AUTHENTIC REPRODUCTION of the Original Printing — 1697
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Jane Lead, 17th Century Prophetess of God [1624–1704]: A Personal Diary of her Spiritual Experiences and Encounters with the Godhead during 1677.

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G a r d e n s,

 Vol. II

Being a Continuation of the Process of a
Life according to Faith, of the Divinely
Magical Knowledge, and of the New Creation.




The Essential Wisdom, and the Soul in her
Progress through Paradise, to Mount Sion,
and to the New Jerusalem.

By J.  L E A D.

Isa. LVIII. 11.
Thou shalt be like a Watered G A R D E N,
and like a Spring of Water, whose Waters fail not.

London, Printed and Sold by the Booksellers of London
and Westminster,


Transcription Note: The following Epistle was written by J.L. at the time of printing, which was 20 years
after this Journal was written; it was to serve as an introduction for her readers.





The A U T H O R.

To the Inquiring and Impartial Readers.

WHEREAS it has been the Royal Gift of God’s Grace, to Visit the Lowly with the Day-break of his Light, by Unsealing the Cabinet, where the Precious Jewels, and Treasure of the Immense Goodness have laid hidden; I am under an Obligation to discharge my Trust and Stewardship herein: this that is here publish’d not having been given for a Private Use, but for an Universal Advance into deeper and higher Manifestations of the Mind of God. Of which it was Foreseen, that they should have their Acceptation and Improvement in this Age, and Period, by Many that shall be fitly qualified for their Entertainment, who are found walking in the humble Valley of the Lilies. These cannot relish, or savour any thing, but what flows from the Living Streams, that proceed from the very Root and Head Lily, who their Light and bright Covering will be. For this is the Day for Increase and Multiplication of the Sharon Glory. Who then would refuse among this number to be, where the Blessed Lord himself will appear, and in the midst of them walk and Feed; satiating them to that Fullness, that there shall be no more Thirst or Drought? For there is a River that from the Godhead doth flow, which will make every Plant to Bud, Flourish, and bring forth Fruit like unto Apples of Gold, that is, solidly and substantially Good.

Much of this Kind and Nature you may Here find Discoursed of, according to what was in some degree Known and Experienc’d by one: who once knew herself to be as a Wild Olive, cumbering the Ground, or as a fruitless Shrub bearing only prickly Thorns. Out of which uneasy State the Kindness and Love of God did appear to bring me forth, when I was about the years of Eighteen; my first Passage being through most terrible Conflicts: I for some years walking through the Valley of Achor, and through the bitter Dale of Baca, till about the Year Sixty, being Ten years afterward, a Door of Hope was opened, and Floods of refreshing came into me, with some immediate Dictates that followed me from the Holy Unction, that taught me all things that were necessary for me. Albeit I did not hereupon forsake the Outward Ministry: but I still waited, and sought out such as I judged to come nearest to the Apostolical Practice. So keeping on my Course Outwardly, with a watchful waiting Interiourly, I must own and confess to the Glory of the Spirit’s peculiar Ministration that I found such Deeps broken up in the Center of my own Soul, as open’d that Divine Wisdom and Understanding relating to the Knowledge of God, Christ, and my self, as I could not any where else meet withal. The which still engaged me as a weaned Child to be, that I might suck no longer from the Breast of this Worldly Principle; or draw Water from any other Fountain, than that which (through rich Grace) I had already tasted of. For this Scripture always much followed me: Whom shall he teach Knowledge, and make to understand Doctrine; but the weaned from the Milk, and her that is drawn from the Breasts? Which Observing and Obeying, the Word was accordingly made good to me. For the Springs thus opening, did still arise to higher Degrees. Though sometimes through the Multiplicity of Concerns, wherein I was circumstantiated, they would be discolour’d, and even mudded. Which made me seek after great Abstraction, and Solitariness, that I might attend upon these springs, to keep them pure and clear.

So that when God did cast my Lot to be a Widow, which was in the year 1670, this Change, bringing me first into manifold Trials, did drive me into a more Intimate Union with mine Eternal Spiritual Husband; upon whose Care I wholly cast my self. And then I resolved to make the choice of Anna, to wait in the Temple of the Lord day and night; and to be a Widow indeed, after I had been the Wife of a Pious Husband about five and twenty years. For after his Decease I ceased, as much as possible, from all Business and Care, setting my self free by all means for the Heavenly Calling only. Wherein I found great Pleasure and Delight, so as no Worldly Promotions or Advantages, (though offer’d for my temptation) could move me from it: or withdraw me from a dedicated and devoted Life. Which I have till this Day persued, and continued in: and shall so do, till I shall have finished my Course, in the hopes of Entrance into the Triumphant Joy of my Lord.

Thus worthy Reader, I have given you a Brief Narrative of the Beginning and Progress of my new born Life: which is elsewhere more enlarged on in a Particular Treatise. But this may suffice for an Introduction into the following Volume of my Journal. Wherein, as in a Glass, you may see under what Leadings I have been, where you may read the express manner and method of the Spirit’s Communications: in which, I can soberly avouch that, I my self was wholly Passive, and the Spirit altogether Active. For my Creaturely Being was so bounded up, as nothing to know, or contribute hereunto; all being laid in silence, while God was to arise, and speak forth himself through this Earthen and empty Vessel. For the sake of which let no Contempt or Slight be poured out: for it is what God in his Wisdom did reserve to bring forth for the Use and Service of as many as are ordained to receive and take hold of these Divine Mysteries; for improvement and growth to all those Degrees of Perfection, which are herein made mention of. Surely for this End, Wisdom’s Book of Secrets was opened, that by this Divine Learning her Children might be brought up, and made meet and ready for their Bridegroom the Lamb. For undoubtedly the Day hereof draws near: whence these Writings having been kept in Obscurity these Twenty Years, as taken by me for Private Memorandums, according as they were given day by day forth, they are now by a strange and unexpected Hand, being a Person of great Piety and Worth, brought out into the Light. Whose Fame and Renown shall out-live all Writings of Time; and who perpetually shall wear Love’s Diadem and Crown.

I have no more now but to beseech and entreat those to whom these Sacred Truths shall come to be Perused, that as they would reap Benefit and Advantage herefrom, they might fear and dread to pass any Judgment or Censures, in a gain-saying way to the Spirit, the Opener of them. And let me humbly give this my Advice, that the Full-grown and highly Advanced in all Rational Learning and Wisdom, and in all great and honourable Acquirements, do become as Children, committing themselves to Wisdom their true Mother, that they may be brought up at her Feet. Which they will find to turn to a thousandfold better Account, than all that ever they have before learnt. For I have made it my Observation, that the Rashness of many Spirits in Condemning what they are absolute Strangers unto, hath shut the Gate of Wisdom upon them. Therefore this Caution accept of from your little and low Fellow Member, O all ye that would be growing Plants under the Shadow of Christ the blessed Vine, that ye refuse not to seek and draw from the Royal Grape continually, the Juice whereof is pure Spirit, to strengthen you with the Balsam of Life. All this the Child-like Spirit will come to Taste and Know: and by obeying these Rules and Manuductions, you will have occasion to adore, bless and magnifie what of the Spirit of GOD shall hereunto move and drive you. For the Commission is already gone forth to the Angelical Messengers, that constrained are to sound the Horn of Salvation, which is filled with the Ghostly Oil. Which will so abundantly flow, as to heal all the Divisions and Controversies, whereby the several Parties do wound each other. Who would not Ambitious then be, among these Shepherds to hold out the Love golden Crook, to fetch in the torn, rent, and scattered Sheep and Lambs, into Christ their Princely Shepherds Fold; where they may quietly lie down in those refreshing Pastures, that do Spring again as fast they are fed upon? The door for Entrance hereinto stands open; let none shut it upon themselves. For a thousand times Thousands of Blessings are pronounc’d upon the Publishers and Promoters of this Glorious Ministration of the Spirit. And a Cry there is now sounding from the Heavens unto all Preachers and Teachers, of all Ranks and Degress, and whatever Titles and Denominations they do bear, that in pure Unity and Harmony they do together agree, to Declare and Hold forth the Everlasting Testimony of the Spirit of Jesus, from the Springing Unction, that will be the Sealing Mark of the Apostolical Day, that is now again to be Revived. For which evermore Prayeth she,

Who in Incessant Travel is till all this
shall be Accomplished,       

July 29. 1697.

J. Lead.





A Fountain of Gardens Watered
by the Rivers of Divine Pleasure.


Vol. II


[Journal entries beginning with January, 1677
through March 10th, 1677: File 1 of 4. ]


January the 1st. 1677.
A Commemoration on New-Year’s Day.

IN and about the middle of the Night, being called out in Prayer, I did feel a mighty throng of Invisible Powers that filled me, so as if I had put on the Immortal Vehicle, for the Sacred Trinity to act in, with Love and Joy-Powers, during sometime with me with great ravishing Sweets. In the Morning this Word did me greet, When will you begin to draw out some part of that stock, which you have trusted with him, who is so ready with you to account? The great and mighty One hath charged himself with a Debt unto you, by all and every act of Faith, which at any time had purely flown out from either, joyning hereunto in one Spirit, as Co-partners in Spiritual things. Then was it further opened unto me, that we had been careless, in that we had neglected in not keeping our Accounts clear, both in relation to the Lord, and to our selves. 1. First as to the Talent and Gift intrusted with us, as a Provision bestowed upon us, from our Father to traffick withal, during such a time, as might bring the intended encrease unto effect. Now the Spirit who keeps the Heavenly Records, said unto me, Search and see, and be well advised, what hath been freely given from your God to you. For you are Debtors to his Grace for a new Adoption, who hath again begotten you not only to the Hope, but the real Possession of that which belongeth unto Children. Though ye have not hitherto understood the Royalty of your own Beings, nor yet the greatness of your Strength and Might. For be assured upon this New Creation score, in which ye now are considered, thereto doth belong Sion’s rich Provision. Now then it is but meet, as dear and grateful Children, to keep your Accounts clear, and to charge your selves with so much stock of Life and Spirit, as ye have received. It must be called out for, and nothing of this Treasury must lie idle or useless: but all is still expected upon the encrease, till ye come to be a numerous Seed. 2. In the Second place, said the Spirit, Consider and call over what you have adventured, and returned back into that great City, wherefrom the rich Exchange of Spiritual Goods is to be produced. Know for your great Comfort, that ye have a faithful & able Correspondent in this high and Heavenly Country, that you may fully assure your selves of great gain in Spirituals, according to the kind, of what the high Region doth afford. Which is of that unknown and excellent value, as these Worldly Inhabitants will not care for to purchase, because they have no Judgment of such invisible mystical Treasury. But to you who are only for the Heavenly Merchandize, more Bills of Store shall yet be given forth. Fear not to make fresh charges upon that great Trustee, who commandeth all in Wisdom’s vast Bank. Nothing is more pleasing than to make out what resteth due unto you, upon the Spirit’s Births Account. Little have you examined how Matters and Things of this nature, stand betwixt God and you: Who thinks it no Impeachment to his Soveraign Greatness to be endebted unto such as have returned Lading back again on Faith’s bottom. All which hath been committed in trust, with this Charge to traffick with no other; for it would be an Evil to spend your Corn, Wine, and Oyl, upon the fine trimmed Harlot; which yet being so high in Appearance, is more than half divided in the true Love’s Property. Therefore be wise for yourselves, and scatter not, till ye have reaped and got your own Crop in. Hearken then, and observe this weighty Rule, to carry all this high Spiritual Commerce in the hiddenness of the Eternal Spirit. There are but few in this professing Age, that do understand the rate of that Precious Stone ye are Adventurers for, with all those other Celestial Ornaments for to bring in against the Bridal Day; which will not be solemnized with the Lamb, till ye have fetched in all your Eternal Revenue. Therefore be not afraid to urge, and to account with your God, for what the Spirit of Faith hath sent out, for the bringing in that which is of the greatest weight and consideration that hath been known, since the World of Creatures hath been existing.


January the 7th. 1677.

THIS Night I found the Life-Center much open, and the Oracle for to sound clear, and somewhat to talk with me from the Heavenly Sphear. The sum of which was to perswade unto a decease, from all that low activity and concern about things and matters Terrestrial. For as I was mourning in the feeling sense of that dark Stone, weighing the Superiour part down, upon every slight occasion, ministered from this Principle; Which I found in my very taste, to be as brinish Salt Waters, that fretted, and eat upon that interiour vigourous part of the Spirit, so feebling it as its force was evidently felt to be abated, until the Shiloh-Spring did open again. Which washed up the healing Stone, which put all into place and order, which by the Corrupter was made diseased. Then this Word spake to me, dost thou think to recover Immortality of Life, with that Inheritour, who doth belong unto it, while there is a divided Eye and Ear, which still open are to see, and hear all those Charming Sensualities, which for this Earthly Kingdom do plead, and do engage you still here to be Traffickers, from which ye are prohibited by Mount-Sion Laws. Is not Wisdom’s Merchandize more worthy to be all in your Eye, who will assuredly find you daily employ, as to work off your selves, from all those Habits, and Customs, as have been brought in Traditionally from the Fall. From which ye are redeemed, as ye do feed upon the true Mystical Passover, which will forestall the Earthly Life, giving way to that pure thing, which ye do feel stirring from the light Region. This hath great sufficiency to clear that evil staining Nature, from out of which strange Essences do so turbulently arise to annoy and disturb that, which would be free from all Sins Casualties, reigning in the Princely Spirit of what will become the absolute King of Righteousness. Who hath already set a Foot upon your Heavens and Earth, for this very end, that his Throne and Dominion might be so fixed, within the circumfering Powers of your Wills, that so Time may be swallowed up, from an entire Act going forth from this Soveraignty: which in an intrinsical way will bring all into subjection, that is within. He will first begin with the Judgment, for cleansing the floor: make but the inside clean and pure, then Power will soon be known and understood, whereby a Body suitable to such a Spirit, may come to be perfectly framed. As thus if the Pith of a Tree be by its Life extensive, it makes the Bark, through which it riseth fresh, fruitful, and beautiful; that so you may easily conclude, that a Life-Sap is vailed under the Bark, but it is not perceivable, till it shoots forth it self, getting through every branch and twig: even so it is in you, considered as Trees of a new Plantation, in whom the Spirit riseth, as an essential Pith of Life, and distributeth it self through every Property, permitting nothing to mingle with it, that should abate its vigorous penetration, for to assimulate and qualifie the very outward Bark or Body into a lustrious Appearance and palpable Fruitfulness. The meaning of the Spirit, as to fruitfulness, is not only the first and second Birth-degrees of Regeneration, and here to stop, as in measures of Love, Joy, Faith, Hope, Meekness and Patience, which are the first Fruits of the Spirit. But hereunto are to be added Fruits yet more super-eminent, as the product of these. When so ripened, as each one their Seed do shed into the pure Heart, whereinto the Blood of the New-Testament is poured in. From hence now it is, saith the living Word, that a Spiritual Body will be driven forth, all in the Heavenly Form, acting forth in another kind of fruitfulness, than the foregoing. As thus, a Terrestrial Creature worketh and produceth acts answerable to his Animal rational Life, which may be justifiable before Men: and nothing beyond his Life-Sphere is expected. But now from a new-made Creature that deriveth a Birth so high, as nothing less than God’s own Likeness is to be evidenced in it; This must needs work like it self in various Powers, of another sort of miraculous Fruitfulness, by which Jesus through this Ghostly Spirit and Body is glorified.


January the 12th. 1677.

IN the Night there was presented unto me, two Forms very displeasing to my Eye, being Cloathed with a Hairy Goats-Skin, where spots and botches did appear so unlovely, as I was much disgusted at the sight of them. But while I was viewing them, first the one rent this outward Deformity in twain, and likewise the other following the example of the first, did also rend open. And I beheld two sweet amiable Children came forth from within this deformed Figure; but at first sight they were as Babes still-born. Upon which I took up one, and it soon revived with all motions of Life, and answerably the same vigorous Spirit manifested it self in the other, so as I saw them able to stand upon their Legs, and so the Vision shut up in the Formality of it, and opened it self in the Spirituality, as I thereupon waited. After a little season, the Spirit thus spake within me, What have you seen in these two strange pieces of Deformity, but a rough and unclean Vestment, that is so ignominious. Behold, and see your own vile Bodies thus pourtraied out, while that ye do bear those uncomly Shapes; which as a Vail shall rend away, that so the truly begotten of the Ghostly Body may appear. Who is, as those innocent and all-beautiful Babes that have been shut up under a Covert, as in a twofold Body. As first, that thick and cloudy smothering Body of Sin. Secondly, the very visible form of Corporeity, which is but a disgraceful Image, being the product of a degenerate Spirit. Which with the other must be put off. For corruptible Humanity in its fleshly Figure is too mean for the high Birth degree of the Eternal Spirit: Though it may be suffered for a time as a disguised Cloathing, till that which is born without Sin, be strong enough to break through the rough human, and Animal Beast, that was ever designed for a Sacrifice: That so all brought in by the Fall, might come to be anatomized; that in the room thereof another Body might rise, not only like what was in Paradise, but one Degree yet higher, according as your Jesus hath assumed a more transparent Body. As these things were plainly discoursed of to my Spirit, an Objection did arise, How this twofold Body should come to be so demolished, while we live in this visible Sphere, as no more to appear in its sinful Frailty, or Elementary Ponderosity. Having not heard or seen any one, that hath yet so put off the vile Body, though hereunto incited, and prophesied of, that such a Change is upon the Inward, and Outward Man to come, but it hath not yet happened in this Orb. Nay, our Lord Jesus himself did not alter his human Figure to endure, till he had ascended out of all mortal sight; and though after his Crucifixion, he did appear, and disappear at pleasure, yet he always assumed a body like to ours, as bearable to the view of those whom he delighted to shew himself unto, in, and after his Resurrection. Therefore, though he had no Body of Sin to put off, yet he had a Body of Mortality, which was not put off to the human Eye, till he gave up the Ghost of his Animal Life upon the Cross. All which strengthening the Argument, that our Corporeity hardly in this Region, admitteth of such a Transformation, as thereby to pass out by and through a sublime airy Body, in and among the high enthroned Powers and Dignities resident in the New Jerusalem. This Doubt lay much upon my Spirit, importuning a clear resolve, that the mind of my God herein might be expressly revealed, through an immediate dictate, which thus far I obtained. Oh Soul, true it is, no one Precedent there hath been, that hath so wrought out the very Originality of all Impurity, as to assume a Body of that Celestial Clarity, as therein to walk up and down among Mortals; yet that makes not against the possibility hereof, for there is that to come, that yet never was in existency. Which still will steal upon the World by degrees, as in the successive Ages, some one miraculous thing or other will be produced, which was not before. For this very Unbelief hath sealed up the mighty Birth-working Power which still cries, How can such Transmutations be, as to come forth another Spirit, actuating it self in a suitable Body? Ah what Doubtings, and Debates have been here about it? So that Age upon Age hath nothing seen of the Resurrection-state, because afraid to destroy the Body of Sin. Which is the first Alteration, that must be made, before the outward Body can be translated. And know this further, whoever doth attain to the one, hath Power and All-sufficiency for the other, as they shall see it expedient, to Metamorphose their gross Corporeity. And though your Jesus did not alter his Human Shape, into any visible Body of Glory, it was not through any deficiency, that he could not do it, but it was his pleasure that he would not do it. Who knew his Times and Seasons, when, and for what Ends such Transfigurations were needful. He coming into this World upon Sufferings account, that thereby Conquering he might have all Power, to convey such a Spirit, as might form to it self such a proportionable Body, for all such as do give themselves to be made like unto him, as he is now in a glorified state. But your further Objection is, that if possibly you should attain hereunto, this World would be no fit Principle, for such transparent Spirits, and Bodies for to live in? The Inhabitants here could neither bear your Transparency, nor you their gross Corporeity, attended traditionally with all Evil of Sin in some more refined, in others visibly lascivious, running into all Excess, from which the true Eagle-Body will mount away. But this understand, that while ye have a Work and Service of God to do here in this Principle, you will not want the Fence of a Spiritual Body, to go in and out, to meet the Sacred Trinity in the serene Principle. And as Moses did, when he did talk immediately with God, was then put into a shining Body, that was not known or understood, which was laid aside, as a Garment for that purpose that so he might speak with the Most Holy; but as soon as he did come out from that Holy Place and Heavenly Parley, he then put on that Form, in which he might be known of the lower Orb. Think it not incredible, that this, and much more, is again to be done, as your Jesus did often change his Body; though it was not known to the vulgar Eye. Doubt not but such wonderful sufficiency will display it self from the pure contaction of the Sapphire Body. Therefore proceed to keep among the Immaculate and Just Ones, according to that present transferring Power, which comply’d withal, will produce a change internally, till a Body be assumed invisibly, as shall rend the outward Temple-Vail. Then the Ark of the Living Testimony shall be known, read, and understood; yet of none but the Disciplehood. As your Lord did only appear unto his own in his risen Body; so shall it be when you so risen are, as to descend from the Heavenly Sphere.


January the 13th. 1677.

AFTER this Conference, and satisfying Resolve, as to the matter of my doubt. This Word was further spoke unto me, through the Holy Oracle, that all those Ceremonial Ornaments, which the Priests were to be cloathed withal, were to illustrate and set forth the most glorious Transfiguration, that was required in that near approach, and ministering Service, in all the Tabernacle-Worship, wherein we come to bow our selves before the Most High. Therefore it was asked me, how I did think it was possible for to see the glorified Person of my Jesus, till I had put on the Priestly Robe of a New Body, he being now ascended into the most Holy: Waiting there till the whole Priesthood called and anointed to be of the same Order with himself, do enter upon the same terms; having offered up in Sacrifice, the vile reproachful Body of the Flesh, through the same Eternal Spirit, by which your Jesus offered up his Body visibly: as by a violent Death, so yours by a voluntary, mystical Transformation, working invisibly. Then what a most holy Melchizedeck-Spirit will ye pass, into the Heavenly Place withal, to effect in the true and eternal Tabernacle: where the unchangeable Priesthood is known in all the Celestial Orders, for the accomplishing those Superiour Services, required in that most Holy Place: In which the pure Offerings celebrated, will be no more grievous, nor tedious, because a Priestly Body is prepared to hallow and sanctifie incessantly the great Name of Jehovah, and to proclaim in mighty Trumpet-sounds to the Ends of the Earth, that the Kingly Priesthood is come, with all the Tabernacle-Furniture revealed: Which hath been concealed in Mount Sion; only hitherto Types and Shadows of it have been manifested, but now the real Thing it self shall be brought to pass in them, who can hold out the Sanctuary Profession, without turning aside, or waving, observing still their Nazaritical dedication. Then the new Covenant will be confirmed upon you, that there will need no more offering for Sin, for a New Heart with the Law of the Spirit - written in the Heart, as there will be no more a departing from the Mind of the Anointing. For by this Fiery Law proceeding, the Law of Sin within the Members, where ever stirring, will hereby be consumed. For it is no more a weak, literal Precept, that now is given forth, but the very Law-giver writes and engraves himself, as an Endless Power of Life, to obliterate and make void the Law of Sin and Death, which to no other would ever have given place. This is the Foundation Work, which the Spirit of your Jesus do first set about, to pull down and demolish that which would be so great an impediment, and check to all this designed Reformation. Now then let it be your Joy, when you feel the Spirit of Burning is dispoiling all of Sin, for that will perfect all the most holy Priesthood.


January the 14th. 1677.

UPON the Opening of the high order of the Melchizedeck-Priesthood wherein I perceived such a deep Mystery lay hid, as the Apostle himself had not fathomed: But it was shewed to me, that it was of great use to know and understand who this Melchizedeck was? because thereto we had great reference. For he had not only the denomination of a Priest to pronounce Blessings, but a King to whom Tribute was paid, for Abraham presented of the Spoil that he had taken, and there titled him the great King of Salem: thus far the Scriptures give an account of him. But it was further revealed to me, that he was that Alpha and Omega, the Second Person, who had his Existency from all Eternity, and was in a high Priestly Order from the time of Adam’s Fall, and did Officiate in the Heavenly Sanctuary, and real Tabernacle in the Heavens. Whereof Moses had a Sight and Pattern given him to figure out according to the low Capacity, which the Church in the Wilderness then stood in. But this great Melchizedeck incarnated himself in Flesh, that he might visibly make an Offering thereof, to testifie that an end must be to that weak, corruptible, and unprofitable state, as now henceforth is to be thereunto put, by the crucifying what he had assumed, that so that mean and despicable Image might for ever be demolished. That the first perfect glorious Priesthood, after the Order of Melchizedeck, might again rise, and be in full accomplishment, in the Residue of the Anointed hereunto: who for this cause are putting off their Vile Body, that they might be counted worthy to follow their Melchizedeck King, where they shall not only pay their Praise Offerings, but receive there a most high & Priestly Portion which is an unknown, and vast Spiritual income of Riches, which shall be brought from all Parts, as obligatory.


January the 14th. 1677.

IN the forepart of the Night, being newly fallen asleep, I saw the Heavens as it were part, and rend, and mighty Commotions in it. The earthly Inhabitants in great Trouble, running up and down, as fearing some unexpected Change was coming upon them. Which awaked me, and there was immediately presented unto my view, as breaking through a bright Element, two glorified Bodies, of a bright Beryl Colour, in such a wonderful Portraiture, as did excell all, I had formerly of this Nature in Vision seen. Upon which my Eye kept fixed without any surprize or fear, and still it was brought nearer. The one seemed in a Manly Vissage, and the other as a Woman very Lovely in her Countenance; then soon after two or three more broke forth, and joyned themselves unto them, as in like glorified Figures. This Sight was so pleasing, that I could not but Pray, Oh that we might be added unto them. For it was said, Behold this is the Lamb and his Bride, which first I did see. Oh this great Vision had so mighty an Influence upon my Spirit as grievous it was still, for to be confined in the Corporeal Body, only hourly waiting for to see its Redemption. But it was said, Abide Patiently, till your Salvation shall be fully wrought out, then you shall swiftly be cloathed with the self same Body, all Spiritual bright, and airy, as my Bride, for to unite in one Body with me. Then I replyed, Ah my Lord, why must this Translation be so earnestly sought, and still prolonged. It was again answered, it was so considerable a Change, as could not be without passing through many further Degrees. For Sin and Mortality would not be so easily vanquished, while we did abide in this tempting Region.


January the 15th. 1677.

This Morning it was much upon my Spirit, how to quicken our Progress, so as to arrive to that Nuptial Conjunction, which did open unto me in the Heavens. The Spirit sent forth deep and strong Invocations for the Consummation of this high Matrimonial Unity, that so we might together display our Loves and Joys to each other, in that spicy perfumed Bed of the Celestial Orb. Oh the Eccho’s which I did hear in me sound, the Spirit called to the Bride to descend down, the Bride called for the Spirit to ascend. Thus cry upon cry did, as a pure cloudy Incense, send out, which brought this Answer down, Oh ye who are in the betrothed Spirit, why may not the assurance hereof, yet a while stay your most eager and Spiritual Passions of Love, till such time as your Vessels of Clay be turned into the fine Ophir Gold, through the working forth of that Saphire Stone that is formed in you. Which shall work through all in its degrees, till it hath brought you up to that perfect Stature, as ye may make challenge with holy Boldness to the Marriage-state, according to that pleasant and glorious Manifestation which you did see in the Heavens. Which was shewn to you for this very end, that so you might see your own Nuptial Day solemnized. Before the accomplishing of which, yet great Commotions will be permitted, as you did see in the Vision. See first, what is still left alive of your dying part that will mutiny. For the Sensitive Life cannot consent that ye should be married away out of their known Linage and Country; Therefore they will lie in wait to entercept all Messages, and Love-Tokens from your Immanuel, to prevent the success of so great a Wedlock change. Therefore I the Spirit of your Lord, do warn you, that you turn away from all self, and creaturely Parly. The Serpent also will subtlely back with Arguments in forms of Flesh, that so ye might grow cold in your Love, and slack in your Faith: but spur forward, and faint not, for the everlasting Gate is set open by Soveraign Command. The Trumpet doth daily sound to enter into Love’s Holy Ground, where only the Friends of the Bridegroom shall attend you, at the Banqueting Feast of Bread and Wine. Now away, and draw from all the cursed things of Jericho, and you shall meet assuredly your Melchizedeck King, with a full Cup of Blessing. This receive as a faithful and true saying from the Yea and Amen.


January the 20th. 1677.

About the Morning-break, as I was contemplating upon the change of the Body for Translation. A further Confirmation was given with Joy and Peace unutterable, in hope of this Glory to be revealed. My Spirit praying, that we might obtain Grace, for to be admitted of the same Order with our great Melchizedeck. This Word immediately sprung, saying, The way and manner for it, hath been most evidently set forth, and plainly taught you, as my Spirit could demonstrate it unto you. You can find no surer Footing, than first to be found, in the walk of Death. Trace it then so throughly, till you can see no more Earth, yield ye up the utmost ends without any reserve. For no mingling state after Death, but all immaculate the Feast of Tabernacles to celebrate within the most Holy Place. Therefore fear not to pass through this Valley for I, the Spirit of Truth, will assuredly finish this Mystery, because you have applied your Hearts to me, having sought Death as a Treasury, trying all ways and means for to expire out. But as a deadly Enemy, that is loath to be conquered, it still revives, which makes you to suspect, that you shall never get rid of this grand and last Enemy, but it will still hang a weight disgracing, and separating from your high Priesthood. But seeing you have cast your selves wholly upon me, your Comforter, to be advised in this matter. Now then know, I will cast you, with the free Act of your own Wills, into a slumbering Trance, that so ye shall gradually dye away, as all sensitive Operations shall be wonderfully suspended, which must be done actually through the disposing and yielding up the Life of the corruptible Body. That Life must dye, because of the habitual course of Sin. After that way of dying, of which it is written, I am dead and crucified; yet I live through that Life, which swallows up Mortality. Even so likewise the Time shall come, when ye shall reckon your selves dead, and freed from the Body of Sin, when you shall lie passive, and still in the sweet and pleasant Trance, as fled away from out of this Principle, no more to be known or seen, but as in the Heavenly Form of a Powerful Body, to work the mighty Works of God your Father in. It is true, what Eye hath yet seen this, the Ear hath only heard hereof, but who hath come to believe the possibility of such a Transformation? Oh, but Faith gives a mighty heave hereunto, now as it hath been your Cry. Who, and how shall ye be delivered from the Body of Sin and Death, and get a thorough pass from Death, unto such a fluent Vehicle, whereby ye may be able to say, neither Heights nor Depths, Light or Darkness, neither Earth or Air shall be able to separate you from the Love, nor yet from those immediate accesses into the Heavenly Places, as belonging to that Royal Priesthood? Truly it is your Father’s pleasure, for to bring you hereunto, not only in the flight of your Spirits without a Body adjoyning consonant thereunto, because a naked Spirit cannot produce and effect such Effects and Acts, as a Body adhearing thereunto. Therefore see and believe it of necessity, for to be turned into a sublime Body, in which only you can be with your Jesus in Glory, and thereof take, and bring thereby to declare, with whom you have been. Come ye, who are the blessed of the Lord, that have united with one accord: fall on hard and close this Work. Continually give up your selves, and lo, I will break for you all the Bands of Sin and Death, that so the pure Spirit, which even was at work in you, may assume its own Body of Spiritual ability to pass, and enter, where nothing of Corporeity can be admitted. Your Priestly portion is for such a time reserved, whenas you shall come into the most holy of all; for then you will have Boldness to make all your own Demands, (this thought is continued in next journal entry...January the 23rd, 1677)


January the 23d. 1677.

In the sobriety of a wise and understanding Spirit, that shall be your Advocate to plead in the shining Face of a transmuted Body. In which the Majesty of Glory will very well know you, and hear all you have to offer, by way of request; because you bear no more the Image, Mark, or Name of what is accursed from the Mountain of Holiness. The Situation of the Great King is seen of none, till they have put on the high Priestly Garment, upon which is written the New Name, that is given in the Baptizing Water of the Holy Ghost, who hath sprinkled us from all Consciousness of Sin. Now then slack not, but drive forward, for this Verily is the Mark I your Death-conqueror do set before you. For it would be my Crown of Rejoycing to meet you as translated out of this gross and Elementary State, which while ye are ranging and puddling in, I cannot be so clearly seen, nor afford to give out those more eminent and choice things, because you are not yet separated from the vile Body, that so ye may be redeemed from all that is of a hurtful Conversation. For indeed I would wholly appropriate you for my self, who being in a glorified state, must of necessity glorifie you, before I can shew my self in such a familiarity as is so desirable. For when I was in the World, for the accomplishing of the State of Humiliation, then the human Figure was proper, for to unfold suitably the Mystery of the Most High, and to relate it as Bearable in that Age. But now as a Prince and Shepherd of a glorified Fold, I set in Heavenly Places, to call my own by Name, to pass away out of their dark Cloudy Bodies, and not to stay, till they fade away, and fall down as Houses of Clay, as it hath been hitherto universally. Because this superiour Change hath not been believed in, nor the Foundation by a thorough Death, been understood in order hereunto, or surely laid, whereupon the rising Body that is to swallow up Mortality, hath not been manifested, but now observe those Deaths and Life-Rules, which have been set so evidently before you, and you may possibly be changed into such a vigorous Spirit and Body, as to pass through that Glassy Sea: which is so brickle, which whoever can stand upon it, are probationed indeed to enter into farther Degrees of Glory, all in Light, the God of Light to see without any other Medium. Ah Lord, even so let it be.


January the 25th. 1677.

Oh from hence I did see with what Bodies we must enter withal, into the Mystery, that is on the other side of the Glassy Sea, for there the Thrones were shewed me, that were placed for the Conquerors. Who could be able to say with their Jesus, I was dead and slain, but now Life is rising evermore, then also will follow the Keys of Death and Life, to open and shut Heaven and Hell, as the Hand of the Spirit will. Thus having great and manifold discoveries, of what was to be possessed after Death, we came easily henceforth, to be reconciled to all the deep Dimensions thereto belonging. For the Lord had dealt with us and carried it much after the manner as he did with Moses, who upon the Mount of Vision, had shewn unto us the New Heavens with all their Privileges and Glories, also with the New Jerusalem, and King thereof; and though Moses was prohibited entering into that, which was but a Shadow of what he really passed into by Death’s Transmutation, yet God did him no wrong by all that, thereby to translate him out of the Mortal Principle, into that of Duration: which he had often Sights, Gusts, and Tastes of, while he was in the Corporeal Figure, and he enjoyed the Image of good things to come, as he passed through the Worldly Sanctuary.


January the 26th. 1677.

This Word came this Morning fresh unto me, saying, Now I have shewn you what Rewards the Death-Conquerors will have, will you not desire, and most freely obey, as my Servant Moses did to go up, and dye on Mount Nebo. That is, take leave of this Earthly Congregation, and go apart from all, that still would invite you to abide with them. For if you do not withdraw out of their sight, you will never be able voluntarily to dye, while they do see any strength, vigour, or force to be in your natural Ability, as the beloved Moses had. They will be crying, What need is there of such a dying, as no more to be seen or known by us, after the manner of what hath been; so as without you follow this Example, to go apart, you will hardly dye away quietly, but you will be disturbed to bring your Life back again, so as it will be a lingering dying Death: therefore well consider this impeding thing, and that you might not be alone, in a suffering dying state, I have provided one, that will be a dying-Mate with you, to support and strengthen each other, till a Dissolution is finished. Then you may totally cast your selves upon your dying Beds, there waiting for the Hour of your Change. The utmost grievousness of it will be, but as a slumbering Trance, that will make you forget this Principle, with all its good or evil Properties, all things will be alike unto you, because gathered unto your own People in the Land of Light, where more transparent things will take up your Minds, and satisfie your Sights. There be certain measures and rules, whereby ye may know, whether or no your approaching End be near.

First, Consider the Years and Date of your Age: there is a set and appointed time for Spiritual Death, as well as for the Natural: The bounds thereof are determined, though few, or rarely any, have tasted this Spiritual Death, before their outward Man hath been broken by Natural Death. Yet some known, and some unknown Examples hereof have been, as Enoch, Moses, and Elias, with the Lord of Life, who though he suffered Death, yet rising in that Body again, was with it for a certain time conversant in the Earth, to testifie another Change was to pass thereupon, or else he never could have stood upon the Sea of Glass, without being changed into another Figure, meet for Mount Sion Light. More also have found this Translation, though happily concealed. But it is enough that you know by what means it may possibly be reached, through the serious disposing of your selves unto this dying state. Making observation by self-Examination, of those Signs and Marks, that you may certainly conclude, that the time of your departure is at hand.

Secondly, For the Bounds and Time, without all controversie the Body of Sin is old enough to dye: it is not few, but many and evil have been its days, which have been spent unprofitably; therefore the Life thereof, is not to be prolonged, but to seek the cutting of it off, as an unprofitable Member, with all that do pertain unto it. As the vile Body which through the corrupt Principle entering in, changed the very Form, into the like deformed Image, which being brought back again unto a Nullification, then the Eternal Life will spring, and set all in order, as to the very outward Vehicle again.

The Third Symptom you are to take notice of is this, how your Life-Pulse beats, weak or strong, that is, whether the Life and Vigour of the Heart be much deaded and spiritless to all, whatever can be named, that hath its Root from this degenerated Principle.

The Fourth Symptom is this, do you feel your Stomach and Appetite fully gone, that you cannot digest any of the Fruits that is brought forth by the Sweat of the Brow, and Toil of the Hands, all which was a product of the Curse.

The Fifth Symptom is this, nay more, try your selves, that to all which seems to carry a more refined excellency in it, are you able to distinguish it, as garnished only with somewhat out of Paradise but mixed with the wild and sour Vintage of this World, whether you do feel real disgusts and loathing hereunto.

The Sixth place, this is another palpable Sign, the Life-Breath is much pent and stopped. The thick Air and unsavoury Fumes of this worldly Region, have near stifled the very Life-Breath; so as it will be unbearable, finding nothing at all in this whole Universe pleasant unto you, because of this your Spiritual Sickness, which presageth Death to be so near. Can you now but give a real Proof of such languishing Symptoms, then may you hope and believe, a glorified Translation is hereby working out, where nothing more that is uneasie shall be felt.


January the 27th. 1677.
Concerning some means to this perfect Death,
consider these that follow

First, Let your Bridegroom spirit you, who are thus truly dying, and direct you wisely, to put your visible Affairs into order, as only using them, as for a meer constrained necessity, during the time of your sick mortal state, always expecting that their Date is wearing out. For a transformed Body will  hereof  have no need.

Secondly, Then yet again, take this Rule from your dear Comforter, who would have you finish all things, that may be in order to this accomplishment, of what may make perfect, and entire, lacking nothing that may make comely.

The Third Place, There is another Act as necessary to be performed as this, in passing away, and making a disposal as your last Will, of all that you possess in, and from the Spirit of this mutable Region, that doth constitute and give forth to the fallen Ones, their several Portions, by and through the visible Constellations, that work uncessantly in all the Rational and Sensitive Faculties, as also from the subtle introducement of the Prince of Darkness, who thereby holds the Life captive, that it cannot so easily come to its total decease. Therefore give up all; as they have proceeded from the Earthly Rudiments, let them inherit them as their own again. For the Spiritual Birth and Body, that is to take place upon the Remove of this, hath more high graduated Intellectuals and Faculties supersensually engraven upon the Mind, which will always generate from the Crystal Source of the Immense Being.


January the 28th. 1677.

This Morning the Spirit gave this Word of Counsel, as also for a Caution, in and upon this great Expectation. Beware of the Tempter, in relation to the Hope of Transmutation. Who subtly stands ready here to mingle, who waiteth to see if you should hereby be exalted by any elevated aims, that are not clear and justifiable in the Eye of the Holy Trinity. Therefore keep down upon the sure ground of Deaths deep Humility, make no terms or conditions, what Body you shall come forth with, leave that to him who is the Resurrection and Life. Who will give every Spirit a Body, as may answer to what for them is designed, whether to appear, or disappear in this Principle, according as the most Holy shall see meet, to employ you in new raised Bodies, or to draw up into that Orb, which is all invisible, to officiate as an Eternal Sanctuary. Only in this be watchful, and purge out all high and self-ambitious aims, testifying how great your Rejoycings are, in the dying Marks and Signs, whereby as it is said, the World is crucified to you, and you unto the same, and hereby you shall lose no due Fame, whether or no ye look unto the Reward, that shall follow all this. God himself hereunto will have respect for you, upon whose Faithfulness and Truth you may well rest. Who will dignifie and honour what hath been set most light and contemptibly by: therefore observe and narrow up to this Death-Path in the first place, and that most circumspectly. And the Blessing of Life will evermore attend you.


January the 30th. 1677.

In the first part of the Night, my Meditations were wholly intent upon that Way, Order, and Method, by which a Decease might be to the Body of Sin. For the Spirit intimated and declared plainly, that while it was alive, there could be made no claim to Mount Sion’s Revenue. For as much as the wise and holy God, and our Father, had made a Settlement, according to eternal Counsel upon the true Birth-Heirs, begotten of the Virgin-Spirit, who only the Eternal Goods can inherit. Now then so long as the false, evil, intruding Birth reigneth in the Mortal Body, the Heavenly Offspring must needs be kept down, and made to serve in a strange Country. Because of their first-born Lord, Esau, that is so potent and great in this earthly Principle, that until such time, as the Jacob’s Birth is grown strong and mighty, he cannot look the supplanted Esau in the Face. Therefore full armed with God’s Host we must maintain our Battle, and be in no fear, but the Edomites will fall down, when they shall see the Angel of the Most Holy with his Flaming Sword passing before us, to make our way into our own Land, where our Inheritance doth lie. God saying unto us, Come return unto your Rock, and there I will hide you till the Fury, Wrath and Indignation shall pass away: and I will be unto you an Eternal Cleft of Stillness. Where secured ye shall be, as in Death’s sweet passive Liberty; so as ye shall no more hear the noise of the prancing Warriour, who always is annoying, while he can find you on this side of Death. Therefore see it of necessity, ye must from Mount Nebo, into this Rock ascend; where buried as out of sight ye shall be: for your Dying shall only be Hiding, till such time as the Life, Power, and Goodness of the Deity shall re-enter as a quickening Breath, all fully to Spirit you withal. That so the very Nature and Goodness of this Rocky precious Stone may outflow in you: Then when-ever you will smite this Rock with the Rod of the Spirit, it shall gush out Rivers of Living Waters, to become in each of you, a Springing Well. That so you may Proclaim the mighty Name of him, that hath gotten unto a Life and Victory, by lying close hid, as in the Heart of this ever blessed Saphire Rock.


February the 1st. 1677.

AFTER this opening, I saw as I lay in my Bed, waving Clouds descend upon me, one after another, as the Night and the Day, dark Clouds, and Light swiftly following one after another. At which I was somewhat amazed, till I did understand the meaning hereof. Which was thus manifested, that the black Clouds were hard pursuing, as the dark Shadow of Death, that still would be enterposing with the light Cloud, which presented the Life, that was to reign over Death. I saw the Strife and Contest was very great: but the bright Cloud was last, which descended. By which assurance was given, that Deaths Black Cloud of Mortality, in the Light of the Crystal Rock should be swallowed up: If we thereto did resort, and fixedly abide, as the unknown Sepulchre, where the Dead in the Lord, as Lillies of Paradise shall first thereout spring, as the Glory renewed, for to plant as encrease a most Holy and Priestly Generation. For this Word followed also, saying, What Goodness the Lord hereby shall shew unto you, the same shall ye be able to do, and shew forth in marvellous Deeds; as giving Proof that the Cloud of Death is passed away, and that Life, which hath been hid with God, is risen with a Body like to the Rock, from whence it hath proceeded. Then with the high Saints in Light, ye shall be equally Sharers, in what hitherto hath been kept from you.


February the 2d. 1677.

There was this Day set before me a Crystal Gate, by which Glassy clearness we might see, and take a measuring view of that wonderful place: Wherein was the New Jerusalem-Seat, with all her Temple-Magnificency; which was shewn to be the high Serene Majesty, who as a circling Bow all of Saphire Stone, did include such as could pass through this Gate. For only those true and Sacred Worshippers, who with the Lamb had overcome, could stand within that Temple, as Kingly Priests of the high Tabernacle-Order for to be. Then this Word hereupon followed, What have you through this Glassy Gate beheld, but such things as might make you strive hard, and even force an entrance within the Glassy Screen. For these Presentations are given forth from the Celestial Globe, to set a Work that transforming Stone, that must all-powerfully anatomize the gross fleshly Body; that no way can pass through here, till it is changed like to that Door, which you did see: which till then is, as a bright Bar of Separation. This Privilege only you have, a Prospect, as Moses had, of the Figurative Land: but hereinto you can by no means come, till you have endured the Refining Fire of the Saphire Stone. Which will be given for to do the last finishing part, that so Transubstantiation may be set afoot. The Worthy will certainly it see, who are found in the Life of Conquest, resolving to beat down that Sin-acting Body, which is all the Alienation that separates you from your God and this Holy Place, which within the pure Gate hath been viewed. These words lay up, as from the Holy and Just One, and go forward to this high Procedure. As not being satisfied with these transient Discoveries, no further than as Mediums of Provocation, to call up all your Powers: and thereby to encourage that other, who is to be for me a Witness in Priestly Power, working in his measure steadily, till the Shadow of Death shall fully flee away. That so successively each one may be cloathed substantially with a Body declaratively, which will be God’s mark to testifie, who are partakers of the First Resurrection: Therefore set your Hearts hereunto fully, for your Labour shall not be in vain, as co-working with the Lord, whose Spirit will have its day, for to do Wonders.


February the 3d. 1677.

Thus I did by all come, to learn and know how strait the Passage would be into that Temple, which all over was a God-flaming Glory; with the mighty great Change that must come upon the Soul, Spirit, and Body, before entrance here could be. Which awaked, and set all my Intellectual Powers fresh awork, to Nothingnize what in me was found in the non-conformity, to the Rule day by day set before me. Such a force of Attractive Sweetness did take hold upon my Heart, that I did desire upon some other to shed of the same abroad; that they might not faint or be weary; till we might walk and talk together, as in the transparent form of God, having no more Shadow of mutation to prevent those higher Degrees of Glorification, which but by the ascended, cannot be known or felt. Hereupon I called all in me to account, to be judged by the Superiour Will and Spirit of Light, which gave me to see what was in Bondage, and what was free, that would not now be any longer in Bondage to the Condemnation of Sin. Having that Word brought to me, to search and find out that Salt Stone, that would make all perfectly sound and savoury, which the Corrupter had most subtlely defiled. For I saw for every Sacrifice to be salted with this Stone of Fire was absolutely necessary; for in it lay hid all Perfuming Sweets. Therefore an express Charge came down to re-assume it to our selves, as the choice Altar-Stone, where the unknown Superscription should be written. Oh then said the Spirit of Truth, ye cannot ask any thing fruitlessly, as ye have done: do but will, and it shall be done. Oh that the Most High could have such as were so fixed in Body, Soul and Spirit, to this all-seasoning Stone of Wisdom, as to trust them with this Jewel of Superiourity, so as to leave all Matters, whether great or small with them, in whom his Heart might rest: that all, and every Circumstance of things might be managed, for those Ends and Services, which might agree with the In-written Name, that as a Fountain of Oyl doth run into those Vessels, which are seasoned by this Salt Stone of Fire. For know in Verity, the most Holy hath no pleasure to see his own in this World, to live and walk up and down in so mean a Capacity, unskilful to set a Foot, or Hand, to what lieth in the Divine Magia Root. Which you may lawfully stir up, since for you Christ the Lord hath made the Way, by ascending on High; for to subdue all things under him, that so of the same Power he might subordinately pass away from himself unto you. Who calleth you to draw out the Purchase of his Death, by like dying, and by like immortal Living, according to the penetrating quality. Which by stirring up, may effect thereby great and mighty things, answerably to the Wisdom and Soveraignty of Holiness, which all as in Inclosure doth lie about this holy thing for you. You little know what a Principality is nigh to you: but your Superiour Will hath yet somewhat that doth clog its Wheel, which is designed for to be the running Chariot, whereunto the Spirit of Infinite Might must joyn. Now then by all means, seek the unthralling of your Will; for could nothing mingle therewithal, but what did fall from the pure Deity, how would you find God all-active in and through you? But herein lieth the great Nicety to keep the Will-Spirit untouched that nothing from the Bryery Root doth twist about it, if this is kept spotless and free, what may you not find Power to do with the Most Holy. Observe and keep this great Secret, it is from great and high Love, that I have given an insight to thee, that so all Offences may be removed, who would you should come to Reign over all of the Earthly. Further of this, I besought the Lord, might be revealed: For the great Depravation was in the matter of the Will; for it was shewn me, it was unequally yoked, and had married strange Flesh, from which there must be a Separation by Death. Had not the Royal Will yielded to the tempting Eve, but had kept its Priority, how great and mighty a Lord might Man have been in and over the whole Creation of God, having absolute Power in himself. But hearkening to the Dalilah, that is still acted by the Serpent-like Spirit to this day, it becometh successively despoiled of this Lock of Strength and Power: and so hereby the Shame of our Nakedness doth appear, as to what Cloathing we might have been made known in. Had not Adam thus lost his Dignity, and so hereby brought forth Fruit unto Death, running through all his Posterity, in, and after the Similitude of his Sin. Which hath brought Impotency, deflowering us of all that Spiritual Might; of this we need no other Proof, than what we do each one carry about with us. But the great Thing is, Oh thou who art promised as the mighty Restorer of this Breach, What must we do? who are so unavoidably overtaken, with the same Thrall, and come bound with the same twisting Cords? which hath altogether weakened the force of our Wills? To this great Query, as I humbly pursued, so I had my desire resolved.


February the 7th. 1677.

This know, and well consider, that your Original is from high extracted Matter, which is so Eternal, that it cannot dye: but it stands at the pleasure of the Will, what way it will drive forth it self into. For now it is a distinct Essence, and had it not been corrupted from that simplified Being of Purity, you could never have fallen into such an dishonourable state, wherein the Royalty of your Power is so withdrawn, as ye have no defence, nor can make, against those numerous Circumstances of Evils, that do conspire, where they may find degenerated ground for to work upon. Now then yet, for a more clear and perfect Information, what further on your behalf is to be done, that the choice faculty of the Will, may come to regain its Primary Liberty, that so it may have all powerful success as before it was enthral’d by the tempting Eve. No other way there is, but for the Will to be born again, that thereby it may recover its Virgins Might and Force, then every right Essence will move and open from Nature’s Center. This Birth is not according to the Will of Man, but God. Who out and from an infinite Pity and Love is come by Water, Blood, and Spirit to recover and lift up your relapsed Wills, that so they may stand upon their true native Prerogative, being also set free from the flattering Dalilah, which includes the whole variety of all attractive Delights from this Principle, that as with Cords hath bound the Will down. Oh now then, as beloved of your God, for ever drink in this Word of Counsel, and herein joyn and work with the Spirit of your Lord Jesus, who is come to persuade and allure you, to suffer joyfully the breaking up of your whole Earthly Family. Which only consisteth of what is judged but lawful and expedient by the false Seers, who are Babylon’s Merchants. But to you, I have other things revealed, and do incite you to be at variance with whatever will not consist with the new-born Will. Who is to be matched with her, who is the real Bride and Heir, to whom a great Retinue doth belong; of which Family you are to bear the Name only. Therefore let it not seem grievous, to rend and divide from what is of this evil World; for verily hereby as God is true, ye shall sustain no loss; For your Superiour Will, will hereby be so free, chaste, pure, and mighty, as by its Conjunction with its Bride, may outspread into a wonderful fruitfulness, more terrible than whatever hath been displayed to the check and rebuke of all, and the best of those Mortals that yet are come no further, than to a lame and divided Property of Will, who nothing of Might can do.


February the 8th. 1677.

It was further discoursed to me the great and mighty Effects, that would accrue to that Will, which could from its Original Purity spring, passing as a Golden Arrow with mighty swiftness, nothing thereof touching by the way to spoil its force; and with a fixed Eye, determining to bring about that very thing, which the Arrow of the Will is gone into. Which verily will have the same success that our Lord had, when he said, I Will such, and such to be made whole. All those great and marvellous things, which have been done in the World, before and since Christ’s time have been by the act of the Will, as delivered from the Poysonable Web of Mortal Self. Oh then how free is it in it self, to summon in the mighty Force, which is laid up in God’s strong Tower for the unbyassed Will to draw out, to act and do upon the Holy Ones account, as a just Steward entrusted with a power of so high a Nature, as all Matters to determine, in the Counsel of a simplified Will. This was shewed to me, as a great and wonderful Prerogative, into which the holy Driver made me search and still further to pry into the Mystery hereof, opening, that Scripture to me in the Revelations, Whosoever will, let him come, and take of the Waters of Life freely. The force lay all in the Will, taking and recovering by lawful Violences the Crown of Immortality and Life, that hath during the Captivity of the Mind and Will, been out of reach and sight. But now our dear Immanuel in Spirit is come to unbind, and set our Wills free, revealing what the clog and stop hereunto hath been, which hath prevented the going forth of the Will-Spirit in Soveraignty. Who this more said, Yet I will give thee a deeper Sight, that ye may see what hath lain, as upon the Mouth of the Cave, which hath kept down the rising Power of the Will, that it could do no mighty things.


February the 10th. 1677.

As I was Considering in my self, to wing up in the Power of a Free-will, according as it is said, There is a willingness in the Day of God’s Power: and making an Enquiry throughout all the Regions of my Mind, how in this matter it stood with me; I found the Will deficient, much after the manner as the Apostle Paul, in the 7th of the Romans, gives a Character, in which is presented a divided Will in an uncertain Motion, which argued great Strife, Weakness, and Imperfection. Which by no means was to be found in us staying here. For said the revealing Unction, To this end I have manifested unto you, the adjoyning Power of Supremacy. Which must be looked after, as the Bride-Mate of the Will, which addeth the Dowry of all-sufficiency, in the Lord’s Work and Business, to go forward uncontrollably, carried up in the Chariot of the free willing Spirit, that trampleth all down before it. Upon this Word of Counsel, I had a mighty Voice with it, crying thus in me, with many Ecchoings following upon it, saying, You now know the way, why is it that you still stay with the viler sort: try and see every day, what force ye can raise for your Revenue to that Heavenly born Family, where is nothing but Peace and Unity, with Palm Trees of Victory, and Wells of Salvation, that so ye may come to taste, that which is so sweet, while you are yet but in your way. The smell and sight of Paradise will you first entertain, through the perfect Death of the mortal Life, and a while must stay with those lower Inhabitants, well viewing that native Place and Country: for somewhat that was lost there, shall be upon recovery, as soon as you there appear. Then the Tree of life will invite you to eat of it, that so Immortality may be regained. Then your Souls and Spirits are, with Bodies suited for a higher Degree, to come up among the greater Dignities. For Paradise is as your Bride-Chamber, where ye must put on again your Virgin Body.


February the 11th. 1677.

After this Call to Paradise, the Spirit presented that Scripture to me, Mark 10. 28, 29. and opened very powerfully to me, every Sentence of it, as shewing we both should sustain no Loss, by acquitting all those Particulars there mentioned. The occasion of our Lord Jesus giving forth the assurance of a better exchange, upon the very fore-going, of what was in present view and possession. This Query was started, upon the coming of the Young Man, who had as he thought, bid fair for the Kingdom of God, supposing none could go higher, than to observe and keep all the Commandments: but our Lord had a more searching thing to try him withal, which he was not aware of, when he so confidently moved his question. The Answer to which brought great Anxiousness, that no doubt he repented him, that he urged such a Discourse, whereby as in a Glass, he might see the impossibility of inheriting Eternal Goods, till that he was stripped of all that, whereby he was inriched from this lower state of things. Which made our Lord to cry out of the great Hardship and Difficulty that would be to quit all to follow him, to come to be no more of the World, than he was, but as a Stranger not having any dwelling place, but to pass through it, as a foreign Country, only biding so long, as to do the Lord’s Message, and perform his Work, which ought to be our end and design. For the whole drift of our Jesus, in and by all his Life, Example and Doctrinal Admonition was still to wind us off, and ungraft us from out of the strange degenerated Vine, from whence we so readily suck that Life, from which a Death is to come upon. But to come to what was opened to me, from Peter’s asking Christ so bluntly, what they should have, upon the account of forsaking of all for him: Which seemed to be a pretty selfish Question; but however our Lord overlooked that, giving an high encouragement to whomsoever shall by forsaking of all, give proof of their Love to him, and esteem of the Heavenly Treasury above the Earthly. Now upon the Call and Cry, which I had followed me to draw off, and come away from what would make a Prey of us. My Heart ecchoed back again, saying, Ah Lord how is it possible we should put off all so quickly, when so deeply engaged, and settled as House-keepers, amongst the Inhabitants here below, as not seeing our selves capable of passing into another Sphere, because we do bear gross Bodies. Upon which the Spirit brought those Words to me. As first, Whosoever shall forsake Houses, that Word in Particular, was thus interpreted. That by Houses, the Spirit that spake in Jesus then did aim at a further thing, than an outward material Habitation. Houses for shelter are harmless and without Offences. But it is that Earthly House spoken of, which is the Body of Sin, which harboureth the whole Tribe and Family, who are from the fallen Birth. From which evil Seed a Corrupt Generation hath sprung, and sheltered themselves therein. There is Father and Mother, Husband and Wife, Brethren and Sisters, as the most Holy Spirit declared, saying, all these in a compact are, being of one Blood and Life, strong Animal, and mighty Rational, and all these do lawfully plead for their establishment, as in such who are refined from the more gross Pollutions, not considering their own Originality, that all do proceed from a corrupt Being, and it is not the suspending their Evil Properties at sometime, not suffering them to break forth, washing that over which beareth the stain of a Leopard Spot. This is too short, and defective: for to erase the Foundation of the House and Lineage, you are called upon to pull it down. The Incitement is to that superiour Will upon whom all these Combining Powers have encroached. It therefore must act a Sampson part, resolving to make a Battery, that so a final Conquest may appear upon the visible Stage, resolving to break the Brood, though you do with them sink down into Death. Call up your force, the mighty strength of Israel is at hand, yet once more to avenge you, by not only shaking, but by removing the Pillars of that House, which hath been a receptacle of all this Evil Fraternity, from which to go out, ye are commanded. Let not your Noble Will take any notice of their subtle and pretended Abnegations, or upper Washings, which cannot change the Blackamore. It will be an Ishmaelite at best, though a faithful Abraham’s Son part thereof may bear, yet because of a divided Seed, born from the AEgyptian, nothing of Wisdom’s Inheritance it must ever share: all of that is reserved for her own true Heir, who hereupon will rid all of the Hagarites Offspring, not one shall dwell in Isaac’s Court. Thus I was made to understand the scope and drift of the Spirit, what it was to forsake all, it is no less than to be dead to all, and to come so far in this Death, as to strike at the very moving cause, of what hath given Life unto these degenerated Plants, at which very Root the Flaming Sword will pierce, that so the Original matter may be throughly consumed. Ah blessed Lord, such a deep Wound in that hidden part, whereout all of this strange, earthly brood begotten was, do thou now give us from thy great kindness, such a deadly stroke, that no more of Life may ever stir from that Center: and give unto us a release from that Ishmaelitish Family to all Eternity, Ah dear Lord Jesus.


February the 14th. 1677.

Being this Night much carried forth in full Sail of the Spirit of Faith, (which was the more set afloat from the contradicting and opposing Spirits, who were raised as so many Pirates, that did attempt to take away our Prize:) after this manner it was presented to me, that the most Holy One had built for us, a passing Ship, to sail upon the broad Heavens, to fetch home the rich Cabinet-Treasure, that is disposable by Wisdom; she giving out upon every arrival fresh Lading. Now the Serpent this seeing, said, If we let them alone in this way of high and Spiritual Traffick, then they will come to a mighty Increase. For if the good and choice things of Mount Sion, should be brought into this Principle, and the worth of them should come to be understood, then Babylon’s Wares could not bear that rate that now they do. Therefore said the blessed Comforter, Marvel not, that wait is laid, by that Evil One, who in several Vessels, as a Man of War, doth strongly stear them. Who deem it but just and lawful to rifle and despoil, what are prohibited, as unlawful to be brought in, into this earthly Region. The wise and learned Rabbies of this Age, do take Counsel how to prevent the Landing of these uncustomed Goods, that are not licensed after the known Traditional Laws. But at this be ye not terrified, who well know your Merchandize is good and valuable: and in its time it shall have Vent amongst those, who hereunto are elected. Therefore your goodly Ships, rigged with Flying Banners of Faith, do you not fear still to send forth, for Guardian Hosts of Spiritual Powers shall surround you. Only this, let your bow of Faith abide in strength, and do not give the least ground to what would dis-settle you. Trust in the Most High, as your Strength, and ye in Unity shall find an Almighty Defence.


February the 14th. 1677.

Being in a deep Consideration, how, and after what manner, our God would give witness, that we are chosen as Paul and Barnabas, for a special Work and Ministry in this World: it was answered me, It should be known by a great Gift that should come upon us.


February the 15th. 1677.

Then this Word came to me, saying, For as much as ye have with one fixed Mind, for my Truth and Honour stood, expect Prophecies shall to you be made good.

It was again thus to me said, That by Constancy, we should wear out every Enemy, with the Word of Charge, to hold this Helm of our Ship fast, for it would then bring us to our own Country Coast. Where we should be beyond the fear of every lurking Pirate.


February the 17th. 1677.

The second part of that of Mark 10.30. was by the sweet Flowing Unction expounded to me, being the reward of what should ensue upon the denying and forsaking this whole earthly Life, giving and taking a general Release from it.

This Word came as a Preface to it.

Know that the most mystical and deep Sense of this Scripture is now opened unto you, who are beloved of your Lord, not only for the enriching of your Minds, with right Knowledge and Understanding, but to give firm ground to stand upon. And hereby to believe, as from a sure and fresh Word of Prophecy which ye may expect the accomplishment of, upon the laying down of your Lives, and suffering a real divestment of all thereto pertaining. The summ of which, is the putting off the House of this earthly Tabernacle, that ye may be cloathed upon with this House, which is here mentioned in the Plural Number, Houses, to shew that there is variety of Habitations to take delight and pleasure in. But what manner of Buildings are these Houses? the material matter of them you would willingly know? First by a true description from such a one, as is already entered into them, who is so gloriously settled herein, as he it is, who doth invite you to be his Neighbourhood, saying to the Conquerors, Come up, and sit with me in my Throne. Now then till you have laid down your Earthly Tabernacle of this crazy Building, you may take the Word of your Lord Jesus, who by his Spirit is now come to tell you the material Matter of this House, which you are to enter upon, the Matter and Form of which, is God himself. Who hath had the Denomination of Old, to be the Dwelling-place of his People, and the Saints Pavilion throughout all Generations. This Building is all of Saphire Stone, having perfect measures of Length, Breadth, and Heights, according to the Figure declared by Ezekiel, who obscurely portrayed out this high and wonderful Palace, for the most holy Priests to enter in, and to perform their daily Worship. God is not a naked unfurnished House, you will find it already provided to your Hand, without any care or toil, in first, second, and third Story, with suitable Furniture to every place. So that you will cry, Oh how amiable are the Courts of Holiness! Here you will desire to dwell for ever in him, who doth so splendorously dilate himself to your Internal Senses, that all may have a satisfying Content.

Now the next thing to be considered, is to know, what is here included in the Promise? Ans. Here is included the whole Number of Divine and Celestial Relations, promised upon a new Score, of which Job was a true Similitude, who lost all in this very same kind, and had all again restored; as a Figure of this new replenished state. All the Comfort that may be expected further from hence, is Marriage-Union. From whence Encrease may come: without this, the other will not altogether perfect the Joy. Therefore be assured, that Care is taken for this also, there is a numerous Offspring out of this Holy Habitation to be Born. Your Father hath already made the Match before Hand, before you do come thither. All things, while you are in this Principle, are determined upon. Oh! here you will know the unutterable Pleasure of a Bridegroom, who will be so intimately tender over you, that you shall say, Never was such kind of Love known, or fathomed; when you shall know no more any Interposing Lover, but can appropriate each other in all Purity. A blessed exchange here will then be understood. But yet there are higher Degrees of Joy, when you shall bring forth, after your own Heavenly perfect Likeness. The great Blessing that is promised upon this Conjunction with the Virgin-Bride is Fruitfulness. Ye shall also see of the travel of your spiritual Bodies, and therewith be satisfied. Wisdom as a fruitful Vine, upon the sides of this Eternal House and Building, will spread forth her self. Consider that of Isaiah, which Prophecy is yet to be fulfilled. Isa. 49.20,21. In this time the Children, which thou shalt have after thou hast lost the other, shall say the Place is too strait; meaning this earthly Principle; they cannot thereto be confined: they may look into it, and pass through it as Strangers, to shew themselves as Jesus did after his Resurrection, but no continued Habitation for them is here, v.22. But thou shalt say in thy Heart, who hath begotten these, seeing I had lost my Children, and was left alone? This represents your dead and deplorable state once, and the sudden and unexpected Restoration: In that clause, Where have they been? So that a Nation and Kingdom of Priests seems to be born in one Day. This is marvellous indeed, when ye shall see your Spiritual Offspring, as Olive-Plants about your Table set. This must needs heighten your Peace and Joy in him, who is your Tabernacle framer, who hath such durable and pleasant Comforts provided in this Mountain of Holiness. Besides, there are also Brethren and Sisters, which are born with you from one and the same Eternal Spirit, whose Loves are pure and immutable as God’s Love is; rejoycing, Not envying at each others Degrees of Glory: No grudgings there is, though a Benjamin’s Portion be doubled. Among these nothing known is, but an high sweet refreshing Harmony. A blessed Family thus compact! It may well make you groan, to put off this Earthly House, that so this Royal Society may be made known to you. And as ye have been long herefrom, kept as Exiles, so let this true and faithful account, which now is given by that Spirit, who doth bear a true Witness hereof, provoke you this Translation to seek, and that withal your Might. For the Emphasis lieth in that Word of your Jesus his Promise (if you well observe) which runs Now in this Time, or in this very time, signifying all Here to be made good. Which will awaken great Persecutions, as it is said, strange Uproars within and without you. Which the Prince of this World will raise, when he seeth that any one shall in great earnest resolve, to put off all that he can challenge right unto. It is the earthly Sinful Body, that he disputes for: leave it him; for after this manner he contended for Moses Body, which God had hid. Be ye henceforth Exiles here, but real Inhabitants with God, your appointed dwelling Place. Leave this Principle, and all what is its own: care not, but render up what you had from it. For when you have quitted all, doubt not, but the hundredfold will come upon you, according as hath been revealed: Be you the first Adventurers here for it, and ye shall be undoubtedly highly blessed.

The same Day I had this Word spake in me, thy Soul is among tearing Lyons, but a Daniel guard is about thee. They shall make no Prey, whilst thou dost fly to thy Rock for shelter, thou shalt see their Mouths sealed up forcibly.


February the 18th. 1677.

Arguments to plead with the Lord were given to me this Night. Which I found was from the Spirit of Prayer, that urged strongly and potently in me, for our remove, out of this Tent of vile Humanity, into what I did in Spirit see. Upon which I had this Word spoke to me; Be patient in Hope, steadfast in Faith, ardent in Love, and ye will move the Trinity, to send forth Decrees for your enlargement.

Then again was given into me an Idea, as the Dr. and I did mutually joyn in Prayer, in, and for the same thing, that our Condition was like to Jonah, swallowed up in the Belly of the Whale, shut up in the House of Death, enclosed in the Body of Sin, round which the Seas and Floods did beat upon, and the Deeps did roar, and boil as a Pot of Ointment. All which presented this World, with the mutinous Spirits, that are as the restless Waves, that would as the Belly of Hell devour us, if not bounded. It was thus shewed to me, that the true Prophetical Jonah was in us, who was cast into this boisterous Sea, which would drown the Prophetical Life, but that the wise preventing Love of God hath provided for Jonah’s safety in the very Belly of Death. Out of this Grave the Lord our God doth hear our Voice, though the Earth with her Bars are about us, yet said the Living Word, out from Corruption your Lives shall be brought. Thus Death shall not at all hurt you, let not your Souls faint, but direct your Prayers to the Holy Temple; that so through great fervency, from these nether Depths you may there into enter, and from Death’s Bands ye shall be loosed. The Body of mortality, as the Fish, shall vomit you up, when great JEHOVAH shall once the Word give forth. These Openings are still for your Support.


February the 21st. 1677.

I saw a Vision thus presented to me; I did see a green Cloath-Covering, which was sown over a White Sheet, which was let down, and I was bid to unrip it, which after a metaphorical manner was done, I know not how. And under it there were Creeping Creatures, that were of a devouring Quality; then under the Linnen there appeared a Lamb pure and white, with sparkling Eyes as Flames of Fire. Which thing considering, it was thus opened unto me, This was the Face of the Covering, that the Word of Command came forth to have unripped, and taken off. By which the very inward ground might be discovered, where the fattened Beasts did lurk under, who by the Covering were bounded. But now the shame of their Nakedness did appear, so as they crept away, and could no longer abide, by reason of the Lamb’s sparkling Eye, which caused the Remove to be made; saying to me, Now give place, who am come to scatter, and destroy all of this evil quality from before my Face. I can no longer bear this Covering upon me, this partition Vail must be rolled away, even that dark Body of Sin, which hath been as a weight upon the Lamb of God. Whose Eyes do pierce to find out every thing that hath made a breach, that so the Heart of God should not be concealed from you: into which you could never see so long as this thick dark Covering remained, whereby hid hath been the very Original matter, that hath brought in all the Woe and Sorrow. For which purpose by way of this Similitude, you may come hereby to understand the force of that great Love, that moveth to lay all naked and bare, that so through the medium of that light Eye, which did lie under covert for a time, ye might see the Image of that Sin-breeding Beast, that could multiply into such encrease under the green Covering. Whose Seat and breeding place shall make discovery to the most innermost Ground unto thee, that so thou mayst be at rest, from the source of Sin’s working property.

Let us in the first place now make enquiry into the Originality of this Monster, how he came to have a Being. For in the beginning of the Paradisiacal Creation, all was created by God, comely, good, and perfect: how came then this strange Essence to be brought in, to dispoil and alter the whole Heavenly Course of things in this Paradisiacal Creation? Now know, that before this, there was a Creation of Angelical Hosts, as an immediate product from the everlasting Being. Who delighted to generate Thrones, Mights, and Powers, that so God through distinct Existencies of Celestial Spirits, of that high Angelical Order, might come to manifest his Attributes, which before lay void and hid in an Eternal Stillness. So as here was the Angelical World in pre-existency before the Paradisiacal. The Superiour Heavens were furnished in the first Place with Dignities suited for God’s own peculiar Habitation. Of which Number, there was a Spirit of high Elevation, that did awaken in some of them, who were Principalities in this Kingdom, to exalt themselves equal, or above the Lord their Maker. For which cause, being cast out from the most meek and holy Presence, they consulted how to spoil and infect, having great Envy against God’s new Creation, and formation of Man in, and after the express Image of himself. This blew up their Coals of Jealousie, and fiery Indignation, which as deadly Arrows were soon sent forth; namely so soon as Adam came to have an existency, He must be tried by this subtle Serpent. And the first onset was, whether they could by their Magical Art cast him into a deadly Sleep; that so thereby his Impotency might be manifested, stupifying his seven high graduated Faculties. Who hereby before he was aware did lose his Virgin generating strength: and whereas it was said, That God cast him into that Sleep, the meaning is, God suffered it, and permitted the probation to come upon him, to see whether he could stand this first Insinuation, which was by some secret Poyson, that he had drunk in, from the fallen Spirits, who had somewhat already of their evil Seed cast in. In that God said, Seeing Man is already fallen from that primary force and strength, that he cannot bring forth from that Virgin Female property, Now it will not be good for him to be alone: he shall have a Companion answerable to his present state, which is already lower by many degrees, than when the pure immortal Breath did enter in. But had Adam with his Eve here staid, and had not been brought in a further Premunire, Mankind had not seen the Sin fatal Death of Mortality. But the Serpent seeing his Invisible Sorcery had taken so good effect, he now is more bold to adventure upon the second Tryal, suiting his Temptation more subtley, telling them they should be as Gods. Which was an inducing Argument, at which Sugar-Bait they presently nibbled, and did eat of it, and in that very moment were turned into that mortal Beastly shape, the figure whereof you do to this Day wear. But well had it been, if this had been all the injury; but oh the Serpently Seed was cast in there, who at once sent in that Poyson, that hath had its death operation ever since. Thus you see the Originality, from whence ye have derived your Earthly Life of Mortality, which is so inherent, that as a boiling source it is maintained from this strange introduced Fire; so as though you are in continual Labour, to scum off the Filth thereof, yet it still renews again. So while the root of this corrupt Matter remains, your toil, fear, and care will have no end. Now what is it think ye, must enter in so deep, as to suck out the Serpent’s deadly Sting, that hath made all this disorder in Nature? Many Medicines have been applied, and some have been safe, and undoubted of, yet they have not reached the place of Sin’s Conception, to destroy both the Serpently Seed, with the first Earthly Eve, which is the Mother of all Living in the Earthly Property. Her Womb is fruitful, still to bring forth Viperous Thoughts, and evil Earthly Motion from a flowing Source throughout all Generations. Now you will say how and by what means shall this be remedied? You cry the Power is not in us: how can that come to be nullified, that is so essentially in us? The Boughs may, while but tender Boughs be bent; and when strong grown, they may be cropt; but the stock, as a deep grounded Oak, our Arm is too short to reach: We cannot move it, the very Earth will rend and shake, when ever it shall come to be displaced. Hear now and consider ye, whose lawful Objection is come before me: it is granted to you, that the everlasting Father through the Mightiness of the Spirit in the Lamb’s Nature, must displace for you the Root of this Oak, that is so deeply rooted in the Ground of Nature. But what Tool or Instrument will he take in his Hand, but the Ax of your Wills. Then a through stroak will he strike by the piercing Eye of his Spirit, who seeth the very depth, from whence its Essence doth proceed. For without a discovery made, where the Cause of this defect is, nothing hereof could be made, or for you wrought out. Therefore the Lamb of God is come, the Vail of Covering to unspread; that so by the sparkling Fire of his Eye, ye might see from the Depths beneath the Birth-Source of Sin, which doth open wide. Also with the same Eye, ye may behold within the heights of Sion, a flowing Ocean of molten Gold: to this for healing do ye fly. For no other Medicine can heal the Serpent’s Sting within you. These are the Golden Floods, which by the Spirit are daily poured forth, to drown the first Birth of Eve; that so an end may be of that generating Source, and her Womb for ever henceforth may come to be barren in you. To which end, Orders and Decrees are made in Heavenly Places, that Virgin-Wisdom shall take place in her room: and her Seed shall be destructive to the Serpent’s, and to all his Hierarchy; and you shall see his Head Power bruised to purpose, when all Sin in its Originality shall be blotted out by the Hand, and working Source of the Deity. Who will give also to you the Key and Chain of Power, that so in the Name and Authority of the Lamb, ye may take hold on the Dragon, and bind him, and shut up his flowing Source of Evil, and with the Seal of the Living God, to seal him up, that he may find no way to come out of his own Lake, to corrupt or deceive you any more. Then you will begin in all stillness upon the Earth the Reign of Christ within the pure Region of Wisdom’s Climate. For in the Singular Number, it will begin to work forth. The Day therefore is near or far off, according as ye are carried forth in Zeal, Power, and Faith; hereunto giving up your selves totally, to observe the Word of Wisdom: in which whosoever are found so doing, they shall all be Crowned with this Diadem of Power.


February the 22d. 1677.

This Word spake thus to me, do ye joyntly put on the Body of the Love, in which the Spirit of Jesus will make known the Father of Glory to you, for an Everlasting Reconciliation, as to Children new born.


February the 24th. 1677.

Feeling great Peace and Joy so long as I could restrain the moving, acting Life of Sin, then I did obtain near access to the most Holy, during the seasons and times, when I could reign over all the Region of Natural Sense. Which the Interiour Spirit may thus keep upon its Watch-Tower; so it would then be altogether a subject meet for the Holy Trinity, to open the Depths belonging to their Immense Love-Being. Which by reason of these Cloudy Vails are little understood: for when I did measure my self at such a time, when so raised, as to desert all, that might be called carnally rational; then little enough I seemed to be, so light and so free, so purely sprightly, to pass through the Glassy Gate. But while I am again cast into the Nature of a gross thick Body, tinged with Sensibility; then no Ability there is for me to pass, where I would. As the Day and Night be thus in a moment still of force, to oppose each the other in the divided Property, till the everlasting Day of the Spirit shall altogether dis-inherit the dark benighted Sense. Whereof hopes given are by that Spirit, who thus spake from my Lord Jesus, putting this Question unto me, saying, How dost thou think it possible to know the Majesty, who is incircled in such excessive Light, whilst thou livest in so many Degrees below the Seraphick sphere? For great is the remoteness that may be from hence to them. Who altogether are confined to a Terrestrial state. For in that Word is weight, that divided hath the Spiritual in, and from the Natural. Who is uncapable to know, discern, or judge of any matter, but what is his own: that is, which lieth within the Sphere of his understanding, as a rational Man, who is wise for himself. Which Wisdom is all to protect and hold up, and save what is to be cast down, and be destroyed. Thus the Serpently Birth of Wisdom, will hold its own, in opposition to the pure, meek, essential Being and Birth, which is from the Spirit. Who is a great Sufferer, while he is so near adjoyned to the natural Man, who is a fit Receptacle, for what this evil Principle can shake him withal: which the Prince and great Commander of this World, will enough of this trash and earthly stuff, load him withal, to give the mind full employ to prevent that which is Sublime and Celestial. Therefore, in vain the Scripture hath not said, None can know the Thoughts of a Man, save the Spirit that is in him; that is, none can pry or reach into the subtlety of the deceitful Heart, that is working and busie, minding and Plotting, to compass the heighth of earthly things, to which his Life would wholly extend: As desiring to know nothing more, or above, or beyond his Natural Sphere; being satisfied with the sight of his Eye, with the hearing of his Ear, being wholly taken up with what is ministered from this mortal state, which finds out a daily variety to hold this Life in Captivity.

Thus you see the Earthly Man made out; he is distinct from the Heavenly. He knows nor perceives nothing of the spiritual Man’s concerns, but as living in one and the same Body, hath great advantage to interfere, and cast in many times his cloudy Reasonings. This natural part, as the Night doth cleave to the Day, but yet they have their divided Court: they may be possibly kept apart, through the constant Watch, and Calling in Wisdom’s succour and aid. Eve’s Birth is yet permitted, thus near Immanuel’s Nature to live for probation. For the Dragon must try successively upon every one his Temptation; Which could not be, if he had not recourse to Eve’s depravity, that hath lodged you in Elementary Bodies, by which the Strife is occasioned. For the Serpent doth make great claim, to what he finds sticking and still abiding within the corporeal case. Which hath so degraded you, as to the Visibility of and from that God-like Image, in which ye once were considered; as now verily ye little differ from that low degree of the pure Animal Creatures; but that your inward Mind is yet of a superiour Magnanimity, that was still kept and preserved within the interiour Faculties; though the outward Image of Glory did forthwith fade, through the closing with the Temptation: from whence Hope there is, that the Stem of the whole and Eternal Matter, being yet left for Attraction, may assume again its lost Paradisiacal Body; through the Gift of the Holy Ghost. For if ye once come to recover your inward Spiritual transformed Might, Power and Purity, the outward, at your pleasure will be for alteration. For the way to the Tree of Life will be known by the Spiritual Man: which being fed upon, will operate for another manner of Covert, than a Goat-like Skin, wherein is your deformity. For the Spiritual Man born again, will be so wise and knowing, as it will lose nothing, that doth belong to it upon Election; though for a time, Nebuchadnezzar-like, driven out from his Paradisiacal Kingdom hath been, to feed amongst the wild Beasts; whose gross Body sucks in answerably what this low Element can afford him. This is the earthly Mans Portion, till he be Born again into the Spirit; then he comes to a clear Understanding and sound Judgment, and calleth over what Heavenly Revenue doth belong to him. Another Heart and Spirit is returned, which makes him for to see and loathe that former Image, wherein all of the Earthly was found, conversing daily amongst Men in Beastly Shapes. From which by the mighty Birth of the Spirit of Jesus, you are returned, to get establishment in your own Kingdom. Who are true Heirs thereof, through Love’s Adoption; but not being come to the full Age, are not to have yet the Reins of Government, wholly put into your Hand: this is reserved for a full grown Spirit of Wisdom, which will spring in you by degrees. But this is now doing for you, saith the deep searching Spirit, a Catalogue is making out of what Goods and Spiritual Stuff do belong to you, that so you may know what ye have to trust unto, and so set your Heart thereupon, Your Heavenly Father would not that you should be kept ignorant of what is your Eternal Dowry; For the knowledge of this will act you forth answerably, into all Deified greatness of Spirit, as expecting such a Kingdom to come, and such a Priesthood of the highest Order to be given to you. All which is to make you, for to bethink your selves, how for to carry it; while in this World, ye shall be vied withal from mighty Powers and Principalities, that Command all Delights and Pleasures, that the visible Earth affords. But these must be nothing available with you, who do proceed from another Line, therefore do you only mind the things of the Spirit, none else can know them. Therefore marvel not, that they are despised by all other, these special things are only registered in the Book of Life for you. The deep searching Spirit may look here into, who is privileged to take out of the Original Copy of your Father’s Will, what he hath allotted you in matters Eternal. Upon this free Discourse and Conference, which flowed as Oyl, to make the Lamp of my Understanding, for to burn bright, that so I might be of a quick Sight in Spiritual Things, yet more deep to see: Who here could not be at rest, till the Spirit would give to me a particular of those rich Immunities and Glories, that so we, who herein are concerned, might wholly be taken up, in a satisfying Joy with our own Spiritual things, and mind nothing more, of what is another’s in Earthly things.


February the 25th. 1677.

IN the forepart of the Night I was moved to pray, for the Priestly work to proceed forward, in that the most inward Court might be manifested, which was now upon the revealing. Then, said the speaking Word, Lay aside, all which now as a weight doth, rowle upon you. After this Word falling into a Sleep, I saw the Doctor’s Figure, cloathed in an Embroidered robe, like a Priest’s Cope; at which with great Joy I congratulated him, hoping hereby he should come to have more open access, into the most Heavenly Place. For this Word was with me for him, which was spoken to Joshuah the High-Priest: thus saith the most Holy, if he shall walk in my Ways, and keep my Charge, and abide in my Courts, then shall he be a Priest, over my House. Even so, Amen, make thou him meet for it.

The Doctor and my self then being met at Prayer, where we did feel the Life to move vigorously, towards the Conclusion of the Doctor’s Prayer, this Word spake in me, Pray evermore, and faint not: for what my Spirit shall pray within you, the same your Advocate doth convey to the Father with Incense.


February the 26th. 1677.

Somewhat before Break of Day, I did see two Persons, that were known to me, in a Boat without Oars, as upon a Sea. Upon a sudden a great Wave of Water broke in upon them, whereupon the Boat began to sink: upon which the one unstripped himself to swim to save his Life; and seeing it in absolute Peril leaped out; upon which the other with her Cloathes took hold of his Arm; and thereby plunged him into the Sea; upon which I cried out, saying, Lord save him. Upon which he did rise, getting from that other, who did take hold upon him. Then a gallant Ship did him meet, where on a sudden, I found my self in, and there with great Joy did take in the Person that swam; but the other could not be seen. So, after this, we removed away with quick sail to the desired Haven. After which, considering this strange Presentation to me, what it should signify, I had only this Word, Take thou up this Parable and say, How thou sawest Two in one Bed, the One through great Favour taken, the Other left.


March the 1st. 1677.

THIS Morning this Word greeted me, Oh! what of Flesh can live, when the immense Deep shall be searched out by the Spirit; therefore consider what it will be there, to know the things of God apparently. The anointing shewed now the great disproportionableness, betwixt what was to be known of the things of God, and that of Man; who, tho’ he be degenerated, and hath lost all Propriety in Spirituals, yet is born an Heir to Terrestrial things: and hath such a Spirit as to understand how to contrive, and make out for himself another Paradise; to which he bends all his force and might, to imitate what was lost; and doth answerably effect great things by rational Wisdom and Industry, as belonging to this Principle. So that though he hath lost the Knowledge of God in things Celestial, yet through Toyl, and Care, Sorrows, and Fears, he hath recovered temporal Revenues, as his own to live upon, and to take lawful Pleasure in: Nay, the Natural Man may go much further than all this; who in the more sobriety of Morality, from a Light within, may be convinced of that Duty, and Necessity, and Fear, that belongeth to that God, in whom all Live, and have their Being; and therefore may shew by a kind of upright moral Conversation, the Law of God written in their Hearts according to the Letter.

As it is said, their Conscience accusing or excusing according to Truth or Falsehood acted by them; for by Nature things contained in the Law may be done; so that you may take in this higher degree of things into the knowledge of the Spirit of a Man, as an earthly Man, and yet not able to receive or comprehend the more high, wonderful and deep things of God. It is only possible to that which is the meer Birth of the Spirit, distinct from the Earthly. Now then, said the most holy Anointing, that ye may know, that this Spiritual Man is born, shall appear, by what shall be revealed unto it.


March the 2d. 1677.

Now as to the things of God, which are given only to the Spirit of a Spiritual Man to find out, verily they are so great, various, and numerous as in times Volumn they can never be unfolded. Only the Spirit, for the use of this new Born Creature, or Spiritual Born Man, doth bring down a Breviate of those invisible Things that are in heavenly Places, or rather that are in God, who is the Original from whence all glorious things that are in Existency, are brought forth: which may be named as the Back-parts of God, framed and stretched forth into a Light Seraphick Globe, which God furnisheth with his own Majestick Forms, which no one ever saw, or therefore can take upon them to describe. The Spirit only hereof can make report to the Spiritual Man, while yet imprisoned in a corporal Shrine and Shape. But you will say what more of the things of God are discoverable? when you are wholly in the Spirit, you need not thus Querie: but in the mean time there is a Spirit, which will take it’s range for you, to view the Father’s Goods, Possessions, and Eternal Lands, because as Heirs ye are concerned thereunto. To proceed then to the heights, depths, and breadths, of what are yours in Reversion, within the Circle of Mount Sion State. Consider then what of God’s is there, they are all yours, as ye stand engrafted, into the Tree of Life. Now what hath the Spirit found out in all the heights, above this earthly Sphere? First into Paradise it doth take its Flight, where all things are in good Order, and flourishing state, as before Adam had lost his Virgin Mate. Paradise is now stock’d again with such as have waded through the floating Sea of Sin and Mortality, in order to the putting on that image of Purity, where the least Guile or Fault may not be found in any there. The Spirit doth see all in wonderful Harmony, for this Voice was heard to say from the high and lofty One, with Men risen from the Dead I will also dwell, though it be allotted for a time to be a separated Mansion, till all be gathered into that one superiour Kingdom. Thus you hear good News, that all is rich and flourishing, within the Paradisiacal Kingdom, no decay since Adam’s day, but much encrease and augmentation is daily through the Resurrection of a Spiritual Man.


March the 3d. 1677.

These things whereof an account has been given you, may be defined as the local Place of Paradise whereinto Spirits separated in a natural Death, putting off their mortal Bodies, do enter into it, and there put on their Virgin Body; which doth prepare them to meet their Bridegroom, who from thence fetcheth them up to Mount Sion. These are such, who in this very time, have fought the good Fight of Faith, and had very near overcome this World. What is lacking to make them fully perfect in this Paradisiacal Place, they are appointed to stay here, till all their Bridal Trimming be finished; and they find, that they can pass the way to the Tree of Life, through the flaming Cherub, who still is a Guard upon that figuarative Tree. In that place holy Angels do there also wait by their course to minister to those, who do come here as designed Heirs of that more glorious State, which in Sion is revealed. This is some part of those good things, which belong to your Eternal Father. But to open to thee a further Mystery; which is, what may be entered upon in this very Life time; know there is a mystical Paradise, as well as a local, which springs metaphorically, opening from a pure magical Center; this is a wonderful state to know and witness: it chiefly stands in divine Visions, Revelations, Ideas, Presentations, Manifestations, in Sounds, Trumpets, Voices, in-Speakings, in Powers, Rapture, Joys, and sensible Feelings: I say all these Golden Springs do flow from out of the Bowels of the new Paradisiacal Earth. This will amount to your present Peace and Joy. Wait I say to feel that. Now that your Spirits may give a Seal with me, that ye have received the anointing, and that you do walk with your Spiritual Man in this Paradise; where you do, often hear the Echo of the Bridegroom’s Voice, calling to you still to haste the getting on all that which will make you look sweet and amiable, and the fragrant Sweets that may you perfume and scent, that so all your Garments may smell of these Beds of Spices, upon which you may stretch your selves. Here a while confined be to dwell after the manner of Spirits in Spiritual Bodies; till you shall all of this visible Orb overcome, and much excell all Creatures in it, having the Tree of Life to live upon. Which is that, which will rarify, and put upon you a more transparent Body; for they who here do daily feed upon it, shall be in good deed metamorphorized. Behold to you, this Paradise Gate doth open stand, and what of the things of God is there, not only to know, but them as your own to enjoy. But this Word of caution to you, who resolved are to taste more deep of these flowing Sweets, take heed of the Laws of Paradise, which once in particular were given to you, remind and observe them. For you must not be in the Quality, halting between two Principles, but here keep company with each other, and your Jesus will most frequently talk with you. and shew himself according to the Love’s betrothment, that is made a fresh with you in this Paradise.


March the 4th. 1677.

The  G L A S S Y - S E A

Now from hence, the Spiritual Man must make another remove, to see what doth lie for him beyond this, among the precious things that out-flow from that rich Ocean-Sea, which is betwixt Paradise and Mount-Sion. This is that Glassy-Sea spoken of, which doth encompass the Beloved City, where is the residence of God, your King, and the Throne of the Lamb, and the Seven Sealing Powers, that do go forth from the most Holy One. Now this Burning Sea is for Probation: who is able to pass through here, but they who have got a thorough Victory over the Beast and his Image, that nothing more of his Mark do bear. They, and they only can stand here; because they are signatur’d from this Flaming Glassy Sphear, that will make your Bodies Clear and Shining as the terrible Chrystal. Oh then qualified Seraphick-like, enter into that Jasper City, which is all Light: where-unto coming, the Pearly Gate will open wide: the Door-keeper there knoweth well who are worthy, having the Register Book in his Hand; where-into will be given you to look, that so ye may see your own Names, and thereby have boldness to enter among this great and glorified Assembly. Where a Seat among the Elders is prepared; when once arrived here, you are past all future Dangers and Fears. Who but the great and mighty God and King, so soon as you do here appear, will hold out his Golden Flaming Scepter, and bid you draw more near: and take knowledge of him, who hath thus prepared all these good things, after so much Tribulation suffered in the Flesh, for the Over-comers: Therefore, saith the All-searching Spirit, who hath foreseen all this for you; think not much , that ye are called hereby, out from all Terrestrial Things, yet to be a great Separatist from all of this visible Creation, and from the Inhabitants that are so strongly centered with the Earthly Life; who may infect you with their poysonable Fumes, and spot your Paradisiacal Lilly, while it is upon its new Blossoming; for to this End, I have revealed these great things of Paradise, and of the holy City to you, that so it might be as strengthening Food, while ye are in the Warfaring state. Care not to save that Life, which stands upon Worldly Interest; but study daily to lose it, then shall you surely find that, and much more, than is yet declared of the things of God. For greater Secrets within the Bosom of Eternity, may yet be revealed to the Spiritual Man. Who shall for this purpose and use give up their pure Minds to Wisdom’s private Cabinet, for to be filled with her daily Treasury. Whose delight is much with such, who do stand clear from all Creatures, who are apt to ensnare with corrupt Communications. For who doth know the full Extent of that Natural Law, but such as have received it from the Mouth of Jesus; none else are under such a strict Obligation. Therefore upon you, who have so greatly sought this Favour, as to come within the compass of the Nazarite Vow, keep to it, and do it not forsake, upon your Spiritual Life Peril. But if to this Vow ye do keep, then all those rich and unutterable Perfections of Glory, which are in Paradise and Mount Sion, shall be your Portion and Reward.

While this was Opening upon the Author, the Distinction of the Mount Sion and the Jerusalem-state was not yet so clearly revealed to her, whence she comprehendeth them here in one: which was afterward more distinctly and fully Opened in the Revelation of the Eight Worlds, as they were made known gradually and Experimentally to her. Which she thinks fit to declare in this Place, as well with relation to this, as to some other Passages, which she would not at all alter, but leave in its first native simplicity, in which it was delivered down.


March the 5th. 1677.

Rules given, how a Spiritual Man is to walk towards God, and those that are without; who are not in the discerning of the Lord’s Temple-Body, into which there must be no thrusting in that which is unhallowed.

FIRST, as to the Lord, the Spiritual Man stands in that high Relation, as he is perfectly under the Law and tye of such an Eternal Obligation, as to do nothing but by Counsel, Commission, and Ordination, still having recourse to God, as his Father, and to the Lord Jesus, and to the Spirit of Wisdom, who is at hand to direct every Thought, Word, and Motion. Be chaste keepers at home (is a Spiritual Charge upon the Spiritual Man) in God, his Habitation. Where all his Content and Pleasure is to be taken up, not gadding with the Eye of his Mind out of this Spiritual Holy Place.

Now as to Creatures, how to walk to them, who are of the Earth. All care is to be had, to maintain a wise and holy distance, as our Lord Jesus did, giving no offence to the Caesars of this World about their Dues. But have no Fellowship or Conversation, more than what is of absolute Necessity. For he can hardly match our spiritual Man to any Being, that will suit it but God himself, into whose Bosom it will fly, like to an eager Bird. Remembering we are to be redeemed from Men, and not to walk as Men in the Flesh, but as those, who are justified in the Spirit. Keeping Company with the Flocks that are come forth all washed in the Blood of the Lamb, who is that Shepherd, who will sound his sweet ecchoing Trumpet of Peace, Love, and Joy, wherewith we may be so inebriated, as not to go out of this Fold to other strange Flocks, where only Goats are, who are excluded from the great Shepherd.


March the 7th. 1677.

This Word come also to me, I again will choose a Disciplehood upon the Earth, who shall know me in my inward Spiritual Figure, as I was known in former times, by a terrestrial Voice and Shape. Now I will walk again upon an invisible Earth, where none but the Spiritual Man can understand my Speech, or see my transformed Shape. To such who are my chosen Disciples, I will appear familiarly. Behold I am upon a new Election, to call such who are found in the Crown number Roll. Now one by one, till an encrease may be of this holy Priesthood to the Hundred and forty four thousand. Blessed are they, who are the first foundation Pillars of this Virgin Church, upon which, I can allow to be found neither Wrinkle or Spot, for if Faulty, I cannot be their Head, to walk among those, who in any wise are defective. For the Case is now clean altered of what it was in the days of my Infancy; when I broke forth in the fleshly Form, it was of necessity a Tribulated suffering State should succeed after me, that so Sin might expire through daily dyings, which did take great effect among my Disciplehood in that Age, but they deceasing before the reaching to that perfect Date, of what was to be the Churches glorified State: Now something greater and more perfect is to be revealed, after so long and cloudy a Day of Apostasy. A sparkling Star shall rise out of that Orb and Climate, whereof it shall be said, this is Wisdom’s fruitful Day; out of whose eternal Morning Womb, ye shall see bright Stars of Glory generated for a glorious Temple. Who then will now sound this my Trumpet, and will call to break away from their iron Yoaks, to come to be dignified, as hewed Pillars for Wisdom’s Temple to be built upon, Oh ! what saith the Spirit, who shall I find that can say, accept of me for holy Use, who without shadow of change, will no more turn into this World? For such a Pure and Apostolical Foundation the Father of Spirits will lay for his corner Stone, yet in the Earth again. Who will open in some such first, that in a separated Mind and Spirit, do wait herein as Virgins, not as with a double Eye, to look forward and backward, up and then down, no such unsteady Spirit will ever be taken in: therefore the Spirit of Jesus doth give you this seriously to weigh, as a seasonable Caution, who would that this Prophecy might be fulfilled on you. Oh, pray for Stability and constancy continually.


March the 8th. 1677.

A Vision which I saw.

I with another Person was walking and conferring about the things of God in a by-place, where no resort of Creatures use to be, nor any did we see. But suddenly lifting up my Eyes, upon a lofty Tree, I saw an Eagles’ Nest, they being fledged, did all present themselves to view. The old one was flown from them, to bring Provision to them. At which sight of these young Eagles, we who walked together consulted, how to take them, and to bring them away as a Prize. While thus considering how to climb the Tree, we were on a sudden carried level with the Nest, and did not know how we got so high. But one Eagle I did see had fluttered out, and hung by the Twig of a Tree all martyred, the Legs and the Neck all Bloody and broke. The rest suffered themselves to be taken, though they were so strong and fledged, as they might have flown from us. But that other Person took the Number of them, which were Six, and I did receive them into my Apron, and so as strangely we were let down from this high Place, as we were drawn up to it. After this I set the Eagles down, and they did very tamely eat Bread, which I did provide for them. I did remember nothing further hereof.


March the 9th. 1677.

But when I came to call over this Vision, with all the Circumstances of it, much from the Lord was opened to me from it. Whose Spirit did immediately open this, as he did the Parable to his Disciples, as when he appeared in Person upon the Earth. For this Word did through me pass, Thy Jesus is at hand in Spirit to give the meaning of these presented Similies; that so a Teaching by, and through all ye may obtain, for the perfecting, of what doth remain behind: that so ye may be gathered up among the Eagle train, with that mighty Throne Eagle to Reign.

The Interpretation of the Vision.

Then was the Vision, which I saw thus Interpreted. The lofty Tree which thou didst see in that desert Walk, presents that living Tree, whereto none can reach but such, who be of an Eagle birth, whose Eye is fixed steadily on high, where that mighty she Eagle hath fixed her Nest, as in the munition of Rocks, there to hatch her Number Seven. Who then is this that favour hath found, and that leave should be given to build upon this Tree of Life, whereof the holy one hath given such charge to the watching Cherub? In plainness of Speech then, it is Eve her self, that hath lain long as dead under the Tree of Good and Evil, whose time of raising is very nigh. But with what Body, will she now be raised up: Look and see, what is Prophesied of her? Then I was pointed to the 6th of the Canticles, Ver.8. Who is she that looketh forth in the Morning, fair as the Moon, clear as the Sun, terrible as an Army with Banners? Then again ver. 13. which was opened to me, to be the Resurrection Call to lapsed Eve, Return, return, O Shulamite; return, return. Thus the lapsed Soul of the inward eternal Man is this fallen Eve; here she is called to return to her Restoration State, that we may again see her as bringing forth another more happy Generation, a true Eagle Off-spring indeed. But how, and after what manner shall this be, My Spirit was in deep Query: as also when it should appear? Then it was thus said, Know ye not, that Eve lost her Virgin Eagle Body, and so hath long been sown into a slumbering Death, in Folly, Weakness, and Dishonour. But now the Life-Tree hath so fluently conveyed it self in this long Vacation, as to raise Eves dead Body in the Strength and Honour of the Eternal Virgin Wisdom of God. So as old Eve will now come forth as a mighty, strong, terrible Eagle. And henceforth will more wisely build her Nest, than at first she did, through the Lord’s permission.

For now she will be dignified with the Spirit of Virgin Wisdom to outvie the Serpents Subtlety, according as it is written, She now will build her House, or Nest, more sure, to wit upon seven Silver Pillars. Which do present, the seven Eagle Birds, which were seen in Vision; they Wisdoms first Brood shall be through Eve’s Wombs Restoration, who will bring forth a most glorious Church in the Earth, without Spot or Wrinkle. Wisdom hath made choice of Eve, for to be her Mate (that is the lapsed Soul of the inward Man,) whose Hand must help to build this Nest for her. Thus choice Eagle Spirits, will be raised up, out of old Eves Dust for this use and service, to be Members of this perfect Church on Earth. You may evidently see with an Eagle Eye, that thus, and after this sort, a new Virgin Body must be raised up by Virgin Wisdom in this World, for the Spouse, and Church of Christ, and so for every Member of that Body; and so consequently for every lapsed eternal Soul to be cloathed upon with its new Virgin Body. Oh! who then will strive first to mount and fly up in Spirit, liberty hereunto being granted from the Power of the risen Body, to prepare the First Matter for this Nest? Because this Tree of Life is so pure, that nothing, but what is of its own, must come upon it. Which are the young sprouting Twigs, and golden Leaves, whereof the matter is to be, which are no other than as in the Mystery. Hereby they signifie a pure, solid, weighty Off-spring of holy Cogitations, Words, and Actions. Which do ye skilfully unite for this purpose, bringing nothing out of the low, scruffy Principle to enclose here: Then your defence will be mighty and sure, and your Bread and Waters will be serene. The true Eagle Bird need not fly far, the Tree of Life so nigh, here are still fresh Fruits upon the Branches, from it by no means start aside, but keep close upon the Nest. You cannot yet be able to conceive, what here by abiding close, may be brought forth from this virtual Eagle Body, to wit, Throne Eagle Powers, mighty to ascend to the number seven. But if any shall look again downward, into this Principle to descend, before it is fully Feather’d, great damage and hurt will necessarily accrue, as in the Similitude I did see. Therefore caution take, and let none trust themselves, that would be of this Number, to wander out before their time: Ye had need to be strong, as Eagles, to encounter with what averseness you may meet withal from this lower Orb. Therefore abide till full fledged in Wing, ye shall be able to fly, and mount away, when any creeping thing, or hurtful Beast shall set upon you from this low World; then fly to your munition Rock. This is allotted, for your more constant place of Dwelling, for to be, which so near bordering is upon the Heaven of Heavens, where the immense Deity is Resident. Who may appear, while we keep oft to his Eagle off-spring: For when you come hither to Paradise, there is still another Principle, that must be passed through, which will be very easy, when ye shall bear this risen Eagle Body on you. How suddenly will the ghostly Dove bring you into the very third Heavens, there to see your Jesus, with your Eagle Eye as John personally did, when he upon the Wing of the Spirit was risen high: Possibly somewhat of these Glories may be seen before ye actually enter in. For blessed will they be called, who are flying Angels, that can declare what they have heard or seen in these higher Worlds. These are they who shall bring down glad Tidings to the elect Number. When any of these begin to sound, the Tabernacle of God will out of the Heavens descend. Oh, what of Flesh shall live? When the mighty Eagle shall call her own away to behold, what she doth unfold within the third Principle. The sight of the Eye, and the hearing of the Ear in that eternal Sphere, will so fill all with the Melody and Joy of the holy Ghost, as nothing of the earthly Sense of things shall, or can enter into this Eagle Brood. Now hereby try your selves.

For the understanding of the foregoing Mystery, you must then know, every one of us have within our selves an inward eternal Man, and an outward Man. Now the inward eternal Man hath within himself his own eternal Adam, and his own eternal Eve. His eternal Adam, is his own eternal Spirit within himself, and his own eternal Eve, it is his own eternal Soul within himself. This eternal Adam and Eve in themselves are now to be considered in their fallen and lapsed State, as both being separated from their first true, original Mate, to wit, from the eternal Virgin Wisdom of God, who was united to both these in Paradise. For they both sinned in Paradise, then lost the Life of the Virgin Wisdom of God, and their Virgin Purity in Paradise. And therefore their true Mate being lost out of themselves in Paradise, they were driven out of Paradise. For when as before the eternal Spirit in Union with the eternal Soul, both being united to their true Mate, the Virgin Wisdom of God, could, and might have brought forth a holy Generation in their own Image and Similitude, like unto themselves in Holiness and Righteousness, and in Perfection. But after that the eternal Spirit and Soul had sinned in Paradise, that is, after the eternal Adam and the eternal Eve, belonging to the inward eternal Man, had transgressed in Paradise, and were ejected out, then they lost their fructifying Power, and then they could not bring forth a holy Off-spring. Now this eternal Eve, which is the eternal Soul, belonging to the inward Man, is called to return to her Restoration State, and to return again to her first State in Paradise, and to reunite her self again to her lost Mate, to wit, to the eternal Virgin Wisdom of God, and then her Womb should be fruitful again, and she shall bring forth none but Eagle Birds, none but a holy Off-spring, to make up a perfect Church on Earth without Spot or Wrinkle. Here is now a Prophesie, a Prediction, that now the time is come, that this eternal Eve, which is no other but the inward eternal-Soul in its lapsed State, whose Womb hath been hitherto barren and unfruitful; but now the Virgin Wisdom of God will sow her Virgin Seed, into her Womb, and she shall be fruitful, and shall bear Twins, and bring forth a perfect Eagle Off-spring, and they shall make a perfect Church on Earth. And now the Soul in her Restoration shall again be fruitful in Child-bearing, in bringing forth Children to inherit perfect Justification, and perfect Sanctification, and Salvation; but then this Eve must continue in Faith and Charity, and Holiness with Sobriety, as the Apostle mentioneth, I Tim.2.15. The restored Soul by its Union with her true Guide and Mate, the Virgin Wisdom of God, shall bring forth a Royal Off-spring presented to be the strong Eagle Brood: and this is the Work that Wisdom is about to do, to reunite her self to the eternal Soul, which is the eternal Eve, as her true Mate and Guide; and to sow her Virgin Seed into the Womb of Eve to break the Head of the Serpent, then Eve shall be no more deceived, but now shall become the Mother of Celestial and Heavenly Children, all her Children shall possess Mount Sion, and the new Jerusalem State of Glory. This is the eternal Eve, the eternal Soul, which now shall be the Mother of all Living, that is, all her Posterity shall now feed upon the Tree of Life, and thereby become all eternal, immortal, and incorruptible. And all this shall be brought about by Wisdom’s Art and Contrivance; to wit, by reuniting her self to the Soul, and thereby becoming again the Souls true Mate and Guide. This is the State of Restoration, and this it that State, that Wisdom is bringing forth upon the Earth; and in this Figure of the Eagle birth, Wisdom Prophesieth, and Predicteth, what is near at hand to be fulfilled, and brought to pass, to egg us forward in the belief of it, to be done within our own eternal Man in the work of Regeneration.

But now there is belonging to the outward Man, the mortal Man, the immediate Product of the Fall, a mortal Adam, and a mortal Eve. The mortal Adam is the mortal Spirit of the outward Man, and the mortal Eve is the mortal Soul of the mortal Man. She is in her fallen State, the Mother of all Living; that is, of all living mortal Spirits, with mortal Souls, and with mortal Bodies. Her Womb in this state of Apostasy hath been very Fruitful. She hath ever since brought forth in all Ages a mortal Off-spring, subject to the death of Mortality, who have only fed upon the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. She hath brought forth a fleshly Off-spring in her likeness and similitude, and hath had a long Day in the World. Now the Prophesie and Prediction is not concerning this mortal Eve, belonging to the outward Man, in relation to her Restoration; but it is to be under stood of the eternal Soul, that eternal Eve, that hath been so long barren in her lapsed state. But now Sophia will once more espouse her self unto her, and she shall bring forth a holy Issue, a birth of Divine eternal Eagles, to make up a perfect Church on Earth, whereof Christ will be the Head and King to reign over. This is only wrought for explanation sake, that you might not think, that That which is written and manifested from above, in the crystalline Glass of Divine Wisdom, is mere Confusion. Therefore you must distinguish between Eve and Eve; between eternal Eve, and the mortal Eve, the one belonging to the inward eternal Man, the other to the outward mortal Man; and the Prophesie is only to be understood of the eternal Soul, and not of the mortal Soul.

Secondly, You must distinguish in the eternal Eve, between her fallen state and her restored state, for the Prophesie is not what she is at present, but what she is to be in her restored state.

In the Third place, You are to consider that the eternal lapsed Soul is unable to effect it, but it is the Work of God’s eternal Wisdom, who will freely espouse her self, to her again, after this long time of separation and alienation, and then she shall be the Mother of a holy Generation., Her Womb shall bring forth no other Children, but such as shall make their Nest upon the Tree of Life. And these things premised, and understood, the Representation will be easily understood, by Wisdom’s Eagles, and confirmed sufficiently by the Holy Scriptures.

For you may read that Adam and Eve were both created eternal, immortal and incorruptible Creatures in their Paradisiacal state, and they both were created perfect, without any spot of Sin or blemish of Weakness, while they stood in their Paradisiacal Innocency; and they were both to have brought forth an eternal holy Generation, a perfect Church on Earth, had they remained in Paradise: But sinning in Paradise, they thereby lost their Virgin Power, and so consequently their Virgin Birth, and they could not bring forth a perfect Generation, having transgressed and lost their Virgin Power, through Wisdom’s withdrawing and estranging her self; therefore they were driven out of Paradise. But now being banished from their Paradisiacal Power, and having both eaten of the Tree of Mortality, and having both of them, both Adam and Eve, cloathed themselves with mortal Cloathing, with a mortal Spirit; that is, with a mortal Adam, and with a mortal Soul, that is, with a mortal Eve, and with a mortal Body of Flesh. Now the mortal Eve hath been very Fruitful in the Birth of her Mortality; but the eternal Soul, the eternal Eve, that Eve typed out in the state of Paradise, to be the representative Mother of a perfect Generation, to make up a perfect Church on Earth. The Womb of this eternal Eve hath been barren to this Day, but now Wisdom Prophesieth and Predicteth, that she will look upon this eternal Eve, this eternal Mother, and will make her the fruitful Mother of a joyful Generation, but she will reject the outward earthly Eve, and will make her Womb to be barren, that hath exalted her self in the Multitude of her Children, but they were only to be the Brats of Babylon. But the Children of the eternal Eve shall be the Children of Mount Sion, and the Children of the New Jerusalem. And this is the meaning of this Vision, and divine Presentation, for to support those, that wait for Wisdoms Day to appear in Eves Birth, through the eternal Souls Restoration, in Union with eternal Wisdom. It is not only the inward Man, the eternal Adam, that is an eternal Spirit with his Mind, Will, and Senses, that shall now be restored, but also his eternal Eve, this is, his eternal Soul, withal his Affections, and Passions, shall be also restored. And though the holy Scriptures make mention chiefly of the first Adamical Man’s Restoration, but yet it also mentioneth Eves Restoration; I say the Womans Restoration, as well as the Man’s. It is also clear, that the whole inward eternal Man shall be Restored, and not only one part of him, not only the Will-Spirit, which is but the superiour part of the inward eternal Man, commonly called the first Adam that sinned; but also his eternal Eve, that is the eternal Soul, the inferiour part of the inward eternal Man, called the Woman, this shall be Restored also. So that the whole Man with his Spirit and Soul, with his Adam and Eve shall be Restored; in the Day of his Restoration, when divine Wisdom shall espouse, and contract her self to the inward Man. Oh blessed Day! Come, dear Wisdom, and finish this Act of Restoration in the Body, Soul, and Spirit of the inward eternal Man, who is hid within the outward.


March the 10th. 1677.

This Day we were set upon, by that strong Warriour, that had assumed a poor corporeal Shape, to shoot forth his venomous Arrows in great bitterness for to disturb us. Which Grievance I did present in Prayer to my God, that these raging Spirits might be bounded. My Spirit crying and bewailing this wrathful, boyling Cauldron, that the Infernal dark Powers had kindled the Fire hereunto, that so unsavoury Fumes do Daily, as Scum herefrom rise. I besought then the Lord, that if by any means both she, and we might be delivered from these Buffetings, and serpently Stingings. My Spirit crying, Oh Lord, what have we done that this foaming tempestuous Sea must still roar about our Ears; Is it needful it should be so? Then reveal thy Mind herein still further to us. Upon which, I quietly reposed, committing the whole of this Concern to that mighty One, from whom both the Help and Power must only come, to ally all of this boisterous Nature. About break of Day this Word came to me, saying, Behold and see, it is but a Worm, that is of no moment, who thus troubleth you, only the subtlety of the Serpent hath entered to work through it; but if you knew your own Spirit of Might and Fortitude, ye might easily it suppress, and bring all of this under, and to nought. Then again this Word came, saying, To what end is that Nest prepared upon the Tree of Life, Is it not that you might fly away from all these hurtful Beasts? Why do ye walk upon their Ground, corrupting your pure & spiritual Minds, while ye do talk with serpently Worms? Consider that to you both is given an Eagle-wing, that whenever you will its Rays out-spread, it will soon release you from all prickling Thistles. Therefore give charge to your fellow Eagle, from him, who is the holy Watcher, that henceforth ye wander not out from that munition Rock, where ye have that, which is more weighty to regard, than all of this low Orb. Then this Word run like Lightning through me; Oh, faint not, but as mighty Eagles renew your Strength, and then ye will have rest from out all Tribulation. Then this Word immediately also followed; Though the evil One moves in the form of a Worm, yet fear not, for ye shall bruise him as a Worm.


[ From the Authentic Version of Jane Lead's Journal of her Spiritual Encounters ...
— Entries from the beginning of 1677 through March 10th, 1677
from Volume TWO of A Fountain of Gardens: this was File 1 of 4. ]

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