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Jane Lead, 17th Century Prophetess of God [1624–1704]: A Personal Diary of her Spiritual Experiences and Encounters with the Godhead during 1679 – 1686.

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A Fountain of Gardens: Volume III, Part TWO

April 28. 1679.

The Hand and Rule.

THERE appeared to me a Hand, and it had in it a broad square Rule, that it held fast. So I marvelled in my Mind, what it signified. There were Words also Engraven upon it, but I could not read them. But it set my Mind a working to know for what intent this was presented unto me: And after some rolling to and fro of my Cogitations, I became still and calm. And then the Word sprung, and spake thus to me, By this Hand and Rule is specified, what thou art to hold fast unto, which have been already let down to thee in Love’s Peculiarity. Therefore keep to them: for the Life-restoring unto all Dignifying Offices belonging to the Lamb’s Kingdom, will be given to the punctual Obeyers. For verily the point wholly lieth in this. The Ownment, Consent, and Approbation will be alone no acceptable Sacrifice to God our Lord in this matter: for the effecting that so much desired, redeemed Liberty. As it may appear, when we are brought again to be of the Seraphick Train that the Earth may have no power to contain such free enabled Spirits.

Now as I was lending my Ear to hear this kind of Discipline, my Teacher from the Lord spake further about this Rule, declaring, that in it was Written more high, and flesh-denying Rules, than any yet had come down, the sum of which should be revealed, as we were Obedient to the former. For all these renewing Precepts are to work the subtle Harlot of rational Wisdom, out of Nature’s House, that hath long kept out the Spirit of Faith. Which Christ the Lord would have as his Successor, under his Spirit, dwell in this our formal Corporeity: to manage, and carry on in us, what he left behind to do, for the Honour and Majesty of his assuming the Figure of our Humanity. The pure Clarified Nature of which, as he in this world held it, so are we to do, and how is this for to be, but by observing and taking in all those perfect Rules: which the Father gave unto him; and so from him, by his Spirit, to recommend the same unto us in, and according to, the diversity of the Holy Spirit’s Revelation.

The additional Rule, that I from hence received, was in this way of Charge given to bow the Knee of my Mind and Will to no other God, but to the existent Being and Spirit of all Spirits, who is to be the Object, for our Faith, Love, Fear, and Dread only. But it may be said, This is no new nor strange Rule; all Christendom do hereunto agree. But then let us be upon the Examination, whether any one hath punctually kept up to this, That no false God hath been leaned to: that we may not lie under a deceived Covert. There was a Scripture repeated in me, that did open the Face of this covering, and brought in great Light into my Understanding, as the Unction of God was the Commentator upon it. Which Scripture was, that of 2Kings 17. 32, 33, and 41. It is here Recorded, that the Nation which God had chosen, and would have separated from all others in the World, and would not have numbered them with them, because he took them to be a peculiar Treasure unto himself, to whom God had made known himself by Wonders and Signs, to prove himself to be their God alone, and that no other God could save, help, and secure them: Yet (it is said of them, for whom the Lord wrought such Wonders.) That they feared the Lord, and served their own Gods, after the manner of the Nations, whom they destroyed from amongst them. So they thought all was well, so long as they did not altogether forsake the one only true God, but kept part of his Worship and Fear up, carrying it evenly betwixt God and The Idol Images, owning both. But the visible Images of things are so affecting to the outward Senses, and so catched by them, that Idolatry is soon got into the Mind, and there doth insnare. And now from hence it was opened unto me, that a close undiscernable Idolatry had crept into the Minds of all Creatures universally, under the highest Christian Title, that now were upon the Face of the Earth. No where in the whole World is the only true God, more owned and worshipped, than in this our British Island: But here is the great sin of Jeroboam, False Gods are set up with the Lord the true God; their Groves, their Altars, and Images are set up in the Mind and Heart. Who is that valiant One to Burn, Destroy, and Throw down, and to cease from Worshipping the Host of this visible Heaven? For this, a deeper search will yet be required.


April 30. 1679.

The Seraphick Sounds.

THIS Night in the fore part of it, before I slept, I had a sudden catch up of my Spirit, where I did hear the Seraphick Sounds, and was as if I had been amongst them. But presently a Thought, as a Messenger of Satan came in saying, How canst thou abide here, without putting on thy Celestiality? Upon which check I was pierced, and impatiently pensive, because disturbance did break in upon me.


May 1. 1679.

The Rending of the Veil.

THIS Morning all of that Spiritual fretfulness, that I felt the Night before was wrought out, and a patient resignment given in. And I did hear the Lamb’s Voice, saying, Come and see, what I am a doing to make thy way free. And there was fashioned this visible Element, which did appear black and dark as Night: But a Hand with a Flaming Sword did cut it, and made it to part as a Garment. And then I did see a Wonderful sight indeed, of the most inward Heavens, in an infinite unmeasureable Platform, bowing down and streaming forth, with dropping Points, that are all mingled in a rich shade of Greenness with Gold, that is throughout Transparinased; and over this a white Cloud, in which did appear a Flaming Figure of a Man, with many Stars circumferencing him, as a Throne round about him. Then was it cried, Who is ready to come to meet the Lord from Heaven? And it was answer’d from the upper Sphear, None can till the Flaming Sword parts the Veil of their own thick and dark Element. Then said my Spirit, Thou hast shewn it, that it is thy Hand only that can do it, spare not then to execute it speedily. But the Lord answer’d me, Thou canst not bear it all at once, for that is too terrible. Therefore the point of this Sword shall enter by degrees; that thou mayest endure these dividings, that will make thy way to me: that we may see the Face of each other, in the piercing way of the Father’s Glory. But be Comforted, I will do it gently, as thou yieldest up thy self hereto, and as thou art willing, that this Mantle-covering should be rent all away. So that those inward Heavens are to be no longer shut, or bounded from thee, but to drop down their rich Golden Springs, that may bring forth the self same Heavens for thee to meet the Lord in, that thou mayest have thy fill of God, in all durable Perfection. That will surely swallow up thy Bodily impediment, which is mingled from the gross and thick Element. It shall not stand always, as a separating Wall; the Sword of the Lord, and of thy Gideon-might, that is stirred up, shall throw it down, that the pass may be all free to the beloved City.


May 2. 1679.

The Place of Intercession.

I WAS very inquisitive with my Jesus concerning his Mediatorship, now within the Temple-Veil of the most Holy Place, where it was to be seen? And it was pointed to me, (as in a Glass I might see my own Figure clear) as a thin airy Cloud. And it was said, This is the great High Priest’s Place, where he will intercede; The Consecration Oil, and Holy Love Fire always burning in the Most Holy of thy Heart: then thou art on the sure Hand. For all thou dost ask to have, having such a High Priest to plead for thee, will carry the Day against all black Bills of Charge.


May 3. 1679.

The Two Gates.

UPON the foresight of some approaching Wants for the Mortal Man, considering which way to supply him, according to the Rules of Faith; I was in great strait how to manage, and deport my Mind, so as to keep within the Circle-bounds thereof. As not being willing to be found a Wanderer from Faith’s Ground. I had many scruples {qualms or hesitations} came into me, whither or not I might make use of my rational Spirit’s Counsel, and Wisdom for this fetching in relief, for the outward Man’s need. For which thing, I set my Mind a part, for the Lord my Counsellor with whom I only was to have this Matter determinated. For herein I stood in the filial Spirit to be bound, or at liberty, to act under the Covert of the Astral Spirit’s Prudence, or here to stop and to proceed no further. For if the Lord would restrain me from all visible interest amongst Creatures, and confine me to a Miraculous way for my support: I was herein not Faithless, but made Believing, to wait which way that Spirit would act me. For it was often with me to plead the Royalty of God and my Father’s Prerogatives over all Creatures, and Things on the Earth, and therefore to launch over all these Shallows, and not to lean upon the weak Reeds and Rushes, who have their Stewardship of earthly Things, out from the Miery Saltniter-Spirit of this worldly Element. All which are a Thousand ways Obnoxious to be dispoiled. Now from this Consideration, I found my Spirit struck off, and made herein altogether independing, and to bend the Bow of Faith to send forth such an Arrow, as might reach the first Ground, and there stick, from whence all of this visible Creation (as in their proper good) had proceeded, and so to be used while here, there is need and use of them.

Now I must record the Lord my God’s great Goodness, in answering me in this difficult case, which I did put unto him, when puzzled, which way my Course to steer when Distress did beset me every way. Then the Glory of the Lord did shine out upon the Threshold of my inward Court, and there Communed with me about this matter, and also shewed me a Gate. Which all Creatures in their Mortal Figures enter’d in, both Bond and Free, that is, considered as Regenerated in some Degree, being convinced by the Eternal Light, that hath shined in the inward Parts, which hath reduced them to a more refined Life, than others of the same Mortal Breath. Yet all do agree together to go through this common Gate, which hath this Inscription upon it, Here enters the whole fallen Race of them, who have lost their first Paradisiacal way into the Paradisiacal Ground. Then was it said to me, Behold and see, what this Out-Birth-Gate hath let into, as to all in generality. Then further, as at once opened, the now visible Fashion, and Make of this Creation, where all its Inhabitants did appear in a careful Countenance, the furrows of Sorrow were on their Brow, working and acting each one, under the Starry influences. Who through the Craft and Subtilty of Reason, do attain to great increase of this Worlds Honours and Riches, and accordingly hath entailed it to their succeeding Generations. Thus is the manner of all the Earth to keep Planting, Building, Marrying and Multiplying in way of Earthly Generation. But what is this, but still the old world, that was in Noah’s Day, and is reserved now for another kind of Destruction. For it was cried in my hearing, Yet once more I will over-turn, saith the all powerful Being, what Man and Beast hath bodily wrought with the Labour of Head and Hand. And what shall be the way of this overturning, but by the opening of another Birth-Gate, which was given me Magically to see break, like the parting of the Cloud. Whereout the Figure of a Child did proceed, of whom it was said, This is the First born of the Virgin, that hath been travelling {travailing} for it in the Heavens: Then it was caught up again out of sight. And then it was said to me, Make no noise of what thou hast here seen: but keep the thing concealed ; except it be to the concerned herein, as shall be known to thee. Now understand what this Magical sight doth specifie in the Mystery, know thou that this doth predict a Virgin-Soul, that is in a Human Body, whose Conversation is truly and really in Heaven, that minds and regards none, but who can live with it there. This is the travelling {travailing} Virgin, who is pained to be Delivered, of what is the Beginning of the New Creation, after the manner of the Paradisiacal Dispensation: as the only Branch who can renew those Fruits, where nothing of the bitter relish of the mixed Tree can be; where Death and the Curse hath issued forth, and still are like to be, till a release doth come in through this Mighty Birth. For which a Mediatorship is continued in the Heavens, of such Holy Souls and Separated Minds, who are Anointed for to mind the Lord of this new Covenant. Whereby the Face of this old Withered Creation may come to be renewed again: No more in the Toil, Craft, and Subtilty of Man in the Astral Wisdom, but in the Light and Life of the Virgin Wisdom.  Whose Generation will all be Magus’s of God in the highest Degree: All which will have their process from this First born, that the Virgin-Humanity in the Heavens is now travelling {travailing or laboring} for, to bring down into this Earth, that all old Things may be renewed in it. For the last Harvest of Its old Dead Fruits is coming by the Angel’s Sickle to be reaped, that room may be made for this pure Birth-Seed to spring in, and out of the same: which will be found in an hungry Attraction, first in particular in some one or other: Then going on forward to its multiplying Generation. And as it was in Adam so it is now. Now the first Birth-Gate was of the Curse in Cain’s Birth, from whence Man began to multiply upon the Face of the Earth, and so have thus continued on in this Miserable Vagabond Earth. Now as by one Man’s Fall and Disobedience, this wretched Birth-Gate did open, which brought in the Flood of Sin, with Death and Curse at the Heels: So verily another Creation is for to succeed this. The Spirit of Jesus hath anew assured it.


May 5. 1679.

The  D I A L.

THE Spirit of Jesus finding me in a deep Sense of this Apostatized State, as feeling the Effects in my Personal present Elementary Life, did allay with good and comfortable Words, the deep Sorrow of a Grieved Spirit in me: this Day minding me of a Dial; Which some Days before I had presented in a Vision, with the shadow of the Sun upon the eleventh Figure, which I did not so well understand: but now it was plainly interpreted by the Spirit, Gods ready Scribe. Who thus said, thy Spirit is in a Mourning jealousie for fear thou shouldst not see the last minute of Times end. Which this Dial doth shew that it goeth on swiftly. The Motions from the Supream cause are incessantly working hereunto, until they come up to the full point and height of this first Created Day; and then expect the shadow of this Elementary Sun to withdraw. Consider it thus more inward, as thou art thy self in the Similitude of a Dial, having had thy Night and Day, which in the Birth-line of Time doth fast spend away, according as the shadowy light of the Sun does discover and shew, how Minutes and Hours have passed over, in the conflict of Sin and various Temptations, attending this first Created Day: Which to its period is surely coming. Rejoice now do thou in Hope, that the Dial-point is going on to the Mid-day point: Which is the half time; in the which the dividing of Day will be the other half. Thou wilt see an other Sun, in its sevenfold light upon a new Figur’d Dial, where the numberless motion of the one Eternal Day must run all Time away. Therefore the Lord cautioned me to watch, and to be staid and supported in my Mind, that the Dial-Point was going on to its last Hour. Therefore patiently I am to endure all the Evil Treaties of this World; minding still by the Sun-shine, how the Minutes pass, to usher in the Second Days Creation; in which the Mystery of Time will be fulfill’d. Now in general, or to all at first, this cannot be known, but to such only it may, who have been strong under the Spirit’s Birth-throw: And thereby the Ghostly Throws have broken through, according to the Breaking and parting of the Heavenly Cloud. By which the Child was seen, who was caught up again, and there reserved and nourished, and kept from all Mortal sight: And must so be, till this first Creation-Day runs unto its full Point. Who then is the Wise instructed Scribe, that can count Time’s Number in himself? For this, a good and clear Eye is required for to see, how the Minutes work. It concerns such who have travell’d {labored or travailed} so strongly, as to bring forth this Ghostly Birth, and have secured it within their own Heavens in themselves, till it doth come to the full maturity of a Godded Might; otherwise it would be in a danger of Herod’s Foxes, who are in fear their Kingdom should be destroyed, and taken away from them. Therefore this Holy Thing, whereout and from whomsoever it shall proceed, is to be kept, and hid in those Pure Heavens, from whence it came: thither it must go again, till all Things are made ready for its breaking forth anew. But what are the Qualifications that are required for it? They are no less than a Spiritual Humanity, all Dignified with a Saphire Body of Light. This will distinguish who is the true Bride, that will have Power to bring down the full grown Heir of all Kingdoms and Worlds, for the Nuptial Celebration: which hath been longed for by the Spirit and the Bride.

But it may be said, Where amongst Mortals is to be found such a qualified Bride? No one yet doth appear after this way, that is so perfect Within and Without, in the Beauty of Holiness; and so brought forth into Manifestation.

For this I plied to the Spirit of God: Who was the driver on to this high and unblamable degree of Purity. Who testified, that such a Virgin-Humanity he was come to work throughout, where it was but yet in part begun.

And he delivered his Mind further in this matter to me: Saying, As thou believest in the Creating Power of God, and in the Redeeming Blood of the Son. So now rest and believe in the proceeding Spirit, who is the All-Life-quickening Breath, to run into every Property to rectifie them. Let thy Will be but consonant with me, and fear not, but thy Spirit, Soul, and Body shall be Sanctified throughout, by that Choice, Rich and Costly Spikenard, that is made by the highest Artist in the Heavenly World. For this purpose as an inward Healer, it is the most needful thing to recover the most Consumed Part, that Soundness may spread throughout the Body, for a most pure Consistency of a God-like Being. For nothing can be abated hereof in the elected Bride, whom the Spirit must present faultless at the coming of the Bridegroom. Who doth and will no longer stay, than the Holy Spirit doth carry Tidings, that all is ready in the Nazarite-Spouse, that as a Milk white Dove is ready to fly to meet the Lord her Holy Mate, to Celebrate the Feast of Love. This, O Soul, believe: And thou thyself mayest be thus fitly prepared: be but delighted in the way that hereunto will bring thee; keeping that Holy Spirit Company, who is to effect this Marriage-Union. Who knew well, that this must free thee from all those sorrowful Fetters, which have been so galling from every pinching Necessity. Now do thou see, How, and by what means thou art to be ransomed from all. I am thy Stay, and Comforter, at hand, for this great Cause; and will surely be with thee to effect it.


May 16. 1679.

The Bag given from Judas to Peter.

THE Word of Counsel came, saying, Sum up all of this distilling Doctrine, so that the New Creation may over-spread the Old Earth, of whose Dead and Fruitless Birth know no more, because it hath brought forth all the Sorrowful Woe, from which now a Door stands open for to escape. The Rock of the Deity in its open Clefts descending is to receive thee, if thou art able there to stay, till all the shadows flee, that do readily come in from the Natural Birth-Day, as an hiding from the Morning-Star. Then the Word followed me again, There is a Treasure from the God-Man, that will thee fill, and satisfie: that shall bubble like a fountain that shall never be drawn dry. Upon it therefore relie {rely}, as an appointed dowry. It is in such a Bag as no Moth can eat any hole through. For understand and know, the compacted Matter hereof, is tried Gold, in which is contain’d that Substance, that shall bear thy Charges, and clear all thy Debts, which have been charged, as standing in the Line of Mortality. Where the Sin had run up the score high: But this Treasure is given to out-set all of that kind. Only be careful to hold fast what is left in trust with thee, though it hath been as a Sealed Bag hitherto, not finding the way to put thy Hand thereinto, to take out what thy present necessity doth require: For which cause thou complainest often to thy God and Lord, who only hath that Key in his own Power to open this Treasure: tho resident it be with thee, yet (thou sayest) it is not commandable by thee, and so thou dost still abide in Debt. O Soul, thy Sorrowful Case, which thou hast often spread, is taken into Consideration by the Judge, that will do right things, in order to set thee free, having Enough to do it withal. As thou believest, so verily thou shalt it see: But then do thou also relinquish with great Magnanimity, that Universal Evil of Appropriation of Mortal Things. Into which Wretched Strain all Creatures have run; and that hath been the very cause, that this Golden Bag hath been Sealed to all. Up therefore: beware, and crop down what ever of this may spring; it is an Evil Coveting, that will not be allowed of. For it hath contracted so great a Debt of Sin, that will hardly be cleared to the Worlds End, but only by such as must pass through the purging Fires, to leave this Dross behind. It hath been the stick-back that hath surely with-held the more Pure, High and Excellent Thing from breaking forth. Which would bless the World indeed with all the highest Benignity, whereby the Golden Streams would run all freely out from that Bag, that hath a Spring in it self. Which sometimes in the Earth was Manifested, and will be again, when the Lord Christ shall drop down the Mantle of his Spiritual Humanity. And who but they who shall be found in the patient Watchfulness, being stripped of all, shall know of it; through taking up what hath ever since been withdrawn? And truly my Lord doth it affirm by the Holy Spirit, his Agent, that this Magical Bag may be intrusted with some one or other, who have got into Favour, and high Love with the Great Majesty, who is the Donour hereof. And also, when they do see, themselves got over that Head Corrupting Evil, that doth Reign Universally over Bond and Free. I say, no Judas must bear the Bag any more to all Eternity; though appearing among the Disciplehood: But it is appointed to a Peter, who loves the Lord Christ more than all Things; to such the Key shall be given to shut up, or loose this Bag. That Scripture speaks home to this Point in those Words, Luke 12. 33. Sell that ye have, and give Alms: And provide your selves Bags that wax not old, wherein the Heavenly Treasure may be retained.

This, and many more close Sentences the Lord did in his Day put forth: but scarce any then, or now, were able to receive them. It requiring such a Faith, as hath hardly sprung in any ones Earth. But this simplified Lily-hand of Faith will assuredly arise, and bud again, to take freely out of this Bag; for the release and relief of Christ’s true Line of Brother-hood, that hath suffered under the Beast’s Reign. And all shall be fully hereout replenished, without Thoughtfulness or Care, as any one shall be found in the Faith. This is the Gospel-Truth; that the Holy One doth sound forth, that doth reach to the inward Ground. Who so can receive it, let him. That they may be in another Equipage, found all Meet for the Trust and Management of what is yet to come down, relating to the Kingdom, that must spread through the whole Earth, for the overthrow of every Usurped Authority, which is contrary to this new Gospel-Law. For that a true and greater Superiority doth make demands to take place, where the Foundations for new Heavens and Earth are laid. Highly blessed shall every One be, who doth agree hereunto; that so the Works of the Spirit may go forward successfully, in order to all of this Liberty: which the Bag-Treasury will redeem unto, if trusted to in very Deed.


May 17. 1679.

The Blessing of JOSEPH:   Or, The New Heavenly Host.

THE only Care and Weight, which now was chargeable upon the Superiour Mind and Will, is being now made greatly knowing in Wisdom’s Secrets, and therefore more accountable for them. As is given me to consider from hence, that according to those special Discoveries entering into me, and my feeling the Power of them: So answerably must the Account be.

Hence a serious query was put by the high Unction, What would be the end of all those precious Things, that the Spirit of Light had brought into the Heaven of a pure Mind?

And a Word struck home upon me, saying, Know thou standest charged with a Massy Talent from Wisdom’s darting Ray: and therefore thou art obliged to stay in her working Circle, till the new Firmament is replenished with the whole Host, (as with another Sun, Moon and Stars) which must alter what is prefix’d as to Times and Seasons in the now Elementary Day and Night; the which is to be most strangely and wonderfully wrought away. Therefore, both a working, and also a passive Agent, give thyself up free: For all must be employed, in order to the putting forth of the Heavenly Host, that must draw up to God’s Throne. From which the first Heaven and Earth are divided away, so as no place for them will be found.

This is the Sum and expected End, of what has been revealed and proceeded on, by that Creating Hand, that will bring about this great Change. That so that Prophetical Blessing may come, which was pronounced upon Joseph by Moses, who was inspired with the sight of what kind of Fruitfulness, the Heavens would drop down, in the latter Day of the World, upon the Seed of the true Joseph. And from whence was it to proceed, but from the Everlasting Mountains, and the Perpetual Hills? Eyeing the Mount-Sion-Glory, which would put forth from the Celestial Planets, Sun, Moon and Stars, from whence the most precious Things would put forth themselves, as a most beautifying Garnishing, from the high Element of God’s Throne-Glory. And where will this first open, and then shew forth, but upon the Firstlings, who shall be born under these Planets, for an encrease to God’s numerous Host, as the Stars of the new Heavens, upon whom the Blessing of Joseph will successively run, as a Fruitful Vine upon Sion’s Wall.

Then again, the Word further open’d it self more particularly, as reaching to the very Degree of the now striving Elements, that are so unwilling to pass away in us, because of the consistency they have with the AEthereal Firmament: from whence all the Motions tending to this Earthly Life, do put forth as from a perpetual Source. This is to be stopped from that great Sol, who will be the Ruling Planet over the Day of our Life, correcting all the profuse Imaginariness, that hath sprung from the Luna of this Earthly Climate.

This is a great Wonder that is to come Forth, A Woman cloathed with the Sun: But what Sun? Not that of this Visible Element, but the Sun that no Mortal can see, because fixed in Paradise; therefrom to influence through, with great Magnificency, such who are born anew under this Mighty Planet. Which only can free from all those Evil Effects, that have been brought forth by the Natural Birth, from the visible Planets, after a Corruptible manner. But there is no hope of Incorruptibility to be brought forth, till this Sun breaks through, and so makes the other to set in a perpetual Cloud, as was before the first Created Day.

But it may be Objected, This is not to be looked for, till the final end of all Mortal Things; for who shall live when God doth this?

Very true, so it must be; for the old Life will then indeed dye away. The Sun, Moon and Stars, that have been the Light and Life thereof, will vaile {vail or sink or be lowered as in submission} at the first darting in of this Sun’s Day. But a thousand degrees of Joy and Glory will rise upon them, who shall feel these Rudimentals to pass away in themselves. And as it may be done in us inwardly and secretly, unseen to any, so it may be done quietly and without noise. For till it be fulfilled, none will it believe: therefore the Spirit will go to work upon it silently. Where anyone shall agree in all things, there it will be done in secret, and in silence. For a secret compact the Holy Ghost will have with the Mind, that is all desirous for it, binding it so, as it may not fly off, but stick thereto, whatever it doth cost. Otherwise the Holy Spirit does it well fore-see fruitless will be all undertakings, if not bound by the Blood of the Covenant, that may tie fast to go forward on in all observancy of those new Laws. Which referreth to the settling the Ordinances of the superiour Sun, Moon and Stars, from whence all those most precious Things of Heaven brought forth by the Heavenly Sun, and for the choice Things brought forth by the Moon in the Paradise Orb.

This is Jacob’s Blessing that will follow such, as have made a Covenant by the Sacrifice of Blood, who shall be able to give up the Life that hath hung upon, and been govern’d by the Sun, Moon and Stars, of this outward Creation. To come to this will be the highest pitch of Conquest, that ever hath been attained; for then we come to be changed into that refined Nature, and Heavenly Property, in which we were to be consider’d in, before the Elements were under the Curse. For the Sentence pronounced by God was, Cursed is the Earth for the Man’s Disobedience sake. From hence hath been inkindled all the Poysonous Influences that we now each one do feel, both in Mind and Body. Though there is a great abatement to some more than to others; yet all in general are struck with the Venom hereof. So that it is all needful to look out for a Cure, and not to rest living and dying, under the Power of these Constellations, that will hold us after Death; tho’ not in so gross a Region, as was in the Mortal Earth. This is yet a sealed Mystery, and not yet meet to be opened, till the Everlasting Sun shall come more generally to shine out, then we may speak hereof; as we have it learned.

But this the Unction of God doth mind us of, that we both labour, and strive to untye that close Knot, which hath been knit in Nature’s birth, under the outward Planets. The Lord my Teacher doth it aver, that this goeth beyond all Sufferings and Martyrdoms of the Mortal Life, that ever have been gone through by them, who had not brought their inward Elements to a dissolution, before the outward expired.


May 18. 1679.
The Same.

NOW upon this deep Opening that came upon me, I was as one loosen’d, and dis-jointed out of Nature’s Being: Arguing with the Spirit, the severity of this Doctrine, that none would believe in it, neither could I induce any one hereunto, till I could myself get free herefrom, and shew forth such Glory, as might invite to drink and eat only of the superiour Fruits, that this everlasting Sun and Moon shall put forth, that must bring in the full Run of the lost Blessing upon the Earth.

My Spirit thence into a deeper Search was carried, to find out the depth of this Matter: For the Word of Life did leave its Witness with me, that here lay the turning Life property, that nothing could move beyond it. For it reached to the very original Ground of the Eternal Element, out from which the numerous Figures of Glory have proceeded. Therefore I was called to turn away my Mind, and Eye from whatever is Terrestrial and to set always before the Eye of my Mind, such Celestialities as might figure out their own Images and Ideas. For this was the First Rule given to me.

Then I receiv’d a Second Rule, which was to take Courage to strangle and quench those rising Essences, that do so naturally run and press in, with their harsh and bitter Qualities, to prevent hereby both Sight, Taste and Enjoyment of the Supersensual Powers, with all those Glorious Ideas, from the Eternal World. That are let down to beget their own Likeness, as the Host, or a Generation of a new Created Heaven: Which may indeed be call’d a new Heart, that sends forth pure Love-Streams. For there goeth out those Issues of Life, that makes way for the opening of deeper Centers of Life one after another; till All-knowing it be, and enjoying what hath been shut up therein. But now all Care lieth upon the Soul, that is to come to this high Dispensation, as to have its Tabernacle pitched in the Sun of Glory, to set bounds to all those fluttering Imaginations, that would thrust in, where the superiour Planets from the One Element are for to Rule, till the outward come to be extinguish’d, and lose their assumed Right. Which will come to be effected, as the Spirit of the Mind does still snib, quench, and throw out, what is injected of this kind. Then the Heavenly Current, and the Golden Drops, will fall most free, for a rich and Fruitful garnishment upon the Mind; not Transiently, but Inherently, for the habitual Constitution of a Celestiality. All must be brought throughout; no part left out. Where else can it be said, that the new Creature is, that is cloathed with the Sun, and the Crown of Twelve Stars, and the Moon at her Feet? All these are Heavenly Planets, or I may rather call them Heavenly Powers, that do concur and agree to bring forth the Birth of a Heavenly Creature. Which the Apostle John did see in Vision, and its fulfilling must be very near: Because it is given to see, that these upper and more superiour Powers are making their way to Overcome, and to Conquer all of the Earthly Birth in some. Who are made willing for it, through the very Dissolution of that, which hath been bound and fast knit by those outward Stars. All of which Life is falling away, and so is to come again no more, being thus under a final Sentence: no Favour must come from our enlightened Spirit to this Life, that is made Judge over it, but must suffer the Law of Paradise to pass upon it. Which nothing less was than Death which was to run through the Mortal Race.

But now, if we do come to the Annihilation of the Earthly Life, which is close knit, and in combination with the Sin, that lieth in the Earthly Life within the Animal Form, then we come back again to know the serene Life, in its temperature to Reign: Where we shall feel no Source, that may pain us after this kind. Therefore, fear we not to give sentence upon that Life, which hath kept away all of this growing Glory, and springing Life of Liberty, and Power of Dominion.

Consider this now in this Day, and see what is in thy way, to wrestle through all of these, for the obtaining of this Sun, Moon and Stars, for thy habitual Cloathing: And do not say, it is too great, it is too high, for any one in Mortality to aspire to. All lieth in the Valour, Skill and Might, that will not favour, nor spare the fine trimmed Agag of an Earthly Life, that would keep his Court in the outward Birth. Which cannot be: for the Princedom of Christ our King, must be there to Plant, and set the Sun, Moon and Stars to Rule there, in their Heavenly order. Where is now the Joshua-Spirit, that may command the Sun, Moon and Stars of this visible Element to withdraw: that the other may break out for the Virgin-Victory; that so no Ammonite might be able to stand before it? Such a Power hath been put forth; And such is to rise again in Joshua’s Line. Therefore in the Faith hereof, let us go on to pursue, and smite, till not a Canaanite remain in our Land, according to the Word of the Lord: Leaving nothing undone, which the Spirit of Jesus hath Commanded, and invited to go forward in, that so our Light may rise, and set no more in a Cloud of Reproach and Shame. For the most High God, that does require and perswade to these things, doth no less intend, than the full and fruitful Increase, that they may bless our Earth with such Choice and Precious Things, as come only from those high and superiour Planets, through which God moves.


May 20. 1679.

The Mountain of the Sun.

AFTER some earnest Solicitations, that moved in me, upon the foregoing Openings, I had figur’d out to my interiour Sight, a great Mountain not of Earth, but Cloudy Air. And I moved towards it, in the Idea of my Mind, waiting at the foot thereof; as expecting some way to be made for me through there, where I believed some what of Glory might be concealed in it. But while my Mind was hereupon intent, there broke forth a round Ball of Light, which grew bigger and larger, and so at length it appeared as an infinite Sun, that cloathed the whole Mount with Light: And there appeared in it the form of a Face, and so by degrees fashion’d it self into the proportion of a Manly Being. Then came a Word into me, Blessed is the Birth indeed, that is brought forth by this Wonderful Planet: Do not hereat Marvel, for thereby the Earth shall come again for to be subdued, and delivered from its Travelling {Travailing} Pain. No greater Sign than this can, or will be given. Then brought was to my Remembrance; Daniel’s Vision of the Stone, cut out of the Mountain without Hands, that shall break in pieces, and consume all of Terrestrial Kingdoms; for the Kingly Planet will bear the whole Dominion in it self over all.

But it may be Queried by such, who have Faith and good Hope herein, When will this high and mysterious Planet really and substantially work this out, according to the Prophetical Idea shewn? This I put forth as One, that is driven under the strong blowing Gale of the Spirit, for the attainment of it.

I had the Answer soon put in by the Anointing saying, Be thou in this Matter all still and quiet: Only strive to come into the secret non-entity, where nothing of a Earthly Essence may stir. This is the ready way for to come to know, that this Heavenly Birth is nigh, when thou canst sink down beyond the Astral-deep, and there lie as One that is as Dead: Until Great SOL doth rise with Great LUNA, and with all the Seven Stars in Conjunction, to send forth Right, Pure and Celestial Matter, for pure Nature’s Figuration, impregnated with the Light of Everlasting Life; from these Throne-Mights and Powers that do proceed from God, and are ordained for the putting forth such Supernal and high Degrees of Blessing, that may swallow up all of the Curse. Which now extended is upon each one: Because the outward Elements are still in force. From which the Wise instructed Spirit is Daily watching how to break away, and to be free as from the very Pestilence, that this visible Birth is subject unto: Of the Circumstances of which Evils, Volumes may be Written.

But cease from that, and come we now to consult with Wisdom, God’s great Magus, how to get out herefrom. That is to be by complying with this Love-Vision, that hath shewn to us, in that most inviting Glass, such a Splendorous Birth of Glory, as may imprint the very self same Image. The Holy Unction hath dropped many Words of Counsel and Instruction, to attain to the perfect Formation of it, and that it may come to shew what manner of child it is, that must grow up within the rude Bark of a Human Figure, which is to be a Cloud upon the Glory; till the Sun do get to the height of its Strength, to flame out as a Birth that can be contain’d no longer under that dark Appearance.

O! this will be the Joy of the new Traveling {Travailing} Creation: And all the invisible Powers and Heavenly Planets are all now working for this very thing; that Salvation may come in as a full Sea to drown the Cursed Birth, which the Sin-alienation hath grown up in. Which we may hope to see sunk into the bottomless Gulf. Then may rise this Birth of Love, that will take hold of the Throne, Crown and Scepter. For it is a King born, and a Kingdom will be given it to possess. Who tho’ held out by the forestalling Birth of Saul, yet after a while, the son of Jesse must inherit. Therefore in the same Spirit of Hope and Patience, abide ye through all Tribulations; staying your Minds upon the Mighty Lord: Who before-hand sends his Spirit to Anoint for this End.

The Right Nourishment.

THE next Morning I did hear a Word from out of the inward Tabernacle, saying, The born of God must be brought in, where the Anointing Oil doth run free, and that its feeding may come from the Rock of Plenty; from which Wine and Milk do flow out from the Spirit: brought up here for God’s use, with such pure kind of Nourishment. So that this Holy inward, sublime Thing may come to that high well-favouredness in its Spiritual form, as may it be another kind of Creature from all others. O! then (cried the Voice) it will be taken into the bosom of Eternity, as the Joy and Delight of the Bride: which here would see her own transform’d Figure.


May 22. 1679.

The Pledge of Assurance.

NOW I was very Solicitous with the Lord, to shew me a Token or Pledge, whereby I might know, that my Complaints were heard and consider’d, according to the Sense, in which I had presented them, upon a suspicious fear concerning the accomplishments of those great Things, that my Spirit had been carried into the sight of. Thus I stood to hear how, and what would be given in from that Holy Anointing, that carrieth all from me, and bringeth in back again the Mind of the Father, to those that can abide in the pure Introversion. Which casting my self into, I heard the sound of a still moving Voice, saying, Thy Petition is receiv’d, and thou art permitted to define, after what manner thou wouldst receive a Pledge for thy Assurance, that all the Goodness declared, shall be done upon thee, as the Subject to whom it doth belong.

Now then consider, and describe in sound Wisdom, in what way thou wouldst have God shew thee a Token for Good, that the fearful and unbelieving Spirits in thy self, and also in others, may see, and be confounded, for what the lifted up Immanuel can, and will do for his own in this World. Upon this Word of permission, I took great Deliberation and Counsel, what to propose, having numerous weighty Things in my Eye. But I desired to pitch upon what would best please and agree with the Holy Trinity. For which I was in all fervour of Mind to find out now, more than the Pledge it self. And fearful I was to ask, but what I might know in Faith’s Light, was consonant to the Heart of God. And therefore demurred I for some time, that I might have it given me in, by pure Instinct from the Spirit of Jesus, which now terminated me, for to seek and ask this Thing: which was, That all the moving and working Essences, that have grown up so heady and strong from the mixed Birth of Good and Evil, might be so nullified and made void in me, as I may become the Virgin-Humanity, in which the Holy Ghost may prepare for the Birth of the Lord Christ, according to what he is now in Heaven. Which is no more to be consider’d after the Type of a Suffering, Dying, Fleshly Humanity, but as a Spiritual Living, All-Conquering, Powerful, Saving Jesus; who may redeem throughout the pre-ordained Ones, when they are passed through the Death of Sin. For this must first be endured in Truth and Reality. Therefore the foreseeing Eye put me upon making out for this, as a great and advantageous Priviledge: Though the Earthly Life be yielded up a Sacrifice, and a willing Offering, believing it will be the Dead Tomb, out of which Immortality of Life will rise in a Glorious Birth.

O blessed Pledge, O Death for Sins sake come unto me, that Righteousness may reign over the whole Earth, for Immanuel there absolutely to implant his Kingdom. O my Spirit-Bride! When shalt thou see, and imbrace the Lord thy Strength and thy Might, in a Body strongly Scented with all Paradisiacal Sweets? There is an High and Rich inflaming from the Spicy Land, that doth put forth from the Golden Beams of Eternal Sol. O let my Corruptible Form feel the Power of them, to turn them into Incorruptibility. O Mighty Sun! let thy Perfumes throughly burn, till I be turned into transparent Gold; then may I look upon thee, and not be despised by the Throne-Seraphicks: And do thou link me among that High Glorified Train, that I may remain with thee, my dear Immanuel. O what a Passion of Seraphick Love do I now feel, and know my Soul in! Well, must I breathe my Life away into thee, in the highest Fervour, that shall never be quenched, till that I do wholly expire into the All-burning Flame of the Deity? Then doubt I not, but I shall enjoy a Perpetuity of fulness of all satisfying Good, without fearing Disturbance or annoy.

After these sweet melting Aspirations, a Mighty rock was cast up to my interiour Sight, all beset with the likeness of an Honey-Comb, which dropped and run down, as if it had been Liquor of Gold, and such a Stream did rise therefrom, as lay like a Honey-Dew upon the whole Plantation, round about. Which was after the manner of a young Set of all kind of Plants. And it was said, Here live and feed. For this is Meat prepared to nourish the Nazarite Babe, that shall Declare himself Mighty on the Earth; This was some little forerunning Pledge of Love. In which I will live for the present, and stay under this dropping Rock, till the Birth of Jesus shall be Mighty and Strong, to dash and overcome, what hath so perplexed him, in the outward Form of Nature from this World. This is the sole and only expectation of all powerful Might, to set the imprisoned free.


May 23. 1679.

The Law of the New Covenant.

THIS Day a Scripture was open’d, that much answer’d to some Matters, that were upon debate in my Mind, concerning the Law of the New Covenant, upon whom the performance lieth, whether on God’s part, or on the Creature’s part. If on God’s part, whether consider’d out of Nature, or manifested in human Nature; because it is express’d, I the Lord will make a new Covenant, which shall not be according to the former, which was broke so often; therefore I have consider’d of such One as may be kept. And how is that now more than formerly? For the Matter and Substance for Truth, Holiness and Righteousness, is still the same. But the Ministration of it is different, as this being in the Hand of a Mediator. Who now hath been well acquainted with the Imbecility and Weakness of human Nature; and therefore the Tenure of it runs, I will be to them a God, not out of Nature, but in it, that I my self may be the Written Law in their Hearts, to institute and instruct them, that it may be all easie and natural to them to live to the high and perfect Rules of it, which never are to be abrogated, but fulfilled. As our Lord Christ taketh that Matter to clear, when they thought he would nullifie, and make void that law, which was so Holy, True and Just. No, saith he, I come not to destroy, but to fulfill that which you were short in, and unable to keep, to the performance of.

Ah, but it may be Objected, Will the Lord Christ perform satisfaction in his own Humanity, and answer for the Creature’s non-performance? That is the Thing we wait to be satisfied in.

For glad and willing the Creature is, (that well knowing its own insufficiency) to be excused. For the Bond is so strait, and hard upon it, that it cannot bear it, without it were changed into its Paradisiacal Figure again. Therefore the Law was given as a Glass, in which we might see from what we were fallen. That which was so Sweet, so Natural and so Pleasant, should now come to be so Grievous, Hard and Tedious, as not to be born {borne}. This might well cause a deep Groaning in Spirit to see, and feel in our selves, what a Reluctancy there is to the Pure and Spiritual part of this Law. We may well concur with that Cry, O wretched Man! Who shall deliver from the Law of Sin and Death? Wherein we are yet held Captive in our outward Man.

Well, but not to forget to answer that main Question, which will shew how we may be deliver’d from this Bondage, that hath been groaned under, throughout all Ages? And what it is that must ease this Burthen? It is not God, or Christ distinct from the Creature; that will take the Law’s Charge off us. Christ performing and satisfying the Law, in his own distinct Person, will not excuse us: For our Redemption is to know our selves restored into a Law of Righteousness, or else Christ’s satisfaction would little avail. If we our selves were not Constituted in the Spirit of Christ, to be Naturaliz’d into the new Covenant-Law, which is Ministered to us; not only by way of outward Precept, as formerly, which was not kept, but glided off, and was aptly forgotten: But the fear of that is here removed. God will not, that it should hang upon that uncertainty, in the Time of the new Covenant’s Establishment. Therefore, there is granted this Proviso, that the perfect Righteousness of this Law shall be fulfill’d in us. That of the Apostle to the Romans, makes it well out, which was opened by a clear glance of the Spirit, thus to me, Rom. 8. 3. What that Law of the letter-Precept could not do, in that it was Weak through the Flesh: The Law-giver himself takes upon him the likeness of Sinful Flesh, that he might thereby put an end to this Sinful Law. That made all the Commotion and Strife against the inherent Law, of Pure, Eternal Nature.

But it may be asked, How he takes this likeness of Sinful Flesh, and not the very Sin in its natural Defilement, as to his individual Person?

This need no Answer, for there was nothing of Sin in him. But now as he incarnates himself in us, and through an inward Birth, forms himself a Godded Man, where there is to be found only the likeness of Sinful Flesh, and not the Sin it self. For that the Holy Breath of Light brought up, and put as Question to me, which silenced all Flesh, and put me to a stand. But after a while it was given me to reply, That as there was a Natural Virgin, which brought forth the Lord in a Body consisting of these outward Elements: So there will be found such, as may be wrought up to a Pure and Celestial Virginity; tho’ outwardly bearing the form of Sinful Flesh. Yet so transformed in all the interiour Essences, and Properties of Mind and Will, so that Holiness floweth as a Spring. In such the Lord Christ will be Born again, once more in a Body, in the likeness of Sinful Flesh, for to redeem the same in Earth, to answer to Christ’s Glorified Body in Heaven: All under one Spiritual Law, and Ministration, that will work by the Ghostly Birth over all that of the Fleshly Birth, which shall be found in that Day.

And hence the Lord doth give us to know, that as the Suffering and Dying Part is passed away in his first coming. For so we must examine the Thing in our own Particular, whether he hath not so come to us for Temptation, and all kind of Tribulation, hereby to condemn Sin in our Flesh, that so having finished all of this upon the Cross with him, in this his first appearance, we may undoubtedly conclude, he will return into this very likeness of Sinful Flesh, as he did in his own Body, after Death had passed upon it. Then the quickening Spirit in it, had Power to alter the Figure of it, as it was meet. So the privilege may be expected upon the return again of the Spirit, where the Body of Sin shall be Crucified in any One.

But it may be said, When will that be, if Christ will not come again in his Kingdom’s appearance, till some one or other comes thus to shew forth the Lord’s Death in themselves? It may yet be a great way off.

Answ. Truly, whether it be far or near, the Dead shall first hear of him; they who are sunk away out of the Earthly Birth. For then a Spiritual Humanity and Virgin-Womb will be raised to bring forth the Sion-Redeemer, who hath never yet been Born after this kind in any. If it had, the Shout of this Salvation-Horn would have shaken the whole Earth with its fixed Inhabitants, that will be greatly surpriz’d, when the Heavenly Hosts shall once again Cry, Glory to God on High: For that Wisdom’s Birth-Day is broke out through the Cloudy Night. Oh! Then is there such an expected end of Flesh, Death and Sin; through the reviving and figuring upon the Heart, a foregoing Law of Life, according to the New Covenant? Then look, and well count now our Time, for many and Evil have been the Days and Years of that Life, which hath been subjected to the Law of Sin, from which we look to be redeemed no other way, but through his coming to be thus Born again, for ever to Reign in our Humanity without end.


May 26. 1679.

The Plea of Wisdom’s Factoress.

A Parabolical, or Proverbial Word was by Wisdom put forth, saying, Count up the whole Sum, of what thou art Creditor for in the Spirit’s Table-Book. Whereout thou hast understood and learned the only true Evangelical Doctrine, that will be Practiceable by a New Generation, who will be Born from the Bright Ray of Tincturing Sol, and who will be Harmonised into the highest Degree of Immanuel’s Dignity, acting from that Springing Law, in which Faith survives all other Laws in the Son’s Kingdom.

The Eccho of my Spirit to this Word or Proverbial Sentence: Truth my Lord: it is but meet I should call up to remembrance all of those Evangelical Truths, that have been so freely made known from thee, O great Law-giver. But when all of that is done, some what more is Petitionable, for further Credit of God’s great Seal-keeper. Who for the things made known, may Entitle each one, and Seal the Assurance to every Discovery in the Life-springing Essence, that will come to an infinite increase. For thus after the manner of Men, give me leave to Plead with my Lord: where one is Enrich’d with a vast Substance and Riches from this Creation, the custom is to trust a Stock with such as have none, and have no Foundation to bear up a Trade withal. Now consider this, as in a farther or some near Alliance. It is not sufficient, that he gives him an Understanding in the way of Trade, and he Admonish him with all Care, and Instruct him in every Point of Manufacture, how to avoid and prevent Miscarriages. This is good, by way of Introduction; but it doth not usually stop here among Men: But they do give to the Judicious, a Stock to employ, to manifest their Skill and Art upon. Even so Great and Mighty God, all needful I do it see, to Entreat a further Credit from thee, in that more Principal Weighty matter of Trust, which hath not yet been deliver’d out of thy great Treasure-House.

But then the Seal-keepers replied hereunto. Thou hast now driven the Nail home, and thy Plea doth bear a good knock with it, that may be of force. Only now do thou define, what way of Manufacture? Wouldst thou this Wisdom, Skill, and Understanding employ in for a Celestial Spring? And then it will be surely debated, by the Supream Disperser of all that, which can be called Substance, valuable Substance in Sophia’s Kingdom.


May 29. 1679.

HERE follows the Answer of such a Spirit, that hath been Proved and Exercised, according to the foregoing Plea, under Wisdom’s dropping Discipline.

O Great and Mighty Rock of Ages, may it be permitted me to describe, and make proposal, what I would draw out of the Principal Stock of that Invisible Store; that has been told me, and that has been seen through the Medium of Faith’s Eye: but yet doth lie hid under the great unbroken Seal of the Ancient of Days, till such a flame of Love do’s rise, and of Faith and Zeal do arise in us, as may melt away this Seal. This is a hidden Mystery, O my Lord I do see under this Seal the Magia Omnipotency, which may be improved to a Rich Manufactory, to the abounding of a Paradisiacal increase, and to cover the whole Earth with an unfathomable Substance.

How is it then, that some Worthily qualified hereunto may not have Credit for a Stock, out of this Magia-Bank, which may out-trade all of the Drossy Merchandize of this Earth, which hath been employ’d to a Vile excess. The Sense of which doth lie as a weighty Stone upon my Heart, while I do view the strange Trafficks, that are made by the Babylonian Monopolizers. But the fore-sight of this new way of Manufactory, in which the Holy Deity will it self become the Stock and Substance, doth somewhat lessen, the pressure that lay upon me. And wherefore hath Wisdom’s Star circled with her Key of Light, for insight and discovery into this enriching Ground, where we have sounded the Magia-Pearl, but to provoke and inflame the Zeal of Love to that height, that with the fervent heat, the strong Seal may be dissolved, that the Golden Tincture of the Magical Fountain may run free, that a perfect Cure may be made upon the Spirit’s Poverty, to free Heaven’s Natives from the way and manner of those Trafficking Inhabitants, who seek their Blessing of Increase from the perishing Wares of the Earth.

But now, the Holy One is come clean another way to Advertise of that which is such a way of Merchandize, as none of many Ages hath understood, much less ventur’d upon, being uncouth and contrary to the manner and customary Traffick from all sorts, who do Trade for Life, Food, and necessary Raiment. It is so then, that there are some such who are great in Credit upon Bills of Faith with the Lord, who all are inrich’d with the vast Kingdom’s Treasury? With whom may such have Correspondency, as to bring into this Earth, that Heavenly Country Trade. But what are they? And who are they? That shall be adventurers into the Land on which the New Jerusalem doth stand, where the Gold and Onyx Stone do grow. The Characters which the most Holy have given, who shall be Traffickers in this new way of Manufactory, are these. The First Character is this, They are such as must have no Converse with any Earthly Matters or Affairs, in way of Sale or Exchange. Secondly, They must be such, as must have no Correspondency with the rational Spirit, whose Natural Soil is Babylon’s Land, where he hath been brought up, in all her Craft and deep Science, so as to make yet great Increase and Gain. But this is Prohibited by the Principal Manufactor, to them who are brought up and disciplin’d for another thing, that is of a more Excellent worth, which they are only to Trade in. And Thirdly, As the Merchants of the Beast do receive his Mark for License to Traffick by, so on the other hand, the Lamb of God doth sign and give his Mark. What is that? But Faith in the Name of the White Stone, which putteth forth from the Tincturing Vertue of Great Sol, and sends forth that Golden heat from his Beams into the Hidden Ground, and when the Contaction of it is made, this will be the Signal Character for to Trade with all freedom in the Holy City.


May 31. 1679.

G O D    and   Mammon.

BUT it may be Objected, All this is done for the inward and Spiritual Mans Honourable State, to Dignifie and make him Rich: But what shall be done for the Mortal, that hangeth as a Vail upon him? He hath Life that must be preserved after his Mortal kind;  is there no need of Traffick in the Beast’s Kingdom for his subsistence?

This is indeed a Query, that carrieth great Weight with it: and I, with all others, have thus Argued from my rational Life, and would have often stopped the Holy breathing of the Life-Spirit, that is come to shew openly the more Certain and Excellent way for the Mortal Man’s Provision. Also finding so great reluctancey to this, as I was not able to consent to those new Proposals that have been of late urged upon me, which grated so hard, that I endured many a terrible Conflict, before I could concur with the Holy Instigator therein. For there is required not only my Passive Will, but the Active Compliance of every motion, that might give proof of my being brought over into the negative and affirmative Obedience, to this new Creaturely Life.

But now to give satisfaction to that great Objection, according to the manner and method, the Lord himself did give in for my resolve in this matter. And it was not only from several immediate and private Inducements shewn by Vision, and particular Inspeaking to this End: But further pressed upon by that Scripture, which proceeded from the highest Prophet, who then saw both the present and future Evil of a careful Life, how great a smothering it would be, where the Birth of inspringing Flame did put forth in any. Therefore to such was this Word more directed unto, which are these. Math. 6. 24, 25, 26, 27. No Man can serve two Masters. Again, Ye cannot serve God and Mammon. Now in the following Verse, mind what the Lord drives at. Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your Life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, nor yet for your bodily cloathing, what ye shall put on, and so onward to the end of the Chapter. This Doctrine Preached by Christ himself, was not only for speculation, but for Practice, nor is it to be looked upon as altogether impossible. These Words have been Glossed and Commented on by Partial Spirits, that would favour that careful, sensitive, divided Life betwixt God and Mammon: Therefore upon this, hath rose such a extenuation, and mincing of the Words, according to narrow, unbelieving, Rational Souls, that have put forth their Interpretations in these latter Ages; contrary to the plain Sense of our Lord Jesus, who is come in his Spirit to confirm the Truth of this Doctrine.


June 1. 1679.

The Interpretation:   Or, ABRAHAM.

THE subject of this Truth, being of that Moment, I cannot leave it, before I do search out the full Mind of Christ, for my own, and other’s sake. In order to which the Lord is now present with me: The Lord by the Heifer of whose Spirit, I shall assuredly Plow, till I may fathom this deep Spiritual Philosophy, that cannot be received, or rightly understood. And therefore no Marvel it is, why in this Earth, so much to the contrary is practiced. Because the Light of this Evangelical Doctrine hath been so slighted; and not believed in according to the True and Divine Sense of Christ, who has left it for an Eternal Rule to obey. Now then let us have an impartial Ear to hear, what our Lord did drive at, when he utter’d that saying, Ye cannot serve God and Mammon.

I shall deliver and open the Sense of Christ, as spoken over again by his Spirit unto me; not altering the form or manner of Phrase. Know thou, whom my fore-spoken word hath touched and occasioned this Inquiry what I here meant (Which do thou drink in, as a pure Stream, for an understanding Spring.) My Spirit is come to be a help herein, to cause to understand the Word of ancient Record, Ye cannot serve God and Mammon. I would not have you under that Deceit or Guile as to believe, you can carry on both these Employs and Services at once. For, consider what God is? and what Mammon is?

The Lord thy God is he, from whom thou hast derived a Spirit of Eternal existency; being the original Ground that is brought into Manifestation; it coming out of that Immensity of Wisdom, that foresees the effect of its own Enterprize; as moving through the visibility of all Created Things. This is the only True God, whose Generation, is not to be counted. For before Nature and Creature, and Worlds, and whatever can be nominated, he was. And therefore, truly entitled the I AM, super-existing before all of the Heavens and Earth, as now are known.

2ndly, To define what Mammon is, that also as a God would be owned, served, and bowed down unto. He is indeed the False God that hath been set up, ever since the banishment, and turning out from the Eden of God’s springing Blessing.

Now, what is he? and from whence is his Nativity? His beginning was from that Time, that God said to Eve, In sorrow thou shalt conceive and bring forth such a Birth, as must Work, Labour, and Contrive for its own Subsistency. As being now the Off-spring of a Mortal Creature, endued with a Spirit of rational Wisdom, to find out Crafts and Arts, to advance the Mortal Life by. And truly, it hath so far improved it self in this visible Creation, in all desireable Good things, for the outward Birth: So that he assumes a great Power and Lordliness, saying, Hath not my Hand fashion’d and wrought all these things, which the Comfort of the Life consisteth in? Who greater in the Kingdoms of this World than I? Knowing the way to promote to Riches and Tranquillity; all those that make Friendship to me by their Obeysance and Service. Thus the Mammon-God exalts himself above the very ancient of Days, and doth contest for Superiority. And verily, he has brought all under his Subjection hereby: and they do little see or mistrust to whom they be Servants; but look upon it as an unavoidable Captivity, enjoined by the true original Supremacy. Which fully is contradicted in these Words, Ye cannot serve God, if ye fall in with Mammon to serve him. Know ye not, that whomsoever ye yield your selves Servants to obey, his Servants ye are, whether to God or Mammon. But here doth come in a strong Objection, where withal I my self, oppos’d this Doctrine, as the Spirit of the Lord dropped it in to me, Can we, as consider’d in this Out-birth of Temporality and Mobility, subsist otherwise, but that we must eat of Mammon’s Fruit, and drink of his Planted Vineyard? O would, you could shew us another way to serve this Temporal Life withal: it would be the highest Wonder that ever was yet manifested, to have all occasion cut off, from bowing down to this grand Idol, that is Worshipped by all: and they rest satisfied therewith, as that which must be done after, and according to the Law of Nature. This is the pretended unanswerable Argument pleaded as from the greatest and highest Believers to the lesser sort. And in this point nothing disagreeing with the common Worldlings.

Well, let us now hear what the Spirit of Jesus hath to say to this, by way of Answer. Which was given me in Scripture, both for confirmation and satisfaction. For that must carry force of Convincement in this Age. I profess, I could not call to Mind any that would serve for this purpose, till the Lord pointed to it very Marvellously, and the opening also. The Words, are in Isa. 51. Hearken to me, ye that follow after Righteousness: Look unto Abraham your Father, for I called him alone, and blessed him, and gave increase unto him. Now what does this speak to the Subject in Hand? Very much, as shall be explained. Come we to the Words, Look back to many Ages past to him that stands upon Record, as a Mighty President {Precedent} of Faith; none greater, for an Example in this particular; who forsook, and went out from all that he had: He stayed not in the Plains of Mammon, when God said, Go out, and serve no longer among the Chaldeans, come out from them, and I will make thee the Head of another Generation, that shall be the blessing of Faith, which shall bring in the vast Substance, that shall make thee very great: Where-ever thou settest thy Foot, the blessing of Increase shall spring up. And so indeed it followed him, whither soever he went, as an effect of that single act of Faith. Hence all the Heathen dreaded, and did Obeysance to him, saying, He was as a Mighty Prince amongst them. And what was it that made him so, but that he had lifted up his Hand of Faith, to the most high God, that he would not take from a Thread to a Shoe-latchet, lest they should say, They had made Abraham Rich from their Mammon-store. Abraham had found another manner of way to multiply his Greatness on the Earth, and therefore would take nothing that was theirs, lest a Curse should have mingled with his Blessing. He divided not his Faith betwixt God and Mammon: He stuck to the Invisible, and left the Visible Spoil and Riches, that would have been thrust upon him. He was a rare and only Example in his Day; and doth well verifie the Doctrine of Faith: which the Spirit of the Lord Jesus doth now again preach up in his Abraham’s that are call’d off from making Friends with these Mammon-Gods, that are set up everywhere. For not a Nation, nor a Family, nor a House, or Person, where a Mammon-God is not served by them: Contrary to this restriction from Mount-Sion-Law, that another way doth propose: after the manner of Abraham’s Foundation-Stock, which was drawn out from the Mighty and Everlasting Rock: who had no visible Principle to work upon; but a bare Word of Promise, that God upon the Obedience of Faith, would after this kind make him a signal Blessing, for the whole Earth to take notice of.

But it may here be Objected, Who is it that now hath the same Ground to go upon? He had a particular Call and Promise.

The Answer is ready, It was not for his sake alone, that this high Spirit of Faith was acted forth. For he stood as a publick Representative, and therefore call’d The Father of the Faithful.

But, then again, here is another opposing Argument, That Abraham’s Faith did extend to the believing for a Son in his old Age. His Faith was principally exercis’d in this, and not for a visible Inheritance in this World.

Answ. As to this, you will find it was imploy’d upon both these Considerations. For the Promise of God run upon them not separated, but joyn’d together, the Heir and Inheritance together. See for this, Gen.13. 15, 16, 17. So from hence, this certain conclusion is drawn by the Holy Spirit, that in whomsoever this Spirit of Faith is rising, for to believe upon some particular Word and Call, that may come by the soft breathing Voice of the Spirit, to induce them against Hope to believe in Hope, that they may bring forth the free born Spirit to whom the Adoption doth pertain; and then all other things, whether in Heavenly or Earthly Places will follow, as having right as the first born in the high Faith of Abraham. Whose Seed (as a most real Type of this great Victory) did enjoy the Land, Goods and Possessions of all the Nations round about him, as he went forward on in his Faith. Who or what was able to stand before them, or detain any thing from the New Generations of Faith, while they are kept up in the Spirit and Authority of it.

So, now then this Point is sufficiently cleared, that we are under no necessity to join the Mammon-God, that is the Spirit of this World in this Particular, with the only true Almighty God, that did never cut himself off from the Power of disposing of Temporals, as they might serve for superiour Ends. And therefore we must be assured, that the entail of Faith upon exteriour Blessings, is not cut off to this very Day from the true Heirs of Faith: But it is to be looked for, and claimed quite in another way. How is that but by searching into the original Evidence and to derive therefrom our ancient Right, as our Eternal Spirits stand Essenced in God and have a prerogative therefrom to make challenge, to whatever is consonant in its Being, whether consider’d in a Body Celestial, or Terrestrial, as retiring into its Sovereignity and God’s Being: But apart, from whom nothing of this can be understood, or made use of. Christ the Lord, by Verture of returning into the Essential Ground, from whence his pure Spirit drew Breath, did thereby raise and waken that original Might from whence it could act and do whatever he would, though in such a terrestrial Body, as we live in yet. Ye never heard of any Complaints he made: For he had Power to help himself, and so those thereby who were under his Care for Corporeal things.

Therefore, we are advised to know this more Excellent way to the same manner of Living: First, By way of Prohibition to his Disciples, for their desisting from that carefulness, what to Eat, and how to be Cloathed, and how to Subsist in a natural Body, that stood in need of such things. Yet, were they not to be Thoughtful? For it was too sensual a Life for them; who had another Pattern to walk by, and always to steer their Course, being always obvious before them. As he said to them in another Case, O ye of little Faith, how long shall I be with you? When he would have had them Exerted their Faith from the original Being of Power, to cast out the Evil Spirits, and to do Cures upon Sick Bodies, as he himself did. Elijah, as it is said of him that he was a Man subject to Infirmities as others; yet, at certain Times, when he could descend into, and sound the Abysal Deep of his Spirit; Then what Marvellous things could he work, and effect by Faith, arising from that Essential Ground? So Elisha, with being conversant, as a Ministerial Servant to him, how soon did he attain to be a Practicer of that high Science? His whole intent was hereupon: which made him follow his Master, and would not let him go out of his sight: till he was impower’d with such a deep-sighted searching Spirit, for a double Portion of it, as might follow on in the doing of more Mighty Wonders from the same Spirit’s Might: O how deeply sunk and hidden from all Prophets, Pastors, and Teachers, that have been of these latter Ages? Who could not attain to such a sealing Proof of their professed Ministry? But still have served Mammon with the only true God, after the manner of all the Nations round about. The Golden Lily out of the Essential Ground hath not yet put forth his Head-Power, to deliver from this Mammon-servitude. There appeareth none of the free born, out from the New-Jerusalem-Mother: who are all absolutely free from this Worldly Captivity. And it is very aptly replied, When shall this Lily-time come to grow, without digging Care or Toil: That is, to have all of the Mammon-Gods come to serve and minister for our Occasions; That we may know no other service, but what is obligatory from us to the one only Creator, to whom the free use of our Lives may be given? In answer to this matter of Doubt, when such a Time will be, it may be said, That the Time of the Lily is verily at hand. There is only wanting the Gift of Faith, which lieth hid in its Root, to be stirred by a strong attractive Hunger, that may draw down the Heavenly Showers. Which will become strengthening Powers, for a guard about it, from all Self-Reasonings, that would be nibling at it, to hinder and break its force. Before it arrive to its full growth. Therefore let none put this Time afar off. For a Call there is, even in this very Generation, as verily as there was to Abraham, to come out from the Chaldeans: and to follow his Steps, as his Off-spring. Which will bring forth the Blessing of Multiplication, in the fruitful spreading of the Golden Lily. Whose Kingdom doth even now begin to appear from the Root of Jesse: whence a Star ariseth which shall shine through the Princes of the Canaanitish Country, and causeth the House of Mammon to fall to the Ground.

Again, it may be further Queried, How can this Lily in the high Faith of Abraham so spring up, as to depend upon nothing that is Creaturely?

To which it was given, by way of Answer, That the Holy Dove, to prepare it, must enter into the Flaming Heart of Love; whence the Birth of the Lily is brought forth: So that it becomes nothing less than meer Holy Ghost, and the Power of GOD. By which all things in this lower Principle shall be commandable to it: and such as live not from this Root, but from, and in, the Trafficking Spirit of Babylon shall be made Hewers of Wood, and Drawers of Water, to serve those that in the service of the Sanctuary are emploied. Blessed O thrice Blessed are the Children of Abraham, that have passed into this high Birth: being made Heirs of GOD, both in the Heights above and the Depths beneath; as they are found walking in the blessed Valley of the Lilies, where my Lord the KING doth delight to take his Pass and Repass, and to exert forth in simplified Spirits the Acts of Soveraign Majesty.



June 20. 1679.

The Hid Talent brought forth.

THE Word of Counsel spake again to me, as I was waiting thereupon to be satisfied in some particular, that I was doubtful in. And it was said to me, Oh that thou couldst believe, and not let in doubt. A steady unmoveable Spirit is of great price with God: Keep up in the Faith: waver not for the Lord in thee is thy Inheritance. For the more surety, the Heavenly Talent (hid as a Treasure in the dark Places of the Earth) shall be brought forth to a Just improvement according to the Gift of Wisdom. That doth make out the most Excellent Merchandize for her own, and from a Substance that is of her Own. From which let not thy Faith depart: but keep her as the only good and plenteous Treasure, that will superabound; minding no other way for supply. Which is All-precious Faith, that will greatly please the Lord thy God.


June 21. 1679.

Silent Speech.

I TOWARDS the Morning, after waking, fell again into a Slumber; and I with some others were gathered together, and they were all Strangers, but one or two, that were known, who stood up as Chief Heads, to encourage us, to wait together very privately, that none in the World might take notice of it, till we had brought forth in very deed, the full grown Birth of Christ, as in the Holy Ghost’s Property. And I rejoiced to see any to be of the same Mind with us, that could desert the World for it fully. And Mighty Powers did break forth, amongst us, being few in Number, but Eminent in a different way from other Assemblies, in matter of Worship, as sending forth, and exhibiting Power, when no Words were spoken.

And when I was alone in a private Walk, I consider’d hereof, and it was further given me to understand, That the Holy Ghost’s Ministry, and the True Worshippers in his Temple-Body would understand, and speak one to another in the Cloven Tongue, that hath another manner of Clang, than yet hath been sounded forth through the outward.

And also, the Spirit said to me, How this Tongue, that is all of pure Flame, carries another Eccho with it, being from Heavenly Air. From which, the High and Principal Things of the Kingdom of Mount-Sion should come to be revealed: And that Action from this out-going Breath, should now signifie Ten Thousandfold beyond all Words. And I was drawn out much to follow this Silent inspiring Tongue, that Discoursed the deep Heavenly Things, when no Voice was heard. Thus pleasantly I heard the Fiery Clang of this Tongue speak often to me..


June 23. 1679.

The Parable of a Body, generated from Three Burning Lamps.

THE Word sprang up in me, moving me to examine, and search through all the Region of the Deep inward World; telling me there was one Anointed, and he had a Commission to Leaven with the Fiery Property of the Holy Ghost, by which I should most sensibly feel a Change in all the Interior Ground of the Soul. From the Root of it all Powers would renew, according to the Purity, in which God did breathe it forth from himself, in the Paradisiacal Figure. Which, tho’ Universally infected through the strong Poyson of the Serpent; yet this remedy was set before me, by way of a Parabolical discovery. Three Burning Lamps, which ascended up in one entire great Light, and from this a Stream of Fire-flame did pass into a bodily Form, (which I well knew) and accordingly there was felt and tasted, a Serene Sweet, mild Temperature of Mind, as the Peace that is beyond, and more excellent than can be understood by any that are out of it.

Then I further moved to know, whether here should be a Continuation of this, that was so Satiating? And it was Confirm’d, That this Light that had passed in; should not extinguish. For it was the Leaven of the Kingdom, that should recover the very Root-Essence of the Soul, and run through to make all Parts that have been Corrupted, Sound and Whole. And that by yielding to the Force of this increasing Power, of the Fiery Leaven; there would be a real Translation, and a Passing out from the dark Gloominess of an ill Savouring Life, into the free Peaceable Joy of the Lord. Into whose Mind the Anointing is come to Baptize durably as his Instructions are observed. Which still must go on, as the leading Star, with whom, as in a Race, we must now with it run, till all be done, which appertains to the Glorious Adoption of Children, that they may have no Spot upon them. For which end the Holy Tri-une Lamp of Fire is revealed, to send out the Burning Streams, to effect this Wonderful Cure upon such, who could be able no longer to endure any thing of the Corruptible Earthly Life.


June 24. 1679.

Another Parable of a Dying Person.

A Particular was set before me of a Dying Person, and there was much contributed, to keep up the Natural Life by Natural Relations, that came about the Object, that was Languishing. But She cried out to them, Oh! Why make you this ado, to prolong that which cannot live, till it doth dye? I suffer by your Kindness: Therefore forebear to urge That upon me, which makes me so long a dying. O cease to minister of that, which quickens up the Vital Sense in me.

This was applied to be the Sensitive Life, that did lie in a dying Posture. And what were they that would keep it up, but its own Natural Off-spring, that had a Life-Consistency with it? But it was said, Let all these depart, and no more disquiet That, which is willing to pass into its Original Life, and therefrom to arise again in a new appearance. I drunk in this saying, and as I was considering of this thing, a Word came to me, Fear not: I am at hand to strengthen thee in the Bed of Languishing, with a new running Spring; that shall fill all thy Veins with sacred Blood, in order to an Everlasting Life. And indeed, at this very instant, I felt an hovering, strengthening Power, attending and consorting to go through the Conflict, that had seized upon me, in Relation to the Dying out of every Sense: Which I did believe would decline gradually; that so the hoped for Life might come in, as a Burning Lamp, never more to be extinguished. This was made all Sweet; tho’ threatened with the Bitterness of Death.


June 28. 1679.

The Word of Patience.

THE Word of Patience is with thee to keep thee to it, that thou mayest conquer the Temptation, which may come in, whilst thy Faith is proving. This Divine Sentence came from the mouth of my Jesus, upon an impatient eager working of my Spirit, for the ready accomplishing of all that hath been declared. For I found my self, as in the dying Throws and Pains. And therefrom sought I Redemption, as one that felt the Agony of a Natural Death, and longed to be out of it.

Then the Word said, Remember, that thou art to get through the Kingdom of Patience and Tribulation: And thou will be acquitted herefrom by this Death. Which now has seized thee, as the last of Death’s that shall be tasted: For in it is the strong Potion of the Spirit; that will work through it, and that kindly.

And it was further said, If ye could comprehend, what the Mystery of it was, you would Rejoyce; as you feel all of the Sensitive Life flying away. For it was another Life, that with God’s Son and Heir must match, for to Cement the Everlasting Nuptial-Tye with the Holy Trinity. This requires a Fiery Baptism.

Then was call’d over a Presentation, that came before me of the Bride’s Robes, all Rich and Splendorous: that were shewn me. And it was said, These will fit none but the Dead, that are come to live again. They are laid by for the first that shall now rise from the Dead, in the likeness of Christ their Head: as in a swift moving Body, that can be here and there, according as it is to be found useful and serviceable for a Service of GOD: to finish yet among the Inhabitants of the lower World, or in a Paradise, or elsewhere. For this sort, and last degree of Death, will produce such liberty, as to be every where, as occasion shall be Ministered.

But it may be Objected, If this be the Gospel-Death, that is to be Preached throughout the whole of Man’s Earth, it will make such a shaking of every Foundation, as we shall have Floods of fury from the Beast’s Kingdom poured forth: and who is able to make War with one United Spirit of Life, which is every where so strongly Fortified with Reason?

Answ. Far be it from the Lamb’s Warriours to be frighted or terrified at any of these things. The Wise and Sound in Spirit do expect no less, than the Onset, and poured out Fury of the Beast to meet. But this only reacheth that Birth-Life, that a Saint is Dying from, and doth resolve to make all quick dispatch out of his Kingdom. For while found in it, both Dragon and Beast will never cease to make War against such, as deny to bear his Name, Image, and Mark. So then it is but holding out the Dying space, and to be patient in Death’s Tribulation: And then in the Life of Victory to return again, to Shake and Destroy the Beast’s Kingdom.


June 29. 1679.

The Dead in Christ.

OH!  I do equally feel the sinking Death with the rising Life: But that cannot satisfy me, till I be risen clear and free out of Death’s Captivity. O great! O great need of Patience there is to bear, and hold out, till every Cord doth break, that doth tye together the Sensitive Life! What hope have we, who are such earnest Seekers of this Death? But, O Lord Jesu, proceed by that Two-edged Sword out of thy Mouth: by which those holding Bands may be cut; that we may flee away from this noisome and polluted Place, where the Serpent doth put forth his Swelling Sting to perplex and annoy.

After this Out-breathing of my Soul, I had a Magical Representation of a Person lifted up from the Earth, and covered all over with a Gold coloured Cloud, and carried out of sight. Then the Cloud broke, and the same, that was covered with it, appeared, and stood upon the Earth again, in a Habit shining like Gold colour’d Cloud. And suddenly there was a Train gathered to that Person, and all together ascended up with the ascending of the Cloud. And it was said, Herefrom is to be understood the first Victorious Champion, that hath got free from the Death, and is caught up to ascend, to draw the remainder of the Holy Seed, that hath lain in the Death-Bed, with all the Paradisiacal Sweets and Perfumes. O how may it suffice, and fasten assured Belief, that these Signs will follow the Dead in Christ, who are thus buried with him.

Then a farther Inference from this Vision may be drawn, as to the ascending, or lifting up from the Earth: To wit, a total Sequestration of the Mind. This doth bespeak a going free from the touch of the Earthly Life.

Query, How then shall all such be over-cloathed, that are able to get such a Victory.

Answ. If any one in particular, shall thus acquit this Earth, and be drawn up into the Mystery, there will soon follow a cloud of Witnesses, to Evidence Redemption is come in very deed, to the Elect Seed, that are call’d away, as the Living from the Dead.


June 30. 1679.

C H R I S T and his Bride:   Or, the Resurrection.

AS two or three of us were met together, to send forth, according to the present received Gift; I felt a rushing Power, that filled me all over: And the New Tongue of the Spirit spake through me, from a deep that was broke open by forcible Might, from the breathing Life. And among the various things that were uttered, I called over, and noted this Saying, that the Spirit said in me, That the Lord had sent his Messenger before his Face, to assure, that he was upon his return, to visit his Mourning Desolate Ones, who had waited for him in their Widdowhood of Sorrow, embracing the Dying State to all Mortal Things, for a Life in him. Which verily now began, as the Day-Star to spring; Light breaking into the very dismal House of Death, for the Reviving of those shut up therein. And then again, it was further breathed forth, by way of Prediction.

And also, at the same instant, a Sight was of a Glory opening, of Two Persons, the Figure of a Man and a Woman: which presented Christ and his Bride, all Gloriously Decked; and the Woman at his Right Hand, standing upon a Mount of Flaming Clouds. And it was through me uttered, which I sounded forth by natural Voice, Behold, and see, the Virgin-Bride is become the Glory of the God-Man; for She will fill the Heavens with her Off-spring, and Holy Train. Thus we were highly Congratulated with great Tydings of Joy, from the Heavenly Sphear: which thing I did eat in, and kept the Sweet relish of them still upon my Spirit; for they were to me, the Strength and Marrow of my Life.


July 2. 1679.

The Crooked made Strait.

BEING touched with some kind of Sense, on the Account of a near Relation in the Outward Line of the Flesh, which required my Help; I found some struggle in my self to serve in that Capacity, my Mind being gone out from Agitating in Earthly Affairs, tho’ under Nature’s Obligation thereunto. Which put me upon inquiry, to know my Spiritual Guide, and Counsellor’s Mind herein. Which giving all diligence to, I had this told, and given in saying, So condescend thou to mind these things of low Degree, as yet to keep up thy Faith in its Soveraignty. For thereby the Cross and Crooked Things shall be made Strait, through the out-going Acts of a Secret Faith. And tho’ in the present Case allowed, thou art wisely to transact what before thee is: yet be thou as one that standeth still, looking for thy Help from the Everlasting Hills, where the mighty GOD over All doth Rule: Let him still be in the Eye of Faith reviewed; and so shall all Undertakings well succeed.

Further, the Word came again, saying Make the Cross and Crooked Thing to become Strait. Believe only, and it shall be so. The invisible Acts of a secret Faith will produce more than all visible Actings.

Thus I was cautioned to keep that Wheel moving uppermost. For if the Working Essences of Natural Sensibility come over Faith, it will all Spoil make, and stop the out-sending Power of it. For it is as a Flying Horse, if ye can sit him, he will fly over all the Creeping Inhabitants of the Earth, that do their Venom out-send, according to the infectious, influences of the Stars. This both in thy self, as well as for others without, may troublesome Opposition make. And no relief there is, but as thou keepest steady upon the swift winged Horse of Faith: from which light not off.


July 3. 1679.

The Flying Horse.

A Word came this Morning, saying Keep upon the Flying Horse of Faith; which brought to my Remembrance, a Vision I had, of being mounted upon an Horse, that did (as it were) fly away with me, and I had much ado to set him. This was applied; how hard and difficult it is for our Spirits to run the swift Race, and Flight, with the High Mounted Spirits of Faith. How many plucks have the Senses, when the Spirit gets up here to throw off again, hath been often experienced, by the Good Willers hereunto. Who would set upon this Conquering Horse, and trample down the Worldly Strength, that is put forth in Violence from the Beast’s Kingdom.

But I was now argued fresh again, to keep this Wheel moving uppermost: for the great General, whose Name is the WORD GOD, doth his Trumpet sound, to gather together such, who will Mount to follow him upon the White Horses of All-Conquering Faith. Let them come to the now lifted up Standard of the Spirit, who will mount them away, and teach them to Exercise that Bow, which may here let fly invisible Arrows, here and there, hither and thither, in great Forcibility. And yet none, that doth live in the Mortal Sense, may see from whence they be. O such an Host and Army mounted upon these Flying Horses; how terrible will they appear to the Beast and his Armies, in Gog and Magog, when their Banners are lifted up in Faith’s Flaming colours, which will Smite, and give an awe and dread! O then, all Worthy it is to be Exercised in this Way, before the Great and Notable Day, in which the Beast that over the Earth hath Reign’d does also blow his Trumpet, to gather all Nations to War; as knowing he hath now but a short Day! And therefore the Word of the Lord came, saying, Hasten ye, who would be of the Lamb’s Followers, to Engage with him against the Ravenous Beast; make all quick riddance to fly out of his Kingdom, and be as Dead and Buried out of the Sensitive Life, that ready ye may be to rise as a Mighty Army from the Dead, as Angels unresistible, the Living and All-Conquering Host of God, that hath no other Weapons than the Shield of Faith, and the Out-flaming Breath of the Spirit.

Delay not to set upon this, for there verily will be occasion for such Champions of Faith, saith the Faithful and True One, that with the Sword of his Mouth, will the deadly Wound to the Dragon and Beast give, by them, in whom he hath been dead and risen again, through the Faith of the Operation of God: In which the Power worketh high, for the overthrow of all the Serpent’s Malignity.


July 5. 1679.

The Joy of Entering into diverse Temptations.

THE Word spake in me, saying, Fear not, seeing ye are come to be Rooted deep in that Life, which hath wrought it self out through the Conquering Death, in which this Life has been hid. And now Life worketh again, as a Spring from the same Fountain, to free itself from the Sin, that did dim its Life. Therefore think ye not, much at the Blow that Death shall give for this end: But count it all Joy to enter into the diverse Temptations, that do attend the Dying Life. For it will bring thee, with those also, who are Partners with thee in Death’s Cup, for to taste and eat of that living Body, which will be a quickening Spirit, that will be drunk in most sweetly.


July 6. 1679.

The Singing Dove.

A Representation I had this Morning of a Young Dove, that fluttered to and fro to enter into a Chamber-Window, but could not there stay: Somewhat there was that did annoy it. Whereupon I was concern’d to look in, to see what offended There; minding how upon her flight she was still beaten back. And thereupon I attempted to get into the Room, and when I came in, there was a Fire, that sent forth a Smoak and Darkness: which I perceived, was that which gave the distaste. And as I was considering what to do, that the Dove might enter in; for then I thought, I should appropriate her as my own: She being Coloured all over as with Gold: I was directed to take a Linnen Shroud wet, and throw upon the Fire; and so I did, and trampled on it with my Feet, till the Flame was quite choaked. Then the Fire was soon extinguished, and the Room all cleared of the Smother, which the Fire had made. Then did this pretty Dove enter in, and Sing, as if it had been another Bird; spreading out her Wings, from under which arose a pure light Flame, that made the Room all Light.

This has a deep Signification, said the Living Word: heed herefrom, what is to be Revealed and Understood. For need there is of a close, following on by renewed Manuductions. So as what is to be raised up, and fully redeemed, may be set upon by these Revealed Things, till the whole Mind and Will be overcome, for the Lord alone.


July 7. 1679.

The Interpretation of the Vision of the Dove.

THE Holy One gave the Divine Sense, and meaning of this unto me. As to the Dove in the first place, being Young and of a Gold Colour; it did represent the coming down of the Holy Ghost in a solid Body; and youthful Vigour to impower the weak Humanity, that is acted and troubled by a contrary Spirit. As appeared by that contrary Fire, that rose up in a Smother, and made the Room unpleasant, so as the Dove could not there stay.

This smoking Fire was declared to be the enkindled Essences of the Rational, Sensitive, and Affectionated Life, that did burn from Degenerated Nature, as a Earthly Fire Life, that does send forth Evil and Dark Fumes. This may be where there has been great Sanctity, and diverse Washings, and Purgings, for Cleansing the inward Chambers of the Mind, Will and Senses, where the Holy Dove would rest; but for this contrary Fire-Life, being often blown up to offend, that drives back the pure sprightly Dove, that would come to its own Virgin-Mate, if a fit place might be found.

By this we do see, it can bear no other Life, but what comes from its own Flame, for our Light to boot hath visited us with many an overshadowing, and rushing from the Wing of his Power, when the Smoky Fire of the common Sense in us has been laid down, and hath now a great Restlessness upon Some, for to remain within the Tent and Temple of a clear Mind. In relation to the Soul’s part, who is earnest to retain this his Dove-Mate: Let him take all Care, and be in all Watchful diligence, to quench this strange Fire, which is a Root of various Evil Consequences, that may make all Dark to over-cloud the Mind.

As for instance, now it is shewn, that from the Root of this Fire-Life, not only gross Sensibility, and strong rational Wisdom may be blown up from the Elementary Air, as a smothering Dust; but from this a Fire may also possibly proceed, and urge the Soul to send up Oblations, and Offerings: for keeping up Devotion and Holy Worship, from the Impulses of this Strange Fire, before the Unction doth come to move in his own Fire. Thus did Saul, he was hasty to go upon Offerings, and Sacrifices, before Consecrated by the Prophet: Yet he thought he had done well, to take all opportunity in doing it. For he had a great Plea for so doing; the Prophet staying beyond his set time, the Philistines just upon him; Therefore (saith he) I forced my self to offer an Oblation.

So from hence great Caution is to be taken, not to run upon a sacred Ordinance, before Anointed thereto, by the inward Prophet. For it will be no better than offering up of Strange Fire, that will fill the Temple with Smoke, that the Holy Ghost will not enter in, though the Intellectual part be Enriched with Light and Understanding; and though it knows hereby, it lies under an Oblation of this kind, to Solemnize an Holy Service to the High and only True God, which is a real Duty. But then, we are now warned to come with the Golden Censor, and to wait, till the Altar-Fire rise in it, which may burn from the Everlasting Oil.

This is That, which will make the Chamber of our Minds an Holy Separated Place, for the Dove to Lodge in, as our beloved Mate, no more to forsake us, who with his own Light-Flame, will (as a Lamp that is fed with Golden Oil) burn for ever in us.

Then further it was open’d to me, What was meant by the Linnen, that I was directed to quench this Fire withal. A Dead Corpse was set before me, all wrapped in White Linnen. Which declared, This Earthly Fire was only to be quenched with Death-Linnen. The whole property of this first springing Earthly-Life is to be smothered with the Linnen-Cloth, that represents Pale Death. That so the Dove may then Sing his pleasant Ditty and Song, as the only Life-Spring, rising from under his own Overshadowing Wing, where nothing more of the Smoky Sense may trouble this Holy Flame. Sure we will haste henceforth to quench, and choke this Fire by Death’s pale Linnen-Cloath, which is prescribed for the only Cure, that the Holy Ghost may evermore with us endure.


July 8. 1679.
The Same Continued.

THIS Vision and Opening, did put me upon the Watch, to stop and choke the Fire-Essences of that Life, by which the deprivation of so great a Blessing was kept up. O what Joy and Triumph would I take to see the Man of Sin, to lie as a Dead Corpse, and no more of Life to stir! But is it Death that must do the thing? Then let us be Skil’d in this great Mystery: to know how to Die, is of high Consequence. I was very inquisitive to understand, what was further meant by the Linnen? It was then shewn me, that it did not only represent Pale Death, but there was a further meaning in it, as it must be an Instrument, to Strangle that Life, which (as it was revealed to me) did hinder the Life of the Holy Ghost.

The Linnen did signifie a mild passive Innocence, and pure Simplicity: Thus said the inspiring Word, That this Cloth is made so Fine, that the Breath of the Sensitive Life, will it defile and stop; for contrariety proves a Death to that which it can Conquer.

Now, then take a Survey of what this opposite Life doth consist in, in subtleness of Reason, in refractoriness of Will, in strong Love to all Sensible Things, with an extended Propriety in them. Of these, the root of that Life doth consist from whence arise the numerous Motions, that do fill the Mind with the dark Smoke of Earthly Imaginariness. They do all proceed from this Life-Root.

Now then, we are directed to go to him, who is Cloathed with this White Linnen, that we may out of his fulness receive, to stop the Fiery Fumes of this contrary Life withal. What Consultations have been taken, to get the Mastery of this Death, to finish the course of it, before natural Death doth overtake? But none ever since Christ, could scarce attain it: For the Resurrection then would have witnessed to it. But if now a Way may be opened, and Courage given, to any one to attempt it, by Christ’s Linnen-Garment put on, whereby they may Encounter so great a Contrariety of this kind of furious Life: It will manifest a matchless way of Conquest indeed. And such will be Recorded for wise and Victorious Champions, who have overcome the only and last Enemy Death.


July 9. 1679.

The Stone of Power:   Or,  the Universal Medicine.

OH! what violent Pressings in Spirit fell upon me this Day, to draw out from the Fountain-Head of the Power, that I might be trusted with the management of that Faith, that stands not in the Rhetorick of Words, but in the Power of the Creating Word: that doth all with Authority, according to what may be awakened from the Original Life, that lieth deep? And what, O my God, can it raise; or bring it self through all those Strong Guards, that are upon it, that hitherto would not let it pass through? Could I get up this sunk Stone, which is Veined all with Gold, but to rise and float; then I know, I should make quick riddance after thee; O my dear Jesus: what then in this Mortal State should be able to hold me from thee? O come Mighty Arm, and lift it up for me; and let it go out as a Thunder-Clap of thy Power: that it may fully clear all the Air of my Mind, which hath been thickened by all my gross Senses.

Nay now, my Lord, I plainly see till thou (O Wisdom) who art this precious Stone of Power, shall heave it up thy self, I shall be able to do nothing that may bespeak me thy Friend and Favourite, to proclaim the Golden Age is now let down, and in a Creaturely Being to lift up the Stone of thy Power, as an Ensign to gather together those, who have been touched with her secret Ray, and sparkling Influence. Ah, my Lord! Long have some of us been proved under her most severe Discipline: Death after Death, with Mockings and Scourgings from the Scorpion-Tongues of the Earth. When, O when, wilt thou Rise and Shine? that the dark Day may pass away, and thy bright Stone now its Glory shew; and also its solid compaction dissolve, for an Universal Medicine. Which may be given to such, who are under the Vow of Truth and Secrecy, to perform all thy Decrees and Counsels, and never more to turn aside out of thy Way.


July 10. 1679.

B E N J A M I N: The Power of the Right Hand.

STILL the necessity for this Almighty Operative Power was daily before me. My Soul was in bitter Crys; O why doth it stay so long in the place of breaking forth; for I can go upon nothing, till it be Born. Fresh Travelling came upon me on this Account again, Pang upon Pang. O my Lord, shall I as Rachel dye, before I do see the Benjamin of Strength, as the Right Hand of thy Might? What is all of other Births that hath gone before? This is that which concerns the Care, Fear, and Toil of my Hand. This must comfort me in the Land, where I am but a Stranger and Sojourner: And nothing can I have, till this STONE of Gold I can shew as a Purchaser of all things.

As I was thus Mourning and sorrowing on my own behalf, and others, that were bent to go on with me in the same Travail: This inspoken Word came to me, Do ye Consider the kind and manner of this Birth, that ye have Conceived? It is no less than the Alpha and Omega that is to come: It is beyond whatever yet hath been. Christ in his first birth was beneath this; because of his Humiliation and Suffering: But here is a Birth, in which thou art in Travel for now, that will be the Mighty One of a Salem, King of Peace, Power, and Love, that shall Reign over all Nations, so soon, as brought forth. Therefore Marvel not, that the Travel is long and hard: For according to that considerable Greatness and Wonder that is in it: so much the Stronger Throws will be upon the Travellers for it, before it can be Born, as the Mighty Lord over the Earth, and that great Potentate, who must pull down the Seat of the Beast, that hath been so Exalted over all Christendom.

But then I replied, Many have been the Years and Days, since these Travelling Powers have taken hold upon some; and the Birth has seemed to be just upon breaking forth, but then has gone back again: And thus we have been under a dispairing Agony exercised, and in Temptation, here upon drawing out this Cry, Lord, how long before Deliverance will come? No Flesh can hold it out ever, but as impregnated with the All-being of thy Spirit. For through long Suspense, as the Vital Spirits in One that is in a long Natural Travel, are apt to be exhausted: So the Vigorous Force of the Life and Spirit of Faith is ready to sink and fail, while the Hour of Relief is still prolonged.

Thus I somewhat eased my Spirit, by way of Expostulation. Though full Satisfaction can never be, till I do see the Man-Child with the Iron-Rod in his Hand, striking down those Pushing and Afflicting Horns of the Leopard; whose Spots have leavened the Nations of the Earth. Which can never be changed, till the Pure and White Nazarite come to influence this his Birth in each one throughout. O pray, and pray uncessantly. And follow all hard upon the Strong and Mighty Arm, that plucked it may be from the Love-bosom of the Almighty Father, now to help in this last Travelling-Hour. Speed, O speed, and come with thy All-strengthening Power; for what of our Frame and Mold can consist or endure upon such an out-going Birth of Glory, as our Expectations are big upon? O Faith, thou art that Vital Spirit: Hold but thou out, and then our Hopeful Birth can be no Abortive.


July 11. 1679.

The Celestial Mart.

MY inward Sense in a deep Reflection opened, and I was in that moment with the Manifester of these Sights and Revelations, that hath discovered such great things. All which did appear to me, as a Rich proclaimed Mart, that is Stocked and all fully Replenished with Goods, brought out from Wisdom’s Land. Such costly and precious Commodities, as are no way purchasable by any Mortal Inhabitants: They do not understand the value of them; neither can they tell how to use them, if they had wherewith to purchase. These things are so inconsistent to a Terrestrial Being, that is not renewed by the Heavenly Essential Goodness again, as they are Wares not understood by them at all.

But then again, consider there is a Heaven-Born sort, that do well understand the nature and value of these Worthy Things, and when this Heavenly Mart, presents all its Glorious Rich Goods to view, how earnest is the Spirit that doth see them, as knowing how suitable they are for its Eternal Degree! But how to attain them, it cannot see, though parling and driving a Bargain often for them, yet nothing gone through is or can be, till the Purchase-penny be ready.

Now, what is That in the Heavenly Sense to be understood? We may take up the Similitude of the Earthly way, which by Earthly Kings are Authoriz’d, in setting their own Image, upon the finest of Mettals, that are found in the deep Mines of the Earth, and that goeth for Currant Coyn to Traffick with, and all of this World’s Substance is commandable by such, as can get of this Coyn. As you see it supply all for necessity, for the Elementary Man; so by this the Holy Unction doth shew, what must be the manner of obtaining those Supereminent Goods, and those Rich and Substantial Wares, that have been open’d in fresh Scenes of Revelation and in the Glass of Vision. If we do not bring in Hand, what is the Currant Coyn of the Great King of Heaven; Gold tried and refined, Metal that has his own express Image and Inscription upon it, and his Name upon it; we may view and cheapen a Thousand Years, but get nothing of them into possession so as to make them our own.

But it may be Questioned, Is it in the Power of any, that have an eagerness of Love, and Will to those Precious Heavenly Things; having had this Celestial Mart opened to them? Do the sight of these Things give a Power or Ability for procuration?

No, it only begets a Longing, and Fervour of Love for Enjoyment. But then, what shall we do for this Golden Coyn? For if we bring not in the whole purchase at once, yet a considerable purchase is required to make all sure for it. And how shall this be, but through the Formation and Engraven Seal of the Holy Ghost. This is the Purchase-penny, that we may go in Hand with, to ensure all the Variety, which opens in the New Salem. And when this Birth shall come to its full Perfection, then we with it shall enter upon all as our own. In the mean time we may be satisfied, that the Earnest is given. And now it remains, that we do continue in an uncessant Travel, till the Holy Ghost be so fully risen, as to Appropriate what in Heaven and Earth doth belong to us. For the very Earthly Things shall be turned into a Paradisiacal Virtue, and the Curse removed therefrom: The Separating Fire purifying the Gross Matter, that is in Vegetables and Animals; whereby Mortality hath run over all. But when this Transmuting Power shall spring from a Godded Birth of Life, ye shall know another Thing.


[ From the Authentic Version of Jane Lead's Journal of her Spiritual Encounters ...
— Entries for April 28th through July 11th, 1679
from Volume THREE,  Part Two,  of A Fountain of Gardens: this was File 2 of 4. ]

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