Revelations and Prophecies from God's Eternal Virgin Wisdom given through Shaker Instrument, Paulina Bates, 1841.  

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About the Natural, Animal Body not being brought back at the Judgement.

The kingdom of heaven cometh not by observation. Those who willingly embrace the cross, shall be kings and priests unto God. A solemn warning to all, to beware how they treat the simple work of God, &c.

1 And now, O ye dark and benighted! Saith the holy Savior, what more shall I say to cause you to understand my coming? I have toiled much that ye might receive these my words, and be profited thereby; because of the love that I have for all souls, not willing that any should perish in ignorance, but that all souls might know and understand my coming, and the form thereof: for it will be in those whom ye, in nature, consider as the vilest of the vile, and as unexpected as a thief in the night.

2 For the kingdom of heaven cometh not by observation, but is out of sight, being within you. For this cause shall many be offended, because the kingdom of heaven cometh unperceivable to their natural eyes; but is enclosed within those who have become fools for my sake, and glory in nought save the cross, despising the shame for my name's sake; and blessed and holy are they, above all nations, kindreds and tongues.

3 For they are the first risen of those who sleep, and the first ripe fruits unto God and the Lamb, being harvested from the earth, and made clean for the use of my Heavenly Father.

4 These shall be made kings and priests unto Him, to go before all nations, being the children of the first order of the resurrection, the first ripe fruits, well threshed and fanned, and refined, as the sons of Levi, who wait upon the Lord, and do his services in the holy tabernacle.

5 These become a royal priesthood unto God and the Lamb; and of this seed, which is most holy, shall the earth be replenished with a righteous offspring. And for this cause have I come as a refiner, to purify these sons of Levi and thoroughly purge them from all dross, that they may be a pure seed that they sow nothing impure.

6 For these are they who sow my word in the hearts of the children of men; yea, the seed of the gospel which is within, can they scatter abroad, which is pure and undefiled. For the kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed, which, though a very small seed; yet when it taketh root in the earth, sprouteth forth and becometh a tree, sufficient to cover the birds of heaven, and support them in its branches.

7 And thus is the seed of faith, which being small in the beginning, and the least of all seeds, to appearance, and although sown in obscurity; yet in the end produceth a tree of sufficient magnitude to shelter the weary, and support the weak and trembling knee; and those who are ready to faint by the way, may quietly repose beneath its shadow. And all who rise into the pure, heavenly element, can rest in its branches.

8 Wherefore ye may all see, by the sayings of your Lord, that the beginning of all these things is small, and hidden from the wise and exalted, and those who, with an earthly sense, look for great and high things; for God is not in the wind nor in the tempest of disorder and confusion; but in the still small voice, which is heard by none but the humble and meek, those who look not for great and mighty displays of outward power and might.

9 Yet mighty and terrible is the power of God to the pulling down of the strongholds of Satan, but in the work of saving souls it is all performed by the still small voice; and for this cause will many mistake the real work of God, and call it delusion; because it is so small and inferior, and so self-degrading to all their natural and carnal views of the work of God.

10 Therefore I solemnly forewarn you, again and again, to beware how ye treat the simple work of God, and the work of that gospel which was framed in wisdom, to undermine, in man, all that is great and high, and bring into contempt all that is honorable among men. Therefore beware how ye become despisers, lest your bands be made strong: for the work of God was never calculated to charm the eyes of the high-minded, but to bring contempt to the beholder.

11 Read ye and understand, whether it hath not been thus from the beginning of God's work among mankind, even in the days of David, a man after God's own heart. How did the haughty Michal despise the behavior of this noble king, because he was moved upon by the gift and power of God to glorify Him with all his might, in nakedness as to his royal ornaments.

12 This was a figure which alluded to the virgin Church, which, according to the prophet, should rejoice in the dance, both young men and old together, before the Lord, being stripped of every thing which is evil, yea, and of their own wills. These are able to worship God in the dance; for He hath turned their sorrow into gladness, and their mourning into joy; therefore can they worship God in songs of everlasting joy, and in the dances of them that make merry.

13 But beware all ye beholders of the worshipers of God, let their singularities be never so great in your sight, beware how ye despise and reproach that which ye do not understand, lest ye become barren souls, and by the curse of God, be debarred from becoming a fruitful vine in his kingdom of peace and rest. Ye cannot comprehend the ways of the Almighty, nor fathom the depth of his work, it being firmly laid in wisdom, beneath the comprehension of all human skill.

14 Therefore be warned in due season, and escape the curse of God designed for mockers and despisers of the simplicity of that worship which He hath chosen, wherein to be magnified and honored by the children of his kingdom, who have become fools, that they may be wise virgins and little children, that they may play in innocence before the Lord, knowing no shame because of the nakedness of their souls, in his presence, being stripped of the garment of sin; therefore they know no shame.

15 And this is the best robe, the robe of innocence: and with this robe of childlike innocence, shall all souls be clad who return to their Heavenly Father, like the prodigal son, and are stripped of their garments of servitude to sin. With this robe of childlike innocence, shall they be clad; for there is no robe so precious, it covereth the soul with righteousness, from the crown of the head even to the soles of the feet.

16 And how can they refrain from playing before the Lord, who hath delivered them from their strong enemy, the tyrant of their souls, and set them at liberty to serve Him with clean hands and pure hearts. If these should hold their peace, and with-hold their faculties from serving God, the very stones would cry out in judgment against them.

17 Again, listen ye and understand my sayings; "Behold I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be."

18 How do ye reconcile this saying of mine with your present views of the coming of your Lord; since ye hold that the state of all souls is decided before the coming of your Lord, and their reward sealed, whether it be good, or whether it be evil? How can this be, seeing my reward is with me, and I am come as a refiner, and a separator between the precious and the vile, and to set the sheep on my right hand and the goats on my left?

19 If this be the manner of my coming, to reject all but those who are faultless, no flesh would be able to stand before me; for all have sinned and come short of that righteousness whereby they may be justified, either by the law or the gospel; therefore have all become offenders in my sight, some more and some less. And none do I find so precious and so pure, that they are in any wise prepared for the kingdom of heaven, without first passing through the fire of the refiner.

20 Therefore have I come as a refiner, to make the separation between the precious and the vile; and that part in man which will stand the purifying fire of the gospel, which burns as an oven, and will suffer the loss of all that is of a chaffy nature, the same shall be saved, and suffer the loss of nothing which would ever do them any good. And thus shall they be purified in the hands of the refiner, and receive according as their works shall be.

21 And no one shall escape, from the greatest to the least of the creation of God, and from the most righteous down to the most depraved of the human family; for the final fate of none has ever been decided, until the judgment. And this is not the work of one day nor of many days. It is called The day of Judgment, and so it is; for "one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. It is the day and dispensation of the judgment, the second coming of the divine spirit of Christ, to judge the world in righteousness.

22 And judgment hath already begun at the house of God, and shall never cease until all souls have had an offer to prove themselves in this dispensation of the judgment, which is a terrible day; a day of fire and thick smoke as from a burning pit; for the conflagration is great; because man hath heaped up much fuel for the consumer.

23 Therefore, terrible is the day of the Lord, the day in which He hath come to judge the world, and render unto every one according as his works shall be, wherein the old carcass of iniquity shall be raised, and brought, with its deeds, to the judgment, let it have slept never so long in quiet repose, and been vanished from mortal recollection, like the natural body, which returneth to dust and is no more seen.

24 Yet the last loud and shrill trumpet will awaken the sleeping dead, and that body of corruption, with all its bones and sinews, that is, the principles of which it is composed, and by which it is supported, shall be brought forth in perfect stature, to wait the final judgment.

25 And no other natural body than this, (which is the body of the sins of the flesh,) shall ever be renewed and brought forth out of the grave: for in the final judgment, the body of sin, with all its corrupt elements and deeds, shall be raised, and brought to the memory and recollection of the soul that hath dwelt therein, and by whom all its deeds were wrought.

26 And thus shall all souls, both in time and eternity, be arraigned at the judgment seat, before the true light; and by their faithful fulfillment of this work, shall the body of sin be destroyed, and the spiritual body shall be raised from death, into the life of Christ the living Savior.

27 But they who look for the natural and perishable body to be renewed, and bone fitted to bone, joint to joint, and limb to limb, out of that part which is nought but dust, and returneth to dust again, never more to be re-animated; I say they may look in vain for this, for their expectation shall perish and wither, as the hope of the hypocrite, which hath no foundation.

28 These things I speak, knowing that many hold to the resurrection of the animal body, which never did and never will take place. Not even the animal body of your Lord, was ever renewed and invigorated into life.

29 But because of the enmity of the wicked, and the darkness of their understanding, concerning the rising from the dead, the Lord suffered the lifeless lump of clay which had carried the spirit of his beloved Son, to be borne hence, that it might never become the object of debate, neither the object of idolatry, whereby men might be left to bow down and worship the stocks and stones, or graven images, that might be erected to the memory of him, who should be set for a sign of the rising and falling of many nations.

30 Surely I appeared to my disciples, and because of the unbelief of my disciple Thomas, who refused to believe that I had risen from the dead, although I declared unto them, that I should again rise and go before them into Galilee; yet he refused to believe, unless he could both see and feel me as a man having flesh and bones, and until he could thrust his finger into my side; and thus and thus only could he be satisfied. Therefore did I appear in that manner, as stated in the scriptures; in a figurative representation of my animal body. But blessed were they who believed without my being transfigured into the natural body, which had been speared and wounded upon the cross.

31 I speak thus plain, concerning my own natural and animal body, knowing that from the circumstance of my appearing to my disciples as I did, and showing them my hands and my feet, many have argued the reasonableness of their belief in the resurrection of the animal body.

32 And for this cause have I seen fit to give you my word, in my own name, which is the truth, and will forever stand, that the animal body of your Lord never became re-animated into life, after the spirit had fled therefrom; but like all other lifeless clay, did it, in due time, molder to dust and was no more.

33 For thus it seemed good in the sight of God, to hide it from mortal sight, for a purpose which was wiser than the purposes of man; that every mouth might be stopped, for the time being, concerning the body of him who foretold that he should arise and go before his disciples, and teach them many things before he ascended to his Heavenly Father, and was received out of their sight.

34 For had my lifeless body still continued in the sepulcher, in sight of those who sought it, many of my disciples through unbelief, would have been prevented from seeing their Lord in spirit, after he had risen. Therefore it became necessary, and according to the wisdom of God, to remove the object which might cause much debate, and perhaps fatal consequences, through unbelief, among those who were still living.

35 All the manifestations seen by the disciples, after my resurrection, which appeared to them as my animal body, were but figurative representations, adapted to their natural sense, that they might, in that state, receive the words of their Lord, until they were baptized into the holy spirit and understood the true nature of the spiritual resurrection.

36 Therefore let there be an end to the controversy, concerning the resurrection of your Lord's animal body, which was composed of dust, and returned to dust again, and the soul to God who gave it. And where is the inconsistency of all this, which is here declared? Although it does not exactly fit to the old tradition, which hath been handed down by your fathers; yet it is none the less true.

37 For ye have had many traditions concerning the scriptures, which are false, and must be done away; for behold I come to make all things new. Mankind have become much blinded by false traditions. These, with "the refuge of lies," must all be swept away. And if you believe my word, and the words of my Heavenly Father, ye will see the folly of many of your vain and foolish traditions, which have served only to blind and harden souls in their sins.

38 But be this as it may, I have not come to accuse any, nor to judge any; but the words which I shall speak, shall judge you in the last day. And this is the last day, and dispensation of judgment; therefore these my words shall either justify or condemn you in this righteous judgment.

39 "Therefore, whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, who built his house upon a rock; and the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not; for it was founded upon a rock. And everyone that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, who built his house upon the sand. And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell, and great was the fall of it."

40 Thus shall my words, and the words of my Heavenly Father, judge all souls in the day of final decision.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part V; Chapter 6



The Specifics of what each Soul must be cleansed from.

An Angel of heaven is now flying through the earth, with the everlasting gospel, to be preached to all nations. Those who disbelieve in this day, will be far more guilty than the Jews, who rejected Christ in his first appearing.

1 Again read and understand. "And I saw another Angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach to them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, saying with a loud voice, Fear God and give glory to Him; for the hour of his judgment is come; and worship Him that made heaven and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters."

2 Read these things and understand; and no more make a mystery of the kingdom of heaven. Know ye not that the Angel hath already flown through the heavens to earth, with the everlasting gospel, to preach to every nation, kindred and tongue; that word of God out of whose mouth goeth the sword, to slay all nations; and also the witness and testimony of his beloved Son?

3 O ye nations, ye kindreds and tongues, and all people of the earth! Know ye that the kingdom of heaven hath come nigh unto you; although many, like the faithless Jews in Christ's first appearing, are willfully determined not to believe, and thereby bring upon themselves swift destruction.

4 But for the elect's sake, yea, for the sake of those who are sincerely seeking to know the will of God, and would do it, if made known to them, hath my Heavenly Father condescended to send the means of eternal life unto all flesh, dwelling upon the earth. Yet many will despise and reject the offers of grace, and make war with the word which bringeth the testimony of eternal life.

5 But be it known unto all people, that ye who hear the word of eternal truth, sounded in your ears, and reject and crucify, in your own souls, that testimony which if obeyed, would set your souls at liberty, that ye might be the children of freedom, ye shall fall under deep condemnation and the horror of great darkness.

6 For it is the word of God, sent to preach deliverance to the captives, to open the eyes of the blind and unstop the deaf ear, and set at liberty the tongues which have never been loosed to praise God. Therefore, if ye do reject that word, in your own souls, ye verily crucify unto yourselves the Son of God afresh, and become far more guilty in the sight of God, than the Jews, who rejected and slew their Lord.

7 For the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven had never been revealed to them; therefore were they less accountable than those who despise and reject the testimony, which opens the mystery of the kingdom of heaven, even to the capacity of a child, in language so simple and easy to be understood, that it is impossible for honest and simple souls to mistake the way, or be divided in their opinions concerning it.

8 God hath so marked out the way in this day of his power, which hath made the crooked places strait, and the rough places smooth, that it remains one even, plain highway, that the wayfaring man, though a fool for the gospel's sake, need not err therein, nor mistake the way; yet it is hid from those who are wise in their own conceit.

9 For these think they have a way which is sufficient for them, and wish not to trouble themselves about new things, as they call them, doctrines of devils and the like. Unto such will the way of God ever remain hid. These are they who are wise in their own eyes, and great in their own conceit; and consider not that old things shall all be done away, and all things become new, and all things of God.

10 Therefore, why think ye to stand out against new doctrines? If ye judge thus, and continue thus in your old traditions, which are many and false, ye shall forever remain the subjects, either of the old earth or the old heavens, until ye sink into hell. "And what profit have ye, if ye gain the whole world, and lose your own souls?"

11 "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth; I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man's foes shall be they of his own household."

12 "He that loveth father or mother more than me, is not worthy of me; and he that loveth son or daughter more than me, is not worthy of me. And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me. He that findeth his life, shall lose it; and he that loseth his life for my sake, shall find it." For all those who lose their carnal lives for the gospel's sake, shall find life eternal.

13 He that receiveth these my words, receiveth me, and he that receiveth me, receiveth Him that sent me. Therefore, "Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division." For a house shall be divided; one shall be taken, and others left. Two shall be grinding together; the one shall be taken, the other left. Two shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.

14 They shall be taken who hear, understand and obey; but those shall be left that close their eyes, and turn a deaf ear, and refuse to understand with their hearts; "lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and should be converted, and I should heal them." Thus and thus have I come to make division on earth; wheresoever my true body is, this division will take place.

15 But this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world, for a witness to all nations, and then shall the end come; yea, the end of the world, in every soul that believeth, receiveth and willingly obeyeth it.

16 And now, O ye sons and daughters of men! What more shall I say to you, to cause you to know these to be my words, and that I have already come to make an end of sin in those who believe, and cast out of my kingdom all that offends. For I will say unto my servants, my harvest men; Gather out first, all that offends, all the fruits of the seed of the enemy, the tares, and bind them in bundles, and cast them into the unquenchable fire.

17 This is the first work which souls can do, towards gathering out of my kingdom all that offends; to gather out of the soul, all that is of the fruits of the seed of the enemy, which are these; lying, hatred, strife and envy, evil speaking, evil communications, bearing false witness one against another, tale bearing, cheating and defrauding one another, taking undue advantage of your fellow beings, when circumstances permit, wronging the widow and the fatherless, and driving from your doors the suffering poor.

18 Yea and with-holding the wages of your laborers, whose infants are crying for bread; also all manner of wastefulness, using the things of this world as abusing them, and consider not that it is a command of your Lord to gather up the fragments, that nothing be lost; all manner of hard heartedness, and cruelty to your fellow beings, whether they be rich or poor, bond or free, black or white.

19 The same God is Father of all souls, and will not hold that soul guiltless, who with wanton cruelty, lifteth his finger to afflict even one of the least of the souls of the children of men. And he that abuseth his ox, or his ass, or any of the animals which the Lord hath given as a blessing to man, and not to be abused, nor to suffer abuse at his hands, shall be answerable therefore.

20 For he that beateth, and with wanton cruelty layeth on more stripes than is really necessary to govern the beast, in a merciful manner, the same shall give an account thereof in the day of judgment: For a merciful man is merciful to his beasts; and he that hath no mercy on his beasts, nor repenteth of the same, on him will the Lord refuse to have mercy.

21 All manner of preaching for hire, making merchandise of what they call the gospel; and also all manner of making merchandise of the souls of the children of men, I do proclaim aloud to be the seed of the enemy, which shall be gathered out of the soul by an honest confession and true repentance; and the same shall be bound in bundles for the unquenchable fire of the refiner.

22 All manner of idleness, and all manner of excess, either in eating or drinking, or an extravagant use of any of the blessings of God, which are required to be used in their proper time and season, with temperance and discretion, shall men give an account for in the day of judgment.

23 For intemperance is a heinous sin, and brings more distress of body, and dissolution's of lives, than either famine, pestilence or the sword; therefore shall men render an account thereof in the judgment, before the wrath of God will be appeased, in this respect, and the guilty soul set at liberty.

24 Also all manner of idle and ungodly words, spoken with profane lips, and an unbridled tongue; these too must become subjects of the unquenchable fire, as being fruits of the enemy.

25 All manner of filthy and unchaste communications, one with another, are words which must meet the judgment; likewise all manner of foolish and vain imaginations of the heart, are as stubble in my sight, and will never stand the fire of my coming.

26 All manner of uncleanness, which was forbidden by God, in the law of Moses, shall surely meet the fire of my coming; or the soul that doeth these things, shall fall under the weight of sore and terrible judgments, from the hand of the Almighty.

27 For if it be a sin to commit adultery, and if he that looketh on a woman to lust after her, hath already committed adultery with her in his heart, how think ye to escape the fire of my coming, ye who wallow in fleshly defilement, even as the sow walloweth in the mire?

28 These being thus defiled, if they escape the judgment seat, and the fire of my coming, can never escape the wrath and indignation of God, which is against all workers of pollution in this way.

29 Yea, all ye who would become perfect, even as your Father who is in heaven is perfect, must forsake all for my sake, and reject the world in every form, and gather out of your hearts all that offends, and is of the fruit of the enemy's seed, and bind them in bundles for the unquenchable fire.

30 And in faithfully so doing, ye shall find mercy and forgiveness, and become clean in my sight. But know ye, that there is nothing hid which shall not be revealed, nor spoken in secret, which shall not be proclaimed in the judgment, before that burning and shining light, which I have placed in my witnesses.

31 All men cannot receive this saying, to give up all for my sake; but it is given to all who receive a living faith in this gospel. Therefore they that can receive these sayings of mine, and become eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake, shall receive a "name in my kingdom better than of sons and daughters;" for the glory of God shall rest upon them, and the brightness of the eternal world shall be theirs.

32 So I leave these sayings of mine with you, O ye sons and daughters of men! ye inhabitants of earth whom I love. Would to God that all men would make that use of them, by which they could render an account in justification before Him. But he that is wise, is wise for himself, and by his wisdom shall he escape the snares of death; but the foolish shall fall, and by their own folly be slain, and no one can hinder.

33 O that all men could know and understand that which belongs to their everlasting peace, and know the day of their visitation, and hearken to my call! For I call, yea, I call aloud, and my voice of love and mercy is even unto the ends of the earth: Come unto me, all ye that are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart; and ye shall find rest to your souls.

34 Gather near unto me, all ye ends of the earth, and be ye saved. Gather to me, all ye that mourn, and ye shall be comforted; all ye that sorrow, and ye shall be filled with rejoicing: for my wells run over, and my grace shall not fail. I will save, even to the uttermost, all that come unto me, and are willing and obedient subjects to my yoke and my cross, which I have purposed for all souls.

35 But if ye see aught laid down in the Book of the Lord, which ye cannot comprehend, and which appears contrary to the scriptures, or to the testimony of the gospel of my first coming, I would advise you to come to Zion, where I have placed my name in my witnesses. Yea, come like candid and rational beings, in whom reason bears the sway, and seek to be enlightened by those whom I have proclaimed to be the light of the world.

36 Come not like devouring wolves, to chase my flock as sheep for the slaughter, who carry no weapons of defense to combat the carnal invader; but come peaceably, and ye shall receive all the information ye desire, if your desire is to know and believe the truth.

37 But if ye come filled with envy and hatred, seeking to cavil, and require undue and unjust returns, no power in heaven nor on earth is sufficient to satisfy the soul in this frame of bitter animosity; for it is an insatiable spirit, which can never be satisfied. But sufficient knowledge and understanding are given in Zion, to satisfy and confirm every candid inquirer, and cause them to know of a truth, that the Lord reigneth therein.

38 Many things are laid down in the scriptures, which are blind sayings, designed to be so, at the time they were given; but my Father, in his everlasting mercy and condescension, hath opened the mysteries of his word, in so clear a light, that no souls need stumble, unless they choose to stumble, rather than to walk in smooth paths.

39 For the Lord hath cleared out of the way all stumbling blocks; yea, He hath cast up the highway, and gathered out the stones, and raised the standard for the people, even the ensign of obedience, hath He raised to all nations, kindreds and people.

40 And now, saith the Lord, the King of Zion, I seek to close my word, knowing that all hath been spoken, which is necessary to confound every soul, and cause them to be dumb before God, and speechless in the day of final reckoning, if they obey not the commandments of their God.

41 But they who will hearken, shall escape the wrath and fiery indignation of Divine Power: for the clusters of the vine of the earth are already ripe, and the wine press of the wrath of Almighty God, shall surely be trodden without the city, and no flesh shall be able to stand before God, in the day when his vengeance shall roll.

42 Yet his mercy goeth before, to warn all who will hearken, to flee and make their escape; for there will be such a day of terror as never was since man was created upon the earth, nay nor ever shall be again. For the abominations of man have come up before the throne of the Most High, and sore judgments have been decreed against all flesh, both of man and beast, and all manner of creeping things, in whose nostrils is the breath of life. These things have gone forth from the Almighty, whose decree altereth not.

43 And although the fulfillment may not come speedily, but be suspended, with the intent to try the integrity of every heart, and to prove whether souls will yield to serve God through fear, or through willing obedience, out of love; for if it be through fear, and not of good will and pleasure, they will begin to say in their hearts, The Lord delayeth his coming, and so will begin to use violence, and do that from which, through fear, they have been restrained for a season;

44 For this cause, and also for the purpose of giving all souls an offer of mercy, hath my Heavenly Father purposed to stay his hand for a short season, from the full display of his judgments, to try those who dwell upon the earth. But far more tolerable will it be in the judgment, for the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah, and for the inhabitants of the old world, than for the inhabitants of the earth in this day, if they continue in their abominations, and heed not the reproof of their God.

45 And thus is my word closed: and with this word receive my solemn, yea, my solemn and timely warning, in the name of your ever blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

46 Revealed through an innocent child of Zion's King and Queen, for the benefit of all mankind, even from the king upon his throne, down to the meanest servile dependent that walks your streets. The end of the Savior's word in his own name.

47 Thus saith the holy Angel to the writer; I have attentively read the preceding communication, in the name of the ever blessed Savior of man; and as I have read, so in like manner hath it been written. And of all which the Savior gave me, I have reserved nothing. And if there is any further word, in the name of the Son of God, to be revealed in this place, to go with this Book, it is unknown to me the holy Angel.

48 And now I bid you kindly farewell. I go hence to meet your blessed Lord, and carry the good tidings that all is safely written by a mortal hand, and brought to mortal view. So kindly farewell.
From the HOLY ANGEL.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part V; Chapter 7



The "Giant within" each man; the "Man of Sin" defined.

The apostle's warning to hasten and fulfill the requirements of God. The strong enemy of souls is not conquered by great and mighty displays, but by simple obedience. His fervent exhortation. Witness of the Angel.

1 Therefore, saith the apostle, I solemnly warn all, who may ever become hearers of these my words, that ye hasten to fulfill the requirements of God, which are not in great and hidden mysteries, but in little simple requirements; such as an honest confession of all known sin; rectifying and making restitution for all known wrongs, and then quietly asking to know the will of God, in all points, of those who are called to teach in the name of Christ, rendering strict obedience to them as doing it to God.

2 What can be more easy and plain, and more rational to the candid mind? But a terrible way to those who seek to hide their counsel from the Lord, and remain covered before his Anointed.

3 Ye must always remember that it is not in great and mighty displays, that the man of sin is to be subdued; for in this, souls would meet him on his own ground, and combat him on his own terms.

4 The great and terrible Goliah, in the days of Israel, was an emblem of the man of sin, which every soul must combat and slay, before their redemption draweth nigh. Yet frightful as was the appearance of the terrible Goliah, which caused the armies of Israel to fear and tremble, the simple child David, a keeper of his father's sheep, a stripling of no fame, with a smooth stone cast from a leather sling, gave the death blow, and brought the hero to the ground.

5 And thus the stripling David, a man whom God had chosen to be a man of war, to prefigure the warfare which is not carnal, but mighty in power, to the pulling down of the strong holds of Satan, subdued his mighty antagonist, and placed him beneath his feet.

6 And thus shall every soul conquer their strong enemy, the giant which defieth the simplicity of the children of Zion, and boasteth himself above God and all that is of God. Those that desire to conquer, cannot be too simple to undermine the tyrant of their souls, and conquer and slay in themselves, the man of sin, the only enemy souls ever need to dread.

7 And if ye believe not these my words, come and prove them for yourselves; and if ye can do anything better calculated to punish and afflict the man of sin, who seeks to be great and exalted, than to come strictly to the simplicity of the gospel, like a little child, then have I spoken falsely at this time.

8 But the moment the soul enters the self-denying path of Christ, which brings all souls into childlike obedience, that moment does the nature of enmity and opposition within begin to squirm. And the more the little simple weapons of childlike obedience, and the little simple requirements of the gospel are applied, the more the tyrant will rage, until subdued and brought beneath the feet of the conqueror. Thus simple are the weapons by which this is effected.

9 But mighty is the conflict after this, even after the soul has placed his feet upon the neck of his strong enemy; for unless he continues to trample all evil under his feet, by disarming his enemy of all his weapons, and applying them to the utter destruction of the same, by guarding against them in his own soul; I say, even then, will there be danger of the soul's losing power, and the enemy's again renewing his hold and his influence.

10 And for this reason, do I speak thus plain upon this subject, knowing the danger of souls falling, even after they have gained sufficient power to triumph over their strong enemy, and feel as though the work was accomplished, and so begin to feel at ease in Zion; and ere they are aware their enemy suddenly returns upon them, and they fall victims to their mighty foe.

11 These things, saith the apostle, I speak as one having had great experience in the work of God, and in the travel of souls. I have seen the rising and falling of many souls, and therefore do I speak these things from my own experience.

12 Souls, after traveling to a comfortable state in the gospel, and feeling their inbred cravings pretty well subdued and brought under mortification, are apt to feel as though the warfare was accomplished; and Satan is willing that they should think so; but this is not a safe way.

13 Souls never ought to be at ease in Zion. Although the power of their strong passions have become measurably abated; yet always remember, that the valiant David never ceased his work with his strong enemy, until he had disarmed that enemy, and, by the sword of the giant, had severed his head from his body.

14 Had the youthful David, after bringing the mighty Goliah to the ground, then returned in safety to his brethren, ere he had severed the giant's head from his body, would not the stunned Philistine, after recovering his senses, (for though apparently slain, he was not dead, but merely stunned by the force of the stone,) would he not then have returned, with twofold vengeance, upon the stripling David? Undoubtedly he would, if possible, and perhaps unawares have taken his life.

15 And thus hath it been with many souls; and will continue to be with every soul, that undertakes in the warfare of combating his strong enemy, — his own evil and carnal nature, which is in direct enmity to God, if he stops short of its full destruction; for that nature "is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be; " therefore must it be slain, before the soul can go to God and become one with Him.

16 For this cause hath God, in his everlasting wisdom, framed the most easy and ready way to accomplish the work by the little simple requirements of the gospel, which are so simple and plain, that a child can perform them with ease; yea, with as much ease as to cast stones with a sling. Children cannot go forth to war with mighty armor; but they can cast stones with a sling; and all that the Lord requires of his children is to be so small, as to comply with such simple means as He directs for waging war, which is the most ready way to gain the victory.

17 But souls are apt to make a great display and bustle in the power of man, in the warfare which is not carnal, quite as much as in the warfare which is carnal, and which requires a great display of might and power; but the warfare of souls is not to be effected in that way; the still small voice must bear the sway in order to accomplish this work.

18 Satan had much rather be combated with many mighty words and strong arguments, contending for the faith, and much of that which is of a bustling nature, or doing anything which God hath not called them to do, than to be met with the still small voice of childlike obedience, to all the commands of God, seeking not only to become little, but the least of all. This is more than he can bear.

19 Far more agreeable would it be to his feelings, to be roared at, by a mighty voice of man's power; so far from being offended at this, it is the very way to please him. For Satan, being subtile, knoweth that by this means, the soul will be decoyed from performing that internal work which will finally accomplish the victory; yet the power of God is mighty in the obedient soul.

20 I have now spoken freely on this subject, with the good intent to give understanding to those who seek to gain the victory over their strong enemy, and become crowned with everlasting life. And if I could say anything further that would in any way serve to benefit any soul, I would be willing and thankful to speak much longer; but I think sufficient hath been spoken at this time, to give a full idea of the work and requirement of God, upon all souls who will be profited thereby; therefore I add no more.

21 And may the blessing and the prosperity of my God, and also his Son Jesus Christ, attend these my words. And may the blessing and prosperity of the whole eternal world, go and continue with this word in the name of the Lord of hosts, the eternal God of Israel; and may it spread prosperously through the land, and smite such of the nations as desire to be saved.

22 And for this gospel will I contend to the laying down of all that is near and dear to me; and had I a hundred more lives to live on earth, I would live them all to God, in fulfilling the requirements of this gospel, even to the giving up not only of my carnal life by the cross, but to the giving up of my animal life, if it were required of me.

23 For I count nothing too dear, if I can do the will of that God who hath dealt so mercifully with all souls, and hath prepared that rest for those that overcome, which hath never entered the heart of man to conceive, or frame any just idea of.

24 This is my word, to go with this book, as a strong witness in my own name, in favor of the present work of God, which hath wrought deliverance in me, that I am no more a servant, but a conqueror, yea more than a conqueror; for I inherit all things. Thus ends my word and my witness.

From the beloved apostle PETER.


Thus saith the Angel of eternal truth; I the holy Angel, do bear witness that as the beloved apostle Peter sounded his word to the writer; so in like manner was it also written; and with great joy doth the beloved apostle view his words faithfully written by a mortal hand.

And with great joy do I the holy Angel view the things of God brought to mortal view, knowing that it is the will of God that it should be so. And this is my word and my witness at this time.

From the Angel of Eternal Truth.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part V; Chapter 9



The "Fashion of this World" passing away.

22 And what is more fashionable in this day, than for men to have wives? Can ye imagine any thing more common and fashionable? Also that every man should be head of his own household, and that the woman should guide and direct as helper meet to her husband, holding selfish gain and selfish kindred: and what can be more fashionable and more agreeable than this, to the carnal lusts of man?

23 But in the second coming of Christ, in his glory, to make an end of the world, which springs from the lusts of men, these things which are so fashionable among men, must pass away and the lusts thereof; for they that have wives must be as though they had none, and they that have possessions, as though they possessed not, having all things common, in a united capacity; and no name heard but father and mother, brethren and sisters.

24 O what a killing thing this must be to the fashions and lusts of man, who hath gloried in a woman to his shame, and not according to the command and will of God!


Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part V; Chapter 12



False Humility and Imputed Righteousness of False Christians Admonished.

23 And now, O ye inhabitants of the earth, listen to these my words, and receive them in love, for in great love are they given; that love which is the effect of humility and lowliness of heart, which is the greatest bliss that souls can attain to, either in time or eternity, and the only way whereby souls may or can draw near to God, and become one with him.

24 The cross of Christ never was, and never will be calculated to meet the approbation of those who walk in haughtiness, or are clad with a garment of self-righteousness, and in a special manner, of imputed righteousness, which cometh by grace alone, (as carnal professors say,) and not of good works.

25 What can appear more odious and self-abasing to such souls, thus clad, than a full cross against all sin, in every word, thought and deed? And because of this cross, many will be offended, and be left to fight against that work which alone hath power to reclaim them to God.

26 And O that I could cause all who may ever hear this my word, to know and understand these things, and be persuaded to seek the truth in righteousness, which is in lowliness of heart, in that humility which stands in direct opposition to all that is accounted great and honorable among men.

27 Yea, even that humility which strikes a death blow to the world, in all its pursuits; for what profit hath a man, if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul? And what profit hath a man of humility, so long as it worketh not purification? And where is the evidence of the heart becoming pure, so long as the idols of time remain unmolested therein?

28 Ye cannot deceive God with an outward form of humility, or with a sanctity of appearance; for God knoweth the heart, and without humility of heart, no soul can draw near to God: for He refuseth the offerings of the haughty, but giveth grace to the humble.

29 And who are the humble, whose humility is sufficient to work the purification of their own hearts? Are they those who make a god of the things of this world, unwilling to sacrifice in the least, either in name, fame or riches? Nor can these, in their hidden and self-gratifications, render offerings suitable to gain the grace of God. Nay, in no wise; but the offerings are an abomination in his sight.

30 Then who are those who render offerings in humility, and thereby become partakers of the grace of God? I will answer, and the truth I will declare. They are those who sacrifice in themselves, all that is great and exalted or self-pleasing, in lowliness of heart, despising the shame which cometh of the cross, that thereby they may win a more excellent and durable inheritance.

31 These, and these only, make an offering acceptable to God, and thereby receive his saving grace, which worketh the purification of the heart. And by their humiliation, their judgment is taken away, and they enjoy the sweets of a quiet conscience, void of offense towards God and man; a state of bliss which the whole world cannot purchase, but it is the pearl of great price, which costs the whole world to obtain it, which every soul must sacrifice in themselves, each one for one.

32 And thus they receive the kingdom of heaven as a little child, who hath given up all to obtain it, and begin to work out their salvation with fear and trembling. And what meaneth this, that souls who had given up all for the kingdom of heaven, should be required to work out their salvation with fear and trembling?

33 Surely, this must be a shocking sound, to those who expect to find redemption by the merits of another, and be clad in a garment of imputed righteousness, to hear of working out their salvation with fear and trembling, which makes the grace of God of no effect, but of works are souls to be justified. This must be hard food for the subjects of antichrist's kingdom, which requires a mere belief in the Son of God, to make their election sure.

34 But hear ye my words; He that believeth on the Son of God, that he is the Christ, the Savior of the world, the same shall be saved; but he that believeth not that he is the Son of God, the Savior of the world, the same shall be damned. And as saith the Son of God, so say I, The tree is known by its fruit. All souls shall be judged and rewarded according to the fruits they bring forth.

35 Therefore is the faith of all souls, made manifest by their works, if they believe on the Son of God, sufficient to cause them to yield obedience to his word, and walk in his footsteps, by this faith they will be saved.

36 But they who profess to believe on the Son of God, but deny him in their works, are of antichrist, who deny that Christ is the Savior of the world. Although they acknowledge him with their lips; yet in their works they openly deny him; and the same shall be damned, and shall remain under the condemnation of their sins, until by their sufferings, they become willing to manifest their faith in the Son of God, by their works as well as by their words.

37 So ye may see, in this, how far your belief in the Son of God worketh: for he that believeth and obeyeth, the same shall be saved, and that too by grace; for God giveth grace to the humble; therefore are souls saved by the grace of God, and not alone by their own good works.

38 These things I speak, that ye may know and understand how far the grace of God worketh, for the salvation of the soul, knowing that there are many minds abroad in the earth concerning this point.

39 Ye must know and understand, that by the offerings ye make to God in humility, ye come into possession of that grace of God which enables you to bring forth the works of righteousness, which are not of yourselves, but through the grace of God, whereby you are enabled to walk blameless in his presence. Thus are ye saved by grace, and not of your own works of self-righteousness; therefore ye may render to God all the glory, knowing that of yourselves, void of the grace of God, ye are nothing.

40 God alone is worthy to receive honor and glory of the works of his hands, to whom be honor and dominion forevermore. And thus cometh the end of this word, which I behold faithfully written by mortal hand, and sealed with the seal of the Eternal Father of truth.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part V; Chapter 13



The Works of Generation vs. the Works of Regeneration stated clearly.

25 Do you not see, in this day, the fulfillment of all which was made manifest in the days of the apostles? Yea, and more; for the woman hath found her lot, and is equal in her order, with the man; and fulfills her lot and station in the work of the regeneration of souls. And what can be more beautiful, than to see the man and the woman united together, in the work of God, traveling out of a fallen nature.

26 What can be more pleasing in the sight of God, than to see souls, instead of becoming united in the bands of fleshly affections, fulfilling the law of disobedience, and thereby bringing forth the works of corruption, which end in death, to see them united in the bonds of gospel love and affection, to fulfill the law of obedience, and thereby bring forth the fruits of the spirit, which end in peace and life everlasting?

27 And this ye may, if ye will, see fulfilled in this your day, in which the Bride is revealed, to govern and direct in the household of Christ, which is the glory of God, revealed in those who dwell in earthly tabernacles; yet have become perfect by the coming of their Lord.

28 Here ye may see the will of God accomplished on earth, as in heaven, and that kingdom set up which Christ taught his disciples to pray for, in the days of his first coming; which plainly shows, for itself, that the kingdom had not then been clearly and fully made manifest; therefore he taught them to pray, "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, as it is done in heaven."

29 And thus it is accomplished; the Father and Mother both being made manifest to the world, in form of the Bridegroom and Bride, to lead souls in direct opposition to the road in which they were influenced to walk, by the nature which they received by the disobedience of Adam and Eve, the first man and woman. These being the heads and leaders in the work of generation; while the second Adam and Eve became heads and leaders of souls, in the work of regeneration, of peopling and replenishing the new earth and heavens, with a righteous offspring.

30 What can be more plain and easy to be understood than this? Yet those who have eyes, but see not, ears, but hear not, hearts, but receive not, understanding, but comprehend not, these remained unmoved, and view these things as mere fables, which are remembered for a season, and then forgotten, as though they had never been; therefore do they make the coming of their Lord, of no effect, except to condemn them.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part V; Chapter 14



About Order and Discipline as Fruit that should be observable in true Believers.

9 There is nothing so extremely terrifying to the nature of sin, which stands in direct enmity to God, as to hear of order and discipline. This is a point which causes the author of disorder and confusion much alarm, knowing that God is a God of order, not of confusion, and knowing that no souls can ever be the subjects of the kingdom of heaven, until they first become the subjects of good order and close discipline.

10 It is therefore no wonder, that the author of all discord, irregularity and confusion, is alarmed and terrified at the ensign of order, beauty and regularity; knowing that in this souls are fitted and prepared for the kingdom of heaven.

11 These things I speak, knowing the subtlety of Satan and his agents, in this respect; and knowing that he will work mightily to cause souls to shun the bondage which alone can liberate the captive soul; and also to choose that liberty and freedom which binds the soul in chains as of iron, down to the regions of endless guilt and despair.

12 And with a loud and solemn warning, do I warn all who may ever hear this my word, that they flee from that delusion which crieth peace, where there is no peace; which crieth liberty, where there is no liberty; which crieth forgiveness of sins, by the imputed righteousness of Christ, when there is no forgiveness in this way.

13 Yea, flee from the shadow of this delusive hope; for the coming of our Lord will sweep away the refuges of this kind of delusion, the design of which is to lull souls into carnal security, to the vain hope of finding the kingdom of heaven, while they remain the gross subjects of disorder, irregularity and confusion; each one walking in that liberty, and pursuing that course which, for the time being, seems good in their own carnal eyes; which of course, makes as many minds, as there are people; yet all of one mind, as it respects the pursuit of that liberty which is of the carnal mind.

14 Therefore judge ye, ye that seem to be wise concerning the discernment of natural causes and effects; judge ye of this matter, and discern by natural things, which are a clear type or resemblance of that which is to come, being made to liken and imitate that which is invisible and spiritual: I say, judge ye of the consistency of souls becoming the subjects of the kingdom of heaven, while remaining in the broad road which allows each one, for himself, to pursue that way which seemeth good in his own eyes.

15 Choose ye a company of this kind, even the most holy and righteous among you, and place them in one mansion together, without laws sufficient to govern and direct, and ye will soon find that, unless souls first become the subjects of order and close discipline, which brings all souls into a oneness, they remain unfit subjects to dwell together, and therefore remain unfit subjects for the kingdom of heaven, which is established upon the laws of obedience, order and discipline.

16 Ye can no more find an element in the pure regions of the kingdom of heaven, unfitted and unprepared by the necessary qualifications or adorning of the soul, than to the rude and unaccomplished ploughman could find an element in the courts of an earthly prince, while unaccomplished by sciences of literature, to qualify him to move in this high station. Otherwise than this, could there be a place invented more disagreeable and irksome? Truly not.

17 Then learn by this, and receive understanding. Souls unadorned by the sciences and graces of heaven, which qualify them to move in the high ranks of heavenly and divine beings, remain equally unfit subjects for the enjoyment of heaven, as those who are not qualified by natural and earthly sciences, are unfit subjects for the society of those of exalted stations.

18 I bring this natural similitude, that ye may the more readily comprehend the necessity of souls becoming prepared, before they can enjoy the kingdom of heaven. For until they have the kingdom of heaven, with its order, beauty and comeliness, established in their own souls, they can never dwell together. And until souls are qualified to dwell together, in peace, union and harmony, and move in one united body, they are unfit subjects for the kingdom of heaven.

19 Souls labor under a gross mistake concerning these things; they know not but that eternity immediately qualifies them either for a state of perfect bliss, or a state of endless guilt and remorse. But this is not so. Souls in the eternal world, are placed in a state of probation, and prove themselves worthy or unworthy subjects of the kingdom, the same as they do in time; and they alone must decide this point, each one for himself.

20 They who become willing subjects in the school of Christ, to learn the laws and sciences of heaven, and become qualified thereby to move in this exalted station, this becomes their element, and they choose it above all other elements. But this must first be gained and attained to, step by step, the same as a child commences with a,b,c; and from this simple beginning, by zeal and industry, attains to the highest state of literature.

21 Therefore ye may see the propriety of likening Christ to a school master. For they that enter upon the work of God, must, like ignorant children, commence in the school of Christ, to learn the first rudiments of the arts and sciences of heaven; that they may become qualified to move in its true order, which is angelic and heavenly, and above any thing which ever entered the heart of man to conceive, or form any true idea of.

22 But it is that which costs much labor and a great sacrifice to obtain, even all that is pleasing to the carnal mind. But the slothful and indolent will never attain to that perfection which will enable them to move in the ranks of those who have become perfect in natural order, much less in the order, beauty and comeliness of heaven.

23 So ye may see that the work of God is a progressive work, and admits of many orders or degrees of perfection: for "Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end."

24 But the beginning of every soul therein is small; and by this small beginning they progress from one degree of perfection to another, until they become perfect in their order, even as their Father in heaven is perfect; which is all accomplished by the energy of the soul, accompanied by the grace of God, which always attends the humble and obedient.

25 The natural arts and sciences, which come of the wisdom of this world, and qualifies its subjects for high life, teach them how to become great; and the more they gain of this kind of knowledge, the more exalted they feel; but not so in the school of Christ, where the arts and sciences of heaven are taught, which proceeds from the wisdom of God.

26 Souls that learn these, are taught to become little; and the more they gain and increase in this school, the smaller they feel; for in this school they receive that knowledge which worketh in direct opposition to the knowledge which puffeth up, and causeth its subjects to become exalted in their own feelings. And so it is in all the works of God, which are made manifest in ways and through means in direct opposition to the works of the high and self-exalted prince of unrighteousness.

27 God is a God of love, and the Author of all perfection; and that spirit which worketh by love and purifieth the heart, is the same spirit that bringeth souls into perfection, and qualifieth them for the mansions of heaven, and enableth them to stand in the presence of God, the Author of all perfection.

28 And as God is above all in wisdom, power and glory; so in like manner, is that perfection which cometh by the spirit of God, which worketh by love and purifieth the heart, above all earthly and natural qualifications or accomplishments.

29 And as the heavens, in their glory, beauty and majesty, are above the regions of death and darkness; so are the glory, beauty and perfection which come of the spirit of God, above all earthly and natural greatness and glory. But in this, God seeth not as man seeth; for that which is highly esteemed among men, is an abomination in the sight of God; and that which is highly esteemed in the sight of God, is loathsome in the eyes of the children of men.

30 Therefore beware how ye reject the work of God, because in it ye see nought which is calculated to sustain a proud, lofty and self-exalted nature — nought to qualify souls for the enjoyment of vain earthly pursuits. God is the Author of all perfection, beauty and comeliness; but Satan, the author of all imperfection, has substituted qualifications and attainments for those of his subjects that continue, as yet, under his power and dominion, which are highly esteemed among men.

31 Yet these Satanic qualifications are an abomination in the sight of God; and instead of qualifying souls for the regions of divine light, order, beauty and perfection, they thereby become the gross subjects of the rude and boisterous regions of darkness, and remain as such until they receive that love of God and of his holy way, which, by obedience, worketh the purification of the soul.

32 Then may they begin to learn the qualifications for heaven; and by the love of God which they receive, may they be prepared and qualified to stand in the presence of the God of love, the Author and Finisher of all perfection.

33 And although souls may spend the most precious part of their lives, that youthful period which is most acceptable, to God; and although they spend a fortune of earthly substance, that which might be applied for the relief of the poor and afflicted, the widow and the fatherless, and cause the hearts of the oppressed to rejoice; yet without this adorning, they cannot be accepted of God, as purified souls.

34 Yea, and more than this; although men may hazard their own right reason, in their imaginary devotions to the service of God, in ways which God has never appointed, and thus render themselves unfit subjects, either to do the will of God or man; yet in all this, unless they become adorned and qualified by that which cometh of the wisdom and power of God, they remain unfit subjects for the kingdom of heaven.

35 But so it is, that men will hazard all to attain to earthly accomplishments, and to become great in that kingdom which stands in direct opposition to the pure and holy kingdom of Christ, which must and will forever and eternally endure, while the kingdom of this world, with all its accomplishments, shall crumble to ruin, and its subjects be left poor, blind, miserable and destitute until they become willing, like little children, to learn the way of God.

36 Then may they begin to receive beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, and become trees of righteousness, of the Lord's own planting, that through them He may be glorified.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part V; Chapter 15




Mankind's Misuse and Abuse of Letter Learning.

1 It is according to the mind and will of God, that all children receive a good and wholesome education, sufficient, if their capacities will admit of it, to transact any business which they may most likely ever be called to transact of an earthly nature. Thus far is letter learning owned and blessed of God, and may prove a benefit instead of loss to the soul.

2 But storing the mind with that which only serves to corrupt and darken the understanding, and disqualify the soul to relish the things of God, merely for the purpose of being qualified to serve the god of this world, for a short season, is exceedingly offensive in the sight of God, and that which must be brought into judgment in the great day of reckoning.

3 God himself is the Author and first cause of letter learning; it existed in the heavens long before it was handed down to man, as a blessing, and not as a curse. But like all other blessings which flow from the hand of the Almighty Giver of all good, hath frail man turned it into a curse; and by the prince of this world, hath it been carried to that extent, that it no longer remains a blessing, but is converted to the use of deceiving and defrauding each other.

4 Almost all manner of wickedness may originate in, or be effected and increased by letter learning, or the arts and sciences of worldly literature. For by the thirst of learning and earthly qualifications, is the cultivation of the ground often neglected, and the earth, in various places, left to become barren and deserted, for the want of faithful cultivators to improve it.

5 This is not according to the first and great command which God gave to man, after he had fallen into sin and disobedience; "In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat thou bread, till thou return unto the ground; for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return."

6 This was the first command God gave to Adam, after his fall; this first and great command. I call it great, because it was all important that man should receive such a law, after becoming subject to base and carnal desires; that by the fatigue of the body, the passions of nature might be restrained.

7 This law was given according to the wisdom of God, for a blessing to man after his fall. And for this cause did God curse the ground for man's sake, and as the effects of his fall cause it to bring forth thorns and thistles, that he might toil for his sustenance, which would prove a blessing to him in his fallen and sinful state.

8 But mankind have not viewed this command sufficiently sacred, to cause them to obey it as a command of God; neither do they pretend to hold it so. But when necessity requires it for sustenance to support animal life then will men toil; but further than this, unless it be to accumulate earthly substance, that they may thereby, become exalted in the eyes of the world, man chooses a life of indolence, devoted to pleasure and self-gratification.

9 The first and great law of God to fallen man, is but lightly regarded by mankind, while the first decree which He gave to the woman, as the effect of her fall, is much quoted for the support of the lawfulness of a fleshly and vile correspondence between man and woman.

10 Truly this was a necessary injunction laid upon the woman, after becoming subject to fallen and sinful passions; that in sorrow she should bring forth children, and that her desire should be unto her husband, and he should rule over her; that by her sorrow and tribulation her passions might be restrained.

11 The curse laid upon the woman, was given for a benefit in her then fallen and corrupt state. And this can be acknowledged by mankind, as a decree of God, which sanctifies the act of fleshly cohabitation; while the first decree which was given to Adam, (after his fall,) to till the earth, and by the sweat of his face to eat his bread all the days of his life, is entirely thrown aside, and not even ranked among the requirements of God.

12 But this altereth not the decree of God, that man should toil for his earthly sustenance. This decree altereth not so long as man liveth; and this is required of each one for himself, and not at the expense of the hard earnings of others.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part V; Chapter 16



Charge against Modern Preachers of the False Gospel.

15 Christ, the blessed Son, came to fulfill the law and commands of his Heavenly Father, and to show forth his will to a lost and sinful world; even he put his hands to work, and faithfully discharged his duty in this respect, until he entered his mission of preaching the gospel of the kingdom to many people, in lands far and near, which on his part, was accompanied with much fatigue, toil and hardship on every side, his journeys being mostly accomplished on foot.

16 In addition to this, his leisure moments were improved in hard labor, that he might not become chargeable for his earthly sustenance. He was not, in any wise, the subject of letter learning; that man might know and understand by this, that it did not require the arts and sciences of this vain world, to qualify mortals to do the will of God, and bring forth that gospel which shall "prove a savor of life unto life, or of death unto death," to every soul that receiveth it.

17 Nor were his immediate followers called to become learned, in order to preach the gospel of Christ; neither did they become chargeable in idleness for their earthly sustenance, either in food or raiment, as ye will plainly discover by perusing the sacred records of their lives.

18 I know not, therefore, how it is that man in this day, can find any authority to suppose he must be qualified by the arts and sciences of worldly literature, to preach the gospel of Christ and minister the power of salvation. Nor do I know by what authority he can feel justified in attempting to do this, and at the same time be supported in indolence by a tax upon his hearers.

19 But this much I know, and I am not afraid to declare, that the gospel of Christ, which is the power of God unto salvation, by and through the medium of the cross, which worketh the death of every evil passion, never was nor ever will be preached nor ministered, through those who prepare themselves for that purpose by letter learning, or the arts and sciences of literature, nor through those who are chargeable through idleness to others for their daily sustenance.

20 For the laws of God, and the laws of justice and equality forbid, that the indolent and self-exalted should ever in that state, become the messengers of good tidings to man. These things speak I, an apostle of Christ Jesus, that all men may know the mind of one who hath known the doctrines of Christ from the very beginning.

21 The gospel of salvation, in both dispensations of the appearing of the Messiah, hath been delivered through vessels unqualified by letter learning; that the power of God might have its perfect work, unaccompanied with the power of worldly literature.

22 But in both vessels, through whom the Christ, the saving power, was made manifest, although strangers to the nature and power of letters, by any natural or acquired knowledge; yet they were both enabled, by the power of God, to read and expound upon the scriptures, far beyond the most learned and wise of this world; which is sufficient proof of itself, that God requires not the arts and sciences of worldly literature, to qualify souls to become agents in his name, to minister the power of salvation to man.

23 But those who have a desire to know and do the will of God, and to become ministers in the name of Christ, would be much more likely to succeed, if they would spend in secret prayer to God, a small portion of the time which they spend in obtaining useless knowledge, which can never do them any good, but which only serves to corrupt and darken their understanding.

24 Yea, verily, if a small portion of this time was devoted to secret and fervent prayer, and the remainder in incessant hand labor, in some useful and honest employment, with their hearts continually bowed before God, they would place themselves in far better circumstances to receive the mind and will of God, and be far better qualified to perform it.

25 I speak not thus plain upon this subject, with the intention to wound or injure the feelings of any one that has ignorantly sinned in this respect. Far be it from me to do thus; but with the intention that all may know the will of God concerning these things. God is a God of reason, justice and equality; and by his foreknowledge, is apprised of the wants and necessities of man, and is always willing and ready to bestow upon them, all that is necessary for their comfort, convenience and prosperity.

26 But man, while under the influence of the power which worketh in direct opposition to God, frequently seeketh out many inventions which are not of God, nor can they ever go to God; nor can the soul that gets ensnared thereby, find acceptance with God, until these things are faithfully done away by confession and true repentance, which is sufficient to cleanse the soul from all sin.

27 God, in his foreknowledge, was apprised of the necessity that man, whom He had created, should come into the possession of letter learning, which, as was before mentioned, had long existed in the heavens, and was brought forth by the mighty power and wisdom of God, for a blessing to the works of his hands. And when He saw proper, by the same Almighty power which first created it, did he cause it to be revealed to man, for a comfort and a blessing to him.

28 But through the agency of the wicked one, it hath been turned into a curse; and through this channel, which hath become a broad stream of corruption, may almost all species of wickedness find their origin. For at this fountain the lawyer becomes qualified to deceive and turn the balance of justice, for the purpose of obtaining undue reward.

29 It is from this channel also, that many physicians receive license to deceive and practice inhuman depredations upon those who apply to them in distress, for aid and assistance; regarding their own self interest and gain, more than they do the lives of those who, through infirmity, become subject to them.

30 All this liberty, by which souls become licensed (if so disposed) to commit secret and inhuman depredations upon their fellow beings, cometh of this fountain and source, which qualifies the selfish and dishonest learned of all classes, to work deception, that thereby they may exact undue gain.

31 The love of money, by man, is said to be "the root of all evil;" but it is by the power which cometh of the natural arts and sciences, which qualifies man to put in execution his desires and thirst for money; therefore may almost all evils be traced back, and their origin be found in the source of human wisdom, and the natural sciences of human literature.

32 It is by this means that men become qualified to wrong and defraud each other; and it is by this means that many become qualified to gain their sustenance without hand labor; and by their indolent habits, their passions become strong, and thereby they are many times led to commit crimes of the foulest kind. For, by these means vile lusts are fed to a flame.

33 To sum the whole matter up in a few words, the natural wisdom of man, by the influence of the god of this world, a subtile deceiver, has turned almost every blessing of God into a curse, and thereby filled the earth with deception, fraud and violence from end to end, which was not so designed in the beginning, when God cursed the ground for man's sake, that by the sweat of his face he should eat bread, until he returned to the earth from whence he was taken.

34 And thus be it known to all nations, that the anger of the Lord is kindled against those who have sought to render his blessings a curse to the human family, and thereby have brought forth that wickedness which was never designed by the Almighty Creator and Giver of all blessings.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part V; Chapter 16


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