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Morning Star - Pearly Gate Bible Lessons


Table of Contents

of the Original Book,
Part 1 published by the Shakers in 1894
Part 2 in 1900


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Chapter  1. Good and Evil, or Cause and Remedy.
Chapter  2. Concerning God.
Chapter  3. Concerning the Scriptures of Truth.
Chapter  4. Order, Office and Character of Christ.
Chapter  5. Christ the Mediator.
Chapter  6. Two Anointed Ones.
Chapter  7. Archetypal Woman.
Chapter  8. The Woman's Seed, who crush the Serpent's head.
Chapter  9. Concerning the Holy Spirit.
Chapter 10. Separation by Elevation.
Chapter 11.  Armageddon.
Chapter 12. Antitype of the Mercy Seat.
Chapter 13. Judgment, — Unveilin, — The Shechinah.
Chapter 14. Witness of Daniel Moseley.
Chapter 15. Mercy Bishop's Vision.
Chapter 16. Witness of James Whittaker.



Introduction to Chapter 1.
Chapter  1. The Virgin Life and Character.
Introduction to Chapter 2.
Chapter  2. Born Again, and Life Hereafter.
Mirror of Truth; A Vision.



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