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S H A K E R I S M,


Originally Published by the Shakers: 1904 *

Index of On-Line EXCERPTS

  • Excerpts: File 1  from Chapter XIV,  NEW IDEAS;
    pages 255-264 on the subjects of . . . 
    • God is Dual
    • Equality of Sex
    • God the Father-Mother
    • Resurrection
    • Regeneration
    • Atonement
    • Judgement
    • The Soul's Eternal Progression
    • Christ of the Ages
    • The Coming of AntiChrist
    • Christ Revealed in Woman

  • Excerpts: File 2  from Chapter XV,  THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN;
    pages 278- 283 on the subjects of. . . 
    • Family Relationships
    • Two Orders - Celibacy
    • Celibacy Taught by Jesus and the Apostles

  • Excerpts: File 3  from Chapter I,  THE ORIGIN OF SHAKERISM;
    pages 14-27 on the subjects of . . .
    • The Life of Ann Lee
    • Speaking in Other Tongues


  • Excerpts: File 4  from Chapter XVII,  INVENTIONS  AND  INDUSTRIES;
    pages 310-318 on the subjects of . . .
    • Inventions, Improvements and Devices from the Shakers
    • Shaker Societies - Industries and Businesses


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