AUTHENTIC REPRODUCTION of the Original Printing — 1694

Jane Lead, 17th Century Prophetess of God [1624–1704]: Her Third published Prophetic Work bringing Divine Manifestations and Knowledge from the Godhead. 

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Jane Lead’s
The Enochian Walks with God


The Enochian Walks with God

Jane Lead’s third published Prophetic Work, brought forth for illumination and clarification  to the Nazarite Flock, as to what they are to understand of the renewal of the Mind and Heart that is absolutely necessary to achieve a walk with God such as Enoch had;  of the role of the Eternal Virgin in the birth of JESUS, within each one;  and the things that hinder the Process and prevent the Soul from Progress.  Also revealed is an early glimpse of the mechanism for Universal Restoration of all Apostatized Spirits and Creatures to their God and Creator again. This authentic work was made public in 1694.


This authentic manuscript from the 17th century has been out of print for a very long time and has been generally inaccessible to the general public.  It contains terminology and wording that are missing from modern edited versions.

The on-line reproduction presents the authentic old manuscript "as close to the original as possible" — rendering  the text and appearance of the 1694 printing without any interpretation or commentary — both of which are here left for the Spirit of Truth, who will always provide for the seeking and humble in heart.   Notes of the author, that were printed in the margins of the original, have been included "in-line" with the text, but are shown in a reduced size.





Enochian Walks with God,

Found out by a

S P I R I T U A L - T R A V E L L E R,

Whose Face Towards

M O U N T - S I O N

Above was Set.


Gen. 5. Verse 22,

Enoch walked with God, and was not,
for God took him.


An Experimental Account of what was Known,
Seen, and met withal there.

As to an Essay to a further Revelation of an Immense and Infinite Latitude of GOD’s Love, to the Restoring His whole Creation, and How, and after what Way and Manner we are to Look, and Wait for this Last Appearance, and coming of our Mighty GOD, and Saviour CHRIST JESUS.

O come and see, what the Holy One in His Spirit, is working down, and revealing, in order to His Appearing !


Written by JANE LEAD, in this Year.  1694



Printed, and sold by D. Edwards in Nevils-Ally in Fetter Lane. 1694.





Introduction, and Apology

To the following

D I S C O U R S E.

MY Friends, who in the universal Love, of the God of Love do dwell, to you I doubt not but the Matter of this Discourse may find Acceptance, as it is a Message from above, of good, and Glad-tidings to the whole Creation, from the beginning of Time, to the final End and extension thereof; for God’s bounteous Grace will thereto reach. But this Love doth express it self, not only by saving, and delivering from an endless Punishment, as the just Merit of Transgression, and Disobedience which is proclaimed to the whole Adamical Fallen Race by him who was made an Offering for Sin: But be it known, God’s Love is not so clearly seen or illustrated. If, (O if) Here it should stop in this visible way of Redemption by Christ; but it must go much deeper in bringing forth a new created God-like Similitude in the Soul; that what was diminished, and disappeared, may be repaired by the Birth of the Holy Ghost, conceived, and so springing up, Intrinsical, for a thorough Renovation in every part of the Soul; This you will find to be the whole scope and drift of what is written here; God having Taught me by his Spirit, in this great Mystery, of Inward Redemption; I found my self Impulsed and under a Constraint to make it Publick before my Decease (being aged 70 Years) that so this Treasure might not die with me; not knowing but that it may be my last Farewell to this World, Therefore have hastened to do my Lord and Master’s Work whilst the Day spring from on high doth shine upon me; if the outward Day of my Life is lengthened out to me, it shall (all-improving of it) be as my most delightful Employ being called to it from on high.

Now to come to the matter in hand, as to the Title which this Subject doth bear, it is not an outward flourishing sound, but from a most Essential and Experimental ground from which this goeth forth; which if otherwise, in my circumstances, I should not have rendered by self publick: For every Woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her Head uncovered dishonoureth her Head. 1Cor.11.5. But Christ being my Head-covering, I have both Commission, and Munition-strength, upon which I shall proceed, and go forward, and say something as to the first part, which is the Spring-flower of the Mind, Essenced in a Never-dying Root, which renders the face of the Mind perfect in Beautifulness, for Love, and delight to him who is the Express brightness of the Father’s Light, in which you will (as in a Glass) see the Royal Degrees, and Spiritual Assents with Festival Entertainments in the Spirit so prepared, that may be for an Inviting Imitation to the Heaven-born Spirits, as also to them that are yet unborn, that all may labour, in such a heavenly Habit of Mind for to be found.

The next part which I have to commend to the Reader is according to the Inscription of the Book, (The Enochian Life) that so hidden, and unknown hath been; yet by the Spiritual Pilgrim, and Traveller found; and may still be found by such as shall cease from walking after the Flesh and Worldly ways, and resolve to take up, to walk with God in the Spirit. For if once you can clear, and get off here, from these low clogging and heavy, sandy ways, then you may enter into these high and pleasant Walks with GOD, which when you are once come into, you will meet with those various Sweets, and Delights, that will Ingage you to keep to them, because good Company you will here meet; if but few among Mortals, yet numerous of the Heavenly Society will walk, and talk with you from those upper Regions whereto your Travels tend, of the which I have given an Account for Encouragement, and Motive to draw up Holy, and separated Spirits Hereunto; who have Liberty, and Opportunity, to know beforehand the Riches, and pleasant Things of this Heavenly Country to contemplate upon them, for which End I have joyned and added to this first part what was opened and revealed to me last Year, 1693, where you will see a particular Knowledge and Experience of what the Saints yet abiding in this lower World may enjoy of Communion with Holy and Separated Spirits of the Higher World, which may be of great advantage.

Also a little Tract lately manifested in what way and manner we may expect the LORD JESUS, his Appearance, about which so many prophecies and sounds in this present Age have gone forth. I have according to my Gift laid the sure Foundation for both his present and future Appearance in the World. Sure I am, he doth, and will send his Messenger before his Face, which is the Spirit of refining Fire to prepare for his more Visible and Splenderous coming in his Kingdom, to make Kings, Priests, and Prophets, to Reign in, and with Him on the Earth; and when we shall see more of this multiplying Oyl of the Holy Ghost poured forth upon those that are Lookers for this Blessed Hope, and most glorious Reign of Christ; then we may expect he may be drawing near.

Therefore in order hereunto, all Publick, and private Pastours and Teachers, should know what to go forth with, and declare, and Preach up the Ministry of the Spirit to make ready all Nations, People, and Languages to call them in, and by the Power of the Everlasting Gospel, the which powerful Sound may reach in Christ’s Spirit to the Free and Bound, whether in the Body, or out. For this Gospel will so far extend, beyond the Limits of time, to Creatures in ages yet confined, of the which Latitude of redeeming Love you will in this Volume find declared, of being also a revealed Truth, which I was not from the World to conceal; And as for those Scriptures that may be alledged against it, they were to me Interpreted This Point to reconcile, and thus opened, that as the LORD CHRIST did go and preach to the Spirits in Prison that were disobedient in the days of Noah, (or before, and since) who in Bonds did remain in low Regions, at whose appearance did Then find deliverance, or else to what end did he preach to them? as you may see in Peter; and so again at his second and last Appearance, when he shall come to judge the quick and the dead, where will pass just and righteous Sentence according to every ones Work; yet will this Judge reserve in himself the liberty to Release, and Remission give, to all that in fiery Purgations have passed, and are humbled thereby.

Take notice of what the Apostle Paul speaks of in this Matter, to be saved so as by fire; and as to that great Objection made from Christ’s Words, Go ye Cursed into Everlasting Punishment (which is opposed to the short Limits of this World; and admits only of number of ages, which Suffering, and Punishments there may yet be) yet it is not to be beyond the Time of CHRIST: (the LORD’s completing, and delivering up the Kingdom to his Father) for GOD was, is, and so hath designed in CHRIST to reconcile all to himself which was at odds with him; for it is not to be the least doubted but the Efficacy of Christ, the second Adam, by the merit of his Blood-shed, and his Spirit given therein which will make all good again, which the first Adam had made evil.

Much more I might enlarge, but I hope this may suffice, only to consider That Scripture of the Romans, Chap.5 Ver 14,15, and 16, which is enough to clear and satisfie that the Plaster provided, is much broader than what the Wound of Sin hath made.

This ( O Reader ) who ever thou art, know, I have been hereto from a heavenly Power driven to clear up, and vindicate the Royal, and Generous Goodness, and Love of the Holy Trinity, agreeing all in Unity, for the reconciling and bringing back again into themselves whatever of a spiritual quality was scattered and divided from them, which in the dispensation of the fulness of Time will be made manifest to the wonderful Amazement, for all of God’s Creation to Love, and Praise, and Exalt, and pay their Adoration to their merciful Creator that hath completed such an Universal Redemption; only suffer this Word of Caution and Counsel, That none presume to turn This Grace of GOD into a vitious and careless way of Living, For Anguish and Terrour, of Soul, and Suffering, will be upon them here, and hereafter; all which, may be prevented in the time of this Life by an inward, Circumcision in Spirit, and mortifying the Evil Nature bringing it into a Subjection to the Law of the Spirit of Holiness; For I must solemnly Profess to all such as do loosely and vainly live, That they will have no part in the first Resurrection, but be cut off from all those pleasant and unconceivable Joys, and glorious, and filling Springs of refreshing from the Presence of GOD, and the Lamb, which in this present Life may be tasted as the first Fruits of the full Harvest. I do this aver (as from what I have known in my own Particular) That if there were no Reward of a future Blissful happy State when this Life shall end, I should think it a very great Felicity to have a present Participation of the Spirit of Christ, and thereby be cloathed with his Divine Nature, and live in the present Enjoyment of all those Ineffable Immunities that I have here given a Real account of according to Experience, which I do hope, and pray with all Power of Prayer, That what hath been by the Holy Spirit of Immanuel unfolded here, may be Received, and Entertained, as the golden Oyl from the Dropping Olive-Tree; that as the anointed Ones of the LORD do multiply for a priestly Kingdom here upon the Earth; (The which Subject hath been Treated of, and Published by the Author in 1683) Entitled the Seven Seals’ broke open, by Divine Revelation (some of which are yet to be had in my possession) and as the Day of the Spirit does more get up, and shine forth in this present Generation in Heart and Mind, which only can be expected from such upon whom the Anointing is poured forth plentifully, That may be so well stored with That Pure Grain and golden Seed, as they may as Sowers go forth to Sow it everywhere. Oh how were it to be wished, and how much would it be my Joy to know such powerful Sowers in this our Day, which may bring forth a pure white Lily Crop of Spirits, with whom Christ our Kingly Shepherd may walk and feed; Then he will be no longer a stranger to his Fold here upon Earth, but be well known to be our feeding Pasture continually. But I shall here now stop, and with this Word conclude, (as if it were my last Dying-Speech) which I do direct to all Ranks, Sorts, and Degrees, and more especially, to them who are Called, and Liberty have to exercise a true Spiritual Ministry, That they may know what This Season and Time may call for, being now past the first and second Number of Time; and are come to the Half-time: Therefore go forth with your anointed Shield, and with your Horn fill’d with Oil of the Spirit. Spare not to sound your Trumpets of the Spirit, that may gather in from the utmost parts of the Earth, that they may both, see, know, and partake of this Dawning and Day-star rising first in our Hearts, and from thence lead most rightly where we may our Princely Redeemer see Eye to Eye in Kingly Majesty. For the which end it is Incumbent, and chargeable upon you to propagate this fore-runner of our Lord Christ, which is the Spirits ministry, as the One, and All that I have to leave, and commend to you who Lovers, and Walkers are in this Spiritual way which hath been here described by the Spirit of CHRIST in




The Flower of the Mind.

May 12th. 1694

A Flower from the Paradisiacal ground hath appeared, the Nature and Property of which is never to fade, or die; for its descent is from on high, which is the Lord, the quickening Spirit from Eternity.

THIS is the Plant that has put forth it self, distinct from the outward Nature in me; well known it is by its pleasant Scent, qualifying with Fragrant Love, so very sweet, and mild, that it harmoniseth the Soul to that degree That it feels no other life, than a Ghostly Deity; That is the Root which feeds this Rosie Flower of the Mind, with a certain kind of Balsamic Virtue; that so its beauty is of a Blushing freshness always.

Now herein lieth the greatest of all Mysteries, That under the Covert of a mortal Human form, such an anointed Cherub, should There live and move, as having the fire-sparkling Eye, that pierceth into the Heavens, there to view, and see, what is of its own Kind, and Property, transplanted into That upper Region: for known it is to me, that Spirits, Pure, and Separate from this gross Earth, may be both with Christ the Head, and with his body of Saints, who in the Heights of Glory are.

Yet mutual Greeting and Conversation allowed may be, as springing from one Eternal root and ground, coupled together in Loves golden Chain of Everlasting Unity.

But it is given me to understand that such Saints which are yet in the Body, (that is yet Corporeal) they must be highly spirited, and much estranged from themselves, as considered in an outward creaturely Life; for That part must be silenced, and shut up; when ever the Soul, in this Body would hold a Communion, or spiritual Conference with the Kingly Shepherd, and That upper Fold.

Now from hence it is to be concluded, they must be High Graduated Souls, that are privileged to come up Here to this Heavenly Court. Every Spirit according to its growth and attainment, so it will be ranked with such as are above; each one joined to its like in Heavenly places: for so it will be, whilst in the body of time, and when There from separated (Oh my Friends, whoever This comes to know) they will little care for any other Society but what is above; for Christ being Glorified, He mightily doth draw pure Spirits to be with him, as their most proper Center, and Dwelling-place.

The body of Sin, and Flesh, hath been indeed a great Impediment to such Heavenly-minded Souls that in this Liberty of Mind for a spiritual flight would be; but the Mill-stone of this Earth doth bind, and keep them down, so as they cannot ascend.

The Question then is, what must be done to get free, to hold up this all-desirable Correspondency with GOD, and CHRIST, and all the Heavenly Family?

I can give no other Direction, than what my self have been taught in, and in some degree have put into practice so, as whereby I have found this All-secret pass, (or way) for my Spirit to enter, and abide, in the Inward Tabernacle of GOD’s delightful Presence, which is as a foregoing Pledge of what I may hope, and expect to take up in, when this my Body shall break away.

Therefore that I might excite all holy, well-minded souls that are such Lovers of their Life CHRIST, That they would not be bereaved of his Company during the Time allotted to live in this outward Body: Then let them observe these Rules which I give as my Experience.

First, lay aside all Vexatious, Worldly Matters, that are a Cumber, and Weight upon the Mind, take in nothing that is not absolutely Necessary: be contented with a little of the World, that thou mayest have much more of GOD.

And if possessed thou art, of a plenty of these outward Things, be sure to give a Proof of thy Alienation from them, by giving them all up as an Offering to the Temple-Builders, to promote, and furnish the Inward Sanctuary, which the Holy, Spiritual-minded Souls are to make up; Therefore to be Encouraged in That, it may be by such as do more plentifully, Things of this World enjoy.

And bless GOD, That they have such a Prize put into their hands as to Honour GOD, and propagate the Revelation of his Kingdom, by supporting such as GOD hath Endowed, and filled with the Spirit of Wisdom, Revelation, and Prophecy; with all Purity of Conversation.

Sure I am, it would be a most sweet scented Sacrifice to GOD, if any, there could be found, that were thus so largely, and well disposed in Mind; that so, a Sequestration, and Dedication of devout Spirits, might be maintained, for fulfilling the Will of GOD here on Earth, as it is in Heaven; Echoing to the Saints in the upper World, in Loving, Praising, and Admiring, paying all Homage, and Temple-Worship, in GOD, to GOD and the Lamb.

I have been, and still am, of the same mind, That if such an holy convocation could be brought together, in a perfect Accord, and Oneness of Spirit, a great witness would be given to it, and mighty things would succeed upon it. But woe, and alas, (and may therefore a Wailing be taken up; that) the pure Spring of Life in Souls, hath been stifled, and choaked by the Earth.

I have made it my sorrowful Observation how deeply buried in the Earthly Life, the greater part of the Creation is, in their several Ranks, and Degrees: the Higher Order, in this World, that hath all advantages, by fullness of all desirable Things that this World can afford, whereby they have opportunity to attend the high and heavenly Calling, being they can subsist, and live without the Toil, and Labour, which others are necessitated to be imployed in. Therefore let the Great and rich Ones, of this Temporal State, believe and know, It is incumbent upon them, and GOD expects no less from them, That they principally Honour GOD with their Substance; and seeing GOD hath given them such Liberty, and Command of their own Time, Highly to prize it, and make sure to themselves the Pearl of the Kingdom; for That Treasure may go along with them into the Heavenly World, when they must leave all that belongs to this Outward.

Now I have a Word given me also, for the lower Ranks, that indeed may have a more lawful Plea, for want of Time, and Liberty, being ingaged in Business that must give a Livelihood; and therefore they cannot be so much at leisure to wait the Motions of the Heavens.

To this, the Spirit of CHRIST gives this Caution and Counsel.

Take heed lest the Cares for the bodily part do not eat out the Life, and Spirit; and so bereave it of all that is spiritual-feeding, and cloathing for the Soul: and so be put by, and excluded from commencing the degrees of the Heavenly Vocation and Calling, and lose all benefit of conversation in Heavenly Places.

Therefore be watchful, and suffer not the Outward to justle out the Inward; Put but one Grain of Faith into thy Stock of outward Things, and eye GOD Therein; and the Blessing of Increase shall come on thee: for the Just shall live both Spiritually and Temporally by his Faith.

We have instances of what the Spirit of Faith hath produced, when GOD hath been confided in; It hath produced a thousand fold more than all the Study of the Head, and Labour of the Hands. And as this Lily of Faith shall get up, and free it self from the Twisting-strings of Sense which hath bound it, Solomon, in all his Glory shall not be compared unto This Sprouting-Lily-Day of the Heirs of Faith.

They who shall be born into This Faith, they need not be thoughtful for any Temporal Thing, for all Blessings in abundance will be brought in. Therefore labour not so much for that perishing Mammon, but rather for That white stone of pure Faith, that fed many Thousands with Bread.

Remembering the LORD’s Doctrine; viz. Take no thought what to eat, or drink, or wherewith to be cloathed. The LORD knew, that by the Spirit, and Power of Faith, there should be a Support, and Supply of all necessary Things.

But it may be said, This kind of Faith, is yet but very rarely in any one Sprung.

Well, grant it so to be for the present; yet it is a Truth that there is such a faith that hath been, and shall most surely be revived again, in them, who willing are to die to all That which hath choaked, and stifled, (yea, bound this Lily of Faith down).

Now to proceed on to the second Rule for Direction for such spiritual-minded Souls, as do desire to be well acquainted with the life in God, and therein to rest.

As the first Rule was to discharge and acquit all unnecessary clogs, and weights, exteriourly; so This, more interiourly; which is by taking all care to clear away from the Heart and Mind the Scum that boileth from Corruptible Nature; from whence Generateth multiplicity of profuse Imaginations, that no stop can be put to, but as the Spring of the Holy-Ghost doth open, and drown, That chaffy dust, which defileth the Temples body.

Now this skill, the Soul must of the Holy Spirit learn, that as fast as the puddled-matter of this Kind do rise in the mind, so immediately dowse, and bathe thyself in the Springing Pool, where-from the Water of Life doth bubble up; for That is our Healing, and it is as near us, as the other contrary Source. And thus we may keep our Hearts all pure, and clearer reserved, to be the most Holy Sanctuary for the Priestly-Spirit to minister in, and to make ready a Holy separated place for GOD and CHRIST to manifest themselves in us.

Upon This account, was the Holy Ghost promised, and also given, to prepare and make straight the crooked ways internally; for Christ his Spiritual Humanity to take up in a pure mind. As John the Baptist went before to prepare, and declare Him to be the Lamb of GOD to take away the Sins of the World; that by John’s Ministry a Reformation and Repentance unto life might be given.

But all this was short of the Spirits Ministry (as John confessed) which is now come to be revealed. Christ being glorified in a body all spiritual. He cannot come to Joyn himself with any Soul, but where this Holy-Spirit abides before-hand, to refine and purge the floor of the Heart.

This is the office of the Spirit. Now hence we do see our selves bound to treat This Holy Messenger kindly. It is an Infinite valuable Gift; Oh therefore prize Him at a High rate, for by Him, and through Him, we have all Knowledge, and Intelligence from our Father’s House, and all of that Heavenly Family, We should never know any thing of That state of life which is after Death, but as this good Friend, the Holy Unction makes out from the Treasury of God’s manifold Wisdom.

Therefore, who would not for so great a benefit keep their minds all Vacant, and Pure, for such a Comforter to abide with them, who can tell us of things that are yet to come, as the time Present, and Eternity: and This he doth, and will do still, for those that love, and delight in his Company?

I must say, and leave it for a Living testimony behind me, that had it not been for This precious Sealing-gift of This Holy Spirit, I must have spent my days, in Gloominess, and Sadness; Sorrow, and Misery: Which by the received Gift of This Spirit; my age of time hath been past away with much Peace, Pleasure and Joy; tho’ often thronged in upon, by this worlds annoy, which could never distress me, whilst I could but keep the Spirit with me: who had ever more, New things to bring out of his Store, to quiet, and pacifie, what at any time was ruffled, and so much disquieted in me.

This I have only made mention of, to provoke such, or as many, as This Treatise may Read, and seriously ponder it in the true Spirit; then will they know from whence This is written, and prize it greatly, and wisely make provision for This self-same bright, enlightening Star out from their Hearts to spring: who will prepare the way for Christ the King to reign, till he hath put down all that can be called Sin; for to This end is the Holy Ghost given, and still a giving, but in various measures and degrees; some one portion, others double, and treble, according as a dedication, and preparation of Soul is found; where most stillness and privacy for a divine contemplative Life is fixed. There this Holy Guest will frequently visit; whereby it doth well inform and acquaint the devout Soul with what is doing, and transacting in the Heavenly Country, and Royal City which the Majesty of GOD doth enlighten with his Glory.

The Discourse the Spirit may maintain with us about this upper Worlds Affairs, will mightily hold us, and wind up our minds, so as we shall fear to let them down into this defiling World, lest it should raise a cloud of interposition betwixt the Heavens and us, as too sorrowful it hath often been known; therefore watch, and pray, and cease not to keep upon your Guard always.

But now it may be said, This is a Glorious and high Privilege to receive of This Spirit, which bringeth out of GOD’s Treasury things New, and Old; but the way to obtain this Gift is very costly; for the Rules prescribed, carry out to such a self Abnegation, and Denunciation of a creaturely life in Flesh and carnal Sense; that it is very rarely that any are able to obtain, and retain this precious and holy Anointing, whereby we come to know the secret, and deep Things of GOD.

True it is, This Jewel will not be found, in common earthly Ground; there are several measures, as I have mentioned, for they that have no degree of This Spirit of Christ, cannot be his; but if there be so much of this Light as doth check and reprove of Sin, and it be Obeyed, Then the Spirit will manifestly multiply for Counsel and Comfort; and so go on to reveal himself clearer, as he finds the Heart giving up to be his peculiar Place of Residence, that so he may keep all in a sanctified Order, in preparation for more extraordinary things to be communicated: For the Spirit riseth higher, and higher, as the Soul is emptied of its own self.

It may be queried, but is there any in this Age of Time, that can give any instance of their being baptized with the Holy-Ghost, as in the Apostles days?

Yea surely, the succession of which hath been witnessed by some or other in every age since; although not in the same manner as with cloven Tongues, and rushing Winds. This visible Demonstration of the Spirit was to have its day and so pass away; and now operates in a more Intrinsical manner and method in Vessels fitted out thereunto. Therefore what was done visibly, is now more invisible, inspiring and opening as a glowing Flame in the Heart, lying there as a live burning Coal, which is known to us to be the true baptizing of the Holy-Ghost which is in present feeling; and when ever it is, in its highest penetrating power, it may act forth it self in miraculous Deeds, and Works, as the present occasion may call for: This has been known, and experienced by some in this Age.

Then again; another evidence of the Spirit, is, Internal Gusts, and breaths of divine Air by which the Soul is often mounted up upon the wing of This Word, or Breath of the Spirit, and so gets up to the Heavens, entering into the Celestial Globe of Eternity, while its outward body remains in time: This is known to some.

For as there was an outward personal going up to the visible Jerusalem to eat the Feast of the Passover, which was a Type of That great Day of the Feast, which is now kept in the New-Jerusalem above, where the Lord Christ in his Spiritual Humanity doth appear, keeping up the solemnity of That Spiritual Feast, with the body of his Saints There, and sometimes doth admit of pure Spirits, that yet in the body of visible Flesh are to come up, for to view the stately Order and Government of That Feast, and to taste thereof: This is the true eating of the Supper of the Lamb, and drinking the Royal Wine of the New-Testament with Christ in his Kingdom, which puts an end to all Symbolical Ceremonies.

Blessing, Joy, and Glory, we may pronounce to all which Called and Invited are, to come up to feed upon This Pascal Lamb. They will never care nor desire to go out here, to take up in lower Administrations; for This is the Sum and Substance of all, to feed upon the Quintessential Body, and pure Blood of the Grape; that as often as it presseth it self out, it filleth again, for a continual emptying forth; so that none that is come up here may Thirst any more.

This is the True Feast of Tabernacles which I have here described to you; for no one can go up here without putting on their Tabernacle-Body, which is the flaming Heart of the Holy-Ghost.


The Enochian Life

But now methinks, I hear some say at the Reading of This, Oh! You have mentioned a high and lofty State, which is as a new thing that hath not been declared; as that in this present Life there should be found any to ascend to the New-Jerusalem, to feast and worship GOD There; This, you will say belongs to the Enochian Life; but That Age of the World is not yet come, so as to know a Translated State. We grant it, that it is not common, only peculiar to some, that in Enoch’s Spirit are raised to walk with GOD, and so are taken up in the Spirit wholly. But we may hope This day of the Spirit is coming on, whereby it shall be known more universally; in the which Angelical Spirits shall ascend, and That Divine Principle shall open, that now hath been so long shut up: Then you will know a New-state of Living, that you never knew before; for it will turn the Love of all mortal Things out of the Hearts-door: This will in very deed be known.

Seeing we have thus far proceeded in opening This Divine Mystery, we shall not stop here, but go on to reveal and communicate to such as desire to be Fellow-Travellers with me to This Holy City, the New-Jerusalem, the Track having been shewed unto me; not by Vision only as in past times: In my printed Book of Divine Revelation, there you may see what I had by way of Vision, Printed in 1683; but now the Spirit hath moved it self in another degree to bring forth Vision into an Essential Fruition, which ratifieth That Scripture, Psal.84.Verse 7; They shall go from strength to strength, each one appearing before GOD in Sion.

Now This I find is to be taken in a two-fold Sense, as to That part which is to appear before GOD in Sion. The first is, while yet in body of Corporiety. The second is, when stepped out of it, so, as no more to return again to it. Now hence I, (yet not I but the Spirit of my JESUS) shall lead you on to the first part, knowing well the way, and have taken the measures thereof by the Measuring-Line in the Hand of an Angel: unaccountable to any but the Travellers thereto.

Some heads, and propositions I shall lay down in order hereunto, that our Fellow-Travellers may not fail to find sure footing.

The First is, what Preparation, or Qualification will be requisite for such intended Travellers.

Secondly, What kind, or manner of way.

Thirdly, The several States, or Rests, by the way.

Fourthly, Their arrival to This City of GOD.

And Fifthly, The Welcome, and Entertainment the Travellers meet with There, from all the Great Assembly of Mount Sion: (the Court of GOD.)

First, then, it is to be considered what this Traveller must be;

Not a Gross, tangible Body, but a Spirit that must thus take up Enoch’s Walks, separated, and translated from a Terrestrial Life to a Celestial: This is our Spiritual-traveller’s first alteration (an Earthly Creature turn’d into a Spiritual.)

And now we come to enter upon the way, which looketh at first onset, as the Valley of Baca that openeth the Floodgate of Tears, and being so environed with the Light of the Spirit, that hath discovered to it, an inward, and outward Deformity, degraded of its Angelical Image, by the root of Sin in nature springing; so that this Mourning and Sorrow, not to be repented of. And while in this first beginning-way, the Soul will have many Enemies to encounter withal, and Temptations from within, and without, and the more assaults will come because it is to rend away, and leave the Walks of This Evil World, and to betake it self to This New and Living-way. But let not our fellow travellers be discouraged, but gird up, and go forward; this days journey will have its end, though it may go heavily on, this first day,— the second will be more lightsome and refreshing, if it do but hold out this Probation, and wrestle it out as Jacob did.

Then the Angels of GOD will meet the weary Traveller, and accompany it throughout its way.

There are seven Angels (or they may be called seven Spirits) that are appointed to be the Guard of the travelling Soul, whilst in this dangerous way. I shall name them, as I my self have found them a Fortitude of Strength in all my Journey on to this very Day: so it may be to the Undertakers that will precisely keep to this Perfect-way.

The first of these Seven qualifying Spirits, and Powers, for a Guard is Holy, Passive-Patience; This is an absolute necessary Companion in this way. No holding out, without the Indowment of a Patient Mind, that may hold out against all Contradictions and what will make offer to pull down from this High, and Heavenly Walk.

The second is, Deep, or Meek Humility, keeping low, and humble; for That secures the Traveller: For GOD hath great Respect for a Soul that walketh softly, and steadily.

The third Qualification, is a Lively Hope, which is as an Eye within the Soul carrying a Prospect of the Heavenly Sion, That mightily strengthens it, and bears it up.

Fourthly, a Super-Celestial Wisdom, that directs, manages, and governs the Soul, as to the fittest times, and seasons for Journeying on; that is, when to stop, and when to remove on forward, as the matter shall require.

The fifth is the Spirit of Faith; This is a most Excellent Companion that carrieth through all Difficulties, because it is the Evidence of Objects of things in the Heavens, not visibly seen. It is Wings that makes the Soul fly so High, that nothing of the crawling Earth worms can reach, to molest, or hurt it.

The sixth Divine Power that attends the Traveller is the Live-Coal of Flaming-Love, that so vehemently Longeth to arrive to the visional Fruition of GOD, and CHRIST, with all the glorified Train of Blessed, and Perfect Spirits. This Love-Gale, is so Mighty strong, that it makes the Soul pull up, and run swiftly in this Race.

Seventhly, That which doth most complete this Holy Guard, is, Impregnable Strength, and Power; for if GOD did not take care to Fortify the travelling Soul, with His own Invincible strength, there were no possibility to reach this Mark of the New-Jerusalem State; but Christ the Lord, takes good care, and will not omit to provide Munition-strength for accomplishing this Heavenly Journey; for Christ, the Lord, longeth more to see the Soul-traveller safely landed in his own Bosom of Love, than the Souls desire is to appear before him: So by this mutual Love-Agreement, the Everlasting Knot of Marriage-Union will be tyed, when there once it is arrived.

Now then, by this time you see what the Company is, that will support the Soul in its Travels, but the Chief of all is Christ in Spirit, that walks in This Holy qualified Soul, as in the midst of the Seven Golden Candlesticks.

The second Proposition is, what Stages, or Rests, that may be allowed the weary Traveller to take up in a while, which are Three.

This second Days Journey is more easy, and refreshing; the Walks give a sweet Smell, from the Evangelical Promises, giving assurance by the Atoning Blood of the Covenant, that all Guilt of Sin is obliterated, whereby the Soul is Incouraged and Comforted.

But from this it passeth on to a Second Rest, which is, the Record, and Seal of the Spirit; That which was now from the General Promises (Literal) is not to be staid in. Christ in Flesh withdraws, and will be known no more in That Figure, but in the All-filling Power, and Presence of Spirit, whereby the soul shall know him in Her-self: So He does then become Salvation to the purpose.

No outward Application of Christ, is of That Availance, as a Christ within, who pours in His Saving-Name as Oyntment, which performs the Cure of the lapsed State of the Soul, because an inward Disease must have an Intrinsical Medicine, that may penetrate through the Inward parts, that all may be made whole.

This is the intended Redemption by Christ, and nothing less will set the Soul to Rights again, so as to give it Boldness to come to appear before That great Assembly of Perfect-Spirits in Mount Sions-Kingdom.

Now we proceed to the third Rest, which is yet more pleasant, because it is Paradisiacal.

As the Traveller passeth through this Country, there are various, delightful Entertainments, Ministering Angels, and Spirits, that in This Divine Principle do meet the Soul.

There also are the Sharon’s Walks, adorned with the Spicy-Beds, that gives forth their Ravishing Odours.

This sometimes opens in the Soul, with Sweet-Tastes, and Refreshing Draughts; for the Godhead Diffuseth it self through All of That Climate, so as many Spirits are made vigourous, and Joyful, knowing nothing but an All-filling Sweetness, all calm, and still in the mind, free from the terrifying Cares and Combustions of this World, (though in it) yet forgotten by it, at least during the time it is round beset, with this Light, and Heavenly Paradise; so that the Soul is afraid to be disturbed, as to the lower Descent into mortal things again.

Now we come to the third particular, which is the last remove that bringeth up to That Mount-Sion, which is mentioned in the Hebrews.

Thus the unwearied Soul goeth on from strength to strength, and is now come to the Fourth particular.

That is to the Arrival, to appear before GOD in Sion.

This is a High, and Glorious Arrival; This is a Rest never to be disrested of. Now open do the everlasting Gates, to receive the faithful Traveller, that hath held out its Probation-State.

It further remains to give you an account (as the fifth particular) of the Traveller’s welcome up There.

The first Appearance, are the Angelical Order, that stands before the Throne, who commanded are to Usher in the Arrived, bringing forth the Royal Robe which is all Pure, and Light, without spot of the Fallen Night, which giveth the Soul an Holy Boldness to appear in That New World, or Principal of Light, as becomes all manifest; So as Christ the Kingly Priest doth to the Soul Appear: and as a Bridegroom, Greets it with such a kind of Love-Gratulations, as followeth;

My Bride, and Spouse, I joy to see thy Soul in my Righteousness, and that thou hast past through a dangerous, Evil, Tempting World, and hast escaped with That tender Life of Mine (in Thee) by which thou art come up a Conquerour here; and now behold and view the Glory of my Kingdom, which the Father hath placed me in, and over, all Principalities, Powers, and Dominions, both in the Heights above; and in the Earth below; so as I can give to whom I will to Possess with me, Joy, for Joy, and Glory for Glory with me, as I have received of my Father, so freely I give to thee, and as many as from an evil-World shall break, and get away; and in a Pure Naked-Spirit, in Loves flame Thus ascend.

Ask now ( Oh Spouse of Mine ) what it is, that I should further for thee do; I give Thee Liberty to ask most free, for thou hast found favour both with the Father, and me.

Whereupon the arrived Traveller worships, and Bows before the Throne of GOD, and the Lamb; and in great Humility doth make this Reply, saying in the Language of the Spirit.

Oh my Lord! I am come up to this degree, but sensible I am, it is all of Benignant-Grace, and Love, from my GOD, and Father, and thy Spirit, O Lord Christ, that my Conduct and Guardian-strength hath been in This my Journey. One great proof I have had of a mighty Strong Guard, with continual supply from Thy Fountain-Heart, or else I had fainted, and failed by the way.

The consideration of it takes such deep Impression upon me, that I am at a loss, and know not wherewith to pay my Debt-Offering of Thanksgiving unto thee my God and King; only accept of what I have, which is beyond all Sounds of words, that are too finite to express praises for such Boundless Goodness which my Spirit hath tasted so largely.

Hence it is now that I do study to offer That unto Thee, which hath been refined, and purified by the Spirit of Love-burning, given from Thee unto me.

This then which is of Thine Own receive, for I joy to pass it all away as my true Thanksgiving-Offering unto Thee: No part shall I keep back from Thee, had I ten thousand Immaculate Lives to give up to Thee, all would be too little to run their strength of Love into Thee, who hath wrought out so great a Redemption for me.

And now my Lord, seeing I am thus far admitted into Thy Presence, and Liberty to ask a Boon of Thee, for Thou knowest well what occasion I may have Thereof, being yet in the Region of time, where obvious I am to Assaults and Temptations manifold; All be it illuminated in a good degree of Light in Thee, yet subject to drawings down by Spirits from this World, and the Astral Kingdom, that may pervert, by mingling with the Super-Celestial Part of the Heart; Knowing and observing in my day what Miscarriages among great Inlightened Saints have been, who as bright Stars hath shined; and then again, under a Cloud have been. Therefore, O my Lord, (premising these things) I in Fear, and Humility am, and dare not trust my Self at any time, lest that a Slip out of the Right-Way should be. Therefore This is my principal Request to Thee, that Thy Spirit may be my constant Overseer, Guide, and Teacher, as Immediate from the Father, and Fountain of Wisdom Flowing from Thee: then no Errings from the Truth can be.

This is the one absolute needful Request, for we stand all upon a nice Point; and if the Petition of Solomon was so grateful to God in His-day; than I in no wise do doubt (O my Lord) to ask of Thee, the Spirit of Truth; which, (promised by Thee) may never cease to be the Oracle fixed in me, and all that do desire to be led Rightly; for it is already by Thee given, as a Caution to beware of transformed Lights that do pretend to the Right; yet Thou only art the True Light, springing from within Essentially. And as Thou hast this Record been, in me, Oh multiply of This Spirit of Wisdom, and true Revelation yet more fully; so that what remains yet of Thy Counsel and Mind to be further declared, and known, may still (as an Enlightening-Beam) pass through me, and with them also who mutually shall in Enoch’s Walks be found with their faces toward Sion, (the Court of Thy All-filling Majesty.)

Oh! Evermore find Room, and Place, for me, and all of Thine that love thy Appearance.

To see Thee as Thou art will surely change us into the same Similitude of likeness unto Thee; for so it becometh each one that still would keep their way open, and free for Conversation: with all the Privileges that to the dilating of the Kingdom which shall be given forth; with the Holy-Ghost as the sure Pledge of all those Perfections that may agree with Oneness of Life and Spirit, with Thee my Lord. Thus I have offered my Requests, and do commit my self to Thy Disposing, in all Terrene matters and Things.


Here follows the Kind and Courteous Reply of the Souls Immanuel

ALL Hail, with Love, Peace and Good will, to the Virgin Spouse, who is in Spirit come up here, to make Request for That which so much is in congruity with the Father’s Heart and mine.

This answer therefore receive, that This Thy Petition shall be fulfilled on my Spirits part, who shall not fail to open, in thee what hath lain under Seals of Secrecy; do thou but attend Him, and He will attend thee, and whoever shall watch in their hearts His movings: for He is the Bright Morning-Star who is to be the Conduct and Leader of my little Flock, now in my personal absence from this lower World, where the Evil tempting Tree doth in all Souls spring; Therefore great need they have I know of This my Anointed Shield, that may be defense upon every Onset of perverting Spirits, of which in danger all are, while in this Body Elementary.

Therefore I have provided This Spirit of Truth to be with thee for Counsel, and Comfort, also to Guard thee up to me, where thou mayest know, and see, by this Glass of the Spirit what I am a doing, and making ready for the present, and future Day (when uncloathed of the Garment of Mortality also). But for the present, come and see, and taste of the Heavenly-Fare, and Powers, and Joys of my Kingdom: The Spring of Life, and Love shall rise so high, as to drink thy Spirit up.

Thus with me thou shalt feast and sup, and never empty away to go; which shall be such an Encouraging motive as will make thee to bend all thy Force, still in Spirit to be with me Thy Lover, in my secret Pavilion, where thou mayest have liberty of discourse with me in those weighty Affairs that do pertain unto the New-Jerusalem-State: so then (Oh Spouse of mine) if This thy entertainment is, thou wilt fly as a Spark of Light to the Body, that is, the Body and Fullness of all Light. These are the Sweet-Meats, I shall leave with my Espoused ones to feed upon for a refreshing support till a further day shall break (though through the shadow of Death) which shall consummate the Everlasting Marriage-Feast, with me thy Christ and Living-head; with all the Royal Society, and with Myriads of Angels that shall their Trumpets of Joy sound, at the Lamb, and Brides-Nuptial-Day and Marriage-Feast.

So Ends the Honey-Drops from the Mouth of our dear Immanuel.

Now by all this which hath been declared, you may see the Blessed Issue of an unwearied, and Faithful Traveller to the City of our God, which may Invite and Allure such as have not yet set their foot in This way, and for them which have, to make the same progress, which will requite a thousand times over the Loss, and pains here sustained in the way.

Oh ye that are Friends and Lovers of this way, and would arrive to be Fellow-Citizens in the Court above with God and Christ, and the numerous Company of Spirits, Pure, and Glorious There; give me leave before I conclude, to commend these following Motives for Incouragements to set forward, and go swiftly on in this Path of Life.

The First Motive is a full assurance of all Love-Acceptance, with Dear Embraces, and most free Communications; all Veils, and Bars taken away, thy Lord Christ upon this Mount will shew Himself, and talk with thee as God did with Moses: Only thou must put off thy Shoes because it is holy Ground you will walk upon: as much as to say, come Here, all Bare Pure, and Clear, leave all at the foot of the Mount, that would contract of the worlds Earthly Dust; then shall you know, hear, and see, That, which is so ravishing for the feeding of all your divine Senses, that you will say, It is good to Tabernacle Here; and so it may be permitted, for so long time as you can abide cloathed with the Transfigured Robe of the Spirit of Christ; but That will be but at certain times and seasons; but it will be enough to know such a thing as This is, and yet in the Body of Corporiety.

Now then the second Motive is, that Hereby, It is made acquainted with This Heavenly Country, before it quite leaveth its Mortality in this low World; it is an high, and extraordinary Privilege, to see, and know its place, and company beforehand; for our Lord Christ is very free to shew unto the spiritual-minded, the Principalities, and Dominions, and Powers in his Kingdom, and to give a good assurance of being Joint-Heirs with him of the same Glory, as you may see John 17, and Rom.8. All this to confirm, what, in every succeeding Age, may be as a fresh seal’d Evidence, given forth by the most Holy Spirit.

Oh who would not among the Number of these seal’d Ones be? Sure it is worth forsaking, and denying whatever of this Temporal-state of Life, that may obstruct or be any Impediment, to put by, and hinder its holding correspondency with the Lord and the Citizens of That Heavenly Country. The way to hold up these great privileges you have had, by an Experienced Traveller described.

Now one motive more is This, that by putting on This Habit of the Spirit, whereby it may be furnished with somewhat of those Ancient gifts, and Powers, which went forth from the Lord Christ, and the Apostles in their day: which renewed (most certainly) will be, as a fore-runner, that the Reign of Christ upon the Earth in his Saints is drawing very near; for more mighty and miraculous Power must be given in This Age, to go forth as a Preludium.

The great Day of Christ’s Appearance in the World draweth near; and for This End such Deep and Inward things are revealed beforehand to make ready an Espoused Bride, that may be found all fair and clear without blemish; for such a Church, Christ must have prepared to Entertain him upon this Earth. Of this I have inlarged upon in my other Treatise published.

Therefore as many as this Day are big with an Expectation of Christ in his Kingdom appearing, to all such lovers, and waiters for it: Let me commend That of the Apostle Paul’s 1Thes.5.Ver.23. That you may be found accomplished with all Spiritual Gifts, and Virtues, and to be found of him blameless; Such qualified souls might hasten his coming, for it is not to the cry of Loe, Here, or There, He will appear; but to Those whom he hath by his Spirit, quickened, and raised up in his own Inward Spiritual Body; to Them he will first appear, and so go forth as Lightning every where.

Many are gazing to see him without, but who are they that watcheth in all pureness of Heart and Mind within, which will be the ready way to bring him down; Who will be (in very deed in this last Age) the desire of all Nations?

Query. But Here, meets me a Query, What shall become of the foolish Virgins that are found asleep; and of other Ranks, and Sorts, that are dead and buried in Trespasses and Sins, when this last Trumpet shall sound for His Appearance? Indeed it will be no desirable Day to such as these are, who lived without a God, and Christ, and are altogether Strangers to This Heavenly Country; having loved, and embraced this World, and made it their God. Indeed a present woe is to them, while Joy unspeakable to the lifting up of the Head, of as many as are redeemed out of the Earth; their Blissful Day is come which they have long waited for, that do fly as doves to Christ their Life.

But somewhat more I have had revealed unto me as to those multitude of Souls that have gone out of this Life in an Evil and Unregenerated State, and yet are still going in a desperate Adventure, not caring what shall become of That Immortal Spark of their Souls. How direful and bewailing will it be, that they have Loitered and spent away, That in which they might have gained the privileges and Love Immunities which hath been mentioned here; for had they but Improved their own Talent, the Increase would have been manifold, to present Joy Here, and much more, when time with them is to be no more. Let me tell them their Loss, and Suffering is so great, and the anguish of their Souls so deep, as no Tongue can express it. Therefore to the yet Living, let the warning Trumpet sound, both to those that are in part regenerated, and to them that have nothing of it begun. Oh ! are you not to be excluded from God’s Face, and from out of the Kingly Shepherds Fold thrust out, while painfully you will see Them, that lived in the same Tempting Region with you, hath over come, and are as Conquerours set down with Christ the Lord upon his Throne, while you are bid to depart into a Prison-house of utter Darkness.

Admit there should be a Delivery, out Here, at the End of all Generations, and Ages; Yet how numerous years may you abide in These Purging and Trying Furnaces; one Day (Here, while in the Body) would have set forward your work more, than Years in those Centers, where you are to be confined; Therefore let This be an acceptable and seasonable Work to all of this Kind and Sort, who so careless are of their Soul’s Happiness, the present and future State of Blessedness.

Now a word to Those that are in part Illuminated, but yet stick in the Birth, and cannot get forth; the Earthly and Temporal World gives a stop to it, that This Pure Life cannot rise to its Perfection. The Question is, How will it go with them that gets no further, but dies thus short, as Millions of Souls do daily out of this World depart, without having put Christ on, for their Cloathing, without which there is no coming to be Expressly with Him in the Three Heavens?

An Answer to a Pertinent Question:

IN Answer to This Question; Be it Known there are provided several-Mansions, and Regions, by the wise foreseeing Gracious God, that knew how it would be, as to This matter, with the greater Number of His own Created beings; tho’ he had proclaimed, a Love-Redemption, to All by Christ manifested in Flesh, to destroy, and purge Sin out of Flesh; which we see is very rarely done in the time of this Life; where One reacheth to This Mark, a Thousand do miss it; Therefore for such as were begotten by the Eternal Word, and are going on, in all Good willingness in their Spiritual Progress; (dying short of finishing it). They will be allowed to be in a Paradisiacal Region, to Exercise their Spiritual Faculties, for the effecting what they were prevented, and hinder’d of Here in This Life; and so go on to perfect That State of Perfection, that shall make them meet, to make the Higher removes, to reach to the Mount-Sion-State, which is yet more Glorious: And tho’ This has not been understood, or believed, yet it is a Truth, that I have received from a good hand; therefore I am bold to publish it, for all Souls must pass through the Refining, and Calcining Regions, so prepared for their Purifying; and according to the measures, and degrees they do attain to Here in this Life: Of this Kind; the less they will have to do in the Life to come, which will be much more Easy.

Therefore it is much upon me to Excite to a pressing forward, that they may so run, as to obtain the Resurrection-Mark, while in the Body they are; because it will turn to a present account of Peace, Joy, and Glory.

But yet we have somewhat further to declare, as to the Clearing, and Vindicating of the Infinite and Unsearchable Love of our God to the whole Fallen-Race; as to Angels that have had their time to deceive and tempt all Mankind, which shall have its Period and End; for All must be redeemed and restored, to their first Estate; at the winding up of all the various Scenes which were to manifest the Wonders of God’s Wisdom in Love, Power, and Righteousness.

But you will say, This is only a private Revelation, though it be, yet I know from whence it is; and if I were not upon sure ground, I should not dare to have declared it: knowing it may stumble many; but I must pass That and must not baulk a Truth given me to make known, for the squeamish Stomach’s sake; but with all tenderness bear with such as may make scruple hereof (for I my self did the same, till by Divine seeing, and hearing, I was satisfied in this Point). But that you may not be altogether left to my bare Testimony; Mind That Scripture in the Ephes. 1. and Verse 10. That in the fullness of Time, he might gather together in Christ all things that are in Heaven and Earth consummated in him, whom the Father hath sealed for the Restitution of what Sin had brought into a disorderly confusion.

Some Scriptures more I could here bring, which are mentioned elsewhere by me briefly, tho’ not Here.

Oh my Friends! what more joyful Tidings can come to our Ears than This one everlasting-Age, that shall swallow up all those Ages wherein, Sin and Death hath reigned; with all those miserable Effects that have been ever since the Creation of this World? But a new and wonderful Model God will bring forth in a new-created State; Behold, saith the Lord, I will make all things new, the End shall return to its Original-Primary-Being; let none grudge that the Grace of God of this Latitude is, as to make a complete Restoration; for as there was neither Sin, nor Center to it, so it must be again, when the Hour of God’s Judgment shall come, to pass a final Sentence thereupon, to cast all into That Lake, and Bottomless Pit, where all of Sin, and Death, Sorrow, and Curse, shall become a Non-Entity: Then nothing of Diabolical Spirits, (any more God’s Offenders, and his Creature disturbers or Tormentors) shall be; all This in the Prophecy of Eternity will be known, and Everlastingly rejoyced in, as a fore-runner of This Blissful Jubilee, the Trumpet of the Everlasting Gospel, of Love, Peace, and Reconciliation to every Creature capable thereof, in Flesh, and out of Flesh, that are not yet fully redeemed.

This Gospel, is not a bare Sound, to be heard only with Ears; It is a Spirit that enters in, and gives the power of a Resurrection-Life, to the Dead that could no way raise themselves, neither in Bodies, nor out; (as is found in their several Confinements) will hereby be loosened; and set free.

But it may be asked, when shall such a general, and universal Restoration be, as for all Apostatized Spirits, and Creatures to be in favour and friendship with their God, and Creator again?

Now in answer to this Query, as to the time, it is known only to God in the Secret Cabinet of his Counsel; only it is thus far revealed unto me, that it will be at the finishing of the great Mystery, when all Souls will have passed through their Purgation in their several degrees, that lacking is here; for in all Centres are found Souls that shall be brought into a purified State, by thorough Humiliation for all their Misdeeds: And also when generating (according to fleshly Births,) shall cease in this World; Then this general Redemption will be completed and the Mediating-Office of our great High Priest shall be at an end; so that he hath nothing more to do but to deliver up the Kingdom thus completed, to his Father, that God may be All-in-All, possessing, and satisfying himself in all of This his New-creation, which will amount to a Perpetuity of Endless Joy, from the various wonders and pleasures that will fill up Eternity, with tuned Instruments of Praises to the Holy Trinity in their Unity, as it was from the Beginning.

Thus I have given you a true, and single account of what in my Spiritual Travels I have seen, known, and understood, by being admitted into That Heavenly Court, at certain times and seasons; and shall leave this living Testimony to the Spiritual-minded, hereof to judge: For no other can receive, or fathom this deep Wisdom of God. I shall only leave This Caution and Advice, as my concluding part.

The Caution is to those, who would of the First Resurrection-Fold of Christ be (as mentioned of hath Here been) that they do not cavil, and dispute the Holy Spirit away from them, by their doubtful Jealousy, concerning the Brightness of its Rising, in the Pure in Heart; and so thereby may prevent themselves of This most valuable, and precious Gift, who only is the true Intelligencer of God’s Mind, and the Breaker open of the sealed Treasures, that are of That weighty Import, that a Soul, that hath found, the Good, and Sweetness here, will fling all Impediments away; that hinder its manifestation, and operation in the Mind.

But it may be objected, there are many deluded Spirits that pretend they are of God; Therefore it may admit of a Doubtfulness, and an Enquiry to know the Right Spirit.

True it is, This may well be granted, to try the Spirits; but then it must be by such as are of the true Spirit, of sound Judgment, and Discerning, that can themselves give a Proof that they Here live, and do walk in Christ his Spirit: And that you may know where This your Anointing is poured forth, by the Fruits that such bring forth; which renders another kind of Life, than can be imitated by a false Magus, who may, and do go forth with Erroneous Alarms, and Empty Sounds; which is to be Lamented, and Mourned for, that it is at this Day so frequent; which fulfilleth the Scripture that Thus it will be, as a forerunner of Christ the Lord’s drawing near; and that the ends of the World are upon us. But nevertheless there is a Spirit of Truth, that according to Christ’s Promise, is, and will be, plentiously poured forth; also in This latter Age, tho’ permitted, is the false, and mixed-spirited, which is a design of the Adversary to nullify, and make void what is from the true Spirit of Christ.

But let not This stagger, or baffle us out of our Right to a Portion in this blessed Spirit; but let it put you upon an Earnest seeking, and a most watchful Survey what Spirits enter you to suppress motions so ready, and numerous; all which bring them up to the Throne in an humble Scrupulosity that the Lord in the Spirit, may give forth right Judgment, what is Pure of Himself; and what not, that may be tumbled in, as a mixed thing. This I advise as my own Experiment, and being found thus tender, and fearful, of being misguided; you will be sealed, or have this Witness-Seal, that shall agree with the Record in Heaven, and the Scripture-Record Here upon the Earth, whereby you will be settled and established upon a sure Foundation, in This shaking, and perilous Time, wherein, (as it is said in Daniel) many shall run to and fro, to the Lo Here, and Lo There, by which that will be tried.

But so far as I am made acquainted with the Mind of Christ, I cannot but give my Judgment, that it is more safe, for each one in His own Lot, and Pitched-Tent of the Spirit in themselves, for to abide till the Seventh Angel shall the Right and True Trumpet sound; Then the right gathering of Eagle-Spirits, where the bright Body of Glory, will through all Clouds appear; and as the Everlasting Sun, shine forth at once to be seen throughout the whole World, as This outward Sun in our visible Firmament; so This Son in the one Invisible Element shall from Himself enlighten the whole Earth; that, as Doves, they may fly to their Everlasting Sabbath of Rest.

Even so let us be found waiting for This blessed and glorious Appearing of our Mighty God and Saviour, in the which Mortality shall be swallowed up of Immortality; Even so, Come Lord Jesus quickly (saith the Spirit of the Bride, who is making her self ready to come to the Marriage-Supper of the Lamb) where in Spirit I do beforehand see the Feast of Joy, and Melody that prepared is.

Therefore my last concluding Word and Prayer is, that you may all upon your Watch-tower keep, and be careful that you let not any thing of This Worldly Stuff make you fall into a Deadly and Dangerous Sleep; and so be prevented of a present possession of Those Ineffable Felicities and Sweet Immunities, that in This little Volume is made mention of. In the which Hope, that to whom, this that is written of Here, is, and shall come, may Caution and Excitement be, to Gird up close, and remember to keep unspotted from This World: And so you will have right to eat of the Tree of Life. so Farewell.


F I N I S.




A Communication between the Saints above,
And the Saints below.

July the 16, 1693.

AS my mind was environed with a Divine Light which opened the great design of God’s Love in the Redemption of the fallen lapsed State of all Mankind: That Scripture being set before me in 1Corinth. 15.45., Rom. 5.12. to the end. The first Man was made a Living Soul; the second from the Lord from Heaven, was made a Quickening Spirit. And so as from hence it was shown to me, that the first created Image, and Form was never intended for an Abiding State; if admit he had continued as he was first created, God from before the Foundation of the World purposed far higher, and more excelling glory; for as much as a Spirit transcend in its Quality and Essence more than That which is of a Soul in its consistency. Christ the Lord being one Eternal Spirit, in, and by Which we are raised out of the Fall, and quickened into Spirit, whereby we come to partake of an United Purity, Wisdom, Power, and Glory with him.

But here it may be said, this now is not evident, or come forth to all the whole World, which seemeth yet to lie in an Apostatized State.

It must be so, for a time, and time, and half time, and then the finishing of the Transgression and Sin will be: For then will Christ the eternal Root of Righteousness, in all, and over all, spring: So, as an Universal Restoration to all fallen Angels and Spirits, in Bodies, and out, will by Christ the quickening Spirit be set free.

But of This Jubilee, an allowance of time will be for the working out this more general Salvation, for many are the degrees of purifying, which all Souls must pass through; and such as do neglect their Day, during the time of this Life, as to the New-Birth, and Regeneration; there is a Law of Necessity for them to go through it, after the time of this Life, in Centers and Regions, which are provided in other Worlds, which are to be passed through. [Margin Note: The Gospel is preached to the dead, or souls departed.]

But herefrom ariseth an Objection, that if it be so that the Grace of God be of this Latitude as to save All, Universally, it may open a door for giving a presumptuous Liberty to some; because Grace has thus far reached as to have any hopes of Redemption after this Life is ended.

Now as to This, let all know, that it is a Punishment and Hell enough to see their Fellow-Creatures entered into Rest and Joy; and they in Labour and Work, having all to do, that tends to a Renovation; and how long they may be in Punishment, It will be according as the Wickedness of their living Here have been, in all manner of Evil, and Sin, Numerous years may spend away. All which time, they live excluded from the Lord’s Presence of Joy: All which may be Argument and Motive unto all to improve their Mortal day, which, if they knew what others do possess, they would not lose what may be enjoy’d of the Powers of the Eternal world, while abiding in this very World, which is a forerunner, and sure Pledge of what, after the Dissolution of the Body, shall be entered upon; which here for encouragement, I do give some instance from what some have attained unto; who have first given up for lost, the many Lives, for to live That one Life, which is Christ, which only gives Rest from a Restless World, and weary Life: For wherever God in Christ, in the Spirit doth abide so purely, they may often be taken up in the Spirit, into Heavenly Court, There to see, and view what makes up the Heavenly-born Family.

But take Notice, such as comes up here, will find themselves as another Translated-Enoch, that may keep their Walks with God; in which Path of Light may be seen the Seraphims, and Cherubims, guarding along up to This Sion-Seat of Glory, In which, filled up with Light-streamers of Glory, delighting the Heavenly Train of Saints, There, all appearing in Robes of Glittering Garments, which Here do follow Christ their Head, in great Order, according to every One’s Degree, Rejoicing with Him by whom they have overcome, and gotten Victory over all Worlds; now to reign as Kings with Christ their Mighty Lord and King, this Mount-Sion-World, thus open-fac’d, and was seen.

Then saw I all these Innumerable Throne-Princes, their Homages and Obeisance, given to the High, and Lofty Alpha, triumphing forth Redeeming-Praises. Oh how pleasant it is to see what an United Love-Harmony from the Highest to the Lowest degree of These Glorified Saints, all with Crowns, but some more highly Dignified; as Kingly Priests, which had Breast-Plates, set all with Stones that sparkled out with Sparks of Fire.

These, all next to the Glorified Person of Christ, had their Golden Tents, and their Temple to Worship; the Form of which was only a more Christaline Light, which God the Supreme Majesty opened to be the Glory of it; to which the lower Ranks and orders of Spirits, were sometimes admitted to worship There.

Thus is this Holy and Heavenly Assembly Imployed and Exercised with all variety of Motion tending to a Divine Adoration to the Rock Eternal, which does multiply amongst them most Amazing and renewed Wonders, which gives perpetual Matter to renew Love-Admirations. So that I was given to understand, that in this World was no cessation of Spiritual Vocation; for out of God’s infinite Depth and Fulness should Matter still renew, and also with Power be endowed, as fixed in the Humility, all skillfully, and learnedly to act and do after the manner and way of God, their Life Root and Being, subjected always to the Laws of this New World and Kingdom.

But Liberty is granted to many of this holy order that of the highest Saintship are to communicate to them who are not yet come up to their degree; they may help them much in order to the bringing these their Fellow-Members higher up; the great Saints will much delight in this Office and Service to their Fellow-Members; for their Joy cannot be completed until all come up unto the Unity of Love, in a pure Deifick-Spirit.

Now to make out this, there was shewn to me some chief ones in the Ministry of Love, as Enoch, and Abraham, John the Apostle, and Paul, with others of their Order, that had golden Vials given to them to pour forth for Anointing and Healing; and Peter, with some of his Rank to unlock Centers, and set free those, who in those upper Regions wanted to be perfectly set free, and in this lower World also.

Now follows an enquiry whether there may not be a correspondency and intercourse maintained by these Holy and devout Souls, who are departed this Body as to any Love or Pleasure in it, living yet here; such assuredly are very capable to hold, and to have a holy League, and very near Affinity with the glorified Person of Christ, and with the heavenly Frame of Glorified Saints, which have put on Bodies of Immortality; for the high Illuminated Souls, spirited with Christ’s Spirit Here, but yet abiding in Bodies Corporal, they may have liberty of recourse by the Spirit into the divine and light Principle, where the ancient Worthies are, who would most willingly meet and confer with us about the things pertaining to our Progress to the Kingdom of Christ; they are very free to discourse us in what may refer to a perfect Life, that so, we may be made meet to come up to them in unity of love to God, as in Triune-Deity, which filleth all There with a full Body of Light.

But it may be asked how, and after what way do Spirits accompany Souls here that are Spiritual? Is it by Apparition, or com-mingling by Spirit? In answer hereunto, according to my present measure and experience, I find it very rare in this latter Age that they visit Souls by visible Apparition (though sometimes they may) as Moses and Elias appeared to the Lord Christ; since whose Ascension all of this kind is transacted more Invisible and Essential, by passing in the way of a Spirit, and having, and influencing our Souls, through which there is a sweet congruity, and a reciprocal Love, which is also in our Spirits towards them, that hereby they often draw up to them our more Superiour Angel to be in Heavenly Places with them, being very affable and friendly to shew their Princely Thrones, and their delightful solaces and enjoyments they have from the perpetual motion of the Triune-Deity. Now as any Soul here below do find Christ their Root of Love in them, as their true Original, for securing their Love, first in the eternal Father, and Spirit in Christ the Lord, then most easily may we, without being guilty of Spiritual Idolatry in this, pay a veneration of Love, and high respect to these great Potentates, that have Power to befriend us upon many Accounts, that we may need their assistance. For during the time of our Probation in this Life, so it is altogether expedient that we get acquaintance with the Servants in this high and Heavenly Court, for they may do us many Kindnesses, as they are in Offices of great trust from their head Prince and King; it is made known to me, that holy and good Souls have lost much as to the knowledge of Divine Arts, and Holy Skillfulness to do and act forth the wonders of the heavenly Power in manifold Wisdom, as Christ, Moses, and Elias, and the Apostles in their day did.

Now it may be demanded, what in Scripture have you to authorize this Assertion, or Revelation?

First we bring you that of the Hebrews, We are come to Mount Sion, to God, the Judge of all, and to the Spirits of just Men made perfect. See further hereinto, Heb. 12, 22,25. If there were no more it speaks full enough to the purpose to the confirmation that the Saints here upon Earth are allowed to come up to the Mount Sion perfect Spirits in Heavenly Places, and do maintain a holy Conference mutually as there is to be Instanced in the fifth Chapter of the Revelations, verse 5. How that the Elders talked with the Apostle John, and did show him several things, Chap. 7 ver.13,14. And likewise in Daniel, where Daniel asked questions, and heard one Saint from the Heavens speaking one unto another for resolving of Daniel in his Enquirings; so that here is a cloud of Witnesses to back it, besides what of this kind is known by some in this present time and Age, who do obtain and retain several of these heavenly Intelligents, whereby Knowledge is communicated, and the Invisible things and objects there made manifest to such as are in Corporal Figures.

Now to instance somewhat relating hereunto, in the first place, we give you to understand, whoever they be who would this Privilege know, and come to enjoy with the holy Angels, or separated Souls, they are to be freed and sequestered in Heart and Mind from all mortal Entanglements, as if they were divested of a gross Body with its Impediments, and so reserving themselves in a most Inward Purity of Heart and Mind; without which habit of spirituality, there is no commencing of this acquaintance with either Angels, or Patriarchs, Prophets, or Apostles, or any Evangelical Saints since those Ages, for they having put on Incorruption and Glory, and quite redeem’d out of the Earth, they will not touch no more with such as are defiled with corruptible things; now such Persons that stand thus pure and clear, they may have much Assistance from these Throne Spirits and Powers in their way and travel to their Heavenly Country; for those Angelical Spirits that once liv’d in Flesh, do more nearly sympathize with us in all our Infirmities, and therefore all feelingly they tenderly consider our tempting-state, and give themselves out most readily for our help; nay they are Advocates, and do remind the Lord Jesus of their Prophecies, that they may have their fulfilling upon us. Of this sort and degree, they are the choicest and greatest in the Kingdom of our Lord, and have very stately Pavilions which are pitched round the Majesty of the Jehovah God, whose Pavilion is so dreadfully bright, being mingled with numerous Colours, so oriental and fine, that as glittering Stones they do shine; and above this is spread a wonderful Element, which dilateth it self all over these upper Heavens; it seemeth to consist only of a transparent golden Mist, which giveth a marvelous golden lustre for the Pleasures and Delight of the Inhabitants of this Heavenly Orb; Here sometimes the Lord Christ enters into the Father’s Royalty, and the Holy Ghost, and the seven Spirits which appear as radiant and sparkling Flames; and when I enquired about them what their Office was, one of the chief Elders told me they were the seven Invisible Counsellors, and mighty Powers, equal with the Trinity, by which the old Heavens and Earth should pass away in Mortal Creatures, and also in the room of which should spring all new.

This new mold of Creatures, both here and elsewhere in other Regions are by these seven Spirits to be performed, and also by the going forth of these sevenfold Powers, that are to do the great wonders in the highest Heavens, and so passing down to this lower Earth, which time for their sending forth, I was informed, approach’d very near, wherein they should be seen to move, and turn all Spheres upside down; Now the next marvelous appearance that opened, was the Virgin; Her Place and Mansion was pitched betwixt the Supreme Majesty of the Father, and the Throne of Glory of the Lord Christ; Her Beauty and Comeliness being great, cloathed with the Clouds, in which there was such a silver brightness, and on them fixed Stars of Gold, with golden hair hanging down, with a Crown upon her Head, more excelling than others, and numerous Virgins, the honourable ones, such as loved, and ministered to the Lord Christ here on Earth, and also to her; These had Seats round about Hers, it would fill up a great Volume to give a particular of the greatness of the Glory and Magnificency of this Heavenly Court; a thousand degrees of Blessedness it is to have a Place, and a Name enter’d among this Assembly.

Now it was shewn me that this Glorious Virgin was She of whom the Lord Christ [Margin note: or Christ the Lord] was born in Flesh, who is Figure of the eternal Virgin, which was from Eternity, by whom is recover’d all the Eves Generation of Lost Births, in which the Virgin-Purity was deflowered; but out of this Virgins Womb brought forth, and made manifest in time, Angelical Births again for a new created Host of spiritual born Creatures, begotten by the Holy Ghost, wherein the unfathomable Mystery of the Wisdom, and Love of God is made manifest to the lapsed state which came in by Adam and Eve, so that we are to reckon our selves born anew into the unity tending to all Purity of Perfection with Christ our First Born from the Dead, and for to appropriate this Eternal Virgin for our supernatural Mother; It is to be observed those Words which our Lord did let fall when he was upon the Cross, to the beloved John, saying to him, Behold thy Mother (which was the Virgin Mary, who was the Representative of the Eternal Virgin.) So that from this it may be concluded, that the Lord doth transfer this privilege of Adoption, whereby we may entitle this Virgin for our true Mother; Now then from hence let us consider what great good we may expect, and promise our selves from this our eternal Virgin Mother, that now is very great in Wisdom, Majesty, and Power, who cannot but be more naturally sympathizing with her Children, who are to be  brought up after that high born degree and quality in Wisdom and Sanctity, as may be after the similitude of their Virgin Mother: Now no little care and concern is upon her as may relate unto her Children’s divine and spiritual Education to keep them up to it whilst they are in this perilous, tempting, evil World, and whilst they are making their passage through it. Therefore seeing we have such mighty paternal Powers in Heavenly Places, as the Triunity of the Father, Son and Spirit, with the Virgin Wisdom, and the seven Spirits, and the Court of Ministering Angels, and all the Evangelical Spirits to be our Friends in this most Holy and separated Place, that all concurring together may fetch us off from the Earth, and the temptations which therefrom do beset us with Legions of Spirits also, which invisibly do wind and twist their false Injections into our Minds, upon which account excited, we are to make use of all these securing Dignities for our help.

The next thing to be considered of in relation of the new offspring that are thus born from on high, and yet are found to live here below in Bodies Elementary.

The Query is from hence, what is to be their Business and Employ, seeing none in the Heavenly World do remain idle, therefore it is expected that all of Virgin Wisdom’s Children here upon Earth should be in somewhat or other exercised, which may suit and agree with their Eternal and Spiritual Descent, which is proper to them that are quickened, and made one Spirit with the Lord from Heaven, Heavenly. We are not in this Place to meddle with the outward Man’s Calling, what do pertain to him in this World, but here to give out the Rules of Divine Wisdom, as to her Children, which are in number Three. The first is, that they learn to know themselves as to their original Pre-existencey in God the Father, and brought forth through the Womb of the Eternal Virgin, a pure simplified Spirit.

The second Rule is to consider and contemplate the triune God as the Father of such Spirits holy and sure, seeing the glass of the works of his Creation in his manifold Wisdom made manifest therein, as Love, Power, Omnipotency, with all goodness and kindness to what he hath Created.

A third Rule is, that we study from all this Knowledge, to come to love, and bless, fear, and adore, paying all Reverence, and practical Conformity to the Life of Christ, all which will lay a Foundation for what is to follow as tending to what is needful to accompany this high and heavenly Calling, which may answer to the Kingdom of the Saints in the upper World, which are the gifts which have been much lost, and have had their cessation among the Saints in these late Ages, but now the Virgin Mother calleth upon her Children to be looking after the restoration of them, that so they may be employed and exercised in the works that Christ the Lord speaks of, should follow those who did believe in him, which are to be the sealing Witness of the Holy Ghost’s coming, and going forth in acting Powers through Mortals: Now it may be asked what are these Gifts that are so needful and proper to Wisdom’s Children.

The first is the Testimony of Jesus the Lord, which is the gift of Prophecy, which is of very great use, and service to the Church here on Earth, to have a foresight and knowledge of what things are yet to come, that all may be warned who are the Friends of the Bridegroom to make ready for his Kingdom and Appearance, which now in very deed is knocking at our Doors, Blessed are them that understand the voice of Prophecy, and have it in themselves.

The second Gift is to have the Gift of Revelation opened as a spring that flows with Heavenly Doctrine for a true Teaching-Ministry to go forth with, to give feeding from a fresh Pasture, which hath not been defiled by unwashed Feet; the Holy Spirit do now in some foretell such Principal Shepherds are now to stand in this Latter Day upon the Earth, that shall not speak from Literal Tradition, but from the Revelation of the Holy-Anointing, the pure, and most excellent words of Wisdom, which will not be in the weakness of the Letter, but in the strength and power of the Spirit so made known.

The third is the Gift of Vision, which is not by sight of the mortal Eye, for that is too gross to see Spiritual Objects. Now to describe the most sure and right kind of Vision, is to have Eyes within fixed in the head of a bright and clear Understanding; through this Organ of sight, from pure and divine Light, God in Christ may be seen, and Christ as in the Glory of the Father, and the Eternal Spirit streaming forth from both Father and Son, Sometime thus seen all in One, and at other times Distinct, and yet never divided; Thus is the Holy Trinity seen through the Pure Christalline Globe of Eternal Wisdom. Oh ten thousand degrees of Happiness to such as are thus Divine and Spiritual, seeing so as to be taken up in viewing and speculating the Celestial and Light-World, as filled and furnished with such variety of all amiable Objects as Seraphims, Cherubims, and several Degrees of these about God’s Throne, with the numerous company of Angelical Spirits, which once did live in Mortal Forms are There to be seen, all cloathed with Bodies of Spangling-Light. What the eye of the Spirit and Mind doth Here see, may well draw, and effect the Heart abundantly.

Now to proceed to the fourth Gift, which is the Key that openeth the Kingdom of the Power; which being endowed with, do co-work with the Powers in Heavenly Places, for binding, and loosening, shutting up, and opening; which Power will be granted for to act, and do mighty and marvelous Wonders, according to what by the Saints in former Ages have been carried forth in this World to do. And sure, such is the present Time and Age which we now live in, that do call for Greater and more marvelous Works, than yet have been done. Seeing that the Confusions and distresses throughout all Nations look so dreadful upon us, that all Need there is of an Eliah’s Spirit to arise up amongst us, that may turn the Hearts of Fathers to Children, and pour out Oil for Reconcilement, and healing the bleeding Wounds of Wars and Divisions, kindled up into a Flame through all Nations, which only the strong impowered Angels that are filled with Spirit of Anointing, shall in this Latter Day rise, for the quieting these North-Winds, that from these Tempestuous Seas of this World do so furiously blow; for it is seen that Deliverances to this Nation, will not by Carnal Weapons of Slaughter be effected, but by the lifting up of the Standard of God’s Spirit of Power only. Now for the coming forth of which Power we are looking and hastening for, in order to the making way for that Kingdom of Peace and Love, that must over the whole Earth spread; Even so, Come Lord Jesus, to reign on the Earth in thy Saints powerfully.

The fifth Gift is, the laying on of Hands by such as are Baptized with the Holy-Ghost, which being filled with, may convey, and let into, such prepared Souls which have waited for it; they may Hereof partake, and be inspired from such a virtual fiery Touch, and therefrom be so highly Illuminated and Deified, as to be made New Creatures in very deed. From this Ruby Tincturing Dye, a God-like Purity and Power, may suddenly arise, to Anatomize, and burn up the gross, corrupt, and earthly part.

For we do experimentally find, that all Spiritual Medicines are too short and weak, for the rooting out the Venom of Sin, till the Holy-Ghost do enter in to refine, and purify the Vessel within, which may upon some come in more immediately, by God’s own Hand; and then again, by a Medium, as the Holy-Ghost shall take up any to convey himself, by their laying on of Hands, which is not to be understood barely of the outward hands; but as the inward Power; and rich Virtue in the Spirit of Faith and Prayer, shall be breathed forth; for so it was, when by the Apostles in their Day, the Holy Ghost was given forth. Oh how Great, how Worthy, is this Gift, being the Root and Spring from whence all miraculous Works, both inward and outward, do proceed.

Now from this Holy anointing the Healing-Gift may also spring, for the curing of all bodily Infirmities; for as much as the Mortal Form and Figure, which we bear, is the Temple of the Holy-Ghost; and it being of a corruptible Matter, of Flesh and Blood, subject to putrefaction, and thereupon painful Diseases do breed; yet this often helped hath been, and Cures have been performed upon the impotent Body, by the Omnipotency of the Holy-Ghost, moving through Mortal Creatures: as we have numerous instances both in the Old and New-Testament, and also since Christ and the Apostles, by Saints of a lesser Degree, who have been useful to those upon Sick and dying Beds, who have been raised up most miraculously. And this Power will still attend to the Worlds end, such holy Souls as can retain their Vessels, this All-healing-Balsam, having Love-Pity to their Fellow-members, may much release, and help in greatest Extremity; But this Power is not at all times commandable by any Creaturely Will: The Apostles themselves could not act it forth upon the Sick, but as the Holy-Ghost moved upon them; neither can any that received this Gift, but as the Holy-Ghost stirreth this Healing Pool within them, which watching to Healing-waters, may flow forth to effect all Cures bodily, which is a great Immunity belonging to Wisdom’s Children, that are observant to all her Rules and Commands, most willingly.

Thus having given an Account of what the Spirit of Christ hath given in, as to what is expected and required for the accomplishing such as are to make up for an Espousal Bride to him. Therefore it is absolutely needful, that we should be furnished out with such Powers and Gifts, as may qualify for such an High Marriage-Union, with the First Begotten-son and Heir of the High God, who doth most willingly give out, and bequeath these five golden Talents here mentioned; that so a Stock of Spiritual Goods being taken in, may be to support, and carry on the Heavenly Calling withal; which if found diligent in, may mount to a mighty Increase, for the making of a Dowry so great and large, as may somewhat agree with him, with whom we are to be matched unto: So here we see what is appointed, and cut out to be the Saints Business and Employment, which is not mean but high and noble, answering to that of the glorified Saints in the World above, who will in this Holy Calling, our Factors and Correspondents be, and meet us frequently: And as those who are more skillful and knowing in This way than Mortals can be, will very friendly the Ignorant inform; and such among us that may be more knowing, till somewhat more secret and deep, out of the Eternal Virgins Center may us meet. By all which the Saints here upon the Earth may hereby be made meet, for to be Companions to them of high Degree in Heaven.

I shall now this Subject conclude, praying with all Prayer in the Spirit, for an Increase of the Number of such as may be diligent Followers of this High and Mighty, and most advantageous Calling. Happy and blessed, thousands of degrees are such, who chusing, are made Partakers of this heavenly Vocation, and that shall so prize the Privilege hereof, as to set light by all that shall hinder, and stop the freedom of This All-spiritual Employ wherein exercised as high born Spirits, they may be in Love with the Eternal Unity.


The Manner of Christ’s Appearing

HEARKEN, O Daughter of Sion, Behold thy Bridegroom cometh no more a Servant, but to be served by all Flesh; The Word that was manifest in Flesh reigns in Spirit, to Prepare for Christ’s Kingdom to come into a visible Dominion Here upon the Earth, by Signs and Miracles, wrought by the Spirit in forms of Flesh to confirm Christ the Lord is Coming to appear in his Saints, to set them over the Earth.

For to the Daughter of Sion the Dominion shall be restored through Marriage Union with the Lamb of God.

This is the first Resurrection of the Holy People, which shall be the Trumpet-Voice, that shall awaken the rest that lie Dead in Sin.


THE Hour of God’s Judgment will thus come upon the Evil Nature that hath hitherto reigned in man: The Spirit shall be so fully poured forth upon These first Risen-Ones, as to go forth with a quickening Life, to raise the Dead Spiritually, and Bodily; This shall be the Terrible Day of the Lord, for the condemning and destroying (not Persons, but) the Sin in Flesh, so it is declared unto me, which will be fulfilled in its Season and Time; which time will be when the wind of the Spirit shall rise more strongly; for the Holy-Ghost is to be the latter day Glory prophesied of, and the Expected Kingdom of Christ to be manifested Here, upon the Earth, in which he will Reign Personally in his Saints, who anointed are, first, with such measures of the Spirit, that do highly sanctify, which do prepare for this great Day of the Thousand Years Reign Prophesied of; but whether it be so to be understood according to our number of Years, is not to be determinated; but glorious Reign in the Spirit there will be before Christ in His glorified Person will come distinctly upon the Earth, to turn it into a Paradise, to make these lower parts of the Earth glorious, upon which in the last of times he will stand, and model it into a Christalline Land, which will be new-Earth and Heavens, as declared of in Scripture is. So from hence it is made known to me, what the work and business of our present Age, and Day is, which is to pass daily through the Baptizing River, that may drown, and keep all of Sin down, that the Spring of Righteousness may rise for the true washing of Regeneration; Then will the Holy-Ghost be renewed, and set up his Reign in Souls, and will exercise Power and Dominion, so as it shall be known Jehovah-Shammah, the Lord and mighty King liveth and reigneth Here; for this must be the Forerunner of that more great and notable Day of Christ, as to his Appearance in his own Personal Glory. It is advertised me, that there is much to be done in the Kingdom of this World by a more plentiful Effusion of the Spirit than yet hath been; Therefore each one in their own Jerusalem within be waiting for the Spirits Day, which is the great Increase, and mighty Power that will turn the World upside down; Therefore nothing is more expedient for the hastening this Blessed day of our Lord’s Appearance.

Therefore all that are Watchmen, and Holy-Seers are to sound out That Trumpet of the Spirit, that may gather the Dove-Spirits together to wait in Love-Unity, that the Thousand Years Reign may have a speedy beginning, and entrance; upon the which it will follow, as enquiries made into This Spirits Reign and Dominion, shall hereunto be encourage’d. Even so, and Amen, in the Spirit, come Lord Jesus quickly.


A Dialogue betwixt Christ, and the Spirit of my Mind, which was upon Enquiry, whether I might not be Initiated into a present Dowry, and Spouse to my Lord: to partake of the Heavenly Possessions, which he Himself is Inheritour of, as the Father’s Heir?

And it was replied unto me, Yea surely, It will so follow to be, to the Soul that has put on the Deiformation of Christ the Lord; such, hath a Good and right Claim to His Person and Possessions. And when thus believed, and apprehended, Liberty is granted for to draw out of this Stock, and Treasury, as the present occasion shall require; for out of this Fullness an Emptying into the most holy and sanctified Vessel may be most easily, proportional to its Growth and Degree. For my Lord said to me,

You are not ignorantly to suppose that I willingly do hold back from that which stands in Unity with me: But there is a Cause if any stop be.

Then replied my Spirit, Oh my Lord! Let it be given to me to know, and understand where the Obstructions hath lain?

Answered I was, That the Veil of not Knowing, and not Believing the Things reported of, which do of right belong unto my Virgin Spouse; also wanting are holy Boldness, and Courage to come freely, and take what is mine, and make it your own; For be it Known to Thee, It is far from Me, to engross to My self, what the Father hath so much, and liberally bestowed on Me, was it not that I might give out as Plenteously? Therefore come with full Assurance of Faith to Me, and ye shall receive Grace for Grace, Wisdom for Wisdom, Love for Love, and Power for Power; As I have obtained, and received of my Father in Heaven, so you from Me all answerably.

Pondering in my Spirit, these words of my Lord’s,

I Replied. How shall it be, that a Spirit should thus be mingled, and made one Pure Lump with Thee, so as nothing of it self for to be?

Answered it was. This should be effected by Dying out of Creaturely Sensation, whereby a vacancy of Place, for the Holy-Ghost to rise, and spring, and move, as One Entire Spiritual Body within; for so it will be when ever there is a cessation, and a rest, from the whirling Thoughts and Motions, which from the outward Astral Birth are.

This will be the manner of my coming in this Latter-Day, to stand upon the Earth, which thus emptied is, and refined by the Fire, that never dieth; which Fire is that Seed of God, that shall multiply it self to bring your Christ forth, numerously to overspread this World, till all shall be formed anew.

Thus shall each one become a Christ, (or an Anointed) from this Deified Root opening within their own Soul.

And when this Life of Christ shall out-grow its Minority, and come to Maturity of Wisdom and Strength; then it shall be known what you are made Heirs to, and shall possess, while in the age of time you do remain; for Christ fully Grown will bring such Gain, as Trains of Heavenly Powers will open and fly like Lightning, that shall reach from one Nation to another, by which the dark Corners of the Earth shall become light.

This is the New, and Living Model, which your Lord Christ will now begin to manifest himself in; Therefore hereunto, Let the Holy Anointed Ones, be ever waiting for me, till Power come over all that is Nature and Creaturely Spirit.

Seeing I have (Oh my Lord) Liberty of Speech further to proceed for Enquiry into this deep condescending Love of Thine, what upon my Spirit do move, which is,

How the ardent Soul, that so great a lover of Thee is, may have frequent admittance into Thy Council-Chamber, to know, hear, and learn, what may be conduceable, to such an high degree of Unity, as hath been mentioned by Thee; For thou art so over-cloathed with Greatness and Majesty, that it is no light, or easy thing to maintain such Accesses unto Thee, as required is in so high an Import as this is: For to know the Secrets that do concern the Kingdom of Thine, and my Joy, and Glory in Thee? O my Lord, be pleased in This to satisfy me.

Which was answered most sweet and mildly of my Lord, in these words.

O thou Soul of mine ! thou hast searched deep, for to find a Path of Life, that few have found, because it is all Holy Ground, where none but Spirits that have put on my Spiritual Body can ascend, and keep their feet steady in this Track, which I to God the Father did freely pass; and so may you, as I in you this Risen-Body shall quicken up, That so, as hereby you may know it is not my Personal Glory, that shall prevent such Spirits in this their humble, and Love attempt: For I your Lord do well know, it is but expedient you should thus keep up your acquaintance with me; For great will be your advantage hereby, in taking and receiving, from Me such fresh and wonderful Supplies of Wisdom, and Knowledge in the Heavenly Mysteries, as shall satisfy, and quiet the Mind in the midst of an unquiet, and disturbing World.

And now that I have informed you, in what you are privileged in, take all care to keep this way of the Spirit all free and clear, that your Flight may not be stopped; so then you will keep your Dwelling securely above with me in the Heavens, and need not be careful what happeneth to the World beneath; for your Mountain Scituation {Situation} in God shall never be moved.

Therefore only happy, unutterably are they who know me thus for to be their new living and ascending way, that as with my Spiritual Body, they may go in and out, taking what is for their present use, which they may have from me, all free, as coming in the Faith of Sanctity.

Now having taken in these Communications from my Lord, I found a precious feeding hereupon, and did feel such a spreading and quickening Life come upon me, as if all were filled with Christ in every part, which may be compared to Elijah’s stretching himself upon the dead Child, which was made alive thereby.

Thus the Lord Christ draws a lively Draught of Himself in every part in the Soul, and nourisheth it with his own Royal Blood, which runneth thro’ every Vein, by which we know we have put on Christ in his Resurrection-Spirit, and inward Body, to which Perfect Thing coming, Redemption is Finished.

Highly blessed are those that shall arrive hereunto.

By all these Manifestations, I see the Day of Love is breaking out, to compass the whole Earth, and Christ will no longer a Stranger be; for so he doth Prophesy in me, That in the Holy-Ghost, he will in this Last Age of the World more wonderfully appear; therefore I am press’d in Spirit to Excite all that love, and longeth for to see, feel, and know Him, as a Present Counsellor, and Comforter, that they would thus prepare by Pureness of Heart and Mind, waiting for this Love-Star to rise, and multiply it self to numberless Stars of Love, and Power, that may a Heavenly Host be, to proclaim the Glory of Christ’s Kingdom.

Even so Come, Thou Mighty King of Glory, and make us Kings to Reign over all That of the Earthly Life, as so redeemed by Thee, Thou Lamb of God, to whom the Hallelujahs is given.


A Post-Script

Being a Question put to the Author, which is this, viz.

Q. GOD being so Pure, Holy, and Good in Himself; How comes Evil and Sin to be awakened, since God is the Original, from whence All Created Beings have proceeded? As (now) both Angels, and all Rational Creatures are infected therewith all.

As this was answered privately, so it is thought necessary and serviceable (for the publick Satisfaction of All in General) to be inserted Here, being of a weighty Concern for to be Resolved in, (which is not from the Reach of Man’s Knowledge or Wisdom, but from the Revelation of the Spirit of Christ ( so given in, and in This wise opened ) viz.

A. That the Great and Mighty God and Creator, had all Principles and Centers, both of Light and Darkness in Himself; with Good and Evil, Death and Life. But all of These (tho seeming contrary) were bounded in Unity and Harmony; So that the Darkness did not mingle, to Eclipse the Light; Nor the Evil to lessen and diminish the Good; Or the Death to be hurtful to the Life.

The Divine Wisdom kept All in their Place and Station Unviolated in Himself. But what the Mighty God Procreated, and Generated out of Himself Angels of That Kind (which kept not their first Station) they derived from their Creator All Essences, both in the Light, and in the Darkness, and were very Noble, Potent, and Great. But being (now) Distinct, and apart from their Original Root (The Being of God) They found a Power in themselves to awaken what Principles or Essence they would (standing in a Free-Liberty, either to the Good, or to the Evil). But not being watchful, to keep All in our Bounds in a meek Humility; A Sinful disorder brake forth, and the Luciferian-Spirits got against the Creator, who, (hereupon) turned them out of the Pure Angelical Principles, so as they must remain Apostates from God, till their Number of Punishment shall be finished. Now, from Hence came the Infection of All Mankind. These Fall’n-Angels envying That New, and Heavenly Image. For God, after This, made and brought forth (to Replenish, and fill up the void and empty Spaces of the Light World) Man, whom he had Created in their Room: Upon which they did Conspire, how they might involve This New-Created-Being, in the same Fate of Disobedience with themselves, for they were Subtle-Knowing-Spirits, and understood better than Adam, of what Consistency of Principles He stood in; And that (through Temptation set on) the hidden Essence of Evil might be awaken’d in Him; for He was Essenced both in the Good and Evil; and so, became more easily corrupted and defiled.

Thus we give the Enquirer an Answer to the Question. How Sin at first came in. Now it remains to let you know, How this Poyson of Sin (that hath infected All of Adam’s Posterity) shall be allayed and expell’d. The original Cure hereof, is so known, that I need not set That forth, being generally believed that Christ came in the Flesh to be a Propitiation for the Sins committed in the Flesh.

But now a deeper Thing than This I have to declare and make known as Thus. We know all Outward-Births have been conceived in Sin; And yet somewhat of Good (from the Original Root of Nature) hath therefrom (in every one) sprung forth. Now know and consider, there is no other way to make a Perfect Cure, but by taking the Sting of Sin out; and that by another Birth conceived within the Soul (which is Christ the Quickening-Spirit) (that which is a Sinless Birth): And as that groweth up, and becomes strong in Spirit, the Sinful Part withers and dies away. Thus Christ the God-man works out Sin within the Properties of Fall’n Nature, And so, completes Redemption Victoriously; For that which is thus born of God, overcomes the World. 1John, Ch.5.

But here meets me a Question, viz., Is Christ to be conceiv’d, and born in every one for Salvation so Intrinsically? Yea surely, This is, and must be the Foundation-Seal, whereby God the Father will own, and rescue us, as being the Express Image of his Beloved Son.

But again it may be Objected, That I have verified, that God’s Love is so great and large, as All Fall’n-Angels and Spirits shall be Redeemed; But the Question is, How can that be when so many die without any Appearance of this New-Birth you speak of? It is so, that millions of Souls do so (out of this World) pass away, and much to their Loss and Suffering it will be. Yet know, The Root of the eternal God is in every Soul, tho never so Vile and Evil in this Body they have lived in and so died. For Christ is the Light that hath enlightened every one that cometh into the World, (John 1), that this Light and Life of Christ hath been shut up, and Sin hath got uppermost, yet Christ (the eternal Spark of life) will save Himself in all that have Apostatized from Him; Nothing shall suffer Loss but the Fuel of Evil-Works, that cannot pass through the Judgment and Burning; and if this Life be passed over, and little or nothing of This done; There must be a remaining in a Fearful-Expectation of going through this Terrible Refining-Work after this Life, in Regions so appointed for that end. Oh! that all careless, desperate Soul-Adventurers, that know not the hard Tugs they must go through to clear and get off, what they contracted of Vile-Matter, and Evil-Deeds, in this Life; Therefore, let all be warned to Mortify and Renounce the Earthly-Birth, that so, they may escape the Fiery-Indignation, that will come upon the Works of Iniquity.

Oh! now then, whilst you have Day with the Everlasting Sun-shine of Love in your Souls, Turn into it, and it will Clarify and Brighten you that (so saved) you may be out of all Future-Punishments, and Entrance find into the Joy of our Lord; which may be known now in This present Time, in the Heavens of a Pure-Heart; The happy Felicity of which I have already set forth, in this Treatise.

So, hoping This may give Satisfaction to the Impartial and Sober-minded, for Information into the Mysteries, that have been under a Veil (which is now rending away) for the which break of Day, Let us earnestly Pray.


A Visional Appearance, or Prophecy

July 15, 1694.

I had a sudden Representation came before me of a round Globe, like an Oval, that had four Circles, and within the first Circle, was a Pure white Glass of Light; in which, there appeared the Personal Prince of Glory, with a numberless Number of bright Bodily-Figures, with whom the Elders were; They had got Victory over this World, who departed in the Faith of what they now enjoy; And the Circle that was encompassed, was of a bright flame-colour.

Then, next to This was an Azure Blue-Circle; and here appeared the Faces only of numerous Persons, that are yet living in Bodily Figure in this World (who some are known, and others unknown to me) and the Motto that was written on their Fore-Heads was, These are Those who are waiting for to break through into Mount-Sion-Principle, where Christ the Lord, with all that are Redeemed out, and from the Earth are.

Then, in the third Circle, which appeared like Pale-Lightning, there open’d Seraphims and Cherubims, bright Angels, very numerous that ascended; and were appointed as a Guard, always Ministering to Those. And did see them break their Circle and come amongst Those, who pressing were into the Light-World.

The fourth Circle was a more Dark Dusky-Colour; And here were those who were yet to be gathered in, and born again; Some among them were known by Face to me; they were yet but moving in the Dark-Principle (as shut from the Light.) All of This was conspicuously opened unto me.

And as I was waiting further upon the Vision (as it shut up, and opened again the next Night) Then I saw One Mighty-Potent-Angel break through the Circle where the Glorified-Person and the Elders were; and a great Shout there was, crying, The Principle of Salvation is broken through; and now the Beast’s Kingdom will quickly go down, and worthy is this Mighty Conquerour to receive (with the Lamb of God) Power and Riches, Wisdom and Strength, Honour, Glory and Blessing; For the way is broken through for such to follow after, who in the same Spirit of Faith are, acquitting their Sensual Reasonings.

Then did I see many striving to enter in, but could not till they had relinquished the Name and Mark of the Beast (which is this worldly Principle) with all its Polluted Immercements and Babylonian Trafficks, which, by the sight of this All-Conquering-Angel, were prevailed upon so to do.

Then a Free Pass was made for many (known by Figure and Name) to enter in, and to receive Mutual-Power to Multiply and Spread Mount-Sions Glory over the whole Face of this Earth.

So will all Nations be made to flow in, at the Rising of this Bright-Orient-Spirit, for great Powers are moving from the Heaven in very Deed.

Oh Mighty Jesus! Thou art This Circle-Breaker, by, and in such whom Thou wilt assume, and take up to open the Fountain of Great-Wonders; by the which, the Lost-Purity, shall again come to be Restored, and the Heavens (as a Curtain) over the whole World spread.

This is a Prophetical Vision, the fulfilling thereof draweth near; Therefore it seemed good to me to add it to the foregoing Part.

The Author has much of this kind lying by her (in Manuscript) that may yet come to light, as God shall open an Effectual Door, for more to be Revealed, that may Conduce and make Ready, the New-Jerusalem Bride to be married to the Immaculate Lamb of God: for the which, I say to all, Come. Oh come away with speed.

The lifted up Standard of Christ, the Trumpet of whose Spirit does now Sound, that the Dead in Sins may live again in a New-State, from the Resurrection-Life of Christ, who cometh down in a Fiery-Baptizing-Cloud: By which, He will enter into Souls, who willing are to have This Sin-Defiling-Garment taken away.

The Oil of the Spirit is still flowing; but must now stop for the present, till vessels shall be found and made ready to take it in. For the which, the Incense of Pure Prayers shall still ascend up to Heaven.

F I N I S.

THIS Book is to be Sold by the Author, Jane Lead, living at the Lady Mico’s Colledge, right against Stepney Church; and at her Daughters, Barbary Walton, At Mr. Mileman’s in New-street, at the End of Dean-street, right against the 3 Tuns.

And if any one is disatisfied in any Point handled in this Book, The Author is ready to give answer thereunto, while she is yet Living.

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