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Millennial Praises Gospel Hymns

Published by the Early Shakers in 1813


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Part  I.

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Hymn 4
    [from Part I]

The Foundation Pillars Revealed

BLOW ye the trump in Zion,
And sound the solemn cheer
Upon God’s holy mountain,
And let the nations hear:
Now antichristian darkness
By truth is blown away,
Since Zion’s King is reigning,
In this redeeming day.

God has unveil’d his Glory.
His order is reveal’d,
Which from eternal ages,
In myst’ry was conceal’d.
Two corresponding Powers,
In one eternal line,
From everlasting ages,
In Deity did shine.

And when the old creation,
In all its parts was made,
These corresponding Powers,

In union were display’d:
The male and female likeness,
In order they did place,
As the foundation pillars          
Of all the human race.

In purity and union,
Stood the primeval pair,
And of the vast creation,
Was made both lord and heir:
Endow’d with understanding,
With wisdom, power and skill,
To lead the whole creation;
In the Creator’s will.

As a blest emanation,
From the eternal Twain,
Sprang the primeval couple,
And Adam was their name:
In a like emanation,
Their progeny had flow’d,
If in the will of heaven,
They steadfast had abode.

Had man in due submission
To nature’s law remain’d,
As God to him appointed,
And through his works ordain’d;
Then pure had been his offspring,
His innocence the same
As when he dress’d the garden,
Or gave the beasts their name.

But when he turn’d his senses,
And in his wife believ’d,
Who listen’d to the serpent,
And by him was deceiv’d;
Then love, his noblest passion,
Became the spring of lust;
God’s law was then subverted,
And the whole earth was curs’d.

This fatal flame of nature,
Diffus’d through Adam’s race,
Was not receiv’d from heaven,
The serpent gave it place;
In which old Adam acting,
Obed’ent to this brute,
The fountain was corrupted,
A murd’rer was the fruit.

Now sunk in deep pollution,
With darkness overspread,
By love no longer govern’d,
By lust the man is led;
And thus are all his offspring,
That ever came to birth,
Begotten in that nature,
That binds them to the earth.

No way of full redemption
Could Adam’s race obtain,
Till Jesus was begotten
By the Eternal Twain;
Who all his Father’s precepts
Completely has obey’d,
And thus the sure foundation
Of man’s redemption laid.

Then he went home to glory,
Blest mansions to prepare,
Till he his crown received,
The blessed second heir:
This was the crown of glory,
His mother did impart,
In days of his espousals,
And gladness of his heart.

Thus they were constituted
The new creation’s head;
By them the pow’rs of darkness,
In captive chains were led:
They have proclaim’d redemption
From the first Adam’s loss,
To every soul that’s willing,
Like them to bear the cross.

Then hear, ye sons of Adam!
The jubal trumpet sounds;
With mercy and redemption,
This blessed call abounds:
And all that are obed’ent
Unto this heavenly call,
Shall find a peaceful dwelling,
Within mount Zion’s wall.

Ho, all that thirst for Zion,
To taste the tree of life!
Come quit the fatal bower,
Where Adam knew his wife!
And would you with the righteous,
Mount Zion’s glories share,
Then quit those paths of darkness,
Where satan laid his snare!

Come flee from Babel’s bondage,
Where you in darkness grope,
And turn to Zion’s strong-holds,
Ye prisoners of hope!
Quit Pharaoh’s cruel service,
And all his galling chains;
Come sing complete redemption,
On Zion’s blissful plains!


Hymn 7
     [from Part I]

The Restoration

COME let us rejoice, for we truly are blest,
In this latter day, with salvation and rest:
Since our blessed Mother in Christ has appear’d,
The way of redemption by her we have heard.

This great dispensation, by prophets foretold,
Was veil’d in a myst’ry, which she did unfold,
She open’d the way of salvation from loss,
And taught us to find it by taking the cross.

She taught us a lesson to learn in this day,
And happy are those who this lesson obey;
Because it will lead to an endless increase,
Where flows a rich fountain which never can cease.

The lesson she taught was, “Confess all your sins,
And right all your wrongs, then your travel begins;
Then follow the footsteps which Jesus has trod;
So shall you be heirs with the people of God.”

How long was our nature with fig-leaves conceal’d!
Till Mother the myst’ry of sin had reveal’d,
And taught us how satan with lust did deceive,
And overcome both the first Adam and Eve.

Through all generations this nature has run,
Diffusing corruption from father and son,
Till doom’d to destruction in this latter day,
Through mortification we purge it away.

When regeneration by Jesus was taught,
Salvation from sin in some measure was wrought;
And final redemption completely begun,
When two dispensations were joined in one.

Now Adam the second and the second Eve,
Are truly revealed to all who believe;
And we become children of spiritual race,
And heirs of our Father and Mother through grace.

How great is the myst’ry which God has made known!
He’s come in the Daughter as well as the Son;
Now satan’s dark works he will fully defeat,
And final redemption will soon be complete.

The first Eve was tempted and led into sin,
The second, more faithful, has led out again;
With firm resolution, (her word was a sword,)
She fought her way through, and creation restor’d.

A full restoration has now taken place,
For all who believe of the first Adam’s race;
The male and the female made free from the curse,
And Adam’s probation is brought down to us.

Since such a probation is given to all,
Let none cast reflection on old Adam’s fall;
To choose or refuse is now free for each one,
And old Adam’s trial no mortal can shun.

By strict perseverance each one shall obtain
The immortal crown, and with Mother shall reign;
For God in his promise is faithful and sure,
And all shall be saved who will but endure.


Hymn 12
     [from Part I]

The Only Way

SALVATION is a joyful sound,
And we can humbly say,
That by the gospel we have found
The only certain way:
O the way! The appointed way!
First open’d by the Son,
So long conceal’d, but now reveal’d,
Such way there is but one.

If you will enter into life,
Or my disciples be,
Deny yourselves, take up your cross,
And strictly follow me:
O the way! The narrow way,
The first disciples went!
And all that go, do clearly know
What Christ the master meant.

Except a man hate his own life,
And all his sins forsake,
Hate father, mother, children, wife,
Of Christ he can’t partake:
O the new and living way,
Which the apostles trod!
Reveal’d again, so clear and plain!
The only way to God!

Now honest souls their sins confess,
And bring their deeds to light:
They follow Christ in righteousness,
And this they know is right:
O the self-denying way,
Ten thousand martyrs chose!
And march’d along, amidst the throng,
Of their outrageous foes.

By doing right, we walk in light,
Christ’s precepts we obey;
And by this seal, we plainly feel,
We’re in the only way:
O the way! The burning way,
Which our Redeemer brought!
It frees the soul, but burns the whole
Which the first Adam wrought.

Christ is the rock on which we walk,
And as his words declare,
This rock will bind the carnal mind
Of all who travel there:
O the way! The holy way,
Which our first parents ran!
The only way, in this last day,
That God will show to man.

In love and peace, we still increase,
And every step are sure,
That we, forsooth, walk in the truth,
Because the way is pure:
O the way! The perfect way,
Which our first Elders pav’d!
This way, we know, all souls must go,
That ever will be sav’d.

In Christ, ‘tis true, there are but few;
Yet few as there may seem,
We boldly say, out of this way
God will no soul redeem:
O the way! The precious way!
Ye honest souls come on!
Though satan says, the’re many ways,
To God, there is but one.


Hymn 18
     [from Part I]

Ye Are God’s Building

INSPIRED by wisdom, in union and love,
We sing of Jerus’lem, the city above,
And in the male order Christ Jesus we own,
Her Great Master-builder and chief corner stone:

And we’ll sing alleluia! her founder is free!
Amen! alleluia! Even so let it be.

For many long ages, Jerusalem was
Obstructed by priestcraft, and blind human laws,
While bold persecutors still raged around,
And held the possession of this holy ground:

Now we’ll sing alleluia! her builders are free!
Amen! alleluia! Even so let it be.

For twelve hundred years, under foot they have trod,
The female apartment, in this work of God;
But now she arises, her freedom is won;
Cast out the bond woman and her wicked son;

And we’ll sing alleluia! our Mother is free!
Amen! alleluia! Even so let it be.

The children of freedom, the followers of Christ.
May sing of this building which Wisdom Devis’d,
This latter-day temple, this heaven-form’d plan,
Which shakes ev’ry system and building of man:

And we’ll sing alleluia! we’re call’d to be free!
Amen! alleluia! Even so let it be.

5 Since gross superstition has closed its reign,
The Great Master-builder has come forth again;
The Father and founder of all that is new,
Has now brought each part of the building to view:

And we’ll sing alleluia! our Father is free!
Amen! alleluia! Even so let it be.

The time being come for the house to be rear’d,
In the female order, a stone was prepar’d,
A woman cut out and redeem’d from the fall,
To stand in her order, the Mother of all:

And we’ll sing alleluia! our Mother is free!
Amen! alleluia! Even so let it be.

In man and in woman, that work did begin,
Which cleanses the soul from the nature of sin;
And God has confirm’d by his promise and oath,
That his holy temple shall stand upon both:

And we’ll sing alleluia! our Parents are free!
Amen! alleluia! Even so let it be.

Tho’ both are rejected by builders of taste.
Yet each in their foundation order are plac’d;
And each their full cross did respectively bear,
Which makes the whole building both level and square.

And we’ll sing alleluia! we all may be free!
Amen! alleluia! Even so let it be.

God loves such a building, it pleases him well,
And here he has promis’d forever to dwell;
And no man or woman shall ever come in,
Till they have confess’d and forsaken all sin:

And we’ll sing alleluia! from sin we’ll be free!
Amen! alleluia! Even so let it be.

This true gospel church, which was pray’d for so long,
Can never admit of injustice or wrong;
But souls who are faithful to do what is right,
Can all find a place in this mansion of light:

And we’ll sing alleluia! the saints are all free!
Amen! alleluia! Even so let it be.

With peace, love and union, the threshold is pav’d
Inviting all souls to come in and be sav’d;
But those who determine to live in their sin,
Can never behold the bright glory within:

And we’ll sing alleluia! all souls may be free!
Amen! alleluia! Even so let it be.

Now Zion’s foundation forever shall stand,
Upheld by our Father’s Omnipotent hand;
And our blessed Mother shall certainly bear
All souls that shall find an inheritance there:

And we’ll sing alleluia! their children are free!
Amen! alleluia! Even so let it be.


Hymn 19
     [from Part I]

The Latter Day

HARK! What means this dreadful sound?
Hear the rumor all around!
Wars and tumults greet our ears;
Lo! The latter day appears.

Nations rising in their rage,
Other nations to engage;
With their spirits soaring high,
Blood and carnage is the cry.

Judgments now are drawing near,
Let the sinner quake and fear;
Cease the sound of joy and mirth,
Peace is taken from the earth.

Desolation, pain and woe,
People to destruction go;
Surely judgments will increase,
Till the wicked find no peace.

Signs and wonders now appear,
Lo the end is hast’ning near!
Wail, ye kindreds of the earth!
Put away your songs of mirth!

Sons of Zion, look around,
See iniquity abound!
Love of many waxing cold;
Surely this has been foretold.

See the world in darkness grope,
Void of truth, and void of hope;
From the greatest to the least,
Cleaving closely to the beast.

But in Zion there is peace,
Sons and daughters still increase;
These can truly testify,
Their redemption draweth nigh.

View the saints, a shining light,
Cloth’d in linen clean and white;
Those that have renounc’d the beast,
Now can taste the marriage feast.

Glory give unto the Son,
For he has redemption won;
Glory unto Mother give,
For the saints through her do live.

Alleluia! Zion shout!
Th’ old accuser is cast out;
Alleluia! Zion sing!
Jesus is your conquering King.


Hymn 24
     [from Part I]

Old Adam Disturbed

MAN in his first creation,
As he was made upright,
While in that situation,
He walked in the light:
As he was male and female,
The man must be the head,
And by his wholesome counsel,
The woman must be led.

The woman was beguiled,
And got the serpent’s seed,
And when she was defiled,
The harlot took the lead;
Then from his head, old Adam fled,
And cleav’d unto his wife;
And for his fall, he never shall
Eat of the tree of life.

Now in his flesh relation,
He lies beneath the curse;
And every generation
Has still been growing worse;
But God decreed another seed,
Of a superior birth,
Whose feet should tread the serpent’s head
And people all the earth.

The time has been predicted,
And this must be the day;
And he that is convicted,
Will quit his former way:
When he begins to see his sins,
And bring them to the light,
The carnal life of man and wife,
Cannot appear so right.

Now the old man’s offended,
Unwilling yet to die;
He says he was commanded
To go and multiply;
He argues still, he can fulfil
The all important trust;
But this pretense, is his defence,
To gratify his lust.

The serpent now in fetters,
(Though he is but a thief,)
To Paul’s mysterious letters,
He hastens for relief:
Permissions blind, he there can find,
But no express command;
And after all, the words of Paul,
He cannot understand.

That some forbid to marry,
The carnal man can read;
What ever sense they carry,
Upon these words he’ll feed:
Seducers base, he now can trace,
With Shakers in his eye,
And boldly say, that these are they;
But carnal men will lie.

The protestant reformers
The Roman priests condemn;
And this forbidding marriage,
They’ve charged upon them:
Whoever might, this civil rite
Prohibit or forbid,
We do not say, it might be they,
But Shakers never did.

The lusts his father gave him,
The carnal man seduce;
And marriage cannot save him,
But from a worse abuse:
The gospel scheme, is to redeem
From all inferior dross;
It comes to bind the carnal mind,
And nail it to the cross.

The cross some will not carry,
But at the truth will spurn;
The Paul says, “Let them marry,
‘Tis better than to burn.”
If they’re in pain, and can’t contain,
And will not serve the Lord,
Then sure they must live in their lust
And take their just reward.

Old Adam in vexation.
May search the scriptures through,
And find a large relation,
Of Gentile and of Jew:
But he that would be truly good,
A woman will not touch;
This is the one that God will own,
And Paul himself was such.


Hymn 28
     [from Part I]


HO, every one that means to shun
The power of judgment’s frown;
Let humbleness your souls possess,
And let your pride come down.

Humility from judgment’s free,
Because it is so low;
Then let us seek, and always keep
This spirit where we go.

Humility, by nature free,
No law can her molest,
Altho the great and proud may hate
Her simple kind address.

Humility from lust is free,
And pride of every kind;
No bitterness in her address,
Provoking to the mind.

In quietness, we may possess
A meek and lowly mind;
For in her path, there is no wrath,
Nor ought but what is kind.

And all the best have this confess’d,
Who have her beauty seen,
That every grace gives her a place,
Before the proud and vain.

Humility gives us to see
The pride of fallen man;
And that we must, as we are dust,
Embrace her lowly plan.

She now unfolds, to lovely souls,
A way that’s smooth and even,
And teaches all, to be as small
As babes, to gain a heaven.

The meek do see humility
Their judgment takes away,
And all that keep a spirit meek
Are not expos’d to stray.

The meek in heart will not depart
From the commands of God;
‘Tis their delight, both day and night,
To keep his heavenly word.

The lowly mind is truly kind,
And never will rebel;
But will embrace that saving grace,
Which saves the soul from hell.

Humility, come dwell with me,
And seal me thine abode,
Enter my heart, and never part,
‘Till I have learn’d thy road.


Hymn 35
     [from Part I]

The Union Of The Spirit

COME let us all in love unite,
The Spirit and Bride invite;
A loving call, a precious prize,
Is daily set before our eyes;
In Zion is this treasure found;
Come old and young, come gather round!
A living fountain, ever new,
Is now set open to our view.

The types and shadows now are past,
The substance we have found at last;
So let our thankfulness abound,
While moving in the solemn sound.
The new creation brings to view
A Father and a Mother too;
And since the resurrection morn,
How many virgin souls are born!

Come let us all in love unite,
And keep our garments clean and white;
Then living way we will pursue,
And bid the world and flesh adieu:
Come children of the Jubilee!
Our loving Mother’s made us free;
Then let us love to sing and dance,
And move in love as we advance.

In Zion is a living spring,
Where virgins meet to dance and sing;
Its crystal waters flow around,
As we move in the solemn sound;
It is to virgins joy and life,
But never flows to man and wife;
But those that do our Mother’s will,
May freely drink and have their fill.

Come old and young, come great and small,
Here’s love and union free for all;
And everyone that will obey,
Have now a right to dance and play;
For dancing is a sweet employ,
It fills the soul with heavenly joy,
It makes our love and union flow,
While round, and round, and round we go.

We love, we love the living way,
The living truth we will obey;
Though wicked men and devils rage,
We’ll own our blessed parentage:
We love to dance, we love to sing,
We love to taste the living spring,
We love to feel our union flow,
While round, and round, and round we go.


Hymn 36
     [from Part I]

Let Love Abound

LET love abound on Zion’s ground,
Let praise be our employment;
This debt we owe to God, we know,
        For all our blest enjoyments:
Let thanks to God avert his rod,
So says our blessed Mother;
This precious call extends to all,
        To Sister and to Brother.

Come banish hence all fleshly sense,
And taste the living spirit,
Which flows around, on Zion’s ground,
        Where holy souls inherit:
Rejoice that we now live to see,
By light which God has given,
That fleshly lust is so accurst,
        It cannot go to heaven.

The gift of love springs from above,
‘Tis God and Christ united;
‘Tis pure and chaste, come let us taste,
        For we are all invited.
The pure in heart, shall have a part
In the first resurrection;
Their joy and peace shall still increase,
        Until they reach perfection.

In grateful praise, we’ll spend our days,
While forward we’re advancing,
We’ll serve the Lord, with one accord,
        With music and with dancing:
Let every heart perform a part,
And every soul be living,
And with one voice, let all rejoice,
        With praises and thanks-giving.


Hymn 37
     [from Part I]

The Fountain Of Love

BEHOLD a new heaven, the fountain of love,
Is flowing like rivers from Zion above!
‘Tis free for believers, ‘tis free for us all,
And if we will keep it we never shall fall:
Then let us, believers, the blessing improve,
That we may all drink at the fountain of love.

Where love is increasing no lust can be found,
No evil can enter, no hatred abound;
True love keeps us humble and simple and mild,
It reigns in the breast of the true gospel child:
With saints upon earth, and with angels above,
We’ll share in communion the fountain of love.

Tho’ trials assail us, and nature’s in pain,
If love is within us, she struggles in vain;
Pure love is refreshing, ‘tis heavenly food,
We children may have it if we will be good:
Let trials and troubles our constancy prove,
Our hope is in heaven, the fountain of love.

Our love is our treasure, our love is our band,
It keeps us together in this happy land;
Our love sweetly flowing, is mingled with joy,
Our love to the gospel no man can destroy:
And this happy union flows down from above,
And here we may drink at the fountain of love.

We love the blest gospel, we love to unite,
We love to be faithful and do what is right;
We love our kind Elders, we love what they say,
We love one another, we love to obey:
Come, come, loving children, let’s faithfully prove
How much we resemble the fountain of love.

Where true love is flowing, there’s peace and delight,
Our crosses are easy, our burdens are light;
Where love is most-lacking, we feel the most lean,
But when ‘tis abundant, it purges out sin:
Thro’ crosses and trials, we forward will move,
And ever rejoice in the fountain of love.

In love it is easy to travel along,
It strengthens the feeble, and comforts the strong;
In union believers are joined in one,
Their love sweetly flowing is heaven begun;
Here virgins rejoicing are pure as the dove,
Here flows without ceasing the fountain of love.

Where union is reigning the devil’s debar’d,
No evil can enter where love keeps the guard;
Then let us our love and our union increase,
That we may arrive at the mansions of peace;
Then with our blest Mother, in heaven above,
Forever we’ll bathe in the fountain of love.



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Part  II.

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Hymn 1
     [from Part II]

The Everlasting Parents

THE everlasting Father,
And Spirit two in one,
Liv’d in eternal union,
Before the world begun;
This everlasting Essence,
Long hid within the vail,
To us is now revealed,
The female with the male.

Man was at first created
Upon this blessed scale,
In Adam were united
The female and the male:
While in this happy union,
There could be no dispute,
Until they were deceived,
And eat forbidden fruit.

When Adam had transgressed,
His union soon was gone,
And now the male and female
No more continue one;
His seed are all inflamed
With hatred, war and strife,
Not even peace and union
Between the man and wife.

In ev’ry human creature,
Self-int’rest is the same,
And who shall be the greatest,
Is their continual aim:
No order nor subjection
Among the fallen race,
Although it stands in heaven,
And claims on earth a place.

The promise of a Saviour
Did but increase their pride,
They look’d for some great monarch,
With thousands at his side;
But when their Lord descended,
How bitter was the pill,
To find him so submissive,
To do his Father’s will!

His life of self-denial,
Their haughtiness did gall;
Behold their great Messiah
Descends below them all!
First of the new creation,
All wicked men abhorr’d,
Though angels bow before him,
And own him as their Lord.

The everlasting union
Is in the man begun,
The Son is in the Father,
The Father in the Son;
But still the world despise him,
And cry, “How can it be,
That God can be united
To one so mean as he?”

Long as the wicked saw him,
Against him they did fight;
But soon their minds were changed,
When he went out of sight;
They hear of his ascension,
And up their fancies fly,
And fix him in some region,
Above the starry sky.

The world can now be christians,
And the Messiah own,
When he is high exalted,
On some majestic throne:
Upon the name of Jesus,
With great parade they call;
But in his last appearing,
They’ll hate him worst of all.

The Father was revealed,
In union with the man;
But something yet was lacking
To finish all the plan;
And the last dispensation
Must stain all human pride,
When Christ is manifested,
In union with the Bride.

The time is just expiring,
The marriage must take place;
But where is one so noble,
That Jesus will embrace?
With eyes of carnal reason,
Their tow’ring souls presume,
It can be no mean person
Will match the shining Groom.

Now all the sister Churches
Put on their brightest charms,
And call the blessed Jesus,
With wide extended arms:
His person is so glor’ous,
With mighty love they faint;
But they cannot attract him,
With all their shining paint.

The Bride at length is chosen,
The marriage night is o’er,
And when the news is publish’d,
The harlot sisters roar;
Their flutt’ring spirits tremble,
And cry, “Who can it be?”
The woman’s seed can answer,
Her name is Anna Lee.

The Holy Ghost prepar’d her,
By mortifying grace,
And plac’d her in her order,
To fill the woman’s place:
The work is now completed,
And all of human kind,
May in the new creation,
A kindred spirit find.

Eve was no more like Adam,
When taken from his side,
Than is the blessed likeness
Of Jesus and his Bride:
To ev’ry other lover
Her faithful soul is dead,
She stands in full subjection
To Jesus as her head.

Endow’d with gifts and power,
What wonders she displays!
Like Jesus persecuted,
She suffer’d all her days:
Like him her soul was holy,
And though we do not boast,
We say she is the temple,
Where dwells the Holy Ghost.

She bore the cross of Jesus,
Against the man of sin,
Until the crown of glory,
Her happy soul did win.
This doctrine is alarming,
It makes a dreadful stir,
When virgins, her companions,
Do boldly follow her.

The Father and the Spirit,
The Woman and the Man,
Form one eternal union,
Dissolve it if you can.
The mighty chain is formed,
And though the dragon yell,
The angel will confine him,
And seal his doom in hell.

Tune up your harps, believers,
And let your sorrows pass!
The world will soon behold us,
Upon a sea of glass.
Here are Ezekiel’s waters,
Without a bank or shore,
And final full redemption,
We’ll shout forevermore.


Hymn 2
     [from Part II]


LET names and sects and parties
Accost my ears no more,
My ever blessed Mother,
Forever I’ll adore:
Appointed by kind heaven,
My Saviour to reveal,
Her doctrine is confirmed
With an eternal seal.

She was the Lords anointed,
To show the root of sin;
And in its full destruction,
Her gospel did begin:
She strip’d a carnal nature,
Of all its deep disguise,
And laid it plain and naked,
Before the sinner’s eyes.

“Sunk in your base corruptions,
Ye wicked and unclean!
You read your sealed Bibles,
But know not what they mean:
Confess your filthy actions,
And put your lusts away,
And live the life of Jesus;
This is the only way.

Ye haughty kings and beggars,
Come learn your equal fate!
Your carnal fallen natures,
You all must surely hate:
Whatever your profession,
Your sex or colour be,
Renounce your carnal pleasures,
Or Christ you’ll never see.

The way of God is holy,
Mark’d with Immanuel’s feet;
Lust cannot reach mount Zion,
Nor stain the golden street.
If you will have salvation,
You first must count the cost,
And sacrifice that nature,
In which the world is lost.”

At Manchester, in England,
This blessed fire began,
And like a flame in stubble,
From house to house it ran:
A few at first receiv’d it,
And did their lusts forsake;
And soon their inward power
Brought on a mighty shake.

The rulers cried, “Delusion!
Who can these Shakers be?
Are these the wild fanatics,
Bewitched by Ann Lee?
We’ll stop this noise and shaking,
It never shall prevail;
We’ll seize the grand deceiver;
And thrust her into jail.”

Before their learned councils,
Though oft she was arraign’d,
Her life was uncondemned,
Her character unstain’d:
And by her painful travel,
Her suff’rings and her toil,
A little Church was formed
On the European soil.

This little band of union,
In apostolic life,
Remain’d awhile in England,
Among the sons of strife;
Till the Columbian Eagle,
Borne by an eastern breeze,
Convey’d this little Kingdom
Across the rolling Seas.

To mark their shining passage,
Good angels flew before,
Towards the land of promise,
Columbia’s happy shore.
Hail, thou victorious gospel!
And that auspicious day,
When Mother safely landed
In Hudson’s lovely bay!

Near Albany they settled,
And waited for a while,
Until a mighty shaking
Made all the desert smile.
At length a gentle whisper,
The tidings did convey,
And many flock’d to Mother,
To learn the living way.

Through storms of persecution,
The truth she did maintain,
And show’d how sin was conquer’d,
And how we’re born again:
The old corrupted nature,
From place to place she trod,
And show’d a new creation,
The only way of God.

About four years she labour’d
With the attentive throng,
Confirm’d the young believers,
And help’d their souls along.
At length she clos’d her labour,
And vanish’d out of sight,
And left the Church increasing,
In the pure gospel light.

How much are they deceived,
Who think that Mother’s dead!
She lives among her offspring,
Who just begin to spread;
And in her outward order,
There’s one supplies her room,
And still the name of Mother,
Is like a sweet perfume.

Since Mother sent the gospel,
And spread it in the west,
How many sons and daughters
Are nourish’d from her breast!
How many more conceived,
And trav’ling in the birth!
Who yet shall reign with Mother,
Like princes on the earth.

I love that testimony,
That shows me what to do;
I love my precious Mother,
I love the Elders too;
The Brethren and the Sisters,
I love them and their ways,
And in this loving spirit,
I mean to spend my days.


Hymn 4
     [from Part II]

The Gospel Sound

WHEN first we heard the gospel sound
Our Mother’s voice did echo round,
“Confess your sins, (she loudly cry’d,)
Or else you never can abide.

This is the way that leads to God,
The path which we ourselves have trod;
And you, like us, must do the same,
Take up your cross, despise the shame.”

We cry’d, Alas! Where shall we go?
Is this the work that we must do?
Or is there not another road,
That we may try and go to God?

“Nay, nay, indeed, (the Elders say,)
This is the true and living way;
And sure there is no other road,
That ever led a soul to God.”

They also cry’d, “Take up your cross,
And travel from your doleful loss,
Or you can never be forgiven,
Nor be joint heirs with Christ in heaven.”

Then we were fill’d with deep distress,
Our sins were set before our face;
We cry’d, alas! ‘tis true indeed,
Against the truth we will not plead.

Our secret sins we then confess’d,
Before our souls could be releas’d;
Expos’d them there, all one by one,
And to those Elders made them known.

Then they to us repentance taught,
For every evil deed and thought;
And how we must forsake our sins,
For so redemption’s work begins.

O, the forgiving love we felt!
Which make our tender spirits melt;
We felt the healing morning ray,
Which took our burdens all away.

The power of God did then appear,
And fill’d our souls with solemn fear;
We join’d the awful solemn sound,
And sung the chorus all around.

This was not all we had to do,
We had our loss to travel through,
Which at that time we did not feel,
How great it was we could not tell.

Our child-like sense did rise as high,
As mountains lifted to the sky;
Some felt as though they’d found the birth,
Almost redeemed from the earth.

But Oh, alas! How soon we found
We were not free from satan’s ground!
We had our battles yet to fight,
Against the flesh with all our might.

We found the warfare then begun,
Between the dragon and the Son,
To break the bands where we were bound;
In fleshly kindred these were found.

Through many trying scenes we’ve been,
To purify our souls from sin;
But with the help of Mother’s rod,
We’ve always kept the way of God.


Hymn 7
     [from Part II]

The Gospel Call

BLEST charity to us begun,
Between the Father and the Son,
A gospel call to every one,
        Which caus’d a mighty shaking:
The call to us did thus begin,
Convinc’d us we were bound in sin,
And taught us we must enter in,
        Confessing and forsaking.

Then with temptations we were toss’d,
Viewing how deeply we were lost,
We saw our natures must be cross’d,
        To find a just relation.
Blest charity, forever kind,
Said, Come confess, leave sin behind,
The love of God will soothe your mind,
        His grace does bring salvation.

True righteousness then said, Comply.
Or else your souls must surely die,
Be faithful now my way to try,
        You’ll find it leads to heaven.
Our souls no longer dare withstand
The pow’r of such a mighty hand;
Then we obey’d the first command,
        Confess’d and were forgiven.

Here mercy help’d us to a step,
From sin’s dark dungeon, where we slept,
As we awak’d, for joy we wept,
        Like prodigals returning.
Then did our leader kindly say,
You’ve step’d into the narrow way,
And now your souls must watch and pray,
        And keep your lamps a burning.

Then we set out to stem the flood
Of sin, and make our way to God,
In the same path our leader trod,
        To hate a carnal nature.
But the vast help we then obtain’d,
By our own virtue was not gain’d;
Our Saviour, who in glory reign’d,
        Became our mediator.

Thus we advanc’d from step to step,
Rejoic’d in God, for sin we wept;
God’s love and power our souls have kept,
        And still we are advancing.
And now God gives us joyful days,
His gospel shines with heavenly rays,
His love has taught our souls to praise,
        With music and with dancing.

This is the way that we commend,
In which we’ve found a heavenly friend,
Who, for our sakes, the veil did rend;
        He is our Lord and Saviour.
Then let us bless our Christ and King.
And of his second coming sing,
In songs of praise that loudly ring,
        ‘Tis but our due behaviour.

O may our souls still wing the way,
And keep the blessing of the day;
As we advance, we shall survey
        The gospel in its beauty.
And when on earth we’ve travel’d through,
And done the best that we can do,
To God the glory all is due,
        We have but done our duty.


Hymn 8
     [from Part II]

The Fall Of Man

WE READ, when God created man,
He made him able then to stand,
United to his Lord’s command,
        That he might be protected;
But when, through Eve, he was deceiv’d
And to his wife in lust had cleav’d,
And of forbidden fruit receiv’d,
        He found himself rejected.

And thus, we see, death did begin,
When Adam first fell into sin,
And judgment on himself did bring,
        Which he could not dissemble:
Old Adam then began to plead,
And tell the cause, as you may read;
But from his sin he was not freed,
        Then he did fear and tremble.

Compel’d from Eden now to go,
Bound in his sins, with shame and woe,
And there to feed on things below
        His former situation:
For he was first created good,
And did partake of angels’ food;
But for his sin, he was remov’d
        From his blest habitation.

Now his lost state continues still,
In all who seek their fleshly will,
And of their lust do take their fill,
        And say they are commanded:
Thus they go forth and multiply,
And so they plead to justify
Their basest crimes, and so they try
        To ruin souls more candid.

Their daily fruits are plainly seen,
Their filthy works keep them unclean,
Yet of religion they will dream,
        While in their lust they wallow:
They talk about their happy state,
And think themselves at heaven’s gate,
Yet Christ’s commands they plainly hate,
        Nor his example follow.

6 Old antichristians now do call
On God, to save them from the fall;
While priests and people, one and all,
        Are sunk in their pollutions:
And they will all unite and say,
They cannot live from sin one day;
And so they preach, and so they pray,
        All bound in their delusions.

And still they’re daily growing worse,
While living in their pride and lust,
And will receive that which is just,
        For their abomination:
For God, who is forever true,
Will give the sinner his just due;
If he his sins will still pursue,
        He’s doom’d to desolation.

Benighted souls! You can’t survey;
The work of God, in this your day,
Unless you put your sins away,
        And seek your souls salvation:
But you may travel from your loss,
By self-denial and the cross;
This, in this way you may rejoice,
        And find a just relation.

Awake, and hear the solemn sound,
From those who stand on Zion’s ground,
Who in Christ’s coming now have found
        A blessed Mediator,
By honestly confessing sin,
And quitting all their works unclean,
And by this door have enter’d in,
        To praise their great Creator.


Hymn 9
     [from Part II]

The Contrast

WE READ that a race of deceivers,
Produced in antichrist’s reign,
Should boldly withstand true believers,
When Christ should be preached again:
How then shall we answer their cavil,
And show their deception and fraud?
And who are the seed of the devil?
And who the true children of God?

According to Christ’s declaration,
The soul that salvation would find,
Must go through the regeneration,
And leave their flesh kindred behind:
Whatever then be their profession,
They can’t be begotten again,
While lust is their favorite passion,
And they in flesh union remain.

This mark the deceivers do carry,
And all may their character view;
For when they wax wanton they marry,
As all carnal creatures will do:
And as they are led by old nature,
They prove their inferior birth,
By union with some fallen creature,
That binds them still down to the earth.

4 But foll’wers of Christ are released
From ev’ry old conjugal tie;
From old Adam’s works they have cease’d,
And laid his old instruments by:
They are of another creation,
And all carnal pleasures they scorn,
And seek for no better relation
Than that into which they are born.

As they have one Father and Mother,
Are born to an immortal life,
They prize a kind sister or brother,
Above an old husband or wife:
Their union cannot be dissolved,
For none of their kindred can die;
Therefore they will not be involved
With any old death fearing tie.

Before this great prize can be gained,
We each have our battle to fight;
The dragon is first to be chained,
And lose his dominion and might:
We have to put off the old nature,
And in new obed’ence to run,
Till each has grown up to the stature
Of a perfect daughter or son.

The soul that this gospel embraces,
From all other bonds must be free;
And while towards Zion he faces,
No object behind will he see;
But those that keep looking behind them,
Are only like blocks in the road;
Then let us go on and not mind them,
And press for the Kingdom of God.

Thus all that do conquer are saved,
And honestly gain the white stone,
In which a new name is engraved,
To all carnal creatures unknown;
And all who the flesh have forsaken,
And gain this unchangeable crown,
Shall stand like a pillar unshaken,
When all other buildings come down.


Hymn 11
     [from Part II]

The Lamb’s Revelation

IN THE Lamb’s first revelation,
Though he sought from east to west,
He could find no habitation,
No abiding place of rest:
Father of the new creation,
Once on earth he suffer’d pain,
Now he comes to take possession,
Now the beast has clos’d his reign.

O thou righteous holy Spirit!
He that gave creation birth,
Shall he not his right inherit?
Shall he not possess the earth?
Now he’s come to reign forever,
Now he has the kingdom won!
On mount Zion stands the Saviour,
There the gath’ring is begun.

On this mount his throne is fixed,
Elders seated all around,
Living souls with angels mixed,
Join their harps with solemn sound;
Now they sing complete redemption,
Hark! The solemn song is new;
Mortals, cease your vain contention,
Let the heavenly music through. 

Children of the resurrection,
Virgin souls with Christ arose,
Under his divine protection,
Follow him where e’er he goes;
Moving in their ranks before us,
Things immortal they discern;
These can join the heav’nly chorus,
None but such the song can learn.

First of all the new creation,
Fruit of God’s eternal plan,
Here he finds a habitation,
Here he can converse with man;
On their face his name’s engraved,
In their mouth is found no guile;
These from ev’ry lust are saved,
These do not themselves defile.

You that are defil’d with women,
You that love the darling sin,
Cast away your filthy dreaming,
Let the king of glory in;
While you live in carnal pleasure,
Your profession’s but a sham;
Virgins have the gospel treasure,
None but such are with the Lamb.

Like the sound of many waters,
Sacred truth begins to flow;
Adam’s guilty sons and daughters,
How they’re tossing to and fro!
Nature’s pained to her center,
Teeming with the second birth;
Everlasting gospel enter,
Chase the dragon from the earth! 

Voice of truth, roar on like thunder!
O, Ye forked lightnings, play!
Rend the veil of flesh asunder!
Leave the world in open day!
Alleluia! alleluia!
Let the devil’s kingdom fall!
Alleluia! alleluia!
Christ shall soon be all in all!


Hymn 26
     [from Part II]

The Tree Of Life

ON ZION’S hill is clearly seen,
By souls who do not live unclean,
The tree of life, forever green,
        Of God the Father’s planting:
Establish’d by the Lord’s command,
This tree will there forever stand,
Diffusing blessings through the land,
        Of Christ the Saviour’s granting.

Its roots are deep, and firm and strong,
Its branches beautiful and long,
With verdant leaves, forever young,
        A spacious field it covers:
The hungry soul that’s destitute,
Beneath its shadow may recruit;
For it abounds with heavenly fruit,
        Much fairer than all others.

This fruit our wounded souls did heal,
When we no longer would conceal
Our sinful ways, but did reveal
        Them to the Lord’s anointed:
And we confess’d, we did forsake,
And thus from sin our souls did break,
And of this heavenly fruit partake,
        As God to us appointed.

How can we but this tree commend,
Whose lovely branches so did bend,
And thus its balmy leaves extend,
        To heal our wounds and bruises!
We know it is the living tree,
Establish’d from eternity,
Whose fruit will make all nations free,
        Except him who refuses.

The Lord of glory beautifies
This tree, not seen by sinners eyes;
Though floods of sin around it rise,
        God’s flaming sword is pointed,
To guard the living tree each way,
And keep it pure, by night and day;
So angels stand, in bless’d array,
        To guard the Lord’s anointed.

The water that surrounds the tree,
Has a vast healing quality,
From heaven’s fountain running free,
        To keep the tree a growing:
As clear as crystal is the stream,
It is the river pure and clean,
By John in holy vision seen,
        Our souls do feel its flowing.

Those who the Saviour will obey,
And bear his cross from day to day,
Whose steadfast minds, from this pure way,
        Temptations cannot sever;
Such souls shall enter through the gate,
Before the lofty and the great,
And find that fruit in its pure state,
        And eat and live forever.


Hymn 27
     [from Part II]

The Gospel Child

THE gospel child, whose humble mind
Is to the will of God resign’d,
        Whose life is undefile’d,
Who daily in obedience walks,
And never acts nor thinks nor talks,
        But like a gospel child.

With zeal he takes his daily cross,
And shuns the way that leads to loss,
        Is always reconcil’d,
Is meek and harmless as the dove,
His heart o’erflows with thanks and love,
        So lives the gospel child.

How beautiful it is to see
Brethren and sisters all agree,
        In spirit meek and mild!
To see them love God’s holy way,
In all they do, and all they say,
        Be like the gospel child!

The serpent strives with all his might,
To turn us from the gospel light,
        With nature’s passions wild;
And some unwisely yield at length,
And lose their union, lose their strength;
        Not so the gospel child.

This we may know, if we are wise,
That when we feel our nature rise,
        The senses are defil’d,
And gloomy spirits enter in,
And tempt the soul to league with sin,
        And hate the gospel child.

Let’s harken to the gospel call,
And crush the serpent, once for all,
        Till nature is despoil’d;
So shall we find a rich increase,
In power, in union, and in peace,
        And love the gospel child.


Hymn 28
     [from Part II]


LOVING Brethren, Loving Sisters,
Middle aged and blooming youth,
Lay aside your sirs and Misters,
Love the plain and simple truth.
Love’s the spring of our communion,
Life and breath of the new man;
Never was such love and union,
Never since the world began.

From our blessed loving Mother,
First the loving tidings came,
That her children love each other,
And that Love’s their Father’s name.
Loving Elders brought the message,
Loving Angels were their guide,
Loving New-lights gave it passage,
Till it spread both far and wide.

Let us then not be mistaken,
As to what we’re call’d to love,
Whether things that may be shaken,
Things below, or things above.
First divide the flesh and spirit,
Good from evil separate,
Then the thing that’s void of merit,
We must not love, we must hate.

Love not self, that must be hated,
Love not satan, love not sin;
To the flesh, tho’ you’re related,
Love not flesh, nor fleshly kin.
Love not riches, honor, pleasure,
Love no earthly vain delight;
But the gospel’s hidden treasure,
You may love with all your might.

Love your parents in the Spirit,
Love them freely, tho’ unseen;
Love the kingdom they inherit;
Love whatever’s pure and clean:
Love your elders in their calling,
Love their counsel to obey;
Love to see old Babel falling;
Love the new and living way.

Love the cross, love self-denial;
Love to labour day and night;
Love that faith that stands the trial;
Love with brethren to unite;
Love the souls yet bound in fetters,
Love to help them on to God;
Love to feel yourselves their debtors;
Love the preachers sent abroad.

Love the inward new creation;
Love the glory that it brings;
Love to lay a good foundation,
In the line of outward things;
Love a life of true devotion;
Love your lead in outward care;
Love to see all hands in motion;
Love to take your equal share.

Love to love what is beloved;
Love to hate what is abhorr’d;
Love all earnest souls that covet
Lovely love, and its reward.
Love repays the lovely lover,
And in lovely ranks above,
Lovely souls shall live forever,
Loving with eternal Love.

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