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Millennial Praises Gospel Hymns

Published by the Early Shakers in 1813
(continued from previous file)



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Part  III.

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Hymn 4
     [from Part III]

The Virgin Spouse

THE virgin Spouse begins to rouse,
Her time of sleep is over;
The morning light comes forth so bright,
It shines thro’ every cover:
Her Lord has knock’d, the door’s unlock’d,
The night guards are retreating,
While shining bands of angels stand,
To see the Lovers meeting.

Behold the Spouse performs her vows,
And makes a full confession;
The house is clean from every sin,
Before he takes possession.
No lust can hide within the Bride,
Nor find the smallest cover;
Each secret thought, to view is brought,
Before the heavenly Lover.

No hateful stain can there remain,
Beneath the cloak of pardon;
He walls her round, as holy ground,
Or like a pleasant garden:
He forms a gate, to separate
The lily from the brier;
And soon the spot becomes too hot
For any base desire.

The soul that pleads for pois’nous weeds
Of sin, or imperfection,
We boldly say, shall fall away,
And forfeit Christ’s protection.
The lines are fix’d, no room betwixt,
No use for vain debating;
He’ll not divide his loving Bride,
Nor give a part to satan.

The gospel gate is very strait,
The gate of self-denial;
Yet not a few are passing through,
And stand the fiery trial.
This glorious work makes many jerk,
The wicked quake and quiver;
But Christ has got a growing spot,
And there he’ll reign forever.


Hymn 5
    [from Part III]

The Morning Star

THE dawning day defus’d her light,
The morning star arose,
Foretold the antichristian night
Was drawing to a close:
That happy day which God ordain’d,
When Christ should come again,
When antichrist should cease to reign,
And souls be sav’d from sin.

God sent his holy Spirit down,
The sons of men to view,
To see if any could be found
His mighty work to do;
To see if any faithful one
Was waiting night and day,
To whom he might reveal the Son,
That many might obey.

But truly there was not a man
On earth, that he could find,
To execute the glorious plan,
Jehovah had design’d,
To search the earth from end to end,
And blow the solemn blast,
To make their haughty spirit bend,
And own the truth at last.

No mighty warrior, no not one,
No man of high renown,
Who could the man of sin dethrone,
Or rend his kingdom down;
But lo! A woman God did choose,
The female was the one,
That first proclaim’d the joyful news,
And made his purpose known.

She saw the loss mankind were in,
By nature how deprav’d;
She show’d the root and seat of sin,
And how we might be sav’d;
And in the power and gift of God,
She taught the living way,
The self-denying path she trod,
And many did obey.

Her soul contain’d the living Word,
From every lust refin’d;
‘Twas like a sharp two-edged sword,
Against the carnal mind.
A full redemption from the fall,
Her children may possess;
And by this name she shall be call’d,
The Lord our Righteousness.


Hymn 10
    [from Part III]

How Can We Live Any Longer In Sin?

THE old antichristians this method have found,
In sin to continue, that grace may abound;
No action too wicked, no conduct too base,
It only makes room for more pardoning grace;
But God has begun to correct the mistake,
And now we are called our sins to forsake!
Now heaven is open, and we’re pressing in,
And how can we live any longer in sin?

Christ is not divided, his body is one;
The head can’t be still, and the members go on;
If death to all sin has begun in the head,
The same blessed death thro’ the members must spread.
Come take up your cross, is the Saviour’s decree,
Forsake all your sins, if you would follow me.
To live like the Saviour, we humbly begin,
How then can we live any longer in sin?

The world is confounded, and all at a loss,
To know against what they must take up their cross;
They fly to the scriptures the case to decide,
And under some sinner they labour to hide.
Good Noah was drunk, and was this not a sin?
And to a young harlot, old Judah went in.
Uriah the Hittite, by David was slain,
And who can determine from what to refrain?

The few honest souls who the gospel embrace,
Have something within to determine the case;
The indwelling spirit, that forms them anew,
Brings all the dark works of the Devil to view.
The lust of the flesh is the first that is seen,
That law in the members, how base and unclean!
‘Tis here we discover the root of all sin,
And how can we live any longer therein?

The lust of the eye, is the next that appears;
The image of satan, his father, he bears;
In the temple of God he fixes his throne,
And fondly would call the creation his own.
The body of sin is completed in pride;
But now the old serpent no longer can hide;
He’s fully reveal’d, and his torments begin,
And how can we live any longer in sin?

The lust of the flesh is now brought to the light
And all his dark works that are done in the night,
Nor can he be sav’d by his crocodile prayer,
His body must go to the fowls of the air.
The sumptuous glutton is struck with surprise,
His treasures are gone from the lust of his eyes;
His robes and his diet are not worth a pin,
And how can we live any longer therein?

The son of perdition, now strip’d of his guise,
Has lost all his titles of falsehood and lies;
His pride and vain glory must come to the dust,
And share the same fate with his old father lust.
When Christ is revealed upon the white cloud,
Can he or his members be lustful or proud?
To all the three branches of th’ old serpent’s head
The body of Christ is eternally dead.

The members of Christ, and the lovers of sin,
Will find out the spirit to whom they’re akin;
The saints will be gather’d, their camp is but one;
Then let wicked Gog with his army come on;
The glory of Zion comes out in a blaze,
And Gog and his army are struck with amaze;
At last undeceived, and, awful to tell!
The wages of sin are the torments of hell.


Hymn 12
    [from Part III]

The Dragon’s Rage

HOW the dragon’s chains do rattle,
When the gospel comes to view!
Still his subjects are for battle,
Still they show what they would do:
By the pow’r of persecution,
If it was not out of date,
Soon the gospel institution
Would be banish’d from the state.

While the friends of superstition
Utter their austere command,
"Ye that slight our old tradition,
"Quit your faith, or fly the land,"
All who trod this way before us,
Rous’d by the unlawful sound,
Shout in one united chorus,
O, ye saints, maintain your ground!

You have nothing to encounter,
But has been in some past age,
Down from Christ our blessed founder,
All have felt the serpent’s rage;
Every charge that they can level
At this new and living way,
Has been forged by the devil,
Long before the present day. 

With the horrid crime of treason,
They could charge the Nazarene,
And make out some show of reason,
To commence the bloody scene;
With their tongues sharp as a razor,
They could let judge Pilate know,
That he was no friend to Ceasar,
If he let this fellow go.

While in secret they enquire,
Witness plenty they could find;
They could say, "He is a liar,
‘And a foe to human kind;
‘Man and wife he puts asunder,
‘Says their secret works are wrong;
‘Is it not indeed a wonder,
‘How we’ve borne with him so long?

‘He himself will never marry,
‘And would have us live so too;
‘If this cross we all must carry,
‘Soon there would be no more Jew.
‘Who but God our sins can pardon?
Yet he says he can forgive!
‘By our law we know for certain,
‘Such a fellow should not live.

‘By his sly insinuation,
‘After him a crowd he draws,
‘Who will sweep our place and nation,
‘And bring in the gentile laws;
‘We have cause to be alarmed,
‘For the more the people hear,
‘So much more will they be charmed,
‘If we stop not his career."

With the mandates of Augustus,
Christ had never interfear’d,
Nor before a court of justice,
Had one single crime appear’d;
Yet these friends of lawless riot,
Then began the bloody fray;
Nor have civil men got by it,
Even to the present day.

While such men can be promoted
Into posts of civil trust,
Virtuous ones must be devoted
As a prey to the unjust.
O, ye men of upright spirits!
You cannot unite with them,
Who applaud a Saviour’s merits,
Yet his foll’wers will condemn.

With what some would call delusion,
You can never interfere;
You regard your constitution,
And the rights of man too dear:
Every true Columbian hero
Feels himself forever free
From the bloody laws of Nero,
And the beastly papal see.

What a change is now effected!
The redemption, O how great!
Now true virtue is protected,
By the laws of every state.
If some thoughtless souls had rather
Act the persecuting Jew,
We can say, Forgive them Father,
For they know not what they do.

In this last great revolution,
Freedom is the general sound;
Then no baneful persecution
Can exist on freedom’s ground.
Raise a shout of exultation,
Ye that dwell in mortal clay!
Now is come the great salvation,
Glory of the latter day.


Hymn 21
    [from Part III]

Natural and Spiritual Relation

THE tenderest feelings that nature can know,
Are found between parents and children to grow;
This inbred affection no rival can find,
Thro’ all the soft passions that dwell in mankind;
No ties are so binding, no feelings so near,
No objects so lovely, no treasures so dear;
And here is prefigur’d that heavenly tie,
That tender relation which never can die.

Tho’ children in nature their parents may quit,
And parents their offspring may often forget;
For nature is transient, and sinks in decay,
And all its relations must soon pass away;
But that blessed union which springs from above,
Begotten by faith, and conceived in love,
A lovely relation eternally holds,
Increasing and growing in heaven-born souls.

Like all other children begotten on earth,
Through fleshly relation we first found a birth;
Like all other men, in that nature we grew,
Till heavenly parents begot us anew:
While regeneration’s chaste road they have trod,
Through travail of soul they have borne us to God
And these blessed parents, with tenderest care,
Have fed us as infants are able to bear.

Begotten of parents redeem’d from the earth,
We find a new kindred of heavenly birth,
A blessed relation, more loving and kind
Than old Adam’s offspring are able to find:
The spirit of peace, like a heavenly dove,
Is hovering around us, diffusing her love,
And with our dear parents, relations and friends,
Our spirits in union and harmony blends.

Tho’ kindred in nature, in sympathy join’d,
May tell of their troubles and sorrows of mind,
Their feelings unbosom their grief to assuage,
Or vent their fierce passions and kindle more rage;
Yet where is the parent that nature can find,
Or where the relation so faithful and kind,
Whose wisdom can show us the root of all sin,
And how to subdue our corruptions within?

The kingdom of Zion this blessing unfolds,
And spiritual parents are parents to souls;
They cherish their offspring and lead them to God
In that blessed path which the Saviour has trod,
Instruct them in kindness, reprove them in love,
And feed them with blessings from heaven above;
And children of Zion can never forget
How much they’re dependent, how great is their debt.

In the dispensation of Moses, we find,
Obedience to parents was strictly enjoin’d;
The laws of creation this duty inspir’d,
And show’d the subjection which nature requir’d.
If children in nature are taught to subject,
And render to parents a filial respect,
How highly important, in this latter day,
That children of Zion their parents obey!

To live in obedience is heaven’s employ,
And faithful believers will count it their joy,
To honor their parents, on whom they depend,
With filial affection which never can end:
This lasting connection will always increase
In union and purity, glory and peace,
And children of Zion forever must own
That blessed relation which God has made known.

Though trials assail us till nature’s in pain,
The children of Zion should never complain;
Through crosses and trials our union is sure,
If we with true patience and meekness endure:
We often discern in the chastening rod,
The tender compassion and goodness of God,
And deep tribulation this benefit brings,
To wean our affections from all earthly things.

The natural creation is bound to the earth,
The spiritual’s blest with an immortal birth;
The former’s a shadow that cannot endure,
The latter’s a substance eternal and sure.
Since natural relation’s a shadow at most,
Of that which the children of Zion can boast,
Then we will rejoice in the substance we find,
And thankfully leave the old shadow behind.

Come let us, dear brethren, our privilege prize
And kind loving sisters, be faithful and wise;
How precious our calling! How glorious the day!
What blessings are given to those who obey!
‘Twas infinite mercy united us here,
With parents and elders, so loving and dear;
As children in spirit, we’ll humbly subject,
And our blessed leaders forever respect.

Since gospel relations encircle us round,
Let praise and thanksgiving forever abound;
Our humble dependence can never decrease,
And feelings of gratitude never will cease:
When heavens of heavens shall be our abode,
And all our relation shall center in God,
While ages of ages continue to roll,
Eternal thanksgiving will live in the soul.


Hymn 32
    [from Part III]

The Faithful Few

GO SEARCH the whole creation,
And trace the world around,
See if in any nation,
A people can be found,
Whose doctrine and behavior
Is honest, just and true,
Who live like Christ the Savior,
Who are the faithful few.

To draw the perfect likeness
Of God’s beloved few,
With justness and exactness,
Is more than I can do;
But give me leave to mention
Those virtue which excel,
Which grace the new creation,
Where God delights to dwell.

Upright in all their dealing,
And just in every case,
A friendly tender feeling
For all the human race:
They follow Christ’s example,
With all their heart and mind,
Like children mild and simple,
Long suff’ring, meek and kind.

In love they are united,
They serve the Lord with zeal,
While others are invited
To share the bliss they feel:
Their love cannot be mixed
With that which leads to sin,
Nor is it sorely fixed
On self’s beloved kin.

An interest they inherit,
That strangers do not find,
A watchful, prayerful spirit,
A peaceful, humble mind;
A thankful heart possessing,
To crosses reconcil’d,
And this insured a blessing
To every gospel child.

These are the heirs of heaven,
And thither are they bound;
The likeness here is given,
That people can be found;
With Christ they are partakers,
Tho’ form’d of flesh and blood,
And you may call them Shakers,
These people are of God.



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Part IV.

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Hymn 3
    [from Part IV]

The Hiding-place

HAIL precious truth! thou living way,
Reveal’d in this last burning day!
Hail thou pure gospel righteousness,
In which I’ve found a hiding-place

In the first man, by sin I fell,
And lay expos’d to death and hell;
And while his nature was my guide,
I found no place where I could hide.

While flesh and sense I try’d to please,
My inner man could find no ease;
The light of God my soul did chase
From every carnal hiding place.

I heard how Christ for sinners bled,
And to his bloody wounds I fled,
And in his free imputed grace,
I hop’d to find a hiding place.

While inward guilt my soul did burn,
I search’d through every crook and turn;
But wooden cross, and wounded side,
Was not the place for me to hide.

While with temptation overcome,
My faith was shook, my soul was dumb,
And some new flood, in every case,
Would overflow my hiding place.

At length my troubled soul began
To find the living truth in man;
And when I did the truth embrace,
I quickly found a hiding place.

With living saints I did unite,
And brought my evil deeds to light,
And saw the Church, with open face,
To be my only hiding place.

That Church where every thing is new,
That holy Church that’s built on Two,
Between the Spirit and the Bride,
I’ve found a place where I can hide.

This secret place, so pure and clean,
By carnal eyes was never seen,
And death and hell may stop their chase,
They cannot find my hiding place.

The wicked world may rage around,
But here I am, both safe and sound,
Hid from the persecuting race,
Who cannot touch my hiding place.

Glory to God, for such a plan!
That I can hide in the new man,
Where trees of life on either side,
Afford a shade for souls to hide.

Should hell’s infernal legions rise,
To drive me hence beyond the skies,
I’ll seek no other part of space,
But keep in Christ, my hiding place.

Beyond the stars let Calvin fly,
And Luther soar above the sky,
I covet not their ranges wide,
While in the truth my soul can hide.

Those who the cross of Christ do bear,
His hidden life begin to share,
And when they’ve run th’ appointed race,
They’ll meet in the same hiding place.

While by the truth that works within,
Christ saves his people from their sin,
His sheep he’ll from the goats divide,
And in his fold forever hide.


Hymn 6
    [from Part IV]

Carnal Professors

SOME carnal professors, by antichrist led,
Think Jesus has suffer’d in their room and stead
And vainly expect to be save’d from their loss,
Because a great Saviour has dy’d on the cross;
With this expectation in him they will trust,
All cover’d with darkness and living in lust.

They show in their faces the mark of the beast,
‘Tis so with the people and so with the priest,
And if we may know them by seeing their fruits,
Then may we not tell them they’re worse than the brute?
From lust and uncleanness they will not abstain,
But in their corruption they choose to remain.

The brutal creation, the tame and the wild,
In their generation, are not so defil’d;
For they in that nature, were never so base,
As those who profess to be subjects of grace:
For carnal professors, so grossly deprav’d,
Will live in their lusts and expect to be sav’d.

In all their professions, there’s strife and debate
And regeneration they perfectly hate;
But still are contented in living such lives,
And plead that ‘tis lawful for husband and wives:
To carnal enjoyments they still are inclin’d.
And so will continue while led by the blind.

Those antichrist teachers who walk in disguise,
Will always the meek and low despise;
They think a profession will answer their turn,
But tell them the truth, and they quickly will spurn;
The life of chaste virgins they cannot endure,
Because it is holy, unspotted and pure.

Ye carnal professors, whose works are unclean,
In all your deception you’re openly seen;
And now, to deal plainly, the truth we declare,
With all your profession, you’re naked and bare;
Your cloak is too short, tho’ you swell in your pride
Your works of uncleanness you never can hide.

The former creation for sin has been curs’d,
And past generations all blinded by lust;
But God in his mercy to man so deprav’d,
Did promise to show him a way to be sav’d;
But never intended, though formed of dust,
That he should be saved while living in lust.

But such as are saved must lead a new life,
And quit that relation of husband and wife;
The pleasures of nature, ambition and pride,
And carnal desires must all be deny’d:
By brethren and sisters, they all must be known,
And these are the children the Father will own.

And glory to Jesus, the way is now pav’d,
And all who are willing, may come and be sav’d
From every blind leader, false prophet and priest
And all such as carry the mark of the beast;
From lust and corruption their souls may be freed
And wholly redeem’d from the bond woman’s seed.


Hymn 15
    [from Part IV]

There are Eunuchs

IN ancient days, the scripture says,
That lust was so despised,
To get a name of better fame,
Some chose to sacrifice it:
For their distaste to things unchaste,
Great princes sought their favour,
To guard the place from actions base,
And all unclean behaviour.

Bed chambers were their constant care,
Hence they obtain’d their title,
Which simply means, female guardians,
Who every passion bridle.
Such foes to lust, when put to trust,
Were faithful in their station,
And by their fruit gain’d such repute,
They almost ruled the nation.

From eunuchs then, tho’ made of men,
Much light and truth descended,
Since by that line, God did foresign
The work which he intended.
By all the wise, who virtue prize,
The name was still revered,
Till in that name the substance came,
And Christ himself appeared.

Hence from his throne he then made known
The way of self-denial,
And eunuchs were call’d forth to bear
The gospel’s fiery trial:
Lust-hating men were chosen then,
Unto a work still greater,
And their employ was to destroy
The beastly law of nature.

He comes again, on earth to reign,
His court is now erected,
A mansion sure, for virgins pure,
Where they can be protected;
While eunuchs clean, are their guardians,
His glory in the center,
No lustful man, then ever can
His sacred chambers enter.

Tho’ men of wit, search sacred writ,
And read the lifeless letter,
And rack their sense with vain comments,
It never makes them better.
The case is plain, who now shall reign,
The elder or the younger?
And who shall be the sapless tree,
The eunuch or fleshmonger?

Ye, who were led from nature’s bed,
Like bullocks to the slaughter,
You have a name of better fame,
Than that of son or daughter;
Your root, we know, will spread and grow,
Sap’d with the Holy Spirit,
And none but these green olive trees,
Christ’s Kingdom shall inherit.


Hymn 26
    [from Part IV]

The State of the World

IN the present generation,
Every wicked thing is found,
Never since the first creation
Did such wickedness abound:
Is it not a day of sorrow?
Has the likeness ever been?
Surely Sodom and Gomorrah
Never went so deep in sin.

God in mercy long has waited
For the wicked to return;
But repentance they have hated,
At his messengers they spurn:
Many warnings have been given,
Still the people cleave to sin,
And their cry has reached heaven,
Which has brought God’s judgments in.

Mighty angels are descending,
Taking vengeance on the world,
Mountains into pieces rending,
Vallies to destruction hurl’d;
Thousands doom’d to desolation,
Swept away because of sin;
O, ye proud and haughty nations!
See the judgments rolling in!

Now is come your visitation,
From God’s face you cannot hide,
For his wrath and indignation
Is against your lust and pride.
War and bloodshed still increase,
Spreads destruction thro’ the land,
Kingdoms rending in pieces,
Bloody Monarchs trembling stand.

Pestilence is now prevailing,
Famine visits this our land,
Many hearts with fear are failing,
Looking for what is at hand:
Prophecies are now fulfilling,
Judgments surely will increase,
Till the nations are made willing
From their wickedness to cease.

What the Saviour once predicted,
In no wise can pass away,
Every thing must be expected,
And fulfil’d in this last day:
This the Father has declared,
This the Son did testify;
O, Ye nations, be prepared!
Lo, the time is drawing nigh!

You that live in carnal pleasure,
Feeding on the fleeting dust,
Trust not in your earthly treasure,
Quit, O, quit your darling lust!
All your sins must be disclosed,
And, though shameful, you must bear
All your nakedness exposed,
As the prophet did declare.

Clouds of darkness have surrounded
Ruling men, and Princes too,
All their wisdom is confounded,
And they know not what to do:
All the world is in commotion,
Judgments rolling like a flood,
Men upon the land and ocean,
Learning war and shedding blood.

But the saints with Christ have risen,
And are walking in the light,
Loosed from that gloomy prison,
Where the raging nations fight:
We have found the best employment
That the world can ever find,
Living in the full enjoyment
Of our faith, and peace of mind.

While these gloomy scenes surround us,
We have peace and love within;
Raging foes cannot confound us,
While our souls are sav’d from sin:
We who have these things forsaken,
And the gospel do obey,
Here, in peace, we are partaking
Blessings of the latter day.


Hymn 31
    [from Part IV]

Love is the fulfilling of the Law

THE living work of perfect love,
Which Jesus Christ proposes,
Has plac’d the gospel far above
The written law of Moses.
Love and good works, the Jew could read,
And there the matter ended;
But Christ fulfill’d, in very deed,
What these good words intended.

His servant John, in truth could say,
I write no new injunction,
But all who do the truth obey,
Receive an inward unction;
And this is call’d a new command,
Which is reduc’d to action;
And this fulfils the law’s demand,
With ample satisfaction.

This unction is pure love, we know,
In every true partaker;
And this pure love from God does flow,
To every sin-forsaker:
This love we often do renew,
Though Satan would beguile us;
For we no wicked works will do,
Though wicked men revile us.

Eternal love is now made known,
In every faithful brother;
We need no bullocks to atone,
For hating one another;
Nor need the female altar smoke,
With marks of condemnation,
Unless the law of love is broke,
By wicked conversation.

While sisters keep their virgin lamps,
With oil of love supplied,
In Zion’s pure and holy camps,
Their right is not denied:
This purifies the soul from sin,
Here are the living waters;
While we maintain true love within,
We’re Zion’s sons and daughters.

Now he that saith he’s in the light,
And hateth still his brother,
His soul is veil’d in shades of night,
He’s not a child of Mother;
But they whose sins are blotted out,
Who into union gather,
Are the true heirs, beyond a doubt,
For they have seen the Father.

Ye fathers, who have from the first,
Receiv’d the blessed Saviour,
And this kind love have always nurs’d,
You never more can waver.
Young men and virgins travel on,
And keep his word of patience;
Such overcome the wicked one,
And such shall rule the nations.


Hymn 32
    [from Part IV]

Improve each Moment

IMPROVE each moment as it flies,
Now in this blessed day;
So run that we may win the prize,
There’s danger in delay.

This day, this hour may be the last,
For death is sure to all,
And not a single minute past,
Can any soul recall.

O Lord, may every breath be drawn
In Prayer, in thanks or praise,
That I may say, when time is gone,
I’ve well improv’d my days.

I’ll be contended in my lot,
And seek a place that’s low
If not one sparrow is forgot,
My God will mercy show.

While walking in a lowly place,
I find the gifts of God;
The humble soul is blest with grace;
This path our Saviour trod.

Henceforth I’ll meekly bear the cross,
And strive to be resign’d,
That from the last remain of dross,
My soul may be refin’d.

How did our Mother win the crown?
And how did she obtain
Permission to possess the throne,
With Christ the Lord to reign?

By suff’ring, sorrow, grief and pains,
Though mix’d with love and joy,
Till from her soul, the last remains
Of sin she did destroy.

Then let me taste the bitter cup,
Press forward for the mark,
And never turn aside, nor stop,
Till seated in the ark.

The Lamb and Bride have gone before,
And made the way so plain,
And set for us an open door,
That we with them may reign.

The way of sin cannot decoy,
Nor turn our souls aside,
Nor mar our inward peace and joy,
While we obey our guide.

Then let our loins be girt with grace,
Our lamps be burning too,
That we may clearly see the place,
Wherein our feet must go.


Hymn 33
    [from Part IV]

Rights of Conscience

RIGHTS of conscience in these days,
Now demand our solemn praise;
Here we see what God has done,
By his servant Washington,
Who with wisdom was endow’d
By an angel, through the cloud,
And led forth, in Wisdom’s plan,
To secure the rights of man.

"Arm yourselves, unsheath the sword!
(Cries this servant of the Lord,)
Rights of freedom we’ll maintain,
And our independence gain."
Fleets and armies he withstood,
In the strength of Jehu’s God;
Proud Cornwallis and Burgoyne,
With their armies soon resign.

Thus the valiant conqu’ror stood
To defend his country’s good,
Till a treaty he confirms,
Settling peace on his own terms.
Having clos’d these warlike scenes,
Chosen men he then convenes;
These a constitution plann’d,
To protect this ransom’d land.

Prince of all the host he stands,
Keeps the helm in his own hands,
Till a law stands to declare,
Bind the conscience if you dare!
Then he spreads the eagle’s wings
(Signs of freedom) on all things,
Form’d an order to his mind,
Blest the earth and then resign’d.

When by precept he had shown
What kind heaven had made known,
By example aids the cause,
Forms his own domestic laws,
Breaks the yoke at his own door,
Clothes the naked, feed the poor,
Bondage from his house he hurl’d,
Freed his slaves and left the world.

Cyrus-like, was Washington
Call’d to do what he has done;
We his noble acts record,
Tho’ he did not know the Lord:
As a prudent man of blood,
He the hosts of earth withstood;
Nature’s rights he did restore,
God from him requir’d no more.

Now we’ll swell the joyful news,
With the glory that ensues;
God, thro’ Christ, did then begin
To attack the man of sin;
By a woman struck the blow,
Broke the battle and the bow,
And in flaming fire reveal’d
What the beast had long conceal’d.

Carnal swords are laid aside,
Every fleshly lust deny’d;
Each one seeks his neighbour’s goods,
No more shed each other’s blood.
Let the eyes of priests and kings
View the eagle’s spreading wings;
These are to the woman given,
Guard the place where she is driven.

Now the dragon’s host may rage,
His black bands of priests engage;
While of freedom still he raves,
All his subjects are his slaves;
As his messengers, they rise,
Forge and spread his sland’rous lies,
Spew at us his foaming flood;
Yet they dare not spill our blood.

Mighty Christians, stout and bold!
Full of lust as you can hold,
Fighting for religious rights!
God has notic’d all such fights:
Still your souls are not releas’d,
Bound by sin and wicked priests;
Tho’ your country has been sav’d,
You in bondage are enslav’d.

With all this you’re not content,
Still on bondage you are bent,
Binding the poor negro too,
He must be a slave to you!
Yet of Washington you boast,
Spread his fame thro’ every coast,
Bury him with great ado,
Precepts and examples too!

Did you think in seventy five,
When the states were all alive,
When they did for freedom sue,
God was deaf and blind like you?
You were fighting on one side,
To build up your lust and pride;
God was bringing a plan,
To defeat the pride of man.

Liberty is but a sound,
If the conscience still is bound;
Could you but her reigns control,
You would creed-bind every soul.
You, and when we say ‘tis you,
We’ve no respect to Greek or Jew;
But boldly tell you what we mean,
Your vile Church that lives in sin.

Now we mean to let you know,
We’ve not treated freedom so;
Since God’s Kingdom has come in,
We find freedom from all sin.
O, ye priest-bound souls, come out!
Help us raise the living shout;
Never heed your former stuff,
You have prov’d it long enough.

See the woman’s seed advance,
Glor’ous in Emmanuel’s dance!
At this strange victor’ous play,
Earth and heavens flee away:
Swift as light’ning see them move,
Labouring in unfeigned love:
God, thro’ Mother we adore,
Hate the flesh and sin no more.



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