Is Our Gospel the Original Gospel? NO!
What's wrong with it?
What's been removed?  What's been added?

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Is Our Gospel the Original Gospel ?


The answer is ... most definitely NO!    Our Gospel, the gospel of modern Christianity — the gospel being preached in ALL of the so-called ‘Christian’ churches today — contains only bits and pieces of the original, most of which have been redefined, twisted or corrupted.  Our Gospel is missing many of the component parts that were vital to theoriginalgospel.gif (1862 bytes)[which was systematically stripped of these most essential elements over time] and Our Gospel contains many additional manipulative 'soul-winning' inventions from another source. 

  Our Gospel is the deliberate, unfolding, ongoing plan of the prince of darkness; it hides in plain sight, under the deceptive pretense that it is the same as the originalgospel.gif (1862 bytes)Does that sound unbelievable or does it sound plausible to you?  Either way, what we have to share with you, may cause some upheaval to your current way of thinking and believing.   But test all that you read by the Holy Spirit within you.

Back in the early 1980's, there was an excellent initial treatment of this subject by Keith Green, asking the question, What's Wrong with the Gospel?   Other books and articles in the late 20th century subsequently brought up the same question because, by then, it was becoming very evident that something was very, very wrong; something wasn't working in the modern Christian church.  ‘Christians’, who were the product of Our Gospel were still in their sins, were going to counselors, were becoming alcoholics, were unfaithful to their spouses, etc., etc., etc.  The writers of these late 20th century pieces wrote them from ‘within the system’;   they were deeply involved and participating in it, with a view as might be seen by those camped at the base of a single grape-vine, in the middle of a gigantic vineyard.  But they knew something was wrong and they had the courage to publicly sound the alarm.  

So we are certainly not the first believers to have asked these questions; there have been others, both recently and over the centuries since Jesus walked the earth.  The Spirit of Truth spoke through many individuals as they were shown the errors that were creeping into the gospel message, when things started to be ignored, when things were added, when things were redefined, when new practices were called by old names.  Some of the writings of these individual servants of God have been preserved, but until the days of the Internet, they were only available to a select few, but now some of their Old Manuscripts can be found on-line.  

Twenty-first century believers, especially those who have not been a part of the modern church for a long time, have a more detached perspective of the long view backwards over time — a view as might be seen from a hermit's cave up on the side of a mountain, looking out over the vineyard, which is now over-run and choked with rambling briers.  There is a high wall around the outside of it, with an enormous maze inside, barely visible under the sharp-thorned brambles.  There is only one shiny, wide and glitzy concourse, bedecked with tempting allurements, where many lambs can be seen, being herded toward the various gates, to enter what calls herself Christianity today, where Our Gospel is preached.  From where we sit, this does not look anything like Early Christianity where theoriginalgospel.gif (1862 bytes)was preached; in fact, it looks like another ‘beast’ entirely. 

So we've been prompted to submit this report that declares the differences between the two gospels — we'll review what we have been shown so far — the missing pieces and the added pieces, the convolutions, and the substitutions, that the Wisdom of God has opened to our view, at this point in time. 

This review is accomplished with the help of words from our brethren long departed, with the help of words from several contemporary church figures, all of whom have passed on, but who tried their best to raise this issue in the 20th century.  We've used some of their published phrases, unchanged, because what they wrote is what they were given by the Spirit of Truth — what they were shown for that point in time. 

We've used a form for the layout of this document reminiscent of the earlier piece by Keith Green, using some of the same subtitles that he was given, and some new ones that we have been given.  The content, however, is from a different perspective, as you will see.   The words of Green's original piece spoke to our hearts those decades ago, helped us to see more light, and our Lord used them to confirm to us what the Spirit of Truth was also speaking to our hearts.  That same Spirit, has also been our guide in the preparation of this document, giving us direction in the perspective and the conclusions, at this point in time. 

With the help of others we are able to share this document on-line via the Internet, and we do so in obedience, with much love; our prayer is that it can be used of the Holy Spirit and Wisdom of the Most High God, to awaken more of us from slumber, to clarify our thinking, and to set us free. 


So ...



Our Gospel ?



Our Gospel
Is Me-Centered Instead of Christ-Centered.

Since the time that Jesus walked the earth, the prince of darkness has had a covert plan to weaken, change, undermine, and replace theOriginal Gospelwith something which would be assumed to be the original, something which used similar terms, but which was rooted elsewhere — deep in his kingdom of darkness.  This plan was implemented very slowly over time, a tiny bit at a time, so that no one would really take much notice as the generations rolled by.   By the clandestine execution of this plan, theOriginal Gospelhas been systematically deprived of its major components, robbed of its purpose, and modified according to the plan of the dark prince, who saw the handwriting on the wall, when Jesus Christ rose from the dead.  

TheOriginal Gospelcenters on the work of Christ Jesus, and the fact that Christ came to redeem each of us, from our sins, and from our fallen state.  It promises us the hope of becoming what we were designed by God to be, by dying to ourselves, by confessing our sins, and by agreeing to be made-over by the Spirit of Christ from the inside out, in mind, heart, soul, spirit, and body.

That message of theOriginal Gospelhas been superceded by the message that is preached today by all the leaders touting Our Gospel — a message that is very me-centered, because it appeals to the SELF that we choose to be; and it allows SELF to seemingly stay in control.  It promises that we can improve ourSELVES, feel good about ourSELVES, love ourSELVES, enjoy ourSELVES, get for ourSELVES all that we ever wanted, without ever being required to look at our own fallen nature, at the sins we have committed or at the sins that we were born into.  It tells us that we are basically good people who have just made wrong choices — instead of fallen, degenerated beings, whose divine spark has been buried under the reign of the serpentine, beastial nature that we inherited from our earthly parents.   

So the two gospels are opposite in their central focus and message.  The original called for death to SELF;  the modern allows SELF to stay alive and well, and to think it can call the shots.


Our Gospel
Is Shallow, Cheap, and Offered as a “Bargain.”

The fact is ... ourgospel.gif (1526 bytes) presents a counterfeit Jesus that has reduced the good news to an easy ride, an instant new birth, a band-aid fix over an infected, draining sore in the soul of man.  People are serviced, entertained, and offered rewards for making a ‘decision’ to join the Christian club, assured of their free ride into the Kingdom of God, assured that they'll be with this Jesus when they die, without ever facing their own individual sins, without mention of what it will cost them.  All the tough requirements aren't mentioned by the preachers of Our Gospel, because people might become uncomfortable and hesitate to come forward at the ‘altar call’.

Our modern Christian leaders are so eager to see those people coming down the aisles, so eager to count how many of them ‘got saved’ at their last conference, revival meeting, crusade, concert,  or church service; so eager to publish their own statistics, and so eager to gain coveted recognition for themSELVES, that they'll use whatever high-pressure sales-tactics it takes.  Getting ahead of God and meddling with His timing for bringing a lost soul home to Him, is a dangerous thing to do; but that hasn't stopped our modern evangelists and Bible teachers.  What will be the eternal rewards of these leaders for all their unrepentant and manipulative efforts during their time on earth?

And modern Christian leaders don't stop there; the merchandizing that goes on in most modern ministries is down-right disgusting ... the leaders who preach Our Gospel hustle deals, run promotions and peddle their wares just like the world — in specialty stores, on TV, over the radio and through the Internet.   Today we have seen the diluted teachings of Our Gospel being mass-marketed via teaching tapes, CD's, DVD's and books; and then, to add to the revenue-generating possibilities, their ‘line of merchandize’ is expanded to include spiritually embellished doodads, bric-a-brack, T-shirts, knickknacks, toys, blankets, wall-hangings, stationary, icons, ornaments, graven figurines, jewelry, accessories, relics, etc., etc., etc. ... all these things being sold for gain!  

And worst of all ... is the routine appearance of all this ‘stuff’... set up on tables at the back of the church, the auditorium, the convention center, the meeting hall, the revival tent — where the sheep (and the goats) can go to shop during the break, where they can be herded down the aisles and past those tables manned by ministry moneychangers, where they can plunk down their money and get their change, or better yet, where they can charge the merchandize to their credit cards and go deeper into debt!   Jesus of theOriginal Gospelwould have walked up to those tables, whip in hand, dumped the whole lot of them and chased the moneychangers from the place!   But the resident Jesus of Our Gospel stands by, smiling in silent approval. 

The leaders of Our Gospel also promote themSELVES and their own ministries, proud of their accomplishments and intellectual prowess, concocting money-making schemes to tickle their fleshly lusts.   When did you ever run across a scripture-account of a few apostles organizing a cruise for potential followers?  We don't think so.  How about a preacher offering to do a promotional stunt if only there was a sufficient financial reward?  These and other mercenary antics make the devil proud of his agents.  Most of them bask in the mistaken belief that they are servants of god, and they are — just not the one preached in the time of theOriginal Gospel.   Do you see the contrast here to what happened during the time of Jesus Christ when all things were held in common and the good news was freely shared without money and without price?  So here are examples that the Jesus portrayed by Our Gospel does not have the same attributes and requirements as the Jesus of the Original Gospel

Most of these men and women, who act as leaders today, were taught what they know in a worldly organization, using worldly methods ... without realizing ... that they were being taught by the prince of this world and his more experienced agents.  These leaders consider themselves to be Bible teachers/scholars and are proud of it.  They mostly view their line of work as a career choice, a way to make a living and a way to have the respect of many.    They use worldly tools to manage their ministries, and they are paid a salary.  Many may consider that they have a calling on their lives, but the question is, from whom?    They are beholding to the hand that feeds them; they are paid agents who must tend to the bottom line, just like any other business.  Examine whose name is exalted in the presentation of their ministry (business), on their letterhead, on their website — is it Jesus Christ's, or does their own name appear predominantly to the world?    They are just posturing for position among their peers ... just as any actor, paid agent, or sales representative would do ... their SELF-seeking and lack of humility are tip-offs as to their true source.


Our Gospel
Produces Converts that are Selfish,
Feelings-Oriented, and Looking for Blessings

The ‘me-first’ focus of Our Gospel appeals to the selfish and it produces so-called ‘converts’ who have come to God or Jesus for what they can get out of Him.  They have come to get saved, get forgiven, get healed, get delivered, get prospered, get access to that promised ‘wonderful plan for their lives’... all of which are completely selfish motivations. 

The new ‘convert’ of Our Gospel likes to feel good about himself, his own family, his own beliefs, his own works, and especially he likes the feeling of being spiritual.  He may hop from church to church looking for those fuzzy feelings, and when he finds one that has a ‘mutual admiration society’ ... full of people who are just like himself, people who gloss over any conviction of the sins [that they all have in common] in favor of sentimental feelings ... then he may just settle in for the long haul.  He does not seek the face of God, but rather the hand — for the handout of the day. 

This type of ‘Christian’ is really only after the rewards; he desires all the privileges of the Kingdom with none of the responsibilities.  He wants all the outward perks without doing any of the inward works!  The god and the Jesus of Our Gospel are very accommodating along those lines.  Their roles have been customized to fit each particular church division, denomination, fellowship, diocese, home church and congregation — and the parts of all the major players have been filled from the lowerarchy of the dark prince ... dark powers disguised as “angels of light”.  

But theOriginal Gospelrequires that each convert ‘fess up to’ and take responsibility for his own sins.    By comparing the way he has lived his life to the requirements of the Most High God, a sinner can see that he has separated himself from God by his own choices and he can see that he is reaping what he has sown.  In fact, God’s real plan for any unrepentant sinner is, that if he continues in his own stubborn disobedience, he will stay separated from God’s presence for the rest of his life and beyond.  But for the sinner that knows what he is, and what a mess he has made of his life, that sinner will have no hesitation about giving his wretched, screwed-up life, including mind, heart, spirit, soul and body, to be redeemed by Christ Jesus from the yoke of his own sins. 

So the converts from the two gospels are very different from each other ... and again, the God and  Jesus of the original, and the god and Jesus of the modern are exact opposites regarding what they require of those converts.


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Now let's take a hard look at some of the major component parts of the Original Gospel that have been systematically REMOVED from most of today's preaching.  Then we'll go over what's been ADDED,  and how these additions have become so much a part of contemporary preaching as to have become the very essence of Our Gospel.

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So... What has been REMOVED

from the

Original Gospel ?

The Cross of Jesus

Jesus Christ said, “If any man will come after Me, let him deny himSELF, take up his cross and follow Me”.   Jesus willingly went through a physical death, that he did not deserve, on our behalf, and we must follow him willingly in the mystical inward death.  The cross that we must bear, will bring us to the end of what we are in the natural; the old life of SELF must die, so that a new life in Christ can be born.  But the leaders of  Our Gospel present a relatively painless process, giving the impression that once a person accepts (their) Jesus as his ‘personal savior’, his life will forever more be filled with bliss and blessings.   No mention is made of the necessity to follow the pattern that was set for us by Jesus Christ — to take up our cross daily, to deny our SELF, to control our SELF, and to yield our will to God's will, as the requirements for salvation — those requirements were in the Original Gospel and they are still there! 

So, with the true cross of Jesus Christ removed, what has taken its place in Our Gospel?  The prince of darkness has substituted the visible image of the crucifixion-cross for the true cross; this tangible cross can be found in various forms in all modern Christian churches, and this has been redefined as the cross of Jesus.  Whether or not Jesus is still shown on that cross, it is still an image (produced by the hands of humans, i.e. carved, sculpted, molded...graven) that exalts a victorious point in time when the dark prince thought he had taken out the challenger to his dominion over mankind.  In the spirit realm, this substitute cross is an ongoing reminder, a memorial to the mechanism that his agents used to remove Christ Jesus in human form from the earth.  It is an image that he can flaunt before the Most High as long as it continues to be habitually exalted and bowed down to by modern Christianity.    In every case, this image of a cross is displayed and promoted as a substitution for the true cross of SELF denial.    It is an iconic cross that has been turned into merchandize, and sold over the centuries ... to be displayed and worn.  The appearance of this substituted cross, in some form or other, in every modern Christian church represents a satanic victory because all ‘Christians’ who revere it, who bow down before it, who wear it, who display it ... have been caused to enter into idolatry against the living God, and continuing in that idolatry puts them automatically under the curses for idolatry. 

And then, there is yet another meaning to the exhibition of this iconic cross to be considered and recognized ... this substitute image of a cross has joined the ranks of the other phallic symbols in this world, where it is now displayed as a tribute to the serpentine fertility of the fallen human race.  Crosses may be found on the tops of modern Christian churches, their cathedrals, their buildings, emblazoned on their flags, their crests, their shields, and their much a phallic symbol as the obelisk, the minaret and the spire — all penile extensions, exhibited and exalted, in some form or other, by every other pagan fertility-based religion in the world ... a proprietary territorial marker pointing in defiance to heaven, laying claim to all who pay it homage, exalting the reduction of man's original perfect state to that of a beastial degenerated creature, a creature that is still listening to and serving the serpent which cunningly deceived Adam and Eve in the garden.


The Blood of Jesus

The importance of the shed blood of Christ Jesus is mostly missing from the preaching of Our Gospel; the word, ‘blood’, might be contained within song-lyrics and in the popular phrases used when we play church, but the modern gospel doesn't dwell on it.  That most precious blood had to be, by law, from an undefiled, unblemished first-born male...and from Jesus of Nazareth, it literally was.   In addition, the blood of Jesus was not only innocent, virgin blood, but it was unique in that it was not contaminated by the serpentine sperm of a human father; it was blood that was prepared by God as the ultimate pure sacrifice, to satisfy His Old Testament requirements and to bring to Christ Jesus the irrevocable right to redeem any man or woman who came to him, to remit his sins, to infuse and cleanse him with His purifying blood, and to prepare him to be a vessel worthy of  his Master's use.  Christ Jesus took our place physically in the death that we all deserve, and He has promised to be with us through the mystical inward death that each of us must experience — He has promised to regenerate that which was degenerated.  

The whole picture of the blood sacrifice of the Old Testament, the Passover lamb and its analogy to the death of Jesus are mostly not mentioned by the leaders of Our Gospel ; they are kept much too busy, and the dark imposters, masquerading as the bloodless Jesus and the god of the modern gospel don't want us to think about that blood, because it is death to their kingdom.  So theOriginal Gospelincludes the necessity of the ongoing efficacy of the blood of Jesus Christ and Our Gospel does not...another example of an exact opposite.


The Guilt of Sinners

  Our Gospel has removed reference to the fact that anyone who would come to God must be aware that he is guilty of sinning against God.   Specifically he must come to know and admit that he is guilty of having robbed and dishonored the living God, by living outside of the Laws of God — that he is an outlaw, choosing by his own free will to be disobedient to those Laws — choosing to live life his own way, by his own rules.   Anyone who does so is guilty of disobedience to God. They are, by definition, ‘sinners’.  They have chosen darkness over light; they have aligned themselves with (and become agent hosts for) the powers of darkness; and they have chosen to live in the kingdom of darkness, where the devil and his minions have their authority.  In this hellish realm, this living hell, which does not end for them at physical death, they will continue to reap the reward of their own choices, a reward that consists of the prescribed results of disobedience, which were revealed through Moses and set before mankind by a loving God so long ago.  Sinners have no right to look at themselves in any other way.  We were warned in the beginning; blessings and curses were set before us, and we were exhorted to choose wisely.


The Law of God Preached to Convict One of Sin

Our Lord, Christ Jesus, came to seek and save the lost, but the lost must know that they are lost, and the lost must seek to be saved!  An outright sinner, who is irreligious, flagrantly obscene, and openly walking in disobedience can easily understand his depravity, but it is much more difficult for a person with good manners, trained in civility, raised in a ‘Christian home’, full of self-righteousness and steeped in religious achievement.  The Original Gospelteaches that no matter what our background, all of us are sinners. 

The easiest way to convince someone of their sinful state is to require them to hold up their life and their actions to the Law of God; that means ‘preaching about the Law’.  The Law is a yardstick by which we can measure our thoughts, our actions, and our motivations. The Holy Spirit can use it to convict us of what separates us from God, and convince us that we have unconfessed sin to be dealt with.  The reason that the Law was given was so that sin might be known.  Our Gospel has removed the importance of the Law of God by relegating it to a place in history and no longer of concern, except to those who are ‘legalistic’. 


The Fear of God and the Judgment Seat of Christ

In the time of theOriginal Gospelthe Most High God was much revered and  respected; the fear of Him was the beginning of Wisdom; it was a fearful thing to fall into His hands; disobedience to His Law placed a person outside of His Love, and into the dominion of His Wrath — into the dominion of ‘tough love’ where discipline and chastisement were provided by the fearful mechanism that was set in place with the revelation through Moses of the curses of disobedience — where the devil and his lowerarchy have authority to take their prescribed, ‘free shots’ at any disobedient person. 

The certainty of each person being judged for the deeds they had done in the flesh at the Judgment Seat of Christ, was also well taught and understood under theOriginal Gospel.   But the god that is presented in our modern gospel is very easy-going, loves you just the way you are, sins and all, and he can't wait to bless you.   And the Jesus of today’s churches just wants to be your servant, promises you a clean slate from your sins, if you'll just make your decision to become a ‘Christian’.  

So here is another example that the god and Jesus portrayed by Our Gospel do not have the same attributes and requirements as the Most High God and Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, as preached in theOriginal Gospel.  

The god that is presented and taught by Our Gospel is not the true God, but one that has been drastically changed  — a different god; and if he's not the true God, then he is a false god; and the plan that this false god has for your life, is to keep you in subjection to the darkness that is in you, which will keep you yoked in bondage to your sins and to him; he doesn't want you to make the connection that you are reaping what you have sown, what you have inherited and what you have allowed to be sown in you; he doesn't want you to know that there is a way out from under his dominion, his servitude, his control. 


Repentance as Necessary for Forgiveness

TheOriginal Gospelrequires that each man admit and confess his own individual sins and disobedience to God, then turn and repent of them, before he can be forgiven and cleansed from those sins.  There is a specific order, and specific components to that order, and repentance is smack in the middle of it.  Repentance is not just wishful thinking, not merely a change of heart, not just a change of attitude or a change of mind.  Repentance in any person must be an earnest desire, a full-blown commitment to leave, to turn from, to not participate any longer in... an area of sin that he is bound to.  Once an area of sin in him, is openly exposed, acknowledged and confessed to God, this whole-hearted, strong commitment to, this resignation to, and this agreement with God, allows the Holy Spirit within him to apply the forgiveness of Christ to those sins, and to do all the internal cleansing work necessary, to the end result that he literally walks in repentance in that area.   So true repentance should manifest in outward action. There is no true forgiveness without repentance; there is no true conversion without repentance; and there is no true salvation without repentance.

In the preaching of Our Gospel, repentance is rarely mentioned.  For the potential ‘convert’, only a vague mental acknowledgement that he has sinned, is required ... and that he is sorry for having sinned, and this is the (redefined) meaning of repentance in the modern Christian churches.  How very different the two gospels are, regarding the requirement for repentance and what it means. 


The Call to Self Denial, Purity and Holiness

The Jesus of Original Gospelcalled us to, and set an example of ... SELF denial, SELF control, sexual purity and holiness; of His own free will, He gave up (died to) all His human rights (especially his right to procreate) that He might be the first pure human vessel in which there was no trace of the sin nature, where the Holy Ghost could take up permanent residence, and usher in the return of the Kingdom of God once again to the earth.  The New Testament contains many Scriptures that teach of His call for us to come and follow His example, as well as His promise to be with each of us through the entire process.  This was not an optional walk; it was, and still is the requirement!

But the ‘COME AS YOU ARE — FOR ALL YOU CAN GET’ appeal of Our Gospel and the leaders that tell you about the counterfeit Jesus whom they serve, never mention this requirement for SELF denial.  If you just accept their Jesus, they say you'll be seen as pure and holy by the new god of Our Gospel;  it happens instantly at the time you say the ‘sinner's prayer’ when you answer the ‘altar call’ and make your ‘decision’ to ‘accept the lord’ as your ‘personal savior’. 

The requirements of theOriginal Gospelcall for SELF to be denied; the requirements of Our Gospel allow SELF to thrive, stay in control, be exalted and have high esteem — again exact opposites


The Lordship of Jesus

Through His life, death and resurrection, Jesus, of theOriginal Gospelwas declared by God to be both Lord and Christ;  He was invested by the Father with absolute Lordship over the church which is His body.  All authority is now His, in heaven and in earth; He requires that we walk in humble obedience to His commands.  With Him truly in us, we manifest a changed life, no longer walking in the proud vanity of the world, but instead, walking in humble resignation to the work that must be done in us, and the works that He would have us to do.

The Jesus of Our Gospel, however, is only promoted and presented as a servant in the modern ‘me-centered’ church.  We are invited to turn to him when we want anything, when we're in trouble, when we've tried everything else, when we can’t get the result we want any other way.  He's okay with just being given some lip-service once in a while, and he's okay with our continuing to do our own thing the rest of the time.  But this Jesus of the modern church is rarely viewed as Lord; he is usually not consulted when it comes to dealing with church issues.  

What church board consults our Lord’s words to decide matters under discussion?  What Sunday (or Sabbath) school committee goes to the Word for directions?   Who can remember an instance when a church committee chairman brought his Bible to the table with him, for the purpose of using it?  What foreign mission board actually seeks to follow the guidance of the Lord as provided by His Word and His Spirit?  If there happens to be any pre-meeting prayer in the modern church, it is just to ask for divine help to carry out their pre-decided agendas; they do not ask what the agenda should be.

In the conduct of our public worship, where is the authority of Jesus Christ of theOriginal Gospelto be found?   Modern pulpits are the platforms where the agents for the Jesus of Our Gospel, can perform on a regular basis, where they can read a bit of scripture out of context, and then proceed to put their intellectual spin on it for the remainder of the time devoted to preaching.  Any potential movement of the Holy Spirit is squelched by pre-planned, scripted, and often pre-printed programs, laying out just what's going to happen in the ‘service’.  We even have scheduled ‘prayer lines’ — queues where people can go with their wish lists, where they can wait in line to place an order to this servant Jesus of the modern churches! 

What modern Christian, when faced with a moral problem goes straight to the Sermon on the Mount or other New Testament Scripture for the authoritative answer?  Who allows the words of Jesus Christ to be final, in matters of obedience?  Modern ‘Christians’ would rather follow the liberal scriptural interpretations of their scholarly leaders, who know so well how to excuse disobedience, comfort carnality and make the words of Scripture to be of no effect!   The fact that Jesus Christ of theOriginal Gospelhas absolute and final authority over the whole church, and over all of its members in every detail of their lives, is simply not preached. 

So each faux {imitation} Jesus of Our Gospel allows us to do our own thing and to think we are in control — and he is a counterfeit of the true Jesus, who requires that we be in total resignation, obedience and submission! — exact opposites again.


The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

In the time of theOriginal Gospelthe thrust of the message was... that ALL sinners had a  hope of salvation; and it was preached and understood that the promise of Christ Jesus was to ALL who came to Him for redemption and that the promise and provision of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the Counselor, the Spirit of Truth ... was available to ALL, without the need of another human being between the sinner and the true shepherd, Jesus Christ.  That message is still true for today.    

But now in the time of Our Gospel, with all the modifications that have happened to the original, we now are firmly fixed in a state where there is always somebody between the sinner and the true shepherd, Jesus Christ.  The most blatant early examples installed their glittering priests in the middle.  Then came the ministers, the preachers, the pastors, the scholarly leaders, the media evangelists...all building a flock for themselves, — a flock dependent on these middle-men to teach them, to lead them, to comfort them, to guide them and to counsel them — a flock willing to pay tribute to their leaders with financial support, admiration, and adoration.  These middlemen have usurped the ministry of the Holy Spirit promised by Jesus Christ.

According to the Original Gospelonly the Holy Spirit is to teach us, to help us, to nurture us, to comfort us, to lead us, to guide us, to convict us, to counsel us, to show us the truth about ourselves ... as the Scripture promises, the anointing which you received from Him abides in you, and you have no need that any one should teach you; as His anointing teaches you about everything, and is true.

 Our Gospel is also silent about this internal work that only can be done by the Holy Spirit ... it would not be a good plan to let the ‘Christians’ know that they are not hearing all the truth about the Holy Spirit.  So the selfish flock just hears a lot about the ‘gifts’ of the Holy Spirit ... and gifts always appeal to SELF

What happened to the original ministry of the Holy Spirit?  It has been replaced by this counterfeit ministry of sin-filled humans ... proud humans, who have set themselves up as the ones to whom the sheep must run, who have become their idols.  These false leaders, whether they know it or not, are agents for the same dark prince who would ... “be like the Most High”. 


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As vital parts of theOriginal Gospelwere removed or replaced, there was a systematic, methodical installation of the planned new features, designed to make-over the original into what the prince of darkness could fully utilize, to divert mankind from ever learning the real plan of God for humanity.  So the modern leaders of Our Gospel, under the influence of the master of lies and misinformation, came up with some inventive additions to what Jesus Christ and His Apostles originally preached. 

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Then ... What has been ADDED

to the

Original Gospel


A different Jesus — a ‘Personal Savior’.

We have already shown above that Our Gospel allows SELF to seemingly stay in control, and so in keeping with this focus, the new Jesus that Our Gospel offers, is called a ‘personal savior’, one who will serve that SELF, one who will be under the personal control and ownership of SELF — in the same possessive and selfish mind-set as one would have a personal assistant, a personal trainer, or a personal computer. 

And to get your own ‘personal savior’, all one has to do is mentally assent that once upon a time there was such a person as Jesus Christ who died on a cross for sinners. etc. ... and this acknowledgment has been redefined as ‘belief’ in Jesus Christ.


The Term and Concept of ‘Accepting the Lord’.

This term, which is not to be found in Scripture, also appeals to SELF, in that it implies that control is still in the hands of SELF, to choose the timing and the desired choices from the menu of free goodies that Our Gospel offers to anyone that will make a ‘decision’ to join the ‘Christian’ club. 

Jesus Christ of theOriginal Gospelmakes no offers to a disobedient rebel who is steeped in his sins, who has no plans to leave his fleshly lusts, who wants all the assurances of salvation while continuing to live in disobedience;  but the counterfeit Jesus of Our Gospel has no problem offering these things to anyone who will just ‘accept’ him.


A different God — one who plays Favorites.

This convolution of the good news — making it only available to some, while others are relegated to the domain of the dark prince forever — was first set in place to give his human agents, who stood between god and the sinner, a mechanism to extort money from the families of those who had died, ‘unsaved’.  From then on it has been used to coerce people into acts that they were not otherwise inclined to, and now it is being used to intimidate potential converts into accepting the message of Our Gospel.   

This whole idea of a vindictive god, who is partial to some, who loves only some, who offers salvation only to some ... this idea is horribly wrong and so destructive.  But the devil loves it, because he is exalted by this idea; he is perceived as the victor, purportedly receiving all those reprobated souls into his kingdom of darkness, and because the precious work accomplished by Jesus Christ of theOriginal Gospelis seemingly made a failure — as though the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is not sufficient for the salvation of ALL.   This twisted concept contradicts plain statements of Scripture, and the teachings of the Early Church. 

Not only that, but this convoluted idea, carried to its planned conclusion, puts all the evil in the world on the doorstep of the Most High, instead of being the invited result of the disobedience of the first man and all his posterity through their continued yielding to the deception of the serpentine prince. 

The god of Our Gospel then, has no problem with his ‘Christian’ children being partial to their own SELF interests, engrossing their riches and honors for their own posterity, playing favorites, being divisive, going to war, imposing their ideas by force, or getting their own way...they're just ‘chips off the old block’.   The propagation of SELF, i.e. the exaltation of our own fertility, perpetuates all these diabolical attributes, as it is the foundation of partiality in all its various and subtle forms.  The god of Our Gospel is a god who supports partiality; the Most High God of theOriginal Gospeldoes NOT ... again exact opposites.


The ‘Altar Call’.

We're taking aim here at the present form of this crowd-manipulation technique which has become a standard part of many evangelical meetings or presentations.   There are no examples of this type of theatrical mechanism recorded in the Scripture.   The individual versions of the ‘altar call’ used by zealous leaders, can (and often do) contain language that smacks of coercion, intimidation, blackmail and extortion in their attempt to manipulate people to 'walk the aisle'.  If you are offended by this statement, then perhaps we have touched on a tradition that you hold very dear.


The ‘Sinner's Prayer’.

This is the culmination of the message presented by the puppet leaders of Our Gospel.  When they have preached all about the blessings to be gotten, the guarantee of heaven, and the rewards of ‘accepting the Lord’ as ‘personal savior’, then they run the ‘altar call’ pitch, or another form of  'invitation', which pressures people to come forward, to be led in a ‘sinners prayer’, which is to be their ticket into the ‘Christian’ club, with all its promised fellowship, and its menu of membership benefits. 

There are many variations of the ‘sinner's prayer’, but they all are very similar; each leader usually has his own version.   The problem is ... that any ‘canned’ prayer does not contain the words of the sinner, but of someone else.  This declaration is not a magic spell to be recited so that we can get something out of God!  These words should reflect the state of the mind and heart of the one saying them. 

But even though this substitute prayer from the lowerarchy, was designed to divert the convert from true salvation into bondage, there is a ramification of that ‘canned’ prayer that the dark powers cannot control.  Since every word that a human says, is binding in the realm of the spirit, the one who is led to parrot this ‘canned’ prayer, does agree to set in motion the work of the Holy Spirit, whether or not that person has any true knowledge of what it means. 

And because of this back-door entry into what they assume to be God's Kingdom, many so-called Christians of this age are still struggling under ‘condemnation’, the enormous burden of their own unconfessed sins.  These unconfessed sins continue, in turn, to invite upon them more of the curses of disobedience to the Law, which disobedience to the Law (their sins), should have been individually confessed in their ‘sinners prayer’, at least to the extent of their awareness at the time that they said it.  So around and around they go, not making any progress, one step forward and two steps back, effectively stalling their growth, and hardening their hearts. They are surrounded by others like themselves — all of them thinking they have already arrived at their destination, when they have not yet even begun the journey! 

The prayers of truly awakened sinners, who are totally convicted of their sinful, disobedient and depraved lives, will come naturally.  Their prayer will not be just a few sentences; it will not be some nebulous generalization of their sinful state, but it will, instead, bring to light each individual's sinful thoughts, sinful acts against God, against others or against themselves, sinful associations, sinful relationships and sinful motivations, as they are brought to mind, acknowledged and confessed to God with the help of the Holy Spirit.  And their prayers may go on and on ... and off and on, as the Spirit leads. 

There will be confessions not only to God, but to those against whom they have sinned, restitutions to be made, forgiveness to be sought from those they have wronged,  responsibilities to be assumed, unforgiveness to be admitted, practices to be renounced, allegiances to be rejected, and whatever else the Holy Spirit directs.  This is not an instant accomplishment; it is an ongoing, unfolding, continual process;  it takes place at the rate that we agree to and allow, and at a rate that we can bear ... and it requires our ongoing cooperation with the Spirit of Truth, who tailors it for each individual.

But it seems that each resident Jesus of Our Gospel has substituted a short-cut into the sheepfold,  through the recitation of this ‘sinner's prayer’ from a prepared script!   Nothing like this is found in the Early Church.  It is an invented tool designed to manipulate and control the actions of others and to divert humans onto a dead-end road that does not lead to eternal life.   If you have been involved in the use of this fraudulent practice, do you realize your own accountability before the Most High God? 

TheOriginal Gospelrequires that each man admit and confess his own individual sins and his disobedience to God, and it brings the good news that the Kingdom of God has come again to the earth, not only globally but locally — within.  That good news is for anyone who will follow the call and example of Christ — that His Kingdom will gradually overcome the personal darkness that each of us carries from birth.   The substitution of the canned ‘sinner's prayer’ is a ploy from the prince of darkness designed to keep people in their sins and under his control.


Deliberate Spiritual Abortions.

People who are victims of the counterfeit scam being peddled as Our Gospel, get the idea very quickly that they are completely ‘saved’ Christians, that they have a sure ticket to Heaven, no matter what they could ever do.   And when the things they were promised don't come to pass, when they don't see changes, when they are still in the same mess as before, then they are encouraged to work harder, buy some more books, attend some classes, increase their financial offerings ... or whatever else is currently being offered as the ‘fix du jour’ by the zealous peddlers of  Our Gospel ... to keep the ‘converts’ confused, keep them busy in OWN-doing, keep them striving to do for themselves what only the Spirit of Christ could possibly do in them.  And when they still fail, many give up, bitter and disillusioned, returning once again to the life they were leading before they ‘got saved’.

When the added gimmicks of Our Gospel are used to bring pressure on someone prematurely to get a ‘decision’, then those people who applied the pressure, are made guilty of getting ahead of God, tragically interfering with His timing and the work of the Holy Spirit.  And they, themselves, are responsible for meddling in the Father's drawing of that soul to the Son and His cross! 

The Jesus of the Original Gospel revealed that "No man can come to me except the Father which hath sent me, draw him"; and  " I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me".  Oh, it should give us pause to think of that awesome day, when God will judge those unrepentant leaders who have aborted the potential new birth in so many precious souls.  Do you understand your own accountability for having taken part in this?


Abominable  Practices.

The abominations of forbidden rituals, unclean practices, unholy institutions and the merchandizing of the things of God are now recognized and condoned by Our Gospel.  Covert pagan symbols and images, rooted in the kingdom of darkness, can be found incorporated into the modern system of Christianity.  Church members often unknowingly dabble in occult practices, inside and outside of church, because the prohibition to do so is no longer preached.  Satan is alive and well in the modern Christian church;  he provides a made-to-order Jesus, and a customized god for each congregation.  These imposters fill all the needs of  ‘Christians’ of every sexual orientation, and provide a place where all of them will be quite comfortable in their sins.  All they need to do is shop around to find the church that fits their lifestyle, that has like-minded people, who understand what they are going through.

In order to draw new members, to add to the body count, to add treasure to the coffers, and to add property to the churches, pagan practices have also been adopted — their names, traditions and icons have been changed and their practitioners have been made to feel welcome.  Pagan festivals are now routinely celebrated, under the guise of holy days, by counterfeit Christianity.  Pagan traditions are adhered to by the modern Christian church and by ‘Christians’, even though many know of their dark and idolatrous origins.   ‘Christians’ set up icons, pagan symbols and idols in their sanctuaries and in their homes, because of their upbringing and church training, and because these traditions appeal so much to their unrepentant flesh.  So ‘Christians’ end up teaching young children the same practices, and so the abominations continue, multiply and magnify as time passes.

The god of Our Gospel, is a god that tolerates what the scriptures called abominations, mixtures, uncleanness, and idolatry, but the God of theOriginal Gospeldemands purity, holiness and singular worship of the Godhead — again exact opposites.


The Corruption of the Written Word of God.

What better plan could have been devised to confuse us, to divide us, to keep us ignorant of the precious preserved written words from the Most High God, than what has been systematically going on ... the corruption of the Scriptures themselves, and then making merchandise of the modified modern versions!   There are so many versions of the Bible in use today, that the basic message is not even recognizable ... let alone can one Christian share with another, nor can one Christian exhort or edify another with the written Word, because the wording is so radically changed from one version to the next, that they are not confirmable, one to another. So there is confusion and division, misunderstanding and separation among those who try to make progress.

There are currently many hundreds of different English translations, paraphrases or re-tellings of all or parts of the Old and New Testaments.  And most all of them are unique enough, have enough changes made in them, to make them eligible for a copyright!  These Bibles are published by businesses (many of them publicly held corporations who answer to their stockholders) to make a profit; there is a large amount of money to be made ... hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year on Bibles.   And the marketplace is wide open, because when SELF is in control, it likes to pick and choose which Bible it will study from, for its own reasons, most of which involves finding a version that agrees with its own ‘belief system’ and lifestyle, as well as one that verifies an easy way into, what it thinks to be, the Kingdom of God. 

But in reality, the road is narrow, and the way is hard that leads to eternal like, so ... if your study-Bible has a fairly recent copyright on it, then you are using a commercial product from the world, and the prince of this world couldn’t be happier about it. 


Commercial Marketing.

It should grieve us to see the use of commercial mass-marketing methods so apparent in what calls herself Christianity today.   Where can we find any confirmation to do such things, except under the direction and example of the prince of this world ... who encourages that his methods of the world are okay to use for spreading Our Gospel.  ‘Christians’ are counseled to be a witness to others via stickers on their vehicles, plaques on their walls, slogans on their clothing, signs on their desks, messages on their letterheads, return address labels, their personal checks, etc., etc., etc. 

Another thing that should make us cringe is hearing ‘Christians’ brag about how they are ‘the King's kids’, or ‘the sons of God’...when their life-witness shouts with the motives, fruits and actions of undisciplined and spoiled brats!  Then there are the offerings of the soul-winning books and classes (for a fee) which promise to show someone how to manipulate someone else into ‘accepting the Lord’.  There are no examples of any of this in theOriginal Gospel.

Are you getting the point?  Enough of the bumper stickers, the trite phrases and the contrived opportunities for witnessing!   The people of the world have been quietly watching the life-witness of modern ‘Christians’ and their leaders, who are themselves the products of Our Gospel, and the people of the world have not seen anything that draws them to the Most High God.  In fact, many have been totally ‘turned-off’ by the poor witness and rotten fruit of modern ‘Christianity’. 


The  ‘Follow-Up’  Program.

This is the final nail in the coffin, the double-whammy, a way to increase the stronghold of the counterfeit Christian church on the individual, who may just have been awakening to the call of the Holy Spirit, when he was manipulated into attending the meeting, where he was pressured to answer the ‘altar call’.  Now all these orchestrated meetings (or media programs) have sponsors, and those sponsors have an expectation to get a return on the investment of their time and resources ... i.e. they want some new additions to their church's (or ministry's) role of financial supporters.   So each spiritually-vulnerable aisle-walker gets a packet of well-designed literature, with instructions and directions to see that the sponsors get what they paid for.  If by some miracle, there were souls actually convicted of their sins who truly wanted to repent, the ‘follow-up program’ will effectively serve them up on a platter, right back to the same, corrupted local churches, (or media evangelists), who preach the same counterfeit message that we've been addressing. 

They preach an imitation gospel, with a different Jesus and a different god than those of the original; they use ‘soul-winning’ tools of their own invention.  They serve up lies, and call them the truth, and effectively stop the potential growth of each new captive soul.  And since this has been going on for such a long time, since there are so many splinter groups in Christianity today, each built on a little piece of truth, we're all convinced that our group is okay and everyone else is wrong — another coup of the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy for the dark prince and his church-organizing powers.

And the prince of darkness is delighted because he has pulled off one of the biggest cons of all time ... making a mockery of theOriginal Gospelby substituting a counterfeit, which controls and thus uses the very dear souls that Christ Jesus came to save ... keeping them slaves to their appetites, and ignorant that they are still lost ... and they don't know ... that they don't know.


As you should see by now,
something is very, very wrong with
Our Gospel ...


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If we are open minded, it should shock us to realize just how far the modern counterfeit Christian Church has fallen — into the abysmal state that we find today.  If we were the true church, if the Spirit of the true Christ were truly in us, we would be setting a powerful example for the World to see.  How is that working for us? It is not!    And even those zealous ‘Christians’, who try to reach others, are failing miserably because they are hustling an instant version of salvation, a corrupted, reworked, made-over gospel, that they call the ‘good news’, to mankind. They are offering a diabolical drink from a cistern made with human hands, rather than a heavenly drink from the true fountain of life.

And here is one last, very bold corruption to be noted ... who gave any human the right to pronounce that someone is ‘saved’?   This is a common ‘assurance’ that is given by one man to another, under the preaching of Our Gospel.  Who dares to put himself on the throne of judgment?  Who dares to be like the Most High? ... it is the calling card of the prince of darkness ...  so beloved, wake up.  The last time we looked, it is Jesus Christ who will be at that judgement seat, who will separate the sheep from the goats, who will say “I never knew you” to some who think of themselves as assuredly ‘saved’.

Boys and Girls, we have all been deceived.  And we've been playing church for so long that we are all inwardly filthy, hungry, thirsty and so very tired; and now it's almost too dark to see.  It's time to leave all the devil's ploys, leave all the busy noise, leave all our selfish toys, and run as fast as we can, while there is still enough light, to make it home.



To Summarize ...

The message of ourgospel.gif (1526 bytes) is nothing like theOriginal Gospelin its content. 
It is the deliberate, ongoing plan of the prince of darkness.

ourgospel.gif (1526 bytes) hides in plain sight under the deceptive pretense
that it is same as the
Original Gospel.

What's been Removed
from the
Original Gospel?

The Cross of Jesus
The Blood of Jesus
The Guilt of Sinners
The Law of God Preached to Convict One of Sin
The Fear of God and the Judgment Seat of Christ
Repentance as Necessary for Forgiveness
The Call to Self Denial, Purity and Holiness
The Lordship of Jesus
The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

What's been Added
to the
Original Gospel?

A different Jesus — a ‘Personal Savior’
The Term and Concept of ‘Accepting the Lord’
A different God — one who ‘Plays Favorites’
The ‘Altar Call’
The ‘Sinner's Prayer’
Deliberate Spiritual Abortions
Abominable Practices
The Corruption of the Written Word of God
Commercial Marketing
The ‘Follow-up Program’


What's Wrong with Our Gospel?

It is Me-centered, instead of Christ-centered.
It is Shallow, Cheap and offered at a ‘Bargain’.
The Converts that it Produces are Selfish, Feelings-Oriented and Looking for Blessings.

It is missing vital parts that are contained in the
Original Gospel
and it contains many added inventions designed by the prince of darkness
to keep mankind in subjection to him.

It has replaced the God of the Bible
and Jesus Christ of the
Original Gospelwith impostors .

 Our Gospel is a forgery, a travesty, a fraudulent scam.



Beloved Reader,

If you have read through this report and reviewed the summary above, we trust that you have benefited from this perspective... and we ask that you continue to read, just a bit longer, and consider another question that follows...

  • If  Our Gospel  presents a god who has different attributes, requirements and characteristics from the one of the Bible, ... and
  • if the Jesus in Our Gospel does not have the same requirements for salvation as Christ Jesus from theOriginal Gospel... and
  • if Our Gospel is not the same as theOriginal Gospelof Jesus Christ when he walked the Earth, ... and
  • if it has been shown to be really opposite to that of Jesus of Nazareth's — shown to go against Christ's, in its content and practice, ...
  • then, ... is not Our Gospel ... a gospel that can truly be described as ...  ANTI-Christ's ? 

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If you have not been aware of the depth of the fall of Our Gospel from theOriginal Gospelthen you must think very hard before you continue in this counterfeit, because you are now aware of it.  And if  you have been an active part of it, you are therefore, accountable from this time forward, before the Most High God. 

If this report confirms what the Holy Spirit has already been speaking to your heart, then it is surely time for you also to cut the cord, to break free of the tentacles by which you have allowed yourself to be entangled, to flee from the harlot, as though your spiritual life depended on it ... because it does.   It is time to draw apart to your wilderness to be further taught, illuminated and cleansed. 

In either case, none of us should spend any more precious time, any more effort, or any more resources on the revamping of Our Gospel or the system of the modern Christian church.  SHE IS A COUNTERFEIT !    Instead of being pure and chaste, prepared as a virgin bride for the return of Jesus Christ, the modern Christian church is full of unclean things, a defiled prostitute posing as a bride, and offered by the prince of this world, as a century-consuming, diversionary tactic, to deceive us, to make us think this whore-church is growing in preparation for the return of Christ ... but this tactic was designed only to forestall the end of his usurped control of mankind, to put off that which is written in the Scripture. 

This counterfeit bride and all the converts who are her members make up the counterfeit Christian church. The imitation-converts to this imitation-church have fallen for the lies of Our Gospel ... which were cleverly designed and executed to attract and seduce fallen men and women into believing its ear-tickling promises and to lull them into a mind-numbing, heart-hardening stupor.  

Until we extract ourselves completely from the intricate web, spun by the dark prince and his consort, until we repent of our involvement and idolatry, until we return to the Original Gospel and humbly begin again, until the true bride is prepared inwardly in each of us ... we cannot expect the outward return of our Lord Jesus Christ.    

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 Our Gospel has been made available in a great many makes and sizes, with endless options, offered in the wide variety of corrupted Christian churches that make up what is called Christianity today; it comes in many flavors and many models with an assortment of trappings and amenities, some very plain, and some very opulent; but the same counterfeit foundation lies at the heart of each variation

 Our Gospel is the deliberate, unfolding, and ongoing plan of the prince of darkness; it hides in plain sight, under the deceptive pretense that it is the same as the Original Gospel

The busy, befuddled, benumbed, beleaguered and bewitched modern Christians are a source of entertainment, pleasure, excitement, gratification and activity for the kingdom of darkness.   And if the devil and his minions can just keep us distracted, keep us fighting among ourselves, keep us jockeying for spiritual position, keep us ignorant of his plan, keep us in unconfessed sins, keep our ears tickled, keep us focused on the speck in our brother's eye ... we'll never know of the log in our own.  We will run out our clock; we will come to the end of our allotted time; our window of opportunity in the physical realm will close without our knowing that we've been on the wrong road — the broad road, not the narrow one — without our knowing that we caught the wrong train — that we missed the boat. 

But there is still time for those of us who have awakened to the scam, and who are willing to humble ourselves.  Each of us has the choice set before us; let him who has eyes to see, see what the Holy Spirit and the Wisdom of God bring into the Light.  Let each of us have the courage to individually follow the inward call to “Come out of her, My People,” and go into our quiet place, to meet our inward teacher, who has been waiting there for us, all of our earthly lives.  So let it be done.


Used with permission


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