AUTHENTIC REPRODUCTION of the Original Printing — 1696
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Jane Lead, 17th Century Prophetess of God [1624–1704]: A Personal Diary of her Spiritual Experiences and Encounters with the Godhead during 1670 – 1676.  

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G a r d e n s,

W A T E R E D   by  the  Rivers  of
Divine   Pleasure,

And Springing up in all the Variety of
Spiritual Plants;   Blown up by
the Pure breath into

A      P A R A D I S E,

Sending   forth  their  Sweet  Savours,
and  Strong  Odours,   for Soul Refreshing.

P.J.  De Loutherbourg


By    J A N E     L E A D.


Cantic. 4.16.   Awake, O North Wind, and come thou
South, blow upon my Garden, that the Spices may
flow out:   let by Beloved come into his Garden, and
eat his pleasant Fruits.

Chap.6.2.   My Beloved is gone down into his Garden
to the Beds of Spices, to feed in the Gardens, and to
gather Lillies.


L O N D O N,  Printed and Sold by J. Bradford, near




A Bundle of Revelations Untied,

And to be Dispersed to such as are Impartial Seekers, and Unwearied Searchers into the Deep Things of GOD: Which are only Knowable to that Holy Spirit, that diggeth into the Rich Mines and Treasury of WISDOM: Of which the Author hereof was under a Powerful Driving for the Space of about Thirty Years; keeping a Private Recollection to her self, as they did from Time to Time open, and come down as a Burning Shower; not knowing whether they should have been made Publick in her Age, but thinking rather they might be kept as a Garden Enclosed, and as a Fountain Sealed.


PROVIDENCE having opened a Door unexpectedly, through the Strong Instigation of an highly Worthy Person, truly enobled in the Spirit of his Mind, who having had a savour and Relish of some Foregoing Books that had been Printed, did make a generous offer, to have the Bank and Stock of what the Holy Unction had dropped in, brought forth into Manifestation; for the Universal, Enlightening, Leading and Refreshing, for the Dove-Flocks belonging to the Great Shepherd, to whom such Pastures lie open to be freely fed upon; I think my self obliged to Publish for these Ends, what can be recovered of the Process and Diary of my Life, since I have been under these Love-Visitations from the Spirit of my Lord. The Time being now accomplished, wherein the Hour-glass of the Spirit is a second time turned up, for the which there is a Call from the New Jerusalem World, that all Persons of every Quality, Rank and Degree, under what Denomination soever, they be, throughout all Nations, Peoples, and Languages, do give ear, and watch every Golden Sand that this Glass doth run, that nothing of it may run waste. For it is the Morning-Watch and Day-break of the Spirit, that is to spread forth its Light and Glory, whereby is to be enlightened the Dark Ignorant State of the World, who have sat in the Region of Traditional and Literal Knowledge, according to the Rational Wisdom of Man, which through the Inundation of the Spirit must all be drowned, and a New Earth prepared, wherein the Sowing of the Spirit is to be with one pure Golden Grain, that can admit of no mingling, of what is from Man; for another Time is now at hand, wherein nothing but what is purely taught of God shall abide and stand. Therefore as one that hath obtained through Infinite Love, and large Grace, to be Baptized into this Glorious Manifestation of the Spirit, I do beseech and excite all to whom this Journal shall come, that they do well observe and take diligent notice of the Method and Way, which God took with me, in order to the bringing me forward to the Arrivement at the manifold Degrees and Growths, which is here in a most simple and undres’d manner brought forth, without any Alteration; but just as the Spirit was pleased to render it self in its own Cloathing. So in obedience to the Call of Wisdom, may the same Visitation of Immediate Divine Teaching, as a Day-star in your Hearts appear, which may your Souls greatly revive and cheer.

Now give me leave to tell you the Beginning of my Way that the Spirit first led me into. In the first place then, after some Years that I had lived in some good Degree of an Illuminated Knowledge, setting under the Visible Teachings of Men, that could give no further Light than that they had arrived from others, through all of which I traced as a wandering Spirit that could find no Rest: but something still I found within my self that did open to draw in from a more pure Air, than I could meet without me: Whereupon I introverted more into my own Inward Deep, where I did meet with that which I could not find elsewhere; except it were with such as were brought under the same Dispensation of whom a few names were made known unto me. Wherefore I do give my own Experience, that I would have every one that desires to be Sealed with the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation, not to take in any Fears, Jealousies or Prejudices, concerning the Emanations and Manuductions {to be led by the hand} that the Holy Ghost will dispense forth, as any shall be found Lovers and Waiters thereupon. For I my self found all other Grounds and Pastures dry and barren, as a parched Desert; until I came to this Fruitful Lebanon, where all Variety of sweet scented Flowers, did as another Eden flourish pleasantly. Which were known and enjoyed by giving up to the Teaching of the Holy Unction, which as the Waters of the Sanctuary, will never cease springing, till they become an Overwhelming River, which is the true Baptizing Water of Life. This you will find to be true, as you seriously apply your self to this Way and Method of God’s Immediate Teaching: Which then you shall find to open in the Center of your own Soul. And this way manifesteth it self in a various Dispensation. Sometimes this is by Inspeaking from the Essential Word, which giveth its own certain Sound, as different occasions do offer, upon a Soul’s waiting thereupon. For it would be a very deplorable Case, if Christ should leave his Flock, and seal up the Fountain of all Future Revelation, that is now necessary to be Renewed in every Age of Time. Therefore he brings us to lie at the Mouth of this bubbling Well of his Spirit, for to drink in what is New and Fresh, which doth greatly delight the Soul; that would otherwise be apt to faint and flag, before it come to the end of its Race. Wherefore he doth strow our Way, with fragrant Flowers, all sweet and pleasant, and of many and beautiful Colours; as you may observe when you read the Similitudes and Visions which are here Published; God many times coming down to unfold himself in this Figurative and Parabolical way: and yet more Essentially and Deeper, above and beyond all Figures and Representations, of which I shall give you some account as being under Command not to keep back, or shun to declare the whole Purport whereinto I have been carried; for the universal Refreshment and Benefit of such who are as weaned Children from every other Breast, but that of their Eternal Mother, whence all Wisdom and Understanding doth stream forth Intellectually, which is the growing Nutriment, as it doth pass Radically into the Soul, as the Blood doth into the Veins. Now here is a Cessation of Sensible Images, for all is turned into an Intellectual Sight, Operation, and Sensation. From this Center of Light, though no visible Images are impressed or raised thereupon, yet here is the true Ground and Substance of all which are in an Interiour Figure portrayed in the Spirit of the Mind, and brought out no further, but do remain an Invisible Idea, just as it is with God himself, before he formeth out of the Essential Ground, Shapes and Figures of Things. So as these may conduce as much to the Informing and Enlightening, Renewing and Comforting, and even Essentializing of the Spirit into God, as any of the other; nay I know it to be the more Sure Ground, and Concenter of the Spirit: and if it should never know any of those other figurative Visions: yet keeping to the Center to drink in the pure Streams of Revelations, as they arise herefrom, it shall give them an Access into the Full Body and Center of the Trinity; which swallows up all of Shadows and Pictures, and terminates into the very Essentiality of a God-Formation, into Substantial Powers acting in, and from the pure Essence of Spirit in Transnewed Nature. Thus Intellectual Vision, thus considered, is the very next Step to that Beatifical Vision, or Seeing of God barely, without any other Medium, but the very express Personality of the Lord JESUS; by being so consummated into the Essence of his Spirit and Light, as that whatever is knowable and obvious to Him, may also our Sight of Light be, both here in Time, and hereafter in Eternity. Which is an unknown Mystery; of which an account may be hereafter more fully given, as it shall be entered into.

As to the Other Sort of Vision, that is no New Ministration. For it is of Old that God did thus often make out himself, as a more taking and plain Way, in raising Images distinct, for Teachableness unto us. And this proceeds from another Center than that of the Intellectual: it is more Deep. Some Persons may stand in this Center-Line naturally of Seeing, and Awakening a Formation out of this Center, according to the strong Impression of their Minds, by various Figures. If the Mind of such be Pure, and ardently run into Heavenly Objects, it will raise Appearances suitably: and there will be an Awakening, and Drawing out of various Speculations of Beauty and Glory, as may forespeak what is to be accomplished, in a Particular way. This Way of God’s Manifestation, hath been frequent in Former, and in This Present Time: But these are Props for the Weak, that they may not faint in their Way up to God’s Mountain of more Perfect and naked Vision. Now of this kind of Vision, I have been much visited withal: but I press to get beyond it. Here is no Stay: the Ground from whence these open is too Shallow. I am driven now to descend Deeper, where the Spirit even level may be with its own Eternal Essentiality; that Power therefrom it may have, to Make and Form whatever it will; in, and from Substance that is Original.

Then as there is of Divine Vision, that opens from the Holy and Heavenly Mind, which draweth in these Presentations; so there is another Sort of Vision that is from the Starry Influence, and Working Power of the Elements, that in conjunction are with the Common Spirit and Mind of a Person. And though there be not any Eminent Work of Regeneration, yet there may be Vision: as Balaam was, and others, had that Gift, and yet were not Renewed in their Spirits, or brought nigh to God thereby. Such notwithstanding may have Power to raise many Images that may foretell and signifie what is to come to pass. For there is a Starry Magia, that some may have a Natural Property to open in themselves: and it doth sometimes awaken into Manifestation in the deep of Sleep, and giveth Warning of Evil that is to come, and Shews of Good; as relating to the present Manifestation of Time. And this may be, and is, a Common Gift. But where it is in a Sanctified Vessel, it is far otherwise illustrated than in those who nothing of that can give proof of.

So now hence we see the different Nature of Vision, and of Prophetical Intelligence therefrom, that we may watch to every Center opening. For the Serpent’s Subtilty stands ready to mingle, where ever he can enter in. For he is a great magical Prince, and the outward Planets are as his Operators in the Constitution of the meer natural Man. Now of all these, the most Safe is the Intellectual and Divine Vision, that openeth from the more profound Center-Deep: but yet not so as that we are to stick here even in this.

For there is a Center Deeper still, where the Deity unmasked is of all Figures and Images, known and seen in his own Simplified Being. And when in Spirit caught up here, we see all the various Wonders, brought forth in the very Life Essential Property, as wrought out of God immediately, and in their Living Figures, as the innumerable Hosts, which do replenish the Heaven of God’s Habitation: which is the purest and most infallible Vision, that our Spirits may Eternally concenter in, with all the delightful Satisfaction, that the very Angels before the Throne of God’s Majesty do enjoy. So we may this know as often as from all Bodily Sense we can get away. For this kind of Vision highly different is from that which we call Divine, or Intellectual; because it doth all over sublime the Spirit, Soul, and Body, during the time that the Munition-Flame of the Holy One doth as a Pavilion all over spread, and keepeth all of Sense at the Foot of the Mount, while Spirit entereth into the Tabernacle-Glory of the Holy Trinity.

This sort of Vision the Beloved John was in, when being wholly caught up in the Spirit, he saw all the Variety of the Lord’s Kingdom, and his express Personality. Since which we have not known any in late Ages that have been in the like Transportation in Spirit, and yet alive in the Body, to declare of what was seen and heard after such a Wonderful Way as he had. But the Author must (to the Honour of God) own, that something, not unlike to this, hath been to her manifested. Such Grace and Love Our JESUS doth again afford, and bringeth himself into our Knowledge, by this Way of the Spirit clear and free; that we may know him that is True, and receive by this Highest Vision-Ministration, the full extent of his Will and Mind: that is, that we may both see, and hear, as if we were out of the Body of Corporeity, while yet in the Body; as Supersensualized to know, and behold purely, through the Organical Properties of the Spirit, according as every Object in Heavenly Places in their Order do move in reference to our Cohabitation within those Circulations through the Spiritual Body.

Thus have I brought forth out of the deepest Deep, what the present Measure of my Knowledge and Experience is, in this Mystical Dispensation. Which hereby is as the New and best of Wine that hath been reserved for this Last Time. Whereby it may be understood, that Christ has not forgotten to make good his Promise, to renew the Spring of his Spirit, by a continued Succession of it. And as we see and hear the Fruitfulness of it doth more generally abound, and find entertainment in the World, by a new Generation of Apostolical Spirits, so doth it presage a New Kingdom and State is near approaching. Which is Argument enough to provoke all that would be Subjects of this Kingdom, which the Lamb has only Right unto, to be preparing and making Ready, as the First Fruits, that they may be Qualified to make up this New Jerusalem-Bride. Therefore as my Fellow Denizens of this City, which is from Above, where-ever ye are hidden, whether as Exiles, or Captives scattered to and fro, I beseech you let your Inward Ear be attentive, keeping Watch and Ward in great Calmness and Stillness of Mind. Then may ye hear the Love-Calls, passing through that Horn which is filled with pure Oil, that will gather and draw you into the High, Celestial, and Spiritual Pasture, and Fold; where our goodly Tents may be Pitched, and of which we may go in and out, to that rich Sharon, which springs and flowers round about our Kingly Shepherd; that so as his Sheep and Lambs we may be gently led from Fountain to Fountain, and drink and feed together, in the same Harmony and Unity; as do the Saints in the Upper Fold, so we in this Lower.

I shall now wind up all with a Caution to two Ranks: the First shall be to the Unlearned and Ignorant in this Method and Way of the Spirit’s Manifestation. Which is, that they do forbear Rash and Censorious Judgment upon those Things that are at present above their Reach. For as they desire not to be prevented and bereaved of the Great Benefit of Divine Inspiration, and the Assistances of the Holy Ghost, my Advertisement to such is, that they become Simple and Child-like, and adventure upon the Conduct and Manifestations of the Holy Spirit, then will they find another manner of fruitful Life will in them spring, and no reason shall they have to repent for Acquiescing to the Divine Will herein. The Second Caution shall be to that sort, which are already Initiated into this our Mystick and Supersensual Wisdom, that may have with me run deep into the Ocean of what is Mysterious and Wonderful for Knowledge. First I must caution you, with my self, to keep very Low, entering into a Self-Annihilation, so as a Nothing to be, with reference to the Creaturely Being, that the All-Deifick Unction may arise as an overflowing Tide: and never to think we have obtained by all that we have yet reached to, what yet remains of those Immense Treasures, which are yet further to be Revealed. For there is still a growing Tree of Life, that reneweth all Variety of Wisdom; as you will in part find by this Present, as well as by some Foregoing Books by me Published.


Thus having given you a true narrative of the Several Removes and Risings, from one Degree to another, from Depths to Heights, and from Heights again to Depths; out of which hath been brought forth very Marvellous and Wonderful Secrets: which it was the pleasure of the Fountain of Spirits to distribute and communicate; being such Mysterious Things as haply may be rarely found elsewhere; which hath often me astonished, that such Unusual and Strange a Method the Spirit should take with me, opening such things. But it hath been given me to know, upon a Diligent Inquiry, that there is an Age coming on, the like to which hath not yet been, to whom these Prophesies and Revelations do belong. So that though the Day of my Life is far spent, so that I may not see the full Harvest, of what is by the Spirit sown here, to be reaped; yet assured I am that all is reserved for a Glorious Time, wherein shall arise a New Generation, that clothed upon will be with such a Mantle, as is interwoven with Light, Wisdom, Knowledge and Flaming Power. Among which there may be some that I may bear the Memorial of a Mother to as well Natural as Supernatural; that may possibly succeed in the same Spirit, which I shall pray may be as Wisdom’s Key, to go on to open in them the Golden Remains, which are yet to be brought forth, for the promulgation of the Priestly and Prophetical Kingdom, upon the Earth. So now I shall conclude, requesting you as you shall draw in any Light, or feel any Refreshment herefrom, that you would join with me in Acclamations and Praises to the Ancient of Days, who hath put into the Hands of a Good-willer to these Divine Mysteries, to bring forth into the Publick, what might otherwise have been left in Oblivion and Secresie. And it is my peculiar Request, which I this place leave, that the Nations may bless, and pray for such an Instrument that hath given a Proof of so Universal a Love to All. So that the Fulness of all Blessings and Showers from the Heavenly Powers, may descend upon the Impartial and Single-hearted Readers and Good-willers hereof, shall be the constant Invocation and Prayer of her, who while living in the Body, shall never cease to serve all her Fellow-Members, in the Gift of God, Universally.

J. Lead.   



A Garden of Fountains, &c.


Divine Openings and Revelations since the Year MDCLXX.

The First Vision that appeared to me was in the Month of April, 1670.
Which was on this wise;

BEING my lot at that time to visit a Friend in a solitary Country-place, where I had great advantage of Retirement, often frequenting lonely Walks in a Grove or Wood; contemplating the happy State of the Angelical World; and how desirous I was to have my Conversation there, my thoughts were much exercised upon Solomon’s Choice, which was to find out the Noble Stone of Divine Wisdom; [Margin Note: See the Preface to the Laws of Paradise] for by acquainting my self with her, all desirable good in Spiritual things would meet upon me. The Report and Fame that Solomon gave of Wisdom, did much excite me to seek her Favour and Friendship; demurring in my self from whence she was descended, still questioning whether she was a distinct Being from the Deity or no? Which while in this debate within my Mind, there came upon me an overshadowing bright Cloud, and in the midst of it the Figure of a Woman, most richly adorned with transparent Gold, her hair hanging down and her Face as the terrible Crystal for brightness, but her Countenance was sweet and mild. At which sight I was somewhat amazed, but immediately this Voice came, saying, Behold I am God’s Eternal Virgin-Wisdom, whom thou hast been enquiring after; I am to unseal the Treasures of God’s deep Wisdom unto thee, and will be as Rebecca was unto Jacob, a true Natural Mother; for out of my Womb thou shalt be brought forth after the manner of a Spirit, Conceived and Born again: this thou shalt know by a New Motion of Life, stirring and giving a restlessness, till Wisdom be born within the inward parts of thy Soul. Now consider of my Saying till I return to thee again.

This Vision took great Impression on me, yet I kept it for the present hid, but it Operated so much upon me, as indeed I was incapable to converse with any Mortals; which was taken notice of, that some extraordinary thing had happened; for the which I begged my Friends excuse, and desired that she would give me the liberty to be much alone, and to walk in the silent Woods; where I might contemplate what had so lately happened. Now after three days, sitting under a Tree, the same Figure in greater Glory did appear, with a Crown upon her Head, full of Majesty; saying, Behold me as thy Mother, and know thou art to enter into Covenant, to obey the New Creation-Laws, that shall be revealed unto thee. Then did she hold out a Golden Book with three Seals upon it, saying, Herein lieth hidden the deep Wonders of Jehovah’s Wisdom, which hath been sealed up, that none could, or ever shall break up, but such as of her Virgin-Offspring shall appear to be; who will her Laws receive, and keep, as they shall spring daily in the New Heart and Mind. This Appearance, and Words, was wonderfully sweet and refreshing in my Soul; at which I bowed, and prostrated at her Feet; promising to be obedient to all her Laws. So the Vision shut up for that time.

Pondering this in my Heart, with great comfort, that this Day-star had visited me from on high; I returned to London to my own Habitation, retiring my self from all my Acquaintance, saving one Person that was highly Illuminated, who encouraged me still to wait upon this Vision; for he was acquainted with somewhat of this kind. So after six days the Vision appear’d again, with a Train of Virgin-Spirits, and with an Angelical Host; and called to me to come and see the Virgin Queen, with her first-born Children; asking me, Whether I was willing to be joyned amongst this Virgin Company? At which I reply’d, All willing to offer up my self most free: Then immediately I was encompasss’d about with this Heavenly Host, and made a Spirit of Light. Then these Words from the Virgin proceeded, saying, I shall now cease to appear in a Visible Figure unto thee, but I will not fail to transfigure my self in thy mind; and there open the Spring of Wisdom and Understanding, that so thou mayest come to know the only True God, in and by the formation of Christ, the anointed Prophet in thee; that shall reveal great and wonderful things unto thee, that are to be made known, and publick, in its time and day: Therefore be watchful, and to thy Mother Wisdom’s Counsel give good heed, and thou shalt greatly prosper, and succeed the Prophets and Apostles to perfect what was left behind, for compleating as to Christ the Fulness of God’s great Mystery: So go on, and nothing fear, or doubt; for I thy Glass for Divine Seeing shall evermore stand before thee. Then my Spirit replyed, According to thy Word let all this be fulfilled. And so this Glory withdrew; but an inward Glory did my Heart fill, for a burning Love to all of those Heavenly Beings did kindle within my Heart vehemently.



In the Month of August.

[Margin Note: This having been found without any Date of the Year,
and the Author having forgotten when it was, cannot find any one that more nearly succeeds the foregoing one.]

THE Mind of Wisdom thus opened it self in me, as I waited in my Spirit upon her, she did shew me what Key would open the Great Mystery, which lay deeply hid in my self. It was wrought and carved out of such pure Gold, as had passed through many Fires; many Keys I had tryed, but could not turn in this secret enclosed Lock, but still it shut upon me, though I thought I had that Key which was compounded of such Metals, as would have made its entrance, as Love, Faith, Patience, Humility, which with strong Supplication and Prayer, I presented, as the Key of the work. All which was too short to reach it. Whereupon I was put to a loss altogether to seek how this Gate should be opened, having compassed the Holy City, and waited and tryed every way, where I might find passage. Circling from one Path to another, from Prayer to Prayer, and from Faith to Faith; so that in good earnest I began to consider I had not found this wonderful Key, for want of which I might run out in waste all my days, and grope as in the dark, yet never find the Door which opens into my true Shepherd’s Fold. Whereupon being cast into a deep astonishing silence and stillness, the Word of Wisdom thus opened it self unto me; Oh thou deep searching Spirit, marvel not thou hast been so long frustrated, for as to thy present state and dispensation, thou couldst never reach me to all Eternity, for my Birth in thee lies deeper than thy present Gift of Faith and Prayer can open; thou hast with many others been in a great mistake. But in as much as thou ownest and bewailest thy unskillfulness, I will make known to thee what Key will turn this great Wheel of my Wisdom, so as it may move, and manifest it self in thee, through all thy Properties, if thou canst bid up to the Price of it. For understand that it is compounded of all pure Gold, subsisting in a burning Furnace of many Fires: And although this wonderful Key is of Wisdom’s carving out, and her free gift, yet, O thou seeking Spirit, she will cost thee very dear, if ever thou obtainest her. Yet she goeth about seeking such as are worthy of her, and will shew her self within the Walls of the Mind, and meet them in every thought that waits for her Laws and Counsel, and brings a Kingdom which will be well worth thy selling all for. But the great thing, saith Wisdom, now is to discipline and make thy Spirit a cunning Artist, to give it Knowledge of what Matter in Number, Weight and Measure this pure Key is made up of, which is all pure Deity in the Number THREE; which is weighty indeed, being one exceeding weighty Glory, sitting in the Circle of the Heavens within Man’s Heart, measuring with the Line of his Power, the Temple and inward Court, with the Worshippers therein. This is Wisdom’s Key, which will make our Hands drop with sweet smelling Myrrh upon the handle of her Lock. Which while I was opening her Privy-Door, with this Key, my Soul failed within me, and I retained no strength; my Sun of Reason, and the Moon of my outward Sense were folded up, and withdrew. I knew nothing by my self, as to those working Properties from Nature, and Creature, and the Wheel of the Motion standing still, another moved from a Central Fire; so that I felt my self Transmuted into one pure Flame. Then came that Word to me, This is no other than the Gate of my Eternal Deep, canst thou subsist in this Fiery Region, which is Wisdom’s Mansion, where she meets with holy abstracted Spirits, and gives forth a fiery Law, which if thereunto thou canst give heed, so as to come up to her Requirings, then no Secret shall be with-held from thee. Thus far am I admitted to come into the entrance of her House, where I must stop till I hear further from her.

Now as I was attending to obtain a fresh Visit, being entered into this first Mansion of her House, to hear and learn further, she said on this wise, That I was greatly beloved, and she would be my Mother, and so should I own her and call her, who would now be to me as Rebecca was to Jacob, to contrive and put me in a way how I should obtain the Birth-right-Blessing. For if I would apply my self to her Doctrine, and draw my Life’s Food from no other Breast, I should then know the recovery of a lost Kingdom; At which Salutation I was dissolved and melted, the fervent heat of this Love strongly impulsing me to a resolve, for to obey her in all things.

Which pure Oil from Wisdom’s Vessel stopping, it opened again not till October the 20th in the Morning-Watch; then heard I her Voice thus; Sequester and draw out of thy Animal Sensitive Life, that is too gross: I cannot appear till that disappear. There must be Spirit with Spirit, Light with Light. No sooner had I this caution, but I felt Power which suspended the active busie mind, which for a time was expired into silence: Know then (said the same Voice) thou shalt supplant thy Brother Esau, who according to the Figure, is a cunning Hunter in the out-birth and field of Nature. While he with his subtilty seeking it abroad, in the wild Properties of the External Region; I will now help thee to it near at Hand, even in thy own enclosed Ground. There the true Scape-Goat feeds, of which I will make savoury meat, such as God thy Father loves. Hearing this Salutation from my late known Mother, I was deadly ravished in the Spirit, in the Light of the Lord, and feared to return to the dark House of my outward Senses again; which opened a spring of Intercession in me, that as one of the Friends of the Bridegroom, I might hear his Voice still, which indeed was so pleasant and sweet, as I could well have admitted of a dissolution of my Elementary Being, rather than this Conference should not still be maintained with this renowned Pearl of Wisdom. But I have learned to observe her Time and Seasons; I witness her opening as in the twinkling of an Eye, a pure, bright, subtil, swift Spirit, a working Motion, a Circling Fire, a penetrating Oil.


November the 10th. 1673.

IN the Morning, about the fifth Hour, my Spirit was called forth to attend Wisdom’s Oracle again, to know further into that mysterious thing, she discoursed with me, in order to the obtaining the Birth-right-Blessing. Oh thou Fiery Soul, know thy self now out of thy own Creaturely Being. Whereupon I was environed with sweet burning Flame which devoured and consumed all the Bryars, Thorns, and accursed Emanations that did offer to put forth. So that Scripture was witnessed, feeling God’s being a Wall of Fire, which separated the Earthly part from the Heavenly. Then uttered Wisdom her Voice: Oh thou solicitous Spirit, I am now come to shew thee what is required of thee, as in the beginning of my parling I shunned not to declare, what it would cost thee to purchase the Key, that unlocks the Gate which gives thee entrance into that pure and transparent City, where thou art to be an Inhabitant in the Lamb’s Nature for ever. I tell thee, God requires an Offering from thee, as he did of Abraham, there is no sparing any part; an whole Burnt-offering through the Eternal Spirit must be given up. Understand me thus, thou hast an Earthly Principle that hath dilated and overspread thee, and got into dominion, and covered thee safe from my Heavens within thee; but these Thrones and Powers must be cast down; their Place must be found no more. Thou hast made great Complaints, for want of constant near Alliance and Freedom with God thy Creator: but marvel not the Cause lies here in dying, yet thou art not totally dead. This is the first Baptism thou art to know, and how many have herein fallen short in not giving their earthly Self a Thorough-wounding and killing Blow? Therefore to thee, O beloved of thy mother Rebecca, I commend to thee my flaming Sword, be thou now valiant, and let it do full Execution in the Camp of Nature; slay utterly Old and Young whatever in thee bears not my Mark and Name, which is my Image. Few in this Latter Age have come thus far. Therefore I have had so little pleasure to inhabit with, and to reveal my self to the children of this Generation; in that a pure Crystalline Mind is so rarely to be found, and in no other will thy God appear. Therefore hear and learn of me, who well knows what will qualifie thee for the reception of thy Fountain-light and Joy, which may be an abiding Friend and Comforter to thee, which was the Heritage of Jacob, thy fore-runner in the Line and Blessing. Now having made known what thy Offering is to be, which is one remove that makes way for the return of thy Bridegroom; the second thing required is the Venison that must be presented to thy Father, that he may eat thereof, that so the Love from his Heart may flow into thee, wherein the Blessing will be known; but of this thou shalt have my Counsel, as thou art faithful in answering to this preparative Work.

At these Sayings of my Mother I well pondered all, tending to the refining me out of my Earthly Life, seeing I must offer it up, and that time of my departure out of the first Principle, is drawing nigh upon me, as Wisdom has plainly shewed me; that though I had come with many Offerings, yet till all was consumed by that one whole Burnt-Offering, I could not be made perfect in the Virgin-State, where Christ’s Second Birth in pure Spiritual Humanity should appear in me. Which Wisdom told me, was the true and right Venison, that God my Father would receive from my Hand, who could savour no other Meat Offering but what should be made up and dressed by the hand of Virgin Wisdom, who further shewed me that place, where she would make ready this savoury Meat, which was in the fiery Essence of my Spirit. Which in very deed I did feel going to work in her own kindled Furnace, where she shewed me her Golden Pot. No Vessel was to be used but of that pure Metal, wherein was ordered all the several Ingredients, which I implored her Friendship to let me see; which was granted unto me, who owned that her Fear was with me, and hitherto I had observed her Charge, and her Secrets should be with me, and that I should know such things from a deep Ground, as had not been broken up of late Ages: if I could bear that hot fiery Furnace, which should boil away the Scum of all that which of the earthly part had yet its remainder with me. Which Counsel begot this Exploration with my Mother, as fearing I should not come up to these her pure and high Accomplishments.

Desponding therefore, I said, Oh my Mother-Wisdom, the terms of thy Requirings are hard, considering I constrained am to reside in the Out-Birth of a Mortal Shadow, where Millions of Spirits do me tempt to keep me from this high and noble Ascent. What an overturning must here be made, that so a Renewing may be on the face of my old Earth? Which Renovation well answers to that Scripture, We shall not all dye, but suffer a Change, or Translation. Oh how little did I understand, till Wisdom unsealed and opened her Testimony, lighting my Lamp from her Seven Pillars of Fire, which now go before me, that my Way may no more be dark: Who hath made good her Promise, for I felt her strong Impulse, and her Furnace prepared, burning as an Oven. By which I well know what that Word of Record means, The Day comes that shall burn as an Oven. She told me, She was now come to make ready the Venison, that I might have access to God my Father with it. While I was pondering, seeing only the Vessel and the Fire, with Isaac I was ready to say, Where is the Lamb? Then uttered she this Word, Thou thy self must be this Paschal Lamb, which must be slain: Then was I taught to say or pray, strike upon that Life-Vein, which may abundantly return again; thus yielding my self up to Love’s Flaming Sword, I felt a separation was made. Oh how sweet is it to feel the Life’s Blood run into the Fountain of that Godhead, from whence it came? Let none henceforth fear in the Lord to dye, for Life shall spring again as to one that awaketh out of a Sleep, into another Principle, or begotten into a New World, in which with other Inhabitants, with whom I now my Conversation have, in the Light of the Deity I do dwell. O dear Sophia, what am I, that hitherto thou hast me brought, that I should know of thy Magick-Art, and from thy holy Flames be inspired, which foreruns the Day of Pentecost, which shall known again be to those who follow hard the Prize to take. This feeling, the Divine Power had me touched as the Key that unlocked the Gate of the Eternal Deep; I further emboldened was to ask my Mother Wisdom, how and when she would compound that savoury Meat, on which the blessing entailed is, for I as one impatient am till the Birth-right confirmed be to me. Upon which there was presented as in a Charger, a Kid lying in a Composition Liquor of Milk, Oil, and Blood with several Spices, as Spikenard, Myrrh and Cinnamon, giving forth strong Odours. Then Wisdom called to me. O go and see what I have compounded and prepared a Banquet-Feast, whereto thy Father will come down with his dear Son thy Elder Brother, and I thy Mother, and will hereof take and feed, so that the Fountain of Jacob may be thy Blessing, which the Eternal Father accordingly pronounced, saying, From the Upper and Supercelestial Planets let thy Eternal Nativity again renew, as from its own Originality; by which the lower Constellations and Elements shall to these subjected be and bow; as a Globe upon which thy Feet shall stand; and both the upper and nether Springs command. The Dews of Heaven, and the Fat Things of the Earth shall together upon thee meet: This is the Fulness of all Blessings, wherewith the Triune Unity do thee greet. Henceforward now observe, and obedient be, to what shall be further Communicated to thee.

After this my Spirit still attended, eagerly longing to lay my Mouth to Wisdom’s Breast, from which the Word of Life so sweetly did flow. Then she with her Flaming Heart did present her self to me. Out of which Heart sprouted forth a Tree, with Twelve Branches having upon the Root of it engraven, GOD is the Pith, Life and Virtue, that maketh the Heart thus Fruitful, in various opening and quickening Powers, giving forth according to each Branch, a different and peculiar Fruit. Then said she to me, Here doth lie the Mystery: do thou it come and see, how out of the Flames these Branches put forth green and palpable Fruits, that are not yet grown, yet thou with Patience must still wait till to perfection of ripeness they be grown in thee, then of the first Fruits of this Tree thou shalt bring to thy God as an Offering, who will accept it as a pure Offering, that will draw down the Life’s Blessing; read and see what engraven is for thee, and let thy Mind be staid a while, till thou to this ripe Age shall arrive and comforted be, that this shady Heart as a fruitful Vine shall overspread within the Walls of thy Mind, a River of Oyl shall here outspring, which will make thy Flames burn still, till so hot the Furnace may come to be which as the Sun for vehemency shall transmute this Fruit to a Golden Colour. Then thou with savoury Meat to thy God shall come, who will him self feed upon their pleasant Fruit, which nourished has been from the Life’s Blood; Come now and into Love’s deep descend with me, that thou mayst know the various operation of this Tree, and every Branch thereof, namely as the living sense shall spring in thee according to which thy lot will be, as relating to the Blessing promised, the which will require perseverance still in the Faith, till to perfection in Colour this Fruit be brought. No other charge I shall leave with thee, but to abide within this shady Rock, where Love’s Flames shall be thy Food continually. Oh how pleasant is it here to be, all encircled with Love’s flaming Breast?


January the 22d. 1674.

WISDOM’S Word opened yet again to me saying, Arise, swiftly follow me: I will shew thee Greater Things than what hath yet been known to thee. Whereupon I felt a mighty attractive Power drawing up my Spirit for Ascension; but surprized I was with a potent Enemy, which did me encounter highly, charging me with a breach to Nature’s Laws, and how I stood obligatory to her, in as much as I had an outward Body, which I ought to take in the Sense of its Elementary requirings, and accordingly make Provision, as the rest of my fellow Creatures in the World, which were under the Government of that great Monarch Reason, to whose Scepter all must bow that live in the Sensitive Animal Life. These and such Arguments I was assaulted with, and pursued as Jacob was by Laban, when he took his Flight to return to his Father’s House. So greatly distressed was my Spirit, seeing itself so oppressed that it could not tell where to make its escape, or how to discharge my self from being a Subject to his Starry Kingdom: as I stood in the Line of Nature. I was under the dominion of the Starry Region, in the strife of the four Elements, which brought in the Curse, where Care and Fear, and the toil and labour of the Body did consist. Saith the Prince of the earthly Life, How wilt thou acquit thy self from my Laws, and break thy Brother Esau’s Yoke from off thy Neck?

Thus in obedience having drawn up my Charge, and having good proof and witness hereof, I presented it to the view of my Mother, who said, Are these things so indeed? I shall advise with the Deity how to destroy them out of thy inward Coasts, seeing thou dost not join or take any part with them; but hast brought in Evidence against them as Traytors to the Crown, Dignity, and Dominion of the Lamb, whose Power they would depose him of, in his chosen and elect Seed: and though these evil seducing Spirits think their Mountain so strong, that it is never to be moved, yet know their Day of Judgment is hastening on apace, and they will be given up to be tryed by the fiery Law, which issueth forth from the Ancient of Days, who hath appointed a Day, in which he will avenge his Elect, that cry mightily to him, as oppressed by these invading Spirits. Be of good Comfort, the Judge is nominated, the Jury is chosen, by whom the Verdict will be given; therefore be true to the Interest of my Son, who is appointed to judge the World in thee, and to cast out Hell, Sin and Death, the Beast and his retinue into that Lake, where there shall be no return out thence, to assault thee more with their Dregs and Poysonous Floods. This is to be done by joining Issue and Power with me, who am come to help thee against the great Leviathan, who makes War most, where he sees his Time of Reigning is almost worn out, and that he must have no more place; who thinks it very great Injustice to be cast out of Man’s Nature, before the laying down the Mortal Body. But oh, to thee let me commend this present state, that in my Virgin-Purity thou mayest still be found; for I delight thee all fair to see: then with my presence frequently I would visit most satisfiedly, wherein you tell me all your Joy doth lie: Then droop not, but most pleasant be, as those whose Name and Place is ever with me. Call in also those who of doubtful Heart are apt to be: Unanimously go forward, remembering what the true Nazarite is to be, of Holy Courage and Divine Magnanimity: no more must such hang down the Head, or to feebleness of Mind give way, but the Power display, which in the Seven Locks concealed are; it is but needful that you all Force do draw out; for while these Earthly Spirits do border upon your Land, they will be scouting out: therefore without my proved Armour dare not with them to parley; this is the Charge I shall leave with thee.


August the 10th.

OH the Wrestling Wheel that I did feel moving, to grind the Earthly part down; setting all at Variance in me, that so it might still keep uppermost, and subdue the numerous Hosts that would my Will have forced; for did that but yield, then the Field where the Treasure and Substance is concealed, would obnoxious to the Robber, and Spoiler be, who hath watched the Prize to take from me. Therefore in variety of Temptations I placed am, to prove whether or no I can stand, and let the Waves still beat and go over me, and no ill fear while the Ark of Faith about doth inclose me; the great Swellings of Jordan shall not afright me, while I do see the strength of Salvation so nigh, that willeth and bringeth to pass according to the out-flowing of the Omnipotency, which from the new-born-Will most prosperously effecteth all things.

Then will it be seen what the Conjoyning of the Eternal Constellations bringeth forth upon the hidden Man through their Fiery Drivings which now thrust forward for Consummation, that I might see the issue of what I have been made to hope and believe, and pray for: Though Prophecies and Revelations do for a time most delightfully entertain the Internal Senses, yet short they are of the Body which consisteth of the Heavenly Things themselves: as it is well said, Prophecies, Tongues, and Faith, and Hope shall have their Cessation, but the Kingdom of the Love, all Concord, the bright Bodified Spirit that hath received Dominion as a super-addition, is beyond the Priestly and Prophetical Office. But while I was reaching after, and inquiring when I might expect the coming down of the Seven-Throne-Powers which are the Pillars of this Kingdom, by whom it will be established for ever in the Perfection of Righteousness, the Word said to me, Rest a while, these two are the foregoing Ministrations that will make much for the third, the Holy Order of a Priest to give attendance in the Tabernacle, is no light thing to be near to the Majesty of Purity, which requires a perfect Consecration. For the Holy Being will have none about him to minister to him, but anointed Ones, from whom may be smelt the Spicy Perfume, that so nothing of the dead unsavory part may be felt; this will qualifie for the Ordination of the Power. Here wait till made perfect, then thy own Hands shall be sufficient for thee, whereby thou wilt find ability to fetch in out of the secret Tower, where is kept for every full grown one, this presented great Jewel of Power: which I dare not to any commit, till they perfectly become wise, of a sound and unchangeable mind to keep secret what the will-pleasure of the Deity is to have from the unworthy to be concealed; no unfaithful Dalilah ever more shall herewith be intrusted, which of a double mind be, which goeth after any Lover besides me; therefore make proof of Truth, Love and Loyalty in a fixed Virginity, before this discovery be made forth in Verity: but this know, the true Nazarite is with Him who will not be deceived in his choice, as the figurative Sampson was. This mighty Man of strength will take none into his Bosom, but such as may be confided in. Therefore if thou wouldst his Dalilah be, of perfect Beauty with spotless Chastity, which will well please this mighty Prince of Peace, who will not thence refuse thee, when well assured that thou hast declined and forsaken thy Father’s House and Kindred, never to turn back to them more, but constantly to him cleave: then his Head on thy Lap he will repose, and his hidden Strength to thee reveal, and nothing from thee conceal, being in Joint-Union, no more twain, but one Spirit: The Seven Locks of his Power he will suffer thee to unloose, and draw out therefrom such Might, as may slay and overcome the Philistines Host, which such prickling Bryars have been to invade thy inward Coasts, and most holy Place, which is appointed for the Ark of the Covenant, there to rest. But behold now is risen a Judge and Law-giver, one that is mighty to save and deliver out of the Hands of all thy Enemies, who thy true Covering in the Day of Battle will be: Therefore henceforth fear not those Warriours that come forth with the Goliath’s Spear and Shield; the Champion which keeps within, shall make them all to stagger, kill and fall, for the true Sampson will maintain Victory over all; it is well worth the sheltering under his mighty Wing, here with safety thou mayst set, and upon his Love do thou incroach still, who will not offended be, though thou intrude thy self, his Dalilah, to draw out his Heart more to thee, till he shall make known his great Secrets unto thee. I well know this is the only precious thing, no one can ever privy here unto be made, till Wisdom be the Bride-Garment upon their Eternal Man, then ravished with thy Beauty, and with a pleasant Aspect will Emmanuel look towards thee, and give thee to read within the seven sealed Book: There is the interpretation of all in the History, as from whence I give thee to understand the Mystery of the Nazarite’s seven Locks, they answer to the seven Seals of this Book of Life, which only is to be opened by the Virgin, completed in the seven number of Spirits, which are the seven All-seeing Eyes that only can read in this Book, which is the true Ground-work of all those wrestling working Properties, which moved are by me, as thou dost in thy self feel, a new Frame and Model for great and precious substance to be taken into: therefore take heed now, and for no common use let thy inward part any more be; for these Throne-Powers which have visited thee, will admit no mixture of company: all of one sort in pure Harmony will meet in this Love-paved Sanctuary, where thy all desirable fellowship will there in the free Liberty dwell, and where opportunity thou wilt have in Love’s Sanctuary, to dive and search, till thou findest out what lieth hid within the Breast of thy worthy Nazarite, who now hath received his full Dowry: the Father hath invested him with all Power, to a full and perfect state of Glory he is now instated; then doubt not but he hath wherewith abundantly to gratifie thee: a higher and greater Match I could not contrive for my self in thee; consider hereof well, and carry it according to my Counsel, then shalt thou his Heart still draw down, the Tabernacle of witness in thy Heaven, the Rainbow in the Cloud, which thou hast seen, as the Mark or Seal of the Covenant betwixt God and thee, according as it is written in the Prophets, He shall be given for a Covenant: What to do? Not to read over as a dead Letter; no, thou shalt witness him thy Prophetical Spring, a Book written within thee, to which now with all those seven Eyes do thou turn in, that this Rainbow in thy New Heavens, as a Throne-Circle may inclose thee with him as a secret Pavilion, where no adulterated thing can break through to disturb, while thou art looking into this New Testament, which shall never be trusted out of this pure Circle of the Life’s Covenant, into which by my Virgin Purity thou only canst pass in, if I were not at hand all over in an Oily Pool, to bathe and drench thee throughout, that so the glorified Eye may think thee all fair, & send forth a Spicy Breath of Air, which only agreeable is for thee, with thy fellow Branch, as not only worthy yet may be, but also bold and free to take and read this Book of Life, which now upon the opening is, as I this Day have shewn to thee with that other Book, which wide open in common and outward place always is to be found, to which thou art by the earthly dark part invited thereinto to look: and it would there retain thee, but out of this Book of Death, thou mayst not look, which is a flowing Source of strong reasoning, that as a Wall, would inclose and captivate thy Mind, that it should need only the Death’s Lines, that hath the putrefying been, that have kept the whole Universe Prisoners in the Black Dungeon of Sin: Now to this end I have presented thee with these two Books, that henceforth thou mayst avoid consulting with that which always is at hand, and so readily doth offer it self unto the view. But I am come absolutely to forewarn not only thee, but such as are growing up with thee, upon pain of my displeasure, you would not turn your Eyes out any more, for great is your danger, if under the Law of this first Covenant, wherein Eternal dying is, that you still in parly therewith should be found; but come now, draw in, my wise and obedient Children, I have provided this other Book, to be unloosened: The Seven Seals no longer shall before it stand, because I in favour am with the Lamb, who from his Virgin-Spouse will nothing hide: Therefore in my Light you may in this Book see where you may come to your lost dignity. It may well be Wisdom’s Book of Revelation entitled; for without me you here could nothing understand, though it stood all open to you, the Interpreter I my self must be, to tell you Letter by Letter, for you know not yet what number it is that makes up your New Name, which till you do see, what challenge can be made to the rest of the whole inrolled Mystery, but as in a Metaphorical Look through my Glass, in the first Leaf unfolded thou wilt see the engraving of that Name with Letters of Gold.


November the 3rd.
The Divine A N G L E R.

THERE was presented to me a Person, Angling upon the Brink of a River, to catch Fish; but his Labour was fruitless. So that he gave off, being hopeless. Then came another Person and said, Be not Discouraged, but follow me: Behold, and see, I have got an Angle that hath such a Bait, as all the Fish in the River will fall upon it. And accordingly I beheld multitudes in a cluster brought up by it. Then cryed out that first Person, Surely the Lord, who is the great Fish-taker, in verity is come here, and hath wrought this Miracle indeed. Whereupon the Person went into the Deep, and having vanished down into it, drew up the Fish: and cryed, If ye will here follow me, ye shall the Principal Fish take; but under Water ye must learn to Dive, and again know how to Rise. Consider, and find out this Parable: for here is Meat for the Strong.


November the 4th.
The Opening of this Parabolical Vision.

IT was now given me to understand, what this did drive at. The first Angler that went, representeth the Forward and Willing Mind, that a Fishing would go to draw up out of the Broad River; wherein the Everlasting God is to be understood, who is said to be the Place of Broad Rivers; in which holy Spirits, as in their proper Element do live, and swim. Flesh cannot live in Water, but Fish is of another kind: which nature the Holy Ghost doth present, as a Similitude for the New Creation, that will live and move much in the Watery Element, which is a Degree much beyond the Earth, though under Purgations by Fire. Neither is Fish so gross or corruptible: but they are still under a Washing Stream, and therefore not used for Sacrifices in the Old Law. Whereas all that is of Flesh is by that ordained for Burnt-Offerings, that it may pass through the Purgation in the Flames of the Altar. Now what the Sea and Rivers of this kind do feed and generate, must signifie a Generation of Creatures, that is nothing so course and brutish as are the Earthly Beasts.

But from this it was shewn me, that this River figureth out God himself, and the pure Angelical Spirits, that move in God as in the Glassy Sea: wherein contained are the vast Riches that none in Flesh can see, nor fathom; till they changed be into such a Body as in God their Watery Element to live, and there to swim, and dive for the unutterable precious Stones, to bring them up, according as need doth require. It is not the Angling upon the Outside of the River, but the Adventuring into it will obtain the desired Prize. And consider what Bait is to be the attracting Matter, to draw both Spirits and Substances of this unto us. Now then it may needfully be inquired into, what this Bait compounded of is, for drawing Angelical Spirits, that will also soon draw us after them?

It was thus hereupon delivered to me, that it must be the Composition which consisteth of all those excellent Virtues and Properties, that were and are in the Spirit and Nature of JESUS. For no other can attract and take in God, but what is so much like to God; who must be Signatured upon us. For else it will be as fruitless as when the Disciples went a Fishing: till the Lord the true Angler come, no Draught could be fetched up. Even so this is to Instruct us, that we examine, whether or no we upon this High and Worthy Undertaking, do carry our full and compleat Bait with us, which is the precious smelling Spikenard of an humble, meek, and clarified Mind, that expressly answereth to the very Mind of JESUS. Then doubt we not, that we shall fail of drawing to us Spirits sublime, that live in that pure Climate, where we shall with them most willingly back plunge in, and in a pure Body swim always under the Stream of these Waterings. Jesus the Lord our Bait and Angle will be: Then in what Riches shall we excell? Oh this all-worthy is of our Consideration, in the Element of this Water of Life how to live, and appear for a while as Drowned and Dead; till that we shall arise and swim, with the rich Pearl in our Mouths. Then will it be cryed, This is the Christ indeed, that hath the great Draught brought up, through sinking down into Faith’s Obedience. Who now venture will to walk upon these Living Waters, wherein the Healing Medicine is, but such Hero’s in the Faith, as will not afraid be, to dive into the Bottom of this River deep? For otherwise the Rich Prize, which is in the Fishes Mouth, can never be caught up. The Wise in Heart, who by the pure Spirit have been taught, will what is by the Parable meant well understand.


November the 7th.
The Magical Journey

1. IN my Spiritual Journey on, to the Land of all Blessed Stores, a figure hereof was acted Magically before me, I being carried to a Gate, which was so narrow and strait, that there was no getting through, but by creeping upon the Knees, and that with great Difficulty too. And so led on was I still, till at length I came to another Gate, which was somewhat more easily to get through than the First; but strait enough. So passing on yet further, there was a two Leaved Gate: but the One Leaf opening was fitted exactly to my Stature in Heighth and Breadth, which gave entrance into a Place, where neither Beginning nor End was to be found. And I said, what make I here alone? and the Invisible Guide that led me through these three Gates, answered, that There would be some others that would come after me, when they did hear where such a vast Plantation was, which was to be replenished with all sorts and kinds of good things: and yet no Toil, Labour, or Care required is. But know that it is appointed only for Wisdom’s high Magicians to Act here their Powers, that had passed through all her strait Gates.

2. This Presentation, and the Advice attending it, was very powerful; which still I called over, and searching deeper, to have the Exposition of the Gates given unto me, by and from the dropping Unction. For though my Spirit saw nothing but an Infinite Space; yet such a Perfuming Gale I felt, as if all manner of Flowers were growing. But this Word came also to me, saying, Here is the Place for Love’s Kingdom to grow, with its natural Inhabitants, that have left behind the gross selfish Love. That must not come here; for that it is that makes the Passage so strait.

3. For as much as none can come in, till they be stripped and uncloathed of the low sensual Nature. For in this Place all that counted worthy shall be, to come in here with thee, must put on Transfiguration, and act in the Supercelestial Philosophy, as holy Magus’s that skillful are to work in the Furnace, that maintained is from the One Burning Element; which giveth the High Superelementary Matter, the Composition whereof maketh up the Store of all Acting Wonders. Here then on a sudden did I in my Spirit view, several Persons so Divinely modified in their Bodies, that in this Mystery highly Learned were, that would sound forth such a Spirit from themselves, that might give an Existency and Being to whatever they pleased to will; sometimes raising up Golden Tents to go in and out, and at other times making some places which seemed all empty and bare, to spring up with wonderful Plants, that perfectly did yield their Fruit, appearing in a Golden lustre of Brightness; that was said to be magical Food for the Inhabitants hereof to live upon. In other Places they without digging or moiling did bring up Mines of all precious Stones and Golden Ore; which was at the command and service of these Princely Spirits, that did walk up and down here. And whereas I thought at my first entrance here, that I saw nothing, after a few Moments of time had passed, thus replenished I did see this place with Spirits of such an high Degree, that did attract me immediately to them. Then did they put several Philosophical Questions to me, which I did not comprehend. Upon which one among the rest most Courteously did offer himself to instruct and teach me: moreover saying to me, He would open to me the Mystery of their Art. For he said he found there was that Signature in me, that would take Impression, from the Supercelestial Planets. So he placed me in a goodly Tent, bidding me wait to go forth in the Pure Acts of Faith, for therein I might come an Adeptist to be in this High Philosophy.

Here being a Considerable Defect in the Original, the Author waited in her Spirit to recall the same and upon the 22nd of March, in this Year 1696, she received this further Opening, as also in the following Days, here confirmed.

4. Wisdom appearing to me, I inquired of her who these were; who told me, they were the Ancient and Late Worthies taught by Her, in her Divine Magical Stone, both in the Inward and in the Outward: and that the Time was now approaching, wherein she was to make New Artists in this Theosophical Wisdom, that should put a New Face upon what hath been Disfigured, and under a Cloud of Contempt, Ignorance, and Ignominy. For no other way than this could be found, but as this Deep Mine, wherein this Treasure hath so long lain hidden, should be broken up. Then the Apostle John to whom this Mystery was well known, and who was the Person that had before spoken to me, spake thus to me, saying, As there is a Natural Stone, so there is a Spiritual Stone, which is the Root and Ground of what is brought forth visibly by the Sons of Art. And as the Outward is Bodily, and consists in a manual Operation, and takes up a considerable Time for its perfecting; so is the inward gradually wrought out, and may require as many Years as the other doth Months, before it reach to its Consummation. Then I enquired of the Angel, John, How I should go about Working it? He answered me, There must be a Cessation of all Working, as to the Powers of Nature: And I will describe to thee the Method that is to be taken, by the Similitude of the Outward. As there is a Furnace to be Built in that, so the Corporeal Man answers to that, wherein the Fire-seed of the pure Deity doth enkindle it self from the Essence of the Soul, finding a sanctified Vessel meetly prepared herefor. Now as to the Matter which is to be wrought upon, it is the Divine Salt, put into a pure clear Crystalline Glass, that is pure Spirit. Furthermore, know thou that this Salt is hidden in all Men, but it hath lost its savour, and is the Light Principle that contains all Principles, Man being an Epitome of all Worlds, though unknown to himself. Whence he may find in himself whatever he searcheth for: but this cannot be done, until the Salt-Stone, which hath lain as Dead, cometh to be Quickened by Christ the Fire-Stone, that calcines the Blackness into a jasper Brightness and Whiteness. This is the true Theosophical Medicine that doth gradually work from it self, of it self, and to it self, as a grain of Wheat is sown, and by the Concurrence of the Sun and outward Planets, forms itself into a Body. It is only to be watched that no Ravenous Birds do come to pick it up, before it arrive to its Maturity. For thus it is with the Golden Stone, which lies hid in the Ground of Nature, which is nourished by the warm fiery influences of the Divine Sun, and watered by the moist Sperm of the Spiritual Luna, which causeth it to vegetate, by the Coagulation of the Planetary Powers of the higher Order, drinking and swallowing up the weaker and lower, by which Dominion is obtained over all what is Astral and Elementary. Thus the Beloved John did open the Nature of this Royal Stone, as it opened in him in the isle of Patmos, when he was said to be in the Spirit. And he told me further, That where the Universal Love was born in any one, it was the true signature, that this Seraphick Stone would have its Formation.

5. With Great freedom I was made to enquire, well knowing this Celestial Stone had already its Birth and Vegetation in me, whether my Outward Furnace might not break before it was finished? Then replied this dear Saint, Be not solicitous, or concerned about that; but be patient in hope, for the True Philosophers Tree is sprung, and is in a fair way ripe Fruit to produce: Thou hast no other Burthen put upon thee, but to set under it and to watch until the Golden Apples do of themselves drop. Then mayest thou know the Multiplying Vertue, and as Eve did give of the Forbidden Tree to Adam, so possibly mayst thou, by a new created Virginity of Spirit, give forth to Wisdom’s Offspring plenteously hereof, by which Multiplication from this Virtual Tree shall in thee both Spirit, Soul and Body renew. It will be a Dispensable Gift, so that such as have arrived to an high Progress in it, may awaken and multiply the same in another.

6. Then was it further directed as to the Matter of this Stone, that the Composition thereof was the Four-Elementary Matter, which is to be sublimed and calcined by the Superiour Element, in the Tenth Number of Perfection; and separated and sealed up in the Glass of the sanctified Mind; that so the Supernatural Motions according to Eternal Nature may work out Purity, and Leaven that which is gross. So that there is no need of any thing more to be done but to watch the Fire, that it may never go out, until it be finished, and be kept in a gentle nourishing Heat, till it come to its Perfection.

7. After this was described to me, it was said to me by Wisdom, and by the Apostle John, Thou shalt now be brought to the Ancient Worthies that have made Projection upon this Stone, as well understanding it both as to the Spiritual and Natural Part of it. And when I was brought there, I saw the Patriarchs and all the great Philosophers divinely taught, both of former and latter Ages. Then was I led into a Darkness, which by a Magical Power, these changed into a bright Silver Light. Afterward I was brought into a barren dry Ground, and these by the speaking forth only of a Word, as, Let this Soil be changed into a Fruitful Lebanon, brought up all the variety of pleasant Flowers and Plants, that sent out a mighty hot Perfume. Then I was led on still to a Mineral Ground, where were all the baser Metals. And the Apostle John, who was the chief Magician, said, Come and see, what is here to be done also. And he had in his Hand a little Vial, containing a Liquor like to Gold, and he dropped some Drops of this upon each Metal; and they were all immediately transmuted into Lustrous Gold. Then I was led to another Place, where there was nothing but a Reddish Mould cast up: and then by the Word of the Power, which he spake forth, this Earth was changed into Forms after our Human shape, but clarified and bright, standing up as a great Army. And he said, These are the Fire-Stones, that are to walk in this New Paradisiacal Region, as Glorified Figures, like unto such as were here before them. Then I Queried how could it possibly be, that such Effects could be produced by any that in a Mortal Image did now upon the Earth appear. Upon which the Beloved John answered me, All this that thou hast seen, is possible again to be done, by Wisdom’s White Tincturing Stone formed within; by which the Great Wonders in the last concluding Age of the World, shall the grand Revolution make; changing what is gross and vile first within, and then going further on to Transfigure even that which is without; that so according to that saying, The vile Body shall be changed, and reduced, and brought into the Glorious Liberty, whereby it may possess the Kingdom and Dominion, with Christ the Glorified Head. Then was it said, This is the true and faithful Mystery, that understood and unveiled hath been to thee; for a Foundation of Faith and Hope to Wisdom’s Children to look into: and to wait for the Formation in themselves of this White Virgin Stone. Then may they most freely and easily eat and work; and nothing shall them control, as to those worthy Enterprizes, and Exploits, that are to be wrought, which shall distinguish them to be the Sealed of the Living God signed with Power from on High.


A further Opening of the foregoing Vision,
given in the same Month of
November, 1674.

THE Word came to me, saying, The Love-Chain is not to be unlinked betwixt God and thee, while the Spirit is the only Eternal Matter and Quality, whereon thou art to work. Therefore fast hold it will take on thee, so strongly, as to draw, and fix thee in the Circumference of the very Immense Love, from which the Enmity is separated, and the Curse of the Elements divided, and totally taken away. O enter, enter, I say into it: This is the Infinite Space that thou hast seen, which is beyond the Third Gate. This invisible Love-Chain will work thee through the First Gate, which so strait and narrow is, and so through the other two; if thou give it all Length and Breadth within thee, to wind thee up swiftly. For what is so strong as God’s Love, for restoring into the desired Fruition of all Plenty and Goodness? Therefore be strong, and courageous in the Love, in the passing through these several Gates: and fear not all the Attacks of the Enemy, till thou enter in this Blessed Land, and be there married to thy Beloved.


An Expostulation of Wisdom’s Pilgrim.

WHILE I was in my deep Agony, a Spirit of Prayer came down, which sent up mighty Cries and unutterable Groanings. Which, as I did most sensibly feel, pierced and broke through the Gate of the Eternal Deep. So that my Spirit had admittance into the Secret of the pure Deity, where I had Audience, and free liberty to pour out my Grievances, shew my Wounds, and who they were that had pierced me. Every ones Hand was against me, shooting their Bitter Arrows, adding weight and pressures to her, that was bleeding upon the Cross already, crying, Crucifie, Crucifie in Dying, let her Dye. Now I seeing that I was to tread the Wine-press alone and to encounter the Potent Spirits, the Throne-Princes of Darkness, I cried and was in strong Travel. Yet every Pang and Throw did open the Birth of Life and gave me entrance into the Holy Place. Where I heard first the Eternal Sounds: and then after that, obtaining the Power to be in a stillness, where neither Motion or Thought did stir, I was in a smooth calm Water, wherein no Dirt or Mire did cast up, neither was there the lifting up of any Tool, or making any noise to drown the Voice, that spake to me in this wise.

The Voice of the Bridegroom.

O thou afflicted, tossed and forsaken One, I will marry thee unto my self. Thou art mine: be not dismayed. Fear none of those things thou art to suffer; for the Power and Presence of my Omnipotency shall be with thee. Thou must be my tried Stone, at which many shall fall and stumble; thou hast been refused, and set at naught, but I will magnifie my Name in thee, and yet make it Honourable. Only this I require, that thou separate thy self, and touch no more unclean Spirits of this World, for I can endure no Polluted thing to come before me. Therefore holy, harmless, separated from Sin and Sinners thou must be: then in the holy Priesthood thou shalt wait on me.

The Answer of the Spirit of the Soul.

At which I said; Lord, how can this be? For though I have greatly desired this Office to minister about the holy Things, that so I might be nigh to thee; yet the Worldly Spirit maketh a Challenge to this outward Husk or Body, and saith, that I am not got out of the reach of its Dominion. Hunger and Thirst, Heat and Cold do attend the outward Man, which do engage its outward Senses, for things which are External; so that none can live in that pure Abstraction, till redeemed out of all Care for the present Body. This was that which I bewailed, and did plainly ask God if it were not possible for the Eternal Mind and Spirit, to supply all Wants to that which were Corporeal, without the help of the Spirit of Reason, which is King in that Region where the Curse is.

The Reply of the Bridegroom.

After a little while of suspending my outward Senses, this Answer I obtained. That this could not be, till there were a Total Death of the Body of Sin; referring to that in the seventh of the Romans, ver.6. That being Dead wherein we were held fast, we should serve in the Newness of Spirit; as being discharged from the Law of the first Husband, to which we were married, after the Law of a Carnal Command: Whence we are now free to be Married unto him that is raised from the Dead, and so shall become the Lamb’s Wife, jointured into all the Lands and Possessions that he hath. The Eternal Revenues are belonging to her, whether Invisible or Visible: all Power in Heaven and Earth is committed to her, and all things are given to those that are his: whether it be Gifts of Prophecy, or of Revelation, or of Manifestation, or of Discerning of Spirits: or that high Tongue of the Learned, which only speaks from Wisdom’s Breath.

The Preparation of the Second Marriage.

At which Opening, my Spirit even failed within me, as desponding ever to get rid of my First Husband; without which no Marriage with the Lord from Heaven can be. For knowest thou not, (was it said to me) that the Law of Sin hath Dominion, so long as he liveth? So from hence the Spirit did testifie that nothing less than a Thorough Death would put me into a Capacity of this Marriage with the Lamb. For he will match himself only to a Virgin Spirit, incorporating, and thereby changing into his own pure Humanity: and this is a Begetting into a Living Substance, which springeth through the Death of the Old. Which as the Grain that dissolveth in the Earth, and generateth a new Body: so in like manner doth the New Creature, spring forth; which indeed is Christ, our Life, whose appearance will put an end to Sin in us. Now what brought in the Curse, the Care, the Toil, and the Impotencies which distress poor Man in this his fallen estate, but a Deviation from his God? And while in this state, he stands as a Debtor to Sin, being under the Dominion of it, this maketh him obnoxious to all the Calamities which do attend those that live in Bodies Elementary. But now to hear of a Possibility of a Putting off of this Body of Sin, this is good Tidings indeed: and verily the Prophet which is risen in me, hath prophesied that such a Day is at hand. And that I shall be a Witness of Jacob’s Star arising, and shall see for my self, and not for another. Then shall that saying be fulfilled, Death is swallowed up in Victory; even the Death of that First Husband, who so long hindered my Marriage with the Lamb. Who by a New Law from Mount Sion hath set me free, from the Law of Sin and Death. Be astonished, O ye who are Wounders and Despisers of this Grace; which I now see is near to be Revealed. For the Garments of the Bride are making ready: and it is granted to me to see, in whose hand they be.

O Wisdom, to thee is committed only the Ordering of this Wedding Garment, which of divers Colours shall be, that known from all others may be the King’s Daughter, who under thy Teaching and Discipline is committed.


April the 20th. 1675.
The Shulamites Debate,
& Expostulation with Wisdom.

OH my Mother, how is it that thou hast shewed me of the Glory of thy House, and of the Honour, Riches and Dominion of thy Kingdom, and hereby hath allured and drawn the Spirit of my Mind, that I cannot turn my Eye from thee, my Senses being refined, and with thy Life close touched, that I altogether incapable am to join to Baal, or to immerse my self with the druggy polluted Life of this outward Principle, which hath no consistency with that transparent state where unto thou hast called me, with thee to have my Conversation, as one that hath obtained Grace, to be sirnamed by thee, and admitted into the secret of thy Counsel, in order to some peculiar Service for thee. If so, why is it I am yet straitened in force and power? What signal mark do I bear to demonstrate my holy and consecrated Calling to wait in thy Pavilion? What Commission have I from thee to shew, whereby all unbelieving and gain-saying Spirits may be convinced and put to silence? True it is I have had free Communications through Transportation of my Spirit; but what is this without fixation, and Seal of the Power which may bear Record of its own Omnipotency, working forth to redress all Maladies and Grievances? Seeing I have taken upon me to plead, suffer me yet a little to empty and unload my self to thee, whom I well know to have the tender working Bowels of a Mother, and numberest all my Complaints; the first Argument is from thy free choice of me, calling me out of all Nations, Tongues and Peoples, no more to know my Father’s House or the Land of my Earthly Nativity, but to renounce and separate from all, attending thy Appointments only, at whose Knee I have been for some time brought up; to hear and learn the manner of the worship of my God, which is expected in a different Living, All-Powerful Ministration, which to know is indeed Life; but to act forth from that Life, brings the Joy, Peace and Glory, which will be the Renown of Wisdom’s Nursery, among whom I have thus far found favour, as to have her Friendly Salutations, with Word upon Word, sealing Instructions to me: but this is not enough. Oh the Spirit and Breath that goeth forth with all Influencing Powers, to create new Forms of things: this I know will give the express signature of a Godlikeness putting forth through Nature’s contemptible Appearance: Here is surely a matchless Glory to break forth, the highest Mystery, which was ever unveiled, the best and choicest of all Wisdom’s Treasury, yet to be brought out for such as pursue, and make it their only one Interest, minding and regarding nothing else. Oh my Mother, while herein have I busied my self in putting and throwing off all Weights, that I might come a naked Spirit unto thee: How have the pernicious Necessities cryed for the out-part to have Right done it, to act, and work, and plot in Reasons Counsel-House, as the manner is of all which live in the gross Animal Body; is known to thy all-viewing Eye, which runneth to and fro: and what my Conflicts have been, and still are, while I have studied to evade and make my escape through the Throng of Worldly-Wise Reasons Guard, who have by order of their great Prince, watched me in every going out and in: when with my only Friend I would my Time secretly in all sweetness spend, contrivance hath not been wanting to draw me down, to wear again the dark Linsywolsey-Gown. I being well aware through divine caution: These are the Pirates that have lain in wait for me, to take what Substance is with me embarked. So that Perils on all kinds do beset, but this my Ark above all Waters doth deep floating, (a man of War is within) which will keep this Vessel from being a Prize to the subtil Man of Sin, pitched within and without by Wisdom’s Skill: no fear of leaking while I thy bottom am, so saith the Amen. Thus encountering fresh with Temptations and strong Gusts from the cold North, which I feel many times blow so sharp, as if they would put back the Spring from coming on; upon which only my Hope is entertained, which keeps up my Spirit from fainting. Thus while I was pleading and pressing hard for the finishing Power to come down, that might put an end to all Strife, which is from the Root of Sin. [Here is a Break, by the loss of the Original.]

Therefore, O Shulamite, do not thou judge thy Furnace to be too hot: it well becomes thee the same with thy Lord in all things to be, who in thee beareth, and endureth, and suffereth. Were it not that hadst high Conjunction with the Deity, thou wouldst not stand in that Enmity universally, to what from the Root of Iniquity doth spring. How much better is it to be numbered with thy Jesus amongst the Transgressors, and to bear the Sins of others, rather than thy own, that the Evil One may challenge no part in thee. How will the Bridegroom rejoyce to see his Bride as a spotless Lily, growing under the sturdy Tree of Life, who therefrom will pluck and present herewith the most lovely Fruits that this new revived Eden-Garden do afford; here are private Walks, sweet pleasant Groves, where the Lamb with his Virgin Bride may fully solace, and none do them espy; Spirit with Spirit can walk and talk very hiddenly, linked and wrapped up in the Mystery of the Trinity in Unity, from out of whose Arms none shall ever more pluck out. Oh thou deep Well of Love which thus freely flows, no need of drawing when thy Springs unlock: while thou art communing, what Perfumes doth thy Breath send forth? as a Cluster of all rich Compounds is thy breaking up: Turn away thine Eye, for thou hast overcome me with the Sparkling Flames thereof. How shall I be able to hold a Conference with thee, except by renewing strength and transfiguring Glory, I be admitted into thy fiery Chariot all paved with Loves, there with thee my Bride to set, and evermore to fix: for greater Bliss than this I cannot desire to possess, who my dear Sophia art.


April the 30th. 1675.

The weightiness of Wisdom’s Workmanship being viewed by the Eye of the Father, which only seeth into her deep magical ground, where she is an absolute Princess to create and generate Spirits in her own express Likeness, knowing well what her Offspring have right unto; and therefore their Education is to be answerable to their high Birth. Having such near Alliance to the Glory of the Trinity, all must in Wisdom’s Children answerably correspond, that she may not be ashamed to present and make challenge for them what by heirship is due. Now finding the whole scope and tenor of my Mother’s Laws and Counsels are, to put me upon cloathing my self with the highest Purity, that in nothing I might be inferior to the Glorified and Angelical Spirits, who have not such a gross Animal Nature to deal withal as I have; and yet required to be as Immaculate as the Lamb of God, I cannot but thus break out.

Ah, my Mother, I do not say how can, but how and when must the Accomplishment of this be, for which I am now in such dying Agonies, that this New Glorified Life might only appear? While thus in secret Debate I was contesting, because my Hopes were delayed, as to the present Age, which gives right to an Estate of Glory at Hand: which is the Manifestation who are Jewels belonging to the Crown-Royal; O what Raptures of Love’s Divine did I feel, ardently desiring a Dissolution from my own Creaturely Being, and from all others who in corrupt Nature’s Genealogy do live, as one wearied and tired out of all, seeking only Fellowship and Bosom-Rest with my Mother in the free New Jerusalem, as it is known in its descent into the habitable Parts of a renewed Earth, inclosed for the precious noble Seed to put forth in their manifold Virtues, Powers, Colours and Operations. All which be kept in their vigorous fragrant sweetness, as a ready Entertainment for the High Throne-Powers to welcome themselves here in Mystical Paradise, in which Wisdom hath recreated and formed another Adam, being Male and Female, a Production of her own Virgin-Nature, as upon my Expostulation was opened to me, who bad me not despond, but be of good cheer, for she was come to renew the beautious and fresh Glory of the now declined withered Garden, formerly called Eden, but now so over-grown with prickling carking caring Bryars, unsavoury Plants, all concurring to make desolate and ravenous. For such as the fallen Man is, so is his place among Dragons, and unclean devouring Beasts and Birds of Prey; out from which I have separated and called thee to dwell on the Face of that pure Ground, as an anointed Cherub, to keep all in order in this Holy Place, suffer thou no strange Plant here to put forth; neither lust thou any more to taste of that one Tree which so pleasant appeareth to the dark Eye. Though a new generated Spirit thou art, yet not excluded from the Serpent’s tempting dart, no more than he who was the first Begotten, who thy Pattern still is to be. Consider him in his forty Days temptation, before whom this Tree was set, presenting all Kinds and Sorts of tempting Fruits, but of none he would either taste or touch: who thereby gave proof he was an impregnable Rock, fitly qualified the Father’s high Trustee of all his Treasures to be made: the same Yesterday, and to Day, he is, alive for evermore, in the weak and frail Form of a Human Body, to perfect the same Conquest for thee, that so compleat through Sufferings thou in him mayst shine Celestially; therefore fear not to go through the dark Valley, or Golgotha, where nothing but dead and unsavoury Carcasses in thy way do lie. True it is, the world without thee is a loathed place, but suffer and bear the Evil Manners of it for a little space, till thy Restoration perfectly be wrought out, then power thou shalt have to subject all under Foot. Observe for thy encouragement, that Jesus though from the Womb inspired, yet gradually in his work did proceed in set and appointed times, whereby all Prophecies by him were fulfilled. My Mother in this my Agony, did present before my anointed Eye, an earthen Pot set upon a soft Fire, in which was a Liquor of melted Gold, boiling with a scum on it, which was an idea of my present State, which saith, Shew now thy self, see how expedient it is to abide still on this gentle Fire, that will not crack the Vessel, but Refine the Golden Matter in it, which is to be cast into several Moulds to furnish my House withal: no Vessel can be fixed there, but what hath been tryed in this Furnace, therefore know it is to be no unkindness to thee, that thou art still proved hereby: every several Fruit, that puts forth from the vital Spirit Tree of Love must be dipped in this Pot of Gold, then will the offering of these Fruits be pleasant, because weighty and solid. Think not much that Gifts and Powers do not yet come to their Birth, there is somewhat more to be done in preparation thereto; it is no pleasure to either Father or Mother to see their Children go naked, and be poor and impotent, obnoxious to the Spirit of Reason’s scorn and derision, who provides for their Children deliciously; at which sometimes thou art ready to stagger and tempted hereby to turn back again, fearing to pass through this Fiery Baptism, without which no New Name will be given; upon which is entailed that Dominion thou so much desirest: Therefore go forward, slack not thy Pace, the greater part is run of thy Race, though a craggy and rough way hithertowards it hath been, yet know before the end it shall all be strowed with fragrant Flowers, which are Glorifying Powers, Love-Tokens sent down from him, who will thee sign with a Spirit so divine, as shall out-do all the Children of Time. Now watchful be, call over all my Charge, observe my Word: start not herefrom, and lo, I will abide still thy Friend and Bride.


May the 29th. 1675.

Wisdom’s Pilgrim being echoed up, setting her self as a Clock-Work upon its going motion; still witnessing something strongly winding up the Eternal Springs thereof; that Times number might not slack or stop, urging still to one Gate after another, the Hand of Power to unlock, being raised up to a higher approach and nearness to the All-influencing Deity, with whom in the Night Repose, when deep Sleep had overtaken my animal Part, my Spirit was wrapped up in high Conjunction and Fellowship with the Triune Majesty, the Joy and Pleasure of which was so great, that when I awaked, a Hymn of Praise was given me to laud and magnifie the Love which had after this manner visited me, drawing up out of the Body so wonderfully sweetly; who lay here powerfully in Love’s Arms arrested, kept for some Hours in this warm Bosom-Harbour, where the Spirit inquired further about these weighty and Heavenly Matters, which, with great pressing Urgency, received this resolve as relating to those things manifold, which by the Mouth of Wisdom have been foretold. Who again encouraged me to hope and wait, for the Day was not far off, in which I might see the All-filling Body of the Glory, which would be the end of former and latter Prophecy, whereunto I yet did well to take heed, because it was the Life’s Food, which for the present time might not only afford Support to me, but others who with me shall wing up their Lord to meet, all Crystalline, having no Spot nor Stain: to such he will appear and number them among the Holy Train, to bear the Father’s Name, inspiring and shewing to me there was various Passages, which yet I was further to venture and believe the entrance into, which should yet be more amazing to the intellectual Mind, which shall into its own Deep descend, to bring up still what will Water the Garden, that it may be always Summer and Spring. Where I earnestly invocated this might also be the Portion of my selected Friends, who in this Holy Ministry were choosing to wait with me, that they might clear, single, and of a perfect Spirit appear before the bright All-piercing Eye of the Virgin Wisdom, who to our God maketh nigh. Further I did see into the Mystery of ascending Spirits what Qualifications thereto was required, who are to be Spiritual Flames blown upon by a constant soft breath of Air from the Holy Power, which letteth in nothing which putrifies or is gross and heavy, none could mount up that had the least Weight hanging upon them: The Word did express there must be a due Proportion, Light and Purity answering to each other; the Mind that would associate with God, must carry a distance to drossy carnal Spirits, and all of that Nature, according to the high Birth of a Spirit: you shall know it by the Holy Greatness which it will have, not knowing how to be familiar with what is not of the same high extraction with it self. Wisdom is very Jealous lest any of her Family should walk out of her Order; therefore that in her Love-Favour you may all abide, to whom this Word of Counsel shall come, that to the Virgin of the Lamb be you Loyal, that in your ascending Prayers, you may meet with no denyal.


July the 16th. 1675.

The Light Orb opened and all overspread me, thereby dispelling every Foggy Mist, so that it brought to my remembrance the Lord’s Day, which John saw, and had all his Revelations in; who was said to be in the Spirit. And truly after such a manner must every one be seized, that is drawn up into the Mount of divine Vision, to hear what God the Lord hath of his Mind to give forth. Which will only be entrusted with such whose Spirits are fled, and departed out of all Animal Sense, which is gross, heavy and ponderous. But for a Spirit that would be All-seeing, and intelligent in matters Supernatural, to be uncloathed of all Earthly Materials it is certainly required; as, through great and free Love, I have been a Witness of, in all Conferences, and mutual Society with the Fountain Source of all Spirits. For never could I hear, feel, see, or taste the Powers and Joys of the Light Kingdom, till I was passed out of the Cloudy Pillar of mine own benighted Reason: which many times set so hard upon me, as I often feared that I should be violated out of all that which Divine Wisdom had presented to me; for an Encouragement to those who shall by Faith overcome not in part, but in whole, triumphing over all Worlds. Which is to be effected, as hath lately been shewn to me, upon some debate with the Word of Wisdom, my dear Counsellour, who taking notice of some fresh Exercise that my Spirit was in, animated me thus: Be strong, be resolute, acquit thy Doubting Mind; for therein lieth the danger: for as much as no mighty Work can be effected either in, by, or through thee, until there be a full, close, and joint consent of all the internal Faculties, and Powers. Therefore are there all choice Ingredients requisite, for the making up of this Almighty precious Faith: and such as are not to be found in every Ground. For thou art to know that there are different Soils in the Inward Heart of Man’s Earth, as well as in the outward: some being for one Grain, some for another; and all making together for the Increase of that Treasury, which is to be brought into the Eternal Granary. Wherein every ones Work shall be proved, and all Metals tryed, of what sort they are.

Now as to this which is the most weighty of all Seeds. and in Truth the Root of all, there being no Fruit but what putteth forth from this Tree of Faith, from which the Holy One can taste any Sweetness, (as it is written, Without Faith there is no possibility of pleasing God) thou must therefore dive and search deeply: for in the Essence of the Deity this Grain of Gold is only to be found. And if it should not drive forth it self in all its united Force and Powers, it would never be reached to. But in that Ground where this Plant is deeply rooted, it will put forth as from a flowing bubbling Fountain: which Water of Life mingleth with the Golden Mould, and so maketh the Composition of this high extracted Mineral; which hath done, and will yet do, all the Miraculous Things, in and through Nature: but it will suffer no check, nor contradiction from Nature. Such is the absolute and uncontrollable Soveraignty hereof, that it will not admit of any Questioning Spirit to set footing within its Gates. Here must be no Asking, How can This, or That come to be? If Abraham had made any of these kind of Objections, he had frustrated all his Friendship with God, who put him surely upon as hard things to prove him, as any in this Age shall ever be called to, or need fear to be tryed withal. Many worthy Instances more there are upon Record of such, who by this Faith have subdued and conquered whatever withstood them; so as nothing was too hard for them, who skilled were in the use of this bright flaming Shield, which hath for a long time been out of Exercise. For of late Age it hath scarcely been known, after this manner of working, to have been ever used: which is in the way of giving Being and Existency to that which is Not. This is the Quintessence and Spirit of Faith, the immediate Begotten of the Father, that acteth according to the Will and Power of the Omnipotency. There is no Sufficiency in any but from this All-sufficiency putting forth. Which I advise thee to look up to, and wait upon, in the serene Stillness: and when the Birth is strong enough grown, it will shew it self whose Child it is. In the mean time hide and conceal it, and wrap it up in the Mantle of Love and Patience. The Nourishment hereof shall be from that Breast of Wisdom’s Word, by which it shall still be sustained, till it cometh to be a full grown Power, and of a perfect Age: and then shall the Government upon this Shoulder be laid, and both the Inmost and Utmost Bounds of all that which the Heavens and Earth contain, shall to this Spirit of Faith bow most voluntarily; as rejoycing to see Immanuel’s Kingdom arising, as the Morning Star out of the East.

I have now no other Word to give, but that thou hold fast, and keep the Word of God’s Patience; enduring all Contradictions, rather than denying or shrinking back from this which will crown thee, and become thy Glorified Body. Be strong then, O my Spirit, flag not: for my Lawgiver out of Sion I do see, who upon my Earth doth stand, with his Love-Fan in his Hand, to divide from what can have no consistency with the Trinity in Nature. [Margin Note: The Laws of Paradise were hereupon given down.]


November the 22nd. 1675.
Wisdom’s Call and Direction for the Tabernacle Building.

UPON the New Covenant which was opened and established in me, this Word came unto me further; Where is the Place for my Testimony to be put, except in the Ark and Tabernacle where I only give the witness of my Presence? This is the great, high, and most considerable Work of all, therefore thou art noted as also them that are moved and stirred up to join with thee as known by name to go forward in the framing and fashioning of this goodly Tent for the Presence of the Most Holy to take up in. Then cryed the Voice unto me, Put your Hands to this curious Work, according to the Pattern which Wisdom hath given you. At this I said in my Spirit, Ah Lord, where is the Stuff and Matter to work upon? Then replyed the Word of Wisdom, Ye shall find all with and in your own Treasure-House, into which the Free-will-Offerings are brought; therefore be not careful as to that: your business is to order and manage the Materials provided to your Hands. This put me upon great Importunity for Skill and Understanding: for it was a New Work to us, and we must obtain a special Gift, or we should be non-plus’d in it. Then this Word spake to me, Am not I with thee who devised the first Tabernacle in the Figure and Shadow, and made those two choice Ones wise-hearted, for the effecting of that which was but a Worldly Sanctuary? Am not I come to give you a wise and understanding Heart? Why lean you not upon me for this Ability and Sufficiency? Nothing would suffice but Cohabitation with your God, and it could no other way be effected, but by this New and Living Sanctuary by me framed. Therefore as a tender faithful Mother I have not concealed any thing that might throughout accomplish thee for free and mutual Society with thy God, and beloved Jesus: Now take good notice of what I shall instruct, and give Rules for, in order to this pure and perfect Tabernacle erecting. Which must be a transcript from what is in the Superior Heavens, which the Majesty of Glory fills; that the one may come expressly to answer the other: and that so the same which bears Record in Heaven, may also in thy restored and New Earth bear it; where the Everlasting JEHOVAH loveth to be, if he may but find a Receptacle suitable for so great, so wonderful, and so infinite a Purity. Now then consider to what a choice, eminent, and worthy Service thou and thy fellow Workmen are called; labour that my Stone may spring in you, which only can make wise Artists to comprehend the Nature and Manner of this Work; first then know here is no less than a Creating Power, with which ye must be endued withal, before you can make any thing of this Work: according to that ancient Prophecy which saith, The Lord will CREATE upon every dwelling Place a Tabernacle for a Shadow by Day, and it shall be a Flaming Fire by Night. Here is the New-Covenant Prediction come to be fulfilled in thy Day, that ye may rejoice in that which I create, and bring forth in the Birth-Power of All-Wisdom which so readily can take out the Pattern, in which the High and Lofty One doth inhabit. This is not after the manner of a Terrestrial Formation by visible Gold, Silver, Purple, Scarlet, or Linen, which Metaphorically Imaged out the true and real Sanctuary of God’s Being, which is to be created in thy Internal Part. There the Holy Ark thou must make by me, who can extract it Magically, casting the Mould from out of that superior and undiscovered Golden Ground, which at my Command, casteth up all precious Matter for thee to work upon. Which unconceivable and unknown must be, for no common Eye shall ever this espy: it is the peculiar Gift which only doth appertain to those which are called by Name this Holy Thing to ingrave Wonder-workingly.

Hereupon my Spirit was as one over turned, being appointed to such a Service, wherein no Earthly Material, Tool, or Instrument was to be used. For all Wisdom and Understanding from the Rational Terrestrial Man was prohibited, and to be wholly laid aside, and only the Wisdom which is from above, that indeed is Pure, was to take place and give Instruction in this great Affair; which tended to the settling of the Heavenly Province through the erecting of this Holy Tabernacle. Thus being in a deep plunge and concern in my self, how, and when to set upon the Work, as being pressed out of measure, to proceed upon it, praying with all Prayer for my self, and that other Person nominated in this Work, I received this Divine Charge, to persist unweariedly without Interruption. For that if there were a falling back, or but a slacking in either, it might stop the Wheel. Therefore I was forewarned to be well satisfied in the Spirits, that I concurred and united withal, lest that should be mutable and not hold out to the finishing Work: for we should be tryed, and if we were not perfect in One Accord, it could not prosper in our Hand, and then it were better to engage singly; if not clear, and cordial as one. Then was brought before me something of a staggering, which would be very hurtful, if at any time it should in either of us prevail, before we obtain the fixation in the Body of the Power; for it was shewed me there would not want strong beleagerings to weaken our Hands in the Work; for the whole stress lay upon following and cleaving close to our Guide, and keeping to the Paradisiacal Laws which in the Ministration of the Spirit can only be fulfilled. Now these things sinking deep upon my Spirit, drew forth many Inquiries and Heart-searchings, and Suspicions, lest the Work should in any wise be impeded, for I saw the Dragon upon his violence to snatch at the Birth, which made me cry, O save it out of his Hands, and carry us out of his reach. Then Wisdom spake this Word, No place out of danger, but the Ark and Tabernacle, where your Strong hold is, is the Sanctuary, which is provided for your Refuge. Then did I apply my self to ask how long it should be before we might herewith be invironed, that so we might no longer be in Fear and Jeopardy. It was replyed, That it is much in our Power both to hasten or to prolong it: there was a possibility of a quick Work to be made of it, if we would follow it fully, entirely, with all Might; for it was of that nice, difficult, curious Nature, that every Interruption detarded it; God could make a Tabernacle to descend ready finished upon thee, but it is his pleasure to give thee the Honour of the Workmanship and Building hereof, that thou mayst hear and learn of Wisdom how to form and bring forth this inclosed Tent for the God of Jacob to dwell in. Then this Query did rise up further in me. But seeing the manner of this curious Work, O Wisdom, is to be effected by a Spiritual Magician, who by a vertual Power must do all in it, how can we be capable hereof, till we come to be made such? For who can make themselves so sublime and perfect, as to reach to so high a degree of Wisdom as is required in this Work? Truth it is, O impotent Spirit, without me thou hast no sufficiency: therefore this understand, I do not insist, or require thee to set upon this Matter of so great Consequence nakedly, in thy own strength; for then soon an abortive thou wouldst make: This doth require as great a Skill and Power as the first Heavens and Earth, with all the Hosts that did belong unto them, which were generated through the deep Spirit of Wisdom’s Understanding. So know I do call upon this Original Breath infused from my Essential Power and Life, which resteth in the Cell of thy Eternal Mind, till it be awakend by my Voice sounding as a Trumpet; saying Come forth, and gird on thy spiritual Powers, and follow me, where thou shalt see in what Holy Affairs, and Spiritual Work, I will employ thee, knowing the Gift of Ability, which already is given unto thee; which now is required to be stirred up, to the utmost sufficiency thereof, to join the Chariot of thine Internal Spirit with mine, and so be the Wheel within mine, doing only what you see me do; who am risen out of thy deep Central Earth, all things anew to create. Seven Pillars hewn out in the first place here must be, for this Perfect Sanctuary all Crystalline, out from that Rock which is the Eternal Jasper-Stone. Next is that fine-twined Linen, which for Curtains about this Tent is ordered to be embroidered by the Golden Thread and wrought by the Needle of my Eternal Spirit. In the third place, it is to be paved all with Molten Gold from that Everlasting Mountain which thou didst see; the Covering also of the same Oriental Gold must be. All which though Metaphorically I do them thus present to thee, yet all shall be accomplished in a perfect Mystery, as the Deity shall all over-shadow thee, who long hath waited this Tabernacle to see perfected in thee, that so the Covenant within the Ark might find a place of Security. Here thy God will choose to put his Name only: Where nothing must come near that is defiling. And therefore appointed are over the Thronely Mercy-Seat, flaming Cherubims, this Holy Place to guard: Whose cry is only Holiness to the Lord Most High, who within this Tent desires with thee to dwell, and with Power, Majesty and Glory it to fill: but know, that here God will admit none into this separated Court to come, but the High-Priest which hath the Crown of the Anointing Oil: therefore consider the wonderful Purity, that is required when thou comest near to thy God to inquire, who will from between the Flaming Seraphims, commune with thee in all Matters and Things in which thou art to receive Commands. For now the real sum of all that which is required in this thy approach, is purity in the highest degree, that can be extracted from that Original Source, out from which floweth the Golden Streams of All-Holiness which will be found within thy self, and in their rising, so cleanse and sanctifie them all over, as therefrom this Holy Tabernacle will it self form, and grow upon thee, till it shall have swallowed up all foregoing Tabernacles, as Aaron’s Rod did devour the rest of the Magicians Powers. So know that God will be and live entirely to himself within thee, as his perfect Tent; enduring no Vessel, or Instrument, or Spirit, to come here, but what hath the Inscription of Perfect Holiness upon it. For who may here ascend but what can dwell in a Flaming Pillar of Fire, and not be consumed: and be able to say, Evermore let me in this sweet, amiable pleasant Fire, O God, with thee abide, till I know nothing within me stirring, but the Ark of thy Strength and the Power of thy Omnipotency, which will be, and is, the finishing Glory of thy Sanctuary. Where unutterably and perpetually my Spirit may be folded up as in an unknown Reservatory within this Holy Place of Purity.

In order to the attainment of which Perfect State, this Word I heard, Abstain thou from all Meats which are offered unto Idols, and feed upon nothing which is Common or Unclean, which is not purged by the Fire that burneth upon my Altar: a true Fast ye are to keep in your Spirits from the gross creeping Things, and flying Fowls of Imaginations that are apt to flutter in the Air of your Minds, and would feed upon that which is hurtful; making ye Infirm and Weak, for this Tabernacle-Work. For as ye are called and chosen to the Order of the Holy Priesthood, there to attend instantly Day and Night, maintaining the Fire upon the Altar from the pure Spikenard, which is to be made up of all Spices, into a perfuming Oil, this is thy Service to cast herein Fuel, or Food for this Holy Fire, to Feed upon: then all Offerings passing through this Fire are made acceptable because of the Perfume, and Confectionary Art of the Most High and True Chymist {Chemist}, that maketh this Eternal Composition, giving it into thy Hand to maintain the Celestial Fire with: Out from which expect the Cloven Tongue must issue forth, for it is the Spicy Flame, which inspireth with the Holy Ghost; nothing goeth beyond or is like to this Oyl of Composition, for it contains all the Soveraign Vertue of the Holy Godhead; it is of the highest most subtil Tincturing Property, that it can pass and penetrate through all things; the Extraction being from the Arabian Spices of all sorts, mingled with the Spirit of Gold, which makes it of a wonderful sublime and vertual Power: With this Oil the Tabernacle, with all that doth appertain to it, must be herewith anointed, as the Testimony, Altar and Ark. As in the Type, so in the Anti-type look thou for it, it being of that infinite value, that a greater Gift cannot be given, and as I have directed and given Wisdom to model out the Sanctuary, and Ark of my Presence; so likewise Skill and Understanding in this high and most wonderful secret, to make thee a Confectioner, which is the highest Art attainable: whereby thou wilt become a Physician to thy self and others. But this requires great Heedfulness, Purity and Watchfulness, with Love and Faithfulness, to enter upon it with all Earnestness, making it thy absolute Profession and Calling, not regarding nor minding any one thing else; but keeping close within the Rounds of my Sanctuary, where the Basket of Blessing and Store is for thee to live upon. Oh that there were such a Heart in thee as would believe, rest and trust herein, and not look out besides me, then shouldst thou know the length and strength of Jehovah’s Arm, what it should work, act, and do, in defiance to all Reason’s false Prophets, which would not have thee break off from that rusty Canker-eating Chain, which hath linked the whole Earthly Inhabitants together, living upon one common Store, not being able to trust to me beyond what their Eye of Sense doth see; which is no less than a fine spun piece of Idolatry, even among the Reformed Party. My All-piercing Eye this doth see, & doth hereof still give Warning to thee, and him that solemnly with thee in an Holy Convocation and Priestly Separation hath engaged, that in keeping of my Charge ye may my anointed Cherubs be, on which my Tabernacle may rest in its All-flaming Glory: and make your way up to Sion, and the Free Jerusalem, the City and Mansion-House of God your Law-giver and King. All which may be witnessed from within, as the diving still deeper within the Circumference of your own Heavens, the pleasant Sea of Fire, and Glass over to pass, that ye may know the swift Sail, through the forcible Power of the mighty Ark of my Strength within thee, to cut off the flowing Tides of Sense, with which in your Journey on ye may meet. Therefore venture ye not one Step to set, or one remove to make, till you feel Power your Ark to raise, which commandeth all whatever it be to obey. For it is the Anointed of the Lord that is to go before, his Way to prepare, all Mountains in its way to level, and to bring down, and all Seas to dry up, and all Worlds of Enmity to subdue. O great is the Force, Strength and Majesty hereof, with whom it is as a Risen Body, moving in its Oily Vertue. It is thy impregnable Fort and Tower: out from it do not thou go, but as an Apprentice here Bind thy self, for to abide; and then in the High, Spiritual Craft of the All-eternal Mystery thou shalt be taught: and this unparallel’d composition of the Physical Elixir, and of the Ointment of Life, how to make shalt be instructed.

But in the First place a Covenant of Secrecy thou art to enter into, not to Reveal it to any, except to thy Fellow Apprentices; who called are with thee to work in the same Art.

Then Secondly, Thou art to fulfil the Term and Time hereof, in Truth and Patience unweariedly; till thou comest to be as Exact and Perfect as thy Teacher is; this Oil both to make, and then to keep in the Alabaster-Box of perfect Nature.

Now I shall direct thee next how this is to be done; and that by way of Similitude. Know then that there is a secret hidden Garden, within that Land called Beulah, in which grow all Physical Plants, which the River Pison doth Water. It is a temperate Climate, neither too Hot, nor too Cold: and the Sun never goeth down there. For there is no Night, but one perpetual Day in the borders of this Blessed and Beautiful Land. And here do grow all sorts of Herbs, that have such a vigourous Seed of Leaf in them, that their Life never doth fade. Here also groweth every kind of Spicy Trees, which through the Exhaling Sun, through the rest of the Divine Planets, do produce a mighty strong Fragrancy; insomuch that none into this Place can come, but Seraphical Ones; who are used to this pure Climate. Here are hid within the Bowels of this Holy Ground, the Veins of pure Gold, with all Oriental Precious Stones. Behold I have now described to thee the Place, out of which the Confection, and Matter, of this Magistery, Oil, or Ointment is to be made.

But thou wilt say, This is a Sealed up Place; none here can come; it is a Garden so richly furnished, that who is it amongst Mortals, who with the Key may herewith be entrusted? Although into Paradise my Spirit is admitted, yet into this All lustrous Privy-Garden I could have no entrance. True it is, that hitherto it hath been concealed; because it was not proper for thee herein to come, until entered thou hadst to be Wisdom’s Royal and Professed Physician; withal taking the Degree of her High Philospher, to know the Nature of her Stone. The Matter whereof within this Garden hath it self hid. Come gird up thy Spirit, put on the Sandals upon thy Feet, cast over thee the pure Garment of the Cherubim-work; and follow me into this Secret Place. The Door-keeper here doth well know my Voice: to the Call of Wisdom he will open, thou shalt see.

Which indeed to me accordingly was made good: for my Intellectual Spirit was upon the fiery Wheel hither presently moved, and made to pass; where in Reality, though after a Spiritual manner, I did come, with my guide, into this unknown Plantation. Where Magically I did espy Beds of Herbs and of Flowers, in great order they did grow in a rarified Beauty, and their Lustre they did cast to attract mine Inward Eye. Then in great and holy Awe I did to my Mistress of the Physical Art my self apply. Who then said to me, Take good heed, and gather thou there where I shall express to thee; for thou art come, where the real and choice Simples do grow out of the All-Essential Good. Upon which no Corruption ever came, or could come: or with any of these Springing Essences was ever mingled. Hereupon by the Serpent no Poysonable Rays were ever here at all scattered: it is a Place which ever from his Eye was hid, by the Divine Constellations. All which Plants here thou dost see, from one Seed do after their kind thus multiply in this Variety.

Now for the Holy Ointment, which I would give thee skill to make, Go first to that Bed where the precious Thyme is included, and take there seven handfuls thereof: then take the like quantity of the Baulm of Hope: and of the Sweet Marjoram of Patience, according to the same perfect number, as the two former. To these let there be also added the Spirit of Mints Power, the Eye-bright of All-seeing, the Rue of Fortitude, and the Hyssop of Purity. These do thou gather when the Sun-Beams are in their greatest heighth and Influence: and extract the Juice out of them, and so dissolve it with the Kidney-Fat of a choice Deer, that must be slain on purpose for this use. This thou wilt know is to be obeyed and yielded to, though it be even thy dear Sensitive Life, which for this Composition must be dissolved: the Death of which is only Serviceable for so Secret an Use. Hereupon a soft gentle Fire from the Altar is to be taken; and then diffuse in the Golden Vessel of the pure Humanity, and thou shalt see what a fragrant Restorative Ointment this will come to be; whereby all Cures shall be wrought Practitionally, the Knowledge of this Art being engrafted in thee, as a Natural Scyon co-inherent within thy inward parts, to transmute and make all that which was of a divided Property, to be of one pure and rarified Sort and Constitution; as relating to the healing part, which through the whole Manhood is to disperse it self to settle all again in its first Primitive Order.

Then again here is another secret greatly requisite to be learnt, as the Spicy Oil, which is the Spirit of Spirits, extracted, and drawn out from the Seven Spirits mentioned: the Ingredients to this are deep, and worthy of Inquiry: which cannot be illustrated but by way of Metaphorical Description; which the wise and apt under Wisdom’s Manuduction {guidance by the hand} will soon understand, for that all the materials are lying or growing so close about thee within this Physical Garden; which may be called the Efflux of the Deity, which evaporateth through every Plant and Tree which groweth here: from and by which ye may understand the high and precious Quality of whatever you shall a Composition make out.

Hereupon did arise a Query, Whether it might not be as effectual to take of these Plants and Trees as they naturally grow in themselves, for an healing Balsom and Liquor, for the restoring of Life, without mingling them in a Confectionary way? To this I was answered thus by the holy and profound Artist, that said, Through the uniting of many Spirits, Powers, and Vertures into one sublime Substance, there is produced an Almighty Force and Strength, which would not be while they continued in their separated Essences; but through the Coagulation or mixing by the Hand of Wisdom, into one Quintessence, it would have its vigorous penetration, as in the accomplishment hereof ye may witness, if ye wax not faint, but persevere with all diligence, and not be turned aside, though you do meet sometime with the Waters of Strife; but hold out, or all is lost which already is wrought. For I would not that either of you who so voluntarily your selves to me have bound, should grow weary, till I your Work have crowned, having chosen you out of my Olive-Ground to sprout, that so ye may to each other empty forth, what I your Fountain have blessed you with, as a fruitful Womb to bring forth even that mighty Lordly Sprout, which will make your Heavens and Earth to shout; and all the Hosts of them to praise and celebrate the Rising Star from the East, therefore with all fear and care go on, and persevere, till that all things shall be put under him who is born in you the King of Salem, against whom great Conspiracies will be, but as he in you shall grow up, he shall them all defeat, through the Crown of this anointing Oil, which I am to shew thee how to make. First then come with me into my secret Lebanon, where the Beds of Spices are, and take thee seven Ounces of the Mace of Grace, of like quantity of the Spikenard of Love; the Camphore of Peace; the Heart-cheering Cloves, of the Saffron of Joy; the Noble Frankincence of all Faith; the Myrrh of Triumphant Victory; the Cassi of a Sound Mind and Perfect Heart. Take all these and put them under the grinding Wheel which maintaineth its uncessant working Motion within thee, till they come to be an Oily Substance, mixed into one perfect Lump, then diffuse all in the Juice of the Pomegranate for a certain time, adding hereunto the Powder of Gold of Pervilium, which is to be mixed with the Magistery of Pearl, and the Ruby-Spirit; all which close in a pure Crystalline Bottle, into which nothing ever before was put, and set it constantly under the Sun-shine of thy Heavens for the perfect Clarification thereof: Which at the tenth number will attain to the full height of a Life-quickening Spirit.

Having taken good notice of this Mysterious Receit, I lay’d it up in me as a Precious Jewel, resolving to follow the Rules of this Intrinsick one, and to make an experiment hereof if by any means it might be brought to a Triune Body of such sublimity. All which must be wrought in the Tent of the Virgin-Wisdom, where no soiling thing must interfere, while this composition is in doing: And only Sanctuary Instruments I did see must be used here. Having then order to discharge all out of this Celestial Place, no Servant which appertained to the old and first Tabernacle, I durst to admit, for my aid, or help, or in any service therein to imploy. Now all that are to rest within this Place, where the Glory of the Majesty does it self unfold, with the first Balsam must be anointed; thus to me it was declared. Oh the great Purity that I did see was required in ministering about these Holy Things! it cutteth off quite from all Intermedlings in a putrified Earthly State; the Eye so single and clear is through this Ointment, purifying it, that it cannot bear any more to behold in it self either Spot, Blemish, or Wrinkle, knowing well none else in the Tabernacle of God’s Holiness with him can live. Therefore in the Oil of Consecration I am appointed for to abide, and to drink of this Liquor of Life, which suddenly may ready be through the diligent Hand that prepareth it, as I do both feel and see: which maketh my Spirit so intent hereupon, that while the great Artist is at work, I know not how my Eye to take off, that so I may be able and skilful after the same manner this to congeal, and mix in its number, weight and measure. For indeed ambitious I am this choice Drink always to have by me, that hereof I may take at pleasure, and also give thereof to the Thirsty, which in Wisdom’s choice are thereof worthy.

And as I was thus spreading my Requests, before the Holy Mercy-Seat within the new raised Tabernacle, I heard a Voice from thence speak; Anoint every Vessel within my Sanctuary, that all may be sublimed and scented with that Ointment, which Wisdom hath within thy Tent made. Then in this interim I did feel somewhat break and fly, as if a bundle had been untied: Myrrh and Spikenard more pleasant to the Nostrils could not be than this. Somewhat did diffuse it self so richly, as if it would dissolve me into its own Balsamick Nature. Oh how affected was my Spirit with that Oily Burning upon the Altar, upon which the Seven Lamp-Spirits do draw forth Matter to feed upon! the Tabernacle needed no other Light than what from hence did shine. Thus surrounded in Love’s Pavilion, I did sit, refreshed from what here did flow in, all throughout me warming. This was a good requital for my earnest and all attentive waiting within the Sanctuary, not out-departing, therein meeting with all satisfying Provision, which doth invite our Spirits here to abide; till the Spicy Liquor be fully ripe, which upon the preparing is, against the Great Day of the Feast. This made up is of such choice Rarities as may well provoke our spiritual Appetites, having Intelligence beforehand at what a high rate our Table is to be furnished.

After the finishing of the Tabernacle-work, an order from the Heavenly Court did come forth for a Convocation of a Seven Days separation to be held by us, who are called lawfully for to strive to be Masters of the Divine Art, according to Wisdom’s high Philosophical Rules. Therefore in order to the perfecting of this Balsamical Medicine and Restorative Elixer, this Counsel further she did to me give forth; saying, Watch, Pray, and Wait, within the Sanctuary, gathering together as in one, all the spicy Powers to make a Perfumed Incense, to offer upon the Altar; from which Celestial Fire will arise, which will make you Pray in the Holy Ghost with flaming Fervour, which only will effect the Blessing upon this your so great Undertaking, for which uncessant Invocations are breathed forth from the Cloven Tongue rising from the Altar-Fire, which is the efficacious Spirit of Prayer, that as a Flame inspired through the Ghostly Breath, doth mount and pass through all things: no Principle can bind or detain it, but swiftly it pierceth and prevaileth, when the Oily Incense after this manner is mingled with it; therefore as ye would Prevailers, strong, potent and mighty be with your God, for to ask and receive; let the Flaming Incense still your Advocate be, and then your Intercessions of like force will be as those of Moses and Elias in their Day, as ye will see; now then a set and an appointed time let there be for these Holy Offerings to be brought unto the Altar. Draw near ye Holy and Separated Ones, and dedicate it with What is unblemished, multiply seven times seven your pure Meat and Drink-Offerings, till that you no more conscious are of Sins defilement within this Sanctuary-dwelling; where forbidden is all Servile-working, during the time that this solemn Convocation is celebrating.


December the 28th. 1675.

An Understanding was now given to me, to know and discern the Root and Seed of that growing Mystical Body, into which the Kingdom of God was to descend, which would finish and put an end to all imperfect things, because it consisted of all Faith, Power, Purity, Wisdom, Strength and All-sufficiency; to make compleat the comers hereunto, that so their might be an absolute Dominion within our selves, and a gathering into one Body all Spiritual Ghostly Operations, which are of impregnable Force and Might; till the Kingdom after this manner shews it self, all lieth under the vail of Obscurity, and is little perceived or owned in one, more than another, be they never so entirely Holy, till the Deity springs and shoots forth it self into a Body, that can naturally act like to its Omnipotent Being without limitation. Oh who are hereunto yet come, and what are all Attainments till hereunto we have reached? our Measuring Line can it dive and search into the deep Abyss of the great Wonders of the Immense Being? the whirling Wheel of my Spirit finding no stay for it self in all it had seen, known, possessed and enjoyed still stretched forth its expatiated Mind after that which was still in reserve, and kept by the strong Rock of the Almightiness, to whom with a fresh on-set I resolve to make my Application, as not to be put off with anything less than the Kingdom and Reigning-Power of the Holy Ghost, for which I had run thus hard, and could not stop the Chariot-Wheel of the high graduated Will, which would all Attempts make to grasp in with Love-violence, this my fair, wise, rich and noble Bride, well knowing her Dowry was so great as it would do more than ransom me from all Sins and Earthly-Tributes, perfectly to set me free, and also Ensue of me into that Estate to which pertaineth such Lordships and Dominions as are not subject to Times Chance, or Fate; all which are Motives sufficient indeed to make us press hard this Prize to take. We need not murmur or complain that this matchless Dove and Oriental Pearl so hardly is obtained, when well considered, no less we can conclude her highly worthy the Lamb’s Bride and Spouse to be only peculiarly reserved for; being the Royal Princess and Queen upon whom the Crown is to be fixed, including all Celestial Dignity and Throne-Powers thereby conferred to make this Bride all desirable, from which lustrous Presentation of her perfect Comeliness and Beauty two into one Spirit was all inflamed, making complaint, bemoaning our selves, how we might possibly compass the obtaining this matchless Virgin-Dove for our Spouse and Bride, who with her piercing fiery Arrow of Love, had us wounded so deep, as no Cure throughout the Circumference of this lower Sphere could be found, though attempts and proffers numerous was not wanting, to beguile and take off our Eye, charging & highly blaming us for aspiring to love so high, far beyond what Reason could judge to be equivalent with our mean Estate. But all this nothing availed, or could Wisdom’s Lovers pacifie, whose Quivers did daily upon us let fly, thereby still to attract us more nigh. Knot upon Knot through familiar communion was here tied as an assured Pledge, that to her kind Intimacies we might arrive, as we hard upon this worthy Princess did ply.


[From the Authentic Version of Jane Lead’s Journal of her Spiritual Encounters ...
— Entries from the Beginning of the Journal through the year 1675,
from Volume ONE of A Fountain of Gardens: this was File 1 of 4 ]

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