Revelations and Prophecies from God's Eternal Virgin Wisdom given through Shaker Instrument, Paulina Bates, 1841.  

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About God's special Choice of the Wilderness in America; Columbus, The Woman.

The wilderness of America was discovered by the providence of God, to be the field for the manifestation of Christ in the female, &c.

1 Hearken again to my voice, saith the holy Angel, and write that which I shall read unto thee from the sacred book of the Ancient of days. Thus saith the holy and unchangeable One; Listen again, O ye children of men! and understand my doings, that ye may know that I am a God who worketh out of sight, and by ways and means unknown to human invention.

2 When I the Lord looked and beheld the days fast hastening, wherein the night of antichristian darkness should be accomplished, when the Sun of righteousness should arise, and again illuminate the dark and benighted forest, and cause the wilderness and solitary places to be glad; Then did I, in my wisdom, explore the earth to find a place whereon to make ready and prepare the way for the building and setting up of my kingdom, my everlasting kingdom upon the earth.

3 I visited all the inhabited regions and kingdoms of civilization, and saw no place thereon to prepare and make ready a people through whom to establish my holy and eternal work, and set up that kingdom in their souls which should have no end.

4 For gross darkness had so covered the earth, and benighted bigotry had so enwrapped the hearts of the people, that no place therein was found to establish my kingdom, and set up my tabernacle among the children of men: for the work of the latter day was to be an inward work, and the kingdom established in the heart, to bring forth the fruits of righteousness.

5 Not but that I the Lord had sufficient power to stretch forth my hand, and accomplish all things by the power and force of compulsion, unaccompanied by the free will of the creature: but this would have been working in direct opposition to Myself, and to my divine attribute, which forbids to hinder the free agency of man.

6 For I work, saith the Lord, by ways and means; yet in my final work I compel none to become my agents through whom to fulfill my purposes, lest they should lift up their heels against Me, as soon as my compelling power is withdrawn. Therefore I saw no place for the soles of my feet among the civilized nations, except by the power of absolute compulsion.

7 Wherefore I betook myself to the deserts, and to the regions where the arts of civilization were not known. Here did I the Lord decree that I would prepare the way for the coming of my beloved Son, and for the establishing of that kingdom which should never have an end, by ways and means of my own choosing, among the children of men.

8 Yea, this was my firm decree, and thus was it accomplished, saith the Lord, in ways and by means far below all human invention, through opposition and perils on every side; yet by the willing obedience of those whom I chose to be the agents to fulfill my purposes.

9 To effect this work, I did stir up the spirit of my chosen one, even my servant Columbus, although he knew not that the hand of the Most High was upon him; yet he became a willing subject to hazard not only his life, but also riches, ease, honor and fame, to perform that work which he felt an inward evidence was his duty, which he owed, not only to his Creator, but to mankind for their benefit.

10 And thus was he a willing subject in my hands; although he knew it not; yet were his motives pure, not being led by pride, selfishness nor ambition; but with the intention of doing good to mankind. And thus was he a faithful instrument in my hands, to fulfill my purposes in this respect, and thereby answered the end of his calling.

11 And as his motives were to do good, rather than to seek riches, honor and fame in this life; and as he freely hazarded all to do my will, I the Lord saw fit to withhold these, the perishable and fading glories which his life of perilous adventures and hardships had merited, and reward him in the world to come, with a crown of never fading glory, which would prove to him a hundred fold greater reward than all the riches, honor and glory which this vain world could bestow.

12 And thus it went with Christopher Columbus, the first who became an instrument in my hands, to clear the way, to make ready a habitation in the wilderness, whereon to establish my kingdom of peace and rest.

13 Again listen and understand my doings, saith the Lord. When the times rolled round for the dawn of that day to commence, which was to be an endless day of divine light and understanding, before which light all darkness shall flee away:

14 Yea, when my times were fully accomplished, to prepare a place in the wilderness for the woman, whom I had chosen and prepared by deep sufferings, to bring forth the testimony of eternal truth, the word of God, that was to rule the nations with a rod of iron; how, saith the Lord, and in what manner did I accomplish it?

15 Know ye not that the hand of the Lord freed America? Although ye boast of heroes and pay your homage to man, as though deliverance was wrought by an arm of flesh; yet through the agency of my Almighty power, was this highly favored land set at liberty, amidst perils and dangers on every hand, and established a free and independent nation.

16 By my overruling providence, her laws were justly framed and established, in a measure of my holy spirit, sufficient, if obeyed, to crush the spirit of persecution, and to lay low the hand of tyranny, which thirsteth to oppress and bring into bondage, that which I have decreed shall ever remain free; which is the right of all to serve Me, their God, according to the dictates of their own consciences.

17 And they who bind the consciences of the souls of the children of men, they bind that which I the Lord have set at liberty; and a heavy woe from the Almighty shall rest upon them. For I created man a free agent, to act according to the dictates of his own conscience, as it relates to his faith, wherein the requirements of his faith do not infringe upon the wholesome laws of the land.

18 And for this cause, saith the Lord, I did influence the rulers of this favored land, which I had freed for my own purposes, to enact suitable laws to establish the rights of conscience; and also laws calculated to defend and protect the subjects of my strange work, that they might, in peace and quietness, fulfill in my name, my acts, my strange acts.

19 And the soul that with violence, lifteth a finger to violate not only the laws of his Maker, which have established the free agency of man; but also the laws of your constitution, which was framed according to my wisdom, saith the Lord, even the soul that doeth this, in defiance of the laws of God and man, shall feel my judgments.

20 Therefore let no one attempt to bind the conscience, or control the rights of souls from serving Me, according as their faith may dictate, even in one of the least of my subjects. Better would it be for such, that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the depths of the sea, than he should be left to offend in this important point.

21 For it must needs be that offenses come; because the adversary, with his power, goeth up and down as a roaring lion, seeking subjects to execute his work, "knowing that his time is short;" and many hearken to his vile insinuations, and become his willing agents.

22 But woe, woe, woe, be to those who become the subjects of Satan, to work offenses among my little ones, a little flock of innocent children, whom I have chosen out of the world, to serve Me according as I have instructed them, which is according to their faith; against which no power on earth hath a right to say aught, or why do ye so.

23 For, saith the Lord, to this end have I stretched forth my hand upon all nations, to establish in man, principles calculated to do away the slavery of the conscience, knowing that the day of my visitation is near:

24 Yea, that the times are nearly accomplished, to set up that kingdom in increasing degrees, which will work a work in its subjects, far out of sight of all human calculation, a work which the wise of this world will in no wise believe, although confirmed by great signs and wonders, the meaning of which no one can comprehend.

25 In this manner, saith the Lord, through great perils and dangers on every side, did I, by my Almighty hand, free this land and set it at liberty from all foreign powers: Yet not without the free will and united exertions of her inhabitants, who were made strong by my Almighty power.

26 In the order of my providence, I sent forth a strong band of mighty Angels, though out of the sight of man, to work for the deliverance of this portion of the inhabited earth, which I had chosen to set up my kingdom thereon, and establish my name for salvation, unto the ends of the earth, with sufficient power from my Almighty throne, to effect the work which I did send them to perform; and thus was it accomplished.

27 Yet, saith the Lord, I had no pleasure in the sacrifice of human lives, but would rather my purposes could have been accomplished by pacific means. But as the oppressors of this portion of the earth, which I had chosen, and the enslavers of her rights and privileges, chose rather to contend for their unjust power, by force of arms, I the Lord suffered it so to be, that they might know that a greater power than theirs supported the cause of the oppressed.

28 And thus did I cause the inhabitants of this land to become zealous in the defense of their own rights, even if the shedding of blood must be the result; for I had decreed that this land should be set at liberty from all foreign embarrassment.

29 And it was by my special direction, that the rulers of this land, influenced by my mighty Angels, did declare their Independence; although at that time there appeared but very little visible prospect that they would be able to maintain their declaration; yet the hand of the Lord was strong.

30 I did not require this people to invade the rights or the possessions of others for the sake of revenge, or for the sake of gain without right; but merely to stand in defense of their own just rights; and in so doing, they were blessed and prospered beyond what they could in reason have expected; for they knew not that the hand of the Lord, in the order of his providence, was with them, and against their adversaries.

31 And they who became willing sufferers, to spend and be spent for the good of their country, and the support of that freedom and liberty, which enslaves neither soul nor body; I say, those who acted upon liberal principles, void of selfishness, either in name, fame or riches, those, saith the Lord, shall receive at my hand, an honorable name and double reward for all their toils.

32 But those who sold themselves to favor their own selfish purposes, by thirsting for name, fame or wealth, and in so doing, lifted their heels against their own country's rights, such, if they escape my just judgments in this life, shall suffer fourfold vengeance in the world to come.

33 For I have no pleasure in those who turn traitors to their country's rights to multiply gain to themselves; nay, for a treacherous and defrauding spirit hath found a resting place within their hearts; and that same spirit will be liable to work treachery in the warfare which is not carnal, if they should ever be called to take up arms therein.

34 For whenever the battle should become warm, and require much force of arms, such a treacherous soul would wilt, and his courage fail, and he would be liable to fall back upon the enemies' ground, and be found fighting against his own soul's rights. Therefore, saith the Lord, I have no pleasure in a treacherous heart.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part IV; Chapter 9



About Unclean Souls who Attempt to come to God.

A solemn warning not to be found fighting against God, whose work is out of sight of human wisdom. A reproof of unclean souls who seek God in hypocrisy. He will reward all souls with a just recompense, according to their works.

1 Thus saith the Lord; Again listen and understand my doings. Consider ye well the cause wherein I did strengthen your hand against your enemies; and ever remember that the same hand is able to deliver, even unto the utmost, by ways and means of my own choosing. Therefore beware how ye be found fighting against that God whose arm is Almighty, and whose wrath no power on earth is able to stay.

2 I freed this land, saith the Almighty God of heaven, for the purpose that I might be worshipped and magnified therein; and thus it hath been, and shall continue to be accomplished, by ways and means of my own choosing, far out of sight of all human wisdom; and all souls will yet find that the foolishness of God is far wiser than the wisdom of man; for I see not as man seeth; therefore are my ways hidden from his sight.

3 How long, O ye children of men, will ye continue to seek the Lord after the imaginations of your own evil and corrupt hearts! Have I not declared by the mouth of the prophets, that I would work a work in the latter day, that should stain the pride of all flesh, and bring into contempt the wisdom of man, and that no flesh should glory in my presence?

4 How long will ye seek to glorify Me, saith the Lord, in your own loftiness, and according to your own evil and corrupt views, when at the same time, ye glory in your own shame and confusion of face?

5 How long shall I, the only just and holy God, be mocked by those who delight in long prayers and hypocritical faces, when their hearts are as an unclean cage, full of all manner of filthiness and dead men's bones? whose souls would shudder at the thought of becoming exposed to mortal sight, in deeds which they daily practice; and consider not that the eye of the Almighty, a pure and holy God, is ever upon them.

6 O ye foul and unclean! How long will ye seek to glorify Me, your Creator, while practicing deeds too foul even to name? How long will ye seek to hide from my presence, and vainly call upon my name to extend mercy and forgiveness to you, while ye choose to glory in your own shame and nakedness, rather than to glorify Me your Creator, by a life of purity and true holiness in my sight?

7 Fear and tremble, O ye inhabitants of the earth! for the hand of the Lord is stretched over you for judgment and confusion of face. For I will not always be mocked by those who serve Me afar off, whose deeds will not bear the light of my countenance. Nay, saith the Lord; but I will meet you face to face, either in mercy or in wrath, and ye shall know that I am the Lord, who knoweth the secrets of every heart, and will not fear to declare the wickedness of man upon the house top, by the mouths of babes and sucklings.

8 Therefore be warned, all ye children of men, and know and understand the abominations of your own hearts; for the day of my visitation draweth near, when I will pour out my fury upon the seat of the beast, and his beastly works shall become manifest, either in mercy or in judgment; for the mouth of the Lord, who lieth not, hath spoken it.

9 Therefore howl, O ye sons and daughters of abomination! For although your pride and haughtiness have exalted you even to the skies; yet, saith the Lord, my hand, which is Almighty, shall fetch you down from thence, even to the dust of the earth, and ye shall know that I am the Lord.

10 And although ye may seek to hide, and call for the rocks to cover you from my eye of justice; yet ye shall find no shelter wherein to screen yourselves from my all-seeing eye; for the wrath of an angry God hath already been revealed from heaven, in flames of unquenchable fire, against all manner of filthiness and uncleanness of man, which are an abomination in my sight, and the very earth groaneth beneath the weight thereof.

11 Yet the prayers of the abominable daily ascend unto Me, saith the Lord, that I would pardon them in their iniquities, and sanctify them in their uncleanness, whose prayers are a stench in my nostrils, and whose hope of forgiveness shall perish as the hope of the hypocrite.

12 These things have I spoken in mercy, that ye who hear the same, may lay it to heart, and let it work conviction therein, and cause you to know the depth of your own depravity, and how much of the work of secret abominations and defilements ye have accumulated for the unquenchable fire.

13 For so sure as there is a God in heaven, who knoweth the secrets of all hearts, so sure every soul that was ever born into the world, under the influence of an evil and corrupt nature, shall by their own tongues, proclaim their own works "upon the house top," in the judgment, (that is,) to Me in the light of my witnesses, who are the light of the world, before they can see my face in peace. Therefore, saith the Lord, ye may make whatever use of these my sayings, ye can best answer in justification, in the day which is to come.

14 And if ye consider these hard sayings, more than ye are willing to bear, know ye, in consequence of a refusal to hearken and obey the same, it will prove a far heavier matter to settle between you and your God, than to comply in mercy to the means which I have laid out for all souls, which are equal, and full of mercy and loving kindness to all.

15 For I am a God who delighted in mercy more than in judgment and wrath; but my work must be accomplished, for justice crieth aloud, and a just recompense will I measure unto every soul, let their name, fame or grade be what it may. My hand of justice is equal unto all; and according as their works shall be, yea, even their secret works, thoughts and intentions of the heart; so in proportion will I measure to them.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part IV; Chapter 10



The Office of the Spiritual Mother in the New Creation.

The reasonableness and importance of the office of the Mother, in the work of the spiritual regeneration declared. The effects of the testimony concerning the Parentage of the new creation.

1 Bow down, O ye children of men, saith the holy and just One, and learn of my doings; for I am a God who respecteth not the high or low estate of any; but my ways are equal.

2 When my times were accomplished for the dawn of the new day, and for the setting up of that kingdom among the children of men, when the Lord should again return to his temple, and find a residence among the children of men, whom did I seek to become a temple for the spirit and anointing of my beloved Son to dwell in, that his divine spirit might find a resting place among the sons of men, and again become established upon the earth? for ye read, The Lord suddenly cometh to his temple; and he shall appear in his glory.

3 As I live, saith the Lord, I have never created man to be glorified apart from the woman. The woman I decreed from the foundation of the world, to be the glory of the man; and the man to be the glory of God. And in whom doth the natural man glory more than in the woman of his choice? Will he not forsake father and mother, houses and lands, yea, and hazard his own life also, for the glory which cometh of the woman? And would not the earth, although surrounded with all the riches and honors this world could afford, be a place of solicitude without the woman?

4 Why then, saith the Lord, do you hesitate to know that the woman is the glory of the man, and in whom mankind in nature glory above all other created things? For I designed it so to be; for by natural things are clearly shown those which are spiritual.

5 And as the times were accomplished for the setting up of that kingdom upon earth, which should regenerate souls from a state of death and insensibility, into a state of life and vigor, by the new birth, was it not of the greatest importance that I should make a marriage for my only Son.

6 Truly, saith the Lord; and unto this chosen female, it was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white; that is, that she should become purified through sufferings, and be made clean and white by the blood of the Lamb; by living the life of Christ her Lord, and by obeying that testimony which worketh death to all evil, in every soul who receiveth it. And thus was the Bride whom I had chosen, made ready for her husband, by a garment of righteousness.

7 And this same woman, whom the world of mankind have rejected, (even as they rejected the stone which afterwards became the head of the corner,) the same, saith the Lord, hath become the Mother of the New Creation. And although the beastly powers of antichrist did arise and persecute the woman and her righteous seed; and although the dragon did cast forth floods out of his mouth, to swallow up and destroy her testimony, as soon as it was brought forth; yet the earth helped the woman: for I the Lord did always stir up the spirit of someone to befriend my Anointed, and rescue her from the cruel grasp of her enemies.

8 And when my times were accomplished, and a place was prepared in the wilderness, I gave unto the woman whom I had chosen to bring forth the testimony of eternal truth, to a lost world, sufficient power to waft her troubled and persecuted spirit, with her little company, across the foaming deep, amidst perils and dangers on every side, to the place I had prepared, there to be "nourished for a time, times and half a time, from the face of the serpent."

9 And thus did the subjects of my little kingdom find rest to the soles of their feet, in the wilderness, which I the Lord had prepared for them until the times were accomplished for them again to proclaim that testimony, which should arouse that serpentine nature in man, and again open its mouth to spew forth, as a flood, all manner of evil, falsely, with the intent to destroy from the earth doctrines so calculated to strike a death blow to the carnal life of the creature, and bring into contempt all which was of man's invention.

10 For what could be more degrading to the lofty spirit of man, than to have such a sin-killing testimony brought forth by a woman, the object of so much carnal joy and vain glory? And had it not been for my Almighty power, that spirit of persecution, which again opened its mouth to swallow the testimony, and make war with the woman, regardless of law or gospel, would have exterminated my witnesses and their testimony from off the face of the earth.

11 But through my divine agency and influence, the earth again helped the woman. And although she was the object of the greatest persecution and abuse, that was ever framed against mortals, her Lord excepted; yet did the arm of the Almighty sustain her until her work was accomplished, and the kingdom of her Lord established in the hearts of the children of men, so firm, that the powers of hell were not able to overthrow it.

12 And thus was her work accomplished upon the earth, and I wafted her spotless soul in a chariot of fire, far beyond the reach of mortal power. For the heavens did also wait for the coming of the Lord in his glory, that they might be quickened and made alive, by the power of that testimony which fully raised the soul from the dead works of the fall, to come forth to the judgment, and be judged according to the deeds done in the body.

13 And when the testimony was echoed through the heavens, were not the old heavens shaken as a leaf by a mighty wind? Truly, saith the Lord; for I declared by the mouth of the prophets, that I would not only shake the earth, but the heavens also; and thus the mighty shaking commenced.

14 The "dry bones" of those who had long slept in a state of death waiting to receive the last loud and shrill trumpet, were shaken in this great shaking of the heavens and earth. This called forth their souls to the judgment seat, to be quickened unto life, and to prove for themselves, whether their resurrection was unto life and a glorious immortality; or whether unto death and endless guilt and remorse.

15 And thus was the judgment seat of Christ, in his second coming in his glory, established, both in heaven and upon earth. And the same testimony which created the war, that caused the dragon's rage upon the earth, also renewed the war in heaven, which caused Michael and his Angels to stand up, and defend the testimony against Satan and his angels; and there was war in heaven, and Michael and his Angels prevailed.

16 And Satan, the old accuser, was cast out, and there was no place found for him, which caused great joy in the heavens. And they overcame by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony, which is the testimony of the Two in One; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

17 But when the dragon, that serpent which by his subtile devices, hath deceived the whole world, found that he was cast into the earth, did he not come down with power and great wrath, knowing his time was short? Surely he did; therefore beware.

18 Beware O ye inhabitants of the earth! Crieth the voice of the living God: for I declare unto you, whether ye believe or believe not, that the devil hath come down unto you; and woe, woe, woe, unto the inhabitants of the earth, because of him who hath come unto you with power and great wrath.

19 And finding that he is cast into the earth, his first work is to make war with the woman and the remnant of her seed, who keep the word of God, and have the testimony of Jesus. And although this power may, at this time, remain in a dormant state, as it respects the persecution of my people; yet when the testimony comes to be spread abroad, which is as a sharp two edged sword proceeding out of the mouth of him whose vesture is dipped in blood, whose name is called The word of God, then will the dragon persecute in great wrath.

20 For, saith the Lord, when this word of God which I have caused to be written by mortal hands, is spread abroad, wherein is contained that testimony which is like a two edged sword, to slay the carnal life of every creature who receiveth it, and the heralds of the gospel shall go forth in its power, like flaming torches, will not the dragon rage? Truly he will, and again commence his war and persecution against the remnant of the seed of the woman, who have this testimony of Jesus.

21 And although the armies of heaven do follow my word, which contains the testimony of eternal truth; yet the kings of the earth, influenced by the power of the beast, will make war with my word, and with the armies of heaven which attend it.

22 Yet shall my word prevail, and the sharp sword therein contained, shall, in mercy or judgment, slay all, both great and small, high and low, rich and poor, bond and free. But Satan will continue to rage, and those who are of his subjects will do wickedly; yet my word shall prevail and smite the nations of the earth, and rule them with a rod of iron.

23 Let him that heareth understand, and lay my sayings up in his heart; for lo, the time draweth near! Blessed are they who wait, and are ready to meet Me at my coming: for I will gather my elect from the four corners of the earth, even those who are not found fighting against my word; but who are patiently waiting for my coming.

24 But there shall be such a time of sorrow as was never known before, nay, never since the day I created man to the present time. For I will work, and none shall hinder. And the power of the adversary being great, great and terrible will be the conflict, which in the end, shall settle the controversy between Me and the children of men.

25 Although ye may laugh to scorn these my solemn predictions, and say that the mouth of the Lord hath not spoken it; yet this altereth not the truth, that I the Lord have sent forth my word to the final justification and peace, or the condemnation and wrath of every soul who heareth the same, from this time henceforth until my work is accomplished.

26 For I have unsheathed my sword and sent it abroad in the earth; and it shall never return unto Me, until it hath done its work: for with the sword will I plead with all nations, and this sword goeth out of my mouth, which is my word unto the ends of the earth, for salvation or destruction.

27 And thus cometh the end of this my word, my solemn word; for I have sent my messenger before my face, to prepare the way, preaching "Repent ye; for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." Yea, I have sent forth my warning voice, to preach repentance, warning the inhabitants of the earth to flee from the wrath to come, and bring forth works meet for repentance, saying, I am not that word, but a forerunner, to prepare the way for the coming of Him, out of whose mouth goeth that word which is as a sharp sword.

28 For as the coming of John, crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths strait; so is this word which I have sent forth to the nations, to make ready the hearts of the people, to receive that baptism of fire and the holy spirit, which worketh the purification of the heart, and cleanseth the soul from all iniquity.

29 Thus the word of God goeth forth to the nations of the earth, upon the white horse, which I the Lord, do declare shall continue to go forth, until the true fulfillment of this part of the vision of my servant John shall be accomplished, which is to be found in the nineteenth chapter of the Revelations.

30 A part of this chapter I do require, saith the Lord, to be printed and go with this my word. And as many more quotations to be made from the holy scriptures as the nature of this my work may require, to bring strong proofs therefrom, to confirm this my holy and eternal word, which in its nature and degree, is as durable as the heavens, and as eternal as the throne of Him who framed it.

31 For I do declare to all nations, peoples and tongues, that neither man nor woman hath been the author or framer of this word; but the hand of the Almighty hath framed it, and in wisdom hath it been brought forth; and by the same Almighty hand will I protect it, saith the Lord. And the soul that honoreth this my word, and seeketh to fear Me his God, in this respect, the same shall receive honor of Me, who know what is.

32 But ye who lightly regard this my word, and suffer it to become a laughing stock, and a theme of ridicule in your assemblies of mirth, know ye, saith the Lord, so in like manner shall ye receive at my hands, when your desolation cometh upon you as a whirlwind, and your destruction as a sweeping tempest.

33 For I the Lord, am not always to be mocked by the works of my hands, the creatures whom I have created. Vengeance is mine, and I will repay it upon those who fear not to mock my tender mercies to scorn: for I am a God of mercy, slow to anger, and of long forbearance; yet judgment and wrath are in my right hand, to repay upon those who will not hearken and receive warning; but continue to blaspheme and profane my holy name.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part IV; Chapter 11



About those who walk in Darkness while thinking they are in the Light.


12 The world of mankind at large, remain in the dispensation where light hath not been separated from darkness; yet they hold that they have both spiritual day and night existing among them, those who are subjects of the light, and those who are subjects of darkness. But how do the subjects of light distinguish themselves from the subjects of darkness?

13 In the first coming of my beloved Son, I said, Let there be light and there was light. And they who became subjects of the light, separated themselves from the subjects of darkness, and there existed both night and day and the light became separated from darkness. But before the light became separated from darkness, there was neither day nor night; for no separation had taken place.

14 But when the Prince of light came, who is the light of the world, the separation began to take place; and this was made manifest; for the light was divided from darkness. And they who became subjects of light, were separated from the subjects of darkness, and were pronounced by the Prince of light, "The light of the world;" for they walked not with the children of darkness; and in this were they made manifest that they were not of the world: for the world would love its own.

15 But these who were not of the world, but had become separated by works of self-denial and the cross, did the world hate, and speak all manner of evil of them falsely, for the sake of that life of righteousness which they lived, which is in direct enmity to all that is carnal, and well pleasing in the sight of the children of darkness; and for this cause, were they persecuted and slain.

16 But how, and in what manner, do those who profess to be the children of light, in this present day, distinguish themselves from the children of darkness? Where is the separation between light and darkness? Who among you can justly style yourselves the light of the world, a city wherein dwelleth nought but purity and holiness, having no night there, neither the works of night?

17 Who among the children of men, let their name or fame for holiness be what it may, can come forth as a body, and proclaim themselves the light of the world, that they are the subjects of light, in all their words, thoughts and ways, and that they have become separated from the world, and claim nothing of its enjoyments, in thought, word or deed?

18 Yea, saith the Lord, show Me such a people as this, and I will show you a people who have their names cast out as evil, by those who still remain the subjects of darkness, who take delight in the carnal pleasures of sin, which require the curtains of darkness to seclude them from the light of day.

19 As light and darkness are in opposition to each other, they cannot be united and remained together; therefore from the contrariety of their natures and operations, they must finally be separated. This ye may see in the operations of the natural creation; for when the fullness of light cometh, darkness fleeth away, and the works thereof are manifested. But when darkness prevails, light is withdrawn, and the works thereof are veiled in the dark shades of night.

20 Why is it then, that ye who profess to be the followers of Christ, still remain in the shades of darkness, fulfilling the works of darkness? For Christ is the light of the world, and his true followers do not walk in darkness. Why do ye not become separate, and let the light which is in you, disperse the works of darkness: for light overcometh darkness, and how can they who receive the light of day, still choose to tarry in the dark shades of night?

21 In this, saith the Lord, ye plainly show that the light which worketh the purification of the heart, and causeth all darkness and its works to flee away, hath no abiding place in your hearts; else would ye make it manifest, and become separate by leaving the world of darkness, with all its enjoyments.

22 But when light cometh, and men choose darkness rather than light, knowing that their deeds are evil; Light is then dispelled by that darkness, which is nourished instead of light, and fleeth away, which leaves the soul in greater darkness than before it received the light.

23 But they who walk in the light, are the subjects of light, and in them is no darkness found; light and darkness being directly contrary to each other: for light is of God, but darkness of the devil; therefore they cannot exist quietly together; but a warfare must ensue, and either light or darkness must reign as master of the soul.

24 And they who become the subjects of light, and that light which is of God reigneth in them, how can they yield their members to the works of darkness, and fulfill the deeds of the children of darkness? This saith the Lord, is impossible, that while being the children of light, ye should yield yourselves servants to the prince and powers of darkness.

25 For when I, the Lord, created the earth, I created it to represent and be a likeness of the spiritual regions, wherein were light and darkness, the power of good and the power of evil: for disobedience had already found its way into the spiritual regions; and the spirit of opposition, which worketh darkness, had already begun to reign in the hearts of those who fell by disobedience. Therefore, before I created the earth, there was the spirit of opposition existing in the regions of eternity, which constituted the powers of darkness.

26 Therefore did I create the earth, and the things that are therein, after the image and likeness of the invisible world, having day and night, light and darkness. But in the image of God did I create man, perfect and upright, having the right of conscience or free agency, to choose or refuse for himself, and having good and evil set before him.

27 For saith the Lord, In the beginning of the fall from the angelic order, by disobedience and rebellion, I did decree that no soul nor spirit should ever possess the beauty and glory of my kingdom of peace and rest, until they had first proved themselves by the law of obedience, whether they would obey the voice of their Creator, by rendering perfect submission to his laws and commands; or whether they would, by disobedience, violate my righteous laws, and thereby forfeit the blessings of my heavenly kingdom.

28 And when I did stretch forth my hands to create the earth, and all things therein, I saw it to be good, well calculated to effect the honor and glory of the Creator, and the perfect happiness of the creature, provided the law of obedience was kept.

29 Therefore did I begin to establish laws and commands, for the safe going and protection of those whom I had created in my likeness; who were, as yet, unproved by the law of obedience, knowing that the spirit of opposition and rebellion had already gone forth. Hence man must needs be fortified by laws and statutes to keep; else would he soon become an easy prey to the power and devices of the spirit of rebellion, which had gone forth from the regions of darkness as a destroyer.

30 For this purpose did I try the souls whom I had created, by leaving them for a season to their own free agency, knowing that they would be tempted of the devil, who is the prince of darkness, yet can transform himself into the appearance of an Angel of light, for the purpose of deceiving souls, to prove their integrity to the laws of their Creator, and allure them, if possible, to his own service.

31 This did I the Lord suffer, that my new subjects might be tried and tempted with evil, in the appearance of good. And had they resisted the temptation, and stood for the laws and commands of their Creator, which they might have done, regardless of their present self-gratification, they would have had power to overcome the temptations of Satan.

32 But as they were taken by the allurements of the subtile deceiver, and willingly yielded to an inferior nature, in direct opposition to the commands of their God and Creator, they suddenly fell from their rectitude, and lost their confidence towards Him; and thus became a loose prey to the crooked windings of an evil and deceptious nature; hence it is called a serpentine nature; because of its crooks and windings to seek gratification, and escape the true justice of a righteous God.

33 This nature being infused into the first man and woman, that were created in earthly tabernacles, the seed of rebellion was sown in their hearts, and in disobedience did they beget and bring forth their likeness; and from them came forth a rebellious people, subject to no law or command.

34 But did this alter the purposes of the Creator, that all souls should be tried by the law of obedience? Nay, in no wise; but the decree stood firm and unalterable. Yet as I had designed mankind for my glory, how could it be accomplished, unless they became regenerated?

35 And how could they be regenerated from the path of disobedience and rebellion, until others should be raised up in their stead, who would condemn sin in the flesh, by being tempted in all points, to gratify an evil and selfish nature; yet without yielding thereunto by the sin of disobedience.


Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part IV; Chapter 13

The integrity and obedience of Jesus Christ in temptations. The work of regeneration established by the obedience of the second Adam and Eve. The true light of day is now manifested.

1 Therefore when the time was fully come for this purpose, saith the Lord, Jesus Christ the Son of God, was raised up and became tempted of the devil in all points, and proved his integrity to the commands of his Heavenly Father, which required him not only to conquer death, but him that had the power of death.

2 And thus was it accomplished; for no soul that had ever been created, was tempted like him whom I created to be my only begotten Son, who first conquered sin in the flesh: for he was tempted in all points, whereas Adam the first was tempted only in one point, and that which led thereto, which was with the lust of the flesh, and shamefully yielded to its bewitching charms.

3 But Jesus Christ, the second Adam, was tempted with the world, on every side, with the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of life; all these beset him at one time, while in the wilderness of temptation, when he was left of his Heavenly Father, to feel his own nothingness, of himself, and to be tempted to the extreme of temptation, to renounce his holy birthright, and become subject to the prince of darkness.

4 But what was the reply of him, whom I the Lord designed to become the conqueror of him who had the power of death and darkness? What was his reply, after patiently suffering all the insinuations which could possibly be heaped upon him, by the subtile deceiver, the serpent of sin? Did he not, by word and deed, command the tempter to get behind him? Truly he did, and in this he became conqueror, and became regenerated from the fallen nature, by faithful obedience and a daily cross, in every word, thought and deed.

5 And thus was the work of regeneration begun. But it still remained for the woman, the second Eve, to be tried and tempted in all points, and become conqueror, before the two foundation pillars of the regeneration were established, that souls might be born of the Two who had conquered all things by the law of obedience; for as obedience was required of every soul, who should ever enter my kingdom of peace and rest, all must be tried by that law.

6 Hence it became necessary, that the first Parents, who were to be the heads of the new creation, that is, the head of the regeneration of souls, should be tried in all things, that no one who professes to be their offspring, should vainly hope to enter that rest which is laid up for the faithful, until they have, like their first Parents, been tempted in all points; yet without the sin of yielding to temptation.

7 And until this shall be accomplished, in every son and daughter of Adam's posterity, each one for one, they shall be debarred from entering that kingdom of peace and rest, which is prepared for the true cross-bearer, who, in obedience to my righteous commands and will, doth sacrifice all things, and endure all things, to become regenerated and born of the spirit of eternal life, light and liberty, as did their first Parents, the heads of the regeneration.

8 And now, saith the Lord, do I proclaim to the whole world, that light hath become separated from darkness, and the new day hath arrived, and the Sun of eternal brightness hath arisen, and conquered the deeds of the son of perdition, who is the son of disobedience. And they that would be heirs of my eternal kingdom of peace, must first be born of the spirit of the new parentage, and like them be proved by the law of obedience, being tempted in all points; yet without the sin of yielding to temptation.

9 For, saith the Lord God of heaven, I have set my face, with full purpose of heart, to destroy death and him that hath the power of death, in every soul that will obey my voice and keep my commandments: but the disobedient will I banish from my presence, and reserve them in chains of darkness until the last day.

10 For my purposes and my decrees cannot be altered and changed to fit the dark and benighted views of any soul. But they that would be the subjects of the light of day, must come to the light. For the light of day can never be transformed into the shades of night, so as to allow souls to be the subjects of light, while mingling in the shades of darkness; for the light hath been separated from the darkness, and there exists both night and day, both light and darkness.

11 And they who walk in darkness, cannot dwell in the light of day, and those who walk in the light, cannot dwell in the shades of darkness: for I have drawn my separating line between the powers of darkness and the powers of light. And henceforth let the children of light dwell together, in that city which is one eternal day, and needeth not the sun nor the moon to give her light: for the Lord God and the Lamb are the light thereof.

12 And they who still cleave to the works of darkness, fulfilling the works of Adam the first, who was influenced by the deceiver, a fallen angel, who by his fall, became the prince of evil, a co-worker with the universal power of evil; Yea they who continue to fulfill the hidden works of darkness, shall forever be debarred from a right to the tree of life, and from an inheritance in that city wherein is no night, neither the shadow of night.


Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part IV; Chapter 14



The True Meaning of "the Sun shall be Darkened".

13 And be it known unto all nations, kindreds and tongues, that the great and notable day of the Lord is come: And before the coming of the Lord, to execute judgment upon the world, the powers of the heavens have been shaken, and the sun hath been darkened, even as sackcloth of hair, and the moon hath refused to give her light, and the stars of heaven have fallen as the leaves of a tree shaken with a mighty wind. This, saith the Lord, is accomplished before the great and notable day of the Lord.

14 Now, saith the Lord, the great and notable day of the Lord is come, and who hath seen the fulfillment of these prophecies? Hath anyone seen the sun literally changed in its nature, so as to become black as sackcloth? or have any, in reality, seen the moon turned into blood, and refuse to give her light? Or have they seen the natural stars of heaven fall, as a fig tree shaken with a wind, casting her untimely figs? I the Lord have seen all this accomplished; but ye, having eyes, see not, ears, but hear not, hearts, but understand not the things of God aright.

15 How long will ye grope in darkness, O ye benighted! Hear ye the word of the Lord your God, and understand, and learn his works and know his judgments. By the natural and visible creation may ye if ye will, clearly see and comprehend that which is spiritual and invisible. The natural is but a shadow or figure of that which is spiritual and eternal, as I have before spoken.

16 I, the Lord, created the earth in likeness of the spiritual regions, having darkness and light; and thus was it ere I separated the darkness from the light. This was the natural and visible earth, of which I speak, which was but a shadow or resemblance of the spiritual worlds, and a type of the new earth, which I designed to create, wherein should dwell righteousness and peace.

17 Before the Savior, the Light of the world, appeared, the state of the world and its inhabitants, was like the state of the earth, before I the Lord sent forth my power and said, "Let there be light;" for nought but darkness covered the earth, and not a living soul had come forth, as yet; so was the state of the world before the Savior, the "The Light of the world," came; spiritual light had not been separated from spiritual darkness.

18 But when the light of the world came, the light was separated from darkness; for "out of Egypt I called my Son," out of the shades of darkness, having the nature of darkness upon him, the burden of enmity of his nature against the work of God, the same as have all fallen beings. And thus, out of Egypt called I my Son, from beneath the bondage of Egyptian darkness, to become the light of the world. And from this period, there existed on the earth, as well as in the heavens, both day and night, light and darkness, separate from each other.

19 And the sun, the greater light, ruled the day, and the lesser light ruled the night: for as many as came from beneath the darkness of the old world, and separated themselves therefrom, became the subjects of the light of day, which was divided from the darkness, and thus came light into the world; and they who chose to walk in the light, were children of light; but they who chose to walk in darkness, still remained the children of darkness.

20 Yet the earth, from this period, received rays of divine light, even as did those who chose to walk in darkness; for many brilliant stars appeared, at different times, to give light and warning to those who walked in darkness.

21 But, saith the Lord, before the great and notable day of my coming to shake terribly the earth, and make man more precious in my sight than fine gold, hath not the sun been darkened? Hath not the true light of the coming of my beloved Son been extinct, and the dark reign of antichrist been set up instead thereof, for many centuries? What is this but the fulfillment of the prophecies, wherein the sun should be darkened? For the light of the world, which was the light of the first coming of the Prince of light, hath long been extinct.

22 Although many have desired to see one of the days of the Son of man; yet they have not been favored with the sight; for the light was extinguished, and there remained not a true Church of Christ upon the earth that could rise, and justly proclaim itself the light of the world, a city set on a hill which cannot be hid. Therefore was the light of the sun withdrawn, and nought but the shades of night and darkness appeared; And thus was the kingdom of antichrist full of darkness.

23 For as Christ was the light of the world, and as light is in direct opposition to darkness, they who come forth in the name of Christ, yet fulfill the works of darkness, which will not bear the light of day, they surely must receive the name of antichrist, which worketh in opposition to the spirit of Christ, which is light, in whom there is no darkness.

24 Therefore may ye see and discern, from these my sayings, that antichrist hath ruled in the name of Christ since the professors of christianity have ceased to come out from the world, and become a separate people in all things both spiritual and temporal, to touch not, taste not, nor handle the unclean things thereof. From this date, saith the Lord, hath the true light of the world ceased to shine unto them, and darkness hath been set in place thereof, standing in the holy place, instead of light.

25 And from this date did the reign of antichrist begin, whose kingdom hath been full of darkness; for even in the days of the apostles, there were already many antichrists, who professed to walk in the light, yet practiced in deeds of darkness.

26 And thus may ye see the fulfillment of the sun becoming darkened; and the moon did also, in process of time, refuse to give her light. For even after the light of the apostolic Church became extinct and scattered, mankind in a measure, from the light which they borrowed therefrom, walked more godly than in the latter ages. And oft-times would I the Lord, raise up witnesses, to warn the world of their ungodly ways, which were as brilliant stars in the regions of darkness.

27 But in the latter times, before the coming of the Lord to shake terribly the earth, the moon hath refused to give her faint and borrowed light. But that light which hath guided the sincere, in all ages, and caused them to look forward with hope, for the coming of a more perfect day, is turned into strife, war and bloodshed; insomuch that peace is driven from the earth, and little else but strife, envying and railing remain among the children of darkness.

28 And even those who were called to be as brilliant stars, to diffuse their light and understanding, to restrain the works of darkness, they too, have grossly fallen into the pit of darkness, insomuch that darkness hath covered the earth and gross darkness the people. Therefore it was "a day of darkness, of gloominess and thick clouds," such as was never known before, neither indeed shall ever be henceforth.

29 And this, saith the Lord, is the spiritual fulfillment of the prophecies concerning the sun, moon and stars becoming darkened, before the great and terrible day of the Lord of hosts; and they who look for the fulfillment thereof only in a literal sense, will look in vain and find nothing;

30 Although great signs and wonders have followed, and will follow the commencement of my visitation to the earth, and the inhabitants thereof, of which no one will be able to account the meaning. All this will be literally fulfilled; but the true and hidden mysteries of the prophecies concerning this point, are fulfilled, as hath here been stated, and are already accomplished, and the great and notable day of the Lord hath already come, and light hath suddenly shined and broke forth in dark places.

31 For the woman hath appeared, clothed with the brightness of the sun, having the moon beneath her feet; even the spirit of holy Mother Wisdom, manifested in her first born Daughter, whom she hath brought forth in her likeness, as her representative, the true Mother of the new creation in Christ, to whom were given the wings of a great eagle. And how easy may ye, if ye will, apply this to the second coming of the Son of Righteousness, in the vessel of the female, who had conquered, in herself, the power of death and darkness, and cast them under her feet.

32 And thus she became clothed in that light and brightness of her Eternal Mother, before whose face all death and darkness flee away. And this is light, suddenly sprung up, and the Sun of Righteousness again risen in deed, to the great joy and consolation of those who look for his coming, to do away the offenses of the world.

33 And thus again hath light been separated from darkness. The light which is the second coming of the Son of man, in his glory, is made manifest in its subjects, who have become separated from the works of darkness, and are not of the world, but have come out therefrom, and gathered together a body of light, a city set on high, which cannot be hid, whose works are holy, pure and clean, unmingled with the works of darkness.

34 And this light, although small in its external appearance, and of small beginning, shall increase and fill the whole earth, until every remote corner thereof shall become illuminated thereby: for light shall cover the earth, even as the waters cover the sea, and the knowledge of the Lord shall go forth to all nations, and they shall all know the Lord from the least even unto the greatest: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, for my mouth is opened to teach all nations of my righteousness, and of my just judgments.

35 But O, the works of hidden abominations, which lie concealed in the hearts of the children of darkness, who still remain in the vaults of iniquity, undisturbed by the rays of divine light and understanding!

36 What a spectacle must appear, when the hidden and long covered works of night and midnight darkness are unfolded, and brought to the eternal light of God, in his witnesses, who are the light of the world; for light is the only means of overcoming darkness. How can the blind lead the blind? How can those who are swallowed up in darkness, be guides to the blind? It cannot be.

37 But they who walk in the light, and have overcome the works of darkness, may, with safety, lead the blind and benighted, and guide them in safety to the realms of light; and by these only, may souls be reached who lie buried in sin and defilement. Therefore, saith the Lord, have I set light to overcome darkness; and they who come to the light, become children of the light, by bringing their deeds to that light before which all darkness fleeth away.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part IV; Chapter 14



The True Meaning of "the Moon turned to Blood".

Additional explanation of the vision of St. John, recorded in his Revelations, Chap. 6 v. 12-17, referred to in the preceding chapter of this Book.

1 The events which were foreseen in this vision, to take place during the opening of the sixth seal, and which are spoken of in other places of scripture, have been in part, clearly explained in the preceding chapter; but some parts are not therein explained. Therefore, as they form an important chain in the divine work with the race of man, and will continue their operations, in various degrees and manners, to the end of time, a further explanation, by the direction of the prophetic Angel is here given.

2 The things declared by the opening of this seal, were, in a general sense, spiritually and providentially fulfilled in the falling away of the primitive Church, and in the wonderful scenes which succeeded, during the dark ages, and previous to the second appearing of Christ.

3 The great earthquake was caused by the attraction of earthly principles, into the primitive Church, as these continued to gather therein, more and more. But these, and the spiritual principles that still remained in the Church, could not unite together. This disunion produced great contentions and many divisions.

4 Therefore, when these earthly principles had gained the ascendancy, in the main body, an explosion followed, which shook the Church to its center, broke it in pieces, and threw it down to the earth; and thus scattered the power of the holy people; so that no true Church remained among men, and the true light of Christ could not be found on earth.

5 The heavens of true Christianity were then covered with a thick veil of darkness: for the corrupt principles of the world had risen, in clouds of darkness, between the souls of men and the heavenly light. Then were fulfilled the words of Jesus Christ, "The days will come, when ye shall desire to see one of the days of the Son of man, and ye shall not see it."

6 By these means, the Sun of Righteousness, which had risen in Christ's first appearing, was covered with a veil of blackness and darkness, as with sackcloth of hair. Therefore all that sought the true light, were clothed in sackcloth and mourning; and the heaven (of that dispensation) "departed as a scroll when it is rolled together."

7 For the heavenly order and principles of the Church of Christ, were rolled up by the divine spirit, and taken away from the corrupt church which succeeded. These were placed in the spiritual sanctuary, out of the reach of false teachers and deceitful workers, that they might not corrupt them as they did the letter of the scriptures, and every sacred thing they could get hold of. Thus were these holy principles secured in spirit, ready to be revealed in their purity, in the second coming of the Lord in his glory.

8 Then was the moon, signifying the light of nature, (being borrowed light,) turned into the bloody principles of war, revolutions and bloody persecutions. These principles governed all the powers and institutions of men, during all the ages of the dark reign of antichrist.

9 By these, all the powers of the earth were shaken, and every nation and people overturned, and all their institutions, civil, political and ecclesiastical, which were their mountains of strength, and the islands whereon they dwelt, in the tempestuous sea of nature, were broken to pieces and moved out of their places. Thus there was no safety for the children of men.

10 Therefore, such a time of darkness, confusion and distress, was never before known on earth. And from this state all men sought to flee and hide themselves, but were not able to escape these judgments.

11 Every witness of God, that came forth with the light of revelation, and shone as stars for a season, in this night of darkness, and testified of the heavenly spirit and order, which was lost from among men, and against the corrupt principles that were established in the world, fell again to the earth, either by losing their power, and falling into union with the corrupt institutions of an earthly nature, or were slain, and their light extinguished by the beastly power of antichrist.

12 All these things were effected by the awful judgments of God, in many ways, by earthquakes, tempests, famines and raging pestilence; by which cities and countries were overthrown, and vast multitudes of people destroyed. By the terrible eruptions of the northern barbarians into the Roman empire, that empire was overturned, and all its powers were broken up, subverted and changed, and millions of lives destroyed.

13 By the terrible wars of the Mahometans against the Catholic powers, and by the rapid spread of their dark principles, and their dreadful ravages and conquests over a large portion of the earth, many nations and powers were overturned, and all their institutions broken up, and the dark and delusive principles of Mahomet established in their stead.

14 This light of nature was still further darkened by the bloody wars and terrible ravages of vast hordes of Tartars, which spread their destructive conquests over the greatest part of Asia, and a large portion of Europe, by which many millions of people were destroyed, and all their ancient institutions overthrown.

15 This darkness was still increased by the bloody crusades of the professed christian powers, against the Mahometans, by which the fairest portions of the globe were terribly ravaged, and millions upon millions of lives were sacrificed. This effected a general breaking up of all ancient powers and institutions. These were thus moved out of their places, according to the vision, and a new order of things began to take place in the world.

16 These things were still further effected by the destructive wars and conquests of the Turkish powers, which swallowed up the fairest portions of the globe, and wholly changed the ancient order of things. To this we may add the many bloody wars and revolutions, in what is called christendom, through which the order and power of every nation and people were changed; and by the divisions, fierce contentions and breakings in all the ecclesiastical orders, among all sects and denominations of people:

17 And lastly, by the rapid spread of the light of reason and natural principles, through which the power of infidelity greatly prevailed, and the kingdom of the beast was filled with darkness; by these means, the conscience-binding and persecuting power of the beast over the souls and bodies of men, was shaken and broken to pieces, by divisions and bloody contentions; and a revolution in the general sense of mankind, was effected, in these respects; and thereby was liberty of conscience gradually established.

18 Then followed increasing natural light among men, and many religious revivals also sprung up in the preparatory order and spread in all parts of christendom. And although many of the stars of light, which effected these revolutions and revivals, fell to the earth; yet by these means, the religious opinions of mankind were shaken and moved out of their former places, and the way was prepared for the ushering in of the Second appearing of Christ, which, in a general sense, is the dispensation of the great and notable day of the Lord.

19 But, saith the Angel, the like manner of operations has taken place in the various degrees of this present and last dispensation, and will continue to be made manifest in the preparatory order, in every increasing degree of the work of God, until the end shall come.

20 For the seventh vial of the wrath of God, which is, progressively, a finishing work of the opening of the seventh seal, is pouring out into the air, signifying the life of all that proceeds from a fallen nature, which will thereby be destroyed.

21 This vial hath produced, and will continue to produce the greatest and most mighty earthquake that ever took place since man was created; which will continue to operate, both providentially and spiritually, until every corrupt system and institution in the world is shaken to pieces, overthrown and dissolved. And by the judgments of God, terrible destructions of all kinds will take place.

22 All the governments established by man, shall be revolutionized and overthrown: for there is not one that is not corrupted. Therefore shall they be shaken, overturned and changed, and none shall stand, until that order of government is established, which is according to the will of God, in every nation in the world, both visible and invisible: For the same work is going on in the world of spirits as on earth.

23 But through the prevalence of natural principles among men, infidelity will spread its darkening influence among all orders of people, by which the sun, moon and stars, both morally and spiritually, will be covered with clouds of darkness, wherever the true light of the Sun of Righteousness, in the second appearing of Christ, doth not shine.

24 By means of these infidel principles, many bloody revolutions will take place, insomuch that multitudes of lives will be destroyed. And these will make war with the "saints of the Most High," but they shall finally be overcome and expelled from the earth.

25 But through all these means, great Babylon, which in this vision comprehends those religious establishments and institutions, of whatever name or nature, having power to bind the conscience, and enslave the souls and bodies of men, shall receive a fullness of the cup of the wrath of God, and shall thereby be utterly overthrown, and fall to rise no more forever.

26 During all the degrees of this work, shall many bright witnesses arise and shine, as stars of light in the heavens or religious systems of the world, in every nation, even in the most benighted. These shall cause great revivals and moral reformations among men. And although many of them, when they have done their work, will fall again to the earth, and blend with the corrupt principles of the world; yet by these means, the way shall be prepared for the increasing extension of the kingdom of Christ.

27 For as fast as these corrupt and binding powers are dissolved and the way is prepared, the everlasting gospel shall follow, and be preached with divine light and power, until branches of the kingdom of Christ shall be established and grow and flourish among every nation, kindred, tongue and people throughout the world.

28 These things will continue to operate in their various orders and increasing degrees, until all moral and spiritual darkness shall be dispelled and flee away; and the everlasting kingdom of God shall be established in eternal light and glory, to stand and increase forever and ever.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part IV; Chapter 15


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