Revelations and Prophecies from God's Eternal Virgin Wisdom given through Shaker Instrument, Paulina Bates, 1841.  

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To Parents: about Responsibility and Accountability.

35 It is the mind and will of God, that children, ere they become able to labor for their support, be put closely and diligently to the acquirement of letter learning, which will prove a blessing, not only in their riper years, but will prove a protection and a shield from the snares and devices of the adversary, during the youthful period, wherein children that are suffered to remain in indolence, are liable to acquire many vicious habits; for they are so formed from the beginning of their days, that they cannot be idle.

36 Therefore it becomes exceeding necessary that children, that are unable to labor for their support, should have sufficient to fill and occupy their minds continually, with that which, in itself, is innocent recreation, and let the remainder of the time be closely applied to gain useful knowledge, and acquire that education which will prove a blessing instead of a curse.

37 Thus may souls deal with children to profit, which will ever be accompanied with the blessing of God. But as children grow to riper years, their hands ought to be put to labor, that by the toil of their bodies, their animal passions may be restrained; for idleness is the sure threshold to destruction; many there are who fall thereon.

38 When God, by his Almighty power, freed this land from all foreign embarrassments, that He might set up his everlasting kingdom therein, by his own Almighty influence, did he establish in the hearts of the inhabitants of this favored land, the importance of the education of the youth and rising generation.

39 He also caused laws and statutes to be enacted to furnish the people with the means of accomplishing the education of their children, that they might receive suitable instruction while young, to bend their minds from the paths of vice, which cometh of a habit of indolence.

40 All this was effected by the power of God, in the order of his Divine Providence; although the honor is applied to individuals, and man claims the glory in this respect, which to God alone is due.

41 But the will of God was thus in a good degree accomplished, that the means of obtaining letter learning might be placed in every man's hands, sufficient, if properly applied, to effect the tuition of his children, and cause them, in a greater or less degree, to become masters of that knowledge which, if properly applied, would prove a blessing instead of a curse.

42 But through the negligence and indolence of parents, in this day, many, yea very many of their offspring are suffered to wander in the streets, and grow up in idleness and ignorance, and thereby plunge themselves into the most vile and pernicious habits, ere the days of their infancy are past.

43 And who, (demandeth the voice of God,) is to be accountable for this? Have not I, in my everlasting wisdom and condescension, ordered it otherwise, that I might call to Myself, from the inhabitants of this highly favored land, a peculiar, holy and chosen people, who had not become the subjects of gross and vicious habits, who had been reared in a measure of innocence, by and through the means which I the Lord had provided, for the protection of souls against the snares which come by a life of indolence?

44 Again I ask, saith the voice of God, the Father of all souls, who must be accountable for this misdemeanor in my presence? Must my soul be daily wearied with the abominations committed by children, who are suffered by their parents to idle away their precious moments, and practice acts of iniquity too horrible to relate?

45 I the Almighty do answer, and with a firm decree do I utter forth my words as follows: A woe, and a heavy curse, do I pronounce upon all those who have been instrumental in bringing forth offspring, and multiplying their species upon the face of the earth, if they neglect those parental duties which they owe to them as their own children.

46 Among these duties, they are required to look well to the goings of their offspring, and to use all their influence to restrain them from vicious habits, so long as they remain under their charge, and during the days of their inability to stand or fall for themselves, or to choose or refuse evil upon their own responsibility. This, saith the God of heaven, is the least that mortals can do, in justification, who have been instrumental in bringing into existence living and accountable souls.

47 And thus do I decree, which remaineth unalterable, that parents shall be accountable for their offspring, with a heavy responsibility. And they that henceforth, after hearing this my word and command, do, for the purpose of gratifying their beastly and ungoverned passions, cause souls to be brought into existence, and then neglect to become chargeable for the same, to the very extent of their abilities, shall in time to come, fall under that weight of guilt and condemnation which hath never entered their hearts to conceive, or form the least idea of.

48 So receive this from the mouth of the Lord your God, as a loud and solemn warning in due season, that ye may escape my wrath and fiery indignation in this respect: for I will not, saith the Lord of hosts, henceforth see the seed of man, which bringeth forth living and accountable souls, scattered at random, upon the face of the earth, and they themselves remain guiltless, if unmindful of the duty they owe to the offspring of their own bodies.

49 For man hath not been called to become like the beasts, whose breath is in their nostrils, and when it ceaseth, have not an accountable spirit. But mankind are created with living, rational and responsible souls; and for this cause do they become accountable in a high degree, saith that God who created all things.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part V; Chapter 16



About God's Choice of the Second Eve.

10 This is the marriage covenant given by God himself, in its true order, prefigured from the beginning, to those whose work it was to multiply and replenish the old earth, which is but a shadow and resemblance of the new earth, in which shall be truly fulfilled the words of Christ; "What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder."

11 Therefore, God hath decreed from the foundation of the world, to create a new earth wherein shall dwell righteousness, which will be a spiritual earth, prefigured by the natural earth, and the inhabitants thereof will be spiritual, prefigured by the natural inhabitants of the old earth.

12 Therefore as the old earth was peopled by natural and fleshly offspring, by the law implanted in nature, by the Creator, where and in what way can men object to the propriety of the new earth's being peopled by the command of God, with a spiritual and righteous offspring? and that too, according to the figure, through the cooperation of male and female, who shall stand in the likeness of God, both as father and mother.

13 Therefore beware, O ye sons and daughters of men! that ye seek not to disannul and make void that which God hath decreed and joined together, which can never be put asunder; neither be found caviling and disputing why the Lord should have chosen thus and so.

14 For had men been suffered to act as counselors for the Lord, in this matter, not a subject upon the face of the earth could have been produced, either among the high or low, rich or poor, married or unmarried, but what would have become objectionable in some way or other, and man would still have been found fighting against God.

15 Therefore, according to the wisdom of God, which is far wiser than the wisdom of man, He chose one according to his own mind and will: for had man's wisdom guided this matter, none, save the rich, or those of extraordinary birth, who had never brought forth children and guided the house, would have been chosen.

16 Nay, but a virgin undefiled, if such could be found, would naturally have been chosen to fill this high and important station. This would have been according to the wisdom of man, which is foolishness in the extreme, in the sight of God, who designed in the beginning, that this work of the regeneration should stain the pride of all flesh, and bring the haughtiness of man low, that no flesh should glory in his presence, and in the end lead both the married and the unmarried out of their fallen state.

17 If then this be so, why should God, in the very commencement of this pride-staining work, make choice of one for the first subject thereof, who had never experienced the bondage of the marriage covenant, which is "the veil of the covering spread over the face of all people," and is the foundation by which they support all their carnal works in their fallen state.

18 For it was indeed necessary that the completed work of redemption should commence in the very depth of fallen nature, where is placed the root of all its support; and that one should be first redeemed from that state, in order to lead all other souls out from the bondage thereof.

19 And why will ye scruple and cavil concerning this work, and raise objections, because the first Mother or founder of the Society was a woman, who had been subject to the will of man, and had thereby become disqualified (as ye suppose) from this important calling of leading souls from darkness to light, from under the power and influence of the work of generation, into the regeneration and second birth?

20 Ye who equivocate in this way, I would ask where is the foundation of your argument? seeing ye hold the work of peopling the old earth a special command of God, tolerated by his beloved Son, and practiced by his immediate followers, and also hold that a virgin life is not required to qualify souls and render them acceptable in the sight of God.

21 Therefore I see no propriety in man's bringing this circumstance forward as an objection to the propriety of Christ's making his second appearance through one who had, according to their own belief, only fulfilled the law and command of God, which was not disannulled by the coming of his beloved Son.

22 But if ye acknowledge the necessity of a life of virgin purity, to fit and prepare souls to stand in the presence of a pure and holy God, and the propriety of the work of the regeneration and the second birth, and that too, by and through the agency of the female, as a coworker with the male; how can ye frame an objection to the present and first visible leader of this great work of salvation, who forsook the flesh and all its works?

23 For God hath thereby opened a highway, and gathered out every obstacle that man can find to stumble over, and frame excuses that the way is not sufficiently clear for all souls.

24 If God had chosen the rich and exalted of this world to open the way of life and salvation, where would have been the confidence of the poor, and those of low estate? For the poor and despised have it not in their power to come upon a level with the rich and honorable.

25 But as God had ordained that his people should become one, was is not greater wisdom in God to bring down the haughtiness of man to the state of the poor and despised? For the rich and honorable have it always in their power to become one with the poor; whereas, the poor have it not in their power to become one with the rich.

26 Therefore hath God, in his everlasting mercy and wisdom, clearly opened the way, the one only way, for all souls who are willing to become one in that work wherein God alone is glorified, and man abased in his presence.

27 And again, if God manifested Himself only through those of a virgin life, where would be the confidence of those who had fallen in this respect? And where would the way have been opened sufficiently clear for the married, as well as for the unmarried?

28 But that every obstacle may be removed, upon which fallen man may stumble and fail of salvation; hath God, in his everlasting wisdom, mercy and condescension, ordered all things aright; to which all souls, who ever become reconciled to God, by the order of his appointment, will exclaim, Amen! Even so let it be; for thus it seemed good in thy sight.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part V; Chapter 17



About the Present Judgement that is under Way; How those who think they are in Christ will be shocked when their Uncleanness is exposed.

The testimony of St. Bartholomew, the apostle. The apostle warns all souls not to be like the rebellious Jews, and reject the work of God in this day, to their destruction. All will be judged according to their works, &c.

1 With great joy and rejoicing do I, an apostle of Jesus Christ, stand up in the latter day of glory, and testify to the whole world of the coming of our Lord, to judge the world in righteousness.

2 Whether men hear or whether they forbear, the work of God is the same, and must be declared to the nations abroad, ere the end cometh: for this gospel of the kingdom must be preached to all nations, kindreds and tongues, which dwell upon the earth, before man knoweth the end of the world, or the means which God hath provided to bring the end of all unrighteousness before Him.

3 For as the blessed Son spake while on earth, to those who were to spread the joyful tidings of his first coming; "Verily I say unto you, Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, till the Son of man be come," So in like manner is it accomplished: for the tidings of his first coming have not, as yet, been preached to the uttermost parts of the inhabited earth.

4 And with a loud voice do I, in union with my God, proclaim his coming, that he hath already come in his glory, to make an end of sin. And no other coming of the Lord than this, of which ye have been plainly shown, will any soul ever see; although ye may wait, as did the lookers after his first coming, to see their expectations fulfilled in a manner better calculated to meet their lofty views.

5 But like them, ye will wait in vain, until your day is past, and ye be found, like the haughty and rebellious Jews, outstanding your day, and suffering the glory of God to pass by you, and so be left in total darkness, to do those things which ye would shudder at the thought of doing, had not the light of God which ye had rejected, passed by you, and ye become more the subjects of darkness than before the light came.

6 These things I speak in love, knowing what is, and what hath been, and what will continue to be the fate of all souls who outstand their day, and suffer the light of God to pass by them. For, if ever favored with another offer of the mortifying terms of the gospel, far more degrading will it be to their haughty spirits, than before they suffered the light of conviction in their own souls to become as darkness, which worketh opposition and bitterness of spirit.

7 For I forewarn you, that ye can never transform the light of Christ's first coming, into the light of his second coming; for the work which he designed to accomplish in his second coming, can never be accomplished by the light and power alone of his first coming; but by a union of both.

8 It became necessary that the gospel of the kingdom should be preached to all nations, kindreds and tongues, that they might know the living and true God and his blessed Son, whom He had sent, to reclaim the world from the gross errors to which they had become subject; that they might be prepared with a right understanding, to meet him in his second coming, by fulfilling the requirements of his first coming.

9 And now, I would have you stop for a moment and consider; yea, in a special manner, those who profess to teach in the name of Christ, the blessed Son of God, consider the state of the world at this present period, even those who know the doctrines of Christ, and daily have them before their eyes.

10 And after a fair investigation, see if their present state will not readily fit to those servants who received talents of their Lord, to occupy therewith, until he should return and receive his own with usury; for many there be who wholly reject the requirements of their Lord, and suffer not his spirit, in the least to rule over them.

11 Again, there are those found who daily occupy the talents received by the first coming of our Lord, which is his word sown in the hearts of the children of men, which is sown equal, and taketh impression according to the soil of the heart. These are the talents given of the Lord of the vineyard, for men to occupy therewith, until his second coming, to judge the world in righteousness, and set up his everlasting kingdom which shall never have an end.

12 For in his sayings he spake thus; I go to prepare a place for you; and if I prepare a place for you, I will return and receive you unto myself, that where I am, there ye may be also.

13 How plainly ye may, if ye will, apply this to the parable of the Lord, who went into a far country, to receive for himself a kingdom and return. For in the first coming of our Lord, the kingdom was preached, and Christ taught his disciples to pray that it might come; but it was never fully revealed until his return to receive to himself his elect, from the four quarters of the earth.

14 And now, how stands it with those who have heard his word, his self-denying word, you who profess to be influenced thereby, and occupy according to the same? For the servants of Christ are not limited to ten talents; but all become accountable that are hearers of his word, some more and some less, according to the impression it takes in the heart.

15 For they who hear, receive and obey, according to the best understanding which they receive by the hearing of the word, become prepared to meet their Lord at his return, and will be glorified with him. Such he will delight to make rulers and governors in his kingdom.

16 But there are few found of this class, who in their hearts have put their Lord's money to usury, and can with confidence, meet him at his return, and say, Of all which thou gavest me, I have occupied according as thou didst require of me.

17 Yet a far greater number will be forced to exclaim in the bitterness of their souls, "I considered thee a hard master, reaping where thou did not sow, and gathering where thou hadst not strewed; therefore I hid thy word, that thou mightest receive the same at thy coming, being neither made profitable for me nor for thee."

18 Thus and thus will be the returns of many, even of those who profess to follow the precepts of their Lord; yet consider him a hard master, requiring that which is unreasonable to be accomplished; therefore they profit nothing by his word; for their own words and works declare it.

19 Therefore out of their own mouths, which speak from the abundance of the heart, will the Lord judge them; and they shall be judged according to the deeds done in the body, whether they be good, or whether they be evil. And thus will be proved the exact amount each soul hath gained by the first coming of the Son of God.

20 And by his words, which were left in his name, for men to occupy until his second coming, to reveal the kingdom which he had received of his Heavenly Father, to give to those who were worthy of it, and were willing to receive it as a little child; to such hath he returned to receive unto himself, having prepared a place and a way for them.

21 But how vastly different would have been the state of mankind, at the coming of their Lord, had all as one, who came in possession of his words, which contain his precepts and examples, been found occupying the same, according to the best understanding which they received, some more and some less.

22 I say, how vastly different would have been the state of man, at the coming of the Lord, had all been found walking in the light of his first coming, by obeying the precepts which he gave to all souls to improve until his second coming, which it was his will should be preached to all nations, ere he should come to them the second time, to make an end of the world, by subduing all offenses in every soul that cometh to him, in the kingdom which he hath won, wherein is placed his judgment seat, to judge every man according as his works shall be.

23 And that part of man which hath hitherto refused to subject, in any wise, to the spirit and teaching of their Lord, and would not that this spirit should rule over them, know ye, this part will surely be slain in his presence, that is, their carnal life will be cut off in the presence of those who stand by him, as judges in his name, where every man shall receive according as his works shall be, whether they be good or evil.

24 And thus and thus only, will be decided, at the coming of the Lord, the use that souls have made of the talents which he gave to man in his first coming, to improve until his return; to make the separation between the precious and the vile, and between that part of man which seeketh to serve God, and that part which seeketh to serve the devil.

25 For by nothing short of the judgment which penetrates into the secrets of men's hearts, can this point be decided. For man cannot be known by his words, nor by the outward appearance only; therefore the judgment in which is proclaimed, and an account rendered, of every secret work, is the season and time to decide upon the merits of souls, and how much they have profited by the first coming of their Lord, by obeying his precepts and following his example.

26 But unless I am greatly mistaken, many, yea, very many, who think to meet the coming of their Lord in peace, and to be pronounced good and faithful servants, and be made rulers in his kingdom at his return, would tremble at the thought of approaching his bar of divine justice, there to be judged according to the deeds done in the body, having the records of their lives plainly laid open before the judgment seat of Christ, in his true witnesses, who are the light of the world.

27 I say, unless I am mistaken, which I have no reason to believe I am, in this; many of you who consider your souls sanctified unto God, will find yourselves greatly disappointed, when you come to the righteous judgment of God, and your deeds are brought to light, by an honest confession, and you obtain remission of sins, and thereby receive power to overcome the works of sin, and reign triumphant, as did your Lord, who hath come to take away the sins of the world by the light and glory of his second appearing.

28 These things I speak to stir up your minds by way of remembrance, that ye may no longer remain hid from yourselves, and know not what manner of persons ye are; for there is nothing done in secret which shall not be revealed, neither in darkness, which shall not be uncovered.

29 For every veil shall be lifted, and every secret lurking place be hunted out; for the day of light hath come, and by this light, and before this light, shall all darkness and the works of darkness flee away, and no place shall be found for them in the new creation of God.

30 Therefore beware, ye secret workers, ye who vainly plead the merits of Christ, and lull your consciences to sleep in this way, and thereby continue to multiply iniquity and uncleanness; saying, Christ, the blessed Redeemer, came to save sinners, even the chiefest of sinners; and they to whom he forgiveth much , the same love much. Therefore let us sin, that grace may abound in our salvation; and the greater the loss, the greater the glory.

31 O ye lovers of iniquity, more than lovers of the purity of the gospel of your Lord! How long will ye seek refreshment from the streams of sensual pleasure, and thirst for that which is foul and abominable in the sight of God, and still be hanging upon the merits of his Son, whom ye daily implore, that he would pardon your iniquities and sanctify you in your uncleanness.

32 Know ye not that every work is brought into judgment, with every secret thing? Then where is your glory? If ye glory at all, it must be in giving God the glory, by bringing to light in his witnesses, every work and every secret thing; and your reward will be according as your works are found.

33 If these my words can ever hereafter encourage any soul to sin, that grace may abound, or heap up iniquity, that the pardoning love of Christ may be made manifest, then are ye, as free agents, left to act as seemeth good in your sight. But thus far I could not refrain from giving my warning voice, that they rise not up in the day of their visitation and say, "I knew not these things to my understanding; but through false tradition I viewed them otherwise, else would it have been found vastly different with me in the judgment."

34 Now I will come a little nearer to the case in hand. I am called, with my brethren the apostles, to sit upon the throne of judgment, where every work is brought into judgment, with every secret and hidden thing. And how often have I heard those who appeared at the bar of divine justice, even in mercy and in great tenderness, exclaim in these words; "O that I had known these things which I now know, how vastly different would my works have appeared in the judgment."

35 Yea, hundreds of times have I, as one of the judges in Israel, heard these heart-rending exclamations, while the soul was struggling for its deliverance, being bound by the strong bands of Satan. For every sin becomes a band, which must be broken by him that committeth it; therefore he who sinneth much hath many bands to break, before he can be set at liberty by the power which rules in judgment.

36 Knowing all this, how can I with-hold my voice of warning, that ye may beware how ye multiply bands which none can break, excepting those who have made them. And as a kind, loving father and friend to all souls, whether in the body or out, I leave my solemn warning, that ye heap not up wrath against the day of wrath.

37 Thus far have I condescended, by the permission of my ever blessed Lord, to warn those who dwell upon the earth, by the special request of many whose sins have followed after them to judgment; that warning might be given to their brethren, who still remain upon earth, that they might, if they would, escape the cruel reward of their own doings, by with-holding their faculties from the service of the cruel tyrant of their souls.

38 These things are true, whether ye hear or whether ye forbear. And in love and tenderness have I uttered them forth, and they never can be recalled; and in so doing my soul feels released, and I feel comfortable in the hope that many will take warning, and cease to bring upon themselves the strong bands of iniquity, which can never be severed but by the labor and sufferings of the soul that does it.

39 And now feeling that I, as an individual, yea, more than this, as an apostle of our Lord, and a priest of the Most High, I have cleared my skirts from the blood of souls who dwell upon the earth, both now and hereafter, so long as time remains. For I know no doctrine, save that which was preached in the beginning; He that saveth his life, must lose it; but he that loseth his life for Christ's sake and the gospel's, the same shall save it.

40 And again, "He that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me." "And he that loveth father and mother more than me, is not worthy of me." "He that committeth sin is of the devil." He that confesseth and forsaketh his sins, shall find mercy; but he that covereth his sins shall not prosper.

41 These, and such like doctrines were delivered in the beginning, for man to improve, until Christ should come to renew and perfect the same, and thereby make an end of sin, in all who would call upon his name for salvation. And they who preach any other doctrine than this, let them be accursed.

42 And as I am one who was called to bear record of the first coming of our Lord to a lost and sinful world; so in like manner, am I permitted to stand up and proclaim his second coming, in and with the Bride, even to the ends of the earth. This record is true, that; "he has come in his glory;" and his glory is my glory, and my glory is his glory: For Christ is glorified, and is all in all, both in heaven and on earth, to every soul that becomes partaker in his glory.

43 And what is his glory? His glory is this; that God hath provided a helper meet, that souls might be brought forth in purity and holiness, and no longer remain under the bondage of sin and death, through the transgression of the first woman.

44 And this is my glory, and it is also the glory of all souls that come into Christ, and are made partakers of his glory, which is in direct opposition to the glory of this world, and ever will remain so, even to the end of all things. Farewell in much love and tenderness.

From the apostle BARTHOLOMEW.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part V; Chapter 20



A clear Warning to tend to the Work of Cleansing before Death; to expose the inward "Man of Sin" while a Remedy is at Hand.

The testimony of the apostle Philip. The apostle declares his full confidence in the perfect work of Christ's second appearing, and boldly exhorts all immediately to set about the work of subduing the man of sin.

1 In union with my brethren, and by the command of God, my Heavenly Father, I Philip, do, with great cheerfulness and pleasure, descend to the earth, and through a simple child, make known to a lost world my views concerning the present manifestation of God's divine and merciful dealings with the works of his hands.

2 With the greatest boldness and confidence, do I declare it to be no other than the all-killing work of God, which is rightly calculated both to kill and make alive, all who become subject thereunto. For no soul can be made alive to righteousness, in any greater degree than he becomes slain to the nature of evil, and abased thereunto, in every shape and form.

3 And now I say, what avails it for a man to be forever dallying and mincing the matter, in the work of subduing the man of sin, and becoming alive unto righteousness? Why not give, at once, the fatal blow to the life of the world, and never more slack the hand until all is accomplished?

4 My soul has become weary, even unto righteous indignation, because of the faint heartedness and cowardice of those who wish to become conquerors, as did their Lord, and reign with him as such, when at the same time, they are not willing to lift one finger towards subduing that mighty Goliah in their own bosoms, which bids defiance to all that is of God, and ever will do so, until he is slain.

5 Souls may forever be hewing and lopping the branches of this evil tree, and as fast as they hew, others, and perhaps more numerous, will sprout forth in their place. And what availeth all this, so long as the root and body of the tree remain unmolested?

6 And how long, yea, how long, I repeat it, will man suffer this mighty tyrant to stand erect in his soul, equipped and armed with the splendor of this world, bidding defiance to the armies of Israel, and they, through fear, forbear to stretch forth a hand and give the deadly blow?

7 Ye can no longer remain ignorant of the means which God hath provided to accomplish this mighty work; ye never can, henceforth, plead ignorance; for it remaineth impossible that souls who hear the word of God, out of whose mouth goeth the testimony of the everlasting gospel, should still remain ignorant of his requirements of man.

8 Ye must either plead the lack of courage, or the lack of a desire to accomplish the needful work for your deliverance; for the Lord, in his everlasting mercy and wisdom, hath placed the means in every man's hands, whereby he may slay his inbred foe, and reign triumphant above the powers of death.

9 Ye read and ye write, and ye talk much about the triumph of the soul, and sings songs of victory in your solemn assemblies, when your enemies within have never so much as been stunned. And what does all this amount to, in the day when the Lord shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and man be left with his naked works to recommend him to God?

10 I would ask one and all, how and in what manner ye would go to work to conquer an antagonist that had bid you defiance, and who resolved on conquering or being conquered? Could ye boast and sing of victory, while your strong enemy remained alive, and not only alive, but was daily gaining the mastery of you, and becoming more and more formidable in his power? What think ye of all this?

11 Can ye imagine a better way than to raise the ax and apply it first at the root, which is the seat of life? Would ye not, in aiming to give an earthly antagonist a fatal blow, aim directly at the heart, the seat of life? Then why do ye hesitate to know how to apply your weapons of warfare?

12 Ye can no longer remain ignorant, that it is at the seat of the heart from whence proceedeth the carnal life, that the weapons which are not carnal, must first be applied. And this is the fulfillment of the saying recorded in scripture, concerning the ax being laid at the root of the tree.

13 And who hath ever seen this saying fulfilled, except in those who have become the true followers of Christ, that they might show forth the real requirements of Christ, upon those who call upon his name for salvation? And let me ask where else do ye see the appearance of the ax being laid at the seat and source of all human depravity but in such as are separated from the pleasures and life of the world?

14 And what is the world? Read ye and understand. The world is within you, where ye must, if ever ye gain the victory, apply your weapons. And until this be accomplished, why sing ye of victory, or hope to reign with him who overcame the world? Be not deceived, nor think to gain the victory, so long as the world remaineth in you unsubdued.

15 I speak thus plain, as one having authority; and so I have. I am endowed with authority from on high, to use the sword of the mouth against those who boast of freedom, while they still remain the subjects of their strong enemy, and have not the courage nor the desire to be set at liberty.

16 Unto such am I sent to speak; and I would that all such would hear my voice, and do away their delusion, and come forth boldly for the slaughter, and for Christ's sake, become crucified and slain "all the day long" that is, daily suffer the death of every inbred foe, by subduing the world, both within and without.

17 And shrink not at having your names cast out as evil, by the children of this world, those who harbor the world within, and indulge in the three ruling and governing principles, divided into three parts, which are not of the Father, but of the world, and are the world, and all the world that Christ ever overcame, and all the world that any soul is or ever will be required to overcome. And when this is accomplished, the victory will be won, and not until then.

18 So again I repeat the question, What doth it avail for souls to be forever dallying about the matter, and finally accomplish nothing towards subduing the world?

19 How long will ye grope at noon day? O ye dark and benighted souls! How long will ye choose darkness rather than light, knowing that your deeds are evil? Come ye to the light, that your deeds may be blotted out, and the stains thereof removed. For if ye die in your sins, where the light of God, through his beloved Son, is so clearly revealed, how think ye to find mercy beyond the grave?

20 So one and all, hasten ye, yea, flee ye from the wrath to come, by laying hold of eternal life, while the offers of mercy are so freely granted to you. Delay not to come to judgment while the lamp of life continues to burn; for ye know not what eternity may bring forth to you, ye who die in your sins, when the light of God hath entered your hearts, and ye know his requirements of you; for peradventure ere ye meet the Lord again, ye will be suffered to pass from prison to prison, and from dungeon to dungeon, in the regions of black despair.

21 For be it known to all flesh that now dwell upon the earth, that it is not a light matter to receive the call of the gospel, to come out from the world, and be separated therefrom. And those who make a light matter of it, and despise the offers of mercy, on the terms which God hath laid out, such souls will be left to know that there is a God who turneth a deaf ear, and mocketh when their fear cometh.

22 These things I speak in solemn warning to those who dwell upon the earth, and have an offer of the gospel while dwelling in earthly tabernacles. They who have the exceeding great privilege to meet the judgment in this life, having their sins go beforehand to judgment, such ones, if they suffer their sins to follow after, great will be their condemnation.

23 So I leave these words upon the records of time, for the benefit of those who dwell upon the earth; and I would to God that they might take the designed effect, which is to stir up souls to hasten from their false traditions, concerning the victory gained in subduing the man of sin, when in reality, they have never even done so much as to give the first stroke towards it.

24 Now these may seem like hard sayings; but candidly examine the matter, and if ye will do this, void of prejudice or bitterness of spirit, ye will find it to be so in truth. And so far from uttering these warnings in any spirit save that of love, and love unfeigned to all souls, I do declare this to be the object of this communication. For what greater love can be manifested to souls, than to enlighten their understanding in the way of all truth?

25 And this is the truth, which I have declared to you at this time; and this truth will stand among the many truths, which have been handed down in this latter day, for the justification or condemnation of every son and daughter of Adam's race, from this time henceforth until the end of all things. Adieu. From the son of the ever blessed Prince and Princess of eternal life.

The apostle PHILIP.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part V; Chapter 21




Words of Holy Mother WISDOM on the Order of the Deity.

Holy Mother Wisdom declares herself to be, in nature and essence, one with Eternal Power. She shows the origin of her distinct order, and her union with the Great First Cause; and warns all to beware how they treat these sacred things.

1 Open your ears, O lost and languishing world! And listen to the voice of Wisdom, and from her sayings learn to be wise, and gather understanding from the only true source of all knowledge.

2 I Wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions. I was from everlasting, even before the heavens were created or the earth brought into existence, was I, the eternal bright Mother, as one nourished and brought up at the side of the Eternal Father.

3 Yet hath my eternal name in my true spiritual order, been unknown to the children of men, and my power and influence hath been equally with-held from the earth, insomuch that man, in this present day, hath no correct understanding of the existence of both male and female in the order of Deity. God is Spirit.

4 And why hath it been suffered, crieth the voice of Wisdom, that the inhabitants of earth have not been permitted to have a true sight and knowledge of that eternal light which is one in power and understanding with the Eternal First Cause of all created substances?

5 Before my word is closed in this communication, shall I Wisdom reveal, in a small degree, the cause of my name and power being with-held, in a great measure, from the earth; but my first labor will be to show the propriety of my existence, and the truth and reality of the same.

6 The beginning of all created things was God. God created the celestial foundations of the heavens, and established the arches of the eternal and invisible world, and laid an eternal foundation for his honor and glory; but although the essence of eternal male and female principles existed in the first source of all existence; still his glory, not being as yet brought forth and revealed; therefore He remained alone without a helper meet in her distinct and co-operative order.

7 And God saw that it was not good to be alone, in his manifest order; and that his glory and happiness could never be completed until the Mother Spirit was brought forth, and set in her proper order; which is his glory, and ever will be through the endless ages of eternity. This is agreeable to my testimony under the name of Wisdom, recorded in the scriptures, which ye profess to believe.

8 "The Lord possessed me in the beginning of his way, before his works of old. I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning, or ever the earth was. When there were no depths, I was brought forth; when there were no fountains abounding with water. Before the mountains were settled, before the hills, was I brought forth. Then I was by him, as one brought up with him: and I was daily his delight, rejoicing always before Him."

9 And now ye may reason in your hearts, how and in what manner the glory of God was brought forth, and made a separate Being, distinct from the Father, and the governor of all things. Thus far am I, Wisdom, permitted to make known my origin unto a lost world.

10 Ye read, "In the beginning God created man in his own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them." All this was done while the image of the male only was visible; yet God created him in his own image, "male and female created He them."

11 Then I ask, what may ye learn and understand by this? May ye not clearly see and comprehend that God, in the beginning, possessed the nature, power and essence of both male and female? And while in that state of being, did He created the eternal heavens, and lay the foundation of all immaterial things: even as He created the earth, and laid the foundation of all things that are therein, before He called forth the helper meet for man, whom He had created in his own image, to be the lord of the earth which He had created.

12 This being the case, how clearly may ye comprehend, if ye will, the very source and origin of the Holy and Eternal Mother Spirit, which existed with the Father from the very beginning. For I have declared and still declare, that, I am the breath of the power of God, a pure influence flowing from the glory of the Almighty, and came forth of Him, and was ever with Him.

13 And thus may ye see and comprehend the beginning and first cause of all created things, either of material or immaterial substance. And from this beginning came the inhabitants of the upper regions, and the bright angelic hosts of beings, both male and female, in the image of their Holy and Eternal Father and Mother.

14 Now, beloved hearers, be not disturbed and restless at these sayings of mine, nor suffer your own natural and carnal reasonings to take the uppermost seats in your hearts; but when these things you hear, labor to exercise the rational faculties which God hath given you, and consider the propriety of these sayings of mine.

15 And if ye, through false tradition and a blinded understanding of the things of God, see no propriety and reason in these things, know in this alone, ye sin not; but if ye do, in the violence of your spirit, lift sword or spear, or even the tongue of slander, to oppose that which ye do not understand, and are not able to comprehend, I say, in this ye become guilty, and lay your souls open to utter destruction.

16 Therefore I warn all, in the very commencement of my word, that ye beware how ye mock and revile, unguardedly; for the end thereof is certain death. The time of God's visitation to the earth is near, and his judgments must pass through her.

17 But first cometh his mercy. And what can be more merciful, than first to send forth his warning voice, giving timely warning to prepare for the coming of the great and terrible day, for which all are looking, more or less? This shall speedily follow that word by which the mysteries of God are clearly revealed, and his purposes made known, not only from the foundation of the earth, but from the foundation of the heavens.

18 Hearken, O sons of men, and give ear to the voice of Wisdom, and from her sayings gather understanding. Ye read of Satan, the subtile deceiver; and who do ye imagine him to be? Ye say Lucifer a fallen angel, of the male kind, and so he is; one who introduced the spirit of the adversary into the creation of God, and refused to subject to the law and discipline established in the heavens.

19 Hence arose a rebellion among the probationary spirits, in the heavenly regions: for an opposite spirit from the regions of eternal darkness, found its way into the hearts of many, in consequence of their disobedience and neglect to fulfill the requirements of a just and holy God.

20 For as God created man a free agent, with the power of volition to do good or to do evil; and this to be proved by the law of obedience; so were the Angels created before them, and brought forth, the subjects of free agency, capable of choosing or refusing for themselves; and the law of obedience was the standard raised whereby to prove their integrity.

21 Now ye may reason concerning the impropriety of this, that a spirit should be found in their offspring proceeding from the source of all goodness, prone to stray and violate the commands of a pure and holy God. But hearken and consider.

22 Supposing ye, as natural beings, were rearing up an offspring, and wished to prove their value; how and in what way could this be accomplished, except ye first suffered them to be tried? If ye placed them beyond the reach of trial, how could ye prove their worth and value?

23 God, in the beginning, designed an extensive work, that his Almighty power might be made manifest. And in order to perform and accomplish this, it became necessary that those of his offspring, or the workmanship of his hands, should be tried and proved for the work. In this trial, the spirit of disobedience was introduced and made manifest, and found its way into the heart of one who lifted up his heel against his Maker and Creator.

24 And that light, power and understanding which were given him of God, became as total darkness, which caused him to become the prince of darkness, working in direct opposition to the Father of all light and understanding.

25 And thus was the opposite spirit revealed and brought forth in the creation, and set up in opposition to all good; and the God of heaven suffered it so to be, that all the works of his hands might, by their free agency, be proved, and none but the willing and obedient might abide in his kingdom of purity, peace and holiness.

26 Men are willing to believe in a God of the male order; they are willing to believe that there are myriad's of Angels; but all in the male order; willing to believe in Lucifer or Satan, a fallen angel; but in the male order; willing to believe in the Savior of man, but alone in the male order.

27 Hence ariseth the belief in many, that the female is not in possession of a living soul; but merely a machine for the use and benefit of man in this terrestrial state of existence. And this is not to be wondered at, so long as even those who have hope of eternal life, acknowledge no other agency, either good or evil, except in the line of the male only.

28 But this is altogether a mistaken idea: for the Deity consists of two, male and female, and from these twain proceed all goodness, purity and holiness; so also in the power of opposition, stand male and female, the authors of all impurity, unholiness, uncleanness and filthiness of every name and nature. And from these twain come the filthy fruits of lust and all evil.

29 Ye read of the mother of harlots; but ye know not her origin. She was, from the beginning, the mother spirit of the power of opposition, and the spirit in her likeness became co-worker together with the prince and author of all unrighteousness, impurity and unholiness in this fallen world. For without the aid of the helper meet, the female agency, the great adversary, the father of all abominations, could never have accomplished his designs, and set up his kingdom, in direct opposition to the kingdom of all purity and holiness.

30 And thus ye may understand that in the beginning, before the earth was created, there existed the two opposite kingdoms of good and evil; the one headed by the Eternal Father and co-worker, Holy and Eternal Mother Wisdom; while the other was headed by the everlasting prince of darkness, and co-worker, the foul and abominable mother of harlots. And this I do declare to be the source and origin of lusts and vile affections, which is the corrupt seed that engenders vile offspring.

31 Ye may cavil and wonder at this doctrine until ye perish in your unbelief; but ye cannot alter the truth. Ye may doubt and dispute the possibility that beings, unattached to earthly tabernacles, can be instrumental in bringing forth their likeness, and in a special manner, after becoming fallen and corrupt.

32 But hear and understand. Fallen and corrupt beings can propagate their likeness, by infusing their vile seed and life into other beings yet in a probationary state, whereby the same fallen and corrupt nature is produced in them, in the image and likeness of those evil and fallen spirits from whom it proceeded.

33 Therefore saith the Savior, "The tares are the children of the wicked one; the enemy that sowed them is the devil." And to his wicked and caviling opposers, he said, "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do."

34 But in what manner do ye imagine the upper regions became inhabited by myriad's of holy and divine beings, long and long before the earth was created, or the will of God made known to his subjects concerning it? Ye may, in derision, scorn and ridicule the subject, and allow your carnal reasonings to dictate your imaginations, concerning the manner in which incorporeal beings were brought into existence.

35 But I solemnly warn you to guard against this; for in this, ye may accumulate much wrath and condemnation to your souls. But ever remember, the most prudent way is to let alone that which ye do not understand, rather than use presumption, and thereby bring certain guilt and sure condemnation, upon your immortal souls.

36 For ye never can comprehend the Almighty; for his ways are past finding out. But great hath been his condescension in this last display of his grace to fallen man, to bring his way and the manner of his working to the understanding and comprehension of natural and fallen beings, by comparing the things which are invisible, with the things which are visible; this being the only medium whereby natural beings, can or ever will be able to understand spiritual things.

37 But as God is a spirit of Almighty Power, and as his Eternal Wisdom is a co-operating spirit with the Father, it cannot reasonably be expected, that holy and divine beings should be begotten and brought forth in the manner of natural, earthly, fallen and sinful beings; but equally as necessary is the agency of the Mother Spirit, in bringing forth offspring to God, in the spirit as in nature.

38 Ye read of the Savior's discourse with Nicodemus, who in reasoning concerning the second birth, like a natural being, argued the impossibility of souls being born again; which of itself, shows that he had not the smallest idea of the possibility of souls being born, but by the natural co-operation of male and female.

39 These things remained a mystery in that day, and in all former ages, and the truth was hidden from their eyes; for the time had not come for the Mother Spirit to be revealed in and through the likeness of sinful flesh.

40 The Father had sent forth his likeness in his beloved Son Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world; but because his likeness, according to their vain and exalted imaginations, did not favor the image of God, they condemned him as an impostor, and would not that he should reign over them, but crucified him; therefore they were but little benefited, in that day, by the coming of the Son of God.

41 But this did not disannul the purposes of God, in reclaiming the world by the new birth; for God, in his wisdom, knew that the man was not without the woman, in the work of spiritual offspring, any more than in the natural. But God's work was progressive; and as He hasteth not to force his purposes faster than sound wisdom directs, He suffered the world to fall back into gross errors, by their own free agency.

42 Hence, instead of becoming the subjects of the Prince of Peace, they became, in a great measure, the subjects of war, bloodshed and carnage, under the banner of the mighty prince of darkness, the author of lust, pride and ambition in the world; for from thence proceed all war, strife and envy.

43 And as the male is not without the female in the work of God; so in like manner, is the male not without the female in the works of the devil. For while the male subjects of his kingdom have been given vent to their malignant natures, inflamed by the spirit which cometh of lust, to go forth and make war with their fellow beings, the female subjects of the mother, the princess of harlots, have been busily engaged to build up the kingdom of this world, which proceedeth from the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of life.

44 And who among the daughters of the fall have not sipped more or less at the sensual and self-pleasing fountain which originates from the father of all sensuality, and is brought forth by the mother, the beguiling and bewitching spirit of the female.

45 So ye may see, that in Adam and Eve, all mankind fell by the bewitching and enticing snares of the powers of darkness; and that the coming of the Son, in the likeness and image of the Father, through the hardness of their hearts, availeth them but little.

46 The world, even to this day, more or less, remains under the power of the prince and princess of darkness: and lust hath been the goddess which men have served, and that too, through the agency of the female: for man would be utterly unable to serve this god alone to the satisfaction of the carnal desires.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part VI; Chapter 1



WISDOM speaks on the Role of the Woman in Regeneration.

The work of the regeneration is to be the means by which the seed of the woman will bruise the serpent's head, through the children of the second Eve. The words of Solomon respecting Wisdom applied to the Eternal Mother.

1 As the time hath fully come for God to set up his everlasting kingdom, in which He alone shall be worshipped and served, and the time hath also fully come for all idols to be put down; and God alone, and that which floweth from his Almighty spirit, shall be served, honored and glorified; how can this be accomplished without the power of the second Eve, whose seed shall bruise the serpent's head?

2 Now the serpent, in the form of the tempter, of which ye read, was not made manifest in the appearance of a snake; but he is called the subtile deceiver, a serpent, because of the crooked insinuations which were made use of, through the agency of fallen angels, that had become the ministers of lustful and vile gratifications, of which ye can all witness who have ever become partakers of it, to be a bewitching, seducing spirit, calculated to lead its captives into many by and crooked paths.

3 This being the case, I would now ask of you, one and all, how and in what manner is the seed of the woman to bruise the serpent's head? How is he to be conquered and overcome, unless the ax be laid at the root of the corrupt tree, and the fountain and source of all fleshly and vile insinuations be cut off? yea, unless that propensity of nature in which men glory, more than in that which is of God, be wholly destroyed?

4 And how is it possible that God can be worshipped in spirit and in truth, and his kingdom set up in the heart, so long as the god of this world, which is the lusts of man, is set up therein, and daily and hourly worshipped?

5 Nay, this cannot be, crieth the voice of Wisdom. And as Adam and Eve the first, who were created in earthly tabernacles, in the image of God and his Eternal Wisdom, failed, through the subtlety of Satan, to people the earth with a pure offspring, in likeness and imitation of divine and heavenly beings, that God might be magnified upon the earth, among the children of men, even as He was in the heavens;

6 I say, as the first man and woman, through the subtlety of the serpent, failed to show forth the likeness of God upon earth, and as this was his decree, that He should be glorified by the children of men, how could this be accomplished, unless the same sex which first received the bane of destruction to man's innocence and simplicity, should be the first to receive the weapons whereby this base and fallen nature might be effectually slain in herself, and in her faithful children?

7 Truly in this, and in no other way, may the purposes of God be fulfilled, and the woman arise from a state of sin and disgrace, to that honor and glory for which she was created in the beginning. And thus it is accomplished.

8 The Wisdom of God is revealed from on high, and the image of her eternal brightness is brought forth in the female of God's own choice, endowed with sufficient power from on high, to undermine and lay low, all the crooks and windings of the subtile charmer and beguiler of the innocence of the first man and woman, and to bring forth living souls, who are able to bruise the serpent's head, and daily trample his vile and artful insinuations under their feet.

9 And this is the work allotted to the woman; because the woman was the first to receive this beguiling and serpentine influence of the charmer, and she hath been influential in the ministration of the same spirit from that day to this; and through her bewitching influence, hath this charmer spread her ravages far and wide, over the whole earth, and millions have fallen victims to her delusive charms.

10 Ye read in the words (as ye call them) of Solomon the wise, and other authors, a great deal concerning wisdom, and concerning the frowardness of the female; but in these sayings ye attach no other wisdom, save that which cometh forth of the authors, as ye term them, who were able, by their own wisdom, to frame and utter forth these cunning and shrewd sayings.

11 But know ye not that I, Wisdom, the mother of intellectual wisdom, was there, and by that inspiration which was of my spirit, governed these sayings in my name? Truly did I put my words into the mouth of Solomon, and counseled him as my son; for my wisdom had found a place in his heart.

12 And while his spirit remained simple and innocent, free from the bewitching charms of the female, my spirit caused him to utter forth his words in wisdom, and his tongue to speak with understanding.

13 Yea, much did I, Wisdom, cause to be revealed and recorded by the pen of inspiration, in the days of my figurative work, which showed forth my divine origin, and the absolute necessity of my existence; sufficient to have convinced the world of the truth of what is, and what shall be hereafter.

14 But the power of the devil so raged in the fallen race, as caused them to blind and disguise my sayings, so as to shape them, in a great measure, to the natural and carnal views of man. And even what they suffered to meet the eyes of the public, was so marred, that but little of the original purity remained.

15 But by this little, with what ye are taught in this great day of light and understanding, concerning the eternal brightness of the Queen of heaven, may ye clearly comprehend my origin, and the station I fill in the great work of God.

16 And although my spirit and power have long been, in a great measure, withdrawn from the sons and daughters of men; because of the darkness infused by the power of the adversary, who knew full well what a deadly foe my holy influence would yet prove to his kingdom and power, and he strove with his utmost zeal and power, to suppress, and if possible, annihilate the name of the Mother Spirit, both in heaven and on earth;

17 Yet this the God of heaven suffered to be so, for good and wise purposes, which He will yet overrule so as to work for good, and will further promote the increase and dominion of my kingdom of peace and holiness. And although the devil with his angels, has strove mightily to suppress the testimony of the woman, in my likeness, clothed with the brightness of the sun, and hath cast out of his mouth floods of slanderous reports and persecuting venom, with the intent, if possible, to bury and swallow up the name and nature of the work of God through the female;

18 Yet, by the power of the Most High, whose power is above all power, when executed, will God always devise ways and means, through his Wisdom, to help the woman. For the name of the female will never more be buried and lost in the ruins of Satan's despoiled work; for the powers of heaven forbid it.

19 Therefore the power of the devil can never more accomplish it; for the woman hath truly become the glory of the man, and by her heavenly wisdom, is able to compass a man, and also to undermine the very nature and cause of man's fall. And this is the work allotted to the woman, who was instrumental in leading man into loss; that she should by her wisdom in the end, be the first to lead man fully out of loss.

20 And by the seed of the woman shall the serpent receive his deadly wound, which shall never be healed; for the mouth of the Lord, through his Holy and Eternal Wisdom hath spoken it, who is now exalted in the heavens, and triumpheth above all the powers of the devil.

21 And be it known to all nations that dwell upon the earth, that I Wisdom have builded my house, and my maidens have I sent forth to do my work, and the gates of hell shall never more be able to prevail against it.

22 For the ancient prophecy is now fulfilling, "And the Bride shall appear, and she coming forth shall be seen, that is now withdrawn from the earth." That is, in the dispensation of the Bride, Holy Mother Wisdom will come forth and be revealed in her true order; and will be known, even as the Eternal Father is known.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part VI; Chapter 2


WISDOM's Call to the Wicked; Her Requirements for Parenting Children.

4 Bow down, O ye haughty! And ye men of understanding, incline your ears to Wisdom, and from her sayings gather understanding, all ye who have studied wisdom, and sought to be great in the eyes of the wise of this world, but have neglected to gather that true and abiding wisdom which worketh the purification of the heart, and rendereth you acceptable in the sight of God.

5 Ye read that, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and to depart from evil is understanding." Now examine yourselves, and reason in your hearts, ye high minded and wise of the earth, and know that all wisdom which cometh not by the fear of God, is but an empty sound, or as a bubble on the deep, or as fuel attached to the devouring flames; for the day of the Lord hath come.

6 Therefore beware! O beware on what foundation ye stand, or on what hope ye lean! Examine, O ye sons of men, your doings, even from the cock-crowing in morning, until your retirement at evening, to your beds of slumber; and mark well your footsteps, from hour to hour, and from moment to moment; and compare your life with the requirements of God, even in the days of the shadow, of this sin-destroying work.

7 I say, look into your hearts and mark your doings, and see if they do not condemn you, and disinherit you from the least claim upon the mercy of God, except by low humiliation and deep sorrow and repentance: for ye have not only the record of the law and the prophets, but the law of grace, in which ye hope for eternal life; and both of these serve only to condemn you.

8 Return, return, O back-sliding and adulterous generation! and begin in this, the last and final call of God to you, to learn wisdom; that wisdom which teacheth how to shun the snares of death, and lay hold of eternal life.

9 Wisdom crieth at the gates of your cities, and her voice is to the sons of men, to arise and come out of Babylon, and make not their beds any longer in the tents of the daughters of harlots, whose arrows are the arrows of death, and whose caresses are the stings of scorpions, under whose tongues lieth the poison of asps, and the sure bane of destruction.

10 Hearken to the voice of Wisdom, ye sons of men, and flee ye from the habitations of the rude, and of the witty charmer, whose flattering words and fair speeches are as a net drawn to gather her prey, and wait for blood; therefore beware, and go not after them; shun their paths, mark their dwellings with utter contempt, and so turning your feet from them, you begin to save your souls from utter destruction.

11 Turn, turn from the paths of vice, which lead to death! Turn, turn, crieth the voice of Wisdom; for why will ye die? Turn, turn to the commands of your God, and let his fear restrain you from the paths of vice; and in so doing, ye may begin to gather understanding. Keep his commandments, that your souls may abide the day of his coming.

12 Return to the law of the Lord, and seek to know his requirements; keep his statutes and ordinances, that ye may look to Him in the day of gloominess and thick clouds which are ready to burst in upon you, that your days may be prolonged upon the earth, that ye be not cut off in the days of your youth, and in the midst of your uncleanness, to meet the reward of the filthy, who choose still to remain filthy.

13 And again hearken, and of my simple instruction learn understanding. I will make known to you the law which the Creator appointed in the beginning, for the guidance of mankind in the order of nature, and by which they ever could, or ever will ensure his protection and blessing, so long as they are suffered to remain in the natural state. The children of men, in their fallen state, have lost sight of this law.

14 Ye that choose to walk in the path of nature, not having been specially called to a higher work, nor awakened by the law of grace, and being unwilling to forfeit the blessing and protection of God, remember his law to keep it. Deal justly with all men, love mercy, and delight to relieve the afflicted, to comfort and sustain the widow and fatherless; be a father and a friend to the orphan and the needy, sick and distressed; turn not a deaf ear, nor drive them from your doors: for there is a God who will listen to their cries, and requite you according to your doings.

15 And again, remember that a merciful man is merciful to his beast; and he that layeth on more strokes on an ox or an ass, or any of the dumb creation, which have not the power to utter words in their own defence, than that which is really necessary to govern the creature, and that too, in the spirit of reason and humanity, shall receive stroke for stroke, four fold measured unto him in the judgment, of guilt, remorse and condemnation.

16 For, to give vent to anger, is a base crime in the sight of God, and cannot go unpunished at his bar of divine justice, where every word and work is brought into judgment.

17 And again, a merciful man is merciful to his servants and handmaids, and will not defraud them of their just rights, nor delay to render to them their hire; lest their wants and afflictions ascend unto God, and ye receive the reward of the unjust steward, who is unfaithful and unjust even in the unrighteous mammon.

18 Again, the merciful man is merciful to his own offspring; and what is mercy due from a parent to his own begotten? The duty of parents to children, is, to bring them up in the nurture and fear of the Lord; to bend their infants steps in the paths of virtue; to restrain their tongues from uttering guile, and their hands from handling uncleanness.

19 Refrain from using the rod in anger; but if words and kind persuasions avail nothing, lay on stripes sufficient to bow their stubborn wills, and bend their necks to the yoke of subjection, even in the days of their infancy, if needful, and so onward, until they become of riper years, when the responsibility of the parents shall cease, and they be left to choose or refuse for themselves, and they alone abide the consequences of their own free choice.

20 Thus and thus are parents in nature, who choose to fulfill the law of nature, and not of grace, not feeling called thereunto, laid under the most solemn responsibility concerning the nurture and tuition of their natural offspring, on which greatly depend their future prosperity and welfare, and also the justification of those who have been instrumental in bringing them into existence.

21 And the least parents can do in justification is, to look well to their own offspring, and use all possible measures to restrain them from all sinful and vile habits, which will in the end, in a great measure, become their sin, in a special manner, if they fail to use their greatest and best endeavors to restrain them.

22 So if ye believe these my words, ye will fear and tremble to disobey them; and if ye believe them not, ye will be likely to continue adding sin to sin, and transgression to transgression, until God in his justice overtakes you, and ye have no hope of deliverance. For, by this law, all souls who are in a natural state, must be judged when called to judgment by the Son of God.

Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part VI; Chapter 3


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