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  Prophetic Revelations from the Ancient Prophets 

Published by the Shakers in 1843

Received at different times, in the First Order
of the church at New Lebanon.

Inspired Writer:  Calvin Green

Blue Star

Excerpts from:

Prophet Elisha's Revelations

Chapter 4

The Prophet's Oracle for England; the severe judgments of God upon her, for her pride and haughtiness, her oppression and cruelty, her secret abominations, etc. She has been a scourge to other nations; and shall in the end be scourged, overthrown, and her power destroyed.


1 O England! thou haughty nation! Thou that didst reject the gospel of peace, which was first offered unto thee; and by thy rebellious spirit didst banish from thy land the holy messenger, the Mother of the New Creation, whom I sent unto thee.

2 Woe! woe unto thee; because thou hast rejected the greatest blessing ever offered to the children of men; and because thou hast exalted thyself in pride and vain glory above all others. Think not that thou shalt go unpunished for the iniquities of thy children.

3 When thy times are fulfilled, which are fast hastening on, saith the Lord, the mighty and just God; I will bring thee down from thy lofty state. Thy judgments are sure and certain. I will render vengeance upon vengeance unto thee. I will pour out my wrath upon thy land, and upon thy people.

4 Thou shalt drink the dregs of the cup of my indignation and my fury. No nation under heaven shall drink so deeply of the cup of my wrath and fury, which shall be poured out upon all people; because, like unto the rebellious Jews, thou hast rejected my chosen, and like them increased in wickedness and rebellion against the Lord.

5 Therefore, O proud daughter of the god of this world! Who sayest in thy heart, "I sit a queen among the nations." Thy judgments shall be like unto those of the haughty and rebellious Jews, whose ways thou hast followed.

6 Thou hast said in thy heart; "I am increased and grown great; I am exalted above all people; I have built me a mountain of strength, higher than all mountains. I have fortified it with my walls, bulwarks and great towers, of such strength and power that they cannot be overthrown. Upon this mountain I sit secure, and sway the scepter among the nations. My power is greater than all others. I can contend with the world. My power is invincible."

7 But thou knowest not, O most wicked! That I have used thee as a scourge, to break those nations that were established in institutions which bound the people in moral darkness, and which must be broken before my work could spread through the earth; though they were less wicked than thou.

8 But thou hast taken the glory to thyself, and knowest not that thou art but a scourge, and thy power is dust, when I have done my work with thee. Nor dost thou know that I have suffered thee to be exalted on high, above all nations, that for thy wickedness, cruelty and injustice, thy fall may be the lower.

9 I have prepared secret judgments for thee, O England! of which thou art not aware. I will bring unlooked for scourges upon thy people, wherever they are. They shall break the foundation of thy power, and destroy thy bulwarks of strength. Thy land shall be shaken, and thy walls and high towers shall fall.

10 Many of thy cities shall be destroyed, and thy streets forsaken; for I will diminish the multitude of thy children. Thy splendid palaces and houses shall be made desolate, and thy children shall mourn at the rebuke of the Lord, and because of his fierce judgments and plagues. Then shall thy high and mighty mountain crumble into dust, and fall to rise no more.

11 And thou proud and haughty city; thou that art the head, (called the metropolis) or chief city of that exalted and unjust nation, which is styled the queen of the commercial trade and traffic of the world, and which hath spread the wings of her bloody and oppressive power through the earth, like a destroying wind and a blasting pestilence, and oppressed and despoiled many nations, far and wide.

12 Woe, woe unto thee, thou lofty and corrupt city! — Thy day shall come, and the time of thy visitation draweth nigh. For thou hast risen up of old, and hast increased from the years of many generations. Thou hast grown great until thou art become the center of the power, wealth and splendor of that great and wicked nation: yea, thou art become the exalted modern Babylon, that sittest as queen among the cities of the earth, and the great mart of the nations.

13 But as thou hast grown in wealth, power and splendor, thou hast increased in wickedness, sacrilegious ingratitude, haughtiness, lewdness, and all kinds of pollution, until thy pride and abominations exceed, in proportion to the light given thee, those of any other city that the sun ever shone upon.

14 But know thou, that thy cup of pride and iniquity is nearly filled; for the cry of thy great wickedness hath long come up before me, saith the just and righteous God. Therefore I will hold my peace no longer; but I will shortly stretch out my Almighty hand with fury and fierce indignation against thee, and will pour out upon thee, a flood of heavy judgments, and will send a curse upon all thy possessions, in proportion to thy wickedness and shameful abominations.

15 I will visit thee with furious winds and raging storms; with fire, hail, pestilence and blood, until all thy splendid palaces, the abodes of thy haughtiness and unjust oppressors of the poor and needy, shall be filled with death and woe. Yea, and all thy streets, and the abodes of thy children shall be filled with terror and lamentation.

16 Then if thy children do not repent, and thoroughly put away their filthiness, and the evil of their doings, from before my face, I will let loose all the elements of destruction against them, and will complete thy overthrow by a mighty shaking and cleaving of the earth, by which thou shalt be destroyed, and utterly fall and sink to rise no more.

17 Thy fall shall be like that of ancient Babylon, whose wicked ways thou hast followed. Thy glory shall depart forever; and though thou be sought for, thou shalt no more be found.

18 Then shall all the polluted cities of the earth fear; because of thy judgments; and they shall tremble before me, saith the Lord, who will do this by his mighty power, to bring down the pride and loftiness of man, and to cut off iniquity from the earth.

19 Therefore know ye, that in the day when the God of all power shall do this, he will smite the power, and break the strength of Britain, and these shall crumble into dust, and all her glory shall fade; and she shall not exalt herself above the nations anymore forever.

20 Thus saith the Just One, Many judgments, mighty and great, shall be poured out upon thy land and upon thy people, O England! Many great adversaries shall rise against thee; yea, thy adversaries shall increase when thou art weakened; for thy children have increased in all manner of abominations and lewdness, and have cast me behind their back.

21 Thy cruel oppressions have exceeded, in extent, those of any nation on earth; and for ages, thou hast been the great parent of blood and oppression among the nations. Therefore, O destroying mountain! I will throw thee down to the earth.

22 As thou hast covered the earth with blood and fire; so shalt thou be visited with blood and fire; and thou shall be shaken until thou art shaken in pieces, and the mountain of thy pride is brought down to the dust. Thou shalt no more sit as queen. The scepter of the nations shall depart from thee. Thou shalt be humbled till many nations shall rise above thee.

23 I will execute judgments upon thee until thou shalt know that I am the Lord, and that my hand hath brought these judgments upon thee, for the wickedness, ingratitude, injustice and sacrilegious pride of thy children. I will judge them in the land wherein they were created, until they shall repent of all these sins, and shall cry unto me for mercy.

24 Then will I grant them some deliverance, and show mercy unto them. Then my law and order for thy children shall be made known unto them; and then will I deal with them according to their obedience to my law, in their order.

25 This is the oracle of God for thee, O England! which shall surely be fulfilled in its times, and thou shalt not escape.



Chapter 5

The oracles for America. God declares the great blessings bestowed upon this land, and calls the people to an account for the use made of them, etc.

1 O America! thou that art called "Columbia's happy land!" Hear my words, saith He that is holy, He that is just and true, the All-seeing Spirit that hath watched over thee, and knoweth all thy ways.

2 Behold it was by my wisdom that this land was brought to light. I guided, by my providence, the feet of those who fled from the fetters of tyranny, wherein their consciences, and souls and bodies were bound; in consequence of which they were led to this land, which I had destined to be the most favored land that ever was under heaven, since my earth was created.

3 This land I purposed to be an asylum for the oppressed of all nations to flee to, and be safe from the chains and tyranny of the old world. Know ye that this nation, by my appointment, first began in that manner; and by my providential care, it has grown more rapidly than any other that ever existed on the earth.

4 By the operations of my Spirit, the seeds of freedom from the tyranny of the Beast, were sown in the first rise of this people, to prepare the way for my future purposes, and for the setting up of my everlasting Kingdom of glory in this highly favored land.

5 And when the time was fully come for the second manifestation of the Divine Spirit of my well beloved Son, and for the holy Bride to be revealed with him, to complete the order of the New Creation of God, and to raise up children of the resurrection, to establish my everlasting Kingdom of glory, wherein "the saints of the Most High shall have the Kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the Kingdom, under the whole heaven, and which shall never have an end."

6 Then did the Holy Bride first appear in that land which is styled the "mother of this nation." But this Holy Bride was rejected by the real children of this haughty mother. Then, saith the Lord, I directed her to flee to this land, and showed her that I would set this land free, and raise up my Kingdom in it. This my direction she obeyed.

7 Then did the Dragon send forth his power to subdue this land, and prevent the planting of that seed, which he knew would supplant his kingdom among men. By the operations of my Spirit, in the order of Providence, his power was defeated, and this people set free, for the establishment of that work which, for many ages, I had purposed to effect in this land, in the latter day.

8 Then by my hand I planted in thee, O Columbia! A noble vine of civil and religious liberty, and moral rectitude, under which thy children might be sheltered from the raging storms and pernicious vices of the world, which had waxed old in wickedness. I have poured out my blessings upon thee, until thou hast been more highly favored than all lands, and hast become the wonder of all people.

9 And, as the greatest blessing that ever was bestowed upon the children of men, I have planted the vine of the gospel in thy land, under which all souls who are "weary and heavy laden" with sin, may flee and be sheltered from the scourging rays of the sun of strife, and the burning hunger and thirst of the fire of iniquity.

10 And now, saith the Righteous Judge, what hast thou done for all these blessings? What use hast thou made of them? Have thy children bowed in grateful thanks to the author of all these abundant favors bestowed upon thee? Have they learned my ways for them to walk in? To deal justly, exercise mercy, and extend those favors, and that liberty to others, which have been extended to them?

11 Have they learned to shun the vices of the old nations from whence they sprung? I will surely bring thy children to judgment, and require an answer at their hands, for all these things, saith the Righteous Judge.

12 Far, far from doing these things which my spirit required of them; have they not despised me, and been unthankful, and taken the honor of all these great things to themselves? Do they not say, "We have taken horns of power to ourselves, by our own strength?"

13 Like rebellious Israel of old, do they not say in their hearts, yea, openly, "We have grown great; we have become powerful; our hand is sufficient for us, against all our enemies?"

14 But behold! Saith the Lord, I will raise up enemies against thee, against which thou shalt have no power. For do not thy children deal most unjustly? Do they not grievously oppress the weak and ignorant? Do they not boast of their liberty and privileges, and at the same time, hold millions of the souls that I have created, in the bitterest bondage, and deprive them of all privileges?

15 Do they not boast of their knowledge, and yet keep others as ignorant as possible, and render them as much like beasts as is in their power? Have they not taken fields, not a few, to which they had no right, by violence, by treacherous dealings and blood; even as Ahab did the fields of Naboth?

16 And shall I not visit and punish thee for these things? Shall I not cut thy children off in the fields which they have unjustly taken, even as I did the house of Ahab? Yea, this I will surely do, saith the Lord.

17 Hast thou not married the daughter of a strange god? And have not thy children brought in the idols of the old world, and set them up as objects of worship, instead of me, the author of all thy blessing? Yea, even as did the wicked house of Ahab, and the treacherous house of Judah of old. Have they not followed their most pernicious ways, their worst customs, and sought to rival them in pride and vain glory.

18 Yea, I had blessed them with the precious gift of liberty, that they might be free to learn my ways, and, in all things, obey the light which I gave them. But this liberty they have abused, for the purpose of setting up their own ways, and casting me behind their backs; even to deny the name of the Lord, and bring in that spirit of infidelity which rejects all Divine Revelation, and cause it to spread through the land, and greatly influence the counsels of the nation, and almost take the lead in thy governments.

19 Therefore, saith the Almighty Lord, as my blessings unto thee, O Columbia! have been great; so shall my judgments be in proportion. And though thy children have eagerly followed the pernicious ways of the nations, old in wickedness, and have readily imitated their pride and vanity; yet in humanity they have surely fallen behind the nation from which I had set them free.

20 Therefore, thou and thy children shall partake of all their plagues, and drink deep of the cup of indignation, which shall be poured out upon the inhabitants of the earth. Thou shall not escape. I will surely punish thy children for all the evil of their doings. Woe unto them; because they have polluted themselves with all manner of abominations.



Chapter 6

Judgments threatened. The Vine of civil Liberty planted and abused.The Vine of gospel Liberty; despised. The great blessings flowing from it.

1 I have prepared a secret worm for thee, O Columbia! which shall grow up unawares. Thou shalt not know from whence it will arise; nor shalt thou be able to prevent it. It shall smite the roots of thy vine, under whose shadow thou hast dwelt, and in which thy children have trusted, and shall cause it to fade. Its leaves shall fall, and its boughs shall wither.

2 Then will I raise up a fierce wind, which shall sweep over thee with great heat, that shall fall upon the heads of thy children. They shall faint with heat, and famish with thirst, and fall down in thy streets.

3 I will send many plagues upon them, the sword, famine and pestilence. Many of thy cities shall be overthrown, and their streets shall be desolate: for the land shall be shaken at the rebuke of the Lord of hosts. There are no plagues of which thou shalt not partake.

4 The whole land shall be full of mourning and lamentation, for the scourges which shall come upon thy children, because of their pollutions, and because they have abused my favors, and despised my chosen, whom I have raised up to be a shining light in thy land. But these they have persecuted, and have even been unwilling to allow them that civil and religious liberty, for which I freed and established this nation.

5 Therefore, hear ye my words, O ye rebellious children! Ye have been unthankful for my favors, and have despised my vine, which I planted and caused to grow and flourish in this land, that under the shadow of its spreading boughs, the heavy laden and oppressed of all nations might gather and find an asylum, and be protected from the oppressive power of the Beast. Yea, and I purposed that its fruits should yet spread through all ranks and orders of people.

6 But ye have despised it because of its simplicity; and in your pride, have sought to set up in its place, the — Image of despotic power, and the figure of the Beast. And ye have brought in their idols, and set their priests of idolatrous worship, to exalt the great, oppress the weak, and bind the consciences of simple souls.

7 Thus saith the Lord; It shall not stand; neither shall those things which ye have sought after, come to pass. I will cast down your image, and destroy your idols. I will cut off your corrupt and idolatrous priests, and utterly consume all your leaders of infidelity from the land. And for as much as ye have sought after and done these things; therefore the Lord, the righteous Judge will take away from you, in due time, the good things that he hath given you.

8 Then O thou favored land! shall thy proud and corrupt sons, and thy fair and haughty daughters be covered with confusion, mourning and lamentation; yea, they shall faint and fall under the chastening scourge. But the just Lord will not slacken his scourging rod, nor take away his judgments, until thy pride, self security and vain glory shall be brought down to the dust.

9 And thy children shall repent, repent of their corrupt violations of nature, their ingratitude, and all their unjust doings; and shall be so humbled that they shall know and acknowledge that I am the Lord alone of all power; that my hand hath bestowed all those favors which they have enjoyed; and that my hand hath also taken them away, for their unworthiness.

10 Then shall thy children see and acknowledge that I the Lord, have planted my vine, and caused it to grow in this land, and to flourish and send forth many fair boughs, while ye have despised this true vine of my Kingdom, the plant of a great people, to whom all power shall, in due time, be given.

11 In this holy vine shall be gathered all the fowls of heaven; and they shall find a resting place in its beautiful branches and lovely boughs. They shall feed upon its delicious fruits, and drink its pleasant wine; and their souls shall delight in my goodness.

12 This holy vine, O Columbia! hath grown and flourished under the shadow and shelter of the vine of thy land, which I made to grow, and nourished and protected for that purpose. But when thy vine shall fade, my holy vine shall be protected by my immediate hand; and shall continue to grow and flourish, until its goodly branches shall spread far and wide.

13 Yea, my Almighty hand shall guard it amidst all the judgments which shall come upon thee and upon thy vine; and from the judgments which shall come upon thy rebellious children. It shall overshadow and protect the Zion of my glory, which I have built up in thy land, and which I have ordained to be a shining light to all people on the earth.

14 When, O thou distinguished land! thy children shall see that their judgments will not cease, until they acknowledge my Zion, "and call the holy of the Lord honorable," (Isaiah 58:13.) And that they can have no protection, but under the shadow of my holy vine, nor be healed but from its leaves; for these only can heal the nations; and they learn obedience by their scourges; and by the light shining forth from Zion.

15 When their proud hearts are broken, and they sincerely cry unto me to show them my will, saith the Lord; then I will turn and have mercy upon them; and I will raise up deliverers unto them, and my judgments shall be stayed.

16 Then will I make known unto them my law, that I require them to follow; for it shall be shown unto them, through the light of my Zion, and by the operations of my Spirit, in nature and degree, according to their proper order; which law, if they keep, they shall be healed from their plagues; yea, they shall be protected and prospered.

17 For I will revive and raise up again, thy vine, that is faded, and it shall grow up under the shadow of my holy vine, and be sheltered from the raging beasts that would seek to destroy it. But it shall grow a lowly vine, and shall no more be exalted by thee, over my vine, which shall be the glory of all the trees that the Lord God hath planted.

18 In that day, I will again restore unto thy children the good things that I have taken from them. And the seeds of thy vine shall take root among all nations, and thou shalt be, in thy order, a light to all people, saith the merciful Spirit.


Chapter 7

The Prophet declares the fullness of times to be now beginning. That many strange things will take place in the world, preparatory to the opening of the Gospel. Zion must be purged from her idols, etc.

1 Now, O ye children of Zion! saith he whom the holy Spirit calls The Mighty Prophet, hearken unto my words, and hear the declaration of the Holy, Almighty Spirit, that Spirit which hath measured the times by All-seeing Wisdom, and foreknoweth all events. Behold the half times are ended, both in measure and manner of work. The ministering Angels and spirits of God are sounding their trumpets to call forth the times of fullness in their order.

2 To this end have been all the extraordinary operations of the Spirit, and wonderful gifts, spiritual communications and prophetic revelations, which have been so abundantly poured out among the children of the New Creation, within three times and a half time, to prepare the way, for the times of a more perfect work to operate among the children of men, both in nature and grace, than hath ever before been revealed.

3 The times are now beginning, and will fast roll on, for the Spirit of the Lord to turn into the world, and operate in the order of his work, in like manner as he hath done in his Israel.

4 There shall henceforth be many strange operations, and great outpourings of the spirit, among the children of men. Many spiritual exercises; wonderful gifts; unaccountable signs and wonders; great awakenings and powerful revivals; convictions and new light breaking in among all ranks and orders of people, in progressive degrees, until the hearts of multitudes shall be prepared to call on the name of the Lord, and cry mightily for the power of salvation.

5 Then shall many souls, despairing to find deliverance from the power of sin elsewhere, after having strove for it, to the utmost of their power, flock to Zion to be delivered from their condemnation, and learn the way of righteousness and peace: and the time is short.

6 But before these things can fully take place, the children of Zion must be purged from all their idols, great and small, and be made pure and clean, by passing through much true and deep tribulation, and become exceedingly humble; meek and lowly; and fear God so as to feel wholly dependent upon the gifts of God, and be led only by his wisdom and power, in his own order.

7 Yea, this holy Church, the temple of the holy, holy God, must be cleansed from everything that our heavenly Parents do not own; and be adorned with humility, charity, peace, and that love and union among her children that shall be clear, and without a mar.

8 Then shall the Lord reign in her. She shall shine forth as the sun, in the eyes of all people; for the Sun of Righteousness shall be her light. Then shall her power be mighty against which no enemy can prevail, and before which none can stand.

9 Then shall many souls flock to her, even all whose hearts are awakened by the hand of the Lord, in his preparatory work upon earth, and are thus made ready to seek the salvation of their souls.

10 For the hand of the Lord will continue to work in Zion, by means of his own choosing, until she is established in that purity, order and beauty, that all people shall see the brightness of her rising; and they shall know and acknowledge that she is the habitation and glory of God, and the only place where salvation can be found.

11 The Lord will surely hasten this work in its times, and will not wait for any slothful soul. Therefore, O ye children of Zion! awake, and work in due time, and be prepared for that day which is coming, lest it come upon you unawares.

12 For the time is at hand for "The law to go forth from Zion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem." (Micah 4:2.) For in the midst of judgment the Lord will remember mercy. He will show mercy to the poor and needy, and to all that sigh, and that cry for the abominations that are done in the land, and unto all who repent of their iniquities, according to their light and order.

13 Nevertheless; the nations will not learn righteousness nor "beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks, and learn war no more," (Isaiah 2:4) until they are constrained by the light and law shining forth from the holy temple of the saints of the Most High.

14 Woe! woe, unto the sinners who shall defile this holy temple, or shall dwell in Zion, and not come to the light before the judgment seat which I have placed for my people. I will bring such souls to open judgment; yea, and put them to open shame before all people. For I know your hearts, and all your works; and ye shall not be hid, saith the Holy Spirit of Light.


Chapter 8

The Prophet's grief for those who unwisely lose their Birthright in this day.  All ought to keep pace with the work of God, in its order. Great sufferings and travel for lost souls required; otherwise they cannot be saved, etc.

1 O my beloved relations! Children of the same heavenly Parents, saith the merciful Prophet, your souls are near and dear to me. My soul is grieved, my heart is pained to see the awful state of those who through willful disobedience, lose their privilege and relation to this blessed and glorious visitation of our holy Parents. Such a day of light and grace was never before revealed to the children of men. Souls that fall from among the children of God to the dark world, in this day, eternally lose their birthright, and can never regain it, let them suffer what they may.

2 For the times of God's appointment cannot be altered, neither can his work wait for the slothful and unfaithful. But when their time is fulfilled, if they are unprepared for the work of the next order of times, they must be left behind, and others take their place: for the order of my house must be filled, saith the God of all order.

3 Therefore, O ye children! When the time arrives for the work of the day which is coming, if any of Mother's children are found unprepared, they will be passed by, and other souls that are called and faithful, will take the crown which they might have won, had they, by faithfully bearing the cross, been prepared.

4 But those who have been willing to pass through the purifying fire, and endure all tribulation that shall be necessary to prepare them for their lot and order, will thereby be able to turn many to righteousness, and by their works, be able to maintain the order and glory of Zion. And the Lord hath promised that such shall "shine as the stars forever and ever." (Daniel 12:3.) And this glorious promise is sure and steadfast, and cannot fail.

5 For in Zion shall be deliverance, and there the Redeemer shall be found, who shall turn away ungodliness, from Jacob. Which implies all souls who wrestle for the prize of the New Creation, at the expense of all things else. These shall surely overcome, and find an everlasting inheritance in the true Israel of God.

6 Therefore, O children! are ye willing to be at ease in your peaceful habitations, surrounded with all the blessings of salvation, and dwell in peace, within and without, while your brethren, your kindred spirits, as good by nature as yourselves, are wrestling for the prize, and know not how to obtain it? Yea, ever restless; continually changing and striving to obtain happiness and satisfaction, by some means, to fill the void of their aching souls; and yet cannot find it.

7 Can ye settle down in ease, and be unwilling to labor, struggle and bear for your poor kindred? Will ye be accepted of your Parents in this way? Have ye not wondered why you must be continually kept in such a struggle? Why ye must be constantly called upon to come off from the old ground? to purge yourselves? and also to be reproved, as though you were much lacking, when ye think ye are doing as well as ye are able?

8 But the reproof of the true Spirit gives strength and conquering power to the soul. And know ye not that "the whole creation groaneth and travaileth for redemption" and deliverance from the power of death? And that it can never be redeemed only in the measured degrees of order established by Divine Wisdom? And that souls who are first called in any day, or in any degree, must bear, struggle and travel for those who are to come after them?

9 Yea, this is the line of regeneration, and the order of new births in the Kingdom of Heaven. In truth, no soul can ever be saved in any other line, anymore than children in nature can be born and raised to life, in this world, without the struggle, labor and travel of those before them, in their generations.

10 And hath not the Lord called and chosen you, among the first fruits of the order of the new and spiritual creation, in the first order of times? And must ye not, to fulfill your calling, bear in your measure, for all other souls, that they may be saved? Truly, if "ye are the salt of the earth," ye must, as were your Parents before you, be touched with all the infirmities of your kindred spirits of the children of men, or they never can be saved.

11 But this work must and will be done. Therefore, if ye are unwilling to fulfill your calling and lot of sufferings, for the body of Christ's sake, ye cannot have a place in the first order of my resurrection, which is my calling unto you; but others will be chosen that will fulfill it, and they will take your crown and your glory, saith the merciful and just God, who hath called you by his holy calling.

12 For behold the days of preparation are now swiftly going on. Yet a little while, and souls will be prepared, and begin to gather to Zion, to learn the way of righteousness. Many will come, made ready to receive the gospel of salvation, and bow down before the Judgment seat, bring their deeds to light, and seek an inheritance in the New Creation, and the union of Mother's children. And the way must be made ready for their reception.

13 They will first gather gradually; but the work will increase faster and faster, and extend further and further, until the gospel trumpet shall be sounded to many people, and the work of God shall spread far and wide, and become far more extensive than any opening that hath ever taken place since the holy Bride appeared on earth.

14 For the work of God shall spread at times unexpected, and in places and by means unlooked for, even in a sudden manner. For the Lord of all true knowledge hath purposed to frustrate the expectations and calculations of all people; that they may see and know that the work is from him alone. And his times and work shall be known only by the operations of his Spirit.

15 But in that day, many marvelous signs and wonders shall take place, of such a nature, and in such numbers and so frequently as have never before been known. The gospel shall be preached, by Divine inspiration, as well as by understanding, with such extensive clearness and demonstrations of Divine power, as have never been known among the children of men. Greater light and knowledge of spiritual and heavenly things, and of the ministration of spirits shall be revealed, than have ever been made manifest to man.

16 And far greater light and knowledge shall be displayed, to search out iniquity and all sin, than have ever been manifested in the body. With great power, clearness and severity, will the sins, abominations and unclean works of the wicked be brought to light, and reproved by the messengers of truth: Yet wisdom shall increase.

17 But take heed, O children of Zion! That ye do not, in that day, have to learn wisdom by unnecessary sufferings; for such sufferings are grievous to bear. Many sufferings have been brought upon the people, and great advantage has been given to the adversary, in new degrees of increase in the work of God, by the display of power and zeal without wisdom.

18 Remember, (saith the powerful, but wise Prophet, by the word of the Lord) the Lion may terrify, but he will not gather the souls of men, but frighten and enrage them. It is the Lamb that overcometh; yea, it is the Lamb that gathers the souls that stand on Mount Zion. Look well to see and know whether ye are clothed with the spirit of the Lion or the Lamb.

19 For though the Lion may have a necessary work to do, in the preparatory order of the Kingdom of God; yet he shall always be kept in subjection, and his ferocious nature must pass away from Zion, or the Lion and the Lamb cannot lie down together and be led by the Little Child in Christ.

20 If this be not done, the Lion will devour and scatter the flock. The spirit of the holy Lamb only, can abide with, and rule my harmless flock, saith the Lord; "And unto him shall the gathering of the people be."


Chapter 9

The Prophet's Vision of the building and glory of Zion. The increase of the Gospel. Great persecution follows. Zion's Victory and increasing glory.

1 And I saw, saith the Prophet, in the visions of God, and behold the Zion of his holy habitation, and the dwelling place of his faithful children, was built up in the most glorious order and shining beauty. And her walls were great, and reached unto heaven, and were like stones most precious. And they were of that eternal strength, that the power of no enemy could shake them, nor make any breach therein.

2 And I saw that the most holy temple of God was established in the midst of her, for the place of his everlasting throne among his people. And the glory of the temple was exceeding great, surpassing all description. And its light far exceeded the brightness of the midday sun.

3 In this most holy house did the eternal Parents reign over the Israel of their glory. And they said, Let us make all things new, according to the pattern that we have showed in this holy Mount; for the time is come, according to the times that we have appointed.

4 And the Son and Daughter — the Holy Lamb and Bride, were the only light and life of all souls who could dwell in this beloved City; for their light did shine into all parts of the City; so that no evil thing nor wicked spirit could be hidden therein. Her gates were like unto precious pearls of great price. And they were guarded by holy ministering spirits and holy Angels, that protected them from being overthrown by any enemy.

5 Round about the City there were habitations like unto suburbs, built, in degrees, after the pattern of the City. These were for the gathering of souls from all nations, kindreds, tongues and people, who were attracted by the shining forth of her light and glory, and sought an inheritance in the land, under the shadow of her protecting power.

6 And her gates were always open by day, for the souls to enter, who had bowed before the judgment seat, in her suburbs, and come to a willing, true and righteous judgment, and were prepared to sacrifice all they had upon the altar of heavenly fire; and by obedience had learned the holy order of the City; and were thereby prepared to dwell in the habitations of her glory. For the glory of the City did shine upon her suburbs, and produced a reflection of her order and beauty.

7 And out of her gates went forth many messengers as gospel heralds. They sounded, and sounded aloud, the trumpets of salvation. And many people heard the sound, and flowed to her: for she was established as the light of all the souls of men. And her glorious light did increase and shine forth among many people.

8 Then did multitudes flow unto her, and bow before the judgment seat, and found a habitation in the land, protected by her shadow. And her power became mighty, and her glory was above all other glory, in the eyes of all people that saw her brightness; so that many of the great, mighty and noble did bow before her.

9 Then did I see many people mourn and fear and tremble before her. The great and mighty did fear for the loss of their power and honor; the rich for their riches; and all the lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, did fear for the loss of their beloved pleasures and darling idols.

10 Then I saw the rulers of the land take counsel together, because of these things. And the priests of false religion, and the leaders of infidelity, and their followers, even many people, did rise up against her. Then did they oppress her young children and abuse their persons many ways, took away their rightful inheritance, cast some of them into prison, and grievously afflicted many of them, and were determined to destroy her offspring and stop her increase.

11 These things they did because she condemned the world, and stood as a reprover of all their injustice, pride, ungodliness and carnal pleasures. I saw that they compassed her round about, with multitudes as with armies, and sought to overthrow and bring her to nought.

12 Then did the Lord, the Mighty God, go forth and fight against all her enemies. For the children of Zion had put on mourning garments, and were clad with humility; and had cried unto him with fervent cries, and trusted in him alone for deliverance.

13 Then he opened the eyes of her watchmen, and they saw and behold, the Lord had sent a host of Angels, with horses and chariots of fire; and they compassed the City round about, on all sides, and kept her safe. Then did they proclaim these things to all her inhabitants; and their mourning was turned into joy; yea, they shouted with exceeding great joy.

14 And as they shouted, their enemies were terrified with supernatural sights and wonderful signs. And they heard sounds, as of armies rushing to battle: such like as the Lord wrought in the days of my mission on earth. Then were they sorely affrighted, and some of them fell to the earth. Then did they flee away and seek everyone his own place.

15 Yet the Lord, the just God, did visit them with his judgments; and many of them did he cut off by his avenging hand. So that all people who heard of these things, did fear and tremble before the Lord, and before the power of his Zion, and did cease their persecutions against her and all her children. And the rulers of the earth did honor her.

16 Then did she dwell in peace, and grow in the knowledge and goodness of the Lord her God; and great was the peace of her children: and her glory did shine, and her power was made known throughout the earth.

17 Therefore fear not, O Zion! neither be ye terrified, O ye, her children! when afflictions shall roll, and persecutions shall rise up against you, by the raging of the wicked, though mighty armies compass thee about, O Zion! For the Lord God of hosts is thy shield, thy protection, and the exceeding great reward of thy faithful children.

18 Thy Maker will cover thee with his hand, and thou shall never receive harm, if thy children walk in humble obedience. Yet the Lord who hath chosen thee, will watch over thee, and chasten thee, when thy children turn to the right or left, from his holy ways, or by any means become haughty and self sufficient.

19 But his mercy and loving kindness he will never take from thee. He will purify thee from all uncleanness and iniquities of thy children; so that thou shalt be his everlasting delight. He will cover thee with his power; and no weapon formed against thee shall ever prosper or prevail.

20 He will never cast thee off, nor give the habitation of his glory to another: "for the Kingdom shall not be given to another people." Yea, he will preserve thee for a light to all people, until his work shall be accomplished to all the souls of men, and the holy gospel of salvation shall be preached and freely offered in all the world, visible and invisible, to every creature, for a witness unto them. And all shall have their free choice to accept or reject it.

21 Then saith thy holy Creator, Preserver and King, I will gather all thy faithful children from all their labors, toils and sufferings; for they shall all be instruments in my holy work; I will gather them home into my eternal Kingdom of glory, and wipe all tears from their eyes.

22 And for all their sufferings and sorrows, for all their labors and toils, they shall receive many fold reward. A beautiful, a glorious mansion shall be prepared for each one, for their abiding home, which shall excel, in happiness and glory, all the desires of their souls.

23 They shall be crowned with glory and everlasting honor, and shall shine forth with gems of glorious light and purest gold; yea, the precious gold of Heaven, seven times refined, far, far brighter than the morning star.

24 They shall be clothed in garments clean and white, and adorned with stars of resplendent glory, which shall eternally show forth the reward of their faithfulness: yea, this robe shall excel in beauty, all that can ever enter the heart of man to conceive, while dwelling here below.

25 They shall be covered with everlasting glory, and shall dwell in the everlasting light of my eternal brightness and love, with all their heavenly Parents and the holy Angels, whose glory, beauty and love they shall behold and enjoy, and feed upon my blessing. And their souls shall be fully satisfied with my increasing goodness, and my precious food to them forever, even forevermore. Amen.


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