AUTHENTIC REPRODUCTION of the Original Printing — 1696

Jane Lead, 17th Century Prophetess of God [1624–1704]: Her Sixth published Prophetic Work bringing Divine Manifestations and Knowledge from the Godhead.

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Jane Lead’s

A Message
to the

Philadelphian Society


A Message to the Philadelphian Society  
followed by: A Second Message to the Philadelphian Society

Jane Lead’s sixth published Prophetic Work, wherein the Godhead reviews the state of the Christian churches of her day, and finds them all to be as Babylon, lacking the qualifications of the true Bride of Christ without which, our Lord Jesus Christ will not return.  The witness by which the true Bride will be known is again stated;  corrections are given to false teaching concerning the 144,000; reasons as to why so few seekers have yet gained membership in the most holy Virgin Church and Priesthood are repeated.   This was made public in 1696 following the release of The Wonders of God’s Creation: Manifested in the Variety of Eight Worlds.


This authentic manuscript from the 17th century has been out of print for a very long time and has been quite inaccessible to the general public.  It contains terminology and wording that are missing  from modern edited versions.

The on-line reproduction presents the authentic old manuscript "as close to the original as possible" —  rendering  the text and appearance of the1696 printing without any interpretation or commentary — both of which are here left for the Spirit of Truth, who will always provide for the seeking and humble in heart.  Notes of the author, that were printed in the margins of the original, have been included "in-line" with the text, but are shown in a reduced size. 





T O   T H E

Philadelphian Society,


Whithersoever dispersed over the whole Earth.

Together with,

A CALL to the Several Gathered Churches among
Protestants in this Nation of England.


By   J. Lead.



Isa. 48.20.
Go ye forth of Babylon, flee ye from the Chaldeans,
with a voice of Singing declare ye, tell this,
utter it even to the End of the Earth.


L O N D O N,

Printed and Sold by J. Bradford,
in Jewen-Street, near Crowder’s-Well,






[Francis Lee, M.D.]

T O   T H E

R E A D E R.

BLESSED are the Poor in Spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven, is not without the greatest Reason prefix’d in the Front of that Heavenly Doctrine, which in the Greatness of the Majesty of Love, is deliver’d to us by our Blessed Master, from the Mountain of Holiness. Wherefore the Opposite hereof is most True: and there must certainly be a Wo unto those who are Rich in Spirit, because theirs cannot be the Kingdom of Heaven. But notwithstanding that a Poor Spirit is at this day so much Ridicule’d, and is even Proverbially become a Reproach among those who call themselves Christians, and Profess themselves the Disciples of JESUS, who was so eminently Poor in his Spirit, above all the Sons of Adam; yet the Wisdom of God which runs counter to that of Man, and Charges his Prudence with Folly will have that to be Honour’d, which he has Dishonour’d: and will have that to be Dishonour’d which he as most of all Honour’d, and Prided himself in. For that Poverty of Spirit which is the Scorn, the Contempt, and Offscouring of the World, in the Day when God will bind up his Jewels, will be made the Glory, the Crown and the Kingdom, to as many as shall have followed the Steps of their Master in the Regeneration.

We find that at this time the many Bodies and Societies of the, so nominated, Religions, do all fall in with the Laodiceans, saying, We are Rich; but the True and Faithful Witness may shortly let them see that they are Poor, and will cause their Spiritual Merchants to cry out, Alas! alas! in one hour so great Riches are come to nought. And then shall the Poor Spirited Philadelphians, that are now a despised Handful compared to the rest, who have indeed but a little Strength, and confess it, be known to be the Children of the Kingdom, having stood out the Hour of Temptation, and kept the Living Word of God; not denying his Name, Power and Spirit, nor taking or bearing it in Vain.

The true Poverty of Spirit is the primary Qualification for reading, as of the most Holy Scriptures, so also of this little Treatise, now given to the World from the Fountain of Love and Peace; and is the very Foundation and Corner-stone of the New Creation, upon which the most glorious Temple of God is to be built. Whereas if we go to any of the Outward Professions, that so much cry out The Temple of the Lord! The Temple of the Lord! we shall find them to be of the number of those, who esteem themselves increased with Spiritual Goods; and to have need of nothing. This is the Foundation and Corner-stone of Babylon, and of the Confusion of the Sects; by which according to the Sentence of the Righteous Judge, must be all crumbled and moulder’d into pieces, that so out of this Chaos a beautiful Fabrick may arise, fitly joined together, cemented, and compacted by that which every part supplieth, to the Building up, or Edifying of it self in the Love. And in order to this the Decree is gone forth; the Account of which is given in both the Ensuing Messages, from the Spirit and Word of Prophecy. The Great Angel, being now descended with his Measuring Line, and having receiv’d a Commission not to leave one Stone upon another, of any Temple which Man hath built, is measuring out the foundation of the New Temple, upon the Gates of which shall be written PHILADELPHIA.

To the raising up this Temple of the Holy Ghost, all the living stones of fire, which have been, and are, separately prepared, are Now called together by the Harmonious Sounds of the seven Spirits of God. Such as have only a Name to be alive, but are dead, may not hear these Sounds to call them: yet as these shall grow louder, it is not despaired but that even the Dead, and those that stick most in the lifeless Sardian Constitution, shall hear their Voice, and be brought into this living glorious structure. Yea: O God, let the Dead hear thy Voice: Amen. Let the Dead hear thy Voice: Amen, Hallelujah. Let them hear thy sweet Sounds, and come with Singing into thy Temple: Amen: HalleluJAH. Let thy Voice break the Cedars of Lebanon and the Oaks of Bashan: Let it shake the Wilderness, and let every one in thy Temple, hearing it; speak of thy Glory. Amen. HalleluJAH. Thou wilt give Strength unto thy People; yea, unto Philadelphia, the Least amongst the Thousands of Judah, wilt thou give Strength. Thou wilt Bless thy People with Peace; yea, even with the Peace of JERUSALEM wilt thou Bless them. HalleluJAH. The Proud wilt thou scatter in the Imaginations of their Hearts; thou wilt put down the Mighty from their Thrones and wilt exalt the Humble and Meek: yea, thou shalt exalt, and establish them, and they shall be established as Pillars in thy Temple, to go no more out. Hallelu-JAH. Let thy Right hand do this, O God of Glory: and let thy Right Arm establish these Pillars in thy House. Yea, let the very stones of Babylon, and even such as have been Pillars in the Temple of Maozim, be sanctified and fitted for thy service. Let even those that know not that they are wretched, and miserable, and poor, be brought to buy of thee the Gold of Ophir, which is seven times tried in the Fire, that they may be Rich; Let those that know not that they are Blind, be convinced, and made to anoint their Eyes with thy Eyesalve, that they may see, and obtain the Blessing of the pure in Heart; Let those that know not that they are naked, having clothed themselves with their own devised Forms, be undeceiv’d, that they may not take that to be the Covering of thy Spirit, which is but a Covering of Fig Leaves; that so they may be persuaded to Buy of thee the White Raiment, and the Immortal Robe of thy Flesh, that the Shame of their Nakedness may not appear. Let thy Priests be clothed with Righteousness, and let thy Holy Ones rejoice and sing, having put thee on, O Lord JESUS. Yea, let them sing aloud from the Isles. Amen: HalleluJAH.




A D V E R T I S E M E N T.


WHEREAS some Things have been Scandalously set forth, and Printed under the Name of this Author to the Reproach of Truth, and the Dishonour of that which is Holy, it is thought fit for the putting a Stop to such Impostures, and the Evil which might thence ensue, to give a Catalogue of the Books which the Author hath hitherto Published.

The Heavenly Cloud, or, the Ascension Ladder, 4to. 1682. p.40.

The Revelation of Revelations, an Essay towards the Unsealing, Opening, and Discovering of the Seven Seals, the Seven Thunders, and the New Jerusalem State. 4to. 1683. p.130.

The Enochian Walks with God, found out by a Spiritual Traveller. 4to. 1694. p.38.

The Laws of Paradise; Given forth by Wisdom to a translated Spirit. 8vo. 1695. p.69.

The Wonders of God’s Creation manifested in the Variety of Eight Worlds, as they were made know Experimentally to the Author. 8vo. 1695. p.89.

The Message to the Philadelphian Society.

There will shortly be Published by the same Author, The Tree of Faith: or, The Tree of Life springing up in the Paradise of God.


A Message to the Philadelphian Society, &c.

1. A Voice from out of the Throne of the Majesty on High did thus cry, saying; Unseal the living Testimony, wherein new and fresh things will be revealed. For in as much as there are holy Seekers, and loving Inquirers, so accordingly my Spirit is at hand, to open Seal after Seal, till the whole Mystery of a Total and full Redemption shall be understood.

2. Now the Same Voice did a second time cry, saying; Ye that have an Ear, hear what the Spirit saith, cast up and remove all stumbling-blocks out of the way. For the Lord whom ye have waited for, is drawing near to be revealed, in, and after a wonderful manner. Therefore as my Dove-Flock do ye assemble, and wait in the Unity of pure Love, praying in the Holy Ghost, who may go forth to multiply more Universally. So shall my Kingdom upon the Earth spread, as Plants of Righteousness in my own Likeness: and so beholding my self in them, my Joy shall be filled. I am your Immanuel, who am the Tree of Life, that with variety of Fruits will you feed: and as ye are a Fountain of Gardens unto me, so will the golden Floods from pure Deity flow to water you throughout; that in a distinct way ye may grow, and spring, as the Lily, and Rosy Sharon. In the midst of which I your Kingly Shepherd will walk, and familiarly with you talk; so as you shall not complain that I am as a Stranger to you, and gone away to leave you, as if ye were nothing more to hear from me. Know it is far from me, so to desert my Love-Inquirers, who will not leave you to live upon an old and literal stock; for I am that Ancient present Rock, that will still follow you, to open and give forth the Power of All-acting Wonders, that will gush out plenteously.

3. Then the Voice the third time, cryed; Blow the Trumpet, and proclaim the beginning of the Lamb’s Reign, who is come to pitch his Throne in Virgin Minds: Into which the Honey-Dews shall fall, to keep them from all Famine and Drought; for that the Fountain of Life now stands open to refresh and cherish every plant.

4. For a farther Confirmation of this, and in order to gather up prepared Souls to Mount Sion, by the sound of the Trumpet which now blows forth from thence, and to knit them in the pure Unity of the Virgin Philadelphian Church, that they may be presented as one holy Bride, without the least spot or deformity, by the beloved Bridegroom to his Father; I had a Representation shewed me of the several Gathered Churches, belonging to Protestantism, that came every one in their Order, before the Head-Shepherd, who was sitting upon the Throne of Judgment. Which alluded to Jesse’s Seven Sons, that were called to pass before the Prophet.


Now follows the VISION of the Seven Churches.

5. First came the Eldest, which was the Prelatical Function, with their National Church and Disciplin’d Members, who would be owned as the Lord’s Anointed: but they were refused, and shut out. The Second were of a more refined Order, nominated by the name of the Presbytery; these also were excluded as the former: they could not enter, nor have their Mission sealed. Thirdly, came up a sort that assumed the Apostolical Dispensation, in a separated way in the Use of Ordinances more Purely, called Independents, or the Congregational Churches: these were also excepted against, and dismissed. Then in the Fourth place, another sort, that imitated the former, but such a Flock as came up all washed, and linked in the Faith of Water-Baptism, known by the name of Anabaptists, presented themselves: these also passed away. Then Fifthly, a Congregated Company, that were in the outward formal Part, wholly looking and gazing after the State of Christ’s Reign, and Monarchical Government upon the Earth in a visible manner; not turning into, or eyeing the foregoing Reign of the Holy Ghost, as that which constitutes the Heavenly Corporation, named the Fifth Monarchy Church: but these were also disowned. Then did I see a Body greater than any of these, come up with great Boldness, as deeming themselves to have arrived to Perfection, and so visibly distinguishing themselves from all the rest, and said; Now surely the Anointed of the Lord is before him. But a Voice said, neither are these they; for the Lord seeth not as Man seeth: No Formal Temple shall henceforth be in the everlasting Church of Christ.

But of the Stem of David a Virgin Church, which hath known nothing of Man, is yet to be born into this Earth, as to the Manifestation and Propagation thereof.

6. And it was farther shewn me, that as David was one of the Seven, yet least of all set by, or accounted of, so it will be also in the matter of the Anointed Church. For the Spirit of David, who hath derived from Abraham the Spirit of Faith, Love, and Meekness, as the Type of Heart-Perfection; (which though it be of no repute, but lieth obscure and hid, yet the Holy One will find out such to be the Blossoming Root to precede Solomon’s Day) will bring forth a blessed offspring, whose Train shall be lifted up to the Throne; where no more Types, or Shadows, or Forms shall be. For all of this kind shall flee away, and dye: no corrupt Figure can stand with the Lamb upon Mount Sion. For to such a Celestial Degree will the Seventh be Anointed, for the Tabernacle-Church, that no other form but God and the Lamb shall be therein seen, or understood.

7. And it was evidently Revealed to me, that this great Mystery is upon the Agitation now in this very time: And it was thus cleared to me. That as David in his Minority was Elected and Anointed in a secret hidden way by the Prophet of the Lord, yet as to the outward possession of the Kingdom for a considerable time, was not admitted; Saul keeping up his Reign, and David not regarded, or the least looked upon in that Capacity; but the Counsel of the Lord must not by Man be overthrown. For the Election upon the Holy Seed shall for ever stand, and God will bring it forth as a Rising Sun; upon which shall be no Cloud of the Fall.

8. And it was given me to see, how this Church would be gathered, which should proceed as Stars in the Right hand of the Head-Shepherd. And as it was thus typified out by a Virgin-Woman that brought forth CHRIST after the figure of an Human Body, as the Rock which the Apostolical Church was built upon. So likewise, according to John’s Prophecy, a Virgin Woman is designed of a pure Spirit, and of a bright Sun-like Body, all impregnated with the Holy Ghost, that shall travail to bring forth the First-born, that will multiply and propagate into such a Body, as shall be filled with the Spirit, Power, and Temple Glory of the Lamb of God. This is the Church that shall be called The Lord our Righteousness; Because God himself will tabernacle there, and Sign them with the Mark of his own Name, and adorn them with Miraculous Gifts and Powers, beyond what-ever yet hath been. Whereby all Nations shall be brought in, so that the Increase of this Priestly Kingdom will be very great. And then shall all these Churches afore-mentioned, give up, out of them, those precious lively Stones, which have been herefrom excluded under the covert of a Form. No Bonds, or Imposing Powers there will be, no partition Walls: all these shall fall flat by Sion’s everlasting Trumpets; For the Holy Unction must among these new-born Spirits be All in All. And this is the Church that was by the Holy One and True thus defined; against which no exception can be.

9. Objection. It may be objected that true it is, such a Glorious Church will be here after, but for the present we do see no such thing; therefore we may hold in with those Formal Ministrations that are now existent, among the highest of those Degrees.

Answer. As to this receive what the Most Holy One hath made known unto me: That though this Real Mount Sion Church made up of Philadelphian Spirits, is not known in Visibility, yet at present it may lie hid at this present time in the Womb of the Morning Sun. The Virgin-Spirit that is overshadowed with the Holy Ghost in order hereunto, is in the Wilderness, where for a time she must be in Concealment. The last Half Time is now upon expiring. Then, O ye who shall be accounted worthy to be called out of Babylon, out of that state which is in Confusion, Darkness and Formality, upon whom the Vials of the Lamb will be poured forth. Arise, come ye forth, and return to Sion, being Redeemed from the Earth, and deliver’d from this long Captivity and Bondage under which ye have groaned. Even also amongst those that judge themselves nearest come up to the Apostolical Dispensation, there will be a shaking, and great Frustration. Their Sun of Righteousness will be clouded as in a Mist, and they will see their Light was too short by many Degrees, of what the Virgin Daughter is upon the travel for, and which will be brought forth in this present Age.

10. As therefore I received this Caution from him, who saith, Behold I come quickly; the same I do commend to all those who are waiters for this Kingly Birth of Power; that they would not put far away this Day, nor limit it to future Years, neither be found sticking in any Form, though in the most refined Appearance. But let such wait, every one in their own Place and Station, wheresoever scattered under the Spirits Ministration, which is able to constitute for a perfect Membership, that is suitable to the Head-Shepherd, who will take care suddenly to gather in his True Mount Sion Flock.

11. And one thing more I shall add as from the Lord, for a sign that this Nation’s saving Birth is near to be revealed. It may be observed, there is a mighty Spirit of Inquiry, crying, How Long? and a mighty sense of Bondage, Darkness, and Oppression, both Internal and External, under the Prince of Darkness and his Agents in this Region. Now when the Holy Ones, the Seed of Abraham do groan, travail, and cry, as knowing themselves to be in Pharaoh’s Land under hard servitude both in Body and Mind; this is a certain Forerunner and Token, that the Lamb of God will raise up a Prophet like unto himself, who shall save and deliver his People. As Moses was a Type hereof, so this expected Birth, shall by the Scepter and Rod of God’s power, ransom and recover the Captives, that are under the Tyranny of the Pharaoh Prince; which signifieth the Earthly Life, that hath been the Seat of the Man of Sin. These are the glad Tydings which the Spirit of JESUS doth bring to you his scattered Flock, wheresoever dispersed, and howsoever oppressed. And this is from the Holy One, a Call out of the gathered Churches, in order to be gathered up to the Church of Mount Sion: until which time, let every one be fervent, worshipping in their own Temple till the Breath of the Power do call them together.

12. For which end the Seven Angels from before the Throne, are going forth to all Parts of the Earth, to and fro, to summon into the Temple of Wisdom, all her Children, and all that will come under her Discipline. The Everlasting Priesthood is now to be performed by Mount Sion’s Inhabitants, which hath been figured out unto my Internal Sight in a Divine Draught wherein I was made to see in Spirit the holy Order, Beauty, and Glory thereof, according to the Original Pattern, which Moses did view upon the Mount with God, as he went Personally up. So somewhat that is unknown came down into the secret deep of the Mind, and so described first the Holy City, then the Magnificent Temple and Altar, with all those holy Apartments, that are required for Sion’s Priests to officiate in.

13. The whole Limit hereof, even to the outmost Court and very Borders, is to be most Holy, according to the Word of the Lord, which thus declared it self afresh, as my Ear was opened to hear. Behold I will do a New thing upon the Earth, and when it springs forth, it shall condemn the highest Forms and Appearances of all visible Worships, which now are reckoned Sacred. For God intends to frame a New Church; which he will delight himself in, and rejoyce over.

14. For a deep Groan, with a Voice, was heard from the Invisible Orb, saying; Oh, Father, suffer me to put an end to all Oblations and Sacrifices, which are offered by those who are not of the most holy and anointed Priesthood. To which Word my enlightened part did well agree; for I have been of late much dissatisfied, at all low and mixed Offerings, which are ministered while yet resident in the Body, both of Sin and Mortality. These not being worthy of a God so holy as is our God, could not be presented from any one in such an imperfect state, because of their Deficiency, as perfect. Upon which Consideration, nothing can be more grateful to us, O my Lord, than to have the New and Living Way revealed, through which we may come to know after what Manner and Pattern thy Worship now is to be, and who also the Worshippers are that be required.

15. Now as to this Virgin Church, the Lord did shew me how, and after what manner it was to be Constituted, with the Invalidity of all that which hath been in a Formal Imitation thereof.

As first in Answer to an Objection, which I made, How such a Pure Church could possibly be in such a Polluted Region?

Which was Answered thus: While I was plunged into deep Introversion in my Spirit, call to remembrance, (spake the Holy One) Abraham the Faithful, unto whom I appeared, and consider how that he became the first Root of that Visible Church which was Peculiar of all the Earth unto me. And farther this observe, that the numerous Offspring hereof did proceed from that one Seed; for so likewise it will be again. God will send out One, and Another, that shall be after his own Heart, who shall be ordained as the principal Pillars of this New Assembly. And the mighty Spirit of a CYRUS will be absolutely Required both for the first laying the Foundation thereof, and also for supporting it in its progress.

16. Now from hence it was revealed to me, that Abraham and Sarah were a Type of that which should be produced, and manifested in the last Age of the World, according to all the Prophecies that run pointing still to the Glory of Mount Sion, that hath always been expected to be revealed in every Age since Christ. Immediately after Christ’s Ascension it was looked for, and believed in, when the Apostles gathered several Branches relating to such a Church to their Day. But this was not fixed for Substance, because Corrupted since, and so in the Confusion of Babylon, as it is at this Day; the ruins of which are yet to be raised up and a perfect Temple-Body, answerable to the Head-Power. Which now the Holy Spirit hath given the true Model of, in the Figure of Him who was the Beginning of the Israelitish Church, whom God chose, and called from out of his own People, and from the land of his nativity: Who in the Spirit of Faith obeyed all, and every Requiring of God. Upon such a spirit as this was, God will found this Virgin Church, who shall be as the First-born out of Wisdom’s Womb, of which Sarah was a Type, who by Faith conceived him, of whom came the great Increase, as to the making up of a Visible Church; Among the Genealogy of which CHRIST was born after the Flesh; in which Human Property he was Despised; and though he came to his own, yet was neither received, not owned by them. But now in, and from the Spirit of Faith there will be brought forth, as from the Dead, a New Offspring, and Virgin Generation, altogether after the purifying nature of Faith; unto whom CHRIST will Personally appear the second Time, a Body being for that purpose, thus prepared Him.

15(a). This I can say, I have received from the LORD, that this cannot be until such an holy separated Congregation be found who have absolutely denied, and come out of the Old Birth, and all of that Nature’s Property, into what is of the Spirit of Faith’s Property, and into Love’s Nature: Till then, it is but a fruitless expectation, to believe the Lord will appear from Heaven, before the Church, the Bride, be found thus ready to receive him. Now the approaching Day is near, in which He is moving his Fiery Wheels for the finishing of that Mystery, the Foundation of which was first laid in Human Property: who doth now reveal this great thing by his Spirit, that so some one or other may, in a sweet sense, and Spiritual Emulation hereof, be the First-born of Wisdom, if possible. For a Mother there must be of this Virgin Church, that will appear without Evil upon the Mount of Holiness, whose Increase will be as great as what did spring out of the Loins of Abraham.

16 (a). That Prophecy is yet to be fulfilled, and accomplished, which the Beloved John saw, Rev. 7. where the Twelve Tribes were first to be sealed, before the Angels could hurt, or destroy the Earth. And as it is written, the Number out of every Tribe was Twelve Thousand, which summed up, makes up the Hundred and Forty Four Thousand, who with the Lamb shall stand upon the Mount of Sion. Now from hence let all be convinced, that as yet there is not to be found such a Church, as beareth those Characters, that are expressed for Sealing. Therefore it is time to awake out of this dead sleep, and to see where we are in all that fair Appearance, in which Church-Forms and Fellowships do yet abide? The Lord hath several times, both by Vision and Voice, shewn me all to be as an empty fruitless Vine, much void of the Spirit, and Water, and Blood of Life. And now again hath he set before me such Golden Candlesticks, as he himself will walk in the midst of. And I have heard this Cry, saying, Where shall I find Spirits that will go out of the Land of Pollution, and walk with God perfectly, as did my Faithful Abraham; who never stuck at any thing required of him: therefore he became Great and Mighty, because he believed before he possessed. From the same Spirit therefore of Faith, Truth and Purity, shall the New Covenant be established, for an holy Priestly Convocation, as the First Covenant was with him, according to the Figurative Ceremony of things. So where the same Spirit shall spring again, they shall substantially bring their Priestly Offerings into the very Holy of Holies; because the Mediation is now doing away.

17. O the great Blessing, without all controversie ! that will be doubled upon them, who shall put to their hands to cut the first Stone out of this Mountain-Rock, for the Foundation building of this unblemished Church, which will be upon a daily Increase, till that it come up unto Wisdom’s Number Seven: who hath built her Temple upon so many Pillars, and calleth aloud for every one to come, and enter into it. And thrice great will be the Blessing of him, who is chosen from the Womb, to raise up this Temple, and to be made such a singular Instrument in the Hand of his God. A mighty Standard will be lifted up, to which the Dove Spirits will flock apace, and shelter themselves under it. The Priestly Trumpets are now going forth to summon in the Children of the Captivity under this glorious Standard of the Great God and Saviour, which shall be pitched in the Valley of Decision. Many things further in order hereunto were shewed me, and not without great matter of Encouragement unto any such, who find their Hearts bent thereunto.

18. Then was it made known unto me, that where this united Spirit of Faith and Love did find a fixed Birth in any Person, it should go forth with such an Eminent Breath of Power, as daily added to it should be Spirits of like Virgin Purity, preparing for those great Degrees of Sion’s Glory. Who still look forward after the utmost Redemption, out of all that Sorrow and Distress, which the Mortal Image is liable to. For as the divine Sense shall clear up in them, to make them see and feel under what heavy Oppression they are, being subjected to the Pharaoh-Spirit of this World, which will be throwing heavy weights, and imposing servile Works upon them; which suffered must be, and will be so for a while, to provoke and draw out their Cries to the most holy and great High-Priest, that so he may be a Saviour of these his separated Ones, after a most miraculous way. For therefore he will yet now again, as in the days of old, shew forth his great Wonders. His mighty Hand must be lifted up on high, to bring them out of Egypt, that figured out this Servile Creation, under which each one of Abraham’s Seed doth groan. A Prophet will the Most High yet raise up, who shall deliver his People from all Babylonish Charms, by meer force of Spiritual Arms, and release them from the Tyranny of that Dark Prince, who doth visibly reign all over the World. And how must this be, but by the Standard of the Spirit, that will in a Moses-like Figure, stretch forth the Royal Scepter of an everlasting Throne Might? For the Seed of Abraham must still expect to be under Oppression throughout every Age, until the Soveraignty of the Holy Ghost come to be annexed to some holy Souls, by which they may be enabled to do the Wonders of JEHOVAH, in the sight of their Exactors and Oppressors. For by no other way can the Lamb of God set free his chosen Flock, whom he hath purchased with his Blood, but by raising all the Powers of a God, which may go forth in the Birth of That, which shall shake the iron-Rod over all Nations. Then will the Reign of CHRIST have its beginning in Spirit. For before his own distinct and personal Appearance, his Birth of Power will be first brought forth in some chosen Vessel, or Vessels; as Moses, Joshua, and Aaron, were Types, anointed to be Heads and Leaders unto the rest, to bring them into the Promised Land: So likewise the Lord hath expressly revealed, and shewn to me, That there shall again be raised up Head-Powers, such as are to be of great Eminency and Favour with the Trinity, whose Dread and Fear shall fall upon all Nations, because of the mighty Acting Power of the Holy Ghost which shall rest upon them; whereby they shall make way for the Ransomed Ones to return with Joy unto Mount Sion. Where the New and Living Priesthood shall according to the Covenant, and Law of the Spirit of Life, be officiously and effectually performed, after a much different manner than the First; All Similitudes being too short to reach the Essential Top, and the highest Degree, which shall be acted by holy and perfect Spirits, within the Walls of the New Jerusalem when it comes down upon the Earth, and by them be offered up as a most perfect Sacrifice in the New Temple.

19. For it was given me to understand and know in very Truth, that such an holy Order of Priests should be Anointed, that was to be what the great High-Priest was in this World, Holy, Perfect, without Guile, wholly Born again of a pure Spiritual Nativity without Sin: Even such as our Lord might not be ashamed to own as his Priestly Brotherhood; He only having the Preeminence of being Anointed with a double Degree: yet the Lower Order is to be without Sin; that so there may be no exception, but all freedom to ascend up to the holy Sphere, where God himself will appear in an everlasting Tabernacle, to talk, and give forth his Mind freely, unto such as do draw near to him in a Priestly Spirit and Body. For the Spirit, which hath opened these Secrets, did declare that it was expedient, and thus upon this account it should be.

20. First, because our head Prince could not yet descend, for that his Bride, the Church, was not yet ready: neither any Temple-Body, as yet, prepared that is able to bear the Glory of his Personality. As God therefore took of the Spirit of Moses, and caused it to rest upon Seventy chosen out to bear the Burthen with Moses: So verily, and in like manner, will the same Spirit of our Lord JESUS be given out to Qualifie and Furnish for that high Degree of spiritual Government: Which will be put upon some that yet are in a Mortal Figure, until another Body be put on them after a Priestly Order: Which will be given when they are called up to enter into the most Holy Place of Purity. When Power also will be given to them, proportionable to that State into which they are called, and to the State of that Virgin and Glorious Church which they are chosen, and Redeemed from among Men, to bear up and support, in the Latter Day upon the Earth.

21. Secondly: Now because Christ himself is in the Heavens to remain, till such a Perfect Church be brought up, as hath all those Characters and Marks that the Hundred Forty and Four Thousand are to have; He will Actuate some by the Ghostly Power in an Extraordinary Manner, to Officiate as if he himself were upon the Earth. This is the Great Design that is Now certainly on foot to bind the Ministration of the Spirit withal. For what else in this unbelieving Age will be of Force or Prevalency, but a Power that may work according to Omnipotency: Which may bear down all that would still keep up the Formality of Things, that is to be laid desolate.

22. All Oblations and Sacrifices which are weak and imperfect, must have their Cessation. For Pure Worshippers, all composed of Life, Power, and Spirit, must now wait upon the Altar for free Entrance into the most Holy Court. For which high and signal Endowments we are pressed to wait, that so no going out may be, till we be richly furnished with every Gift to credit our High-Priest withal; who hath made himself a Debtor to us for it; and as we are his Remembrancers, he will stand Charged to make full Payment unto us of these Great Things.

23. This only required is on our part, to suffer the Spirit of Burning to do upon us the Refining Work, fanning us with his Fiery Breath, until all be Pure and Clean. For this Burning and Perfuming Oil of the Holy Ghost, searching every part within us, is the true Consecration for the Everlasting Priesthood, that so we may come near to the Holy Being, and be Acceptable Worshippers before his Throne, to Mediate for all these adorning Powers and Gifts, that may demonstrate we are in Election to be the Beginning of that Priestly Church, that is coming out of the Wilderness, like to Pillars of Smoke, and Flames of Fire, terrible in Crystalline Purity; whereby we may display the Banners of JEHOVAH, as the Sealing Character of the Virgin Church.

24. Upon all the foregoing enforcing Arguments of the Anointing Power, this Word was renewed: Happy art thou, who is like unto thee, before whom a Fiery Law shall go forth, which shall not be after Mount Sinai Inscription, that could never abolish Sin: but this contrariwise shall open as a Spirit-flash of Lightning, that shall judge and try, burn and consume every rising Motion, that from the First Birth of the Earthly Man hath been. Therefore observe and cherish this Burning Spring, into which suffer all and every part to be plunged thoroughly. For this will give witness for it self to be the Tri-Une Baptism.

25. Then was it further revealed, that this Fiery Law would be the Fixation of the Urim and Thummim. Which was opened unto me, to be a divine sight, from a Fire-piercing Eye, that could have a deep inward search into the secret things of the Deity, and could Prophesy therefrom in a clear Ground; as knowing what is couched in the first Originality, bringing forth therefrom, according to the Counsel and Pleasure of the Most High, Things New and Old, even according to the Love-driving of this Fiery Law, which is the high binding Law, that will most naturally, and essentially from all Mount-Sion Inhabitants, and from the pure Philadelphian Race of all the Redeemed Holy Ones, that are brought out of Babylon, to stand upon this Virgin Mount go forth.

26. For it was expressed, that this Law was before Sin entered, and it should thence again enkindle it self, and obliterate in a known Number, what the Law of Sin hath defaced of the pure Image. And it was also shewn, that this Urim and Thummim were only to be appropriated to the Priests of the Melchizedeck Order, that is, to such whose Descent is not to be counted, or recorded in the Genealogy of that Creation which is under the Lapse; but from the Restoration, and the Birth which is from the Olive-Root, that is ever more consecrated to put on this Breast-plate, as the Signal Character of this Holy Function and Heavenly Calling; as it was given me to know from the Lord. The Properties of which extend to all Clearness of Sight and Soundness of Judgment. All which will make for the praise of Him, who shall for us this Translation effect, bringing us into the Membership of this most holy Virgin Church and Priesthood.

27. As I was further considering the Refining Work, as being the present Business which the Spirit provokes to in order to those greater Things to be revealed and entered upon; the Word again thus opened it self: The LORD, whose Hand is lifted up, sweareth in Truth and Righteousness, that from Abraham’s Line, according to the Spirit, there shall arise a most holy Priesthood indeed, that must assume the high Prerogative of Priestly Soveraignity, which hitherto in this Principle hath never in manifestation been, since the days of the Apostasy. It will begin with the Wise and Perfect in Heart; from such the Scepter of Dominion shall never depart.

28. Much from the Lord did at the same time fill my Temple to utter forth, as Four of us were met together to rehearse by way of Prophecy, what an approaching time is drawing near. When this Word more particularly was given to me, That God was coming from Teman, and the Holy One from Mount Paran, to revive the Work, and to make known where the hiding of his Power hath been. For a Fiery Law shall proceed out of his Mouth, by which he will try all Nations, and divide as under the Everlasting Mountains, and make them bow before him.

29. While my Spirit was Exercised upon these Great Things, there came before me two Pillars of Fire: which at present I only understood to be applicable to our selves, who were met together, as if signifying, that such Pillars as were as burning Light, did become the Temple of God, and ought there to be for fixation. But the Night following, the Lord opened it further unto me, and shewed me, that they did signifie a more Publick Matter; to wit, some Eminent Spirits these Two Pillars should be, by whom an Entrance or pass would be made into the Secret and Separated Sanctuary, where they were to stand fixed, to give entrance into such-like separated Spirits as themselves, who, as Flames of Fire, might minister in the Holy Courts in their Priestly Power.

30. O hereby all this do I see, that the Lord is putting all things in order; that he may have a true Temple-Body, all of light, paved with Fire-Stones of Love. For the support of which House, or Body, he will send forth, until he himself shall appear in Person, such Pillars that shall be tried as Gold, and powerful as the Fire, as being so made meet for the Master’s use. I do see in Wisdom’s Glass, that the Divine Powers in the Heavens are at Work hereunto very swiftly.

31. As I was still further attentive to hear and see, what would be presented beyond the Veil, in relation to the Refining Work, which is to prepare and make way for the Manifestation of this Holy Church, I did see a round Glass like a Globe, and at first sight it was all full of Matter, that was like putrified Blood, black and ill-coloured. Then saw I the Globe turned with the Vent downward and it was all discharged of that corrupt matter. Then arose a Spring that filled it again, as with Water, which emptied it self out again. And I beheld the Figure of a Heart with an Engraving thereupon within the Globe. And I marvelled how it came there, and no sight of any Person to put it in; and all this was acted, as without any visible Hand. Further, there arose a Golden Liquor in the Globe, and the Heart fluttered up and down on it, and shined as Gold. This was a wonderful Presentation; into which my Spirit enquired, and I heard a Voice sound, This shews what the Oracle will be, that is filled only with the clear and true Unction; there will be a rising Spring with all floating by. Consider, oh my Soul, what Wisdom may open, for a further Instruction herefrom: For deep is the Globe of Wonders.

A Revelation upon the Vision of the Glassy Globe: Which was shewn me to be the signification of the Oracle, in which the New Heart shall be conceived; upon which God doth engrave his own Name, which from the Foundation of Wisdom, and Spring of all Knowledge and deep Understanding do flow.

32. Now it was testified and thus opened unto me, that some were elected for to be fixed Oracles, who are to be clarified for this purpose with pure Water from the Glassy Sea. Whose Operation should be all forceable to work out the impure Matter of the Bloody Issue, which is the Spring of Sin, that only can be fully cleansed with this Water-Baptism, from the rising Scum of putrified Nature. Which once was as a clear Glass in the first Formation, as it came out of the Hand of the Great Creator, but now so muddied with strange Mixtures, that all Crystalline Beauty of the Globe of Nature is turned into such as swarthy Blackness and Dimness, that nothing is left clear for Spiritual Seeing. Therefore what hath infinite Grace sought out for help and redress, for such as are known by Name, to bear that high and living Fame, as the Oracles of which, the ever springing Testimony, shall daily renew. Therefore they are to be guarded and secured, with the outspreading Wings of the anointed Cherubims, that may henceforth keep off the mortal Dust: which stirred, and raised by the armed Enemies, that do ride prancing on, to cast up Earthly Soil after those Washings, which will greatly endanger that, which the holy separating Water of Life enters in for clarifying of; that so Nature may come to be refined, and made all Crystalline, for God’s own Heart to move in.

33. But caution the Holy Ghost hath given to us, that as we would be partakers of this high Ministry, as not only to speak, but to be in truth the very Oracles of God. Then from hence we are given to understand, that no unclean and polluted Essences must rest with us. For the Spirit doth let us know, that no mixed Matter can here agree; for Christ in Spirit is demonstrated for this very end, so to infuse himself as the true Anointing, that he might inwardly cleanse from these gross pollutions of Sin, through the sending in pure Waters from the dropping Element, which is the true foregoing Baptism that John the Baptist did figure out. As that Water was Visible and Exteriour, so this is Invisible, and Internally effectual for Salvation. Here the Name JESUS does become all-saving, because as Water is poured into a Vessel to rinse and cleanse it, so the Spirit of Christ is poured in, as perfuming Water for Life renewing, that nothing of the old scent might be felt, for to send forth an evil savour. This is so to be done, as not to be liable to Defilement, after that we are baptized with the Water of Life: then no more dead and putrified Flesh is to remain. This is the Wonder of all Wonders, whereby God will yet magnifie his anointed One, by whom all things are to be restored.

34. But an Objection comes to be answered, This is such a Washing as is only Figurative, but not yet in any Actually accomplished, for such a durable Clarity, as to know nothing more of the Rising Scum, that doth make the Spirit of the Soul dim and dark; which the Glassy Globe do’s present the 1st Created Being in, but now all thickened with gross earthly Matter; And how this can be clearly discharged, and washed out, so as no more to be infected again there withal, this altogether is incredible. For no such Person yet but the Lord Christ, hath been ever known, or recorded of; therefore even the Spirit would never put any upon such Impossibilities to strive and labour for that which in this Life-time can never be reached unto.

The Holy Word of Truth does now reply and cry, Stop, oh, stop thou, whose Voice I do well know to be from a Birth that is of a low Sin rooted being, and so willing still to be. Only thou art thus far convinced, that thy Branches that bear evil fruit are to be cropped off; but the Root of the Matter may be still allow’d. But against this Doctrine, the Pure and Just One doth declare: who will wink no longer at imperfect Spirits, who do rest in the midst of druggy Senses, as in an easie Bed, out of which they would not be disturbed, but would be contented with what is too short and narrow a Covert: For nothing of naked Adam may more appear to God’s pure Eye. For now, as in the clear Day, the Spirit doth me shew, that this indulgence to the Imperfect thing, hath in all these latter Ages done great wrong, and hath been a Let to the coming down of the Lordly Dominion. The Old Earth e’re this would have been renewed, had not this Dispensation gained upon the whole Creation. But this false Covering is rolling away, and it is given some to believe, that Sin shall be found no more, when the First and Second Baptism shall meet together in the Glassy Globe, which will renew old Nature, and will clarifie it to be the Glass of Wonder.

35. But it may be said, true it is, that such Prophecies there are, that relate to a New Creation, and the passing away of the Old: But the time, when this Mystery will begin to work we cannot foresee.

For this, it is answered, That this is the very acceptable Day and the true Sign is already given, the immediate forerunner is already come to baptize with the Water of Life, that hence forth we may expect the Baptizing Fire of the Holy Ghost; no more Transient, as in the Apostolical time, but as a Fixed Power, that may no more depart till it hath swallowed up Sin and Death in Victory.

36. Thus will the Globe of Nature be cleansed with the Fountain-streams from the Eternal Element, and then it will be purged with Everlasting Burnings, that the Face of all things may be renewed in Nature’s Globe, as was seen in the Vision. A pure Heart floating up and down in its own Golden Oyl, that doth issue forth continually from it self, as the procession of the Holy Ghost. If this was not the very Time for the accomplishment, what meaneth the Cry of Elias in Spirit, to come to his Baptism in way of preparation for it? Of a truth I must bear witness, it hath been an uncessant Cry in the Wilderness of Nature of late Years, and hereby I am so convinced of the necessity, that now I would gladly suffer my self to be plunged, and buried with my Lord in this Baptism, which is the true sinking into Death, by which the way of the Kingdom is prepared: wherein God in Nature, an absolute King, Priest, and Prophet will come down, and appear manifestly, to govern and rule thus arbitrarily by his Saints in great Power and Majesty. Having no other Rule or Law, but the Engraving of God in the cleansed Globe of Eternal Nature, so quickened and raised to its ancient degree and matter.

37. Thus it is given me, in the Spirit’s Eye to see, that all Nations, Kingdoms, and Languages, that shall remain in the old nature, and broken state, of what is found in Mortality, shall be converted and brought in. So many as are numbered in God’s Book, shall bow to this New Creation-Government, and shall come to the Pool of the holy Baptizing of the Water of Life, and so agree to wash; and be thereby prepared for the All-pleasant Burning Spirit.

38. It was further verified, That those only, who to this perfect degree are come, shall receive the opening Key, for an absolute Dominion over those parts of the World, that in the might and greatness of an Astral Spirit, have ruled as potent and strong. But the divine Magus, that God will raise, shall far out-do all rational Craft and Subtilty; so that all must be Tributaries and Servants to the anointed of the Most High. This is the Crown that will be the certain Reward to them, who to these Baptisms do fully arrive.

39. An additional Opening came upon an Objection in my self, that was raised upon the clear Oracle Dispensation, which was this: How we should possibly come to distinguish the true Sound of the Holy Ghost passing through us, without being adulterated by contrary Spirits, that do dash in before the Globe of Nature come to be all fully refined, and the muddy Issue stopped?

This hath been the ground that hath made such deviation and erring from Truth. For the method and manner of God’s revealing his Mind is not Now so much by those Local Voices, as before the Anointing of the Holy Spirit was given. For the Patriarchs and Prophets before Christ’s sending down the Holy Ghost, had God’s Mind delivered unto them by an Express Voice, and plainness of Speech, which was well understood, and known by them to be the express Word of the Lord. And though in those Ages there were false and mixed things, that did enter into some, who did also reveal true Prophecies from God, yet the Event of things did it shew, and there God’s witness was against them. But the very Holy Men of God, who were truly inspired from his Mouth, were evermore attended with a Signal Power, whereby they knew it to be of the Lord: As much might be called up from what is recorded in Scripture for to justifie this Truth. But to Answer this grand Objection, how it may be cleared? What is of the Spirit’s true dictate, from that which is otherwise? for it must be granted that it is rare to find, that any one hath arrived to that Clarity, that nothing of Soil is cast up in the Mind, to discolour the Golden Spring of Divine Revelation, that does distinctly run. Which is discernible by the Spirit of Sound Judgment that decides and determines all Matters according to the Laws of Christ’s Invisible Kingdom, which differs and thwarts all of this visible and exteriour, judging that Kingdom down. For such a superiour wise understanding Spirit doth still survive in some Elected hereunto, as in Moses, Samuel, and Solomon, and so all along according to the gift of God, that doth run from Age to Age, rising yet more high and eminent, as the Most High takes pleasure to dignifie those, who are of the right Line of Abraham’s Seed, to whom the promise doth belong, that there shall never cease to be a Prince upon the Throne, to judge in Truth and in Righteousness, as God’s impartial witness in the Soul. Of this Moses and the seventy Elders were a Type, upon whom God’s spirit of Wisdom did rest, for determining of Causes, that the People from day to day brought before them. So verily it is now applied more Internally, to those innumerable generating Essences, that within the circumference of the Mind do still rise as matter of Controversie, to be decided by the true Judge and Law-giver. Who in no wise will be corrupted or biased, but make all to bow, according to the Light and Eternal Word of Truth. Oh the strange Insurrections of Thoughts, as so many Princes, that would put in to bear part of the Priesthood and Prophetical Function, rushing in as Korah, Dathan, and Abiram, that rose up with their Trains, saying, Are we not meet to judge? equal with the Spirit? Why take ye so much upon you? are not we Spiritual? Why may not our Verdict be heard in the Court of the Lord’s Tabernacle? This is the Language that may be understood in, and among the confused Thoughts, that would exalt themselves against the One only Anointed of the Lord in us. Who hath the preeminence to draw nigh to hear, and to receive from the most Holy in a distinct separated way from all the common thoughts that rise from the sensitive ground, that are under all mixed Confusion: Which are the intruding Spirits, that are to be brought to trial, and hereby it will be made to appear, as in the case betwixt Moses and those murmuring Princes, the decision was given. God owned and took part with his own meek Spirit in Moses, and gave power to send them down alive into the Deep. And thus it will be carried on Internally; the Lord will raise and magnifie his own true Prophet within us, that shall have a peculiar access unto him in the holy Priesthood, and go apart from the whole Congregation of thoughts, which are denominated for the mixed Multitude. Upon which bounds are to be set, that they break not in, where God calleth his holy anointed One up to commune about the Secret Things, that are yet further to be revealed, in order to the settling of the Priestly Kingdom, in the peaceable Reign of Christ.

40. For indeed all need there is, for this Wise Solomon to sit upon the Throne to judge the many Causes that will arise, and still come before him for determination: Till such time that all Strife and Commotion from the Astral Spirit shall cease, and no more any such evil occurrent shall be. To which effect, the Spirit’s Reign will bring all unto, and every thought that contrarily does stir, and yields not up to these Princely Spirits, that in Love and Meekness, with Truth and Righteousness, do govern all things in the reign of the Soul, that is to be reduced to this pure and spiritual stillness, for a quiet Habitation, in which the Trinity may agree to dwell, meeting with it in most excellent Harmony, that answers to the Eternal Unity of their own Divine Being.

41. This is that Lebanon Glory in all its high degrees. Which the Spirit of Jesus is driving into, from the cursed murmuring Spirits, that still would be mixing with the Lord’s anointed Prophet within us. Therefore Authority is to be taken in Jehovah’s Name, to exclude and throw out, what will not suit to the Priestly Government. For with that Mosaical Spirit, God will only be free with all to tell his Mind, and commit his Secrets to. All other springing Essences that do fly upward from the imaginary part, must be searched, tried, and judged in the superiour Court, by that Unction of God, that is abstracted from all stirring strange Essences, that would readily give in their Votes to corrupt the pure rising Spring of God’s Counsel. Which had need to be strongly guarded, for Attempts to thrust in may easily be discerned. But the cry, that I do hear pass through me, is to keep the Oracle clear, that the Heart of God may always live and move there. And for this cause, Joshua after Moses doth arise to bring us forward, and on, till we come to possess the choice and rich things, that are reserved to this Day in the New Jerusalem Land, where our Lot does stand, and will be divided to each one, according to their Spiritual Nativity.

42. But it may be further opposed, that this doth not take away all matter of objection, for in doubt we still are, whether there may be found any now, since the Apostles Days, through whom God doth speak expressly; and doth declare without adding or diminishing?

I Answer, according to what is given me to know in the deep Abyss, whereinto my Spirit hath been plunged, by a strong driving power that hath brought me to an Experience of renewed Revelations, and that they are from the true and original ground of Truth. And though I cannot father Belief upon others, that the unmixed Oyl of the Spirit is infused into a still mind: yet where this Unction doth abide it may well be known and distinguished by the possessors of it, though not so clearly to others, but to themselves, who live in the light, sight, feeling, hearing, and tasting the pleasant Powers that the holy Spirit of Jesus doth bring in. And I must in a Spirit of Sobriety and humble Ownment of this Gift of the Word of Life, opening and renewing its Witness again, as in the Apostolical times: which bubbling Spring, as from a clear and unmixed Fountain, I have often experienced the flowing forth, and by several Effects have known that it doth come from the true royal Priest and Prophet, that is risen up in me, who hath set up his Seat of Judgment, and beareth now a presence of Majesty and Power to silence all Flesh, and to vanquish from his Throne all those false and treacherous Spirits, that would have thrust in for the Priesthood, to have profaned it, through those mixed thoughts that do so aptly throng in. But now through the long continued Exercises of the spiritual Senses, they do know perfectly what is from the true ingrafted Word. Which Word speaks distinctly from those common puttings forth of the Rational Root that do so generally spring, and readily would mix with the sharp, quick, and powerful Word of Wisdom, but this being grown up as an engrafted Word, knows its own true Root, and there abiding as the Lord hath said, we may expect the fruitfulness thereof; as Branches of Righteousness, springing from the Tree of Life, that is in the midst of the Paradise of God; whereby we shall be distinguished from all those that grow from any other Root.

43. Thus will the Unction of the true anointed Church, which was shewn me in David, be discerned from that which is false, low, and counterfeit; which shall in his Spirit go forth generating and multiplying it self continually, till all the Ancient Prophecies relating to it be fulfilled, and the Covenant established with David, and with his Spiritual Seed be fully performed. For from the Root and Line of Jesse shall the Virgin-Branch spring up, and spread forth it self to an innumerable Increase; whereupon the Holy Ointment shall most plentifully flow.

44. Now at another time a Cry from the Heavens sounded in my Ears, to this effect: O thou that art travelling to bring forth the Omnipotent Birth, which hath for so long a time staid in the place of Breaking forth; yet rejoyce in this that thou shalt see the King of Nations that shall be born in the Almightiness of a Godhead Supremacy. For true it is, what thou hast said, and often complained, that no Dispatch can be made of the Great Work. Which only accomplish’d can be, as Wisdom’s First-Born shall come forth upon the Earth, appearing no more as an Infant, but now coming forth in full grown Stature; that both a King and a Nation, may be born as in one Day. Now then lift up thy Head.

45. Nay, further the Great ELOHIM doth say, The Everlasting Womb shall open, that therefrom may issue forth Powers indeed, that may be expressed by Acts and Deeds, which all of others though in Regeneration born, must far exceed; In that it is a Co-deified Matter, that will suffer no mingling with Earthly Elements. O how strange and amazing will this Lordly Birth be! Who will it live to see? This provoked the Virgin Spirit in me to send forth Groans and Cries yet more ardently. For that must be the way, as it is shewn to me, that must unlock this long shut-up Womb; that so the mere and pure Acting Ghost may appear and go forth to do greater Works than in the Day of Pentecost. For I do tell thee, who am thus in pure Virgin Nature to be born again, that hereby will be produced a present Redemption; which will dilate it self so generously to Myriads of Angelical Births, which shall in the Earth be manifested; that so of this sort Saviours upon the Earth may stand, and as Priestly Kings rule and govern over the Babylonish Land, and also turn the long Captivity of the Tribe of Judah. This may you do, as you may and can abide in Me: From whence all your Powers must proceed. Up therefore, and quicken your pace: see you not the Morning of this Day begins to clear? Therefore blow the Trumpet, and charge all true Sion Spirits, that do love, and long for my Appearance; that they with One Heart, in pure Unity and Accord, do watch, and in Jerusalem the City within wait for the Birth of this Mighty King.



46. Now It was further Queried in me, since the several Societies and Assemblies link’d together at this Day in separated Bodies, have been all rejected and excepted against by Christ, what will be the Signs, Tokens and Characters, by which this Pure Virgin Church shall be certainly known, and distinguished from all others?

Answer. The first and main sign and Character hereof must be, that as this is to be a Pure and Spotless Church, so must it be brought forth from the Virgin Womb of Eternal Wisdom, and so grow to all the Degrees of Perfection, under a strict Law and Discipline, which extends it self so far as to abolish the Law of Sin. Another Sign is, that as it is conceiv’d by the Holy Ghost, it will grow up to such a Manifestation, as is to give absolute Power according to the Resurrection Life of Christ; for that this Church must be agreeable to himself, perfected in the Beauty and Strength of Holiness: who will not own any that shall be found in any Disparity to him. Therefore her Adorning must be with Purity, Power, and Spiritual Gifts; to do and act those worthy things, which he did and acted upon the Earth, as representing the New Jerusalem State. For Spirits that are thus purely begotten, and born of God, can ascend to the Jerusalem Above, where their Head in his great Power and Majesty doth reign; and thereby receive such mission, to empower these to bring down its Glory upon this Earth, having such an Oneness with God and Christ, that will open through the Tri-Unity the Wonders of Time, that will be acted forth by certain High and Principal Instruments, dignified hereunto; and make out that their Redemption is perfectly completed. For such Invincible Powers will go forth as shall draw to them the scattered Flocks, and gather them into one Fold, out of all Nations and Languages and Kindreds; whose Worship shall consist in nothing but in pure Light, Life, and Spirit, without any degree of Mixture, whereby all outward Formalities must fly away, when God shall thus come to pitch his Tabernacle in Man: And the Ark of his Testimony will so open it self, that Dagon must fall before it. Nothing but the pure Fire and Air from the Holy Ghost, shall be the Organs through which God will speak forth his Mind; whereby all shall be taught of God, as being only filled with God: Which Word of his Speaking through them, will beget a New and Heavenly Generation, that will multiply it self over the Face of the whole Earth; and make the old hereby to vanish and sink away. This is the Bridal Church that Christ will make ready for his Appearance: and until this be accomplish’d and effected, he cannot come down in his Visible and Personal Glory, for the Solemnizing of this Eternal Marriage, which will be the Joy and Praise not only of the Earth, but also of the Heavens: which shall both be united as into One, and the Militant Church and the Triumphant be no longer twain.

47. In order to this the Angel-Messengers are gone forth to proclaim, That this Day is upon the World dawning, and that the Virgin Wisdom hath her Representatives upon the Earth that do travail in the greatness of the Godhead strength, for the bringing forth these mighty Births, that shall rule and subdue all Nations under them; that so the Kingdoms of this World may become one all-pure and powerful Kingdom, in which Christ with his Bride shall rule and reign, in the Father’s Glory and Might.

48. After this there was heard from Heaven the Sounds of a joyful Acclamation, pronouncing Endless Joys, Powers, Glory and Blessing, to such as should be counted worthy to be the First Fruits of this New Jerusalem Bride. Now what have we more to say, but that the Bride and Spirit in us do acquiesce to this gracious Invitation and Call: Even so







Further Manifestation

Concerning this Virgin

Philadelphian Church:

Given upon New-Years-Day
in this Present Year MDCXCVI.


A Second Message to the Philadelphian Society,
and a Touchstone to the Gathered Churches.

Jan. 1, 1696

1. UPON the Turn of the Year I was waiting and Praying, having such a Prayer given me that was very marvellous, whence the Virgin order’d her Angel to write it down as a Memorial; which the Great High-Priest presented with burning Incense to the Supreme Majesty, giving assurance that it should be answer’d according to all that was Pray’d for, not only upon my own account, but upon that of as many as I had made request for. And in particular, praying that the same Spring of Supplication and Prayer might open in you, and that all the Prophecies and Promises running upon the Melchizedeck Line might have their Accomplishment; it was Answer’d so it should be. For as the Father had given you to Him, that you might be One with Him, as He was with the Father, so should the same Spirit rest upon you to bring you forth Conquerors, through all Vicissitudes, and Changes that should happen in Time: and that this present Year should be the Beginning of a new Race of Life, wherefore so excited you are to run as to win the Prize that has been waited for.

2. Then Virgin Wisdom said unto her Representative, There is a Path that ye have not yet descried, nor any Vultures Eye discern’d, which I will bring you into. So taking me by the Hand, she led me into it, whereupon I requested that some of my Spiritual Offspring might also be taken to walk with her Representative. Then having a Golden Key, she open’d with it a two-leaved Gate, looking like a transparent Amber. Which being unlock’d, it appear’d to be a Path all of golden Oil: Then said she, Put off your Shoes, for this is Holy Ground: none that tread the common and broad Way of this Worldly Principle can set their Foot here. But unto you it shall be given thus to dip your Feet in Oil; where Fatness and all flourishing Life shall in you spring. It was then shewed to me, that on each side of this Walk, were Rows of Olive-Trees, and to every Tree was an Angel to guard the Way, having all Flaming Swords in their Hands, and the Olives continually dropped the same golden Oil. So we were led on till we came to a mighty Mountain, which was said to be the Top-Glory of all Mountains: and its consistency, or matter, appear’d to be of the same glorious Oily Substance. Upon this Mountain there did appear the Glorified Person of the Lord, and with him stood a Virgin Woman cloathed with the Sun, having the twelve Stars on her Head, according to the Description in the Revelations, whom he held in his Hand as his Bride. And a Voice was heard to be utter’d, This is my Spouse. Then I beheld to be generated from them a multitude of Stones of Fire; which as they came forth, were all changed into Angelical Figures, like to the Lord himself. The Majesty of the Father did at the same time as in a wonderful Globe of Glory, overshadow the Bridegroom and his Bride. Then a Voice said, Thus shall the Paradisiacal Earth be replenished with Virgin Wisdom’s Angelical Offspring, which shall be called the Church of the First-born and be named JEHOVAH SHAMMAH, The Lord of Righteousness is their Cloathing. After this Wisdom said to her Representative, and to her Followers, Ye must pass into this Mountain, and come forth tinctured with the Glance of this Deified Mountain; so shall ye become capable of the same Glorification with these. Then Wisdom’s Representative, with one known by the Name of Cyrus, that was highly favoured, and given to be as a chief Pillar of Support to this New Modelled Virgin Church that has been so long prophesied of; and with the rest, passed into the Mount, and came out tinged according to the Quality and Property of it, as new Generated Angelical Figures. Wisdom then said to her Representative, Now hast thou seen the Virgin Church, that is not only Glorious within, but also without; being clear as the Sun, fair as the Moon, and terrible as an Army with Banners. This is the Mountain of the Lord’s House, which shall be established for Glory and Magnificency over the whole Earth. At the Conclusion of which a mighty shout was heard in the Heavens, and the Angels sounded their Trumpets, rejoycing that the Marriage of the Lamb was come, and the Bride was glorified with the self same Glory as Himself.

3. And it was said unto me, Seal not up this Vision; for the time is approaching near, for its Fulfilling. But stand you, and all your Fellow-waiters, that are looking for this blessed Hour, and Glorious Appearance of this Nuptial Day, in the working Properties of the Divine Agent, the Holy Ghost, that shall not fail to compleat you according to this Prophecy, and to effect all that has been foreshewn.

January 6.

4. Upon the Opening of this Vision I found many Debates in my Mind, Querying in my self How and When such a perfect Virgin-Church should be consummated in the Earth: And so directing my Prayer to the Father, to have some Resolve in this matter; upon this I found the Spirit of Wisdom in my inward parts to open her Oracle and reveal her Counsel in this deep and weighty concern; bidding me be free, to spread before her what were my Doubts concerning the Glories which I had seen upon this Mountain, it being of such a strange and wonderful Consistence as I had never before beheld, into which Corporeal Figures were to enter in, and come forth transmuted and clarified into the same Substance. Then was it cast up in my Mind how little Appearance there was of such a State at this Time. And Liberty of Speech being granted me, I Queried with my Lord, how frequently from the beginning of the Creation Sin had reign’d even unto this time, and that though the Promise of Redemption was given immediately after the Fall, yet Sin had dominion from the First Adam unto the Second, albeit there were Holy Men, Patriarchs and Prophets, who were rais’d up before his time, who had a Prospect of all the good things of this Thorough Redemption in Christ.

5. Then did I plead, that when he came, and was manifested in Flesh, it might be expected that there should have been then a perfect Renovation and Restoration, such as had been so long Prophesied of, but that it was yet delay’d, and fail’d. And it troubled me exceeding much, as a most marvelous thing, that after all these Prophesies, and Promises, and long Expectations, he should be rejected even by that Church and People which God had most peculiarly chosen and set apart for himself, and even by those of them who were the strictest, and most Religious.

6. All this with much more I did propose to the Father of my Spirit, and to the Eternal Virgin Mother. Whereupon it was answered me, That it was of great acceptation that I had made search into this Matter, which few or none had deeply consider’d of, and which was needful to be understood; for that in it lay a great Mystery, which was to be open’d in its season and time. Then was it further said, That God did well know that so many Ages and Generations were thus to pass away, before the Perfect Redemption should be finish’d, as to the Universality. Yet it was given me to understand that Christ in all Ages was still gathering to himself some who were perfected, as the Foundation and Beginning of this Blessed Church; whom he took care of both before and after Death for their compleatment to be joined to him. Then was I bid not to sorrow as without hope, but that there would be even in this present Time a New Springing Generation, that should be as the First-Born from the Dead, and carry the Marks of Christ’s Resurrection, being redeem’d from the Earth, and from Mortality, into the Number of the Hundred and Forty Four Thousand. For so it was presaged in me by the Prophetical Spirit of JESUS.

7. Still I Queried, Lord how shall this be, since I see all, with my self, lie in weak and impotent Mortality? Then was it answer’d me, Dost thou not yet understand what the Omnipotent Creating Power can do, to bring forth a New World as in one Day? And this One Day was reveal’d to allude to the Day of Christ’s Resurrection, being the Third, or Last Day, or Day of the Spirit; according to that, I will raise them up in the Last Day, that is, in this Day of the Holy Ghost, in which greater Deeds and Acts, and Wonders must be done, than ever have been since the Foundation of the World; Christ’s Person in the Flesh being not able to effect that which it is now able to do in the Spirit, by the joint Power of Wisdom and the Eternal Father, that must move a New Mystery.

8. Then did Wisdom shew me numerous Molds of a golden Earth, whereout came forth some of all degrees and sizes, who stood up as a mighty Army. And then pointing to me, she said, Dost thou not see what a sudden Resurrection of a New-Born Church here will be? Whereupon the Kingly Shepherd did suddenly appear in the midst of this New Flock, spreading out himself as a mighty Sun of Glory upon them, making them all to shine in his Brightness; pronouncing, These are the Flocks that I will make my Companions; for that I have glorified them with the Glory, which the Father has glorified me. And so he cast a Circle as of Fire round about them for their Defense; by which they became as a City compacted within themselves; Christ the Head walking in the midst of them: and were all made Kings, Priests, and Prophets therein to reign with him, who had now endued them with all the Miraculous and Apostolical Gifts. Then he told them that having thus Established and Installed them, it was expedient that he should for a time withdraw up into the Upper Fold, but that he would have his Deputies and Representatives that should be more Principally Spirited and Empower’d for the Increase and Propagation of this Church, and the bringing them from the four Corners of the Earth; as the principal Witnesses to proclaim this New Modellized and Immortal Church. And so he blessed them, that they might go forth to increase and multiply upon the Face of the whole Earth, and fly as Lightning, and a Divine Leaven to tinge, spice and transform others after the same Likeness.

9. Hereupon seven Principal Pastors, or Witnesses were chosen out by him, to whom he gave this Authority, and command to sound forth their Trumpets over all the Earth, and publish the Everlasting Gospel, proclaiming the Acceptable Time and Year for all to be brought in, being that which was to reach not only to the Living, but also to the Dead, that were to be Born again. Their message was Peace, Love and Good Will unto all that will into this New Born Church come in. After which was shewn me, that tho’ many did attempt, yet none could pass the Fiery Circle, and enter in, but such for whom it was broken by these chief Shepherds, and these were to be all moulder’d and crumbled into pieces, that they might be cast into, and come forth from those golden Molds, in the Resurrection State. At the same time as I was viewing these Seven Angel Messengers sent forth, many did furiously resist, and make War against this City, but were repell’d by the Strength of the said Circle. But these Trumpeting Angels did gather in many, and bring them into the Circle, whom I did accordingly see cast into these Molds, and come forth figured in to the express Life and Nature of Christ; that as he was, so they might be in this present Principle. This was said to be the First Resurrection which breaketh the Bonds of Sorrow, Hell and Death.

10. Then it was moved in me to make a Query to the Virgin Wisdom, that had open’d in me all this great Mystery of the Church, Whether it were necessary for this Body to be gather’d Personally into one Place, for cohabitation together? And it was Answer’d me, That for as many as could with conveniency be so embodied together, this would be greatly advantageous, as to freedom of Fellowship, and Personal Conversation, while remaining as the present Case stood, until that Corporeity had fully put on Incorporeity, and this Church now in its Infancy had grown up to an higher Structure. For then Faith will be so strong and omnipotent, as to translate from the low Elementary Life, into the Supercelestial Element: and that as Christ put on his Body of Transfiguration, so there should be Ability to do the same as occasion should require, that admittance may be had into the Familiarity of the Supreme Head, and his Upper Fold, when a bright shining Raiment must be put on, which may be call’d the Immortal Robe. For till such a time as this Earth shall be chang’d into a Paradisiacal Nature and Property, the course of things must run after the manner of Corporeity, both as to Feeding and Cloathing. Then was it further given me to understand, that though we cannot be at the beginning in one Family or Place, yet we are to be of one Principle, one Light, one Love, and one Faith, and one in all the excellent Qualifications of Wisdom, Humility, Meekness, Fortitude, Righteousness, Temperance, and other Fruits of the Spirit, which are the Golden Chain by which we are link’d together; there being nothing to be out of the Unity and Harmony of this blessed Church.

11. Furthermore it was noted to me what was requir’d of this Congregated Society, as to their Calling and Employ, wherein they were chiefly to be Exercised all Spiritually; though as the present necessity of things requires an Allowance may be made for External and Outward Callings, which followed may be until such time that the Heir of Faith in each one may be grown up; to whom the Inheritance from a Supernatural Store doth belong. Therefore this Caution by Wisdom is given, that none do rest and stick in the low rational way of making provision for the Outward Man; as if nothing more were to be expected than what the Rational Spirit can provide for. And the resting herein, as if there were not an higher way of Living, has not only among the Worldlings, but even among the Illuminated themselves, been the main stop and hindrance, and prevented the Blessing from the Everlasting Mountains, which would otherwise have come down upon them. For the further Confirmation of this, there were some Scriptures brought to my mind; as that Prophetical Passage in the 45th Psalm, The Daughter of Tyre shall be there with a Gift, even the Rich among the People shall entreat thy Favour: That also in the Prophet Isaiah, surely the ships of Tarshish shall wait to bring thy Sons from far, their Silver and their Gold with them, unto the Name of the Lord thy God, Chap. 60.9. It is there also promised, That the Sons of Strangers would build up the Walls of Sion, bringing their Forces and Riches to her, and that their Kings should minister unto her. That Promise was likewise brought to my remembrance, Strangers shall stand and feed your Flocks, the Sons of the Alien shall be your Plowmen and your Vine-dressers: But ye shall be named the Priests of the Lord: Men shall call you the Ministers of our God: ye shall eat the Riches of the Gentiles, and in this Glory shall ye boast your selves. Now it was shewn to me, that these Prophesies do appertain to the New Modelled Church, and will have their Fulfilling according as it shall grow up from the State of Childhood to that of perfect Manhood. And in this wise will be the beginning of it, the Father should depute his Representative, and the Eternal Virgin also hers, to stand in the latter Day upon the Earth, for the bringing forth a Virgin Offspring in Corporeal Figures, that should multiply and increase to a numberless number: And that the Propagation of such shall be conceiv’d after another, and more holy manner than what the Ordinary way of Generation hath been, which is in Sinful Lust; who may be as Jeremiah and John Baptist sanctified from the very Womb; who as they grow up may be capable of an Enochs Translation.

12. Then secondly, there is another way of Begetting, no less real than the former, which is in Spirit, and of such as are to be converted to the Faith: thus are there to be Spiritual Fathers and Spiritual Mothers, which will be true Fathers and Mothers indeed, in this Church of the First born, that shall generate and bring forth Births in the Spirit, and after the Will of God. Thus the New Creation will go on, from which Root Christ’s Reign upon the Earth will spring up, and begin to be established, and the Love-Kingdom from hence will open in the Spirit of Faith, by which mighty Works shall be done, to make the Kingdoms of this World submit themselves, and bow down to this Rising-Sun of the Virgin Church.

13. Moreover it was shewn me that several Eminent Saviours and Supporters of this Church would stand upon the Mountain of Holiness; from whom such a Power and Spirit shall go forth as all Nations, People, and Languages shall fly to the Body of this Resurrection Church, as Eagles to the Carcass, to be fed and nourished thereby, and joyfully bring their Offerings of all precious things, that may be necessary to set this Infant Church free from all care, toil, and labour; paying their Tribute to this Royal Priestly House, that is of the Tribe and Family of the Great Melchizedeck King.

14. Now then Hearken and Hear all ye Islands, and give ear all ye Lands, even from the utmost parts of the Earth, from all the four Winds, and from the Ends of the Sea, ye are summon’d all, by the Great Herauld the Archangel, to come to the Brightness of Wisdom’s Star, that first ariseth in a Northern Island. This Word of Commission is gone forth by Wisdom’s Representative, to excite, invite, and stir up from all the wonderful Motives that have been mentioned; that none to whom this Message shall come, should make any Staggering or Delay: for that this is the Lord Christ’s Acceptable Day, and a thousand times blessed will those be that do this Message Obey, who shall be cloathed with the Rays of the Everlasting Sun. For the Encouragement of which there is already a good Beginning from several Persons in Germany, Switzerland, and Holland; as also at Home, that have expressed their Living Testimony, and have felt powerful Drawings to this Lifted up Standard of CHRIST in his Espoused Bride and Church: Which will be the Crown and Glory of all Nations.

15. Before this Subject be concluded, it will be necessary to answer an Obvious Question that may be made, Whether this Representative of the Church, as also of the Father’s Power, ought to be consider’d as in One person, or as in Plurality of Persons? To which it is Answer’d, that it may be both: but in the Beginning it will fix in Two, after the manner that it did in the First Adam and Eve; and so the Travailing for the Birth of this Church will be by Virgin Spirits that are joined in perfect Unity, that will labour together in the greatness of Jehovah’s strength, to bring forth the Man child, from whom shall proceed an Innumerable Host.

16. It may be here further Queried, Whether these have a present Being and Existence? I must hereupon say to you, as Christ did to John’s Disciple, Come and see. For is there not a Star Risen which those that are of a wise Heart may see, and understand the Time and Season, when this expected Kingly Birth is to be brought forth? Therefore come ye as Wise Men from the East, fly ye as Clouds, flock ye as Doves to the Windows, to the Brightness of this Arising of the Day-Star from on high.

17. Thus have you had the Description of the True, Perfect and Catholick Church, wherein Christ is risen, as the First-born from the Dead, in his Members; that is the Quickening Spirit, that will gather Persons out of all Formalities into Power, Life, and Substance; which as the little Stone cut out of the Mountain will dash to pieces the Image which is of a mixt and inconsistent Matter, and then become it self a great Mountain, yea, the Top of all Mountains, and the Fullness of the Earth, which it shall fill with its Glory. This is the Philadelphian Church which I must proclaim, and which is already in some measure begun: and though at first it has but A little Strength, and be comparatively as a grain of Mustard Seed, it shall spring up as a mighty Tree, where the Lebanon Glory under the Shadow of it will come to open, in Power and Majesty. This Lebanon Door is now opened, by him that hath the Key of David, and none shall be ever able to shut it: there shall be continual going in and out through it, to find the rich and undefiled Pasture, such as none elsewhere is to be found. Let none be offended at what the Trumpet of the pure Spirit hath sounded, but fall in, and submit themselves to the Ruling Scepter and Government of CHRIST, in this Day of his Appearance, as having already begun his Mighty Reign in Spirit. The Bride and the Spirit can never cease to cry Come: even so come Blessed Lord, according to all that thou hast here Revealed and Declared.

Amen,  Amen.


F I N I S.


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