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What is going on in the World ?

Part  TWO

An Announcement – from Pass the WORD Services
to ALL Site Visitors

The One True God, the Most High God, our Heavenly Father
is speaking once again to his People,
this time through a young woman, that He has long been preparing for just such a purpose.

In the spirit of Ezekial 33, 1-9, which clearly defines the duties of a Watchman,
Pass the WORD Services is sounding this news, so that ALL  who find their way here, may be alerted as to its availability, in order to unravel some of the dark things happening in the world around us and give us a heads-up as to what is coming.




What and Why is PTW sharing?

A Servant of the Lord has appeared in the on-line realms that,  from our viewpoint on the wall, as described in Ezekiall 33, 1-9, we would define  that Servant of the Lord, as a

. . . 21st Century Prophetess of God . . .

prepared by the Most High from her youth, to be an obedient, trustworthy vessel worthy of her Master's use, to perform the duties of a mouthpiece, a herald, a broadcaster, and God's watchwoman, warning God's people from her vantage  point, of otherwise hidden and unknown dangers approaching God's people in these last days.  
Every Visitor to Pass the Word, is invited to partake of this opportunity.



What We have gleaned about the Prophetess...

Her name is Celestial, and we have only become aware of her mission, words, and work in late summer of 2023.   Her on-line presence was first established in May of 2019 in printed form, later to be expanded as the Lord directed, to video platforms, such as YouTube, Brighteon, BitChute, and Rumble, and then  further into other platforms as she has been directed.

Celestial began hearing the Lord's words in 2012, through dreams, open visions, and direct dictation, that she has, since then, diligently transcribed and faithfully archived until it was time to begin the on-line outreach.  “God gave the work its name, The Masters Voice, and the Lord is the one who raises up the works, is the author of everything, and it is the Lord that chooses when, what and how it is to be shared.”  In May of 2019, Celestial was called to begin a written on-line Blog containing first, the printed prophecies, which the Lord later commanded to be expanded into video and audio platforms. 

Note from PTW:  Any quotes included in this report, were obtained
from the on-line videos themselves, transcribed carefully to
convey the explanatory words of the Prophetess.




Where to find the On-Line Website . . .

The Main Website, The Masters Voice Prophecy Blog,
may be found at:




What kinds of things is God saying through this vessel?

These Prophetic Messages from the Lord
contain very Serious and Heavy Subject Matter . . .
  Revealing New Truths
and Old

Celestial has received hundreds of these messages from the Lord, and they are organized so that viewers can prayerfully access them as they are led.

A Few of the Categories or Play Lists

Russia & China,   AmericaWarProphetic Clock,
New York,  Government, Vaccines,  Supernatural,
The Fallen Ones,  UFO's & Aliens




  There are hundreds of prophecies already on-line with no end in sight.  Each prophecy has a name, and the date that it was received by the Prophetess, which is not necessarily the release date; Celestial only makes public each prophecy as her Lord directs. 

   Through this prepared vessel, God is opening up to this final generation of Humanity, His eternal truths for these last times; revealing what has been hidden in the scriptures from us until now;  and as we would expect of a loving Father, He is giving us advance notice of what is coming.   The Lord amply provides key scriptures to support His prophetic words that Celestial brings in His Words to true believers, counterfeit christians and non-believers alike.  

  God's naming of America as Mystery Babylon may not be surprising to readers.   The sins of America, her hidden manipulations, busy-bodying, deep state agendas, satanic rituals, human trafficing, and the USA's international spread of all her practices, are uncovered as you have never known them before.

   Heretofore unexplained Biblical references come alive and many missing pieces of the puzzle relating to the unknown wide range and scope of the kingdoms of the Dark Prince, i.e. Satan or the Serpent or the Dragon, and his minions, over time, since the Fall of Adam & Eve, through the time before the Flood, all the way through Biblical documented time until now...much is being revealed.   

  The actions and agenda of the fallen angels, the Nephilim, the mighty men of old, were always to be soul-destroyers when they either outright killed humans through constant wars, human sacrifice,outright murder,etc., or when they planted their own seed into humans ... that interaction defiled and destroyed the recipient's soul, and any subsequent offspring's soul, down through time.   Any of Satan's creations carry the same destructive mission and result.  Humanoid fleshbots, clones, synthetics, aliens, hybrids, AI robots, even the  transhuman joining of any of Satan's technology to any human for an enticing upgrade ... that is to say, that humans, by choosing and agreeing to a linking up between their human temple and the dark kingdom, results in their own soul-destruction.    The Most High God, Our Creator, gave Humans a unique soul, and other unique identifiers, and His promise and His provision for Salvation through His son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, are only valid for His created beings, i.e. those with their souls in tact.    All these things are exposed, and explained in order to flesh-out the knowledge-base for Humanity who, it turns out, has not been alone on Earth, since before the Flood.  And by now, Humankind could very well be in the minority. 

   Old myths from around the world become historical information passed down by Humans who were aware of, experienced, and interacted with these Other supernatural beings out of the past, who can, when desired, look, act, talk and breed just like Humans, except that they are soul-less, without moral compass, without conscience, without remorse...predatory creatures descended from the fallen other gods.  Could that explain any of the actions and events that we are witnessing in the world today?  When we say to each other, how can anyone do such things to someone else?...now we know. 

   Governments down through time have known of them, made deals with  the Others, covered up for them, and actively hidden them from public awareness ... in exchange for their technical knowledge and supernatural help;  in return, oaths of allegience were given by government minions to perform perpetual Satanic ritual sacrifices of human blood and the human souls of adults, children, and the unborn, which are forever required to be rendered back to the realm of the Others. 

Leaders of present governments are NOT human; they are doing exactly what their mission on Earth has always called for, which explains a LOT.  These Others and their descendents, are also entrenched in Media, Entertainment, Medicine, Finance, Technology, Religion, Transportation, Telecommunications, Insurance, Food Production, Security, Healthcare, Secret Societies, Intelligence Agencies, the Military, Law Enforcement, the Legal System, IBF Clinics, Education, Child Care, etc.; ...in short, everything!

  As to what is going on in the world today, there is so much of what has been hidden, particularly in America, being brought to light by the most High God, so that those who have ears to hear, can understand the judgments that already are and will continue to happen in the USA and other nations who have been her collaborators.

  If you are one who hears the Lord, or if that is the desire of your heart, then we share this information with you, that you may have the opportunity to hear what is in the heart of our Heavenly Father to His children.



From the Prophetess

  In her own words, which were carefully transcribed from her videos, here are some of Celestial's introductory and explanatory messages for the new visitors or returning partakers of our  Lord's prophetic words.

   “The Lord has set this ministry in the earth to be a light and a beacon to his people and to draw them NOT to any person, but draw them and to point them to Himself.  God is alive and real;  the Holy Spirit is alive and real; and the Lord, Jesus Christ, is alive and real; and their Voice is lifted up to speak to men in these final times to give to every nation its just payment and due;  and to make the true church of Jesus Christ aware that there is a gauntlet, that there is a path, that we are going to have to walk, before we see our Lord return in the flesh.”

According to Celestial, “This is a prophetic channel that the Lord God has raised up in the earth for these end times.   Now prophecy is many things to many people, but the understanding of prophecy from the scriptures is that it is the revelation of the heart of God for these times to me.”

  “So it is the revelation of the heart of God to a vessel that He has chosen, that He has shaped, that He has certainly spent a lot of time chipping and training and preparing that vessel, so that the vessel is able to act as a worthy containment for the things that the Lord is saying.”

  “When the children of God hear the words of God, they will know it is the Lord speaking.  When the voice of the Lord is uttered in the Earth, the people who have ears to hear will recognize Him.   Prophecy is as an arrow of the Lord, bypassing your race, your culture, your background, your personal views, your political fascinations and your idolatry of men...Left and Right, Blue and Red, and all of the polarized viewpoints that are currently controlling the minds of the American people — even Christians.  So when the arrow of prophecy enters the hearts of the true sheep of God, they will know by which Spirit the words are coming forth.”

  “When the people of God hear the Words of the Lord about what America has done, what has grieved the heart of God for so long, as they deliberately turned toward other gods and away from Him and from their original calling, so that God has now taken away his protection from America. and that grievous punishments have been unleashed against this nation as judgments.”



From Pass the Word

Decades ago, in the very early Internet days, Pass the Word was called to recover specific manuscripts that had been lost for over 300 years,to return the texts to their original published form, and to reproduce these writings from another servent of God, who also was a woman,
— A 17th Century Prophetess of God —
who had passed away in the early 1700's.   Her name was Jane Lead
We further were called to make those manuscripts freely availabe to individuals for their personal use, via the Internet, and to make every effort to protect them from being corrupted again.

Our Jane Lead Project was achieved by an incredible series of events, that only occured with God's help and the combined efforts of many volunteers that He provided in the late 1990's, who were mostly retired  believers born in the 1940's and '50s.  There was also one additional miraculous manuscript recovery of JL's last work. and the subsequent reverse translation   back into English, done in 2014.  Tens of Thousands of readers have accessed these works,  and many visitors have printed  them for  their own personal use.  Her manuscripts and many others are still available and accessed to this day.

We know that there are regular visitors to PasstheWord.org, that know how to hear the Lord's voice, thus we are sharing with them ALL, this notice, providing a path to the current Prophetess of God, Celestial.

Not all hearts are the same, but your Brethren at PTW
encourage ALL who find this, while there is still time,
to partake of a Living Prophetess,
named, Celestial, at
The Masters Voice End Times Prophecy Blog
and to also partake of her most recent videos on the alternate platforms.

There are no coincidences with God.
Look for the messages that God has for all of us and particularly, for you.
Share them with others, as you are led.

Listen quietly, in humility, to that still small voice of our Counselor, Comforter and Inward Teacher, the Holy Spirit, for wisdom, guidance, discernment, personal instruction and direction for each one of you.

May our Dear Lord continue to guard, shield, protect, strengthen, bless, and inspire our sweet Celestial as she kindly, humbly, but very firmly performs her mission.  Her videos are an inspiration!

May the Most High also guide, protect, illuminate and activate each and every Visitor to
The Masters Voice Prophecy Blog, according to His Will for the accomplishment of His Purposes.

Be Still and know that He is God.


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