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[FILE 1 contains Journal entries beginning with January 1st, 1679 through April 27th, 1679]

Jane Lead, 17th Century Prophetess of God [1624–1704]: A Personal Diary of her Spiritual Experiences and Encounters with the Godhead during 1679 – 1686.

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G a r d e n s,

O R,

A   S P I R I T U A L   D I A R Y

O F   T H E

Wonderful Experiences of a CHRISTIAN
OUL, under the Conduct of the
Heavenly W

Continued from the Year     MDCLXXVIII,
to the Middle of the Year    MDCLXXXVI

 Vol. III:  Part II,

By   J.  L E A D.

Printed in the Year   1701



A D V E R T I S E M E N T.

THIS Spiritual and Wonderful Diary is here Presented Compleat, reaching to that Year, from which some of the Already Published Writings of the Author do begin: whereby a Continuation may be brought down to this Present year MDCCI. There is indeed a great Part lost of what She had Written in loose Shreds of Paper, for the sake of her own Memory, and for Monitions and Encouragements to some few Particular Friends; not thinking of their Publication in the least: As also a Book Written in her own Hand, which was lent to an Honourable and Pious Lady, that soon after Deceased. By which means the Seven last Years will be found so short, in Comparison of some of the Foregoing ones. The Death of her Intimate Friend, who diligently transcribed all her Spiritual Papers, has prevented us from seeing many Things, that would Doubtless have been preserved by him. Besides her Visitations have not been always after the same manner: And the Spirit of Wisdom, that would be sometimes feeding her Day by Day, with the Milk and Honey of the Spiritual Canaan, would at other times lead her on toward the Mount of GOD in the Strength thereof, without these more sensible Repasts. Let GOD be Praised for what has been preserved: And let us not think that any thing has Miscarried, which is not, or shall not be Compensated.

The Author’s other Books may possibly more than make up for any Loss in This. And notwithstanding even all the Defects and Ruptures in it, ‘tis not to be reckon’d Incompleat; there being to be found herein the whole Process of a Soul, under such Divine Communications. So that we may look on it as a Garden, that is after the Eastern Mode: In which the very Irregularity and Abruptness, is taken for a piece of Magnificence and Beauty. However, it is possible that an Appendix may hereafter be added, from some Papers that have been Recover’d since this Diary first began to be Printed: Which will principally relate to the First Volume.



Transcription Note: The following  Preface was written by J.L. at the time
of printing, more than 15 years after the Journal was written,
by  way of an introduction to her readers.




P R E F A C E.

HAVING now liv’d to see brought forth into publick view, the Fourth and Last Volume of the Fountain of Gardens, Compleat, this opens a spring of Praises to Him, who is the first Author of them; who hath lengthened out the Line of my Life, beyond What could expected be, I being now Aged Seventy Seven years; the Most High God foreseeing the End for which my Days have been so prolonged, as an Instrument whom he hath made use of, to manifest and open what contained is herein. As also to be Noted is that Faithful Labourer, in the Translating of these Volumes (with several Treatises of the Author’s, Written since this) out of English into High Dutch: For the which Service, and work of Love, a Memorial may there be of him throughout many Generations.

Now, this my Epistle I do direct principally to those that Rooted, and Implanted are, in this Mystical and Spiritual Garden, who have found and tasted the pleasant Savour from that Eternal Root, which is no less than the Ghostly moving, and Divine inspiring Light, that hath made these Heavenly Mysteries so relishable unto them: whereby there have been drawn forth such living Testimonies, owning the Refreshings which have been received from what has already gone before, which shall not have their stop only here to the receivers hereof: But assuredly, there will ensue and follow a great Reflux of the Spirit; it being the fulness of Time that now expired is herefor. Therefore blessed, and highly renowned are those, who of the Number of this new sprung up Generation shall be, and all born anew out of the Womb of pure Virgin-Nature, from its first Eternal Nativity. These shall live as an holy separated priestly Fold, Circled about with impregnable Light, Peace, and Love: the Glorious Lord in the midst of them appearing, opening, and giving new and fresh Discoveries of himself. So that the Deeps from beneath shall give their perpetual Waterings, and the Heights from above their Golden Mists and Dews, to make you always Fat and Flourishing: each one having vital Sap rising up, for the putting forth of full ripe Fruits; with such Soveraign healing Leaves, as may a Cure make to all defects, whether in the inward or outward Form. For the Veins of eternal Life will diffusive be, among the Plants of this Garden. O therefore who would not be born again out of this Eternal Paradisiacal Ground, and suffer a dissolving out of that which is degenerated, as that first Adamical Birth, that was driven out from God’s Presence! And no other way is found for a return again, but by entering into Him; who is the new Paradisiacal Spring, where all lost Pleasures and Joys of that Kingdom recoverable are again; as we obedient are found unto those new Creation-Laws, Rules and Methods, that described have been by the Princely Wisdom, that hereup to is Disciplining her Children. The Process of which has been much revealed, and made known, and (in some good degree) experimentally proved, as you may observe through a scrutinous and serious Observation of what in these Volumes, and the Author’s other Writings is to be met with. Which was not given forth for a singular, or private Account: God having an Eye herein upon such as worthily betake themselves to follow those Steps, that may bring them up to that Mount, where full Cups may to each one given be, dropping from that Vine, that flows evermore with the Ruby Blood, that will make all Vigorous and Divine; which is no less than Angel’s Food. Who so have tasted, and found these refreshing Powers, have a Commission from Him, who is the Governour of this Love-Feast to descend, and make report to their fellow Waiters and Believers, what delicate Fare may upon this Mount participated of be: to draw them off from this Outward World, where nothing but unsavory Meat is to be found. And that they may lick up no more the Serpents Dust, which doth choak, stifle, and stop the pure Breathings of the Divine Life. Which all set free must be, to live upon that Portion that is the Gift of God, and so freely does now offer it self to them, who shall obey this Holy and Heavenly Call: which is calling out from all the Confused Babylonish State; where only Traffickings are for what is light and chaffy Food, which do keep poor Souls in drought and hunger; for they can never satisfied here withal be. Therefore a Transplanting from out of the Garden of this Outward Principle there must be, into this pure Lebanon: From whence the Curse is fled away, and fullness of all Blessing is showering down perpetually upon the Plants that here do grow. Motives all powerful hereunto are presented before your Eye, that so it may not grievous be, to forsake and abnegate those Enchantments, which from this Earth do rise, and which do daily send forth their contagious Rays. Which avoided may be, as there is a following and obeying the rules, that prescribed here in this little Volume be. As you do observe, and take deep root herein, then will you know a Marvellous Change, even as the Author has proved and experienced. Who covets that you may partakers be of the same Table, that so richly is set with all variety of the Fruits of the Spirit; that will still renew, as that Manna from the Heavens, which is the pure Flesh, and Divine Body of Christ himself: Which will produce no less than his own Similitude and Likeness, that as Anointed Priests with him, in that Melchizedeck Order, we may (together with, and under him) to the Crown number arrive, and reign with him in Princely Purity, upon and over, the Gross and Corruptible Earth. From which a Separation there must be, through the refining Spirit, that will burn up all before it. This is the Prerogative Royal, as a Mark of Distinction that will be given to the Plants of this new Garden of Spiritual Eden. Rejoyce therefore in Assured Hope, that this Day is drawing, and breaking forth upon such. In whom the Seals of the Divine Mysteries have had their Revealing, and as do stand in a meet Qualification, for greater Things to be Manifested, out of the Eternal Kingdom; which consisteth in that pure Love-harmony, casting out all that is of that Kingdom, which standeth in Division, Controversies, Envyings, and Emulations. Nothing of which can admitted be among the true Philadelphian Society, whose dwelling is on High, where nothing of Strife can reach to disquiet: For only the God of Love diffused is into every part of this separated Body; which known will be by such Characters, and none other can parallel here withal for Wisdom, Meekness, Humility, Faith, and Love, Long-suffering and Forbearance, Gentleness, All-kindness, and Courteous Deportments. Such Fruits as these will make out from what Root they Spring, which to perfection will them bring: that so their Fountain-head may so dispersed be, as to bring forth Glory from within, and therefrom spread through the Mortal Part. Then will that Prophecy be fulfilled, “Rise, and shine; for Man shall become more Fine and Bright than the outward Sun for Light, and more Massy than the Gold of Ophir: For so it becomes well the Bride and Spouse of Christ, after his own Similitude to be.”   Whence the Voice doth cry, and sound from the Heavenly Sphere, O hasten, and make ready for this Nuptial Day: No slacking, nor slumbering time now allowed is to be. For do you not hear the Sounds of the Flaming Chariots, that all prepared be to receive, and take you in, that joined to the Heavenly Hosts, ye may be, for Angelical Triumphs and Joys. For which high exulting Praises to your Kingly Prince and Saviour are to be Ascribed All gloriously, and to the Tri-une Deity.

Now, here follows a Word of Caution, and Counsel, to those Plants which inclosed in this Holy Ground be, that are but in their first Springing, young and tender; and so incident to be shaken. Now from a tried Stone, which yet in a Humane Form doth live, and that has passed through manifold Tryals and Probations, an Advertisement is from experience given to them, that they put on Fortitude, and strong Resolution, to suffer and endure the various Onsets and Attempts, that you may be tried and proved withal, in this your present Warfaring State. As first, from that rational Spirit, who with the Laws, Customs and Traditions, according to the Course of this World, would snip and crop, and even eradicate the Lily of Faith: which being yet but young, may be so harassed, as to prevent its coming up to its flowering Age of Perfection. Therefore caution and care for its defence must be: And no otherwise can it be secured, but as the Oily River from Christ doth this Birth-Life nourish and feed, as suck’d and drawn in by the Mouth of Faith; till unto a strong Body it shall come, to withstand all the Wiles and Stratagems, which from the Satanical Kingdom will be apt to break in. Against which all resistance must be made, to Conquer first within, that the Enemy may find no Seat nor Place: But all that is suggested of Fears and Doubtings, may be expelled. Which will effectually be wrought by the rising Power of the Ghostly Might, which calls for the Will-Spirit to joyn it with all Concurrence, whereby the Kingdom in which the fallen Spirits do their inroads make, Overthrown and quite Demolished shall be: that the Lamb of God may only his Right of Possession and Dominion evermore Establish in the Soul. And through Constancy and Perseverance, it shall assuredly be known, and then All-guarded you will be from the Wars and Strifes that outwardly shall be commenced against this Holy Ministration, because they are altogether Strangers to this Internal, and more Spiritual State of Living. Therefore think it not strange, if ye suffer all Contradiction from such, as no Acquaintance have with the Supersensual Powers from the Heavens, which move so secretly and intrinsically, as the dim Eye can nothing hereof perceive. Therefore for this Reason you may excuse such in a Love-forebearance, and thereby Conquest you will gain, sitting down, and living in your selves upon those Festival Enjoyments, which none that live in the Outward Court only, of a Religious Profession can intermeddel with, what your Table is daily furnished withal. So therefore satisfied herein be, so as not to be careful, or concerned at the Rumors and Censorious Judgings of such, as yet live without, in the common Garden, where the mixed Seeds do spring and grow. And expected so it must be, till another Watering: Which hitherto has never showered down; and which will then come to shower. But to you this Word and Message is sent, that you do promote all that may make for Unity and Love; strengthening this Band so inviolably, as over all Powers, Principalities, Dominions, and Kingdoms, upon this Love-Foundation you may stand, as admitted to reign in Love, Truth and Righteousness, with God and the Lamb.

Here must not now be omitted a Prophetical Message to the whole Creation, upon whom the four Winds from the Heavens are going forth to breathe, that is, upon the Slain, that as dead Plants yet do remain. For be it known, the fullness of Time is herefor coming on: and the four Gates are opened for the admission, and gathering in of the Aliens and Exiles, that have lived in the remote Corners of the Earth. To them Aaron’s Bells, out of the Inward Sanctuary from the Heavens, do ring, to call them out of their Slumbering Earthly Beds. For now it is a Season for them to shake off their Worldly Dust, and put on another kind of Cloathing. For the which the four Angels from their respective Gates are gone forth, to pour out of their Vials the All-healing Oil: For which a Mighty Voice of Love now uttering is, even extending it self to all Nations of the Earth. For now the Princely Shepherd is upon a more quick motion, that so his flocks may be gathered in, to a mighty increase of his Kingdom: And that from the remotest Corners of the Earth there may be a bringing in, as the Morning-Star shall come to bring them out from the cloudy and dark Day. In order to these things accomplishing, mighty working Powers are at hand.

Therefore hear O English Nation, who hast been as the First Born in this Gospel-Kingdom, and hast been visited with the Beams of a Glorious Light, from the Sun of Righteousness, who hath scattered his precious live Coals, as burning Lamps to go forth in the midst of thee, to sow the pure Light of Life. Which is as the first appearance of the Morning break for that Blessed Day, of a stronger and encreasing Light to ensue hereupon.

A Word of Charge to all Ranks, Orders, and Degrees of Professions every where is given, to take heed, that you do not neglect, slight, or suffer to slip away from you this Day of your Visitation: for if so, other Nations may supplant you. Then that saying of our Lord may on you be fulfilled: Many that are first shall be last, and the last shall be first: That is, that such as yet lie remote in Foreign Parts, from all Corners of the Earth, shall flock in to come under the Standard of Christ, who is now opening the great Treasures of his Spiritual Kingdom, through the plentiful Effusion of his Spirit. Which is the Ministration that now all Kingdoms, Nations, and Languages are to set under, and wait upon, and thereby to be fitly qualified, and prepared to entertain Him, who is, and will be, the Desire of all Nations; according to that Prophesie, mentioned in the last of Isaiah, and verse 20,21. And they shall bring your Brethren for an Offering unto the Lord, out of all Nations, upon Horses, and upon Chariots, and in Litters, and upon Mules, and upon swift Beasts, to my holy Mountain Jerusalem, saith the Lord, as the Children of Israel bring an Offering in a clean Vessel, into the House of the Lord. And I will also take of them for Priests, and for Levites, saith the Lord. For the which, hasten O God: even for the Establishing of this thy Kingdom of Love and Peace, that all Inward and Spiritual Warrings against each other in thy Fold, O Christ, may cease.

Now to you most dear and precious Plants, that from the Fountain of this Garden have drunk, and have been refreshed and comforted by those Species, which therefrom have flown, as from the Spirit’s Deep, O may this as a Spring in you rise, with an overflowing Tide, to wash away every muddy thing: that in the Virgin-purity, as espoused Lilies, to Him who is the Rose of Sharon, joined you may be, in an everlasting Marriage-Knot of Love, that never can be loosened, or untyed. Now I have no more but to rest with you in this Nuptial Unity; referring you to what you may further taste, feel, and find in this Last Volume: Which I hope, may prove no less savory Meat unto you, than what the foregoing have been experienced. For which all Supplication and Intercession, shall incessantly offered up be, by the Subordinate Author hereof: To whom if God give a farther addition of Life and Health, with a renewed Stock of Spirit, you may hear farther from, as to what the Heavens may distil. In the interim, I shall remain among the Love-Flowers, to send forth Odoriferous Perfumes, with you,

J. Lead


De Imit Christ. Lib. 3. c. 3.

EGO, inquit DOMINUS, docui Prophetas ab initio, & usque NUNC non cesso omnibus loqui:
sed Multi ad Vocem Meam Surdi sunt & Duri.





of G A R D E N S.

Vol. III

P A R T    II.

The Divine Openings of the
M D C L X X I X.


[Journal entries beginning with January 1st, 1679
through April 27th, 1679]


January 1. 1679.

The Invitation.

IN the Morning the Word came to me, Return to thy Theosophical Study, neglect it not; for that is it which must bring in the greatest Profit. Alas, for thee, who hast been busied about many trivial things! What are they to this, which brings to the Knowledge, and the Skill of God’s great turning-Engin, that may work at Will the great Wonders? Sequester then, and mind this Science: For it is the Art Divine, which will make God in his own to shine. For it will work so high, as to bind all earthly Powers: And is that, which must overthrow this Seat of the Horned Beast, that hath so long done Violence in the Earth.

Oh hear with thy inward Ear, the Call of thy Immanuel dear; who by Wisdom is come to rear for himself the Tent of Nature, that he may have a pleasing Habitation to dwell in. There the strong Gates of the Magia yet remain to be shut up, to keep out those foreigners, that are Evil and Hurtful. Because the Lord alone resolves to stay with his own, and can bear nothing which does annoy it. Therefore learn well this Proverb. The Unction-presence will all heal and all preserve: which else would be soon turn’d to Putrifaction.

Now then mind and watch the rising Spring of Wisdom, which flows for fresh healing. For Christ’s Spouses are to be in perfect soundness, and in all Spirituality: else he cannot please himself in them. Then be thou anointed with the Spirit for Beauty: else thou canst not to his liking be. This word is for caution.


January 4. 1679.

The Magical Cup.    A Transport.

THE invisible Magia-Wheel I did most sensibly feel, driving my Spirit forward to break the Center open, in which Wisdom’s most secret Arts might be understood, and also practised. But the Gulf of Reason doth yet stand before this Center; threatening all Peril and Destruction to the outward Life, if any attempt is made for it. For he well knows he must suffer the loss of it himself in the deep Lake which is prepared for it.

But for encouragement hereunto, that so we might not repent to sink the Mortal sense therein; there was presented unto my view, that which should renew another sense, which was specified to be the very springing Matter, which would set on work the Magia. For my Spirit was for some time carried aside, and did behold in the Hand of one, that was Cloathed in White, a Goblet of Gold, in which there was a burning Liquor, and it was commended to me to drink thereof, as a draught proper to the Spirit from the Body apart. But I expostulated thus, this will not agree with a fleshly Corporeity, to which I must return again. Then it was said, Matter not that, which must evaporate. Then I did take the Cup from the Hand of this blessed One, and did taste thereof in great trembling, and it had no taste, more than a distilling warm breath, which diffused through, and incorporated with my Spirit. And so I had a feeling refreshment: and then was left in the Comfort of this pleasing Potion. Which wrought through all, and every part supersensually. My Understanding was much cleared, Senses refined, the Heart strongly affected towards the Honour of this Spiritual Draught.

After this I beheld a Triangle, all clear as Glass, in which I might see a figure of a Body transparent: Thus beholding the Glory of the Lord, it did make some change as to the interiour part, in and through, the reflection from the Stone, that was greatly attractive to draw the Spirit to unite with the Glory therein beheld. Whose Habitation is Properly assigned within this Triangle, for to live and move free from a Body which doth appertain to the gross elements. The sense of which, after all this pleasant Enjoyment, brings in Sorrow, and Pain, because the Spirit is not yet permitted ever to remain with the Lord. But stay it must yet a while with the Mortal Dust, till it hath well understood this Triangle. Which the deep Philosopher will make to do mighty Things: to help the (now) Poor and Oppressed, that are Crucified, from the Power of the Beast, that doth rise out from the Sea of this World. It was testified by the I AM, that through Divine Philosophy he should be overturned: And to this end Wisdom is stirring in her Magical Children, who are delighting to enter upon this Triangle-point, that is so profound. These she doth invite to give up and forsake all that is a stop (or may be) to this Supersensual Philosophy. Which is not of Man, from Man, nor after Man; but from the Incorporating fire-breath of the Holy Ghost. Who doth give Internally the knowledge and understanding of this wonderful Secret: that Nature’s circle may be broken through in due season. And then we shall have a swift pass into the boundless Liberty: and there be working Agents without control; when once this Yoak is broken, which hath stopped this breath of Life, that it could not get forth to act the Magia-part, according to what is understood in the Triangle. That gives forth the light glances for discovery, that we may see a pattern to work by, (according to God’s Heart) in the Theosophical Art. Which in no wise can be entered upon, till we be set free from this our old sensual Nature. This hath been often verified by the speaking Word, since the time of that driving Power, that hath carried my Spirit to inquire into this grand Mystery. Upon which so great a difficulty did appear, that I even disponded this Circle to break through: or to be so loosened from the first Nature’s Ground, as no more to touch it. This was a very hard Lesson to learn in Wisdom’s School, but so it must be. Therefore the Spirit of Jesus put it often to me, whether I would watch ever more to repel and severely judge down whatsoever did move from the Astral Birth.  As to that Magical vocation and calling: this must be begun withal, and followed on; till the very root of all those earthly Essences are worn out: And the Soulish Spirit become empty and void; sinking down into the Infinitum of the Eternal Being, as the only means to loose and drown that strange degenerated Birth, that from the Stars doth figure it self. All of which Workmanship is abolished through the mighty Birth of Wisdom. Who naturally grows up to be expert, and apt to work most easy and most free, all in a Philosophical way; as regarding only so to do, and act forth the Name JEHOVAH. This, the Holy One hath revealed to me, will be the last rising Glory, that shall dignifie the Poor and Despised. Therefore most numerous pressing Arguments do follow us, who are invited to Sophia’s feast, that we may drink all freely of her Magical Cup, and feed on her Venison, which hath been fatted in her inclosed pasture. O this will surely be known if we can but follow on in her Method-deep; then she will reveal new and unheard of things: as we do keep in the immaculate Heart of Jesus. That is the School, where we shall her meet, and all skill be taught in her Philosophy.


January 11. 1679.

The Bridal Tent of Sophia.   An Union.

THIS Night I passed some Hours in a Sweet, Pleasant Habitation, (and in a most known and sensible Fruition) of the Holy Trinity, that took up my Spirit into Unity with it self. So that I did participate of such flowings of Spirit therefrom, as no account can hereof be given: Only thus far, to let such know that do cleave to God’s Heart, that therefrom does run Life-joy, and Pleasure evermore.

Also, my Spirit was led as into a most Glorious Tent, where much particular Communication I had: which also cannot be rehearsed, only this I shall mention, for the encouraging of those, who in Unity of Faith with me do wait. This joyful Sound then I did hear, the Lord thy Righteousness is become thy Standard-bearer, and will enclose himself with those, who after, and for him have mourned. Behold he is come, and in Faith’s Tent he will abide, till thou shalt thence be brought forth as a Sophia-Bride, to enter the great City, where the Lamb of God is a mighty King, and hath prepared a place for God’s Virgin, whose birth is not after Man, but by the Holy Ghost. Such here shall be solemnly own’d in Marriage to the Lamb.


January 15. 1679.

Wisdom’s Fountain:   Or, the First Magical Matter.

A Central Opening.

IT was this Morning from the speaking Oracle given to me, that the sum of all that hath been taught and opened out of the Abyssal Globe, is for the end to Essentiate us, and to bring us therein again: and therein to work most hiddenly and silently, as in our own proper Ground: The Magick Talent there to find, which is the beginning-stock for a new Life, that will feel nothing of the Curse. This receive as Wisdom’s Proverb, whose entrance is first by distilling pure Doctrine: Which being drunk in, the residue of her Princedom will follow: And Talent upon Talent will be added. No other business, said the Wisdom, will I put upon you, but to work upon the Matter, that within the Circle hath been shewn from that deep: Wherefrom I will generate Substantial things, that shall answer to the first Creating Word, by which all things that are now defaulty shall be renewed and brought to perfection. Therefore abide thou within the ring of the working Wheel, and go not out, till God shall figure himself, according to his immense Goodness and Sovereignity. Into which run thy Spirit forceably, and then his Power will be thine to finish the whole Mystery, which hath been revealed. Therefore hereat be not amazed: The strong Love-bands will surely tie this Nuptial Knot in God’s Unity.

Then a wonderful Similitude came before my Eye, of a Field, where about a Circle of Fire did inclose. Wherein Trees of diverse kinds were, that were of a grown Stature, and in the middle part thereof, a flowing Fountain did spring up, that encompassed the root of every Tree: and according to the colour of the springing Matter, so did change the growing Plants, whose Leaves and Fruits were turned into pure Gold. This was nominated to be the Fountain-Power, wherein might be understood and learnt the high transmuting Philosophy. In which the earthly Nature will be changed into the Heavenly. From this Fountain all Putrifaction will be washed away, & Tinctur’d with his Dignifying matter all throughout. This was manifested to the end, we might grow up as Plants of Hope, till Wisdom’s Fountain shall break up in the Center-Field of our Hearts: that shall be purified through the 5th Essence of Faith. Which is the strong Power, that must open this Sealed Treasure, that hath been so many Ages locked up, and no one hath found the right Key. Since it is Faith’s Mystery in its single acting. But now we must be taught, as little Children to go, as we are able from Faith to Faith; till we find this Key: which is of such unmixed Matter, that can only be extracted out of the highest Being.

Whereupon, considering the high purity of the Spirit of Faith, which is the Key; I saw, and well understood, it was no less than God giving himself, both for matter, and form out-flowing of it. But then great things are required in matter of Conformity, before this Gift will come. For this word came, as my Soul was in parly with the Just One, As thou dost expect matter of Act from me, passing through the Believing, so know active Obedience is now required to shew it self openly upon the Cross: that so thou mayst die, and lie a while in the Circle-stillness of the nothing-Eye of God’s Eternity; till such time as that Life, wherein the Astral Senses (so strongly working) be hereby exhausted, and brought again to its first Nothingness. Thy Spirit agreeing to this, and thy Will concurring thereunto. Then thou wilt come forth from the Abyssal Eye, all of another Matter new formed, and as an extract of God’s perfecting Image. And then All-Faith will act forth most naturally. This is Counsel that carries great weight: therefore it well regard.


January 19. 1679.
A Continuation of the same.

HAVING disposed myself to the secret Magical Operation that I felt in their mighty Instigations; I resolved to introvert the Internal Eye of my Mind hereupon, and according to the Rules prescribed to sink my Spirit hereinto: and so wait and attend the working Issue. For great things of change (I see) are at hand; as our Spirits do keep close to the Center ground. For the Heavens are upon their bowing, and circling to dissolve the Mortal band: which hath knit the earthly Essences so fast, that nothing can them dissolve (as it was Revealed) but the dropping Showers from the Clouds of the New Element, that gathering together are, and have appeared to me very conspicuously, and spread themselves over this outward: so as they were no more seen, but covered and hid in the splendor of that Orb. They were mixed in Colours, as in a shade-deep Red, like a Flame: and so drew off with paler Colours, very pleasant. And as the old visible Elements did appear, that was Death that passed upon some, there were in Mortal forms: and they fell down as Dead. I saw my own figure, and some few else. The outward element dissolving, we became dissolved also. Then came from this new formed Heaven such a Gale or pure Breath that entered in, and set us upon our feet again: and showering Powers renewed our Strength, so as Life came in again in all parts. This my Spirit saw, and pray’d it might be in reality fulfill’d. For there was in it, that which did signifie the full restitution of Soul, Body and Spirit.

Then coming to myself, this word sprang, O Flame of Spirit, that hath raised the Incense; and is come up, and hath touched the Matter, out of which another Life is raised, and quickened. That Life is Pure essentially from the Birth of the one Element, and meet to inherit sublime things, within Wisdom’s enclosed Field, whereout the Golden Sheaves thou shalt bring for Praise-offerings. Set thy Heart to this thing.


January 25. 1679.

IN the fore part of the Night, I was in a very strong Travel {Travail} in Spirit, that the Orb whereinto I would enter, and be at rest, was yet shut up, and I did see my self as a wandering Exile, running to and fro to find the beginning or entrance hereinto. And so to be parted I labour’d from all that is of the bitter, sour, and wrathful Spirit, to which all Evil doth cleave. As I was then Mourning upon the sense of it, (which was from that Heart that sent forth fervour as a Flame of Fire:) And laying open the Desolation of that State, which still appeared so indigent; The Lord my God answered me with Comfortable Words, thus speaking; Be not careful, that no visible Face is towards thee, keep up thy Eye, and look through all partition Worlds, that have stood between me and thee. There is an Eye, which is fixed in thy Head-Life, that will pierce through the thickest Cloud, that do upon thee gather. That is the Eye which shall affect my Heart, which sparkles from the light flame of Faith. No other glances thou needest: it will make that which thou fearest is a far off, to be very nigh to help.


January 27. 1679.

Quietude, and Subordination.

THE inspeaking Proverb of Wisdom this Morning met with my inquiring Spirit, saying: Be still O working Wheel, that turnest up what should rest in their own place. There is an hurt by too busie working in the carefulness. Learn thou to keep due motion in this thy lower Wheel, with the upper: Wherein is the motion of the Holy Trinity, that interfereth with nothing that doth disquiet.

And it was said further to me: O Soul, know thy Blessing is to go along with the smooth Streams: Which the Eternal Fountain will day by day send forth, till they shall bring to the Golden Shore, and deep Valley, where the uncareful Lilies thou shalt see in their sprouting Glory, as the Fruit of unthoughtfulness. Among which be ye found minding the Heavenly Call and Sound, that doth give Counsel to spring up from the same refined Ground, where the highest Tranquility and Goodness will abound. O my Lord, let us live daily on this Portion. For thy sayings are worthy of Obeying.


January 28. 1679.

Divine Imaginariness.

THE environing presence of the Love, was much enjoy’d this Night, in the interiour part of my Mind, and casting my whole weight upon the Mighty One, who could only carry off all from me, which would burthen: I received this Comfortable prop in this Word, Do not turmoil thy Spirit, querying how, and which way thou shalt be delivered out of thy Thicket, where thou canst see no through-way. Commit thy self in firm believing, on thy Foundation-Pillar, who goeth out in the Love-flame, to keep and save thee through all Seas of Trouble. And it was also further whisper’d thus: Observe, What by my Spirit is purely injected into thy Mind, and form’d by Divine Imaginariness, shall be established, and not be as those vanishing Thoughts, that can bring nothing to effect. But the Holy Unction will suggest what may produce substantial Things: with whom let thy superiour Will-Spirit fall in, and the empty spaces will be fil’d to thy Peace and Joy in God thy stay.


January 30. 1679.

The Driving Power:   and, The Balance.

THERE appeared to me an Hand put forth toward me, which looking upon, musing I was in my Mind, why the Body, to which the Hand did pertain, was vailed. So looking for its breaking forth, I accordingly did see it, in the figure and stature of a young Man, that was Comely: and with his Hand he thrust me forward, and would not let me abide in this Place, where I stood; but spoke nothing to me. But still I felt his Hand press me on to walk onward in a way, which I was not acquainted with, and so vanished, and left me to go on.

This was afterwards opened to me, whereby I might understand, that this was the driving Power, personated after this manner; by a Person putting forward to go on still in the Holy process, wherein we have so solemnly engaged our Spirits.

Then after this a pair of Balances was set before me, with Weights in each Scale. The one was said to be a Leaden Weight, the other Gold and Brass together, and the Scale where the Lead was, bore up the other, which was too light. Upon which I took great notice, and said, Ah Lord, where shall I have more Gold to out-weigh this heavy Scale? And it was answer’d, Take away the Brass, and then an additional Grain will be given, which will turn the Scale again. Then was it open’d to me, that this was to let me know, that these Scales did represent Faith and Reason, with its Grains of Sense, that yet are so apt to out-weigh the present degree of Faith. Which no alloy of Brass must admit, but is to attract from the Holy Author of Faith, what must make up its Weight to down-weigh the sensible Life of Reason.

[Such were the Lessons that were taught in Wisdom’s Theosophical School, who teacheth her Scholars in Parables, and Proverbs. Whom also she continually visiteth with her Discipline, until she can fully trust their Souls. Whereupon ensued about this time, very hard Besetments and Oppositions: that so they who had submitted themselves to the aforesaid Articles, might be tried, and perfectly at length Refined from all base Alloy.]


February 2. 1679.

A Great Conflict in Spirit with a Strange Magical Body.

THIS Night being outwardly discomposed, and inwardly exercised in my Spirit, struggling to Conquer both, through the Ascending Acts of Faith; I sensibly encountered with a Champion that withstood me, and bore me down, as I moved upward to get free from his fettering Power. So that I saw evidently some Evil design was against me to stop me, as I was ascending towards a Mountain, which appeared but a little way, before the top of it appear’d. And as I striv’d to get up, a strange Magical Body appeared to clasp about me to bind me down. Whereupon I found my self too Weak, Faint, and Sick, through the resistency: and bemoaned my self, and pleaded with God concerning this Matter, why such contradictions should still follow me, to hinder Faith’s ascending Might, that had got so near to the top of that Mountain, whereas on the high Place was the steady Walk with God, even where Sion’s Glory with its Inhabitants does appear. For so it was shewn me, That the top of this Mountain was the End of Faith’s Race, where the true Rest was prepar’d for the weary.

And after some Expostulation with the Lord, This Word was given me, in speaking in this wise, Why are ye at a stand? Go on, and unite in Faith’s Band, and be not dismayed at these on-sets, and repulses from the Evil One. For the nearer ye come to my Mountain of Perfection, expect the stronger Assaults: Fight, O Fight: and give not out; till the Crown be put upon your Heads. The Strength of a Sampson-Might stirred up, will break all the binding Cords: and active be from the Passive Breath, that in Strength will operate, if you trust thereto. There is a Shield, that to you is given, that will fence off every weight, and blow the dark Magick Powers away, that watch to throng in upon you. Go on therefore in Zeal and Holy Jealousie: and be not baffled out of your Habitation and Portion, that is assured to you; upon the coming up to this Holy Mount. Where you no Cloud or Vail shall evermore know. For all here is done away in the bright Glory of God, and the Lamb, to whose Throne the Spirit of Faith will make way.


February 5. 1679.

The Commemoration of my Widdowhood.

THIS Day was the Ninth Year of my Widdowhood, from which time I have been a stripping, and laying waste, as to all of this Worldly Subsistance, so that all of that is come to an end before me. Upon the Consideration of which, much Consolation this Day did flow from the Spring of Faith, upon the review of the Tribulation that was both past, and now present upon me. For it was Specified to me, by the Word of the Lord, That through the Devastation and Dissettlement of these visible Things, it was an Introduction to that Birth of Faith, which would restore the Kingdom, according to the ancient Property, as was before anything of Temporality. Therefore be not thou concern’d at the shaking and removing of what was never of the Spirit of Faith’s Creation. For my purpose is, that nothing shall long stand in this Exteriour Creation but what shall be renewed in the Power of that Faith, which worketh from the Holy Ghost. Know surely, that by sufferings I am leavening, and making way: and do begin with them first who are designed for this New Creaturely Birth. Who shall be such Divine Archers, as to live wholly upon what their swift piercing Arrow of the Spirit shall fetch in. For the Constitution and Frame of this outward Creation, as now Govern’d by rational Wisdom, is offensive, and highly provoking daily to my Ears. Therefore I, your Lord, am come to Call and Discipline such, who are of dear Account, in this new and more excellent Way. Therefore let it not seem hard or grievous to you, though you are as upon a Suffering Rack, and your joints loosened thereby. For you shall have them set again, by the Cementing Oyl of the Spirit of Faith, and made so firm and strong, as no earthly Weapon can possibly divide. Also my Spiritual Flesh shall be as an impregnable Covert, when Faith is become the knitting Sinews throughout. This, and much more of Counsel, and Encouragement was given to bear up in Faith.


February 15. 1679.

The Parable of the Corn Field.

WHILE I was casting up in my Mind the Lord’s dealing with me, in the present Juncture of Providences. There was modeled out to me a Field, wherein was a standing Crop of thin blasted Ears, which mingled with Thorns and Thistles, that in part was reaped and gathered in. And, it was said to me, The residue Mow down with Faith’s Sythe {Scythe}; till all be down that has grown up from the Evil. For so it must be, that the choaking Cares may be cleared off the Ground. Go thou on in the Patience, and do it throughly; for it is the first Harvest, that will prepare, for the putting forth of a Seed, wherein is the Blessing in the Fructifying Vertue of Paradise, that will spring through the dropping Mist of the Super-Celestial Heavens. Therefore let this support thee in the present heaviness, and faint not in thy labour and toil of thy Hand, till ye come to see an end of the first sowing, which is ordained for Fuel: that so a full replenishment of Faith’s Seed may come again. And hereby you shall know Faith’s exercise was not for nought, for by holding out, this New Plantation is brought about, from which, you will fully reap Righteousness, Joy, and Peace.


February 17. 1679.

Jacob’s Well.   A Trance.

THIS Morning so soon as I was awakened, much was afforded me, for divine Matter of Contemplation, as to what might be extracted, from the immense fullness, and all-sufficiency of the invisible Sovereignity. And the great Consideration was, how in all times of Need, help might be drawn out by such, who have near alliance to the sacred Trinity. Assured it is to me, that there is a way for it, and ‘tis this, which the Spirit of Jesus hath brought us into. But we are not yet come far enough on in the Way, to see the Gate through which we must enter, to lay hold on it by the Spirit of Faith: to cause this shut up Principle to fly open, that we may pass into it. And not to see and taste only, but to bring forth of the Treasury and Powers of that unknown Land, to supply the necessary things of this World, that now are under the Curse of Scarcity. This being the matter of my Meditation, I was suddenly brought into a Transical Vision, where I stood by a Well, and there I was communed withal. And it was said to me, Thou art come to Jacob’s Well, that renews its Springs without end. Therefore wait still here, for Wisdom and Omnipotency doth out flow hence. There was one Person present also a while, and withdrew: and I was left alone. Then it was ask’d me, What Spring I would first drink of? For it had various draughts to give forth: and they which would draw out the sour and bitter, should taste the mild and sweet. Then, said I, behold, I stand to thy lot: let it so be. Then it was further argued with me, that the Humanity must first drink the suffering draught, though the Deity is united to it. For so it was with Jesus, who was Connexed {joined or connected} with the Father’s Eternal Unity, and thereby wrought out the great Salvation. Then, said I, ah my Lord, but is there the same sufficiency with Creatures, that now appear in such Impotency? Answer, Yea, there is a possibility for drawing out of the same Fountain the Form, Life, Power, and Strength to hold out in the first part, till thy Mystery of the Cross be finished. For the same Spirit is with you, to carry you forth hereunto, that was with our Lord Christ, for else it would not be required of you. And this Holy Spirit you do Witness, is always moving to conform to this: because it well knows he cannot else work himself through, for Manifestation in Omnipotency, and Triumphantly in the Humanity, (which is hereby purposed) to be recovered out of all Thraldom and Weakness; by suffering at once for the Sin. Therefore it is good to Dye to the Flesh, that there may be a Resurrection in the Spirit. And if God spared not the green, flourishing Tree of Righteousness, who did only bear our Sins, and was reckoned in our Sinful Capacity, (as it is mention’d, the Just suffered for the Unjust.) How much less will he spare us, who are withered Trees, bearing no Fruit? He hereby did not so set us free, but that it is required, we should bear each one our own suffering part: And though our Lord had no Sin to Dye to, yet we have all Sin enough to Dye to. And this I well remembered was added to me in this Communication, which I took special notice of, that if we could offer up the first Born, (which signified the Cain and Esau, that Evil Birth;) that should, and might, exempt us from the manner of Christ’s visible, ignominious Death, or from that common Death, that hath reigned over all: For as much as all have Sinned, all must Dye the Death of Mortality; till such time as an expiation of this kind may be found for it. O Soul! It is so, that the true part of suffering is first to Dye out of the strong Birth of this vigorous potent earthly Life, that first got forth. Then be Comforted, Jacob’s birth will follow: and that will recover again the Blessing of everlasting Life. Therefore sip thou off Esau’s cruel Potion: whose rough and harsh Draught shall after a little while, be pleasant, soft, and mild. For Jacob’s birth is strong and prevalent to make Peace, and to overcome with the Divine Meekness. This (and much more) was the Conference I had with the Internal speaking WORD. I saw no Person, but had much sweet Conference.

But then suddenly one appeared, whom I knew, Riding upon a Horse, asking me, Why I made so long a stay here? and also asked me, To go with him. But I answer’d him, That the time had run so pleasantly away, that I did not know whether it was Day or Night. Then presently I drew out of this Transical enjoyment, and found Marrow, Joy, and Strength to support, and so carry me on to drink down the first part of this springing Well. And by the withdrawing of that Person, it did signifie his leaving me alone hereof to drink, till come to the Second Degree. When the bitter is past, he might return again. All which was well understood, & interpreted: of which no more is now to be said, but that the Ways and Counsels of Wisdom are not without long suffering, and are only to be fashion’d and prov’d by her supernal Laws. O my Virgin-Crown, do thou come down, and put this thy Lustrous bright Robe on, for the Garment of an Eternal Salvation, upon the holders out, till the bitterness of the first Death-draught is past. Oh this, oh this the Just One expects; before Wisdom will fix her Crown: For this word often is renewed.


February 20. 1679.

The Royal Prey.

THIS Word dropped into me, as my Spirit was upon its dive into the Fountain: Saying, Away, away, keep up to the One thing, if thou expects advancement thereby. Though thou art singular in thy Faith, so answerably thou wilt find unconceivable Riches, that are laid up, where no rough Beast hath ever come, but the meek Lamb, who hath broken through that unknown Gate.

Then again, this word come to me, Care thou not to beat the bush in this wild thorny Field, for here is no Bird of Prey worth catching: but look thou up to the everlasting Cedar, and watch the Eagle-Bird there to fly, that is strong to bear thee away, where the considerable Prey is, in which none that do come here to take it, need fear to have it plucked away from them: As all that live within the Mortal bounds, and are therein toiling, for what will melt as the Dew when the Sun does rise.


February 22. 1679.

The Everlasting Covenant.

THIS Day was renewed to me the Everlasting Covenant, in which God did thus unto me speak, saying, Consider, and be not of a fearful Heart, but know with whom the Spirit of Faith hath to do withal. Dost thou not believe that I am before all things formed into Being? Therefore as I am the Foundation-Pillar of this Creation to remain, and to establish it as I please: So surely I will perform Covenant in Truth and Righteousness with thee. I have not brought thee into this uninhabited Wilderness, where scarce one can abide the tempting Days of it, now to leave thee. It would reflect upon my Name of Strength, Power, and All sufficiency. Should I desert those, who have followed me according to Faith’s Rules: Verily it would not be so much your shame, as your God’s, in whom you have believed. Should not I make good every Word that I have given to raise up your Hopes on, it would be my fault. It is O Darling of God, most true, thou hast a lonely way prescribed for thee to walk in: But be Comforted, so long as thou settest thy Feet steady, though pricking Cares be strewed in thy way, that so thou mayst go the faster on, and dispatch this heavy Way; at the end of which, there is prepared the Princely Chair of Rest.


February 23. 1679.

The Artillery of Faith.

THE Day following, it was further argued still with me, according to this way of Inspeaking. Know thou, O tried One, that to thee is given a great, high, and lofty Aspiration of Mind, that looks over all, that is Temporal. I do it see, that the whole Creation is too little and mean to fill, or answer thy capacity. Therefore go thou on, and prosecute the great and worthy Design, that thy Spirit is put in a Posture for. O couldest thou ever think to arrive at Wisdom’s Golden Shore, till passed over this Working Sea, which is full of Pirates. Who would not only stop, but rob, and take away, what you have so hardly got in Spirituals. Therefore be always ready charged with Faith’s Cannon, for to send forth those Powers, that may strike Terrour to all Offenders, that of this kind will try you. But in these Internal and considerable Merchandizes keep your property, though ye may meet with many a Buffetting, Scorn, and Upbraidings, while you are upon your high Sail. But call over and see, what the valiant in Faith have got through. And I further charge you, that you turn away, and give no place to those lurking Spirits, who are hid in the Bogs of the Fleshly Senses, or that so readily watch their time to come out upon you, to waver you in the Faith, which in the greatest Storm must befriend you.


February 24. 1679.

The Viper - Wine.

MY present Condition giving me suffering matter of Meditation: This Word came unto me, saying, Thou wouldst not be willing, that I thy God should abate thee any of those good things, which are included in that new Covenant, wherein you may claim all free Community, with what your Conquering Jesus does now Triumphingly possess. So verily you, as I have again and again Testified, must resolve to go on, till you have accomplished his process. Which is to drink off the whole Cup, that is filled with the Viper-Wine, pressed out from the strange, and cruel Vine, that groweth out of this accursed Earth. But know after this, thou shalt surely enter into a full Community with the Fat flourishing Olive-Tree, that will Communicate her substance, no longer to appropriate that multiplying Oil, that will thee fully and freely satisfie. Believe, and thou wilt see all this established. Then after this, falling into a kind of a Natural Slumber, I saw a Viper clasped round about the middle of my Hand, looking all red as Wine; at which I was at first somewhat perplexed to see it take such fast hold, but after a little while, I shaked my Hand, and it dropped off, and I found no harm, but my Hand was as it was before. This confirmed the foregoing Word, that told me, I was to drink the Viper-Wine, which would be given me to drink from a hard, cruel, Viperous Generation, that would rather readily Contribute to, than sensibly Commiserate my adversities. But God doth shew, that I shall shake off the Venomous Creatures.


February 26. 1679.

The Lillies: or, Wisdom’s Generation.

THIS Morning after some Entercourse with the high Invisibility, being in a sweet calm Cessation from all Thoughts, I saw the Heavens bow down, and there was to see to a very Transparent Element, wrought, waved, and shaded with divers Colours, very Diaphanous. Then out here did spring three Flowers, in the Figure of Lilies, but costly and rich, as beset with all lustrous Stones; and soon after a fourth: and so multiplied one after another in the same likeness, but smaller, till the whole Heavens were Garnished with these Plants of Glory. And as I stood viewing, and amazed, I called for another Person, to come with haste to see this opening and descending of the new Heavens, where only branches of Righteousness should spring out from thence. Now it was assured me, that it would not be long, before this Kingdom of Righteousness and Power would to some break through in this very World, from the pure Grain of Faith. Which from the Holy Trinity is given forth to be sown in pure Hearts, that will spring up to be these living Branches to replenish the Earth, as God’s New and Glorious Hosts, and to make up the everlasting Choir of another degree of Angels, to praise Jehovah in the New Creation.


March 1. 1679.

An Apology for the Method of Divine Providence, with respect to Temporals.

THE outward Cares of this Mortal subsistence still lying hard upon me, and taking up my time, from the more pleasing and supernatural Exercise of my Mind; Hereupon my Spirit sunk into heaviness, crying out, Ah my Lord is it profitable, and so much conducing to thy Honour, that I should act and serve in this low and mean Degree, according to the customs of all rational Beings, that do account nothing of Faith? In this point lieth the greatest of my distress, that the Spirit of Faith is not come up to that Degree, as to make a distinction, to do somewhat signally, and like itself. As the manner was of our Lord’s living independently, when he was here upon the Earth. For we do not understand, that he was under much Suffering either for Himself, or his Disciples, as to what was needful, for the outward: but could command it at Pleasure. So that I cast up in my Mind, that I was very hard driven to attend, and follow the Holy Profession of my Lord, and yet not able to exert forth Faith for Provision-Power, according to needful occasions. This, and much more, was the sum of what I gathered up in my Mind.

Then watching what would be answer’d, to quiet and satisfie me in these doubtful Matters, the Comforter gave it readily into me, as followeth, saying to me, O thou, who art still fearful, and questioning what thy God is now doing concerning thee, in suffering thee to serve in that, which is but for the temporal Consistency; Know thou the everlasting Eye doth see, that this will turn for thee to the greatest good, in that thy Faith shall hereby spring, and get Ground over all sensibility. For now, since thou hast tasted and enjoyed so much from the Love’s Center of the Heart of Jesus, thou wilt contend, and strive hard to keep it, and to launch out from the shallows here, that are so perlexing to throw thy self into the Depths that will receive thee: as into that true Baptizing Pool, which coming out of, the Holy Ghost may on thee visibly rest, and act his supream part through thee, as in thy Lord Jesus. Who till he had passed through great Probation (as before, as also when carried into the Wilderness of Temptation:) was not to be thus Over-shadowed and Anointed. Thou knowest not what he endured, before he was Impowered with the Power, that wrought Miraculously. O therefore endure: and charge nothing of unfaithfulness, or unkindness, in all this thy trembling State, upon that God, whose Love is firm and sure; and will hereby perfect, and bring forth that, which shall excel all expectation. Only bear in Patience the exactions from this vile World. Over which after a while, you shall reign in Faith’s Power and Dominion; and be Judges to Condemn the Evil therein. O hold out: for your Lord is upon his coming now very near, to avenge his poor oppressed Flock.


March 2. 1679.

A Prosecution of the same.

MY Thoughts were working still to find out the method of everlasting Wisdom. Who permits the Worldly necessities to bind and oppress such in special, who would not be touched, or concerned with any of these Terrestrial things, that impede the swift Race. The attaining to the end of which, enters the Conquerour into its rest. As I was thus ruminating, and calling over the Weights, that have beset me in this kind for many Years, to prevent and cut me off from all freedom, in following that high Ministration, in which my Heart is Essenced: And which I do know (if wholly followed) would bring me into very high Degrees, of all mutual Entercourse and Friendship durably with the Holy Trinity; and consequently to know the perfect Spirits, and the Angelical Court. Which seeing my self hereof deprived, brought the dark Vapours of a careful Life, that constrained is to mind earthly things. This lying as such a burthensome Stone, put me upon a restless inquiry, how to throw off that which does hinder me of such a divine satiating good, that in this present time is to be tasted and handled: Which signifies the feeling and sure possession.

Well, after all this debate, in Spiritual Communication, this Word the Holy Anointed dropped in. The purpose and intent of thy Spirit, is clearly understood, and taken notice of by the Holy and Just One. Who drives on a considerable overturn of that Monarchy of the Beast, that hath reigned over the Earth, and has been so Cruel, as to appropriate for his own, and to perplex the Holy Ones, by shaking them out of all, who otherwise in their present warfare might be supported. But O thou; whose exercise is come before me, understanding my drift in suffering all this for to prove thee: It is not barely for probation, but to incite thee to stir up, and to awaken those Internal Forces and Powers, which could never be of that prevalency, if thou hadst not been in extremity. Which now may be so urgent with thy God, as haply the Faith of Jesus acting through thee, may give the first blow to the present constitution of things, that an Ingrossment hath made, that is so Evil in all its consequences. Therefore it shall be demolished. And the most ignominious dispisable Spirits that have suffered under the Beast’s pushing Power, them will the Lord make use of, to pluck this Beast down from his Seat. For a Decree is gone forth utterly to destroy, and lay waste his Dominion. This is near, and the Lord thy God by all these Tribulations is preparing worthy Spirits for this service.


HAVING cause ministered to exercise my Mind, concerning the hard and difficult things, which the greatest and highest Degrees of Saints, now as to this World were expos’d to: this moved my Spirit into an inquiry, why it should be so? Whereupon this Word came unto me, saying, Wouldst thou know why the Lambs that pertain to the Holy Flock are so hard driven, and not permitted to have any resting place, where the Wolfish Nature is so greedy for prey, and doth at present bear great sway on the Earth? It is good in the Eye of the most Holy and wise Trinity, who hath by all this a great overthrow to bring about in suffering his dear Ones to be so put to it, and often straitened in Temporals, and hereby proved in great Tribulations, as in a Cloud of Meanders, where they see no end of their way. But let nothing of this dismay thee, or strike down thy right grounded Hopes: For all this is but for way-making, to plant a new Territory in this very World, where the Self-engrossing Spirit now doth reign. But consider thou, how necessary it is, for the everlasting and foreseeing God, to try his own peculiar Heritage in this matter: and them sometimes even to deny their desired Dedication to be a Holy, Separated Habitation, into which nothing that pollutes might come in to disturb the pure Community with the Heavens. But now when God shall suffer the Ravenous Creatures to distress and pluck away all peaceable opportunities from those, who would be the fixed Temple of the Holy Ghost, this is very grievous. But was it not thus with the beloved David, who was pursued and chased up and down, hurried by a strong and potent Enemy, that would give him no rest, but envied him, though innocent, whose Heart was united to the fear of his God, and gave sufficient Testimony of his great fervour of Love. Yet observe: though God had elected him to the Kingdom, and passed his Promise, yet how many Years was he withstood, for worthy Ends known. Which after some time was understood, and by the Holy David greatly admired: So that he professed, it was needful and good, that he suffered and passed through such great Afflictions. Now let this serve to type out to thee the same good issue, though in a much different way, as standing in other circumstances. But thus far David is to be a President {Precedent}, as to what God is bringing to pass in these latter Days. He a Figure is, as to his great Persecution, who suffered deeply, a Man of Sorrows, always in Jeopardy, warring against various Enemys. But Oh! What did all this tend to? Was it not to the Birth of a Solomon? Which is the Consummation of all that can be call’d Peace and Tranquility. For thus it is, when such, whose Hearts do cleave perfectly to God, loving him, and do desire nothing beside him, that they of all others more hardly are beset, and violently staved off from their desired Tent of Rest; with their chief Shepherd. All of this predicts something signal that the Lord is doing, and none so fit and capable to be deputed for the trust and management of a Solomon’s Kingdom, as a David’s tried, humbled, and meekened Spirit. For verily that of Solomon’s Day is to renew again: and how is it to be brought to pass? But by the Mighty Cries and Importunities of such qualified ones, that are sensible, and do feelingly Sympathize with the Household of Faith, in their plunges and distresses, and so do eagerly supplicate for the Reign of Christ in his chased Flock. The Wolfish Nature hath kept them so long under, that need there is, for some Special Ones, with all united force now to move in, and for the coming of Wisdom’s Kingdom: And hereby to overturn the Power, Dominion, and Seat of the Beast. But when shall this be? Answer, Know the time is near: and therefore the Mighty One doth call you to hear these special things, that you may travel for to see Solomon’s Birth-day.


March 16. 1679.

J E S U S    C H R I S T    Riding on an Ass.

THIS Morning there was heard a cry, that pronounced Hosanna high, to whomsoever could sit the wild Coltish Beast, and ride him hither and thither, according to Will and Pleasure. As Christ the meek Lamb figured forth, when he rode upon the Foal of an Ass: which signifies the wild Propertys of human Nature to be subjected to the meek Spirit of Love and Wisdom. Who only will, and can Conquer the rough and untamed Nature, of the brutish Part. To which the Angelical Hosanna is given in great Acclamations; by the subjection of the Beast.

[Behold Christ cometh Riding meekly on an Ass. Thus opened. “By Christ, is meant Christ Jesus in Spirit, the Third Ministration in Relation to the Spirit of Christ, which is the Holy Ghost coming again in the Day of Pentecost. Riding on an Ass, by Ass is meant the outward earthly Man, the Man of Flesh and Blood, the Man born after the Stars: in this Third Ministration of the Spirit, Christ cometh Riding on the outward Man, who is now become an Ass, and hath the properties of an Ass, Issachar-like to bear all burthens, to endure all Tribulations, Persecutions, Taunts, Reproaches, Wants, Necessities, Poverties, Shame, Scorn, Disgraces, and Dishonours.”   Why is the outward fleshly Man an Ass? Answer, “Because the Enmity and contrariety of his own Beastial Nature is slain under the Cross of Jesus: Secondly, Because the Selfishness, the Covetousness, the Earthliness of his Wolfish Nature is slain.”    Third Particular, “Consider that Christ is said to Ride meekly on this Ass. Why so? Because Christ in Spirit Rideth, Ruleth, and Governeth the Ass of the outward Man, in all Meekness, in all Humility, in all Patience, and Long-suffering, in all Subjection and Submission, in all Softness, Sweetness and Gentleness. Thus Christ governs over the outward Man, when the Enmity of his Elementary Nature is slain.”   Fourth Particular, “Behold Christ cometh: this is a forerunning Ministration. And therefore behold it, and consider it, Christ is in Union with the outward Man, in this humble and meek Ministration. And though in this meek Humility, he seemeth to be an Ass, he bears, endures, and suffers all things like an Ass; yet Christ is in Union with him in it, and thence he may sing in this Asses and Suffering Ministration, Christ Governing and Reigning over him in it, and he in Christ, Hosanna to the Highest.  Why so?  For it is in order to a higher, and to a more exalted Exaltation: for they that suffer this with Christ, they shall Reign: and they that thus sink shall rise up with Christ.” J.P. ]


March 18. 1679.

The Beast drawn above the Earth.   A Vision.

I Had in the Night a Vision of a great Beast, drawn up from the Ground by a Line, and I was called upon to stride over it, and it was so far from the Ground, that I knew not how to compass it, without stepping up by some contrivance: but that was not to be suffered. Then the Line with which the Beast was tied up, did hang down within reach, and I thought in my self to take hold of it, and so heave up over it. But it was said to me, Venture not, for it may deceive thee, and bring the Beast down to crush thee. Let it alone till the Resurrection of thy Lord’s Mystical Body stir it self in thee. Thou art safe enough, while he is restrained: wait for to step over by the virtue only of Faith’s Power. This Word was given me, as I was considering what I had seen, and much more was added for Confirmation. The Word of the Spirit saying, I would surely such Champions encourage, that would proceed to destroy, in Faith’s method and way, that Harlot, which is so great. Who hath flattered numberless Souls out of their Princely Dominion, which might have been visible in this World. But, behold, your Sion King doth wait for some special Ones, to perform his Will in this particular, according to what is foreseen, by the great Elias: And is to be accomplished in the Earth, through Great and Valiant Spirits in the Faith, which is to be revealed.


March 20. 1679.

The Stream to be Resisted.

THIS Morning there appeared to me a most violent Stream, yet through it I must pass, though I saw great peril to adventure thereupon. But it was said to me, Call up the Ark of Jesus, thy inward Body, and enclose therein, and the rough Waters will turn, and will be a mild pass for thee to get through, to the secret of thy Eternal Nativity. Where thou mayest wrap about thee the cloathing of Power, and turn back all contrary Streams at Pleasure. Learn, O thou, who art cut off from all Creaturely Potency, how to work and act by an unseen Art. Which shall be shewn from within thee, without Noise or Words. For the which wait silently at the known Springs, whereout Streams of Power will run so forcibly as to exhaust the contrary Tide that would over-run, and drown the new planted Faith: Which doth put forth for a Kingdom, through the encrease of that Birth, which is from the Holy Ghost. Go on therefore in this thy Might, and every swelling Island shall fly: For in the Ark, the Power will move high, which is to be felt as a moving Body. Upon this Vision I dwelt sometime.

The next Day, inquiring what this violent Stream was, which I was to break through; there was set before me the Figure of the whole World, the Prospect of the Buildings, and innumerable Inhabitants, the visible Element, the Sun, Moon, and Stars, Sea, and Dry Land. Hence it was given me to understand that this was the violent Stream, that was to be resisted and passed through: and that swiftly, and not to be staid in, lest swallowed up: but through the presence of the Divine Body, born up against this flowing Tide. Then at this, I replied, Oh my Lord, is it come to this, that the whole World in all its Beautiful Aspect and Goodliness is to be run through, and so hard struggled against, as not to stop, or take up any little rest here? The Word followed close upon me, saying, No, it must not be for those, who are to be such Plants in Wisdom’s Land, as the Spirit of Faith shall figure out. For which purpose they must resolutely make a Breach, and no longer stay in such a World, where lapsed Reason, as a God, doth sway all Matters therein, and thereby doth impose Laws answerably: All which will be thwarted by those, who are designed, and wisely instructed to fulfil the Decrees of the one only true God; in putting forth the most Wonderful Glorious Spring, that will renew Faith’s Kingdom. Which will so Potent shew, that all this World (as scorched Grass) will fade away before this Sion’s Glory. Now to this Work put your Hands; and for this Life do ye unmovably wade through all Floods that do withstand.


March 22. 1679.

The Seraphical Circle.

THIS Day followed upon me, after I ascended up first in a Spirit of Prayer, the sight of that World, which was replenished with no other Inhabitants than such, in whose Countenance you might read all Innocency and Affable Meekness. And there walked to and fro in the midst of this place (tho infinitely spacious) one higher than the rest in Stature, in a long white Robe. His looks like Silver, and on his Head a Golden Miter. Who uttered a mighty Voice, saying, Come, and rank your selves, and be in readiness with me to descend, to renew the Face of the old Desolate World beneath. For the Cry does grow so strong, that I cannot long stay from thence. My Life in the Holy Seed toucheth the out-going Flame from my Heart. After this sound, I saw numerous Seraphical Bodies linked all round, moving and descending down. Then asked I, what this Circle of Transparent Bodies meant? And it was immediately written plain to read, this was the Holy City all Compact: And in the midst hereof did spring a bright Element, which looked like pale Gold, that did rise, and generate forth Streams of Glory, as one intire Sun, though that be too inferiour herewith to compare. Then did I intercede, that I might be taken up into that Circle. But it was said, Yet a little while thou art to strive against the Stream, of this Vile World, and so to pass out. And then your Spirit shall spring anew, and be cloathed with the matter of that clear Element: in which Light, as in a Glass, you shall see a more high and splendorous World, and come near the Face of the highest Sovereignity, in the Orb of highest Glory. Then further argued I, but what, O my Soul, wilt thou do for the present, to take off the barren Reproach, which through continued Suffering is flung and cast, as Mire upon us? Answer, Know, thy Jesus does it see, and consider, and the budding Spring of the Power shall wipe that away also: and this Talent shall be given, therefore expect it, and for it wrestle against all, that would in fear and doubt keep from this Blessing, which shall so Powerfully multiply from the Grain, that doth lie hidden. Thus did the Comforter revive my fainting Spirit, and shewed me the way to fly from all of these polluted, dead, and earthly Inhabitants, and how that I should come up to the Holy City to meet the Lord upon the high Mountain; who would descend therefrom upon the Holy Jerusalem.


March 24. 1679.

The Seraphical Wine.

MAKING all advantage of the present Cessation, and respite from the turmoiling Imploys, and Businesses moving about to and fro, concerning the Outward & Terrestrial Body; Great and Joyous was the liberty of my Mind, to attend on a pure Introversion, for the emptyings forth from the Love. Often, and truly, I find no little success in my attending hereupon. Therefore I am made to covet Quietness, Reservedness, and Sublime Abstraction. Since so that I cannot expect any opening of the Celestial World, but as I am altogether estranged, and gathered up from the Visible. And in this Divine Sensation, I was cast this Morning into much free and various Enjoyments, as was witnessed from the Eternal Unity, concurring to uphold and strengthen, for what I was further to go upon that three twisted Line of Faith, and so get beyond the striving Stream of the boisterous Sea of Sense. That doth so strongly beat against Faith’s Voyage, undertaken for the bringing in the only one Prize. For which my Spirit is intent upon. And being exceedingly busied, and laying out all hereupon, & keeping strict Watch over all, within the working House of the Holy Mind, that nothing might there offend the Spirit: I had a sudden Injection from the Holy One, saying to me, Take all care to keep that one part free, which I have chosen in thee, for a Sanctified place, which must be no thorough or common Way henceforth, but Sacred and Hallowed, through the Oil of the Anointing, that may prepare for the Leaven of the Kingdom. Then inquired I of this, how I might be assured of it: and presently was shewed me in a raised Idea there, a little Vial, which was fill’d with the same pale Golden matter, which I saw within the Circle-Wall of the Seraphick Bodies: And I would have tasted of it with my Corporeal Mouth, but it was said, This cannot be so taken in, though it is shewn thee in this outward Figure for satisfaction sake. Yet this high composition of the Celestial Matter, (out of which, all God’s Glorious Creating Powers are set a work) is to be carried into the Soul, by the undiscernible Hand of the Holy Anointing. By whose Wisdom all of this high Spiritual Composition is to be managed for a known Consequence; which is to follow in such, to whom it is given. Then I was moved to ply hard upon the administration, if by any means one and another for which I desired, might be made meet to partake of this great Gift. And it was said to me, You must all first drink of that Remain of the Suffering Cup; which is the intended Portion, to scour out the Dregs of the Mortal husk, where the sinful Essences are.

Then this affirmative conclusion was shewed in the Spirit, that as I did see this pure Leaven of the one Element, by way of presentation in the Eye of the Spirit; so it should be infused into Sion’s prepared Bride, as the Nuptial conjoining Tie, for the investing of all the Dowry, belonging to the Lamb’s great Dominion, both in the upper, and lower Region. Hereupon I was made to know this was the last and principal Reserve, appointed for to Consummate the Marriage-Supper. For nothing beyond the Baptizing into this one perfect Temperature of the fifth Essential Element, which is allotted for the refined Vessels, that are brought through the Diverse Washings and Spirit-burnings. O what good Hope may we have of this great and dignifying Grace, if we keep on to walk in, and after the prescribed Rules, which are daily Ministered to us by the Spirit, to bring us up hereunto.


March 25. 1679.

The Mixed Globe.

THE Word of Life opened, and gave in the Similitude of a Globe clear: and in it were creeping Creatures about the sides of it, and in the midst of it a Circle, in which flying Birds were soaring and flying up. This was shewn me, that I might learn, and know, what was meant hereby. The creeping Creatures that hung upon the sides of the Globe, were said to be those, that stuck fast to the sensual Ground of this earthly Principle, that could move and dwell no higher, and so inherit no better a degree. But the swift flying Birds represents the high winged Spirits of Faith, that touch not the outside and Birth of this sensual Ground, but are moving in their high Circle-Sphear, and do fly into the Heavens: and so have no other need of a Star-House; which belongs only to the Outward Birth.


March 27. 1679.

The Pillar of Fire.

FROM the Cloudy Body I did see a Flame go through, and it extinguish’d, so that it wrought up it self into a Pillar of Fire, and ascended, as not finding a place in this lower World to fix. From which it was signified to me, That this was the rising Body of Jesus, that is moving to its own Celestial Orb, as knowing that is to be its proper place for fixation. And when once this Spirit’s Flame gets through the dark smothering Body, it then cannot longer stay among the vile and vulgar Spirit’s: but is exhaled up by the clear Ray of God’s Body of Light. And this Truth doth meet with what, we do well experience in our selves as feeling this Divine Spark so kindling through the dark Valley of the Body, and in its ascending motion flying upward: and though it conflicts with somewhat, that would still smother it, yet the Cherubim flutters its Wings and blows it up again, and makes the Prisoned Life for to ascend to its own pure Climate, where it may breathe free.


March 28. 1679.

Spiritual Weaving.

I Finding all put into an even Temperature through the great Operator, that subdueth and bringeth under, what would have lifted up it self against the Holy Soveraignty. And being in this peaceable posture of Mind I argued with my Heavenly Agent, Why it was that Faith’s adventure came so slowly in? and the real Livers of this Life met with more distress than any others? And Answer was given in thus, It must follow on this account, because that they had ceased from serving the great Ruler and Master of this earthly Family, who provides all conveniences for those, who serve with all careful industry under his Law. But now this life of Faith calls off from Trafficking and Complying with this Spirit: it must not mingle its Stock with the stuff of Egypt. No more is it to Weave in the worldly Spirit, with the Spirit of Faith’s interest, lest it makes a rent in Christ’s seamless Robe. Which is singly spun out from the Golden Fleece of the Lamb of God. Who is to shine forth free from all mixture, upon those, who are to make no other Web, but what the Shuttle of Faith can strike through, for substantiality. And this now is, what the Holy Unction driveth hard onto, in such who are contented to be, as a forlorn (despicable) Hope; as to all the promising good, which this mixed State of things can make out. Therefore the Word of God’s patience cried in me, Be thou as that Vertuous Woman, whose Candle goeth not out by Night, laying the hand of Faith to the spindle of the Spirit, and draw out to the longest thread of Faith which may make thee fine Linnen and Purple: So Beauty, Strength, and Honour may be thy Cloathing.

And after this the Word did thus Renew: For no other but such a Robe as this can fit and suit, to make the Bride look all Comely and Fair, for Love and Delight to her Bridegroom: so that no exception may be made against her, or any of the Virgin’s Companions, that are to be joined with her. And all now are called to this high Manufactory in Wisdom’s Principle. For so it hath been manifested to me accordingly. Where each one according to his proper Gift and Signature exercised I did see, to prepare the Marriage-Garment of the Lamb’s Bride. This is the Work-House, where nothing of the rational Craft can be admitted: but they only who are skilful in the Handy-craft of Faith, or the Manual Operation of the Holy Ghost, that blessed will be with a numerous Increase, according to the immense Dowry that doth belong to the Nobility and Degree of the Immanuel-Bride. Which must excel all that this Worldly Principle can contribute to, beyond all comparison that can be made: And highly accounted and favoured shall all those be, who shall not only know, but essentially be endued and enriched with, this compleatly spun out Vesture of Glory. For into the City of the Lamb called up they shall be, as bearing thus his Mark and Livery: which so radiant shall be, as all the Glories of Babylon’s Queen to darken.

[This Matter of the Manufactory of Wisdom, is in part resumed upon May the 26th, which concerneth her Merchandize.]


March 30. 1679.

The Seraphical City.

I WAS in high and all free Communion with my Lord Jesus, so soon as I awaked this Morning, and therefrom took occasion to drive on that new Model and Frame of things, which hath been shewn me in a wonderful Figure of a City; That descended and rested upon Twelve Flaming Pillars, which first put forth from a great and lofty Mountain, that seemed to be greater than the whole Earth. It was beset as a Garland with all Flowers, which did shew wonderous Beautiful {Beauty}. The light Pillars gave their reflection upon them, so that it appeared coloured from the Tincture going forth from them. And the fixed Magnificent City was as a Covert over this pleasant Mountain: and all this brought forth without noise of Words or visible Action. The Similitude was soon made out to my understanding. That all this makes out the new World, which will be brought forth by the steady Pillars, that stand on Faith’s Foundation, and God will raise them, for his Tabernacle to descend upon, and the Glory of Lebanon shall out-spread as a Garland upon, and over the whole Face of the Earth, and thereby swallow up that which the laborious toil of the Hand of fallen Man hath brought forth in Sorrow and Sin. To which the risen Pillars from the clear Element of Faith’s Ground, are to put an end. O what of Creature-workmanship shall stand, when great Michael shall work so invisibly (in Faith’s Mystery) in, and through cloudy Pillars, that may be changed into bright Flames, for to meet that, which the glorious Trinity hath prepared for their Throne-Seat in the new Earth.

Upon this a fresh provocation was to walk in Faith’s lonely Road, which will bring up to that sweet well garnished Mountain, that is a Perfumed Bed of Rest, for the wearied Ones, that have suffered much from an Evil World. O who but those, who in the conquering Spirit do hold out, shall be chosen for Foundation-Pillars: which can be shaken never more, when the whole Fabrick of this now earthly Creation shall be over-turned? What a Joy will it renew to them, who are to be preserved for such a Service, in that Day of the Holy City, with the lustrous Combination of the Heavenly Assembly. Who are ready to meet them of Christ’s Fold, that are come out of great Tribulations.


April 2. 1679.

The Triumphant Shout.

IN the fore part of the Night, after some little Repose with the Comforter, I fell asleep for a little season, but was awaked with such a Triumphant Sound, as if the Total Redemption had been now wrought out, and I was carried out to a Prophetical Song of Praise, as if Faith’s course was finished. And I could not restrain my Spirit from running into this excess of giving Praise and Laud to God, and the Lamb, who had all surrounded me with Salvation, which I did feel as a Shout of Exaltation go through me. Whereupon I recollected my self in this high Transportation, in the very heat thereof, saying, Ah my Lord, what doth all this mean? I am as one besides my self. What cause is there for it: finding my self in the dusty Case of Mortality? Therefore no Redemption is of the Body. And there is no such Conquest as to afford me matter of such Triumph, as if all things were now put under me, that so long have exacted their unwilling Tribute from me, which hath been paid to the Principality of this earthly Region. Thus I was abating and checking my Spirit for it. But the Lord spake, and gave me satisfaction in this matter, saying, The Spirit of exulting Joy, that in thee hath sprung, is but the Eccho of what is done for thee in God’s Council Court, and thou wilt see what will follow, as thou keepest firm to all that thou hast been taught in Faith’s Ministration: and a joyful free Redemption will issue out, and from this enthralling Earth, whereof thou hast been fed from sour and bitter Herbs; but the property of the risen Body, in which the Holy Ghost will move, shall fully redeem thee out of this Curse.

Then this Voice Shouted again, Rejoyce ye Heavens, Sing ye that have dwelt Solitary in the Earth. For behold the Lord hath Ransomed and Redeemed the crying and oppressed Exile, which hath been cast out as Desolate, from the Heritage of the Earth. These are they that must not stand without, but enter through the Ever-turning Gate, whose Mystical Lock has been loosened by the dropping Oil of Gold from Faith’s rising Spring. The touch of which will make every Gate to fly open. See then, you have great cause to keep up Faith’s Spirit high, that so it may never lose so great a Prerogative.


April 3. 1679.

The Eye of Faith.

THIS Day my Mind being Exercised, and Meditating upon the Law of Faith, as having Words still following me, not to swerve from those precise and thorough Acts of it, which might reach home to the Mark and Author of it; I had this Discovery and Doctrine given in by the Holy Anointing, saying, Be not thou only an admirer of this Life of Faith, but keep to the exact pace of it, according to the various Rules revealed. For which cause, keep strict Reins upon the wild braying Ass, who would turn out of Faith’s Way, if not bridled by the well skill’d Rider, to whom the Superiour Understanding is given. For it is not the applause of Faith, that can, or does please God: but the Operators in that Mystery, that can shew the Frame and Workmanship that it hath brought forth. This is that immediate Fore-runner of the fixed Kingdom, in which the Holy Ghost beareth up the Standard-Glory of the expected new Creation. And therefore must have it’s first Spring from Faith’s Golden Grain, that is water’d, and watched over with all vigilancy, till it be out of the fear of shaking. This is the only Plant that will be Crown’d: and the now puffed up Spirit of sheltering Reason thrown down, and buried in her own Cursed Earth, from whence it came. O know thou then Faith’s Eye, as thy Glass is, in which all things may be seen in its own native colour and property. And hereto fixing, no miscarriages need to be feared, in what is to be undertaken, though in the midst of confused Noises, where doubtful matters may spring in the Mind. Therefore make haste, and come to this certain Divine Seeing in sound Wisdom.


April 4. 1679.

The Energy of Faith.

THIS Morning I was renumerating, what the Lord in Spirit did allure, and so mightily drive on our Faith unto, seeing all stirring motions tending this way, with the inward Word sounding accordingly, and answering as an Eccho from the Heavenly Sphear. Which was after some sharp conflict with my Senses, which began to make objections of diverse kinds. The which were all drowned in the Water-flood of the Spirit, that did rise high to help and aid me against those subtil baiting Foxes, that watch to break in to crop the springing Lily. But the Spirit’s Banner is over it, and will not suffer it to be defaced, but that it might yet grow, and cluster to the Sevenfold Head.

The Word that entered into me after this Conflict, was this, Fear thou no ill that shall befall thee, though the brittle Reeds do fall away, that have hitherto been thy stay. Therefore care not, nor fear to throw away those Leading-strings, that thy outward Bodily Being hath leaned upon. The strong Golden Stilts of Faith will come in the place of them, that shall carry thee through the slippery Ice, and muddy Boggs: which yet stand betwixt Thee and Faith’s Treasury. But be strong to go on, and it shall surely by this attempt be entered upon as a Rich and Goodly Tent, where choice and abounding Good things will satisfyingly fill thy Soul, beyond what is seen in all this Created Scene. From which turn away thy Eye, and look into the Species of Glorys high: The view of which may exhale up thy Spirit thither, and thereby bring down Power to redeem that part, which has groaned and struggled so long under the Curse. This is the one principal Matter, for which thy Jesus would that his Beloved Ones, who are so born down in this Evil World, should exert their Faith up continually: as minding no other business, but to follow this close, till somewhat be made and fashioned out, that may bring this Holy and High Calling into Reputation among the unbelieving Gentiles, that have looked upon Faith’s professors with such indignation. The Lord himself when he did go out to convince the World that he came from God, and acted all from, and in Union with the infinite Sovereignty, made use of this Energy, and wrought all his Miracles in the Spirit of Faith. As for instance, when the Lord raised up Lazarus from the Dead, he prayed in Faith: For he gave thanks, that the Father did hear his Prayer, and Concur’d with him in the Almighty Power to do this Wonder, that so the unbelieving Jews themselves might be convinced, that God was present in a bodily shape. Truly if Christ the Lord had not stretched out his Faith to such a length and full extent, according to the State of things in that Age requiring, he had not been justified in the Spirit of a Faith’s Miraculous Power. And verily this kind of Spirit the new framed Earth is to be replenished withal. It will begin with such, and rest upon them, whose Minds are fashioned after this sort. And great need there is for some, that are highly Spirited for to stretch out what they have, of this Spirit to the utmost, that so this Life may recover its lost esteem. And for this end the Just One hath invited us to this Banquet-Feast, that so the waterish Element may be turned in the glowing Wine, that is refined out of the earthly Mammon. And this is prepared to nourish the Spirit of Faith, till it comes up to its full Maturity, to go upon its own Legs, without any Creaturely prop or stay. And the Holy Unction is come to draw the Draught and Model of this new Ministration, and is exercising his little Ones in this very Day, to trail the Pikes of Faith against the Battelliers, who are Proclaimed to come from the Beast’s Kingdom, and will violently engage the Lamb’s Warriours. But fear not: the Lyon doth rouse up himself in God’s Omnipotence in his Disciplined Ones. He shall all of that Power tread and trample down through this Conquering Might: and with his flaming Breath shall he put all to the rout. This is now by the Lord shewn to me: and is to be set upon by his Worthies speedily.


April 6. 1679.

The Branch of Lebanon.

UPON some Expostulations with my present comforter the Holy Spirit, I had this Word given in, saying, As naturally as the Earth bringeth forth her Bud, and the Garden causeth the sown Seed to spring, so undoubtedly the Branch that is grafted into the Life-Tree, the Twelve manner of Fruits shall from this one Arm sprout forth. This may signifie the true entering property of Faith as the Operator. Who will not cease both to Cement and Exhale for ripening soon, from the Eternal Element, that may manifest all these several kinds of Fruits in their useful quality. Take this in as a true saying; for the Winter that has hindered this Branch from shewing it self is wasted out: The Summer day is breaking forth, that must open Lebanon’s Glory in the deep Ground of a Heaven-water’d Mind, which as a River of Life shall give sap and fatness to this growing Branch, to stretch out it self for a sheltering shade, that nothing may more appear of the Adamical Nakedness. Which thing will be found true, as you abide in this Holy Life-root, and not be careful in the Year of Drought, nor ever cease yielding Fruit, because it will be diverse from all other Trees, that are Planted and Watered with the Foot, by Man’s Hand of Industry. Then came the Word with great Confirmation, saying, Blessed are they that read and understand this Prophecy, for the time is at Hand, for the putting forth of these choice Fruits, that shall be eaten by pure Spirits, and turned into out-going Powers, to the Glory of the Lamb, that is the Root of this budding Branch.


April 7. 1679.

The Mark in Sight.

THE Unction-word dropped in this saying, Trust in the Lord thy everlasting Rock, at all times: Let nothing of Instability undermine thy Confidence. Take heed of being shuffled out of thy way, which brings to the right Gate. For till thou gettest through it, attempts there will be to turn thee aside; but set the Lord always before thy Eye: Lose not that Mark out of thy sight. But watch against the misgivings of thy Heart: Offs and Ons will never Rid way, but at the best cause delay, and so to be in a weary Meander. Therefore know nothing more of the Arm of Flesh, that leads out of the way: but let Jehovah at all, and every time be thy trust and stay.


April 8. 1679.

The Parable of the Hawks and Doves.   Or Self-Love.

THE whole part of this Night, I was kept up in a wakeful posture, going through deep Exercises in my Mind, for the removing all that block’d up this new and living Pass, which brings up to stand upon the Sea of Glass. And the Lord did shew himself in a most familiar way, as if he had been in a Creaturely Body talking with me; and presented to me a Similitude which might give me to see, what the Obstructions were, that caused the Creation to groan under the Curse, and all the Evil consequences of it. And what with-held the Lord my Mighty Prince and Saviour, from his coming to Reign as absolute Monarch over, and in the hidden parts of the Earth in each one, that have prostrated themselves before the Throne, in order to his Kingdom coming into them. Who have been primary seekers for it, that through them first the Power may go forth, till it encrease to God’s numerous strong Host. The thing that came before me, was vast numbers of flying Fowls of several kinds, and they hunted one another, as the Hawk the Partridge, and the mighty the lesser Birds. And so the Stronger and greater sought to devour, and take for their Prey the weaker and the lesser. This was in one World or Orb. Distinct from this I saw another, where only appeared a Field replenished with grown ripe Corn of every sort of Grain, and a very sumptuous Building in the midst thereof, but the fashion was like to a Doves Court, or House, where only Doves with Milk white Bodies, and Golden Wings flew forth, and freely took of the Corn, and brought into the House, and there fed, and bred, and nourished their Young. And amongst these was all Harmony and Community, and Singing Ditties of Joy to each other; not Mourning anymore. Then was it said to me, Dost thou understand what these two contrary Scenes mean? I Ecchoed in Spirit, The Interpretation, O my Lord, be given from thee, according to thy own meaning. Then the former, wherein was the wild Place, in which the devouring Birds did pursue each other, was presented the second time. And there were many fluttering Doves, that the other sort took the Meat out of their Mouths, and flew away, and they were so greatly distressed, as there was heard a grievous Mourning. Then descended a mighty Eagle, and Clucked as a Hen to come under her Wing: but some were so pinnion’d that they could not fly, others lingered after, to get their Meat again from their fellow Birds, and some were held on Bushes and would not stir, but made their Nest there, as if they were Lime-snared. But then again, some few, (and very hardly they) in the heat of pursuit did get away, and were born under the Eagle’s Wing, and brought into this Corn-field of Heaven’s Stores, where they need fear no more Birds of Prey.

The opening Spring of Understanding was given to flow, and to give the signification of this Parabolical Vision. The first Scene did plainly shew the Universe of things acting upon the Stage of this Creation, where the Lord Jesus hath his Flock of Dove-Souls, that are hunted and pursued indeed by the great potent Ones, who are Strong and Rich in their subtle Reason to covet, and to exact, and pull from each other: though living and moving from one Original Being, yet strangely alienated in Self-appropriating Love; which is the very speckled Venom of the Serpent, that hath poisoned the whole Creation. The true and faithful Witness did it aver in this expression, that this was the Spawn and Root of all the growing Evil, that the whole Nature of Man was infected withal. And that the Holy Being of Love for this, had great Controversie with whomsoever this infecting Leaven was found. For the pure Spring of Love from the God-head Fountain cannot open, till that other be dried up. This hath been the choice and main obstruction, that hath delay’d the Kingdom of Christ, from coming into Souls, in its Majestical Power. For so the Life-word affirmed to me, and cautioned me to get free herefrom, and to avoid this infecting Ray from the Stars. For nothing more did seal up in unbelief, than appropriating and grasping into Self-Love. As considered in all points according to what we may have a trust in, as relating to Gifts, and Things Supernal or External, Self-propriety is to be outed, that the Kingdom of Love and Faith may come in. For it is shewn in the Spirit’s Glass, that this is the Sin that hath the greatest Predominancy, not only among the Worldlings, that daily engross, and eat and devour each other, but the very Doves are also herewith infected, though they have been afflicted from these greater Birds of Prey, and so hunted as they have not known where to fly to get their Food in any of Love’s freedom, among these of Self-Love’s engrossing Inhabitants. Yet such is the Proneness and Inclination, being bred up among them, they are become tainted with the Evil manners of the sensual brutish Life, that cares only to preserve it self. Therefore the Mighty Lord, and Pastor of his Flock is calling and drawing his own out from among this selfish Generation. And were it not permitted that they of this Dove-Spirit should be treated hard, and Evil of them in all kinds of Suffering, we should still linger to stay among them, though all pluckt, pinion’d, and born down, as the Vision did make it well out: to shew the unwillingness to go out from among the Egyptians and Babylonians. But so great and growing Oppression will make the Doves to Cry and Mourn so dolefully, as the strong Godded Eagle will come and bear away such as are free to leave all that are of this ravenous Spirit, that are catching at them for to encrease their Prey.


April 10. 1679.

The Impregnable Name.

THE Oracle Word spake in me, saying, For a peculiar end the Holy One hath declared those great things of his Counsel unto thee, whose Dwelling is to be in the secret of God’s Name, that greater Mysteries may open out therefrom, in Force and prevailing Might. O come and hide within the Impregnable Circle of this mighty Name, and nothing of the oppressing Violence of the Earth shall thee harm: Jesus your Lord will ever meet and be your Defence. Here do you retreat, while bustling Spirits would invade; but that they cannot find which way to enter into your invisible Tent: where you are known only by a new Name, that never is to be defamed; in that rejoice evermore: and care not for the Mark and Name, that must perish in the Dust of Death; but be one in that Name, which never can dye, but must live out all Clouds of Ignominy.


April 12. 1679.

A Further Interpretation of the Parable.

THE Vision still further opened, and expounded was unto me, and put to me in way of question, whether or no I would draw out that stock of Faith, that is the matter from the one pure Element, and come under the bearing Wing of the God Eagle, and there improve this Talent in its own property and native Land, among the Dove-Flocks, who are enter’d into the Royalty of the Holy Ghost? I found my Spirit readily complying with this dear Love-tender of my Jesus: But withal there was a Covering pluckt off, as I did see how, and upon what hard terms I was from hence to break away. For it was said to me, that all the Materials which have mingled from the Astral Spirit with this primary Faith, was to suffer the dividing Flame of the Holy Ghost to come in: For the separation from that which had adulterated it. And this was the cause that made the Wine of the Spirit so weak, its force being abated. Which otherwise might have strength to raise the Dead, and to do whatever was brought before it for to do. For according to the Excellency and Purity of This Unmixed, so will follow the Power of doing all Cures interiour and exteriour. And they may expect in such a Spirit of Power to act, till they are carried out in the first place from the wild fluttering Birds of Prey, that fly in their own Astral Heavens. For none of those without can do such injury as these within, for they work in the subtle Property and Corporality of the Beast. They that are without, cannot come in to hurt, as Spirits that can come into us, and we know not how, but catch the very Word of Life out of the Spirit’s Mouth, and pick up the precious Seed, while it is sowing in the Eternal Ground. For what can be more prejudicial than for these fluttering Spirits to run away with the Grain of the Heavenly Crop, upon which is all the hopeful expectation, as the Store that is to be everlastingly lived upon. For what is all sowings in the Spirit, without it be carefully watched over, and preserved from the hunting, piercing Vulture’s Eye, that does fly up and down the Region of our own Minds? For the Holy Teaching Unction hath declared, and fully shewn it, that in this hath been the danger and hazard in all those plentiful Showerings, that have fallen down upon the very Ground, and all that great Labour and Pains which have been in a Spiritual way, bestowed to make ready for it. But this was what was started in me: and the Covering was plucked off by the Lord’s own Hand, that we might discern in Spirit the cause, which has hindered the Holy Seed from coming to its Head-perfection, without which nothing of the Kingdom’s Harvest, ready for the Holy Ghost to reap, can rise upon the inward Ground of any Soul. But the great Question is, How this holy pure Thing may be preserved from Fowls of this sort, that are as swift in their flight as a Thought? It was far easier for Gideon to hide his threshed Corn from the Midianites, than it is for us to hide the Seed of the Kingdom from those AEtherial Starry Spirits, that have Power to enter into our Corporieties, as their own Region. But for this a help is provided, and the Lord my Redeemer, whose Love is great, and Counsel deep hath revealed it: as how his own Life-Seed may come to be secured from these Fowls of Prey.

It was opened in a figurative way, for the more easie understanding. As I was hereupon thoughtful, upon this foregoing opening, the great Concern still stirring in my Mind was, how to find out that Principal thing, which will fix the Kingdom of the Lamb upon its own Basis. Which no way was demonstrable, but from the conception of the Holy Ghost, which in this express Similitude was made out to me, as followeth, The Figure of an Egg with a white Shell, but so clear, as you might see the whole matter of it White and Yellow, as fine and pure as Silver and Gold, that had passed through the Hand of the Separator; and wrought over this a Crystalline enclosure for its Guard. And the Hand in which it was, did put it in, or caused it to be passed into me, where no visible Eye could see. And withal said, No other heart could cherish it, but a pure flaming Heart; That for this very purpose was Created anew in the secret of Eternal Nature, although visibly found in the fashion of a Mortal Creature. From hence would work out the mighty Mystery of the Godded Nature, as preserved within the closed Lock of the Heart; sending always out a Temperate heat, the Holy Dove resting there to hatch up, what is of his own thus conveyed.

O Mighty God, who hath comprehended the infiniteness of thy Wisdom, as to the method and way of replenishing a new Creation? Where hath been our gazing, and looking out for it, as if the Kingdom of Christ would come down from the Starry Element? No, no: it will certainly be brought forth from out of the God-head-deep of a pure separated Heart, so curiously wrought, and fashioned in the hidden part of Man’s Earth. But when, oh when! will this Holy Dove prepare and choose his own Nest, and where but in a serious fixed Heart, that is ascended on high, far out of the reach of those common Birds of Prey, that do hunt day by day in the broad Ways and low Hedges? There is for this, but one only way described by him, who is the Morning Star, which is to abide in the highest degree of all Spiritual confinement, retiring where the Life-vigour is felt, from the over-shadowing Body of the close setting Dove: that so no distaste may be given, to make him take Wing, and from our Heart-Nest to fly away. For so it has often been. Which hath been the very cause, that in all these latter Ages, and present big Expectations, no Holy Ghost hath been born in any one, to sound the Everlasting Gospel, nor to proclaim through the Golden Horn the Total Redemption. For no sooner hath the Heavenly matter been gathered together for this, within the tender brickle Shell, but the Weasel-suckers that do lie all about the inward Ground of the Mind, have sucked this matter, which is prepared for a Body of Life: And so the great thing hath yet been withstood, which only can renew the old Creation.

But now hear, what our Kingly Prophet speaks to us, who had of this Holy substance infused into his Person: That we all should be chary and watchful hereof, lest the Serpent set his tread upon it, who in the form of an Airy Bird flutters over it with his Wing, to mingle herewith his Vile Seed, which hath been the only cause of the mixed Birth, that hath been so generally brought forth, by the highest of Degrees in visibility. Whereupon the Lord is come in Spirit this to discover, and doth give occasion unto the Wise Virgins, that so they may be careful, what Spirits they suffer to enter in, to set their Tread or powerful Impression: for all agreeable will be the conception of the Birth. For though Holy Matter and Ground may be prepared, yet herein may be the danger of a false Birth. For the Serpently Spirit is so ready at Hand to circumvent, that no less than the Holy Spell of the Divine Magia can keep such flying Spirits out, that do so readily mingle to kill the Birth of Life. For the prevention of which, a solitary Wilderness is to be our Habitable Place, apart from all the confused bussles of this tempting World, which is the First means in order hereunto.

The Second Means is interiour, which is to draw and contract the pure Heavenly Constellation for a right stamp, and impress upon this silver white, and yellow Gold, that is conceived within the white Film, that hath neither beginning nor end: Which is hardened by the gentle warm heat of the overshadowing Dove, which does only convey the powerful Life impregnatingly, and gradually. And this is shewed to be the only means and way, that can secure from the serpent’s Stinging Tail, and from the Impression of the Stars. Who now (saith the Bridegroom’s Spirit) that can be so wise for themselves, as to mind and observe these two Mysterious Rules, they may bring forth Heavens and Earth’s Wonder, through the Figure of Mortal Nature. Whosoever is able to drink in, and obey these sayings shall know the certain effect of this Mighty Birth, which the Virgin Church is to multiply: And thus it must begin from the pure enclosed Egg, impressed upon by the Ghostly Body, going into the Heart, that is kept in a solitary Spiritual Frame for this very thing.


April 14. 1679.

The Eye of Love.

WHEN we met together to attend the moving of the Spirit’s Power, an invisible Eye presented it self to my Spirit’s Eye: and from the Eye a streaming Beam or ray of Love sent forth from the Eye, and a speaking Word went forth from the Eye through the ray of Glory, saying in me, This is the ray of Love, that is sent forth to draw up your Spirits, to center in this Eye, that looketh down to gather you up to its own Unity. Upon which thing considering, I had this teaching followed, that as this Eye of the Spirit had been our Light and Guide, so answerably was it to be the strong Circle-tie to enter us into an indissolvable Unity: and not permit the Earth-worm to come between, which casteth a black Mist, so as one Traveller cannot see another, and so they lose their intended end. But let us obey, and be watchful against this twisted Subtlety, that may be brought forth in another form, to supplant the Heir of Light. O in Love’s Unity, let us fix in the Holy Trinity, and as Angels Harmonizing to enter upon our Resurrection-State, which all pleasing is to the Eye, that hath looked down to us through this Ray of Love, that will make yet a greater discovery, as we live in Love’s Harmony: That is, in the Oneness of the Eye of the Unity it self.

From this Vision was opened unto me, how that the Holy Trinity lies hid in the Eternal Unity of it self, and how the Eternal Unity brancheth forth it self into the Eternal Trinity. Unity in Trinity, and Trinity in Unity.


April 20. 1679.

The Olive Sprig.

BEFORE I was scarce awake, I heard this Morning a Word, saying, O hear and be regardful to trim, and to keep choicely that Holy Sprig, that is putting forth for the Olive-Spirit. For out of that must come that infinite plenty, which the Heir of Life will inherit. Though now but in its Minority, yet both of these will grow together; the inheritance will encrease, as the stature of the Heavenly Man comes on. Therefore mind and keep close within the circumference of this all-hidden Ground. From whence expect the whole proceed of what the Just one hath sown therein, to help in time, when the greatest need shall be.


April 25. 1679.

The Idolatry of Infidelity.

THE springing Word of Revelation thus spake to me, saying, Know the Lord thy God from all other Gods, that all the Inhabitants of the Earth round about thee, have engraven in their Minds, and fashioned with their Hands: And then say, these are the Gods that will us save out of reproach and penury, and bless us with ease, fulness, and plenty. While the Invisible God is all this while set light by, as if deficient and unable to answer, to what his own Birth-Seed shall need in this Mortal State.


April 26. 1679.
The same.

THIS Day the Word opened it self more fully, calling me up to Wave, and set aside all Idol Images, that are Carved, and set up, and made out of that great spreading Tree, which is so fruitful from the fatness of this Dunged Earth. From which every one do expect their Portion, though it is no other than the Tree of Death. Yet because palpable it is and sensible, as succouring the Mortal part, therefore it is highly and greatly adored by all, as if the never dying Life were to be found therein. But the Holy Unction is come this Idolatry to check, tho’ not yet discern’d, and in me hath rebuked it: and withal shews another flourishing Tree, which beareth Life Fruit more inward and near, than any visible Eye can spy. This is found springing for an everlasting Life supply both for Body and Spirit, in the Internal Ground of Faith: which is fattened from the falling Dew of Heaven.


April 27. 1679.

The Heavenly Element:   Or, the Burning Lamp.

UPON my first awakening this Morning, I saw as from the visible Element cast down a dark thick vapour: the influence of which, I did sensibly feel gather, upon the inward Face of my Mind to cover that, as with a spreading Cloud. With which I struggled for some time, my Spirit wrought hard to get through, as the visible Sun to break through the Cloud; but it bound me, and lay as a weight upon me, till another Element opened, and streamed out as a Flame of Fire, and so dispersed it. And Immediately my inward Ground opened, and all was set at liberty, and the Spring of the Spirit did rise fluently in Faith, Hope, and Joy. And there was shewn me a bright Spirit, walking in the likeness of a burning Lamp, and it shot it self through me, and I found all Heaviness and Darkness pass away. And the Face of my inward Ground did spring with all Heavenly Powers, and with a sweet Replenishment, as a Garden with Flowers. Thus the Heavenly Element did rise over the outward Starry Cloudy Dark Air, that doth inject and awaken all of earthly Motions in the Mind. Then the Word of Counsel spake to me, saying, Do thou watch always in this mild temperate Element to keep thy self. For here the Lamp of Fire will walk with thee, as a Comforting Spirit. O highly pleasant it is, to be found in this Spiritual capacity, over-set with this Holy influence from the Celestial Firmament: which descends to enlighten our human Earth; so that God may be manifested every where, in the lower parts of the Earth, as in the heights of the invisible Orb. So variously good and kind is the most High, where he may find a Spirit all Fired in Love, desiring to live away from the thick Air of all Mortal things, and to dwell in the secret of this One pure Elemental Spring.


[ From the Authentic Version of Jane Lead's Journal of her Spiritual Encounters ...
— Entries from the beginning of 1679 through April 27th, 1679
from Volume THREE,  Part Two,  of A Fountain of Gardens: this was File 1 of 4. ]

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