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Jane Lead, 17th Century Prophetess of God [1624–1704]: A Personal Diary of her Spiritual Experiences and Encounters with the Godhead during 1679 – 1686.

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A Fountain of Gardens: Volume III, Part TWO

August 3.

The Sign:  Or,  the Paradisiacal Body.

THESE Words were treasured up, and pondered in my Heart: But I said thus to my Lord, What Sign wilt thou give unto me, that such Great Things shall be fulfilled; seeing I remain still like to others, wearing the fallen Image of an impotent State, that yet lieth obnoxious to Sufferings, Bodily Destructions, Poverty and Derision? Urging still upon the Father of my Spirit, that this Garment of Reproach might be taken away, [I Prayed] crying, Abba Father, what wilt thou give me, that so my Title may be cleared up, for to go out with this Commission? Surely, a mighty thing is yet to be Done, that I have not been actually yet wrought into. For the which I bow, and fall, as crumbling Dust, before THEE: that This Creating Word may move once again, both for the Restoration of pure Substance, and Figure; that may much more excell the other, which in Paradise fell. For so the Relapsed State of Things doth it now require for Thee, O Beginningless Being: that so Thou mayest stretch out the Eternity of those higher Degrees of Creating Omnipotency, upon a defaced Lump of Mortality, to Immortalize it; by sending a forceable Stream from Thy Deity, that may drown all of a deformed Impotency. Such an Appearance of Thy self, O God, is both needed and expected. And where wilt Thou fasten that Golden Nail, that Deity in Human Frailty may come once more to appear, and that all that may be called Frail, so may be outworn through the Godded Power moving therein? Oh! This is the deep and precious Thing, which I do well know must be the Fountain-Spring of an endless Blessing. To which only I do turn in: that so I may rise again as a blown Rosy Bud of the Deity, who at the root as a Golden River may it feed. Then shall Eden’s Glory be renewed. This is the Work which most secretly I would pursue, God alone to be evidenced, both deep and immense, in his own unmixed Life-Essence incorporating in me; yea so feelingly, as therein I may come to know, where my Strength doth lie, and without fear may act it forth, as a full blown Rose, perfumed Strong with the Odours of the Holy Ghost. That so the Evil Scent of Putrified Flesh may no more offend such a rich Ointment. May the Paradisiacal Body now be sent down, that all Earthly Savours may be bound down through Thy risen Life, O Sweet JESUS, which never tainted yet could be. Such Grace and Glory let me participate with Thee. For the same effect I do Sequester, and give my self all-free away unto Thee, O my dear IMMANUEL: As believing that Thou hast a Body for me prepared, that may all-powerful be to do Thy Will without Default. This, O my JESUS, do but gratify my aspiring Soul in: and hereby thou wilt proclaim Thy great Praise in that Thy Life is Mine, and I am Thine.


August 18.

A Vision and Prophecy, shewed to me J. L. to be made known to them,
who are to Partake of the First Resurrection.

THE Eternal World opened unto me, wherefrom I heard a mighty Trumpet-Sound calling out numerous Persons from out of this old Terrestrial World, to come into the Light-World: For the Holy Trinity had a special Service for them to do, who can thus surrender themselves all-willingly. A Secret was to be disclosed to such: but they were it not to know, till abstracted from all Terrestriality. Then did I feel my Spirit exhaled, and drawn, and to ascend as a Flying Spark: which was taken into a Celestial Orb. Then did I see several Molds all of pure Gold; (for I was as a single Eye of Light: ) and the Molds appeared to me of various Fashions and Sizes, being wrought out without any Hand or Instrument. And when this was done, my Spirit was shot forth into one of the largest of these Molds. And I became in sight like to the Glorified Figure of my Glorified JESUS. Who appeared and communed with me, and said thus to me, My transfiguration is upon thee, and shall be upon all, that hearken to my Call, and put off the Garment of the Fall. In this Time of my Transfiguration I had unspeakable Solacements, and an open Sight of the Eternal and Heavenly Inhabitants. But what was heard must not yet be Declared.

Then I asked the Lord, whom those other Molds were prepared for? And he said, For Naked Spirits, that can fly away from Time to Eternity. Then did I take upon me to nominate several Persons, which I did hope might be ordained hereunto, and would be Awakened at the Trumpets Sound. And the Alpha and Omega Answer’d me, As to those thou hast named, I do well see how they are trimming their lamps, and making ready herefor: pressing forward to this Home Resolve: But there are some Shackles, which at present do hinder their Ascending Flight. Yet there will be no Rest, till they have cast them off: and their Rejoycing shall be, to see their Earthly Life to moulder away that so rise they may to be Angels of the Resurrection. For of such only the Inhabitants of the New World are to be brought up. For now the Purpose and long decreed Salvation is to be finished, first in a Number sought out, and linked together in the united strength and force of LOVE, enkindled by the Breathing Power of the Holy Unction. Who but these shall go forth in the Transfiguration, when fashioned according to those Molds presented unto thee: which will make all to be Angelical, to act God’s mighty Wonders, as his Worthies sent forth to enlighten the whole Earth with my Power and Glory, shining through you, who to this my Trumpet-Sound shall give heed. I am coming : I am coming with Speed. Blessed are those who are ready to meet me.

P.S. Some further Discovery was let down, from the Body of the Heavenly Element encompassing me, the Night after; this held some Hours, shewing Where, and How, and upon Whom this Great Change should further come, for the restoring of all Things in the Universe. Which in its Time shall to the Worthy be known. On August the 18th, 1681, this was shewn to me.


August 19.

The Witnesses.

THE Vision and Revelation the next Morning followed me, with a soft melting Trumpet Sound, saying, ‘Hear O ye, who of the Melchizedeck Line and Offspring are: For to such this Message is sent. And do it thou declare, what the Strong and Mighty GOD will ratify. For here is an Horn that is to sound, which will Awake and Raise the Dead. Q. What Dead? A. Even the Slain Witnesses, which in the Heaven of Silence have many Generations lain.’

Then did a Bright Glory unfold it self, that I might hear, and see from whom this Trumpet-Sound did come: Even from Him that was, and is, and is yet more Gloriously to be Manifested. Who cried to me: Thou Morning Watcher, what is it yet thou dost see? No sooner did the Word sound, but I saw Two Olive Trees spreading themselves out, dropping their Oil as a Shower of Rain. And it was said: Thus shall the prepared Earth be sown again with such Olive Seed, as shall bring up Anointed Christs all plentifully, that shall stand in this latter Day upon the Outward Earth, to appropriate, and maintain the MELCHIZEDECK-King’s Right; whose Kingdom shall spread to the ends of the Earth.

Then was there Three bright Suns in their Eclipse, so as that they appeared to be but Half Suns in sight. And they wrought themselves out of the Clouds, and joined together, and became one Glorious SUN: Which appeared with a rich and glorious Crown upon the Head of it. Then did I feel my self wonderfully Cherished and Strengthened with this Sun of Glory, that opened all the Powers of Life, in an higher Degree than ever. And herefrom I was made bold to Ask, what was their Eclipsement? And the Lord Answered: They do signifie Three Days, in which my Witnesses have lain Slain. The which time my Glory and Dominion hath been under an Eclipse. But know, and make it known to such, whom it may concern thus with Me to Reign, that the Three Days are accomplished, and the Three Ministrations shall meet in One at the Half Day, for the fulfilling that which so many foregoing Ages have Prophesied of. Now this Half Day is dawning: in which is to be understood the full Height; or the one Perfect Day, where neither Eclipse, nor Sun-set shall be feared any more. In which time I will by my raised Witnesses finish a mighty strange and marvellous Work in the Earth, such as yet hath never been. And although Three dead Winter-seasons have passed upon my Dead Witnesses: Yet, now they are called upon to rise out of their Golden Molds, as most terrible to their Enemies, and all Beholders.

Then after these Words there was a Silence. But I moved to know further, concerning this great and weighty Thing; and said, O my Lord seeing I have found thus far favour with Thee, to have part of this Secret revealed unto me, make me to understand it more fully: Inform me, who those Two Witnesses are? And what they are to do when raised up? Then, after some space of time waiting, this Voice utter’d itself thus, Behold me in my Glorified Humanity! Then did I see an Human Figure Transfigured into a Body, as a Crystal Glass, sending from all parts of its Body flames of Light. Which was the Flowing out of the Deity from the Glorified Humanity. Then I had a sufficient Proof who these Two Witnesses were, and how, and where, and in whom they should be manifest first, which is yet to be kept Sealed up. Only thus much to be made known, that the Mighty Eagle from Heaven is already so far Descended as to hatch Two Eagle-Birds that will figure out these two Witnesses first: and be as the two dropping Olive-Trees, that will multiply CHRIST in the Earth, in his burning Ray of Deity, in a glorious Humanity. That shall a full and mighty Witness for GOD, throughout the whole Earth be. Even so come, as Thou hast said, Lord JESU.

After this there was revived, and repeated a most important Caution, that had been given a considerable Time before, by the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation, for the sake of all those who are waiting for the Resurrection of these Witnesses. Which was to beware of the Tempter, in relation to the Hope of such a Transfiguration to see; to avoid all elevated Aims, all Designs that are not clear and justifiable in the Eye of GOD; to make no Terms and Conditions with Him; to rejoice in the Cross, and in the Dying Marks of JESUS; to sink down into the most pure and naked Resignation; and to keep still upon that so; even in the midst of Paradisiacal Enjoyments, as the Serpent might not creep in to Deceive, Beguile, and Supplant. Whereof some present Instances were hereupon brought to observation, for a stronger Impression of the same. And after some things of a particular Nature, that must in secrecy be reserved, a most express Charge was given for all Watchfulness, and Prudent Walking, as to this great Affair; that so the Fall of one might be the Rising of another.

For thou also wilt have thy Proving Day;
But this shall be after another Way.

And it was signified to this vehement Inquiring Soul, by her Lord, how that as “She had sought, and designed to have a Trust out of the Eternal Principle of Wisdom, by Real Impowering from the Holy Natural Birth of the Holy Ghost in her: So her Choice herein was Justified, in that she had knocked at the right Door; which if in vehement Love and Humility she pursued, should be open’d, and a Treasure flow thence, such as no foregoing Age hath known. But the Faithfulness of the Bridal Spirit was all manner of ways to be proved.”  [For the Word of Caution consult what is Registered upon the 28th Day of January, in the Year MDCLXXVII Vol. II. p 37.]


November 1. 1681.

A most High and Familiar Entercourse,
betwixt the LORD and the Spirit of the Bride.

THE Lord JESUS, to whom my Recourse is still made upon every Occasion, having put a Privy Key into my Hand; by this I came to open the Secret Cabinet, where the Pearly Jewel doth lie. The Sight and Handling of which doth exceedingly rejoice my Heart.

Oh! when my CHRIST appears, and gives me his pleasant Voice to hear, my Spirit and Soul enkindled are into a Flame. And truly no pleasure I have, but while I sit under his Shadow, and drink his very Life and Nature in: that so I may another Spirit feel. And thus was I carried into, and up unto my all-admired Glorified JESUS, sitting before Him and talking with Him about the Suffering Cloudy Day, which I with many others, yet do walk in: Who for the Glorious Break of that Bright Day have looked, and Watched for. But, behold, this black Night is not yet fled away. Much after this sort I pleaded with my LORD: Humbly demanding why He moved so slow, while time so swiftly doth fly away. O how little of thy Power is made yet for to appear! No Holy Ghost is yet descended, God’s great Wonders for to display: and to bind the Prince of this World, that all who of his Kingdom are, may be shut up in a tormenting Impotency; being by Thee O CHRIST, in thy Saints, over-swayed. O delay not my Dear JESUS: but come thou strait away; and say to all Quarters of the Earth, Give up your Dominions unto me, as I now in a Creaturely Form do again appear; but not without great Power and Glory: Otherwise Scourged, Mocked, and afresh by all Crucified wouldst thou be. The which reproach surely, O Christ, from Thyself thou wilt take away by thy second Coming, which by me looked for is: that so out of, and from this Worldly Power I, with the rest of thy oppressed Exiles, may be discharged. O my Christ, a thorough Work I know at this thy appearance Thou wilt make. Who is it till Then shall know a total and full Redemption, & a Reigning Life, with Thee, over all this visible Principle? Oh! my Lord, how many Cries, and continued Groans, from the Embondaged in Mind, in Spirit, in Body! Shall not the urgent vehement Cry of those that are Lovers and Waiters for thy Appearance, enforce this Gift to rest upon them: that they may declare, the Holy Ghost is poured forth, for to Do and Act in a Created Form, in uniformity with the Father and the Son? Oh! now whom shall this be shed forth first upon? That precious Jewel, which Thou in so many Ages hast in Thy own Power reserved, upon whom shall it now be conferred? None can pluck it out of Thy hand: Where Thou wilt, it shall be given. But this I know, my LORD, that some one particular Daughter of Sion, the Dominion shall first come unto: Whom Thou wilt adorn as Thy Spouse and Bride; and the Virgins her Companions, shall as the Friends of the Bridegroom and Bride greatly be Impowered, and most Gloriously Dignified. Many I do see that are of the Children of this Worldly Captivity, do now stand before Thee: and I my self among the Rank of these do stand. All of us waiting for to see, where thou wilt fix thine Eye as upon one single Personality, who may be Impowered to set all her Virgin Companions free. O my Lord! My admired JESUS! I cannot, I must not, presume to challenge such singularity of Love, as to be chosen as the Representative of thy Mount-Sion Bride: that the Birth which free is from all Sorrow may be brought forth, for the increase of a true and right Angelical Host. Oh! For this Thou now dost view who most fair, and comely, and of a pleasant Favour is. It is not any of us can chuse Thee, O Great KING: Thou art in Thy Royal Liberty. Therefore all-meek and passive I do stand before Thee. But yet withal there is that vehement Strength of Love, which goeth forth from my Heart as a Fire-Ball, that may invite to a remembrance of me, Thy Sick and Wounded Lover. Oh! Shall I Out with the whole and inward Secret of my Soul unto Thee; and plainly tell Thee, even Thee, in whom my Soul so ardently loveth; that if Thou dost not condescend to Eternalize me into a spiritual Marriage with the Tri-une Deity, I shall pine and dye to all content, quietness, peace and joy. Nothing will, nay, I say nothing shall Comfort me, but an express and solemn Marriage with Thee. O my LORD, if I may be of acceptation upon this consideration, then pass Thou thy Promise: Which may for the present both revive, strengthen, and stay me, till all things be got ready, according to the Royal State of Thee, who art the Great Jerusalem-King. For I am not ignorant, if that Thou shalt agree to make choice of me for thy Celestial Bride, a new Habit then must be provided for me after the Degree of Angelicks, that all Glorious are in the Heavenly Places, as redeemed from all Terrestriality. Something of this high Qualification must proceed, and go before as a Signification of Thy Choice, for so near a Conjunction. Therefore I do all this most humbly Implore, that (after this Spiritual Order) Thy Espoused may Adorned be, in these following Particulars: That she be the most Wise, Holy, Meek, Patient, Submissive, Obedient, Faithful, Loving, Fearing One; observing all things given by way of command from Thee, O dear Jesus; that so I may come to excell all in this kind of Beauty, Perfection, and Gracefulness in thine Eye. And truly I study thus to be, that I may win in thy Heart unto me. I will not deny but I have this Love Design upon Thee, O thou Glorified JESUS: And whatever it is that lieth in my Power to get, and compass, which I do judge may be taking; and pleasing unto Thee my Lord, I Restless am until I do attain it. For in truth, I found such strong and vehement Impulses towards Thee, that I could pass through Seas, Rocks, Mountains, Walls of Brass and Iron, to have my Fill of all Joy and mutual Conversation with Thee. O what hast Thou done thus to draw the whole Strength of my Life into Thee? And now that it is so, shall I not find space in Thee, where I may fasten these Golden Cords of Love; that I may bind Thee unto me, that thou O JESUS mayest be held so fast, as to say, and cry out, that pure Chaste Love hath Conquered me, and I can no longer resist this Love-Violence.

O do not I hear this Echoing Voice, saying, She hath caught me; and I am won, and prevailed upon, by an humble, meek Constancy, that would not murmur, nor be pettish because of Delay: Nothing like this to break the way. This is the Key that will unlock the Everlasting Gate, where I may give forth Treasures and Gifts, to let thee know that among all the Children of the Captivity thou chosen art. In Faith and Love excell therefore: And go on to perfect thy all beautiful Perfection. For yet more Graceful Things are to be added unto thee: For great and wonderful Matters will be expected from such who come up to be my Head-Bride. Therefore (saith he, who is Faithful and True) more Excellent Glory must be given unto thee.

Ah my LORD! I know it; and therefore do wait for it, even to be a Metamorphosed Creature in an holy Transparency. But from whence must this come? Who must raise up such a rare framed Piece? A Workmanship this must be indeed: That which will manifest a much deeper Wisdom and Almightiness, and peculiar Love, Grace, and Goodness than hath been yet known since the Fall. O my God, when wilt thou set afoot the Beginning of this New Creation? O who shall be the First Subject of this kind which Thou, O all-pure Celestial Stone, wilt make Projection upon? For I do know Thee for to be that high Tincturing SOL, whose Fiery Streams are so penetrating, that all gross and course Matter, which Thou passest through, turned is into a fine and transparent Quality. [Margin Note: SOL Justitiae i.e. The SUN of Righteousness, and the True Solar Elixir. ] Ah my Lord, how do I long to have it so, that my Soul and Spirit may be Thy VENUS Divine: [Margin Note: The Morning-STAR, to prepare for, and give warning of the SUNS Approach. The which borroweth its Light from the SUN, and hath its Phases accordingly, even as the Moon.] Who great Power of Love-Attraction may have; even so great as Thou mayest be held so fast, as no more to part, but become as one pleasant Flame. Never shall I think my self secure of Thee, till Thou (O my LORD) hast dissolved me into Thyself. And so I shall know nothing more of Fear and Jealousie: Because of that high Tinging Power from Thy Deity. What else is this but the pure Nuptial Knot: and as a burning Saphire-Stone, that contracts many Spirits into one? O my dear JESUS, do not think to take up Thy Rest in Glory, without me. For now so wrought I am into Thee, that it cannot, nay, must not be. For is it not Decreed, that Thy Elected Bride, whom thou delightest greatly in, should ever be with Thee: And not only behold Thee full of Grace and Glory, but also receive, and participate of the same with Thee. But what if I should be Answered, I am in such a Worldly Principle, and Bodily Figure, as cannot be capable of that Glory, in which Thou appearest in the Mount-Sion Kingdom? O my Lord, for this I know the FAITH hath put no Restriction upon Thee: But thou standest in Royal Liberty, and canst bring down the utmost Degrees of Glory, by manifesting Thy self in my Mortal Flesh; there to redeem from the Sin by thy Righteous Nature springing. Wilt not Thou thus Sanctifie me with Thy self, that the Glory of thy Power, Wisdom, Goodness, and most Splendorous Light and Love may all send forth (as in an united Body) great Virtue, Strength and Power; while in a visible, mortal Form: that the Glory hereof may be much more marvellous, as they work through such contemptible Earthen Vessels. Sure, O my JESUS, Thou wilt work so strongly and violently, as to make an abundant Entrance into the very Essence of Thy All-glorified Nature.


December 18. 1681.

The Effect of a Souls vehement Love, which enters into the Deep Centre,
Love had its first Birth: which is in GOD.

NOW, Replys my Dear Immanuel, saying to me: Soul, thou art now come as a Flying Spark, and an Ascending Power: which no Spirit, nor Angel can detect; or drive thee out. Know thou, if I would my self, yet I could not from so great a Force of LOVE fly. Thou hast beset the very Heavens where I do dwell, with so strong a Garrison, that the FATHER willeth that I should be Delivered up as an only Love-prize. Seeing thou hast thus eagerly pursued after me, satisfie thy self that I will ever henceforth Thine be: Nay, thou shalt command me, with all my Riches, Wisdom, Greatness, Power, and Glory. Only mind to keep thy self a pure, undefiled, and chaste Spouse unto Me. All sensible Objects and Things that are before thee, do thou run through, and pass away from: that so thou mayest hold me for thine own, wholly immersed into one Spirit; for a Conjugal unity, and an holy pure Freedom on each part there may be. Through which, O Soul, thou wilt henceforth be disabled to hold in with any Worldly Thing, which doth not agree with me. Who am come to link thy Heart so fast, as that nothing of the Serpent’s Craft may alienate: But so firm and true it shall be, as is betwixt the Father and Me. That thou mayest know the Father loveth thee, and willeth I should unlock those secret Gates to let thee in, where all thy Walks may be pleasant, fresh, and green: with the High-born for to be, as Fellow-Associates unto thee, being the Heavenly Train that do follow me, among whom thy place shall also be.

Mount, O mount, and Fly: and over all Spirits, Creatures, and Things in this Lower State stride. Come up to me, I say: and unite with my Power, Wisdom, Love, and Purity. And that shall be as an encompassing Host about thee. Take, O take, and thus freely, what is Mine: For by that Celestial Marriage entered into, it is become all Thine. Now pass thou, and look over all those hard Winter-sufferings, that have befallen thee, in conformity with me. Call up, and that always my Risen Life hid in thee. It is not to be crushed any more. Remember you are but transiently in this World to be: Your Home is with me, appearing and disappearing in the Body Corporeal, as occasion shall be fitted out to act and do Wonders, such as shall conspicuously Glorifie me. For which end the Figure of an Human Body yet upon thee is to remain, that Inward Majesty may shew it self, to over-clothe the vile Face of Mortality with impregnable Might, over all of That which would that Appearance slight. For now, O Bridal Spouse of mine, consider with thyself by whose Side thou art to lie: And what Degree, and State I thy Lord and Husband am now in, that have taken thee into my Bosom-Love, my very Heart for to disclose. I am no more to be reckoned as a poor and despised CHRIST, a King without a Kingdom. No: it is far otherwise. Thou shall this both see, and know: And of the same Goodness and Glory with me enjoy, in the visible unity. Which I would have thee keep up thy Faith in. Then shalt thou have all Communion in Power, Love, Light, and Joy in the TRI-UNE; where Redemption thou shalt find all about thee, as one Everlasting Love-Joy, for the New Hallelu-jahs to be Sung always.

[P.S. November 22. 1698. Upon the Recollection of this Secret and most Intimate Entercourse, betwixt my Kingly Bridegroom, and his own Virgin-Spirit in me, (which was of that strong Magnetick Power and Force, as I could do no less than record it, for a private Memorandum, that I did reserve it secret, never thinking to bring it into Light;) Now after the space of Seventeen Years, there is a stirring Motion in me, after some Doubts, by reason of the Singularity thereof, which might be a Stumbling Block to some, and I am strongly instigated, to permit the going of it forth at this Time: Because it hath been Verified to me, in a Prophetical Spirit, that it should be for the provoking, edging, stirring up, and sharpening of such as Predestinated are to become jointly One with me, for the making up of this Virgin-Bride. For many Fire-Stones are hereby called, to make up One pure flaming Love, for Conjunction with Him, who is all-Desirable and Lovely. For the same Emanations and Out-flowing Powers, experienced and witnessed, that have been mentioned here, are not to be appropriated to a Single Person, which only may stand for a Precedent, for to give assurance that the Lord CHRIST is as free to let out Himself in this way of intimate Love to Thousands, who of good will and vehemency of Love shall be after this manner drawn out unto Him. So according to the Scope and Intent, why this Secret Thing hath been Published, let Impartiality of Judgment hereupon pass. I commit, and rest in the Counsel and Wisdom of GOD, who foreseeth only, what the Issue of all these Manifestations shall be: And who would not have them Sealed up, because of His Day, which so near approaching is, for the Effusion of this same Spirit Universally.]



Divine Openings of the Year

The First of January, being New Years Day.

Remarks upon the Old Year.

WHEREIN the Lord God Almighty hath after sundry ways and manners, appeared for me: as to the Increase of a Spiritual Stock of Life; and opening ways for the laying of it out, to his own Praise, and great advantage to my self, and others, in order to the accomplishment and consummation of the full Process of the Spirit’s and Soul’s new Generation, (which Revealed was, and Published hath been;) till all suitableness there may be for Marriage-Union with the LAMB. Which then Solemnized will be, with an high Angelical Shout. Whence a numerous Heavenly Host will go forth, this Earth, that now so polluted is, to subdue and clarify: And as the Offering of the Lamb’s Bride, it to possess and replenish.

Great Goodness hath followed me this Year: which I do keep up in a thankful Memorial to my God, for the largeness of his Favours towards me, as who alone hath minded, and looked after my Concerns. And as to the most weighty Point, which is to keep my Spirit up in the Ascending Motion, and Works, in which I am to proceed on still, in the Power that is Daily to renew from the Holy Spirit of JESUS; herein am I all-fully fixed and confirmed. And although I have been under some Probation by my Friend’s Remove out of this visible Mortal Figure, who for Ten Years did concur and stand with me, in pursuance of the great Things of the Kingdom; yet, I doubt not but the Loss of Him will be made up to me manifoldly. And my Faith is that he was to be Removed, and to give place for some other, or others, in Spirit to stand in his Room, and to finish what he left to be perfected. For the which thing I am waiting upon Thee, O Infinite All-foreseeing Wisdom, to shew and effect these ensuing Years that are to come: That so I may treasure up more of Thy great Goodness. For I have large Expectations from Thee, my GOD, and my all-saving JESUS. And seeing it is so, well may I follow Thy new and living Track, and keep to That which Thou hast entrusted with me. For have I any other Goodness from which may, or can, flow down the Blessings? No: none surely. I do deny all but what (O GOD!) cometh from Thee only: Thou art my growing Revenue, and Riches, and Daily income, which I do live by. Therefore I will not Thoughtful be, so long as Thou wilt be the Multiplying Grain of Faith in me, in which will consist my signal Blessing. A Gift it is all great and worthy of Thee, who the Father of my Spirit, after so high a sort, art. And so answerably to thy glorious Power and magnificent Greatness thy Gifts are. O how highly prizable is it therefore to become wholly Thine, Born again in Time, as it was before all Time, in the ancient Paradisiacal Purity, where nothing of Sin was found! O Blessed State, how greatly doth it revive me! When I can it believe, it shall be so with me. O Lamb of God, Thou wert for this end Slain, that thy Blood might be sown, for a Sinless Life to get up again. Do Thou but this effect for me, then Thou a Mighty Saviour will approve thy self indeed. And although it is not seemly for me to limit Thee as to season; or to desire it may be this ensuing Year, such a change for to see as my Soul and my Spirit immaculate made, (as in thy Personal Humanity;) yet, sure this could never come too sudden upon me, as to find an unreadiness to enter hereinto. For nothing so dearly valuable is, as to be Essenced into the Nature of Thy spotless Purity. O come: and my Salvation all entire and perfect be. Let me so know, and so feel Thee: Then doubt I not but the greater Works will follow me: which from such a new modellized Life I shall be enabled to act forth and do. For Wisdom’s Spring will give me to know my Time, Objects, and Place, for stretching out Thy mighty Hand of Power on Subjects, fitted out by Thee, to proclaim that indeed, Thy Kingdom is at Hand, and Thy Power is raised all things to command whether in the Heights Above, or in the Depths Beneath. O my God, for this I shall most closely to thee cleave, and keep a watchful Eye, to see how this Year also thou wilt move, and make my way more near unto Thee. And that I may perceive the Ground I stand upon is firm and steady, to bear me up against all Shakings of the Earthly Mould, my stable Rock Thou art: with which all clothed and fortified let me be, that no Fear or Terrour may touch me; but I may walk in Thee, O impregnable Rock of Ages. As a running Chariot, let thy Spirit be in me. So come: Even so come this Year ensuing, and with me abide, Lord JESUS.


February 5. 1682.

Remarks made on my Widdowed State.

FROM Year to Year, since Mr. Lead’s Decease, this Day by me Commemorated is. Now the LORD my Maker is my true Husband: in whom great Joy and Solacement I have found; and therefore for no other I can ever be, since the loss of my Outward and near Bosom Friend. But this Acknowledgment in particulars I must give, how this Year my God hath in many Circumstances for me appeared, and hath more than Ten Thousand Relations made up to me, in various Providences, that may draw forth a continued offering of Praise. I have been in the Outward Widowhood now Twelve Years: And I do count my Age to be Eight and Fifty Years. My Days and Years have run swift, O my God: But I have not yet seen, nor am come up to, that Degree of my Eternal Nativity, that hath been shewn; that true Eldership, which may give me place and possession with those Elders, that about the Lamb’s Throne are in great Glory. For the which growth and degree of Unity, let me yet live, if thy Will it be, to reach to that Great and Golden Age; in which Death may swallowed up be in that Spirit, from whose face, presence, and power all of Mortality away must fly. This I do see, as I do look into the Glass of Eternity that opened hath this Mystery. O sweet Jesu! let this Day appear to be now very nigh.


June 6.

The Espousal Ring.

CONTENDING for the Faith, I saw a Gold Ring, with a Precious Stone set in it: which was given to me. Upon this considering in my Mind, it was made out, how this was the Ring of All-precious Faith: which I was to put on as a Pledge from my Lord and Bridegroom.


August 17.

The Seeing Key.

I DID feel mighty Pulls and Drawings of my Spirit to the upper World, where with my Eternal Mother, and Virgins of an High and Holy Order, I found my Superiour Angel in a free liberty, for an internal Discourse with my Princely Shepherd and Bridegroom, there also appearing. Who said to me, that I was now taken into an Essential Communion, and High Fellowship, in which an entercourse might be entertained, for Communication of wonderful Knowledge, relating to the New Creation. For this end, said He, thy Spirit and Mind is called away from this lower Orb, to attend and drink in, the Words of Wisdom, that so mingled in her pure Beam of Light thou mayest be, drawing pure Breathings of Life from her Central Deep. Thus thou wilt her true Similitude be, so enabled and made strong in Spirit, as to break through that Gate that letteth into her Principality. Which hath not been seen or understood by any, but by them, who in vehement Love have her sought: So as to find where her Pearly Treasure doth lie in Secrecy. But this I shall tell to thee, both an Eye, and a Key required are: The one to pierce as deep as a Deity; the other to unlock and open that Principle, out of which the Wonders must be acted forth.

Now, whither will you go, or fly?
Is it not to you Nigh?

Doth not her rising Star direct you to turn in, and sink away, and make your pass beyond Nature and Creature; till you come to the endless Bounds, where all lovely Varieties are to be found and possessed. For it is the Father’s Will, with Mine, you should not only in Wisdom’s Glass these Glories admittance have to view, but them to Inherit: yea, in that Degree as to give and confer the same upon the Worthy, that proof do give of a Birth-Descent from a Virgin Mind.

Upon this free and sweet Conference with my Lord, the Latitude of his Love and Grace was such, as I more than amazed was, that with such plainness of Instruction I should be followed still: and receive to communicate, and bequeath to whom I would. All this I did ponder well: and could nothing less do, but eat these Living Words down; that in Oneness I might be with this great revealed Mystery.


September 3.

THE Deep Mystery of my Naturalization in Wisdom’s Principality, is by her Key, that hath the Eye, now unlocked and opened: that so all meet my Spirit may be made, to entertain its Princely Bridegroom, as risen from the Dead. For we being Baptized into the Death, with CHRIST; He is as one begotten again from the Dead in us: and so is raised by the Quickening Spirit of the Father. This Spirit doth envigorate his Soul, and mount it away: And Christ being in Person already Ascended, and sat down in Heavenly Places, and having by his Life quickened and raised up the Soul, by a strong and vital Power draws it up to Himself. Which is Ascension. For he will take his own up to be where He is.

When it is come up, it is so immersed and interwoven with the Spirit of Christ, in his Glorified Person, as that his Glorified Body becomes our Covering; He in us, and we in Him. Which must be the Character and Mark of our Naturalization into the Holy Island of Wisdom’s Principle: that I in Spirit am often made to see, as taken into this high Essential Communion.

All which lies invisible, and not seen to the Eye of the World: but is a secret Transaction of Spirit betwixt Christ and the Soul, Ascending and Descending; and this Unity, and high Conjunction, by continual Exercise in the Spirituality of the Mind, may drive it self so forth, as at last to make the very Outward Body to shine, answering to Christ’s Transfiguration. When he thus to me appeareth, I shall be like unto Him, receiving Glory for Glory.

Why therefore delayest Thou, O my Lord, thus to appear, that so after thy Image I may Awake? Oh! make haste Thy Words to consummate, that unto Thee conformable I may be found, thy Name to bear: As it behoveth her whose Spirit unto thee now Wedded is. So shall I Naturalized be among the Inhabitants of Wisdom’s Blessed Land: and that all-Golden Key obtain which shall make her Treasures open stand.


September 10.

THE Gate of this Heavenly Principality, that hitherto so shut up hath been, now daily further opened is. And it is shewed, how the being made in the Image and Likeness of GOD, implieth Command, Power, and Dominion; and an orderly Subjection of the whole visible Creation, to the invisible Spirit in Man, that (from the Deity imbreathed thereinto,) the Majesty in visibility was here to represent and personate. Indeed, GOD being Soveraign, and absolute Lord and Governour of All, Man could not bear His Likeness and Image, without a Power to govern, and command All things under, and in Subordination to, Him, as a Vice Roy under the Great King of Kings. And when it was said that Man was made in the Image and Likeness of GOD, this doth to us imply, that he was Perfect and Compleat in Himself, and so needed not to have recourse to any Creature without, for to perfect and compleat his Enjoyments; as GOD is perfect and compleat in Himself. Therefore it was said, the First Adam was both Male and Female in himself: He should never have gone out of himself for any Creaturely Help; being in himself both Male and Female. Oh, this happy and blessed State of Adam! This is a great Mystery: His Male was his own Eternal Will-Spirit, immediately descending from the pure Deity of the Holy Trinity; His Female was the Eternal Virgin Wisdom of GOD, which was in Union with his Eternal Male-Spirit. Oh! Blessed Virgin-Wisdom had Espoused her self to Adam’s Eternal Spirit. Thus Adam was Created Male and Female, compleat and perfect in himself, as Mystically implied is in Genesis the First, ver.28. that is, GOD blessed Adam in his Marriage-State, in his Union with Wisdom, his Eternal Female, whom he had obtained for his Spouse in himself. GOD saying unto him, Be Fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the Paradisiacal Earth, with an Off-spring from thine own Loins, such as may be both Male and Female, fit to possess the fallen empty Spaces of the Fallen Angels. This full compleatness and perfectness in himself, is That which doth the true Image and Likeness of GOD manifest and imply. Thus Adam in Conjunction with his Virgin Wisdom should have brought forth all his Posterity, in this Divine Likeness and Image. And thus every one of his Posterity, would also after the same manner proceed on to bring forth theirs: and so to multiply all-fruitfully in the Blessing as so many Living Images, and Similitudes of GOD in Nature, branching forth in a Paradisiacal way and kind, from the Life-Tree-Root.

[Here the Original breaks off, being torn and lost; causing a very considerable Defect: But this Matter was again about Twelve years after called over again by the Spirit, in a Manifestation, call’d the Morning-Star of Wisdom: or, A marvelous Manifestation by Wisdom’s Morning-Star risen upon my Mind, to be communicated to the Worthy.]


September 20.

I HAD in the Night a Vision: it was the Sight of an Infant, new born, that was brought to me; and it was said to be Mine. But I wondered at it: for I knew not When, or How, I brought it forth. Then I Questioned, whether it was Male, or Female? And it being examined, there was no Mark for Distinction upon it. Which was Marvelous, to consider what manner of Child this would be. And when I call’d it over in the Divine Sense, it was said, This Figures out the Mysterious high Birth, that will be Mighty in Power, and Wonderful in Wisdom and Majesty.

And it is Open’d to me thence that this Child, being a Masculine Virgin figured out, doth represent the Eternal Spiritual Off-spring, that Adam should have brought forth from God’s Eternal Virgin in Himself. And so it is to be renewed again, and to have its Succession, as CHRIST, the Second Adam becomes the new Birth in us, being Male and Female, and so multiplying Himself; tho’ under the Covert of a Mortal Figure.

[According to the foregoing Visional Appearance, and application thereof, by the Word of Life and Power, as a Circling Flame, passing through the Inward Parts, an Assurance was shortly after given, of the near Fulfilling of the same. Which is to be from the mighty Masculine Spirit of Faith, impregnating the pure Virgin-Womb of a dedicated Mind. And before this Lordly Birth can be perfected for Breaking forth, it was shewed, how it was to receive the Influences of the several Archetypal Planets and Powers: Represented in Vision by Seven Fountains, as so many Forms and Sources of Pure Angelical Nature.] This was about the latter end of the Year.


My Book of Divine Revelation, opening the Seven Seals, and the Seven Thunders, was Printed and Finished on the 8th day of December, 1682.


December 25.

THE deep searching Spirit was yet further Inquiring into the Mystery of this Birth, that it might altogether to Perfection be brought: And then the manner of it was in this wise shewed to me, that Seven distinct Fountains must all run into one. Which were denominated particularly. 1. The Fountain of Love. 2. Of Light. 3. Of Faith. 4. Of Wisdom. 5. Of Perfect Purity. 6. Of Meek Humility. 7. Of Almighty Powerfulness. Now in order to bring forth into manifestation this perfect new Creaturely Birth, all these Fountains must open in the Soul’s Essence, and break and run into one another, and so in it drown and swallow up the Soul.

Then was it said to me, There will you find that God in you will become a Place of broad Waters, what shall be all-healing, as thus commixed together; so that it shall be no less than a flowing Deity. Then was that Scripture superadded to me, Out of your Bellies shall flow a Well of living Waters. Then was it further opened, that this was the absolute Fund and true Ground of the new Creation that must spread it self after this manner, from whence all fruitful flowering in the Heart a covering will be, that nothing of the Earthly Part should be able more to put forth. Now after thy Model is cast, it produceth all serene Peace and exulting Joy. So that nothing has power from the Earthly Life to disturb or annoy. And until these Fountains do come thus to flow, and to break into one another, each one in their own kind and property, no expectation there can be, of going forth in the might and power of a new risen Body, whereby God may become manifest and Great, by putting forth through the Soul his own Acts and Deeds. Then was it verified to me from a feeling Sense of what was here defined, that this I was to commend, and set forth to them that were with me in Spirit conjoined; that they might participate of these most deep and inward Fountains, flowing into them, that were both for feeding and refreshment.


Another Relation of the Manner of the Transfiguration in Spirit,
which was upon the
16th and 18th of August in this Year MDCLXXXI.

THE Opening of the Eternal World came into me, where I saw some Persons called and brought out of this old Terrestrial World, into the Light World, where the Father of Light was manifest through the Bright and Glorified Figure of the Son of Man, that now was in the Form of God, empowered from henceforth, to clarify gross earthly Matter into a Spiritual AEtherealness. Which Honour was given to this our Son of Man, God moving in, and upon, the Luminar part of his relapsed Creature. After this sort it was first made obvious unto me, and shewn upon my own outward Bodily Figure: which was as taken up into this Eternal Light-World. And which no sooner was encompassed with that Love (and Light) flaming Element, but the Heat of that made my Old fall and moulder away: Seeing nothing left but a Flying Spark, which entered immediately into this pure and bright Element.

Then did I see several Molds. For tho’ unclothed, yet I was All-seeing, as an Eye of Light in the Holy and perfect Element of Light. And the Molds were as of Gold: and of various Fashions, some larger than others. And there were numerous of them generated, and wrought out without any Hand, or Working Instrument. And this Glorious Element opened, and shot my Spirit forth into one of the larger sort of these Molds. And I found my self Substantialized into the Glorified Figure, with my Head King, and Prince of Glory. With whom I had most unspeakable Solacements: and I asked him, who those other Molds were prepared for? And he said, for such as can adventure, to come out of the Old World, and to bring nothing out with them but what they reckon is to suffer a mouldering and falling away. Then did I nominate some Persons, that I judged might come up to this High Resolve. And it was answered me, to this effect, “It is true, they are trimming their Lamps, and making ready: But there are Shackles which they cannot get loose from. But there will be a Breaking off of whatever hath with-held. For of such only are the Plantation of the New Heavens, and New Earth. Whereout all the Wonders shall be shewn forth, by them that cast into these Angelical Molds are, to come forth as God’s mighty Worthies, to enlighten the whole Earth, in Power and great Glory.”

Much more was Revealed: Which shall be known in its Time, as in reference to what, and where, the Beginning of this great Change would be: And how near it is for the Universal Election to be hereunto Gathered in. For this Generation must not pass away, before somewhat Signal accomplished shall be.

[This being a somewhat different Narration of what is in its place inserted already, was here thought fit to be superadded.]



Divine Openings of the Year

New Years Day.

ABOUT one of the Clock I Awaked, and waited in my Spirit for what the Lord would further appear to me in, as to those Seven Fountains, which were shewn me, through which the Fulness of God would come to fill our Earthen Vessels. For the which Praying, I saw as out of a deep Darkness, a white Silver-shining light stream forth: And the Angels of some Persons that were known, with my own Angel stood waiting upon it. And we had each one a white Cloud that covered us, and figured it self exactly to our Bodies, as a Light-Garment. At which I saw ourselves clothed all alike: And I heard a Voice behind me to say, It concerns you so to be, for ye are Begotten of the Father of Lights. And henceforth your Walks shall be with the Saints of Light. And the Light of the One Eternal Day shall shine through and through you, to give discovery of Invisibles, that appear, and move only in the Light Region; where ye may see your own Angelical Figures, walking as out of Time in the Eternal Liberty; seeing the Face of GOD continually. And this Fountain of Light (as shewed it is to me) shall arise and spread it self over all, that love to walk and dwell in Light. And, behold, the bright Glorified Person of the LORD was seen as in a bright Heaven of Light: And he said unto us, Ye who Children of the Light are, take care and keep your Garments undefiled, not mixing with the dark Night of this World: that so ye may be meet to go in and out as Fellow inhabitants of that City, which GOD and the LAMB is the only Light of. And in that clear Mirror ye shall see, and know, all secret and hidden Things, as Heaven-born Seers, that have an Essential Light, not borrowed, but purely opening from the Eternal Centre of Light.


January 14. 1683.

THE Word this Morning that was given me, was this, As ye have waited for Light, Wisdom, and Revelation, to know in what way, and order, to walk towards your God, the Fountain-Light: So now in the Temple-Court of a separated Mind and Heart (as one cast into a forgetful Sleep in CHRIST your Spicy Bed) there wait, and lie; until Awaked ye be with such a Trump, as the Everlasting Life-Breath may pass through for raising up to that Light of Glory, which even upon the new vile Body is to shine, and a Covering for to be of all them, that to make up the Lamb’s Bride and Spouse appointed are.


May 10.

THE Spirit still driveth close on for its Body of Omnipotency to rise, and gather upon it: That so the Shame of its Nakedness, it might no longer behold. And in it self all being now finishing in order hereunto, for the dissolving the Body wherein Sin had dominion; the very Walls of that House, in which the Leprosie had fretted, are given up to be demolished. Nay, my Spirit and Soul have altogether left this their first Habitation, and can own it no more. And I am become as a wandering Ghost, ascending and descending, looking everywhere, within the Circumference of the Eternal Element, for that most inward bright and transparent Body. Oh! for this no presumptuous Soul let me be accounted: neither reckon it any robbery from thee, to let me receive such Clothing, as may render me the very Perfection of Beauty; and that for no other end, but to become thy Love, thy Praise, thy Joy and Glory. So will the Shame of my Reproach be taken away: And no more shall I be termed Desolate or Forsaken, but be called by Thy Name: having a Body all comely, and every way suited to thy Glorified Personality. Can I then, O my Lord, be too bold, free, and urgent with Thee, for the accomplishment of this so great a Mystery? Having run through such Degrees of Knowledge, Light, and Prophesie, what remains now then but Consubstantiation with that Power and Wisdom, which may overthrow all of Fallen Man, and the Strength of the Beast’s Kingdom; which Monopolized hath that which is due to the Lamb of God only: My Spirit, and my Soul, I feel in such a fiery zeal, that I can no longer bear to see this Holy and Pure Thing thrust under every where. O Mighty KING arise, and clothe thy self with that flaming Body, which may burn up all gross Earth, and Stubble: And as pure Lightning run and pierce through those Bodies, which are as Brass and Iron: and so come then to know thy Power is risen, to dissolve what is as hard as Stone. Is not this long Dead Watch now in this World to be Awakened? And by what can it be, O GOD, but by the terrible Thunders of thy Power? Which sent forth may be, by such as please Thee. Even so, my Lord, Amen.


June 20.

UPON some foregoing Solicitations for the All-powerful Body to be put on, for Manifestation, in order to Glorification; being herefore exceeding pressing in my Spirit with the holy Trinity, for Accomplishment, perceiving this Driving was of the LORD: The Birth being now grown too big for Confinement, doth now begin to travel {travail or labor} in the Greatness of its Strength for Enlargement; its time approaching near. For the Virgin Womb where it lieth, is now greatly in pain till a Kingly Messiah do come forth, that may be attended with his own Heavenly Host, to welcome him into this World, by giving up all the Kingdoms, which the Serpent and Beast have so long maintained by their Strength and Subtilty. This is the Mighty Birth that All-Ghostly is, that must supplant this Potent Prince of Darkness, and all his Hierarchy. Therefore well may there be all puttings forward for its breaking forth, where a true Quickening Body is most sensibly felt; though for the present it may be secretly kept, till it shall plainly declare it self. Which in an all-hopeful way is for to be brought forth into Manifestation shortly. For the Lord of this Birth hath revealed the Time to be very near: and hath described what will follow upon it; as, all the Blessings of the Eternal Principle, that brought forth shall be with this Birth, who is the true Heir of all that the Creating Power of the Infinite Deity shall produce. This is the new Springing Crop, that must come up where the Spirit of Faith hath been sown. But how rare and choice a Grain is this? Very few there are that have it: and fewer yet that (having it) can preserve it from being choked with the Carnal Reasoning that will twist about it. This is a Plant that must stand alone: and no other Seeds are to mingle with it. It is a most tender and delicate Thing, and cannot bear the heavy ponderous Body of an Earthly Sense to spread over it. For the Life of Faith is a distinct Essence, and can agree with no other Life but what is of its own Nature and Quality; working all by a Divine Spiritual Power. For it is a Spirit that can effect what it Believeth for, if it runs all-free up to the Omnipotency of its own Originality, from whence it derives its Nativity.


September 3.

NOW as I was made to seek and inquire what manner of Birth this should be, that consist would of Spirit, Soul, and Body, All-Celestial; It was revealed unto me, that I my self must this pure Nazarite Birth become, and know the Laws which it is limited unto, quite different from what hath been hitherto received, or understood. All of those former Laws, though in their Administration, Holy, Righteous, and Good, as delivered by way of Precept; yet are too Weak: They had not the Power of a Transformation, and Heart-Renovation. The Fleshly Birth was too strong: it would not hereto give place.

But my Lord hath shewn, and Answered my Inquiry in this Great Thing, plainly discovering, where the Let hath been, that hath hindered Sion’s Plants from thriving under all of the Droppings. Though Line upon Line, Preaching upon Preaching, and Praying upon Praying there be, these pass away: But the Root-Essence of a Sinful Nature doth yet remain. But now, as to those that come to be Born of the Holy Ghost purely, they are a Law to themselves: They bring the Ark of the Covenant with them, and the Testimony of Truth is a constant Rising Spring in them, which they cannot depart from. Oh! this is the Highest, and the Last Glorious Ministration, that shall change the Black-Moor Stain of Sin, and clear up a Body of Righteousness. Then we shall see the perfect Beauty of the Born in Sion all clearly.

It was then given me to know, and take a Draught and Copy of this New Law of Spirit and Life, from my Lord: Who is not the Letter, but the Power, of an Endless Life: making out to me, after what way I should know and feel the force of this Fiery Law, as it is a Bodily Birth, going forth from me in Outflowing Acts of Power: that cometh under no Subjection to any Degree or Law of a Creaturely Constitution, but moveth in God’s Royal Liberty of Will, binding and shutting up, loosening and opening as it pleaseth. For it is a Free born Spirit, which is able to maintain its own Right, by Law of an All-powerful Might, in its inherent Law of Life. To which it is to be confined, and in Wisdom to exercise every Member, and Property, in high and great Exercises, to shew and Testify that JEHOVAH is come to fulfill the Royal Law.


September 4.

A STIRRING Birth moving it self was now felt, as after the Image and Likeness of Our Jehovah-God, to declare, that He is into Flesh descended, there to fulfil and verify this New Law, in great Power and Glory: And make that Honourable that hath been Despised; because once found weak in Birth of the Letter, but now Strong and Impregnable in Spirit, which riseth up to Victory. And hereby will it regain and recover all those choice and principal Immunities, that God would not adventure with Man; till this Law of Truth and Righteousness become a Birth in Him.

This then, O my Lord, is what thou art moving in me so strongly for. What shall I say, but give all place herein to Thee: And henceforth know no other God, nor Law, besides Thee. For I do see Life and Death set before me; Blessing and Curse. Since if I fall in with any other Law, but what Thou thy self wilt be to me, Hell, Death, Destruction and Curse will follow, as written upon Mount Ebal: Which is the Degenerated Nature, where the Rudimental Laws so forcible, from the Rational Ground, are found. All of which must be dissented from, and the Law of Faith submitted to: which is the only Ruling Power that we must be absolutely limited by. This I now, more than ever, am made to know. For the Great God, and only Author of this Faith hath shut me up unto it: and wonderfully dealt with me about it, that I might be fully converted to this High Faith. And he hath indeed come so close to me, by convincing Arguments, that my Reason hath no more to say, but must give way to this Spirit of great Supremacy. And cause there is for it, in that this Faith can extend it self into the infinite Latitude of a God-Almightiness. Therefore it is but reasonable that cross, crooked, subtil Reason should stand all silent before it. I find it is the Esau-Birth, that Jacob’s Spirit of Faith must totally supplant. Concerning which there hitherto have been many Combats and Wrestlings: But all this would not do, though animated strongly from the Light of the pure Unction. For the Strength of the Law of Reason would so mingle with those Lower and First Degrees of Faith, and so subtily transform himself as I could not discern him. For as much as he would be for such a kind of Faith, as might bear the Shackle and Weight of this Worldly Principle at its Heels, and have a Reference and Trust to those Creaturely Things, that are the very Workmanship, and Craft of the Rational Spirit. So that, in truth under this covering have lain many strange Gods, that have been believed in and worshipped. For it is now set before me, how that as all of This Creation’s replenishments, Pomp, Riches, and Honours, Fulness and Plenty, is gotten (and enlarged) by the Industry, and the Craft from Rationality, that very able and skilful is in all of this kind: So whoever have gained most of the Worldly Dross, and are Masters of these Temporary Goods, they are the Great Potentates, and are as Gods upon the Earth, having even more trust and fear attributed to them, than the only true God, the Creator and Original of what the Man of Reason gets his subsistency from. This I have looked upon with a most painful Observation, and great Indignation.

Now for this there is a Groaning and Cry of the Elect Seed of GOD, who have no lot of Temporary Substance, that they among these can claim. For each one lives in his own Propriety. And now what is to be done for these that have no Inheritance among their Brethren? They must be as Bondmen to them, and serve them: or else they must not take part with them. Nay, one Fellow Saint upon this Account, is made subservient to the other, and to bow and connive at that which may be reprovable. This is an hard Yoak upon the Disciples Necks: so that we must find some way for the breaking it off: For it must not continue thus to be. Now the Time of the Lily is putting forth: Whose Toil is to cease, and to spring up all free. For which end the Lord hath emptied me, that I might search and find, what is in my own Eternal Native Principle: Whereunto I will only confined be.


September 10.

FOR, upon some weighty Matters that were rolling to and fro in my Mind, it hath been said, Let not the Eagle wander from her Nest, that would bring forth her young, the princely Heirs of Faith. And: Know, that where Two or Three Dove-Spirits do in the Eternal One Agree, and for a Time so Hide, and only manifest to each other be, they may from the Root of this Lily bring forth a numerous Angelical Host to replenish the Earth.


October 12.

I HAD a Vision of Three Flying Birds, with great out-spreading Wings as an Eagle. And there was a Book that before their Faces was, so that I could not see them: a Book before the Face of each Eagle; the Books being open towards themselves. So they seemed to be upon their Flight: and the Books were as if they sprung out as from a Root, or green Stalk.

While amazing I was at this Appearance, it was said: Do not hereat wonder; these Books shall no Blind upon the Face of the Mind be. For they themselves are the Faces of another New and Living Testimony, that growing is against the Time of a more free and universal Declaration. Of God’s wonderful Secrets. And hereby it was given to understand, why the Books did seem to grow up as from a Root, and spread themselves therefrom: as expressing the Threefold Book of the Testimony, which is to spring up from the Root of Wisdom’s Olive-Tree; from whose dropping Unction the hitherto hidden Secrets, throughout all Principles, Centers and Kingdoms, are to be revealed. To the continual surprise and wonderment of all, that hereinto shall look, will this be, when read they shall the deep Wonders that here unfolded are: that shall dispersed be by Angels, in whom will dwell the sacred Trinity.


October 13.

The Royal Exile.   A Parable.

THERE was this Similitude drawn out before me, of one that was Praying, and Making, and Writing Petitions, and making Decrees, as an Heir of and to a Kingdom: but could nothing effect, because Deposed, and Banished into a strange Land, that was under another King. Who did not at all heed, or regard this true and high born Prince, that to another Kingdom did belong. But through great Suit making to be restored, after some time of Durance and Suffering, the Great and Mighty King and Lord over All, did raise such Heavenly Forces and Powers, as to the great and everlasting Dominion did bring back this Heir of the true born Spirit; even so as to possess his Own Kingdom: Which in this very World known and manifested is to be.

Then appeared one Writing Decrees: and it was cried, Who shall Seal them? For otherwise they are but Blanks, that will no way be Obligatory. For such are all Prayings, and Believings till the binding Seal of the Spirit do set the Hand of the Power hereunto. Which doth Authorize from the King and Father Everlasting: who sendeth out Spirits and Powers unseen, that will perform the whole Counsel of his Will. Therefore in all our Applications taught, we are to have our Eye and Expectation for the fixing of God’s Seal.



Divine Openings of the Year

The Recollections of the Old Year.

New Years Day.

I. As to Spiritual Improvements and Divine Growth.

I DO upon Examination find my Spirit to have gained somewhat of Increase, as to the more inward and deep plunging into the Superessential Being. Wherein I have found the most pleasant, as also the most strong feeding, being come to my Native Ground: such a Pasture it is as is all-healing; there is a virtual Strength and Power groweth out of every Spice and Flower that springs within that Foundational Depth, which is deeper than all Depths that have yet been fathomed.

My Soul hath this last Year sounded something of it: an effectual Door was for some time opened to me, so that I saw and understood my Soul’s and Spirit’s Unity, and their Consistency with this Bottomless Depth of Eternity. Where I found my lost Soul, which re-united its Power and Force in a Most sweet Quickening, encompassed with the Impregnable Rock of Wonders. Such an entrance was here made for me, that while I was included in it, I found my Spirit as a burning Lamp, supplied with the rich Fountain-Oil, that did feed my Life with a Secret Joy. So that now I am given to know the many Depths I must pass through, who am in no middle Ways, or Centers to stay, but must cut through all, to be imbibed with, and Ingulfed into this Sea of Burning Love. Where my Spirit in its own native temperature is; feeling nothing that doth molest or disquiet it: so long as there I can keep and stay. This is the Rest indeed. But O my God, who can it know, but such as have found that Life-Vein, which from the Heart of the Immanuel doth flow. Which, I find, can only conduct back again to the Fund of the God-head. For it is to be affirmed, that the Soul can never rightly know, or possess it self, till it comes to be all-plunged there whereout it did first proceed. Often did I hear the Holy Spirit cry, and call within me, saying, Come up hither: if thou wouldest be secured from all things, which in the World do offend, then mount and raise thy Mind thither, where the Unity doth dwell. Many and various have been my Experiences in my Removes; and new Gates still have opened for my Spirit’s Pass into the seven Regions of that Heavenly Country, where God only is my Mansion-House; that so firmly settled is, that I doubt not but there to be made a Freeholder in time, and out of time. Therefore the beginning and the end of Wisdom is to shelter thy self, O my Soul Here.


II. Some Remarks of Divine Providences in this last Year, how, and wherein God hath appeared for the Exterior Man; which hath no Inheritance in this World but Himself: which is Great and Enough.

SO as I may say, to live by Faith is Blessing in Abundance. For my God hath measured out to me according to my necessary Requirings: and his Store-House hath not failed me. For though it hath been brought in scatteringly from, and through the hands of Creatures, all this I look on as but from one Hand, which is the Great and the Supreme Giver only. And let such as have been moved Instruments, freely out of love to thy Nature and Life, O God in me, receive out of thy Treasury, far more transcendently than what in this kind they can give.

But here I cannot altogether limit my Faith, to be supplied in this way, though submitted I be, while the Birth of Faith is yet but in its Minority, and so must at the present be under the Disposal and Ministration of Creatures as to these Outward Things. But when the Heir of Faith’s Kingdom is grown up, and doth well understand its own Being, Power, and Potency, it will otherwise be. For it is a Branch sprung out from the Essential Root of the God-head: and there abiding, what is it that is in the Essential Being, that may not be such an one in mutual Propriety? O my God, I shall not let this Birth-right go, nor yet sell my Reversion of this all goodly Inheritance, for any thing that can in hand be put, for the stay and support of the Corporeal Figurative Man. Although sore and strong have been my Besetments in this kind, to bribe and baffle me out of my hopes, and to nullifie my expectation, that still looks forward in the Great I AM, who knows what my temptations have been, and what yet are for to come, for the trying of Faith. For none but tried and well-proved Spirits of Faith can be for God’s purpose. Who hath wonderful Works to be done, and acted by them, when they deep enough Grounded shall be, and fixed so as not to be shaken with those raised Winds from the Earthly Principle, which plucks the Soul so often back, after its having taken leave thereof. O how many Earthly binding Powers! Oh! were Faith but steady and immutable, what short Work would there be made? For so it might quickly come to all that which it hath believed for. And thus no Wreck of Faith there could be: but to the Holy Island, that Peopled is with Wisdom’s Royal Off-spring, a safe and speedy Transportation would be made. O Heroick Faith!


April 10. 1684.

The Royal Dove.

The Last Prize.   A Soliloquy.

HAVING been a Spiritual Trafficker for some Years, stocked with Heavenly Goods, which to a good Increase are brought, putting all to what Improvement I could: I am now pressed to proceed on more vigorously than ever yet hath been, and by all means and ways possible to improve the present Measures and Degrees of Revelation and Prophecy, Illumination, Wisdom, and Knowledge. All of which, as a Vessel richly laden, I have sailed to and fro, emptying upon the Heavenly Shore: still hoping to take in another Fraught {Load or Cargo}, which yet more Precious and Valuable is in my Eye. For in these very Heavenly Things, which gone are, I cannot make my stay: Therefore for another Prize I am now bound. The which if I do not obtain, I shall look upon all my former Travels and Adventures, (though not in vain,) yet short of what is to be wrought. Therefore I behold my self as come to the last and great Point, where I must stop, and can no further proceed: waiting for thee, O Blessed Tri-une, to set me forth yet once again in that Ship, call’d the Royal Dove, whose Bottom is deep and sound; where that weighty Stone, and rich Jewel may be found. For the which I have sought both far and near, wandering from Sea to Sea. The Fame of it hath so loud rung in my Ear, that I can nothing else regard. For which made willing I am to be emptied of all my present Store, though Spiritual and Divine, so as yet now again to become exceeding poor in Spirit, and of all Spirituals stripped and left bare: That so nothing but the Massy Deity I may now take in for my last compleating Fare, which may my Life free from all Bondage, Thoughtfulness and Care; ceasing from all Worldly Merchandizing.


April 12.

THEN no more bowed down shall I to Creature-Idols be, when possessing thee O God, the principal Life-substance and Treasure: From whence I may not only free and serve my self, but thy Elected Poor, who under Oppression are, who also seek Redemption from thy Multiplying Store. This is the new and living way, which now I bend all my Course for.

Oh! How the Spirit of thy Bride doth call and cry for the Nuptial Knot to be knit with THEE! Till then what Fruitfulness can expected be? No Man Child of Power can ever be born, till Impregnated with pure Deity. O! For this let there be a Virgin sought out, and brought before Thee, whose Heart thou mayest rest in. Well do I know some one, or other, shall this favour find with Thee: from whom this fruitful Birth of Power shall go forth to multiply an Angelical Host.

When: O when shall this Thing consummated be?


When LOVE as strong as Death shall break all Bands, and ascend into the very Secret of the Deity. Love is all-pleasing: Love is all-forcible. That may be permitted to enter into the very Heart of God, when other Things, though good and excellent, must know their Distance.

The Soul Replyeth with great Love-earnestness.

This then is my only Hope. For the Key of Love, Thou hast me given, that therewith I may unlock thy Deep, where the Treasure of Thy Power hath lain hid. This is the Secret Thing, which I have been long seeking, that would all-fully reconcile my ranging Mind, to fix it in thy steady Being, where no more occasion I may have for wandering out,

Possessing Thee, my fruitful Vine,
Always flowing with Spicy Wine.


April 25.

UPON this Expostulation, there came a mighty strengthening Word, being an Ancient Prophesy given Holy David. Which was this, He shall descend as Rain upon the new mown Grass, and as Showers that Water the Earth. In his days shall the Righteous flourish. And so it goeth on to Prophesy of the Lord Christ’s Dominion from Sea to Sea, even to the utmost ends of the Earth. There came now into me great Openings and Enlargements hereupon. And first it was opened, that the Lord had sent forth his Spirit as a Mower, that should clear the Ground, by cutting down the first and second crop, that a covert upon the face of my Earth was. And it was shewn me what the first Spring was, how it proceeded from Nature’s Ground, and how it multiplied from a mixed Essence of Good and Evil, that brought forth wild and bitter Earthly Fruits, rank and unsavoury. Although something also from the Good Property, here and there among the Evil did spring. Here the Prince of Darkness I found, could move, and stir up what would make for his Kingdom. Who is that Evil Sower, that is always at hand to inject, strow, and cast in a corruptible Seed, the Tares among the solid Grain to over-spread. This may be reckoned as the first Crop, that groweth after Illumination and Light of Conviction: The good Seed being much choaked, coming up but thinly, as being thus over-run with Worldly Cares while entering into the various Temptations; which this Outward Principle hath to decoy the Soul into, so to keep the pure Life-seed still under.

This hath been my Experience in the very Beginning of my Work: and so onward. The Heavenly Plants abiding weak, (as Underlings;) till the Spirit came to view, and take notice of this over-run and mixed Ground. Who seeing so many strange Plants got up, this much displeased the Lord. Who had undertaken to new Plant, and set my Ground: that so Fruit might abound to a worthy and honourable Account. O how great is this care and diligence to bring this about!

Here is a continued Labour of Love: as I must, O holy JESUS, from thy Spirit own. Who hath, as a sharp Sickle, cut, and plucked up much of this mixed Growth: that so thou mightest sow my Earth anew. For thou hast more precious Grain still in reserve, when the Harvest is reaped. Where the Thistles and Tares among the Wheat did spring, altho’ considered more Spiritually, as to the Inward Ground, not yet clear of Corruptible Matter. Thy Light was not freed from the intervening Clouds and Darknesses. But now, O my Jesus, I wait for Thee so fully to clear all away, as thou mayest come down like to the Rain upon my new mown Earth. Nothing else I find will do, till thou sowest Thy self, as thou art now an all-powerful Deity, for the bringing forth an unmixed Body, that may perfect Holiness, such as no defect way may be found in. Oh! such a Covering upon my Earth let me see. Till then no pleasure I can have to move, and live: Even till Thou, O Holy JESUS, both Seed, Fruit, and Ground, for my Essentiality art all-fully come to be. This then to that worthy and fruitful Crop soon will run up. Which shall be as the Ear of Corn, that springeth upon the Mountain of Spices, which shall shake it self as Lebanon, for all refreshing Food. In preparation for which to the last mowing I am come. For the mixed Harvest to be reaped is: and what is found to be Thine own in safe Store (I well know) thou keepest; and wilt to great increase bring it, so as to be sown again, in That which Thou hast for such an use separated. This Great Thing I do already see. It comes on as a blossoming Tree, branching forth it self over the face of my inmost Ground. I do this view with some little Delight and Pleasure: but not without something of a Check and Fear, while the Blossoms not yet to be Headed and full ripe Fruit are come. Yet in an hopeful way this blessed Sowing doth appear. The River from God, and from the Lamb’s Throne doth the Root of this blossoming Tree feed: The mild and gentle Dews do daily on it fall, from that warming Element that is All in All, both for its cherishing and its defence.

Now, how doth my Soul, and my Spirit, draw thy Life-Sap: Which I feel, as a Golden Elixir, my Veins to fill? But what availeth all this, until I come to be a flourishing full grown Tree, that may shed Fruit of such a kind, as may great and mighty Cures do in this World of Apostasy: which for so many Ages in a Bed of Sin, Thrall and languishing Death hath lain? Which hath awakened my Soul to cry mightily at this time for a speedy coming up of this Medicinal and Vital Tree, which from all Death and Sorrow may free. And how, where, and when may this be expected? Can this otherwise be, but as Thou (O All-soveraign Tree of Life) dost sow Thy self in Nature’s Ground, in a Glorified Grain? Whence no more in Weakness or Dishonour Thou wilt spring in this Earth of mine, but in Thy Honour, Power, and Might, by which Thou will do thy self, O Worthy Saviour, the greatest right, who so long under disrepute and wrong hast been. Therefore shew thy self both Lord and King, by thy fruitful Spring, that never more deflowered may be: But every day renew thy fresh Glories, sending out thy Ghostly Fiery Breath; which may witness bear, that I live from thy flowing Deity, to move, act and work from an immaterial Stock, which no Vulture’s Eye hath seen. This is the great Mystery that under Clouds hath been: But the Spirit of Faith now flies into thy warm Bosom, and resolved is there to lie, till thou sendest it down to act forth these multiplying Properties of, and from, the Holy Ghost.

My Lord and Bridegroom’s Reply upon this Expostulation.

THOU Love-impatient Soul, what is it thou wouldest have, now thou art risen up as high as my Heart? Where thy Love-importunities do so strongly upon me press, that thou makest me unreconciled to My self, till I do grant thee thy Request. Thou art the Only one that hast in Spirit come up to me, to move me in matters of so high a Degree, and Urgency. For they are great and mighty Things which thou dost pursue. But the pure and right Aims of thy Spirit, and Integrity of Heart, shall justify this thy Boldness with Me, in adventuring to draw thy Bow of Faith to shoot at this One Mark, which will the Great Overturning give to the Worldly Kingdom, and so make room for my flourishing Dominion. I will thee in no wise check, for attempting so great an Enterprize: But pleased I am that thou dost make thy Spiritual Essay; that so Munition-Strength and Glory may descend to make strong the impotent and weak, that shall be made reigning Princes upon the Earth. But for this what Wheel, dost thou think, must Work? Such as yet hath never got uppermost, to bear all other Motions down, that have arose from Nature’s Whirling Spring.

Consider therefore well what thou art upon. It is highly Magical. Thy Spirit must run deep in with GOD, and be shut in his Eternal Secrecy, till thou comest to put on the Body of the Wonders: which surmount will all of the Paradisiacal Property. For the Mystery of the Creating Word, shall in the Figure of a Woman, now in this latter Day, in the Earth stand Diversitively and in Plurality: as shall be known when the Elected Virgin shall have conceived, and brought forth her First-born Son, that must this strange and marvellous Generation multiply. For the which, one there is already pitched upon, whose Love hath burned as a Fiery Oven, ascending so fervent and strong, as it will not go back, till it contracts with all that may be called an all-powerful Deity. Well, let it be so: The Eternal Tri-unity will suffer that Violence, and have waited for such a violent press and onset of Love to come upon them, who could never have been moved, nor touched, but with a flying Spark from their own Flame. Of which thou art the same: Do thou there lie warm in the cherishing Bosom, whereunto thou art flown up; and pursue what is in thy Heart to do, for thou never hadst so fair an opportunity. For here the Eagle-Bird may be hatched from the constant glowing heat, unto which thou art annexed. Suck, draw thou in coagulating Virtue, from the Overshadowing of the Holy Trinity: For my Father and I, together with the Spirit, all are now agreeing and concurring, for the bringing forth the Perfect Birth, that long hath been in Election, and in the Species of a Prophesy and Revelation. But all this at a distance was: The very Glass of Vision, which in past and present Ages hath opened, yet still prolonged hath been, for Causes known. All of which hath been ministered for Faith’s rising, and Love’s working thereupon: but never intended as a Bed to sleep securely on. There is much more to be done after seeing: much more after all of this. Which thou, O Soul, hast done well to consider: and from this pleasant Bed of Flowers to rise, and break away: For they are but the more bright and refined Shades, which as a Veil must be rent through, before thou canst in a Spiritual Personality, substantially contract the Essentiality of a Marriage with the High Eternity. For here know, and see, wherein thy Danger might have been; hadst thou stayed still there, in the splendor and beauty of those Heavenly Appearances; these might have both captivated thy Eye and Heart. So as Spiritual and Heavenly Figures may be greatly hurtful, if they keep the Soul poring and working hereupon over-long.

Now then see thy way from Vision of Faith to Fruition, and Essential Participation, of the Immense Wisdom and Goodness: from whence immediate Acts of Power shall most freely flow, to recover thee out of all reproachful Impotencies. Do thou believe, and know, that I am thy true Lover. Do not slack in promoting, and bringing thy Desires to pass. For I do well know, that thy Freedom and Restoration into the Peaceable Righteousness, Joy, and Quietness will greatly add to my Satisfaction, Joy, and Glory. Therefore doubt not but all those good and perfect things which are with me, shall be communicable unto thee: whereby thou shalt know in what pure and close Union thou standest with me, thy Lord, who will consult to render thee both precious and lovely, putting thee on such new flowered clothing, in Spirit, that may be all-Honourable, and consonant to my present Greatness and Glorification. For be assured, I shall not bear to see thee always dispisable, seeing thou hast given me thy Heart, and that all fully, with a fixed Resolution eternally to leave it with me. For this, henceforth do thou know, thou art my Betrothed Bride: And I will own thee, and be thy multiplying Seed, and Provision upon all considerable accounts. Therefore in nothing be careful; knowing now whom thou hast to rest in, One mighty and all-sufficient to answer to every Requiring of thine.

The Spirit of the Bride hearing and receiving an unspeakable Satisfaction, and refreshment from these Words, breathed internally into my Soul, whereby I might understand the Mind of my Jesus; this doth drive me out of all Figurative Manifestations, even of the Heavenly and Eternal Things themselves. So that I see I must lose All, that I may find GOD, (as freed out of all Images;) opening himself beyond all that can be named Material or Bodily; which Eternal Nature in its own Essence must be freed from, and clothed be with that fine, clear, and pure Garment which Adam lost, when he deviated from GOD. O! this is the wonderful Transnewed Life and State, which is to be understood and searched into: And that not only by the Spirit in me, but by as many as shall feel the same inspiring Breath in them to move. For what hath been thus opened out of the Great Deep of GOD to me, appropriated is most free, to all that do love, and wait, in pure Harmony, to make this New Jerusalem-Bride in themselves to see. Ascending into the Bosom of their Bridegroom, so to Descend again, to let the World, that in Ignorance doth lie of this Redemption, know that it is wrought out all fully in such who shall have believed, hoped, and waited for it, as partakers of the First Resurrection, in the New Created Glory. O Blessed are they who hereunto shall reach, as to the Mark of their High Calling: Even so, Amen, saith the Spirit, who Echoeth to the Bridegroom’s Call.


May 1.

THIS Morning my Supream and Spiritual Mind was much Emploied, being taken up about the obtaining the strong Tide of the Internal Power, to clear our way to do the Works of Wonder. For want of which risen Strength, all is under an Eclipse, so as our Sun under Darkness still doth set as to visibility, though much lightness and transcendent Joy may be felt within, yet while this only hidden and actless doth in any one abide, God himself is as it were unclothed of his Dominion and Dignity, which as vailed is, when Christ his last suffering part doth give to each of us to fill up. But while I was hereupon considering, and with my Lord consulting, what in the present Case was to be done, in reference to my self and others, that for a Jubilee of Deliverance have looked, wherein Time’s Number hath been not so clearly understood: The Word of the living Testimony plainly in me thus spake, You troubled are, as if you were put off from the expected Time and Day, but each one upon their Ward and Watch is to stand, and to leave out the measuring of God, by limitation of Time: For the Holy One his own Soveraignty will maintain, and yet unto his diligent Waiters will be very kind; their Extremities he doth understand and know, and will raise up the Meek and Low; for they shall have their Day to lift up their Faces with Joy: but each one shall their own Dowry and Lot have, according to the Soul’s Heaviness and Travel {Travail} that they have Laboured in. Even such a Kingly Birth of Power shall they bring forth, whose Conception is from the Holy Ghost: As that grows strong to get forth, its Power will multiply to the gathering in of the Angelical Host. Now be always therefore found ready as a prepared Bride; for though Time’s Calendar may fail, yet God as to his Word will make all good.


May 7.

THIS Morning being in a deep Introversion of Mind, many were the Considerations given into me, as referring to the new Mold and Frame of that Building, that is to be compacted of Holy Fire Stones, that have been tried Stones, and have answered to their Foundation-Stone, by passing through Fiery Tribulations. The which recollecting and calling up some known to me; I said, Oh my Lord! Willest thou not that these should now be brought together? Thou, O Father, art the only Master Builder, Skilful and Wise to frame a Holy Spiritual House, for thy Glory to fill and rest with thy Presence Apart: For the which those tried Stones that yet do lie scattered and divided, do at this very time send forth their strong and mournful Cry, Oh God! to thee for our gathering together; which I see must be at thy Charge and Cost only.

And as I was thus with my Lord, conferring about this Matter, these Words rose from the Lord his Spirit in me, saying, I perceive thou art with some others, expecting and waiting to be call’d forth as Living Stones, to be the first row built together upon the Square Stone, which is the Lord himself, who now doth send forth his Measuring Line, so as every tried Stone that is to come together, must be fitly squared also. For this will be the Glory of this House, so compacted and united together; and this is the work of the Holy Spirit, that will measure every Stone, and hew and shave away whatever is found uneven and supernumerous. And therefore till this be done, there will be no building of this high Degree of Transparency carried on: Therefore you are to wait each one privately and internally, till the Holy Power shall thus come to frame, and size you Proportionably to your Foundation-Stone; the which hath such strong Magnetick Force in it, as will draw mightily every Spirit which thus qualified is. There needeth no noise or sounds, for where the Body is, the Eagle-Eye will soon it espy.


September 2.

A Rapture.

I WAS in a most sweet solid Divine Ravishment, in the Spirit of my Mind, and found such an Inlet into the Tri-une Glory of the Deity; which gave me such a full feeding, as upon the very Quintessential Goodness it self: And I was thereinto received, even into that serene encompassing Light, Love, and Glory, with the greatest Friendliness and Love-freedom, as if I had been cleared off from this Mortal Life. It seemed to me as if CHRIST, and those Holy Elders in that Angelical Principle, did so come about me, and talked in, and through, a still Voice to me, as if I had been completed in an Angelical Body. This lasted for some little Time above an Hour, So that I can truly bear Record of the Possibility of an Essential Converse, that may be held between the Glorified Beings, and a Spirit that can unty, and get it self loose, as if not in a Mortal Sensible Body. Several such Transportations I have been partaker of. And now of late they are more Substantial, and bring so great Joy, that while I am in them, Tears do continually flow from me, and do bow my Soul into the deepest Humility and Stillness. Where I find a never wearied Being in this Ingulphment into the very Depths of GOD: as the open Gates of those wonderful Manifestations, which the Heavenly Worlds do shew me, I do pass through. So that I have been not only for an Hour, but for Days in this High Conjunction, and most inward Walks, with the Higher Order of Eternal Spirits and Powers.

Holy, Holy, Holy Trinity, with Divine Wisdom and the seven Fountain-Spirits that are before the Throne, O penetrate, and qualifie through one another in me: so as I may feel, and taste you yet more: and be held in these Circling Powers, which may be as a strong Defence of Glory round about me, to keep and hide me from all envious and evil Eyes, that would prevent and stop these all-refreshing Entercourses with those Spirits of the Heavenly Orb. Which if it were possible to maintain such a Correspondence, as I have witnessed and tasted of, it would certainly make known what all of the now lapsed Creation should have been in their Original. For if Moses, being taken up into the divine Mist, heard God’s Speech, and beheld the bright Glance of his Countenance, and was thereby so Changed, as to have the shine of God’s Glory on his Face: No less is it known and experienced, that thro’ the taking up in the Spirit, to accompany those Holy and Perfect Spirits, the Reflection from CHRIST, who passeth through them, doth give a Clothing of Light to such that yet appear in Mortal Figures. But these Transportations are peculiar to Some, who for eminent Lights are designed, to shine forth in what lieth yet but in Darkness. Such bright Lamps as these shall have their Succession, as the riper Age of Time shall approach, for the unfolding of these Heavenly Scenes, and secret Things. For which each one is to watch in their Lot of Time, till the full Consummation of the Glorious Restoration, that promised is, shall be.

Note: [ This Subject of the Communion of the Saints Above, with the Saints Below and with the Glorified Person of the LORD in Them, is more amply declared in the Treatise of this Author, call’d, The Enochian Walks with GOD, found out by a Spiritual Traveller; Ten Years after this Transportation Written, and Printed in the same Year 1694. Particularly in P. 11, 21, 22, 23, &c.]


September 20.


HAVING been to visit a distressed Christian, whose Complaints much entered into me, her Day clouded Within, and extream Necessities in the Outward Man; both which pressed her Soul into the Depths of Sorrow; which I taking share of, as a true Sympathizer, after some Recollections in my Spirit, I had this Word sprang, saying, I will make thee Steward over the Household of Faith, to give Meat in due season, out of Jehovah’s Stock and Store shalt thou hereof dispose. Mind this Word, and rest upon it.


October 10. 1684.

THE Lord hath chosen me to move in a particular Sphere: and his Hand therefore strongly driveth on, as I at this time did feel, for the accomplishing of the full grown Age of the Heir; to whom all the Riches of the Kingdom do belong. And given me it is to see, how suddenly he is shot up in most excellent Stature, with all high and worthy Accomplishments, meetly qualified for the Trust of Kingly Government; knowing he that ruleth with God must be found Meek, Just, and Merciful: also Wise, Powerful, and Courageous, to maintain and defend his Princely Throne and Royalty, in glorious shining Righteousness; for which I stand, look, and wait, lying at the foot of the everlasting Burning Mountain, whence the full Run of all kind of Blessings from the Mighty King thereof expected is to be. For where the Seed of the Kingdom is sprung up in a Substantial Bodily Stature, there we need not question the being put into a present Possession of Dominion, under the Great and Mighty GOD, who alone Anointeth his own Kings and Priests. And he foreseeth, and well knoweth what manner of Spirits they are of: and whether or no his Heart may yet rest in them for Rule and Government. Which must be first so well managed in their own inward Realm, according to an High and Heavenly Order, as Power and Wisdom may be put into Execution, after the manner of Solomon, who was a great Type of this in his Day; so as all Nations admired, feared, and magnified his wise Government. And so in like manner it will be evident again, where Christ is come to pitch his Throne to Reign, that a most comely Order we shall see, and excellent Majesty will be added, with Riches and Honour, and Increase of all good Things, suitably to the Degree and Nature of the Princely Dignity of the Lord Christ.

Such an Outspreading Plant of Power, Purity and Righteousness, Thou art coming in me to be, O Great Immanuel. Oh, how my Heart and my Soul do leap and spring, to feel Thee in thy strong Body, so far grown up, for Ruling Might, to relieve and bring up what was before under Tribute!



Divine Openings of the Year

The First of January, being New Years Day.

Remarks upon the Old Year.

An Observation of what hath passed in the last Year, as to my own Particular, in Things relating to my own Internal and External State, in what the Lord hath appeared in, and for me: And in what I keep up my Faith for in this approaching New Year, and succeeding Years.

NOW as to the inward Increase and Growth of the new Creature in me, I do find it hath got up this Year somewhat into an higher Stature: tho’ many were the Weights which hung upon it, to keep it down; and very great have been my Conflicts and Exercises in Spirit, to preserve that Faith alive, which must overcome, and outride all the Storms, and get the Day over all unbelieving and contradicting Spirits, which have so strongly Assaulted me, for the overthrowing of my Confidence, as to what I have been Travelling {Travailing or Laboring} for in hope, love, faith and patience, the greater part of my Life, but especially these last Fourteen Years in this suffering Body. In which time I have waited constantly for Redemption to be finished, in such a degree, as for me to live free from that Strange Birth, in which the Sin conceived it self Originally. Against which I stand, or more properly the Lamb of God in me: he doth yet go on to maintain this Holy War, nor will he give one motion of Sin rest, till he a Conqueror be. And so in pure Conjunction of Spirit we do go on, agreed to overcome the Dragon and the Beast, who great War hath made. But hold I do by Him that holdeth me. And He it is that hath taught me the use of the Bow: He hath given unto me the Bow of Faith, which must the Powerful Arrow let fly: that so the Image where the Serpentine Sin doth lie, may its deadly Wound have both for Time and Eternity.

And now recollecting in my self, how that these Forty Years and more a Spiritual Warriour I have been, I would fain have seen, if possible an end of Sin, not only in the visible appearance as to the sight of Man, but even as to the invisible Eye of the Holy Trinity. For this can only be called true Redemption. But so hanck’d I have been in the Worldly State of things, that all along they have been my Let and Impediment, yet this I know, that the Earth shall not always cover its Slain; but it will arise and claim that Power which is its due, as a Prince of Life to reign. Therefore I cannot but say, O my Soul, tho’ in the Grave of Death thou dost yet lie, yet even those Iron Bars which have so strongly bound thy Life down, shall all dissolved and melted be, by the Spirit-Flame of the Deity. Whence I rest in hope such a Resurrection-Day to see, no more to return unto the Dust of the Earth, as hitherto. Now while this suffered hath been, it hath prevented such an Ascending, as no more to be seen after the gross and vulgar sight of Men. The which pressing for I am still, and supplicating for it most perseveringly: till all dark and earthly Principalities shall be bowed down, O Lord Jesu, by Thee. Thy will must be done only.


April 26.

The Land of Havilah.

I SAW as it were from the visible Element; cast down a dark thick Vapour, the Influence whereof I did sensibly feel gather on the inward Face of my Mind. With which I struggled for some time, my Spirit working still hard to get through the Cloud: but it bound, and lay as a Weight upon me, until another Element did open, and stream out as a Flame of Fire. And this so dispersed it, that immediately my Inward Ground opened, and I was set at liberty: and the Springs of the Spirit did rise fluently in Faith, Hope and Joy. And there was shewn me a bright Spirit, walking in the likeness of a Burning Lamp: and it shot it self through me, and I found all Heaviness and Deadness to be passed away. And the Face of my Inward Ground did spring with all Heavenly Powers: and a sweet Replenishment there was, as a Garden with Flowers.”

After which I was cast as into a Trance and had all my outward Senses drowned, and was brought by the Spirit into such a Place, that was as the Scene of another World. For the Ground where the Inhabitants moved, was as clear as Crystal: And the same above that was below; and it was enclosed as with a Circling Flame. The Spirit in the appearance of the Lamp, that brought me in, led me to do Obeysance to one that was the Princess of that World. She appeared Great, and full of Majesty, resembling the Face of a Woman, all clothed as in waved Clouds. The Splendor of her Countenance I know not how to express. I was somewhat abashed, and afraid to come near: but the Angel animated me. So accordingly I made my address: and she directed my Guide to introduce me to the Acquaintance with the Inhabitants, that in distinct Figures did move up and down; their Bodies were as the bright Beryl, and their Heads covered with the Sun; as reflecting the Face of the Supreme Glory, which did appear as in a Mirror upon every one of them. This was the Land of Havilah, where the Everlasting springing Mines are found: And these the high learned Children of Wisdom, who were all deeply Arted and Skillful in the pure and holy Magia of Faith. For it was the Will of the Princess and Governour of this Principle, that I should not be left to wander by my self, but that I should be brought into the Familiarity of the Wise, and should have a Guide constantly to assist me, and to order all matters for my Establishment here. Who said to me, In this mild temperate element, do thou watch always to keep: For here the Lamp of Fire will as a comforting Spirit with thee walk, and in Seraphick Language with thy Immanuel talk. Which accordingly I found, and still do find calling me up into this Region of Blessed Stores, that I may come to possess the Treasure of the Everlasting Mountains of the Sun and Moon, which are within this Orb.

Note, [The Former part of This is the same Manifestation, Repeated, that was given to the Author in the Year 1679, on the 27th of April, and is Before Inserted in its Place.]


June 24. 1685.

BUT not left to wander alone, this Treasure deep to search, I by a good Guide was led forth to find where the Key lay that would open the springing Mine. But before it was to be put into my Hand, this Treasure for to unlock, I was called up to stand before the Council of the Holy Trinity, to receive my Instruction and Charge, which was in the tenour of these Words.

O Sion’s Daughter, thou art looking after a most considerable and most worthy Thing, that hath been lost out of fallen Nature, a Jewel that only can be found in Paradisiacal Ground, where the Rivers of Gold do run. In which thou art to be washed, that so the Angelical Spring may rise, to give a Virgin Clarity, together with that sparkling Fire-eye, that may see where this Treasure doth lie. Therefore if thou intendest to regain this lost Dominion, I do counsel thee to cast the Anchor of thy Faith and Hope into this Golden River, that parts it self from all muddy Springs and Rivers, that under the Mountains of this Apostatized World do run. Thou needest not be at a loss to search this out. Find but out thine Eternal Self as sunk down into thy pure Virtual Root: and thou wilt see the Gulf of the Godhead, from whence this River doth proceed. From which all thy Powers shall be both renewed and fed, to maintain a Golden Spring within thy self. Then Co-operation and Co-deification shall be known, from which thou mayest Act and Do whatever thou Wilt; as being returned into Pure and Eternal Nature. Into which see thy Soul anew melted: for that is the Design thy God hath upon thee. He will bring thee forth in such an Habit of Spirituality, as may become his Dwelling Place; and thou shalt walk among the Citizens of the Holy Jerusalem; of which City thou shalt be made Free, for Converse and Free Use of that Quintessential Life-Stock, restored now in thee. Which thou must be careful only to work from, by drawing of it forth still: since it is the deepest of all my Springs. I charge thee, as thou wouldest know my Multiplying Blessing, that thou do not turn out thine Eye herefrom: but fish only in this Golden River, and a continual rich Draught thou shalt from time to time have, thereby to indemnifie and make amends for the loss of all thy Temporals. And though it was permitted that strong tempestuous Winds should arise to cast away thy Ship of Earthly Stores; All this was to necessitate thee to return out of the Land of Wasting, Losses and Destructions, where the Curse every way doth meet thee and all others, that Traffick in this strange Land. By all which thy Loss to Great Gain shall amount, if thou enter into those new Covenants and Articles, which now proposed are unto thee.

First. Ask thou no Petition of any other God but Me, by whom, and from whom all Things have had their Being and Upholding. Let thy Faith hereunto be limited, even to my All-sufficiency. Upon this Ground keep steady, and know that no evil Occurent shall reach thee; who art hereby set free out, and from all those Powers that Astral are, which over thy Superiour Life have reigned.

Secondly. Search out thy Original Right: To thee an excellent Spirit of Might, Purity, and Power doth belong. A Virgin Habit thou art to put on, and to hold it fast: no more let it be plucked off; that so I may see thee sit in Princely dignity, by recovering all thy faded Strength and Glory, which thou with all others have lost by coming into this Lapsed State of a Corruptible Body. Yet here is the lost Heir of All Things to be found, if thou followest hard after thy Guiding Star: who will shew to thee where the springing Mine of all weighty Gold doth lie, which only to the Heir of Faith doth belong. And although a Cherubim with a Flaming Sword, hath kept off all Mortals that could not observe this new Covenant-Law, that so they might find the way into this good Land of HAVILAH, where the Gold doth grow most plentifully: yet to thee I send forth this Covenant Decree, that thou mayest be encouraged to draw up, and in strong Faith to wrestle with this Guardian Angel, that turns his Sword every way. Fight it out with him: for he is to give way to CHRIST the Heir of Life, rising as a Conquering Spirit in thee.

Therefore know thy Strength: and do not fear upon this Flaming Sword to attempt. Gird on thy Strength, O Princess, and Daughter of Sion: and contend with the high Principalities and Powers that do withstand thy Return, to that all-free State and Ancient Paradisiacal Seat.

Thirdly. Let not the Fallen Sun of the Morning, by his subtil Transformations, at any time withdraw thee out of the low Valley; wherein thou art to walk continually with thy God, and thy Lord, amongst the Virgin Lillies that are his Companions: But do thou withstand him boldly, and watch against him carefully, lifting up here a Standard of Defiance against this Prince of Pride; that so thou mayest not go up unto the Hills, there to contend with him, in the Heights of Divine and Heavenly Enjoyment, but mayest abide beneath, as in the deepest Abasement and Annihilation of Self, where only thou canst behold the Entrance of Paradise, and the Door of Wisdom’s Principality to open it self. So thou mayest enter in thereat: and shalt surely overcome and defeat all the Stratagems and Wiles of thy cunning Adversary. Wherefore know, and remember always, that thou canst do nothing of or from, thy self; that so thou mayest be able to do All things, through Faith in Him, who is thy Strength, that will never fail thee: And so shalt thou recover thy Original State and Liberty, as in a new flourishing Sharon, and most fruitful and delightful Eden; wherein thy Walks shall be in the midst of the Trees of Life and Righteousness.

Some time after this.

As I turned into my Watch, there presented itself to me in Vision, a great Outspread Tree, which did seem richly laden with Fruit: and I was called to view it. And the Tree seemed to be enlightened with a Bright Body that appeared in it, standing in the midst of it. And it bore several sorts of Fruits: but none of them were Ripe, or fit for Eating. But the Bright Body in the Tree said: Go, call thou such as willing are to wait for the Transmuting Power, to act forth the amazing Wonders of a God; let such with thee come, and sit under this Tree; till the Fruit into Gold ye shall see turned. Then eat thereof ye shall: and Power will be Born suddenly. For this must alter and transmute the whole inward Part: as it is no less than the very Leaven of the Deity; which is therefore to be sought for from the Deepest Ground.

The Power-Engine.

NOW Enumerating the many Secret Treasures that have been revealed to me, and finding no Power to bring them forth into a serviceable Manifestation, I was made to renew the Sense thereof, and carry it up to God, by way of Inquiry, why some must yet lie Actless, after having reached the Central Point, where the Root of the Deity is hid. These things I argued with my Lord, sinking into the Silent Deep, when this Answer arose therefrom, saying, What aileth thee thus to multiply thy Complaints for want of the Engine of Power? Is it, for that thy God hath withstood thee in it? This thou canst not say: For he hath set thee at liberty, to find out where the Hiding of this Power is. Call over what hath been Revealed: and hereby thou shalt find with whom it is to be found. For it is not looking or calling to God, as distinct from thine own Eternal Essence in God that is to open his Power through the regenerated Nature’s Properties, so as the Fulness of God may through Christ dwell in thee Bodily. Then shalt thou know what thy Power is, and thy Ability to go out withal, to act and do that which is the Prerogative Royal of God in Nature to perform. Only this now find thou out: so out of scruple and fear of Disappointment shalt thou delivered be, and they who with thee shall attend the opening of this great Acting Mystery, which shall the Wonder be of all succeeding Generations. Hold out in the right Process, as ye have been directed by the bright Star of Truth.


October 10. 1685.

THE Life in me was very wonderfully raised up, after some Holdings down: which the Spirit got over, and entered into the Tri-une Center, the fulness of God, in the intimate Vision of the most Holy of Holies. He whose Mind is thus united, and Spirit in Spirit with God, can do whatsoever he Will; for he Willeth only what God doth: He doth above Nature Divinely, or like God, accomplish in a Moment, by firm Confidence and strong Faith; which is the very Gate of Miracles, in that only Divine Name JESUS, in which all things are reposited and contained. That is, he doth perform it in the wonderful WORD, by the MIND, which God plants his Spirit and Power of Faith in, through an inward powerful Prayer that is made all in Spirit. This is the Divine Blessing I am taught to pursue after. Then every Creature is at the beck and command of their Faith: For they are heard in all things that they do Pray for, by constant fervent Seeking without weariness; which will Conquer, as I can give my Witness unto. Hereunto do Witness also the Sayings of the Holy Divine Philosophers, whose Writings do so much agree, with what in the deep Essence of my Soul hath been opened to me.

Now I was much satisfied, that I had met with some such Authors, that lived in former Ages; which I found few or none in this can parallel, or that so well agree with that, which the Holy Ghost hath been so inwardly inciting and driving me into, for that Mystick Union, which is the end of all Labour of Love, Faith, and Knowledge, concerning things that are Divine; by bringing the Soul again into its Self: where it hath an ample clear Sight, and true Enjoyment of God. For it doth indeed contract it self into the Superessential Being, where it rests from Labour of all sorts and kinds, quietly possessing the immense Goodness, as its encompassing Habitation, in which lie hid all the Treasures of Life, and the Stock of Inheritance to live upon evermore. Oh how little of this did I know, before I came to sink away from the outward Bodily Array, unclothed from every Sensual Touch: Or before I could find my self to be a Particle of God, as Light in his Light; and to receive Power, Act, and Operation from that Invisible and Eternal Matter; of which nothing can be known, till we pass out of all lower and unstable Things. Which high degree of Spiritual Figuration, springing out of God, as the Center of this new Formation, is given forth thus in way of Revelation, agreeable to what I now perceive was heretofore (in part) known by those Philosophers, who were abstracted and drawn up into such a naked Essence, as flown out of all that was Gross and Material. Whence they were made able to make known this Mystical way of Union, by returning back into the Infinite Being. And hope there may be entertained, that such high Spirited Philosophers may be found standing upon the Earth again. The which set thy Seal to, O blessed Redeemer, as the Amen.



Divine Openings of the Year

New Years Day.

Observations on this last Year, how the Lord hath carried me through,
as to my Outward Affairs, and supported me by the hand of his Power most wonderfully.

I DO see and observe that the Divine Wisdom hath so order’d it, that I should be cut off from all sensible Props, and so should rest my self upon an All-sufficiency, that produceth an Existency of things, where nothing visible can be seen: And so I have been of late made to understand the Mystery and true Ground of Faith, the New Covenant-Dispensation, which my Spirit must stick unto, striving to keep the Faith up through Trials, as a Rock that may bear all the Floods that beat upon it. For which I see all force of Spiritual Powers must be called in, for a Guard upon it.

Wherefore I cry, Lord uphold, and be thou the Strength of Almightiness, that I may not go out of the Body, till I be an Overcomer, and see the Travel and the Fruit of all my Spiritual Labours.

In which I have been hitherto carried through against much Contradiction, that hath most hardly encountered me from this Worldly Principle. And it is the good pleasure of my God to prove me from Year to Year, in keeping me under Babylon’s Yoak {Yoke}: So that if the Spirit of Faith do not rise high to ransom me, and get Victory over this Worldly Principle, I shall a Soul-suffering Captive under it still be, and my Hopes cut off, which so long have Anchored upon the Foundation-Spring of all Promises, and Spirit Prophesies, which have in this my long and tedious way supported me. Otherwise my Spirit had fainted, while Faith’s Revenue was still from me with-held. And now most patiently I do yet wait, for what the Lord will follow me withal. If my Cup shall yet be made bitter, or my Bands more strong, the Lord JEHOVAH shall be my stay. His Love I know he will never withdraw. Therefore I will no Ill fear, but resigned be to that Holy Will, that cannot admit of any thing that shall let or prevent the growing Life of Christ in me.


Further Observations, in this Month of January.

I DO see there is a Gift that is to come down from the Fountain-Deity, which the All-powerful Replenisher is to be, that Impotence and Weakness may be swallowed up in Victory. I having tried and proved all sorts of Faith’s attendency, do see that it is a Body that from a Spiritual Birth must arise, and all-magnificent be, in and over indigent Corporeity. This we may call the Birth of the Resurrection, that setteth us free from what the Mortal Birth doth challenge Superiority in.

But, Ah my God! I have not learned that Wisdom yet to know how or where, the manner or time when this Redeeming Birth shall so embody it self as to be a Saviour evident, for the finishing of that Salvation, which may Power and Renown exert forth Gloriously.

There is a Vein which, if it could be hit, wonderfully would cure all mortal Defects. Often hath my Spirit been driving to make attempts to search so deep, till I could find where it doth lie. The Mighty drawing Powers I do much feel from Wisdom’s World, from whence all Secret Sciences be. And therefore I am not without hope, believing the Holy Birth is the Key, that must open this Treasury. Which tho’ in its Infancy planted is in me, will have its Resurrection-day, being still carefully nourished by a constant persevering high exalted Faith; which will perform and effect whatever consonant shall be to a Spirit, and Deify even such Works, by Operation, and act of Faith, proceeding from this holy Internal Birth, as may declare the Lord Omnipotent resteth here: and will not fail to Establish what hath been after a Divine Manner impregnated into the Mind. Holy Cogitations shall not want their Answerable Product, if stirred up in great vehemency, though Incorporeal. As all-working Powers these shall be able to give a Non-entity a Something for to be: And this I do wait to see.

From the deepest Ground and Abyss of the Spirit, all of this kind must work in an high and lofty Sphear, which shewed hath been, where all things which Bodily are must be shut out, that the Spirit may do its own Business in its Native Liberty. For it hath great Ability in its own Essentiality, if it can get free from what is Bodily.

Rouse up then, O Soul of mine: Why standest thou shut up? pass away to thine own Ether, that there thou mayest bring the Pure and Divine Will into Act of substantiality. Slack not this thing to do: For thou wilt find in the Spirit’s Property great Power; and nothing impossible but thou mayest adventure to do, and bring to pass all that in a pure Mind shall move in thee. This Secret keep to thyself; and follow it all closely. It is a new and living Track: It is a Work-house where only are to be the high Learned in the Cabalistical Point, and the Mystery of the greatest Secrecy; which hath lain hid in the Holy Trinity. But seeing some Beam upon thy Mind arise, follow it all ardently in this Work-house: which is so many Removes from Nature and Creature, as nothing of the Out-born Sense can ever be admitted there. O my Soul come, and give all diligence, and attend thy Business here.


January 24. 1686.

Perseverance and Unity.

MY Thoughts being exercised upon the Kingdom, and Love-Dominion, that on the Latter Day is to rise and spread, in the called and chosen Ones, I heard this Word sounding through me, saying, Come forth thou Spirit, that searched hast into God’s Deep, why should the Wonders yet be laid asleep? Is it not the time for the Mighty Ones in the Faith to appear? But some great Saint will first cut through and make the way through a Fiery Sphear: so that all inferiour Elements, must be under Command unto that Part, which doth co-operate with the Heart of him that is Great Elohim. Whose Trumpet-Shout is near to go forth, for the Awakening of such a valuable Thing, which hitherto hath not been seen. Therefore go on as knit to the Heart of your Immanuel, and Power shall spring to effect whatever you will. This in the Divine Wisdom take thou in: and they who with thee do wait such mighty Power to see. Then stedfast, and unmoveable be in one Mind. So Strength will come in, and your Captives shall be released, and the Curse of Want and Scarcity shall not be the Complaint of your Souls, thus Day by Day: but Praise in your Land shall be heard.


The Jubilee of the Captives.

IN the Night-Watch I was exercised in my Mind, as to the Lapsed Creation, the Dead as well as the Living, whether or no Redemption might not reach to them? Presently the Heavenly World unveil’d it self, and open’d upon me. Where I saw the first Adam and Eve, sitting in Thrones, right opposite to the second Adam in his Throne, with the Virgin Mary in her Throne. And I saw Angels innumerable attending, and Souls departed: And as they had Conduct by Angels into any Degree of the Eternal World, lower or higher, Adam and Eve rose up, and bowed with great Exulting Joy, for that their Off-spring was come up thither. First, the Souls did appear like unto a blew Breath or Smoak; then immediately a Body of Brightness was made their Cloathing; which I saw with great Amazement. Then it was repeated to me, How the First Adam and his Posterity were made living Souls, to move in Natural Bodies: But the Second Adam, with his Virgin-Spirit, turns Souls into Spirits, and cloaths them with Glorified Bodies.

Then Queried my Spirit with Eve, who drew near unto me: And I asked her, Whether all of her Progeny and Race should be by Christ redeemed out of all Prisons, Hells, and Centers of Darkness? She Answered, It should so be: But yet every Generation in their time and order. The Righteous, said She, shall first come up, and shine Here; the Unrighteous shall purged be by Fires: That after this Purgation, Hell, and Graves, and bottomless Centers of Darkness should give up a Goal-Delivery: That when the Trumpet shall sound, the Mystery of the Living and Dead should be finished; and the Lamb of God with his Blood, all Souls in every Region purge: and his Reign then Begin triumphantly, till all shall be made Pure. So shall his Kingdom be restored, and given up to GOD for a new Creation, that may dwell with him for ever.

Then said Adam to me: Stand thou in thy Lot, for thou mayest live to see something in thy Day, as the first Fruits of this Great Jubilee.


June 7.

WHILST I was still considering the Peculiarity, and Singularity of Faith, which three or four of us were now ingaged in, the Word came to me, saying, Your God taketh full notice, who are the fixed Pillars in the most Holy Faith. Then was there presented to me a four-square Stone, all white and clear, and at each corner a Pillar with an Engraven Name upon each Pillar. Upon the Stone was Written, Foundation-Strength shall bear up these Pillars. And one Pillar had this Writing upon it, with Flaming Letters as of Gold, LOVE stretcheth out the strong God of Power, who shall make all the Pillars firm to endure, till the whole God-head weight of Glory shall over all spread. Upon each of the three others, was also a different Inscription, that was legible to the Spiritual Eye, expressing such and such particular Characters of the Person, whom they did represent; who are called to be of the Foundation of that Sion-house, which is yet to be built in this latter Day upon the Earth; and especially figuring out Faith, Hope, and Perseverance. All which in each one of their Properties, were appointed to co-work together, for a settled Habitation, for God’s Presence to fill, and his wonderful Works to be done. Which shall not fail to be wrought out in those Foundation-Stones and Pillars, that shall hold out, and not be starting, or turning out from the chief Corner-Stone laid in them. For to the Holders out and the Overcomers, it shall be given the great Power of GOD to inherit.


August 2. 1686.

The Philadelphian Angel.

THE forepart of the Night I was much exercised in my Mind, for my Fellow-Travellers, for their holding out in the Work firm unto the end. For the which I found a Spring of Prayer open, with great force, that gave me great Quiet and Assurance, that a superabundant Strength and Power would come into us, to lead us up in our Way. So reposing my self in a Natural Sleep, till Five a Clock in the Morning, then it was thus represented to me Visionally, that we each one here come together were agreed to commit our selves, to the most sure and high Conduct of God’s great Throne-Angel, to bring us up to the Heavenly City, for to possess the Fruits of all our Spiritual Travels.

So the Call and Commission came forth, to take our Journey. Which being engaged in, we mutually did accord: and it was at first setting forth pretty calm, fair and pleasant. Which gave great incouragement, but after a while the Heavens were darkened: and such Blackness came before us, that we could not see our way, and our Guide seemed to be hid in the Cloud, so that we were at a loss, and many were the Spirits of Fears and Doubts that pressed in. Oh, said one to another, what shall we do now? We have lost both our Guide and Way; we shall never get through. But in this demur and difficulty, the Strengthening Angel broke through, saying, Be not Discomforted, for provings of this kind you must expect. Then all became clear again, and refreshings given in. So with such Power we walked on, till we came to a Way that was Stoney and Hobling, that caused great Pains and Weariness. And there was one that had brought somewhat which was troublesome to them, which they in this way were Counselled to throw away. Which not without some Contest in themselves was done. Then there was still a Cry of Weariness, because the Eyes were with-held from seeing the Smooth Way, which was Garnished with sweet smelling Flowers, which after this we were to come into. But still one cry’d, My feet are hurt: Another cry’d, The Angel goeth on so fast, we cannot keep pace. Upon which the Angel stopped, and called to lean and hold upon him, who brought them out of this rugged Way into the Ascent, where all green and sweet Smells were found. But this did not satisfie, but Complaints did rise still: We begin to be Faint; and we do not see the end of our Race, nor the City of our Rest; we thought this Way would have given us an immediate Sight and Entry. So the Angel-Guide gave comfortable Words, saying, Come follow on, take the stay of Patience, ye have but one Encounter more, and then you shall get through: Pluck up, away and follow me, who will not leave you till I have brought you within the sight and view of the Mount-Sion, where the King of Salvation ready doth stand to take you in. So that we were brought on, and our Strength renewed. But another onset there was made of Horned Beasts, that came furiously to push at us. At which a great Fright there was: So that we were ready to run back; for it was said, Who can Fight it out with these Devouring Beasts? Which put us to a Staggering more than all before. For while we were in this Conflict, the Angel commanded us to stand our Ground for our Life, neither to look, nor turn back, for then all of this shall vanquishe’d be. Which to the believing proved so in very deed, and our Path was all cleared: and suddenly some thick or dark Covering fell from our Eyes, and the Glorious City upon a high Mountain we did see, whereunto we did ascend one by one; the Glorious Lord appearing in our view ready to take us in.

Then our conducting Angel took his leave, saying, Ye shall know and possess the Reward of a thorough Conquest, as you hereunto give heed and hold out: For to the Overcomers shall all of this Cities Entrance be given only.

Now after all of this was opened, it was said in me, “Mark & mind well: and this recommend for Strengthening to your Fellow-Waiters in the Kingdom of my Patience: For ye will be tried for some time, before your desired Habitation is obtained. Therefore think it not strange: but keeping in the Faith, That shall both upper and nether World for you Command.”


Soon after this, begins the Book of the Tree of Faith, Continuing the Journal of the Author, for some of the Following Years: After which succeeds next, A Communion held between the Saints Above and the Saints Below, in The Enochian Walks with GOD; Being an Essay towards a further Revelation of the Immense and Infinite Latitude of God’s Love, to the restoring his whole Creation: and shewing after what Manner we are to look and wait, for the Last Appearance and Coming of our Mighty GOD and Saviour, Blessed for ever. Amen.

F I N I S.


Books Written by the AUTHOR.

In Quarto.

THE Heavenly Cloud, or Ascension-Ladder.
The Revelation of Revelations.
The Enochian Walks, found out by a Spiritual Traveller.
The Ascent to the Mount of Vision.
The Signs of the Times.
The Wars of David.

In Octavo.

The Laws of Paradise.
A Revelation of the Everlasting Gospel.
The Eight Worlds.

In Twelves.

The First and Second Messages to the Philadelphian Society.
A Third Message to the Same.
The Tree of Faith.
The Ark of Faith


[ From the Authentic Version of Jane Lead's Journal of her Spiritual Encounters ...
— Entries for August, 1681 through August 2, 1686
from Volume THREE,  Part Two,  of A Fountain of Gardens: this was File 4 of 4.]

[Thus ends the remainder of Jane Lead’s Volume III, Part TWO of A Fountain of Gardens with exceptions noted below...]

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An unsigned 6-page work of verse entitled The Cloud of Witnesses, which appeared between the Table of Contents and the continuation of this last part of  Jane Lead's Journals.

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