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December 12, 2023

. . . for Guidance  along  the WAY to the INTERNAL Kingdom of God

Precious writings from out of the Past — that have, until now, been reserved for the elite of theology and those few who have had access to private religious archives — are now being made available in electronic form.

God has always spoken to those who were listening and so it continues today.  In this LAST AGE, it seems fitting that all searching souls should have access to material that was heretofore unavailable, for their own study and spiritual growth.  The World Wide Web of the Internet seems more than just a coincidence in that it provides exactly that medium whereby these writings can be freely shared.

Once considered to be of great spiritual value — until they were suppressed by the reigning religious leaders of the day — these manuscripts were brought forth long ago by obedient sons and daughters of God, acting as instruments to record for all humankind, these amazing revelations and messages, that were given to ALL men and women for their spiritual growth and enlightenment.   Over the centuries, these documents have been faithfully preserved and protected by other vessels, who were called to do so.   We all are the beneficiaries of their obedience and courage.

If you are a seeker of truth, who would undertake the study of these writings, you need not be a scholar, preacher, priest or religious leader — you need only be very serious about your spiritual walk.   The names of the human writers — so far removed from us in time — are not so important as their common Source of Wisdom and the missing pieces that they provide, to the great unfolding puzzle of Time and Eternity.    Be prepared to give them the necessary time and attention that will be required of you, in order to uncover the Pearl of Great Price that may be found within.

This is not light or easy reading, as the usage of the language may not be familiar to modern readers.  However, with patience and a teachable spirit, it is manageable and most certainly worth the effort.   What better reason to pray for help and guidance than to find our proud intellects and reasoning powers put upon uncertain ground?

Or . . . in the words of Brother Jacob Boehme . . .

Dear Reader,
If thou wilt use these Words aright, and art in good Earnest, thou shalt certainly find the Benefit thereof.    But I desire thou mayest be warned, if thou art not in Earnest, not to meddle with the dear Names of God, in and by which the most High Holiness is invoked, moved, and powerfully desired, lest they kindle the Anger of God in thy Soul.   For we must not abuse the Holy Names of God.   This little Book is only for those that would fain repent, and are in a Desire to begin.   Such will find what Manner of Words therein, and whence they are born.   Be you herewith commended to the Eternal Goodness and Mercy of God.”

And . . .we would add . . .
If the desire of your heart is to be a true follower of the Lord, JESUS, the Christ of Nazareth, in His fullness, then read on.    If not, then leave off now and turn aside.

But for you who desire with all your heart, mind and strength to find a deeper walk, a clearer truth, and a right relationship with your Creator, as well as for you, who long to be a vessel worthy of your Master's use — these morsels of counsel come out of the past as spiritual meat for a hungry and steadfast few.

Let what is transcribed here be judged as to its origin by the Holy Spirit that is within you — not by intellect, reason, tradition, committee or majority.    Hide the precious truths in your heart;   sit quietly before the Lord and allow Him access to your soul;
  be still and tend with all earnestness and resolve to the inward work that must take place in your very own mind, heart, spirit, soul and body.

On-Line Manuscripts

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Theologia Germanica
by an Anonymous Author — From the mid 1300's, the author is identified only as a Priest and Warden in the house of the Teutonic Order.     The same Mysteries relayed here would later be treated by both Jacob Behmen (Jakob Boehme), in the 17th century and by William Law in the 18th Century in much more depth and detail as they were led and inspired.    The restored version presented here was discovered in 1850 and differs from the corrupted texts that had been circulating since the early 1500's.    The reader will find the former missing [and now restored] words being shown within square brackets throughout the document preserved on this site.
The Imitation of CHRIST   
by the Monk, Thomas a` Kempis (1380-1471) : Excerpts containing some Dialogues with his Lord.
Excerpts from the Writings of Hiel    NEW   as of October, 2015.
On the Necessity of Renunciation of Self plus What and Who Hinders our Dying to our Own Self: by Hiel (Hendrik Jansen van Barrefelt {or Barrevelt} ) — (1520-1594)   Appearing in the Netherlands in the 16th Century,  a profuse preacher and writer, Hiel was published in Low Dutch, later in High Dutch or Old German.    These two excerpts were taken from recovered Old German selections of Hiel's writings, that were found, collected and translated into English in 1781 by Francis Okely under the title, A Faithful Narrative of God's Gracious Dealings with Hiel, which Collection is available on-line at Google Books.
Astrology Theologized
or Seeking Theology's Rule Over Astrology: by Valentin Weigel (Valentine Weigelius) — (1553-1588)   A mystical writer whose ideas influenced Jacob Boehme, and other German Protestant mystics of the 17th Century.    This is a Treatise upon the Influence of the Stars on Man, and the Art of Ruling Them by the Law of Grace. 
Treasures from the Writings of Jacob Boehme (1575-1624)
A brief history of the humble German shoemaker, Jacob Behmen (Jakob Boehme), who shook and baffled the religious leaders of his day (the early 1600's) with his visionary writings...followed by some “Treasures from his Works”.
The Way to Christ
by Jacob Behmen (Jakob Boehme) — 1622:  On-Line reproductions consisting of Boehme's works: Of True Repentance, Of True Resignation, Of Regeneration, The SuperSensual Life, Of Heaven and Hell and The Way from Darkness to True Illumination transcribed from Volume Four, of The Works of Jacob Behmen, The Teutonic Theosopher; Reverend William Law's  Edition in English: London..
Of True Repentance
by Jacob Behmen (Jakob Boehme) — 1622:  How Man must stir himself in Mind and Will;   and what his Consideration and earnest Purpose must be, when he will perform powerful and effectual Repentance:   And with what Mind he must appear before God, when he would ask, so as to obtain, Remission of his Sins.
Of True Resignation
or Dying to SELF: by Jacob Behmen (Jakob Boehme) — 1622:   How Man must DAILY die to his OWN Will in SELF;   how he must bring his Desire into God, and what he should ask and desire of God;   likewise How he must spring up out of the dying sinful Man, with a new Mind and Will through the Spirit of Christ;   also What the Old and New Man are, and what each of them is in Life, Will and Practice.
Of Regeneration or The New Birth
by Jacob Behmen (Jakob Boehme) — 1622:   How he that earnestly seeketh Salvation, must suffer himself to be brought out of the confused and contentious Babel, by the Spirit of CHRIST, that he may be born a-new in the Spirit of CHRIST, and live to Him only.
The SuperSensual Life
or The Life Which is Above Sense: by Jacob Behmen (Jakob Boehme) — 1622:   Two DIALOGUES between a disciple and his Master showing How the Soul may attain to Divine HEARING and VISION – to a life above sense;   and What its Childship in the Natural and Supernatural Life is;   and How it passeth out of Nature into God, and out of God into Nature and Self again;   also What its Salvation and Perdition are, and What is the Partition Wall that separates the Soul from God, and How the Breaking down of this Partition is effected;   of the two Wills and two Eyes within the Fallen Soul;   and What is the shortest WAY to the attainment of the Internal Kingdom of God and Why so few Souls do find It.
Of Heaven and Hell
by Jacob Behmen (Jakob Boehme) — 1622:   A DIALOGUE between a SCHOLAR,and his MASTER showing Whither the blessed and the damned Souls go when they depart from their Bodies;   and How Heaven and Hell are in Man;   Where the Angels and Devils dwell in this World's Time;   How far Heaven and Hell are asunder;   and What and Whence the Angels and Human Souls are;   What the Body of Man is;   and Why the Soul is capable of receiving Good and Evil;   Of the Destruction of the World;    Of Man's Body in and after the Resurrection;   Where Heaven and Hell shall be;   Of the Last Judgment;   and Why the Strife in the Creature must be. 
The Way from Darkness to True Illumination
by Jacob Behmen (Jakob Boehme) — 1622:  A DISCOURSE between a SOUL, hungry and thirsty, after the FOUNTAIN OF LIFE, the Sweet Love of JESUS CHRIST, and a SOUL ENLIGHTENED showing Which Way one Soul should seek after and comfort another, and bring it by Means of its Knowledge into the Paths of Christ's Pilgrimage, and faithfully warn it of the thorny Way of the World, which leadeth the fallen Soul that naturally walketh therein, into the Abyss or Pit of Hell.
A Compendium of Repentance   
or The Key to Divine Mysteries.   by Jacob Behmen (Jakob Boehme) — dated the 9th of February, 1623:   A short Description of the KEY which opens the DIVINE MYSTERIES, and leadeth to the KNOWLEDGE of them.   “Whosoever is desirous to attain  to Divine Vision in himself, and to speak with God in Christ, let him follow this course, and he shall attain it.

Jacob Boehme Sampler:  File One     
File One:   Contains the entire Author's Preface to Aurora: The Day Spring;   excerpts from the Appendix to The Three Principles of the Divine Essence, entitled “Fundamental and True Description of the Threefold Life in Man”;    two excerpts from The Three Principles of the Divine Essence;   five excerpts from The Threefold Life of Man.
Jacob Boehme Sampler:  File Two   
File Two:  Contains excerpts from Forty Questions Concerning the Soul;  four excerpts from The Threefold Life of Man;   one  excerpt from The Three Principles of the Divine Essence;   an excerpt from Mysterium Magnum;   and two excerpts from The Epistles of Jacob Behmen.
An Address to the Earnest Lovers of Wisdom    
Seekers of Wisdom over the ages are reviewed and advice is given to the Readers of Jacob Boehme as to what they may expect to find among his writings and how to approach them for best results.  Here is a reproduction of this short address which appeared very near the beginning of Volume One of Four, of The Works of Jacob Behmen, The Teutonic Theosopher; Reverend William Law's  Edition in English: London, 1764.
The Life of Jacob Behmen (Jacob Boehme) 
Here is presented a transcription and reproduction of a manuscript that offers valuable perspective and insight which is worthy of attention.   The text appeared  near the beginning of Volume One of Four, of The Works of Jacob Behmen, The Teutonic Theosopher; Reverend William Law's  Edition in English:  London, 1764.
Other On-Line Works of Jacob Boehme [Jacob Behmen]   
The Antichrist in Man  
by Joseph Salmon, a Member of the ARMY — 1647  A discovery of the Great WHORE that sits upon many Waters, Wherein is declared what that Whore or inward Mystery is;  together with the destruction thereof, by the powerfull appearing of Christ in us.   The opening of the many roles assumed by the Wisdom of our Flesh, the breadth and scope of her influence, and the best remedy that one might pursue...
The Spiritual Guide - 2 Excerpts 
by Miguel de Molinos (Michael de Molinos) — 1675:   How to find and hear that which Disentangles the Soul and brings it by the Inward Way to the Getting of Perfect Contemplation, and the Rich Treasure of Internal Peace.   Book One:  Of the Darkness, Dryness, and Temptations wherewith God purges Souls, and of Internal Recollection.   Book Three:  Of Spiritual Martyrdoms whereby God Purges Souls;  Of Contemplation, infused and passive;  Of Perfect Resignation, Inward Humility, Divine Wisdom, True Annihilation, and Internal Peace.
Jane Lead Manuscripts
A Bibliography of her Authentic Prophetic Works, and a List of available on-line transcriptions of the authentic Editions of Jane Lead's Works here at Pass the WORD.    Also contains links to other writings of those associated with the Philadelphian Society, as well as a link pointing to the connection between Jane Lead and the Early Shakers.  [Note from PTW: Beware of the adulterated renditions of the works of Jane Lead being produced and offered at   These documents are NOT true to the original authentic manuscripts.]
An Introduction to Jane Lead (1624-1704)   
Informative historical material, gleaned from the works of certain named scholars, essayists, professors and researchers about the life and times of Jane Lead, has been merged with biographical content from the writings of both Jane Lead and Francis Lee.
The Heavenly Cloud now Breaking
by Jane Lead — 1681:   Jane Lead's first published Prophetic Work, brought forth for guidance and direction to the “dying Saints” as to the necessary progressive steps to be expected and looked toward, in the required inward work of Christ Jesus which is imperative in each believer, who would answer the Nazarite call to completion, in order for the accomplishment of the long-awaited Manifestation of the “Sons of God” upon the Earth.  This was published first to the World in 1681 by Jane Lead according to her received Order from God's Virgin Wisdom.
The Heavenly Cloud now Breaking – Second Edition 
by Jane Lead — 1701:   The authentic second edition of Jane Lead's first published Prophetic Work, which contains some corrections, modifications and additional sections of text.     New Readers of Jane Lead might best choose this 2nd Edition for study.     Seasoned Readers may review the changes made by  J. L. in this 2nd Edition by viewing the on-screen rendering of this manuscript.
The Revelation of Revelations
by Jane Lead — 1683:   Jane Lead's second published Prophetic Work, brought forth for illumination and clarification to the Nazarite Flock, regarding a further opening, unsealing and discovery of the Seven Seals, the Seven Thunders, and the new Jerusalem State, which they are to look to in themselves – also glimpsing the role of the Divine Magia who shall work in the Holy Ghost's Power as commissioned from the New Jerusalem Realm.   
The Revelation of Revelations – Second Edition     
by Jane Lead — 1701:   The authentic second edition of Jane Lead's second published Prophetic Work, which contains some corrections, modifications and additional sections of text.     New Readers of Jane Lead might best choose this 2nd Edition for study.     Seasoned Readers may review what was changed or added in this 2nd Edition by viewing the on-screen rendering of this manuscript.
The Enochian Walks with God
by Jane Lead — 1694:    Jane Lead's third published Prophetic Work, showing what the Nazarites are to understand of the renewal of Mind and Heart that is absolutely necessary in order to achieve a walk with God such as Enoch had;  of the role of the Eternal Virgin in the birth of JESUS, within each one...and those things that hinder the Process and prevent the Soul from Progress.  Also revealed is an early glimpse of the mechanism for Universal Restoration of all Apostatized Spirits and Creatures to their God and Creator again.
The Laws of Paradise
by Jane Lead — 1695:    Jane Lead's fourth published Prophetic Work, wherein the Wisdom of God reveals to her the further requirements for those who would follow the high Nazarite Calling to gain access to the realm of Paradise before the Death of their Mortal Bodies, and what hinders the Progress of the striving Soul.  Included is an Encounter with the Prince of this World who tempts the advancing Soul with his own version of the Ten laws – and how the Called-out Soul responds to him.
The Wonders of God's Creation Manifested in the Variety of Eight Worlds
by Jane Lead — 1695:    Jane Lead's fifth published Prophetic Work, revealing more details of the Eight Worlds, Stations,  Regions or Centres, allotted to Human Souls after the time of this Life is passed, for the purposes of their Purgation, Advancement and Restoration unto the Most High God.
The Message to the Philadelphian Society
by Jane Lead — 1696:   Jane Lead's sixth published Prophetic Work, wherein the Godhead reviews the state of the Christian churches of her day, and finds them all to be as Babylon, lacking the qualifications of the true Bride of Christ without which, the Lord Jesus Christ will not return.  The witness by which the true Bride will be known is again stated; corrections are given to false teaching concerning the 144,000; reasons as to why so few seekers have yet gained membership in the most holy Virgin Church are repeated. 
A Second Message to the Philadelphian Society
by Jane Lead — 1696:    A further Manifestation concerning the Virgin Philadelphian Church;  Published at the same printing as the First Message.
The Tree of Faith
by Jane Lead — 1696:    Jane Lead's seventh published Prophetic Work, brought forth to exhort the Nazarite candidates to realize that their Faith did not come up to the ancient Apostolical Faith, and what had stopped it for some 2000 years.  Details as to what yet is needed, what is lacking and what is vitally necessary so that they could be prepared and trained to do the Wonders which the last Age of the World is to produce.
The Ark of Faith
by Jane Lead — 1696:    Published within the same printing as The Tree of Faith, this supplement further describes the Ark that will collect all those who have been emptied of Self, whose Faith is firm, whose vessel is pure, prepared and trained to obedience, that the members of the Godhead might work through them in the last Age of the World.
A Fountain of Gardens Volume I
by Jane Lead — 1696:   Jane Lead's revealing personal Journal of her Spiritual Encounters during the years from 1670–1676 — published for the practical benefit of  fellow seekers. also   The Editor to the Reader by Francis Lee M.D.
A Revelation of the Everlasting Gospel Message
by Jane Lead — 1697:    Jane Lead receives further revelation on the Restitution of the Whole Lapsed Creation, whether Human or Angelical – wherein her Lord Christ answers objections that had been raised since her publication of The Enochian Walks with God.  She records in detail His corrections to the common, popular beliefs held by corrupted christianity which are explained in depth as the Counsel of God makes known the true Extent of the Love of God to Man and to the Angels.
A Fountain of Gardens Volume II
by Jane Lead — 1697:   A continuation of Jane Lead's personal Journal of her Spiritual Encounters during the year, 1677 — published for the practical benefit of  fellow seekers. also   The Editor to the Reader by Francis Lee M.D.
The Messenger of An Universal Peace
by Jane Lead — 1698:  A Third Message to the Philadelphian Society including “The Marks of a True Philadelphian”.  Another of Jane Lead's Prophetic Works from the Godhead...this one further sounding the alarm to those who seek to make up the Philadelphian Church and what has captured, distracted and deceived them along their Way back to the state of Adam before his fall, offering a detailed account and a loving call to all of the corrupted historical churches.  Included is a list of signs and descriptions against which to measure our own inward state for the purpose of awakening us from the slumber of counterfeit christianity.
The Ascent to the Mount of Vision
by Jane Lead — 1699:    One of Jane Lead's later published Prophetic Works, sent by God's Eternal Wisdom to reveal more about the internal First Resurrection, the State of Separated Souls, the Expectation of the Return of the Patriarchal Life, and the Manifestation of the Kingdom of Christ upon the Earth in the Nazarite Sons and Daughters of God.   Included are instructions to make “the States of the Deceased in the invisible Regions more publicly manifest” as well as a glimpse of the recognizable attributes to be watched for, when “the high divine Magia shall be set a work.”
The Signs of the Times
by Jane Lead — 1699:    Another of Jane Lead's later published Prophetic Works, sent by God's Eternal Wisdom to reveal not only the 7 visible signs that are to be looked for preceding the Kingdom of Christ's manifestation in the Nazarite Sons and Daughters of God, but to define as well, how to recognize the attributes, characteristics and activities of the multitudes of people captivated in the net of either the Beast's or Dragon's Kingdom in their many variations and presentations.
A Fountain of Gardens – Volume III, Part ONE
by Jane Lead — 1700:   A continuation of Jane Lead's personal Journal of her Spiritual Encounters during the year, 1678 — published for the practical benefit of  seeking Nazarites.
A Fountain of Gardens Volume III, Part TWO
by Jane Lead — 1701:   The last volume of Jane Lead's personal Journals of her Spiritual Encounters during the years 1679 to 1686 — during which time, she received the messages later published as The Heavenly Cloud, the Revelation of Revelations, The Tree of Faith, The Enochian Walks, and others.
The Wars of David and the Peaceable Reign of  Solomon
by Jane Lead — 1700:    Two Treatises containing more guidance sent by the Lord God of Hosts to the Nazarite Sons and Daughters of God ... the first:  An Alarm to the holy Warriours to Fight the Battels of the LAMB; and second: The Glory of Sharon, in the Renovation of Nature, introducing the Kingdom of Christ in his Sealed Virgins, Redeemed from the Earth.  also  The Editor to the Reader by Francis Lee M.D.
A Living Funeral Testimony
by Jane Lead — 1702:    One of Jane Lead's last published Prophetic Works, concerning more about the various States of Separated Souls;  as to what they may expect will ensue after Death, whether in Christ, or out of Christ.   Here she is further given more of the wonderful message of universal restoration in which ALL that has been impaired, desolated and “made miserable by Transgression, shall to the greatest Amazement (as the renewed Wonder-work of the Creator) be repair'd, and redeemed: God in Christ reconciling all that had Departed, and fal'n away from Him again to Himself”.
The Resurrection of Life  
by Jane Lead — 1705:    or, The Royal Characteristics and Identifying Marks impressed on Those, Who with Christ are Resurrected  TOGETHER  WITH   An Appendix of Some Prophetic Revelations all from the known Authoress, JANE LEADE.   A reverse-translation [from the old German Script back into English] of Jane Lead's last published Prophetic Work, done through a collaborative 21st century effort, is now available here at PTW.  NEW  as of June, 2010.
Self Denial and the Mystical Death   
A   JANE LEAD  COLLECTION  — The Meaning of Christ's Command to follow Him, and the Depth of its Requirements for Those who would answer the Call.  Gathered from the Prophetic Revelations of Jane Lead:   This topical Collection of Excerpts is taken from The Authentic Transcriptions of the Original Manuscripts here at Pass the WORD.
The AfterLife    NEW   as of March, 2013.
A   JANE LEAD  COLLECTION  — What awaits the Human Soul after Death of the Body? — Gathered from the Prophetic Revelations of Jane Lead in the chronological order that she received them as a result of her humble and repeated queries to her Lord regarding the multitude of souls, including those of young children, who pass from this earthly life without any knowledge of Him.   This topical Collection of Excerpts is taken from The Authentic Transcriptions of the Original Manuscripts here at Pass the WORD.
The Way to the Sabbath of Rest  plus other Works by Thomas Bromley    NEW Image added January, 2013 
by Thomas Bromley — (1629-1691):    A helpful Treatise written in the late 1600's when Thomas Bromley was a part of the Philadelphian Society with Jane Lead.    This on-line manuscript is taken from the 1744 Leeds printing and provides the Inward Man with  much assistance in recognizing the several stages of growth and fruit that are to be expected as the Spirit of Christ is allowed to work in each one.   
A Treatise of Extraordinary Divine Dispensations  plus other Works from Thomas Bromley . . .
by Thomas Bromley — (1629-1691):    The Complete Manuscript ... wherein Bromley's personal, life-long notations of scripture references regarding the supernal helps that were provided by God to his People, are laid as a Foundation for the thirteen Observations that follow, which the Holy Spirit led him to record and publish ... for the exhortation, confirmation, and encouragement of committed  seekers and followers of Christ in this Last Age.   
The Great and Gradual Work of Regeneration   plus other Works from Thomas Bromley . . .
Decoded from the Record of the Journeys of the Children of Israel as found in the Book of Numbers, Chapter 33. 
by Thomas Bromley — (1629-1691):  Bromley's surrendered gift of scholarly knowledge is made use of to unravel the 33rd Chapter of the Book of Numbers, a seemingly meaningless record of strange names — a riddle for the Jews, a boring list of names for modern Christians — to be, in reality, a hidden Mystery depicting the entire unfolding Process of Regeneration.   Much can be learned from this treatise about the Inward Walk that each believer must travel and what may be expected along the WAY.   Links to other Bromley writings are also found here.
The Real Nature of Regeneration  plus eight other short Works from Francis Lee . . . 
by Francis Lee, M.D. — (1660-1729):    An index of recovered works from the editor and publisher of most of Jane Lead's works, who served as her apologist and assisted with her correspondence later in her life.   Lee was very active during the last years of the Philadelphian Society.    Included are prefaces to two volumes of Jane Lead's “Fountain of Gardens”,  a preface to Lead's “Wars of David”,  pieces on Passive Contemplation,  Spiritual Warriours,  Regeneration,  Eternal Wisdom, and the attributes of Moses.     Note: Passages from Francis Lee's Real Nature of Regeneration were later used verbatim by William Law in his Spirit of Prayer, Part I., Chapter 2.    Wm. Law was known to have in his possession, at the time of his death, most of the papers of Francis Lee, which Wm. Law had obtained from Lee's daughter who was also the grand-daughter of Jane Lead.
A Short, Easy, and Comprehensive Method of Prayer   
by Johannes Kelpius — (1673-1708):    A helpful Treatise on internal devotion, covering all manner of Inward Prayer especially the Way to Unceasing Prayer, its benefits and results.   Written by the “Hermit of the Wissahickon”, a little known Pennsylvania Mystic, whose celibate Brotherhood of forty like-minded Protestant Monks quietly influenced the spiritual course of early America.   Their special calling — the transplanting of the Mystical Way from Europe to America, — was supported by their contact and correspondence with Jane Lead and the Philadelphian Society.
The Way to God 
by Madame Jeanne Guyon — (1648-1717):  An English translation of the which is detailed the various Inward Degrees through which the Soul must pass as it Dies to Self  — and the WAY to Union with God . . .“those Souls who tend toward God merely by the Intellect, even though they should enjoy a somewhat Spiritual Contemplation, yet can never enter into Intimate Union, if they do not quit that Path and enter this of the Inward Touch, where the whole working is in the Will.”  [Note: A modernized, heavily edited and much changed version of this manuscript is currently in print and being sold under the title, Union with God, by] 
A Short and Very Easy Method of Prayer
by Madame Jeanne Guyon — (1648-1717):   An English translation of the French...a profound and highly influential work in its time...covering the same topics that William Law would later expand upon in his Spirit of Prayer.   This manuscript, according to its author, was written primarily for beginners in the inner walk, but also for those stalled along the WAY.    It presents “a short and very easy method of prayer which ALL can practice with the greatest facility, and arrive in a short time, by its means, at a high degree of perfection.”    For Moderns to partake of this simple and practical writing, is a breath of fresh air fanning away the intellectual chaff from buried seeds of truth.    [Note: A modernized, heavily edited and much changed version of this manuscript is currently in print and being sold under the title, Experiencing the Depths in Jesus Christ, by] 
The Inner Life
by Francois Fenelon — (1651-1715):   An English translation of the French...Christian Counsel from a 300 year old writing...from a spiritual Mentor who had experienced in depth, what few moderns have only glimpsed ... practical and loving advice about the process of dying to self and what it ultimately requires.   What Jacob Boehme and William Law referred to as 'resignation to God', is referred to, by Guyon and Fenelon, as 'abandonment to God', ...but the message is the same.

Spiritual Torrents 
by Madame Jeanne Guyon — (1648-1717):  An English translation of the French ... translated from the Paris edition of 1790 by A. W. Marston.  ... a treasure recovered!    “As soon as a soul is brought under divine influence, and its return to God is true and sincere, after the first cleansing which confession and contrition have effected, God imparts to it a certain instinct to return to Him in a most complete manner, and to become united to Him.    The soul feels then that it was not created for the amusements and trifles of the world, but that it has a centre and an end, to which it must be its aim to return, and out of which it can never find true repose.    This instinct is very deeply implanted in the soul, more or less in different cases, according to the designs of God;  but all have a loving impatience to purify themselves, and to adopt the necessary ways and means of returning to their source and origin, like rivers, which, after leaving their source, flow on continuously, in order to precipitate themselves into the sea.    You will observe that some rivers move gravely and slowly, and others with greater velocity; but there are rivers and torrents which rush with frightful impetuosity, and which nothing can arrest.”    Thus begins this wonderful and enlightening manuscript written by Guyon in 1682.   [Note: A modernized, heavily edited and greatly adulterated version of this manuscript is currently in print and being sold under the title, Spiritual Torrents,  by] 
Other On-Line Works of Francois Fenelon & Madame Jeanne Guyon
An Introduction to William Law (1686-1761)    NEW material added as of January, 2011. 
Some brief Biographical Information about the 18th century Life of the blessed Instrument of God, William Law, along with many Quotes about the impact of his written Works as noted by various  “Voices from the Past”.
The Grounds and Reasons of Christian Regeneration
or The New Birth by William Law — 1739:   A compelling Case for each Reader to consider that it is only while in the redeemable State of this Life, that each Soul has its chance to readily regain its own proper Light;  that God can in no way redeem, save or enlighten a Soul in “any other Way than, as the Gospel proposes, by the Birth of the Son of God in it; that for aught you know, Infidelity, or the refusing of this Birth of the Son of God, may, at the End of Life, leave you in such a State of Self-torment, as the infinite Love of God can no way deliver you from.”
The Spirit of Prayer
by William Law — The First Part — 1749   The Soul Rising out of the Vanity of Time, into the Riches of Eternity — provides a practical way for a Soul to turn its vain Desires from Self and the Things of the World, back toward God.
and — The Second Part — 1752 ... in three Dialogues between Academicus, Rusticus, and Theophilus at which Humanus (a Deist) was silently present.   This work stresses the necessity for one to have a worshipping Heart at all times and in all places — quite independently of the external forms and rites of Religion.   It calls for the slumbering Christian to awaken, to turn within, to search and dig in his “own field” for the “Pearl of Eternity” which has been covered by the corruption of the Fall.
The Way to Divine Knowledge
by William Law — 1752 being several Dialogues (the First being a continuation of the thread begun in “The Second Part” of The Spirit of Prayer) between Humanus (by now converted to the uncorrupted Gospel and joining in the Dialogues), Academicus, Rusticus, and Theophilus.  This work continues the exposure of False Christianity.  “He that adheres only to the History of the Facts, Doctrines, and Institutions of the Gospel, without being born of its Spirit, is only such a Christian, and is no nearer to Christ, than the Jew, who carnally adhered to the Letter of the Law.   They both stand in the same Distance from Gospel Christianity.   For the Truth of Christianity is the Spirit of God living and working in it; and where this Spirit is not the Life of it, there the outward Form is but like the outward Carcass of a departed Soul.    For the Spiritual Life is as much its own Proof, as the natural Life, and needs no outward, or foreign Thing to bear Witness to it.”    
   The Second and Third Dialogues contain discussions and openings of the Works of Jacob Boehme [Behmen], their Nature, Purpose and End, along with the right Use and Manner of reading them.
The Spirit of Love
by William Law
The  First  Part   — 1752
   in A Letter to a Friend. an Exposition that God is Love and that true Christianity is the Religion of Love, and all its gifts and graces are the Gifts and Graces of Love.  Moreover, Law deals with the reasons why Man, of his own efforts, can never achieve the practice of this wondrous Love. 
The  Second  Part — 1754
    in Three Dialogues. the Exposure of, and the Corrections to the erroneous teachings of modern Christianity regarding the terms of Righteousness, Justice, Wrath and Vengeance of God, as found so much in Scripture;  and how these terms are truly to be understood.

An Humble, Earnest and Affectionate Address to the CLERGY
by William Law — 1761   finished a few days before his death on April 9th, 1761 and published the same year in which Law exposed, in a firm and loving way, the Corruptions to the original Gospel being perpetrated on the Flock of Christ by the “Clergy”;   these Adulterations, Convolutions, and Counterfeits  had already become prevalent in Law's time;   since then, they have multiplied a thousand-fold as we see them from the viewpoint of the 21st century.    Law's last work is a challenge to all those who consider themselves to be Followers of Christ, especially the Leaders, Elders, learned Bible Scholars, Evangelists, Teachers, Academics and Apologists of modern Christendom.

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The Recovered Manuscripts listed above, are from our Brethren who lived upon the Earth from the mid-1300's to the mid-1700's.  For those of you who are led to look at more current Reports as to the diabolical Corruption of the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, that has occurred on Earth since these manuscripts were written, there is more at Pass the WORD that deals with the state of the Gospel in these present End Times.

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