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Revealing Prophecies received by the Shakers

From  The  Ancient  Prophets.

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Given by the inspiration of their Spirits, as testimonies of the work of God in the present Dispensation, and connected with all the preceding degrees thereof.

Containing also prophetic Warnings and Predictions of the work of God to the end of the probationary state.

Received at different times,
in the First Order of the church
at New Lebanon.

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Inspired Writer:

Calvin Green

lightning.gif (1023 bytes) The messages that are included within these Prophecies represent a series of communications that were authorized by the Most High,  then delivered via the heavenly vessels of various Ancient Prophets, unto a prepared earthly vessel, Calvin Green, who then transcribed what he was given and delivered them to the Brethren.    These revelations were brought forth during the same time period as those that were given in the The Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom at Watervliet, N.Y.,   and A Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book at New Lebanon, N. Y.    Some of the resident early Shakers were thus able to "work" both within the domain of Earth and that of a higher realm.    However, other Shaker residents were beginning to turn toward, yearn after, and compromise with the outside World.

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