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Jane Lead, 17th Century Prophetess of God [1624–1704]: A Personal Diary of her Spiritual Experiences and Encounters with the Godhead during 1677.

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A Fountain of Gardens: Volume II

August the 31st. 1677.

I saw multitudes of People this Night presented to me of several Habits, and Languages, all in business and traffick: saving a few that were together gathered out of these. Who were in a cessation from all matters of entanglement, in a waiting interceding posture. Of whom it was said, That these few should become a strong nation, and rise up to take the Prey from the strong and mighty. For if there were not some allotted only for the Sanctuary Attendance, in a Consecrated Spirit of anointing to approach the immense Glory, nothing of the Mind of the Most High would come to be known in their days. Herefrom it was shewn me, that by those Multitudes, which were of all sorts and kinds in their several employs, that run on in the concerns of those petty things, and are satisfied with such mean achievements as this Creation affords; it hath been permitted, that they should arrive to no greater than visible things: and That only, by continued exercise both of Minds and Hands. But now by that other sort, which I did see do nothing, but stood waiting in a silent posture, as if they had departed from the whole universe of their Fellow-creatures, These united ones were to break open a fast enclosed Center; where the natural freedom, and commanding Power of Paradise lieth. These all are by pure severation, not only from the mixed Congregation of the wilder sort; but from those, who were as Cakes baked but of one side, who were not thoroughly leavened with the Altar-fire themselves, also to divide. For the Word thus spake: Such who are all of one refined mould, who do seek nothing else, but the plucking down of the man of sin from his great Seat, which he hath gotten in the World; and this must be done by sequestering from the confused noise of all, what may promote hereunto. For to some it will be given thus closely to set to the work. Or else what can be brought to effect of the primary State for to regain the antient Liberty, and sinless Innocency; with higher Degrees of what is now the superadded state. Which will ask the whole Age of man’s Life, for to give attendance hereupon. Which will be worth your daily setting to, that hereby you may undermine the Strong Tower of him, who would keep up his regency in the divided property of part good and part evil. For so long as this is allowed him, he will have the greatest share of this Worlds Kingdom. Now then, who would not set close to this more superior Business, to find out what lieth hid in the Magia Storehouse? Arts of a wonderful degree present themselves here. For as ye can wade through this deep ocean, great Mysteries will flow out. As ye may see comparatively what the Spirit of a man hath attained to by external industry. This hath brought forth all, that is delightful to the human sense: whereby all are deluded, who have looked hereinto. Oh, the lustrous state, that now this Principle is wrought up to! it is become such a Golden Bait, that rare it is to find any, who are not biting and nibbling hereupon. If therefore the wisdom of that which is but Earthly, hath found out and invented such an inviting variety, to make this Creation so desirable; What may not such reach unto, who have the advantage of that Spirit of Wisdom, that truly inspireth to know from the originality of all whatever is to be comprehended? This Anointing is the Light, that makes manifest, what lieth in the Abyss of Eternity: And verily such as wholly bend the force of their Spirits hereunto, may attain to great Wisdom and Knowledge; and so bring forth that, which may far outshine, what is now existent in this Creation. For till such deep magical Spirits are born, who come to make Projection through internal sight of what is in the first cause of things, the Kingdoms of this World, with the Potentates thereto belonging, will be too hard for you. For that Grand Prince, that ruleth, and hath such command in this lower Sphere, hath since the first Age of this World raised ten to one his magnificent Seat in the Heart of poor deluded man. So that they, whose lot it is to live in this latter day, have greater provocations to overcome: as it is truly said, the last days will be perilous indeed, through the devices of the Evil One; who in, and by his Agents finds out new inventions to enthrall and busie the Mind withal, to prevent the taking in the true sense of what was, and might be again that blessed State of sinless Liberty. For such hath been this Serpents subtilty as to be a Lying Spirit in those, who are Teachers, to make believe the impossibility hereunto. By which he doth keep his Seat of Supremacy universally hereby in the Mind; for so long as this is, he knows no Power of Soveraignty will outvy his. Therefore this Counsel of my Lord was expressly given: And further, this word, this Morning, was added hereunto, That we should drink in this Pure Doctrine from the Spirit, who said, Be ye found faithful to the interest of your Lord’s Kingdom; that it may, through you, while in the World, be so manifested in Wisdom’s Force, and All-spiritual Might, through studying out all Divine Arts: as hereby you may pluck down the Proud and Lofty from their self-exalted Spirit in the Diabolical Might. Your true Labour herein shall have such success, as you may bring great acclamation, and renown to your Lord and Saviour, through all Worlds, and to your selves Peace and Joy, Honour and Dignity, because many hereby will flow in, into my Great Name, when they are convinced that you do bear the Standard of my Spiritual Might, in Truth and Righteousness. Now therefore be vigilant according to what hath been revealed, for the Love that ye have for my Kingdom to appear so in this World, as all of the Old Dragons may come absolutely to be shaken, and overthrown thereby. For whatever ye do think this Prince of Darkness can suppress, he will. Who is so Mighty in this Low region, till Great Michael doth arise to give Crowns to those, who have been long in the War. To whom yet no Kingdom hath been given, but do wait here in expectation for it, and do not start from their Standard. Such, Oh such be ye: that yet ye may be trusted with great Command, to magnifie Great Michael in your mean estate.


September the 10th. 1677.

THIS Day I was calling my self to an account; being sensible of that usual Springing Light, that was something shaded, and Revelations restrained for the space of a Week: occasioned by dispersing thoughts, and letting in, and busying my Mind upon inferiour things of this Worlds concern. Whereby I was made suspicious of a greater loss sustaining, than any thing of this World could repay me. And although there was nothing, which I did engage in, but what might seem very just and reasonable to the Eye of all Creatures; yet that could not be my justification. Because we were under an unknown Nazarite Law, that was in special given: and therefore accordingly we are bound to obey it, who are concerned herein. Hereupon I descended down into the deep Region of the Spirit, where I did attend to hear, what would be answered. Which was again through Grace renewed: For thus, I did the inspeaking word hear; Did not I by my Spirit oft declare, that it would be hard for any one to keep my charge, who had not first cleared all scores of this Worlds Accounts; that so ye might have nothing to do, but to attend fully your Lord’s business, who hath called you for such a Principal End, out from all this Creation Service. Henceforth then cease to be the Servants of Men: for since the day of your free assignment of your selves, His you are, to whom you did your selves bequeath. Upon this word I found a great conflict in my self, having a great desire to depart, and to throw off every weight, that would tie, and engage my Mind. For I did well see an absolute necessity to be alone the Lord’s servant: and to give my self up in constancy to that new revealed Ministry; though I should hereby incur all Creatures enmity. For my Lord by a secret voice doth follow me close; so that from Loves Charms, I can hardly get loose. Yea he drives upon us so hard, as plainly we might see the Holy Ones design is to make a breach betwixt this World and us; as foreseeing that none till then can aptly be for his use and service. And verily this is the Cup that is given us to drink of, and to leave nothing thereof behind. It was, what our Lord proposed to the two Sons of Zebedee, who were ambitious to be equal in the Kingdom with him: Who told them, They did not consider what they did ask. For if they did come to understand, what a Death-cup they must first drink of, they would not have climbed so high in their desires. Therefore he dealeth plainly with them, and shews them both the necessity, and possibility thereof; but gives the disposal of those Throne-instatements to his Father only. It was also at this time spoken in me, that we had begun to drink of this Cup, wherein the deadly draught was, which would crucifie us to this world; but as yet we had but drunk the Upper part of it: the Portion being so bitter, we indeed could never get it down at once. Upon which the Spirit giveth this advice, Not to let one day pass without imposing upon our selves a draught out hence to take; till all be exhausted, and drunk out. For the Cup is very deep: and at the bottom thereof doth lie, that which will us from this Principle absolutely untye. Therefore let us not herefrom cease to drink, each one, to whom this Cup is given, and no time let us lose; for through continual sipping we shall see it lessen, and so by degrees the effects thereof, upon that which is to die, will be felt. O who will be so valiant and worthy in this Age, as to hold out to the very last as the bottom of this Cup to see? Then was it said to me, There was at hand immediately for such, another Cup, wherein was the everlasting Water of Life. The operation of which is not expedient yet for to be uttered; till some have of the first Cup drunk all. O, Lord Jesus, be thou to us, what thou wert, when thou didst take the last part of this Cup.


September the 11th. 1677.

Being in great agony in my Head and Teeth, through a mighty flux of Rheum, this exercised my Faith, and proved my Patience internally, for some days together: and gave me to see, I was under a mortal influence, as well as all others. To which in humility I bowed, using yet some means to free my self from the present malady and grief that was upon me. After which not being answered in the effect: but my distemper still abiding, I was convinced, that I should have only applied my self to that Sovereign Name, wherein my healing was to be found. Upon which I prayed to the Divine Omnipotency, owning my neglect herein, in that I had not looked only for cure therefrom, to bring down help. For which cause I did believe, that I suffered under the Starry Constellations: with which the Grand Adversary did conjoyn and concur, and send out his evil influences; rejoycing to see any, who thought themselves above his poysonous rays, should fall under, and be subjected thereunto with others universally. The sense of which I deeply took in, and found in my self a disquietment thereat, uttering to my God many Complaints. Upon which, this word came to me, saying: When thou hast tried all ways and means, know for a surety, it is the touch of the Deity alone, that must thee ease. Hadst thou here first fixed thy Faith, thou mightest have been released from thy mortal grief. Therefore now get up upon the Legs of thy Faith, and stand without staggering, and thereby Saving Health may flow in. This was a mighty word of support: but much more ado I had to rally up my Faith, to eye no other, but this Invisible Power for ever.


September the 12th. 1677.

The next day I had a sweet respite from the raging force of that predominant humour, which had so afflicted my exteriour part. And in the Night, I saw my self taken into a place, of which it was said, the Night shall not be known from the Day. For though it was in the Dead of the Night, yet for brightness it was as the Noon Day; which light seemed to me to descend out of a quite different Orb, than this visible Element. And I felt presently therefrom a warm beam sent from the pure Deity, which did me exceedingly lighten; so that for the present time, I was as one out of the Body of ponderosity; dreading again therein to be found. For who can do less, than despise their corruptible Image, that is so subject to these outward elementary diseases of all kinds, when once they come to know and feel in any measure, and degree that one Element, of which Celestial Bodies are framed, which can know neither sorrow, nor pain? Oh, how may we come to be constituted hereinto so durably, as no more to see the vile nature of sin or putrefaction? Is it lawful to have an expectation hereof, before we lay these Bodies in the Grave? Yea, assuredly such a day there is to be, which will swallow up the night of mortality: that all of the one clear matter of that invisible Element, shall be in such changeable Raiment, as that it will us give, to see the face of God in Clarity. For this word was given into me, that those who could hold out in a steady strong Faith, might know in verity such a Transformation, so as to pass out of Corporality into an AEthereal Glory; putting on that, which can pass into the everlasting burning-day; which no shadow of the night, or mortality of death can approach. But it was further said, The putting off what should be in order hereunto, would be very hard; yet sufficiency will be given to some, who are concurring in mighty Faith. Therefore go ye on believingly, such a change yet possibly to see.


September the 13th. 1677.

In the Night I had a Vision of the Doctor, whom I did see in great concern about building a foursquare Room all of clear Glass: neither Timber nor Stone was in any part to be added thereto. And I viewed it from first to last, till I saw it finished by his own hand. Who with great alacrity said to me: here we will wait in all reservedness, till the Glory of the Son of God appear. But I answered, This will be hardly secure, for we shall be seen through this Glass, and envious Spirits will break in, and so disturb our attending here. No, said the Doctor, we shall here learn the Art of the Divine Magia: whereby we shall keep all Invaders out. Or else that indeed would not be a sufficient Fence for us, in regard found there is none, who are resolved to enter in there with us; but we both will abide there till others of the same Spirit shall come into us.


September the 14th. 1677.

The Opening and Interpretation of this Vision

Was given to me: That this denoted the Doctors care and diligence in making provision for that, which was of greatest consequence in his Eye; by methodising first all things outwardly for this free and quiet assignment. Though according to the present conjuncture of things, this seemed then much to contradict, and to prevent the same: which was objected to me. But it was answered again by the all-knowing Spirit, That there was that so deeply inlaid; that would thrust out whatever would detard, from setting upon this more Principal Building, to which all must give way. This Glassy Room doth represent a pure and clarified Mind: in the which, we jointly wait together as in one Room; being of one Mind, and the same Belief, upon the great Work: minding one Calling and Election hereunto, and not giving herein any account to any one, that hath not Faith. For I had advice, that it would little signifie, to make any publication hereof, otherwise than Noah did, to wit, by an actual building for convincement, that we are of those, who are forewarned to withdraw from all of this tempting Region. For a deluge upon the World is foreseen, that will strip her naked of all her pompous appearances: for all of this shall be once again desolate. Therefore the Word pronounced a Blessedness indeed upon those who were found enclosed within this Glassy Ark. For it was testified that Noah’s Spirit would yet return again to condemn this present World: and that it would be demonstrable in some one or other. In whom a Spirit of Faith would stir, as from the Light and Knowledge, of what the Spirit of Wisdom dictates to them: and so it will be given to One to proceed from. It was also signified to me, that such Preachers of Righteousness would rise, near upon the third and last Ministration, who will internally prepare the Transparent Court for the Holy Ghost; by disappearing, and winding off from that first Building. Which is so thick, dark, and gross, as through that, no sight into matters of Celestiality could ever be attainable. Therefore a Chrystalline Body is to be built up by the Tool of Faith, to be an Eternal House, for the Spirit to dwell and act in. As of Enoch it was said, he was translated by Faith, so as he did not see Death. Enoch’s day is coming verily, the seventh thousand year from Adam is now approaching, and will certainly be shortened. Wherein the World that now is, that consisteth of Inhabitants made up of gross, elementary matter, shall suffer a dissolution: by that pure burning Element, that will break out from the Glassy Sea; in each ones fiery property, inkindling the breath of the Almighty. Oh then a Creation of another kind, than what now is visible, shall be in pure and perfect existency. For the Most High and Holy One doth in Wisdom see meet to make a Transmutation among Mortals: For neither the World before, or since the Flood, hath any way been pleasing unto God. Therefore expect now daily, the mystery of the Incarnation will begin to work, in some hereunto elected. Who of a Noah like Spirit raised, will be first to embody themselves in that Ark, which is pitched within and without with the Oily Spikenard of the Spirit, that is the Invironing Power that will keep off all Batteries, that shall be made against this Transparent Ark. Thus upon this Vision it was revealed unto me, seeing, that after this manner the third World is to succeed, it would begin after this Method here described by the Figure. But Oh, my Lord, Who shall be this second Noah, who may assume such a Transfigured Body? Whereby an answerable Off-spring may be all of clarified Spirits and Bodies, to replenish the New Creation, in which God may be well pleased. It was answered, That Elias would come, and take up his Mantle again, and do the Mighty Deeds, which shall make good all Prophecies. But it would only be known in its day, who should personate this Faithful Noah: only this know, Where you see Faith begin to work in any one so high as to overrun all sensibility, such a one shall surely lay God’s Foundation for a New World. Now then give way unto that transmuting TREE, which doth yield altogether the Fruits of Faith. The root thereof is to be found within yourselves. This is its springing day, therefore let not its season pass away from you, as it hath done from others. It is not enough to know it springing in your inward ground, but the constant feeding is that, which by degrees will bring Redemption. For by keeping to this fixedly, you will famish the Life of Sensibility, which hath done all the injury in confining you still within the shell of sinful mortality. From which there is no other way to be freed, but as you can move in the very body of all-mighty acting Faith. This kind of Faith hath had a long sleep: but the great Arch-Angel is now come to awaken it with his Spirit in them, who are laid in the Lord’s Death-tomb; that will first hear this Trump, and be raised in meet bodies, and clear for the Bride. Who may ascend into the New Jerusalem with a blessed Off-spring of new-born Spirits from this Principle: and so bring down him, who is King of the New Creation to reign in the Earth.


September the 15th. 1677.

This Morning I was considering this change, that eating on Faiths Tree would produce. Which was nought else, but the Power of Omnipotence, which would beget to an unchangeable Life, if the right kind of this Faith could be attained. For, by way of similitude, a Tree with Branches of several Fruits of Faith was presented to me, and every sort of Faith had its proper use. But not to mention those common Fruits, that grow very frequently in the internal ground of those, who are looking after renovation: Those Fruits, as it was said in another case, our Fathers ever since Adam have eaten, and are found mortal, and so are deceased. But this Principal Fruit, in which is to be tasted the strong Spirit of the Life-Essence of the Deity, will be of another effect: to wit, Eternal Life will be sucked in verily by that. But who can give us of this right Fruit of Faith to eat on; seeing it is out of all mortal reach? We long have fed upon the Fruits of the lower Branches of this Tree, as others have; but hereby no mighty thing hath been done, nor any Translation out of this death-valley hath been seen. Ah, my Lord, what a great thing is this, that now thou art putting us upon? Surely thou dost not permit us to aspire after that, which is not at our hands required, but to become such, who are to walk with thee in the New Jerusalem Glory: and to be like pure Nazarites, all white in Bright Bodies, and Seraphick Flames in pure Spirits. But Oh, this Choice Fruit, which the Flaming Sword doth keep, must come by gift. As it was shewn to me in, and by a representation of a Pearl; which in way of Vision I did see was brought from an unknown Land, and tendered unto me, as free, out of a Persons Hand, which was unknown to me; having other sparkling Stones, which were all tendered to me: but the Pearl was of great Eminency, much outvying the rest.


September the 16th. 1677.

The Interpretation of the Vision of the Pearl seen in the foregoing Paragraph.

I coming to consider of the Pearl, it was by word given unto me, saying, This figures out the precious Pearl of Faith, that shall again be given to the Saints for to work miraculously by. Who in long Patience, and Hope, have waited for the manifestation of such Powers and Gifts, as become the Glory of the New Creation to shine forth in. This is that goodly Pearl, that is the Stock and Merchandise that Wisdom doth bequeath to such, who have sought to be Traffickers on those Substantials, as are to be found in the other side of the Glassy Sea. For nothing that can be gathered up here, out of all this Worldly State, can we make any Heavenly Merchandise of. Therefore our Lord doth oft commend unto us this precious Pearl of Faith, as well knowing, this is a Gift worth seeking and looking after. It is such prizable Jewel, if once in our possession, that we may have any exchange for it; do but send it out, from whence it came, and it will turn to treble advantage. But when I considered, that this Pearl had not made of late years upon any one such rich return; hereupon I questioned whether to any it should be given in these latter Ages. So it was given forth to me from a true and certain record, That though this supereminent and all transmuting Faith was the mere Gift of God; yet there was required those inferiour Acts of depending Faith to be put forth; by way of persuance of this, which crowns all the lower degrees, that must be as the ascending Steps to this Throne dominion, which is called Faiths Victory. So that the lower degree of Faith in us must reach after the highest, by a restless seeking, and improving the present Faith attained. For that Scripture was repeated by a secret Eccho of the Spirit, Faith is the substance of things hoped for: The Faith of God will forcibly draw into possession him, who is the Author and Spring of this Almighty Faith, that can do whatever it pleaseth. Therefore it is said, seek, and ye shall find, that is, we must grow from one ground of Faith to another, and not give over as fainting and disponding, till we ascend from Faith to Faith; so near to the heart of God our Father, as to affect him with such Faith as worketh by Love: that so the grand mystery of this all-effecting Faith may be both revealed and dispensed as a Gift unto us; and then we have the Substance of whatever hath been hoped for.


September the 29th. 1677.

As the Doctor was in Prayer, this word passed through me; ye shall be marked with the Fathers Name; then no slaughtering weapon can harm you. Upon which word I much exercised my Mind; diving to know the Spirits meaning, what that Mark would be, and after what manner it might be imprinted on us. And as I attended with all heedfulness, the rising Spring of pure Revelation, it was thus given me to understand, That to be marked with the Fathers Name, is no less than to be transformed into a Virgin Body. The bearing of this Name in the Forehead was shewn to me, would be the putting on a visible Form of God, as considered in a glorified Figure. Which may admit of such a kind of pure Matter, as hath not been seen or understood; therefore it is well said, none can know or conceive what they may be changed into. John in his Visions saw the Lord in several appearances of Lustre and Glory. There are degrees of Celestial Clothing: Isaiah had a sight of God, that made him cry out, he was undone; seeing the disproportionableness betwixt the brightness of a sparkling Glory, to a dark polluted Being. Likewise Ezekiel saw the flaming Majesty of Glory, that the very Seraphims covered their Faces at. Upon which the Spirit did set it home upon me, that we might not over-rate our selves, while the Lamp of our Eternal Spirits, were but yet under the covert of a dark earthly Pitcher. For no Glory can shine out, till that be broken away from the internal Flame, that lieth hid within. Which is the true and right begotten Spirit, who when it comes to call over its high and eternal pre-existency; considering what it was before it came into this Body, and taking in the Divine Sense hereof, is not at rest, while yoaked and hanked with such course and putrefied Matter, as these fleshly Bodies do consist of. Seeing therefore a Promise is left us, both in general and in particular for returning in to such a refined Corporeity, as may best agree with the pure Trinity; Let us draw up hereunto, with full assurance of Faith, that so we may hereby reach to this all-securing Mark: which will redeem us from among the Inhabitants of the Earth, and give us entrance to our own Heavenly Place. What is it that hath made all to die, and leave their Carcasses unchanged in the Region of this Wilderness, but the resting satisfied in that corruptible Form of Flesh in all its diseased Properties? There hath been only a talk, and a belief concerning a Redemption, but all the highest have reached no further, than a Regeneration in Part, and an illuminating of the Mind. But where is there, that fair Image of the Heavenly, that shall never fade nor die, that our Lord verifies he would raise up in the last day? Which was declared to me, to be a Resurrection out of the Grave of that Mortal Body, which, at present, we visibly carry as a Sepulcher: in which there may mystically lie hid, such a Spiritual Body, as only the Trumpet sound of all-powerful Faith can bring forth into visibility. That so to some it may be given to see the breaking through of that, which may resemble the Glorified Figure of him, who is the First-born from the dead. This is that Body, in which the Lord Christ did the Will of his Father: and we can never expect to go on to do it, but in the like Figure of all-powerful Spirituality. In which the Life-quickening Spirit may have a suitable Organical Body to actuate it self, according to its own original Purity. Who by coming into a terrestrial Form, that is only animated by a Life, which is from this visible Element, causeth the great contest and strife, so as the Spirit cannot do, or act, according to its own eternal property. The which we now coming to understand, do see how by this animal Life of Sense, we are bounded and limited from this which we are made to seek after, our disappeared and Paradisiacal Body. And truly, were it not for the provocation and strong instigation which I feel again from him, who would be unto us altogether this immaculate Body; I have enough strong Temptations from my sensitive part, to acquit all such Hopes and Expectations, and to be satisfied with a mixed state, as to the one part heavenly, and the other part earthly the whole term of Life here. But having had so many remembrances by Voice and Vision, that constrained me to pry into this Mystery, and having many Testimonies from the Holy Scriptures to confirm what was secretly revealed: which came in, and were opened to me, to prove the certainty and lawfulness of such a Hope, as cannot make ashamed: I am not suffered to let go the Faith, and shall only in brevity mention those, which were brought before me. As first, That of the 17 of Matt. Christ’s own Transfiguration, as the first fruits of this New Jerusalem state. Then that of the 3d of John 6,7,8, verses, That which is born of the Flesh, is Flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit, is Spirit; though this hath been hitherto understood only of the Birth of the Mind, and of the Souls Regeneration, yet a much deeper thing hath been manifested to me: to which I must give ear, to wit, the Fleshly Birth brings forth the Fleshly Body, but the Spirits Birth brings forth a Spiritual Body. I am not ignorant of the many Objections, that will be made against most of these Scriptures by all such, as only do look through the vail of Sense. Then again that of the 1st of the Cor. 15. beginning at the 12th verse to the end of the Chapter; That whole Chapter is to be understood according to a transforming sense. Then the 2d of the Cor. 5th Chapter. 1,2,3,4. all which shews the expectation of the Apostle in this matter. Then again, Rom. 8.23. waiting for the Adoption, to wit, the redemption of our Body. That of John 6th. Chap. 49th verse. Your Fathers did eat Manna in the Wilderness, and are dead, 50th verse. This is the Bread that cometh down from Heaven, which a man may eat thereof, and not die, 58th verse. This is that Bread, which came down from Heaven, not as your Fathers did eat Manna, and are dead: he that eateth of this Bread shall live for ever. These precious Scriptures did fully learn and satisfie me, that such an incorruptible state, that should never see death, was by us to be believed in, John, 11.26. And whosoever believeth in me, shall never die, believest thou this? Many more to this purpose were called over, and interpreted, which may come forth in their season; these for the present may suffice. These Holy Scriptures give us to know, That we, as to our visible Bodies, are in a strange deformity; out of which, we may lawfully hope to be redeemed. And whoever have Faith herein without wavering, may certainly see such a translation. For this word did sound in me, According as your Faith extends, so it will in this respect make an alteration. Oh who, but such as are mighty in Faith, shall live to see the old Mark of the Beast worn out, and the Fathers name planted and engraven on us. Which will make us, as the sparkling Stones of a Crown lifted up, and as an Ensign, where the place of our Habitation, by the Most Holy shall be appointed.


October the 1st. 1677.

The Mount of Elijah.

UPON this I did much strive to thwart my Sense, which was in great mutiny against this Gospel Transmutation. And as my Faith did get up, so Reasons club did beat me down; so passing some hours in great controversie here-about in my self. After my natural repose, I saw my self, with some others, standing as on a Hill, where no visible fence was, but the loftiness of the place. Which the Inhabitants that were in the Plain below, observing us there to walk, were in great indignation, and summoned us for to come down, to share in what was in common. Which not yielding to, they provided Instruments of War, as Arrows, and Guns to shoot at us, which passed over us, and beside us, so that no harm befell us. For we withstood them all in great confidence of that fortitude, which those lower Inhabitants could see nothing thereof. And the shout of the Voice went forth, The Spirit of Elijah will be seen again on the Mountain of Faith.


October the 4th. 1677.

This Morning it was thus spoken in me, Into what Heart hath the mystery of Faith wrought forth it self, in the true Nature of Creating Faith? No resurrection it hath had in these last Ages. Therefore ye do well, who now are searching for it: be wise to undermine what hath, as a Mountain, prest it down. For it is that, which will bring back, what was banished out of Paradise.


October the 5th. 1677.

I heard this Night, in my sleep, a voice, calling me saying, Draw near, that so you may know great and deep things. Upon which I was awakened, and saw a clear Glassy Trumpet held out: and a great Counsel was held by some, that all were in privacy in a reserved place, only I did hear their Sounds and Voices, but I could not see their Persons. After which, musing hereupon, because all passed away, before I could make any thing hereof; The word said, Yet for this Secret, thy Spirit must launch and wade into a deeper Ocean.

Upon which my Spirit sunk unto a good degree into the still Abyssal Center, out from which all Light of Wisdom doth open. And this pure Glassy Trumpet was made mention of again. For it was said, That none should ever sound this Trumpet, but such, who could attain to walk and move upon Faith’s holy ground. Then took I occasion herefrom, earnestly to interceed; and while I was praying for this Mystery of Faith to be revealed, it was spoke in me, Thou seekest that, which is so weighty and mystical, that time must be allotted to draw, or extract out of the full and perfect Number of Coessentiality of Spirit, which is attributed to the Holy Trinity. Into this thou must search and dive, for thy Spirit is of the same Eternal Line and Nature; and it may recover, what it hath lost by descending into this terrestrial World, of which course matter, thou hast formed a body of flesh about thee: wherewith be content for a while, till the pure spark of Faith shall refine it for thee, and make it all sublime.


October the 8th. 1677.

The profession of Faith was still urged upon me, as the only Gift, which would renew all things out of the old frame of Nature. For the teaching Unction did further reveal to me, the super-eminency of this Golden Grain of Faith, which is the product of the Deity, where-ever it shall be found. Therefore I had a charge in these words given me, saying, Suffer not so rich a Talent as this to be hid only in, and with the Sacred Trinity. Come, Oh thou restless Mind, and I will shew thee where and how thou must feel this Creating Breath in its first beginnings of Life. These Rules therefore observe constantly: First, Then know, that the Center of this high extracted Spirit of Faith, lies in the Golden Ocean deep of Love. So then herefrom take notice, that only a mighty vehement Spirit of Love, shall bring forth the Life-acting Body of the Holy Ghost, which indeed will all be manifested in Loves strong ardency. See now then in what ground, this choice Pearl will be found; the mere strength of Love must give entrance, where this almighty Dowry is. Love raised up to its first Virgin Purity, will make Faith descend in all its assumed Majesty. Love and Faith have an overcoming Omnipotency attending them: God will suffer himself to be conquered by the Spirit of Love and Faith, as he saith, concerning the work of my hands, command ye me. Nothing can God detain from such, if they remain in the ardency of this meek Love-fire, as in a still flame. Therefore through the augmentation of this pure burning breath of Love, which as an ascending Spirit, can pass into the very secret abyssal Deep to draw into it self that very Faith, by which all things have received their existency; Such a Spirit sent forth in the cooperation with Love, will effect that transparent formation, which may well become the pure Beaming glory of the Blessed Trinity. Therefore receive this from the true and faithful Witness, That Love is, and must be as the circling Ring, in which this sparkling Stone of Faith will fix it self as a signal Monument. Wherefore now see a precious bundle of Love is all necessary, as a prepared Vessel, into which the highest drawn Matter of all Spirits may be put. This pure essence of Faith can live or lodge no where, but in the Virgin Bosom of Charity. Which is so comely and innocent, as a truer qualification hereof cannot be nominated. God is Love, and therefore how can he be strange or unknown, where the flame of his own essential property is found? No doubt but to such, all-transforming Faith will be given, as a Golden Balsam to heal that, which is demolished. As witness the Body of frail Mortality, which is shut out from all those, that are of AEthereal Forms, and Angelical Figures. Let this Medicinal Stone be of all value to you, for renewing of Immortality, that ye may be like those of that high Order, who can behold with great freedom the Face of God, and may have room to continue among that Royal Society. Then search and try your selves hereby, whether you have this Faith of Activity, which will go forth in all Spirit and Life. There hath been a great mistake about that, which is called Saving Faith, whenas there hath been no Salvation wrought by it, because the old form of a sinful Body hath not been put off thereby; the whole professing Number of Christianity hath very much deceived themselves in a dead actless Faith, but to you it is given to search and seek, that ye may find the quickening Spirit of Faith. Which ye shall know by its working effects. St. James in his Epistle gives a true Character of it, when he speaks of Abraham’s Faith, which was evidenced by Works, by which Faith was perfected. Henceforth, saith the true Author of it, Let mighty Works, and Deeds justifie the Spirit of Belief, according to what degree it is risen. Contend for the ancient Prerogative which was with the Saints of old; for it is that Energy of God, by which all in you must be created new, to the magnificency of your Saviour, who will first appear to you by this Spirit of Faith; that so you may raise your own dead, and set at Liberty that, which hath groaned under the first Adamical Birth. This pure extraction of Spirit may have a hidden Birth in those, who are in the Life of perfect Charity, and they not know at first, that this worthy Gift is there. For the very hour and time of this Golden Balsam dropping in, may not be perceived by the Vessel or Person that receiveth it. As Christ told Nichodemus, that this Holy Breath, none could perceive its coming in or going out, so Christ in the Spirit doth again confirm this word. And this Counsel is given to you, who are stirred up herefor to wait; seek, and pray; know it may be with you, e’re you are aware. Your Obedience will be fulfilled in sending up constant flames of Love, to the fountain Heart of the Blessed Trinity. In which at one time or other the Breath of the Holy Ghost will mingle, and then in pure humility you may try to excite its Power forth, so as it may be brought into no derision. But first find such ability, as your Lord did, when he said Lazarus come forth, which was Faiths undeniable Seal; which both lawful and expedient is, for the Lambs followers to receive. Be you now then such, as need not be ashamed of this lively Hope, and steady profession of this Faith of God, as an Inspiring Breath, which will certainly give a high and wonderful witness: No impossibility in this Vocation will be understood, because its Working Tool is the Creating Word. After this free and open discovery let into my Mind, I found Faith and Love winged up as a Twin Spirit springing, that if possible this superexcellent Gift might be so given unto us, that confession might be made to the Lord, that his Spirit of Faith is truly risen, therefore great and mighty things do shew forth themselves, though for a long season it hath been hidden.


October the 9th. 1677.

The Interpretation of the Vision upon the first day of October.

As to this Vision, the Interpretation thereof plainly is read in the Book Within, which beareth the living Testimony hereunto; signifying those living Acts of Faith, which sometimes have carried our Spirits up to Elijah’s Hill. Where not only Batteries are from the potent King of this low Region: but he doth make war with, and by his Agents, as taking notice, we are those, which do separate from his Kingdom. Therefore we may expect nothing less, but a Beleagering throughout; especially when they perceive that we are such, as would overturn that indeared Life of Sense, that hath been maintained so long in its range in opposition to Faith’s Soveraignty. But while here we stand, like Elijah, upon Faith’s Mount, we can command invisible Bands, Chariots and Horsemen of Fire, that will come in to help upon Faith’s Alarm: and so shall all weapons of War be frustrated. Therefore fear not ye, who are upon Faith’s Ground, saith the Almighty. But the word of his Councel, thus spake in me, rather beware of those more close and subtle Enemies that are within your own house, which will every moment make war upon those lofty aspirings and ascensions of Faith; they are more dangerous Enemies, who can so swiftly raise up indeed the strong Forts of Reason, and can display all their Faith-destroying Arrows to wound the Heart and Life thereof: Threatening, if ye still hold out, and will not again descend into the gulf of Sense, then ye must be liable to the peril of Famine, Nakedness, Poverty, and all kind of Reproach. If ye will not yield to the Laws of Reasons Kingdom, such Destructions must necessarily befall you. Now then for caution, said the Spirit of Life, cast up the Accounts of present and future times, and in the clear Eye of Light, thou both backward and forward mayest make discovery, that such Arguments as these, have frighted down thousand thousands of Souls which otherwise would have kept Faiths Ground. Therefore at this very day among the professing part of Christianity, such a Faith is only of reputation, as will not expose to loss, shame, and disgrace, but can fall in, and hold correspondency with what is agreeable to the animal Body. But hearken ye, who do so much search after this Life, consider if you will adventure up to this Hill, what shots, not only from the World below, but what will break in, as floods, from all dark Centers, to bring you back to live in the warm Harbour of Sense and Reason. Then this word further arose from the pure motion, saying, Therefore now that ye are diving for this precious thing, I would that no mistake should be upon your Mind, if you would come to recover that Life that Adam had: Which was indeed an unmixed Life of Faith, before the relapse did take hold upon him, I say, if ye will fix your Minds to this Life, then stay, and lean yourselves upon this Faith-all sufficiency, and do not think to carry two Lives in one Body, that are contrary to each other. For this Spirit of Faith can only agree with what is willing to bow, and be all friendly with it, as a suitable Mate unto it. Canst thou, saith the Spirit of Faith, walk out as Abraham, Isaac, and Elias did with me, they saw nothing before them, as to the visible but Earth and Air, and yet nothing mistrusted, but confided in what was not seen; who therefore were abundantly recompensed. Such as these, who have put out the Eye of their Sense, and have thrown away the Crutches of Reason, doth the Spirit of Faith seek to walk with, that so they may live upon Honey out of the Rock.


October the 10th. 1677.

There was this Morning a place presented to me like a Garden: where many sorts of Flowers were, but all single Plants, save one. Which grew up with Twins upon one Stalk, three times two, and one more from the same Root; which grew right up with its Head bowing down towards the rest: It seemed to be like a Tulip; the colour being of a very dark Murray. The other Plants grew round about it, and they were overspread with Caterpillars, and slugs, which did devour, and spoil the beauty of them; which I much lamented to see. But suddenly a shower came, and washed them all away. Yet afterward I saw them come on again, when the shower ceased. And I marveled that the Tulip Branch was still kept free: And while I made this Objection, how it should come to pass, that being in the same ground, it should be exempted? It was answered, Thou dost not see the deep Spring that lieth under ground, that watereth this Branch continually. Then saw I waters rise, and all over it baptize, so as the dark colour was changed into a green pleasant appearance to my intellectual sight: then after a little space, the Spring did rise mighty high, and did it so drench, as from its greenness, it was changed into a Lilly whiteness; which was very marvelous to see such a sudden transmutation upon this Branch. Oh, my Lord, signifie the true meaning of this similitude, for it seemeth to have much in it.


October the 11th. 1677.

This Parabolical Vision was as a Text and Doctrine given, upon which the Holy Spirit might make its comment. By the Garden was given me to understand, that inward flourishing ground of the Eternal Mind, out of which a crop of pleasant Plants did sprout forth from the Seed of the Spirit. The Eternal Sower planting himself in the midst hereof as that Lilly Branch, which grew up in its twined might and beauty to the perfect number Seven.

Now it was queried by me, Why those single Plants, which were Divine Qualifications of the Mind, proceeding from the Root of Life, should be under the Power of these Despoilers? The cause hereof I was then made to understand, why those heavenly cogitations, that would proceed forward to all Divine Virture were overrun by the devouring Worms. It was therefore resolved, that it would continue still so to be, while they did put forth themselves from one weak stalk, in the scattered confusion of a dispersed property. Now being thus obnoxious to the intemperate motions of the visible Element, and mixing therewith, they are subject to smitings of all kinds. And though through the help of those distilling showers of the Word of Life, oftimes refreshing this inward ground, and cleansing it from these swarming, flying, and superfluous thoughts which the Slugs and Caterpillars did really figure out, they are freed herefrom; yet upon the cessation of these upper and outward Showers of a visible teaching Ministry, they are apt to swarm again upon the Mind, to stain and envenom those Plants, which do bud forth in the single and divided property. So that while the inward is thus invaded upon, no Fruit can be brought to perfection; for as fast, as it comes on, it is eaten off: so the Work, while standing in this posture, it is always doing, yet never done, nor perfected. And yet the Soul in the mean time is in great earnestness after, and for its Restoration, always striving against the Stream and Tide of Profuse Imaginations: which keep back the Harvest from ripening of what hath been still a sowing by the Spirit. Now this might be remedied in such, who are labouring in the Tillage of this Inward Ground, and have been found faithful. For to them this sevenfold Cluster of Eternal Might shall arise, as by the similitude did appear in the Branch of the Twined Unity. As the Voice of the Spirit did declare, that seeing such unprofitableness was by the Seed, Sown so apart, a release should be had for us in this matter. For all that, which is of a dispersing quality, should now be drawn in, to make up that Seed Branch, in which may consist that Head Principality, that should be of all commendable force; as was seen in the Figure. All growing together in Unity, every flower being coupled, for to shew thereby a redoubled might and strength. Oh, how pleasant is it to see all so suitably Mated, growing up from this one Eternal Root. As first that Vigorous Spirit of Love, that attracts unto it self the high Operative-Faith of God. These two, as in an everlasting Marriage-Union, are in all degrees of Spirituality, which never admits of separation. The second Branch that springs from this Root, is an eternal, still, passive, meek Spirit, whose Mate and Choice is the Spirit of deep Wisdom, to whom pertains the Dowry of Prophecy and Revelation. The third Springing Branch, is such a Peace as excludes all tormenting Anguish, and disquieting Fear, and espouseth as its Eternal Mate, the pure rising Joy of the Holy Ghost. Now as to that, which left is to make up the perfection of Number, is nominated to be the watchful single Eye of Light, that doth all these intrinsically and essentially unite together, as in a Body of Power, that so an All-sufficiency may be in it to transform, what is so disagreeing, unto the perfect Excellency of high extracted Spirituality. Then this word to me came, Know ye now, that the whole mystery of God will have its finishing course in these seven Throne Powers, as to the raising of the fallen ruins of the Adamical Man. Now herefrom see, that it is absolutely meet, for every Spiritual Plant to be united to its Mate; that so all may grow into a Cluster of Beauty and Strength. And that ye may be brought to the higher degrees of Transforming Glory, through the feeding, flowing Spring, that doth circle under, where this Life Branch is fixed. If you do attain to such an enrichment, as to have this Plant of United Force and Power to grow in the Garden of your Mind, ye may then be out of all fear, that any evil of sin, or the effects of it, can come in to Spoil or to devour. For upon its own guard it stands, and can defend it self against all Invasions. Now for this end, that ye may pursue hereafter, these things are revealed. Make it your own Spiritual Business to come out of the meek, single Plantation, into the strong Unity of that Plurality of Spirit, which is able at pleasure to change you into a Body of Heavenly Lustre; such as is meet for that Work, whereto ye are designed. For this, O ye well disposed Souls, keep an Holy day, within the Borders of a pure Mind.


October the 12th. 1677.

This word visited me about break of day: Run away to the Everlasting Morning day, there to be hidden from the wrath of the Lamb. Which will be certainly expressed against those, who are found naked; having only the mortal clothing for their covert, in this great Day, which is breaking forth unavoidably upon all Flesh.


October the 15th. 1677.

Being thus warned to pursue, and make hard after that securing state, and to keep all watchfulness over our Hearts, lest the Evil Spirit should us beguile; This word was given for further caution, Far be it from him, who in all things must be approved a Man of God: therefore he is not to be found amongst evil doers, to be a reproach in such a time as this; or to take liberty, lest a Snare come upon the superiority of that Life, which requires great sequestration.

Then again this Word was with me: And ye shall be Holy unto me, for I the Lord am Holy, and have sever’d you from all others, that ye should minister before me, and be mine only.


October the 18th. 1677.

I saw my own Figure sitting in a solemn still waiting posture: and there passed by a Golden Candlestick with many Branches: and in the midst thereof was the form of a Cup or Bowl, all which distinctly had Lights, like Lamps burning from Oyl: but that, out of the Bowl in the midst, gave a greater blaze than all the rest. Then this Word sounded, Up: up; Follow this Light before it be out of sight. Then was given into my hand such an other Golden Candlestick, without any Lights in their Sockets: but I hastily, so soon as the Candlestick was given, followed the other into a Room, which was all enlightened with the brightness of the Glory thereof, which I could only view, but found I could not there abide, but was ordered at that open door to wait, till every Branch of the Candlestick should be answerably filled with Oyl, and give forth Light as the foregoing brightness did; which was as a Heaven for Light. This Idea, or Manifestation, drew my mind after it: that, if possibly, Light might be set up in every Property accordingly.


October the 19th. 1677.

 In the Night after my first Sleep, there appeared unto me, a bright Sun, and many Stars were fixed in the circumference of it, that sparkled forth with a wonderful fury; so that it enlightened the Earth with its reflexion. And it said, hereto gathered is that which fills up, and makes compleat the whole Body of Light.


October the 20th. 1677.

This Word came unto me, Pray ye evermore in that Faith where each one is to be their own Advocate in the free Liberty, according as it is written, In that day ask what ye will, and it shall be given you.


October the 25th. 1677.

Oh ye with whom is my charge, this is no season to stop in the Way: neglect not the Day, in which the Mighty One in you may rise again; upon whose Shoulder the Key of the Government is laid, to open for you the Everlasting Gate.


October the 26th. 1677.

The first part of the Night, I spent in recollecting and calling over this whole Weeks Transactions, which I had little satisfaction in. Because it was not upon such a Service, as it was meet, I should ever and always be found imploied {employed} in. For whatever of the necessary concerns of this temporary Life did call me off, from the Heavenly Calling, it became as Gall and Wormwood, and brought a heaviness upon me. So that I made my application in the deep inward sense thereof, that if possible, no more such Earthly matters should crowd in upon us, Who had so much avowed our selves the Lords Servants only to be, and therefore our Spirits could no otherwise be but troubled, when hurried by that, which was so great a Set-back to our Spiritual Profession, that is in imitation to our Lord Jesus in his Holy Priesthood. While I was considering the closeness of this Work, I was cast into a sleep: and I was suddenly awaked by one that called, and said, If you do not take good heed, and quicken your Pace, a dark Mist from the Earth will rise upon you, and then you will be prevented of entering into the Third degree, where is no Eclipse. Which Word I took hold of, for it came, very seasonably. Some space of time after in the same Night, I went in Spirit to One, that also was herein concerned with me, to give him a Spiritual caution, and bemoaned with him the loss of time. And the same Person, whose Figure was named to me, appeared in a White Garment sullied with black dust: so taking notice hereof, it was advised to put it off, and another to be put on. But it was spoken in my hearing, That will also be defiled, without you keep in that upper, right-Hand-way, where no miery Waters overflow, nor Winds do blow to raise the dust below. Upon which Word I considered, never to walk in the Valley of this World, and to keep our Nazaritical Life unspotted, would be a mighty Victory, Having such hourly Provocations, to be here with overcharged, and so our Minds corrupted. For we have but one Heart, which if it be chased as a Roe and Hart upon the barren Hills, and thorny Desert of this World, where will the most Holy find a rest for himself in us: who will not set one Foot into the door of our Minds, if we be parleying with contrary Spirit that casteth into us earthly Fumes and Vapours? Thus I was made to see the biting of the Serpent at our Heel, as we did walk in the Way of the Earthly Inhabitants. So my Mind was made serious and watchful herein, lest herewith overtaken, our Hearts invaded upon should be. Therefore this way of prevention was revealed unto me, that we might preserve the Virgin-Purity for her true Mate, in these following Rules.

The First Rule I had given, was to be true to the Solemn Contract, and Espousal Vow, which we had made, to wit, to be only Bride to the Lamb.

2dly, To be found always at home in the Spirit, in a waiting posture, setting all things in order, minding only the entertaining of this our betrothed Husband; sending out burning Floods of Love, to bring him into the close centre of the Heart.

In the third place, Be found in clean and white Linnen; that he may be delighted with your Innocency and Nazarite Purity. Then another sort of a higher degree may be put upon us, as was shewed me.

In the 4th place, Have always that which may be most pleasant to his taste: therefore bring forth those choice Fruits, which the Tree of Love and Life doth bear. And then it was testified unto me, that this holy Order maintained, would give us an escape; and no trouble should be in our Habitation, because the Lord Jehovah Shammah will dwell in us, and will cut off all, that attempts us to invade.


October the 27th. 1677.

1. Upon an occasion of disturbance, by a disquieted Spirit in the Family, I poured out the sense thereof unto my Lord in Prayer, why such a grieving Thorn should be our troubler. So I committed all to him, who I did believe would clear me, from all unjust Clamours, in Truth and Innocency. After which, I found a sudden sweet Calm, and Peace brought into my mind. Which caused me to repose in a quiet natural Rest. In the Morning this Word came in to my support, Be not dismayed at the Blast of the terrible one, who hath poured forth Hellish Fury. Be still found in the Long suffering and Patience, and then this shall all turn to the furtherance of that Work, which is decreed in Everlasting Counsel, whereby the remainder of Wrath shall be restrained. Though it is not taken well, that such Insolency is permitted over thee.

2. After this, this Word was given in also, saying, Speak to Josedech for to be strong, fervent and steady, and nothing fear, but to be faithful to the Priestly Charge and Work. For then saith the Lord, I will be with him, and he shall assuredly prosper; according to the Covenant made, when he dedicated himself mine only for to be, in Nazarite separation.

3. Then this Word visited me, yet once it is a little while, and there will arise out of the Everlasting Priesthood, that which shall shake all Nations in Earth, Sea and dry Land. Set therefore your Hearts hereunto with all watchfulness, and diligence.

4. As we were met together, I saw a Flame pass through the Room: and presently the Word spake, All these must first be purged with Fire, before they can stand with the Lamb upon the Mount.


October the 28th. 1677.

1. This Morning I did feel in my self mighty Openings from the pure center of Love and Joy, with some encouraging Words, which did pass through me. After I had Prayed, the Word to me was, Go forward, for I have accepted thee, and I will be known Thy God in the Light of the Altar-Flame in Verity.

2. Again, it was said, Appear thy self therefore in such a Work, whereof thou needest not be ashamed; as having seen that Pattern in the Glass of Wisdom. To which Eternal Idea keep fixed thy Internal Eye: and thou shalt bring forth to Perfection, that which hath been in the Perspective part.


October the 29th. 1677.

After my first Sleep, being still somewhat drowsy, and hardly come to my awakened Sense, I saw a mighty great Hand lifted up, upon a wonderful high Pole. This sight was so amazing, that though it was so high, as it seemed to touch the Clouds, yet I could see it very distinct as a large Hand. When I came hereof to consider, what it should signifie, the Word was thus given, This is the Lord’s Hand, which lifted up shall be: and who is it that shall it not see? Much more I wait herefrom to be revealed. For it was a significant Vision, that doth bring along its own Meaning: That so we might hereby be warned, what God in the Earth will appear to do.


November the 16th. 1677.

I had this Night much inward Expostulation, tending to my full and perfect Change into such a Spiritual Corporeity, in which the offence of Sin might altogether cease. For since the Holy Teacher and Guide hath been plain with me, that without I here attain to be Born again, so as no composition of the first original matter of Sin may spring; till then I can have no free access, nor be taken up into all Spousal freedom, in the Love-Joys, that are only known by such, who are redeemed from all Sin. For the Lamb, the Bridegroom can take no other into the Marriage-Bed of inflamed Love with him, but an immaculate Bride, all Fair and Serene. The Father hath charged him to bring no other into his Kingdom. Now then said the Spirit, you see that my striving in you, is all to make you commendable, that the Father himself may love you, and be at perfect Reconciliation with your Spirits. For this is the considerable matter to have the whole Trinity agreeing to take up, and pitch their Pavilion of Light round about you: Then expect such a change as never yet hath come.


November the 17th. 1677.

In my Night Sleep, I was Praying, and awakened my self therewith: which when I came to my self, I saw a White Hand reached out, dipped in some precious Liquor of a deep red Colour, and it dropped thereof on my Breast. Which presently brought forth that Word to me in the Canticles, his Fingers drop sweet smelling Myrrh. The which pure thing I did feel upon my Internal part oft to a rising Joy in my self.

Then this Word came to me, now take heed of going out amongst the Dead. If any thing of this kind doth touch you, watch the time: do not rest, till a fresh stream of live Blood doth all your Inwards wash, and perfume your Separated place with this precious Myrrh. For your Lord can no more live, or lie among them, who do smell of the Dead.


November the 20th. 1677.

The Lord looked upon us: and said he loved us, and was touched in all our Afflictions and Temptations, and that our Tears and Sorrows should not be forgot, for all were treasured up; that so when the Sowing time hereof shall be passed over, Salvation, and Victory, and Everlasting Joy shall be returned to us.


November the 21st. 1677.

This was the Word of the Lord, that was with me, let not the various Sounds and specious Gatherings of them, among whom is an uncertain Sound, move you from Holy Ground. Where still do you wait in the Spirits Arbour, for I have yet Secrets in an immediate way to impart. Therefore scatter not from your known, though unknown Walks to others. So hereby I was to understand, that in the still and silent state, we were to keep, till the clear Trumpet of the Holy Ghost might sound through us. For nothing of this could be found in the mixed Assemblies. Therefore it was shewed to me, that after a while, there would be a dispersion of the principal Shepherds and Flocks; till the Horn be filled with the unmixed Oyl of the Spirit, by a true Prophet, that must raised up be from and by the Mission of the great and mighty Shepherd. Who will then anoint with Power each one of his Flock, that none may be found in his Pasture of a barren Spirit. For each one shall sound forth the Mystery of their own Everlasting Redemption out of the fallen State.


November the 22d. 1677.

As soon as I came out of Sleep, after the Nights rest. This word met me, Oh that I might awake, with thy Image perfectly: then should I behold thy Face and not be reproached, because of an ignominious Body. Whereupon I considered the weightiness of the Word, and it was opened unto me, that it related to a Resurrection state after a Death-sleep in the Grave, of the Body of Sin, out from which the Spirit awakeneth into the God-likeness. Upon which there was presented unto me, a clear Crystal in the figure of a Heart, which hung by a Pipe, through which a stream like Blood passed into the Heart: which was said to be the pure Life-Seed, that conveyeth it self from the Fountain Heart of the Godhead. As it is the Production of a Birth answerable to the very Heart of God, which would be the true and original matter of a divine Nature: In which only the Life of God should move, as it did in the Person of our Lord Jesus. Whose Heart was fed from the Heart of his Father, and so ours from his, when so purely generated as his, from the Seed, or Incorporating Power, of the Deity. For it was made evident to me, that the New Birth-heart conceived in us, must be from the Root of the same holy and unmixed matter, and answerably: in order to a full redeeming from the old polluted Heart, out from which are the Issues of Death, which is said to be the heart of Stone. Now it was shewed me, that Fallen Man did carry about him three Hearts. As first, the Heart of a Beast, as it may be said of Nebuchadnezzar, he had a Beastial Heart. 2dly, The Heart of a Man, which comes up to Sensibility and to Rationality. 3dly, A Heart in which, as to the outward Birth, remains somewhat of an Eternal Essence, as a Spark of Light, which Adam had in Paradise: and this we call man’s Eternal Heart. And this in the highest Improvement, is in much Imperfection and Instability: sometimes in a raised Life towards God, then sinking down as a Stone again into the Earth, according to the outward Constellations, that do mutually concur in the good and evil. The effects whereof, we have sensibly felt, by an inward strife and war, through the divided property of the Soul, which moveth sometimes from the Heavenly Center towards its primitive Being before the Fall. So as in this Contest, without Conquest over the earthly part, Millions of Souls have past away out of the Body. And fearing lest it should be so with us, another Heart is shewn unto us. For none of these can bring us near unto God. And therefore remove, and give them up, and pray vehemently that we may see this old stoney Heart fail within us, and then such a new Heart, to which is annexed a pure burning Stream, which becomes a quickening Spirit. Which will make essentially the great Alteration, so as we shall find our selves new-born perfect Creatures. For it is of that high deified Composition of Purity, as it forceth all polluted Matter of Contrariety from it to fly. It is such a pure thing, as it will be contracted into it self, and live alone in an absolute Dominion. There is no allowance given for any of those forementioned Hearts with it to commix, no more than Clay or Iron with Gold. The Spirit of this Heart is most subtle, penetrating, bubbling, and still flying upward above all low things. As its Birth is from the Heart of the Deity, so there again it will live. Truly, at the consideration, that there is such a Heart to be given, my Spirit is in an astonishment. Therefore I call all ye Throne-Angels and Seraphims, to be with me in wonderment, that such a Heart shall come in any one to be fixed substantially. For what less will this come to, but the making good of that saying of the Lycaonians, who said to Paul, The God’s are come down in the likeness of Man. For as the Heart is, so is the Man, a Godlike Heart overturns the whole Course of Nature, and changes all into another Scheme, answerable to the first moving Cause: Which sends forth Life and Heat into all parts, as naturally, so spiritually, for the existency of the divine Nature. And further it was given me to know, that it was a renewed act of Creation: A droplet fallen from the Heart-blood of God, for Life inkindling into such in whom the Virgin Crystal Mold is formed, that herefore hath been making way in preparation through many Washings and Cleansings, and Heart-relinquishings. For this Word came closely unto me from the Lord, and home to me: Suffer and endure ye must, who are looking for the Gift of this New heart, Such a breaking up of the Old, as a dying man when his Heart-Strings are loosening. This is the true mystical Death: this is to be a dead man indeed; which many have sought, but could never find. Because they did not strike at the Heart-Root: for so long as there is life remaining, it will Send forth its sin-reviving Effects. For what if thou shouldest cut off this & that member, yet life may be at the Heart still; and then what avails hewings and hackings, and suppressing: the Root of the evil Life being still there? The work is never done, because the Life of Sin is still sending forth one bitter fume or other: to pain, and afflict, what would be at ease and rest. Now what remedy can for this be considered, said the Holy One, but the plucking up, and breaking the very Heart-Strings, that its Life may be a sacrifice to divine Justice? for so it must be both a passive and an active Offering, for the Sin that hath been committed in the Body of the Flesh. Which Mystery hath not been understood: but know it for an everlasting Truth. Let not the Sentence of this Death be grevious, because it will certainly usher in somewhat, that will be Equivalent to the deep springing Heart of the Deity; whereout issues of Life, Love, Joy, and Peace will flow. Then thou shalt know no more Strife, Sorrow, or Pain; because the Root of all this is by Death taken away. Therefore Repent not that ye are entering into the very way: Fear not to feel the old Heart melting, for when that faileth, another Heart and Spirit will be given. Which is of that Strength, Courage, and Perfection, as that ye shall be spirited for the great and primary Business, and for the Work of Trust for God and the Lamb. So all may see what the Effect of this New Heart will visibly produce in you.


November the 23d. 1677.

This Morning I was in a very deep and secret Consultation with the holy inspiring Word, concerning this great Change. For this is but yet known in us, how that every Motion and Thought springs from the mixed Heart. But now great searching Thoughts were, how we, if possible, by any means might attain to this perfect Heart, which was all clean within. For it was made equivalent, that hereby would be the whole overturning of the old Creation; making way for the new, in each one, in working a thorough demolishment. For which this Word of advice was given: Let it not seem incredible unto you, that the old Heart shall fall away, though it is as thy Life-Essence: where that Law is engraven, which hath brought all into Perdition. At the release of which, a wonder-working Heart shall be planted in its Place in great renown. Therefore watch daily hereupon: for believe assuredly, that this Covenant will be made good, as ye have Faith to believe, that the old stony Heart shall be rolled away, which only hath kept, and would still prevent this Heart rising far. Where new Laws according to the new Frame of things shall be understood, by such a chosen Priesthood, as all of Spirit shall be compacted: and by Gods own Heart-strings of Love, stand everlastingly together tied as Christ’s perfect Spouse and Bride. Now then hoist up your Sails of Faith, and keep upon the broad Waters of Love’s deep, that spring from the silent Desert, till all full Treasures of Joys and Peace shall upon you meet.


November the 24th. 1677.

This Morning after much sweet Communion had in a Contemplative way with him, who is invisible, I saw of a sudden a Rock fashioned out like an Arch, whereinto a way was made to pass, and it was pretty spacious. At the first it seemed to be somewhat dark, which made me fear to enter in: but presently a Table was there, upon which was a blazing Light, and it then became all shining and exceeding lustrous to invite into it. But about the Light, there did appear a Company of dark coloured Flyes {Flies}, which fluttered so about it, as that they would have obscured the Light: but as they came up to it, they were consumed by it. So considering these divine Ideas, the Word came, saying, Enter ye hereinto, whom the sacred Vow of Separation is upon. For here is a Munition-Rock for your Security. Oh that here you may be hid, and hope, and quietly wait for the Birth of the pure and perfect Heart. In which ye shall see the Face of God, whose Voice may be frequently heard in this secret Place, therefore Love here to abide: for here is the Heavenly Stillness.


November the 26th. 1677.

The whole employ and exercise of my Mind was now to have the old Heart transmuted into a new one, according as it is meet: because therefrom the perfect New Creature is formed with all new and fresh Organical Senses and Affections, proper for Communion with the highest Purity and Goodness. As it was shewn me, that the Heart and Spirit that moveth and acteth the old Creature, is capable to comprehend nothing higher, than what lieth within the Circumference of its own Sphere, and low Birth of Life, that only reacheth to things that are seen, and knowable by the highest graduated Life of Reason, which is altogether too weak in matters Celestial and Eternal. Now that we might come to know the Invisible, only wise and everlasting God our Father, it must be through the medium of such a Spirit, as may be the very conceptive part of the New Heart. From which springs a clear Light that giveth understanding in the Mystery of God, and in what relates to the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus. Which is hereby to be revealed only, as this pure Spirit comprehends its own Original, from whence it proceeds infinitely, and so sounds, and finds infinite things contained in the immense Being. By virtue of a new Covenant tye, which the Spirit of a new and perfect Heart is forever under the obligation of a Love constraining Law, from which there may be no departing. But while upon these Myrrh-droppings my Soul was feeding; this Word for Confirmation was added: What if this may become such a time of Love, as by passing by to look upon thee, I shall Swear unto thee and not repent, that I thy God will be unchangeable: And will enter into such a Covenant, as thou mayst henceforth become mine. Then shall I know what to do with thee for further Glory and Excellency. For in that thou wilt be commendable to thy God, whose Eye only can take pleasure therein. Then was presented a transient sight, to wit, a Pool, wherein I was bid constantly to wash and bath: for the Word signified that such Virtue was herein, as it would make White the very Blackamore’s Skin, and cleanse away every Leopard’s Spot. For it is a bath of burning Oyl, that will the first Birth of the earthly Heart to purpose try, and melt away; that so all pure Spirit of Life may spring, and a Body of a shining Skin, as a Cherub-Covering be given. For it was revealed to me, that this should be done unto us, as we were become the Lord’s by League and Covenant. Whence it stood upon the Honour of the Lamb, and of his Kingdom, for us to be found all clear and perfect, through this Pool of Balsaming Blood, that throughly Baptizeth all, who are in the true Memberhood of his Body.


November the 28th. 1677.

A holy and pure Communion and Freedom being maintained in a Spiritual way betwixt the Spirit of the Bridegroom, and the Spirit that is preparing to be the Bride of the Lamb; thus it was manifested by this Similitude, presenting before my in-seeing Eye, a Golden Charger, and in it somewhat of a Spirit of an extracted Virtual Matter, upon which fell a sparkling Star, as from the Invisible Orb, and caused the Liquor in the Charger to flame up. And I heard presently the Word say, Come my Spouse, and draw near, for here is provided Heavenly Chear. Behold the Lord, the Spirit is presented here in a Lordly dish, wherein the true Body of your Jesus is both tastable and discernable. Whosoever of this are able to drink in, it will make them Spirits, as all burning Flames. Upon which great things were further opened in the Magia Line. Which, could I have but totally acquitted, all those Motions that concur to sense-awakening, I might have given an account of an infinite Space, into which my Spirit was launching, but was driven back by some stirring Essence, that would not let my Spirit pass naked, and pure in. But this Word came, tho thou canst not pass now, yet thou shalt, after thou hast eaten of this Lordly Dish. Which will turn Nature into Spirit; then thou may into the secret Ranges of all eternal Heights and Depths as an Eagle flye, and see, and know what lies beyond the Starry Sky.


November the 30th. 1677.

The divine Speculation which I had, begat a mighty Magical drawing into those infinite Heights and Depths, which did but just open upon me, but then shut up. But my Spirit did make again a fresh onset, if by any means I might pass into that profound light Orb, according to the Nature of a Spirit. For an eccho did cry in me from that Sphere, that the holy Trinity was there in the highest dimensions of Glory. Which was a sufficient Motive to attract my Spirit out of this vile Corporeity, from which I found much resistancy. For I perfectly felt somewhat therefrom did rise, that did bind my Spirit. I was in great struggle for some hours, for the Spirit wrestled for a full Liberty. Then came this Word, saying, By all these Encounters the way will be made. Only keep thy Course strait on towards the everlasting deep Gate, according as ye shall feel the Wind of the Spirit driving thereunto, and so wait with it to move. Oh to have a Spirit in a Body of Flesh, to be as free as a Bird, which can, when it will, fly from his Nest! This was to me a new revealed thing, by which great Discoveries may be made in the invisible Region, who have been altogether Strangers, to what is transacted there, because the sensitive Soul doth claim such a Marriage-Union with the Spirit, that neither what is present, or what is to come must sever them. This is the Law of degenerated Nature, which lawfully may be broken. For the Spirit of the Soul is not for ever to be confined to the soulish Depravity, when once it comes to know and understand, that it is a pure Grain, let fall from the Deity into the Soulish Property. Then it will not suffer it self to be imprisoned as under a Mountain-weight. No sooner doth it spring and rise above the Ground, as an ear of Corn which doth grow ripe, but a separation from the earthly Part or Ground may be made by the mighty Lord of the Harvest, who will come to reap where he hath sown pure Spirit. And that in the very time of this exteriour elementary Being, Christs last Day of Resurrection and Ascension shall appear through the Might of this precious Grain of the Deity (by which I mean the Eternal Spirit of the inward man, which is a Spark descended from the Deity, and it differs from the eternal Seed of Christ’s Deity, which is incorporated with this for its Resurrection and Ascension sake.) This Spark of Eternity, the Spirit of the Eternal Soul belonging to the inward man, will free it self from all, and every corporeal Tye. For no terrestrial Image, though accomplished with all external Righteousness, can ever attract this superiour Spirit to be in a conjugal Union; because it is too much below; therefore it now seeks release from it, as being ashamed of all and every Circumstance concurring to the outward Life, which would hold it so fast. But Wisdom and Counsel is come from him, who will be Salvation to the ends of our Earth. His Spirit it is that hath called us from the other, to an eternal Conjunction, with that wherewith it might most suitably agree; so as to raise and heighten the Spirit, to such a high Degree of sublime Purity, as that it might pass as swift as a Thought, into the Deep Space, where the infinite Globe of Eternity might come to be conspicuous with the glorious Trinity, and with all those innumerable Spirits, who encompass the Throne-Majesty. Such Visions of Glory, Spirits have been carried into, while in the Body, and so it shall come to be again, and that more frequently and durably. For upon an earnest Inquiry hereunto, it was revealed unto me by this Word, The Way of the East should be prepared, and the Gate thereof should stand open, to such as could drink of the Brook in the Way. And it was shewn by an Idea also, that as yet there was a dark gulf Fume, from which did rise a thick smoke; so that at present, none could see their way, till the Son of the Everlasting Morning doth wonderfully incorporate with our Spirits, to dissipate all of this Darkness, through which Force of Spiritual Might, we may often come up to the Ancient of Days, and draw near, and make Record of what we do apparently hear from him. For the Spirit doth affirm this, that sound Truth, Wisdom and Knowledge, must from hence be let in to our Understandings, and it will be much to our Satisfaction, when we shall hear and see, what is without and beyond this Gulf of Sense and Reason, which have kept out of the Lamb’s fixed Kingdom. And what will these Storms be, but the rushing Powers coming down through the Salvation-Horn, which will be blown from God’s Mountain-Habitation? The Sound of which is already heard, to hasten for preparation, to the Enoch’s Translation: that we may abtractively in Spirit, and through the whirling strong Breath, may be lifted up, where our King and Lawgiver may deliver his Mind to us, as Face to Face; That we may come to know in certainty all those infinite, and weighty Counsels, which have been long in great Concealment, so as they may run in as a Flash of Lightning. To which end, the Star which I saw fall into the Golden Charger doth predict, the high and mutual Conjunction betwixt the Body and the Head-Throne-Prince. The Vessel being all of pure refined Gold, and Spiritual Matter infused therein together, what must this make, but a Lordly Dish, for each one to feed upon. This Star denominated was to be, the Rose of Sharon, that to the Spirit would give a pleasant Tincture, to make it both white and ruddy. Herein lieth the Mystery of all Mysteries, according as it was revealed unto me, through the Virtue of this wonderful Commission. This Rosie-Star, feeding it self from the Matter, which is so purely extracted, as a Lamp feeds upon Oil, and so both concurring, makes a burning shining Light, a Flame ascending Might. When this great and marvelous thing shall come by any one to be witnessed, there will be no matter of doubt, but the Gate of the East must be found, at which we may go freely in and out, as Princes: Having right to follow the Lamb, and to eat and drink with him in this Lordly Dish. We shall then, as Friends, find Entrance in, where the Tent of his Glory is pitched to see, hear and taste, what hath been laid up in Store for us from the Foundation of the World.


December the 1st. 1677.

Strong Instigations and travel {travail or labor} in Spirit still attending me, for the rising of the Star of Glory in Eminency, according to all that Prophetical Ministration, under which Line we are cast, and do find succour thereby, through the fresh feeding Word of Life; which within the first Watch of the Night thus spake, saying, The most High and Holy One seeketh and calleth up such to dwell with him in his Holy Tabernacle, who have rejected and turned their Backs upon the Seat of the fine trimmed Babylonish Beast, and will nothing therewith touch, because it is under the Curse: against which be ye ever zealous.


December the 2d. 1677.

I saw one cloathed in fine white Linnen, and he had in his Hand a Censor, and there was live Fire-Coals, which were scatter’d abroad; and it was said, that upon whosoever they did light, they should be inspired with a New Tongue to declare great things.


December the 3d. 1677.

This Word ministered was, Watch and keep the covering of the Spirit close girt about you against all Offences that may come; abide still and quiet, where the anointed Shield is given for your defence, under the Banner of which; abide close and hidden. Be all pleasing and pliable to your internal Guide, who is working to bring you into high and dear Friendship with the great and mighty Potentate, to whom all Worlds must give obeysance. Therefore only care and mind him, who is so true and faithful, as to raise and bring you into such Love and Favour, that the God of Light may not walk as in a Cloud of Darkness, but shew himself manifest to your Joy in peculiarity.


December the 4th. 1677.

This Word did spring in me, saying, Do you well consider, what your Virgin Garment must be made of; that no Moth may eat any hole in it? For if any thing of the earthly Fleece should be interwoven with it, it would damage the whole Part. Therefore all of one sort of fine Linnen, let your Lord know you in, upon which no Moth can come to eat.

Then it was further given by way of Command, saying, If ye resolve to follow the Lamb up to all perfect Degrees, then observe this as a new Commandment, Take your self off from all old traditional Conformity, which is after the Manner of Men, who are after the Flesh. From such the Spirit calls to withdraw, and to walk with him after another way, according as divine Precepts shall be revealed.


December the 6th. 1677.

As we were in the Spirit of Supplication attending together, a transient View of full ripe Sheaves was presented, as a testification, that we should bring of the first ripe Fruits, as a pure Offering to the Lord, according to what hath in the days of our Sorrow, Heaviness, and Temptation been purely sown in the Spirit. But it was also shewn me, that this should not be accomplished, till we had fulfilled our set-time in the Wilderness. For this is an Ordinance that was given by God to Moses while Israel was yet in the Wilderness, before they came into the good Land. This instruction was for time to come, saying, Now behold the first Fruits of the Land, which thou hast reaped, thou shalt offer unto the Lord thy God. So accordingly the first ripe Fruits of the Spirit must be wholly dedicated and brought into the Store-house of the Lord; rejoycing and making everlasting melody in the Courts of Holiness, as the Joy of Harvest. Oh! this is the desirable day, but who hath it seen? because they have all dyed short, before entering into the good and fruitful Land, one Generation passing away after another, as we have seen it. But is it decreed eternally thus to be? No, assuredly no: there is a Generation to come, that shall not only sow, but reap, and pay their Tythe-Offerings to the great Melchizedeck King. There is a Caleb and Joshua, who will out-live all the Spirits of Unbelief. Who have been faithful Spies to search, and find out the Virtue and Glory of Mount Sion’s Land. Whereupon the Spirit did the History take up, and did it mysteriously, to our state at present very closely apply. As thus, that Joshua and Caleb signified the Unity of the Spirit concurring in a strong Faith, the Spirits of our Minds, agreeing mutually with the Spirit of Jesus, and so both do agree to pass and see the goodly spaces of Eternity, whether all things be so, as hath been reported of, concerning the matters of Christ’s Kingdom. To which we are annexed Heirs, and therefore concerned to take our flight thither, to view all within the New Canaan. For our Lord did know, that a sight before-hand of this Inheritance would greatly satisfie. As it was with the Queen of Sheba, who gratified both her Eye and Ear, in the state of Solomon’s Kingdom. Now then may not we in the Spirit of Faith, and rising Power of Christ’s Spirit, come to have such a pass over the Jordan’s flowing River? Hereupon it is cleared up to me, that it is most lawful and expedient to take such a heave or flight in the Spirit. For which end, in Obedience to the counseling Word, which to me was dropped in; Let us then be, as a goodly Ship, who would launch into the Ocean deep, and would swim upon the broad Waters, all tackled and trimmed, and pitched within; that no place may be found for bleaking, and our pure and white Sails stretched out, all in a readiness, lying at the very Haven upon the Anchor of Hope; waiting to see when the Gusts and Breath of the Holy Ghost will turn our Ship about, and blow all South, that we may suddenly be cast upon the Rock of Pearls and Precious Stones in that Land Beulah, that is so little known. But who now must be hither our sure Pilot, but he that hath already there been, even that bright Star that can steer through Fire, Water, and Air, having himself broke through all these, and so will do no less for us, if we shall be found in such a ready posture, as here hath been described. Now let us give all place to this Joshua-Spirit in our Bark, who will make a remove for us out of the Wilderness. He doth but wait for the mighty Birth to be here brought forth, that so we may pass away jointly and altogether. It was further also denoted to me, that all the murmuring and unbelieving Spirits should be wasted away in the Wilderness, who have murmured through fear and distrust: For these can have no share with us, whether they be with, or without us: all are excluded; none but Joshua and Caleb will enter in with us to view, and will have possession with us in the Land Beulah.


December the 7th. 1677.

A very curious Question did stir in my Spirit, why such a Concealment of the heavenly Things was in this time of our Lord’s mediating Priesthood? And why no more visible Effects were produced upon his Members on Earth, as to the Resurrection-day. For since the apostle’s Age, little hath been wrought in any miraculous way, further than by internal Light, and Spiritual renewings, and the Love of God shed abroad with the Blood of Sprinkling: which is the highest Degree, that yet any have arrived unto. But all this did not appear to me, to be that which the perfect Restoration must further make out; nay, what the Apostles saw and heard in their time, who had the first Breathings from Christ, after his Ascension. Yet all then and since have been exceeding short, of what is in reserve to be revealed. As I do know this from a sure Word of Intimation, and so herefrom my Expectation hath been greatened, and the Pool of my Mind stirred, and troubled, and somewhat as from a central Fire boiling up, to clarifie that, and so the gross thick and dim Eye might be single and piercing to see if possibly into its own original Body of Light. That so hereby a clear Aspect might be of what hath been acting and working in order to the Consummation of another more pure and perfect Creation. Thus being upon an internal search, into matters of this high Nature, this Word was brought into me, saying, Why art thou troubled that such long respite hath been, as to the Manifestation of the absolute Reign of the Lamb, that was slain, because his Might hath not been shewn, nor his Power wrought, nor his Wonders done in the Earth? Yet now look for a greater Overturn than ever through the whole fallen Creation. This long cessation shall not nullifie it, for this Kingdom will have its revealing Day: for the Golden Sand of the half hours Silence is running out apace, which must be first expired out in Heaven. It was then given me to understand, that this Half Hour of Silence hath been ever since the Holy Ghost appeared in Cloven Tongues of Fire, upon those, who in a travelling {laboring or travailing} Birth did here wait for it upon the Lord’s Promise. For since that time, little news hath been heard from Heaven, only the Beloved John had the last, great, and signal Revelation from Jesus. Since that, only such a Ministration hath been, which hath taken up their Testimonies in a still and private way, opening the Mind of the Spirit, in the Doctrine of the Old and New Testament. But for a new and fresh Word, that may be said to come immediately from the Lord, which hath not been before, truely it may be said, as it was in Samuel’s time, that the Word of the Lord is precious in this day. We may travel from East to West, from Nation to Nation, and scarce find a true Seer, with whom the express Word of the Holy One is. Some hidden ones under the stuff of this Principle there may be, who will not be known till the Lord calls them out, to unfold boldly his Mind. For this is an Age that can as little bear, as any formerly, such Truths as will shake their whole righteous Foundation, as it may be so termed, and others whose Lives and Loves are in that, which must also be laid waste in the common Destruction, which is coming upon all visible things. Therefore never more need than now is for true and anointed Prophets to enquire how things are going in the invisible Kingdom For all the Platform is first laid there, how things in this external State will be. Therefore it is needful, that some must be here truly prepared for it, and should never be off their Watch-tower, but be listening continually. For it was said, upon the enquiry of a Spirit, That the half Time of Silence was now upon breaking up, and mighty Powers would begin to work. Therefore let the regardful understand the present Motions of the Heavens. Though our Lord Jesus is shut up from all mortal View, yet the Effect of those invisible Workings may be known in our low Heavens, and may be felt by such, whose Hearts are bent, and full stretched out to the Heart of a Glorified Jesus. These will attract down Light, and so the lower Heavens may so contact with the upper, as to become all privy to the great Affairs, Counsels, and Designs, which are stirring within the Globe of Eternity. But the Query is, By what way or means shall any one come to be so Inseeing, that yet have upon them the thick film of Mortal Sense?

Answ. There is no other Medicine here prescribed for it, but to wash often in those clear and pure Waters, which do run from the Crystal Throne into one Pool. This doing day by day, minding when those Crystal Springs do bubble highest, the strong Force of which, doth wash off the rough Scales of Sense: Then shall we become all seeing into what is both near and afar off, as to the working of the Divine Mystery. This Word of Counsel was also added, that whoever did seek this great gift, to know the Divine Magia in its Eternal Motion, they taken up will be, like Enoch to walk with God from among Men in an unknown Region; where no evil Wind or corrupt Air may blow upon them. These great and weighty Crown-Jewels, which for the last Age are reserved, will be conferred upon such separated Nazarites, whose Walks and Conversations are in the Immanuel, where the Vail and Face of the Covering will be done away; when no need there will be of crying, Come up, and see, for in the very Eye of Light, we then shall comprehend, and all Invisible things shall stand as naked before us. But oh thou Lamb of God, when shall thy Hand of Might be stretched out, to bring these mighty things to pass for any one.


December the 8th. 1677.

This Word visited me, saying How great is the goodness, that is treasured up for those that love and long for the mighty God, and the everlasting Saviour? Dress therefore, and trim yourselves every day for your Bridegroom: who doth take great pleasure, when he finds you all comely, and sitting at the deep Manifestation Gate. Oh sweet Jesus, if thou will this Gate open, and give us out from thence thy Loves, we will not remove, because of the sweet and pleasant Savour, that from thee doth issue forth. Oh come with all pulling Force, that as a bright Cloud, we may be of a dissolving Nature, for all Love’s impressions from thee: and that so we may see our selves one with thy Celestial Nature unchangeably.


December the 9th. 1677.

In the Night I had hard wrestling with somewhat, which had brought an overcast of Gloominess upon my Heavens: which I could not well bear, but did row as against Wind and Tide, to get out of the Danger of those Floods, that did violently break in. And through earnest and strong Supplications, I was heard in that I fear’d. For my Jesus, to my aid did come in, and in truth made all miraculously to be still within me, and did charge with great Authority all those troublers of my Joy and Peace to depart, saying, Who is it that hath any thing to do here, where my living Name is engraven? Have not I chosen thee for my own Purpose? What then do mean these strange Injections here to throng? Fly O ye dark Clouds from my Habitation, for I will dwell in all Light with my separated Spouse, who hath Covenanted within the Circle of a Love-flaming Heart, still to wait for me her Lord. Accordingly, so soon as I could thereinto retire, a mighty sweet Transfusion of Light did every where about me meet. And this did verily usher in the whole influencing Body of the Trinity. I was never made more internally sensible of their environing, and out-spreading Banner, which as in a moment was stretched out to secure me from the Waters, which the Spiritual Harlot sitteth upon, and that in and very near us. For the Seat of all these whirling Imaginations, are shewn me not only to be as an Accident, now and then happening, but this adulterous Spirit claims, and would have a fixed Seat in the Mind, and therein bring all her worldly Sorceries, to infect the mind, and betray it into the gulf of Perdition. Which was prevented and kept off by the sudden and secret introducing Power of the Trinity: that encompass those who are in fear of such overflowing from these bitter and brackish Waters. For this I may give, as a known Experience, and write upon it probatum est, that we at no time are now necessarily exposed to be overcome with any Evil of Sin, though it lurks and beleaguers us very close; For strong and mighty is now the Spirit of the Lamb, who is assigned to come in for our Rescue. Therefore if we do earnestly implore for the Captain of the Lord’s Hosts, who is to deliver his Lambs from the Mouth of the Lyon that roareth for his Prey upon immortal Souls, they will be delivered. This often witnessed hath been, that we might not cowardly fall under the Hand of the Man of Sin. For this Word was given, Hold out for Victory, I am your Life-Guard, and ye shall never perish out of my Hand. There is nothing sure more pleasing, than to see the Enemy of Truth and Righteousness so worsted and kept under Ground, that he may lift up his Head no more within your Tent. Where then like Jael, thou shalt be called Blessed of Women, that art so skillful, as to smite Sisera to the Ground, never more to rise again. There is a Nail within thy Tent, which thou shalt be taught, how to use it, that so the full Execution may be upon the Troubler of Israel, by the united Force of Barak and Jael together. Barak signifies Jesus Christ, the Prince of Strength, Valour and Might, that makes Sisera to fly into that Tent, where the Nail by Wisdom’s Hand will surely be fastened. Then not only the Song of Deborah, but of the Bride and the Lamb will be sung. When thus overturned shall be the whole Principality of Sisera’s Kingdom, that so nothing of his Seat and Throne within us may be found. This for us the Lord is now doing, and it is marvellous in our Eyes. Being we are called out to be Followers of the Lamb in Spiritual War, till all shall bow and fall down dead before us, that hath contradicted the absolute Reign of Jesus in us. Let us go forth in that mighty JAH, that is with us, who will make all Kings and Nations to tremble before us, as we shall move forward in that Power. Who hath promised that yet in the Wilderness we shall be secured, till the mighty Prince thereout shall go before us, as the CYRUS, which shall perform all those great things promised, concerning the bringing in and establishing of the everlasting Kingdom. Which the Holy Ones hath so long kept out, in waiting for this Man of Spiritual Might to go forth for the recovery hereof. For hitherto little hath been done, as to a full and total Conquest over those great potent Powers of Darkness, that have withstood Michael and his Followers. But this Word was given me, That though it hath been so permitted, yet now the Day of the Lord’s Controversie for full Vengeance was near, upon those secret and home-bred Enemies of all Righteousness. Therefore according to our present Might, we should strike the Nail into the Head of the Sisera. And this will give such a Proof of Divine Valour to our God, that we shall be spirited for more wonderful Conquest: and so subdue mighty Thrones and Powers in wicked Places, in the Spirit of him, who is the Captain of the Lord’s Host, hereby to lead captive what hath captivated us. And then let us meet our Melchizedeck King, with all the Spoil thereof, as a Trophy of Victory. Who hath ready in his hand the Reward of a Diadem and Crown, which he hath reserved for such Conquerors. This is the great Motive to animate our Spirits, that so we might know, it is not a light or momentary thing we do fight for, but what is weighty and eternal. All which is to make us in good earnest, according to a Word, which through me did sound, saying, Put not off your Armory that is of the Spirit at all, for in that ye will make all Life-killing Darts to rebound back again, & no Weapon thereinto can pierce. And know, that in this Holy War, my Peace shall be your Garrison. Therefore hold out, till the Kingdom is given up unto you, which hath been kept away, and still will be, except the Prince of Might shall take it again in you by Violence. For which cause, I am come to stir you up, that so what was designed from Everlasting, may now be positively claimed by my Spirit in you. Know it is all pleasing to your God, that ye should be found in such great Undertakings. As your Spirit is great, and from a high Degree descended, so answerably do ye aspire for no less, than what you believe your Lord through Conquest in possession hath now obtained.


December the 11th. 1677.

A Presentation was given me evidently of an enclosed Rock, upon which Floods of Waters did break in, to quench a Fire that therefrom did spring; so as this Fire could not get the mastery, till a descending mighty Flame from the light Orb did come down to keep it, and to drink up all those Waters, which as Wave upon Wave did beat in, but so powerful was the Celestial Flame, that nothing more of the Floods were seen. And there did distinctly appear a Figure and Form of a light flaming Body, that did descend, and upward again ascend to a Heavenly Firmament, where it was said, Now all is swallowed up in Victory.


December the 12th. 1677.

This Manifestation was very suitably presented to my inward Mind, which was drawn up into a deep and serious Consideration, how long it might be, to the full Conquest and Victory over the original Spring of Sin, with all the evil Consequences that thereupon have fallen out. While my Spirit was herein much exercised, this came before me, and brought a Message with it for our Comfort and Support, who are enclosed in Faith’s Rock, which in particular applied, and made out to us that the Vision did plainly speak to us. Who though gathered into this Rocky place, said the Revealing Word, yet see ye are exempted not from the Violation of these tumultuous Waves, which at times and seasons may break in upon my precious Ones. As in him, on whom no matter of Sin could be found, yet there Temptations did sometimes abound, who was still found in the Rock of the Deity. And thereupon told his Disciples, that because they had continued with him in his Temptations, therefore he would give them a Kingdom, because they suffered, and were one with him in all Temptations, not to fall under them, but to get Power over them: that this gave Title unto the Thrones there mentioned. Now from hence it was further opened unto me, That the Fire which first sprang out, that was so often damped by the Floods, and quenched by being too weak to encounter them, it was shewn me to be somewhat, that remained of a pure and divine Essence, that would still live in Nature, as for to refine it, and reduce it into what might make it like to God again. But being so strongly beat upon by the gathering together of all Waters, which doth encompass as a full Sea, Tide upon Tide still breaking in upon this Fire-Root, out of which also would spring the fiery Branches of Faith, that would transplant the Soul, into a far higher kind of living. All which is opposed by the Inundation of many Waters, in which the great Leviathan moveth, which also are the Seat of the Beast, that doth make War together against that Holy Seed, yet remaining within the Rock of a Heavenly Humanity. So that it is in great danger to be often extinguished, for here is two contrary Elements, the one in strife against the other, the boisterous Waters of the Senses awakened from the tempting Region of these various things, which do so well suit with fallen Nature, that they may well be too hard for that little Spark, that striveth to rise, but hath been beaten down, as we in our selves have witnessed. Whereupon we may expect a stronger Force will come unto our help, seeing such a strong Resistancy is made in order to the stifling of that breathing Life, which hath struggled to live in Dominion, and to prevail over all, but hitherto yet found insufficient. Upon which this Word of Counsel was given from the Holy Breath, that we should so powerfully pray in the Spirit of Elias, as to open the pure Fire-Element, that the Holy Ghost might thence form out a fiery Breath to consume and drink up every Flood. For against this strong and mighty devouring Flame, what Waters can stand before it. Now wait again to see the same Victory, for God will descend in Everlasting Flames, and the Bush of Humanity will all certainly be enlightened with his Glory. The time of it is said to be nigh, when as the Child of the Burning Element will quench all Waters, and by his Flaming Might will pass into the Heavens, and rend all Mountains of Flesh, and will dry up all Seas before him. Who now shall have Faith in their Earth for these things? to what a Seraphick state may it bring them up unto? Therefore let us improve every such Discovery, and extend our Faith to the Great Augmentor of our weak Flame, that if possible, such an encrease of Celestial Flame may mate with us, as to dry up all, that hath encompassed our Rock. It may now be a time and season, when that such a bright flaming Body may be of stead unto us, which can at pleasure ascend, and secure frail Corporeity. It may be well worth enquiring after the excellent Properties of such a divine Creature, which doth move under the Cherubs Wing, where it can pass to and fro unseen. Oh let us further dive into this Magia for great Advantage may be made for us, to raise out here such a Defence, as may set us above all fear of Mortality, in a day when Perils, and great Dangers are threatened, as an overflowing Scourge, to break in upon the World. It is time for us to know, where to hide where no Destroyer may find us. Which only must be within the Flashing Skreen {Screen} of the Holy Deity or Trinity, where we may walk in all Safety, though the whole Earth be laid in Desolation. Oh thou mighty Shield of Faith, bear us up upon thy Wing. Let thy Word (oh Jesus) which saith, Come to me, be sufficient to make us tread upon the Sea; keeping off every boisterous Wave, that would make us doubt. Now then upon the broad Rivers, oh mighty God, let us come to thee, and be afraid of no Flesh, that would hurt, or oppress. Let thine, who are environed with the Spirit’s Might, make that only their Anchor-hold evermore.


December the 13th. 1677.

Do ye wait, and expect the Word, that was made Flesh, fully to imbody in Spirit, that so an engrafted Word may come to spring in you, to Create new things, and to Command all old to depart away. All this the Word-God must do: that is after a creating Manner.


December the 14th. 1677.

This Morning there was brought to my internal sight, a Ring or Circle, which was like a Jasper-stone for Light, and sparkling Glory: and within the Ring or Circle, a Face of great Splendour and Majesty did shew it self as in the twink of an Eye, and withdrew again: but this Word followed, This is the Door, that hath neither beginning or ending, through which ye must enter. Consider now, and consult with what Manner of Body it must be, for nothing of a corruptible Form can ever pass here.


December the 16th. 1677.

As we were waiting together, this word came, the Lord himself is come forth to serve you with the Bread and Wine, as the great High-Priest to communicate, and his Body to break, which accordingly was experienced. Therefore it is good, at the Altar still to attend, that so the holy Breath may there kindle the pure Flame, through which may open his precious Name.


December the 18th. 1677.

An Interpretation of the former Vision.

In the Night my Spirit was carried inward, taking in several Ideas of Heavenly things into my mind, pressing hard to pass into the Circle-Door of Life. But a sweet still Voice did eccho in me, saying, That pure thing only, which through this Circle-Eye of Eternity did come down into Nature, can be the Door of Entrance again, as it circleth in its Blood-Life, and thereby raise up it self, and quicken it self into such a Spirituality, as ye need to ask no leave to enter back to your own proper Place, from whence your Immortal Part did proceed. For now the eye that is fixed in you, will be both your Guide, and Entrance hereinto, if ye in Union will ever more with it keep, and concur with it. Then it shall carry, and lodge you in the Bosom-Circle of Eternity, as in a fiery Chariot. The four Wheels upon which this Chariot doth move, are Faith, Hope, Joy and Peace. These will bear away the Lilly Branch to be planted, where it may green and never fade, because the River of Life runneth there evermore. Oh when shall we be carried by this Chariot; who would see it gladly, that we may conclude thy Heart, dear Jesus, is towards us, and that thou wilt live no longer without us? For seeing none can enter into this Circle-Eye, but in this Flaming Chariot, that doth move upon four Wheels. Let not the principal Agent be wanting, but that all may concur together in us by that ghostly Might, that may give a sudden Flight, to see that all satisfying Face, which will make us feel everlasting Pleasure. And that no mortal things shall sever us from thee, or come any more as a Vail between the Spouse and her everlasting King, to hide the entring Door of Life.


December the 20th. 1677.

Great eagerness of Soul was renewed, for the passing in through the Needle-Eye of the Glorified Humanity. The Zeal and Love did wonderfully hereunto concur, so as to devour and eat up all those strong Reasonings of Contradiction, that else would be working in the Mind. From which being in a good Degree cleared, through the Mystery of Faith, working by the Spirits operation, great calmness of Mind was known. In which time the Circle-Eye did open again, encompassing me round with waving white Clouds, and one did descend and did pass through the bright Circle, as an Arrow for swiftness, in the Figure of a clear Body, with a Branch in his Hand, the Leaves whereof were shining as Gold, the Fruits were as a Cluster, wherein a variety of Fruits were growing together. It was reached out, and a Voice did after the Manner of a Spirit speak, saying, This is Fruit from the Tree of Life, that is now planted in the Land of Beulah: Eat hereof and give forth, and be blessed in it for ever. Presently I did feel sensibly a little strengthening Virtue come in, which I would have conveyed to another after a Magical and Spiritual Way, that was at a distance. While I was in thoughtfulness hereupon, the same Person was presented to me, as if he had already hereof partaken; for there was strengthening Meat given into his Hand, wherewithal I did see him feed a Bird, that flew gaping to him, being all craving and hungry, chirping still as it was fed at his Hand.


December the 21st. 1677.

After all which, I was to attend the Effects of every such Presentation. This Morning I found my Mind wholly disposed for Introversion. Upon which the Vision was more opened unto me. For the Spirit did talk with me, telling me, that this was a Manifestation to shew the Care, Love, and Friendship of our mighty Throne-Prince, who does as truly convey the Transmuting Fruit invisibly from himself as the Tree of Life. That so the introduced Birth of Spirit might grow and encrease, it being its own natural Nourishment, without which it cannot live, till it come up to a strongmans Degree. For that which is born of God doth feed only upon what may transform into a God-like Being. Which is the Lord Christ’s Office and Business to heighten up to that, that so there might not be any loss sustained, by the Fall of the first Adam, in those who by this living Word are quickened again unto Life. For it was opened unto me, that none could be capable of this high kind of feeding, but those in whom Christ was Spiritually formed. For this was all spicy, and sacred Virtual Power, to bring forth such Celestial new Creatures, as may ascend up with the same swiftness, as that Seraphim which did come down. For it was said to such who are changed all Spiritual, that inviting Word doth stand for ever good, whosoever will, to them the Door stands open to come themselves, and take of the Tree of Life most freely. And they will have the Honour to bring down, and give forth Heavenly Tastes, and from their divine Bodies will go forth the healing Virtue: As it was opened to me, that these Golden Leaves had in them the Balsamick Cure, to restore to a perfect divine Body, wherefrom all Soveraign Power should proceed immaculately, according to that high state, which our Lord is now in, in the Body of Glory. Therefore this Counsel and Word of Comfort was given, that we should here cast the Anchor of Hope, for the passing through every Door of our own Senses, till we had got beyond the Vail of Flesh, into the Circle-Body of the Holy Ghost, which is appointed for our present Mansion and Dwelling. Where no more working Source shall open to disturb our Peace and Joy. Our Life sustainment shall be effected, by the holy Seraphim day by day, till the half time shall fully be expired. Then it is given me to see, and to believe, that guarded along we shall be out of the Wilderness, by this Angel of God’s presence, who hath promised, he will not leave us, but see us safe within the Everlasting Gate.

This is only the charge, that is left us to observe at present, that we keep the Inward Court of our Minds from all polluted Things, and as hallowed Vessels to take in, what from God’s own Table, as a daily Portion is sent in. Who will never fail to give, what shall seal us for the Day of this full redeeming Power. Therefore upon this Promise, we are to hope, and quietly wait; for he will come with the shout of a King to the pure and Virgin-Spirit, wherein Love and Faith have looked for him. Therefore be not weary, nor faint in your Minds; for to you the Son of Righteousness will appear for full Salvation.


December the 22d. 1677.

This Morning I saw a Hand with a Pen, writing upon a little Square like Steel or Slate, which was repeated to me, saying, Despise not that Holy Degree, to which my Spirit hath wrought you. Know ye not, that the Holy Thing, which is rising out of the Center, must have time to work through all that dark Matter, which doth lie in the Vail of Flesh. Therefore patiently give way to that, which will go its own pace, for the Spirit doth well know its own Tract. And if you wholly trust him for your Guide, he will bring you to the right Door, which shall never more be shut upon you.


December the 23d. 1677.

I was invaded in my Mind with that, which would have awakened a Distrust, concerning the Consummation of that perfect Degree, into which I have been thus far wrought up unto, through Internal Purity attained. Yet finding the Waves of Sense apt to break in, upon this I was made to pray with all vehemency, lest the Spark of Faith should hereby be quenched. So after much Strife this Word came in for comfort, saying, thou shalt yet Honour the Lord thy God with that Substance, that will open out of Wisdom’s Treasury. Abide but firm, and unmoveable in the Heavenly Calling, from which expect the Blessing of the encrease, for the bringing in that, which will assuredly bring Joy and Ease to the heavy and oppressed in Mind.


December the 24th. 1677.

My Spirit deeply sympathized with one, that was in travel {travail} with me, for the Revelation of Christ’s Heavenly Kingdom: Who in bindings, and Spiritual droughts & famine passing often through with me, therefore obliged to be fellow helpers of each other in every Hour of Tryal and Temptation. I besought the Lord, and made enquiry on his behalf, and this Word on his behalf was given in, saying; I have heard the bemoaning of Ephraim, against whom a Confederacy of Spirits have been working, but they shall all be broken as a Potters Vessel, while he in Love and Faith adhereth fearingly to my living Word. Then know, that he the Ephraim may of the Righthand Blessing come through all Tribulations to stand in Victory with the Lamb, upon the Mount of Joy and Liberty. To which dear Lord bring him through all that, which would hold him under and depress him. Oh that oily Pool, that can soon the dark Stone dissolve, let it rise and spring, that we may find our way made free and clear up unto thee, forever to be conversant in Spirit, with thee, all Heavenly One.


December the 25th. 1677.

This Word visited me, saying, How great is the goodness, that is treasured up for those that love and long for the mighty God, and the everlasting Saviour. Therefore dress and trim your selves every Day for your Bridegroom, who doth take great Pleasure to find you all comely, sitting at the deep Manifestation Gate, and there waiting. Oh sweet Jesus, if thou wilt this Gate open, and give us out thy Love from thence, then we will not remove, because of the sweet and pleasant Savour that does issue forth from thee. Oh, come with all pulling force, that as a bright Cloud, we may be of a dissolving Nature, for all Love’s Impressions from thee, that we our selves may be one with thy Celestial Nature unchangeably.


December the 26th. 1677.

This Word was opened in me this Morning, saying, After all Knowledge and believing in him, with whom your superiour Life lieth hid: Now your great Business and Concern is to travel {labor or travail} for its Manifestation in, and according to Redeeming Power. By which it may appear in its own Native Liberty, and act for it self in Soveraignity, as having put on the Lord Jesus, as your Cloathing of Power. For nought else will commend you in the sight of Men.


December the 29th. 1677.

Upon the Consideration of A.W.’s Prophecy, it was advised me, that we should have no part with her in divine Justice, nor be Agents in the avenging property, in desiring Plagues and Vials of Wrath to come so immediately upon the Formal Churches. It was shewn me, that it was not the Time, nor the Manner revealed yet, how they should be overturned. God had permitted her, though a Lamb of Christ’s fold, to be sifted and tryed through the opening of a Center, from whence Spirits did strongly thus prophesy, as to the Time and Manner, and did upon her Spirit impress the time, and so deceived her herein. The Lord restore her, and give her a more distinct discerning of Spirits, from the several Centers, from which Sounds and Voices do proceed. The Kingdom of Love, cryed the Voice in me, is that which will open, and be strong to prevail. Even that Ministration of Love shedding abroad by the Holy Ghost, is to drown and quench the Wrath; and Angels that are strong and powerful in the Compassionate Love, the Lamb of God will raise up, to be eminent for Trust, in the agitating and managing of the great Spiritual Affairs, belonging to his Priestly Kingdom: that is, upon its revealing to be more visible, and shall mightily prosper in the Hand of such, who are the pure and meek of the Earth. Who thereby do open the Love-Center, whereout the Unction of Prophecy, and true Revelation does infallibly proceed for their direction.


December the 30th. 1677.

Upon some Considerations, which were weighty upon my Mind, concerning the daily Expectation of that Kingdom, which by the Holy Ghost comes to be manifested. And calling over many foregoing things, which as to this might usher in the Temple-Glory, which is so beautiful and desirable to Spirits, that are waiting here for it. This was shewn me from hence, that Vision and Prophecy were but as the door-Posts and Threshold, whereupon the Glory of the Lord doth often hereby break out, as the Gate of Manifestation opens; but it shuts and closes up, as not to abide upon the Threshold of that, which giveth Entrance into the most Holy Place, where the full and fixed Residence of the Majesty of Glory is. Which for duration upon any cannot be found till entered beyond the Ministration of the Manifestation Door, which doth make way here for it, by raising the Mind of the Spirit through the Light. For the true and real Enjoyment of God’s Pure Being Conjugally, wherein all fullness of Joy, Power and Peace may spring, as from a Fountain openeth within, as co-existing with that which is the Matter, for the Kingdom of Heaven, that must bear rule over all that comes in by this Fall. To which end, the Light of Revelation is come to the door of the Threshold of the Lord’s Tabernacle, that thereby we might see our Way to enter in by it. Watching all opportunity for a through and clear pass into the fruitional Joy of the Lord. Patiently enduring, till the Lord himself shall say, Up, and Rise and follow me, who as on an Eagle-Body, will you my dear Ones, mount and bear into my Father’s inward Court, Where neither Care, Fear, nor Sorrow, shall afflict you more. Oh my Lord, this is that perfect State, that our Sighs and Groans have long gone up for. Let full Assurance be given for present support unto us, who are looking for compleat Redemption. Upon which this Word sprung, Fear not, that ye shall always stand, as at the Entering Gate. Jesus your Lord doth well know the Voice of his own Mates, from whom he will not long separate himself. Therefore believe, and quietly wait, in all pureness and meekness; for he will come, and will no longer tarry from his own, lest their Spirits should be drunk up with Sorrow. It was further said, If ye be in Heaviness for me your Lord, then may ye expect a return of Peace and Joy successively in and through my Love abounding towards you.








ALL these are the faithful and true Sayings which are given in for a Stay, and a Pledge of Love from God, till the Morning STAR of Wisdom shall arise more fully in our Hearts to lead us up into the Fruition of all that has been here Prophesied of, and Declared. Which I excite all the Beloved Flocks, that belong to the Great Kingly Shepherds Fold, to Believe, Hope, and quietly Wait for, as to the Fullfilling part of All that hath been in This Volume made known and revealed. For it is now the Day of the SPIRIT, which is beginning over the Earth to Spread. Wherein the Empty and the Hungry, who have long wandered upon the barren Mountains, and been as in Famine, shall be Satisfied and enter into those fat and full Pastures, where the Lord himself shall be their Leader and Feeder: That so we may in pure Love-unity together celebrate an Holy Feast to our High and Mighty JEHOVAH; eating our Spiritual Morsels in Joy and Gladness, and sending up our Offerings of Praise to him that was LOVE, that is LOVE, and that ever shall be the same. Even so : Amen. 



P O S T S C R I P T.

IT may possibly to some seem very Harsh what is found pag. 125. and 126. [which is contained within the Journal entry dated March 12, 1676.] There is yet a Woman to be revealed out from the Heavens, whereof Mary, that brought forth Christ according to the Flesh, was but a type. For it was neither Eve, nor she to whom the Promise was made concerning the Birth, which should bruise the Serpents Seven-headed Power. There must be another Genealogy found out, from whence the Serpent treader must also come. But it is very far from the Author’s Intent, as it may be plainly evidenc’d both from the Scope in this particular place, and also from the whole Drift of her Writings) to derogate hereby from the High Pre-eminence of Christ, the Son of Mary, above all Human Births whatever: or from the Honour of that Holy Virgin, whom all Generations of the World must call Blessed among Women. But the Design of this Passage is no other than that of the Author of the Epistle to the Hebrews, when he represents the Great and True Melchizedeck to be without Father, without Mother, without Descent. Which cannot be understood any otherwise than of an earthly Father and Mother, and an Earthly Descent, it being immediately afterward added, having neither beginning of Days, nor End of Life. The which Words can by no wise be applicable to his Outward Corporeal Birth from the Virgin Mary. Wherefore the Apostle herein directs them to look for another Genealogy, and higher Descent; while it seems to take away for the present (or rather to pass over) the former. So that he would not have them to fix their Eye upon his Temporal Generation in an Elementary Form which had both beginning of Days; and end of Time, but rather to look to the Generation which was before all time from the Eternal Father, through the Womb of the Morning; from whence all Angelical and Human Spirits were afterwards produced, being call’d Sons of the Morning, that is of the Immortal, Virgin, Heavenly Principle, or Matrix. Which Celestial Nativity being overclouded in many of the Angels, through their Tartarosis, mentioned by St. Peter, in seeking to sink themselves into their own Independent Will, that so they might be as Elohim; by Precipitating their Spiritual Forces from the Centre of the Divine Will, and going forth from a proper Centre of their own: and also in all the Human Race, through the Birth of Eve, entering into the Lust and Strife of the Elements, deluded hereto by the Seven-Headed Serpent; cannot possibly reappear till the Seven Heads, Powers, or Forms of the Serpent be entirely Bruised or Crushed. This is to be done in each particular Soul, which hath within it self as the Kingdom of Heaven, so also the Kingdom of Hell, as it were in miniature; before there can be an Attainment of that Person to the Redemption of the Body, which is the visible Adoption, Recognition, and Sealing of the Sons and Daughters of God. And it is likewise to be done in the whole Church Universally, by the Seed of Immortality flowing through the Glorious Humanity of JESUS. Which Seed as it raised up his mortal Body, cannot also but raise up, in due time, all his Members: and cause the vanished Image once more to appear, and the Lustre of their first Nativity from God to shine forth, as without any Cloud. Wherefore let the Reader remember this Caution not at all to look Outwards, or to seek here or there after Particularities or Personalities, which will nothing avail him to know, and probably may do him great Hurt: but to retire into the inward Depth of his own Heart, that he may there come to know such a Birth from out of the Womb of the New Jerusalem Mother, as is so much spoken of in these Writings, and may be a Witness of the trampling down the Serpents Power and Polity. Then would he not be solicitous about whom should be first Honour’d by Christ with the Marks of his Resurrection, but would endeavour to press forward to it, by the only allowable Emulation of Humility, Love, and Faith. That if possible he may arrive to the Right of the First-born Heirs of God in the Melchizedeckian Line. And then also would he clearly see, that nothing that is here said tends to the Lessening, but to the Greatening rather, and extending the Merit of JESUS, the Son of God and of Mary, the True Christ, Blessed and Adored for ever: to whom every Knee, both in Heaven, and in Earth, and under the Earth shall bow and Confess him that is, that was, and that is to come. 

F I N I S. 


[ From the Authentic Version of Jane Lead's Journal of her Spiritual Encounters ...
— Entries from August 31st through December 30th, 1677
from Volume TWO of A Fountain of Gardens: this was File 4 of 4.]

A D V E R T I S E M E N T.

WHEREAS some Things have been Scandalously set forth, and Printed under the Name of this Author to the Reproach of Truth, and the Dishonour of that which is Holy, it is thought fit for the putting a Stop to such Impostures, and the Evil which might thence ensue, to give a Catalogue of the Books which the Author hath hitherto Published.

The Heavenly Cloud, or, the Ascension Ladder, 4to. 1682. p.40.

The Revelation of Revelations, an Essay towards the Unsealing, Opening, and Discovering of the Seven Seals, the Seven Thunders, and the New Jerusalem State. 4to. 1683. p.130.

The Enochian Walks with God, found out by a Spiritual Traveller. 4to. 1694. p.38.

The Laws of Paradise; Given forth by Wisdom to a translated Spirit. 8vo. 1695. p.69.

The Wonders of God’s Creation manifested in the Variety of Eight Worlds, as they were made known Experimentally to the Author. 8vo. 1695. p.89.

The Message to the Philadelphian Society whithersoever dispersed over the whole Earth, together with a Call to the several gathered Churches. 12ves. p.108 1696.

The Tree of Faith: or the Tree of Life, springing up in the Paradise of God: from which all the Wonders of the New Creation must proceed. 12ves. p.122. 1696

The Ark of Faith, or a Supplement to the Tree of Faith, for the Further Confirmation of the same. Together with a Discovery of the New World. pag.33. 1696.

The Fountain of Gardens, Watered by the Rivers of Divine Pleasure, and springing up into a Paradise. Vol. I. p.509. 1697.

A Revelation of the Everlasting Gospel-Message, which shall never cease to be Preach’d till the Hour of Christ’s Eternal Judgment shall come. Whereby will be proclaim’d the last Love Jubilee, in order to the Restitution of the Whole Lapsed Creation. 8vo. p.39. 1697.

The Fountain of Gardens. Vol. II. 

[Thus ends the remainder of Jane Lead’s Volume II of A Fountain of Gardens with the exceptions noted below...]

Note about PTW's On-Line Edition:   Portions of the Original of  A Fountain of Gardens, Volume II, that are NOT included in this on-line reproduction are :

The Editor to the Reader, signed by Timotheus  [Francis Lee, M.D.].  However, this portion is included with the on-line manuscripts of Francis Lee here at PTW, and may be read or printed separately by using the above link.

A 4-page Table of Contents,  which lists content by referring to the page numbers of the original printing from which this transcription was made.

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