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Jane Lead, 17th Century Prophetess of God [1624–1704]: A Personal Diary of her Spiritual Experiences and Encounters with the Godhead during 1677.

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A Fountain of Gardens: Volume II

May the 19th. 1677.

This Morning the Mystery of the Glassy Book, which was revealed unto me, by way of Vision in the 13th of this Instant, was opened very conspicuously. For as I was walking in the solitude of my Spirit, this stirred again in my Mind, being presented with this Scripture, We all as with open face, beholding as in a Glass the glory of the Lord are changed into the same. From whence it was manifested unto me, That this Book did represent the Spirit of the Lord Jesus, which was the mirror, by which we only could see the Father’s Glory, And further in that this Book was different from all other Books, because there was nothing therein written; which was more marvelous, and gave me occasion to query with my Lord about it: What this Book was, which had no Seals upon it, nor any engraving in it? Then was it thus resolved me, That it was that which would put an end to all other Books; it was beyond all literal Ministrations, they would not be needed, when this Chrystal Glass was revealed. This would be the sum and substance of all Times finishing Mystery; according to that in the Revelation mentioned, of the Book which was open in the Angels hand, which John saw, when the seven Thunders uttered their voices, and he was ready to write; but till the dispensation of the fullness of time, there was a prohibition. The Glass that compriseth all Wisdom, Knowledge, and Sight of Eternal things, being given forth or held out for such, who do really prize the substance, which is the Living Word it self; and that above all Shadows, Sounds and Declarations. Christ is to arise to them higher, from a sealed Book to an open one, that is, from the Letter to Spirit; giving himself not only as a Book to read, but to eat down. Ye shall taste this Chrystal Book, and thereby come to be in the express clarity of it, all clear in Judgment and Knowledge. It will then be connatural to prophesy and reveal, whatever is seen in the Eternal Glass of all Wonders. Oh, not to hear only, but to live the Word of Truth: which is all sweet to that part, which retaineth the Divine and Pleasant Savour of God in his Transparency: but it is bitter indeed in the Bowels or Heart of the Earth, it cannot be well digested there; the operations are so pure, that it will work out the internal gross matter, that hath the thick darkness over all brought; that so all of one entire clarified piece might become in the Nature of that Glassy Book. Which is an all-seeing Light, from that one everlasting Day to see universally and infallibly? Then was it set much upon me, to seek when and how, and upon whom this finishing Mystery might be witnessed. For it did seem to me, that this would not be a dispensation till the end of Time; because the Angel, who had the Book, compassing both Sea and Land, protested Time should be no longer, than till the seventh Angel, be ready to sound his Trumpet; which is not yet in any part of the Creation effected. Therefore this unsealed Book will be given to none, till the seven Seals of the Written Book be first broken up. These are the Conclusions that may be gathered from the Holy Writ. Therefore this clear and unsealed Book, as it alluded to that in the Revelations, may not be reached unto in our Age. So then to what end was this Vision of the Book opened and shewn, if not for particular Propriety; that we might hope not only to see this Chrystalline Book, but for to be the Glass it self? Thus arguing upon, or from my inferiour Light, I did sensibly feel a more high and superiour Light in that very instant of time overshadowing me, saying, Will ye of that sort also be? Do ye see this Chrystalline Day so far off, as to give up the last breath of your hopes; as if God had set the bar of his Decree here against you so as not to look for that Angel to stand upon your Earth and Sea with this unsealed Book in his Hand? Answer, Far be it from you such doubts to entertain, who have felt already the gathering together of this Glassy Sea, and commixture of it for a sublime Body of Glory; which beyond the Age of all Time shall be manifested. If ye can but endure the purgation of the Glassy Fire, which will make serene and pure: for it is of the same Flame and inkindling Light of the immense Deity; so as it is there a bubbling Spring of Fire, which will strongly renew it self in you. Oh pray, that in this Fiery Oven, ye may come to walk; that then nothing impure there may remain: but such like burnings may all creaturely things devour, which cannot be a subject matter for the heavenly Power to work upon.


May the 20th. 1677.

Then saw I in the Idea of Light, two great Fiery Wheels, with two more less. Which moved by them, that wrought uncessantly: as a Clockwork; having their Spring-motions: and from thence the Chrystalline Substance began to appear. Of which transparency, that which is called Wisdom’s Glass is made out. And none ever did, or can see, any part of the Celestial Beauty of Holiness, without this Wheel come in them to be formed. Which was declared to me, to be the creating Power, and Energy of God, who produceth those little Wheels to work, act, and move answerable to the great ones. Then it was spoke in me, Behold and see in these Wheels, the whole foundation-work of the New Creation. For hereout will come that Spirit, who shall appear as a flash of Lightning, that will burn through Flesh and Bones, Rocks and Stones, that will be all at liberty, resting only in habitations of purity. These lesser Wheels care not to live out of the great Wheels, as the center of their Springing Life: which they will still turn into; for they must all connaturally work, act, and move together. Then was it made out to me, that the two great fiery Wheels was the eternal out-flowing Deity; manifesting it self in the working Wheel: which presents the clarified Body of Infinite Wisdom, which moves always in Light and Fire-celestial; all whose works are wrought through Fire, because of clarity. Then was it further opened, what the two other Wheels were in their property. The one was our own Eternal Spirit, as it is come back again to live abstracted out of gross matter and nature. The fourth Wheel is the Chrystaline Pure Corporeity, in which this Divine Life flash will move it self conspicuously. So as now all four will be incessantly in their working power, when Wisdom’s Glassy Book shall be found in any one. Which is as a new organical Body, that hath all radical Powers, and Senses, as a rising Morning without Clouds; being as that Wheel, with Eyes fixed round about them.


May the 21st. 1677.

My Spirit upon this Manifestation sunk down, as into a Central Flame, requesting to abide in that, until Jehovah’s Wheel had abstracted the grosser part from my self. Oh what can us separate here-from, but the fervent burning of these Wheels? For the Idea’s thereof by these Mystical Similitudes are far from satisfying, without the very inkindling powers hereof be felt, that can only mount us from this Earth. Then was it revealed to me further, that these Wheels had not in any of these late Ages run in the pure fire of conjunction. For where all four are found in any one Person incorporating together, there Wonders will be wrought. For then Gospel Ministers will go forth, as mighty flames of Fire. Then cried I, Ah! my Lord, when, and in whom shall all these Wheels meet together? It was said by the Springing word within me, that it would be accomplished in them that were numbered in the Glassy Book. Which was not to be read, but tasted, and felt. Therefore this Counsel of the Spirit was given, that whenever we did feel in our selves, any breath of Sacred Fire rise, which opens from the great Wheels: then our own Spirits, that is a Spark also of Celestial Fire, should abstract, and presently herewith mix; and then possibly it may fall into the deep abyssal center. Which will bring forth all these working Wheels in their order, which will work high and powerful. If ye steadily join all the force of your superiour Will, and in no part be divided, then will you feel these Wheels begin, to be in their separating quality; burning up all that is not of the Nature of the Glassy Sea. Then this Rule I also received, that we should forbear to be drawers of Water, from the Sea of this World; for that would quench, and damp this Fire, and especially before it hath got the dominion, and mastery: and then it is above all Floods, nothing can drown it, when all Powers Celestial are united together. Another Rule given was, that we should make daily application, for full vials of Oyl to be poured forth, that is, much of the sweet sappy flowings of the Spirit, as Rivers of Oyl: which will make all these flaming Wheels work up to a Seraphick height; so as hereby to look terribly for Glory and Beauty for Perfection.


May the 23d. 1677.

As we were met together at prayer, I had the presentation of a Golden Cup, out of which did rise a flame of Light, as Fire bubbling beyond the Brim of the Cup, and it was thus spoke, who so are able, let them drink of it. Upon which I considered hereof, expecting a further explanation of this Vision. Which this Morning thus opened it self: that the Cup, which was all of Gold, presented Christ in his pure Corporeity, who had been tried through all Fires, and thereby was made a meet Vessel to retain the essential Spirit of the pure flaming Deity, that springs high beyond the bounds of Humanity, as the Fire did above the Cup. Then it was revealed, and uttered by a still voice, that as I did see, the rising of this Fire, even so should be the flowing of the Holy Ghost. For it was his Fiery Baptism, wherewith many should be sprinkled from its going out. Oh my Lord, why was this Cup tendered for those, who were not able to drink down this Spirit of Fire? Would it might be our lot. Who surely would rejoice to drink down a full draught hereof. Oh dear Jesus, that by thy self thou wouldst hand this Cup unto us: as once thou didst in the figurative way to thy Disciples. After I had much, after this manner inlarged my self in Spirit to my God and Father, the Word then spake in me, Ye must first arrive to this Golden Degree; then ye shall be flowingly filled with this high spirited Flame. Christ the Lord is here for our Example: Now then take good heed, to those great fiery working Wheels, which will frame for you this Golden Vessel. Suffer gladly the mighty force of them, which will form this Golden Cup in each one; where the heavenly and pure elementary Matter is prepared. Be only found in your diligency, and then your great Work-master will be under an engagement, to finish this unknown Mystery. That so ye may be Golden Cups of Blessings to your self and others.


May the 26th. 1677.

In the night being cast into a sleep, I saw this Golden Cup again, which was presented to my intellectual sight, some days before, as I was in prayer. Now again passing from one to another, some few Persons of us being met together. The Person that handed this Cup to us, was in the Garb of an Officer, with a Gown; and when he came to give it to me, somewhat he seemed secretly to whisper, which the rest were not to hear: which I thought carefully to observe, but when I awaked, I could not remember any thing of the words, which I did believe was of concern. I only well retained the Ministrator of this Golden Cup, which did not flame out as it did before; but there was an Oyly Liquor of flame colour in it, which tasted like to pleasant Wine. After I was come out of this Night Vision, I waited, what would be spoken herefrom further to me; which interpretation was presently given. The Officer personated our Lord Jesus, to whom the great Majesty had given the Power of Administration. For there is no true Sacramental Institution, but when he is present himself; who knows those Sanctuary Vessels of his own Body, that be thereunto affixed, and who are separated from all common use. He walks amongst the Golden Cups, to convey Flaming Spirit and pure Oyl of Light: he doth not put off with dead heartless signs, but letteth in his flowing Nature as Spikenard; that when any have drank hereof, they do feel an inebriating Spirit, that burns as Fire upon the Altar of their hearts; as a signal Witness, that the right Administrator hath opened himself, in a Celestial Fire-spring. Which is the Pool of the Holy Ghost, from which every Sanctuary Vessel is to be sprinkled. Take ye heed hereto.


June the 1st. 1677.

This Vision was just upon the Doctor’s taking a House.

THIS day I had a very deep sense opened in me, upon a Vision of several Pits, that were filled with muddy Water: so thick they were together, that my self with some other Persons, could not know, how to pass, without peril of falling into some one or other of them. But our way lying through this place, we could no way avoid, but we must go through it. Which was very hazardable, irksome and grievous: but through fear and heedfulness, watchfulness and prayer we did get through. And this word I did hear speak, saying. This shall also turn to your salvation through earnest prayer, from the supply of the Spirit of Jesus. Then again this night I saw, as two of us were going upon our way with great earnestness, to be at the end of our Journey, there fell a suddain shower, and stopped us: so as we feared, lest the night should come upon us, before we should reach the place, we were designed to. This Vision did plainly speak out, there was some present danger at hand: which made me desire to be apart, to know the Mind of the Spirit herein; bemoaning those Vicissitudes, which might happen for our further Probation. Then was it shewed me, that those Pits which I saw, were promising advantages from the Earthly Region. Which stood open to plunge us into their deep Abyss, as which would drown our superiour Life in their muddy waters. For this word came to me, while I was considering hereof: Escape here for your Life {Life’s} sake, for what have you to do in the way of the Assyrians? Upon which I prayed earnestly, that we might be kept from the many evil occurrences, that might happen upon the removal, to an outward habitation; which I foresaw might be hurtful for the present to our Spirits. For which cause those things were presented; for how would the Prince of this Earth, and Aiery Region triumph to see us, who have disdained his Kingdom, and all the preferments {advancements} of it, to be catched {caught} by any baits from it?   For I heard this word say in me, there would be a great acclamation from out of the bottomless Pit, could they but bury your Fire-sparkling Life therein.  Therefore fear always, while you have any thing to transact, where Satan hath to do.

Then as to the shower, that came while we were journeying on, it was opened to me, that as to the working-wheel of Fire, there might be some stop. For there was nothing more injurious than floods of Water upon fiery Wheels, that is, heavenly Spirits involving themselves with earthly things: though good and lawful to others, yet not to us, who had the Nazarite Vow upon us; and under such Laws and Institutions, as were not made known to others. Therefore that which might be justifiable in them, would not be to us, because under great Light, Revelation and Direction. The Spirit in us bearing witness hereunto, that is to be of great binding Force, and Powers, to keep us in all wariness. Then is this word uttered, as I was hereof writing, You of all others, I, saith the Lord, have desired for to keep separated for my use: therefore take heed, what you let in to my Temple Body. Oh saith the Just One, that I could but have such large Credit from you, as I had from some in past-ages; that could lean and rest upon me, without the Crutch of Reason under their Arms. For alas! you are yet but as Children, that are not able to stand alone. You dare not trust your selves upon the bare ground of Faith, and that makes you fly so readily, to what is before your sensible Eye. True, Oh Soul, thy terrestrial man hath a near disposition to the production of this earthly Climate, and runs thereunto upon all occasions, as to its nourishing and providing Mother, knowing yet no better; having found all sensible sustainment thereby, according to the manner of this fallen Creation. But know, you have a Mother of a higher degree, that is more true and natural to your Spirits: and she would now you should come to understand, and know her to be the Everlasting Wisdom of the Mighty God, that can do much above Nature and Creature for you: Who would have you desert all other, and hear, and learn from her mouth; from which doth drop the Law of Love and Kindness.


June the 3d. 1677.

Upon this Manifestation and Counsel of the Spirit, I found all my internal Powers strongly knit together, to find out this more sure and all-sufficient Providence. For there was somewhat in me of Infinite Being, that was too great to be kept under the tuition and law of that, which was earthly and terrestrial. From out of the bounds of which, my Spirit would break away, to live to obey that Law of Faith: which hitherto no Adeptist, that I know, hath arrived to. Which hath failed as to my own part, because so oft have I given place to self-reasoning; being by a Foster-Mother so long brought up in that way, that death it is therefrom to withdraw. But taught I am, not to favour my Life herein, though daily solicited hereunto by thousands of Spirits. Who do cry, spare that delicate natural thing, which this world doth glory in. For indeed it hath carried all in a forcible stream: but now, in Spirit I do see, this great Volative will be dried up. For this Night I did see by way of Vision, a muddy Sea boiling as a Pot; but under it to my great marvel, there was an invisible Fire hidden under the Mud and Water. Which I did view; thinking at first sight nothing less, but that the Fire would there be choaked: but it did get the Victory. And in the Morning, as I was hereof considering, it was opened to me, that this Muddy Sea was the natural rational Life, that must be purged by Fire; till all consumed it be in such, who like worthy Champions shall come to shew themselves, in the Life of Faith. I did also see a Clear Water separated from the Muddy Water: which by the Fire was driven upward, as if it had been a Spring. From whence it was given me to understand, That there was a pure Heavenly Matter, which when the Celestial Fire did work in any, it would separate from the gross and evil quality. This Muddy Sea was said to be the rolling Motions, that work from the common sense of earthly things, taken into the Mind: which makes it foul and muddy. Now what can purge this but Fire, that lieth in the deep beneath: which gradually worketh through it, by virtue of an Eternal Force, and Might, when once struck in, by the Sapphire Stone of the Deity. Then it inkindles every property, and becomes a pure Fire Element, which suffers nothing combustible to mix with it. After this I did see, when the Fire had got the mastery of this puddled Sea, that it became all as a bright Firmament, and there sprung up a wonderful Tree.


June the 4th. 1677.

The Sapphire Tree.

In Vision was shewn me a wonderful Tree, which was strange and amazing, being out of the course of Nature of all, which formerly I had seen. The Body of it, was of the Fire Element, and the Branches thereof were clustered with various sparkling Stones of all manner of Colours, which were of such a dazzling Glory, that nothing less, than the reflexion of this Tree could give the capacity of sight. For as the day doth exceed the night for Light, so did these Stones for lustre excell, what are of the choicest of this Creation. It no sooner appeared, but it did again disappear: but it left its light Raies {Rays} upon my Mind, for some certain time. Whereupon this word was spoken, This is the great original Sapphire-Tree, which as a Light springeth up out of the Dark Valley.


June the 5th. 1677.

Being much inquisitive to have the Mystery of this Oriental Tree, that sprung out of the pure element, opened further unto me; as I was waiting in the Fire of pure silence, it was revealed, that the Tree was shewn to make known, that this was a Degree beyond all in Paradise: For no such lustrous Tree could be manifested in that Sphear. Trees of Life and Righteousness might spring thereout, but this Tree was a Diadem of Glory, that doth grow out of the Element of the New Jerusalem. Then was it upon my Heart to plead thus with my Lord, Ah, my Jesus, what doth this signifie to us as to our present state? This surely presents, the highest latitude of Glory, which thou thy self art capable of. We have many removes yet surely to pass through, before we can come to the Clusters of this Stately Tree. As we now appear, what is more contemptible, and vile? And if so in our own Eye, what in thine? Therefore what Time will or may be allowed for our transportation into such Fire Stones of amazing Glory. This and much more, which would be too numerous to record, was my Expostulation. To which the Spirit made reply thus, that this Vegetable Stone must have several Transplantations, before it could rise, to such a Degree of Celestiality of Glory.

As first out of the dry, hungry, barren Earth to a Ground moistened with the dew of Paradise: there it hath a certain season to work through, as a Plant of Righteousness, sending forth its fruitful operations according to the Heavenly Constellations, which work with it. It shifteth itself into various forms, as the Center doth open for Multiplication of the Vegetable Life: to bring it forth into Manifestation of those more eminent Fruits of the Spirit. As in clusters of Love, Patience, Meekness, Faith, Hope, Joy to perseverance. All which are to spring up unto Perfection, as making way for a higher Transformation. For when these Fruits are grown to their full Ripeness in any, then expect such a pure conjunction as doth make up the very matter of this Sapphire-stone. Which may be adventured to be cast into that most holy burning Element; that thereout all these may come forth, as one entire Body of Glory.


June the 6th. 1677.

This Morning, about four of the Clock, awaking with a raised Mind, ready to entertain discoveries from that invisible Orb to which my whole Heart tended to; I found my self suddenly carried out of my animal sense, and several idea’s did open to me from the Upper Region. I saw in the Firmament of the Heavens Bright Figures, like Half Moons, and great rolling up and down of the Starry Heavens, which seemed to be in a troubled Commotion. Then there were great fears at the sight hereof, among the lower Spirits of this Region. Then I saw somewhat like a Standard set up with a Writing upon it, proclaiming War with all the Inhabitants upon the Earth. And about these I did see Bows and sharp Arrows, and because I saw this Pillar or Standard at a distance, I thought it was, or might not be real: and so I went to it, and touched it with my hand, and read the Writing, which was, Controversie with the Nations of the World. Then after this, I saw the Clouds of Heaven pass away, and various Persons of great Majesty descended down to the place, where the Standard was set, and they appeared, as those that were Judges of the Earth. And two or three of them made towards me, to have spoke with me, and their Presence was terrible, that I shrunk away. For my mean Corporeity was very inconsistent to their Glorious Personalities. And this word followed, This is the Lord, who after this Tribulation, will come, with his Ancients to reign over the Earth.


June the 7th. 1677.

Then this word did speak through me, Haste and pass away from Paradisiacal Righteousness to Sion’s Glory. For let your condition seem never so mean and low, yet verily designed ye are to work through all Vicissitudes, till Palms of Victorious Glory in the Hand of the great Alpha and Omega be given to you, which will make you to be the admiration of all in the higher and neather Regions.

Then these Rules were given expressly in order hereunto.

1st. Suffer gladly the Transplanting Power to crop off all, what it finds superfluous, dry and sapless.

2dly. Permit no other Pruning Hook to come near any Branch of your superiour Life-trees, but that flaming Word of the Spirit, that knows rightly to divide betwixt the dead and the living.

3dly. Seek and make application to the Most High, for an impregnable fence; while these Fruits are ripening, there will be required an invincible guard, or else the subtile Foxes and Beasts of Prey may get in for to make spoil.

In the 4th place, Then again watch not only against the Invasions from what Ministers from this visible Principle, but from a near and more inward Center, whereout the Serpent may move, and twist himself, while yet you are, but in the Paradisiacal Property. For in this first Transplantation lieth all your danger. Therefore if all the Fruits of this mystical Life-tree, can but reach to a Golden Hue, so solid as to become a fixed Seed, then ye are out of all hazard and fear. But cast this Seed into Earth, Air, Water, or Fire, it will attract to it self, out of every thing a bright consuming Glory. Then this word was added, saying, Weigh and consider this mystical thing; for here lieth the highest state of Perfection. Observe, the Most Holy in all his removes, within your Heavenly Plantation: for every new ingrafting from the Mighty Arm of Power, will be an evidence, that he will not leave you, till Scions ye are made, as Branches of this Sapphire glorious Tree.


June the 8th. 1677.

This Morning this word was given me to feed upon, saying, I the Most Holy will Tabernacle with a Spiritual Mind. My Life and Peace as a Spring will bubble there. The carnal and earthly Mind is Satan’s seat; the pure Mind is God’s Throne. Now choose which of those you will give place to; for accordingly your Mind must be ordered: If for the high and most holy Society, then all Spiritual. Then was that Scripture repeated to me, For to be carnally minded is death, but to be Spiritually minded is Life and Peace. Which life of Carnality is enmity to God, who will be evermore a Stranger to such, who shall know nothing of his Love, Joy, Goodness, Power, and Sweetness. For if they commune with earthly Spirits, and things of this terrestrial being, then such dark influences are left upon their Minds, as make them altogether unmeet to talk with God: or to take in of those Species, which tend for transfiguring the Soul into a bright body of Glory. When the Mind is pestered and overcharged with thoughts, that tend only for this gross elementary Life, there is no room for the Holy Ghost, that proceedeth and cometh from such a wonderful being of Holiness, as the Father of Spirits is.


June the 17th. 1677.

I saw a Ball of Fire, and out therefrom went Flakes of Fire, and fell amongst thorny Bushes; so as they were no more: being consumed by the Flame. And it was said to me, these are the particles and dispersive Powers, that will go forth from the substantial Godhead to devour the Shrubs of the Earth. Then after this internal sight, I was as in a sleep, where much combustion, strife, and spiritual Labour, for the attainment of somewhat, that was of Eternal Consequence. And such was the clamorous onset of earthly Spirits, that for a time, I found my self sunk down into a dark Valley. Upon which I awaked with great perplexity. Then after this I saw in way of Vision, a rich Golden Sledge set up, and I was to slide down upon it: And a voice cried, Fear not, for an end to all weariness and travel will come, when this out of the Heavens shall descend.


June the 23d. 1677.

Sarah and Abimelech.

This Morning as I was recollecting my interiour Powers and Faculties, which I found had been somewhat scattered, by being let out and employed upon secular concerns: and which I found was as going upon Thorns, grievous and unsavory; Upon this my Spirit made application, with Soul-meltings, for Life-recovery and restitution to those wonted familiarities, and divine discoveries; wherein consisted all my Peace, Life, and Satisfaction. Upon which my care now was, how we, who were under a peculiar obligation, should discharge our selves of all, and every weight that had beset us. For it was presented to me, that while we were gathering together, what might accommodate our outward man, as Paul did the sticks to warm him after his perilous voyage; even so we upon necessary and lawful things being employed, were in danger of the poisonous Vipers, which would stick so close to our hands, as we should be constrained to awaken and call up the Most Holy Adjuring Power of the Mighty God. Whereby we might be able to cast them off, before they infected our pure eternal Life-blood; that so we might proceed forward in our Spiritual Work. For this word was spoke, why seek ye to dwell in ceiled houses, and let the most holy in your selves lie waste? Then again this word met me, Take heed of the common sewer that corrupteth the whole Earth; that it break not in upon you. For it is a Noah’s flood: it will sweep all away, that are out of God’s Ark. Upon which warnings I girded up upon my Watch-Tower, to hear what would be further opened to me. Having had somewhat yesterday passing through me upon Abimelechs taking Sarah from Abraham: the Meaning of it was this day made out further unto me; the Spirit taking up that Scripture, as in way of a Parable, to shew us the danger in passing through with the Virgin Mind amongst Foreigners and Strangers; though not intending to take it up as a dwelling place, but only to sojourn as Abraham did in Gerar.


June the 24th. 1677.

Now after this manner the Spirit did parlay or commune with me. Know, that ye have had a call to pass out, from among the throng of the worldly Spirits; whereof Abraham was a type, whom God called to sojourn as a Stranger, removing from place to place, till he did come to live alone by himself, and to be planted as a Root for a mighty Off-spring. Wherefore the Most High had designed him, and so Abraham with his Sarah went through the Philistines Country, and was in danger to have had Sarah violently taken from him, who was to bring forth the blessed Seed. Even so it was opened after a high mystical manner, that this Abraham did represent the Spirit of Faith: whom God would bless and make fruitful through Marriage-union with the Virgin Wisdom. And it was further shewn me, that there should be a Male, and a Female, that would be made choice of, to bring forth an eternal spiritual Off-spring for a true Church. Which should be known from all others by terrible things wrought in righteousness through the Ghostly Power breaking forth. And therefore note and observe, said the Word of Life, whether or no, God in the Spirits voice hath not spoken to you, to come out of the Chaldeans Country; considered both as to the vain, evil conversations of Persons without, and to internal Spirits within the Region of the Mind: from both which there is to be a real departure out. And as there are two Persons, that are thus to be deputed visibly, who are to withdraw, and plant themselves, as out of all other gathered Fellowships of the World: So are they to be extraordinarily endowed in giving proof of Love, Faith, and Obedience to him, that hath power thus to dignifie and make blessed. God knows Abraham was such an one, as would approve himself in all perfect walking before him; and answer whatever Trust was committed to him, by the Most Holy and just one: to keep every Charge, and Command given, as did appear, when he came out of his own Land, to go where he knew not. Now it was from hence revealed, that those who shall be counted worthy, to bring forth a pure spiritual Generation must come out internally, as well as externally from that native Country, where numerous Spirits that have no Visible Bodies do dwell, and have their concourse in the Mind, after a magical manner. Now here will be the trial, for to go through their Earthly Regions, and not be hurt. For no sooner did Abraham falter in his Faith through fear, but his Spouse was taken away, which if he had kept up in the majesty and authority of Faith, and had owned her, then the dread of that Power and Spirit of Faith, and the Virgins Beauty and Innocency would have been upon Abimelech, so as there would not have been any attempt of that kind. From whence this was a warning counsel in particular unto us: given in our present journeying on, through strange People and Nations, which lie in our way, before we can come to Hebron, the City of David, our King. And these are mystically opened from within us, as occasions offer from without. For the Prince of this World knows, herein he hath great advantage, while but passing through his Dominions, he will have one device or other against those, who are designed to pitch their Tents remote from his Territories. Therefore he doth bestir himself to raise all Forces to stop their Progress, that if possible he might keep them under his Arbitrary Power: Seeking always of subtilty to weaken the hand of Faith, by alluring away the Virgin Love, and so he would make a separation. For in the pure conjunction of Faith and Love, they are knit together as the Bridegroom and the Bride, to travel together, till they obtain the promised Seed. To whom all excellency of strength doth belong, and Wisdom to govern those Nations, that would usurp an evil Power over the blessed Seed. Oh, saith the living Oracle, take heed of denying your pure heavenly Mate: that is found in the comely dress of Love, Purity, Meekness, Simplicity and Holiness. For this is that virtuous Woman, who is a Crown to her Lord and Husband. She will never depart from him; without she be disowned through fear, and incredulity. None shall imbrace her, but the Arms of Faith. If she at any time be violated from her true Abraham, she will be as the Ark, that will bring plagues and death upon those, that would engross her to themselves from him, whose true Spouse she is. Therefore consider this, O ye, to whom this Word and Counsel is given: keep up Faith in its own true Royalty; Fear not Earthly Powers. While ye must pass through their Land, Trust in Jehovah, your shield: Forfeit not that Dowry which the Virgin Spirit of Love will bring to you: Be watchful to strengthen what is in you already wrought; that ye may not lose what ye have thus far run, and suffered for: even so you will find the Sealing Power from the Amen.


June the 30th. 1677.

The Birth of Cyrus.

The Voice of the Daughter of Sion cried in me, what ailest thou, who art travelling for the Birth of Power? Faint not, for it is a God Almightiness: that will be the issue of all those internal pangs, of her who is travelling in the greatness of his strength. Every Arm of created Power is too short to bring it forth. God must bring forth God. Then queried my Spirit, where, and how, and after what manner will be so marvelous a thing? Sure nothing of mortality can compass such an Immensity, as a Gods excellency in this World to be manifested. No, said the Spirit of Counsel, the Terrestrial Man cannot have any share herein, either to conceive or bring it forth: But yet such may be the high act of Love in the Most Holy, as to open his Mighty Name Jehovah through that mean form of Mortality, and send forth somewhat of a deified express of his Existency, in terrestrial Creatures; so as to make them signifie unto the World, what Power it is that moves through them. Who have been in strong and unwearied travel, for this all-saving Birth of Almighty Power. For indeed such a Birth is needed in the World, that may deliver from all the evils of it. There is nothing, but an Omnipotent Force will conquer the sinful Authorities, that have been so long in Government over all the Creation. Therefore what are ye to look, and wait for, but the Birth of this Mighty Prince Cyrus to arise in, and to go before you; for it is by mere strength, that he must prevail, to subdue all Nations, whether they be within or without. Many have been the forerunners of this by inferiour Births, which ye have passed through. As those of Regeneration, and Divine Inspirations, and Productive Revelations, all in order hereunto: But all these have been too weak and too short, to deliver out of the Servile Spirit. The Babylonish Power doth yet keep and serve it self upon you, and will not let you go free; till this Mighty Prince doth arise to remand you back unto your own Land, and native Freedom again. Thus I did evidently see nothing, but the all-saving Arm could pluck us back again. And moreover this word was with me, and in me spoken. Pray for the Cyrus Might to be joined with the Nazarite Wisdom of Purity: for without Power ye cannot perform any of my Pleasure, in subduing the Babylonish Power, that hath enlarged it self over the whole universal state of things. It is well, for the elected ones in this World, that their Redeemer is now a mighty King over all Kingdoms. And this day is drawing near for the revealing of this his shut up Power, that hath been reserved with him in the Heavens. By reason of which, a sorrowful bondage and servile Life hath been upon the very Nerves of the New Jerusalem. Who are now sensible, and do now cry unto this Mighty Cyrus to appear, and to break for them this Babylonish Yoak: which hath made them so long groan, and mourn, as being made to serve with rigour under the Prince of Darkness. Who hath had a long Reign through his Agents in this Principle; but his time is nigh worn out. Of which this is an assured hope, when a deep sense is upon any of the Children of the Captivity: As upon Daniel and Jeremiah, Ezra, and Nehemiah, who set themselves to enquire for that Messiah; who is to restore, and gather together the Stones, for to build the Mystical Jerusalem. Verily to such as do sigh and mourn, for all the Abominations of Desolations, which they see to be of Authority. To such, I say, the Most High will have respect, not only to reveal, but to intrust the Scepter of his Kingdom with them. Who, he knows, will sway all in Righteousness, according to his own Heart: They shall be his Kings and Saviours upon Earth. Yet once again, they who are of a Daniel Spirit, wholly addicting their Minds hereunto, and in nothing else taking pleasure, but in diving into the Secrets of the Most High; that if by any means they might find out the Jubilee-year of release, when the Mourning Tribes might return again to their own possessions; even they shall be chose hereunto. Oh the wise in Heart after this do look: waiting in true Spiritual Abstinence, as Daniel did; that so eternal Secrets may be revealed unto them. Know ye how beautiful would those be, who shall bring news, and glad-tidings hereof, from the Most Holy to the Mourners in Sion: That the Lord is indeed, without delay, coming; for a full and perfect Redemption to the Groaning and Oppressed Creation. Even so Lord Jesus come quickly.


July the 1st. 1677.

THIS Morning, after some special Manifestations and intimate Communion with the invisible Trinity, (whereby my Spirit was as ingulphed into this sweet Celestiality, of that which passeth all understanding:) This word uttered it self, Is it not good to dwell here, where the Covert is all Love, and defensive Power? Oh call in others with thee here to meal, if you do delight to sip of this Cup of divine Pleasure; and then according to the vigour of Spirit felt herefrom dispense hereof. And commend it to him, who is a noted, consecrated Vessel, to take in of the same, with the unknown Rarities: which the Father doth provide for his own Household; that so no cause ye may have to wander, out of his rich and fat Pasture. While keeping here, your Shepherd will you feed, and by his Golden Crook will you guide, and translate out of one glorious place to another, till ye shall come into the beloved City. This blessed winding in of my Spirit, was an introduction to somewhat that glanced past me of a two fold Globe. Wherein was presented to me the old Creation in Bondage and Servitude; the new one all in Rest, Quietness and Freedom. I besought then my Lord, it might again be presented clear and conspicuous unto my view; that I might learn herefrom, more of the Mystery of Wisdom. Upon this my request, I heard as if two Voices had ecchoed to one another: One saying, Bring forth of the white Eye-salve, that the Eye may be yet more refined to see into depth of Spiritual Things; that so the Heart may follow the Eye. Verily no sooner did I hear this, but two Worlds did appear to me: one sinking down into a dark bottomless Valley, the other rising up into a flaming Sphere. That World which I saw sinking downward, consisted of such Inhabitants, as were all laborious, clothed with grisled, dark, and cloudy Garments: All restless, unquiet, running to and fro; busied in making instruments of War to hurt, and to devour one another, with all provocations to evil, to wrath, and violence, exercising cruelty, and oppression; from a derived power, given out by that Leviathan Prince, who beareth sway in this Principle. Who hath Power under Limitation, from the superiour Almightiness, for a time: which he puts forth according to his own Scorpion Nature, delighting only to see Spirits in drudgery and servitude. It is, and still hath been, his great design to give them full busyness; therefore his headpiece is always at work to contrive for some pompous and pleasant things, that may wholly intoxicate and bewitch their Minds. And others he puts upon hard labour, to eat the Bread of Carefulness, and to make to serve with rigour. Thus I did, in an Idea, see the present visible Creation in great perplexity: and a Flying Dragon, who with his Wings did overspread it; and out of his Mouth did proceed a dark breath, with which he did great hurt Universally. For whoever hereof did suck in, went forth in the might, and spirit of the Dragon: and such had the greatest promotion in his Kingdom, and to them, power was given to exercise Authority in Specialty. Now it was said unto me, this worldly Principle, which thou hast seen, is the great City Babylon, where my Sion Seed hath long been under the hard usage of the King of this Bottomless Pit: who would keep them evermore in bondage, and would not, that they should ever remember, that once they had a pre-existency in that Paradisiacal World of Liberty.


July the 2d. 1677.

But now the Ancient Records are brought to Light, whereby it is given to the Wise among the Children of the Captivity, to understand their high and eternal Nativity; and that for the cause of sin they were brought into this dark and evil Region: yet not so, as for ever herein to be included, till natural death doth release, as they would persuade. For no such Decree did ever go forth from the Throne of the Most High. For after this dark grisled Globe, with its natural Inhabitants, (all which like troubled whirling Wheels do grind the Faces of one another) there shall another arise which shall set free from this Old Creation Captivity. Upon which there was a mighty cry, by some that here were sealed to the day of Redemption, saying, Holy, Lord God of the Sabbath, let us come to rest with thee. For in six days labour we have been, and now full weary, we are of sinful thrall and cannot, but remind thee of the promised Liberty, which is for to be brought to pass, by the travelling {travailing} Daughter of Jerusalem. Then was portraied {portrayed} before me, a Mourners Zion-eye, beholding a bright flaming Globe: upon the rising of which, the other Globe, like a dark Stone, sunk down before it, into a bottomless depth. And this was in the sight of the right born Israelite, who here was suddenly snatched out, and translated into a higher, and more quiet Sphere. Oh here was indeed the Sabbath of the 7000 years: all here were clothed in white, lying down as flocks by their Shepherd of all Princely Might, all fastened together in a Golden Chain: to shew, there was no more to be a dividing; for the Sheep never more was to be scattered out of this eternal Fold. For nothing, but Seraphical Pleasure is here with the highest Peace, Joy, and Rest from all former Toil, Labour, and Sorrow. And the Law of God as a Gulf is here broke up, and drowns all in its own Sea of Endless Love. This is what was presented, for the inforcement of our travel in Spirit, for Sion deliverance, out of the Babylonish servitude, which now is throughout the whole World.


July the 3d. 1677.

Then was it with me to enquire with earnestness, Oh my Lord, when shall be this Zion’s Reign? All things yet in visible view appear in a dull sluggish Posture: The Prince of Might yet hath no Birth in the World, for to bring into existency this new Creation. Who then shall be, the beginning of this Celestial World; seeing that from some one or other the Birth of this Creating Power must go out? Oh, by whom shall Jacob’s Star arise, that is to bear the Scepter of Power and Dominion, that is to overturn the whole Scene of present things, which hath been under oppression?


July the 11th. 1677.

As to this, some days after, I was answered with good and comfortable words; that we might not sorrow as those, who do see nothing of this rising day. For while my Spirit was groaning in the Kingdom of Tribulation and Patience, I heard this sweet saying, The Birth is Love, That shall restore the Kingdom of Joy and Power. And as it doth grow near, the Pangs of Love will flow upon you, which will be Sions mighty deliverance. Therefore revive, when Loves throws do take hold upon you; for it certainly foreruns the breaking forth of the Son of Joy, and Strength: who will rule the Earth, and ease the Nations of their Burthens, Griefs, and Torments. Then was somewhat opened to me of the Mystery of a great Key, which I did see in way of Vision, held out unto me; which was so great and weighty, that I made question in my self, whether I could carry it; and was loath to take the burthen of it, not then understanding the intent, why it was shewn and tendered. But this Morning considering hereof, a voice did sound through me, This is the mighty Birth-Key, which shall open the New Jerusalem Glory. No terrestrial Being can it hold: for it is all massy and refined Gold, that will open the seven-fold Wonder, and unlock every unknown Treasury, which hath been sealed from the foundation of the World. Then was it highly impressed upon me, what this Key did further signifie unto us. Then another word did swiftly put forth in me, saying: Those to whom this is given, will have power to bind or loose, to shut or open, to kill or save alive, and also to charge or discharge from the guilt of sin. For it is the Key of Knowledge, and sound Judgment, and acteth absolutely in the express Power of the Most High, to fulfill every jot and tittle of his Eternal Will. God the Father will well satisfie himself in such, whose propriety it shall be to possess this all powerful Key. Ah, my Lord, is there any now abiding in corporeity, that is so eyed by thee, to be an Instrument to act in the Power of this mighty Key? Sure no Prohibition, or Decree is gone forth, but some one or other may be designed by thee hereunto in this Age. But then the Spirit said, they must be such, as are anointed with that high Composition-Oyl, which at once doth clarifie, and perfume, as an atoning Incense, whose flame never goeth out, till this Key be wrought out in the Fire Center. Then was this word of Counsel given unto me, Set a work all your present force and might: it will be worth the laying out all your cost and labour hereupon. You have an all-skillful Guide, that is master of this Mystical Science: but he loveth not to have to do with any Spirit, that is divided, with one Eye looking forward, and with the other backward. He knows he shall never have Honour or Credit, by such as are halting between two Principles; sometimes rising up in the Fiery Wheel of Faith, then sinking down in the Leaden Scale of Sense, which bringeth back, what Faith hath brought forward. Which is the great Energy, that giveth the formation, to this all-sovereign Key, that is prophesied of; but none have been found herefore worthily qualified of many Generations past. Therefore neglect all things of this low Region, that so you may make this, your entire business: From which let there be no starting, as ye would enjoy the blessed Projection of this Key; that will open for you, and will unfold to you the 1000th Number in Wisdom’s Roll.


July the 12th. 1677.

As my Mind was contemplating of the great advantages, that an Eternal Almightiness would bring in to such, who would thereby endeavour wholly to destroy, and make an end of sin: there was suddenly a very fit similitude set before me, in order to this, to shew what would be effectual thereunto. There appeared a bright jasper Body, or Person, in the middle of whose Breast was set a Pipe of Gold Colour, and two more, each one out of his side; the one was of Scarlet Colour, the other White or Glassy. This was a very suitable Idea to the present concern of those, who did know themselves to be under a mourning state of indigency upon an eternal account. For whose reviving this word did further proceed, Whoever there be, who do thirst to drink out here in nakedness of Spirit, let them draw near; for only pure, simple, naked Spirits can suck here. After this Voice, the Intellectual Spring did freely run, and made me capable of more deep reception, concurring with the true Inspiratour:  who did give me to understand the use and operation of these conveying Powers, shewing {showing} what the Virtue of each Pipe was. As first, that in the midst of the Breast signified, the sending forth the unction of Spirit: The Scarlet Coulour’d {Colored} Pipe, the Blood, that is the Life of the Heavenly Body, annexed to it. The third Pipe was the Chrystalline Water, which keeps and maintains all in an immaculate Life of Purity. Out of these the Divine Nature is extracted. And who ever do not lay their internal Spirits to suck out of these Pipes, can never arrive to any strong Spiritual Stature. For what doth it avail to have the knowledge and revelation of this in Mystery, and be at a spiritual distance herefrom? If Jesus, while in visible Corporeity had not lain close to his Fathers heart, drawing continually, although highly Essenced in Spirit; yet he could never have grown, if he had not derived fresh Infiniteness of Strength and Power to hold up the Godhead Soveraignity {Sovereignty} in the Manhood. So likewise the Spirit herefrom did teach us, that we should strive to reach to the Heart of Jesus in Spirit. Here did meet me this Objection, But how shall we thus abstractedly have access in our Spirits to our Jesus, who is in his Personality all embodied in Glory, and we in bodies of Flesh and Ignominy, so that we know not how to meet him? This Question was thus resolved me. These Pipes, like Jacob’s Ladder, were fixed for descending Powers to descend through them. It is granted, that we cannot reach up to our Lord, till we have a full grown Spiritual Body. Therefore this mystical way of conveyance is contrived to bring us up to that high Degree of fellowship with the Trinity; though no congruity there be as to the visible Body. Yet there is that Spirit in us, which by the drawing down this Life sustenance, may recover its  ancient sublime and Paradisiacal Body, which consisteth not of Flesh, Blood, and Bones, but of an immortal Virtue, Power and Strength; answerable to what will suit with the Heavenly Jerusalem State. Then was it further shewed {shown} me, That through these three Conveyances did run all and every weighty precious thing, that was now inherent in God the Son. For want of understanding, and not finding out the way of this mighty attraction from the Head-substance, We have discovered the shame of our nakedness; wearing only the vile cloathing which is infirm and weak, obnoxious to all evil, and death; fit and meet only to walk and converse with Creatures of a mean and inferiour sort, such as this World is replenished withal. But now a Summons is, to call and shew unto us what will qualifie and furnish us out for a higher Society; as when the pure native Life of a compleated Christ is sucked in by us, then shall we be, as he is: no longer in a condition of suffering, sorrow, and indigency, but of God-like Authority. Which will be the Sealing Commission of the Everlasting Gospel Prerogative: that will no more go forth in weakness, but in the finishing Power of a mighty Salvation. Seek, and pray ye for such a triumphant Day.


July the 13th. 1677.

We being met together in prayer, owning and presenting our many deficiencies as to Spiritual Abilities; This word was spoke to me, Apply your selves to Christ your Treasure, who is made of that Lineage and Nature, that he might consider the better those, who are of his own Spiritual Flesh: For none else could so naturally care for them, as he, who had assumed that Nature, which was liable to weakness, temptation, and all distresses. And as your Lord Jesus did out-grow all this, and swallowed up mortality, and all infirmities, by attending thereupon; so changing his Corporeity into an AEtherial Spirituality, whereby a Translation was obtained by him into Mount Sion Glory: So was it advised me from that Spirit, that standeth always in the Spirits Council, That an express charge was given by the Father unto the Lord Christ, to take care and provide for us also after the like manner: as having received all infinite fullness from the Godheads all-sufficiency for the same; that so he might be able to do for us according to his boundless Power. And therefore he hath invited us to urge it close upon him, our appointed Trustee; that so we might be brought up, through all the several changes to the same perfect and all powerful Degree, even till we come to possess the self-same beatifical Vision of the whole Trinity in Glory. For it is so willed by the Lord your Creator, that he should now raise you up, by his secret Spiritual Instrinsical Operations to his own Heavenly Stature; till that ye may be presented faultless, as he himself is. Therefore let none glory in Christ, as their saving Jesus, till they can come to witness, his Life-blood in them, thus redeeming and cleansing them from every blemish. For till this be done, Christ cannot bring them into his Fathers presence, to sit down as his Bride in Heavenly Places there with him. Now is there an open Door to you, set wide open; for you to enter, through his re-entering into you. Make all present advantage thereof in him, who is your Spiritual Banker.


July the 16th. 1677.

These weighty intimations coming from our Lord, are well worthy of all observation from us: from whose great Love they do come to perfect, what is yet to be done for us. For while the Ear of my Spirit as the Oracle of God, doth stand open, clear, and free, from the twisting stuff of all low, imaginary things, the Voice of the Most High, doth frequently cry through me: From whence I can conclude, that the Spirit of Revelation is not in this Age altogether excluded. For this word did thus a-fresh speak to me, I the Lord’s Anointed will give forth the Residue of my Spirit: for which do ye, who are one in Faith, steadily wait. Then after this Voice, it was discoursed in the way and method of a Spirit, how that the latter Crop of the Spirit should be much greater and more plentiful, than what was in the first fruits, after our Lord’s ascending: which was but as a shower or sudden flight, which soon again stopped. For after the decease of the Apostles, it soon began to withdraw; and a long restraint hath been, as to what they witnessed in their day. All that can be said of what hath been enjoyed by the highest order of Saints, since the Apostles days, is but a sowing into the Spirit, through divine and radical Light entering in, for Conviction, Illumination; thereby to make the Conversation more pure and shining, which hath been wrought from the belief of that Testimony, left by these holy ones, who were immediately inspired with the Anointing. Upon which, to this day, there hath been a total and full resting, as if God had nothing more to reveal to all eternity to any. Which is not so. For the Scriptures, (or rather the Spirit of them) did point out in them to a greater reserve of Spirit, that was to be poured forth. But till then, saith one in his Epistles, Ye do well to take heed, as to a present measure of Light, which in this long and cloudy day seemeth great and lustrous; But there is a Star to rise out of your own Hearts, that may outshine all, that hath gone before, if you watch to it. The Vision may there speak, though it hath been hitherto silenced, and that partly through unbelief; but the same Spirit of Revelation shall much more in this last Age revive again. For through Grace and Love deeply imprinted, it is given me to believe in another rising Day of the Spirit, according to old and new Prophecies. Some breakings forth hereof are already witnessed. And that we might have further grounds of hope, who do fly hereunto for fresh teachings and discoveries of the Mind of God; I did see a Vision of a bright oriental Star, which did spring, as out of the low center of the Earth, at which I marvelled, and I called one to rejoyce with me to see the Effects of this rising Star: as also another Person to the view hereof, I did with joy call in. And we beheld it, till it did enlighten the whole Earth with its Beams: which it did cast forth, as if it had been the Body of the Sun.

The last Vision of the Star explained.

This sweet Manifestation, this divine Opening or Vision was granted to me to view, that so the end, why it did appear, might be known. First it was shewed me, that as the Wise Men did see in order to the Birth of Christ in the Flesh, his Star rise, and go before them, till they came to Jerusalem; even so this Star did in its rising signifie the mighty Birth of the Spirit, which would open through the Womb of the earthly property. Where the Spirit hath been long buried, and its Glory clouded as in the dark gross Body of sensual Corporeity; but it will verily work it self through. And the more wise and excellent in Spirit shall first see it, and feel its rising effects upon themselves, as their Birth-Star. Which shall multiply unto the seventh Number: which only qualifies to stand within the Circle Throne of the Most Holy. The seven Stars which are mentioned to be held in the hand of Jesus, your mighty Prince of Peace, are to be distributed as the Badge, or Inscription, of such as shall be so perfected for a free pass into the Jerusalem-glory; there to be in Oneness with him, without robbery to their Kingly Priest, in all his Thronely Principality: and to be added to the enrolled numbers of the Ancients, which are come to be Victorious over the World, through great Tribulation. So ye will be followers of him, through this Rising Star.


July the 17th. 1677.

The Seven Ascending Steps.

This Morning the Living Word spake in me, Thou dost not yet sound the meaning, and depth of that, which is further to be understood of the Residue of the Spirit; but I am come to search, and give thee further knowledge herein. As thus, the Golden Cask of this Rich Oyl hath been in part let forth: seven Pipes for the venting hereof, are as an Emblem to present the seven Spirits, that hereout do proceed. Now well observe, how many of these Spirits have been drawn out of the Golden Vessel, which represents the Body of the Deity, either in the foregoing or present Age; and you will see, what is come, and what is yet more to come, till the seventh Number be finished. First consider the Prophecies, and Promises, how they run in the Scripture Roll. The Spirit is distinguished with seven Properties, or Operations, and Working-powers; each of these Spirits hath their Office and Ministration, as dividing to each one in the Body of the Spirit, according to the measure of the Gift of Christ.

As First, The Promise of Grace and Supplication is to empty out it self.

Then a Spirit of Love, Joy, and Peace is the Second.

Thirdly, a Spirit of Consolation, of Prophesie {Prophecy}, and Revelation.

Fourthly, A Spirit of Counsel, and Sound Mindedness.

Fifthly, A Spirit of Truth, Wisdom, and Knowledge.

Sixthly, The Spirit of Faith, for Healing Internally, and Externally, and doing thereby Miracles of all kinds.

The Seventh, This is a Creating Spirit, that goeth forth to give Being and Existency to what seemeth not to be; it works on this hand, and on that, and yet nothing, which is inferiour unto it self, can it see. It works all in a silent still way: what it speaks, it effects; and what it effects, speaks forth what it is. It needs no Orator to go before it, to declare from whence this Holy Breath of Almighty Power doth move; it resteth where it will, yet unseen; yet felt, known, tasted to good purpose, where-ever it abides, it being the head principle Spirit that governeth and sendeth out the foregoing Spirits, and uniteth them into one entire Spiritual Body. Now, said the Most Holy Inspirator, I have here shewn to you the seven Ascending Steps, by which you must come up to your Mansion Glory, to your Throne Dominion; to be what you were designed for to be from before all Worlds. Come now, and see what process {progress} you have made hereunto, and how many Degrees ye have taken. Comforted ye may be, who do ascend up here together in Faith; though many attempts, and that strong ones, have been to pull you down, and to prevent your further ascent. But be strong, and resolute this day, from that Power already received; that you may go up, and stand upon that last paved stone of Wisdoms Strength, and Might. Which will bring Majesty and Honour to you; but Horror, Confusion, and Shame to what ever hath sought hence to draw, and plunge you in with them, into the dark center of this dismal Sphere. The which evermore fear, and avoid as the Dragon’s Cell, where he loves to dwell.


July the 18th. 1677.

This day much Refreshment from the bright beaming Countenance of my beloved Lord, through free Converse with him, came thereby to my Spirit. My Spirit being moved to plead propriety, in what the Father had given unto him. Whom after the way of Spiritual sight, I did behold a smiling Face, looking through a ray, like to the Sun; and a voice spake, I will see you Face to Face, that you may hear my Voice: then will your Joy be daily full. Then this word I did hear, It is well you now do believe, that all Spirit and mighty Power is with me, to provide for those whom my Father hath given me in charge. I am no engrosser to my self of this Jerusalem Treasury, but do will, that ye should be joint-heirs with me, in the same Body of Glory. But it is the vehement, strong, thirsty Ones, who can draw out that Life, which I now do live in, and that in the highest degree of Perfection. Which makes me stand up in the Head fountain-capacity to impower Gifts of great consequence, according as you are able to partake of them. Oh that you would lie close in your Spirits, to that Breast which is in pain, by reason of its fullness, till it hath emptied it self, with the sweet lusciousness of the Gospel Milk. When tasted, it will make you be always lingering and strongly desirous hereof. The office of my Spirit is like a true and faithful Nurse, to lay and to give the Mouth of your Eternal Born-Spirit hereunto; but then of it self it must draw, and ye must not be discouraged, though at first, it doth not come so flush. But some pains must be taken by you in this spiritual Exercise, before the Breast of Life will open fluently: But when herein you have once got the victory, the Bottles of Heaven, will run free, emptying forth the very Marrow and Strength of the Deity. What else think ye, can make great, strong, and powerful in the Divine Nature, but this very Life-substance, which by the Mouth of the Spirit, highly magical is constantly attracting? Then will ye be answered, in what you have been so long in Soul-travel {travail or labor} for.


July the 19th. 1677.

This word was with me early in the Morning, Pass on ye Worthies of the Lord, through all measures of my Spirit, till you come to all seven Degrees. Rest not in the shallow parts or streams, before ye come to float in the place of the Broad-waters, where the Spirit will be to you unmeasurable. For though it is an undiscernable Strength, yet in it lieth the whole omnipotent Force both of saving and destroying, creating and nullifying. This Power will be inherent in them, upon whom the seven united Powers shall rest, and dwell. Which indeed will make you excell the very Angels, as to dignifying Power, which never was their natural Dowry, as it was yours in the beginning; but that you have lost, through sin and earthliness entering in, which hath made you thus feeble, impotent, and weak, that you can do nothing, till these my seven Spirits do come, each one gradually in their course, to renew your Strength, through the mutual Concurrence of your Wills. Which to me, I your Lord do own, you have given in. Therefore my Spirit, I am moving upon the Face of your inward Deep, till the whole Mystery of the Celestial Figure shall again be restored. Therefore I am calling the Eye of your Minds inward, that so ye may take knowledge, how many steps you have gone up to this Throne, and so be encouraged to pass forward. You are arrived to the third measure, which is the Spirit of Prophecy and Revelation: here is a pleasant standing, because you have Prospects of the unknown Scenes of Glory; great advantage is from hence, because you do live in the divine Ideas of what is contained in the invisible Sphear. Yet far be it from thee, to take up rest here, or like Moses for to die in journeying to the Land, where the New Jerusalem doth stand. Yet four Ministrations higher there are, which have been seen in the Mount of Vision. Who then now as high descended Spirits, will in mighty Faith attempt them, and renounce what ariseth of fear and doubt? As Faith and Love are the Wheels that do hither bring, so fearfulness and unbelief do the Wings of the Mind bind down. Oh how slow of Heart have you been to believe, what of these Ministrations hath been so frequently prophesied by my Spirit? Come forward on, and put forth that little grain of Power, which you have already in your selves, and see what you can make hereof. The more you act it forth, the more it will encrease. For as the Ministration of immediate Revelation doth more clearly immerse you into the Knowledge of what is unknown: So the Mystery of the highest degree of Faith must necessarily therefrom begin to work, and that in such a way, as may be a sealing to what is revealed for Manifestation. For a let into invisible Species of things cannot but quicken up Faith, and make it strong in God: by which it may easily, yea most naturally act, and go forth in miraculous Deeds; for Confirmation to others of what, by a bare Testimony will not be believed in, a Residue of Spirit. For this is also surely reserved, which is the sixth step to Sions Glory. But before this can be perfected in any one, that do look Here for it, they must be of a through grown experience in the Life of Revelation. These Gifts will not come down by sudden rushing showers, as it was in the Apostles times. But henceforth they will be Consequents, which will follow those, who do gradually grow up from the very Birth-day of the Spirit into all the sublime Perfections of Holiness, as their constitution into a Christ-like Nature. For it is the Root of that Heavenly Matter, from whence Gifts of this kind do proceed, and will in such pure and sanctified Vessels be inherent. For they only stand in the Light, Counsel, and Will of the Trinity, ready to obey and execute his Will, here on Earth; as the Angels of the Presence, who truly and faithfully do go forth in the Light, Power, and Force of the seven Spirits: whose Fortitude it is to secure from all the wrathful Conspiracies, which are in this evil World.


July the 20th. 1677.

This day upon a foregoing Word, which opened it self in me, as we were met together to breathe the Life to each other, a superadditon thereof was given me. The word was from that of Jesus, crying in the great day of the Feast, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink; then out of their Bellies shall flow Rivers of Living Waters, (speaking of the Spirit.) The Jews Feast being the Feast of Tabernacles, was highly at that day solemnised; from which the Lord did take an occasion to invite to another manner of Feast, presenting himself as the principal Dish to feed upon, and Well of Life to draw the Waters of Salvation from. It was again revived to me in this word, You are come to the festival day of the Spirit. Set by it, esteem it: spare not to take your fill. Tell me, Oh ye that beloved are, what from this Heavenly Table, where all variety of Spirit is, what is most relishable to your Heavenly Palate? Had not I known you to have been in the vehement hunger and thirst after that Food which is all Spirit and Life, you should never have drawn near to my Table. For to others this kind of Fare has been little understood, or tasted of; and therefore not desired. It is the pure Birth of the Spirit, that can only live upon that, which is Spirit: as none can know the things of God, but the Spirit; so none can taste God, but what is born of God. What else did your Lord Jesus live upon, during the time of his abiding in the Humanity, but the Essential Power of the Deity? He still drew it in, as the Invisible Bread of Life, which he had to eat that the World knew not of. Now said the Spirit unto me, It will be to you, according to what you believe or thirst for, or after; whether for the Milk, or the strong Meat of the Spirit. For this is called the Feast of the Spirit, because it multiples it self into Corn, Wine, Oyl, Milk, Honey, Marrow, and Fatness. There is nothing that can be named for refreshing and strengthening, which the Spirit of Jesus doth not afford to the strong in Faith. Then again a further Information was given, concerning the Ministration of Revelation; that though this Mount of Divine Vision, was not to be for ever the fixed Rest, of such who are under such a Dispensation, which must be owned as a high and rich Prerogative; Yet warning I had this day, hereupon, still to wait. For the Spirit did expressly speak, that we were come, but to the shallows of that unmeasurable Deep: our Feet did but yet stand upon the Golden-sea brim, and that we must yet abide a while upon this Christalline Shore, till launched into the deep Ocean of all Manifestation and Knowledge, of what is within the Vail. Where all things of the Temple Glory are to be seen, not as in Metaphors or Figures, but in their own express Beings, as the heavenly things themselves. Then through the Oracle-ear, this word did sound to me, Ye have not yet known, what it is to be wholly contracted into the Spirit; that is, as if you were without a Body of animal sense, and changed into an unmixed Body of Spirit. For thus it was with John, when he saw and talked with the Alpha and Omega. Then the word of Jesus was made good to him; as one of them, who did not see death, till he had seen the Son of Man in Majesty, coming in the New Jerusalem Glory. But this he could never have beheld, if he had not been changed, for the time being, into a Spirit. which had so penetrated through his gross material Body, as that he knew himself only in a Body of Light. Therefore he called it the Lord’s Day; such a day, as the dark Night of an earthly Body must fly away from: For it could not abide when though, but in the Vision of so immense a Glory, that dispersing itself so variously into the Images of what, so long had lain unseen. Even so verily deeper may be your entrance into the Heavens to hear and see, what there is reserved, as your Dowry, among those High-Throne Principalities, which John did see. Fear not, I say, through this bright day to pass; though the night of your Body of earthly Sensuality shall by degrees pass away. Care not to hazard all that; so as ye may be taken up still in the Visions of the mighty Alpha, where new Scenes of Glory may open to you daily.


July the 21st. 1677.

As we were in Prayer met together, this word passed through me, which plainly thus spake: These are the wrestling Spirits, O Father, that will not let me be at rest, till they have possessed the Kingdom with me. This word did not a little revive me, and added a renewed strength to urge the more full Manifestations of this Kingdom; and that we might still our force unite, who have been hitherto so prosperous in our way through recourse by prayer. Which being done in Faith, hath great and mighty influence with God.


July the 22d. 1677.

This Morning I had this further Presentation pourtraid {portrayed} out to my Internal Eye, The Figure of a Fleshly Heart with many Eyes, and a Mouth, from whence issued out a white Stream like a Breath. From which it was said, draw near, and receive in what floweth out here, which I assaid {tried} to do magically, as well as I could. Then when I was come to my inward understanding Spirit, to know what this might signifie, This word did pass through me, This Breath is thy Spirits Meat, by which ye are to live day by day.

This Vision contained very much in it: which was made out, as it was cast up, and called over again in my Mind, a fresh teaching being herefrom given unto me. How this was the new Heart, which would be as the Well of deep Waters in whomsoever it was fixed. Many were the worthy Properties, which do belong to this Heart: For it was the Figure of the very Heart of God the Son, lively described in the rising Magia. Then were the several Working-Powers and Properties manifested unto me; and I was also made to understand, what I never before did sound. For it was whispered to my inward Ear, saying, Thou little thinkest, or perceiveth what lieth concealed within these Triangles. An immense Treasury is here couched: Who can fathom his own heart, much less this, which is so all-seeing?

Now to give the several Properties of the Heart, full of Eyes.

First Property. No slumber doth happen on them at any time. For slumbering and sleepy Eyes argue a state of weakness; but these are perfect Eyes, strong Eyes, in their full strength and clarity.

Second Property. They are watchful Eyes, waking Eyes; looking every way unto the heights above, and down to the depths beneath, and to the breadths, and lengths of what in all the World are seeable.

Third Property. These Eyes are discerning, and piercing Eyes: The wonderful excellency of these Eyes is this, because their faculty is to pierce into things so, as nothing can be hid or concealed from them. This all-seeing Heart, was with the Prophets of old; from whence they were called Seers. When Gehazi would have hid from Elisha, the gifts of reward received from Naaman; saith Elisha, went not my Heart with thee? There is no hiding from the Eye of the Heart. Samuel from this inward sight could tell Saul, that his Asses were found, and how that he was designed for a more weighty business, than to look after them; having the matter of a Kingdom to propound to him from the Lord.

Fourth Property. The Eyes of this Heart are clear, single, pure Eyes, and purged from every Mote; It is the peculiar property of this Heart to see God: and this Heart hath a Mouth in it to speak from; and it speaks to the Most Holy: and it hath an Ear to hear also therefrom. So that it is both a seeing, hearing, and speaking Heart; therefore God sets a value upon such a good Heart. Such a Heart Caleb had, and David had: which Heart much answers to God’s own Heart; for it is God’s own Heart, in man’s Heart. As it was said by one, We have the Mind of Jesus: it is as if he had said, we have the Heart of Christ. Therefore the New Covenant runs all upon a New Heart: God’s Heart, in man’s Heart, making man’s Heart a New Heart. All the Revenue of Eternal Life is Entailed upon what issues from a renewed Heart; made new from God’s Heart, indwelling in man’s Heart. Here verily you are come to the grand business; for what the whole tenure of all Prophecies and Promises points out unto, is to this seeing, hearing, and speaking Heart: as it belongs to the New Creature, which is God’s Heart in man’s Heart, making it a new Heart. For God’s Heart, or Christ’s Heart, is the warm Life-motion, that floweth through man’s own inward Heart. Thus God’s Heart in man’s Heart, makes man’s Heart a new Heart, and a good Heart: and makes man’s Heart a seeing, hearing and speaking Heart. When man’s Heart is made single, clear, and pure, purified from every mote of imperfection, and from all sin and self; then it can see God, and hear God, and speak to God. For it hath the Heart of Christ in his own purified Heart. David foresaw the worth of such a Heart, when he so earnestly prayed, for the creating a clean Heart in him. It is a mere act of Creation, by first raising or putting forth a power to dissolve the old dark earthly stony Heart: which the new Heart of Christ must come in the place of. For there cannot be any agreement betwixt them, while they are together. For till the old Heart is worn out by degrees, Oh, what strife, war, and contention is between them, so long as the earthly part can hold it out, (as is found by the Saints experience) till the Heart of Jesus comes fully to be fixed in the old Heart. Then from the sight of Christ’s Heart-Eye in our new Heart, the pure Life will stir essentially: and such Spiritual Motions will spring, as great Peace, Love, and Joy will come in upon you, as a bubbling Water of Life.

Fifth Property. From Christ’s Heart in a good Heart made good, the new World, and the Nature of Paradise is placed there; and this new World is always provoking the good Heart by internal Species of Heavenly things, generated therefrom, answerably to what the Mind is employed upon, and raised up into. As in an old unregenerated Heart, this earthly World is placed in the midst of it, provoking the Mind with those earthly species that riseth from it to a close with them: So here, new Ideas arise, and are abundantly brought forth from the Divine and Heavenly World, placed in a new and regenerated Heart. Which the Spirit of a good Heart feeds upon miraculously, while this Worldly Heart doth see nor taste nothing hereof. So strong, so high are Zion’s Walls that are built for these holy Hearts, that no groveling Spirits, nor low earthly Hearts can taste any thing of their Seraphick Life. Whose natural soil it is to live like the Hearts of Beasts, breathing after their perishing Fodder, and sensual Pleasures; but this Heart from Jesus in a Regenerated good Heart is created for better things. It knows its own true temperature to be such, as can no more lust after, what is terrestrial. Because it hath been so much touched upon by the Divine Flames of the most Holy Altar. Because also it hath been so often impressed from the sealing Powers of the Deity. Whose breath doth so strongly move, as to maintain upon the good Heart a pleasant soft Fire, burning as a signal Witness, that a Sacred Presence liveth there, for whom is provided the best of Celestial Chear. Also because the creating Word may still renew, a fresh Life, with all its secret, and unknown Retinue of pure Spirits, that may be refreshing to the solitary: who indeed have made their choice to live in the Heart of Jesus, till with their inward Eyes they have spied, where that only massy Gold-stone of all-working Powers doth lie. Which is only sounded by these Hearts: but to raise up this all-golden Power is not found out by them, till they are come to have more innate Union and Communion with this Heart. For by virtue of their Co-Union, there will be co-working. For thus it was betwixt God and Christ; there was but as one Heart betwixt them, in which they did in all things agree. From whence it was said, hitherto the Father doth work, and I work: that was by a mutual agreement, going out in acts of Power, from deep Counsel and Wisdom, as foreseeing all events of things. So it will be between Christ and a Christian: when they have co-union of Heart, then there will be co-operations together between Christ and a Christian. Co-union of Heart, is when Christ’s Heart dwells in a Christian Heart, and the Heart of a Christian is one in Union with Christ’s Heart. Then will follow intimate communion, and co-operations in harmony together.


July the 23d. 1677.

This word run through me, as a burning stream, saying, Seek, make out with all speed for a Partnership with this perfect, and all-powerful Heart. For it will not only discover a Spiritual Substance by a Reflective Light; but it will give an Inherent being in it self. Hence it is that Wisdom’s Pearly Stone doth shine, and hence all her Divine Magia doth work: Let it not stagger thee, that little hitherto thou couldst do as to works of Eminency, that might demonstrate the Heart-Power of the Deity. See what wanting hath been; the Heart of Jesus as a Seal must be set upon thine, that what is his, may be thine in an absolute propriety. Such an innate Life of Conjunction will be of most wonderful consequence. Consider now then and know, nothing is more expedient, than to be found in this most perfect and all-seeing Heart, that all you do may be wrought herefrom. Then further it was testified, that it was not the sudden flights of the Spirits up into this Heart, which would do or perfect the remainder of what was to be finished. For in that, there might be an uncertain motion; as our own Hearts sometimes being up, and then again down: by reason of which so little hath been brought to pass. For a steady Heart and Mind is Wisdom’s Pavilion where she dwelleth. Therefore this caution and word of Counsel, the Spirit did give, that when carried up at any time by the Spirit, into the Heart of Jesus, there to fix for ever, and there to abide, till so knit as Twins of Hearts to grow up together in; then Powers and Gifts there will spring.


July the 24th. 1677.

The word of Admonition was given unto me: Take heed unto the Spirits Doctrine, and continue steadfast in the things, which ye have learned, and have been assured of, knowing of whom ye have received them.

From these words it was shewed me, that it was not sufficient that we were under the distillings of the Spirit-doctrine to drink it in, so as to let it pass away again; but this word of Truth was to dwell, and to be deeply rooted in us, as it is brought forth into a plain discovery, by way of Precept. For in this day, the Word of the Lord coming to any one immediately, is so rare and precious, that God looks that they whom he shall herewith favour, should more than ordinarily set by it: and wisely observe, and make great improvement of this more excellent Ministry. For every slight neglect, or disobedience is weighed over, as done against the Love, which not being answered by the fruits of Love again, will cause the Spirit to retire to its own center. Therefore henceforth live by every word that shall proceed from the Spirit.

This Counsel did very much reach my Soul, engaging all the Faculties of my interiour Mind, lest at any time I should let slip any word so expressly spoken unto me from the Spirit; for it is Love and Grace, worthy of all acceptation. And I must own it is good dwelling under the droppings of this Fruitful Bough, which is loaden {laden} with all sweet Honey-dews; that no sooner are touched with the twig of Faith, but the Eye of the Heart is both enlightened, and is therewith highly refreshed, as with its true natural food. Therefore One, many Ages past, experienced this, when he cried out, Oh how sweet are thy words unto my taste, yea, sweeter than honey unto my mouth. The respect that the Most Holy, and Worthy Ones will have for this Living Testimony, will be evidenced by a disrespect and a real disgust to whatever, is not given out from a fresh anointing. For the Right-born Spirit trieth all by its taste; it can know old stores that has not that juicie Life and vigour in it: like Fruits that have been long plucked off from the Tree, or like a Flower that hath lost its true Life-scent, by being cut off from the springing Root; and so both Fruits and Flowers, though once fresh and good in their proper time, yet when laid up, and their moisture gone, and dried up, are no longer so. And this is well known and discerned by such a Spirit, as has liberty to go into the Vineyard, and Garden of God to pluck fresh, and gather according to present spending. And although there has been a living upon an old Store laid up, yet know it is not to be so always. The seven years Famine of the Precious Word, and Ministry of the Spirit is come to an end with some already. Who have made use of it for those ends designed: which was to sow their ground with it, and that by the hand of the true Seedman, the Spirit, who hath made choice of good and well-prepared ground to cast in that, which will, bring up a fresh Crop of Spiritual Plants, and so still. As it was in an inward Idea shewn me, A Field of Corn, when ripe, it sheds it self into the same ground, out of which it sprang, and so renews Food again: Even so the Eternal Grain of the Living Word sowes it self, and thereby we have it fresh in all its springing variety. Now who once have a Seed of a right kind, and a Ground or Holy refined Mould, choicely separated from all vile and earthly mixtures, they may promise themselves such a wonderful rich encrease, as thereof not only to feed the Mouths of their own hunger, but may furnish others with this Life-bread, which springeth out from this Celestial Grain. Which will not come up barely as it enters into the pure soil, but it will be still shooting up and altering it self till the gross Body of it be changed into a more excellent property: even so the Celestial Grain sown in good Ground will not come up bare Grain, but it will bring up with it the Stalk of Plenty and Fruitfulness with it self, even the one Stalk with seven ears; which number signifieth the seven Spirits before the Throne in which subsists Perfection.


July the 26th. 1677.

I saw in the Night Vision, a Measuring Line, and it was in the hand of a Child, who hereby was to fathom a deep Ocean. Over which some were designed for to pass, and were commanded to follow this child, clothed in white Linnen, in a swimming posture without fear. For there would be no danger, so long as the child, with the measuring Line, went before us, as our Guide. Then answered my Spirit, I am not skillful to swim over such deep Waters, as these are, and how may we trust our selves with one, that seemeth to be of so little stature as that of a Child? Then when I came to consider of the Vision, I was made to understand the meaning of it: Why a Child must be the Guide and Leader of such, as were to swim from one measuring deep to another; till they had reached to stand upon the Rock, where the everlasting hidden Power was. Then said the Word, know thou herefrom, that it pleaseth the Ancient of Days to take up the form of a Child, to shew there must be all Innocency, and Passiveness, no resistency nor repugnancy of Will for contradiction. God will fill such with a Spirit unmeasurable, and make them skillful Guides to launch the Ocean deep, to fathom the secrets of the Immense Treasury: None can be Swimmers here, but such as little are, who are come back to a Child-state. All that are within this Compass of the Measuring Line, are ruled to search out, what its Length shall give forth day by day. For that Ancient Spirit, which was said, did move upon the Face of the Waters to bring forth the first Creation, doth now move through a Figurative Body of a Child-like Spirit, to fathom that Wisdom, Knowledge, and Power, as may bring forth the New Creation. Which is to be more splendorous, than all foregoing Monarchies, which have been known in all Worlds. From this then learn who they are, that shall be greatest in Trust, Power, and Dominion; and who are to have the Golden Line of the Spirit committed to them: even the Child that is clothed in white Innocency. Of which Child-like Spirit, you are taught hereby to be.


July the 31st. 1677.

This Night I dreamed of a Person, that was unknown to me, who came, and put a Piece of Money in my hand, and said, go with this, and recover that Estate that hath been so long kept out of thy hand. I was much taken with the kindness of this Stranger; and as I was considering how to effect it, I awaked. And thereupon found my Spirit, in a dispose for Prayer, breathing forth according to the present sense that was upon me; and indeed it was a mere Ghost-like Power that moved me, and made request freely in me. After this my Spirit sunk down into a deep immersement, with somewhat of a high Celestiality: that I felt as a covering upon me, which drowned all my outward sense. During which time, the Heart which I had formerly seen as in a fleshly Mold, was now presented with a Golden Case on it. Which was some few days past intimated, or called by the name of a Caul of the Heart. Upon which I had several matters of importment glanced in upon me, which this Morning were more clearly made out in the Divine Magia. This Heart thus clothed upon, was presented in a wakeful Vision, as the piece of money was in my natural sleep, and I heard this word, saying, Oh, here is inclosed within this Heart, that which will fetch back all those riches of eternal substantiality, which was forfeited into the hands of the great Landlord, who is Owner, and Possessor of Heaven and Earth; and is relapsed ever since Adam’s day. Which none from his time could ever buy out the full and perfect Revenue hereof, till a Marriage Union was entirely made with this perfect Heart. Which was thus further amplified by the Spirit, That the Heart was of it self to be considered, distinct from the Caul, so figured out in a fleshly form, as it first did appear unto me. Which signified the gift of the new-born Heart, for softness ready to take in what Impressions, the Creator would make upon it. Meekness and Gentleness being the matter of its Composition, its Element which it liveth in, is the Water of Life: from whence the Pulse thereof doth beat and work. It swims in its fire-spark of Life in Shiloh Streams of all Love and Joy; and so it is suckled with the meek Water of Christalline Purity. Which rendereth it meet for to be the Eternal Virgin, that reviveth again in Mother Eves place. Somewhat of the Root of the first Created Matter, being left in Adam’s Line, and Posterity: which, in some, who are foreknown in the Love-decree, will have it awakened, and thereby obtain it through strong Attraction, which can never cease working through internal violation. Which indeed proceedeth from the Fountain-Heart of Jesus, that now stands in the room of the degenerated Adam. Who by dividing from the Heart of God, had lost his spiritual force and might for communication of Goodness to his Off spring. So that there must of necessity be found another way of conveyance, to feed and supply the awakened Hunger, which is very mystically introduced in. None can any thing thereof discern, but such as are centered in the very Life-vein of the Holy Trinity: from whence the true feeling and feeding is known. The Talent that Christ makes mention of is thus to be understood. A spark of Celestial Life is to be found in the Embers of Naturality in us: which being sought out, and found, and separated from what would have extinguished it, then becomes desirous of an Inkindling. For if it abides alone, it will die: therefore it would attract a help for to maintain its Life, which is only to be had from the pure Altar-coal. Which must alone feed and increase this Spirit of Fire-life, which mutually co-works in order to the great design of a Christ-like Perfection, which fallen man is to be raised again to the enjoyment of. Now this word, with great Power was spoke unto me: be ye, whose Sparks of Fire are added to your Persons, by the inspiring breath of Al-mightiness, still so industrious as to recruit, and gather in, what hath been (even before you were visibly existing) unadvisedly run out, and lost of this weighty Substance. Which I, the Spirit of Jesus, am come to tell you is yet recoverable: as you do stick and cleave to me in that all-furnished Heart of most purified Properties. Then I your Golden Case, as a defence will be, to secure your springing Treasure within that Heart-excellency, which will advance you to a much more higher state than that of the first Adam’s degree. Oh, how will it make for the Praise of the Head-Power, and Prince of this New Creation to rake out of the dark Embers of Terrestriality, such sparkling Diadems of Glory? Therefore ye holy Ones, this is well worthy of your pursuit. For what a dignity will it be for you, not only to recover in, what your first Father Adam lost, but to come into an Augmentation in a Spiritual State? And as you are now sunk down so many degrees below the Paradisiacal Life, to your shame and great debasement: so by virtue of this renewed Heart, annexed to the Golden Caul as its Habitation, ye shall rise seven Steps beyond whatever your Predecessors knew in Paradise. For had they stood, but in this Innocent Hearts Unity, they should have known greater tranquility in a God-al-sufficiency, and would have been more satisfied in an open Vision of Glory. Oh, my Lord, thou bringest wonderful things to Light: and hast added hereby a new Life to our Hopes; therefore we will be encouraged, onward to proceed, this perfect Heart for to attain. Which is to be separated from all Hearts, that are centered in the gross Sensuality: and which are circled about with the Gall of bitter Enmity unto thy Nature; which is all Gentle Meekness, and Seraphick Purity.


August the 1st. 1677.

THIS Morning there was presented to me, being the first of August, with some other Ideas: Three distinct Hearts. The one was a dark stony Heart, it looked like a piece of Flesh, that was dead and rotten; upon which did fasten many grievous Serpents, that fed upon the flesh thereof. Then I saw another Heart, that had all the pleasant aspects of a Face, with Wings fastened by the Ears: wherewith it did fly away from the dismal Heart, up to another Heart, that was fixed in a bright Orb; it being all in Clarity, sending forth streams like Gold to relieve the other Heart, which did fly unto it. And it was said in my hearing, These are the Streams that shall for ever make glad thy Heart: because thou hast from the Vile Heart fled away. Here is Life-food for thy Heart everlastingly, therefore with it stay.


August the 7th. 1677.

As I was casting up in my Mind the necessitous state that all mankind was plunged into, and why it should be, that there was no difference made, as to the Just and Unjust, but it fell alike to both, as to all external things: Nay, that the Unregenerate did much more abound with all this worlds goods, than those who were of the Spirits-birth: I found a great dissatisfaction in my self, why Infinite Wisdom should so permit it; seeing that those who are of a sober, mortified, and watchful Carriage, Life, and Conversation, should not have the Soveraignty and Lordship over what in this Principle might serve their more superiour Life. Hereupon I sunk down into the quietness, expecting some Resolve might hereunto be given. Which by a certain Dialogue betwixt two, I was given somewhat of the mystery hereof to understand. The One of these two appeared in a bright AEtherial Cloud, in Person: the other in a Humane Shape, but all like putrefied flesh, unsound, of an Egyptian hue or colour. Oh see, cried the Bright One, into what a strange degenerate Life-being art thou become? What makes thee come so near to face me, who am in a clear Body, that can have no fellowship with such dark Bodies? Then spake that deformed One, which was the Prince of this World, I have assumed this Body of Deformity, of which it was promised, thou great Prince of Might, Glory and Majesty, shouldst set free out from the impairing element, which hath brought all this uncomliness. Then spake the high One, What further hast thou to charge me with? Go forward on. For I know thou art come to upbraid the Son of God. Then rowsed up the Accuser like a Lion bold, and thus wise did speak: Oh thou great Melchizedeck, where is the effect of thy Redeeming Blood, as to release from this vile Body, that is obnoxious to all Maladies, as to Complaints of Penury, and Distresses? Even whereof, those that are given to thee, no more be exempted, than the Children of my Kingdom. Nay, they are necessitated to come often times for succour and supplies to relieve their exteriour part: or else their very animal life might fail and die. Entitled thou art indeed to be that Shepherd, which careth for thy Sheep: but they are found stragling, and shifting up and down, even for their temporary sustinance. They are apt to crave among those of my Fold, who do make no pretence to any thing, which is brought in by the Spirit of Faith. Such who are of my Lineage, go upon a more sure way, prospering by their industry day by day; they, as the Palm Tree, do flourish, and spring through all Toyl, and do wait and so become Honourable, and great in the World. While thine, as poor Abjects, are the scorn and derision of all my Kingdoms. Preferments debar’d from them; they have looked long for the day of Jubilee, when they should return to their great Lordships and Dominions: but nothing hereof is yet seen. Even they, who obtain the greatest Friendship with the Almighty, nothing hereof do yet come to know. Where is now then (if thou a Mighty God and Saviour art) any thing signal for the complainants, that are in distress in Bodies yet so grossly Corporeal? So that no distinction is made from mankind in common in any visible Power or Dignity. As to this, my Off-spring do much exceed thine. Therefore I need not fear, but my Kingdom will yet encrease, while thy little Flock are kept so low, poor, and needy in this Region. Here ended the Serpents expostulation with the Lord Jesus.


August the 8th. 1677.

The Reply of that Bright Spirit against whom the Charge was.

Oh Satan, thy Nature is to vilifie, and to strike with thy Scorpion Tail against my Head-soveraignty, pouring out Floods of Contempt; which do rebound back to thy self. Now to answer thee in all particulars of thy Charge.

First, As to thy assuming the Figure of that Vile Body, which is compacted all of putrefaction: for this thou dost upbraid me, that I do it not transform. Now though I stand not liable to give any account to thee of my Will and Pleasure herein; yet for the sakes of them, who have been hereinto inquiring in fear and humility, and have heard this thy severe Charge, I shall Answer. It is then Objected, As to that ignominious form of Corporeity, which the Fellow-heirs with me do bear: upon which a transmutation hath been expected, that yet no such thing doth appear, but they do still expire in all things like others.

Answer. There is good cause, why it hath been so hitherto; because the Fire-spark of the Deity hath not burnt through in any, for the consumption of the drossy part: meeting still with cold muddy damps, that have often choaked the Life-flame; which is cast in from thy ingendering property. Who, since Eves day, art upon the revenge to slay, and destroy that which remains of the Heavenly Matter. Thou hast had thy inrode, as a subtile Spirit, for to prove and tempt all of her Race; propounding this as an impossibility, ever to see corruptibility made sublime. Thou hast by thy craft thus raced {torn, snatched, erased} out that grain of Faith, that should produce this White Lilly Body. For my way of redeeming proceeds from within the Heart-center: Thereout my Birth-Life springs, and will ever display itself through Soul and Body in fiery streams. It is a deceit to believe, that I am come to redeem any other way. I shed my Blood to purifie and cleanse the inward ground; that so the godly Plant of Righteousness might grow thereout, whose clothing is of unchangeable Glory. For my own Life wrought it self thus through: while I was found in the earthly mould, the invisible Perfect thing could put transparency upon the elementary Body. So no other way can I bring any to my own transfiguration, but by the same inkindling, and by the Spirit springing up gradually. All of this kind will be understood, when the Wheel of the Will stands free, and unclogged of all the Serpents suggested incredulity tending hereunto. Who would have the Heart-purifying work evaded, and us to look for Redemption to come, as a violent shower to wash away the Vile Body at once; which is contrary to my working method. Whose internal Operation is to set free that, which is under great labour and strife, to get up to a flower of rich scented Glory. Against which, O Satan, great hath been thy despight {contempt, extreme malice, violent hatred}.

But now as to the Second Charge, That my sheep are put to their shifts: and how that I suffer them to be exposed to great necessities, so as to have their maintenance out of the Store-house of thy Kingdom, or else their corporeal Bodies could not be sustained. I answer, It is true, O Spirit of Subtilty, that mine are exposed to great sufferings and trials; or else how could they be conformable to me their Head? There are also many considerable Reasons, why for the present time it should be so. But this Weapon of thy Charge will turn against thy self. As,

First, If they were not to be included with the universality in the effects of that Curse, that came upon all Adam’s Line, thou, O Lucifer, wouldest have had something to have alledged, as to God the Righteous Judge; that he would be partial to a certain number, in securing them from all of this Worlds Calamity. Therefore the Father hath in Wisdom permitted it, that thou mayst have nothing to accuse the Just One, As in Job’s Case, thy envy was great, because he was perfect, and upright. And being but in a flourishing state, as to Honour and Riches, and all fullness from this Creation; What advantage didst thou take thereby? Remember that word, Does Job serve God for naught, is there not a hedge made up of all plenty and good things about him? So then if mine elect ones were not in common with thine, to take their lot, thou wouldst have whereof to glory in: But now thy mouth must be stopped, in that those, who belong to me are more deeply exercised in all suffering necessities, as daring to hunt after nothing of this Worldly Pomp. Whose Eyes see through all these contemptible things: And as they live in me, they are in seeing into another manner of Sphere, wherein their Portion is. Yet know, they shall lose nothing by their being humbled, through manifold distresses, and penury, while they are in Child-like submission, and have hereby accepted the chastisement, that is due to their lapsed state. All of which kind shall so operate, as to work out their freedom, when I have proved them by all the evil consequences of the Curse: so as that I may say, they have been tried through all Fires. For so it doth become mine all for to be, as weighty stones of Gold.

Then was this Discourse maintained in my hearing: my Lord still taking occasion to resolve my doubts, and satisfie my queries. This Word was uttered, But what thinkest thou, O proud Prince of this exteriour World, who so many Ages hast by thy Agents lorded it over my Heritage; If that thy time is near upon expiring? In that I shall call thee to an account, who hast abused thy Soveraignty. For all who have been intrusted by thee, have been cruel in their Arbitrary Government. So that Injustice, Oppression, Pride, Self-love, and Vain Glory have born the sway to this day. Therefore it is no marvel, that those who are as the Pearl in my Eye, have been in such distresses; and oft-times forced to gather up the scraps, which thy voluptuous Brood do let fall from their rich furnished Tables. This hath been long permitted, but now I am come to tell thee, that thy Lease of Years is near worn out, when thou must give up to me the Kingdoms of this World. Who will seek out such, as shall be after my own Heart; that shall reign over thee, and thy Hierarchy on this very Earth. Know such I have this very day in my Eye. Who are Meek, Patient, and Lowly, and who have been proved Job like, suffering the loss of all, that pleasurable has been as to this Worlds esteem. These have stood against all thy malice, and envy, which hath been poured out by Instruments so assumed by thee. These are those to whom the Dominion shall first come, and so by degrees run through, till this World shall be no more thy Region. For the Kingdoms of this World shall be given to the Saints of the Most High. Then thou and all thy sin-loyal subjects shall be ashamed and confounded; gnashing their Teeth, when they shall see thee put out of all power and authority. And those who have followed the Lamb faithfully through the Kingdom of Patience and Tribulation, shall be thus rewarded with Crowns each one, as from the anointing Power, consisting in the Holy Ghost. Whose day of Almightiness shall here be to the chosen known.


August the 10th. 1677.

This Vision was shewn me. I with another Person was ascending up towards a Mount, which was all green: and we were discoursing, if we could come up there, how we should then have escaped, what we saw cause to fear. For I did see many Vipers lie in our way; and one did seem to fasten upon the Heel of my Fellow-traveller; which I set my Foot on, and so escaped from it. And as we passing still on, after some space of time, there fell a dark Mist, so dismal as we could not see each other: which was very terrible to me, for we had lost each other; but I saw it dissipated, and the lost found again.

Upon this was opened unto me, in what danger we were. And it was said, Pray; for there is Cloud of Temptation, that hath already essaid {exerted its power}, that the work might be retarded.   Moreover this word was with me, Rise, O Abigail, with Wisdom and Might: and give out what thou art withal replenished; and thereby stop the ensuing Flood. For all things do conspire, from the Dark Kingdom, to keep you from finding the way to my Holy and Separated Choir. Therefore those dark Fumes and Smoak will rise, that so you might not find your way into that Munition-strength, where ye will be secured out of all Peril.


August the 18th. 1677.

After this I had a word followed me: crying still in me, Turn not out of the way of the Spirit. Which the Morning before was in the Scripture Phrase given to me, Walk in the Spirit, or else it will little avail you, to have transient visits from the Spirit, only to give counsel and instruction; if it be not in every jot and tittle obeyed. For walking implies that primarily. Then was it shewed to me, where, and what were the Walks of the Spirit. First they were walks very high and remote, and private. The Region or Climate was so pure, that no gross earthly Spirit could have any consistency with it. Then it was said again to me, that such Spirits could only live here, that had their first inkindled breath from this pure Element. And such as are born again out hence, can well agree with no other Air. These pleasant walks of the Spirit, are all very lofty: and those, who stand in the low bottom of this Principle, cannot see into that pure Sphere, nor yet be walkers there. For they are among pure Spirits, all of one sort, such as Joshua was to have the priviledge to walk amongst. If he would walk in the ways of the Most Holy, and keep his charge, and abide in the Inward court; The Angel protested, he would give him walks among those who stand by the Lord. Which was no small preeminence, thus to be among the Triune Society. Even so it was to me testified, That if we would but keep within the circle-walks of the Spirit, we should be conversant with the Trinity. And hereby it was said, we should escape the hurtful influences of those, who walk and live after the fleshly Birth. For what we are conversant withal, such we are: For whether Spiritual or Carnal, according to either, it leaves its impression readily. Therefore this word came expressly, Know and keep Company with your Bridegroom’s Spirit: That will bring you into high and worthy acquaintance indeed. Now then consider, ye stand now betwixt two Cross-ways: the one is on the Right-hand, the other on the Left; the one ascends, the other descends into this Worlds deep. Now there are those, who would keep their walks in both these ways; sometimes they would be soaring up to God’s Holy Mount, then descending into the Foxes holds, and dens, where all unclean Spirits are. And such as are of this sort will never make any riddance up to the Mount of Glory. Therefore this word of Loves advice I give, saith he, that is the way of Truth, to you who are called out of the Worlds walks; That you stedily keep your Eye, where the Spirit doth make his Tract for you; and that you do keep on your daily pace. Follow still the Measuring Line, that doth ascend strait upward. For there is no admittance herefrom to turn aside, because great loss will be sustained. To go backwards and forwards can produce nothing but wo and ill; For no progress can any such make in this Ascending State. And as these walks are high, so they are very private, and reserved. No evil Eye can espy the Roads of the Spirit. What of gross Corporeity can pierce into this bright burning Element, where the pure in Heart walk? A strong enclosure here is, so as no Beast of Prey can break in to disturb the solacements of serene Souls, that have got in here: they are secured by Cherubims, who hold out for their Guards Flaming Spheres, that so they may rest void of fear. Then as to the pleasantness of Walks, they are all smooth and plain. A sound bottom they tread upon, being all paved with solid Gold; which is so transparent, that its very reflexion gives light to walk by. Then again of each side, such Plants do grow, as are known by Name: They be most odoriferous, sending out such sweet perfumes, each Flower springing out of the Spirits Root; such as Joy, Peace, Love, Meekness, Gentleness, and Faith, with all tender Compassionateness, encreasing to all perfect Good. You may easily know, when you are in the right Walks, by these springing Fruits on either hand of you: and by the high Throne Powers here greeting you with fresh and new discoveries of their Kingdom’s Secrets. None that have walked here, can ever more desire to turn aside, because they can see, taste, and feel (in their degree) what the very Trinity can make them blessed in, from what they possess in themselves, as immense Joys that are unknown: of which some daily droppings ye will still meet with. For as ye do abide in the Spirits Habitation, worthy things ye may expect, which your Father doth secretly keep in his own Breast, as ye are made meet for them. To which end I will open a burning Spring within you: which through a soft breath of Celestial Air, shall maintain heavenly Clarity. Then will your God walk absolutely with you, and will be henceforth no Stranger to your Habitation. But then watch to it, that when he comes, he may find you waiting there, within that pure and all-indurable burning Sphere: sucking and drawing still in the fresh gusts of Endless Love, which may work up to a refining Element. Whereby Paradise that hath fled away from this Principle, may now again bud forth, and recover you out of the Curse. This is the very Way hereunto; therefore, saith the Just One, take all heed to keep in the Spirits Walks, as you would see that renewed state of Liberty, yet once again revealed in you.


August the 19th. 1677.

There appeared to me two Trees, the one in a Field, the other grew under the shadow of a mighty Tree, as in an enclosed place, with a Wall about it, that was all set for Fruit: the other was all blossomed, but on a sudden a shaking Wind came, and blasted the whole Tree, while I was viewing it. Then it was cried in my hearing, Transplant this Tree, or else never to Perfection will any Fruit come answerable to that Tree. Let it be fixed under the warm shade of the almighty Tree for fruitfulness. From this presentation I was given to understand somewhat, that answered to that matter of doubt, which was often raised in me, what was the Reason, that such a fair progress should be made of growth, in this Tree richly flowered from the very Life-sap with beauteous appearances. Which in way of similitude answers to the state of a Soul, that hath the Life-root in her; but its plantation being out of the warm shelter, standing bleak, and open to the sharp blasts, on every side cold storms beating upon it, cuts off the tender Blossom, which would come to substantial Fruit. This was shewn me to be the very cause, why so many holy good Trees of Righteousness, could not reach to the full grown Fruit, but withered off in the very prime of their spring. For by fruitfulness here, I was given to understand something above, and beyond a pure and lively Conversation, and a shining forth in those known Ornaments of Love, Joy, Meekness and Patience. These I may call the sweet scented Blossoms; here many a one stops, and goes no further on: but sheds them abroad. And then by the mortal Life commixing with the cold sharp Element of this visible Region, are they generally cut off, before any such high degree of all-fruitful Power is got up unto. As was expressed in former Ages, when their Fruit was apparent from the root of God’s Almightiness. Our Lord means this fruitful Birth of Power, when he telleth them of the absolute necessity of their abiding in him, as the Branch upon a Tree. As much as if he had said, ye can do no mighty Works, till you come to be brought under me, as that outspreading Tree of Life. If so, as he told his Disciples, ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, then ask what ye will, and it shall be done. From hence it may be truly inferred, that the eminent Fruitfulness, which God the Father may come to be glorified in, consists in a large and full ability to do and act such things, as Christ himself did in his assumed Humanity, who was a Tree of all kind of Fruitfulness. Now by this Vision, it was also thus given me to know, that the Tree, which did stand in the wild Field of Nature with a Fence, did well signifie the true Life-off-spring of the Most Holy, who might proceed to such a Degree. But while walking in the open bare Principle of this World, where Storms of all kind of Temptations would set on it, it is altogether improbable that any such could come to any ripe powerful Fruitfulness. Therefore the Voice did cry from the upper Spheres in Loves Compassion, for a Transplantation to be made; that so the designed fruitful Plants, might come for to be shaded under the great and mighty Lebanon-Tree. O, what less will this be, but a very Translation from one Principle to another, where Life of another kind will most naturally flow; not a weak, deficient, barren fruitless Life; but a strong, invincible, all-powerful Heart of Righteousness in the Faith-operation of the the mighty God. Who to this Tree shall make all Shrubs, and even Cedar Trees of the outward Principle to bow: when as your Branches shall sprout out with such Christ-like Fruitfulness. Suffer ye gladly then the gentle pluck, even by that good Hand, though ye are hereby severed from the very Root of this Earth. Because ye well see, that the Destroyer and Despoiler of all your desired Fruitfulness, lurks at the bottom of that ground, as a subtle Serpent, making new offers of Temptations to beguile you. Therefore the Holy Watcher cries still, fly away from his Inchanted Tree.


August the 20th. 1677.

I have great Soul-wrestlings about a restraint from the Broad Walks of the World. The former part of the Night I spent thus, being made sensible of the divine Pleasurableness of keeping to the narrow Track of the Spirit. I was then greatly thoughtful, how we that were, as in the midst of a thicket of wild thorny Briars, should pass out as untouched, to get into that privacy of walking with God, according to the late words of Counsel received from the Spirit; which word followed me still. In the midst of these solicitations that sprung in me, I was overset with a drowsiness upon my animal sense. And immediately I saw my own Person with another, got up a good height upon a mighty Bank, where some straggling Houses were; and we were minding to do and act some petty matters, and concerns in them. Of a sudden I looked down, and beheld a Sea at the bottom floating; and a Voice cried. Haste way {away}, for here is no stay. This Bank with all its Buildings will be overflown, when the Sea breaks in. With that I was afraid, and called to my Friend with me to draw up higher, for here was no standing for us, the danger was so imminent. Then was shewn to us, through some degrees of ascent, a place all plain, of each side railed in: into which we designed to make our way with all expedition. But the ground being parched, and bare, and slippery, we were constrained to stay each other by the hand; till we came to that pleasant Walk, which was so secured, as before was mentioned, where we were without fear. Then were we in another Region, all encompassed with a bright Element with two Globes, all with spangling Sparks about them: Which was a Vision so Glorious, as could not well have been born, if the bodily senses had not been suspended, that so the Spirit might actuate free in its own Specie. Whereby it may positively be concluded, that the activity of the corporeal Faculties are a great impediment to Divine Vision. Therefore taught I am, whenever I would attain any thing of this kind, that then I must be slain to the exteriour Imaginariness: and that an absolute Death is very meet in this case. For thereby the Spirit of the Mind is made free to slide down into its own Abyss, from whence it was, before it came into Nature.


August the 21st. 1677.

This Night I heard a Voice cry within me, I am Alpha and Omega: this is the Name by which I will be known unto thee. Which sound awaked me, and thereby quickened up all the internal Powers of my Mind to attend the meaning hereof. Which, as from a Spring, thus opened, That to know the Lord Christ by this name, would be of a very considerable advantage to us upon several accounts. For consider, what this Name carries and bears on it: signifying everlasting Power, Strength, and Fortitude. I am, saith he, not only to be known in my Weak, Ignominious, Suffering, Dying Name, but in my Living, All-powerful Name; especially to them, who are now to be raised up by me, to this state of Celestial Dignity, as to be anointed Kings and Priests to reign upon the Earth: Although it was necessary at the first conversion, and work of regeneration, that I should be known to you by my Name Jesus, for conformity to my death, There is an appointed time for this also, concerning which ye have witnessed; for if my Suffering, Dying, and Bleeding Name had not first past through you to cleanse you from sin, and thereby to obliterate the first Adam’s Name, ye could never have been capable of this new Name. Therefore I your Lord am not ashamed to say, I am he that was once dead, dying out of that corporeal weakness, that thereby I might recover my own ancient Name, which I had with the Father before the World was. Even so know that it was expedient, that you should know me, as in Union with me in this Name, though in Death, Dishonour, and Contempt; yet not still here are you to abide. For I am come to appear to you in that rising, glorified Name, that was from everlasting, which death could not cut off from me. It was only shut up in the immense Deity, till the Death for sins cause was finished. Which verily being victoriously overcome, behold I have put on that wonderful Name; That Secret hath been hid ever since the Creation in its lapsed state: but henceforth I will manifest, and open this mighty Name unto them, who have been incorporated into my dying Name, as a foregoing preparation thereunto. To such I will proclaim my Name Alpha and Omega, wherein is Love, Grace, Kindness, Goodness, Peace and Joy from first to last. Then again they shall know further Strength, Power, Victory, Salvation and Dominion through being baptized into this Name, which will be the effectual sprinkling with Life-power from the dead.


August the 22d. 1677.

Then was figured out the Morning following, somewhat that looked clear as Glass, or Water coagulated like Ice, which was of a dissolving matter, yet formed as into a square stone; with Letters of Gold upon it; and it was held out by a Hand breaking through a white Cloud. And this word came with it, Take eat this down, ye who have been made to drink into the Lamb’s dying Name: Whose right it is to take hereof, that it may mightily operate in you. Then said I, ah Lord, who can eat down, what is so hard congealed, this seems improper to be? This was answered from that Scripture, of John’s taking the Book out of the Angel’s hand, Rev.10. and was commanded to eat it down. Then was that Scripture repeated also John 6. Except ye eat my Flesh, and drink my Blood, ye cannot have Life by me; then was I convinced of the necessity thereof. For it was said, that this was the very White Stone, that had that New name which was Alpha and Omega engraven upon it. The Properties of which was not sufficient to be only revealed, and proclaimed to the understanding; for it would slide away therefrom again. Neither is it enough for to taste only by one transient Vision hereof, but let it be thy daily meat. For this Stone, though it appeared rocky and clear, yet to the Heart-mouth, it will be all candy and sweet, dissolving it self as it emptieth it self. Oh, then this did further arise from the anointed Name, which had poured in of its virtue, in which I did feel afresh, at the present time of writing hereof, that I might hereunto set my Seal of the rich effusion which did come hereout. Who can best describe the Properties of this Name, but such who feelingly feel the Virtue of it, who according to the measures that it hath opened it self, so may they declare thereof? As John and Peter, when examined by the Rulers, by what Power they had made the lame-man to walk, It was boldly affirmed by Peter, that it was by this Name Jesus, which is changed now into the Name of Soveraignty and Power, by which they acted forth. Had not this Name been poured in, and they filled with it, then none of these worthy deeds could have been done by the Apostles. But it was evident, that this Name of Strength and All-healing Power was with them; and their very Adversaries were confounded at it. So verily this mighty Name is rising again, for very much of it did open it self, as to the preparative quality, which preceeds Miraculous Workings visibly upon others. For this word was given to me, saying, This my Name shall burn, as an Oven within, till there be no more matter for the Evil One to work upon; that so the Proverb may cease, Physician, heal thy self. Or pluck out the Mote or Beam out of thy own Eye first, before thou undertakest for another. For now consider, that to act and work, and to do all in my Name uncontrollably according to Power and Might, it is very necessary: that so ye by a celestial tie of a powerful Engine, may absolutely turn the whole Course of the active Nature; which is so prone to promote, and give all its force to strengthen the man of sin and his Kingdom. Now here the effects of my Name shed in, will first be seen: you shall know it not only by taste, but witness it, running through in every Intellectual Part, as burning Gold healing and purifying. This will be the first wonderful projection of this White Stone within. Then further it will proceed, ye need not make any doubt, take only this my Counsel, and follow what hath been revealed to thee. Let not thy hands slack herefrom, though there should be none to bear them up, but the Alpha and Omega: who is without Shadow of Change, and he is alive to bring the Kingdom yet about. Verily, there is nothing, which the Prince of this World doth so much dread and fear, as to lose his Seat and Place: so that he can have no more inrodes {inroads} within, by awakening any evil essence there; my Name as Moulten Gold, burning him out of the internal part. As often, by my Spirit said the Holy One, this Principal thing has been pressed in divers ways of Openings, and set before you variously in Similitudes. All which is to provoke you to follow on jointly; that so this my Name might be as one in you, gathered thereinto; without giving way to what may be suggested from the Serpent for scattering, still to keep off that great Blessing, which you may obtain in praying from this sweet name Jesus, now changed into Alpha and Omega: whereby the Kingdom will come into you in Power, through this glorified Name running, as Golden Oyntment, in you and through you. Then know, that the Kingdoms of this World, are become his, who hath proclaimed this mighty Name, and hath poured of it into you. By virtue of which they verily shall become yours: and thereby ye will despoil the great prerogatives of the now present Reign of the Serpent, and the Beast in this visible World.


August the 23d. 1677.

I heard this Word this Morning, Blessed and praise worthy indeed shall such be, who make the first Battery upon his strong Holds and Territories; so as to lay them waste in this terrestrial state. Then this word was further given me. Oh, the Sinless state will do it. Then there were in way of Vision, several Papers, as written upon, to my view; and a Voice spake, Get them signed with this wonderful Name, and then you may have what you will granted by him who carries the Treasury Key. This much answered to a word which sometime I had before, of getting Bills of Faith subscribed to. Then was further opened unto me the great freedom and efficacy that we might have, by Entering our selves into this Name: or rather by its entering into us, for the dispersing all its Powers. Oh, what singular advantage it is to have such a rich Banker to charge upon, while we are in this Foreign Country, and necessitous place, as to answer to all just requirings, as soon as the Father seeth but his or his Sons Name to any Petition, there is no scruple of answering to it. Christ told his Disciples, that hitherto they had asked nothing in his Name. Verily the same may be said of us: We have often pronounced this Name literally; but that hath been little available. But we have not so asked, as to breathe forth all pure flames from this Name, without any of the old Name mingling with it; for if so, then immediate effects would follow. For if at any time all pure Inspiration did open from this Name, what is there to be named, that we might not be able to work and do, through this great Name Alpha and Omega? Oh, might we come to be known by that, and no other Name abiding in us! then whatever was decreed by us on Earth, should be surely confirmed in Heaven. It is well worth our looking into this Mystery, and making our aim at this White Mark: that will bring to us so considerable a Prize; as hath been so freely revealed to us by the Spirit, that so through this Name we might be Conquerors over this whole Principle.


August the 25th. 1677.

This Night, somewhat before break of Day, I did verily believe there lay one by me in the Bed. At which I was put into some fear: but then it appeared to be the Figure of my deceased Husband. Who discoursed many things to me, challenging Conjugal Love, and the renewing of that old affinity, which was betwixt us, with manifold circumstances thereupon attending. At which, at first, I was somewhat disturbed; but I took courage, and discoursed with him, and told him, I fear’d to have Union with any inferiour Spirit, till they had got up to the highest perfection; and asked him several questions, concerning which, he seemed to be silent, and could not give me satisfaction, as to his being in that full growing state, for the compleatment of his glorification. But still I beheld him magically hovering about me, and he asked me for a Bible. While, I thought, that he was now above that way of knowing God, which I urged much, that he might now know, as he was known: but he gave me no answer thereto. Then he proved me with some small Pence, which seemed to be like Gold: which I set light by, and did not receive them; as not understanding wherein they could be of service to me, aiming at greater things from Wisdoms Treasury. After I had said, that since his decease, I had made choice of an unchangeable Mate: for whom I must now be, and for no other, but as they are compleated in his glorified Body; where I should rejoyce to know him, and to meet him. Upon which he disappeared. And then coming to my exteriour sense, I understood in what a Magia Trance I had been. After which, about four a Clock, I found my self all inspired for Prayers; that I might learn to understand what the Divine Will was hereby. And as I was considering in my Mind of that departed Spirit, that appeared magically unto me; This morning it was spoken to me thus, I have now proved thee, whether thou wouldst be for me and for no other Spirit inferiour to me, who am the Lord, thy Redeemer, that hath given and shed my saving Name into thee. Which is a considerable earnest of what I further intend, as thou abidest in Nazarite Chastity, knowing no Spirit, more but what can mate it self with me, in high Celestial Unity. Therefore hereunto watch, that at no time supplanted thou be, of what is designed by holding out in loyalty upon every account. For I should not take it well, that you should run into any one, if distinct from me, though an Angel, whose Habitation may be in a more high and heavenly Sphere. Remember a check for this was given to the beloved John, whose heart was apt to run into the Angel, that shewed him the great Visions: therefore was he bid to worship God, and to keep nothing less in his Eye, than the Supream Deity, albeit that it is in a glorified Humanity.

From hence I took occasion, for to make this Objection to my Lord, If thus We must be, dear Immanuel, allotted for thee alone, Why is it then, that thou with thy all-taking Humanity and Personality will not dwell with us constantly, as to be a covering to our Eye, and a perpetual attraction to our Minds. For through absence of thee, we often find, that temptation gets ground; for verily all our Spirits are for mutual association; therefore when thou dost retire from us, we are then apt to fall in with somewhat that is near unto us. For thou thy self knowest, that we are constituted of such working, stirring Essences, that must spend themselves, either upon what is essentially good or evil; as either of these have greatest affinity with, and dominion over the Mind. And if through a superiour light, we swerve and turn aside from all that is grossly earthly, and that is of known sin; yet here we may be nevertheless at a disappointment of that express and actual conversation with Thee, as thou art now a transfigured Corporeity. So as great is our present disadvantage hereby, Oh Lord Jesus.


August the 26th. 1677.

This reply did spring from the Spirit of the true Bridegroom: Dost thou then imagine, or concludest therefrom, that I, the First and the Last, do impose upon you a severe Law of Loves Loyalty, in allowing and giving you no liberty to make any contract with either Angel, Spirit, or Creature dividedly from your Lord and Saviour. Whose now you are, by what he hath for you wrought. Let it henceforth be of all acceptation to you, as a pleasing restriction, though accompanied with the disadvantage of my remove from you, as in mortal forms ye are. Yet dear souls, let not this lessen your Loves to me, who am, and will be to you ever the same, as if I were in a visible form of Humanity. Let it suffice, that I have planted my Sublime Nature within you, where you may have all pleasurable conversation, if ye turn in thereunto. Where I will not fail to meet you, and greet you with fresh joys and loves. Prove me herein, if I do not answer, to that Conjugal Marriage-state, after which you do make. I will be yours, as you are mine, and free from all others. No cause of jealousie shall be ministered on my part; for as a sealing witness you may daily read me, as ye are fixed with the pure ointment, for to dip your finger in, and therewith anoint your Eyes: that so ye may have a right and clear sight of me, and of all that is of a Celestial Nature; and that is set out for your more pleasant and full rejoycing, as you shall take up your living in me. Oh, here I do invite you as my Bride, to make your abode. Let all know, who have their Habitation in this World of distress and confusion, that ye have found out a Rest, which is far more excelling; being lodged in the Bosom of the Triune Soveraignty, that can command all great and good things to satisfie you, as ye remain in constancy. Therefore, over all this Worlds Temptations maintain Victory; that ye may inherit with your Bridegroom revenues of Crowns, Princedoms, Principalities, over all universally in the Marriage Knot of Unity.


August the 27th. 1677.

Then there was presented unto me a fine piece of Wrought Work, that was given one to take out: and one said, they could never learn it without going to some skillful one to teach them therein. Then heard I a grave wise Person say, No, find it out of thy self: Stir up the Gift which is within thee, that is sufficient hereunto, and thou wilt have the glory of it rest upon thee.


August the 28th. 1677.

An Interpretation was given to me of this Vision, and thus it was interpreted. That this Vision alluded to, and did present the Workmanship of God renewed in Christ Jesus, and so successively in those, who are created again in him. Now the draught without is Christ the Lord, in all his holy and perfect Deportment, as he lived without sin in this World: in that he is become our example; that, according as it is written, we might be, as he was in this World. Now this Pattern of Perfection was given to us: but the curiosity and difficulty thereof put us, to whom it was offered, to a plunge; not knowing how to take it out without a Guide. And so likely we might spend, and run out our whole time before we had attained half thereof; always learning, and yet not perfected. Therefore while I was in this demur, a word came to me, This skill must spring from that New Birth within. Yet it is in vain, for any, by imitation, ever to attempt the Christ-like Life, till they be born again. As that grows up to the degree of Divine Capacity, so it will be all perceiving: and will aptly find out the Mystery of a God’s Likeness, though incarnate in this terrestrial State. Where Precepts and Patterns of Evil are continually inviting; so that ye are in danger of taking a wrong Pattern out. But this pure Birth in you will prevent that: for it scents all, what is of this Principle, as a putrefactious life; and therefore flies from it to its own express incorruptibility. From which will proceed Gifts, and Powers, answerably to what your Head pattern here acted marvelously. Look to it, for the Root of this Matter must rise from within your own inward Holy Ground. Call up the Ghostly Power of Might, that lieth hidden there, and then ye may be able to produce the same wonderful working piece, according to the form of the New Creation, which must bear down, and outdo all, which came in by the Fall. Then was it further given me to know, that there would be a Trial and Probation made of what ever was wrought: it must be brought to the view of the Impartial Judge; whose rejoycing it will be to pass the Sentence of Justification, as found in the imitation both of the Death and Life, from the Birth Spirit which was in Jesus, and is now entered into us, to bring forth the same express Workmanship, in all glorious variety; as in the dying, so in the rising, conquering, reigning Life: Which is not to be manifested barely by Words, but by mighty Deeds, and Works, from the Alpha and Omega. Whose day of Love, Light, Peace, and Joy, is already working, known, and felt in the New Born.


August the 29th. 1677.

This Night I saw my self making hard towards a place, wherein I was assured of all desirable good, as relating to Company and Place. And as I was striving to reach thereto, there came a stubborn prancing Horse with a Cart, and there was one went by to guide him; but the Horse was so headstrong, that he would no way be governed, but would run in a hostile way towards the Gate, that gave entrance into this secure place. Seeing which, I ran with all might and haste, lest I should be stopped; and just as I was entering in at the passage, he came furiously upon me to grind me with the Wheels. So that I was put to it hard, but I passed through to great admiration, as if I only had a Spirit without a Body: so swift was my escape out of this danger. For I saw it a perfect design to have prevented my going in; then took I care of the well minded Person, that would have otherwise ruled this headstrong beast, if he could have managed him; but such was his inkindled rage, that he would stand cross the Gate to hinder him, that was to be his Governour, from following after me. But he wisely crept upon his Knees under the Cart, and so got in , and shut the Gate upon this tyrannical Beast.

This Vision had a considerable speaking in it unto us, when we cannot but understand, there is a foreseeing watchful Eye, that does warn us of all evil occurrences, that may ensue, while yet we are but in our travelling way. True it is, we are running hard to enter within the everlasting Gate: but much lumber and stuff there is which hath loaded the Cart of the Mind, which is drawn by the prancing Horse of the Will; that doth drive furiously, and will not be under check or controul, by that which doth see its danger. This Principle with all its cares, businesses, and employs are dangerous to step in, as a grinding Wheel, to prevent our passing into that pleasant place: Where not any of those Inhabitants are found in any working dress. For they lived there by a Creating Breath, that renews all fresh supplies. There needed neither Building, nor Planting, nor Vine-dressing, nor Seed-sowers: for it was uttered by voice to me, that passed through me, This is the place of Jehovah’s Rest. Who so can get through hereinto, shall have cessation from all their works; considered as they relate either to the Mind interiour, taking thought or concern about its Salvation: or to the Body exteriour, for Food and Raiment, Health, or whatever else makes the Life worth living in: it is to be here. But then my Spirit objected, Ah, my Lord, who ever could pass in here, while on this side of the Mortal Death? Happily some there be, who in Purity and Faith, having finished their terrestrial Life here, after their bodily Dissolution, may (unknown to us Inhabitants of this working restless World) enter in there. But no Precedent we have of any that could ever pass, but through that known universal Death of the Corporeal Body. For that would be a great and marvellous thing, beyond ever what was yet heard of; that ever any went in and out amongst us, that could give an account of passing out, from us into that Paradisiacal Sphere: it being shut up, ever since Adam’s turning out; therefore in this present time we must not look for it. For this weighty matter of doubt, I besought the Lord earnestly for a resolve in, whether or no such a Translation might be hoped for, and believed in, before Death was tasted of? My Spirit did very watchfully wait for an Answer hereupon: which after some time was thus given to me to understand, and from the Word of Knowledge was uttered. True it is, Oh Soul, that none hath entered these Gates in a mortal shape: neither can any, more than a Camel can pass through the Eye of a Needle: unclothed ye must be of sins Body, the gross Bulk thereof cannot pass in. And though ye have been Let hitherto by this full fraughted Principle, yet possibly ye may grow so wise and subtle, as to pass through, by the virtue of that pure leavening Name. Which like Oyl of Gold will all overflame you, and so turn Gross Earthly Matter into an AEtherial Spiritual Body: for none but such can come to be so near the Trinity. Neither is it the Death of the outward Body that can fit it hereunto; for if the inward Body of sin be not as well put off as the outward, it will avail little, as to thy entrance into this Supernal City. Therefore now, if in the throng of all present Temptations, ye can but get the conquest, then this blessed change will be from a Terrestrial Glory to a Celestial. What though this hath not been evidenced, neither before, or since the Lord’s appearing in flesh, let not that sink down your Hearts into discouragement. For there is such a Fire-stone to burn, that now is kindled: that will effect greater things, than yet ever have been. Therefore stretch out the Neck of your Faith right forward hereunto; for the fearful, doubtful, and impure will be shut out of all hope of entering here. Therefore said the Just One, Faith in God will remove this laded Cart: which did appear to stand in your way. The fury of the Beast and Dragon also are very great against you, animating such as are nearest unto you, and of dearest concern to stop your way: But be ye both advised, by watching all opportunities, through Patience, Wisdom, and Lowliness of Mind, to keep on your way. For by the creeping through is signified great Humility: by which the Serpents subtilty may be supplanted. Let this then now stir up all care and watchfulness; for ye will be put oft-times (while ye are in this process) to great distress, but keep the blessed issue always in your Eye, and that will renew Strength continually. For all of this high concern must be effected through Immutability, pressing hard; though the Wheel of this oppressive Principle threatens to grind you. Yet be constant and persevere unto the end, and ye will receive the Crown of Life.


[ From the Authentic Version of Jane Lead's Journal of her Spiritual Encounters ...
— Entries from May 19th through August 29th, 1677
from Volume TWO of A Fountain of Gardens: this was File 3 of 4. ]

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