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The Corrupted Modern Gospel vs. The Original Gospel of Jesus


Something has happened to the integrity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ over the centuries; it has become radically compromised since Jesus walked the earth.  The original gospel message has gradually become corrupted, diluted, polluted, tainted, and perverted; it has systematically been adulterated, contaminated, fractionated, and obfuscated; and in the most recent past, it has been alphabetized, analyzed, categorized, compartmentalized, commercialized, modernized, and digitized, and by all these actions — it has become almost paralyzed! 

The last great ministry of the Holy Spirit, which was promised to mankind by the Original Gospel of Jesus, has been stalled; it has been twisted and convoluted; it has been imitated with chaotic counterfeits, and it has been ignored by what calls herself Christianity today. 

Modern Christianity is big business; her ministries, leaders, employees, vendors, buildings, hi-tech equipment, merchandize, finances and outreach are all analyzed, managed, and reported with the tools of the World.   She looks like the World, she advertises like the World, she trades like the World, she talks like the World, she entertains like the World, and she acts like the World.  She cannot be changed, revamped, remodeled or converted, nor should we even consider trying to change her — Her End is Written. 

What about  those souls who have been raised within her, mesmerized by her charms and harlotry?  What about the flocks and generations that have been incorrectly taught, that have become dull of hearing, prideful in their works and spiritually content in their selfish lusts and pursuits?   O Lord, may they  be awakened as others have been — so that they may see the false teachers, pastors, priests, ministers, and scholars, who have built a false foundation dedicated to themselves, offering dissertations, entertainments, traditions, busywork and ear-tickling logic to lead the lambs and sheep astray, while they, themselves, boast of their interpretations of scripture, glory in their arrogance, strut in their finery, and wallow as swine in their indulgences and passions — telling others that it is acceptable so to do. 

Even those believers who are convicted, who are beginning to awaken, are deliberately diverted by telling them that no one but Jesus was perfect; that because they have answered an altar call, said the sinner’s prayer or have been a faithful church supporter/attendee, that they have already arrived, when indeed, they may not even have  begun their walk.   These leaders, who are products of the same Counterfeit Gospel, have always managed to keep themselves between the believer and God, so that the inward work promised by Christ Jesus has not been taught or expected. 

So what does the awakening believer do, surrounded on all sides by pressure to conform, pressure not to rock the boat, pressure to go with the flow?  He prays to the Most High God for light and guidance.  He withdraws from the loud, busy crowd, from the ceaseless activities, from the endless ritual, traditions and busywork, and he goes apart to be quiet before the Lord; and there he waits, in faith.

The Godhead does not sleep, nor is the world left without the still small voice speaking to those who will listen.  Over the centuries there have been those chosen vessels whose mission it was to protect and convey the truth as the Holy Spirit revealed it to them.  Their messages were not popular in their day, because the truths that were revealed went against the tide of change that was happening within Christianity as the gospel message was remolded by the pressures of the fallen world and overseen by the prince of darkness.    But these precious early writings were preserved and protected; and now, once again, they have come to light for anyone who is so led, to read and perceive the perversion that has happened to the original message of Jesus Christ.  

Some, who have been reading these Writings from the Past, have compiled a list of the noticed differences between the modern and the original gospel message, and they have contributed the material on this page with much love.  The chart below is offered in its present form to challenge our deeply rooted traditional views.  May the Holy Spirit be allowed to use it to untangle us from our confusion, to uncloud our thinking, that we may hear more clearly in these Last Days.

The Corrupted Modern Gospel Preaches & Allows

Principles of the Original Gospel


Personal Independence of all believers; SELF gets to stay in control of your actions.

Personal Dependence of all believers on the Indwelling Spirit of Truth.

Reliance on our OWN abilities, study, reasoning powers, logic and actions to bring us to cleansing and improvement, both internal and external — a do-it-yourself approach.

Reliance on the still small voice, the Comforter, the Counselor, the Holy Spirit promised by Christ, to convict, lead and guide us through the regenerating process.

Pride & Self Esteem Taught, Encouraged & Allowed. 

Humility & Self Denial Taught, Encouraged & Required. 

Our relationships with others are of primary importance to God; we must seek to build and improve those relationships.

Our relationships with others, which we allow to take priority over our relationship with God, are major obstacles between us and God.  They amount to idolatry.

The Laws of God can't be kept by men; they were Old Testament; Jesus kept and fulfilled the Law, so that we don't have to.

The Law was given to us that sin might be known; we hold ourselves and our actions up to it as a measure, that we may see and acknowledge the depth of our fallen state. 

Jesus wants to be your “personal savior”.  All you need to do is answer the “altar call”, recite a “sinner’s prayer”, and “accept the Lord” whenever YOU are ready.

No such terms appear in the scripture record of the original gospel; they are modern additions — gimmicks used to pump up the statistics of modern Churchianity.

Free salvation while in your Sins (you are told that you are “saved” but you find yourself continuing in your old ways and sins).

A Savior from Sin is freely provided to All for the asking, but each must allow the saving work to be done within.

God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.  Once you are “saved”, you can go boldly to God in prayer for all that you desire and then you may expect that he will give you the desires of your heart.

Our former life was full of sin, we had rebelled against God. Now SELF must be denied, appetites turned from, our OWN desires must yield, our OWN will must give way to the will of Christ who is now in us, to become what He intends for us to be.

Imputed Righteousness is yours without your doing anything but accepting it; all that is needed is a general acknowledgement that you are a sinner; repentance just means you are sorry for having sinned.

Each individual has personal responsibility for confession and repentance for each of his/her own life's actions, thereby making room for the Spirit of Christ to forgive and cleanse, to the progressive and ongoing perfecting of the soul.

Instant Salvation; with the repetition of a few canned words, spoken by us while being led in the “sinner’s prayer”, or by the answering of an “altar-call”,  you are completely and instantly born again into a state of perfection in God's eyes. 

We are to be gradually regenerated in an ongoing  process;  the renewed virgin mind will be overshadowed by the Holy Ghost and bring forth the birth of Christ who must grow up in us to accomplish the saving work that is required and that only He can do for us.

Wars & Violence in the physical realm are condoned and supported.

Only Spiritual Warfare is to be engaged in.

Election & Reprobation (some are to be saved; some are doomed to Hell for all eternity).

There is a divine spark in every man. The first gospel revealed the plan, by which a patient, loving God has made provision to redeem All who will, to come home through Christ Jesus.

Jesus died instead of us.

Jesus died on behalf of us.

God only spoke through the Patriarchs, Prophets, and Apostles, i.e. revelation and inspiration stopped with the Biblical Scriptures; only the Bible is left to us in this present age.

God's revelation is progressive and ongoing, as the age and condition of mankind is unfolding. Each true believer may expect to hear from God.  The immediate, ongoing, inspiration and operation of the Holy Spirit is promised, available and should be expected by all believers.

The Kingdom of God is “out there”, available only through his priests, pastors, preachers.

The Kingdom of God is to be sought within; He has made provision for each Soul to be assisted by the immediate, ongoing, inspiration and operation of the Comforter, the Counselor, the Holy Spirit in her return home to Him.

God is partial to a particular group of people.

God is NOT partial; all are invited to repent.

You are basically a good person; you have just made some bad choices. Making a decision to “accept the Lord” will take care of all that. 

We come to this world fallen from perfection;  we do not have to learn disobedience for it is part of our nature; we must first see the depth of our own sins before we know that we need a Savior.

We are saved by grace with no works required after our conversion.   It's a free gift; just come to Jesus to get saved, blessed, forgiven, healed, delivered, and prospered.  Go to church, to Bible studies, read books, listen to recorded teachings, and you will be able to clean up your life.

We are saved by grace, but then we are to come up higher — to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, in obedience, allowing Christ to do in us, what we could never do for ourselves, resigning OUR rights for His...for we are bought with a price.

If your life circumstances are a wreck, it's just because bad things sometimes happen to good people. 

We reap what we have sown; if we are operating in darkness, we must leave it and walk in the light as He is in the light. 

To occasionally fall back into your sins is OK; after all, we are only human.

To strive on to Perfection is the call; with Christ in us, the human will become a new man.

Perfection is something impossible to achieve; only Jesus was perfect, so don't bother to try; it's OK to stay as you were when you converted.  Jesus paid the price, so that when God looks at you, he sees Jesus.

“Take up your cross and follow me”, said Jesus;  only with Christ in us, can we conform to his pattern.   He came as a man to show us that it can be done and He will undertake to do it in us, as each of us allows and agrees to the process.

After conversion, you just need to find the right church, one that has good programs that fit your lifestyle.  You'll need to find a group of like-minded believers, that share your life views and there you can go to learn about God's wonderful plan for your life, to be taught and fed, and to fellowship, praise and worship on a weekly basis.   If you do that, then you're sure to go to Heaven when you die.

After conversion, you need to spend time with the Lord, to feed upon his Word by reading it yourself; you need to learn to sit at His feet, to hear His voice — not running to or waiting on others to deal with the issues that you are shown.  The ministry of the Holy Spirit is done in an individually tailored manner, just for your life, sins, and circumstances — it is to be done One-on-One, as the Spirit leads, not in a once-a-week club-meeting.

Once you have converted, that is all there is to it.  You have now graduated into the Kingdom of God.  You can be assured that you are “saved” and will be with Christ when you die.

Conversion is only the beginning. We are at that time, but babes in the nursery school of the Holy Spirit, capable only of milk which the Wisdom of God will provide to our thirsty souls.

You can still be an active part of the World; you can still be involved in worldly business and social functions; you can observe pagan rituals and holidays just as the World does.  Your focus should be to work within the World system and try to make it better.

“For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world.”  A holy Body is called for, one which is in the World but NOT of it.

Once you are “saved”, your life will be a witness to others.  Your mission is to witness to other people, in everything that you do.

You can have fellowship with anyone and everyone, no matter their fruits, no matter their lifestyle, no matter what they do, how they live, how they treat others, even if they are gossips, or busybodies under the spiritual cover of their own churches or their own self-appointed ministries.

You are not to fellowship with those who walk in darkness (that includes those at the church); you are to come out from among them, and be separate, and touch not the unclean thing.  “The unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God; be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners shall inherit the kingdom of God.”

You need to tithe from your income to the church, so as to plant a seed so that God can bring a financial harvest for you. 

All that you possess and all that is under your stewardship and all that you are belongs to God; there is no part that belongs to SELF.

The icon of the wooden Cross is exalted, worn, displayed and merchandized.

The Cross of Self Denial is to be taken up and must be followed by each believer.

After you answer the “altar call”, or say a “sinner’s prayer”,  you're assured a place in Heaven when you die; it's all been done for you by Jesus, so now that you are saved, you just need to find your ministry, get your bumper stickers, put on your Jesus jewelry, load up with tracts, practice your soul-winning pitch, and go preach to others.   

Follow the instructions and examples of Christ; draw apart to your wilderness, where the internal work can be accomplished. Follow the pattern of Christ in giving up all that you are, to be crucified, buried, and raised from the dead; then wait until you are taught and empowered from on High.  This inward work must happen before you can be a cleansed vessel worthy of the master's plan and use.

Christ's next coming will be physically “out there” for all to see.

Each true believer will first witness Christ's next coming within, that the true Bride, the true Church, may be prepared for His later visible manifestation.

Spiritual Warfare is done “out there” and can be done by all, any time they feel like it.  You need to practice rebuking the Devil and confessing scriptures to get what you desire. Any condemnation that you feel is a lie from the Devil, not a conviction of unconfessed sins.

The Warfare begins within us. The Counselor, the Spirit of Truth will show us the darkness that is there, at a rate that we can bear; we must obediently do our part against the strongholds of the Devil that Christ in us may be allowed to work according to His will.

Only a Male Godhead, supporting a patriarchal power structure in this world. 

Acknowledged a Godhead consisting of the Eternal Power and Eternal Wisdom, having both masculine and feminine attributes, That those who are truly in Christ shall be neither male nor female, but as eunuchs for the Kingdom of God.

Your state at the time of mortal death determines your eternal reward; if you are not “saved” before you die, you are damned to be separated from God for all eternity.

Purgation is offered after mortal death; continuing from the level that you have attained at the end of mortal life. Provision has been made to bring All who will, to salvation.

Sexual Activity & Fertility are expected and exalted among married believers.  Regular sex is the benefit of having a spouse, and is accepted as the call of God.    Marriage and family are highly desired among believers. Those who are unmarried are urged to find a mate through the 'singles group'.

Sexual Continence & Abstinence — the new patterns as set by the Master— are evidenced among the highest ranks of believers.  Virgins and continent believers have highest regard; married believers live as brother and sister in Christ, supporting and protecting one another from the onslaught and pressures of the carnal world.

Sexual uncleanness is accepted as necessary.  Everything that the world does behind closed doors is OK for married Christians.  Fertility is sought after, valued and applauded.   Bringing forth children in our own image is celebrated.

Sexual Purity, Self Control, Self Denial are required.  Laying down of the propagation of one's self, giving up the extension of one's own lifeline, one's own fertility... is to be our ultimate sacrifice.  Christ Jesus was our pattern in this.

A Believer's Family is his highest priority. Your children, your families, your kin, your clan, your tribe... are so important to you that you would not hesitate to kill anyone who threatens to destroy them, for in their destruction, the fruit of your loins would also perish.  

The Family of God is our highest priority; the return to God calls us to deny earthly familial allegiances, traditions, behaviors and customs for they are of the World.  We are, however, responsible for past sins with regards to others, and we must not continue in them. 

There will be no need for you to go through any tribulation in this life; you will be snatched away before Jesus comes again.

The regenerating process, as it unfolds in us, takes us through the mystical death...the crucifixion of self, which is all the tribulation that we can handle, but we are promised — only at a rate that we can bear. 


Has this corrupted modern gospel
and the counterfeit version of the church now run its course?

Has it been successful in showing any holy fruit, power, or witness to this ungodly world? 

Has it run out its allotted time and mightily grieved the Holy Spirit?  

Do you hear the still small voice saying...

Come Out of Her, My People !




A voice from the past speaks to us today...

“What now is become of the true Salvation-Church,  or where must the Man go, who would fain be a living Member of it? — He need go nowhere; because wherever he is, That which is to save him, and That which he is to be saved from, is always with him. — SELF is all the Evil that he has, and GOD is all the Goodness that he ever can have;  But SELF is always with him, and God is always with him. — Death to SELF is his only Entrance into the Church of Life, and Nothing but God can give Death to Self. — SELF is an inward Life, and God is an inward Spirit of Life; therefore nothing kills that which is to be killed in us, or quickens That which must come to Life in us, but the inward Work of God in the Soul, and the inward Work of the Soul in God. — This is that Mystic Religion, which, though it has nothing in it but that same Spirit, that same Truth, and that same Life, which always was, and always must be the Religion of all God's holy Angels, and Saints in Heaven, is by the Wisdom of this World accounted as Madness. ...”

Used with permission.



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