SHAKER TESTIMONIES of the Life, Character, Revelations and Doctrines of Mother Ann Lee, and the Elders with Her.
Published by the Shakers in 1816; Reprinted 1888.  
        Prophecies, Visions and Revelations

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“Testimonies of Mother Ann Lee and the Elders”

Authentic Excerpt from: Chapter XXIV & XXV, pages 168-185

Prophecies, Visions and Revelations


1. Mother Ann and the Elders abounded in visions, prophecies and revelations; these, and many other gifts were administered in abundance through them, to those who embraced their testimony; they were given to strengthen, confirm, and establish the faith which the people had received; and were also preparatory to, and evidences of the real substance which was to follow.

2. Though these gifts were very numerous and common, and, in that day, very important, yet those which were merely outward signs and operations were considered as matters of less importance, because they could not, of themselves, accomplish the real work of redemption; and, in proportion as the body of the people traveled into the more enduring substance of the gospel, these outward gifts became less necessary among them.

3. Soon after the testimony of the gospel reached New Lebanon, Nathan Farrington, Senr., and his daughter, Mehetabel, with many others, went to Watervliet, to see the Church.  Mehetabel soon received faith in the testimony, and confessed her sins.  Nathan returned home with the rest of his company, and left his daughter there.  After they had been gone a while Mother said to Mehetabel, “I see your father and those with him in open vision; and your father has received a gift since he went from here.  He says, if he was here now, he would confess his sins.”  While Mehetabel was at the Church, Mother said to her, “Your natural mother believes that we are the people of God, who confess and forsake our sins.”  She also added, “All your father’s family will believe the gospel.”  This prophecy, shortly after, came to pass.

4. After some days, Mehetabel returned home; when she arrived, her father informed her that when he was on the road, returning from the Church, he received light and understanding, and said that if he had then been at the Church, he would have confessed his sins; this he told his daughter, without having any knowledge of what Mother had said to her, respecting the matter.

5. About four weeks after this Mehetabel again visited the Church.  While she was there, Mother Ann again spoke to her, saying, Mehetabel, your Elder is coming; she then spake to some Sisters, and bade them prepare victuals for six people.  They did so, and as soon as it was ready, Joseph Meacham and five others came in.  Mother said to Joseph, “I saw you before you crossed the river.” * {* They crossed below Albany, nearly nine miles distant from Watervliet.} At another time while Mehetabel was there, Mother said she felt that there was a number of people coming, and bade the Sisters prepare food for them; as soon as the meal was prepared, a number of needy people came in, and were made welcome; not only to the victuals, but to the gospel.

6. Again, after Mother Ann returned from Poughkeepsie jail, Mehetabel was at Watervliet, and a number of Believers being present, Mother addressed them as follows, “You are called in relation to all the rest of mankind, and through your faith and obedience they must receive the gospel.   Pain and sufferings will never cease in the Church until all souls have heard the gospel of salvation.  This gospel will be freely offered to all souls; and will be a savor of life unto life, or of death unto death.”  She also said, “The increase of the gospel in the first opening, will be small; after that, souls will embrace it by hundreds and by thousands; for this testimony will overcome all nations; it will increase till the covering is taken off ; then mankind will see the rottenness of Antichrist’s foundation; then souls who are bound in their sins will call to the rocks and to the mountains to cover them.  But the Saints will never be overcome again by the beastly power of Antichrist.”

7. She further said, “The work of God in this day is not so great, in outward appearance, as it was in past dispensations; therefore, souls must be very cautious how they treat this gospel; for such as finally reject this testimony will not have another day.” Mehetabel Farrington.

8. After Mother Ann returned from her missionary tour in the eastern states, there was a time of much tribulation among the Believers, occasioned by the great opposition of the wicked, which brought deep sufferings upon Mother.  As she was walking the floor, and laboring under the power of God, she prophesied, saying, “The time will come when God will draw the line between the righteous and the wicked, and the wicked cannot pass over it, — Yea, the time will come when God will give that power to His people, so that they will be able to draw the line, and the wicked cannot step one step over it.  Fear not their fears, neither be afraid, for God will deliver His people.”  After this Mother Ann was released, and sang with great joy and triumph. David Slosson.

9. At a certain time Mother Ann addressed a number of Believers as follows, “You think that you will yet subdue and overcome the nations of the earth; but you are mistaken; they have that work to do for themselves.  They will fight, and devour, and dash each other in pieces, until they become so humble as to be willing to receive the gospel.” John Barnes.

10. At Watervliet, while a number of the Brethren were in a room together, in conversation about the Antichristian world, Mother Ann came into the room and inquired what they had been saying about the Antichristian world.  After they had informed her she spake with great power, saying, “They will build up, but God will pull down; they will build up, but God will pull down, until they can build no more!  But you will have nothing to do with it.” Abel A1len.

11. Mother Ann prophesied to Samuel Fitch, at the time of his first interview with her, saying, “After I have done my work in this world, there will be a great increase of the gospel.  It will be like a man’s beginning in the world and raising up a family of children, gathering an interest, then dying, and leaving his interest with his children, who will improve thereon and gather more.” Samuel Fitch.

12. At Watervliet, after Mother Ann’s return from her journey to the east, she was one day in great tribulation and weeping, with fervent cries to God, in consideration of the scattered state of Believers.   “But,” said she, “the time will come when the Church will be gathered into order; but not till after my decease.”  She also said, “After my departure there will come grievous wolves, who will destroy many of the flock.” Morell Baker.

13. At Watervliet, in the former part of the year 1781, Elder James Whittaker took Amos Rathbun by the hand, and prophesied, saying, “In eleven years, the Church will be established in her order.”  This prophecy has been exactly fulfilled; for in the year 1792, the Church was established in its present order and spirit of government. Amos Rathbun.

14. After Joseph Meacham and Calvin Harlow had embraced the gospel, Mother prophesied, saying, “Joseph Meacham is the wisest man that has been born of a woman for six hundred years.  God has called and anointed him to be a Father to all His people in America.  Calvin Harlow will be a minister of the gospel to other souls.  The wisdom, knowledge, and light of God will increase in the Church till Zion travels to her full glory.” Elizur Goodrich.

15. At another time, at Watervliet, after Mother’s return from the east, she said, “Calvin Harlow is an Elder!   O the bright glories I see for Calvin!  I see him stand with his people like a Bishop, ministering the gifts of God.  O the beautiful gifts of God I see for souls who stand fast!  I see the increase of the gospel like an impassable river.”   Again she spoke to Elder James, saying, “James, how does the scriptures say?   Shall a man eat his bread by the sweat of his brow? ”   “Yea, Mother,” answered Elder James.  Mother said, “I feel that gift for the people of God, James.  Go and tell Calvin that he must gain a gift in hand labor, before he can find his lot, and order of his people.”* {*This prophecy was completely fulfilled.  Calvin Harlow continued his residence in New Lebanon, and improved his time in hand labor, (except when called to travel with the Elders,) till after the gathering of the Church at New Lebanon; but, at length, was called, by a special gift of God while reaping in the field, and was sent to take charge of the people in Hancock and Pittsfield, and having gathered them into the order of a church, called the “Church of Hancock he became their first Elder and Father, and continued to stand as a faithful minister of Christ, till his decease.} Jonathan Slosson

16. At Ashfield, Mother Ann, being under great sufferings, said, “It will not be my lot, nor the lot of any who came with me from England, to gather and build up the Church; but, it will be the lot of Joseph Meacham, and others, to gather and build up the Church.”  She also said, “It will not be my nation, nor any of those that came with me from England who will lead this people, but the lead will be given to Joseph Meacham.” Sarah Bennett.

17. Again at Ashfield, Mother Ann said, “Joseph Meacham is my first born son in America.  He will gather the Church in order, but I shall not live to see it.” Hannah Kendall.

18. Mother Ann testified, “When order comes to be established, it will then be seen and known, who are true Believers.” Mother Lucy Wright.

19. One day, at Watervliet, not long before her decease, Mother Ann took Joseph Meacham by the hand, and walking the floor, said, “I see the glories of God, in visions and revelations of things to come.   Joseph is my first Bishop; he is my Apostle in the Ministry; my first Bishop; what he does, I do.  I see the glories of God shine in his face!  Joseph, my son Joseph!  I feel my time short!  I speak, that you may understand!” Jonathan Slosson.

20. In conversation with Elizabeth Chase, a little before her decease, Mother Ann said, “A ministration to this people will cease, and then you will see peaceable times; then you may worship God under your own vines and fig trees, and none of the wicked will make you afraid.  You will not need, then, to teach one another to know the Lord; for all the faithful will know Him.” Elizabeth Chase.

21. This prophecy was fulfilled about eight years afterward; a ministration ceased, and persecution ceased, also; and the Believers worshipped God in their appointed habitations, unmolested by the wicked, and under that measure of the gospel which each one had treasured up in his own soul, and which became therein an abiding substance.

22. While Morell Baker, Senr., was at Watervliet, after Mother Ann returned from her journey among the eastern Believers, he had a vision, one night, in which he saw Mother Ann and the Elders in the south-western states, under the power of God, holding forth the same testimony which they had borne at Watervliet; and great multitudes of people were gathering to them to hear the gospel.   The next morning, he related his vision to Mother; she replied, “Your vision is of God, and what you saw will surely come to pass.” * {* Morell did not understand that Mother and the Elders were, as instruments in the body, to preach the gospel, but spiritually, and, literally through messengers, clothed with their spirit.} Morell Baker, Senr.

23. At Ashfield, Mother Ann testified to Samuel Fitch, that, by revelation, she saw a people in the south-western parts of this country, who would believe and obey the gospel.  She also testified the same to Ebenezer Cooley.  At Watervliet, in 1784, in presence of David Slosson and many others, Mother Ann lifted up her hand, and, pointing to the south-west, said, “There is a great level country in the southwest, in which God will raise up a great people, who will be His people.” David Slosson.

24. One day, as Mother Ann was walking the floor, and singing the melodious songs of the New Jerusalem, she turned to the people, and said, “I feel a special gift of God; I feel the power of God running all over me.”  And, stretching forth her hand toward the southwest, she said, “The next opening of the gospel will be in the south-west; it will be at a great distance; and there will be a great work of God.”  And, looking upon Eliphalet Slosson, she said, “You may live to see it, but I shall not.” Eliphalet Slosson.

25. Eliphalet recollects of hearing Mother Ann speak, three different times, by prophecy, concerning a wonderful work of God which she said would take place in the southwestern part of this country.  There were also many others who remembered to have heard Mother Ann prophesy concerning a great work of God in the western country; and her prophecies verily came to pass.


1. After Elizur Goodrich had embraced the testimony of the gospel, he opened his feelings to Mother Ann concerning Lucy Wright, to whom he had lately been married.  He said her relations were a lofty, high-minded people; and it was very doubtful, to him, whether she would believe and obey the gospel.  To this, Mother Ann made no reply at the time; but soon after, the Elders, William Lee, and James Whittaker, took him, by his arms, and led him to Mother.   He observed that her visage was solemn and heavenly. She said to him, “Take faith, Lucy may be gained to the gospel and, if you gain her, it will be equal to gaining a nation.” Elizur Goodrich.

2. Again, after Lucy came to Watervliet to see the Church, and had received faith, a number of the Brethren and Sisters being there, Mother Ann passed through the room, and, with a smile, said, “We must save Lucy, if we can, for, if we save her, it will be equal to saving a nation.” Joseph Markham, Senr.

3. After the gathering of the Church Elizur spoke to Father Joseph of Mother Ann’s prophecy concerning Lucy Wright, which had, till then, remained a mysterious saying to him.  Father Joseph replied, “Mother’s prophecy related to Lucy’s present lot in the Church.  She, being called, and anointed of God to stand in her lot, as the first Mother in Church relation, the consequence of her labor, in the final event, will be equal to saving a nation.”  He further added, “Mother Ann travelled so deeply in the regeneration, and her soul stood in such near relation to Christ, that not one of her prophecies will fail; but every one of them will be fulfilled in due time.” Elizur Goodrich.

4. When Mother Ann first arrived at Harvard, many of the Believers went to see her.  She came into the room and sat down where a number were present, and said, “I have seen a mob, in vision, and I saw two female angels standing by them, by which I know that we shall continue here a while, in peace.” Joseph Markham, Senr.

5. Again, after Mother arrived at Harvard, she took Esther Lambson by the hand, saying, “I saw this woman in the visions of God, when I was in my own country.”  Then, looking round upon the assembly, she said, “So I did see you all, before I came to this land.” Hannah Prescott.

6. Mother Ann also testified to Jonathan Slosson, and others, that she saw in vision, while in England, the place, in Harvard, where the Church is now established, together with the people who afterward embraced the gospel there; and, that when she came in sight of the place, she knew it, and knew the people who came to see her.

7. Soon after Mother Ann’s arrival in Harvard, she spoke to some who came to see her, saying, “God has a people in this place; He has heard their cries; they have had great light.  Their Leader* got overcome; God has taken him away and sent me here.  The wicked seek my life; as they did in England, so do they here; but heed it not; for God will establish His work here, and the wicked cannot overthrow it.”  {*Shadrach Ireland was their Leader; he was a man who had formerly received great light, took up his cross against the flesh, drew after him many followers, formed a considerable society, suffered much persecution, and built a large house, about three miles out of the town of Harvard, well known by the name of the “Square House where the Church at Harvard is now established.  Before his decease, he fell from his light. and died at Harvard, not long before the gospel opened.  Many of his followers embraced the gospel.} Jonathan Slosson.

8. After this, in the presence of Elder William Lee, and others, Mother Ann said, “Shadrach Ireland has been to see me; and I made labors with him, but he would not believe; therefore he was left to feel hell; and souls in that state were frightened at him, because his sufferings were so much greater than theirs.  But, he will never be released, until some of his people find their redemption.” Joseph Markham, Senr.

9. Phebe Spencer, with her husband and family, embraced the gospel in the fall of 1781, while Mother Ann and the Elders were at Harvard; awhile afterward, she went to Harvard, to see Mother.  After she arrived there, one of the Elders took her by the hand and led her to Mother, saying, “You never saw Mother before, did you?”  She answered, “Nay.”  Mother said, “I have seen you before; and I knew that you, and your family, would come and embrace the gospel with us.  Poor woman, you little know what you have lived amongst!   I saw the lost condition of the people in America, before I came from England; how deeply they were all sunk in their pollutions; and so did Brother William.” Phebe Spencer.

10. Amos Sexton went to see Mother in 1780; he was then in the seventy-third year of his age; Mother prophesied to him thus, “You shall live to see the beginning of another century, and will be seen walking the streets of Jerusalem, and leaning upon your staff for every age.”   He confessed his sins and was very zealous; and, though greatly advanced in years, he took great delight in beholding the increase of Christ’s Kingdom on earth; and, after having about twenty years’ privilege in the gospel, he departed this life the 17th of May, 1802, in the ninety-fourth year of his age. Mary Spencer.

11. When Mother Ann visited Joshua Birch’s, at Stonington, there was a young woman then living in the family, who was thought to be very honest, and chaste.  Lois Birch manifested her feelings to Mother in favor of the girl’s character; to which Mother replied, “Are you a Christian, and think that girl is chaste and honest?  You are deceived; she lives in whoredom with married men, young men, black men, and boys.”  This declaration almost staggered Lois’ confidence in Mother, believing that she knew the girl’s character.  But, soon after, Mother’s charges against the girl were proved to a demonstration; by which Lois’ faith in Mother was strengthened, beyond a doubt, that Mother had the revelation of God, and was able to see what creatures had in them.

12. While Mother Ann was at Enfield there came a woman to see her by the name of Tryphena Perkins, who made a great profession of Christianity.  But, in the hearing of a number of people, Mother Ann reproved her for her wickedness, and said, “You are a filthy whore.”  This greatly offended her, and she went away and complained that she had been abused, which furnished Mother’s enemies, as they supposed, with sufficient cause to prosecute her.   They now began to flatter themselves that they were able to prove Mother a false prophetess, and determined to prosecute her for defamation.  They said they could prove to a certainty, that Tryphena’s organization was such that she could not, possibly, be guilty of the charge of whoredom; she was called a great Christian, and, of necessity, a pure virgin.  But, behold, she was soon found to be with child, by a married man!  This was well known throughout the town of Enfield, and Mother’s enemies were greatly abashed and confounded.

13. While. Mother Ann was at Ashfield, Anna Goodrich went to see her, in company with her husband, (Daniel Goodrich).   After she had been there some days, Mother came to her with a very solemn look, and said, “Poor children; your children are in trouble, and you must go home.”   Anna went immediately to find Daniel, and while she was speaking with him, Mother came to hasten him, saying, “You must go home, for your children are in trouble.”  So they immediately started for home, which was upwards of forty miles distant.  When they arrived, they found, as Mother said, the children were in great trouble, for one of them was very sick. Anna Goodrich.

14. Zeruah Clark went to see Mother while she was at Samuel Fitch’s in Richmond, about five miles distant.  After she had been there about an hour, Mother spoke to her, in the presence of a number of people, saying, “You must not stay here, you must go home, as soon as possible, for you are needed there.”  Zeruah set off in great haste, and when she had got about half way home, she met a messenger, who informed her that her oldest son was very sick, and they had but very little hope of his life.  When she arrived, it appeared that he would not have continued long without assistance. Zeruah Clairk.

15. While Mother Ann and the Elders were at Asa Bacon’s, in Ashfield a number of the believers were there one evening, and there appeared very extraordinary Northern Lights.  One said, “It is the sign of the coming of the Son of Man in the clouds of heaven.”  Mother replied, “Those signs which appear in the sky are not the sign of his coming; but the Second Appearing of Christ is in his Church; and Christ is come to put away sin from his people, and this is the Cloud ” (of witnesses) “alluded to.” Anna Mathewson.

16. While Elder Hocknell had the care of the people at Watervliet, in the summer of 1781, while Mother Ann was at Harvard, he came into meeting one evening, under great operations of the power of God, and, with his hand stretched toward the fire, he spake in an unknown tongue, seemingly in great wrath.  When his gift ceased, he said, “I saw the souls of three men, whom I knew while I was in England.  They came to hear the word of God, but, they had not finished their sufferings, and therefore were returned again to their suffering state.”  He also said, “If you could see the glory of God that shines around you as I do, and the angels that minister the power of God to you, your hair would rise on your heads, and flesh would crawl on your bones.” Hannah Cogswell.

17. One Sabbath day, at Harvard, in February, 1782, Elder James spoke to a large assembly, both of Believers and the world, and being under great impressions of the power of God, he spoke with such solemnity, concerning the judgments of God that would follow the wicked, and, in the spirit of prophecy, uttered the following prediction: “The judgments of God will follow them that reject this gospel; their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet; their eyes shall consume away in their holes; and their tongues shall consume away in their mouths; and some of this generation shall yet live to see it.”  He also said, “There are three things that no man can pass by, namely, Death, Judgment, and Eternity.” Hannah Cogswell.


1. At Watervliet, in 1780, Hannah Cogswell and others being present, Mother Ann related some visions which she had seen, and at the same time said, “I see an angel, with a glorious trumpet, and he is sounding it.”  Again she said, “I see another angel sounding a trumpet. Hannah, do you believe that I see these things ?”  Hannah answered, “Yea,”   Mother said, “Blessed are they that have not seen and yet believe.”

2. Again Elder William Lee said, “I know the condition of souls who have left the body, and where I see one soul in the body, I see a thousand in the world of spirits.”  Mother Ann and Elder James Whittaker often spoke in the same manner, concerning their intercourse with the world of spirits. Hannah Cogswell.

3. The winter after the gospel opened Mary Moseley was at Watervliet in the room with Mother Ann, and Mother said, “I see the room full of angels, and they are female angels.”  Then turning to Mary, she said, “You must leave off sinning, and serve the living and true God.” Mary Moseley.

4. At another time, while the Brethren and Sisters were worshipping God in the dance, Mother came into the room and sung awhile.  After they stopped dancing, Mother said, “The room over your heads is full of the angels of God.  I see them, and you could see them too, if you was redeemed from the nature of the flesh.” Lucy Prescott.

5. The first time Mother Ann visited Enfield, Mary Tiffany went one evening, to see her, and Mother said, “I see your deceased kindred all around you.”  Mary asked if it was her mother, or her child?  She said, “It is all your kindred, both upon your father’s and mother’s side; they are nearer to you than I am.”

6. The next day, Mary, with a number of other sisters went to see Mother, and asked her how she did?  She answered, “I have been under great sufferings for the dead, last night, and I saw your souls in vision, as plainly as I can see your bodies, standing shoulder to shoulder, clothed in white; do you hear me, Molly?”  “Yea, Mother,” answered Mary. “I saw your soul clothed with a long white robe down to your feet,” said Mother.

7. At another time Mother Ann said to Mary, “I saw the travail of your soul written upon you in great capital letters, and I can read them as fast as I can speak.”  Again she said, “I look into the windows of Heaven, and see what there is in the invisible world.”  As one of the Sisters was speaking concerning Dr. Watts, Mother said, “Dr. Watts is now in Heaven.” Mary Tiffany.

8. At Watervliet, in presence of Cornelius Thayer, William Scales, and others, Mother said, “I saw William Scales in vision, writing that which was not according to the simplicity of the gospel, and the evil spirits hovered around him, and administered evil to him.  They looked like crows.”  And Mother reproved William sharply. Cornelius Thayer.

9. Again Mother said, “I have seen Michael and his angels fight with the Dragon and his angels, and the Dragon was cast down and there was no place found for him; I saw it as plain before my eyes as ever I saw any natural thing.” Lydia Mathewson Senr.

10. In the presence of Sarah Kendall and others, Mother Ann said to a certain Brother, “I see two golden candlesticks, and they stand by each of your legs, and they reach up your knees.”  Again she said to a Sister, “I see your mouth set open with a wheel of glory.” Sarah Kendall.

11. At another time Mother said, “I see souls in the world of spirits who have lately set out to embrace the gospel, and I see them under the beautiful operations of the power of God.”  Mother often said, “I see the angels of God, and hear them sing.”   “And I see the glory of God.” Sarah Kendall.

12. At Nathan Goodrich’s, in Hancock, Mother said, “I see Ezekiel Goodrich* flying from one heaven to another,” and, turning to the Believers, she said,  “Go in, and join his resurrection.”   She then began to sing, and they went forth and praised the Lord in the dance. {*Ezekiel was a beloved Brother who deceased the third year after the gospel opened.}

13. At Ashfield, Elder James Whittaker came into meeting one evening and said, “Since last night this time, I was in the visions of God in the world of spirits, and I heard the song of angels, as of an host; and after singing some time, they stopped.  Then I heard it proclaimed three times, distinctly, with a loud voice that roared like thunder: ‘This is the day of your visitation.’   Then they began again to sing, as an innumberable multitude, and the sound seemed to go off at a distance, and the further it went, the louder it grew; and I heard it, till it seemed, to my sensation, to be a million miles off.” Abijah Wooster.

14. Mother Ann said to Lydia Matthewson, “The Apostles, in their day, saw, darkly, as through a glass; but now we see clearly, face to face, and see things as they are, and converse with departed spirits, and see their states.”

15. After Mother returned from the eastward, Joseph Meacham, Joseph Markham, and a number of others being present, Mother said, “I now see faces, I will not say, as the stars of Heaven, but as the sand on the sea shore.”   Mother often spoke when the Believers were assembled in meeting, of seeing angels in the room; sometimes she spoke of seeing male angels and female angels. Joseph Markham, Senr.

16. One morning Mother came into the room and informed Eunice Bennet that she had been under great sufferings the night past; but was supported and comforted in her sufferings, by the visions of God.  She said she saw the glories of God round about her head and pillow, like the colors of the rainbow, and she saw twelve angels come into the room placed in the form of a heart, six males on one side, and six females on the other; these, she said, comforted her. Eunice Bennet.

17. After Mother returned from the eastward, while a number of the Brethren were sitting in the new meeting room, and conversing about Mother Ann’s gifts, Mother, being present, said, “I will tell you a vision I saw of myself.  I saw a great gulf fixed between God and the world of mankind; and I had two great wings given to me, and my work was, to go up that gulf, and fan it away.”   And, speaking in a very joyful manner, she said, “I did go up the gulf, with my two wings, and did fan it away; I did fan it away with my two great wings, so that poor lost souls could come to God.” Isaac Cranch.

18.The winter after Mother returned from the eastward, Phebe Spencer went to see her, — Phebe, and several other Sisters slept in the room with Mother.  One morning, as they arose from their beds, Mother said, “The other night I saw a female angel with a bright sword of God in her hand, and this night it was revealed to me who it was, — It was Lucy Wright.” Phebe Spencer.

19. One Christmas evening, before the opening of the gospel in America, Mother Ann and those with her, had some conversation concerning the right day to be observed in commemoration of the birth of Christ, querying whether the twenty-fifth day of December, according to the old or new style, ought to be kept.  Soon after, it was revealed to Mother that the twenty-fifth day according to the new style was the day to be kept for Christmas. Mary Hocknell.

20. When Mother Ann and the Elders were in prison, at Albany, John Bishop went to see them.  While there he was informed that she was to be taken down the river, the next day, for the purpose of banishing her to the British Army, which was then in New York.  On receiving this information John was much troubled, and, as he was walking the prison yard, in great tribulation, Mother Ann came to him, and inquired the cause of his trouble.  He answered, that they were about to take her away, and he did not know that he should ever see her again in this world.  She replied, “You shall see me at your house, in New Lebanon, for I know it of God.”  She also said, “When I first arrived at Albany, Mary Partington and I lodged in the vessel, the first night; and, in the night, I was led by the power of God, to go out of the vessel, and came to this prison; and it was then revealed to me that I should be imprisoned here.”  Mother’s prophecy to John greatly relieved his mind, and he returned home in full assurance that she had the revelation of God, and therefore he had not the least doubt of seeing her at his house in New Lebanon, which came to pass about three years after. John Bishop.

21. Job Bishop was at Watervliet about three days before Mother Ann’s decease, and felt an earnest desire to see her once more in the body, but did not ask the privilege.  Mother, however, soon sent for him, and he went to her room.  She was sitting in her chair, her bodily strength was almost exhausted, but her mind was sound, and her spirit firm and serene; Lucy Wright was with her; and Job, being filled with sorrow, kneeled down by her.  She said, “I shall soon be taken out of this body; but the gospel never will be taken from you if you are faithful.  Be not discouraged, nor cast down, for God will not leave His people without a Lead.  Elder James Whittaker, and Elder Joseph Meacham will be left, and there will be a great increase of the gifts of God, to all who are faithful and obedient.   Now you are a young man, and have received many blessed gifts of God.  Go, be faithful and zealous, and when you travel to your lot in the Church, all these beautiful gifts will be yours.”   Job then expressed some of his sorrowful feelings in parting with Mother.  She replied, “Be of good comfort; cleave to Elder Joseph, for he will be your father, and will take care of you.” Job Bishop.

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