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Jane Lead, 17th Century Prophetess of God [1624–1704]: A Personal Diary of her Spiritual Experiences and Encounters with the Godhead during 1679 – 1686.

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A Fountain of Gardens: Volume III, Part TWO

July 12. 1679.

The Basket of Fruit.   Or, The Present of Sophia.

I FEELING Mighty Workings of the Internal Powers, flowing in upon me, for to keep up my Spirit, in their fainting sick Throws; tending to the Eternal Birth, that is so desirable; because that such Good Things are promised with it; this did provoke to the eager Travel {Labor or Travail}. And that I might still hold out; there appeared to me, in way of Vision, A Sweet Pleasant Person, with a Garland of Flowers about her Head, and in her hand a fine Basket of Fruit: and She held them out to me, saying, Come take hereof, and be Strengthened. And as it was Magically presented, so answerably I did taste a Strengthening Power by it come into me, for the enabling to hold out in the Spiritual Travel {Labor or Travail}, which yet is to be for continuance. Therefore being staid with the Love-Fruits that are handed out from Sophia’s Hand, for a refreshing Respite: After this, the Mighty pangs of Love did work, which were much more bearable than before, and will conduce to profit. For Love-Pangs will bring forth the All-powerful Birth of Love, which is that pure Fire, that shall drink up all of the Dragon’s floods: This will be endurably Love’s Victory.


July 19. 1679.

The Magical House.   A Transport.

THIS Morning, after I awaked, I felt all the Influences of the Love-Fountain Streaming in, for to Guard my Spirit away from my Natural and Sensitive Self. And then appeared to me a very Bright Circle, in which was an undiscernable Depth without bottom, all of an AEthereal Matter: And out there came forth a pair of flaming Wheels; and fixed on them was a House of clear Crystal, with Window and Doors four square. Every side had an opening, and the House flat over-head. And it was so clear, as I did see through, and beheld One in a very glorious Appearance walk up and down in it; though none of the Doors were open. And I beheld till it did descend out from the Circle: And yet there was no breaking of the Circle. And it came near me, but none of the doors opened, and the Person that was in an AEthereal Purity there, said, Come up here. And I said, Lord, how can I come into such a Glorious Mansion as this? There is no Door open. And immediately one of the Side-Doors was opened, and I was taken up into it, and had no Sense of a Mortal Body, that troubled me, but was as all Spirit, beholding this Glorious Being without Fear: All filled with Joy that now I was come to see the Face of my Jesus, and to be covered with the Rays of his Glory, which swallowed me up into his own Personality; and yet saw I my self distinct. Then said I, Lord, shall I here for ever abide Essentially? But it was answered me. May it not suffice to see the Place, that is prepared for the Birth, which thou has been Travelling {Travailing} with, that shall give free Liberty to live and walk, with me, from one Mansion of the Father’s Glory to another. Ye shall come, till you have seen the infinite Latitude of the Kingdoms allotted for the Redeemed.

After this Conference, the Fiery Wheel moved, and the Circle descended: and took up the House; and then it was beset with a Triumphant Number of Heavenly Hosts, all Angelical Figures in White Robes, that were in a Ring, inclosing the House, and shouting with Seraphick Sounds, saying, The Tabernacle which descended, is ascended again. And all this I heard, and did see, and knew it to be a Translation of my Spirit, and that I was to come down into my Mortal House again, to finish all, in order to the Birth’s freedom, which is the Son and Heir, that is to abide in this House for ever. Although, after I came into my Bodily Sense, I had some reluctancy to stay from the Personal Fellowship with my glorified Jesus. But his Spirit did quiet me, and said, All this was as an Earnest given, and a Comfortable Testimony, that the Birth-Labour of Love should have its full Reward more abundant, than what was seen at present, and enjoy’d.


July 20. 1679.
The Interpretation.

THEN followed this Revelation upon it, that the House as it was fixed upon Flaming Wheels signified the Clarified Holy, and Heavenly Place, that the Holy Ghost hath prepared, which lies hid in the Circle or Center of the Holy Trinity. And is very rarely Manifested; but when the Outward Sensitive Life is made to sink down in that degree, that it knows nothing more of it self, during that season. And this not from the Ability of the Creature’s own Will, but from the springing Motion and Power of the Holy Ghost. For it is impossible to cease from the Natural motion of the Senses, till this Superiour Might, and Center-Light doth arise, and suspend them, and so perfectly Master, and get the Victory over the Cogitative Mind, that hinders Divine Vision, from being so Pure and Naked, so Glorious and Joyous, as this Kind is. Which I see is of a different Nature from some other sorts, that may be called Vision, which do not so immediately open from the Center; being as out of all mixture, and touch of the Imaginary Mind. Oh, it is a Sweet and Happy Cessation, could One ever abide in it, or were it in my own Power, I would assuredly lie hid always in this deep Center, as in one everlasting Sleep. Then I would behold in the Mansion-House of the Holy Ghost, with Christ my Life, in the Divine Sensation, those great Things that are within the Center-Orb. Which requires no less degree, than a pure Spirit, thus unclouded and set free, to come into the very Chariot-House, in which the Lord himself doth dwell. And there the Father doth keep about the everlasting Circle of the Enthroning Love of God, all together in the sweet Amity: God considered as the only Circumferencing Globe of Light, and Christ in a distinct Figure of a Glorified Humanity, the Holy Ghost as the Glorified Body moving and descending sweetly out of the Center-Circle of the Father, to take hold of the Spirit of the Soul. And to refine and free it from all the Mortal drugs of perverted Sense, and to simplifie it into its own Originality, as before Corrupted Nature was.

Then indeed, it may be from hence Queried, What Spirit can abide in such a Translated State as this, and not be quite loosened from a Mortal Body, whose Life is in an Animal Sense?

This is an Objection, I know well how to resolve, having gone through the dividing Sea, and having experienced, that the Spirit of my Soul has been caught up into the pure Originality of Life, where no Sinful Essences have troubled me; and there it is lodged durably, and yet not discharged from that, Relatively to the Soulish Life, that subjected is to the sense of Elementish Things. For the Spirit has a peculiar Prerogative to so fly up into the high Essentiality, from whence all Spirits do proceed. But this is according to the pleasure of the Deity, to attract and gather it up from being touched with the Inferiour Life, which would bind it: But the Soveraignity of Love draws it away to live in the Crystalline House, where the Glory of the God-man is manifested. Thus the Spirit of the Soul is frequently divided, and doth live both in Time and Eternity.

But now the great Thing that must follow is for the Soul, with its Natural Body to be assimilated into such a like Spirituality; and to be transformed into a Heavenly Humanity: That altogether (as the only perfect new Creature) it may come to walk and sit among the Elders in Heavenly Places and to go in and out through the Holy Mansion-Gates, in the Chariot-Body of the Holy Ghost. Lo! Now it is come in the first Fruits of the Ascension in Spirit. And such Power, the Spirit of the Soul will come to have by Unity with the Holy Trinity: And by its often intimate Advertisements, and Impowerments, as therefrom will Ability spring out, to put the Soul and Body into an higher Capacity, than yet is seen at present. On which we shall further speak, as we come into it.


July 25. 1679.

The Generating globe of Light.   An Union.

THE Invironing Power of Love, driving my Spirit into the first Ground of its Eternal Rise; I did abstractively enter into a Generating Essence of Light, and was made one with it: and so came out formed in a Body of distinction in that Pure and Essential Matter. Which indeed was so much Excelling all that Clarity, which I had often of this Kind seen, that it was all amazing; not knowing what to compare it to; the Glory was so great. And here I knew a Being Supersensual, as a Life, purely extracted from the Center of Life, and Light of Light. The Introversion was so deep, that I was lost, as to the visible Ground of Nature. The Fountain Light had all covered me, and I was sunk into the deepest Ground of the Immense Being. For there was no impediment now, to hinder my Sight, but did behold a Face as a round Globe, sending out Streams of Glorious Light, which produced Bodies of Light, that stood with me before this Globe, or Face of the Great Majesty.


August 2. 1679.

The Further Process of the Spirit and Soul within the said Globe;
through Communion and Union with the Glorified Person of the

THE Gate for my Spirit’s Pass doth still stand open, for those Things to be revealed that are yet behind. Whereout fresh Gales do come, to bring up from the Central-Deep, what is for the further use of the Immortal Soul, that doth lie under Cure; till perfectly restored to that degree of pure Simplicity; which may render her the clear and unspotted Bride. For which end, my Lovely One doth now often to me appear, in all his Ravishing Person: his Flaming Eyes are so Wounding, that I cannot look upon him stedfastly, without Reflection upon my own Imbecillity; Crying out, O what, and how shall I do to equal so great a Glory! Can it ever be, that my Spirit and Soul should be so Transublimed, as to match with one, in whom you can see no less degree, than the Ray of God the Father’s Glory? This the Spirit of my Soul doth see, and heard the Voice of his Mouth; but when he spake, my Soul heard, and I was as one melted within me: Yea, even failed, till a Beam of Strength was sent forth, and a Ball of strong-scented Balsam to Comfort, and Heal it throughout, in the Center-Essences of its own Deep, where none else could it ever reach.


August 3. 1679.

The Celestial Balsam.

A Radical Cure of the Soul.

AFTER this, my Sight was strong, my Ears opened, to hear the Voice of his Mouth, according to that saying of God, After sundry ways he has made known himself by Visions, Revelations, Manifestations, by Prophets, Parables, and Similitudes: But now he is come to speak apparently, visibly, and expressly by his Son; who is become the Living Testimony, in the Ark of his descended Body. And that I might have assurance hereof, this Ark of the Presence doth appear unto me, though in me, that I behold the Glory, as the very Similitude of the most High, that gives forth himself to be known, in the outsending Rays and Powers of his Love, entering into my very Soul, felt in an extraordinary Way, as during the time of communing with my Lord after this sort.

Now having declared the Manner how the Word speaks forth it self, so the Matter, (so much as is permitted me to declare of) who thus with a Stream of Fire going out from himself, caused these Words to enter in. Dost thou not know, that the bitter Root-Essence of thy Soul is now all-sweetened, that as another rarified Piece, thou art extracted out of Immortality, from the pure Fire of its Originality; that is now sent forth, from the Out-breathing Spirit of God, in thy Jesus. Who doth make the Strange and Wonderful Cure: And this, O Soul, I will leave in charge with thee, that ye keep to this High scented Balsam. It is to be daily taken in, for hereby nothing of the Effects of the Serpent’s Poyson shall be felt by thee. Make it your constant Diet, for as you discerned an inward healing to come in, so there is need for a daily Bathing herein, that so your heavy sadded Soul may be as lively and cheerful as the Spirit, to move in the same Agility, and to gather it self into its pure native Essentiality, all shaded over with the Deity, wherein is Stability; as resting here, till Consummated into such a Spirituality, as to abide in a Translated liberty, in the Heavens with me. The order and method of the Redeemed Flock, thou shalt see there, feeding upon those precious Fruits, that do put forth from that Light Day, where all the Shadows do fly away. Of which Pleasures and Delights in Community, the Perfect in Spirit with me shall taste, and drink in, till no more of Desire shall further move. For who need to Hunger or Thirst more, who are come to the seventh Year of Plenty? To which I, your Lord do invite you, and such, whose Spirits with their Souls are restored to move away, out from the Serpent’s Venomous Air.


August 4. 1679.

The Lebanon-Walk.    Consubstantiation.

O Come into my Lebanon-Walks: Here ye may hold me fast, that I shall not draw away out of your Sight. All free Fellowship I cannot deny you here: but must give out all that may Delight and Joy your Heart. While, and even at the very instant, as those Words dropped in, I was drawn up both in Spirit and Soul, into an All-paved Crystalline Walk, shaded with Fruitful Trees indeed, where only with the Person of my JESUS in his glorified Humanity I did walk. Who took of those Fruits, and did give them into my Hand, and they look’d as the inside of a Musk-Melon, Soft and Oriental; and most wonderful was the taste. For my Soul was the Palate of my Spirit, and now could make the distinction: It dissolved into a pure Juice. Oh! then I cried, This, O my Lord, is Spirit of Life: I do it feel all Radically running through me.

Then, said the Lord: Here thou art come to discern, and taste my very Spiritual BODY, which shall be thy feeding Life ever more. I have now drawn thee into a CONSUBSTANTIATION with my self: And thou wilt never more know a Life out of this high Consistency of Spirit, as thou eatest of this Lebanon-Fruit.

[This High Communion in the Spirit continued this Day, and the next, as in the Fruitful Walks of the NEW LEBANON. Where the Soul, that was now made as the Palate to the Spirit, continued feasting together with it, upon these Immortal Fruits: that were reached out by the Hand of the Glorified Personality. To whom the Spirit of the Bride returns this Answer following.]


August 5. 1679.

Glory for Glory.

The Eccho of the Spirit to her Bridegroom.

THEN Ecchoed back my Superiour Self, that was fetched off from the Gross Animal self. But how, O my Lord, shall I consist in this high raised Communion with Thee, when I can take no thought in, concerning a Mortal Being; so little do I regard it; as if I was Deceased as to visible Nature. And yet not so freed from it, but that I am sensible of its needful supports, so soon as thou retirest into that Secret, where none can find Thee, but who can acquit their Mortal Sense? Which is the only Impediment that puts a stop, as often as it breaks in: or otherwise, a purified Soul and Spirit might be ever feeding its Eye and Ear upon the beholding thy Appearance. As thy Love (O Lord Jesus) doth draw thee forth into this Wonderful way of Manifestation, which is not yet given to the World to see, it is only for the betrothed Bride, that is all introverted in Spirit, caring there only to meet her Lord in the Love-Walks. O what is sweeter, than to hear the Bridegroom’s Voice, and to see him, Eye to Eye, in the Center-Point, where the Transformation may be throughly wrought? For which, there is nothing more to do, but to wait upon this Personal Appearance: For as often as this is enjoyed, Renovation of Life doth follow to innate, and to make the Inscription, Glory for Glory, that the Spirit and Soul may, in very deed, be all amiably Fair without Spot. {Transcriber’s Note: “innate” in the old English as a verb, meant “to bring or call into existence”}


August 6. 1679.

The Fountain of Ghostly Power, and Fertility. The Reply.

THE Entercourse with the Lord from Heaven yet abiding, (Oh!) then what greater Assurance can be given, but that he is Returning? And therefore here and there, to Virgin-Spirits and Souls, he will appear. This is indeed a Dispensation, that overtook me, before I was aware: For I did not know that he would reveal himself in such a distinct Personality, and so apparent to the Spirit’s view, as no Figure can be to the outward Sight, more obvious than this of the Lord’s Person is to the inward (made seeing) Eye.

Such private Visitations, he saith, he will first make, before the great Day of his Revelation in the Universal State. And while he hath an Espoused Bride in the Earth, she shall him See: And thereby become Fruitful, for to encrease through the High, and Mutual Love-embraces. The reproach of Barrenness shall henceforth be taken away. The Holy One hath it spoken, for the Confirmation hereof. Thus he did again to me appear, in a Body clear as Glass, in which I could see through, and beheld numerous Numbers, in the very likeness of himself. Which was a sight very Marvellous indeed. Then I did further see, out of this Belly go forth a Mighty Stream, so great as a River, and he call’d to me, Look, and see the Golden Run of the Spirit, how plentiful it shall go out from me into thee, and them in like degree, who are come up to me from their first Nuptial Link, according to this pure Essential Tye in the Life-Unity, with the Virgin-Bride. Who the first great Blessing on the Earth must renew; and this by Personal Knowledge of your Glorified Jesus. Who may immediately let out Ghostly Powers upon his Espoused, as she shall continue to be in his Daily View and Conversation: according to what is seen in the Spirit serene.


August 7. 1679.

THE renewed Salutation of my Lord the Bridegroom, who still doth appear to me. The Spirit and the Bridegroom have such a near Communion to his Person now, as if really imbodied in him. For if it were not so, I could not after this manner see him: And truly, I do enjoy such a pleasant Savour and Satisfaction, that it constrains me as often, as I may possibly take leave of the Visible Self, as to what would annoy, or else I should not be partaker of so great a Priviledge as this is. My superiour Will is the Wing by which my Soul doth swiftly fly away, entering into the very Body of Glory, and I must say in That is my perfect Knowledge and Sight, and that for some time I do therein behold this my Immanuel, that tells me he is come, to fix me as a Seal upon his Heart: and there I shall know my Dwelling, as one locked in the Secrets of his Humanity, kept all pure and unspotted, from the Spotted Leopard, and Ravenous Wolf, who are left to prove and pursue me in the Woody Place of this World. But the Lord did shew me, where my City of Refuge should be. Which was the coming up into his Spiritual Personality: that would be the Munition-Tower, wherein is found one whole piece of Bright Flaming Armour, to Fortify me all over. Then all Assaults of Enemies, whether on the Right Hand or Left, should be Fruitless. Therefore, said this Holy and Just One, Know henceforth, where your Defensative Place is, and make but little stay, where Wild Beasts are let out.

While I was thus held in a full Sight and free Communication with my Lord; it was set upon my Heart to ask, Whether this peculiar Prerogative might not be afforded to some other, that I moved for: that they might also be taken up into the Glorified Humanity, where we might each other know in the Lord’s Body, and see with all the Divine Objects, through the Spiritual Humanity. For this would consummate the Highest Union in Perfection, after a Spiritual kind: Since that, a greater Oneness cannot be, than mutually to be drawn up into Christ the Lord’s Personality. O the high Love Communion, that Holy Souls may have in one Ascended Spirit here, for Enjoyment, and for a Lawful content in each other, like as new Born Spirits, that are altogether Redeemed out of Corruptible Self; all of that being put off. Then Union is entered into in Divine simplicity, without Partiality. This was what at present was given to me, as to this particular Happiness, saying, That others should receive of this Benefit.


September 6. 1679.

An Overshadowing from the Glorified Humanity of the LORD.

THE Love-Band of Fellowship with my Lord Jesus, ariseth in the Kingly Manifestation of a Sun, that works through all of the Fleshly Cloud. For it is a true Assertion: when he appears, we know and find a great Alteration. It is not his Glorious Personality seen in Vision, that can do this, without it sends in Transfiguration; and so Internally glorifies the suffering dying Humanity: that lies hid under the many Dolorous Temptations and Grievings, from all sort of Afflicting Powers, (both the Dark and Astral,) as under so many Serpents, who will not spare to rush in fast, and thick upon the very rising Stars, that would ascend to their own Orb.

Oh! what lyings in wait are there to circumvent, and to beat down their upper Motions? For Stars and Constellations are at strife; the visible against the invisible; the low against the high and Superiour: And thus it is, though under the very out-spreading Ray of the Glorified Humanity. Which upon the Sense of a Mortal Distemper, stopping that more free Exercise, and use of my Understanding and Senses, in a Spiritual way; I was carried hereupon to Reflect why the Personal Influence of the Exalted Jesus should not secure, and fortifie from all those kinds of Impediments, that did make the Wings of the ascending Mind weak, and hang down, and not find their Force and Might as before? Thus I had occasion given, to hold my Lord in parly with, arguing further, why no Controul is put to Nature’s frail disorder, with the various Temptations struck in by the Prince of Darkness, but that he still must sway.

Thus Mourning and Complaining to my Lord, he did lay his Hand upon my Hand, and gave Ease to what was in Dolour and Pain; and said to me, “Where withal shall I Comfort thee? But as thou yieldest up thy Ghostly Body to be proved in the Love-Patience, and Faith-Resignation: That the Mystery of the Kingdom may work up to its Soveraignty, through all kinds of Suffering. The stem of which is so Royal and Virtual, that it will rise over all Depressings: And tho’ for a little season, that may stifle and quench the sensible Heat, yet it will be recovered again. For its Center is a Breath of fresh Air, that shall give Victory. To which turn thou in as to thy renewing Life; and give no place to those busie Agents, that inject Fears and Doubts: Because Faith is yet under Tryal, though shielded, yet not Exempted from piercing shots. For so it must be: but fear thou not, Only hold fast in the Belief, and my Life stands ingaged to bring thee through. For this Conquering Life is successfully to go in those, who are my Tribulated Ones. Who shall be Exalted from me, in a more eminent Degree. For I know what I have to do for such, that are of an unshaken Mind, and will not be frighted out by what the Powers of an Evil World can pronounce. How many Ages have I waited for the Valiant, that will regard nothing of Discouragement, till they meet me on the top of the Mount of Conquest and Perfection, there to receive a Throne and Crown, that shall be no more put down? For this persevere, and hold fast the Golden tipped Staff of Faith: Lean upon it in all removes; and it will be thy Fencing Weapon, that shall Persevere and Shield against all Assaults, that must try the Steady Ones in their Race, that give Entrance where all War doth cease. For in Salem Dwells and Reigns only Kings of Peace.

Query, And who shall be the first Openers of the Gates of this City?

Ans. None but the strong Spirit of Faith, that has got over all Checks: And now controuls the Spirit of Unbelief in its way. Be all-lively animated for the Glorious Goodness, that shall follow. Arise now: and Entrance make.

Thus the running Streams did come from the Lord my Fountain-Joy, to relieve my fainting Life. As often as I find Smitings, Warrings, Shakings and Risings, whether in the Mind or Body; the dear Sympathizing Humanity of my Lord Jesus, doth immediately stand before me, Administering an out-flowing Virtue from his Personality, dropping Words of Consolation, to keep on in the footsteps of the Holy Racers, who are running for the Conquest, saying to me, Who shall reach the Diadem of the Kingdom, but the constant Pursuer, in the low Humility, by recovering that Life-breath, which holds out beyond all Mortal Death? For now thy Union stands in a rising Life, in thy Lord’s Personality, which must bring up Victory. Therefore go on, nothing doubting hereof; fulfilling all, and every part of Suffering, which may usher in the All-perfect Thing. Which is the true Heir to the Kingdom, who shall take from the Ravenous, who have Monopoliz’d, what does belong to the Lamb of Mount-Sion, and his Warriours. But their time will not be long, for the only King will demand up their Accounts, and reckon with their unjust Stewardship. He saith, he cannot longer bear Violence and Fraud: Therefore he will raise Just and Perfect Saviours from his own Loins, who must, as in his Person do such Mighty Things on this Earth, as may Witness bear the Lord Christ’s Reign is begun. Therefore for this end, he hath in a Glorified Figure appeared to give certain Knowledge, that these Things are near: and doth send out Summons in the All-powerful Breath, that moveth through every free-born Life to mind, and well consider, what this Rising Star doth call to. For his appearance is not for my private use, Joy and Consolation alone: But for those, who have been earnest seekers, and hard pursuers for the Manifestation of his Kingdom, and for such, who may be counted of an all worthy Trust. For my Lord doth it verify, that he now looks out for principal Shepherds, under him, who must be his Priests, Prophets, and Pastors, answering to his own perfect Humanity: to do and act, as if his pure Person was in the World. And therefore gave me liberty in express, to proclaim to such, who are of his own Life-Train, to gird up, and be found in a Divine Spiritual posture, giving off all, of this World’s petty Concerns. For none will the Lord employ, but those who are Free, and made Members of the Beloved City; having been seasoned with Tribulation in uniformity with him. For they will best know how to Compassionate their Suffering Brethren. O such excellent Spirited Ones, Great Omega sends this Message of Grace and Good Will, that they may prepare to meet him, while he is but yet in the Way, in order to the fulfilling this great Blessing.

[After this a New Dispensation opened it self from the Living Testimony, in the manner following, very Gloriously. For upon this last Revelation, through the Appearance of the Glorified Personality of the Lord JESUS, and continued Conversation with Him, in his Blessed Humanity, for the space of Fifty Days, beginning from the 19th of July; the Spirit being caught up as into the House of the Holy Ghost, that was then Essentially presented, and there all the while Tutor’d, was hereby encouraged to make its Expostulation, Why He might not raise up Righteous Saviours, as from his own Loins, who might be called by his Name, and Act as in his Person; through his Divine Humanity, Imprinted and Sealed upon them, whereby they would be empower’d, and Characteriz’d, to stand up for Him, and under Him, in the Priestly, Prophetical, and Pastoral (or Royal) Offices, just as if his real Person was in the World. The Expostulatory Plea here followeth; and answer that was given to it by the Mouth of the LORD most expressly.]


September 12. 1679.

A Plea for Some to Personate the Prince of Glory on the Earth.

HERE it may be needful to Record the Spirit’s Expostulation, upon this last Revelation. Which I begun after this manner with my Lord, as permitted, though my outward Form was disproportioned to that Glorified Appearance. O Great Prince of Glory, who shall be furnished with Sufficiency for to Personate thy Soveraignty at the beginning of the Mount-Sion-Reign here in this Visible World? Some what more than yet is known, and received must of Necessity, be Manifested in our Humanity, for impowering, as a Witness of the Majestick Life risen and implanted, as it were a renewed Incarnation, in the visible Birth of Corporeity. For this we stay and stop, and can proceed no further, till another Flood-Gate opens, that may be as a forcible Stream to carry us through, against the Violence of this Worldly Sea, in the midst of which, the Great Leviathan worketh with Fury, to swallow up thy Little Flock, still keeping them out of their Kingdom.

What then, O Mighty Lord, wilt thou do for those, who are come to this Portion, waiting in the Center-Eye of thy Light, as Passengers, who are looking out for that Gallant Ship with full blown Sails, to embody, and carry us in the rushing Power of thy God-head Life. Till this comes to fetch us off from the sticking Sands of this Mortal Haven, we can flourish no Banners of Defiance against the Worldly Inhabitants; to Testifie we are Adventurers for another Prize; and New Planters there, where only Godded-Man shall Reign.


September 15. 1679.

The Plea allowed of.

AFTER this, some private enjoyments I had in the highest Love-Communion, that known can be in the Trinity, entering into our Community: But of this I may forbear the Circumstances now. But so far as it may be an Introduction, to what I am to declare: I was carried as upon Burning Wheels, that run me into the clear bright air of his own everlasting Day: where I did the Mighty Kings of that Region meet, with a Train, filling that infinite spacious Deep. Such they were as formerly I had seen of that sort of Dignities, in like Glory with Great Michael; together with most sweet Consort of Angelical Sounds, and Voices all soft and pleasant that were there heard. I could not understand so clearly, what was thereby express’d: It was as one Universal Ditty, of Acclamation of Praises to God their Redeemer, whose Throne presence I was set before. For I found, I was as a Spirit imbodied in Light, and these Words did proceed from this holy Place, (which I did distinctly hear) saying, Thou art brought here to receive Answer, to that of thy Spirit’s Plea: which I can in no wise set light by. It is all worthy to be Answered by immediate Species, that may satisfie beyond what may be set upon thee when come down among the floating Senses, that may rise as a contrary thick Air upon the Face of the Mind, to cloud Truth. But hear from my Mouth, what shall be done for those, whom I will make Pillars of the Beautiful Court of Zion, whereupon named shall be, The Lord alone Reigns here. And do thou know, these are the Pillars, that are growing as Head-Princes from the Foundation-Stone, that was before the World was in Being. Out from which the perfect Stones are coming forth, as so many Christs who are under the polishing Power of the Anointing, till as Jasper-Lights, that shine as Stars in my Hand, breaking out in the shaded Day of this World, in Human Figures to appear, but their Cloathing will be all of Godded Power, to distinguish them from their fellow Creatures, who are not Redeemed from the Fall. The Vesture of the pure Humanity will be all Deified, which will be the true Mark of the Sion-Pillars.

And true it is, ye cannot further proceed as Builders, till the Fountain-Power does rush in to carry on with full Tide and Stream, that all tugging and striving may cease. Which argues the Fountain-Power is not unsealed. For when that opens, all will Act easy, and pass over all Controul, that may proceed from an Evil World.

Now to Answer the Query more fully, Why this Spirit of All-sufficiency is not given to them, who have Run hard on for its Seeing and Possession? It is the turning Wheel, that Sion’s Glory must gather up to its Pattern in the Heavens: by this is what thou for thy Self and thy Fellows hast presented; expecting this Treasury of Power upon my Appearance to open, which in me hath been shut up. But understand, why it is not set afloat, because none hath so put on my clear and pure Humanity, as to be a full grown Christ. For which end, I do shew myself, that ye may see, to what grown Stature in the Spirit’s Birth, Sion-Pillars must come up to. For this I do agree to, as a Trustee, consider’d in Fellow-Humanity with you, that as any one doth come to the full Age in the Unity of a pure Heart, the Key of this Rock of Power by me, shall be given to open as free, as in the Body of a Deified Personality. To which Degree, the Love-Spirit must work continually, for the bringing up hereunto. For as a Plant surrounded with Fountains on every side, ye are to shew forth this kind of Fruitful Manifestation. Therefore spring as Grafts of Hope, that the Fountain of Power may break open, for the perfecting this Mountain of the Sion-Kingdom which only the Plants of Powers are to be the Pillars of. Which pray, watch and wait for.


September 16. 1679.

The Valley of Springs.

THEN upon this, I had a further Revelation, being carried in my Spirit into a Low Dale, which was all as a White Cloud, and there was various springing Fountains that rose and met me, which was very Marvelous and Pleasant, rising all from a low Valley. The first was a rising Flame of Light, streaming upwards. Then another flowing with Water, which was pure and clear. This was declared by him, who brought me here, to be the Rising Fountain of Love and Peace. Then on the other Hand, I did see two more Fountains, the one was a little open, the other fast enclos’d; that which was in part open was denominated Wisdom’s Fountain, that ascended like a small Stream of Gold: The other that was fast Seal’d, was called, The Fountain of Power, which could not be open’d as yet, till the other had been so tasted, and drunk in so constantly in Co-operation, as to purge out all and every spot of Darkness, its Soil and the Dregs of the lapsed State. For which end, these Fountains are in their several Properties, flowing from the deep Center-Valley within, to make all meet, and ready as a perfect Spirit, moving in Holy Humanity. These Fountains are sufficient to bring up to this High Sublimity, as they all concur to run in to Wash and Clarify, That which is the Temple-Body of the Holy Deity. For it was said to me, In the midst of these Fountains, shall the Dwellings of Mount-Sion Stones be, pitching by these Living Fountains, all flourishing Plants, ripened for the Floods of Power to break open the Kingdom. Which will be the top Glory, that hath been looked for these many Ages.


September 18. 1679.

The Plants of the Kingdom.

UPON this, I had a further opening and enlargement. O large Fountain of Power, who shall break thy fast Seal? but they who are fully perfected, by Drinking always of these deep Fountains, where the God-head Christ doth us meet, and flow in with Love, to make us fit to be in the visible Zion, under the banner of thy Power: Who art the Supream King, that givest Kingship to those Saints, that shall come to Dominion, even in this World? Who but those, that have wrought out their Redemption, first in the Kingdom of Temptation and great Tribulation? To them this everlasting Gate of Power shall stand open. For the Lord issued out this Word, as the Oracle-Testimony, to Consolate his Elected and Tried Stones, that are hewed out for Sion’s Building, That they shall be under no disappointment: For the Godded Christ shall rise to carry all before him. All Worldly Powers shall be too short to supplant the Omnipotency of him, who is the Alpha and Omega: who will shew it self forth in the Anointed hereunto: Therefore, said the Lord, our True and Faithful Shepherd, rest in my Tent, and Pasture-fold, till you are Marked with the New Jerusalem-Motto. This is a Name, which no False Christ can counterfeit: for it will be the Excellency of a God-head-might, which none can imitate. But Images, Figures, Words, and Declarations may be strained forth, in the likeness to the true God: All which to an Abortive will come. Great flourishes of this kind have been, which are as a vanishing Shade, that will come to nothing. Ye shall know now the true Rise of my Kingdom: It is a Plant that riseth from an inward mortified Leavened Ground, that hath been well broken up and humbled; well banked and circled round, with the Covenant of Blood, that keeps heat at the Roots, whereout this Kingdom is to spring in its various Properties. Which have Essential Virtue in them: For the Fountains from the God-head deep doth them still supply; till the Tree of the Kingdom comes to that high Degree, as to cover the whole Earth. So that the express Glory of the Trinity will then a shelter be to the Flock, who are to manage Sion’s Kingdom. In whom God will act all in all, So as no false Key can open this true Sion-Kingdom. But where the true Anointed of the Father are, there this Key will be given into their Hand, which shall decide all Controversy, that now is in the World. Though there be many such Assurancers, and Pretenders to this Authority; yet none have found the right Key to enter in. For who is there, who can exert forth the Power of a Godded-Christ? Which is the signal Character and Mark, that shall be most surely impressed, to undeceive the Elect. For none else can Picture out the Life, and sound Power, of the only true God, who IS, and none like him. Now be looking out for this undeceivable Seal: and have Faith for it, and consider what will ripen you (who are the growing Plants here for.) It is it that ye may be over-spread with God’s Out-flowing Christ, as the All-acting Power, that shall rest upon the pure in Spirit.


September 23. 1679.

The Hidden Plantation.   A Transport.

THIS Morning the Center-Spring drew me into its own Deep. And my Spirit was walking to and fro among another sort of Inhabitants, which I did know: And they discoursed of things, that were beyond my Understanding, and in a Tongue I had no Knowledge of. At which I was amazed, how I came there; being only a Stranger. And would have passed away from them, but they Greeted me with Lovely Countenances, And by the motion they made towards me, expressed their desire to detain me with them. They had Tents and Tabernacles, out of which they came, which moved like a Cloud, that stood upon loosened Pillars, as their clear Air. They were Amiable in their Appearances, yet in Human Figures, in White Garments: But not Glorious; yet Clean and Pure: But I still looked for the Glorified Person, whom I knew, for him to appear: else I knew not what I should do there. So after a little space, I heard a Voice, which I understood, saying, Know thou, this is another of my Sheepfolds, that have put off all Imperfection, they are my fellow Citizens. Be not shy of them: their Language thou must come to know in thy riper Age, as introverted into their pure Nature. At which I was staid a while, till all did shut up again of this Principle, that was revealed to me.


September 25. 1679.

The Royal Progress.

BEING surrounded with a Purple Cloud, that dispers’d it self as a Mist, in which appeared a Throne, moving as upon Wheels of clear Amber, which descended out of this Cloud; behold, a Stately Chair within the Circle-Throne, and One sat there in a Glorious Figure, according to what I had formerly seen. And the Chariot ran so swift by me, passing out of sight, and I was troubled thereat. But there were some of its Royal Principalities, that were following, said, Be not troubled, the Mighty Lord and King will come about again; he is gone the Circuit of this World Place, to gather his scattered Doves together, which have flown from one another, as not being known to each other. Then I waited satisfyingly in my Spirit, till the Lord appeared again with a far greater Train, who came near, and the Chariot was made to stay. And out of his Mouth these Words came. I have been looking out for those that shall be added to what I have already begun. Which in the Fountain-Light thou shalt see, and the Knowledge thereof will be revealed all fully to thee. I am to prosecute a great and marvellous Work, by such, whom I shall make all meet through the Fountain-deep of purifying Faith and Love. My Power must go forth to break up, and to Baptize with a Scarlet dye, that may hold out durably in such, who are to represent me in a Sinless Humanity. For such Officers and Ministers shall be Established under me, with whom I will be as in a springing Omnipotency, to bring out my Wonderful Sion to arise, that hath lain under the Dust. These Words deliver out, where the pure in Spirit shall in like-Mindedness agree with this Doctrine. Whereupon the Lord withdrew.


September 26. 1679.

The Holy Island.    A Transport.

THE Vision open’d again, where I was brought in amongst these Inhabitants, whose Language I could not understand. And the Lord appeared to me out of a Tabernacle, that stood upon a Cloud of Fire, more Glorious than any of the others, which I saw there. And I was turn’d as into a little Child, that could neither go nor speak, but carried in the Arms of one of these, who were come up to their full stature. Who brought and laid me in one of their Goodly Tents, where I was ministered to, by the Nursing Father of my Spirit, that fed me with a white streaming Breath from his own Mouth. Whereby I had open’d in me an understanding deep in Knowledge: though Dumb and could not speak, yet I comprehended this Mystery, that I was here to be learn’d, and brought up among these, who were completed. For so my Lord did signifie unto me, That these only were all little Children, that were now come up to the Resurrection-degree, and were skill’d in the Paradisiacal Philosophy; profound Magicians, that could work in the very Wisdom and Power of their Creator. What ever Christ the Lord did, they could do. Transfiguring themselves from what they appear’d at one time, putting on a far more splendorous Cloathing like to the Glory of the Lord. Who did further Commune with me, concerning my coming hither, to know a Resurrection-Birth. Which converts all of the Dead Body of Sin in those, who have been Baptized with Christ in his Death, into a Life of Child-like Innocency, that derives its new Creaturely Being from the contracted Matter of the Deity and Humanity, which is its risen Body or Birth. Now the Lord made out to me, that the Wisdom and Power of the Holy Ghost though inherently growing up in this Birth yet vails and hides himself, as contented to be under the consideration of Infancy, to give way for the more grown State, that he may then rise to supply all Defects, and to manifest that this is the true Birth of the Resurrection, that is to be numbered among the first Born from the Dead.

O Blessing and high Praise, with exulting Joy be given, where-ever this Child is Born to be taught and brought up among the Fellow-Citizens, to understand and act as Magically, as from the Spring of the Holy Ghost: which is All here in this Government. As it was evidently given me to hear, and see, which cannot be set forth in order, according to its own generating property, which is constantly in a new Motion. O here are those rising glorys, that evermore entertain us with Pleasure: which are so delightful in species, that I out of the Dumb silence came to ask, What Orb this was, and whether an abiding might not be here?

To which I had this reply, the Child-like State is making way for it, for Wisdom’s Love will most naturally bring up hereunto, and will exalt all those, who can come to be thus little and low in their own selves. O Dear Lord, let the strong Might of thy Hand fashion us into this little Stature, that all our growth may be in Thee, till we may know the full Stature of a risen Body, for Projection of Divine Philosophy. Then will thy Kingdom appear in its high Manifestation: Which cannot be, till we all be true Adeptists, to go on Triumphingly in this working Power. Lord Jesus, let us be named here by thee for it, who have been expecting this Resurrection, in order to all of this Glory.


September 27. 1679.

A Prophecy concerning the approaching Manifestation of this Blessed Island.

BEING inquisitive with my Lord, what this HOLY ISLAND was, where such working Powers in the manifold Wisdom are known, yet being in a shut up Principle, and yet are acting in the Resurrection-State; I moved to be satisfied, Why it was shewn to me? And what should be the Benefit? And what use I should hereof make, being entered into the Child-like State?

The Answer was secret and deep, and must for a while lie hid in the Abyssal Deep; till Wisdom’s Day break up more clear. Then these Mystical Workers shall be more fully revealed. Because it will become the lot of some, who are in the Birth of the Resurrection, to take their Degrees, and be Secluses among these high Magusses. For whose sake this Gate hath been open’d, that they may have hopes to Exercise here among such, the same Divine Science: And to be as little Children; who are of another Sinless Birth; as having left behind, under the Tomb-Stone of Death, all of the Serpent’s subtlety, so as never more to rise, to prevent this Resurrection-Ascent. For this end, I was brought to view and see this unknown Habitation, where all in the liberty could act, and work in the Power of the Holy Majesty. Which was all-pleasant to behold. And the Lord did assure me, That no less was intended for them in this present World, who shall break through the grand Center, into the birth-Resurrection: They shall be of the same Corporation, to renew such a Face of Glory upon this Earth, that shall cover the Curse that Sinners had brought in. This was sent forth, as an only Word of Hope and Consolation to the Lord’s Babes and Sucklings.

Thus much the Holy One hath permitted should be known at present: What is more secret must be reserved, till the Clouds are more broken away from this new risen Day. The only thing we are to do, is to follow what is rising in the Cradle of the Humanity, in which we may safely be rocked in Love-slumbers, in order to a more perfect Degree, (which hath been here in part revealed) according to all this working Mystery in Wisdom’s Pentecost Day.

Now, what have I more to ask, O Great Master of these high Magicians, but to lull us into such a Magical Trance, as we come likewise for to act and do such Mighty Wonders in this Earth. Greater Glory to thee O Father cannot be, than to Personate our Lord Jesus on the Earth, and to shew forth his Rising Life in us. Such powerful Agents thou wilt have, whom thou wilt unite in the Circle-Ring of unfeigned tried Love. Of which let us, who are known to each other, find such Grace with thee, as to be numbered among these. Now Seal this thy Amen in each of us.

[Here now followeth the manner of Sealing accordingly, for so High a Degree as to Personate the Lord Jesus on the Earth, by shewing forth his Risen Life, in Acts of Majesty, with these Holy and Divine Magicians. Which is a most deep and wonderful Opening, of an Unutterably Glorious Centre: which lasted for many Days. Nothing ever like to it was before seen by this Translated Spirit.]


September 28. 1679.

The Immense Gulf of the Deity.

I STILL enjoy great freedom of Personal Communion Ministered in such a way, as if I were translated into the very bright Body of his Glory. O the Streams of bright Silver Light, shining round my Internal Habitation! In which Light, I was brought to see a Caldron, that was fixed most deep, the Mettal was as fix’d Gold. O what was here discover’d, but a bottomless Gulf, out of which did open such a mix’d transparent Matter, that sparkled so flamingly, as I can find no Similitude in this World to compare it to, but what is far beneath! Only a cluster of all Rich set Stones, that cannot be named for Colour and Variety, may somewhat resemble this Celestial Source, that by reason of its Strength and High Spirit, was continually working in its self, in a boundless motion. At which sight, I was not a little refreshed: For I was brought to a stand at the very brim, and did look into it, where I did see a wonderful mingled Clarity, which sent out such strong Perfumes, as vivified me throughout. Then turning about, I did see the Lord, who said to me, Dost thou comprehend what is Manifest here? No, my Lord, it is too deep for me, the Glory is not to be fathomed, which floweth here. Thou hast indeed spoken Truth; For it is the immense Gulf, from which Matter, all working Powers do proceed. All the risen Ones in me are to be Baptized here, that they may appear in my Likeness. For know this is the Golden Mint, out from which perfect Spirits are Generated, to take their Ascent, to be ever with me. This is a great Mystery.


September 29. 1679.

A further Manifestation of the Same:   Or, the Golden Mint.

THE Internal Sight of this Rich working Gulf is still kept up in its Idea, so as I could not but dive, and make further inquiry. For surely it was no less, than the working Source of the infinite God, as the unknown Matter of a flowing Deity, who only can comprehend it self. For though our Spirits may, as consider’d Abstract and Pure, have their Birth out hence; yet none can make out the wonderful Matter of their Original.

Now I was brought to this marvellous and precious Deep to know, what was hereby to be understood beyond, what hath been express’d. For the sparkling Glory is still before me, shewing it self now again, as a burning flowing Liquor, mix’d with all transparent colours, so transcending, as if Rubies, Sapphires, Diamonds, Jasper, Onyx, and Crystal were incorporated into one Matter, flaming out in one uncessant motion very Splendorous.

Upon my further inquiry into this wonderful Gulf, the Lord drew nigh, and did me further inform, That I had seen the very Original of the Deity. And that out of this Working Source was all Worlds produced, that now are existing in their various Sphears, known and unknown with all the Spirits in Bodies Celestial, Angelical, and Terrestrial, as what is proper to each Orb to move in.

But this is not all, said my Lord, why this was made obvious to thy Sight, but that some Being fit might be renewed herefrom: according to what is needful to Spirits, that have proceeded here out, and are come into a State of Degeneration. And as to the Original Being, though now limited and depraved of that primary Excellency, that proceeded out of this All-Spiritual Composition, that is not to be comprehended: Only let this be understood and received by thee, that into this God-head Gulf; it is all necessary thou shouldst be plunged, that all Relapses may be restored to their perfect Spirituality.

This will be the Golden Dip, that will do a Cure all at once. It is the running of a defaulted Spirit all new. All the former Baptizings you have gone through for purifying have but made ready for this, that is more highly Virtual. All former Washings have somewhat of this old Birth Complexion left behind: This will give such a deep tinge of Spirit, as will never more decay. Ye may venture it in what World ye will; it can abide all Probation: Because Corruptibility is all exhausted. And it is become a Spirit all run through with the sparkling Life of the Deity.

At which I replied, O my Lord, this is a new and wonderful Plunging: How shall it be accomplished? My Spirit hereat is overwhelmed.

Whereupon this Word did drop in: To you, who Hope, Believe, and wait for its fulfilling, the Rising Life will hither bring: And will give a full renewing, such as hath not yet been. Attend the working Motion of it, as quitting all Dead Pollutions, that would stop this Golden Mint from running. Only new Coin’d Spirits, that can appear again in their God-like Nature and Property, to manifest what this true Gilead-Balsam hath done in such, who have been Anointed with this Spicy Elixir, that doth give Soundness to all defects.

O my Lord, I do believe one Drop hereof is sufficient to bring up a new Life, and a Spiritual freshness upon what is decay’d in the Patients. We will wait till thou, O dear Jesus shall dip thy Hand, and herefrom sprinkle thy meek Lambs.

This most Glorious and Central Presentation to the Spirit of such an Immense Infinite Gulf of Majesty, continued by Intervals, to the middle of the next Month. But here is a great and mighty Loss; what follow’d hereupon, during this space, being not to be found, either in the Originals, or in the Copy. And the Dear Instrument that is made use of, and was rapt up into in her Spirit, has so great a Dread upon her, when she recollects the same, as she fears mightily, lest she should mistake, or add anything to what was then Revealed; if she should go about to recover the same, unless it would open again of its own accord, by the Over-shadowing of the Bright Body. Yet so much as she can clearly remember of it, she doth Declare thus.

“This Transparent Gulf did open a third Time, and I was call’d to wait upon the rising of the most Dreadful, yet most pleasant and glorious Streaming of the Godhead Deep. Yet no Possibility did I see to get plunged hereinto. But I remember that while I sat, (as the Impotent Man at the Pool,) demuring in my self how it should be, out of this Gulf, there arose up the Glorified Humanity of the LORD JESUS, who took hold of me, and said, Behold, I will Glorify thee with the Glory that thou hast seen. Whereupon I felt my Spirit to be caught away and as absorpt herein. And yet after a while, I felt my self again return’d into the Elementary Body, but much more cleared and refined; being made more ready and active, to serve in the high and holy Order of the Magical Children of Wisdom’s Kingdom.”

“Then was I further informed by the Lord, how this all-precious, all-sparkling Gulf was to shed forth its seed upon a New Earth, in some Persons known by Name, and suited out for it; as the Seed of Bdellium and of the Onyx Stone was sown in Paradise. Much more was here discovered to my Spirit, which I cannot recollect now after so many Years past, the Manuscript thereof, with many others of my Writings being utterly lost. But this remains fresh in my Memory.”

Also, it is now further brought to my Mind, how that among several other Passages of high Import: It was said, that the sowing out of this Gulf should bring forth a New Spiritual and Angelical Generation, who should stand up upon the Earth, as the Witnesses of God, in a bright Clarity, answerable to the matter of the Precious Stones.


October 14. 1679.

THERE is no end of the God-head Gulf, that opens it self in its renewed Springs. Sure some precious hidden thing, that would now be brought forth into Manifestation, and therefore throws up as a working Sea, all of the least Impurity, that would mix in us with Christ’s raised Humanity. The Nature of which is as a Boiling Deep, that is always Clarifying it self, refining every earth-Essence, that riseth against it, and thus I find the strong working Tide is of this Effect, and force to keep all clear and free. For what is to go forth, is an undefiled Virgin, that has escaped the more inward Baits, (tho’ they may look as Fair as the first tempting Tree.) For the second Adam being born in us, doth through all of the Serpent’s Wiles see, and give a Love Caution to prevent a second Relapse. And how is this to be confirmed, but by a perfect new Formation, out from the deep Center of pure Eternal Nature, which is wholly guarded and kept by the Globe-Eye of the Deity, that designs to bring the Rose and Lily into a bodily Manifestation, with all the potent Adorning Gifts and Powers which may illustrate, who are the only Anointed Christs: First in Bodies Terrestrial, then Celestial. For this hath been signified unto me, by the now Glorified Person Jesus, the Lord, whose Divine Body has fill’d me after such a manner, as for some certain Seasons, I have known little or nothing of the motion of Sin, in the Body of my Flesh. And when it happens thus to be, the very Glory goeth forth, and figures it self Personally, that I do behold Perspicuously, the Godded Christ in a bright Body of Glory, as if he shooted himself through me, in a glance of Great Majesty. So that the Organ of my Sight, is the Eye of his own Light within me. And indeed, it is an unutterable pleasant Species, and joyous Feeling all at once. And greater is the Benefit of his Inbreathing Word, that runneth through as a Fiery Stream: Which is the Spring of Revelation, encreasing the Stock of Wisdom and Knowledge, as from the Treasury of God’s Deep. Upon which a Sealed Mountain hath been of late Ages, but the bright Jasper-Stone is rising: and breaking through in some few, who are to be Angel-Stars in his Right Hand.


October 16. 1679.

THE Glorious Personality taketh all care, to leave an impression of Spirituality, diffusing it self as a clear Heat from his inward Body with the Celestial Dews. Which sets such a Heavenly Gloss, upon the whole Frame of the inward Mind, that it well knows what is done to it, which lifts up that, which was sunk and bowed under: But the perpetual sparkling Regenerating Powers, that run through every part, (as a wash of Molten Gold) maintains the Royal Seat, for the holy Being to fill it with his more Lustrous Presence. O great Felicity of this kind is enjoy’d in Vessels, that are under these Purifyings! What may it not produce in reference to the highest and greatest Good? Which it is given us to expect somewhat of, as a sure Earnest.

I must soberly Declare, out of the appearance of all self Ostentation, which this springing Love and Life hath deliver’d me from, into that solid ground of Grace, wherein I stand: (So that what I write, it is by the driving Hand, for the Life’s refreshing of such, whom God hereby may touch, and press in with the like Fiery Breath, which has so often pierced me:) That which I now have further to Reveal, which indeed I would have concealed, but the most Holy did move in me for Publication, that in its time might be useful.

The thing that was Revealed to me, was from a very precious Deep, which was not by Vision, but by Essential seeing, knowing, and feeling. For the Lord doth now actually fashion, and work Magically through That, which is a prepared Subject: to raise what he has to do in the Essential Body, which is the Foundation for the Glorious Restoration. Which hath been so long kept back, and not wrought through, for the way has been hid very much to the Master Builders, so as they could not give the true Model. But now Christ the Lord has taken the Golden Line into his Hand, to square and measure for Breadth, Height, and Depth the holy Place where the Glory shall arise as a bright Cloud, that will make all within and without to Shine, as it is in the Celestial World. And powerfully do drive this on in the most inward Ground, wherein I have of late more eminently felt somewhat, as a flig Bird in the Center of my Heart. Which moved me to an Inquiry, what it was that so lively stirred there: for it never springs, but there is shed in more abundant Light, Peace, and Joy, so exceedingly refreshing it is.

Whereupon the Secret of it was Revealed to me, from the bright Glory, under the Shade of my Humanity, saying, What thou feelest is a sacred thing, which has its beginning from Eternal Nature, and now become an out-breathed Life, that shall fill and act the Heavenly Body, that shall grow together with it, and be Cherished with the clear Rays; till Strong and Mighty to break the Bounds of limited Nature, which as a Tower shall fall before it.

This consider, and know the value of it, for it is the Birth of the Holy Ghost: Of which be watchful and careful. Call up the Spirit of Love and Faith, for its Defensive Guard: And be sure not to move out of the Circle of Humility. For without that Circle stands all subtle Supplanters. For, although it hath its Birth from its own Principle, yet it is so encompassed with this Out-birth, Which has a perpetual Enmity to the Ghostly Conception: Knowing well that the whole Ground Work lieth herein, for a real and full Christ-formation, to accomplishing the fore-ordained Mystery. The Manifestation of which is reserved till the Golden Cloud doth break into the Reign of the Holy Ghost.

Take this further from the Lord, whoever of a Trine shall agree, to wait for this Overshadowing Hour to be fill’d with the Birth of Power, let them secure their own Temple-House throughout, and come together with the highest Love-accord, not bearing or enduring the least Dissenting Thought. O my Spirit seeketh such, that yet we may see the Kingdom of Love uppermost: O great God of Love, let this thy Fountain Run, especially where thy Light is revealed. Gather in, and add those unto us, who shall Travel {Labor or Travail} with us for this Ghostly Birth in the Nuptial way, which the Anointed of God hath described. Oh! My Spirit walketh and watcheth in the Garden-valley, where I hear the Voice of the (now returning) Bridegroom; calling his Lilys and Roses to be planted together, in the unfathomable Purity, and Love-unity. Ah my Lord! Confirm this Petition with thy Holy Ghostly Birth.

This Prayer being Heard, and Accepted, there was an Excitement for this very end to go forth in this Ministration more publickly; by sending abroad, to the Hidden and Dispersed Stones, Elected in God for the Glory of the New Jerusalem, an Essay of what had been seen, felt, and heard in this high Conversation with the Glorified Personality of the Lord JESUS, the Head Foundation-Stone. And this was inscrib’d the Revelation of Revelations, which from this very Day began to be open’d in the Internal Heavens; for more immediate Communication to some Chosen Ones, that were to be made Partakers of the Prerogatives and Immunities therein mention’d as the First Fruits of the same. There was then a particular Charge given from the Fiery Breath of the Holy Spirit, for this Publication: that so others might be added to this secret Number; and the Lilies and the Roses might be called together, into the Garden of the Valley, by the Voice of the Bridegroom. And his Word hath not been without the Promised Effect; he having indeed followed, and greatly Blessed the same to many Souls, that sincerely seek the Wisdom which is from Above.



THE Patterns of the New Jerusalem City descended out of the Heavens, and the manner of its future Manifestation upon the Earth was Marvelously exhibited. Rev. of Rev. p. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. 



THE Seven Seals were shewn in Vision, and were successively open’d by the Spirit of the Lamb. And after the opening of the Seven Seals, the Voices of the Seven Thunders were also Unseal’d, and expressed to the Spirit of the Soul, according to the Number and Quality of its several Properties. Rev. of Rev. p. 9.




Divine Openings of the Year




THE Seven Powers, and Properties of the Holy Ghost were manifested in a Spiritual Transportation; to make way for the Reign of Christ in Personal Power and Glory: with a most deep Discovery, concerning the Virgin Nativity of Divine Wisdom. Rev. of Rev. p. 29.



AN Expostulation was given of the Twelve Gates of the New Jerusalem, or the Magical Gates of Wisdom: which are of very great Consideration. They are to be Studied by every Child of Hers, that seeks to attain her Wonderful Pearl: Being that Stone which is rejected by the Wise Men of this World. The Five first of these Gates were numbered according to the Five Supersensual Organical Faculties, corresponding with the Outward, and opening all manner of Objects sensible in the Light-World, such as, 1. All goodly and pleasant Sights, both in the Heights and in the Depths. 2. Eccho’s Voices, and Sounds most agreeable to the Virgin-Ear. 3. High scented Perfumes, and ravishing Odours. 4. The Ambrosial Fruits of the Tree of Life, and Quintessential Bread and Wine, Oil and Honey. 5. Breath, Spirit, Fire and Air, from the Paradisiacal and Mount-Sion Sphears. The Seven remaining ones are these. 6. The Gate of Abnegation: which in order is to be the First of all the Twelve. 7. The Wrestling Gate. 8. The Gate of Translation. 9. The Bountiful Gate. 10. The Gate of Wisdom’s Factory. 11. The Transferring Gate. 12. The Gate of Projection.   Rev. of Rev. p. 41.



THE Globe-Eye of Eternity manifesting itself, did discover to Wisdom’s Disciples, what way they were to ascend up to it, and so to become Magicians in the Power, and Property of the Holy Ghost. And in this Eye it was discern’d. 1. Wherein the true Divine Magick doth consist. 2. By whom it is to be Acted forth on the Earth. 3. How, and after what manner this is to be done? And 4. For what Ends. Rev. of Rev. p. 56.



THE Glassy Sea of the Seven United Properties of pure Eternal Nature, did open it self most powerfully, as a Sea of Fire of Life mingled with Water of Life; and revealed great Things, and deep Things, concerning the Throne of CHRIST in Renewed Nature. This came to pass in the midst of the most deep and piercing Afflictions that ever this Author had Endured: And which are indeed exquisitely piercing, not only the Flesh, but the Spirit also. Wherefore the Enjoyments of this Translated Spirit were proportionably greatened, renewing a perpetual Spring of Joy, from the Throne of the Majesty, pitched as in the Centre of the Heart of JESUS, in Conjunction with that of the Creature. Whence the half of what was then enjoyed was not possible to be expressed. Rev. of Rev. p. 69. 

Part of what was there omitted, take as follows.


April 14, 1680.

THE Springs from the Glassy Sea, which were all fiery, I did most pleasantly feel. O what a flowing Tide of Spirit was at this Season witnessed, that gave healing to every Organical Faculty, to make them Sound, Serene, and Perfect: And that in the midst of all the dissatisfaction I had lately met withal, from Objects and Things Without. This River of Joy and Peace was sent into me, to swallow up all that might disquiet; as a signal Trophy of Victory. The Peace of God which none can understand, (but those who have it shed into their Souls) was now known: Though the Evil One had so acted his part, as to have taken it away, if it were possible. What I was now made to know, I cannot make known to any, who are yet in the weakness of the Flesh. But this I shall in short aver, that I felt the Deity to arise, as a Molten Sea of Transparency. This was a God-over-running with a glowing Stream. Indeed Voices and Seraphims; Sounds and Lightnings; Tastings, Feelings, and Spicy Scents broke all in at once; which was named to be the True and Essential Seasoning of a Vessel, that hath held out, without Cracking, in the Fiery Trials. This was the Pledge, and present Reward for what new Assaults I had encountered with, which only my GOD alone was privy to.


April 18, 1680.

BEING made to recollect, and call over the Ministration, that I have been under these Eight Years, in the Life of Vision, and Divine Openings, and Revelations, which have still followed me as the sown Seed of the Eternal Deity, that hath taken deep root; now I am come to witness the most plentiful flowing of the Glassy Sea, for the bringing up a most Rich and Fruitful Plantation, in which God doth walk, as in a renewed Paradise of great Joy, and repassing Delight, in pleasant Connexion and Fellowship within the very Circle-Throne of his Presence. And I am given to see a very hopeful Crop that hath covered the whole face of my Earth, which by the Holy Unction is renewed, and become hereby a fat increasing Soil, that lieth under the overshadowing heat of the Outstreaming Sun, which goeth not down by Day nor Night. So that I am now given to hope, that all is Ripening apace, which hath lived out the several hard Winter-Seasons, that I have been under trial in: And what there hath been of these nipping and cold Storms, which I feared would have kept back the holy precious Grain from Rising, hath concurred to drive it forward, even into a very Strong Body, that multiplies for diversities of Gifts and Powers. Which I find eminent, potent, and prevalent, for the Kingdom’s raising and Essential Establishing.

For there is no way now but for its working through, to overcome all Violence which it hath suffer’d under. No longer delay admitted in my Case is to be, but speedily to lay hold on the Scepter of God’s all-ruling Power; which may trample down all creaturely and worldly Strength. Which, while my Spirit is now in most close and private conjunction with Christ my Throne-Prince, I am made for to attempt. I have been too long affrighted by ravenous Beasts, that have stood on this side, and on that hand, to dare me out, and stop my way up with Thorny Cares. But mounted now I am, in Spirit, upon the Lamb’s White Throne, where I will my Dominion hold, until, in very deed all things shall be put under. I am resolved at present to prove the faithful Word of Truth; as I have been proved by it. For proved have I been by the long patient holding out in Faith and Hope, to see the expected End for what I have been made to believe, and Wait on the Everlasting JEHOVAH to bring about; having struck such an Anchor-hold on that Mighty Name, as I have no fear that I shall come off with Disgrace or Shame. The most Holy One hath given me to take notice, and observe that I am for a known time, call’d to be Alone from all other Spirits: No one yet so hewn out from the Mountain Great, or Polished is, as in all things to agree, or answer to this Peculiar Way and Ministration that I am bound in.


April 19.

NOW the next Day this most highly favoured Soul had all advantage of a most intimate Communion and Freedom with her Lord, whom she felt and possess’d as her Superiour self, distinct from that Earthly and Natural self, to which trouble and perplexity is incident; fully bearing Witness to the Truth of that Word, In the World ye have Tribulation, but in ME ye have Peace. Whence she was taught the Truth of this Axiom (in a manner beyond what Words can express) Whoever remains in the Selfhood (or Propriety) can never be void of Trouble and Perplexity, as to God; though they may enjoy a flattering Peace suitable to their own Selfhood, (or Propriety) from the World. And the Wise in Heart will therefore prefer a Crucified and Suffering CHRIST, under all reproach and ignominy with his Nature planted in them of Peace, Purity, and Righteousness: before all the Glories and Pomps of a Kings Court. Which are most trifling and inconsiderable, when compared with those Seraphical Enjoyments and exuberant Glories that are perceived by the Conquerours standing upon the Sea of Glass. Which was at this time open’d, sensibly overflowing all the Properties of the Soul, as with a soft Oily Fire.


April 20.
The same Communion still Continued.

I DO lie at the Foot of the Everlasting Burning Mount, for the more full Run of all kind of Blessing. The Lord hath chosen me to move in a particular Sphear: His hand strongly driveth on, for the accomplishing the full grown Age of the Heir, to whom all the Riches of the Kingdom doth belong. I do see how suddenly shot up in a most Excellent stature he is, with all high and worthy Accomplishments, meetly qualified for the Trust of a Kingly Government. Now he that ruleth with God will be found Meek, Just, and Merciful; Yea, also Wise, Potent, and Courageous, to maintain and defend his Princely Throne, and Royalty, in glorious shining Righteousness. Where then the Seed of the Kingdom is thus in a substantial Bodily Stature sprung up, we need not question the being put into a present possession of Dominion. For the Great and Mighty God, who alone anointeth his own Kings, foresees, and well knows what manner of Spirits they are of: and whether, or no, his Heart may rest in them for Rule and Government. This must be at the first well managed, and Power put into Execution, in their own inward Realm, according to an high and heavenly Order. Which Solomon was a great Type of, in his Day: All Nations admired, feared, and magnified his wise Government; so it will be evident again. Where Christ is come to pitch his Throne to Reign, a most comely Order we shall see, excellent Majesty will be added, with Riches, and Honour, and increase of all good things suitable to the Degree and Nature of Christ the Lord’s Princely Dignity. Such an outspreading of Power, Purity, and Righteousness thou art coming in Thine to be, O Great Immanuel. Therefore my Heart and Soul do leap, and spring.

Hereupon follows what is recorded in the Essay of the Revelation of Revelations p. 71. Beginning, Since my apartment, &c. The which was upon the 24th of this Month experimented and enjoyed.



IN this Month the Divine Openings of the Reign, and Kingdom of the Love, that is, of Philadelphia now arising, were showered down, for an Universal Benefit.   See Rev. Rev. p.75 to 97.  But what is not there Inserted, take here as follows.


May 24, 1680.

THE Wretched Self-Love in its now Degenerated Birth, has eaten out, and made God’s Love to dye away. But here I met with a Cry, and Eccho in my Ear, saying, What is yet then further to be done, to raise up this perfect Degree of Love, as it was in its primacy Day, before Cain did it slay? For sure I am, the Friends of the Bridegroom will not stick at any price, so as they may purchase this great Prize. It is a well fitted saying of our Lord, for this our purpose, Old Bottles cannot bear, nor contain this strong high-Spirited Wine of Love. Upon which Similitude, the Holy One doth give out his own Spiritual Meaning, which in that Day could not be born otherwise, than Parabolically. The throughout New Speed was not so readily received or understood. How many Generations hath it been a driving on, and to this Day not wrought through? Well, but it is to be done, and where, and how shall it come to be perfected? The Place is here in this visible Region, upon the fallen relapsed Inhabitants in it: For Generations shall not always and for ever pass away, before they do obtain the perfect Thing, that may them make again Angelical. Next it is here to be made out, how shall this come to pass? For this a trying Question is put not by me, but by the Lamb that sitteth upon Love’s Throne, to such, who are in vehement Thirst to drink of this Wine of Love, that is refined from all Dregs and Lees, that doth quench the vigorous Spirit of it: The Question is this, whether or no, ye be made wholly free and consonant in your Wills, To have the Old Bottles all broken away, which are of so course, vile, and earthly a Matter, that though it may be plaistered {plastered} over with a finer Mettal; yet brickle {brittle}and unstable, and not able to endure the Probation, without cracks and flaws, upon the Trial-making. Such as this, is the matter and consistency of our first Birth, in the mixed part of Good and Evil: Leaking Vessels, that cannot hold out the virtual Juice of the Spirit. Upon which Consideration, let it not seem Grievous to any, that would contain the Love-inspiring Wine, for to yield and offer up these old Forms of Nature. Wherein all the Evil seducing Spirits had their goings in and out, so bringing in the infecting Leprosie; that cannot be got out, but by Breaking down the Walls of the Soul’s House, that so it may come to make its naked escape out thence.

Obj. But here another Question may arise upon the other, as thus: Admit that holy Souls are made sensible, how the Case is with them, as imprison’d in an earthen Pitcher, that is black and all deformed, how may this New thing be effected? We here do not mean only the outward form of Flesh, but the earthly Thoughts of the Cogitative Mind: Therein lieth the Leprosie that spoileth and infecteth. If there were but Soundness in that, the other would be no impediment, though an Image of Mortality.

But now to come to such, as are made all free and willing to have their Old Bottles made new, How may it be accomplished? Seeing the earthly Essence is an inherent Essence, which clings so fast to the Eternal Spirit, that it knows not how to get free from it. It grows up with it, from the first enkindling of Life: else it had been an easie Cure, if the Sin of Earthliness had not open’d it self, from the very Birth of the Soul; and if it had not been nourished, and brought up therein, during its Minority among such like as are found in a lapsed Life. So as it hath been as an universal Perswasion, that it must continue as unavoidable, till the Body breaks away by Death. And so by this false thing received in, the Sin of Earthliness hath been indulged.

But we are now made to know another more sound and Everlasting Gospel, by which Sin with its Earthliness, must come unto its final End, as incredible as it seems to be. And in such Souls as do disgust, and abnegate that very earthly Life-Being, when any Relicks of the earthly Sinfulness is stirring. For where-ever such a perfect Enmity unto it be found, this is one sure Ground of its rooting out. But this is not all: This does but make way for the Greater, as we have known in our particular Case, that for some Years together have been in the continual War and struggle against the earthly Worldliness of this Terrene Principle, with an irreconcilableness to the Nature of it. Yet this would not do, until the Alabaster Box of the Love Ointment was broken up, and did run all free, and thereby the Heavenly Life of Love conquer’d the Earthly, its contrariety. This is indeed a full curing Balsam, that makes the Strivings to cease; changing Corruptibility into Incorruptibility.

A very worthy Instance, for the confirming of this Experience, is that Woman mention’d in the Gospel, at which the Righteous Pharisees noted her for a great Sinner, questioning the Lord’s Spirit of discerning; saying, If this Man was a Prophet, he would have known what manner of Woman this is that toucheth him. But the Lord Christ soon quell’d, and answer’d this their Suspicion, and Misjudgment concerning her. Who well knew, that Love had constrain’d her to come in unto him, as believing her Soul’s Cure, would be effected thereby. The very melting Power of Love dissolved her very Soul, that she poured it out, as she visibly did the Ointment. So that the Lord was indeed touch’d with the Flame of her strong scented Ointment of Love, being so exceedingly affected, and well pleased therewithal, as to prefer and own it above and before all the Festival Entertainment of Simon the great Pharisee. And therefore he at once remitted all her Sins, because she loved much: So reciprocally the Anointing Scent was felt in his Blood for cleansing, that her Love might always spring in a pure degree. So as now herefrom, it may be truly asserted, that nothing is so strong and forcible to rid, and work out the grand Trouble of the Soul’s Joy and Peace, (which is the Sin and the Earthliness) as the abounding of Love’s outflowings.

But it may be said, This doth not Answer the great Query, how it is with those that are made all willing to have their old Bottles broken to pieces, for the vehement desire they have to be fill’d with this Love-Wine.

It is true, many may seek and strive, and yet not obtain it. Now, what is to be done in such a Case? Why, true it is, Love cannot be a forced thing. It is a free begotten Spirit, according to the Will and Pleasure of the Deity; we must Concenter it there. But then we may find out its Birth, if we do search diligently in Love’s Originality within our selves; for we live, move, and have our Eternal Spiritual Being from it. And for as much as the first Matter and Ground of it lies deep, and secret in the Root-Essence of the Soul, therefrom it is to be rais’d up, and that some times by its own Life, as its own Operator: which drives out into a sweet pleasant Inflammation, which is felt, and does feed the Soul’s Spirit as it retires into it. Avoiding all the Hellish Smoke of all Anguish and Bitterness, and of all worldly choaking Smothers, and chilling Damps, which make this pure thing, after its Rising to sink down again, and then great loss and suffering is known: When Love is kept down, all the Babylonish Kingdom gets up, with the Hellish, and they make great Confusion. Therefore receive this Counsel from Christ, who is grown up an Elder in us in the Love: Observe first, and judge it absolutely expedient to retain Christ the Essential Love, as the only Good and Excellency, ever in the Eye of the Heart. Beholding and seeing that infinite, amiable Goodness, that is all provoking unto Love, stirring up all Motives hereunto. Which are so numerous in the Love Deity, that we need not suffer Famine, or be starved for want of Matter to feed upon. Not only consider’d, as a great Almighty, Magnificent God, as abstracted in himself out of Eternal Nature, but as introduced into it, and as he hath reveal’d him self in our natural Humanity, in which all of Love is manifested, to multiply into manifold Vertues and Glories, covering a multitude of Sins: So as when Inquisition is made, there shall be none found; for Love will drown all of them.



IN this Month the Order of the Melchizedeck-Priesthood, and of the Heavenly Tabernacle, was in Spirit exhibited, and Revealed.  See Rev. Rev. p. 99. To the end. Which Book containeth in it the Process of Nine Months.


June 28. 1680.

The Standard.

I HAD some impatient Workings in my Mind, that all those high revealed Things might have their End and Consummation. For which I wept and mourned before the Lord, and was in an inward Soul-Passion, dissatisfi’d as Abraham was, though God talked very familiarly with him, and shewed him what he should possess, and the Abundance of Goodness that was to be extended; yet all this did not quiet Abraham’s Spirit, until God gave him an Isaac, the Fruit of Faith, What; saith he, wilt thou give me, seeing I go Childless? Such a kind of pressing eagerness I found upon me, with respect to all these great Promises, and deep Discoveries, and daily Appearances of my LORD: And the pleasant Immersements that I do enjoy, could not appease my Spirit. I lacked to see the Life-Fruit to spring forth from the Dead Body, and that might take up all, in an actual Inheritance, to the very utmost latitude that in the Heavens and Earth contained are. But unto this, said the Breathing Word, it can never reach, till over-run ye have all home-bred and visible Enemies, that from the relapsed Senses do spring up. Now set upon the work of this very Thing: And ye will be greater than all Earthly Kings. As for thee, Go thou on, to attain Faith’s Conquest for thy self; then mayest thou lead on the Rear of the rest, who but young in the Exercise of this Life are. Know thou the Great General of Faith’s living Inhabitants. Do thou his Trumpet sound, Who under Him will a Captain of Fifties, and of Hundreds, and of Thousands be, let them come to the now lifted up STANDARD: and their Valour shew, by Renouncing all things of the Beast’s Kingdom here Below. The LAMB of God, that Great General is, that now the Standard of his Spirit doth lift up. Do thou come under it; and mounted be upon the Flying Horse, with the Conquering Bow of Faith in thy Hand, that may invisible Arrows let fly Here and There: that may All powerful be, and yet none (that in Mortal Sense do live) may see from whence they be. This is the way to subdue the Earth wonderfully under thee. [Margin Note: See July 3, 1679. And compare what is here Recorded with a Conflict in Spirit of the same kind of This, about that very time, and a little before. But more particularly, the Word of Patience that was given, precisely upon the 28th of June: To which this is the Counterpart.]


July 5.

The Expert Fencer.

HAVING had some great Encounter against the Working Source of Sense in my self, that very hard opposed me in the Operation of Faith; the Weight that I did feel, treading down the Spirit, that over all should Mount and Fly. Now an inward Fight for some time I was engag’d in, and upon a real actual exercise of Spiritual Weapons: Fencing on this hand, and on that, to save the vital Part of Faith, which struck at was by all the Force, and Power, that the Seven-headed Monster could raise, to bear down the Supersensual Flight of my Soul. That wrought hard to get over the Sense of all Trouble, that came in as a Sea upon me. This lasted upon me for a Night and a Day, tossing and hurrying to and fro in my Mind; until the Invisible Power quieted all again, and from an Inspeaking Word Comforted me, saying, Yet bear, and suffer the Rustling of these disturbing Powers, that strive to Imprison the Magical Power, that must give the Victory: To thy Standard repair: and there keep. So shall thou great things yet see and the Monster entirely defeated shall be. And after this I found great Peace come in. But withal encouraged I was, not to lay down my Weapons, till the Victory fully obtain’d should be.


July 12.

Word and Power.

WHAT will all avail which the Spirit hath fathomed, and searched out within the Abyssal Deep, if it produce not such a new Creaturely Birth; as may come to be an absolute Spiritual Monarch, to rule over all that is of the Starry Birth?

These Things I premised, and seriously Ponder’d in my Mind: And was as one that refused to be any more comforted with Words; without the Gift of the Birth-Power, to Act according to the Prerogative Royal, as from the enkindled Essence of the Almighty: That so Word and Power might go equally paced together. O! this, I did see, would level all those Mountains, that do stand in the way. And therefore now I besought my Lord to unseal the Fountain-Power, and send forth the Streams of That, as he had done from the Fountain of Light. For all things (I urged) were much completed as to the Comprehensive Part: Thence I desired now GOD to make Even, according to the Degree of Knowledge and Understanding given in, as relating to Activity, in Effecting what the Fiery piercing Eye of the Spirit hath seen, and the inward Ear hath heard.

Thus I felt a strong Hand driving me to go forward in, and for the rising Birth of Power.

But then I checked my self: Can I expect this outflowing Power, before the Death be finished in me, in every Part, and such a Death; even such a Death as in which no more feeling is of the motion of Sin, no Aversion to the Law of Faith and all of Mount-Sion’s Decrees, that shewn have been in the Table-Book of the Spirit? This I brought into Inquiry, and put in to have it Resolved me, from the Mouth of Him, with whom is Wisdom’s Fountain-Spring: Who thus gave the Resolve, that it was all necessary for Death to set upon every Motion of Life, that is found to put forth from the infected Nature, in which dwelleth no good thing. Therefore Death can only for this End be the Eternal Spirit’s Friend, to come over every part, and to leave its Dying Marks. For the Dead Body of Sin is the true Grave, out of which we may expect the Body, which the Holy Ghost will Act in. But yet while going on we are in Death’s Tragedy, some certain Veins of Life-Power may open, which will help to perfect the Death. Wherefore, though some Stirrings there may be yet, as to the inward vital Part, as ye shall see in the Animal Life, when it is going out of the Body, all Senses gone, no Member of the Body moving, so as many Persons have been judged Dead, when Life hath yet Inwardly remained: So in the Spiritual Sense, Death may appear, so disenabling every Member, and ceasing from all active motion, even as to the least act of Evil, as the Standers by and viewers over may nothing of the moving Property from Sins Root see; yet it may lie at the Vital Root unextinguished. None can it so well know as the high scented Spirit, that can smell what yet lives of the Earth Earthly, though so weakened as nothing appears in Activity. But such is the vigilancy of Death’s Successor that comes to return, and enter upon that by Death, which the Sin in the Earthly Life kept out from. So that he watcheth for this Death, and contributes all towards it, as expressing there will be no full Enjoyment of the Heavenly Revenues till that of the Earthly do wholly decease.

But then this was also given, by way of Instruction from the Holy One, that the Holy Ghost that was denominated the true Dying Man’s Successor, and Heir of All things, will give frequent Visits before this Death cometh to be finished, and putteth forth great and signal Acts of Power in that Spirit, (that all disenabled is while yet alive in the House of Death) as our Lord Christ did all by the resting (and filling) Power of the Holy Ghost, before his Death: And the Apostles likewise. Though it is clear that the inward Death was not totally finished in them, yet they were endowed with Power, and acted mighty Things from the gift of the Holy Ghost. So as Then it was, Now again it may be. But the more near the full Conquest is, so greater Force and Power will be sent forth. As Death worketh exspiringly: So Life riseth all-powerfully, and will get the Victory, so that it may come to say, O Death, I will be thy Death.

Now thus the matter of scruple was removed, that the Power of the endless Life might act and work Almightily: to effect (and perfect) the Soul’s release from Death, and to fix her in the Eternal Life, for Supremacy over every Mortal Thing. And the Word gave me caution to keep Faith’s Spring constantly boiling up, and not to let the Furnace cool. For in That the Holy Ghost would move, and whatever should be agreed on, and decreed by the Spirit of Faith, the Out-flowing Breath of the Holy Power Should effect: So as I should now find the effective Power to attend every Divine Sound, and pure Determination; that so the reproach of a weak, naked, actless, and barren Life should no longer my Shame be, but Fruitful Powers in the Holy Ghost I should see, in keeping up to the Life of Faith’s great Superiority. No Hands more feeble herein let be: saith the JEHOVAH.


August 3.

The Nativity of the LILY.

THIS Consolating Word came with distinct Sounds. Travel on in the Greatness of Strength: For by restless strong Travel {Travail} the LILY will be Born. This shall wear the Illustrious Crown, which the Earthly Birth hath most subtilly supplanted. But weigh and heed every Word that is given for its strengthening Food: that thy Fears and Faintings may all relieved be.


August 23.

The Star at Noon.

THIS latter part of the Night my Spirit had its heave up into the very secret apartment with God. Where I both saw, and heard, and felt that which did give a pass out of all Fear, Sorrow, and Heaviness. Which was awaken’d, and brought in upon me, by a sudden and unadvised Word from my Friend. But the Comforter did relieve and ease me of all my Sadness, by opening a Spring, (that as from the Fountain it came, so thither it emptied again:) attended with unexpressble Words, that put an end to whatever my Complaints were. Then after this I fell into a quiet rest in my Mind, and Sense. And there appeared a bright STAR in the pure Firmament: And the Star was so Splendourous, that it out-shined the Light of the Day, which was yet of it self very light. This Star moved, and carried a Circling Glory with it. And I thus Reasoned in my Mind, that it was very wonderful to see a Star rise at Noon Day. But I was given from a good Hand to know, that as there was a Morning Star; so there is a Noon-Day-Star, that is to appear. Who will fetch up to live in That which Is, and Was: And now again is ready itself to manifest.

Then was I brought from beholding this Star in the open clear Air, into a dark Room, where no Light was. And there on a sudden this very Star appeared, and made the Room all Light. And it was said, Behold, and See: this Star will never leave thee, though shut up in the most dismal Prison-House of Nature. And it was further spoken, that this Star should make a way out of this Earthly Confinement, according as my Spirit did it observe and follow.

Much more was given me in, which too numerous is to insert: But this is for Confirmation, that the Lord’s coming is very nigh to them who guided are by the Morning-Star, which forerunneth the perfect Day-Star: that shortly is to appear in the Reign of the Lily. {Margin Note: Concerning the Birth and Reign of the Lily, and its Star, there was a Prophesy given to this Auth. In the Month of June, of the Year MDCLXXV which is considerable. It should have been Publish’d in the First Volume of This Diary: But was not then in the Author’s Possession. Since the Edition of which, it has been happily Recovered: Whence it may Hereafter, with some others that were likewise lacking, come Abroad in an Appendix, or otherwise; if it be the Will of GOD.}


November 9.

HAVING been at a stop as to the Writing, for the space of Two Months, those continued Openings and Teachings of GOD in my Soul; a restraint partly hereunto being for want of Privacy and Suitableness, a Relation lodging with me, which occasion’d some Interruption: This now being removed, I waited in the secret of GOD’s Presence in me, to know whether I should proceed in a Literal Recording, of what the Essential Word did from it self reveal unto me? Now the Counsel of the LORD was, that I might do this upon a private Account, for my own Memorandums, and not to Divulge it, but to the Believing Seekers and Waiters, who in unity of Love and Life do with me walk, and feel some Savour of Life from my other Writings, which sent out for Publick Benefit are to be. {Margin Note on p. 256 of original manuscript: The Revelation of Revelations, and the Heavenly Cloud. Which last was written at, or about, this time; as to which this very Relation doth most immediately refer. And what in that is signified by the Breaking of the Cloud, is here alluded by the rending of the Vail by Christ, when in his Second internal Appearance, he cometh to perfect what he had before begun, in his foregoing Appearance in the Body of our Sins: Which Two internal Appearances are here most distinctly and emphatically expressed. And it is to be observed, that the Treatise of the Cloud, as describing the whole Process of the Regeneration, whereof this Mystical Death is the First Degree, was first to be sent Abroad for an Introduction to the Former, as that which is far more Difficult. And for this an express Direction was given from the LORD himself, who at the time when he was pleas’d to communicate the same, said, This I leave with thee first to Publish, before the other Part [the Revelation of Revelations] as the Foundation that must bring up the Top-Ladder, that hath been given thee by Vision and Revelation to see and understand. Heav. Cloud. P.8.}

The Work that I am now called to go upon, is the Effectual Accomplishment of all those deep and great Things declared, and not to rest in what I have seen, in the Light of Discovery: But to yield my self up to the leading Power, that must bring us into the most real, and most substantial Fruition, as a Seal of the Truth of those Secrets unvailed. In order to which it was set before me, how the First Appearance of Christ in my Flesh could, not totally, and all perfectly redeem Spirit, Soul and Body. Although his Birth abstractive is in it self, pure and immaculate; yet, I find till he passeth out, and rendeth the Vail of the Flesh to Ascend, and carry up my Spirit with Him, and there give it the Thorough Baptizing in the Crystalline River that proceedeth from God’s Throne; it availeth not to the attaining of the Lily, that is so much waited and expected for. And then full Remission of Sin will apparently be granted, not only consider’d by way of Forgiveness, but Guiltlessness. For there shall be none found. For his Second Appearance is without Sin, unto a compleat Salvation. Whereas Christ doth now represent himself in the Body of the Sins of our Flesh, and suffereth the Shame and Curse, and goeth under all the Weaknesses, Calamities, and Pressures which an Evil World can inflict, by provoking and stirring up the infected Part, where the Satanical Properties have gotten in.

Now, what is the end of Christ’s First coming into me? It is to judge, condemn, and destroy the Sin. And how is this experienced, but by his sinking down with my Spirit and Soul, the Just for the Unjust? Seeing there is such a necessity herefor: That so he might not fail of the end of his coming, which is, to save unto the utmost. He thus, and after this manner, speaks to a Soul; Would you be what I am? And where I am? And return unto your Ancient exalted State? Then so love Me, and your true Eternal Self in union with Me. Then know, I am come, to give you with my Self, a Decease from a Fleshly Life; with which Life you cannot enter into my Kingdom. My first budding Life passeth a Final Sentence upon your Earthly Life: It cannot stand before it. And though I am come into your Flesh, and can abide uncorrupted: yet that doth not content me, without I do perfect your Spirit, and make it Incorruptible as I am. Now then see, and take notice of my Love, how Great and Immense it is, who am come into your Flesh, to suffer a Crucifixion with you. Will you not be encouraged most readily to Die out of all the Sinful Birth, and Life of Flesh and Blood, if I, your Lord so love you as to come to Die with you: Who other wise have no need to be Crucified afresh again, were it not that Love did put me upon it, to be the Propitiation and Expiation of the very Root-Essence that infected is, that so the Rising Lily-Birth may in you wear the Crown.

After this Communication with my Lord so free, I determinated to know nothing but his Life to run through me, sinking down so deep into the Annihilation and Death; that I might bear the living Marks of his Crucifixion, Dying still daily; as an assured Pledge, that as Christ Died in his own Personality Visibly, so now Mystically and Spiritually he is come to Die all-Conqueringly, to give himself a Resurrection in a new Body not only in me, but in all that shall willingly offer up themselves to Die with Him, thereby to rise in Triumph over Sin, Death, and Hell, and over all Elementary Beings. Therefore, henceforth let us know nothing but this Blessed Dying, and All-powerful Rising, with our Head-Prince and Saviour.



Divine Openings of the Year


January 25.

I WAS in a close and mourning Posture for some considerable time, in behalf of my self, and the rest of the Children of the Captivity, groaning after the promised Redemption, and the Consummation of all those great and marvellous Mysteries, that by the Spirit of Revelation and Prophecy declared had been; the great Prince of the Everlasting Covenant came to lead me forward, through the Agonies of this Spiritual Death, into the Power of his Resurrection, so to accomplish all things, according to what I had offered up my self most free. Many repeated Encouragements, and Directions from his Mouth received I have, in order to the breaking through of the Corporeal Veil, and the perfecting of his Workmanship in me by Dying with him, to rise again Triumphantly and All gloriously, as I do Wait, Hope, and Believe. And, from this great strong Travel in Spirit, it is given me to see, that Deliverance draweth near: And that the Time is surely at hand, for GOD to let down the ASCENSION-LADDER, that I may up unto him come, to receive Power to declare with whom I have been, and to have those Articles of a singular Faith given to me, now all-evidently signed with the Seal of the Holy Ghost. {Margin Note: The Anglelical Articles}


February 5. 1681.


THE Turn of the Year now being come about, wherein I do reckon I have been a Widow Eleven Years; and come March next, I am Fifty Seven years of Age; And since my Widowhood I have more peculiarly Dedicated my whole Life, and given it up to my Lord, and Everlasting Husband. In the space of which Time I have been, in a Dispensation of great Manifestations, Divine Openings, Revelations; and most secret Communications, Manuductions, and Soul-ravishing Enjoyments; although attended with many inward Exercises, and outward Tribulations. Through which the Lord hath signally upheld me in the Faith and Patience, maintaining my Hope for Conquest and Deliverance out, and from all those Burthens which my Outward Man hath groaned (chiefly) under: And so now will still uphold from this Day, which I do from Year to Year set apart, since the time of my Husband’s Decease; presenting and imploring the Divine All-sufficiency to make good all of his particular Promises, which he hath caused me to trust in him for. And I shall this Year, through his aiding Power, go forward on in the Holy Vocation and Calling, from whence I do look for all Goodness and Blessing to increase upon me: as proceeding still in the Work that renewed Daily is from the Holy Anointing. Who is my Strength, to finish what I am as left Alone to effect, and to encounter with all Contradictions of Spirits.

O it is enough that thou hast given me, O GOD, to single Thee out alone from all: And to Believe that thou will engrave Thy Name of Praise, in Strength, Power, and Glory upon such as do for thy Salvation wait.

[This being no more than a private Memorandum, may (however) be haply of use to excite others to the same strict Attendance: And is therefore here Published. For the space of Three Months after this, nothing is found amongst the Author’s Papers. The next that comes is a most high and considerable Rapt.]


May 9. 1681.

A Rapture of the Spirit into the Globe of Eternity.

I Felt an All-powerful driving into the Summity of the Tri-une Unity: A pure Gust of Heavenly Air did therefrom refresh me. My Spirit had been long diving to find this pleasant Region, which is only for Spiritual Bodies to walk in, into which now some entrance I found. Here I was uncloathed of all Similitudes, Figures, and Images; no Words or Cogitations could be admitted: God took up in me what was wholly and simply his Own, from all other Cloathings. Here I met with a far different Entertainment, for the quiet satisfying Felicity and Joy, more than in all those former Discoveries, Intellectual Visions and Revelations, whereby I so much enjoyed God. But now a deeper Birth open’d it self in me, which hath reached That, which is the Sum and All; but is found only and enjoyed from it self, in it self, and for it self: Which is in some the Eternal Trinity, God in All, to be adored for ever, in this unimaginary Being.


June 3.

FROM the most hidden and secret Deep, from whence the Essential Wisdom, and Understanding did open, and with a fiery Tongue spake, as with the Speech of a Seraphim, a Voice I heard, saying; Come with thy Spirit and Mind, into the endless Beginning, and sink into it; and there shall be found that sweet, pleasant, nourishing Fountain, that will produce again the lost, worn out, and decayed Body, and restore it to a transcendent Degree of Transparent Purity, all agreeable to the most piercing Eye of the Holy Trinity in Unity: for of such a Body thou hast need. Therefore retire into the stillness of the Deity, there lie as in a silent Sleep, till God the Holy Ghost shall all cloathe thy naked Spirit, with a Body meet to bring forth God’s Wonders, out of the Eternal Abyssal Deep; which none can pass into, but with such a framed Body, as is purely AEthereal and Immaterial: Such a Body can do, work, and act in God concurrently, and yet the gross natural Body Without nothing of it see; because it is an invisible Body that is hid in the Deity.

But while I was hearing this great Mystery, by the Ear that touched was by the fiery Breath, I made this Reply; Many such things thou hast reveal’d unto me, O my God! All which seems yet to lie as Dead and Actless; no way can I yet find to bring forth the new Created Form; all Sinkings, Dyings, and Silencings, that I have given up my self unto, have not this Principle reached, whereof this Body of the One element consisteth. For it is that for which my only pursuit hath been, and shall yet continue to hold on my hope; for while I feel God in me, the Matter and Foundation of this Hope; I shall never be made ashamed: For God, even my God, will surely come at the set time, when the Birth-Life to its full Strength in all parts is come; agreeable to the Begetter of this most wonderful Thing, that must spring from the hidden Ground of the pure uncorrupted Element.


June 20.

SOME Hours this Day I obtain’d to be alone with the Lord, in Spirit, whom discoursing with, in all Spiritual freedom, and proposing many great and weighty Things, about the deep and hidden Kingdom; I met with something of a deeper Secret opening, which contracted my Mind into a sweet Internal Rest and Silence. And then it was revealed what I was to go to work upon, as to the great Enterprize that I have been so many Years busied, and employed introvertedly about; and could never draw up this massy Prize, but all my Labour seemed fruitless: Which often put me upon an intrinsick Consideration, why in the place of breaking forth there was such a stop still: But now after all foregoing Travels, and earnest Expectations, I am brought into a resigned Stillness, sinking down into the Eternal Abyssal Will; for I have now nothing more to do: The Lord is he alone with whom I do contract, and bind my Will, having offer’d my self up, with whom finding favour upon this account, I doubt not but I shall be furnished out, for the discharge of that great Business, which I have so much desired to be found a vigilant and faithful Doer of, according to the Gift bestowed upon me. O how doth my naked Spirit wait, to go out clothed with that Immaculate, and first created Garment, which may give me boldness to appear before God, to see him Eye to Eye? If in any desire, I may go forth into desire, it is this, to run back into that ancient Degree, wherein nothing was found, but the undisturbed Essence of the Deity. This I cannot but look back upon: This is what in my first Creation I stood in: And now Lord what wait I for, but thither to return again? To this all thy Promises do evidently point; for no other thing can properly be said to be Salvation, or compleat Redemption, till the Soul, thus clothed upon, shall be found with the impregnable Deity: Then it becomes a Child again to Thee, O Father of Spirits, of a right and natural kind; to act, and do those most Excellent Things, which by species of Revelation hath been seen.

Now, O God, this is the one only Secret that I would find out; O transplant my Spirit, even till it come into this deep hidden Ground, where I may so Co-mingled be with the Powers that God-mighty are, that it may be no difficulty to work Redemption out all fully.


July 10.

Memorandum. My Book of the Heavenly Cloud was Printed in June, 1681. Wherein is shewed the way to reach the Ascension and Glorification through the Death and Resurrection according to the True Process by the Spirit Revealed.

MY Spirit with the Lord being taken up, this Word met me, and repeated itself several times, lest I should not take good notice thereof, saying, Now turn into thy Spirit, and Soul’s Originality, and see what thou wert before thou wast joined to a Body of Sin and Mortality; for to such a State of Purity thou art designed to be turned into. There appeared a wonderful Light Center, and great Glory streamed forth from it, and from that Glory a pure bright glance of Light and Air divided it self, and came forth distinct, and moved swift, never resting till it darted it self into a thin, clear, bright bodily Figure, which I saw lie ready formed but actless, and without motion, till this bright Glance from the Majesty entered in and then it stood up, and Exercised each Organical Faculty, and spake thus; I will now Ascend, for I find I am not only a Living Soul, but a Quickened Spirit, actuating in a Spiritual Body, Free, as pre-existing in the free Eternity. As soon, as this Word was sounded, I found my Soul and Spirit became all Fired, being environed with a bright Element; so as though I perceived my Outward Mortal Figure was upon me, yet nothing of its gross part I did feel; but as if all were melted into the Nature and Quality of a pure Spirituality: But after some time in this Solacement spent, there arose a Questioning, whether this would hold as it now was injoyed? Upon which, I said, O my Lord, wilt thou Establish to me this Glorious liberty, which in Spirit, Soul, and Body I do feel; and let some others have witness in themselves hereof also; that we may into the true Use and Exercise of our first Angelical Nature come, and be employ’d only for thee, O Mighty Soveraignty. Then came this Answer, in great Sweetness and Power, saying, For this very end I have raised thee up, and given thee to see my unspotted Face and Image, as in true Virginity proceeding from me; and be assured that the working Wheel which is stirred up from the Abyss of Eternal Nature, shall not stand still, till it hath finished the whole Mystery of the Spirit, and Soul’s liberty, as before any thing of Captivity was predominated in Nature: Therefore revive, recover the use of all your Angelic Power, that your Creator may rejoice to see himself in a second Creation, so formed and brought forth, that in wonderful Operation you may go out as from your Original Fountain. I do well know, O thou bright Dove, how little the Transient sight of this Transfiguration doth satisfie, till thou dost come to put it on as a fixt Body; it matters not whether the Glory break outward, as it did upon my visible Humanity; for the Earthly Inhabitants cannot well bear that Immortality of Light; but yet venture to put on Light, as the clear spotless Garment; which will make thee appear all amiable, and of beautiful favour, to the pure Eye of the whole Soveraignty of the Deity: but all inwardly.

Then replied my Spirit, O my Lord, this is that I would come to: to carry Glory and Beauty of Perfection Hiddenly, under the Covert of this visible Body, so as I may come up to thee, my Great Lord, by steps of Glory, which no Creaturely Eye may see, but only by Effects and Consequents may conclude with whom I have been, by what I may bring forth in visible shew: Even Works that none other can do, but the invisible ascended Body. O how have I kept the Account of Years, Weeks, and Days, with all those Prophecies and Revelations, as in each season they were given, crying still within for their utmost fulfilling. I know not, O my God, what more to do, but to sink into an Oneness. Where may I, but there, find the Exalted Body of Omnipotence, when I my self shall nothing be, as Consuming and Wasting to such a Total Annihilation? Then will be my Triumphant Day: O Lord Jesus let me it see.

After this a Word came to me, saying, Art thou ready for this great Blessing, which so long thou hast been pursuing? Consider with thy self, whether or no thou hast given this Omnipotent God, and Father, Credence answerable to his Power and All-sufficiency, (for I tell thee that must be, since the Spirit of Faith must fly away, and leave the Body where the Impotency of unbelief doth grow;) and singly run thy eye to the All-creating Power of the Deity. And so great and large as the Credit thou dost give, such returns will come in, whereby a Trust will be given to you, concerning those great Gifts that have been locked up in Jehovah’s Breast; who by his Spirit is come to let thee know, that he will credit thee, as thou dost Credit him. Therefore Up in thy Faith, for it is no time for thee to stand wavering: If God be God, trust him; who can bring about much more, than yet thou hast consider’d to believe: For in Him understand where the Strength of thy Almightiness is; look not outward, but inward in thy Mind, as that is moved by the high Power, either to suspend, shut up, or let loose, and be free from all Bonds and Subjection. This may be done by the I AM in thee. O might but this be distinct in its own free Act and Operation, it would never fail; whatsoever could be desired by the Soul, fled away from its own Multiplicity into the Eternal Unity, from which it Wills and Desires. For then it is no more any Creaturely puttings forth of Will, or Desires; but it is God Almighty, and All-powerful, who can never be frustrated, as to what he decrees with the pure United Mind. Here lies the whole Secret, the Soul must run back, and be mingled with its first Matter and Essence, and move in that Deep, where nothing can be uttered, nor spoken: Being the Creating Living Word, that brings forth wonderful Workmanship; not needing to it the Organ sound of Speech. For that may hinder Operation, and those Acts of supersensual Generation: All which may be effected without any Organical Senses, or Properties of the Visible Man.

Thus you are shewn to go down to the deepest Ground; the Matter of which is not to be paralleled with any thing that is of known Matter: For here was Reveal’d to me a great Secret, concerning the Birth of the Man-Child, that is to have Power over the Nations, that its Production would be after a marvelous invisible Manner; begotten and generated from out of a pure Virgin Mind. This is Christ’s second Birth, which is to know no more Sorrow, Curse, or Death. Christ in his first Birth was a Man of Sorrow, suffering in the Flesh with us, and in us. Now his Birth in Spirit is on this wise a pure perfect Spirit, Immaterial, unknowable Matter; of which the transcendent inconceivable Element giveth forth. For as these Outward Elements contribute Matter for the visible rational Spirit and Body; so the High and Eternal Element gives forth Matter for this Birth; and this becomes an All-powerful Body, which can go in and out, and up and down the Earth, and no Mortal can it see. This is a strong and potent Angel that can do the great Wonders of God, from his own Essentiality; from whence this Angelical Creature shall act its part in great Love and Meekness; yet still upholding Soveraignty, and thereby securing the visible impotent Body from those many Evil things, which it is obnoxious to, whilst it remains an untransfigur’d Body. For this may be expedient for a Covert and Vail upon the Inward; for that would not be bearable among Mortals. But great will be the Glory that through this Mortal Figure will shine, and be illustrated from the inward, united First born Will-Spirit, with Virgin Wisdom; through which its lost Omnipotency will be recovered, as in the Day when Man was Created in the very true Similitude of God, Male and Female.

O my God! This Eternal all-seeing Eye is become the Seer, and Opener of this Ground-work, upon which Eternal Natures Fire-Wheel must move, and strongly wrestle out for recovering the true ancient Deifick Spirit in a Paradisiacal Body, assuming and bringing together all the divided Properties; so that Redeeming Love may go forth in the Establishment of this new begotten and restored Image, attended with as great and mighty forcible Powers, as when the Word came forth, and gave the Power of Production, saying, Let us make Man after our Image and Likeness; and it was immediately so.

O thou Eternal Word! Thou hast force enough in thy self, to raise up this fallen depressed Soul, with its more honourable Body. Which Body hath its Pre-existency in the Virgin Humanity shut up, till thou bringest the Key, that is with no other Hand entrusted, O thou Christ of God, but with thee; from whom the Holy Ghost, (who this all-opening Key is,) we do receive.

O my God! though Words or Speeches, may not reach thee, or be prevalent; yet, the Sighs and Groans which from the Imprisoned, Simplified Spirit spring, may be of force to break open the Principle of absolute free and pure Liberty. I cannot cease in the way and kind of a Spirit’s Plea, which, out of the more gross cloathing of Words, is in Ghostly Language, which all secret is. For assurance I have, that thou wilt hear me in that way. Therefore, I would feel that Fiery Tongue penetrate, before I speak, this my Natural; being only as an Organical sound, fitted to the Internal Speech, of what is all pure Spirit. Of this, something I know, but much more O give me to know, that I may hereby make my way to the Translated State, where my Communion may in no wise be debarr’d, nor the just due Dominion and Power from me detain’d, being again born into the Angelick Order and Degree. The opening of which doth still go on, to clear the Mystery hereof more confirmingly.


July 12.

THE Word, even that Word which was from the beginning with God, and was God, is become a Spring of Wisdom, and Counsel unto me, and a Word of Prophesy, which I am to mind, and keep close to: For it is the Rock that followed the Patriarchs, Prophets, and Apostles; inspiring them with Truth, from the Being of all Truth. Which spake thus to me, saying, Dost thou not know how the Everlasting God hath call’d thee out primarily to be an Head-Spring, from which shall flow such a Ministration, as shall have a new Seal, such as no foregoing Generation hath yet seen? Therefore stand alone, and do not veil thy self under any, who are but in shaded and mixt Gatherings; though Love by Name be their Covering, yet, underneath that lieth the Sin and manifold Imperfection, which the Life of Vision can never take away. Therefore stay thou not under that short and weak Covering: Vision is not to be slighted, tho’ not rested in, but to be passed from to Fruition. There is another Gate which I have open’d for thee, into which thou shalt enter, and draw Multitudes after, who now cannot see their way, it is so thick and Misty; while they do stick in this Worldly Principle, which as Clay doth stop their ascending Race; from which I do set thee loose, that so actually thou mayst pass into the New Paradisiacal Heaven and Earth, which JESUS thy Lord hath entered, and there doth wait to receive his Flock, which is marked with an undefiled Name. This is the principal Sum of all true Vision, to be Engraven with this perfect Holiness of the Deity. Look thou after That, and see then what will follow.


July 25.

A Prophecy concerning the PHILADELPHIAN SOCIETY:
With a Caution concerning the Admission of Members into the Same.

THE Word of the Lord JESUS renewed, and spake thus again to me; I have sought out such as will receive and obey that Evangelical Doctrine, which I have revealed unto thee; and thou shalt be as a shining Lamp to go before them, and through thy Mouth I will Teach, and Discipline them in what they do not yet understand: And they shall be Confirmed and Comforted, in what my Spirit shall administer through them. And know that though the Beginning of this Gathering be few, and of those that are dispisable, poor and indigent; yet of such shall be made the Jewels, which I will wear upon my Crown, and their Glory shall excel, and out-shine all others, which in a Babylonish mixture are Building, and Crying, Here is the Temple for the Holy One. All of which shall and must fall: Because I do see Counterfeit Gold, and Reprobate Silver brought in, which I will not bear, where I intend in Power and Glory to appear. Therefore do thou thereof be cautious, and try the Spirits before thou takest them into this small Beginning. Let them be of sound and perfect Heart, and Virgin Mind, unfeigned in Love, strong in Faith, for the believing all that shall be Revealed, for the Promulgation of this Kingdom; whose beginning is Purity, Love and Peace, and ending shall be in the Reigning Power of the Holy Ghost. Let Care be taken in this first Foundation laying, and so forward on, to proceed in a pure and naked Affiance, on what your Father in Heaven shall in Blessing for your Inward and Outward Man shower down. And for this end is the Poor of the Flock to be gather’d out from the Wealthy; whose Traffickers are the Rich and Honourable of the Earth. All which Glory the LORD hath purposed to stain, till they shall offer it up as Holiness unto Him, and therewith serve their Brethren. Therefore be wise in Heart: and follow what is prescribed in that Book of Life, which unclasped is by the Kingly Lion. Whose Footsteps thou art to tread, and Secrets for to keep, till unto his Kingdom and Dominion thou shalt reach. Therefore now commit thy Way and Work to the Everlasting only True GOD, whose creating Word of Power and Wisdom shall produce a Glorious Workmanship: which no Confederacy from envious Spirits shall ever make void, while thou keepest upon that unmovable Deep, where the Spirit of the Lord GOD doth only act, work, and move. By which thou shalt find invincible Strength, to go through what thou art raised up for.


[ From the Authentic Version of Jane Lead's Journal of her Spiritual Encounters ...
— Entries for July 12th, 1679  through the end of July, 1681
from Volume THREE,  Part Two,  of A Fountain of Gardens: this was File 3 of 4. ]

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