Revelations and Prophecies from God's Eternal Virgin Wisdom given through Shaker Instrument, Paulina Bates, 1841.  

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What happens to the Disembodied Soul.

The way of God is plain and easy, but unalterable, and cannot be scanned by the high and lofty. The state of souls not altered by leaving the body. The way of God is fair and equal.

1 Thus saith the Lord, How plain and easy is my way! Although its beauty and excellency are hidden from the high and lofty, and from all who choose darkness rather than light. But no other light is, or ever will be shed abroad in the earth, to guide and prepare souls for that state of peace and justification, (which all will desire in the end,) save that which is already revealed and set on high, which cannot be hid; which will increase to endless ages.

2 And although souls may escape this light, while here in time, hoping that the death and dissolution of the animal body will effect a revolution in their sense and feelings, which will render the cross more easy and tolerable; yet, saith the Lord, believe my words, for they are true, and all souls will, sooner or later, find them so. The dissolution of the animal body effects nothing towards the reconciliation of the soul to God: for as the tree falls, so it must lie as to itself; and as death leaves the soul, so must eternity find it.

3 As souls, unsubdued and unrestrained by the laws and commands of God, become disembodied, they become more restless and miserable than while dwelling in a tenement of clay; neither is the force of their wicked and licentious passions in the least abated, nor their cravings for self-indulgence lessened.

4 But as it is upon the earth, like will gather to its like; so it is in eternity. And the soul that is wrapped in deeds of darkness, dreads the light, as much as those in earthly tabernacles; nor will such souls be persuaded until the pangs of a guilty conscience shall compass them about, and become their hell.

5 Souls in the body, are apt to think that death takes away the power or will to commit sin; but death to the animal part never puts a stop to the career of sin; for the soul unsubdued by the gospel, still remains alive to all the cravings of a carnal mind, which is enmity to God and to the way and work of God, whether in time or eternity.

6 Therefore, they who are religiously inclined, will seek those of their own grade for associates. The gambler will not rest until he finds his associates. The rioter will seek for haunts of rioting; for as it is in time so it is in eternity. The powers of the two kingdoms are established, both in time and eternity; and souls in eternity, as in time, are still suffered to choose or refuse for themselves.

7 For the heavens and the earth are closely connected. The light which is established in the heavens or invisible world, is closely connected with the light which is established on earth; and they who walk in the light which is manifest on earth, are compassed about by those who walk in the same light, although in the invisible world.

8 But they who dwell in the shades of darkness, are compassed about by those who still remain in darkness, in their disembodied state; for light will gather to light, whether visible or invisible; and darkness will gather to darkness in the same manner.

9 Day and night both exist in time and eternity; and as many grades of inhabitants are to be found in eternity as there are in time. Yet there is but one way for all souls, whether in time or in eternity, and that is the one strait way which admits of no sin, nor of any soul that hath committed sin, until a full and honest confession of the same shall be made to the witnesses of God, who are the light of the world.

10 Until this is performed, the soul must wander in darkness, in the gloomy wilds of sin. And where is the consolation of this? seeing that all their words and ways must, sooner or later, be brought to the judgment seat, either in time or eternity, or the soul remain miserable forever. For where can be the gain in prolonging the life of iniquity, seeing death ends not the career of sin?

11 These things I speak, saith the Lord, to do away the erroneous opinion entertained by many, that death puts an end to sin, and the desire to commit sin: for souls are liable to commit more sin, after leaving the body, than before; but with less pleasure, not having the means to accomplish their designs of pleasure to that extent as while in time; yet the spirit, moves with greater activity.

12 But sufficient means are given to every soul to be a free agent, to choose good or evil for himself. And sufficient inducements of good and evil are presented, both in time and in eternity, to give man a perfectly free choice. For, were the power of self-gratification wholly taken away, when the mortal part is dissolved, wherein could man continue to be free to choose or refuse for himself?

13 This idea, saith the Lord, is false and erroneous, and would wholly disannul the power of free agency, after the soul leaves the mortal body. There never was any visible thing created, but with the design to imitate that which is invisible; why then should the power of free agency be diminished when souls leave the body?

14 But the honest and sincere soul that is seeking after righteousness, and is willing to sacrifice all things to obtain it; and in this humble dependent spirit crieth to Me his God, continually, his prayers are heard and answered, in my own time.

15 But they who still continue to pursue pleasure and self-gratification, find sufficient to divert them from the pursuit of righteousness until they are called to judgment. Then they must yield obedience to the light given them, or after a fair trial, they will be bound in chains of darkness, and the power of gratification will be taken away; but the raging fire of their passions will become their tormentors.

16 For be it known, that every act of sin strengthens those passions which lead to sin; therefore the longer souls follow their own ways and wills, in their sinful gratification, the more deplorable is their state, and the greater will be their sufferings.

17 Ye read of war in heaven, and so there is, the warfare of the soul against the powers of evil, in those who seek the kingdom of heaven and its purity. This is the spiritual warfare; and ye have the same warfare on earth, and ye have also the warfare which is carnal, wherein men seek to slay, destroy and captivate each other; and as the earth and the things therein are in imitation of the world invisible, why not carnal wars therein?

18 Although this may seem incredible, to those who are grounded in the belief, that man's free agency is wholly taken from him, when done with natural and perishable things; yet if ye rightly consider, ye will at once see the impropriety of this belief. For as few have the opportunity to prove their integrity while in time, how inconsistent would be man's free agency, if not allowed this power in the world of spirits.

19 Those who have a thirst for war and bloodshed, and take pleasure in military engagements, how are they to be proved as free agents, unless the power to gratify this thirst, is within their reach, in like manner as while in the body; for though they cannot destroy the soul; yet they can wound, hurt and captivate each other.

20 And again; souls that have a propensity to rove and wander to distant climes, unstable as the wind, how are they to be proved, if their feet are confined, if they have no object in view, by which they can gratify this propensity, in like manner as in time?

21 And those who are wont to haunt places of public recreation, or of private and secret gratification, being suddenly called from time, why should they not be found with the same cravings, seeing the dissolution of the body lessens not the propensities of the carnal mind? And if there were no objects in view, whereby souls could give vent to their corrupt cravings, how could they be free agents to choose or refuse for themselves, the power to do wickedly being taken from them?

22 Souls are more liable, saith the Lord, to become hardened in iniquity, after becoming inhabitants of eternity, than before; for they see nought to meet their expectations concerning the invisible world; but find the appearance of all things as they were: As in time, so in eternity.

23 Therefore they become more hardened, and are ready to believe there is no God; that all things come by chance; and that the more gratification and pleasure they can enjoy, the better it will be for them: for saith the Lord, the glories of the invisible world, are as really hid from the wicked in eternity, as from those in time. Neither are they visible to souls in the world of spirits, any more than to mortals, only by a gift of God, excepting those things which belong to their own order.

24 There have been, and still may be gifts of visions, to show souls walking in darkness, the state of the righteous, and also the state of the wicked, that they may know there is a God, and a state of future rewards and punishments. But as it is in time, so is it in eternity; these things are soon passed off as a delusion, and souls become more hardened than before.

25 This, saith the Lord, is the state of mankind in the invisible world, before they meet the light, and prove themselves by the light. But until souls have had an offer of the gospel, or have received sufficient light to guide their steps in the way of all purity, and knowingly and willfully sin and transgress against that light, they are never wholly given over to the power of the devil, to be compassed about by the flames of hell.

26 For souls are accountable according to the light which they receive; and they who walk according to the best light and understanding which is given them, are held by the protecting arm of the Almighty, in degrees according to their uprightness, until such times as he, in his mercy, sees fit to call them by the voice of faith, to seek his mercy in the one order of his appointment.

27 Thus, in this little knowledge which I have communicated, saith the Lord, may ye, if ye will, begin to see and contemplate upon the mysteries of eternity. Souls are gathered there, to the gospel of Christ's second appearing, by various ways and means, the same as those in time, and have the same struggles to pass through, with the enmity of their fallen natures, to conform to the strict requirements of the gospel, that the man of sin, in themselves, may be bound hand and foot, as those who dwell in earthly tabernacles.

28 But far more glorious is it for those who, when they hear the gospel, obey it while in time; for in this they render a more willing sacrifice, not waiting for the sorrowful experience of a range in eternity, to prove to them that their is no abiding happiness for the soul, except in the strait and narrow path, opened by Christ, in his second coming, which admits of no sin.

29 Again, saith the Lord, those who believe and obey the gospel of the second coming of Christ, without sin unto salvation, and are subdued from an evil nature, while in time, are the most acceptable in my sight, and shall be the never fading flowers of my Paradise, and the bright glory of my never ending kingdom of peace and rest .

30 Because in so doing, they serve Me through choice, still having the means to put far away the evil day; but do not, like the disobedient and rebellious, say in their hearts, "How do I know that all this is required of souls, to become acceptable in the sight of God? Would it not be wiser in me to wait, and see for myself, what eternity produces, before I make this killing sacrifice?"

31 By this may ye see, that those who obey the gospel while in time, render a more willing sacrifice, than those who are driven to it in eternity, after seeing the failure of all other pursuits to gain eternal and abiding happiness, except in the one strait and narrow path of true self-denial and punctual obedience.

32 Therefore, saith the Lord, I speak these things to give a full understanding, that souls may know how, and in what manner to look for the coming of their Lord; and that there is but one way of life, in time or eternity.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part IV; Chapter 16



Of the Tree and its Fruit - the Rotten Fruit admonished.

The Savior declareth himself to be one with the Father, and the only way to God. He showeth the impossibility of being his followers, and at the same time following the corrupt principles of the world, and bringing forth the fruits of sin.

1 Hearken, all ye people, to the words of the Savior; I and my Father are one; and he that seeth me, seeth the Father also. And no man cometh to the Father but by me, and no one cometh to me, save by whom I send. And who among the sons of men will believe this? I am the holy Savior of all the human family, who have fallen by disobedience, and become lost from God, their Heavenly Father and Creator.

2 I am the door which openeth into my Father's sheepfold; and no other door is there open for any soul to find acceptance with God, but that which was opened by his beloved Son, the Prince of righteousness, the first risen from the dead," the firstborn among many brethren."

3 And as my Heavenly Father hath plainly testified of me, and opened the testimony of eternal truth; that testimony which bringeth the end of the world in every soul that receiveth it, in so clear a light, that no one need err for the want of a right understanding of his requirements to all souls; can I forbear to utter forth my voice, in union with my Heavenly Father, and say, Amen, even so let it be: for thus it seemed good in my sight?

4 Surely, the word of God is truth, and all souls will find it truth; Truth upon truth, before they become loosed from their strong enemy, and come forth into that liberty which liberates the soul, but binds the carnal mind with iron fetters.

5 Again I say, I am the door which openeth into my Father's sheep-fold, and no one cometh to the Father but by me; and no one cometh to me, only through those by whom I send. And who among the sons of men are endowed with sufficient discernment to know whom I send, and whom I send not? seeing there are many false Christ's already abroad in the earth, crying, Lo here, and lo there!

6 Come and let us reason together, say I, the first-born. Hearken, O ye children of men, and understand! Can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit? Are not all men to be known by the fruit they bring forth? Can those who are born of the spirit of God, through the medium of his beloved Son, still continue to bring forth the fruits of corruption? Is not the tree to be known by the fruit it produces?

7 Can ye be followers of the meek and lowly, crossbearing child Jesus, while ye take pleasure in the things of this world, and seek the friendship of worldly minded men? How can this be, seeing the friendship of the world, and the worldling, is in direct enmity to God? Am not I the same, both yesterday, today, and forevermore?

8 Did I condescend to come into this lost, sinful world, and become subject to the like passions and besetments which are common to all mankind, that I might be tried in all points, yet without sin, that I might be an example of righteousness to all, if at the same time I required it not of those who should come after me?

9 O vain and delusive hope! Flee ye from the shadow of this vain and delusive hope! that ye can be subjects of the kingdom of peace and righteousness, while ye practice the works, and become willing subjects of the kingdom of this world.

10 For as I, the Son of God, did plainly testify, both by precept and example, that my kingdom was not of this world; and that those who are my followers, and partakers with me, in my kingdom of rest, must come out from the world and be separate, and touch not the unclean things thereof;

11 So say I now, in this day of my second coming, in which I have come to make an end of sin: For I have come the second time, "without sin unto salvation." And what meaneth this? Did I not come the first time without sin? Truly I did. But did I make an end of sin, in those who became my followers, in my first coming? Did all those who called themselves by my name, reject the world, and become separate in all things? Nay, in no wise.

12 A few, however, did separate themselves from the world, according to the work of that day; but a great falling away from that strait path, which was marked out, soon followed, and sin revived, and the spirit which was of God, soon died away from the body, and nothing was left but a lifeless form of godliness, without the power.

13 Could that be the fulfillment of my mission into the world, to save souls from their sins? Nay, in no wise; for my mission would thus have been made void, and of no effect. For the world would have become far more wicked than they were in the days of my first coming. My mission into this world, was to take away the sins of the world; and it will be accomplished.

14 I have come the second time, "without sin unto salvation," to take away the sins of the world. And they who are not willing to become purged in the hands of the refiner, and be refined from the sins of the world, and the stains thereof, they are none of mine, and are yet under the dominion of the prince of this world, and his subjects they are. "For to whomsoever ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are."

15 I have come to make an end of sin in all who call upon my name for deliverance; for I am the Lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world. And he that committeth sin is of the devil, and his servants they are. And how can souls cease from sin, so long as the sins of the world are not taken away? For where the treasure is, there will be the heart also.

16 If the prince of this world cometh, and findeth his goods in the heart, will he not take up his abode there? Truly, saith the Son of God. Therefore have I come to take away the sins of the world, out of the hearts of those who seek to become subjects of my kingdom, which is not of this world; for "the kingdom is within you." Yea, when this work is done, the kingdom is within you.

17 Ye cannot be in possession of both kingdoms at the same time, one being in direct enmity and opposition against the other; therefore it becomes necessary, in order to come into possession of the kingdom of heaven, that the kingdom of this world be taken away.

18 And thus hath the Lord, the God of heaven decreed, that all that pertaineth to the kingdom of this world, whose prince is the prince of darkness, shall be taken away, by the power of him who hath come to take away the sins of the world, who is the Prince of Light.

19 And he who receiveth this testimony, receiveth sufficient power to remove from within himself, the kingdom of this world and the sins thereof, and to become prepared and cleansed by the waters of repentance, to receive that kingdom which is not of this world.

20 And they who obtain possession of this kingdom, are not of the world, therefore the world will hate them, and speak all manner of evil against them falsely, because they are not of the world. But, saith the Savior, my sheep do hear my voice, and they gather to my Father's fold and become one even as I and my Father are one.

21 These things I, the Prince of Life, speak, that ye may know and understand, that ye cannot be the subjects of two opposite kingdoms at the same time; but must sacrifice the one to enjoy the other. Ye cannot serve the prince of darkness, and fulfill his dark and hidden works, while here in time, and find yourselves the subjects of the Prince of Light, in the world which is to come.

22 But unto whom ye have yielded yourselves servants to obey, while here in time, if it be the prince of darkness, his servants ye will continue to be, until ye have removed, by the power of the testimony of the gospel of my second coming, the sins of the world from within your own souls, and have prepared your hearts to receive that kingdom which is not of the world.

23 And thus stands the order and requirement of God, to all souls that will ever become one with him, in that kingdom which is not of this world, that they take away and remove by confession and repentance, the sins of the world within their own hearts and become subjects of that kingdom which is not of the world, but whose subjects have come out from the world, and are separate, both soul and body, to serve and glorify the living and true God, unencumbered with the snares and ties of this vain and wicked world.

24 For they who are cumbered with the things of this world, both within and without, how can they be devoted to the service of the living and true God, who careth for all souls, and they are equal in his sight?

25 The time hath fully come, for souls to be stripped of all earthly encumbrances, to be acceptable to God: for He requireth the whole heart and soul of those who become his servants, unmingled with the services of Satan. They that are of the world, care for the things of the world; but they that are of God, care more how they shall please God, and glorify his holy and eternal name.

26 God is a God of justice, equal in all his ways, having no respect of persons, whether they be of low or high degree. How then can man, being governed by natural and selfish principles, seek to please that infinitely holy God, who is equal in all his ways?

27 Hearken, all ye sons and daughters of men, while I reason with you, even as one man reasoneth with another. How can all these things be, that souls can live in the enjoyment of this world, having their own private interest and families, seeking for the welfare and upbuilding of the same, and for their own personal ease and prosperity; and yet be in possession of the true spirit of God, who is equal and careth for all souls, whether high or low, rich or poor? How greatly do ye err in these things, "not knowing the scriptures nor the power of God!"

28 God is love, and he who dwelleth in God, dwelleth in love; that love which is able to feel for all souls, and which despiseth not even the most inferior of the human race. How dare any of you even lift your eyes to heaven, to cry to that God whose love is to all souls, with the sin of despising your fellow beings, who are as good by nature as ye are, and perhaps more acceptable in the sight of God?

29 O ye dark and benighted souls! Hear ye my voice! How long shall I be sought unto by those who despise their fellow beings, and who are not willing to bring their wants near to them? yea, by those who have not that love which extends beyond the bounds of their own natural and selfish kindred, who are not, in the least, willing to do to others, as they would that others should do to them in like circumstances!

30 How can souls think to become heirs of my kingdom, while they make no sacrifice of the enjoyments of this world, for my sake! While they cleave to father, mother, wife and children, houses and lands, in common with those who make no mention of my name for salvation! Am I not the same unchangeable one who requireth souls to give up all, and hate in themselves the nature of selfishness, which is wont to cleave to selfish kindred and self-promotion, to be exalted above their fellows?

31 Did I not plainly show to all men, whom I claimed as my relation and kindred? Did I not show to the whole world, who should be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven, and that the kingdom was likened unto a little child?

32 And why did I take up a little child, and place it in the midst, and liken the kingdom of heaven thereunto? Did I not show thereby, that all souls must become equally childlike, in order to become the subjects of the kingdom of heaven?

33 Consider these things, and understand aright, and think not that I the Lord and Savior spake one thing, and meant another. I spake not in vain, nor without an important meaning. I placed a little child in the midst, to show that the subjects of the kingdom were likened thereto. Therefore compare ye, each and every one of you, who profess to be the subjects of the kingdom of heaven, and know how near ye bear the resemblance of a simple innocent child, who hath not, in any wise, become the subjects of selfishness.

34 Children, ere they become the subjects of gross and vile passions, are harmless, easily led and entreated, knowing no partiality in their love towards mankind, save to their parents, brethren and sisters. They view not the high or low estate of any; they are not exalted or puffed up; but easily touched with the sufferings or infirmities of all, so far as comes within their knowledge.

35 And again say I, your Lord, even again I say, in my second coming, Except ye become as a little child, ye can in no wise enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore mark ye well your goings, and view ye the contrast between your lives, and that of an innocent child. Ye read with great veneration, the sayings of your Lord, but understand them not.


Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part V; Chapter 1



ALL must become like little Children; The Heavenly Parentage Clearly Revealed.

The Savior declareth that the time is come for the mysteries of godliness to be clearly revealed. All must become like little children. The heavenly parentage clearly revealed; the true character and work of their children described.

1 Thus saith the holy Savior, Know, O ye inhabitants of earth, and understand! The time has fully come for the mysteries of godliness to be revealed, in so clear a light, that souls that read, can understand; yea, the fool may understand, and the capacity of a child may comprehend the mystery of godliness, which hath been hid for ages, and remained a mystery, even to the most wise of the children of men.

2 Hearken again, and understand this saying of your Lord, which comprehends the whole requirement of the law of Christ your Lord. "Except ye become even as this little child, ye can in no wise enter the kingdom of heaven." This little child of whom I spake and placed in the midst, was an innocent child, having a father and a mother to whom it rendered perfect submission; brethren and sisters, who were near and dear to it; and these were the only relation it claimed.

3 This child had not become the object of vile and carnal affections; neither had it become the subject of worldly and selfish purposes; but an innocent child in the family of its father and mother, who ruled the house and governed it, according to their wisdom and discretion; all within, being in subjection to the voice of the father and mother, the rulers of the house.

4 And thus stands the order of the New Creation; and thus is governed the whole family of Christ. Ye read, and ye speak often of the family of Christ, and ye have already a numerous company, which ye style the one family of Christ, and which ye think are born unto him. But ye have many divisions, and many households, and the name of the mother in Christ is not known in any of them.

5 Therefore are ye as hirelings, and not as true heirs, for ye are, as yet, the seed of the bond woman, and have never as yet, been born of the free woman, and thereby become of the one family of Christ; else would ye be one, have one Father and one Mother, one faith and one baptism, which is of the holy spirit and of fire, which worketh the purification of the soul.

6 Ye have not waited for the command of God to multiply and replenish the earth; but have multiplied and made proselytes to replenish the earth, and furnish the marriage supper with guests, before the Bride had come forth from her closet, adorned for her husband.

7 Yea, saith the Lord, ye have done this; ye have not waited for the command of my Heavenly Father, when He should call forth the Bride and make a marriage for his only begotten Son, that the earth might be peopled with a pure offspring. But like the first, the natural parents, have ye multiplied and enlarged what ye call my family, in your own ways, and not according to the will and command of God.

8 Therefore are your offspring professedly in my name, vile and offensive in my sight, and I own them not; but as bastards and mongrels will I cast them from my presence, saying, I know you not; for ye have never come in through the door of my Father's sheep-fold therefore are ye not of my fold.

9 But be it known to all nations, kindreds and tongues, that the marriage of the Lamb hath come, and my Father hath furnished the guests, and compelled them to come in, out of the highways and hedges, that his house may be filled. But he chooses none who will not yield willing obedience to his requirements. For such as do not put on the wedding garment, (which is the garment of righteousness and purity,) will be taken away and cast into utter darkness.

10 And thus is the marriage accomplished. And as it is written, "Many that are first (called) shall be the last, and the last first." "For God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the mighty, and the base things and things which are despised, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are, that no flesh should glory in his presence."

11 Hence, the marriage of the Lamb hath already come, and the family of Christ is established, both in heaven and on earth. And although few is the number of his family on earth; yet by those few shall it increase, and become a great nation and fill the earth: For the Lord God Almighty hath sent forth his command to multiply and replenish his new earth, until her inhabitants become as the sand of the sea shore for multitude.

12 And blessed are they who come when they are called, and are able to bring forth a pure offspring to God in my name. Yea, blessed are they who shall be instrumental in turning the hearts of many from the evil of their ways, to righteousness and true holiness. For the Lord God hath purposed to replenish the earth with a pure offspring, which shall be born out of the old world of sin and death, into the new world, by a life of righteousness and true holiness.

13 Israel hath again returned with songs of everlasting joy, and the New Jerusalem is builded, and her inhabitants have begun to multiply: Yea, many fathers and mothers are there in Israel, who are able, in my name, and in the name of the ever blessed Queen of Zion, to bring forth souls into the true order of the gospel.

14 They can also lead and instruct them in the true path of holiness, as children in the gospel, until they arrive at full stature of men and women in Christ, which is not only a perfect victory over sin, but over the nature of sin; that they may say, as did their Lord, "Satan cometh and findeth nothing in me." Nay, nothing of his goods, they being consumed by the fire of the testimony, being nailed to the cross of self-denial, until the full victory is won.

15 But souls cannot be born of me, and find entrance into my kingdom of peace and rest, unless they first become as little children, knowing nothing of themselves, but relying wholly upon the parental care and instructions of those who are anointed and appointed as fathers and mothers in Israel, to bring forth souls into the true likeness of Christ their Lord.

16 For he is the Bridegroom, the first risen from the dead. And the ever blessed Queen of Zion is the Bride, the Mother of all souls who have been made alive unto righteousness, by the new birth; this being the only medium and door of acceptance into the kingdom of heaven, to become members of the one family of Christ.

17 Again hear ye, hearken and understand. Easier would it be for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. And what do ye make of this, ye rich and increased in goods, and ye that heap up wealth where moth and rust corrupt, and thieves break through and steal? Yet, ye vainly hope to find an inheritance in the kingdom of heaven, while your hearts have been set upon earthly and perishable things.

18 Know ye not that where the heart is, there is the treasure also? And those who set their hearts upon earthly things, there is their treasure; and their hope perisheth therewith. For it is impossible for a rich man, who is increased in perishable goods, to enter the kingdom.

19 "But with God all things are possible." For God, in his mighty power and wisdom, hath opened a door whereby all souls may find an admittance into the kingdom, by being stripped of all earthly encumbrance; the one door which opens for all the human family. This door is so strait, that nothing but the naked soul can enter; for naked man came into the world, and naked shall he be born out of it, into my kingdom of peace and rest.

20 Yea strait is the gate and narrow the way that leadeth unto life, and hitherto, few there be that have found it. Yea, so strait the gate, and so narrow the way, that it admits of nothing but the naked soul, stripped of father and mother, wife and children, houses and lands, yea, and their own natural and carnal lives also. Such, and such only, can ever find admittance into my kingdom of rest.

21 Although souls may undertake to travel my strait path, cumbered with the things of time, and hate and forsake not all for my sake; yet if he travel, they will find, sooner or later, that they must cast off every garment and cumbrance, and become naked ere they can swim in the River of Life, and be safely wafted upon the shore of Canaan's happy land.

22 For equally as consistent would it be, for a man to undertake to swim across a boisterous sea, being at the same time, heavily laden with cumbrous things, as for souls who set out in the strait way of life, which is over the tempestuous sea of nature, with the cumbrance of earthly things, as before mentioned.

23 Therefore God, in his wisdom, knowing the frailty of man, and the dangers of the way, decreed that all souls should strip themselves naked for the race. And they who forbear to do this, according to the requirement of God, they will surely sink in the tempestuous sea to rise no more, only as floating carcasses, void of life, a stench in the nostrils of man.

24 And these words I leave, as a solemn warning to one and all, who ever undertake to travel the strait path, that ye first strip for the race, lest ye become weary, and grow faithless, and begin to sink to rise no more.

25 Ever remember, that ye cannot serve two masters: For the Lord requireth the whole heart and soul; and this is all that He requires; — the naked soul with the whole heart; which brings all souls upon a level. For God is equal; and for this cause, as yet, not many rich or noble have been called, because of the straitness of the way, and the impossibility of souls cumbered with earthly things, being able to walk therein.

26 And for this cause, hath God hastened his time to stain the pride of all flesh, and bring the haughtiness of man low; that they may not have occasion to boast themselves one above another, and seek to become great in the eyes of their fellow beings, and to receive homage and glory, not considering that God alone is worthy to receive honor and glory of the works of his hands.

27 Therefore may ye all see the impossibility of a rich man's entering the kingdom of heaven, or he who is great and wise in his own eyes, except it be by the means which God hath given, to become naked in his presence, as children being born into the new world; and he that is rich and increased in goods, to be as though he possessed not, and he that is poor and destitute may find no lack: for God is equal, and regardeth not the high or low estate of any, all souls being equally precious in his sight.

28 And again, who shall be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven? Although John, the forerunner of the coming of the Messiah, was the Elias, a prophet great and mighty, more so than any who had gone before him; yet he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater then he, saith the Savior.

29 John was truly a great prophet, and fulfilled the work whereunto he was called, to proclaim the coming of the Messiah, and to preach repentance in the wilderness, warning all to flee from the wrath to come, and bring forth works meet for repentance; and thus was his mission ended.

30 Although John saw the kingdom of heaven in spirit yet he was not in it; for the Lord had not appeared to set up his kingdom upon the earth, which should never have an end; therefore John was not a subject of the kingdom of heaven, for the kingdom of heaven had not then been revealed.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part V; Chapter 2



The Female Spirit Placed in her Order, in Christ, as the second Eve.

As the order of the old creation was not completed, until the woman was brought forth and set in her order; so also the new creation was not completed, until the female spirit was brought forth and placed in her order, in Christ, as the second Eve.

1 Therefore, saith the Savior, he that is least in the kingdom of heaven, which is now established, both in heaven and on earth, is greater than was John the Baptist in his day. For the day of childlike obedience had not come, which was to fit and prepare the soul for that kingdom. Although it was spoken of, and many things alluding thereto, during my first appearance, which carried the idea, that the kingdom was really revealed and established upon earth, and the power of full and final remission of sins given;

2 But this was not the case, in its fullness, anymore than the order of the old creation was completed when the first man Adam was created. Although much was done by the Lord, the Creator of all things, before the woman was created, that seemed good in his sight, which He saw to be good, yea, very good; yet all things remained imperfect, until the woman was created.

3 Then the order of natural generation, among the human species, was completed. And had they remained subject and obedient to the commands of God their Creator, the earth might have been peopled with a superior race of beings, imitating the angelic order, in the likeness and image of their great Creator.

4 But as man, through disobedience to the commands of God, went forth according to his own natural and carnal inclinations, and begat his offspring through the power of lust, infused by the serpent, the curse of God followed, and a race of murderers came forth, which filled the earth with violence and bloodshed.

5 Yet the order of nature was completed, when the first woman was created and brought forth, and the kingdom of this world was then commenced, on its proper foundation, (a kingdom which must finally have an end,) and not until then, was its order completed, although much had been done by the Creator of all.

6 So in like manner, was the order of the new creation completed, when the second woman was created anew, and brought forth, a helper meet for man, and that kingdom was set up which shall never have an end. And not until then, was the kingdom of heaven revealed in its completed order; although Christ had appeared, and much had been done, which carried the idea, even among the most enlightened, that the kingdom was, in reality, fully revealed and established upon the earth.

7 But this mystery lay concealed in the bosom of him who alone had become one with the Father. Nor did I reveal it to my near and dear companions, knowing that the time was far distant; that there would first come a falling away, and the wicked one be revealed, and set up his kingdom, and the most holy things be trodden under foot by antichrist.

8 Therefore, it seemed good in the sight of my Heavenly Father, to reserve the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, until the last days, until his trumpets should be sounded abroad in the earth, knowing that it would be like casting precious pearls before greedy and ravenous swine, which would trample them under their feet, and return and rend whomsoever were the bearers of such heavenly tidings.

9 Yet, saith the Lord, sufficient was spoken by the prophets, and also by the Bridegroom himself, concerning the Daughter of Zion, the Bride, and concerning the new creation and the new birth, to give all who read with a discerning heart, an understanding of the necessity of the new woman, as well as the new man, had it not been that the Lord decreed it to remain a mystery, until the last trumpet should be sounded, to reveal to a lost world the full mystery of the kingdom of heaven.

10 And thus hath the Father seen fit, through his holy Angels, to reveal the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, and spread them abroad in the earth; that all may know and understand that the kingdom of heaven is fully established on earth, and the Lord God omnipotent reigneth therein. And he that is least in the kingdom of heaven, is greater than the greatest of those who have prophesied of it, and by the revelation of God, saw it afar off.

11 For as I spake while on earth, no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven; and all that ever came before, were thieves and robbers; so say I now; none have ascended into perfect heaven, but he that came down from heaven; that is, they only who have become partakers of that spirit which came from the Almighty power, the anointing, which hath descended the second time, without sin unto salvation.

12 Nay, no other than those who have become baptized with the baptism of fire, which is a consuming element to the nature of sin, have ascended or ever will ascend into the heavenly kingdom; for the kingdom of heaven must be within you; and until the kingdom of this world is consumed within you, how can ye ascend into heaven?

13 For unless the kingdom of heaven is within, even if the soul should ascend up to the third heavens, and come to the dwelling place of the Most High; yet there would be no heaven for the soul that had not formed the kingdom of heaven within, by becoming like a little child, subject, innocent and obedient in all things, to those who are appointed by the gift and anointing power of God, to be parents and shepherds in Israel, to lead and direct his flock.

14 Yea, I say, until this state of childlike obedience is gained, and it becomes the meat and drink of the soul to do the will of God, made known by his agents and anointed Ones, there can be no real abiding heaven in the soul. Then why marvel ye that I say none have ascended into heaven, until the day of my second coming; for the true order of the kingdom of heaven was never revealed until then.

15 Although souls were made comfortable in hope, and walked in the light of my first coming, and rejoiced in the anticipation of the day which was to come, wherein the fullness of the Deity should be revealed by and through the female; Yet, until then, there was never a soul born of the Spirit and the Bride; therefore was the complete kingdom of heaven unknown to them.

16 Marvel not at this, neither let it become a stumbling block and a rock of offense to you; for ye cannot alter the purposes of God, although ye may suffer your way to be hedged up, insomuch that ye stumble to rise no more; yet the purposes of God remain unmoved, and the foundations of heaven unshaken: for God hath purposed from the beginning, a humiliating work, to prepare the souls of the children of men to become acceptable unto Him.

17 And until they become abased in their own eyes, and humbled in the dust, in the presence of God, in the order of his appointment, they can in no wise be enabled to fulfill his purposes, which are to honor and glorify Him, and Him alone; having no selfish views mingled therewith, but purely to honor and glorify God in all their goings forth. And he that seeketh to become exalted, him God will surely abase; but the humble and obedient he will surely exalt in due time; for God is just and equal in all his ways and dealings with mankind.

18 Again, saith the Son of God, hear ye, and understand my words; for I am the holy Savior of man, and my love is unbounded to all souls; yet truth must stand and bear rule, and souls must abide by it: for the truth and the truth only, will set souls at liberty; and they who are freed by the truth, are free indeed, and no other freedom is there for the soul.

19 Much, very much has been spoken by those who profess to have been set at liberty, concerning the freedom of the gospel, and the liberty of the soul. Truly saith the Lord, where the spirit of Christ is, there is liberty; and this is the liberty which follows the spirit of Christ.

20 Whenever my spirit finds access into the hearts of the children of men, they feel the necessity of removing the sins of the world, that the soul may be set at liberty and be freed from the bondage thereof. Sin becomes exceeding sinful in their sight, and the soul is awakened to a lively sense of the necessity of becoming righteous: and thus far doth my spirit work for the liberty of the soul.

21 But when the spirit of the world cometh to lull and pacify the awakened conscience, and induce it to rest easy beneath the weight of sin, saying, "Only believe and all will be well;" if the soul hearkens to this, then the spirit and seed of my planting becomes choked, and the soul is left to settle down into a lifeless form, and becomes two fold more the servant of sin, than before my spirit began to strive with it.

22 And thus have blind souls been leaders of the blind, and labored with zeal to pacify those who have been aroused to a lively sense of their loss from God, and the necessity of a deeper work, to fit and prepare them to meet Him in peace.

23 How oft, saith the Savior, have I heard those who profess to be ministers of the gospel of freedom, striving to pacify those with whom my spirit had been striving for the deliverance of their poor and needy souls; yea, souls that had cried to me in sincerity, that I would in mercy open some way of deliverance, that they might become acceptable in my sight: and ere the work of deliverance was wrought in them, their souls were pacified into a blind hope that they might be saved, and set at liberty, while the sins of the world remained hid and concealed in their bosoms.

24 Therefore, saith the Lord, I do pronounce a heavy woe, yea woe upon woe, upon those who strive to lull the consciences of those who become convicted of sin. For where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty; and the moment my spirit enters the heart, the soul at once begins to struggle for liberty and life; and could my spirit have its perfect work, unmolested, it would always lead souls to the new birth, that they might be born into my kingdom of peace and liberty.

25 But alas! alas! Saith the Savior, how many untimely births have been caused by those who sought to stifle the conviction of the soul that was struggling, under the influence of my spirit, to be set at liberty! How greatly do ye err in these things, not knowing the scriptures!

26 Ye set light for darkness, and darkness for light; freedom for bondage, and bondage for freedom. Ye consider not that I the Lord and Savior, came to set souls at liberty from beneath the yoke of sin and death; ye consider not that I the Lord, came to save souls from their sins, by taking away the sins of the world, and not to sanctify them in their sins and abominations in my sight.

27 Be it known unto all nations, kindreds and tongues, that I have come as a refiner and purifier of silver; and with the fire of the gospel I will try every son and daughter of Adam's race, that cometh unto me; for I have come to purify and cleanse as with refiner's fire, and fuller's soap; and no one shall escape the purifying of their own souls, by the fire of my coming, even from the king upon the throne to the beggar upon the dung hill, who ever shall become acceptable unto me.

28 For I am Lord of lords and King of kings; and unto me shall every knee bow, and unto me shall every tongue confess the abominations which lie concealed within their own bosoms, let their name, fame or wealth be what it may.

29 I am the light of the world; and before my judgment seat, in my witnesses, shall every soul bring their deeds, and be judged according to the deeds done in the body, whether they be good or whether they be evil; for souls cannot bring their deeds to the light, unless they themselves come to the light.

30 And as I spake to my disciples, while on earth, saying, Ye are the light of the world, a city set on a hill which cannot be hid: So say I now, in my second coming, wherein I have come to judge the world in righteousness, and purify her inhabitants.

31 Those who are separated from the world, in my name, and in the name of the beloved Queen of Zion, and have purified their hands and hearts, by confession and true repentance, and have come into my family, my one family, where all things are common, and no one can say that aught which he possesses is his own, they are my witnesses.

32 Yea, where hundreds of souls can dwell together in brotherly love, as brethren and sisters of one family, influenced by no other love but that which is pure, daily crucifying the flesh, with its affections and lusts, to obtain that pure union of the spirit which belongs to the family of Christ; such, and such only, are my witnesses, and heirs of my heavenly kingdom.

33 And these do I proclaim aloud, to be the light of the world, a city set upon a hill which cannot be hid; and unto this light shall every soul come, and bow their spirits, and with their own tongues confess the deeds done in the body, whether they be many or few, great or small: to this light, where my judgment seat is placed, shall they be brought for judgment.

34 And he that confesseth and forsaketh his sins, shall find mercy and forgiveness; but he that covereth his sins shall not prosper; for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.

35 And thus have I come in the latter day, to judge the earth, and purify the people; for my tabernacle is with men, and in the keeping of the children of men. And my judgment seat is placed in my witnesses, who are the light of the world, a city set on high, which cannot any longer remain hid; but her light must shine abroad, in due time, even to the uttermost parts of the earth, and nations and kindreds shall flow unto her.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part V; Chapter 3


To those who seek to "Know the Lord" while still serving the Idols of Time.

The work of the Savior is to purify souls. His compassionate prayer for a lost world. He exhorteth all to repentance. He warns them against idolatry.

1 Again, saith the holy Savior, listen and understand my words. I am the Savior, and besides me there is none to deliver. I am the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world; and he who committeth sin, is of the devil, and I own him not. But he that sinneth not, is begotten of God; for no soul liveth and sinneth not, except he is begotten of God.

2 I have come to take away the sins of the world in all who come unto me, that they may become an acceptable offering, blameless and undefiled in the sight of my God; for no soul goeth to the Father but by me, being purified from the sins of a corrupt nature by the brightness of my coming.

3 For as the light cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall be the coming of the Son of man, in his glory; for the light of my coming shall not only extend from the east even unto the west, but from the north unto the south, shall the light and brightness of my coming extend.

4 And thus saith the holy Savior, I would that all men would believe and be saved, and know the day of their visitation, and not reject the light of my coming, as did the Jews the light of my first coming, on whom the judgments of God, my Heavenly Father, did speedily fall.

5 But foreseeing that there are many who will turn a deaf ear to the voice of their God, and trample under foot the sayings of his beloved Son, my soul hath become exceeding sorrowful, even unto tears of anguish for their sakes.

6 Yet for the elect's sake, yea, for the sake of those who are sincerely striving to live up to the best light and understanding which is made known to them, and daily crying to me, to open some way of deliverance for their poor afflicted souls hath my Father condescended to send forth his word, out of whose mouth goeth the testimony of eternal truth, whether souls hear, or whether they forbear.

7 The word of God hath gone forth from his lips, and will never return unto Him void; but a savor of life unto life, or of death unto death, will it prove to all souls. And thus hath the sword gone forth, which shall slay the fallen nature of the nations, and bring the end of the world.

8 Knowing saith the Savior, that the times were accomplished for the fierce anger of the Lord to be poured upon the earth, and upon the inhabitants thereof, because of the abominations which are daily committed thereon; I, the Savior, being the mediator between God and the children of men, in love and tender compassion for my elect's sake, and for the sake of all, that they might have a free offer of mercy, and be left without excuse, did I bow my soul before the throne of my Heavenly Father, in bitter lamentations.

9 And thus did I beseech Him, that he would spare a little longer, and slack his hand of sore judgments, which the earth was already ripe to receive at the hand of her God. Yea out of love to the souls of the children of men, did I plead with my Heavenly Father, that He would with-hold his fierce wrath and stay his heavy judgments upon all souls, until they had heard his word, and had a fair offer to escape if they would.

10 And thus was my soul bowed, for many days, in deep supplication to God, that he would condescend to send forth his warning voice, to prepare the way in the wilderness, for that word of the testimony, which is as a flaming fire upon the dross of an evil nature.

11 Nor did I receive rest or consolation, until I received a firm promise from the mouth of my God, that according to my desire and earnest supplication, so in like manner should it be granted to all souls: For saith that God who ruleth above, I delight more in mercy than in judgment; therefore will I extend mercy, and lengthen out the cord of my forbearance, for thy name's sake, O thou Son, in whom I am well pleased.

12 And now, O ye sons and daughters of men! what shall I say to you, to cause you to know the day of your visitation? and to make your escape, speedily, from the plains of that Sodom, which is about to fall a victim to the wrath and vengeance of Almighty God, for the base and foul abominations which are committed therein?

13 Weep and lament, O ye sons and daughters of afflictions! because of the day wherein ye live. Clothe yourselves in sackcloth, yea, put on your mourning attire, because of the coming of the Lord, the great and terrible One of Israel, who purposed to "shake terribly the earth," and not the earth only, but the inhabitants thereof; for the day of the Almighty hath come, and who among the sons of men can escape his Almighty hand?

14 God, in his everlasting mercy and condescension, hath lengthened out his forbearance, in a marvelous manner, towards the children of men; with the intent that they might be reached with the offers of his mercy, and escape the just recompense of sore judgments, and speedy desolation.

15 For the earth is already more sunken in abominations, than at any preceding age of the world. And if God spared not the inhabitants of the old world, who had not been the subjects of that light and understanding which are given in this your day; how can He forever endure the abominations which are committed in this day, which are far more heinous in his sight than the abominations of the old world? for their light is far greater.

16 I say the justice of God forbids, that the earth should continue in its present state of sin and wickedness; but that sore judgments should mark the footsteps of those who refuse to hearken to the counsel of the Lord, by turning from the evil of their ways.

17 Howl, O ye nations, and weep; for the wrath of God is kindled against you, and ye cannot escape his Almighty hand! Lament, O ye seas, and ye islands, for the abominations which have encompassed you around!

18 Woe! woe be unto the earth, because of her offenses! O that she could know, even in this the day of her visitation, that which belongs to her everlasting peace! But because of the darkness which covereth the earth, and the gross darkness which covereth the people, many, very many will be left to reject the light, and be found fighting against theirown best good.

19 For men have set darkness for light, and light for darkness, insomuch that they know not when good cometh. Therefore will they be left to hardness of heart, to become the subjects of strong delusions, to believe a lie, that their condemnation may be made sure.

20 For man hath so firmly fixed his purposes to serve God and mammon, both at one time, that great will be the controversy between God and man on this point; for God hath purposed to stain the glory of all flesh, that He alone may be glorified in this day.

21 And as man builds, so the Lord will surely pull down; for man's glory is nearly at an end; for the Lord created man for a glory to Himself, that He might receive glory and honor of the works of his hands. And thus will the purposes of the Lord be accomplished: For the glory of the Lord hath begun, which shall fill the whole earth.

22 Although mankind may seek to glorify God, while they glory in the base and corruptible things of time; yet remember the same God ruleth, who ruled in the days of his figurative work, which required, that all idols should be destroyed out of the land, saying, "Ye shall serve Me, the living and true God, and no other god but Me shall ye worship." Men, in this day, have graven unto themselves, many gods, to which they bow themselves and pay homage, forgetting the only living and true God, who alone is worthy.

23 But know ye, O ye children of men, who worship and adore gods of silver and gold, wood and stone; and ye who adore the creature more than ye do the Creator; know ye, the time is at hand, when your idols will suddenly be swept away, as with the breath of the nostrils of Him who hath come to establish his throne upon the earth, that He alone may receive honor and glory.

24 But know ye, O ye children of men! ye cannot serve God and mammon. Ye must either be servants of God, indeed and in truth; or the servants of the prince of the world. Ye must either be of the one family of Christ; else must ye be of the gentiles, who stand without, and of the heathenish nations, who know not the living and true God.

25 For what profit is there in knowing the Lord and believing there is a Supreme Being, who rules the universe; yet utterly denying Him in all your ways? Far more tolerable would it be for souls, that they remained ignorant of the living and true God, and of his Christ, than to reject them by evil works.

26 Therefore, beware how ye commit idolatry, while professing to serve and worship the living and true God; for God will not be mocked and suffer the soul to go unpunished, in this day of his mighty power. But the souls that trifle in this day, will do it at the risk of their own lives, and of the welfare of their own immortal souls. For the day of the vengeance of the Almighty is near, when souls will tremble, and seek to hide from the wrath of Him, who hath come to take vengeance upon a wicked and rebellious generation.

27 These things speak I, the Son of God, with my warning voice, to all who may hear the same, that ye prepare for the coming of the great and terrible One, by being found in low humiliation, earnestly crying to God to show you the way wherein your feet should go, in order to become acceptable in his sight. And if this ye do, in the sincerity of your hearts, divested of the idols of time, ye shall receive the full answer of your prayers, and know the requirements of God to you, beyond a doubt.

28 But if ye pray with your hearts filled with the idols of time, saying, Spare O Lord, I pray thee, my houses and my lands, my wife and my children, and also my great name among men; touch not, I pray thee, any of these, and I will become a willing servant to thee all my days.

29 I say unto such as pray this hypocritical prayer, desiring to carry their idols with them, while journeying the strait and narrow path which leads to heaven, such prayers, know ye, are an abomination in the sight of God.

30 And if ye receive an answer thereunto, to favor your purposes of serving God, cumbered with the idols of time, know ye, it will be from the source of all evil, and from the father of all delusion, that ye may believe a lie, and still remain the servants of your strong enemy.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part V; Chapter 4



Of the coming of the Lord and who, in Truth, are the "Wise Virgins".

All souls, after hearing the gospel, are left to their own free choice. The nature of the resurrection declared. The harvest of the world. Souls coming to the Savior, must be purified from all iniquity.

1 Thus saith the Savior, All souls, even after hearing the solemn words of my Heavenly Father, and the firm declaration of his beloved Son, concerning the one only way of deliverance from the power of evil, may, if they choose, try the broad road, which consists of many imaginary roads, and fanciful ways to heaven.

2 Yea, saith the Lord, ye are at liberty to try all ways, and prove all things; and when ye find a way which saves you from all sins, and ye can daily see the travel of your souls and be satisfied, then hold fast to that which is good, and prove it, even to the end: for sin and the nature of sin, being the only separating wall between God and the children of men, is the only obstacle to be removed.

3 Therefore I am willing that souls, who will not be persuaded by my call, should try all ways, and hold fast to that which saves them from sin. But when ye have tried all ways, and fail to obtain a victory over sin, so that ye can restrain yourselves at all times; then know ye that salvation is found only in Zion, where God hath placed his name for salvation, and established his altars for sacrifice.

4 But know ye this truth; ye must have your lost time to lament; and all the loss that ye have thus brought upon yourselves, to labor out of, through great sufferings, or you can never find a place in the kingdom of God.

5 Again hear ye, and hearken to my words: Thus and thus will I instruct you, O ye children of men, ye that have ears to hear, and hearts to receive, concerning the resurrection from the dead. How greatly do ye err in this thing, not knowing the scriptures. Know ye not that, "They which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world, and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry nor are given in marriage."

6 How do ye put far away this saying, as though it had reference only beyond the grave? Am not I the Resurrection, the power and the life? Whosoever believeth on me, and obeyeth my words, shall never die. And he that cometh to me, and receiveth my spirit, is already risen from the dead.

7 And such being judged of the deeds done in the body, whether they dwell in earthly tabernacles, or have left the natural body, the same have risen from the dead, and become heirs of the resurrection; and if they continue in my word, they shall never see death. These neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are as the Angels of God in heaven.

8 Marvel not at this, O ye people! for ye cannot alter the purposes of God, who hath purposed to refine unto Himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works, who shall become far more precious in his sight than fine gold; therefore marvel not that I say unto you the resurrection hath already begun, and many have risen from the dead, and become alive unto righteousness.

9 These follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth; that is, they walk in the same self-denying footsteps as did their Lord and Head; and thus it is truly said, "They follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth." These are they who are not defiled with women; they are virgins; neither is guile found in their mouths, being without fault before the throne of God; these are harvested from the earth.

10 "And I looked, and behold a white cloud, and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man, having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle. And another Angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice, to him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in thy sickle, and reap; for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe. And he that sat on the cloud, thrust in his sickle on the earth; and the earth was reaped."

11 Read ye this and understand, and know that I have come to harvest the earth; for the harvest of the earth is ripe; and blessed and holy are they who are counted worthy to be harvested from the earth, and prepared in the hands of the harvestmen, to be gathered as wheat, well fanned from chaff, into my Father's garners.

12 Yea, I have come with my fan in my hand, and will thoroughly purge my floor, and gather the wheat into sure and safe garners; but the chaff, and all that is of the enemy's sowing, will I burn with unquenchable fire.

13 Why can ye not understand these my sayings, and be able to comprehend my meaning? He that hath ears to hear, let him hear; but none are so deaf as those who will not hear. Yet they that have ears to hear, and hearts to receive, cannot fail to comprehend my meaning, and see the propriety of the harvest.

14 For the husbandman hath no profit of the fruits of the earth, until they are harvested, and cleansed from every thing that is foul and unclean. So in like manner, do the children of men remain unprofitable to God, so long as they remain in the state of sowing to the flesh.

15 For the vegetable creation is known by seed time and harvest; but if it remained one continual season of sowing the seed, and nothing came forth for the harvest, what profit would there be in sowing the seed? Therefore the Lord so formed his creation, that there should be both seed time and harvest; a time to sow and a time to reap.

16 And thus hath He decreed in relation to the sowing the seed of man; God never designed that man should forever sow and never reap; man hath, for ages and ages, been busily engaged in sowing his seed, in multiplying and replenishing the earth with a numerous offspring; and the time of the sowing of seed is accomplished in many, and the harvest day hath surely come, and the field of the earth is already ripe; but the harvest is truly great, and as yet, the laborers are few.

17 But the earth cannot all be reaped at once, but that part which is most ripe, that will I reap first, and cause to be secured from danger. And thus will I continue until the whole earth is reaped, and the good seed safely gathered in my garners, well threshed and fanned from all chaff and cheat, and from the evil seed of the enemy.

18 And again; what profit is there in harvesting the earth, faster than the fruit can be secured and well taken care of? The soul that is harvested from the earth, without the proper means of becoming prepared in the hands of the workmen, to be gathered into safe protection, where it may receive the necessary work of purification, is like grain harvested and left to rot upon the earth, being profitable neither to man nor beast. So are souls, being harvested without the means of coming into the necessary work of cleansing and purification.

19 The soul that receives the testimony which is a sharp sickle, and therewith is reaped from the earth, never can return to the earth again and receive nourishment therefrom, and flourish therein. Yet souls may hear the testimony of the gospel and believe it not, to conviction; These remain ungathered by the sharp sickle.

20 Others may hear and believe, and profess to obey; yet so long as they still take pleasure in earthly and carnal things, they have never been harvested from the earth; else they would no more seek to be re-animated therein, than trees being cut down from the earth, would again return to the earth and seek to be re-established therein.

21 And in this, as well as in all other points, souls are left to be free agents; for God hath never designed a work to compel souls, contrary to their own inward conviction, which brings a voluntary and free choice, whether they will be harvested from the earth, and no more seek nourishment therefrom, or whether they will hang between the heavens and the earth, as fit subjects for neither, and finally drop to the earth again, and there be as salt having lost its savor, fit for nothing but to be cast out and trodden under foot of men.

22 The fate of souls cannot be decided, but by their own decision. God hath provided the means sufficient to try every soul and prove all; and by the means which He hath provided shall all souls be tried, and God himself will be blameless.

23 Souls cannot be wholly harvested from the earth by the hearing of the testimony alone, although they may believe beyond a doubt, insomuch that things of time no more seem pleasing to them, and a death blow is thereby given to all earthly enjoyments.

24 But the case is yet to be decided by the soul, whether he shall suffer the sickle, which is the power of the testimony, wholly to undermine the world in himself, by obeying it, or whether he shall shrink at the keen, two edged sword, and refuse to be slain thereby, and harvested from the earth. Therefore is man left to decide his own fate, there being always sufficient power and strength in the gospel, to save unto the uttermost, all who are willing to be subject to its requirements.

25 And he that loseth his life for my sake and the gospel, shall find that life which hath no end; but he that seeketh to save his life, the same shall lose it, and never become a partaker of that life which is hid with Christ in God.

26 Let him that hath ears to hear, hear and understand these my words; and know ye, that they who are not willing to suffer all things, and to endure all things for my sake and the gospel, are not worthy of a place in my kingdom of peace and rest.

27 And again, "He that is ashamed of me and of my words," in the presence of this crooked and perverse generation, of him will I be ashamed, in the presence of my Father and all the holy Angels; but he that will confess me and my words, before a crooked and perverse generation, him will I confess before my Father, and in the presence of all the holy Angels.

28 But know ye, O inhabitants of the earth, ye that would be followers of the Lamb whithersoever he goeth, ye are they that will have your names cast out as evil, having all manner of evil falsely spoken of you for my name's sake.

29 For the servant is not greater than his lord and Master; and if I, your Lord and Master, have received persecution and abuse, in every way and form, being reviled and spit upon, having my name cast out as one of the vilest of the vile, a friend of publicans and sinners, a partaker with the lewd and unchaste, a gluttonous man, and a winebibber:

30 Yea, one who cast out devils by Beelzebub the prince of devils, (which in this day, would be termed the power of witchcraft,) I say, if I, your Lord and Master, have received these vile accusations, and many more which have never been named, how think ye to escape these things, ye who become of my household?

31 Therefore when ye shall be stricken like your Lord, then rejoice and be exceeding glad, that ye are counted worthy to receive disgrace in the cause of your Lord, and to be despitefully used, and have your names cast out as evil workers; yea, rejoice, knowing your reward is great in heaven.

32 These things I speak, to forewarn all to beware that they become not as fighters, in this way, against me; but that ye may know and understand, that I come as a thief, out of sight of all human calculation; equally as much so, as was my first coming. Therefore I forewarn all to watch and pray, lest ye enter into temptation, and are found fighting against me.

33 For had ye known of a certainty, the watch in which the thief would have come, ye would not have suffered your house to be broken open, and your goods spoiled; therefore I warn you again and again, to watch; for I come as a thief in the night, and unless ye watch and pray without ceasing, ye will surely be deceived in the coming of your Lord.

34 For I plainly perceive that ye are not looking out for him as a thief; but ye are looking to behold him in the clouds, surrounded with a numerous host of saints and Angels, in a great display of pomp and power. But this cannot be according to your expectation and natural views of my coming.

35 For as a thief, out of sight, will I come, and none shall behold me to salvation, save those who are virgins, having their lamps well trimmed and burning. For I come as a thief in the night, yea, at midnight darkness; for darkness hath covered the earth and gross darkness the people.

36 And none but the meek and the pure in heart shall ever see the glory of my coming, and go forth with the Bridegroom, to the marriage. Neither will I accept those who are foolish virgins, who depend upon the light of those who are wise; for each and every soul shall become wise for themselves, and walk in the light, even as I am in the light, ere they go forth with me, to the marriage supper.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part V; Chapter 5


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