail, O ye children of men, and sorrow, because your imaginations have soared to something high and exalted, and have neglected to watch and be ready for the coming of the Christ of God; that when he should come as a thief, in the darkness and gloominess of the reign of antichristian night, ye might be ready to receive him.

2 For why should ye be found fighting against him, as did they in his first appearance, who then daily looked for the promised Messiah, knowing the times were accomplished for the fulfillment of the prophecies, which had been given concerning his coming.

3 Yea, saith the Lord, daily did they wait in hope of his coming, with their eyes extended to heaven, dreaming of some great display, in which some great monarch should appear, and reign as a natural prince, over the whole house of Israel.

4 They were truly anxious for the day to come, for the mighty display, in which they expected to see a child born and raised up, which would be able to sit upon the throne of David, and reign as a mighty prince, who would be the glory of the whole earth, and the earth would be filled with his greatness.

5 And thus did they frame their imaginations and vain expectations, for the lack of a knowledge of that which was truly great. And when the simple, the mean babe in a manger, was born, wrapped in mean apparel, Who was willing to believe this to be the mighty monarch so much prayed for?

6 Yet for fear, did the haughty Herod cause the infants of Judea to be slain, lest this might be the mighty One, who should rob him and his posterity of the throne of his earthly greatness. And what was the effect of all this? Was I not able to accomplish my work which I had undertaken? Did I not save my chosen One?

7 Yet did I perform my design beneath all human invention, and hidden from all human sight. And because of this were they offended, and went about to slay and destroy the holy and just One; whom I the Lord had chosen to confound the great, and bring to nought the wisdom of this world.

8 And thus have mankind ever looked above their Creator, and in their loftiness, have soared above everything which was of Me, seeking to bring my ways to their ways, and my thoughts to their thoughts. But, saith the Lord, my ways are not as man's ways, neither are my thoughts as man's thoughts.

9 For man's ways are in being great of himself, glorying in that which exalteth itself against every thing which is of Me, which is according to the nature of godliness, glorying in the shadow and not in the substance.

10 And thus did the Jews seek to establish the kingdom of Christ upon earth, after the order of the shadow, which was great. They indeed made an outward show of greatness and prosperity, in outward things.

11 But, saith the Lord, this was never the design of the Creator, to send the Redeemer into the world, and with an arm of flesh, save man in his loftiness: for man of himself was lofty; therefore he did not stand in need of any such Savior as this.

12 But the design of the Creator was, to humble the loftiness of self-exalted man; therefore did I send my beloved Son in the form of a servant, to undermine the high looks of man, who sought to see something great. But his humble appearance was offensive to their lofty sense, and they would in no wise consent that he should rule over them; for they despised him in their hearts, and said, "Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?"

13 And thus they reasoned among themselves, and finally rejected him as an impostor, and as a pestilent fellow, stirring up the weak ones of the earth, the poor, the lame and illiterate, to arise and rule over those of high renown, and set at nought the fashions and customs of the honorable. And thus they viewed his humble followers as vile intruders upon the name of Christ, the Son of God.

14 Neither would they believe in him, although many wonderful works were done by him, and by his disciples; yet because his wisdom did undermine the wisdom of man, and lay low the haughtiness of their corrupt natures, they hardened their hearts, and closed their eyes, and stopped their ears, lest they should be convicted of the truth of his testimony, and believe to the salvation of their souls, and to the loss of every thing else, even all their worldly riches, honor and fame.

15 And this was more than they were willing to endure, after indulging the hope of such an extraordinary deliverance from bondage, as they supposed would free them from the yoke of the outward oppressor.

16 But, said they, if we believe on this man, where will be the deliverance; for we shall be plunged into deeper afflictions than we were before: for the enemies of our nation will arise and take away our name and sanctuary, and we shall no more be a people under the heavens; and where will be our great name, and our wonderful deliverance.

17 Thus saith the Lord, Ye may see their views of greatness; and thus did they reject the true Messiah, through their loftiness and their thirst for vain glory, and caused him to be put to death, and sought to destroy every thing which breathed forth in his likeness, and which bore the image of a daily cross against that nature by which they sought to exalt themselves.

18 Neither would they believe, although it was declared unto them by word and by deed, sufficient to have convinced them beyond a doubt, had not their vain imaginations soared above every thing which was great in my sight.

19 And thus they missed of salvation and deliverance from the bondage of sin; nor did they escape the power of their outward oppressors; for they soon became slaves in deed and in truth; for they were not only slaves to their lusts and carnal desires, but they became slaves in a land which was not their own, whither they were driven by their oppressors; and their temple in which they trusted, was burnt to ashes, and no arm to save.

20 For in their loftiness they had rejected the means, which I the Lord, in my wisdom, had bestowed upon them, whereby they might have escaped the bondage of sin, according to the day in which they lived, and become justified in my sight, by obedience to the word which I gave unto them, which was to come out and be separate from the world; to remain no longer in bondage to sin and death, but to come into the liberty of the Sons of God, and no longer be servants to the god of this world.

21 Therefore they became the servants of sin, and of their enemies. Through the darkness of their ideas, and the depravity of their hearts, they mistook the freedom which I the Lord designed for them, which was the freedom of the soul from sin and death, by a daily cross and self-denial, mortifying the deeds of the body, that the soul might live, and not be under bondage to any oppressor.

22 And now, saith the holy and just One, These things were not done in a corner, neither have they been hidden from the eyes of the children of this world, even unto the present day; yet do they remain ignorant concerning the Messiah, and concerning his divine mission into the world, which is to save souls from the bondage of sin and death, and break the yoke of oppression from off their necks, that they may be free indeed.

23 And as the first appearing of my beloved Son did not accomplish the full and final design of Me the Creator, which was to bring in an everlasting righteousness, that should have no end; and that all souls might have knowledge of the Savior, and obtain a correct idea of his mission into this world, the Messiah was again promised to descend upon the earth, to accomplish the work which he had undertaken, and thereby to redeem man from the fall.

24 But as the ideas of man, respecting his first appearing, were high and exalted; so in like manner are their ideas high and exalted concerning his second coming, who think to see him appear in a mighty splendid manner, which their natural eyes can behold.

25 But, saith the Lord, the natural and carnal eyes of man can never behold the glory of the coming of my beloved Son; for, to the natural eyes of man, and to their carnal understanding, his second appearing is like unto the first, below their comprehension.

26 Neither will they believe, while in that state, although it be declared unto them; for as they caviled in his first appearance, so in like manner will they cavil in his second appearance, and say, Can any good thing come from this source? And they will despise, wonder and perish; because they see not the Messiah according to their natural and carnal views.

27 And thus the Jews, the appointed heirs of the promise, who professed to be the chosen and elect people of God, were the first to reject the coming of the Savior, and by their false traditions, blinded their own eyes; because his testimony bore witness against their hidden works, and against their outward works of sanctity and form of godliness without the power of salvation.

28 Therefore in this they were offended, and refused the great blessings offered them. But if he had come according to their expectations, in great splendor, and they had been the chosen ones to be glorified by his coming, even in their works of iniquity, having an outward form of godliness, as were their expectations, would they not have believed on him?

29 Truly, saith the Lord; because in this they would have been met on their own ground, and they would have received him on their own terms; and they would not only have believed on him themselves; but in their zeal and fury, they would have compelled all to become his followers at the laying down of their natural lives.

30 But because he came not in a manner to justify and exalt them in their pride, and to promote them in their lofty expectations, they proved to be his bitterest enemies and persecutors; whereas they might have been the first to receive the joyful tidings, and been made partakers of the promised blessings of the coming Messiah.

31 So in like manner, will it be with those who view themselves rightful heirs of his second coming, by an outward profession and form of godliness, without the power of salvation from sin.

32 And thus are they gazing, with their eyes extended towards heaven, to see the mighty display of the coming of the great and just One, who shall do wonderful works, and they expect to be the objects of his pleasure, and the elect whom he will gather from the four corners of the earth, to come and reign with him in splendor, upon the earth.

33 And thus have they framed plans in their imaginations, to be promoted at his coming, wherein they seek to be met upon their own ground, and obtain salvation in their own way, as did the priests and scribes and Pharisees, in the first coming of the Messiah.

34 Their high-minded imaginations, and self-righteous conduct, caused my beloved Son to exclaim, Ye hypocrites! Ye wolves in sheep's clothing! Ye who love greetings in the market places, and for a pretense make long prayers; who seek the highest seats, grind the faces of the poor, and the like.

35 Yea, like unto those who were compared to whited sepulchers; so have I likened those who profess to be the rightful heirs, and partakers of the blessings of the second coming of the Messiah; who vainly hope to meet him in peace, and be exalted by Him who exalteth none, save those who abase themselves, as the Messiah did.

36 And how great will be their disappointment, when they behold the foundation on which they stand is rejected by him, as false, and liable to be swept away by the floods of desolation! and especially when they learn, that in order to become partakers of the blessings of his coming, they must come off from the rotten foundation on which they have built their hopes, and come down into the lowly valley of obedience, and be stript of their false covering, in the presence of the meek and humble witnesses, whom he hath appointed to stand in his image, being one with him, and he with them.

37 Will they not be more liable to reject the offers of mercy, on these degrading terms, than those who are without hope, and make no profession of godliness? Truly they will. And those who have not this false covering, will be called in and chosen and elected; while they who vainly hope to be the rightful heirs, will be offended.

38 Yea, and they would take any course, rather than yield to the degrading terms of throwing away their false coverings, and having their filthy lives exposed to the searching light, and their corruptions brought forth with their own tongues, and confess wherein they have sought, with smooth words, to show an outward sanctity, playing the hypocrite, while within they were filled with that which is abominable and corrupt in my sight.

39 Truly, saith the Lord, rather than yield to this, they will seek to be re-built on their own rotten foundation, and labor to strengthen their hope in being saved in their sins, by the coming of the great and dreadful Messiah; rather than believe in the Messiah, who hath already come to make an end of sin, by saving people from their sins.

40 And in this way will many, very many be found fighting against their best good, and become bitter enemies to the way of life, and be the foremost in persecuting and opposing that work which will stand forever and ever, and which cannot be shaken.

41 And thus do I compare the professors of christianity, who look for the second coming of Christ in this day, to those of the haughty and self-righteous Jews, who looked for his first coming. But far more tolerable is their state of justification in my sight, than will be those who shall be found fighting against Me, in this day of my power, in this last dispensation of my grace to man.

42 For light and understanding were given, concerning the nature and depth of man's loss in the first coming of the Savior, and the way of salvation and deliverance was plainly marked out by him, sufficiently clear to the understanding of all who behold his words written, and the words of his immediate followers, who were one with him, to condemn the most righteous who dwell upon the earth, who seek to be saved by the power of his first coming, by his grace alone, and to be sanctified in their sins by the power of his second coming.

43 And in this will be their condemnation, "that light hath come into the world, and men choose darkness rather than light." But in this will the persecutors of Christ, in his first appearance, be found far more tolerable in my sight, than those who shall be found persecuting and fighting against the power of the second coming of my beloved Son, whom I declare with my own voice, hath appeared the second time without sin unto salvation, and is equally as much hidden from the sight of all natural comprehension as was his first appearing.

44 And this is my word, which I leave upon record, in my own name. And he that heareth and believeth that the Son of God is revealed in the flesh, to save souls from their sins, and becometh baptized in his Spirit, which is a consuming fire to the nature of sin, the same believeth to the salvation of his soul.

45 But he that believeth not that Christ hath appeared in the flesh, to save souls who are in the flesh, from their sins, by a daily cross and self-denial, the same believeth not to the salvation of his soul: therefore doth he remain under the condemnation of his sins, until he believeth with his whole heart, in the coming of Christ, and becometh freed from the bondage of sin and death, by the power of his coming.

46 Thus and thus, saith the Lord Almighty, I have written and caused to be revealed, by my holy proclaiming Angel of Truth, to a simple, weak and illiterate child, unable of herself, to design or frame the like in my name.

47 And Woe! Woe! be to them who willfully judge the words, which I the Lord have written, and caused to be revealed, in this day of my mighty power, whereby I have chosen the weak things, to confound the mighty, and the base things that are nought of themselves, to set at nought the things which are exalted, and those who boast themselves of their greatness, and seek to become great in that which is not of Me, saith the Lord.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part II; Chapter 6



God's Love for ALL Souls;  The Prodigal Son Parable Explained.


God's love for all souls. His mercy to the repenting prodigal, while the self-righteous find no favor. All are invited to seek the favor of God, to be stript of the filthy garments of sin, and be clothed with righteousness.

1 Thus saith the holy Angel; Hear, O ye children of men, and hearken to my voice, saith the mighty One of Israel, while I plead with you, as a kind and tender father pleadeth with those whom he hath been instrumental in bringing into existence, and for whom he feeleth the responsibility of a parent's duty and obligation.

2 Thus saith the Holy and Eternal Father; for all the souls of the children of men do I feel; and all whom I have created are precious in my sight, and my love and tenderness are towards all; although by sin and transgression they have been marred and bruised in my sight, until there remaineth no form nor comeliness in them.

3 Yet I will seek after my own, and my arm of mercy and forgiveness will I extend unto all, even to the uttermost, that will return unto my house, and be stript of their beggarly garments, and be washed from their filthiness, and be arrayed in new garments, clean and white.

4 Yea, unto them I will extend mercy and forgiveness, and with the arm of a tender Father, will I receive them in my bosom, and they shall sorrow no more; and I will heal them of their bruises, and cause them to rejoice and be comforted.

5 And wherein they have subsisted upon that which satisfied nothing, but the cravings of that beastly and vile nature, which is cursed in my sight, and have become servants thereunto; they have thereby been brought to feel their poverty and wretchedness in that state whither they have roamed in a strange land.

6 In that strange land, have they wasted that portion of light and understanding, which every soul hath received at my hand, sufficient to guide their steps and cause them to walk safely in my presence, according to their faithfulness and obedience to that portion of light which I gave them, in their day. Yet if they repent they shall be fed with the bread of life, and be clothed with the garments of righteousness.

7 For mankind have become aliens and prodigals to Me, saith the Lord, and are no more worthy to claim my parental care; yet, saith the merciful Father of all, they who will say, in the bitterness of their souls, I will arise and return to my Father's house, and implore his mercy, and will come, as did the prodigal son, and bow before Me and say:

8 O Father! I have sinned and transgressed thy holy laws and requirements, and have wasted that which thou gavest me, and have trampled under foot thy mercies towards me, and have wandered far from thee, until I am no more worthy to be called thy son; but make me as thy servant, that my soul may live and not die; Then will I show mercy to them, saith the Lord.

9 For in this manner, do I require the prodigal race of man, who have strayed far from their Father's house, to return unto Me. And when they come in this penitent feeling, suppose ye that I will suffer them to tarry in my house, and in my presence arrayed in their filthy garments?

10 Nay, saith the Lord; but I will cause them to be stript, washed and clothed in the best robe, not in the form or habit of a servant; but in the habit of the sons of my household, clad in the royal robe of righteousness.

11 And I will greatly rejoice over those who were dead in trespasses and sins, who will return and become alive unto righteousness; and my house shall be filled with joy and gladness, at the return of my sons and daughters, who were lost and are found, were dead and have become alive.

12 And there shall be music and dancing, and the sound of those who make merry in my house, shall be heard, and my house shall be a house of joy and gladness, and not of gloom and sadness.

13 And who shall be offended because of this? Who shall stand out and say, The like of this hath never been done to any, in past dispensations of the grace of God? Even to those who have been never so faithful and true, thou hast never been thus joyful over them, as to cause thy house to be joyful, even with music and dancing, feasting and making merry with those who have wasted thy substance, and are no more worthy to come into thy presence.

14 Again I ask, Who shall be offended at this? Will it not be the self-righteous, who desire promotion above all others, those who say, "Stand thou by thyself; for I am more holy than thou;" seeking to remain in my house, clothed in the garments of self-righteousness, unwilling to be cleansed and receive mercy, like the prodigal, who feels no right of himself, but merely depends on the mercy of the Father, who hath a right to with-hold or bestow on whomsoever He will.

15 And in this way, saith the Lord, will many become offended and stand out, refusing to come into my house, upon the degrading terms of the prodigal, and refuse to enter and become partakers of my rich blessings, and rejoice in the dances of them that make merry.

16 And thus will they be rejected and lose their birth-right; because they rejoice not in that wherein I rejoice; and they condemn not that which I condemn, saith the Lord. For my joy is not their joy, neither is my delight their delight, nor my wisdom their wisdom.

17 But through their own natural wisdom, they judge and condemn according to their own selfish reasonings, unwilling to come upon the same conditions with those whom they, according to their own self-righteousness, consider not so worthy as themselves.

18 But thus saith the Lord of hosts, the mighty One of Israel, I am the Father, the benevolent and merciful Father of all souls, and my love is even unto all; and I will gather my sons from afar, and my daughters from the ends of the earth; and they shall come and know that I am the Lord, and besides Me there is no other.

19 And I will gather them, and whosoever will, may come in, and become sons and daughters to Me, by leaving behind the garments of servitude to that beastly nature of the flesh, and be clad in garments of joy and rejoicing; rejecting that food which is beastly and serpentine, and gladly and thankfully receiving the rich blessings which I do provide for my household.

20 Yea, for those who have come in, and are made partakers of that food which is even delicious to the Angels, that never strayed from Me by disobedience, but have always obeyed my voice and hearkened to my call, rejoicing with Me their Heavenly Father, at the return of the poor and needy children of men, destitute of the comforts of life by disobedience.

21 Verily, saith the Father, there is joy in heaven over one soul that repenteth of the error of his ways, and becomes renewed to righteousness, more than over many who went not astray and needed no repentance.

22 And who are they that need no repentance? Can it be those who belong to the prodigal race of man? Truly not; for all men have sinned, and come short of that righteousness which will be a savor of life unto them, and remain dependent upon the mercy of the only wise and merciful One, who inhabited eternity, the Author and Finisher of all good unto man.

23 Again I ask, Who are they that are, in very deed, ever with Me, and have never strayed and become transgressors in my sight, who need no repentance, excepting those who never inhabited the earth by the fall? Those who have surrounded my throne for ages, walking in strict obedience to my will, ever with Me as dutiful children, rejoicing as I rejoice, and mourning as I mourn.

24 Yea, and feeling for the lost children of men as I feel; possessing that spirit which I possess; harboring no envyings, although I return and meet the prodigal race afar off, and embrace them in the arms of love and tender compassion, and weep for joy; because of the lost which are found, and because of the dead which have become alive.

25 And they who rejoice with Me, are ever with Me, and all that I have, do they possess, and they are ever blessed in my sight; yet, if they partake not with Me, of my joy, how can they be of Me, although they may inherit all things?

26 But they who rejoice with Me, the holy and just Parent, and are willing to go forth with Me, and meet the fallen race, and be workers together with Me, in gathering home the lost and afflicted children, who have strayed far from Me, who are willing to return and become as nothing in my sight; such are truly mine.

27 Yea, saith the holy and just One, all who will abide in my house, must be partakers of my joy and my sorrow. And all who will come in, may rejoice with Me, and be partakers of all the blessings which my house affords, and nothing shall ever separate them from Me.

28 Great is my joy over the lost that are found, and I will rejoice over them, evermore, saith the Lord. And I will meet my children who are yet afar off, and embrace them in the arms of my never-ending love and tender compassion.

29 And I will cause my holy Angels, who are ever with Me, to go forth and meet them, constrain them to come in, and be stript of their beastly garments of sin and transgression, and be clothed in the best garments, which are the garments of righteousness.

30 These garments are obtained by the new birth, by casting off the filthy rags of the flesh, and becoming new creatures in my likeness, through my beloved Son and Daughter, the mediators and spiritual parents of all whom I ever receive, and who become precious in my sight.

31 All who are sunk in the pit of self-gratification, and have wasted all that they have received of Me, the giver of all good; when they become awakened to their poverty, and return, and are willing to be nothing, holding no claim, save that mercy which floweth from a tender parent; yet feeling themselves unworthy to receive even that; such receive ye in my name, O my faithful servants.

32 Yea, receive them, and cause them to be stript and washed, and bring ye the best garment, that they may be clothed with the royal garment of the resurrection of life: for as they were clad in trespasses and sins, in likeness of their natural parents; so shall they become alive unto righteousness, in likeness of the new and spiritual parents, by the new birth, and they shall reign evermore, as sons and daughters of the Prince and Princess of peace and glad tidings.

33 But they who seek to come in and be partakers in my house, clothed with their garments of prodigality, unwilling to forsake all, still claiming a right in my house; shall I not cause them to be cast out, as not having on the wedding garment?

34 Truly, saith the Lord, I will have none in my house, clothed in beastly garments, belonging to those who walk after the flesh, and not after the spirit. But I will cast them out, into outer darkness, and there shall they weep and wail with their kindred who yet remain in darkness, and under the bondage of sin and death.

35 For in my house shall be joy and gladness, rejoicing over the power and dominion of sin and transgression, and my sanctuary shall be filled with those who rejoice in the dance. And ye who become offended, and refuse to come in as humble prodigals, know ye, that never shall ye taste of the blessings which I have prepared, until ye become humble, and are willing to receive at my hand, having no right, only by the mercy of that God whose mercy endureth forever.

36 And this is my word, which I have caused to be written, and all souls shall yet see that I the Lord, will fulfill my promises, and not one word of all which I have spoken, shall fall to the ground unaccomplished.

37 But they who spurn at my way, and reject my offers of mercy to them, I say they have no promise; for one way have I opened for all souls. For as all have strayed by Adam, and have become lost in sin and transgression, and have laid waste and squandered that portion of light which I gave them, they have plunged themselves into shame and disgrace by mingling with the beasts, in the services of their father the Devil, filling their bellies with husks, like unto the herds of swine, as the prodigal did.

38 So in like manner as he did, shall they all return; and I will meet them as such, and in no other way shall they ever come into my presence, saith the Lord.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part II; Chapter 7



About ALL Souls Being Part of the Whole; Those who die to Sin shall hear God's Voice.


Declaration of the work of God to his people. Why no man can see the face of God and live. They who die to sin, shall see the face of God and hear his voice. God is one, and the head and members of his body are one. All souls must become one with his body, or never find redemption from all sin.

1 Hear ye, O my people, hearken and understand, for I have words of truth to speak unto you, saith the Holy and Eternal God of Israel; for lo! my work is hastening on, and the foundation thereof is firm and strong; and no arm can stay that work which I, the Mighty One, have set my face to perform.

2 Holy, holy is this day, saith the Almighty One, wherein I the Lord am making up my jewels, and adorning my kingdom with that brightness and glory, which never entered the heart of man to conceive, or even form an idea of. And I will never cease until I have accomplished my work, which is to make an end of sin, and bring in everlasting righteousness and purge out all offenses, and create in man a new heart and a right spirit, and form all things anew, after my image.

3 And who hath ever seen the Lord, to know his image and his stature, his form or likeness, his fashion or resemblance? For no man can see my face and live. And he that seeth my face, my form and my visage, dieth daily; and he that seeth me not, dieth not. For again I say, no man ever saw the Lord, face to face, and continued to live in sin.

4 Although Moses saw my back parts, in the order of my providence; yet did he never see my face, saith the Lord, in the order of my grace; for my face is a consuming fire; and they who meet Me face to face, must have the nature of evil consumed, root and branch, until they no longer live in sin, but die they must, to the nature of evil. And thus shall no man see my face and live.

5 This word that I spake to my servant Moses, was in both a literal and figurative sense; but its true meaning is spiritual. For Moses saw not my glory in the order of grace, nor the brightness of my countenance, neither was it given him to see: for the day had not come for man to die by the coming of the Lord; nor for the man of sin to be consumed in him, by the brightness of his countenance.

6 For as no man was suffered to come near the Mount, whereon I stood, to make known my laws, my statutes and my judgments, for that day and figurative dispensation of my grace, excepting those whom I permitted, giving strict charge to my servant to suffer none to approach, lest they be smitten by my mighty wrath, and become dead men;

7 So in this day, wherein I have, in substance, turned my face towards the children of men, and manifested myself in my brightness, in which all souls can approach Me upon the Mount, where I have placed my name and my brightness. All who are called may come.

8 Here souls can see my face, and hear my words, and learn my statutes, safely drawing near to me; but death it is to the natural and fallen part of man; but life eternal to the soul who is of Me, which can never die.

9 And this is my word, concerning those who approach Me in this day, wherein I have revealed the substance instead of the shadow. This doctrine is agreeable to the words of Christ; "Blessed are the pure in heart; for they shall see God." None but the pure in heart can ever truly see God in the spirit. This could not take place, until the ushering in of a spiritual dispensation, which could not commence till Christ appeared; nor could be manifested in its fullness, until his second appearing.

10 And now, O my people! Ye whom I have called to come into my presence, and meet Me, face to face, think ye to approach Me, except ye become dead to sin? Shall I not destroy that natural part which is not of Me, which cannot see my face and live?

11 For I suffered not the animal part of man nor beast, to come near where I had placed my name, to reveal my laws and my statutes, excepting those who were sanctified to Me as priests and ministers of my word to the congregation. And this was my decree, that those who venture beyond the space appointed, were to suffer death.

12 And thus have I decreed in this day. Those who venture beyond this space, and come into the place which I the Lord have appointed and consecrated holy, must suffer death to the beastly and carnal nature of man. For the natural and animal body is not required as a sacrifice in this day; but the carnal life is required of all who approach Me in this day, and henceforth forever.

13 And let no one presumptuously rush into my presence, seeking to prolong that life which I have set my face to destroy; for those who defile my holy consecrated ground, with that nature which is beastly and unclean, in defiance of my decree, That no man shall see my face and live any longer in sin, but die daily thereunto: How think ye to escape my judgments?

14 Think ye to approach Me and live as a natural man, possessing a beastly nature, upon my holy consecrated ground? This can never be henceforth; for they that would become alive in Me, must die to every part, save that which cometh from Me, which is pure and holy.

15 And let all the ends of the earth hear this my word, and know that I the Lord, have turned my face in mercy and loving compassion towards the children of men. For behold the day is come, and all who seek Me shall find Me; for I will be found of them who diligently seek Me, and they shall see my face and hear my voice, and know my stature and my form, and walk in the light of my countenance, from day to day.

16 This will cause the nature of evil gradually to waste away, and the elements thereof to melt and be dissolved; for the form, visage and fashion of this world passeth away, and the lusts thereof. But my form, fashion and visage pass not away, but remain forever and ever.

17 For though the old heavens and the old earth pass away; yet my word endureth forever. And my word shall fill the whole earth, and this word shall create the new heavens and the new earth, wherein shall dwell righteousness, peace and assurance forevermore.

18 And the earth shall be filled with the glory and majesty of the God of Israel; and the God of Israel shall fill the earth, and his stature shall reach from pole to pole. And as the sun lighted the earth in a clear day; so shall my countenance lighten this new earth, which I will create, in my time, and people it in my own way.

19 And again I say, I am the God of heaven, and the God of the whole earth, and besides Me there is none; for the god of this world passeth away, and no space shall be given unto him; for I the Lord will fill the whole earth, and I will measure unto him no space in my new creation; for I will fill immensity of space with my power. And I will be all in all; for I the Lord created the heavens and the earth, for my own purposes, and for my own glory.

20 And this is my glory, that all that is of Me, shall return and be glorified in Me, and of Me, and they shall dwell in Me, and I in them; as a never-failing stream, which cannot be separated, is issuing from one Almighty and Eternal Fountain Head, which is God Himself.

21 And as a drop from the bucket goeth into the fountain, and becometh one with the stream; so are the souls of the children of men as a drop from the bucket, when redeemed from all which is not of Me, they are spirit, and return unto the fountain, and become one with the fountain, inseparably the same; though their personality remains the same as before.

22 And thus will I fill the heavens and the earth; for I the Lord, am the fountain and source of all righteousness, from whence proceedeth all good, and all good is from Me, the fountain of good; and all evil is from the fountain of evil, which floweth not with the fountain of good, neither mingleth with the waters that are pure.

23 For the fountain of evil shall be dried up, and consumed from my new creation; for one fountain shall there be, and this fountain shall extend over the whole earth, and all souls that will, shall flow unto it, and become one with it. And no one will need to say, Lo here, or lo there is the way; for one way will there be for all, and one fountain and one head.

24 For I the Lord, am as the similitude of a man, having a head and a body: for one head and one body is there in heaven. And where is my body upon the earth, and my fountain? Is it all over the earth? Nay, one head and one central fountain, one body which reacheth to the uttermost parts of the earth.

25 But my head is where I have placed my law and my commands, which govern the whole body. My body is made up of all the souls of the children of men, who ever become purified and come into my Spirit, which is my body, the spirit of love, which floweth together, as a drop from the bucket, which cannot be separated.

26 And as the head of the natural man governeth the body, and goeth whithersoever the mind carrieth him; so shall my head govern the body; and my body shall go whithersoever my head designeth it to move.

27 And where would be the propriety of a man's body and limbs rising up and condemning the head, because it led them thus and so; and undertaking to be their own lead and guide, without the direction of the head? With equal propriety and justice might my body, which is my people, rise up and condemn my head, and say, I will be my own leader and guide, and my head shall not rule Me.

28 How would my body appear without a head? And how would it be led? Would not one member rise up against another, with equally as much propriety as did the body rise against the head? Truly, saith the Lord; and thus would the body become dissolved and divided against itself, and fall.

29 But know ye, O my people! And all the ends of the earth, that I the Lord am One; my body is one; my head is one; and my head shall lead my body; and my body shall be in subjection to my head, in all things; and every limb and faculty of my body shall move in union with my head, my one head, where I have placed my name, my laws and my statutes.

30 These shall govern, guide and direct, to the uttermost parts of the earth, the whole body, faculties and limbs, each moving in union and communion with the head. And the members of my body which offend, them will I sever from my body, and from any part in my new creation: for my body shall be perfect in its stature, form and visage, which shall no more be marred: for I will appear in my beauty, and my glory shall confound the whole earth, and fill all the heavens.

31 And this is my word, which I have caused to be written and left upon record, that all may know that I am the Lord, and besides Me there is none; one Lord and one baptism. And he that preacheth lo here, or lo there, let him be accursed, and severed from my body: for they who follow not my head, which is my lead, they are not of my body, and they have not become one with the fountain, as a drop from the bucket, which cannot be severed.

32 WORDS OF THE HOLY ANGEL TO THE WRITER. Fear not little one; for lo, I am with thee, and I will be with thee, henceforth; and this is my word and my witness, that what thou hast written, thou hast faithfully written; and I the holy Angel, will pronounce it holy, and with the seal of the Almighty will I seal it.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part II; Chapter 9



The Results of Sloth among Believers;  Coming to God with wrong Motivation and its Consequences.


As the natural earth is improved and beautified by cultivation; so shall the new earth be brought to perfection by the cultivator. God requires all to earn their food, both natural and spiritual. None but the willing and obedient shall inherit the blessing of God.

1 Hearken, saith the holy Angel, to the word of the Lord, and write, Holy and eternal is the word of God unto man in this day, in which the end hath come.

2 Thus saith the Lord of hosts, How have I clothed the earth with beauty! How have I caused the natural earth, by cultivation, to become beautiful and comely, yielding fruits and flowers of various kinds, according to the care and attention of the cultivator; so in proportion is the earth beautiful in my sight.

3 For as the natural earth was designed to be brought into the perfection of beauty, by the hand of the cultivator, each one cultivating his own soil, under his own dominion; so in like manner have I designed to have my new earth brought into perfection of beauty by the daily exertions of the cultivator.

4 For after the fire passeth over the earth to consume the rubbish, then springeth up the good seed, and by the care of the cultivator, is the earth redeemed and brought into perfect cultivation, and adorned with beauty, in proportion to the labor bestowed upon it, which requireth a daily watchfulness and care, and the daily labor and toil of the tiller, the true husbandman, each one tilling his own land whereon he hath dominion.

5 And thus shall the whole earth, which I the Lord will create, become beautiful in my sight; for I will cause the fallow ground of the hearts of the children of men to be broken up, and become prepared to receive the good seed of faith; and it shall spring up and yield fruit, some fifty and some a hundred fold, in proportion to the labor of the cultivator of the soil.

6 And thus shall man be subdued from the old element of sin, and be renewed into the element which is of the new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness and peace, the fruits proceeding from love, the primary standing element of the new earth: for the fruits which proceed from this source, are beautiful.

7 But beware that ye pluck up and burn everything that beareth the fruit opposite to love, which is hatred and malice: for this is the seed of the old earthly and fallen nature, which must be consumed and rooted out by a daily labor and toil.

8 As the natural man cultivateth the natural earth by the sweat of his brow; so shall the new man cultivate the new earth by the sweat of his brow, until he shall subdue it, and bring it into perfect cultivation to the good seed which groweth out of love, the pure element of heaven. And thus the soil of the new earth becomes subdued and brought into cultivation by a daily labor.

9 And thus do I the Lord, require of every fallen being, that they eat the bread of life by the sweat of the brow, until they come into that spirit of perfect love in which they are created anew, and thus will their warfare be accomplished, and their victory won. And thus shall they reign as lords over my heritage, as did my firstborn and begotten ones, subduing all things that breathed in opposition to the pure spirit of love.

10 And again, saith the Lord, Who are mine in the day of my vengeance? Whom shall I make willing in the day of my power? Am I, the Lord, going to compel any one to become willing to be a tiller of the ground, that he may reap the good of the soil which I have given to him?

11 Where would be the consistency of a landlord's saying to a poor cottage man, Come thou with me, and I will give thee sufficient land that with care and attention, and suitable cultivation, thou mayest reap a plenty through life, to make thee comfortable and happy, having a plenty of the good things of this life, if thou wilt only bestow sufficient labor thereon to subdue it, and bring it into proper cultivation; and then to compel the man to become the gainer contrary to his inclinations?

12 Would it be his wisdom to use forcible means to bring him to a willingness to till the ground, that it may yield him a comfortable sustenance and blessing? Nay, in no wise. But he would rather call those who would be thankful to receive the offers of the merciful man, who designed to bestow favor on the poor and destitute children of men.

13 For, saith the Lord, they who will not work cannot reap, in a natural point of view. Neither can any soul reap of the blessings of the new earth, until he becomes willing in the day of my power, and voluntarily chooses to put his hands to work, that he may have wherewith to become fed and clothed from day to day.

14 But the slothful shall suffer hunger; for they who will not work, neither shall they eat, saith the Lord. Thus stands my decree forever and ever; and although they may beg their bread from door to door, and live upon the earnings of others for a season; yet by their indolence and slothfulness shall they perish.

15 For I the Lord am just, I measure unto all, in due season, a portion of my spirit, which, by nurture and cultivation, will yield sufficient of the fruits of righteousness to cause the soul to become fat therewith, and to be enriched therefrom. And thus shall the willing and obedient eat the good of the land; but the idle soul shall suffer hunger.

16 This is my word at this time, for the understanding of all who hear, that they may see, if they will, the necessity of being willing and obedient in the day of my power, and of putting their hands to work, to cultivate the spirit of truth, which will bring forth the fruits of righteousness and peace in every soul, by subduing every thing that sprouts forth in opposition thereunto.

17 "Behold I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be." Yea, saith the Lord, I am come, and my reward is with Me, and I will give unto every one in proportion to his labor: and they who labor much, shall receive much; and they who labor little, shall receive little; yet all shall receive their penny, from the last even to the first.

18 But they who labor in the form of a servant, for hire, shall never receive more than their penny, although they labor all the days of their lives; if they labor in the spirit of a hireling, they shall receive neither more nor less than the wages of the hireling.

19 And thus will I say unto them, Take that which is yours and go your way; for I will render unto every one according as his works shall be. For the hireling is worthy of his hire, and he taketh that which is his and goeth his way; and the wages of the hireling shall perish with the hireling.

20 For they whom I the Lord do call into my vineyard and say, Work ye in my vineyard, and at evening I will recompense you; if they go forth as the laborer for his hire, having no respect to his Lord's heritage, only to receive the recompense of a hireling, let their labor be long or short, they shall never gain an inheritance thereby; but they shall go their way with their penny which they have earned.

21 But they who put their hands to work, and whatsoever they find to do, do it with their might, having no respect to person or selfish gain, as doth the hireling; but as the true and rightful heir, who endureth forever in the presence of his Lord, knowing that in the end he shall inherit all things, such and such only, will I own. For it is not the length of labor that entitles the soul to the reward; but it is the spirit in which they labor.

22 And this is my word, which I leave upon the record, knowing that many will be called, but few chosen; for I will choose none except those who work in the spirit of the true and faithful heir, who careth for nothing but to build up, beautify and enrich his Father's heritage, taking no thought for himself, in a selfish manner, only to know that he walks in perfect obedience to the will of his parents in all things.

23 These, and these only will I own, saith the Lord, and these are mine, and nothing shall sever them from Me; for I will hold them in the hollow of my hand, and they shall dwell with Me forever and ever: For in that they have given up all, soul and body, faculties and strength, for the good of my heritage, and have demanded no personal claim, nor become envious; but have considered it their privilege so to do; and the more good their hands found to do, the better pleased they were; Such are mine and ever shall be mine.

24 And thus shall ye receive the reward of the true and rightful heir; while those who work for hire, shall receive the reward of the hireling, and be sent away therewith, until they are willing to cast off the spirit of the hireling, and come in, in the true spirit of the rightful heir.

25 And this is my word upon this subject; and this word have I not spoken in vain, nor have I caused it to be written in vain: for with a meaning have I done it, and let it be recorded, that not only this generation, but the generations to come may know the mind and will of the Most High, concerning those who work as hirelings in my house, seeking a daily recompense of reward, murmuring and the like; counting their wages and reckoning their expenses, and the like abominations, which are a stink in my nostrils, saith the Holy and Eternal Jehovah.


26 Here is manifested the different states of those who, when they are called and receive faith in the gospel, from a principle of love, freely give up all their own interest, all their time and talents, and devote their faculties of soul and body willingly, without reserve, to build up and support the work of God and the cause of his people, without reserving any thing for selfish purposes, and trust in God for the recompense of reward, according to his own mind and will, having full faith in his promises, that no good thing will be withheld from them that love Him and keep his commandments; and their faith will be realized.

27 But very different is the state of those who, having received the like faith, keep back a part for selfish purposes, and strive to carry along as much of the world, and of their own ways and wills, as possible, yielding a small portion of obedience through fear, lest they should be wholly cut off from all relation to the work of God: yet often murmuring at the greatness of the cross, and complaining how much harder their lot is than that of those who have freely devoted their all. Thus they measure to themselves the reward they think they ought to receive, instead of trusting in the Giver of all good.

28 Souls in such a state, shall receive all the good they have earned; but they can never be the true heirs of God, nor find an inheritance in his eternal kingdom, while in that state: Nay, though they hold on in that state through life, they will find when they come into the world of spirits, that they are not in the kingdom of God, and are not numbered with his true saints.

29 Yet, if they do not deny their faith, but yield a measure of obedience, they will not be wholly cut off; but will have just that relation to the work of God, and that gain in goodness that their obedience has obtained. But they will be left to wander without the kingdom, until they suffer the loss of all things and are willing to give up all for the least place in the camp of the saints, then will they be gathered in as those who have no claim, but are wholly dependent upon the mercy of God.

30 But those who willingly give up all in this life, and without laying out for self, depend entirely upon the justice and goodness of their Heavenly Father, are the true heirs of all that the Father hath; for they are truly laboring in his vineyard on earth; and when they have done his appointed labor, they will be received into the everlasting kingdom of God to go no more out.

31 Such will be made pillars in the temple of God, according to the order for which their Eternal Parents have created and prepared them. And their glory and reward shall be great, far, far beyond that which can enter into the heart of man, while in a mortal state. And in such souls only, is fulfilled the promise; "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him."

32 Therefore, let all souls, who are called to labor in the work of God, choose between these two states; and as they choose, so the reward will be sure, and no power can hinder it.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part II; Chapter 17



The True Meaning of "say unto this Mountain".


The miracles of Christ's first appearing, typical of those to be wrought in his second advent, in healing all manner of spiritual infirmities, giving spiritual life, &c.

1 Thus saith the holy Angel, Write, Holy, holy is the Lord God, and holy is his word unto man; and this is his word at this time.

2 Hear, O earth! And again hearken all ye people, to the voice of your God, and weep and howl because of your rebellion, and because of the hardness of your hearts, and because of the blindness of your minds, wherein ye have become blinded, having eyes and see not, ears but hear not, hearts but understand not, that ye may become converted and healed of your infirmities.

3 For as my beloved Son in his first appearance, did heal the sick, even all who had faith to call upon him; yea, and the dead also, he had power to raise; So in like manner is there power in his second coming, to heal and cleanse the soul of all its infirmities, and to call forth dead souls, and to raise them from their graves of sin; and cast out all manner of evil spirits: for dominion is given him, that even the devils do tremble at his word and render him obedience.

4 And they who come to his order in faith, although possessing many foul and unclean spirits; yet if they have faith in his word, and in his order, and yield obedience thereunto, they shall be healed and made every whit whole. And although their sins be as scarlet; yet they shall become white as snow: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.

5 For all power have I given him on earth and in heaven; and no spirit is so foul in man, but it is subject to him, and obedient to his word, by the faith of the possessor thereof. And whosoever cometh to him, and hath faith to believe that in his order, is sufficient power to bind and to cast out the spirit of evil, according to his faith, so shall it be unto him, and by his faith shall he be saved.

6 For without faith it is impossible to please God, the giver of faith. But faith without works, is dead, being alone, and they that receive faith in the coming of my beloved Son in his glory, and believe that in him is sufficient power given to bind and cast out all that is in opposition to the pure spirit of God, and they go to work in faith, they may remove mountains in his name.

7 Yea, they may say to the mountain of the man of sin, with his deeds, "Be thou removed and cast into the depths of the sea of the wrath of God," and it shall be accomplished according to their faith. But faith alone will never do it, unless works are combined therewith; for faith is the gift of God; but by the mouth is confession made to salvation.

8 And thus shall man be saved by faith, that faith which will remove that from the soul by confession, which (if not removed) will be like mountains of lead to sink it from my presence.

9 And thus shall faith remove mountains, and thus shall the soul be set at liberty, and healed by the coming of the Son of God in his glory, wherein all power is given to bind every spirit, and subdue it by faith which worketh by love, and causeth the heart to become pure.

10 And what more shall I say unto you, O ye inhabitants of the earth! that ye may understand, and know the mind and will of him who hath come to do away all offenses, and again breathe forth into man that spirit of love which will kindle the flame, and renew the vital spark of never ending life.

11 O man! how long wilt thou stand out and halt, and refuse to come in and rejoice with those who make merry, who were dead and are alive, who were lost and are found!

12 How long shall I plead with you, O ye children of men, and ye refuse to hearken to my call, and come into my house, that ye may share the rich blessings of my kingdom, and partake of the supper which I the Lord have prepared for you?

13 But know ye, saith the Lord, you who continue to make excuses and stand out after repeated calls, I will reject, and ye shall never taste of my supper until I have gathered in the lame, the halt and the blind, out of the hedges and high-ways, that my house may be filled with guests.

14 And they who were first bidden, shall be last to partake of my supper; for in that they have chosen the pleasures of sin for a season, and have refused to hearken; therefore will I leave them to suffer to the end of the days of their tribulation.

15 Then if they will seek in low humiliation the crumbs that fall from my table, and gladly and thankfully receive the same, there may be a way opened for them. But the publicans and harlots shall go in before them. And thus shall the first become last, and the last first; for my house shall be filled, saith the Lord.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part II; Chapter 14


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