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Are you sure you are completely Saved?


Could    You   be   a   Counterfeit   Christian ?


A Spiritual Check-list for followers of Christ


You should NOT read this,
unless you are very serious about your Spiritual Walk
and are willing to discover hidden, unconfessed sins!


Do you gossip under the cover of sharing prayer requests?   Do you tell stories that harm other people's reputations?   Do you talk behind their backs about their real or supposed faults?  Are you a tale-bearer?

Are you partial to your own kids, your own family, your kin, your clan, your church, group, club, team, organization, denomination, religious heritage,  your party, ethnic heritage,  your country,  your  ancestry, genealogy, or your own race?

Do you sing, play or otherwise perform in front of people? Do you enjoy exalting yourself while professing to serve God?  Would you be as anxious to perform, if no one could see you, or know who you are?  Do you love standing up to give a testimony about your former life, bragging about the depth of your sins, rather than humbly and shamefacedly confessing them?

Are you a self-proclaimed Christian?  Do you acknowledge others to be Christians because they say that they are?  Do you overlook their rotten fruits?   Do you keep the commandments?  Do you fellowship with those of the world? with those who might be considered carnal Christians?  Do you walk as Jesus walked? 

Do you busybody? meddle in other's lives? give advice under the cover of ministry to others?  try to mind other people's business?   When you have a problem, do you phone your church friends for advice, instead of going first to the prayer closet?  When you are with your church friends, do you talk about the things of God, or the things of the world?   Do you confess your faults, one to another; do you pray for one another?

Are you addicted to food, drugs, sex, pornography, gambling, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, soda, sugar, chocolate, watching sports, shopping, performing, TV soaps, computer or video games, playing sports, reading romance novels, artistic pursuits, sewing crafts, television viewing, newspaper reading, anything?  Is there something that you just can't stay away from, for which your appetite is out of control?

Do you waste the resources that God has entrusted to you (or your spouse) on richly laden goods, lavish possessions, self-indulgent purchases?   Do you spoil your kids?  Are you lazy, or do you make constructive  use of the time that God has given you in this life on earth? 

Are you self indulgent; always making excuses for staying in your sins?   Do you explain quickly about why you haven't changed, about how you've been abused, about your dysfunctional spouse, your  family background, etc.? Do you really think that God accepts you just the way you are, sins and all?

Are you careless in your stewardship?  Do you take excellent care of the possessions that God has given you?  Do you keep your things in order, or is the inside of your house, garage or car a disaster area?  Does your slothfulness and unwillingness to be trustworthy in small responsibilities keep you from being blessed with larger ones? 

Do you tell white lies, fudge on tests?  Are you careful to relay the truth about a situation, or do you quickly change the presentation to make yourself look good?  Do you take credit for the work or ideas of others?   Do you do what you have to do, say what you have to say, in order to climb the ladder of success?  Do you keep your word to others?

Have you ever given credence to, or taken guidance from... astrology, good- luck charms, special medals, personal icons, superstitions, rituals, amulets, talismans, water witches, ouija boards, tarot cards, fortune cookies, figurines, statues, etc.?  Have you participated in Halloween, gone to a fortune teller, gone to a medium or psychic reader, followed your horoscope?

Are you a supporter of war, strife and killing?  Do you swear oaths, promote violence and enjoy debate and contention?  Are you quick to ‘square-off’ on any topic, anxious to be on the winning side?  Are you excited by violence on TV, in the movies, in video or computer games, on the playing field, in news coverage?

Do you believe that God will redeem some and reprobate others?  Do you pray for all those people that God puts in front of you, or do you secretly judge some as hopelessly lost and not worth the effort?

Are you proud of yourself, someone, or something? Do you have high self-esteem or would you describe yourself as humble?    Do you think of yourself as basically a good person, who has just made some wrong choices?

Do you align yourself and your actions based on the counsel of religious scholars, academics, TV evangelists, apologists, theologians, your pastor, your church friends...or do you take your guidance from the still small voice within ?  Do you do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, or because you'll get something for doing it? 

Do you bristle when you remember a wrong someone has done to you?  Do you lose your temper when something doesn't go your way? Are you jealous of the gifts or ministry of others? Do you covet another's skills, possessions, body shape, or even their spouse? Are you ungrateful for the physical state in which you find yourself?...your abilities, your health, your skin, your face, your hair type or color?

Do you look down on others in your fellowship? in your work? in your neighborhood, in your town? in  other religions? in other cultures? in other nations?

Are you trying to decide, or to find out, just what your ministry is?  rather than concentrating on the ongoing work of dying to self... taking the log out of your own eye before you can be a help to another.

Have you cheated the government? (i.e.on income taxes, unemployment insurance, welfare benefits, food stamps, social security, student loans, etc. gained by fraud?) Do you park in illegal places, such as handicapped spots, fire lanes, etc.?   Do you routinely break the speed laws while driving?  Do you run red lights and stop signs?  Do you drive with expired license tags, no insurance, no valid drivers license? 

Do you manipulate others to get your will done?   Do you routinely speak and act in ways that assure that you have your own way — to “get them to do something” that you desire?  Do you seek to influence others? their actions, their beliefs, their purchases, their spending, their physical or spiritual renovation?   Are you more interested in domination than in submission?  

Are you a good employee?  Do you do all your work as unto the Lord?  Are you thorough, careful to do the best that you can, conscientious, thoughtful of others? Are you a light in a dark place or do you join in the office gossip,  laugh at the dirty jokes, help yourself to office supplies to take home?  Do you steal your employers' time by doing personal business while at your job, by surfing the Internet, by using office resources for personal reasons?   Do you steal from your employer by hindering your co-workers  from doing their jobs — taking their time needlessly, socializing,  distracting them from doing the job they are being paid to do?

Are you thankful to God for every blessing that comes to you through your employer? ...your source of regular income? your benefits? your paid vacation? your health insurance?  Are there some jobs that you absolutely won't do?   Are you thankful for having a job at all, even if it is only part-time, realizing there are those who would gladly have the opportunity that you have?  Do you give God the credit for providing employment, realizing that no one is entitled to a job in this world?  Do you pray for your employer(s)?   your fellow workers?  Do you acknowledge God in front of others? your meals, at your work, in your home, in your conversations with co-workers?

Do you live within your means?  Are you content with what you have — the place you live, the means of transportation that you use, your clothes, your furnishings, your personal toys, etc?  Do you routinely buy things to show off to your friends, relatives and co-workers?  Do you make purchases before you can afford them?  Do you "owe no man anything" or are you a slave to debt?

Are you impatient?  Do you lose your temper easily?  Are you frustrated when you have to wait in line, when you are caught in traffic, when your plans must be changed by circumstances outside your control? Does the incompetence or inability of a person set your teeth on edge?  Do you judge them or do you pray for them?

Do you spend more time richly decorating your body to go to church than you spend preparing your heart and mind for the worship that God so richly deserves?  Do you steal attention from God by inviting the stares and admiration of others? 

Are you ambitious? Do you love status, power and things?   Do you look at things as though they are really if you have the right to use or dispose of them according to your pleasure?  Do you accumulate possessions or wealth just to leave it for your family?

Are there things or people in your life that you routinely allow to get between you and the Lord?  Are their activities, sports, charities, hobbies that you enjoy, that you would rather do, than to fellowship with God?  Do you crave the acceptance of people rather than God?

Has anything in your life become a stronghold that stands between you and your further walk with God?  Have you gotten into anything, involved yourself with anyone, become addicted to any practice or appetite that now controls your thoughts, your resources or your time? 

Have you  indulged your children? avoided raising them up in the way they should go? excused yourself and your spouse for not setting a good example for them to follow?  Are your kids an example of good behavior, a pleasure for others to be around, or are they loud, demanding, rude,  ill-mannered, and contentious?

Is your conversation sprinkled with words that give credit to the powers of darkness for the blessings of God, such as “lucky” and “fortunate”?  Do you avoid acknowledging God's help, His grace, and His patience by attributing positive occurrences and circumstances  to “Fate”, “Karma” and “Destiny”?

Do you have personal or family traditions and superstitions that you adhere to?  Do they glorify God and his Kingdom, or do they divert from Him  to the exaltation of the things of this World, to the lust of your eyes, to the lusts of your flesh, or to your pride in your own works, your family, your kingdom?

Do you observe pagan festivals under the guise of holy days even though you know their dark and pagan origins? Do you observe pagan traditions and set up their icons and idols in your home because they are part of your upbringing and church training, and because they appeal to your flesh? 

Have you come to God because you are acutely aware of your own sins, or have you come to God for what you can get out of Him...forgiveness, blessings, prosperity, healing, deliverance, salvation...?

Are you bitter about a past hurt or incident?  Is there someone or some group that you just can't stand to be around?  Is there someone that you can't forgive?  If you have forgiven someone, did you also confess the holding of unforgiveness in your heart towards them as a sin?

Do you make merchandize of the things of God?... attempting to make a financial gain from your status as a Christian?...  whether in worldly business or from sharing the Gospel?  Do you expect to be compensated for doing what God has called you to do?

Are you sexually pure and holy as the Lord Jesus Christ was, and as he has called us to be?  Are you engaged in any sexual activity prohibited under the Law, or do you fellowship with anyone who is?

Do you have lustful thoughts, commit adultery in your mind, in your fantasy?  Do you undress the object of your affection with your eyes, and imagine immoral transgressions that excite and arouse you?

Do you pay for sexual favors or do you sell them to get what you want from your spouse or someone else?   Is regular sex very important to you? Would you still stay with your spouse if there were no more sexual intercourse between you?  Could you give it up for Jesus Christ?



The Counterfeit Modern Gospel produces Counterfeit Christians who   unknowingly have received a different Jesus and a different god, than those of the Original Gospel.  The lambs have been assured by their leaders that they have “arrived” at the New Birth.  A Gospel that does not include the requirements for repentance and self-denial, is not complete; and the birth that it produces is not of God.  Those who preach and teach without including these requirements are as wolves in sheep's clothing, deceiving and distracting the lambs from their true Shepherd's Call.


One of the ministries of the Holy Spirit is to CONVICT the world of SIN... If the reading of the above causes some pain in your heart of hearts, take it as a wake-up call, from the Love of the Most High God, calling you to back away from the edge of the Dark Abyss.  If anything (or many things) in the above checklist causes an internal twinge, a feeling of guilt, know that it is not condemnation;  it is conviction... think of it as a heavenly laser-beam that just pierced through a hard covering over an area within you, where unconfessed sins have been hidden... sins that you have not faced, acknowledged, confessed and repented of.   Beloved, these need to be dealt with!  This is the part that you must do! 

The Counterfeit  Modern Gospel doesn't include the need for you to do your part, (the acknowledging, the confessing, and the repenting of all your particular past and present sins) before Jesus Christ can do His part, which is the forgiveness, and cleansing in that area.   Failure to do your part — to confess your disobedience (sin) in any area of your mind, any area of your heart, any area of your soul, any area of your spirit, any area of your body — leaves you wide open for the programmed scriptural “curses of disobedience” to influence your body and rage in your life, affecting not only your own circumstances, but those for whom you are responsible.  No other DIY {do-it-yourself} effort can initiate this process;  nothing more is needed on your part, except total surrender to the work of Christ in you that must next take place in each instance.  The more you deny SELF with all its demands, the more room there is for the new birth.

So, if your desire is to become a follower of the true gospel, you must acknowledge that you've missed the narrow way; you must allow the Holy Spirit to take you back to the drawing board, with thanksgiving for being awakened to your error.  There is still an opportunity to "redeem the time" that has been lost.



May the Comforter, the Counselor, the Spirit of Truth continue to reveal all that you have missed by following the Counterfeit Modern Gospel.  May the Wisdom of God empower you to be obedient to what you find, in a deliberate and timely manner, without distractions and side-trips, that you may proceed to the next rung on the ladder, with renewed purpose, resolve and focus.

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