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Jane Lead, 17th Century Prophetess of God [1624–1704]: A Personal Diary of her Spiritual Experiences and Encounters with the Godhead during 1670 – 1676.  

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A Fountain of Gardens: Volume I

October the 2d. 1676.

SO soon as I awaked in the Morning, I was saluted with this Word, Turn not away thy Foot, but walk in that secret Gallery, where my Spirit may with thee commune of the matters, which appertain to the Kingdom: Which thou hast prayed for to thy Jesus, hoping it may be admitted in thy despiseable form of Mortality. Which may accordingly be admitted, through the watchful observation of this Inspiring Word, which is given to be thy Guide. Who gave me Rules of further Instruction, upon the occasion of what I was very earnest now in Prayer about, saying thus, If thou expectest thy God should do somewhat, which is extraordinary, and eminent, for thee, then thou must walk answerably with him, in a singular way, according to the Oily Light of the infused Unction, which is come to give the true Knowledge and Insight, into that Life-habitation, which is hid by the Thicket of the Mortal Principle, through which thou art to pass, as swift as a Dart, not minding or staying in any thing, till thou reachest the Mark: Which is the Cup, wherein the Burning Gold of the Holy Ghost is ready prepared, for such as can pass through this World, and not be with it touched. Then said I, Oh my Jesus, thou requirest hard things of us, who have thought, that none for this Prize had out-bid us, but now I see a higher rate upon this Jewel of the Kingdom is set; so as I do not Marvel at the great adventure, that must be made for it. O who can hereto be perswaded, that of necessity, thus it must be, that all we have gotten and enriched our selves with from this accursed AEgypt, must be given for the Land of Canaan, that so we may come to the City of our Rest, to inhabit it with our Kingly Bridegroom.

Moreover this Word came unto me, Shake off all that dismal Widowhood, which presents thee still before me in heaviness. Ah! Lord, said I, how can it be otherwise, till the white Virgin-Robe and Airy Body be put on me, by which I may press through the Clouds to thee. Tell me then, how I may put off, and change that Garment, which is so muddy and heavy, that I cannot fly with it as a Dove in to the Pavilion of Divine Secresie, so oft as I would. For I cannot make any Ascension unto thee, but I find great strife, to lay aside this upper Garment of Sense and Reason. For I know there is no coming unto thee with it, it smelleth so of the common shore of this corrupt Earth, that nothing is more unsavoury. Who then can cure us of this Malady, but thee, O Lamb of God,

Who hast the All-transmuting Power,
That can shift our Garments in one Hour.

For sure it is a lawful Ambition to be translated into that State, wherein it may be said here are those, who are cloathed with Garments all white, shining like the Jasper-Light. Then replied the Spirit to me, Seeing then thou art only sad for this cause, as not being so richly clad, as might give thee Confidence to come in, and among the great Tabernacle-Assembly in the heavenly Court to present thy self; know that I thy Spirit and Comforter will Merchandize for thee, into Wisdom’s rich Mines. Where the Purple, Scarlet, and fine Linen, with Gold and precious Stones, are for the Sanctuary-cloathing to be found, and in Faith’s Ship shall be transmitted to thee. Which Materials being brought to thee, thy Hand, with my direction, shall work a sparkling Covering; that thou mayst appear in it all glorious in my most high Court.


October the 5th. 1676.

The Love-jealous Eye that is over us surveying and searching out the Evil as well as the Good, in all the Circumstances of things, appertaining to us, was most kind and friendly to foretell us all that might prolong or prevent the making good what is contained, and shut up in the Promise of the new Covenant. O the sweet, gentle Reproofs of the Spirit! how acceptable be they, when they drive forward, and will not let us rest, or lodge on this side the Mount of Olives, but call up to mind, who it is that thereupon doth stand, echoing and crying, O my Dove, what is the cause of thy demur? Didst thou not engage that thou wouldst fit out my Bride, and make her ready, that her Bridegroom might be out of all suspicion? But her delay makes me conclude, she is loath to take too abrupt a leave from the Moabitish Land, fearing to displease them, as if her Eye was still hankering after some Reward from this Harlotry Vagrant. All which is included under the Curse, and therefore cannot to my Spouse make any Addition of Blessing, but will seek to dispoil her from her greater, more weighty, and eminent Riches with her true Honours: through the subtle Pretences, that all these by her given, are provided to gratifie the outward mans Exigencies, who hath need of all these things. Which smooth Arguments have deluded Multitudes, ingulphing them deep into an irrecoverable Pit of Perdition. Of which common Snare, O ye that are called and culled out to live upon another Fount and Spring, take good heed: it is for such as you thereof to be aware. It is for you not to be here caught, but still to go to Jacob’s Lot; observe therefore, and diligently enquire, when you are to depart out of Babylon, and when the set-time is that your Laban’s Service shall expire. Now my charge unto you is, that when I your Jesus expressly alarm you, to take your leave of all, and from all things, and to make a quick dispatch after me, that you linger not out your time, with so many Taking of Leaves, and long Salutes, whereby to express so hard a come-off from this Evil World. For my Spirit will hide nothing from me, but doth give a true account, how your Mind and Will stands towards me. He is that impartial Spirit of Truth, who on both sides is faithful, who does as well take of yours and shew to me, as of mine to you. He cannot and will not make any force, without the free consent of your own Will, nor treat with you any otherwise, than by Love’s Entreaties, and those many considerable Advantages, set before your true Spiritual Eye, which in this Light of the anointed One, ye may spy without defraud or hindrance. And as for thee Shulamite, what thinkest thou, doth thy God and me more disgust, than when my Spirit bringeth this Report to my Ear, that thou canst not yet give full credit to thy Espoused Lord and Husband, without wavering? My Spirit tells me, that Love is not grown so perfect yet in thee, as to cast out every questioning thought; which makes thee so oft in Jeopardy. For couldst thou undoubtedly believe in my Faithfulness, and highly great and all-sufficient Responsibility to answer to all, and what-ever relates to thee, as thou standest in thy exiled state: I say, if in this perswasion my Spirit could thee fix, thou wouldst openly decry down the Beast and his great Benefactor, who doth sit on him to give Rewards, out of the false, pernicious Magick Cup; and thou wouldst only look to thy own Eternal Dowry, from the Hand of her who is all over cloathed with Strength, Glory, and Majesty, thereby to cover those who are lodged in the Bridegroom’s Heart. True it is, ye have not only witnessed a good Confession with your Lips, but have also in some degree given the Sealing Proof, by bringing out the first ripe Fruits. O know ye, who are my Garden Plants, for what end are all my Golden Dews to you conveyed through my Spirit? Are they not, that ye may see this fruitful Tree of Life, within your own Lebanon, to spring, both for Food and Healing? Whereto ye are brought by that Spirit and Power, which is in mine Elect, who are given by the Father, to be joint-sharers with me in the third great and blessed Lot of pure Breath and Heat from the everlasting Deity. Even so to us, my God do them this infuse richly, according to thy Word.


October the 6th. 1676.

This Word came to me, saying, None but my Eunuchs, who are separated, and have cut themselves off from all other People, can know how to sanctifie to me a Sabbath of Rest, whereby they may cease from the toil of their own Hands. In this Day, their Strength will be to sit still, to feel the all-piercing Unction, that hath such a high and wonderful flight, as to effect all work without cry or noise. This I tell thee, Oh Soul, as a Secret in thy Ear; for in this lieth a deep Mystery, which is only known where the Train is purely laid, running as out of a Spout, from the all-flowing God-head, into the pure Eunuch-Spirit. Who hath suffered a dismembering for the Life of Holy Generations sake, through the secret, unknown way of co-operation, and essential contaction; by which the holy thing, that is of Ghostly Authority, comes in this manner existent, in and through Nature’s frame, to get in such who are thus qualified to shine forth as Day-Stars, in the Lamb’s Celestial Firmament. After the Spirit had revealed this unto me, it said, Who but such potent and high raised Spirits, (pointing to some one or other, known by Name) should be called out to bear his Name, and to shine in Wisdom and Power, as Lights before the Gentiles, that thereby the Sons of Strangers and Aliens, may come to joyn themselves to the Day-Spring from on High, which though in the Clouds of Mortality, yet known may be by the fruitful operation of the Spirit of Jesus, which worketh mightily in contradiction to Reason’s Eye. Reserve your selves therefore still to hallow my great Name, in keeping within the Walls, upon which the Guardian Cherubims are set for your defence, that there ye may keep my Sabbath from polluting: no Burthens must there be carried through. And so you will know the beginning of my Eternal Rest.


October the 7th. 1676.

Being upon some occasion interrupted in my Spiritual Calling, by touching with that, which was ungrateful to the pure Spirit of Jesus, he told me, That he was of that Seraphick Nature, that he could not delight to be where any worldly trafficking Spirits did resort, having a disgust to what-ever did spring from this fallen accursed Principle. And therefore it was agreed, that I must keep his Temple-Habitation pure, for that no reception must be there, but for the Holy Trinity. The outward Court, where the common Senses flutter up and down, is sufficient to take in what is to be considered for the Mortal Man. Who also might well be cast upon the Spirits care, and firmly relied upon: For such in whom this is, so shall grow, and spring as a Sabbatical Lily, without any thought, how their Food and Cloathing do come in. Ah! upon this my Spirit cryed, Lord I have been a long while getting up my Faith to this pitch, but cannot come to the degrees of this all-conquering Faith, which may thrust out every tittle of an Earthly Confidence. Which I well know are as the miry Rushes, that have been a stop to this rising Lily, which groweth no where, but out of Faith’s unweedy Soil. Thus, by way of Expostulation in Prayer, I presented what the Spirit shewed to me was short, and defective, and did impede the success of the Work, going on jointly by the Lord’s undertakers. Who were thus animated and counselled by his Spirit. After that I had supplicated, and owned the good Hand of God, in joyning me to one, that had a good degree of Love, Courage, and Constancy, to go forward with a fixed Eye, to the Mount of Transfiguring Glory, this Word spake to me concerning him. He is a Son of Obedience: Therefore meet with thee to prosecute the Spirits design in this visible Earth. Then received I only this further Charge, to keep the inward Court of our Minds all pure and clear, as we love to entertain the Spirit of our Jesus there. Who soon did scent every unsavoury Breath, that did blow in this Garden, which should be all perfumed from the Celestial Powers and Planets, that are all to be blown up from his own Savours and Sweet Perfumes: So that our dear Lord, and Spirit might thereby be refreshed in us, and that continually.


October the 8th. 1676.

Some part of this Night sweetly passed in Contemplation and Prayer, toward the Morning I saw in Vision, a bright round Ball, pourtraid like a Man’s Face, breaking through a Cloud, and immediately two Stars broke through after it, which were very bright and blazing. The Interpretation of which I waited for in my Spirit; for no Representation is without his Signification unto me. But the Lord did not that day explain it to me, but I did feel an impregnative Virtue fill me from that time, till the Afternoon. Being then met to breathe, each one from his Gift, as the Dr. was speaking, the Word said in me, Blessed is the Glory of the Lord, which makes its remove from place to place, that the Tabernacle-Body may bear witness to this Glory. Which verily was felt and discerned in this very juncture of time. For the most Holy did leave the Impress of his Glory upon us; for it did run as Lightning through my inward parts. Thus our Jesus makes his Pace swiftly to us, to give often refreshing to our Hearts: Hereby lifting us up from the Earth by the Spirit of his Eagle-Might, which presseth into the Heavens, there ever to live in the Bosome Loves Rest.


October the 9th. 1676.

But still I was in great Concern, to understand the meaning of the Sun-like Face, and Stars, which I saw the Night past. So putting my self in an holy, awful posture, for the Spirit to place me unitedly to himself, to understand and know as it self did know the simple Mind of the Deity: It was thus revealed to me, that suddenly there would break out of the dark beclouded Night of our World, an open bright Face, that should not speak to us in a deep unknown Spirit, but Mouth to Mouth; When we shall be generated as Stars from this Ghostly Body of Glory: Who plainly testified such a Remove would be made; If we will be constant to the Spirit, our assigned Guide and Mate. Who will arise in us, unto this high degree and state, as to swallow us up into this shining Face, so that no Cloud shall be betwixt the majesty of Glory and us: For as our Jesus is, so this rising Spirit of Glory will bring us, into the same Transfiguring Body of Glory.


October the 10th. 1676.

The Ministration of Elisha.

As I was casting my self this Morning, into my wonted posture of interiour Silence, to hear and see what would arise out of the Spirit’s deep, I was before I was aware, surprised with a Natural Sleep, but suddenly awaked with this Voice; Search and see what is recorded for thee, in 2 Kings 4. throughout; not knowing, as to my own rememberance, what therein was contained, till I looked. Wherein was the Declaration of what great and marvellous things Elisha wrought eminently, as nothing of the New-Testament-Ministration did them exceed. So when I had perused them, I asked and enquired by that inspiring Spirit, who was nigh, what Portion therein was for me, that was thereunto pointed for to look, earnestly seeking a plain understanding herein: which through favour I did obtain after some space of time.


October the 11th. 1676.

This Word opened in way of Resolve. Know, O Soul, thou hast this Elisha-Spirit with thee, of which great Improvement may be made. If thou canst know how to draw him out, it will be possible to multiply manifoldly. Therefore I thy Jesus directed thee to view the excellency of this Spirit, and to provoke thee to ask a numeration of this, to lay out upon my account, so far as may reach to the glorified state of my new exalted Humanity. As to the first part of Elisha’s ability of Spirit, which took in a sympathizing sense of the poor Widow’s cry unto him: This thou mayst read inwardly, as thy own deplorable condition, who hast often cryed to thy Prophet, of the Oppression of this cruel Creditor, the Prince and Spirit, who rules in the evil World, that would have taken thy two Sons, both for Bond-men. Who are to be understood, as they relate to thy inward and outward Man, to imbondage both, and hold them in perpetual Captivity as Debtors, through the degenerated Principle to the Law of Sin, which makes obnoxious to the Curse of Servitude to this wicked Usurper. From which my Elisha Spirit is to come to set free, through the additional Blessing of Increase, out of that Pot of Oyl that is found before-hand in thee, but of no sufficiency to redeem out of the Creditor’s thraldom, till the Spirit of Multiplication do take Knowledge and Compassion, to shew what will buy thee out of all the World’s Servitude. Wherein thou hast known such Perplexities and tyrannical Thraldoms, that have constrained thee to look out for Liberty. Now then hearken to my Counselling Word, ye who do agree as united Spirits to break this Yoke from off your Neck, resolving no longer to be under Tribute, repair to your Prophet Elisha, and only make him privy to all your Necessities. Let the Prophet’s Widow in this case be the Pattern in thy Eye, and in all Extremities fly to no other. Call upon this Elisha-Spirit, for he is to be raised from the dead, to work mighty Deeds. First in the hidden Man of the Heart, which prepareth for the working through the outward part; every Vessel must be cleansed within, before the Golden Oyl of the Almightiness will fill them. When this is perfect, and purely done, shut the Door upon thee, and thy two Sons, and let none come in to spy. For the Foundation-matter, for Miracles to work upon, will run from a most secret hidden Vein. The method hereof will be quite changed, as to what was in the days of Elisha: Who though he acted parallel with thy Jesus, in the days of his human state of Minority, not having reached the Coronation-Glory, could not till then set afoot this New Ministration, that openeth from the Line of the Holy Ghost. Who is that full grown Vein of Life, which hath so long under Ground been hid, because of which, no miraculous thing hath of these last days been wrought. For none hath cared with my Spirit to plunge so deep, and therefore it is for a while to lie hid, till they have found out the right Needle, which may pierce this third Vein, that proceedeth from the Godhead. The Life-Blood of which, will be the running multiplying Oyl, which is costly indeed, thou needst not crave a greater Portion. Be not afraid to sink down into the Spirit’s Pool, or Pot of Oyl, that is within the House of thy Heart. It was Elisha’s Spirit that entered in, or else the Oyl had never run so free: So do ye likewise with your Spirits. Descend, where this spring of Blood doth so deeply run, which will be of such rich Merchandize, as it will make all of this Creation-traffick, to be of no validity. Observe with all heedfulness, the track and way of the Spirit, in its own Eternal Ground. Follow hard, venture to pass through every Region, whether in Darkness or in Light, lose not this your Leader out of sight: Who will certainly bring you to the Oily Flood, which meeting with the flaming Juniper-Wood, will send forth such sparkling Powers and miraculous Glories, as may plainly declare, the Spirit of that one Elisha is risen.


October the 12th. 1676.

This greatly beloved Spirit and Comforter, sent from my dear Lord Jesus, coming now to be known by Name, Power, and Virtue, through a more free and intimate way of converse, had hereby forestall’d all other, taking off all delight and pleasure, saving in himself alone; I knowing that with him were all the Secrets of the Bridegroom, and that no other besides him could give me to understand the high and deep Concerns, relating to the Kingdom, which by my Jesus are now in agitation. Therefore who by us is to be prized like to this Visitant, that can give such a true account how Matters and Things there do succeed, during the time of our Exile? Who so ready and officious is as he, to find out for us, the grand Mystery of the Knowledge of the Deity, which doth lie hidden in pure Nature’s Ground? And though it is so nigh to us, yet without this Unction-Light, we might have look’d long enough, and never have understood or espied any thing of this Glory. But now he is become our Friend and Counsellor, and doth bring us glad-Tydings, from the Heavenly Quire. Whence this Morning he proposed this Question to me, Dost thou believe, I am the very, only, and true Discloser of the Father’s Will, who designs to bring thee into the New Jerusalem, to see there the Lord Jesus, in all his Princely Dignity? If satisfied thou art herein, then wholly rest upon me, as thy sufficient Stay and Guide: then press, I say, into me, Who am the All-flaming Stream, with whom mingling thy self, thy Natural Property shall be so alter’d, as thou wilt be able to pierce into the very Body of the Deity, which is my dwelling-place. Where I am careful to fix together with my self, such who are given me in charge by him: who hath great regard for you, and hath Commissioned me to demand, and ask of you, who have made such Love-acknowledgments whether or no ye can leave, and forget all whatever is so affecting to the sensitive Eye, and without much debate to fly away with me to Mount Sion? For there the perfect in Spirit do rest, from all Cares, Labours, and Strife, for that is a City free. Oh now take leave of this imbondaged state, and trust to me for what your Lot shall be in that lovely Land. Where into now venture, through all the cross Streams of Rationality, as valiant Worthies, resolved throughly to follow me, who cannot live in this Region, but only for your sake. I am sent from above, but with no intent to abide long here beneath, only to cloathe you Essentially upon, as a Bride, to enter in with me; where ye shall see no more Evil: and though in the World, yet so separated from it, as those who are no more of it. Read and see a full discharge brought down by me: if ye can receive it, then it will be your everlasting Liberty.


October the 16th. 1676.

This Word also opened and cryed in me, Who shall see that one Day, that shall be lengthened out to Thousands of Years. It is the Spirit’s day, in which none can live, but such who are entered into the very Body of the Spirit, that can bear the Light of the Temple-Glory within the Holy city. The Light of this Day is of that excessive Burning, that it will scorch up every Covering which is not of the Spirit. Therefore ye who have prayed to see this New Creation-Day, consider what you must suffer first, to come upon your vile corruptible Body, which must be fashioned in this pure Spirit’s property. Which by its Golden Flood may wash and waft away the muddy part, with all that contemptible covering of Clay, which in this Day of Burning, can in no wise be able to stay. Now then know the Time and Season of this my Spirit’s Visitation, and be subject to every transforming Power. Which worketh yet by degrees, till it hath brought thee unto a solid Body, as refining into that Clarity, that the sevenfold Sun ye may plainly See, in its strength of Glory, without a Vail upon your Face. Do not say, How shall this be brought to pass; seeing I am a piece of brittle Mortality, subject to an universal Creaturely malady, nothing differing from what I see expire Daily? These are the thoughts which do arise in thee, out of Fear, and spiritual Modesty. But thy Humility must be the only foundation for the Spirit of Faith to rise and effect, what may be done in order to the rising of this everlasting Day, of the Spirit’s cloathing Body of Light. Which, Oh thou Shunamite, shall make thee all fair, and give thee acceptance in my sight.


October the 18th. 1676.

O! the resistency, that the Spirit of Reason did raise, pleading Impossibility, that ever gross earthliness should be so covered over, and impregnated with a Ghostly Body, generated and consubstantiated from that one Eternal Element, so as to hide the now appearing frail piece of Mortality. The Spirit of Prophecy in me, which opened and declared of these things, which were to come to pass in us, said, If hereunto we could set our Seal of Belief, and give place to the Spirit of Truth, they could not fail of their accomplishment. But if Faith over Reason did not get Victory, the Amen did testifie, the Spirit would be too weak to bring forth such a miraculous Body for himself organically in every part, to the fulfilling of the great Mystery, which has been so often and largely predicted of. Here I had renewed subject matter for Prayer, that our Faith might not fail, earnestly invocating, that the holy Breath might fill up our Sails here withal continually. Upon this I did see in Vision: A Covering let down upon me of all wrought Gold, enterwoven with Scarlet-coloured Silk; so as it looked wonderful rich to my Eye. Which I viewed with great marvel, attending the Word of Signification, which thus opened in me, saying, This is the Workmanship of the Spirit: Who hath only Wisdom and Skill to inlay the weighty Gold, and work it in with the Silk to make it thus lustrous, as thou seest. But herein lieth a greater, deeper Mystery yet, as it both presents Deity and Humanity thus interwoven together. To shew how your Human Will-Spirit must be wrought into this All-deified Spirit; which to the ground-form of Silk gives the shine and glory in the variety of Flowers embossed thereupon; according to the similitude, which to thee was let down, with the engraving of the Sacred Name, that is, that Princely Cloathing; upon which is written Salvation, Strength and Honour; the unparalled Workmanship of the Spirit of Glory, that now to you my elected Ones, is come to call in the assistance of your Wills, to work and joyn with him in all Power and Might, till ye come to be inlaid into his Deified Being, and thus curiously wrought without the least default; For not one wry Stitch must be found in this Covering, but all according to the perfect Rule seen in the Pattern. Know, I Jesus have sent my Spirit into you, to work in Secresie, this all-covering Tent. It will be Business enough to keep pace, and to follow the Hands of these working Powers, that never will be idle calling still to the Spirit of your Wills to comply, and for to hold out with it steadily. For this is a Work which must be stuck to, it will admit of no Night-slumbering, the Furnace is to be kept in a constant heat, for the Golden Thread which enterweaves with the Silk, is still to be drawn out of the central Fire. Oh now ye who have pried after this rich Covering of the Spirit, you see whereunto you must give your selves, that this all glorious Covering of the Spirit may rise and shine upon you, that so ye may enter my Everlasting Courts with Confidence and Joy. Where your Bridegroom will greatly rejoyce over you, when ye are thus cloathed upon with the bright Body of the holy Sparkling Saphire. Into which suffer my Spirit to work you, that I may with freedom, own, receive, and enjoy you, as my all-lustrous Bride. Even so, Oh holy One, prosper thy Work in us.


October the 21st. 1676.

In the Night I had this Representation of a Vine, upon a Wall, which was very fruitful, but not come unto its full ripeness. There appeared several sorts of Fruits, besides Grapes, all springing from the Vine-Root. Which while viewing, there came a cluster of Caterpillars, with black Heads, fastening upon the young sprouted Fruit to eat it off, in this its Minority. At which sight I was much concerned, how to prevent the marring of such choice Fruit. After I came to weigh and consider the thing in the Spirit’s understanding, the Word of Revelation opened, and said, This Vision was for caution, and warning unto us, who were now incorporated into that Vine-Root, to bring forth Fruits, according to what the Spirit hath sowed and watered, so as they begin to consubstantiate into Fruit. Whereunto we coming to this first primary putting forth, great danger does attend this new crop of the Spirit, though they seem as harmless, inconsiderable Worms, yet they unconceivably destroy, and eat, and suck away the very Juice of the Grape, leaving only the empty Husk. For which cause, saith the Spirit, I have this warning given, lest ye should not be heedful enough of this my painful Husbandry, which I have brought forth in you. For these little Foxes, and crawling Worms are as pernicious to my new planted Nursery, as those greater Beasts of Prey: Therefore ward and watch, keep all Invasions of this kind out, when ever they do set upon thee, and would assault to snip away my first Fruits. Then take to thee speedily the Bucket of Faith, and let down into me, who will open the Heavens to bring down Showers, that shall wash and scatter away these devouring Caterpillers out of thee.


October the 21st. 1676.

It was further shewn me, as I was in Prayer, upon this occasion, how our Vineyard might be kept, each one from being preyed upon. This Word was shot in from the Lord upon me, Keep thy Eye upon this new springing Lily, sit under the Shadow of it, and go not out from it. Its fruitfulness will befriend thee, when this World with all its fruitfulness, shall be as a dry Tree. Therefore make it thy only Shelter and Stay, for the Essential Power of the Deity floweth forth, as the Spirit in thee can draw it forth. That then ye may fully scent this Flower of Life, and live upon it day by day: then thou needst not wander from the Spirit’s Tent. Who hath sufficiency to keep thee, if thou couldst go forward, and work with him in this Magia Calling. Which divine Skill and Art, hath been hid from the whole Creation, and a false Craft hath stolen away the Heart universally. While this hath been hid under the Seven Seals, and none worthy found to break open this deep Magia Ground, where that weighty Gold is, that will buy out thousands of such drossy Worlds, in which all ignorant and earthly Inhabitants do trade. But to you that separate, and are willing by me to be perswaded, to find out that old antient Vocation, where neither Curse, Sorrow, nor Pain do attend; which was and is to be renewed again: to such as can get free from this Principle, and live in defiance to it, as not fearing, nor caring evermore to make friendship with it; there is a better Store upon the opening unto you. To whom I am as a fore-runner upon this account, sent to assure you, there are such precious things given by the Father into my Hand, as ye shall not need to sue to this World for its favour. For the time is nigh, wherein the now despised shall be described what they are.


October the 25th. 1676.

Through the abundant Openings, out from the Light of that Day of the Lord, encompassing my Intellectual Part, filling me as a burning Lamp within, shewing still some one thing or other new, upon which I cryed, and said, Ah my God, what will all this Knowledge and Light with me amount unto? For to know deep and secret things, is both sweet and pleasant, whether they be for present or future Existency. But this is not to be all my Dowry, though they are of great use and service; yet here I cannot stay, neither dare I take up fulness of Joy, there is something else yet behind, which must fill this Heavenly Body of Light. Oh that one weighty Drop, that I do see ready to fall off, on that bright Saphire Body, will be the Birth-Seed, that extendeth not only to Will, but to perform and do what it sees in the Light. When this shall drop, the Nature as it stands in the Line of the Fall, with the weight thereof, shall be broken and dissolved, for no patch of Clay upon this Gold, is evermore to be seen, as it was declared to me. Who upon this Expostulation, further said, and brought this Word with a fresh application unto me, saying, As the Father hath Life in himself, so hath he given the Son to have Life in himself also; which Words in John 15.26 were thus opened to me, Here is a stock of Life to be given out, in an absolute way of propriety, but to whom is it, but to the Royal Birth, of such as are born into the Spirit. Where-of ye, who through strong travail are hither come, are to be fellow-sharers in this Life with God the Son. But ye are yet but young, and do not understand what this Life will extend unto: if preserved choicely, you shall find in it the root of that matter to work upon, which is sufficient to create and translate according to the will and skill of this Life-Operator. Which derives a Power out of its own free Birth-center, which hath no dependency out of its own Being. Call to remembrance that saying, Man is become like one of us, and he would still have exercised the same authority as a God, had the evil been only known and eschewed; for which end Jesus hath sent his redeeming Spirit, to clear off all your old Accounts, as being found in the Debt Book of Sin, and also to convince you, there is no necessity that you should run one Mite more upon that score, ye being born of a free estate of Righteousness of your own, which now you are charged to expend upon. For in the time of Ignorance, before you came to know what was sown in your Ground, ye might be more excused. But now I have revealed, where doth lie the rich Revenues of the all-sufficiency, ye need neither seek, ask, or borrow, did you know how to stir up, and awaken your own Magia. Through which, all wherein you have been taught, must throughly be wrought, as the mighty Engineeer to bring forth what hath lain under the Vail of Faith and Hope. Plunge, plunge yet deeper in, within the Circle-Birth of this pure thing.


October the 25th. 1676.

As I was considering of this Discoursive Opening of the Spirit, it was immediately confirmed to me, by a presentation after this manner. The Word said, Behold the Idea of another Paradisiacal Sphear. I saw a Tree spring suddenly out of a great River; with three laden great Branches, then sprang divers more young Plants, all sprouting from the Veins or Strings from this one Tree. Each one with no more, than three Branches, but of different growths: Some new budded, others bearing Flowers in order to Fruits, others grown to palpable Fruit. All round about this one Tree. Upon which it was said to me, These are as so many Gods, which are ascended out of the Earth, to replenish that which lay void and desolate. Here each one hath, and is growing up in a Life of Subsistency, and almighty Soveraignty, deriving all this Power and Might, from the Tree of Life. Which sheds its Kernel Seed into this River; for such is the Nature of this Throne-River, that it no sooner falls in, but it springeth immediately into this threefold Form of the Deity. O stagger not, neither be confounded at this, for except ye had been born again of this Water and Tree of Life, that sheds the Golden Seed of the Spirit, ye should never have known, the existency of a Life-Soveraignty. Therefore to you not only the Light and Spring of Understanding is given, but the everlasting Life-Line from this Tree doth run free, because you have turned in your Spirits and hearkened to my Inspirations. But remember your Life hath many subtle, treacherous friends, that pretend to it, that will say as Peter did, far be it to thee to give up the loss of all the old Life, and only rest, subsist, and alone depend on this. But now, this is but the tempting Voice of the Serpent, as in the days of Eve, by whose Fall be thou aware. And now while ye are but Infants, suck and draw mightily from this Tree of Life, and you will soon grow to be strong, to have this life trusted in your own management. To you, whose Ears are so open to hear me, I do greatly delight to commune with you, that if by any means I might encourage you to hold out, and not slide back from my Precepts. Which will assuredly entrust you in all Zion heights and Spirit depths of unfathomed Treasury. Now haste, haste to your covering Strength of Glory, your Nazarite Hair, while abiding in this Paradisiacal Sphear, will soon grow upon you, that so therein may be your defence from all Philistines Powers. Now then in Jehovah Magnanimity abide with me his Spirit, evermore to dwell and be. So Amen, dear Lord I pray thee.


October the 26th. 1676.

Being met together to attend the Manifestation of the Spirit, by which we might profit each other, in the Afternoon as the Dr. was praying, this Word came to me, Make use of the present Opportunity, when ye have the King at the Banquet, then is the time to prefer your Request. Upon which was brought to my remembrance, the wise Policy of Esther to King Ahasuerus. Which that Night was more opened, enlarged, and applied for our present and further Peace, Joy and Encouragement to follow on to know the whole Counsel of our God concerning us, who now revealeth all Secrets by the Spirit, who presented Mordecai in the Person of himself, being left to him as Orphans. The whole trust, care and charge being cast upon this faithful Mordecai, to bring us up to that degree of Humility, Meekness, Courage, Zeal of Life, and to all sweet Spiritual Disposition of Mind, that the King, the Father might greatly desire us; for herein consisteth our Beauty and Comliness, which is so taking. Vashti was refused because of Arrogancy and Disobedience, but Esther finds favour, being mild and pliable, yielding to her Guardians Commands, though to the peril of her Life. So assuredly said this Comforter; Be ye but wise and obedient to me, who will put you upon nothing but what I do fore-see, will arise for your great promotion and considerable advantage, as ye my dictates shall obey. Who do make use of this History of the Scripture yet, that my Mind may be more easily understood, you not being able to bear nor understand me in my own Tongue, till further learned. For which I am come down to your understanding through the Skreen of the Letter.


October the 27th. 1676.

Now this Morning it was set before me, according to the Example of Esther, that for a certain time, it was expedient, that we should sanctifie our selves, by a true Fast in pure Abstinency from their Assembly-Feasts; 2dly, From tasting any thing that is ministered from this gross element, but to draw apart from all, keeping our Internal part from being defiled, shutting up from all, reminding only the overturn of Haman’s device; That great subtle Adversary, that had laid the Plot against the new introduced Life, to cut it off before the King had put Honour upon it, to bring it through the city-Royal, upon his own Eagle-Body of Power. Now seeing the malicious design of the Serpent, with all his Confederacy, was gone very far in this matter, there was no other way to reverse the Decree, but by famishing the Earthly Life, with all that pertains thereto, casting out the disobedient Vashti; that so such a Virgin might be sought out, as might please the King, and upon all occasions might have his Ear. Now Esther is only to speak what Mordecai, the Divine Life puts into her mouth, Words of Wisdom, to out-do all the Serpent’s subtilty. This prudent Mordecai fore-sees for Esther all dangers that are like to accrue, gives present notice, that so Evils may be escaped, before they do overtake. Oh here through this Similitude, how freely and plainly did the most Holy Spirit reveal what lay hid in the Mystery, further advising us to prepare a Banquet, after the touch of the Golden Scepter, which gives the Token of Acceptance. Mordecai contrives with Esther jointly, what Provision to make, only knowing what the Royal Court-fare is, bringing in those choice things which the King feeds upon. So that this Banquet consists all of Fruits, but not raw, or gross ripened from this old element, but such as are preserved with all sweet restorative Spices, fetched from the Land of Havilah, where the Golden Liquor flows, and the sweet Canes do grow. The Wine to this Feast all answerable hereunto refined from the Lees, served out of that one Golden Cup, that none ever drank out of, but the great Donor of the Feast, who will only receive it from the Hand of the Bride. Then said the Spirit to this Bride, All things are now ready, invite the King and your God unto this Supper. Your Banquet thus ordered, you need not doubt of the King’s company; and though the proud Haman-Spirit may here intrude, yet fear not, for his doom will be suddenly given. Oh Esther, who art in great favour with the King, put forward, and spare not to ask, that now thy Life may be forthwith given unto thee in a Princely Subsistency. All that is in thy Heart, at such a time as this, may verily be answered, and thou go away with Joy of Heart, not that only thy Accuser is cast out, but thou art come near to the Scepter of the Kingdom to live without toil, or bryarly Cares. Thus did the Spring-Unction make it applicable to us, by reiterating all this over again, that so hereby we might be assured whereunto this Golden Scepter, let down by the Hand of the King, would bring us, who in an Esther-like Spirit of Humility and Faith do draw near to it. It was also further noted to me from the Spirit, that when-ever we had these Tabernacle-Feasts, and the presence of Glory in it, we should not get only a Promise to alter the hand-Writing that had gone out against us, but to press such Arguments, as thereby to overturn the whole state of our Captivity, under the Babylonish Haman-Spirit, and to get Letters written, and sealed in the King’s Name. Which will give the Authority and Credit in this our Enemies Land, to stand for our Lives, and to have defence, even the Omnipresence of Strength granted out of the King’s Armory, to do what we would in the Spirit of Mordecai, that goes in and out in the presence of the King. Who with Esther, the Bride, hath won the Day, which is Light, Gladness, Joy and Honour to the Lamb and Bride.


October the 28th. 1676.

The Spirit of Jesus made this further Observation out of this History unto us from Mordecai’s great Princeliness of Spirit, who knowing he was of the blessed Seed, though at present under Captivity, still maintained his Integrity, trusting in the God of Abraham, and would bow down to no other, though Haman was great and potent, having Power by permission from the King, to save or destroy. From hence the living Word in me said, According to this Example, follow ye this my faithful Mordecai-Spirit from whom, and into whom you are born, though for probation suffered to be carried to dwell in Babylon, where tempted ye have been, because you have had no Power or Might to rule, or deliver your selves, while that Haman’s insulting Spirit of Reason was yet alive within you, who represents the Strength and mighty Fortitude of Reason, that can plead such inducing Arguments as carry a mighty sway, complaining of the strange and different laws of my Spirit, after the manner of Haman. Whose Spirit is alive at this day, to deceive with all subtilty, and now his Wrath and Rage is the more enkindled against ye, because ye have slighted and refused to bow, and own his Lordliness. Who does exalt himself in Name and Nature, that so none must live in his Land, but such as will worship him as God. But you in whom my Life Mordecai hath stirred, maintain your Heavenly stateliness in this matter, stoop not, though your Life is to be cut off, with all the Comforts, Privileges and attending Honours of it. Fear none of these things; remember, Mordecai’s Reward shall assuredly be yours. The great King of Heaven like Ahasuerus, hath given this world’s Preferments into the Power of the great Haman’s Spirit of Reason, who as a Prince does reign over all, that your God may see who will hold out in their Integrity, in refusing to be under the Laws, though none greater in this visible Kingdom than he. Now this History I have taken up, and applied to you, to observe in every Tittle, that you, with me your Jesus, may come to Royal Honour and Dignity, by refusing the Beast, and the Dragon’s allurings from this visible Babylon. And by adhering with Esther in all sweet Humility, to the Masculine Spirit of my undaunted Mordecai. Thus ye shall rise unto Strength, Glory, and Immortality.


October the 29th. 1676.

This Morning, this Word so soon as I awaked, saluted me, saying, Arise, and call upon thy God, who giveth thee what to ask. From which I preferred my Requests, finding a pressure of an ascending Power, that carried my Spirit to view a Place, that was with variety of Colours paved, and there I saw a Woman standing of so amiable a Countenance, the Complexion so unutterably pure, for fineness and clearness of Skin as no mortal Image must compare therewith. While I was in admiration hereof, a Voice spake, Oh Esther, what is thy Petition: thy Beauty hath ravished my Eye: Thy Place is to abide in my Royal Court. A little space after this I found my self mounted upon a Horse to be carried whither I knew not; but I was not concerned at all, for I was fully satisfied in my Guide. I heard a Cry after me to detain and prevent my going forward, but the Person that took me up, said, Be still, and give no Ear. These are but the Screech-Owls of the Night, and Birds of prey; which would stop and steal our Treasure from us. So I was carried on with great swiftness, into a secret solitary way, from out of the sight and noise of all active Creaturely Inhabitants. For it was said, Thus it must be, if you will see a New Creation, with the replenished Life-Plants, that grow there all-flourishing and clear, according to the pure Element that is there. At which offer, and upon the terms specified, I for my self, and for my travelling Friend, did perfectly agree, on to proceed, as this our Dove-Mate should us bear upon her Wing of Power. Not fearing to adventure through a Desert state, and to draw off from all Communions, which are of this visible Sphere. For another Voice in my Ear did cry, Depart, and come out, touch nothing, neither mingle your Offerings with Korah, or his Company: who though they may appear with Censers in their Hands, yet do you not them come near, for the Earth doth close upon them as their most visible dark covering. From whom Away, with me, your flying Horse of Power.


October the 30th. 1676.

Being in my private Ejaculations, this Word sounded in me, All Prayings, Prophecyings, Speakings, are of no validity but what proceed from the Head-covering: which is the Miter-Crown of Purity and Power, which the Unction alone for you must draw down from him, who holdeth in his Hand the Seven Star-Powers to encompass you round, that so no nakedness may be more found upon you. For what is more empty, naked, and void, than Words that are not touched with the Altar-Coal, that giveth Impregnacy where-ever it falleth? Therefore hereunto watch, and go not forth in any of these ministering Services, without you wrap up close this Nazarite Covering of Strength about you; for want of which your Labours have been fruitless, and my Spirit hath been under reproach and derision to you; which shame I am come to take off from you, to whom this Caution I do give, not to be too hasty, to run out, before you have put on your Garment of strength. Better it is to wait in Secresie, till thy Covering is all finished by him, who in his own method moveth and worketh all effectually; into whose Mold being cast, ye will certainly come forth a much more refined piece of glorious workmanship, for the illustration of the Spirit’s Ministration. Which Wheel hath by the decree of the Almighty begun to move; Now see to it, and keep it still going side by side, with the Spirit that is the Life-motion of it, who will plunge you in, to know and see yet greater things, as you can keep strait course with it. Then may you dive into the Seven Star-Pool, which will draw out the last Trumpet-shout, of a God Omnipotent, for a Covering throughout to thee. Who but thee, oh thou Spirit, in the burning Wheel canst work; which for us effect quickly.


October the 31st. 1676.

Towards the First Day in the Morning, I saw the Dr. as in a publick Theatre, bearing a high Testimony for the Spirit, in a Youthful figure, and Hair grown brown, and bushy. Who was acted forth that he bore down many that seemed to doubt and question, what he from the authority of the Spirit witnessed to. Upon which it was said to me, This should be fulfilled in his season; upon whose rising Day, wait to the fulfilling Joy: From this presentation it was given me to conclude, that the D. should assuredly be make an able Minister of the Spirit in some signal proof of it. Which I sought my God for, in reference to the Glory that would be manifested, through the lifting up the Standard of this mighty defensive Spirit. Whom we do begin already to feel, is so busie again in us, as gives good ground of hope, that somewhat is to be brought forth, that shall make a free and clear place for the Holy Ghost, to act forth his own Power in the Humanity.


November the 1st. 1676.

THIS Day upon Mr. Bromley’s account, the Dr. was engaged to speak in Publick, whose Sails were spread and filled with Breath from the Anointing Power. After which I found my Spirit much called into an inward stillness, to find out the original Wheel, that turns the whole Creation about. As seeing all things short; though they are brought forth in Spiritual Appearances; they pass away as yet too weak to bring forth the transfigured state. Upon which consideration, I went to my Nights Repose in some heaviness of Spirit, mourning after the Life-working Power, to deliver me from this, & every surviving Hour of Temptation; importuning for a naked access to the Throne of Majesty, where I might have freedom to open all in plainness of Speech, and to hear without any other Medium, but the Spirit’s Ear, what God would answer to me. Upon which I had presented four moving Wheels of Flame Colour: As they turned, they opened a deep in the ground, which still dissolved, and melted away where ever they went, so they kept on their circling course, having at last no more ground to move upon, all being burnt up before them. A Seraphim with six Wings all covered them, only through every Wing an Eye was seen; and then the Wheels were lifted up, and did ascend. Then a Voice came unto me, saying, Mark and see, what you must be turned into, if you will see the bare and naked Majesty of Glory. Canst thou think to bear the presence of an Immense Light, that is of such a transparency without a Cherub’s covering upon all thy working Wheels. If thou wilt come to the heights of Zion-Glory, come prepare for to be undone in thy own sensitive Life, the very Pillars of the House of Nature will be shaken, the keepers thereof will tremble. Man must cease, when God descends into his Holy Place; these flaming Coverts of the Spirit, will let nothing of the Flesh inherit with it. Therefore till thou dost agree to this there can be no possibility of coming in to that great Assembly, where the Most High doth over all Worlds reign, with his Train of glorified Spirits. When I had after this manner discoursed, the result of my importunity was thus given to me; I was convinced what such an access for continuation there would cost. For it was shewed to me, there must be down right payment; Words would not alone pass. All our earthly Goodness and Godliness was to be given away for this Cherub’s Covering, and no longer in the Tents of Babylon to stay; there to live in the midst of a People of unclean Lips. Now the great thing is, how this shall be brought to pass, for who shall live, when God doth this? Yet seeing the all-knowing Spirit hath plainly hereof advertised, that so to us it may not come as a surprize, when these burning Wheels shall wholly undermine and consume what it finds of that putrified Earth in us. Oh then I do see the six-Winged Seraphim will be our Covering, through which we shall behold, the Lord the mighty King upon his Throne of Glory, according as hath been foretold, and there his mighty Voice shall hear, which now sounds in our Ears, from that Seraphick Sphear.


November the 3d. 1676.

As I was introverted into myself this Morning, calling over those things revealed, upon the Representation of the four Wheels that eat out the Earth, which it moved upon; this Word moreover cryed in me, Suffer these Wheels to turn in thee, though it be painful, rejoycing that ye are come to dwell under this Cherub-Covering; whereunder abiding with all wariness, the Eagle-Bird may fly out thence in great Might, Strength and Glory. Which Words I took great Observation of, for much is to be understood therefrom, as is to be believed in by us, whom it concerns.

This Day in the Evening at our own private Meeting, in which the Lord did much appear with us, it was given me to speak from the new covered Earth, which was once as a solitary parched Ground, but now it was shewed me, that it is now become all covered with the utmost variety of springing Flowers, all flourishing, which will still abide in us, so long as the Water-Courses keep their due springing Tides, with the Spiritual Constellations, opening from the Cherub-Bride, who dwelleth in that hot Beaming Body of the Sun, that reneweth Life to every growing Plant that is brought forth under the Cherub-Tent. Oh here I did see in some few, a fruitful Field or Soil, and a full replenished Garden, which invited him, who is our true Seeds-man in, to view and see, what might be more eminent, and excellent in us, to engage his walking presence with us. In whose company, we do witness the out-breathed scent, of what is planted by his own Hand.


November the 4th. 1676.

This Day going out, I suffer’d loss, meeting with some scatterings, which for that space stopped the Wheel-work; which being sensible of, I had no quiet, till the holy Watcher came down, and moved it forward again, clearing all that did clog, and made it move heavily. This Word with an Emphatical Power to me came saying, Oh where-withal shall a Young Man cleanse his Way, but by taking heed unto my Word? which was further confirmed by another echoing Voice, a little space after, Regard this as a seasonable Warning. So that from hence, it was fully set home upon me, that every speaking Word from under the Cherubim Oracle, from whence the holy Sound does pass, the Light thereof is to be obeyed in all things. And it would be as the Burning Wheel, refining, and making pure; for no longer than our Minds and Hearts, as the High-way of the Spirit are cleansed, can I, said the Holy One, walk there. For my delightful Pace is through the green and flourishing Path, where on either side Plants of Righteousness do stand, all in their Youthful Statures.


November the 5th. 1676.

This Morning it was said to me, There was a secret reservatory, where the hiding of all the Armory Power was. Then something of a strong fenced Place, standing upon a Hill was shewn me, which was so high, that it would be very difficult thither, to ascend. Which caused great thoughtfulness in me. In which interim of time, the Dr. coming in to Pray, this Vision passed away, and I understood nothing more of it that day. But while the Dr. was in a very contrite frame, so expressed by Prayer, this Word concerning him was spoken. The humble Person I will save, whose Cause I have heard, and will plead. Which giveth a new Sealing Witness to all former Words, that the Love-Eye looketh still, towards those that are lowly of Heart, taking heed to the inspeaking Word, watching daily thereunto.


November the 6th. 1676.

This Night the Wheel-motion was very restless in me, to find out this Armory Power, of which I had a presentation; greatly sollicitous was the Spirit of Prayer, pleading to find an entrance into that secret place, where I was assured the hiding Gifts of Eternal Powers were concealed. Which being found, that would then, by a willing suffered-force be fetched out to effect the great and high intent of that mighty Cyrus, who will be raised as that principal Shepherd, to go before us unto this strong fenced Place. Who said unto me, Be still, thy Time is not yet fulfilled to enter this Tower of Strength. There is an Eagle-Bird under the Cherub Wing, which is a hatching, for which you must wait a while, till it is all fletched and flig: that only can mount you up. It must be this Eagle-Eye that can fly so high, to face this secret Place, upon which the Sun-Beams do lie so hot, that no other can come nigh her. It is but fruitless labour, to climb up with a ponderous Body to the top of this Mountain. Therefore keep close, and warm under the Dove’s Wing, and your Spirit will answerably grow into the Nature of a swift flight to reach to this place. Which is called by the Name of Shammah; the everlasting Armory of Wisdom and Strength lieth there to be drawn out by such as can assume the Eagle-strength. Oh hereunto watch with all heed, and keep under the over-shadowing Wing, that ye may come hereunto at one Flight, that ye may be out of all further care and fear. This is so strong a Fort, that commands all Worlds that stand under it. They will indeed find the impregnable Power, who do attain the full growth of this swift winged Might. Then it will be in your own Power to scatter and make fly, whatever opposeth you from the Spirit of Enmity; all which shall be subdued from the Armory of this strong Tower, that henceforth to you who are diligent Seekers shall be opened. Look and see, for the Eagle-Shell is assuredly upon the crackling.


November the 7th. 1676.

At this time it was much upon my Spirit, to seek and make after that which might evidence not only to our selves, but to the unbelieving World round about us, that the Life-acting Power was with us. For else whereby should we be able to make out our conjunction with the Spirit, but by stretching forth the full Banners of it, as the great Testimonial Witness of the mighty presence taken up in us? As I was deep upon this Consideration, this Word from the Lord came to me, saying, What more signal Sign can you desire to demonstrate your true Spiritual Birth by, than this: that you have not heard of, and seen the Sign of the Son of Man in the Heavens, as Distinct from you; But behold this is given you, the very same to be; which in its time, will shew it self to be the Son of God, by and through the Resurrection from the Dead. Till which time, ye must suffer under a Vail, in Conformity like to your Jesus; who was of no reputation in the World; as giving him no Credit, nor Honour, till by Death they saw the Vail rent, and the Earth shake; then they began to be convinced, that this must needs be the God-Man. Even so on thou must proceed, to give witness by thy Death mystically, as he did naturally give proof thereof, by Rocks rending, and Earth-tremblings, which will be at the yielding up of the Ghost. This happily somewhat hath been reached to, but yet there must be an open shew thereof. Crucifixion is a lingering Death; let the Blood and Water so freely out-run from thee, that may bear Record to all, that thy Spirit is ascended into the Father’s Bosom. From whence may be expected thy return, to bring down that Spirit, which will raise that Body, through which that Signal Sign shall be manifested, that can assume Authority to release, what hath been in Captivity: And ye shall go forth with the Scepter dominion. Ye have but this one thing to effect, to shew out your selves risen from the Dead. Then you will find that every Breath which proceeds from you, is of such force, as to command the whole Heavenly Host.


November the 9th. 1676.

As I was this Morning cast into some perplexity, about the instability, which I found my self incident unto, that I could not keep afloat upon the broad River, still to swim in the full Stream of the Spirit. But some entervenings would happen to stop my pace, and prevent if it might be, the arrival to that most sweet and blessed Port, which hath been designed for us. I for this called in the High Throne-Councel {Council}, to know what shall be done for us, who are sensible of these petty sinkings. When the Lord hath given the Word to come after him, though it be upon a boisterous Sea, could we steer our Course upon Faith’s Boat, the floating tossing Sea would soon come to be Calm. But oh ! my staggering Spirit is not to such a steadiness come, as with my Jesus all like a Spirit there to talk with him, who may yet now again be seen to walk in the deep Ocean. These things being the matter of my Meditation and Consultation with that Word, which was to me very nigh, it suddenly cryed within me thus, What stability can ye come unto till the four Winds are with-held, which awaken the old condemned Life in all its Essences. Then was presented a Hand from under a Wing, which knit up these blasting Winds, that they might not hurt the new replenished Field, out of which are expected the Seven Years Plenty. Then hereby I saw, it was only this strong Eagle-Hand, which could the rough East-Wind stay, that caused those swarming Flies to buz and make a noise, sucking away those Honey-Dews, so soon as they do fall. It was also further noted to me, that these Winds were of that evil consequence, as to put to wreck the Sailing Ship of Faith, whereby all the out-ventured stock of Life is to be brought in. These four Winds were also named to me; as 1st, Wormwood. 2dly, War. 3dly, Anguish. 4thly, Destruction. These being let loose, did blow up the Natural Senses, breathing fresh Life every moment into them, so maintaining the Spiritual War. For so long as the carnal low Sense liveth, and is hereby revived, it will be active after many a deadly stroke, to nullifie that supersensual Life of Revelation, that cannot take its place, till these Life-breathing Winds be bound up. Then was shewed me an Engraving like a Seal, with the Emblem of an Olive-Tree with three branches, and it was said to me, When ye are Sealed with this living Print, you then shall know a fixed Life. These Winds can no more hurt, if once they may but stop, till ye are feelingly impressed with this Olive-Tree. This is another manner of Life, than what is subject unto Mutability. For what is greater than for the Life of the holy Trinity, to be appropriated penetratingly by way of Sealing? Now for this great preparation thereto is required, the one pure unleavened Lump, all passive without Life, to receive the Impression. Which accordingly was performed, by the overshadowing of the Dove, that gave the living Witness of being Baptized into the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. By which the contrary winds were restrained, that they could not blow up the dark Mists and Fogs any more. So from hence feeling in me a pure Serene Calmness, the Powers of the Eternal World did let fall sweet pleasant Dews, from which the Fruitful Sharon did spring, to entertain the Trinity, within the circumference of this holy Ground, which is now so strongly enclosed, and fortified, that nothing common or unclean can pass hereunto: for the pure Winds from the Heavenly Element gave forth a new fresh Air, all clear and bright; so that in the light thereof, liberty was given for Holy Walks, as in a Supercelestial Region, there to take up the Souls true Central Rest. Even so sweet Jesus, never let me venture out, lest those perilous Winds should me overtake; to unfix me out of the even Temperature, wherein all stability will the Mind most safely and securely Fix.


November the 12th. 1676.

Now upon this Sealing opened and enlarged the great Mystery of the three Heavenly Witnesses, which gives light to the Understanding, and makes it capable of knowing and comprehending the Souls true Originality; as to what it was, what it is, and what it is to be: what it was in its first pure State, then how it fell, and lastly what it is to be, and after what manner to be restored. In which three Particulars these Witnesses do unfold themselves, and bear Record; but the chief and principal of these is the Third, or the Restoration; whereby God raiseth the Fallen Tabernacle, going forth in a new Creation and Formation; to produce a suitable Habitation for himself, wherein the Father doth in the first place record his own Name; which is demonstrated in opening a flood-gate of Love; expressed in the Gift of his Son; not only to be born for us, but be born in us, bearing witness that we are hereby passed from the Misery, Death, Curse, and Wrath of God, into the Liberty and Similitude of the Deity it self, wherein the Righteous and Immaculate Nature of Jesus doth spring as the Lily in the Valley. For it is not a bare Record or Report of these Witnesses, but it is an essential Body. All-Deiform, which is a Record that can never be obliterated; for that the Holy Ghost is the sure Pledge hereof, which doth keep alive this Impression, by his continued Motives and Operations. So that what is Invisible in the Heavens, is made Visible to the Dove-Eye, through which thy Soul hath its Seeing. By which Seeing it is marvellously enflamed, and affected, with those Objects that so beautiful, excellent, and enamouring are, that do wonderfully take the Mind off from these low Animal and Natural Things, the Super-celestial Life being raised, and employed altogether upon what is so ineffably Joyous and Glorious. For thus the higher Heavens are brought down by this Trinity of Witnesses, into the habitable part of Man’s Earth.


November the 20th. 1676.

The Ternary of Witnesses upon the Earth, answering to the Impression, from the three Branches of the True Olive-Tree, were now heard to give in severally their Testimony, agreeably with that which is given in the Heavenly Places, in order to the bringing about the greatest and highest of all Ministrations, which is that of the Holy Ghost; and to the compleating, and defending of the Kingly Birth, from the Virgin Woman, which the Dragon ever watcheth against, to destroy it. And hence was it given me to understand the several Offices and Business, belonging to each one of these, to make ready for the Birth-Day and to protect this High-born One from the raging Floods & the tempestuous Winds of the Adversary. The Spirit’s Work is to reprove, convince, exhort, counsel, caution and comfort, in order to the carrying on this great Affair. The work of the Water is another witness, as you find it in you, as a bubbling Pool cleansing every part within, that so not the least defect may be found in the Matrix, whereout the Birth must open. Then the Blood is a great Testimonial Witness and Evidence, as in a mystical manner conveyed, tasted, and drunk down by them, that do carry the matter of this Birth, for it doth produce a vigorous Life, that will be known and felt, to refresh both Mother and Babe. So keeping all these in their several acting Properties; they will be the clear evidence unto thee, that the Ghostly Birth is working out it self. Therefore with these three, let thy Will-Spirit agree hereunto, to throw out every mis-conceived thought. For now all things must be new again, by the Father, Word, and Spirit, through this new Birth wrought. That ye may come to a mighty Record among the New Jerusalem Stones, where all are waiting this rising day to see, because it will fix in thee, an unknown Liberty both in Spirit and Body.


November the 21st. 1676.

It was also further expressly opened unto me, that we were at present brought thus far, as to witness these three, as Spirit, Water, and Blood, being Witnesses in our Earth, which did fore-run the Ministration of the Holy Ghost. For they must go before, as the Ministration of Jesus, who came by Water, Blood and Spirit, that is Death, Life, and Resurrection, from which he passed, and so must we. As he did bear our Record in Heaven, which will be a different thing, though agreeing to one and the same end, as thus, the three first make way, as the Water-Baptism into the Death, the Blood into the Life, the Spirit quickeneth, and giveth a Body of the Resurrection. So the Ministration of Jesus hath its twofold Use upon us, in order to the second thus, which are to bear Record, as the Father, Word, and Holy Ghost in our Heavens. So here is to be understood the rising Degree, or changing from Jesus in Spirit, to that degree of Unity, of Father, Word, and Holy Ghost; all which agree to enter into a Virgin Mind, thus prepared, and in it after a high Mystical manner themselves conceive; so as to include them as one only Being; contracting the Virgin-Will and Spirit with it self, hereby becoming one inbred with it, as that Heir, who was darkly prophesyed of, in Micah’s day, who said, the glory of Israel was to come unto the Adullam, the very pure Tabernacle of the Virgin-Nature, born again of Water, Blood, and Spirit, so made indeed a meet reception, for this holy thing to be sealed up, as in an unknown Pavilion, or hiding Place of Strength: which must be till it hath attained every measure and part, to the growing big, and filling up the Birth’s place, with Breasts full of Milk, the Spring Word of the Spirit diffusing into them, the natural course of the Blood Issue of Sin also stopping, all which will be evident Signs unto you, that are still apt to be questioning, whether this Ghostly Birth is in you forming. Therefore be still and wait, for that great travelling hour, that is to come upon ye, before which sometimes ye will be in Pains and Heaviness, because ye may meet with many a throw of Temptation, all which will work the Birth forward, therefore be not dismayed, Oh Daughter of my Zion, so long as thou walkest steadily, not going out of Sion Court, where you are to wait at my Council-Board, to enquire what shall fore-run, and be in that travelling Hour, which will make great Spoil of the Mortal Shell, which must break away at this great Birth-day. Therefore look and expect this will make a mighty alteration, for the Heavens will rend, that the Throne-Spirits and Powers may descend, as helps and Guardian defence, and Witness-bearers to this Sion-Birth. For which great Provision is aforehand to be made, to answer to the greatness of the Sion state, all of the rich concealed Furniture, and Golden Cups, Pots, and Vessels, at such a time as this will be brought out, with all the rich Robes for those to wear, who do attend upon this Birth. Great and mighty Preparations thou dost see, are hereunto expedient for to be. Because this World is so blind, ignorant, and unbelieving, that it will be no less needful to rebuke by all high and Spiritual Magnificency, in the very height of Sion Glory, and to outvye hereby, not only vain pompous Glory, but those Abominations, and false exalted Lights set up in Temple-Worships, as no better than false Births Coverings, which will not be removed, till this mighty Standard of this Holy Ghost, come to be lifted up, and set upon the top of Sion-Hill in Visibility.


November the 22d. 1676.

I saw as a Preludium of this rising Birth of the Holy Ghost, a bright Firmament open, and all dignified with splendorous Stars, some much more blazing than others. And one Star encreased, so great as it became like the Body of the Sun. Which Vision was thus opened unto me, after some days being called over in me, by a fresh vivification of Spirit, that shewed me, that the one Star, which I saw so suddenly encrease to that largeness, as the very Body of the Sun, it was the Virgin-Woman, that was all to be encompassed, with the Birth Light of the Holy Ghost, which would arise out of that Orb, at which the rest of the Stars, that did encompass it should shout for Joy, and be Witnesses thereof, at the opening of this greater Day-Star, which should enlighten the whole Earth. Oh this left great Amazement in me, provoking to some travelling Sorrows, for to see this mighty Wonder brought forth, as in Vision, so existently in that Star, who is hereunto by the Omnipotency elected. A further Confirmation hereunto, was the Idea of an Ark, that was shut up, floating up and down, not upon muddy, troublesome Waters, which once covered all Mountains and Hills, whenas the Deluge was upon the Old World: but these Waters were pure and healing, like the Waters under the Threshold of the Sanctuary, that where-ever they came, quickened unto Life. And it was said to me, Behold the Dove is in the Ark, and will be this place of broad Waters, that shall cover the Earth, no more to kill or destroy, but to save alive, according to the New Covenant, that all shall know God from the least to the greatest. When out of this Ark the Dove shall flye with the Everlasting Gospel, as the Olive-Branch which carrieth in it that Oily Property; she will kindle a sweet Fire, that can mix with these pure Waters, and not be quenched, but still maintain fervent heat to declare and speak, as indeed from a Cloven Tongue, that may tinge, where ever it scatters such high enkindled Breath abroad. Ah, Words of such an outflowing Power, will carry force to purpose upon the Hearts of the prepared Hearers, to whom this last Trumpet by the Dove shall sound, Blessed is that Ark where fresh she will out fly to pronounce Salvation, Peace, and Good-will from on high. Fear not, but believe, such a Ministration may be nigh to those, who in this new fram’d Ark do most closely and obscurely lie, till the Birth-Doors shall come for to be opened by the strong Angel. Know upon every Door, here is a several seal, to the number of seven, to which belong the Seven Spirits. Upon every Opening thereto watch, and stand still, till Time’s Number is finished for the going forth upon the broad Water-floats. The glorious Lord, that hath been hidden under this Ark, is now for to appear and unfold what the Seven Thunders hath foretold of Ages past. For which saith the Alpha and Omega, I do hereunto call you, whose Hearts are right and perfect to me, not only these things to know and see, but Eminent Instrument to be for me by the bringing forth a new, and more excelling Generation, than yet have been existing.


November the 23d. 1676.

In the Night season, I saw myself, as if I had been transmuted into a Bird of great largeness, like to a Hawke; and found all my sensible Faculties and Understanding in that appearance, fluttering in an Airy Region, and this Commission Word I had, Go forth, and take a Prey, which attempting, I found a whole Flight of Birds, in some way of resistance, I being alone, they thought they should have encompassed me about, and so out-mastered me. Then I called for my Bird-Mate, who was immediately, as in a large flying Body with me, and so we jointly commanded the whole Flight of the lesser Birds in that Region, and then they voluntarily came to shelter under our Wings. And methought it was a mighty Change, which I did not know how I came into, but all Care, Fear, and Sorrow were fled away. I did feel during this time no low matters of an Earthly Sense at all to touch me. I did during this time, feel also another sort of Birds like Bats did us pursue, which could not hold out their Flight, because of the excessiveness of this Light Region, but down again did fall, and again would strive to rise, blindly, to trouble and hit against those who were winged for to obtain the Prize.


December the 4th. 1676.

Look back to November 23. 1676. and there is the Vision, and here is the Interpretation of it.

THERE was much from this Vision manifested to me, first was, that this shewed, there must be a passing out of a gross, ponderous, heavy laden dark Image and Body; for in the pure Airy Region, only AEtheral Spirits in Winged Bodies of Power could live and swiftly move. Such a Translation it became us to wait and look after, that it might be really accomplished, as the Figure doth call up to. For it was said, this must be till we come this Change to see, all to be in the very Body, by virtue of that Crystalline Stone, that formed must be within, who to its own Clarity must sublime us throughout, before we can go forth, like Eagles to mount, and to take our Prey. As to the resistency which I saw, it was thus to be understood, that at the first going forth, though thus impowered and spirited, yet it would not be understood by the very Elect, who were to be gathered to that Region: for something of Reluctancy there would be, till further confirmed by another Witness, that also should wing up in Spirit and Powers; And should marvellously draw and gather in the Scattered, who to Wisdom’s Ministry do belong, which must prepare for the state of Mount Paran, and so for the New Jerusalem. Then queried I further about the last Flight, who were so few in Number, yet very troublesome, blindly lifting up themselves against us. It was shewed me, that there were dark sensitive Spirits, whose center was in the dark Holes of the Earth, that had some particular knowledge and relation to us, while we appeared to walk with them after their Similitude, but being herefrom changed, and something being formed in us, that hath given us a Winged Raise, and so made the Separation and Alienation, they would pursue to bring us down, that they might know us in their own Likeness, for in this Transformation they cannot, without they could come to be, as we are. Which is impossible, till the Holy Lump in them be made, and they be separated for this state, from all low things to live, whereunto we are called and appointed to live in the Ghostly Body, where we shall meet the Lord our Bridegroom, in the Airy Region.

This Word much followed me, The Birth in you is the Son of God, but it doth not yet appear what it shall be: when as it shall work quite through, expect great alteration, even unto Transfiguration. At which I rebounded with this answer, Ah Lord, how thick down do flow thy Prophecies, but what makes the working Wheel so slack to effect this mighty thing? Then said the Spirit in me, Thou art in haste, before the Earthly Mold be laid waste, not considering that ye are but come unto the restoring Ministry, that is preparing for the Birth of the Dove, out to fly, that carrieth all Wonders in its sevenfold Eye, which is your Lump within, that getteth formation by degrees. Therefore it is not to be stirred, before it comes to its full Age: all that you are to do, is to drink in, what is brought to Hand by its Virgin Mother, for daily succour, as the Word of Counsel, Caution, and Direction, which is at present; all which ye are to expend upon, for stay and strength, till its Birth-Day shall in and through you break.


December the 5th. 1676.

In the Night in my sleep, the Accuser, and watchful Enemy assaulted me hard, upbraiding me with false and deceivable hopes, that I had in this Ghostly Birth; demanding, why we should more than others in the World seek for it, that were left in the same common Faith with others, ever since the Holy Ghost withdrew, which was not again to be born through any one in Flesh, according as we looked for. Then this Word was present with me to repel, Oh get thee behind me, thou Spirit of Perdition, that goest about to pervert Truth, and wouldst make void the Love’s Election of God. Knowing well thou standest not in his Counsel any more, but art afraid; nay, it is thy terrour to see Faith risen so high in any one, as thereby to conceive such a mighty Birth as this, that will so rise, as to overturn thy Kingdom and Reign, that hath been so long in the Earth: for hereby cast out thou wilt be. Therefore we will not doubt, nor throw away our Confidence, because the Birth we trust to, hath already upon it, the Foundation-Seal, being already named, which cannot be obliterated, without it be by yielding to thy daily renewed subtilties. Which as in the day of Eve, so again thou wouldst be prevalent; storming high, so much as thou seest the Day grow nigh, of overturning the Babylonish Captivity. Much contest I had of this kind both sleeping and waking: One thing more I remember was his charge, that he some proof would see of the Father’s Almightiness from his Birth in us. With that I roused up my Faith, and said, that thou mayest, and wilt, unto thy perpetual downfall: therefore away, depart with all thy Wiles from me. For I will no more give Ear to the underminings of such a Serpentine Spirit, who would circumvent me, in the process of my New Birth after the manner of Jesus. After this I fell into Sleep again, towards the Morning, then I felt such bitter Agonies in my outward Man, as if my Life had been just parting asunder, and throws and pains, as if my Back had been cleaving in two which awaked me. And I was amazed, when I came unto my self, that I found all was so well with me: for I perceived the Evil One had beleagered me in his dark Magick, but could neither hurt me in Mind or Body. The watchful Eye of my Jesus being vigilant to preserve me from his Fury.


December the 6th. 1676.

After this conflict, I waited to understand the meaning of this terrible on-set upon me, and it was thus spoken in me, Satan hath desired to winnow thee, and watched his opportunity to surprize thee, while the animal Life was reposed; and might he have been permitted, he would certainly have undermined the Virgin Birth, by overthrowing thy Faith. Which is the very Life-pulse of this Birth, for if that stop, the Life soon grows weak, therefore still maintain, and keep up that Faith, which is the material matter of this Birth, that the Evil One hunts to destroy. For could he make void Faith, he well knows, that is the very Basis of the New Creation-building, and thereby would throw down all, what ever hath been wrought. Consider, oh ye upon whom this Probation time is come, which will be the Birth growing, that you carefully provide, and gird on this defensive Weapon, oyling it well, that no rust on it at any time be found. As it is given you to believe, so mind to stir up this Gift in you, remembering what all precious Faith hath done in this World, through the very mortal Case. Nay, as ye read, the very Visible Creation was brought about, by the Word of Faith, and can be no otherwise Restored, to its first primary Purity, Liberty and Glory, but through the rising Life of Faith. Of which the Serpent’s subtilty broke the Golden Chain, and cut that Silver Cord, which held up the Paradisiacal Creation; by introducing his Temptation into Adam. Who hereby broke his Faith and Covenant with his God. Now then by one Man’s disobedience to the Faith, all became faithless, by which then it was impossible to retain the similitude of God, for hereby he lost the use of the most holy generating property, and brought forth strange Births, as ye at this day do find the sad effects thereof. But now yet once again, an open Birth-door is set, for Wisdom’s Life-Seed to enter in at, which shall bring forth a new Creation store, much excelling all the Births that have gone before. To which good thing, so much prophesyed of, give great heed. Marvel not that the accursed Serpent’s Seed is so enraged night and day, his Venom to let out: it is because he suspects thou art designed for some eminent use, through that principal Birth, that may be a means to ransom many out of Turkish thrall. Therefore at this Animal Life he did strike by his wounding Dart, but I thy Jesus stood with Faith, the Weapon Balsam nigh thee to heal. And will not fail thee still to guard against his Wiles; keep but my Faith, and from it do not shrink. And so give charge to such, as engage with you upon the same account, and you will see certainly the issue of that Birth, that shall most perfectly restore the fallen Creation in your selves and others, in such a way, as yet no late Precedent hath been, since Immanuel’s Birth did descend.


December the 7th. 1676.

In the Night season after some rising Ejaculations had ascended, and I falling into a Sleep, I was suddenly awaked, as if some Person had been in the Bed with me. Which in some kind of fear I rose up to see; but saw nothing, so lying still in the consideration a little while, I felt sensibly a Hand all over-spread upon me, with an influence of great Heat, at which I marvelled what it should signifie. Then this Word spake, saying, Fear not, this Hand is stretched out, for to encompass the Birth, and by the Heat to fix the Life’s impregnacy, that it might be past the Dragon’s power any more for to slay. Who cannot cease to watch it with an Evil Eye, for which cause I have overshadowed thee with my Airy Body, which may bring forth accordingly, as Faith shall operate in its own Mystery, which is the great thing whereby the Paradisiacal World shall spring again, without toil and care. For this cannot be, until such a Birth be brought forth, that hath all Faith to go forth with all Power, as without guilt of Sin; for that quencheth the Seal of Love, and Bird-limes the Wings of Faith, which is also a twisting Cord to bind down its Eagle-Body: but it is able to free it self from all, that brought it under the bondage of Evil. Now this renewing Birth, set your Minds fully upon, for it will be to you, the Noah that will comfort you, by restoring a New World from which the Curse will fly. I your Jesus must abide in my Heavenly Reservatory, till this Birth in you grow ripe, for it is the Elias that will come in another and more perfect Ministration, than ever yet hath been, that must prepare for the Coming of me your Lord from Heaven. Who left this Work to be accomplished by the Birth of the Holy Ghost, which was to bring forth the most perfect Restoration, that so you might come to know Elias track, through the burning Chariot, for Translation.

It will certainly fall upon the Lot of some one, or other, that are hereunto predestinated, to bring forth this mighty Elias in Spirit, as the first born in Wisdom’s Day; to go before, and overturn, and make ready for my absolute Reign, yet to be in the Earth, in order to the New Jerusalem descending Glory. Therefore take heed, be circumspect, believing this Birth for to see, wing up your Faith, and Pray, and travel mightily, that ye may be those Worthy Ones, to bear a Living Testimony for me. For a great and weighty Government will be entrusted with you, when Wisdom’s Birth shall be fully ripened: for a much more glorious state than that of Solomon, shall be established upon the Ghostly Nativity. Instead of a Terrestrial, there shall be a Celestial greatness of Dominion, from this Birth-Lily springing, that hath like the two Witnesses been long slain in the Seed, and buried over with Earth, so as forgotten in the World. But now expect the raising of them up in each of you, who shall stand as Olive-Trees before me, still naturally flowing out with your Golden Oyl; it shall not be as formerly, by way of Gifts now and then, but this Fatness and Olive-Sweetness shall spring out of your own Root, being hereinto fully changed. Then will you know the constant and fixed state, and no more want your Eternal Bride and Mate.


December the 9th, 1676.

A mighty Saying was echoed to me, brought forth out of the Counsel-deep, pronouncing it should be our Lot, to live by the Sword and Bow of Might, by which Jacob of old took great Spoil out of the Hand of the Amorite. Which was thus opened unto me, that this Word came to me, to let me understand that our Blessing and Portion would come in by mere Conquest. For thus said the Holy and True, Behold and see, here is the Gift that I give to you, as a Father’s Blessing, which is the Sword of my Spirit, and the Conquering Bow, whose Arrows are all of Gold: with these expect ye must get your Living, and also bring into me, your God, your worthy Prey. Now therefore gird on this Sword, that is so richly oiled with the purest of Unction, and go forth all prosperously. It is not only a defensive Weapon, but it will cut down and destroy; and resist every Balaam Spirit, which standeth in your way. None ever was possessed of this Sword, but that strong Potent Will-Spirit, that knew the Way to the Golden Pool of Oyl, there still to bath it, whenever occasion is for it to burnish, and display. The sight hereof will cause all about you, to stand in fear and awe, when they shall see you are so God-like, armed with strength of Power, which is so commandable, that all resistency will fly away against it. Oh this is that Spirit Weapon, which makes riddance first within thyself: it will suffer no Amorite, or Cananite near its Borders to dwell; But Gideon-like make havock, hew, and cut down every Grove, where false Worships hath by blind Zeal been set up. But verily the Day is near, for the Sword of the Lord in Gideon’s Hand to appear, which will make a quick riddance in the Earth. The Lamp of my Spirit in your Earthen Pitchers is now seated, though the time hath not yet been for them to shine out, by reason that the Olive-matter of the Holy Ghost is not yet come to that Perfection, to sound forth the Trumpet for the total Victory, over all Centers and Worlds, which shall certainly be conquered by this out-going Birth. But while this is perfecting, here is Conquering Work, that ye may not sit idle, but now to go on every day, somewhat to effect. Therefore another Weapon is given into your management, which is my Covenant Rain-Bow, which will be to you of great consequence, if you have skill rightly for to use it. The use of an Eagle Eye, that may this great Birth-mark espy. Here lieth the grand deep-sighted Wisdom to shoot forth such a Golden Shaft as may hit, and thereby make way for Wisdom’s first-born to come forth through sending out this mighty Arrow of all precious Faith. Nothing like this you will find, will be of travelling force to help you out in your Births Agonies, which upon you will come, before you can embrace this Ghostly Body imbodied with a Soul and Spirit. That will spring all a new, from the creating Word imbodied in a corporeal shape. Which for a time shall remain a high degree of Wonder: For to see the Ghostly Power to send forth through contemptible Humanity, that high scented Breath of Air, which may be felt, tasted, and smelt with whom it is resident.

Then this Question in me arose.

Ah my Lord, when shall these Powers be set awork, so as the doubtful in Heart may somewhat hereof see, and we thereby from all upbraidings be set free? I was thus answered, The Day is not to be put far off, for now is the acceptable time for Salvation to be wrought. There is conquering work still to be done within, the Flaming Sword must cut down every Briery Root, and burn up every Thorny Thought, which do near this Lively Birth spring, and vanquish all vaporous Clouds that thicken the Heavenly Air, with all the gross Animal Life of Sense, which is the greatest of Impediments. It is that Esau that holds Faith’s Birth by the Heel, that it might not break forth. Therefore in the strength of Jacob’s Angel, do you strongly wrestle: for by his Sword and Bow you must make your way, and conquest gain, that so you may command both the Heaven, and earthly store. For Heirs of all Worlds ye will be: then gird up, and go forth all armed; the munition of the Spirit is with you, so as nothing can harm you, who carry the precious and essential Root of Life in you. Even now, while but in its Younglings day it is, yet it will be a defence of Glory, that now and then will sparkle through, by which it may be known, that in you is intombed a Precious Stone, a White Stone, that hath the Virgin’s Name engraven on it, which must be for the Lamb a Spouse and Bride. Therefore the Cry of the Spirit is, Prepare, make ready, and Pray fervently, for your Everlasting Birth-Door to open, that the Heir of Glory may enter there-through: Even so let it be.


December the 10th. 1676.

The sweet living Pool this Night was mightily opened, and stirred by the holy driving Spirit, that brought choice and super-eminent good things, out of the high Kingdom’s store, saying also to me, Come, taste, and see, how you like the Heavenly Country-Fruit, that is ripened from that unmixed Element: Draw up unto my Table, for you shall sit with me, after the manner of a Spirit, and eat such things as are set before you. For I, your Lord must take special care to feed and nourish those, that are with Young, with the highest of Birth degrees. And indeed I did according to this Salutation, find a sweet and pleasant taste to my Spiritual Appetite, and a satisfying fulness. Hereupon followed an occasioned great enlargement of soul-magnifying in Prayer, which at this time was more than usual, mingled with an oily Incense. Which feeling, I took all advantage to put forward, for the holy Birth-issue in each other, who were noted in the Life-Book, as was at this season asserted to me, with many other Words of signal Favour, that so we might have no cause to repent out Choice, in being professed Traders, for Wisdom’s Merchandize, which would turn to that account, that we should not be ashamed of, though now for it under disrepute, as not understood, or known, but God will reveal us in his time. After I had prayed, I was encompassed with white waving Clouds for a good space together, with this Word, So shall ye your Lord in the Airy Body meet. Therefore we must be all pure and clarified, and constituted in and through the essential Birth of Life for the fruition and sight of the Flaming Body of Light.


December the 11th. 1676.

This Day this word came to me, I thy original Sower am come into my Garden, to see what wanting is, to make up the full Beauty and Glory of my Husbandry, in your most refined and separated Mould. I see you are careful to keep it, for a higher degree of Seed, (as not being satisfied with what is sown and sprung up) though there be many young and fruitful Plants, all Plants of Righteousness. Yet here is one principal Tree that is wanting in the midst of these, to grow for the better feeding and establishing of these. All which are worthy of acceptation to me your Spiritual Sower. I am come now to that Plantation, which I can call my own, where the Virgin Lily of Faith, and the blushing Rose of Love, and Marigold of Hope, and that sweet-scented Violet of Meekness, and the Cordial Gilliflower of Patience, and the Honeysuckle of Abnegation to all whatever proceeds from this cursed Earth, all these are pleasant in my Eye: Ye being found faithful and vigilant in these, behold one reserve I have yet more for you, who are beloved, as the most principal and weighty Seed, which is from the Olive-Tree, a Berry hereof I bring, to let fall into your selected Ground. This is that from which ye may expect an Olive-Tree to spring, that will feed all the rest, from its oily property, which will flow not by constraint, but voluntarily, and will all these Plants, re-establish and refresh, as shall be felt in you as Witness-bearers hereunto. This is that Olive-tree which emptieth it self forth upon these several Plants, being higher graduated and enriched, containing in it the all fluent dispersive Life that ascends upward, and again flows downward with oily Dews. Which as a Mist Waters the whole inward Ground for a daily flowry Spring, that I your Lord, may walk in the midst of these fresh scented Flowers. For as much as they were weak in themselves, and apt to withdraw and dye, therefore I have sown this pure Olive-Seed in the midst of them, which will arise to fulfil and perfect what the several Seeds Births have left behind, and short of bringing this to effect. For this Life-Tree acteth all free, because it hath in it self all sufficiency, not by a forced Might, or constraint in contest with a contrary Birth of Life. No, in this Olive-Tree, there is no such dividing property; it is from the one pure and perfect Essence of the Deity, which never ceaseth till it hath wrought out all Contrariety whereto it comes to be a fixed Root. Now then try your selves hereby, for thus it will work, to give proof that this Seed is of the right Olive-kind. It is indeed come in you withal great Love to restore; therefore as the thirsty Ground open wide for this pure Olive-Oil to drink in, that so all Sin may be cleansed out of your Ground, for this Original Righteousness to take place, laying the old Foundations waste. Whereout the false Births Seeds so plentifully did spring, to which a stop must verily be put. For though every Fruit of my Garden-Plantation in you have had its opposite, suffered to spring up by it, yet it must be so no more, after this Anointing hath throughout searched, and drenched every part, that belongeth to the new formation store.


December the 12th. 1676.

Being still followed with fresh Manuductions to wait for the Manifestations of what is yet but in us as the Spring, I was opened in my Spirit to be very sollicitous, that we might be of that account with our Lord Jesus, as for to go through this Birth in all its gradual Perfections, till the Holy Ghost should absolutely have a Throne in us. Upon which earnestness, this Word came to me: Where two are agreed to prosecute, what hath been predicted with the particular Love-design, it shall certainly be fulfilled it its Day, and in God’s most glorifying season. Therefore unite, and strengthen each other, from the Oily Might which shall upon you still encrease, till that great Blessing you seek, out of each one successively hath its proceeding volatile, according to the Nature of a Spirit. Who out will fly: no curb or restraint upon this Birth Power shall lie, when found all of one sacred Matter and Mould, for the holy Breath-spirit to move and raise up to its own Aiery sphear, all in a body of Light and Spirit pure and clear. This may only be called the true redeemed state, that delivers out of all Fears and Sin-obnoxious Cares, into the highest Liberty, where all free access into Mansions of Glory may, by the taking Wing from this everlasting Birth, spring, and so enter into the Holiest of Holies. This only is possible to such who the anointed Shield of Faith do bear, that will not be daunted nor quieted, but ride on upon the mounting Horse of this Spirit of Faith, till ye may cry over all Victory. For of all that hath been said of this Birth, verily this Faith is the Sum & out-going Power, that will make the Passage, and reach God’s Omnipotency.


December the 13th. 1676.

In the Night, I had a bright shine all about my Bed, which was signified to me, that as without, so it should be all Light from the seven Oily Lamps, that should be as a covering Flame to cloathe the Virgin Woman, who should be impregnated with the Birth of the most holy Seed of God. Then queried I, who this Woman should be? It was said, the Name was known, and written in one, that was to be of a perfect Heart, meet for high and Heavenly converse, and so thereby contract a Sun-shine body of Light, Crystalline and clear, to wing unto the Heavenly Sphear, which is the habitation for Spirits of Light. This Woman that is certified of by John in the Revelations hath not had its fulfilling Prophesie to this day, therefore yet to come, as it was in Spirit said to me, and that the pure and perfect in Heart might come this Woman to be, as the Wonder of all Wonders, which hath been since time’s Creation. The Birth of Jesus was great and marvellous, but this shall far excell it, because it will be of such high extracted Quality, as no Terrestrial can or shall see its God-like-form, but as its going forth may be felt and understood by Effects, to be indeed the Birth of the Holy Ghost. Then I further started this Question to my Lord, and Spiritual Informer, Whether this Birth should distinctly be manifested from this Sun-like Creature? that is said to travail with it to bring it forth. For this Objection arose in me, that the Virgin that brought forth Jesus in a Fleshly Figure, she remained still the same, no transmutation came upon her, no more than upon others only living a holy Virgin Life, but no matter of Wonder after Christ’s Birth wrought, as by or through her have shone forth, but all still by the Birth that proceeded from her. Who in that Day gave proof by Miracles of the pure Deity working through Humanity. This great Question was thus resolved me, through the Word of Life opening, which testified as followeth; True it is, that in the Human Birth of thy Jesus, there was a visible shew of distinction, because of the Corporeity which then was needful to be born; but in this case it will be otherwise. For this is a Birth of mere Spirit without any commixture of Humanity, only it will pass and act, sometime, through this Virgin Humanity, which it hath chosen to be its Birth-Womb or Temple-Body, whereby it may act its Deeds of Wonder, answerable to its Birth-Deity. So that here the Mother of the Virgin Birth will be more dignified and honoured, than the foregoing Ministration in the Birth of Jesus was. Therefore an oriental bright flaming Garment is allotted her, with a Crown beset with Stars, plainly declaring, that to her is given the Command and Power to bear sway within the Celestial Region, and by and through that near relation, and conjunction with this mighty Birth, when born, to go forth to seal, and save the Nations, that shall bow to its Soveraignty. For this Birth consisteth of marvelous Power; none can its mystical Being sound or find out, for it operates in every Creature and thing after a Magical manner. And in this one pure Virgin, she will first unseal that everlasting Source of Treasure, and therefrom distribute, according to the degrees and measures of the Holy Ghost, who shall give his quickening Power first in them, who for this successive Birth, have their Minds purified and refined. For this a touch-flaming Stone there is, that will inkindle Life in each one, as its pleasure shall be to introduce it self most free. For by way of Birth it will grow, in all that hereof shall participate, and after like manner generate. But oh here will be the great thing, who shall be counted worthy, to be the first of this Ghostly Generation for him to begin withal.


December the 15th. 1676.

This Word came, Behold yet, and see, here is the Birth-prize within your most pure Womb-Hearts now laid; there is no prohibition, but all Love-Emanations, and Incitations by Spirit provocations, to put you upon the believing the possibility thereof. And know for a truth, that this Birth will go forward, and grow mightily, if you do but keep to these two Rules, and observe them nicely: The first is to eschew drinking out of that Cup, wherein is mingled very subtlely Red Wine, that is sugar’d with all sweet sensibility, that flows readily into this Wine, being from the strange and Wild Vine. Therefore it must be refused, in regard of the evil Consequences that do attend it. For the Poyson of every earthly Essence is mingled here withal, which contributed, doth feed up that old Life-Birth, by which this is warned to depart out; for what doth feed up the one, doth starve the other; they cannot be Twins in this sanctified and holy Vehickle, which only is allotted for the Nazarite. For whom a choice and particular provision is appointed by the Father of it. Now charge in special to you is given, who herein may be concerned that you henceforth refuse to taste any of their delicious Fruits, that do spring from the neathermost part and lowest Region, for they are all crude and sour for want of that kind way of ripening from the everlasting warm heat of the one blessed Element, which by giving proof of your Fear, Love and Care herein (lest thereby this Holy Thing should suffer) ye must faithfully abstain from all her crude earthly Fruits, then may ye hope firmly, and claim boldly Stores and Supplies out from the Treasury of a God all-sufficiency, that will most marvellously excel all of this earthly growth millions of degrees, for Vigour, Strength, and Pleasantness; That for the nutriment of this holy Birth-Stone shall be conveyed, though unseen, yet tasted and felt, by them that shall carry this Birth in them, till it cometh to its full Number and Date. The second Rule that was given us strictly to observe was this, alluding to the Woman in the Revelations, that was cloathed with the Sun, before she brought forth, signifying to us, that Clarity and Virgin-Purity was the signal mark of such as should her personate, in the Heavenly state. Therefore what less will become us, than Garments of Light, having no streaks of the Night of Darkness upon them, as it is written, all Light in the Lord. Who is our fine Linen-Righteousness, to exercise the simplified Nature of the Virgin-Spirit, who this Birth is to bring forth in the World. Then also I had this further Advertisement, that it would be very requisite for us, who carried this living Birth-Stone within us, for to seek a Desert, solitary Place, void of all the commixed Solaces of this World, who would envy, and hate, and chase such as should apply themselves hereunto, as Noted Ones, who do wait for this great Birth refreshing. Therefore be wise and wary, said the holy Guide, and make no mention yet what the Lord is for, and in you doing. Remembering that Word, Let not him that is but putting on his Armour, boast or glory, as he that putteth off, having given proof of Victory. So ye are to consider, that your Walks here in this dark Valley, and amongst the Dead, is very slippery and unsavoury, and may well offend the holy pure, conceived thing within you. Now then fly to a solitary Wilderness, where you may preserve your selves and Birth, from the Dragon’s Eye, that awakeneth and stirreth up every where against it. For as much as he, with his piercing Eye doth see who nearest the Birth-mark are; now then up and away, take flight with that Wing which is a strong resolved Will, that carries swift as an Eagle, into that Path and Way which the Vulture’s Eye shall not espy, during the time of your most secret hiding in this Wilderness. Which to you shall be as a Lebanon; for the Angel of my presence shall here walk with you, if herein you shall obey, then will I feed and nourish you, with that which is choice and primary Food indeed, such as the gross and sensitive Life never understood; I do only require the act of your flying Will, to abide where you will see nothing grow, that can feed your earthly sensitive Appetite. Here is no other Life to be known, or exercised, but that of Faith, which must fetch in all Provision belonging hereunto. Therefore my Spirit doth allure you, who are justified and nourished by the outflowing Acts of Faith, which through a constant exercise will be of that predominancy, as to eat out and swallow up the mutinous Essences, which strive so hard to make void this Life of Faith. Now then do you receive from my Hand this Crystalline Cup, wherein is the Water of Life from the Fountain-Rock: I do also place the Golden Pot of Manna by you, that so ye may have no need to wander out, but hereof freely take; it will feed up unto the full grown Body of the Ghostly state. Now then be wise, and give no Ear to the crooked Serpent, who still will be casting in his Floods of Jealousies and Fears, saying, What make you here in such a desert place, shut out from all the pleasant things which are lawful to be enjoyed, with and amongst your fellow Brethren. But these his sugar’d Baits meddle ye not withal, who hereby would subtilely supplant you of that good thing, which yet not being seen, carries with him, and his worldly adherents such little esteem. But be assured, there is that high extracted matter sown within you, from which will rise the Star of the Wise, that shall win length of days, durable Riches and Honour by Strength and Dominion, and shall bring in another Kingdom. Therefore hold out your Wilderness-Temptation, and let none out-bid you, or take away the Crown from you. My Words forget not, the Spirit doth speak them.


December the 18th. 1676.

Upon this call into the Wilderness, it is shewn that Temptations would meet us, though high Manifestations of Love and Care would be here also expressed, for we are appointed to give eminent proofs of Faith, as the forerunners of the Sealing Ministry of the Spirit, which still follows believing. But we must expect many an assault, as sometime upon one and the other, who are entered into this abstracted dedicated state. Therefore much more the vigilant enemy doth make his onset upon us, as we daily do experience. As having lately some occasion to take notice of the Pulse of Faith, beating low in my Spiritual associate, whereby I was mutually touched, and thereupon moved to invocate, that our Faith might jointly be kept up, or else the Birth could not be perfected, as was shewn to me, which made me wrestle mightily. Upon which this Word was given to me for him, that sometimes an Elias might despond, and make request that his Life might be taken away, saying, as Elias also, this Evil is from the Lord: what should I wait any longer in expectation, what am I better than my Fathers? All which over-casting Clouds will happen sometimes upon ye; what Faith could act higher than Elias, yet now in a fainting Fit, what lower? Thus it was set before me concerning the Dr. my Friend’s heaviness, and sadness, which sometimes seized him further. It was given to me for his encouragement, that an Elias should yet be born through all hard onsets, to open the Heavens, and bring down the Blessings of Fruitfulness, upon the dry, languishing Earth within our selves, and power to open and unloose the Seals of that spring, that shall make our solitary Habitation as the Eden of the Lord. Who will walk among the Stones of Fire, and commune with us, that so our Warfare may be all pleasant, till Time’s Number for the full Manifestation shall be accomplished for us.


December the 20th. 1676.

Being driven in Spirit to withdraw, as into the Desert Mount, there apart from my self to be, as to the sensitive part, and to all things in the earthly Consideration. Knowing that herefrom I must be absent, if at any time I would be present with the Lord. Who for the joy and pleasure that doth flow therefrom, might well invite us to wait in this blessed Wilderness. Where as dead and unknown to the World, we are attending to receive the high Throne Visitants, who will never appear but at such times and seasons, when we are able to clear our selves of this lower Sphear. Such pulls in from the Sodomites, by Lot’s good Angel, we often do meet withal, who would have us dwell in the House and Tent with our Immanuel, who will make ready the Tabernacle of God himself to dwell in us, as we can walk in his narrow Track, and avoid the broad Way of the Sodomites. As these Teachings were ministered by the Spirit unto me, falling into some drowsiness, which I was willing to do, for the composing of my Head, that was disturbed with pain, by reason of a flux of Rheum; while I thus reposed, I heard a Voice say, Awake, for I have a great Secret for to reveal. Which roused me out of my Sleep, and immediately I saw in the Spirit this to pass before me, to wit, distinct Bodies, nothing of fleshly Matter, only like Corporeals in Figures, but the Substance was as if it had been transparent Glass, formed into the Idea of a Creature, so clear as if nothing but Crystalline Water had filled up every part of these Bodies. Then this Word did proceed as out of them, Behold and see, these be generated each from one, and have their several Regions to walk in their appointed time.


December the 21st. 1676.

This Morning I was greatly sollicitous to understand the meaning of this Presentation, which very readily and emphatically opened its Mystery, as thus, there were three distinct Changes, which we were to pass into, before the highest Degree could be attained, as from Faith to Faith, still higher, and from Glory to Glory, as the Speaking Word said in me, Here see, what the several states are, which you must strive hard to get through; here are three Births of the Spirit, one still greater than the other. As this observe by him, who herein was your pattern, who broke through all these Births Gates making way to give an assured hope, that ye may enter in by the same three-fold Degree with your Jesus into every several Region, till lodged for Eternity into the one fixed Element with the blessed Trinity. No more Removes therefrom to make, for there is your everlasting Rest; but till this, the process of your Jesus you must keep in your Eye, and exactly follow. As now consider your selves with him, in the first Nativity of the Spirit, wherein the Christ-like Spirit is under Sufferings, lodged with Iniquity, oppressed with Infirmities, obnoxious to the ruling Powers of the Stars, subject to the cruelty of the evil Rulers amongst Men, who exercise subordinate Power, under their Head-Prince, in this worldly Region. Which your great high Apostle himself suffer’d under, paying the whole of what-ever could be challenged from him. For you must know, there is a Debt due from every one, which must be paid, though it was answered by that publick Representative in his own Person; being therefore offer’d up once for all, as a visible Sacrifice, and Propitiation for Sin; as that which was only to shew what was still successively to run from this Line of the New Birth of Christ in the Spirit. Now then there is no way to free your selves from the Tyranny of what Sin hath brought you under, but by yielding unto the Death-mystical. Thereby the Debt will be discharged, and you set free out of all that, which since the fall hath exercised Authority over you, and thereby you shall know the first formation, into the clear and pure Airy Body: which will carry you, though obscurely, as Christ your Lord did, that shall hereout appear in another form, as he did when risen from the Dead, who did only to a few appear, descending from his Paradisiacal Sphear. Even so by the same quickening Spirit, pass over with your Jesus, till you arrive beyond Paradise, and come to assume that third Birth Degree, which alone is appropriated to the all-Ghostly-Trinity: which as in one, shall swallow up every lower Degree; that now must go forward in you, in order to this superiour Birth. Which only can be born out of these, who are ascended to Mount Sion, as the proper Region for the pure Virgin to travail with this Birth in. Oh it is so high, great and principal, that out of this holy Climate it cannot be manifested; therefore consider what holy separated and sequestered Spirits, the hopes of this third degree of the Spirit’s Birth, do call you, for to give up your selves unto? Faint not, but stick close unto that, which as a munition of Rocks, will be to you for Strength, Light, and Counsel, till to this last degree of glory you shall be brought, and therein your Jesus will appear. Therefore do you set forward: be as those that are dead, and yet alive. Be Ye not any longer, but let the second Degree of the Spirit’s Birth live in this very time of your attained process; having so far obtained the potent Power of the free willing Spirit, as this to effect by the Birth-Spirit, which is already born in you, which will so far perfect the Death, as to bring forth that Body of the Resurrection. Which gradually proceeds from the Root of that Eternal Spirit which raised Christ from the Dead, this shall also be that generating Life-quickening Spirit in you, to bring forth the last and principal Birth-degree: which growing will be, till the compleat Death and Resurrection are passed through. Then may ye expect the breaking forth of this high and great Manifestation of God the Holy Ghost, who will Reign indeed Omnipotently, over all that hath lain under the Fall. No Song of full Redemption can be sung, till this Kingdom of the Lamb and Bride mutually do meet. The counsel of the Spirit is to you, who have this pure Unction Matter in you, that you give it all scope and liberty, for its further driving forth in you. For ye may be, as many who have gone forth in this generating Birth, but have stopped the Life-Vein, before it could come to breath in a risen Body all of pure Air. Therefore double your Watch, and be heedful, for it is no light or trivial work that you must herein set upon: for were you to begin your whole Life again, days few enough they would be, to clear and acquit all, to make room for this rising Birth forth to go. But to such as shall hereunto set themselves with a perfect Heart, Hezekiah-like, I will, saith the Spirit, add unto their days some degrees of the Sun of their outward Life, which shall not go down till you have finished that Faith, which will give the power to open the first Seal; where doth lie under the Saphire Stone. Obey, and flee to your appointed Wilderness, that this fore-running Life of Faith may have all supremacy over your sensitive part; to work down, and bury in the Death-Grave, all which would this Birth Lily with its Rose-Mate oppose. These things in charge the Spirit of Jesus doth mutually leave with you, the terms and conditions are faithfully revealed to you: you may either win or lose this great Prize, as to the Manifestation hereof in this Principle. But be ye wise.


December the 23d. 1676.

It was this Morning further manifested to me, that those three, who so appeared unto me, were the same, which appeared to Abraham; bringing the good News that the Isaac-Birth was near. Only they were in human Shapes: these were all in a pure Mist, and formed into Airy Bodies, only for Spirits to behold. But this was the Secret that was opened to me from hence, according as was cryed in me, which was this, as the Word opened: Understand now, and know, oh ye Intellectual Spirits, for what end did these appear to thee. What less, but to advertise, that the great and last Birth-Day of the Spirit is drawing near? The barren Sarah shall again bear from the Youthful Nature of the Virgin, which hath its time for to flower in Nature’s Ground, for the Trinity to consummate all, by this one passing act, of transfused Spiritual Generation. This is that which must do the Cure upon the Mortal Sore, as this whole Birth-Trinity is born in each one. Births there have been from the Fathers and Sons property, as that of Isaac, and of Jesus in the Flesh, being figuratives, which have had their Mystery fulfilled. And here hath been the stop, being baptized into the Father and the Son, but not knowing that last and Celestial Baptism of the Holy Ghost. Who beareth no other similitude, but what answereth, and is consonant to that eternal Element, from whence this Ghostly Body is contracted. Which is all Breath of Power, a Flame of Purity, clarified Earth; through which Golden Streams do run through every Vein, to make up a transparent Body: which may well become the Holy Trinity for to dwell in. Here is the Birth that is not yet come into the World: there hath wanted the Woman-Virgin cloathed with the Sun, for to bring it forth. Who must be drawn aside from all, and kept up only for this mighty travelling {travailing or laboring}Work, who hath an appointed daily Portion from the high Father of this Birth, sent in for the nourishing of this which is so highly compacted of the threefold Seed of the Deity. That so nothing of defect, shortness of power and disability may be, which have been complained of hitherto. But when this Trine do agree as one, to pass through the Virgin-Mind, then shall such walk, as full Victors, over the Sea of Glass, having Bodies suitably framed unto those Spirits, which ye receive in the second Birth-Ministration. Which for want of such a Ghostly Body, though a Christ-like Spirit, yet remaineth weak, till the whole Mystery of Father, Son and Spirit comes, and shall appear, to Move, and open in the eternal Birth-center evermore.


December the 26th. 1676.

It was further noted unto me, from that Vision of the three Spiritual Bodies, That all Discovery and Revelation of the Will and Mind of the Deity, would now be from these three, bearing Witnesses for themselves in our pure eternal part. Who there will never cease to be a Speaking Oracle for Manifestation, if we stick closely to observe and obey what daily proceedeth herefrom. For it was said to me: Turn and dive deep in, for the Living Word is become a bubbling Spring, that shall work out all mixed things: that would corrupt, and make void the Law of my Spirit; which henceforth to you, is to be a standing Rule. For all other ways and means for Information and Discourse, with the most Holy, are now ceased. God used and took up outward Figures to reveal his Mind by in former Ages and Times, as by the Ministration of Angels; and then by his Son; who came to reveal what was meet to be known, and understood in that day of his visible Appearance in the World. Who could hardly bear to hear what was reported by him: who would have had as little credit in the World, as any now, if there had not been the Sealing Power of the God-head; by which the World was convinced, for Obedience to the Faith, which then was required. But this Ministration of Jesus shutting up, what must the Just now live by in these last times? Your Jesus doth not turn you over to a dead Stock to live upon, as to what was done and written in his Day; but transferreth you over to a lively Manifestation, and fresh Openings from his Spirit’s Birth in you. Whose leadings and drawing observed, it will further point you, to what may still be generated from Spirit to Spirit. Yet in a higher Birth-Degree, for that which is at first but a Spirit of Prophecy and Revelation, will turn it self into a fixed Body. All which proportionably is to ascend into the New Jerusalem, for to bring it down in the transparent Ghostly Power. For when Spirit and Body do mutually agree together, and knit after the manner of that secret Formation, then it seeks its own Region to dwell in. For if the Trinity will appear among these low Inhabitants, then a Body must for them be prepared. Oh then see what the Light and Life-quickening hath yet in you to do; to wit, a travelling {laboring or travailing} Work still, that as Jesus hath had his Birth-formation, so now the Holy Ghost may be fully formed; that so ye may not need to have a Star-Leader, or depend upon this way of Revelation that now you are waiting upon. For you shall know in the first Root of knowledge, as God himself knoweth: But in the present time, the Spirit measureth out according as you are able to bear; which are but as Sprinklings, to what the broad Waters shall cover your Earth withal. However hereunto ye do well to attend, as unto the sure Word of Wisdom; that shall drop in the all-healing Gold, to make ready for what hath been fore-told. One thing more in order I do require, that seeing I have made choice of you, to bear my Name mystically upon your Breast or Table-Heart, where I do answer all your Enquiries; that you reserve for me, that most Holy Place to commune with you there alone, suffering no polluted thing to enter in; for to raise any fume or dark Vapour upon the Breast-Plate Stones: which will ecclipse the lustre of them, so as no Light they will give to you, for further proceeding. And if they should be clouded through cold earthly Damps, your way would soon be dark: and at a loss ye would find your selves. Therefore beware of darkening your Foundation-Light, for without great heedfulness, ye may cast a Shadow upon it; then no certain discovery or resolve can be given, though ye make never so strict an Enquiry. This was the cause and ground of all Apostatizing in former and present Ages; having stifled the speaking Oracle by crowding earthly stuff into that, which should be the separated and consecrated place; for the Living Testimony thereout to open, for daily Instruction and Guidance. Which is of absolute expedience in such a dangerous state, where so many cross, false and by-ways do offer themselves to the Eye. But keep you to your own Breast-Plate of light sparkling Stones, and they will give to you sound Judgement, and Sion-Laws: and as need is, still Renew you; till you in all things shall be perfected, for Jehovah Shammah to fill up your Temple-Body with Glory.


December the 28th. 1676.

In the forepart of this Night, I was much pondering, and considering the weightiness of the Ghostly Formation, how difficult a thing it was, and hard to be by any brought forth: though many have hard travelled {labored or travailed} for it, yet there wanted both Strength, and Perfection of Righteousness, which I saw we also were deficient in; Therefore not sufficient to carry through such a wonderful Restorative Birth of Life. But as I was complaining, and owning our impotencies and unmeetness hereunto, this Word came: My Grace can make strong, where sense of the greatest Weakness is; therefore hope and believe down all Discouragements. Which Word much comforted and quieted me; and I fell asleep. In which I saw a young Elephant that was to be bred up, and it was presented to be my care and charge to feed it. When I awaked, it was said to me, that as this Elephant for strength, so we should grow to be; And no burthen of weight what ever cast upon us, should cause any shrinking, or bowing under it. For such a strong Elephant-Power should by degrees grow upon us, if careful we would be, here to feed up this young Elephant, which was by this Figure presented to us; The Mystery hereof lying hid in us, for its appointed time.



A Letter of Resolution, in answer to some Objections sent from a Learned Physician
to the Publisher hereof, upon occasion of the English Edition of
The Letter to some Divines,
concerning the Question, [and may for the like reason refer to this present Work.]
Whether God since Christ’s Ascension doth any more Reveal himself to Mankind, &c.?

Dear Sir,
I DO not at all wonder at the Difficulties that are made by the excellent Person your Friend, to credit those more Secret and Extraordinary Favours of God, which some are Witnesses to in these Latter Days; and more might be, were they but qualify’d to receive them. For it was not but after much doubting, and long Examining, as I have said, that I came my self to be satisfy’d in this matter: and therefore I can with the less difficulty allow it in others. I’m indeed made truly sensible that Unbelief is that Sin which doth so easily Beset us: and having found it to be so in my self, I know how to pity it in any one else, and can’t but think the Warning of the Author of the Epistle to the Hebrews against it, to be as highly seasonable as it is little regarded. Its plain enough, that no other than this can be there understood, as well from the Context, and whole Design of the Apostle, as from the entire History of the Old and New Testament. For this very reason it is that we are encompassed about with such a Cloud of Witnesses, who exercising the most Heroical Acts of Faith, were admitted to a more immediate Conversation with the Divine Being, during their Pilgrimage on the Earth, and to a more illustrious Communication of his Light & Love, than the Presumptuous and Incredulous Spirit of Human Reason can ever dive into; that we seeking to tread in their Steps, might come to be, in like manner Illuminated and Inspirited as they were; & laying aside This that besets us in the way to the ultimate Perfection of our Nature, by the Union of it with the supream Good, may run with Patience the Race of Faith that is set before us, which they have already run. And certainly this very Sin, which so much hinders us in running this blessed Race, and from obtaining the same glorious Privileges which they Here obtain’d, is also a Sin that is easily to be avoided (as some you know would have it translated) if we can but reflect a little, according to the direction here given us, either upon Enoch, or Noah, or Abraham, or Moses, or David, or any of those Worthies mention’d in the foregoing Chapter. And still much more if we do (as the Verse immediately following leads us to) but look up to Jesus the Author and Finisher of this Faith; who being the same Yesterday, to Day, and for ever, will not be wanting to work it in us, as he has wrought it in them; but conditionally that we do look unto him with a constant and fixed Eye. Upon which give me leave to say, for your Encouragement, as well as for my own, that there is a certain Person, well known to you and me, whose Angel did lately appear in full Day, in an upper room, where a few Names were met together, to wait for the Promise of the Father, in the Latter Effusion of the Spirit: and these very Words were spoken by an Internal Speaking, which are the second Verse of this twelfth Chapter; and which therefore I the more heartily press upon you. Now as to that little Book, in particular, I freely confess there may be several things in it which may appear to be beneath the Majesty of God, or against the Truth of the Holy Scriptures, before they are rightly and truly understood, and so may be apt to offend all those that are possessed with contrary Preventions. But if we have not Care, our Zeal will carry us much too far, and we shall soon effectually overthrow, as to us, that very Foundation which we would establish. This Excess of Anti-Enthusiasm is truly a most compendious method, of Moving the Boundaries of that we acknowledge Immoveable. For if we should be for throwing away our Bibles presently, when we are not able to answer all the Objections that a Sceptical Wit is able to bring against them, as unbecoming the Divine Majesty, I am afraid but very few would be able to keep them long. Though indeed there be nothing in them, but what when apprehended through, and according to the Spirit, by which they were written, is most highly worthy of it: this yet matters not. And if I should stay to receive any single Book either of the Old, or of the New Testament, till I were so well furnished, as to reconcile every Passage with all the rest, it might be perhaps very long before I must admit some Books that are recognized to be Divinely Inspir’d. None can be more firmly perswaded than I am of the Truth of Saint Peter’s Word, that the Heaven must receive Christ till the Times of Restitution, but then I am not able to see how this does in any wise contradict his Internal Appearance and Speech to such Virgin Souls, as he has wash’d and sanctify’d in his Blood. Nay, I do not comprehend why he may not manifest himself in this manner to Thousands of Persons in as many distant Places at the same time, and never all the while come down from the Throne of his Glory in the Heavens: I dare not limit the Operations of his Spirit, which pierces every where; I had much rather adore them, and wait in a Child-like Disposition to be Disciplin’d by Him. And indeed when I consider the utter Impossibility to explain any thing of the Soul’s Nature, without admitting his immediate Causality and Influence, I do not think it so very strange to conceive that he should by opening the Inmost Center of that Principle or Life, which is his own Inbreathing, reveal himself to it as Present, and hold therewith a very familiar Communication. And seeing it is undeniable that Christ since his Reception into Heaven, has actually both appeared and spoken to some Persons, by the Sacred Records themselves; it is no more difficult to suppose, that he may do so again whenever he pleases: and it will be certain that this can never be the meaning of that Text which this Gentleman seems to understand. He that has appear’d to Saint Paul and to Saint John, since his Glorification, and shown to them things which they knew not, and who has expressly declar’d, Behold I am with you to the end, can hardly methinks be supposed to have bound up himself for ever, not to manifest himself in the same or like manner, by Vision, Intellectual Revelation, or Extasie, to any others while they are in these Mortal Bodies, for the sake of some Great and Glorious Good. Now what there is in all that Book, so far as it is said to come from him, which doth not directly tend to this end, and which is not highly becoming the Majesty of God, I most profess I am not able to find, after the most curious Research that it is possible to make. As for those special and tender Endearments, which are us’d by Christ to his Church, and more immediately addressed to this holy Virgin standing in the Figure of it: They are sufficiently warranted by Scripture: and were they not, very much might be said to vindicate them. What-ever particular Objections he or you may have, I shall be ready to consider with all Meekness and Sobriety, when-ever they are produc’d. But I tell you beforehand, that it will be very hard to bring any, which were not brought against the antient Prophets in their time: and which may not be as easily remov’d from one as from the other. As for those common Imputations mention’d in yours, they have always been urg’d, and always been despis’d by Persons under the Leadings of the Holy Ghost. And I leave you to judge, as a Physician, whether all that is related in that Book can be accounted for by Fancy, Vapours, or Cerebrosity: more particularly what you read in these Sections, 11, 27, 31, 33.

For Mr. Mede I have indeed, a very great Deference, and too much ever to believe that he could intend to contradict himself, or do it in such a great Point as this, and not know it. All the World who have but look’d into him, or even but heard of his Name, must needs know what was his Sentiment as to the Glorious Reign of Christ: and if that Great and Judicious Man ranges the Milluaries amongst hereticks and apostates of the Latter Times, it is easily to be gather’d that he could mean no others than such who by their gross and unworthy Conceptions corrupted that very Truth which he so strenuously asserted. For if this be not a Truth, I know not any one you can make out from Scripture. And I dare say that your Learned Friend must own that how much soever it may be exploded, it is yet a Doctrine more clearly to be found in the most Primitive Antiquity, than the greater part of those which at this day so much divide the contending Parties of Christendom. Now as for your Friend, whom you dare to trust, he is indeed a Disciple of Wisdom, and a Son of the Prophets, but he is yet but in a low Class, and very young in this Heavenly Life. But could he Experimentally declare more than hitherto he can, it might not be very expedient upon many weighty Reasons so to do, till the great Effusion of the Miraculous Powers do make the way clear for such a Declaration: However he can say that he is not a Stranger to the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, which is by Fire. He has seen the Fulfilling of some Prophecies already, and so is the better encourage’d to expect that of others. His Tryals, Deliverances, and all the secret part of his Life, both at home and abroad, has been strangely singular: and what God designs to do with him further, he knows not, but desires to stand entirely Passive to his Will.

Now it remains that I should answer your Last Request, which concerns the distinguishing the Impetus of our own Imaginations from Divine Inspirations; which contains in it two Questions, 1st, How the Persons themselves that are under them can distinguish them? And 2dly, How others that have them not, are to judge concerning them? But of all that relates to this you may expect a Particular Account by another way, in Answer to some Queries that were proposed to me. And in the mean time I recommend to you for your Guidance, the very last Revelation in the Book. I have this only to say to the First, at present, that the Imagination ought to be perfectly mortify’d; the Death and Cross of Christ being the true Path to Illumination: And to the Second, That Care is to be taken, neither too hastily to Approve, nor too hastily to Reject; but to Try all Spirits, and to hold fast them that are Good, suspending to pass Judgment on those that are not understood. May the God and Father of your Spirit, enlighten it in his own good time, to his Glory, by the Internal Revelation of his Son Jesus Christ, through the Operation of his blessed Spirit, that works in you: that so by your own Experimental Conviction, you may be able to Convince others, and so by promoting that Divine Knowledge, whose Increase is foretold by the Prophet Daniel, you may shine as a Star in the Firmament of Wisdom. So committing you, with your dear companion, to his Gracious Protection, I take leave to subscribe my self. Your known Friend.
London, Septem. 9.95.


Query. How are Spirits to be Discern’d.

IF this Query refers to the Persons themselves, who are, or suppose themselves led by a Good Spirit, it is Answered, That the Manner of Discernment is by Sensation, which is not to be described. This Sensation like the New Song, the New Name, and the White Stone, they only who do experiment {experience}, and while they do experiment {experience}, are able to distinguish. But then it may be Queried, How shall they who suppose themselves to be led by a True Spirit, and are not, be enabled to discern aright in this matter, since they are without this Spiritual Sensation, by which the others are assur’d concerning the Truth of their Visions and Revelations? Ans. They are to seek for it of God, by a perfect Mortification of their own Wills, and especially as to these very supposed Favours; and by most instant and violent Prayer. Thus some who upon the Commission of an evil thing, have been depriv’d of the Good Spirit of God, which they did enjoy, and have been deliver’d up to a Spirit of Delusion for some time, Satan all this while exactly Personating an Angel of Light, giving forth false Oracles, and opening a false Paradise upon them; have been again restored to their former Enjoyments and Divine Sensation, the Scenes of the false Paradise made to drop into pieces, and the true One to Open, and the Evil Spirit forced to stand before the Angel whom he had Personated. If it be further Queried, Whether, and How, do those that are truly led by the Holy Spirit, discern the Spirits by which others are led? The Answer will be, That all are not able to do so, but only some that are arriv’d to a very high Degree, and great Experience in the Supernatural Life. As for the Manner of Discerning, it is the same with respect to others as to themselves; there being no Mark so certain here as that of Internal Sensation. Thus Spiritual Things are spiritually discerned, felt, and received: and the Spirits of the Prophets are subject to the Prophets. But if in the last place it be demanded, How then shall those who are Strangers to these Leadings of the Spirit, and who desire alike neither to fall into any Error, nor resist the Truth, be able to govern themselves in this Matter? To this the Answer is very easie, That they are not to perplex themselves in this Inquiry, so long as they remain either Carnal, or Rational, but to endeavour by all means, according to the clear Path chalk’d out in the Scriptures, to become Spiritual. To which State when they are arriv’d, they need not fear being able to judge for themselves: and if with respect to others they shall not be presently capable to judge, they can be under no apprehension of any danger, so they do but follow the pure Dictates of the Spirit to themselves; and therefore they will desire this satisfaction, no further than as it shall be given them from Above. However even they who are not arriv’d beyond the Rational Life, need not be much mistaken, while they continue so. For if that which is said to be Revealed, be of weighty concern either to that Particular Soul, or to the publick, and if it directly tend to Purity of Life, and to the Exaltation of God, and the Humiliation of Man; then if it be not plainly disagreeable with what has been for Certain before Reveal’d, even they according to their mere natural Reason ought not to slight it.



Two Testimonies for the
Dispensation of the Spirit Revived.

[ Transcription note about the Testimonies below:
J.P. — Dr. John Pordage
T.B. — Thomas Bromley
Both were contemporaries of Jand Lead in the Philadelphian Society. ]


 I.    The Testimony of Dr. J.P. the Author’s Fellow Traveller.

Christian Friend,

NO other Foundation can be laid, than what Christ hath laid, for he hath laid himself in his Saints, to be established upon, which is the hidden Mystery of God:  But to know and to feel Christ in us in his Burning Flaming Heart of Love by way of Wedlock and Marriage-Union, between the Soul and its Bridegroom, this is a deep Mystery, that few are counted worthy to comprehend.   But all these Feelings, these foretastes of Divine Love, with ravishing Joys, do but leave us to the Warfaring State, against all our Spiritual Enemies, to conquer Hell, Sin, Eternal Death, Dragon, and all Hell-Devils, together with the Beast and the Earthly Life in our selves: for to the Conquerors, the Glassy Sea and the New Jerusalem, as a reward will be given;   for it will open within the Soul-Center.   Let us remember our Calling: We were called to Fight with our inward Spiritual Enemies, for the Garland of Paradise, and for the Garland of Flowers, which were wont to be given to the Conquerors.    And we are to contend for the Crown of Pearl: which is Christ’s perfect Deity in his Eternal Humanity in our Souls;  we are yet to strive with all earnestness, for to obtain the Banner of Victory, over the Hell, Sin, Death, and Curse in our Souls, by reigning with the risen Lamb in dominion, over all Devils and wicked Babylon, from whence we are called to Separate from.   Yet Good and Evil are wrestling within us, Day and Night in Strife; Life and Death, Light and Darkness, are in Contention, who should Reign, and which should have the Dominion; therefore in the Unity and Harmony of the Love, we are to persevere, till we see Christ’s Coronation-Day; till he in us, and we in him, come to see him Crowned, and all our Enemies under his Feet.   This will be our Reigning-Day indeed, when Hell, and Sin, and Death, and Mortality in us shall be swallowed up of Immortal Life and Glory:  When we shall know but one Heavenly Life, moving and acting through every form of the Soul.    Seeing such a Ministration is left us by Christ, on this the Grave to be enjoyed, when the Seventh Angel shall sound his Trumpet, and it is so near us, and we near it;  let us give all Diligence, all Watchfulness, all Labour for the Possession of it.   Then Christ within us, and Christ without us will meet, in one Center of Glory; and both will make up but one Wonder.    These Lines I hope, will be no Block in your Christian Progress:  If a Spark of Love-Fire inflame your Soul, to seek after the Center of Perfection in Christ, I shall rejoyce.   Christ in us can do it in a moment, by opening the Glassy Sea in the Soul’s Property.   This is the Mark we are pressing after, as fellow Travellers.   Wherefore we make our selves Strangers and Pilgrims to this Earthly Principle.   I commend you, dear Soul, into the Arms of our Emmanuel, who will bring his Constant and Faithful Seekers, to be with him in his Kingdom of Glory.    So I rest.

Your fellow Traveller in the
Patience under the Cross.

J. P.

II.    Mr. T. B.’s Testimony of this Dispensation.

THIS Dispensation does not only keep us close to the Person and Offices of our Lord Jesus Christ, but with it or in it, is conveyed the very essential Grace, or the Body, Spirit and Power of Christ, to abide in us as a constant Spring of Divine Teaching, and of Spiritual Sensation, and as the true and great Root of Regeneration, which is Christ in us, the Hope of Glory:    So that in this Dispensation, we do essentially and vitally enjoy, that which many other Christians do but discourse of, and breathe after, as a thing mostly unknown; keeping close to it, it purifies us Soul and Body, and leads us most directly into Mount Sion, or the Heart of God; this is most essentially true, and a long considered experimental Testimony.

T. B.

F I N I S.

[From the Authentic Version of Jane Lead’s Journal of her Spiritual Encounters ...
— Entries for October through December 1676
from Volume ONE of A Fountain of Gardens: this was File 4 of 4 ]

A D V E R T I S E M E N T.

WHEREAS some Things have been Scandalously set forth, and Printed under the Name of this Author to the Reproach of Truth, and the Dishonour of that which is Holy, it is thought fit for the putting a Stop to such Impostures, and the Evil which might thence ensue, to give a Catalogue of the Books which the Author hath hitherto Published.

The Heavenly Cloud, or, the Ascension Ladder, 4to. 1682. p.40.

The Revelation of Revelations, an Essay towards the Unsealing, Opening, and Discovering of the Seven Seals, the Seven Thunders, and the New Jerusalem State. 4to. 1683. p.130.

The Enochian Walks with God, found out by Spiritual Traveller. 4to. 1694. p.38.

The Laws of Paradise; Given forth by Wisdom to a translated Spirit. 8vo. 1695. p.69.

The Wonders of God’s Creation Manifested in the Variety of Eight Worlds, as they were made known Experimentally to the Author. 8vo. 1695. p.89.

The Message to the Philadelphian Society whithersoever dispersed over the whole Earth, together with a Call to the several gathered Churches. 12ves. p.108. 1696.

The Tree of Faith: or the Tree of Life, springing up in the Paradise of God: from which all the Wonders of the New Creation must proceed. 12ves. p.122.1696.

The Ark of Faith, pag.33.

[Thus ends the remainder of Jane Lead’s Volume I of A Fountain of Gardens with exceptions noted below...]

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