Revelations and Prophecies from God's Eternal Virgin Wisdom given through Shaker Instrument, Paulina Bates, 1841.  

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About the Dangers to those who rely on the Merits of Christ while they continue in their Sins and the Futility of So Doing.

Address to the worldly minded, who boast of their pleasures; yet trust in the merits of Christ for salvation. God, by his judgments, will subdue all these things and bring in an everlasting righteousness.

1 Again, saith the holy Angel, bow down thy soul in humility and give thy heart to understanding, and receive the sayings of the little book, as it is read unto thee.

2 Hearken O earth, and listen to the voice of thy God; and understand his judgments unto thee. Bow down O ye mighty; for in an hour when ye look not for desolation, behold it cometh unto you!  For lo, the woes of the Almighty are sent forth and cannot be recalled; and his decrees are made sure by the word of prophecy, which altereth not.

3 Hearken, O ye seas and ye islands! Hearken! O ye ships, and ye that hold commerce at sea! Ye that have become enriched by the traffic of those things which belong to spiritual Babylon, which must sink and come to nought; and those who have become rich by the multitude of her delicacies, and the traffic of those things which belong to the kingdom of the beast, in which the whole earth hath become drunken with her sorceries. Woe be to them! for in an hour when they look not for desolation, behold it cometh!

4 And the great City, the seat of iniquity, is brought into remembrance before God, who will visit her, and deal with her according to her folly, and measure unto her double, for all her abominations, wherein she hath defiled and worked pollution with all nations of the earth, and bewitched them with her fornications. [Alluding to the great antichristian institutions of the world.]

5 O, Babylon! Babylon! Thou mother of harlots! thou who hast boasted thyself and lived deliciously and said, "I sit as a queen, and no evil befalleth me; for I am a lady, and all nations of the earth seek me, and where shall be the hand sufficient to overthrow so mighty and so strong a one?"

6 "Therefore will I sit in quietness, and no harm shall come to me; for my lovers are many, and my foes are few. Therefore will I take my ease and nought shall disturb me; and it shall be well with me; for mighty is the arm which upholdeth me; for my kingdom is sure and undivided, and nothing shall overthrow it."

7 And thus uttereth the voice of those who delight in the god of this world, who have become bewitched by the pleasure of sin, and intoxicated by the wine of beastly indulgence, and say, "Who is like unto the lady who sitteth delicately and knoweth no sorrow; whose joy is in the good things of this life, which God hath provideth for all his creatures to enjoy with unrestrained freedom. For God looketh not at the outward appearance of any, but at the heart."

8 "As God in his wisdom and understanding hath created all things for the use and benefit of man, and given him a relish for the same, why not enjoy them with freedom unmolested, and without fear; for thus it seemeth good in our sight, and is popular. For all classes of professors do the same, and there is no distinction, by outward appearance, between the professor and profane, only as God knows the heart."

9 "Therefore will I sit no widow, but will deck myself and enjoy the pleasures which the Lord God hath given for his creatures to enjoy, and who shall make me afraid in all this? for the kings of the earth do the same, the rich and the poor, the bond and the free man, all receive their glory in this way, and where can be the harm in so doing?"

10 "Therefore will I deck myself with the pleasures and fashions of this world, and will glory in them, as the Lord hath given me a heart so to do. And I will plead the merits of his beloved Son, whom he hath so graciously condescended to send into the world, with like passions and besetments, being tempted in all points like unto us; yet without sin."

11 "And was finally nailed to the cross, and gave up his life a ransom for all, who being willing in spirit, yet weak in the flesh, to perform the will of God, made known through his beloved Son. And all may plead his merits, while enjoying the good things of this life, which God hath provided for his creatures; and finally become acceptable at last, by the merits of the blessed Son of God, who knoweth the perverseness of our frail natures, and requireth no more of the creature than it is able to perform ."

12 "Therefore why should I sit desolate and be as a widow, when the Lord hath paid the utmost farthing? and all that is required of his subjects is, to believe that he is able to do all things for them, let the outward walk and appearance be what it may."

13 And thus argueth the spirit of the whore, the mother of harlots, who sitteth upon the beast with seven heads and ten horns, who seeketh to fair sumptuously every day, and be decked with the splendors and share the pleasures and luxuries of this life, in common with those who profess not the name of God, through his beloved Son; yet think to find happiness hereafter, by the desire of the heart, which is not sufficient to cause them to come out from thence, and touch, taste and handle nothing which is unclean or polluted.

14 But woe! woe! woe be unto thee, O thou seat of iniquity! thou source of abominations! For lo the time cometh when the Lord Almighty will stretch forth his hand and consume and break in pieces the stay and the staff, the bread of life and the fountain of water, and the resources of those who have become rich with the merchandise and the traffic of those forbidden indulgences which have hitherto been multiplied to the children of this world.

15 For the time is come, when the Lord will war, in his wrath, against the idols of time; and those who make merchandise thereof, will mourn when they see the ax laid at the seat of all earthly indulgences, and the source and fountain of corruption laid low.

16 For that power which is revealed from on high, is able and will accomplish the design of the Almighty, and bring about his purposes which He hath purposed from the foundation of the world. His purposes are to subdue all things under Him, and reign all in all, both in heaven and on earth. To subdue all opposition in all the works of his hands, and bring in an everlasting righteousness, and a reign of that spirit which floweth from the Almighty Fountain of all good.

17 Thus saith the Almighty, the day hath come, and the dispensation hath appeared for the accomplishment, and the fulfillment of all the prophecies which have been given, from time to time, referring to the latter day of glory, which shall accomplish the downfall and destruction of Satan's kingdom.

18 Yea, and to establish that kingdom of righteousness which shall have no end; that kingdom which admits of no wars and fighting, except the war which every soul must wage against his own selfish fallen nature, who ever comes into the possession of that peace and righteousness, which cometh of that kingdom which hath no end.

19 But this cannot be accomplished in a soul unsubdued, without the chastening rod of the all-wise Parents. For man is like a disobedient, rebellious and unsubdued child, unaccustomed to wholesome discipline, which, although grievous to the unsubdued part; yet is that which finally renders him a comfort to himself and a blessing to all those around him.

20 So in like manner hath the Lord God purposed to subdue the loftiness of man, and cause him to become a blessing not only to himself, but a comfort and satisfaction to his great Creator, capable of performing and fulfilling the design of Him who created him for a purpose as yet unknown to mortals.

21 For no son becometh useful to the father, and capable of performing the father's will to his mind, while unsubdued and turbulent in spirit; for he seeketh not to do the will of a parent, who is far wiser than himself, but remaineth a curse and a grief to his father, while in this undisciplined state.

22 Although the tender parent may lengthen out the cord of forbearance, and withhold the rod for a season; yet in process of time, the responsibility of the father becomes aroused, and out of love to the child, for his own best good, and for the comfort and consolation of the parent, he applieth the rod in love.

23 But if the rod which is applied in tenderness and love, and with mildness, only serve to enrage the head-strong child, what then becometh the duty of the parent, whose love forbids him to spare the rod, and see the destruction of the child of whom he is the father? Will he not add more stripes? and with more severity in his countenance, let the child see his determination to conquer and not be conquered? Truly he will.

24 The parent, who seeketh nought but the best good of his offspring, will never cease to extend the most proper means of correction, after he once commences the task of subduing his child, until he is conquered, and laid low in spirit, at the feet of him who hath raised his hand in love, although with severity. Then will the child be enabled to love the chastening which hath set him at liberty.

25 Until this is done, the parent hath no consolation in his child; nor hath the child any true love for the parent, that love which worketh cheerful obedience, and a delight to do his father's will. Then doth the father have pleasure in the son, and the son in the father, and they become one in spirit, and the joy of both father and son is completed.

26 Thus saith the Lord Almighty, the eternal Parent of all the souls of the children of men; in this manner have I purposed to deal with the haughty and rebellious nations of the earth, who have sought their own ways until the responsibility of the all-wise Parent hath become aroused, and his decrees have gone forth unto judgment.

27 For the children of men do not remain as a blessing, and a consolation to Him who gave them breath; but their ways have become exceeding perverse and loathsome in my sight, and I the Lord have no pleasure in them, because of their rebellion against Me, daily, wherein they provoke Me to anger, and hasten the day of final reckoning.

28 Yet in love do I view them, and with tenderness will I measure unto them, and number the strokes which I lay upon them. Then will I wait until I see the result of the rod laid on in love, tenderness and mercy.

29 And thus will I continue to deal with man, and measure to him the rod of correction, until every heart shall bow before Me, except the heart that is abandoned and beyond the reach of correction by the hand of the Almighty Father.

30 And I will never cease my work of judgment, in mercy and in wrath, until I have accomplished my purpose, which is to break down and subdue all rebellion in man, and bring the fallen race at the feet of Him who hath conquered all things under Him, or the rebel soul is forever cut off.

31 Yea, saith the Lord Almighty, I will sorely vex the haughtiness of the rebellious children of men, with the rod of my severe judgments, until they are willing to come out from under that bondage, which causes the rebellion against the just and righteous requirements of the only wise God.

32 And the more stubborn and rebellious they are, the more will I measure unto them of the rod of affliction, until they shall be willing to break off from the enjoyments of that stubborn and willful nature, which craves the forbidden enjoyments of sin, and glories in that which cometh of the wicked one, and leadeth to perdition.

33 And by this word, may all see the manner in which I the Lord will reckon with the children of men; yea, with all such as have become deceived by the idea of finding their relation to Me, through my beloved Son, while enjoying the fullness of the pleasures and honors of Babylon, in direct opposition to the known will of their God, revealed through their Lord and Savior.

34 Thus saith the Almighty; Before the work of final subduing is accomplished and the fallen race of man is brought low enough to receive that cross, which will cause them to kiss the rod that hath liberated their souls from the bondage of sin, and caused them to be broken off from the world of wickedness, so that they see no pleasure therein; will all be accomplished and fulfilled, spoken of in the book of the Revelations of my servant John:

35 Although not according to the natural and outward representation by which man, according to his sense, hath formed an idea of the last days, and the fulfillment of the vials of the wrath of the Almighty: yet before the work is accomplished, by which I shall lay low the haughtiness of man, and subdue the rebellion which reigneth in his breast, against all that is of God, his Heavenly Father, and shall be wholly subjected to his mind and will in full as it is made known to him, through his appointed agents; he will then know the truth.

36 I say, before man will come to this point of self-nothingness, he will then be brought to cry in the humiliation of his soul, "O Lord, it is enough! My soul shall bow to thee henceforth and forevermore; for thy judgments are just and thy mercies sure."

37 And where is the benevolent father, who will not slack his hand of correction, when the child is wholly subdued? especially when by promise of future obedience to the mind and will of the parent who delighted to restore the child of affliction, and place him in circumstances to prove his obedience to his promise, the child by willing obedience to the mind and will of his father, as it is made known to him, can obtain his father's forgiveness.

38 And if he will continue in obedience, he will be the delight of his father, and will be of one spirit with the father, in all things useful and profitable to him, because of his cheerful obedience to his father, in all things. And thus shall man be profitable to Me, saith the Lord, and be placed in circumstances to fulfill the design of his creation.

39 But until beaten and broken asunder, from every thing which ariseth in opposition to the holy requirements of God, their Heavenly Father, no souls can become serviceable to him, and fulfill the design of their creation.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part III; Chapter 4


About the Outpouring of the Vials of Revelation being in the inward, personal Ground of each Individual Soul.

The Lord hath no pleasure in the death of the wicked. Those who will not be reformed by judgments shall not inherit the kingdom of God. His judgments on Babylon. Man must overcome the world in himself, or he cannot be accepted of God.

1 Thus saith the Lord, Be it known to all nations, kindreds and tongues, that the Almighty Creator of all, hath no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that all would turn and live, and find acceptance with Him, while the rod of mercy is stretched out, while the chastening of the Lord is upon them.

2 But they who harden their hearts, and are unmoved by the rod, unsubdued by the Father's stripes of correction, I will abandon, and disinherit them from any portion in my kingdom of peace and righteousness, and will leave them to measure out their days of anguish, until they shall pay the utmost farthing.

3 Then if they will repent, and cry unto Me out of the bowels of hell, I will hear them and return to them, and heal them of their stripes, and restore them by their faithful obedience to my righteous commands.

4 And such is the fate of man, who now stands before Me, loaded with guilt, and weighed down with rebellion against Me, and against all things of my planning. And nought but sore judgments, one vial after another, of the fierceness of the wrath of the Almighty, will ever be able to bring his soul to a feeling, and subdue his rebellious nature in my presence.

5 I will pour out my vengeance upon Babylon, and will sorely vex her and make desolate all her stores, and the abundance of her sorceries, and those things which she hath heaped up to corrupt the nations of the earth, and caused them to glory in idols made with hands, and take pleasure in the works and inventions of man;

6 Yea, upon those who make gods of perishable things, and fall down and worship them, and say, "Who is like unto thee in all the earth, so great and so mighty as this great city?" The seat of indulgence which supplieth all, from the king upon the throne even down to the craftsmen, the shipmasters, the sailors and the merchants.

7 Have not all these indulged, and become enriched by the abundance of her sorceries, which she hath heaped up to deceive and bewitch all nations to commit fornication and lust after her beauty, which is of the god of this world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life, the three bewitching and seducing spirits which deceive the whole earth, and gather together in battle against the Lord of hosts.

8 These three ruling besetments in man, are ever at war with the true spirit of God, from whence proceedeth all other vile principles and cravings, and must be overcome by the blood of the Lamb, and by the power of the testimony of his faithful witnesses.

9 Even from the king upon the throne to the beggar who beggeth his bread, all will have to overcome these three ruling besetments, which come of the god of this world, and are the elements of the world of sin and wickedness, and which all men savor while in the state of rebellion against God.

10 Yea, saith the Almighty, all who will ever be subdued to righteousness, must first overcome this world of pleasure in themselves, by living the life of Christ, and "resisting unto blood," even to the destruction of the life of fallen nature, by walking the path of self-denial, in obedience to the will of God made known to them, which is able to slay the carnal life of every fallen being.

11 By thus living and walking, will they be slain, as was Christ their Lord, and become conquerors and overcomers by the blood, that is, the life of him who first set the example and conquered and subdued the world, by the death of that nature which he took upon him, in common with the fallen race of man.

12 And thus shall all things which are in opposition to the nature of God, be conquered and subdued by the blood of the Lamb, which every soul must receive for himself. But this he cannot receive without taking the life of the beast of iniquity in himself, by a daily cross and self-denial, walking in the footsteps of the first conqueror, and by living the life of him who conquered all things by his own blood.

13 And thus cometh the end of this word, declaring to all people what God requires of them who seek the truth, and are willing to lay hold of it, and by it become free from the bondage of sin and its direful consequences.

14 And thus saith the mighty Angel, I the mighty Angel, do bear witness to that which is here laid down, as the manner in which the mighty City, which giveth life, and supplieth all nations from her stores, wherewith to support that carnal life, must come to an end, and be brought low by the power of the testimony of this gospel, and by that cross which will slay and make her desolate in every soul who shall receive it.

15 As I the mighty Angel, did cast the stone into the deep with violence; so in the like mighty manner, are souls called to be violent in the destruction of the nature of the beast, which hath been nourished by the mother of harlots; that is, by the spirit of a false profession of religion.

16 Yea, they that have come out from her, are required to measure double unto her, for all which she hath caused them to suffer by the indulgence of her sorceries, wherewith she hath bewitched all nations to commit fornication with her.

17 And thus shall she be made desolate and afflicted, by every soul who receiveth the testimony which bringeth the end of the world in them; for they will never cease to revenge upon that nature which hath caused them all the sorrow and tribulation which they ever suffered, until they have made a final end thereof by the cross and self-denial.

18 And thus shall every soul be avenged, and thus is vengeance given to every soul who receiveth the testimony of Christ, whereby they may repay and be avenged of their cruel adversary. And this is the vengeance which cometh of God, and which will cause every soul who receiveth it, to exclaim in the words of their Heavenly Father; "Vengeance is mine and I will repay it, saith the Lord."

19 And thus will the Lord be avenged in his people, upon the adversary; for He will call forth that spirit to operate in man, which shall take vengeance in his name, and shall subdue all opposition to his holy will.

20 And thus ends the word and the witness of the mighty Angel, to which the remaining three exclaim Amen; even so let it be forevermore.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part III; Chapter 5


About the Bottomless Pit being the utter Depravity of Man, etc.

Some explanations of John's vision of the bottomless pit, the locusts, scorpions, &c.

1 Thus saith the holy and beloved apostle John; And I saw another mighty Angel descending from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit, and he opened it, and there arose a smoke as of a burning pit, and there came out locusts, having power to hurt men five months, excepting those who were sealed with the seal of the Almighty in their foreheads.

2 And what are these locusts, and what meaneth the smoking pit which filled the heavens therewith from her burning? Can any of the wise of this world, with all their learning and understanding of divine things, and of the purposes of God, make known the spiritual meaning of this part of the vision? For who hath ever seen the like? Or who will ever see the like fulfilled in a literal point of view?

3 I John answer, none will ever see this fulfilled to their natural understanding; for no natural being ever hath understood, or ever will be able to comprehend this, in its spiritual meaning, without that inspiration which is of God.

4 And now, O thou little one! bow down thy spirit, and receive the true interpretation of this part of the vision, which relates to the bottomless pit, and the contents thereof. The light which came down from heaven, by the mighty Angel, having power to open the bottomless pit, is no other than the searching power of God, which hath been sent and shall continue to be sent upon the earth.

5 This will open and bring to mortal view, by various means, the abominations which lie concealed in the hearts of the children of men; that sink of iniquity and uncleanness which hath neither bottom nor bounds, wherein all souls are sunken, some more and some less.

6 It is called the bottomless pit, because there is no bottom to the depth of human depravity, in which the soul is daily sinking while following the corrupt cravings of the carnal mind. And thus all who have not received the mark of the Most High in their foreheads, are daily sinking deeper and deeper into the bottomless pit;

7 And the searching light of God hath opened the bottomless pit, and caused light to shine into the hearts of the children of men, sufficient to discover to them the depth of their fallen state in the bottomless pit. And this searching light of God hath opened the door of their hearts, and by the fire of conviction caused the soul to send forth, through an honest confession, those abominations which come forth like smoke from a burning pit.

8 And hath not that fire which is kindled in the heart, by the searching power of God, which is a consuming fire, been able to reach the stubble in the hearts of many, and caused a mighty conflagration, and a sending forth of smoke, as from a pit which harboreth all manner of filth and putrefaction?

9 Truly this is the case; and many have been tried as in the furnace, and have been purified and made white; so that nothing is left which is in opposition to the true spirit of God, which is like a consuming fire. And thus have they been sealed, and bear in their foreheads the image of the Most High, having had their evil natures consumed by the fire of his spirit, until nought remains in the soul which is not of his spirit, and beareth not his image.

10 And thus shall the scorpions of the wrath of God be sent forth and arise out of the heart wherein the fire hath been kindled, which shall have power to afflict men, and cause their carnal lives to become a burden to them, and they shall seek to die thereunto, one side of the cross; but find not the power which will enable them to cease from sin, and die to the nature thereof.

11 And thus shall they be tormented with the arrows of a guilty conscience, caused by the fire from the Almighty, which hath opened the door of the bottomless pit, and they begin to see the depth of their abominations, and seek to refrain therefrom; but find no rest, because the fire hath not caused them to send forth by confession and a daily cross, the contents of the bottomless pit.

12 Therefore they seek death and find it not; because they seek it not where it may be obtained. And thus are they tormented with the scorpions of a guilty conscience, aroused by the searching power and light of God.

13 And thus shall men be tormented day and night, until they seek death in the order of God's appointment, and there voluntarily have their carnal lives slain by confession and repentance, and a daily cross and self- denial; which will continue to burn upon that nature of evil, until all is consumed which is not of the true and holy Spirit of God.

14 And thus shall they become purified so as by fire, and receive the image of the Most High and become of the sealed number. But those who, on first receiving the searching power of God, which caused the bottomless pit to be opened to them, and who voluntarily becomes objects of the fire, and send forth by confession as from a smoking pit, and by this holy fire become purified unto God, and receive his image and likeness: On such, the scorpions of the wrath of God, which is the sting and the darts of a guilty conscience, have no effect.

15 But on those who remain in rebellion, and refuse to have their evil natures consumed by the purifying fire, and seek death in some other way than by the cross, they become objects of the torments of a guilty conscience, and remain the same, until sufficiently humbled to be willing to seek death in and by the cross.

16 And this is my word upon this subject, giving all an understanding who seek the truth in righteousness. And no other fulfillment of this part of the vision, except that which is here laid down, will any fallen being ever see in the work of salvation. But in this way shall all souls see the fulfillment thereof, who shall ever become redeemed unto righteousness by virtue of the cross.

17 And those who stand out, after receiving the light of conviction, which discovers to them the depth of their loss, are the ones whom the scorpions have power to hurt. But they who immediately volunteer, are those who receive not the scorpions, but voluntarily become purified by the consuming fire.

18 These are they "who loved not their lives unto the death." These are of the first resurrection from the dead; who have received the mark of God in their foreheads, on whom the darts of a tormented conscience have no effect; for they are faultless before the throne of God, and are of one spirit with Him. And thus is my word accomplished on this subject.

Additional explanation by the prophetic Angel.

19 As the preceding may not be comprehended by many, saith the holy Angel of prophetic light, by the desire of the beloved Apostle I have given the following explanation, to remove doubts from the minds of those who may not otherwise understand the interpretation of the vision.

20 This vision hath a two-fold meaning. The star that was seen to fall from Heaven, was first in the providential order; for an agent brought down a light from the order of the former revelation, in the Jewish and christian dispensations, to the earthly and fallen nature of man, and used it as a key to open that fallen nature, which is as the bottomless pit.

21 For that nature is indeed bottomless, as to its loss, being joined to the eternal powers of darkness; and thus it brought forth all its dark elements to operate and rule upon earth, and was so ordered by Divine Providence as to be a scourge to those who had the mark of the beast, the pagan and antichristian idolatry.

22 But the spiritual fulfillment is in the work of regeneration, in the present dispensation, in which the mighty Angel of judgment hath descended to the earth. For the light which he hath brought down from heaven, operates in natural man, to effect the work of the righteous judgment of God.

23 Therefore by this key is the bottomless pit of fallen nature opened; and the man of sin that dwells in this nature, is revealed and brought forth to judgment, with all his corrupt and dark elements, to be consumed by the fire of the wrath of God, which is the furnace in Zion.

24 And thus the smoke thereof arises and darkens the air, or the element of the life of all the fallen children of men. And this work of judgment brings forth the tormenting stings of a guilty conscience, which are like the stings of locusts and scorpions.

25 Neither is there any smoke of darkness, that ever came forth from the bottomless pit, equal to that which cometh forth out of the hearts and mouths of those who, after being convicted by the light of the gospel, reject it, and do "despite to the spirit of grace," thereby revealed unto them.

26 Such send forth the smoke of eternal darkness, which darkens the whole air, that is, the internal element of the life of man, out of which came the serpents and scorpions of the powers of evil, which bite and sting, hurt, wound and torment, with persecuting venom, all souls in their power. And truly their king is the destroying angel of the bottomless pit.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part III; Chapter 9



To those who say they are glorifying God while achieving Applause for themselves.

Man must abase himself to glorify God. The great mistake of souls who think to honor God by exalting themselves. Concluding address of the apostle John.

1 Let every soul who is called from a lost sinful world to glorify God in his holy habitation, cease to glory in that which is selfish and self pleasing; that which is calculated to exalt rather than abase the loftiness of their natures. For man is so formed that he cannot serve two masters, and for this cause hath God called his people out from under the service of Satan, to be a separate people wholly devoted to his service to glorify Him in the beauty of holiness.

2 But where is the beauty and holiness in selfishness? Is it in that which serves to build up and sustain that which is self pleasing? or in throwing off that lowliness of mind and self-abasement, wherein God alone can be glorified? This I speak , that none may be deceived, and think they are in the work of glorifying God, when they are eager for promotion and self-applause, easily puffed up, but slow to come into the humiliating requirements of God, in his own order.

3 But let every soul consider, that he who seeketh to exalt himself is abased in the sight of God; and he that abaseth himself giveth glory to God, and is glorified of Him who delighteth in a meek and lowly heart. This being rightly considered, where is the room for self-honor, self-promotion and applause? seeing God only is to be glorified, and in no other way than by the humility of his subjects?

4 Many who have spent a life of self-exaltedness while on earth, their habits become so formed, that they know nothing but self-promotion. And when they came into the eternal world, and were called by the gospel of self-abasement, the change was so great, where a continual self-denial was required, that their sincerity led them to seek a superscription to be placed upon their breasts, (that they might have the impression at all times present with them,) in the following words:

5 Thou only art holy! Thou alone art worthy to receive honor and glory! This saith the beloved apostle, am I permitted to leave upon record that all may know, that God alone is worthy to receive honor and glory, and for a warning to all who know of the will of God, that they seek not to walk haughtily in his presence; but continually bear in mind in all they do, say and think, Thou only art worthy to receive honor and glory!

6 This impression of the holiness to God, must produce a sense of fear and reverence, which forbids all haughtiness and self-exaltedness in his presence. Blessed and holy are they who become wholly subdued to his will, while possessing power and faculties to enjoy and glory in that which is pleasing to a selfish nature.

7 Such souls become accustomed to the will of God, and it is their delight and pleasure to glorify Him, nor do they seek pleasure in no other way. It is engraven upon their hearts and their very gestures bespeak glory to God, their tongues lisp forth in union and harmony with the other faculties of the body. Thus they glorify God in all their words and ways.

8 Thus have I written and left upon record, in my own name, saith the beloved apostle, hoping it may do good to some who may hereafter hear this my word, and may cause them to honor and glorify God, in an acceptable manner in his sight. But I desire that none may miss the point through a lack of understanding, and think they are glorifying God in his holy and eternal way, when their real motives are to glorify self, and shun the cross of a life of self-denial, and daily avoid glorifying God in self-abasement in his presence.

9 Some may show great marks of humility and humble gratitude, for the goodness of God, and for their great privilege in his blessed work of salvation, while nothing crosses their path that brings mortification to a selfish nature. But let this cross be presented, they immediately lose their feigned humility, and no longer breathe forth praises to God and glory to his holy name.

10 This kind of humility standeth no trial. But that humility which is acceptable in the sight of God, suffereth long, and continueth to operate in souls, causing them to glory that they are counted worthy to suffer rebuke and affliction, that they may prove their sincerity to God, and be able to glorify Him, while walking the path of adversity and humiliation.

11 It is a great blessing to suffer in spirit, while in this state of mortal existence,and a great notice of God, if a right use be made of it. For by this trying gift, souls are proved before God, and thereby placed in that exalted state of happiness beyond the grave, which cannot be granted to those who have sought ease and indulgence, and have tasted lightly of the cup of affliction.

12 Therefore would I recommend to one and all, to labor for patience under sufferings, while here in time. That which cometh in the line of your duty, consider it not an adversary, but as the chastening of the Lord, that ye may draw near unto Him, and glorify Him with a meek and godly deportment, under all circumstances; that ye may become fully tried and proved in his sight, while walking in this vale of tears. Then your joy will be perfect in the world to come, and your glory unfeigned.

13 And this is my word at this time, with my hearty wishes that no one, being called to so great a salvation, would fail to glorify God to the destruction of every vain imagination of the heart, which seeketh any honor and glory, except that which is of God.

14 For if ye seek applause of each other, in order to become exalted in your own eyes, and in the eyes of your fellows, ye surely have your reward in this life, but find no treasure hereafter: for God rewardeth the humble, but the lofty and self-exalted stand afar off, having no confidence towards God.

15 Therefore, one and all, who desire to be glorified of God, and gathered near unto his bosom of protection, cause ye this weighty superscription to be written upon your hearts, and engraven upon your memories, that ye may ever have it present with you, in all the changeable scenes of time: Thou only art holy and worthy to receive honor and glory.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part III; Chapter 16



Types & Offerings of the Law fulfilled in Gospel Confession & Repentance.

The figurative import of the types and offerings under the law, must be fulfilled in the gospel, by the confession of sin, and by a pure and holy life.

1 Again saith the holy Angel, bow down, O thou instrument, and write. Thus saith the Lord, Again will I reason with the works of my hands. Unto you that seek to pick and find whereof to cavil concerning my holy and eternal work, I say, Why was it that I the Lord did strive, in long sufferings, for many ages, with a crooked and stiff-necked people, to bring them to my laws, ordinances and statutes, which were all natural and outward? Did I not intend in the end, that something should follow which was inward and spiritual?

2 And what hath ever followed among the children of men, that could, with propriety, be likened as the real substance of the shadow which I wrought among my ancient people Israel? Was the fulfillment thereof accomplished in the days of my beloved Son?

3 Did those who succeeded him and his first witnesses and followers, practice that purity and holiness of life, by the purifying of their souls, in such a manner as to shape or fit them to the work of the outward figure, which I the Lord did establish by a firm law, from the mountain of my holiness, by the mouth of my servant Moses, to be kept throughout their generations? And whosoever regarded them not, was either to suffer death, or be cut off from my people.

4 Why, saith the Lord, did I concern Myself about such small matters, as those I laid down in my figurative law, to be observed with such strictness, which regarded the purifying of those who should come into my presence, both priests and people, if I did not intend, in the fulfillment of the substance, to bring equally as close a work, as it respected the cleansing and purifying of the souls of those who should come into my presence, and be clean in my sight?

5 What think ye, O ye learned and wise, could have been the object of the only wise God, to devise such humiliating, such debasing means as the law of Moses required, if in the end, and under the gospel law, I had designed to require nought but the merits of my beloved Son, to cleanse and redeem souls in my sight?

6 Did not the figurative work require that each one for one, should undergo their own purifying, by ways and means well calculated to humble their proud and exalted nature? Although it was all outward; yet extremely degrading to their haughty spirits. And was this all in vain?saith the Lord.

7 Nay; but I will bring forth the substance of that work which I showed only in the shadow, which shall lay low the loftiness of man. For behold my tabernacle is with men, and I will again take up my residence among the children of men. I have established mine altars for sacrifice, and consecrated and anointed to Myself priests, who shall stand to minister before Me, in the priest's office, whose hands are not defiled, and whose hearts are pure in my sight.

8 And I require offerings, saith the Lord, of all who come unto Me, which are not of the blood of bullocks, nor of the fat of rams; but a free will offering do I require of all who seek my favor; yea, an offering and a sacrifice of every beastly and vile passion that liveth and reigneth within the human breast.

9 And if any of my people, who are called by my name, do, through the influence of that evil and corrupt nature, commit deeds of wickedness, or are overtaken and violate, in the least, the sacred laws and ordinances of the kingdom of my righteousness, saith the Lord, I do require them, before they present themselves in the congregation of the saints before Me, first to bring an offering;

10 Yea, to bring a free will offering, and lay it before my priests, and there sacrifice in their presence, by confession, for an atonement for their sin and transgression. And they shall bathe themselves in the pure waters of repentance, and afterwards they shall be clean in my sight.

11 And if there be any of my people who are called by my name, who in thought, word or deed, knowingly commit that which serves to defile my holy habitation, or willfully commit that which borders in the least upon the indulgence of that beastly nature of lust, I the Lord have decreed, that such defilements shall never stain the golden streets of my new and spiritual Jerusalem, without immediately calling forth my wrath and indignation.

12 I say, for such crimes as these, I do require that they who become guilty, in this respect, shall slay their offering of atonement over "running water;" which signifies that they shall make confession in sorrow and tears of repentance, and bathe in the same until they become clean; for I will never be reconciled with beastly indulgences, neither in word, deed or thought, among my holy chosen people; but will cause my anger speedily to fall thereon.

13 For I have set my face to destroy death, and him that hath the power of death, which worketh uncleanness in his subjects. I will have a clean people, saith the Lord, who shall walk in purity before Me, let their remnant be never so small: for I have established my laws and statutes in the Zion of my likeness, for the purification of all uncleanness, to which the fallen race of man is subject.

14 The fountain of my grace which I have opened in Zion, for the purification of souls, runs sufficiently deep and extensive, to cleanse all manner of filthiness from the souls of the children of men, who will comply with my terms. But those who have committed capital crimes which come under the jurisdiction of the laws of the land, must first be judged by those laws.

15 Yea, saith the Lord, I have opened a deep and wide fountain, in this latter day of my glory, for the cleansing of all souls who come into it; but the proud and self-exalted, in their own imagination, will never be willing to stoop to all the little, simple, self-degrading forms, which I the Lord have established in my wisdom, for the purification and safe going of my chosen people, and which are sufficiently simple and easy to be understood. Yea, they are so exceeding simple as to undermine all that is lofty and self-exalted.

16 And for this cause were my figurative people unwilling to walk in my statutes; because they were binding to that nature, which sought to be exalted above their Maker; and instead of glorifying Him in the way which he had laid out, for their safety and protection, they chose rather to throw off the yoke of restraint, and be more like the heathenish nations around them.

17 Yea, they determined each one to do whatsoever seemed good in his own sight, regardless of forms and ceremonies, which, according to their sense, only served to grind and mortify them, and therefore were ceremonies which in their view had become useless and vain. For these things did I suffer my wrath to come upon them, and scatter them, in my time, to the four quarters of the earth.

18 And in like manner, will I deal with those who become inhabitants of my Zion, in this day of the fulfillment of my work, who are called by my name, who, after following Me for a season, by obeying my precepts and commands, shall seek to throw off the yoke of restraint, and become more like the nations without, who have never known my holy and righteous commands.

19 Yea, I will spew them out of my presence, and scatter them as dung, to the four quarters of the earth; for I the Lord will have a pure people, who will willingly serve Me, day and night, and bring forth the works of purity and holiness. And I will gather in my mercy, and scatter in my fury, until I accomplish my work which I have begun with the nations of the earth.

20 Verily, I will sift them as wheat, and I will purify them as in the refiner's furnace, and they shall know that I am the Lord, who have begun my strange work, which will terminate in the final separation between the precious and the vile, respecting every soul that was ever born into the world under the influence of a fallen nature.

21 For I will never cease my work, until every son and daughter of Adam hath had a fair trial in the gospel furnace, either in time, or in the world which is to come; for I am a just and holy God, who knoweth no respect of persons, who regardeth not the high or low estate of any: All flesh is alike before Me.

22 And although Satan may rage, and bring forward his forces to withstand my holy and eternal way, which I have laid out in wisdom; yet, saith the Lord, my work shall never cease until all souls have had a fair and unmolested trial, sufficient to prove whether they will obey my righteous commands unto life, and a glorious immortality beyond the grave, or whether they will disobey unto death and endless guilt and remorse.

23 For I, the Lord of hosts, will settle in this day of my power, my controversy with man, and will leave all without excuse, in the end; for my judgments are fast hastening, and the end of all things is nigh at hand.

24 For one day with Me, is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day; and no man knoweth in what watch of the night his Lord cometh, whether at eve, or at midnight, or at the cock's crowing; for it is a day of darkness and gloominess, and of thick clouds; therefore watch; for ye know not the day nor the hour when your visitation cometh.

25 Ye who are looking and gazing in your imaginations, for the signs of the latter day to appear in natural and outward displays of power, which worketh as compulsory means, suddenly to fit and prepare souls to come into my presence, and become one with Me, the Author and fountain of all purity and holiness: Vain and transient is your hope, which shall wither as the green grass beneath the scorching rays of divine light, truth and understanding.

26 For utterly impossible would it be for souls to become sanctified and purified in my presence, and become fit subjects to dwell together in unity, in the kingdom of peace and righteousness which I have established upon the earth, in the name of my beloved Son, while walking each one after his own heart's lusts, fulfilling the commands of the old world; yet without restraint of the law of times and seasons, daily wallowing in their uncleanness.

27 Yea, equally as impossible as it would be for them to undertake to blot out the light of that sun which I the Lord did place and establish by my mighty power, to expand its rays and give light by day, to the inhabitants of the earth.

28 Where is the hand sufficiently strong to do this? saith the Lord; to stretch forth and blot out the rays of that sun, which hath ever moved at my command, since the first day I established it in the heavens: No power was ever given to man to do this.

29 Neither was there ever power given to mortals, to extinguish the light of that Sun of Righteousness, which hath arisen in this last dispensation of my glory to man; nor can they set darkness for light and light for darkness, and change evil into good, and good into evil; nor can they change corruption and uncleanness into purity and holiness, and cause it to become sanctified by the light of the coming of my beloved Son.

30 For that which seemeth foul and unclean in my sight, in the days of my figurative people, and required a continual sacrificing of living beasts and birds, to make atonement for their uncleanness, can never become clean under the light of the Sun of Righteousness. Even in that which I tolerated for the begetting and bringing forth of their offspring, did I require suitable oblations at their hands, before they came into my presence, lest my wrath should utterly consume them.

31 Therefore, saith the Lord God of heaven, How, or in what way am I, the great and terrible One, who change not from generation to generation, to restrain my wrath against the wickedness of man? I who ever stand as the same source and fountain of all purity and holiness, how can I be reconciled with the filthy and unclean abominations which are daily committed in my sight?

32 Or how can I accept the deeds of those who make long prayers, who seek greetings in the market places, and love to be called Rabbi of the children of men, and who vainly flatter themselves that their God is not the same, both yesterday, today and forever; but imagine that which was once unclean in his sight, He hath reconciled by the blood and merits of his beloved Son?

33 O ye vain and foolish inventors of damnable heresies! seeking to change darkness into light, and falsehood into truth! Ye never can do this, saith the God of heaven; for I have caused that eternal brightness to descend from my holy and eternal throne, which shall lift every veil, and uncover every secret lurking place where man hath resorted to commit trespasses, not only against the laws of man, but also against the firm laws of his God and Creator.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part IV; Chapter 2


That the Righteousness of Christ does NOT reconcile the whole World, but only those who walk in his Footsteps.

The day is hastening when God will dispense his righteous judgments to all souls, according to their works. A full sacrifice is required to find God's acceptance; He will reject those who flinch at a full cross. All must have a free choice.

1 Thus saith the Lord, Howl, O ye children of men, and bewail! for the day of the Lord is fast hastening on, to mete out a just recompense to those who have walked in hypocrisy, and with mincing steps, with the poison of asps under their tongues, and the blood of the innocent is found in their skirts.

2 O ye foul and abominable in my sight! I warn you to flee from the wrath which is to come, and bring forth works meet for repentance, and no longer trust in that covering of sanctification by the merits of my beloved Son, which is shortly to be rent in twain; and the naked works of mankind, with all their secret motives and intentions, will appear openly to justify or condemn them in my presence.

3 Turn ye, turn ye, your eyes within, saith the Lord, and behold, by the light of my countenance, which is the searcher of every heart, the substance therein contained; and know ye of a truth, that according to your works, so shall ye be judged in the last day, which hath already commenced, both in heaven and upon earth.

4 And as I live, saith the Lord, the soul that sinneth shall die, and every man shall die for his own sins; for I have never designed, by the death of one righteous man, to be reconciled to the sins of the whole world. But "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth;" even a just sacrifice, in spirit and in truth, do I require of all who come under the order of my gospel law.

5 And in proportion as they have sinned against Me, so far shall they suffer the death and condemnation of the same; for the blood of beasts and birds can never cleanse man in my sight, from his uncleanness, nor can the blood which floweth from human veins do it.

6 But the life of every fallen being do I require at their hands, in proportion to their sins, of all who come unto Me, in the order of my new and spiritual kingdom, in which Christ, my first born, reigns as Lord and Ruler thereof, who gave his life a ransom for all who would come unto him and walk in his footsteps, daily crucifying the world within and without, in every word, deed and thought; for such did he give his life a ransom, and for no others.

7 And all those who seek to save the natural and carnal life; yet think to find that life which is hid with Christ in God, will find themselves awfully mistaken: for they only who lose their lives for Christ's sake and the gospel's, shall ever find that life which hath no end, in the kingdom of my glory, saith the Lord.

8 Therefore I do require all those who would become the subjects of my new kingdom of peace and righteousness, established upon the earth, my new and spiritual Jerusalem, whose King reigneth forever and ever, that they freely give up their own natural lives, regardless of their struggles and pleadings to live a little longer, but that each one and all give their lives, freely, as a ransom for their own souls.

9 For in doing this, they pay the utmost farthing required of them, and redeem their own souls from under the curse and death of their own evil nature, which is enmity against God, and is not subject, neither indeed can be, even to one of the least of my commands, but is as prone to wickedness as the sparks to fly upwards.

10 Therefore I, the holy and just One, have pronounced the sentence of death upon it. This sentence is just, and this decree altereth not to fit to the law or pleadings of man's invention, to spare the life of the best of the flock, and also the king, which signifies the root, that therewith they may sacrifice unto Me, saith the Lord.

11 This is the same in my sight, as those who think in this day of my divine light, to approach my Altar, and to make sacrifices to Me, and thereby become acceptable in my sight, when in themselves they spare not only the root, but also the branches of an evil nature, which they seek to have sanctified by the merits and blood of the Lamb. This evil feeling of nature must yet share the fate of the wicked king Agag, who was hewed in pieces by my righteous servant, the prophet Samuel.

12 And they who henceforth, after hearing this my firm decree, which requireth the death of every particle of that nature which rebelleth against Me, or which seeketh to afflict my chosen people, in the midst of whom I dwell; their fate shall, in the end, be like the fate of Saul, when for his disobedience to my righteous commands, my blessings had departed from him, and he was left to fall a prey to his enemies.

13 So in like manner shall be their fate, who, in disobedience to my righteous command, which is to lift up the sword of the testimony, and slay and spare not, neither great nor small, seek to prolong the life of the enemies of their souls, even their evil natures, and yet think to become justified and sanctified in my presence, which can never be, saith the Lord.

14 But as surely as they do this, they shall fall in the end, by the force of the strong man armed, that they have sought to save alive, which by this means hath become sufficiently strong to bind the soul and again bring it under the captivity of death.

15 For this cause, when ye approach my Altar for the purpose of slaying the corrupt life of nature, in the presence of my Anointed, although your evil nature may be like the king who came delicately before Samuel, let the bitterness of death be passed upon it, even though it would of itself seek life and be screened from the sword of divine truth and justice; yet heed not the delicateness of your evil nature, which loveth to glory in its shame; but give it up to the death of the cross.

16 Mankind, in this day of gloominess, clouds and thick darkness, have sought to blend the law of nature and the law of grace into one common law, yielding obedience to neither, but as far as they can select from either. The law given to my servant Moses from Sinai's top, or the law of the gospel which I revealed through my beloved Son; that which gave any latitude to their fallen natures, they have ever been ready to adopt and practice.

17 But remember, Christ came to fulfill the law, and in addition thereto, bring in a far greater and exceeding righteousness by good works. Yet so far as man could find anything, in either dispensation to give the least toleration to their base licentious habits and cravings, they have been willing to grasp after it, with the eagerness of raging beasts that hunt for flesh that hath long laid lifeless, and hath become a stench in the nostrils of man, that their sordid appetites might be satiated.

18 But hear ye the word of the Lord, ye sons and daughters who call yourselves by my name, and plead the merits of my beloved Son to sustain you in my sight; hearken and understand, and ever remember my word, that ye no more be deceived, and think ye have become the subjects of grace, by fulfilling the law of Christ, when ye walk according to the deeds of the first man Adam.

19 Your acts of filthiness have, indeed, sunk you far below the first Adam in his fallen state. But I shall ere long declare my law, being my requirement from the beginning saith the Lord, to bind in natural man his licentious passions, and restrain him to the strict order of nature.

20 Remember, O ye benighted souls, who seek to be messengers of light! That the law of nature and the law of grace, are two distinct laws; but how can they who keep neither, but violate both, stand justified in my presence, having not one excuse to defend themselves in the day of my wrath? saith the Lord.

21 The kingdom of outward laws and shadows is one kingdom, and the kingdom of Christ, which is the fulfilling, in substance, these laws and shadows, is entirely a separate kingdom. And although mankind may walk in true circumspection, according to the law of Moses my servant, and so far become justified in my sight; yet in so doing they have no claim to the merits of my beloved Son.

22 For he came to do away the figurative and ceremonial law and the necessity thereof, by becoming the end of that law for righteousness, to all who in spirit believe and obey. And thus he came not to destroy, but to fulfill the law in every tittle, in the true substance thereof, by bringing forth that law of grace which should supersede all other laws, in his followers.

23 Therefore, saith the Lord, they who walk according to the law of nature, must stand before Me as natural men and women in the flesh, who regard the law of times and seasons, and are perfect in the law of generation, in begetting and bringing forth their offspring.

24 These do I call perfect in their generations; and such in so doing, shall receive blessings at my hands, according to that order, until they have the evidence in their own breasts, that they have been called by the voice of their God to come forth to his help, and fulfill the law of Christ, which brings an end to the fulfillment of the law of nature, by fulfilling the law of grace, through which all things are brought to perfection.

25 But if such, when called, refuse to hearken, they shall no more merit my protection, which hath caused them to walk in my presence faultless in their generations; but their seed shall become corrupt, and their offspring base in my sight; my blessing shall depart from their dwellings, and my peace from their doors.

26 Yea, saith the Lord, they shall be left a prey to every devouring beast which chanceth to pass by; for the wall of my protection shall be taken from them, and they will wallow in their uncleanness and seek pleasure therein, but find none; for I will turn their pleasure into a devouring flame, which shall scorch them on every side.

27 When the days of anguish come upon you, as a whirlwind, then turn ye and search out the cause of your calamity, and why ye have been thus suddenly spoiled, and see if ye have not within your bosoms the seed of faith, which if suffered to grow, would in the end, bring forth the fruits of righteousness and peace, in the kingdom of my beloved Son.

28 Yea, when these calamities come upon you, cast your eyes within, and see if ye have not this seed of living faith; and if ye find that to be the case, ye may as well undertake to stretch forth your hand and extinguish the light of the sun at noon day, as to extricate and blot out of your souls the seed of faith, which is of my planting, and again prosper and flourish in fulfilling the order of nature.

29 I leave this my solemn word upon the records of time, in my own name, saith the God of heaven, in whose hands all power is, not only for a warning, but also as a witness and testimony against all who shall, in the least, seek to outstand the day of my visitation, when they once feel my spirit striving with them, to call them from the work of generation, from fulfilling the law of natural commandments, to come forth into the work of regeneration and fulfill the law of Christ who is a quickening spirit.

30 And all who serve him, or become one with him in his kingdom, must be quickened by his spirit, into newness of life, to serve him in spirit and in truth, and not according to the letter of the law, which killeth; but according to the spirit, which giveth life and peace forevermore.

31 And by this, saith the Lord, may all see how far the law of natural commandments is made void by the coming of my beloved Son; it still remains good, and is made void to none save those who come into the law of grace, which obviates the necessity of the law of natural commandments.

32 Therefore search, O ye children of men! And examine closely, and draw the line, and choose ye this day whom ye will serve, whether the gods who ruled the disobedient sons of men before the flood, or the law of natural commandments, which my almighty hand was stretched forth to establish, through my servant Moses.

33 But if in this late period of the world, when the last dispensation hath ushered in the day of full and final salvation from all sin, ye choose to serve the gods who ruled in the days before the flood, and make it manifest by a continuance of your base and sordid deeds, which caused my wrath, when my times were accomplished, to fall upon the inhabitants of the old world, and to sweep by a deluge the race of man and beast from my presence, except a righteous and obedient few, ye must abide the consequences.

34 Yea, saith the God of heaven, if this be your choice, to serve the gods of this world, even the lusts of man, stand ye still in this, and I will sweep you from the face of the earth, when the days of my forbearance are accomplished, and mete your portion far below those whom I destroyed by the flood, or by the fire and brimstone which I suffered to rain down upon the wicked inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah.

35 But if ye choose to refrain from serving these gods of this world, and are willing to come to the law of nature given to man in the beginning, and keep the moral law of natural commandments, given by the God of Israel, the only true God, while under the dispensation or kingdom of types and shadows, if this be your choice, from henceforth stand ye firm therein, until I call you therefrom, to serve Me in my new and living kingdom.

36 And as I preserved the righteous family, and all that appertained thereunto, from the destroying element of water; so will I the Lord uphold you, in whom I find the law of obedience to my natural commandments fulfilled, in the day when my tempestuous fury shall overspread the face of the whole earth.

37 But ye who choose to serve me with full purpose of heart, fulfilling the laws of my Zion, in the kingdom of my beloved Son, by a full and final cross against all evil, daily crucifying the world in yourselves, with its affections and lusts, laying the ax at the root of all human depravity; I say, ye who choose this, with full purpose of heart, stand ye firm in it, and I your God will cause you to ride on chariots of fire, before every tempestuous wind and tide, until the days of my wrath are accomplished.

38 For I will have a peculiar respect unto my Zion, and to her inhabitants who walk humbly in my presence. And although wicked man, moved to sedition by the father of all mischief, should encamp, with furious hosts against my ransomed, my holy and chosen people, whom I have chosen out of the world that they might serve Me, the living and true God, in spirit and in truth, unmingled with the service of other gods;

39 I say, although Satan with all his hosts, combine to make war with the woman and the remnant of her seed, who have the faith of Jesus, and keep my commandments; yet, saith the Lord God of heaven, I will open the earth to receive the multitude of their slanders, and the violence of their rage, that they of my ransomed may stand unmoved.

40 Thus saith the Lord, This day have I set light and darkness before the children of men, that they may choose or refuse for themselves, and abide, henceforth, the consequence of their own choice. For I am not as man, who speaketh vain things, but as God who speaketh the word of truth and righteousness and err not.

41 Although the time hath been long, since I, the high and holy One, who inhabit eternity, have descended from my throne of truth and righteousness, and condescended to speak unto man dwelling in earthly tabernacles; yet, be it known to all nations, kindreds and tongues, that I the Lord of hosts have, in this day, descended in my cloud, which rests upon my holy Zion, within whose walls my tabernacle doth stand.

42 For behold my tabernacle is with man, and in the keeping of the sons of men. And the cloud of my brightness often covers the mercy seat, and the glory of the Lord fills the house of the Lord; and I speak through the cloudy pillar, through mine Anointed, and my little ones hear my voice, and I place my word in their hearts, and their tongues utter forth understanding.

43 Be it known, for a truth to all nations, that the Lord speaketh to man through earthen vessels; but uttereth not his law, save only in the mountain of his holiness, where He hath placed his name, and the center of his everlasting kingdom upon the earth, whence goeth forth his law to the utmost bounds of the inhabited earth, unto all who call upon the name of the Lord, who seek to know his precepts and to walk in his paths.

44 And who hath aught against this? Hath not my right hand established it? Then who among the sons of men, although they put hand to hand, and shoulder to shoulder, will ever be able to overthrow it? For will I not cause one whom I have made strong in the power of my might, to chase a thousand, and a thousand to put ten thousand to flight? For I will be with them and uphold them, saith the Lord, and no weapon formed against my Anointed shall stand: for I the Lord have spoken it.

45 Therefore ye that would call upon the name of the Lord, come ye up to my holy mountain, and learn ye of my statutes; for my spiritual Judah hath become my lawgiver to all people, nations and kindreds, who call upon the name of the Lord, and seek to know his paths.

46 In my Jerusalem, upon the throne of David, have I placed an ensign of royalty, to rule my people Israel; even from the root of Jesse hath sprung a Governor to rule my people, whose kingdom is established by an everlasting covenant to him, and to his seed forever and ever.

47 And my law and my scepter shall never depart from Judah, whose king reigneth in Jerusalem, in the mountain of my holiness; for my City is builded and her walls are made secure, and I have found a resting place among the sons of men, whose temples have been cleansed, and made fit to receive Me saith the Lord.

48 And I will take up my residence in every soul that will first cleanse the inner courts of their hearts, in the order of my appointment, that they may become fit temples for my holy spirit to dwell in. For out of spiritual Judah shall go forth my law, to judgment to the ends of the earth.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part IV; Chapter 3



About the Second Eve and her Place as the Second Adam's help Meet.

8 Thus saith the Lord God of heaven; My time having fully come, I spake, and it was accomplished. I formed the new earth and the new heavens by my almighty word. I said, Let there be light, and there was light. I separated the night from the day, and placed the firmament to separate the heavens above from the earth beneath; and I saw and pronounced it good.

9 And in my own time, I created man in my own likeness, and placed him thereon, to till the ground of my new earth and subdue it. But as yet there was not a helper meet found for the man, in the image of true Wisdom and holiness; therefore did the whole creation groan, because there was not a helper meet for the man whom I had created, in the true image of holiness: For the man is not without the woman in the Lord, neither is the woman without the man.

10 Therefore, nothing could be brought forth to perfection, so long as man remained without a helper meet; for the woman was created to be the glory of the man. This I the God of heaven decreed when I stretched forth with my almighty hand, and brought forth the lesser power, the bright and adorned Wisdom, who is as one brought up at my side, the glory of the greater power, yet subject in all things. How then is the Son of man to appear in his glory, except he appear in and with the woman, whom I created to be the bright glory of man, yet subject in all things?

11 Hear ye, saith the Lord, ye who are quick to understand the natural signs, and the workings of the natural creation, which I the Lord first created, as a shadow to prefigure the things which are durable and eternal; yet slow to understand and perceive the things which must endure forever.

12 Ye who vainly expect, with your natural eyes, to see the earth whereon ye dwell, suddenly vanish like a scroll rolled together, and then be no more, and a new earth succeed it; and then, (as ye have framed in your imaginations,) to look and behold the Lord in his glory, surrounded by myriads of Angels, yet alone as to any helper meet; How or in what manner, saith the Lord, will this apply to my natural creation?

13 Ye say, and are willing to acknowledge that the first man Adam, was of the earth, earthy, and the second Adam was the Lord from heaven, a quickening Spirit. But what do ye call the first woman? Did I not create her with a living soul, for an important purpose? Not merely for a servant to man; but for a helper meet, to stand on an equal footing with man, but subject as a lesser power. How think ye then to blot out the name of her whom I created to be the glory of the man, through the endless ages of eternity?

14 And as Adam, the first man, was of the earth, and returned to earth again; (except that living soul formed by the breath of never ending life, which I breathed into his nostrils;) so was the first woman of the earth, and returned to earth again, and the soul to God who gave it, to be consigned to the place which I had prepared for them, until I should call them forth to the bar of divine Justice, to give an account of the deeds done in the body, in common with the rest of their posterity.

15 And as the second man Adam was the Lord from heaven, a quickening spirit; so is also the second woman Eve, the second heir of the new covenant of life, made perfect through the coming of her Lord, quickened by his spirit; the Bride adorned for her husband, the glory of the first new man, the quickening spirit.

16 And a glory and a praise shall she be throughout the earth, and throughout the heavens; for I have created her for a glory, and my purposes shall not fail. For all nations shall yet rise up and call her blessed; for I the Lord have spoken it, and I lie not.

17 And the tongues which dare henceforth, after hearing these my solemn declarations, scorn and make light of the means which I have decreed to meet the fallen race of man, and set up my kingdom of glory upon the earth; yea, the tongues of those that dare move in derision, to scorn these things, which are even too sacred to take into vain and polluted lips; such, unless they immediately repent, will see the day when they will cry in vain for a drop of water to cool their tongues, being compassed about with the flames of hell.

18 These things have I spoken, saith the merciful God, to warn all people; for I have no pleasure in the wickedness of man, but rather that all would turn unto Me and live. But sure as I have spoken these things; so surely I will accomplish them, upon those who lightly regard my solemn words, and laugh them to scorn.

19 Therefore, saith the God of heaven, it remains for you, O ye hearers of my word, if not doers of my work, that ye make such use of these sayings of your God, by handling them in my most holy fear, that ye can answer to Me in justification, in the day when ye have nothing but your naked works to recommend you in my sight.

20 If ye have only this one thing in your favor, that ye have never rashly condemned or set at nought that which ye did not understand; but feared lest ye should be found fighting against your God: Truly, if ye have only this to recommend you to my mercy, saith the Lord, ye will find it to be that which will weigh as particles of lead, to balance in your favor, in my sight.

21 For I the Lord will bless the soul, according to his measure, who lifteth the weight of his finger, to forward my holy and eternal work which I have established upon the earth, either as it respects the work of his own spiritual welfare, present and future, or the work of supporting and befriending, in any way or manner, of my chosen people, even of those who yet stand without the courts of my holiness; he shall in no wise lose his reward.

22 But as to those that will openly and willfully wage war with my people, and use all the influence which their father the devil, who still thirsteth for revenge, giveth them: as I live, saith the Lord, they that do this, and are found fighting against my holy and eternal work, in my people, unless they suddenly repent, and make restitution for the same, before long I will smite them from off the face of the earth, in sudden and untimely deaths, too awful here to relate.

23 And not one soul, who persisteth in the practice of maliciously afflicting my people, for the purpose of suppressing the testimony which they bear, or for the purpose of revenging upon them or any one of them, as individuals, although the then present circumstances of such ones in life may be never so flourishing, the moment they sell themselves to persecute my people, I will nip their substance as with the east wind.

24 And their herbage shall become as ashes, and their fields gradually turn to desolation, and nought shall remain for the beholder or passer by to see, but the ruins of that which once was, but is now no more than a plain monument of God's wrath upon those who sell themselves to fight against Him, in the day of his power.

25 And they themselves shall not go down in peace to the grave, although they may apparently die by natural disease; yet in their last days I will forsake them, and they shall find themselves the companions, and in the keeping of those whose arrows are as the arrows of death to pierce their troubled breasts:

26 Yea, in the keeping of those who, while on earth, their feet were swift to shed blood, and to draw the sword of persecution against my Anointed, who have never found rest nor forgiveness in my sight to this day. These, saith the Lord, as ravens, shall hover over their dying frames, to waft the soul, as soon as it quits its wretched house of clay, down to the regions of black despair.

27 These things I, your God, speak in love and mercy, to warn all to beware that they sell not their precious faculties, to work opposition to the Father and Friend of their immortal souls, who is hastening his work, to give all souls an offer of his mercy who will receive it at my hand, let their crimes be never so great in my sight.

28 For I have never seen the time, saith the Lord, since the day man first turned his heel against Me by disobedience, that I had any pleasure in the death and destruction of the wicked; but as a kind Father have I watched over them, from day to day, and from year to year, pleading, with my holy influence, for them to turn from the evil of their ways, and save themselves from the power of him who hunteth for prey, even as a roaring lion.

29 But as I have once created man a free agent, to choose or refuse for himself; and this I sanctioned by an unalterable decree; how can I again confine his feet? Heaven forbids, and my eternal justice and divine attributes forbid, that man should loose his free agency, in any wise: for this alone, would destroy the foundation of heaven, and upset the foundation of hell, and cause all things to be performed by compulsory means, which would leave souls as mere machines, acting from involuntary influence.

30 Nay, saith the Lord of hosts, this was never the design of the Creator, in bringing forth the noblest of all my natural creation, the creature man. I created him with powers and faculties to honor and glorify Me his Creator, above all the works of my hands in the natural world; nor will I rest or be still until my purposes are accomplished.

31 But so long as I send peace and plenty in the land, mankind will never seek aright after Me, their God and Creator; Because of this, and also because my soul longeth to behold my prodigal son, and his numerous offspring, returning unto Me, in tears of supplication seeking mercy and blessings at my hand, I have hastened my time to cast a drought over the face of the earth.

32 And thus I will let my vengeance be upon her, until the works of my hands, whom I created as objects of my peculiar pleasure, may learn by what they suffer, and willingly return unto Me, their Creator and Father, and seek for the crumbs that fall from my table of plenty.

33 So ye may see and understand, if ye will, the love which I the Father have for the souls of my creation. And those whom I cannot gather unto Me, by the mild influence of love, accompanied with mercy, I the Lord must visit them in love, accompanied with judgment, and many stripes.

34 But such as will not be moved by all which I shall do, before I close with my chastening rod, and my scourge upon the inhabitants of the earth; such souls I will reject as reprobates, whose hearts are abandoned to wickedness, and leave them under the power and dominion of their father the devil, into whose hands they have sold themselves for nought.

35 But O that all would return to the living fountain, and drink at my flowing stream! O that all, even unto the ends of the earth, might hear my voice of love, calling them to return and retrace their steps, that I might heal them of their sorrows! For I am not as man, who seekest revenge upon his enemies; but as God who knoweth no revenge; but am as one continual fountain of love without end, who delight not in the affliction of any, let their enmity against Me be never so great.

36 But mercy without justice is dead, being alone. A continual ministration of mercy upon the unrelenting and impenitent soul, is of no profit; for it only serves to harden and confirm them in the ways of vice; so mercy and justice go together, and are bound hand in hand, and one is not without the other.

37 I first extend to man the offers of mercy, on mild and gentle terms; and if he will comply with my terms and accept the offers, and willingly suffer justice to have its perfect work upon him, such shall be received by me in mercy. But if they stand out when the offers of mercy are given to them, and willfully reject the same, shall I not, as a loving Parent, stretch forth the hand of justice? Truly I shall, saith the Lord.

38 And if this will not answer, I will send forth judgment and wrath, until I shall prove them, and know whether they will obey my voice on any terms, or whether they will cleave to their father the devil, and his works continue to do, that I may sweep them from my presence, as clay which remains insusceptible of any profitable shape in the hands of the potter.

39 But I will reason with the children of my creation and hold them, as it were, by the skirts of their garments, and plead with them in the silent hours of the night, when their bodies are wrapt in slumber, and their eyes closed in deep sleep. All this will I do, saith the Lord, for the sake of those whom I love.


Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part IV; Chapter 4


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