AUTHENTIC REPRODUCTION of the Original Printing — 1695

Jane Lead, 17th Century Prophetess of God [1624–1704]: Her Fifth published Prophetic Work bringing Divine Manifestations and Knowledge from the Godhead. 

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Jane Lead’s
The Wonders of God's Creation
Manifested in the Variety of
Eight Worlds


The Wonders of God’s Creation Manifested
in the Variety of Eight Worlds

Jane Lead’s fifth published Prophetic Work, brought forth for further illumination and clarification concerning the Eight Worlds, Stations, Regions or Centres, allotted to Human Souls after the Time of this Life is passed, for the purpose of their Purgation, Advancement and Restoration unto God.  This authentic work was made public in 1695 following the release of The Laws of Paradise.


This authentic manuscript from the 17th century has been out of print for a very long time and has been generally inaccessible to the general public.  It contains terminology and wording that are missing from modern edited versions.

The on-line reproduction presents the authentic old manuscript "as close to the original as possible" — rendering  the text and appearance of the 1695 printing without any interpretation or commentary — both of which are here left for the Spirit of Truth, who will always provide for the seeking and humble in heart.   Notes of the author, that were printed in the margins of the original, have been included "in-line" with the text, but are shown in a reduced size.



The Wonders


GOD’s Creation


In the Variety

OF     E I G H T

W O R L D S;

As they were made known
Experimentally to the



J.   L E A D


Heb 1.2. By whom also he made the W O R L D S .










R E A D E R.


WHAT is contained in this Treatise, the Subordinate Author is very sensible, will appear more than ordinarily Strange, to the greatest part of those who shall look upon it. But yet, it is not at least doubted, but it will carry along with it, such a Living Testimony for the Confirmation of its Truth; not only to those that are already Redeemed from the Earth, and do follow the Lamb wither soever he goeth, being set free from the Traditions, Rules, and Manuductions of Men; but also to several who may be yet under the Name, Mark and Image of the Beast, and of this Worldly Principle; as may sufficiently evince its Primary Author, and Demonstrate that the Great Shepherd of Israel is not now wanting to lead his Sheep into Fresh Pastures. The Acceptation which the former Books, that have, through this Instrument been brought forth to the Light, have found Abroad in other Nations, since the setting forth of the Heavenly Cloud, and of the Revelation of Revelations in the High Dutch Tongue, is certainly greater that can have proceeded from any Dead, or Lifeless Testimony. To Relate how God has Blessed them, and doth daily Bless them, as it appears from Letters continually coming from Foreign Parts, would be to write an History. And if a Prophet be not so much Esteemed in his own, as in another Country; this is no new thing, nor any more to be wondered at, than that our Blessed Lord himself did there meet with the worst Entertainment, where he ought to have found the best: and was, as to his Divine Power, more a Stranger, and less believed in, by his own Town, than by any other.

The Wisdom of God is exceedingly wonderful in the Choice which he makes of Instruments, to Manifest himself by; that of That may not be attributed to the Creature, which only belongs to him. He takes up a Meek and Fearful Vessel, to make the most haughty Powers to Tremble; the Youngest and most Despised Son of a Shepherd, to make him a glorious Conquerour over many Potent Princes, and to leave a Kingdom to his Posterity in Peace; an ordinary Plowman, to make him mighty, to Command both Heaven and Earth, even to teach him to destroy his Enemies, by an Invisible Power, and to raise up again the Dead to Life; a Woman to be a Mother, and a Saviour in Israel, when no Man was found; and a few Fisherman to stand up against, and triumph over all the Strength and Policy of the World. So that it must be said, this is verily the Lord’s doing, and it is wonderful in our Eyes.

There is certainly so far from being any thing of the Art of Man, in whatever has pass’d through this Blessed Instrument, and such an Incapacity in the Subject to make use of it; that as it cannot but give great offence to all that seek for it; so to those who seek more for the Wisdom that is Above, than that which is below, there is a clear Demonstration from whence it must have proceeded. And I have here leave to say, that whoever in the Meek and Sober Spirit shall desire further Satisfaction in this Subject, here Treated on, the Author will readily Answer to such Inquiring Minds, and Orally confer with them, while remaining in this Outward Principle.

Thusmuch is Undeniable, that, however some may perhaps, think that there may be somewhat here advanc’d, which will serve to render Souls more careless, as to the Great Concern of their Future State, and to Adjourn their Provision for it; there is yet not so much as any Possibility of Admission, even into the Lowest Heavens, without the New Birth, according to the Foundation, upon which all this stands. Wherefore it Highly behooves every one to secure that, and to press forward with the greatest earnestness, that they get entirely out of the Hellish Source, and the evil Nature, raising themselves up above whatever is Elementary; that at their leaving this visible World, they may be found cloathed upon with the Holy One Element.

This that is here Reveal’d; might not have gone further, than among a few Confiding Friends; but that the same Spirit who Revealed it, was pleased to raise up in a wonderful manner, a Great and Princely Defender, and Protector of these Divine Truths, and of the High Mystery of Faith, whose Name Shines Gloriously in the Unseal’d Book of Life, to do all that is needful for the Promulgation of the Glad Tidings of the Everlasting Covenant, and Kingdom of God with Man, and for the Building of the Temple of Jerusalem, and the raising the Tabernacle of David that is fallen. The Effect of which will be more abundantly Manifested, by what shall be hereafter Published, through the Assistance and Direction of the Great Master-Builder, the LORD Blessed for ever.











A Manifestation concerning
the Eight Worlds, or Regions,
Allotted to Human Souls, &c.

A Further Manifestation
concerning the Four Heavenly

An Answer to a Question.












Concerning the

Eight W O R L D S,



Allotted to Human Souls;

According to their several
Degrees of Ascent or Descent.


The Revelation of Jesus Christ now
Glorified, who sends greeting by his Spirit,
to the Good-willers and
Waiters for his Appearance.


1 WHEREAS it hath been sounded in my Ears, that no New Spring of Revelation from him who is ascended into the Heavens, doth come down, Behold I JESUS the Lord have given and raised up, and will yet more evidently give and raise up Witnesses to contradict the Unbelieving: Who while they continue so, will be excluded from this great and in-estimable Privilege of taking from me; and thereby of knowing the hidden secrets that lye in God the Fountain of Eternity. Now then to thee, who hast already born a true Witness for me, I do give a further Commission to go forth, from a Book within Unsealed; wherein thou shalt meet with an unmeasurable Deep of Revelation, to publish for the Universal Enlightening of the Ignorant and Blind in Mind. For from this the Spirits Day shall break up apace, that so it may be known, that God in his Christ, hath not forgotten to reveal himself to the Inhabitants of this lower World in truth and righteousness: But together with this, there will be that which will take up a false Covering of the Spirit. Therefore my LORD did say to me, that pure and right Revelation should not go forth Naked, or only Literally, but clothed with Power in the Number Seven, where the Strength of an Almightiness shall be a guard upon its Testimony of Truth and Verity.

2 Now then I am to make report of some particulars revealed by the Spirit of CHRIST: Of which the First was this, That the time was very near approaching, in the which the Earth should cast forth the Dead, that have been buried in the Body of Sin. For this end a terrible Blow and Stroke upon the Nations of the Earth will suddenly come. God saith, he is wearied out with the Sinful Abomination of this World, to which he purposeth shortly to put an end. For it hath accordingly been sounded in my inward Ear, that the Ends of all Sinful Worlds, are by the great Creator of them now determined. Upon which saying, I queried in Spirit with my LORD, in what other Worlds besides this Visible and known World, the Evil of Sin did yet remain? Whereupon it was replied, that such as go out of this World in their gross and unmortifed Earthly Life, without Clarification, obtained through the Water of Regeneration, and the Blood of Christ shed in them, and so Atoning for Sin and Trespasses: (which not being entirely done away before they go out of this Life, will still abide with them in their nature and quality after Death;) do pass into such Worlds, Stations or Centres, which are most agreeable and natural to them, and do accordingly bear great varieties, and sundry degrees of Punishments, proportioned to the Impurity that is left in them. For as much as Sin dieth not totally with the Body, except while in it there hath been a Dying to it, by the Spirit of Righteousness spreading over it. So that from hence a Cry doth go forth to all Nations, Peoples and Languages, to Purge out the corrupt Leaven of Sin, that it may not go with them into that World, or Worlds, where their Lot may be.

3. For it hath been revealed unto me, that there are several Regions or Worlds that do receive the Souls of all Degrees and Ranks, to the Number Eight. The First of these is this Mortal Visible World: The Second is the Astral or Aerial World: the Third is the Waterish Elementary World: And the Fourth is the Fiery Dark World. These are all the Worlds where Sinful Lustings may be, with Punishments answerable, till Sin shall expire therein, through the Mediatorship and Propitiation of CHRIST the Almighty Redeemer. For into the next Four Worlds nothing of Evil or Sin can enter, or in the Inhabitants of them dwell. The First of these is the Paradisiacal World, being all Celestial, and a very pleasant State, where there is a growing up to higher degrees of Perfection; to complete us for the Kingdom of Mount Sion: Where Christ’s the Lord’s Kingdom is in great Magnificence, with all the Angelical Principalities under him, and with the Elders, as Patriarchs, Prophets, and Apostles. The Third Heavenly World is the Royal and Principal Seat of God the Father, with the Eternal Virgin Wisdom, and the Seven Spirits. This bears the Title of the Great City, called the New Jerusalem, where the Glassy Sea doth encompass about. Then above this is that World called the Still Eternity: Out of which were generated all of these Worlds above-mentioned. Of all which I must give an account, according as I have had them shewed and opened, from the deep Centre, and Original Being of them. I did not know when I published my two last Treatises, that of the Enochian Life, and the other of the Paradisiacal Laws, that my God would ever have had made use of me any more in this kind; the Day of my Life being so far spent, and growing to its evening Rest. But my LORD doth still follow me with fresh Revelations, and Inkindlings from his own immense Deep, which run as a Fiery Stream through me, so that I find there is no resisting this all-driving Power; by which hidden and unknown Worlds must be made manifest in this last Age of Times.

4. But before I go upon this large and copius Matter, it will be proper to Answer a grand Objection, that is expected to be cast in upon the Reading hereof; Namely, since the Holy Scripture maketh no mention of such Variety of Worlds, how shall we give credit hereunto? In Answer to this, it is given from him, who Was, and Is, and Will be the true Inspirer, to open new Volumes of his Mind, which are not to be less reputed and credited than the foregoing Scriptures: The Old Testament having been appropriated to the Ministration of the Father, the New to the Son; now the Third Day is come, in which the Holy Ghost will have His, which will Excel all before it, to Unseal and Reveal what yet never was known or understood, that will be communicated to, and by such as are in an extraordinary manner sanctified and set apart for this holy Function. For from this Spirits Day, must go forth a New Spring of things yet to be revealed, both as to the Present and Future State, that hath lain hid within these mentioned Worlds. The Account of which I am more particularly to give, according as it hath been shown to me from the Spirit of Inspiration. For I write here from no other Ground, than what the Spirit of CHRIST, in the Glass of Wisdom, hath presented to mine Inward Eye, which pierceth into the Deep of God’s Mind. And which is no longer to be concealed; for the Holy Unction is given for this end; to drop his golden Oil, which will dissolve all those Seals, that have stood so long for an hiding, and shutting up of those Mysterious truths, that a Commission is now given to bring forth; in order to their being proclaimed, and inscribed upon the Pillars and Temple of God’s House. Whether believed, or not, it must stand as the Engraving of God’s Hand.

5. The First in Order is this Corporeal Visible World, in which we now live: Where good and evil Births have been produced from Adam, and so still shall go on to be procreated, till the Numbers shall be finished and filled up, that are indeed as to us numberless, but numbered by God. Here is laid a Foundation for his manifold Wisdom, in a wonderful way and manner, to be made manifest from this first ground of Natural Generation. Which Births after a limited time must pass through the Death of the Elementary Body, to such Regions as their Lot will fall to.

6. As for such Ranks of Souls that do dye Unregenerated, these having no part in CHRIST, and having lived ignorant, and as without God in this present World, do go to their own direful Place, within the Circumference of the Evil Worlds; where they will be proved and tried, till the general Restitution of all lapsed Worlds, by the Mighty God and Saviour shall come to be effected. But of this we will not further now insist, having elsewhere more largely declared it.

7. Now therefore beginning from below, I proceed to make known to the true Simplified Inquirers, what the First and Lowest of these Worlds or Elements is: This is entitled the Dark Hellish World, and by the only Supreme Creator and Judge, is allotted a Receptacle for Lucifer, and the rest of the Apostatized Angels of that Hierarchy. It may be also called the Direful and Black Kingdom, over the which Lucifer is King, ruling there in the Pride of his Might in the Wrathful Fire. Now from hence it is given us to understand, that such Souls as in the time of this Life are Infected, and deeply Essenced in this Satanical Principle, being stained with all that is Diabolical, going hence without being Renewed and Transformed in some degree, by the Love & Light Principle, must when they die out of the Body, expect this Hellish World to be their Habitation and Portion; with all those Punishments that the Evil Angels will delight to inflict upon them. O that this dreadful Place and Company, could warn and terrify all that of this Diabolical Spirit are! For who would ever endure, were it but for a Year, or a few Years, such intolerable Sufferings, if they might by any means be prevented? Which may be done, if in holy Fear they do eschew all those Evils that do lead hereto. So having no more to say to this Dark Kingdom, we must leave it to the Fiery Purgation, until the Venom of Sin in every Evil Property, shall by the means of it expire, both as to Angels of the Hellish source, and to such Souls as have been deceived and captivated by them. For the Creating Fiat will move the Mystery yet once again, for the making of all things New. Then shall the old things of Hell, Death, Sorrow and Pain come no more into remembrance. God is said to be Everlasting and Unchangeable in Love, but not so to be in Anger and Wrath: For Love must drown and swallow that up.

8. But now the Elementary Worlds, with their Peculiar Furniture or Inhabitants severally allotted to them, are next to be searched into. Be it then known, that each Element hath a Spirit of another kind than what is known, or can be seen amongst Mortals. The Fiery Region hath a Spirit proper to it; that is of the only nature and quality of the Fire: The Water likewise, and the Air each hath its proper Spirit to inhabit therein: Which are to fill up the Wonders of Gods Creation, having their several Offices known to the Creator, the which are not yet manifest to Mortals. Only thus much is revealed, and deserveth to be known, that these Elementary Spirits do Cooperate and Qualify with the Elementary Nature of Man, both for Good and Evil, according as the Propensity of the Mind doth either way incline. But we shall leave this Mystery till the One Everlasting Element shall stand open, for unvailing these Secrets; and so proceed to let you know the State of such as depart out of this Body: Which I am to order according to their several Ranks and Degrees. The First I have already mentioned, who depart out of the Body in the Diabolical Spirit. The Second Sort is such as are Ignorant of God, and of their own Eternal Being, looking no further than to an Earthly Animal, and Rational Life, in which they are swallowed up; yet do darkly see something beyond, Believing in God and Christ Historically, and are convinced by the Light of Nature that they stand in need of a Saviour, and so falsely do take hold of him. These when they dye, pass no higher than the Airy Region, where they are to abide till they receive power and strength to mount higher: For in these Elements, the Proper rest is not Found. Now for the Third Degree of Souls, they are those that are more knowing and believing in GOD and CHRIST, who being truly Convinced of their Depravity and lost Estate, and of the necessity of Redemption, yet cannot come off clearly from the Worldly Principle, still sticking in the outward Birth, so as they cannot pass through the strait Gate of the new Birth of Regeneration; and yet do, not withstanding, entertain hopes of Salvation through CHRIST, that at Death they may presently enter without more ado into the Heavenly Kingdom. In which Millions of Souls are deceived: For they that are of this Rank and Sort, have but somewhat an Higher degree in the Elementary Regions, where their Receptacle and Mansion must be, till time shall wear out all of the gross matter of the Impure Elements. And as they feel not much Pain, Agony, or Sorrow, so but little Pleasure or Joy; because they cannot reach the Vision of God. But Redemption will operate in these, and work through great Compunction, and Reflection, for the lost time and opportunity which hath been missed to gain an higher State.

9. But here a Query may be put concerning the fiery Soul that is Eternal, and breathed forth from God, and found to lye hidden in the Unregenerated Persons: for it may be asked, where this Divine and Pure Spirit doth go upon their Decease? In answer to this we give you to understand, according to what hath been in the Divine Magia made known, that the Supreme Spirit returns to God, that introduced it into the Elementary Body. So that God takes that which is his own to Himself. For this is an high graduated Spirit that doth belong to the Soul, and that being smothered and stifled by the contrary Principle, never came into any Dominion to suppress and reign over the opposite Nature. And so with relation to this God said of the old wicked World, that his Spirit should no longer strive with Man. So that the Soul, which never was renewed and Born again, may go into Deprivation and Suffering, together with the Astral and Elementary part, for a known and limited time; till that which is Elementary shall be Refined and Transmuted. When therefore the set time shall come, for God to move and Open the One Element, that shall transmute all Elements into itself, then the New Creation of pure Celestial Bodies in every Region will be made manifest. But here I must stop my Pen, for the Mystery of both Living and Dead is so hidden, and deep, that the Holy Ghost bringeth to light a new Record, which this present Age cannot well bear, or understand. Nor will it be, until there come a breaking off from the old Traditional Knowledge, and a weaning from the Breasts of a strange Mother; that so they, as new born Spirits, may draw from the Eternal Word of Wisdom, fresh Unction, that giveth light unto the Understanding, and by which the Counsel of the Most High is made known, and all the secrets that can be desired are manifested. Which leadeth on to the Four Heavenly Worlds.

10. The first of these is the Paradisiacal World, the Inhabitants of which are such as have attained to a good degree of Regeneration, being Born of the Spirit, and as have been partakers of the Baptism of Water, Blood, and Spirit for Renovation; that so thereby the Principle of the Paradisiacal World hath been opened in them, before they depart out of the Body of Mortality; which giveth them a swift passage to enter Paradise. Where as Plants they do spring and grow for an higher Transplanting into the Kingdom of Mount Sion. For it is very rare that any Souls do come up to be with CHRIST the Lord, immediately upon the departing from the Body. Though I do not say but some may reach to such a perfect degree of Christlikeness, as that when they Die, this Angelical World may stand open to receive them; and so being admitted into that high Glorification, may from Glory to Glory still be ascending, till at length they arrive to the New Jerusalem State. And beyond this, there remains no more to pass into, but the inmost Place of Purity, which bears the Title of the Still Eternity; for that nothing but Everlasting Rest, Stillness, and Silence is to be perceived here. Of each of which Worlds there are some Particulars to be at this time declared, from the Faithful Witness, that it may be discerned who they are that are made meet to inhabit them.

11. It ought then to be known, how that those Souls that are Born of God, and so Renewed in every part, the whole Man being changed into a Deified Nature, must needs enjoy, and know beforehand the Joys and Pleasures of these Worlds to which they do belong, according to that degree which any in this Life-time do reach to. Such as are allotted for the Paradisiacal World when they Decease, will have it at some time or other open, while in the Body. For the Spiritual Property will qualifie most interiourly; so as the true Mystical Paradise puts forth its flowing Glory in the inward ground of a Renewed Mind. So that this outward Principle, and evil World, preventeth not in the Holy and Heaven-born Souls, those pleasant Golden Springs from running, to Circle and Water every Plant, which by the Spirit of CHRIST hath been renewed. Therefore the Holy Trinity do delight often to manifest themselves in the Souls Paradisiacal Heart and Mind, as well Now as Hereafter.

12. From hence it was given me to understand, that as the Mystical Paradise, so also the Mystical Sion doth therewith also stand open in the ground of this pure Heart, gradually shooting forth, and revealing it self in it. And concerning this more than Glorious World, the Kingdom of Christ, in which he with his Perfected Saints doth Reign, it is shewn me how the same Light and Pure Principle doth open it self in those Souls, where the Paradisiacal, or Angelical Life doth spring Spiritually. For every World, or Principle, doth attract to it self its own, which belongeth unto it: And the Powers and Influences of each are sensibly felt, according to the Constellations that any one is under. The vile and wicked sort are pulled and drawn by the Magick of the Dark World: But the Heaven-born Souls are inspired and qualified by these Upper Worlds, as by some is well known; so that Paradise, and the Mount Sion World, are manifested in their own Original Light in the Centre of the Soul. From which I do give a Description of these Invisible Worlds, as they were first opened within: from whence Love, Power, Joy and Peace do spring, which maketh Heaven to be the Souls present dwelling with Christ, and all the Angelical Train, though not visibly seen, yet essentially enjoyed. But this is only to be known by Spirits that are deeply introverted, and carried out and beyond a Creaturely Life: And when any worthy ones in this Light Principle shall be fixed, then expect we may, that the Eternal Powers will move and work through such, to whom the Dominion of Christ’s Kingdom here below will be intrusted: For which we have many Scripture Prophesies, as in Isaiah, the Revelations, and Daniel, that do abundantly declare how it must, and will be given to the Saints of the Most High, to possess the Kingdom; of which there is also a Confirmation by a Renewed Spirit of Prophesie, that doth assure us, that this Day is very nigh, and that it will be upon the World before they are aware of it. For as the Man of the Earth hath had his Ruling Day Universally, so shall the Lord from Heaven descend in such a manner into his own prepared Vessels here Below, in his Kingly and Priestly Power, as shall overturn and bear down all Earthly Powers; but of this we shall speak farther in the next Advance, or Remove up to the Third Court, or Principality of God the Father’s Majesty: That is,

13. The Jerusalem City, which is more Glorious and magnificent than what hath yet been made mention of, far surpassing the Glories of the Two lower Blessed Worlds. As to the Walls and Foundations of it, with the Gates that open into it, they are all so Diaphanous and full of Splendourous Light, that it is altogether impossible to make it out, even in any degree, according as it hath been exhibited and seen in the Spirit, in the Metaphorical Figure of it, which yet represents it very much short of the Spiritual Substantiality of this City which is God himself dilating and spreading forth his Godhead in such Amazing Varieties. This is a Principle and World which none but CHRIST in his Glorified Humanity, with such high Saints as are Glorified with his Glory can have any access to. Of which unconceivable abundance of Glory these are with Him continually participating, Ascending and Descending, as cause requireth. No pass there is into this City but through the Glassy Sea, which Sea none do tread and stand upon, but such Spirits that are qualified and cloathed upon with the self-same Matter, which is all Chrystalline Water and transparent Fire. O how am I lost out of my self while this Globe Light and all the Wonders therein do open! For in this interim it was said to me, Behold ! all these Weights of Glory have I prepared not only for Pleasure to my self, but for such as do love, and put on their Lord CHRIST in Deiformity; and so as Conquerors pass through the Glassy Sea, to enter through the Gates having this City written upon their Foreheads.

14. Now it remains to open the more Mystical Sense of the Invisible Eternity of this Mother City, the New Jerusalem, that from the Father in Union with his Virgin Wisdom doth multiply, and so fill up that Principle with Virgin Spirits, that are most perfectly Pure and Immaculate; whence it is that nothing beyond this, can any of the Redeemed ever arrive unto. Mount Sion Kingdom is most Great and Glorious, but yet inferior to this; because that is in the Mediatorship of Christ, but in this World all is completed and finished. So that when this New Jerusalem shall descend, it will soon put this old, sinful, and impure World to an end. But being able to give no more than a short and finite Description of this Infinite, Eternal and All-glorious World, I am led on further to open the Mystery of it, so far as it relateth to this present Age, and to the Saints, who are to make up this City, and to bring their Glory to shine in it.

15. Here now it may be questioned, Whether any Spirit or Person in this Mortal World, can possibly be so clarified, as to become a part of that High Court of Eternity; seeing none must come there, but what have passed through those two Principles, namely Paradise and Mount Sion’s Kingdom?

The Answer. This is granted that it must be so, yet this is no Impossibility to the good-willing and obedient, into whom these Heavenly Worlds will come down, and open, and diffuse their qualifying Powers, to make them meet to be partakers of this Jerusalem-world, as to its Spiritual Substantiality; which will enter Souls into a present most happy and blissful Fruition of GOD. This is not spoken only by a Revealed Intelligence from the Heavens, which is witness great enough to confirm the Truth of it; but there is yet a more Evidence Where, and in Whom this City is already come down in its Purity and Brightness, though vailed to the Mortals here below. The Splendorous Deity may for a time under a shade of contemptible Humanity lye obscured; but Virgin Wisdom’s Day will, by her bright Star, through the dark Pitcher of this Earthly Form shine forth; so as in this time of our Evening-tide her Morning Light shall upon the Earth spread.

16. But methinks; this Query meets me by the way, What is it that I mean by this Virgin Wisdom, that is the true Mother of the Citizens of this Jerusalem, and who is the Princess of this Kingdom? Of the which I doubt not but to give to the impartial and pious Inquirer a true and right account, from the great knowledge hereof, which hath been freely communicated unto me, and of the which I have therefore in some formerly Printed Books made mention, [Margin Note: The Revelation of Revelations,p.39 to 56.  The Enochian Walks,p.26. and The Laws of Paradise, in the Preface, & p.11,47.] as also for that now, upon the opening of the Four Heavenly Worlds, a fresh Stream of her Brightness hath circulated about my inward mind; that so I might know and understand what in her secret Deep hath hitherto lain hid, that to light and manifestation is commanded to be brought forth. The which Command for Publication I must obey, and all her Rules and Methods observe. In the first place, we shall describe her Eternal originality, which is from God the Tri-Un {Triune}Deity, being a Virgin hid in Him from all Eternity, but as to her Nativity brought forth in Time, now I shall not speak in a Proverb, but plainly, as thus: God Created Adam at first to bear his own Image and Figure, who was to represent God himself, the High and Divine Masculine, Male and Female; so that Adam had his Virgin in himself in imitation of his Creator, which in Time was brought forth in a distinct Figure. And this was a Type of the Eternal Virgin Mother that lay hid in God, the Centre and Heart of Flaming Love; from whence the production of a Glorious Female Figure was brought forth; that was so commixed and mingled with Deity, as she became God’s Spouse and Bride, being Spirit of his Spirit. Now be it known unto all, that from this Eternal Virgin Wisdom a new Generation of Virgin Spirits shall be Born to make up the Glory of the New Jerusalem, JESUS CHRIST being the Head, and the First-born of this Royal and Princely Generation, who was after the way and manner of Human Nature conceived in the Womb of that Virgin Mary, that was but a Type of the Eternal Virgin, who brought forth the Son of God before all Time: But Mary’s Womb was sanctified to bring forth in Time, that CHRIST who was the Son of God before all Time. And so the Eternal Virgin Womb goeth on still according to Nature to bring forth Wisdom’s Off-spring, by the overshadowing of the Holy Ghost, and the Qualifying powers from the Jerusalem World.

17. In the next place, I am to acquaint you what is the way of Bringing up, and the manner of Education, in which Virgin Wisdom’s Children are to be Manured and Disciplined; that as their Birth is great and high, being Heirs to the Father’s Kingdom of Eternity, so they may have all those worthy Accomplishments suiting to the same, which are required. The chiefest of which, according as they have been revealed by the Spirit of Wisdom, shall be declared and made known. This then is the first Proviso or Caution which is given, that for as much as these holy Births are encompassed with an evil and sinful Principle, wherein great Danger and Temptation doth lye, to prevent and hold down this Pure Thing from springing; therefore as soon as this Birth is, from whence its descent is with all high Graduations, it must deny and despise the Image of the Earthly sinful Birth, by which the Heaven-born Spirit will be daily proved. For Christ the Lord was not exempted from Temptations, so Tried in like manner all must be, until the Conquest be wrought out. Therefore we are charged to forsake our sinful Native Country and People of that sort, with our Father Adam and Eve’s Family, and to return unto our first and ancient Degree, as free Denizens of that City, of which God is the Light, and which Wisdom through the Eternal Spirit doth rule and govern in all Love-soveraignity. This then being premised, I come to give the Particulars after what manner Wisdom’s Children are to be Educated. In the state of their Infancy and Minority, as soon as they are Spiritually Born, care is to be taken that this holy birth draw the sustenance of Life from no other than its own Virgin Mother, whose Breast must at all times satisfie and nourish it. For according to what it sucks in, of such a Kind, Nature and Quality the Birth is, for it draws in the Spirit and Life of its Mother. Therefore watch to it, and hang not upon any strange Breast.

Quest. Next it may be inquired, What kind of Cloathing this Royal Birth must have?

Ans. Though it be Born a pure Spirit, yet it must not be naked, and without a Body, for cloathing of such a sort as becometh the degree of Wisdom’s Princely Children. You will ask, What is that? I answer, It is a pure and fine Robe made up of a Diaphanous Matter, from the One Eternal and Unmixed Element which can no more fade, as did the First Adam’s Paradisiacal Body, that was, though Celestial yet Alterable, whence that withdrawing it self he became naked; for he had then lost his Virgin Body, wherein his strength did lye. But now again Care is taken in the New Creation, that a Body be fitly prepared for the making up the New Jerusalem Bride. But here it will be objected, that none so made Meet and Rarified in this Life-time can expect to be, so long as they are Cloathed with the Body of the Four Elements. In Answer to this, be it said, that the Corporeal Body is but an outside covering, as the Badgers Skin was a covering upon the Tabernacle Glory. Yet I must distinguish betwixt who are renewed and born into this Virgin Mind and Nature, and they who are Strangers to it, and know nothing of it, albeit capable of it, but for want of searching into their own Deep, where the Original Matter of it doth lye, they may, and do wear out their Cloathes, and go naked away, without being Cloathed upon with this Spiritual Body. Without which there being no getting up so high as to face the Throne Majesty, they must abide in Centres of low Degree, till they can put on Christ’s Resurrection Body. Which is the Royal Robe that the Virgin Bride with all her Off-spring do appear in at the Festival Day, in which the Marriage shall be Solemnized. The First-fruits of it are given, as Tokens and Pledges to Wisdom’s Children, by CHRIST now in the time of his Betrothment unto the Pure in Spirit, who keepeth their Virgin Mind undefiled, who will as a most intimate Lover make frequent Visits, bringing unto them choice and spiritual Food, that the Espoused may Banquet with him; while the Cup of Love is still renewed, and filled as fast as it is drunk in. O is not this Ravishing Love of our Immanuel, that doth make it out to this degree; considering that we are yet but in our  Minority, and carrying the mean appearance of a Mortal Shade? From out of which such a Pull and Shake he will in his time give, as shall make the vile and gross Image which we bear to be more fine than the Ophir Gold, by the means of that Superior Element, that will with our Minds so Qualifie, and Commingle, as the Light, so as to arise thereby in a shining Lustre, for to come up unto the unity of the Lord’s Glory.

18. Now having given you an Account of the Seven Worlds, with the Inhabitants assigned to fill them up; I proceed on to the Eighth, which is the Beginning, and the Highest of all Worlds, called the Still Eternity. This there is no way possible for any one to describe, or give account of, but by being taken up into it. From which there is a freedom to give a Description, according to what hath been seen in this World by a Spirit thither Translated. It may be most properly entitled the Highest Court or Principality, of the Tri-Un {Triune}Majesty. The Situation of it is founded upon an Abyssal Deep, where from an inaccessible Light doth generate and spread it self without bounds, as a vast Globe of Eternity. God is here to be known and understood abstractedly from Eternal Nature, as abiding in his own Simplified Deity, before either the Angels or other Creatures were Created. Here the Holy Trinity dwelt in the meek Stillness, enjoying themselves, before they brought forth any Image, or Likeness to themselves. For in this high and lofty Sphere no Figures of Glory could be seen, though great Powers did move here, and variety of Wonders did appear, sending forth a Majestick Awefulness.

19. Q. But it may be demanded, What the Wonders of this World are, since there is nothing of Figure in it to be beheld; neither the Father, nor the Son, nor the Holy Ghost, in any Distinction for to be known?

Ans. It is verily so; yet there is a Consubsisting of the Blessed Trinity in each other. The Fullness of the Godhead dwelleth here Un-bodily, with his Virgin Wisdom, and the Seven Spirits: All which do here open themselves from an Infinite Source; and from thence all the Creating Powers do flow forth. For this is the Abyssal World, from whence all other Worlds were Created.

20. Q. It may be further Queried, What further Wonder did you here see?

Ans. A glorious and wonderful Element was seen with numberless Sparks of Light: As this outward Air [or Aether] is full of Stars, so this Element was bespangled with Lights. Upon the Inquiry of the Spirit that was there caught up, what these might be? It was answered, That all these were Simplified Spirits, that were ordained to garnish that Globe, and to attend there the Tri-Un {Triune}Deity, from whom they are Generated, evermore watching the Eye, to see when it would send them forth to assume or take up Bodies, being all pure, meek and mild Spirits, which do perfect whatsoever, and wheresoever they enter. These are the Spirits that will sublime, and make Bodies to become All-Divine.

21. Q. Then was it further asked, by this Translated Spirit, Whence their Birth was?

Ans. It was Answered, From God the Father, in Conjunction with the Eternal Virgin Wisdom who brought them forth. Upon this I was advised, how that these Spirits are reserved in this High Globe, till Wisdom’s Day upon this Visible World should as the Morning-Star break forth. Then are they to go forth to multiply and make a Princely Host, God’s Wonders throughout all Nations for to display; that so this World of Misery and Mortality may see a more Happy Day, from the Operation of this Eternal and Meek Stillness, which will infuse their Powers, and qualifie with Souls, that from before all Worlds were preordained to be Spirited after this kind, by the means of simple Abstraction; answerable to the Production of these Pure and Eternal Spirits, that fill up this Globe of the majesty of the Tri-Un {Triune}God, who generated them out of himself, before the Creation of Angels, or of any other Beings. For these Spirits are the First-born from out of the Womb of the Eternal Virgin, as hid in God, before there was any Figurative Manifestation. They will enter therefore into holy Souls with such penetrating Powers, as shall give another habit of Mind, casting it into an Eternal Stillness, and quieting all the Working Properties in the Region of Nature: No awakening or stirring up there shall then be of the Soulish Essence from its Conjunction with the Body; for that the Property of these Spirits is to do and act all in a still and silent way; and from thence the greatest Power and Force shall most effectually go forth. For it was told me that as these Spirits of Light, naked and unbodied, did fill up the Globe of the Unbodily Majesty in Trinity, so it should come to pass in the full Age of time, when Wisdom’s First-born shall be made manifest, that this World, or Globe, should then descend, and open in the Virgin Off-spring of Wisdom. By whom alone the mighty Deeds and Works will be made apparent, so that it may be discerned that they are wrought in God only: All Counterfeit Actings of this kind will fall down as Dagon before the Ark, so that no dark Magia shall be able to stand. For in this Day all faces of a covering shall be rent away, that so the true and right Acting Spirit may be known. Now in this new Modification, ( which is a Passiveness in Spirit, Soul and Body, so as no other motion of Life may be but from the Tri-Unity, that may beget pure and simplified Spirits as numberless as our Thoughts ) these holy, mild, and all-quieting Spirits may multiply in Souls accordingly prepared for them. For it hath been further shewed to me, that the very images of the Mind should be all of a Deified Stamp, and of a most deep Engraving from the most High Majesty. Thus it is given to let you understand, that as from the outward Mortal Eye that doth speculate the Objects and Things of this World, conspiring with the outward Ear which heareth and receiveth them, so Thoughts do arise and multiply, according to Temporal matters and Concerns of that kind; so likewise as these Spirits do proceed immediately from the Fountain Source of all Spirits, they seeing and beholding their Original Being, can do no other but contemplate, and delight themselves in, what the Eye of God doth see in them, and his Ear doth hear in them, having no Organical Speech, but such only as is by pure Thought, whence they do generate according to what they see and hear in that Globe of Eternity, which filleth them with exulting Joy. Now be it known that when by the Holy Ghost the time shall be expired, for their descending into Corporeal Beings, here or elsewhere, in upper Mansions, their Eye shall become our Eye, their Ear ours; so that we seeing and hearing in them, to whom do stand open all Invisible Kingdoms and Worlds, with the great Varieties of Glories in these, shall have Thoughts of a right kind to spring in our Minds; according to, and agreeable with the Objects presented, in as much as it quite turneth the Stream, making that which was formerly Downward and Earthy, now to become Upward and Heavenly. O Blessed Time and Day, when this Still Eternity shall thus open, and be made manifest in Corporieties! The which is given me to know will surely be. And it hath been revealed, that when these Spirits shall descend into Nature, a Transfiguration so continually impressing will be upon the Mind, for an incessant Generating of high and holy Cogitations, that are no less than the very Nature and Quality of these simplified Spirits themselves, as we being admitted hereby to look always into the Orb of Light and Love, and to fix there steadily the Eye of the Mind, Glorification may be brought down upon the Visible elementary Body, while remaining here, at certain Seasons and Times of a more intimate Union and Commixture with these Powers of the manner aforesaid, that so, as occasion may be, Mortality may be hid, or swallowed up in Immortality; to make good that saying, We shall not all Die, but be Changed, from Glory to Glory, by the bright influencing, namely, of these Spirits, through the Father of Spirits.

22. Q. But it may be here Queried, Is not the Holy Ghost assigned for this great Change, and Work of Renovation? And where do we read in Scripture of such a Globe, or World, having such Spirits to inhabit in it?

Ans. It is true, the Holy Ghost is sufficient, as being so deputed and promised by the Lord CHRIST, for the perfecting of the Regeneration, or new Creation. But what if it be the all-wise designation, and pleasure of God, and his Eternal Wisdom, to separate such pure Spirits from his own Fountain-source; thereby to effect the counsel of his Will, relating to his Lapsed Creation; and to put a new face of Glory upon what is so deformed and vile, through the variety of his operating Spirits and Powers, immediately proceeding from himself? They are hence most meet to open the Depths, that lye deeper than Nature and Creature; being brought forth before any Elements were in existence; for procreation of the Inhabitants of the several Worlds: all of which, are to give place to that Superstructure and Building, which will be GOD himself, quite throughout his whole Creation. For although Seven Thousand Years may be expired, in the Miseries and Temptations of an Elementary Life, in this Outward, and other Invisible Regions, yet what are these to a God, who is an Eternal Circle, which can never end? In the which Circle of a boundless Eternity, the Infinite and All-powerful God hath much more to do in all Worlds, than what hath been declared in Scripture, or yet by any other ways made known, finding all Prophesies and Revelations in Scripture Records, do extend no further than to the Limits of the Seventh Thousand Years Sabbath. What betwixt this Age, and that great Jubilee, will be successively produced, both in this our Visible, and in those Invisible Worlds that I have mentioned, cannot now be particularized: But in short, there will be for certain, most strange and wonderful Alterations, throughout the whole Globe of Eternity, for higher Admiration than is yet conspicuous. For GOD is so full of an infinite Store, that he must bring forth himself in a perpetual variety of Wonders. Let none therefore presume to set bounds to the Wisdom and Power of the Immense Being, to shut him up to this or that Measure or Degree, Age or Time, who always moveth in Eternal Liberty; for the revealing, and making known the Counsel of his Will, and doth not pin up, or confine the worthy Inquirers, and Seekers of his Mind, from fathoming the Treasures of his Wisdom. Which are so manifold, as they are still to be renewed in every Generation, according as I my self have experienced in my Age of Time, as the Volumes of my Writings do give Witness to, proving that Revelation hath no cessation, but that it is daily Renewed in Vessels, or Instruments, rightly qualified to receive it. Other wise I could never have known what is here written; neither have been able to give any account of the several Worlds, Regions or Centres, had they not been shewn to me. Therefore this is much pressed upon me, not knowing but that it may be the last Testimony that I have to leave behind me in this nature, to declare unto such as would know the Mind and Secrets of GOD: That a special Charge is given from the High Court of Eternity, that you do not stint your selves up to any foregoing Dispensation or Revelation, no, not to the Scripture Record it self: which though truly Weighty, and worthy to be received, believed in, and conformed unto; yet is not to be taken up in, and rested upon, as if there were nothing more to be revealed, for the Benefit and Instruction of Mankind. Since the same Spirit that did Heretofore inspire the Holy Men of God to record them, is Now in this last Day more abundantly shed forth to multiply Volumes of Scripture: For whatsoever is purely dictated by the Holy Ghost, may be called by that name; and so it was, before Christ’s appearing in Flesh, by the Patriarchs and Prophets; which was then succeeded by a Newer Ministration, the former being fulfilled in Him. This He promised should excel all that went before; for a more plentiful sowing of the sacred Unction, in the holy Ground of pure Hearts. The Sower hereof is, according to his Promises, gone forth; but where Stony, Thorny, and Unbelieving Ground is, it cannot enter so as to take root; which hath hitherto, for a long time caused a great Scarcity, and Famine of the Spirit, with all its fruitfulness. But now the Day of the Spirit is arising, and its bright Sun will no more set, but multiply to its Seven-fold Light.

23. Hear and Hearken, O England’s Inhabitants, for unto you a great Light hath shined. Oh let it not cloud, and pass over you; but be ye wise in this your Day to follow the Spirit’s bright-guiding Star, which is arising amongst you. O London, there is hid in thee, them that have a true and right Mission, from the Munition Rock, to give out the Waters of the Spirit plenteously. For a Cry there is gone forth, for persons to be Prepared and Sanctified, by this Water of Life; that so they may receive of the Holy Ghost, and be witnesses of his Power. Hear, and hearken in the Spirit: O hearken, and you will hear the Seventh Trumpet sound, from the Seven Spirits that are before the Throne; that do tell you, that the Mystery of time is now finishing; and that the Everlasting Gospel of the Love is opening; and that the Heavens are ready to roll down to open their Glory upon the Earth, that the Inhabitants thereof may no longer lye buried in the Dark shade of an Earthly Life.

24. Over thee, O City of London! a Mighty Angel doth fly, with this Thundering Cry, saying, Do not despise Prophesy, neither decry down the Ark of the Living Testimony; from which the Spirit, as a flowing Stream, must renew Paradise upon the Earth. And this Warning is given to all, of what Ranks or Degree soever, whether High or Low, whether in the outward Grandeur, or in the private and inferious Means of this World: Even to you all, and every one, this Call doth reach;

Shake, shake your Earthly Dust away,
For now it is the Spirit’s Day,
That will admit of no Delay.

25. For Scepters and Crowns must be thrown down to the Lamb of God: he is, in his Saints, come to Reign. wherefore all Nations, and Languages, and Peoples, not only here in this Dominion, but beyond the Seas, every where, must the sound of this Trumpet hear. For a mighty CYRUS there is already raised, whom the most High will in such manner uphold, and endue with his Spirit, as he shall be able to bring forth his Temple-Glory and Praise; that so out of all Kingdoms, Countries, and Languages, there may be a Gathering, and that as Eagles they may fly to that high Mountain, where the Olive Tree will drop the Unctuous Oyl most freely. This is the Oyl that in Spirit I do see run: And I see that some in all Nations will herewith be shortly sprinkled, to give notice, that the Omnipotent KING is entering upon his Thousand Years Reign.

26. Thus having, in Answer to that Grand Objection, to wit, How there should be any World, or Worlds, more than what the Scripture hath made mention of, demonstrated, that there is a succession of the Spirit of Revelation, that is never to cease, but is more than ever to increase yet upon the Earth, as will in this very Age be known, and be witnessed; I must now draw to the Conclusion of this World, called the Still Eternity. Concerning which, I have this to declare, from what I was, when taken up into it, admitted to the knowledge of: I was then shewn, and taught these three Particulars, worthy to be observed. First, that no Entrance for Habitation is here found to any departed Spirit, though arrived to never so high a Degree of Perfection. Nay it was said, that CHRIST himself, as the First-born from the Dead, and as Glorified in our Humanity, did not ascend up hither. The Unity in the Godhead is always here, but not in his Personality. For this Globe and Inmost Court is reserved; for a greater Mystery than what is yet, to be made known: Only thus much I was, with respect to it, informed, that as out of this Still Eternity the Deity, in, and through the Eternal dilating Eye, did speculate his own Working Properties; for to manifest himself in Nature, and thereby generate out of the Eternal Meek Stillness; the Creating Powers from the Trinity did go forth, to bring forth in the first place the Angelical World, furnishing it with Angelical Spirits: and so on did proceed to the rest of the above-mentioned Worlds. The Second thing we are to note is, that this shut-up Principle, and highest Court of the Tri-Un {Triune}God, and of his Virgin Wisdom, with her offspring of Simplified Spirits, is not to be opened till the Will and Pleasure of God, the Creating Father shall be to move himself, through these mild, and pure Spirits; for some New Manifestation, and Modification upon what in the Created Worlds is found defective; that so, by a Renewed, Creating Power going forth in this manner, out from the Still Eternity; another face of more excellent Beauty, and more transcendent Glory, may, for an everlasting Fixation, come over that which under a Lapse, and an Apostacy hath been. But how finite and short is all that can be said, or even imagined, in comparison of those more amazing, and stupendous Changes, that still add to the Glory of God’s Workmanship, in his New Creation? As to the Third particular that we are to take notice of, which is, the Order, Union, and Equal Degree of these Spirits, in this Globe of Eternity, we can but just hint at it. This Unity, and Coequality of theirs, is manifested by their Operations. They are in their working Motion most Active; but all their Acts and Powers do go forth in a most profound Stillness, the Deity co-operating through them; by which an Influencing Stillness doth from them pass forth to the Inhabitants of the other Worlds. And yet these Spirits remain all the while unmoveable, within their own Principle and Centre, moving according as the Deity glanceth forth in them with the Governing Eye, which giveth them their all-seeing Commission, the which, in a delightful Obedience, they never fail to execute; neither can they do other wise, being unalterably Fixed in the moving Power of the Holy Ghost.






HAVING now given a faithful, and true Description of these Eight several Worlds, not from History, but from the revealed Mystery, according to the measure of the Communication of the Spirit of CHRIST; it remaineth to consider, what Use and Application may be made, by the Readers of these deep and weighty things, that have been here Unvailed. In the first place then, we are hereby called upon to consider, with the deepest humility, the efficient Cause, and Founder of these Worlds, that produced them all out of an Abyssal Deep, and an Eternal Nothingness. Secondly, We are called upon to Greater appropriate to God what is more Immense than Immensity, and Greater than all Greatnesses, Higher than all Heights, Deeper than all Depths, Perfecter than all Perfections; who maketh his dwelling in an Eternal Circle of Love, Power and Wisdom, filling all these Worlds with the fullness of his Godhead, made manifest in the express Image of his Glory, namely, in the Second Number of the Three that bear Record in Heaven. Thirdly, we are excited to consider, what we Mortals are, from whom our Descent is, and what manner of Spirit we consist of, and exist by. For until we understand our own Eternal being, we cannot know God, the Being of all Being. For as we are the inbreathed Soul from God, we live in his Essence. Which is the Glass through which we may see and know the invisible Deity, and thereby also know our selves, as we consist of the higher Principles, and Worlds above, as likewise of those Below. For they all Qualify with the Immortal, and also with the Elementary, part in us, for most wise, and wonderful Ends. O how great is the Mysterious Greatness of the Soul, that lieth vailed, covered, and unknown to it self? The Body of outward sensibility shuts it up from understanding its own Power, as it is an Essense derived from God, and an out-flowing Breath from the Most High Majesty. The Earthly Life bindeth it down in all Men, until Christ in Spirit do enter in to make it free in his own Liberty, by quickening the Dead Essence of these Principles of Light, Love, and Power. And by this the Soul is restored to its pre-existing and true Nativity in God; which is apt to be forgotten, if not continually revived in the Mind. In which being exercised, it will put a check and awe upon it, from the consideration of what it is, and to whom it must return, as to its Eternal Centre.

Being come to the Conclusion of this Subject, I must be permitted, what I am in Commission for, from the High and Heavenly Court, to leave this word of Caution and Exhortation to all them who would full Redemption see, and would be glad to be set free from all fears, doubts, and concerns upon that account. Watch against all Cavils, and Commotions that are apt to arise in the mind, by way of opposition to the pure Inspiration of the Holy Spirit: O ! grieve it not either in your selves, or in any other; remembering that you have it for a Counsellor and Comforter, and for a Key to open the Heavenly Worlds unto you, and to give you an inheritance in them. The assurance whereof will be perfect Joy, Peace and Glory, as some do truly witness, and do give it forth their experience; who do therefore advise and exhort all, to whomsoever this Treatise may come, whether, in this Nation, or in any more remote Places, where God is pleased to have it Published, that they seriously Study, and soberly Ponder, upon what, by the Wisdom of God, hath here been unvailed, and declared. For it is a Seal broken up, that doth belong to this present Age, wherein knowledge is to increase, in order to prepare for the Great Day, that hath been Prophesied of, concerning the Daughter of Sion’s Kingly Dominion.

O come forth! be no longer hid, ye precious Stones of Sion, whither-soever scattered and dispersed: Whether near or far off, at Home or beyond the Seas, where-ever ye lye hid, come forth. To you the Golden Bells from the four Eternal Worlds, do Sound out their Alarm, to draw you into them; where, as to your own People, and Native Country, ye may to the Feasts of Tabernacles come, sitting down together in Joy, and evermore celebrating this Marriage Feast, in the Unity of Love, where the Author of this Treatise would in the Spirit meet, and so never cease to congratulate you, as fellow Citizens, and there to eat with you the Feast of Love.




A Further



Concerning the

Four H E A V E N L Y

W O R L D S;


To the Experimental Process,
that some have passed


I.   Of    PARADISE.

1. INTO Paradise my Spirit doth first take its Flight, where all things are in good Order, and the same flowing State, as before Adam had lost his Virgin Mate. Paradise is now stock’d again with such as have waded through the floating Sea of Sin and Mortality, in order to the putting on that Image of purity, which is to the Children of the Resurrection, given by JESUS. For not the least Guile or Fault may be found in any of the Inhabitants of this place. My Spirit doth see here all in wonderful Harmony: And this Word was heard from the High and Lofty one, saying, With the Risen from the Dead I will dwell; though this Principle of Paradise be allotted to them for a certain time, to be a separated Mansion, until all be gathered up into the superior Kingdom of Mount Sion, and of the New Jerusalem. Thus did I hear the good news, that all is Rich and Flourishing within the Paradisiacal Kingdom: Nor is there any decay since Adam’s Day, but Increase and Augmentation is daily through the Resurrection of the Spiritual Man.

2. After this, the Spirit of Wisdom said to me, These things whereof an account hath been given to you, may be declared of the Local Place of Paradise: Whereinto Spirits separated by Natural Death, putting off their Mortal Earthly Bodies, do enter; and there put on their Virgin Body. Which doth prepare them to meet the Bridegroom, who from thence fetcheth them up to Mount Sion. These are such, who in this very time, have fought the good Fight of Faith, and had very near overcome this World. What is lacking to make them fully Perfect, is to be done in this Paradisiacal place; where they are appointed to stay till all their Bridal Trimming be finished, and they find that they can pass the Way to the Tree of Life, through the Flaming Cherub, who remaineth still a Guard upon that Figurative Tree. In this place Holy Angels do also wait by their Course, to Minister unto those who do come here, as the Designed Heirs of that more Glorious State, which is revealed in Sion. This is some part of those good things, which doth belong to your Eternal Father; but now I shall open to thee a further Mystery, which is, what may be entered upon in this very Life Time. “For there is a Mystical Paradise as well as a Local, which Springs Metaphorically, opening from a pure Magical Centre.” [Laws of Paradise, Conclusion]   This will amount to thy present Peace and Joy.  Wait, I say, to feel that now, that thy Spirit may give a Seal with me, that thou hast receiv’d the Anointing, and that thou dost walk with thy Spiritual Man in this Paradise; where thou often dost hear the Echo of thy Bridegroom’s Voice, calling thee still, to haste the getting on all that which will make thee look Sweet and Amiable in his Eyes, and the obtaining of the fragrant Sweets that may perfume and scent thee; that so all thy Garments may smell of these Beds of Spices, upon which thou mayest stretch thy self. Here a while confined be to dwell, after the manner of a Spirit in a Spiritual Body, till thou shalt all of this Visible Orb overcome, and much excel all Creatures in it, as having the Tree of Life to live upon. Which is that which will airify, and put upon thee a most Transparent Body; for they who do daily feed upon it, shall be in good deed transmuted by it. Behold to thee this Gate of Paradise doth stand open, and what-soever of the things of God is there, thou hast a right, not only to know, but them as thy own to Enjoy. But this word of Caution to thee is given, that thou take heed unto the Laws of Paradise, which have been in particular given to thee for this end. Observe them, and thy JESUS will here frequently talk with thee, and shew himself, according to the Loves Betrothment, that is made afresh with thee in this Paradise. This is what many Years ago, was to me Communicated, and Recommended by the Spirit of Truth.

3. As I was, upon the seventeenth of October, in this present Year, 1695, watching upon a Deceased Friends account, after some time, I found she had passed through the Elementary Regions. Then Paradise being open’d, I search’d for her, and after about two Hours, I found her in the Third Degree of this Heavenly World, who appeared to me of a most Lively and Angelical Countenance. As soon as I had met her, I congratulated her, and said, I have been a long while seeking to find you. To which she Answer’d, very well you might; for I have been so taken up with the Variety of the Pleasures of this Place, that I had forgot all my Mortal Friends. Then she added, after a short pause, O my Friend, the Death which I feared, and that kept me in Bondage all my Life long, has been my Friend to set me free; and its Sting that I dreaded, became nothing less than a Living Balsam; by which now in Triumph I can say, Mortality is swallow’d up in Joy and Glory, To which I Replied, did not I often tell you this, and that I would venture my own Soul for yours, as to the Security of it? Upon which she smiling said, Now I find it so to be. And so seeming to be unwilling to entertain any further Discourse with me, as if thereby she was held from a better Enjoyment, she left me.

4. Upon which, I was exercised in some Meditation, and it was thus concluded, That Persons, who did live very circumspectly and watchfully, in all Piety in their Life-time, as this Person had done, though void of all sensible Assurance, and Comfort of God’s Favour, while they live, as if they did not live; but are estranged from this Elementary Body while they are in it; do, when they pass out of it, obtain a swift passage through the Elements, which are not able to cleave to, or detain them long, but are swallow’d up, and chang’d into the Paradisiacal Body. Which is a good Motive to incite all Persons, to live above the Earthly Life; that so nothing may stick to them, when they go out of this World.



1. Now from hence the Spiritual Man must make another Remove, to see what doth lye for him beyond this Region or Principle, among the Precious Things that do flow from that Rich Ocean, which is betwixt Paradise, Mount Sion, and the New Jerusalem. This is that Glassy Sea, that is spoken of by the Beloved John, upon which the Conquerors are seen Singing their Songs of Triumph; and it doth Compass round the City, where is the Residence of the Great King, the Throne of the Lamb, and the Seven Sealing Powers, or Fountain-Spirits of God, that do go forth from the most Holy One. Now this burning Sea is for Probation; there being none able to pass it, but they who have gotten a full, perfect, and thorough Conquest over this Beast and over his Image; so as they no thing more of this Mark do bear. They, and they only, can stand here; because they are Signatured from this flaming Glassy Sphere, that will make Bodies clear, and shining, as terrible Chrystal.

2. This Kingdom of Mount Sion, where is an Innumerable Company of Angels, with the Church of the First-Born, and in which are contained all the Originals, and living Patterns of what was Copied out by Moses, who had a sight of them, must open it self, and be Established, before the Kingdom of the New Jerusalem, can come down, either Invisibly or Visibly. There is a necessity for the Mediatorial and Priestly Kingdom to go before, and make way for that.

3. Yet there is such a near and intimate Correspondency between these two, that they may in some sort bear the Name of One Kingdom. For that the Supreme Majesty doth often come down hither, and the whole Grand Assembly which is here, do at certain seasons ascend up into the New Jerusalem; so that from the strict Union that is betwixt them, it is not to be wondered at, if sometimes the name of the one be applied to the other.



1. It was further declared to a Spirit caught up here, That in the time of the Accomplishment of the New Jerusalem Glory Below, there should be appointed certain Keepers of the Everlasting Gates into it, most highly Spirited, to let in, and shut out, according to the Laws of this Kingdom; and that every such Angel of these Gates should sound forth his Trumpet. For the Holy Breath out of this City, shall make them to Proclaim, and Sound forth to all parts of the Earth, the Glory, and the Mighty Name of JEHOVAH SHAMMAH; which is the Name of the City, that is to be written upon all those, who are to be admitted into it. Therefore Arise, Arise, ye Virgin Daughters, and draw near, having this Name inscribed upon you with the Finger of your God; and having your Twelve Foundations, according to the number of Precious Stones of the Holy Oracle, made clear and sure in you; being all that which is to make up the Honour of your Jerusalem Glory: Draw near now, ye Virgin Daughters of Sion that lye hid, and bring your Glory to this City;

At which all Gates shall open to you fly,
As soon as you can here with this come nigh.

2. The Apostolical Name of the Lamb is here written upon every Gate, for the surviving Number of Apostolical Spirits, to obtain admittance by. None can enter through the Gates, but these Virgin Spirits, who have before stood upon Mount Sion, and passed through the Sea of Glass; being the Living Jasper Stones, that are all covered upon with the flaming  Colours of the Covenant-Rainbow. Such therefore must ye be, O ye Jerusalem-waiters, and Children of Wisdom ! And by her Stone within you, ye must come to be touched and changed, that ye may be joyned to all these Flaming Stones. Be of good cheer, for this Ruby Stone is as a Cherub, at work in the Heavenly Spheres of some that are known by Name, in order to this great and mighty Transmutation. Wherefore it is given me to advise you, that you give way to this Live Coal within you, that so it may burn away all the Dross and Tin, so as nothing but the Golden matter, for Coagulation with the Deity may remain upon this Almighty and most Sublime Thing, that is concealed in your Inward Furnace. Do ye still wait upon Ministering Fuel to it, that your fire may never go out? Do ye still take out from the Pool of Golden Oyl; which will then make you come to that Heighth, as even to a Perfect Jasper Purity; which will, whatever it toucheth, turn into its own Source, Light and Power? This is the White Stone, to which the Bride of the New Jerusalem will be joyned, and which will be hung in her Crown. Therefore after nothing less, ye beloved ones, do ye aspire: And say not in your Hearts, How can this be? Let that be cast upon your God’s All-sufficiency, that by Wisdom’s Stone will do High, Mighty, and Marvelous things, through them, with whom it shall be found, that only shall have the honour of bringing the Jerusalem down, to be seen within this Orb. For in such in whom the Stone of Wisdom is sown, and grown up, are the Lookers, and the Expectors to see this wonderful Time. Others who believe nothing of it, will stand without this City, amongst the Worshippers of the Beast; none of whom can Traffick, or Merchandize amongst the precious Foundation Stones. Which are the Purchase of the Lamb, for his Conquering Tribe, to follow after him, with Palms of Victory over all fears and doubts, that spring from Unbelief; which hath kept numberless out, and stopped their Ascending up hither.

3. Now to you, who through the Agate Windows of this walled City are given to look in, know that it is granted for no other end, but to take your Eye, and to draw your whole Spiritual Body herein: It is not to Tantalize you, or to let you see only the Tree of Vertue, and not hereof to touch, nor taste; but ye are evermore to live upon it. When ye, as fixed Inhabitants, shall no more go out, this Tree will be Food of most high Virtual Strength, Power and Spirit. This Word then I will only drop, and leave with you, to wait in pure Love Patience, till for this last Remove, the Stone Within do Complete you, through its All-Tincturing Power.


The  STILL ETERNITY. [Sep.13, 1695]

1. As I was considering the high and weighty Work, whereunto we are called, my Spirit was immediately caught up into an High Region, that was all Calm and Still, where I saw no Figures or Images: But there was a wonderful Light which Flowed into me like a River. Then it was opened in me, that this was the Creating Light, from whence all Beings did proceed; & that what was now expected as a New Creation, must be brought forth from the Stillness of this Light, with which the Soul’s Essence must be Mingled: And that from this Union the Variety of the Wonders should be produced in the World.

2. It was further said to me, that I had been long driven to hit the furthest Centre of all Centres, but the Plummet Line of my Spirit, was too short to Fathom that deep Gulf, which was in a Visional Figure some years ago shewn to me. This being led by the Spirit to call to mind, there came before mine internal Eye a Deep Abyss, that opened it self, and Streamed forth, with such a commixture in all variety of Colours, of Precious Stones, so dreadfully Sparkling and Glorious, that no other, but a simple and abstracted Spirit, could behold it, and much less enter into, and so be Mingled with it; according as I was both times invited and called to.

3. This Second time it was renewed to me, by an Internal Opening; from which it was given me to understand, that this Godhead-Gulf, was now broken up, for a Streaming forth with that high mixed Matter, which would Deify, and Tincture the Soulish Essence that had been under the Depravity. Then it was said to me by the Spirit, that this was the true and right Baptism, into the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; by which the Soul would return to its first Original, and then would know it self to have Power in GOD, as his Virgin Heart and Spouse, to do and act agreeable unto so high an Unity. This is the Summity of all Depths that can be searched into. Do but study this, and the Eternal Abyssal World will, from its Stillness, come to Qualify with, and Operate in you, in order to the wished-for Transmutation. Hereby will you into all Wisdom’s Treasures be admitted, and the Walls about your habitation shall be the Rock of Fire-Stones, in which Munition Strength, your Hiding shall be, as in God’s own Secrecy, until you go forth to Proclaim another Day of PENTECOST.








By a Noble and Worthy
Inquirer was, upon his own
sent to be RESOLVED.


TO Answer a Query, Why such Departed Souls that are detained in the Middle Regions do often attract, and draw their near Relations and Friends to be with them? This you must know, proceeds from a most intimate Unity that was betwixt them while Living; whence not having Center’d their Loves higher than what was Elementary, the Deceased may have much power to draw away the Life of such out of the Body: Of which kind some Instances have been known. Let this therefore be a good Caution, to all dear, and near Relations, to carry up their Love to one another, beyond what is but Creaturely. But this know, that no Departed Spirit can have any force or power over the Living, without they be such as are of Low Birth, under the Laws and Rudiments of this World, and the Constellations of the Starry World: But as for them, who are got up higher, by the supernatural Birth, they are out of danger to be reached by any Departed Spirits; For such are above their Influence, as making GOD their Centre only.

It hath been shewed to me also, that there is a great Congruity betwixt the highest Degrees of Saints, departed into the Mount Sion, and Jerusalem Principle; with such here as have attained to that high Birth, which can reach their Principle. Now this sort act quite after another kind, they do not so much covet to draw them out of the Body, as to Influence, and bring down their Gifts and Powers into Manifestation, in, and through those whom they stand in such Love-Unity with. These Perfect Spirits in the Separated order do well know, and take notice, who are most fitly Qualified, though in Bodies Elementary, for Immersement with them, and do thereby communicate, and disperse the Light of New Revelations into this Lower Principle; that so the Inhabitants herein may come hereby to be Enlightened and Transformed. For these Blessed ones above, do with much longing, wait for their Kingdom to be Opened, and spread among Mortals, till Immortality shall swallow up all in its own Everlasting Light and Life.

This I thought meet to superadd to the foregoing Subject, as the Opening renewed in me from Wisdom’s Centre: As now being under a Commission to keep nothing back, that may serve for the Information, or Satisfaction of Wisdom’s Meek and Lowly Children, who are restless Inquirers to learn and understand, what in this Her Rising Day is to be Proclaimed to the whole Earth.


F I N I S.


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