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The AfterLife


from the Prophetic Revelations of
Jane Lead.   [ or Jane Leade]
17th Century Prophetess of God

What awaits the Human Soul after Death of the Body ?

Other Worlds have been prepared to receive each Soul after the Death of its Earthly Body — Our Destination justly depends on the state of our Souls at that time, how we have spent our Allotted Time on Earth and what is yet to be accomplished in us on the Other Side ...


A Jane Lead Collection —  The AfterLife:  Excerpts from the Prophetic Revelations given to Jane Lead from the Godhead, expanding, clarifying, and correcting human awareness and understanding concerning the Other Worlds that were prepared to receive all Souls when they finally leave their earthly bodies.  Which of these Worlds {Regions or Mansions} awaits them depends upon the state of each Soul at the closing of its window of earthly time.  Each of these Worlds provides exactly what is necessary for the status of the Souls who come there, where each Soul's redemption progressively continues, as the Soul cooperates, until purgation is completed and passage onward is made for it, to return with ALL Souls who are to be brought back to their original Nativity.  

Limited unfolding explanations of the encompassing attributes, incessant opportunities and the surrounding conditions that await the occupants of these various  major regions or worlds are provided.   Included in these Revelations are loving suggestions as well as admonitions to the reader about the immeasurable benefit of undertaking this redemptive process prior to physical death, and why a Soul should not mistake this grace of God as a reason for the indulgence of the appetites and desires of Self  while in this earthly life.   The ramifications of these Revelations are left to the wise counsel of the Holy Spirit for conviction and application in each reader. 

This Collection contains pertinent passages from the Authentic Works of Jane Lead that were found scattered throughout her recorded dialogs with the Holy Virgin Wisdom and the Lord Jesus Christ.   The reader will find them in the chronological order that she received them along with a reference hyperlink to the source document that contains each excerpt.  This train of thought appeared repeatedly as Jane Lead humbly queried her Lord about the restoration of the Lapsed Creation and the multitude of Souls, including those of young Children, who pass from this earthly life without any knowledge of Him.  Thankfully for us, the immensity of the Extent and Latitude of God's Love is brought again into view by the recovery of these suppressed and nearly forgotten Revelations.   They contain wonderful news for all who find themselves to be prisoners of one sort or another, believing incorrectly that they are headed for eternal damnation without any hope of redemption after allowing themselves to be the agents for diabolical forces in this life.

The Harmonies in these Messages strike chords upon the heartstrings and bring us renewed depth of focus in these Last Days, amid the present stormy clouds and dark covering of thorny overgrowth made up of the malevolent lies and accusations against the Most High God that Satan and his minions have perpetrated over the centuries on the Earth — as their seeds were and are planted and spread by their carefully crafted, worldwide counterfeit of Christianity.  

Read for yourselves, and let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart as to the validity of these corrections to popular misbeliefs as lovingly sent from the Godhead to those who have ears to hear.

The following  COLLECTION is taken from:
The Authentic Transcriptions of the Original Manuscripts of Jane Lead.


~~~ Recorded within a 1679 Journal Entry regarding the Immense Gulf of the Deity ~~~
This exchange with the LORD occurred early within the 9 month-period during which Jane Lead received
what was commanded to be published as The Revelation of Revelations.

... Now I was brought to this marvellous and precious Deep to know, what was hereby to be understood beyond, what hath been express’d.  For the sparkling Glory is still before me, shewing it self now again, as a burning flowing Liquor, mix’d with all transparent colours, so transcending, as if Rubies, Sapphires, Diamonds, Jasper, Onyx, and Crystal were incorporated into one Matter, flaming out in one uncessant motion very Splendorous.

Upon my further inquiry into this wonderful Gulf, the Lord drew nigh, and did me further inform, That I had seen the very Original of the Deity.  And that out of this Working Source was all Worlds produced, that now are existing in their various Sphears, known and unknown with all the Spirits in Bodies Celestial, Angelical, and Terrestrial, as what is proper to each Orb to move in.

But this is not all, said my Lord, why this was made obvious to thy Sight, but that some Being fit might be renewed herefrom: according to what is needful to Spirits, that have proceeded here out, and are come into a State of Degeneration.  And as to the Original Being, though now limited and depraved of that primary Excellency, that proceeded out of this All-Spiritual Composition, that is not to be comprehended:  Only let this be understood and received by thee, that into this God-head Gulf; it is all necessary thou shouldst be plunged, that all Relapses may be restored to their perfect Spirituality.

This will be the Golden Dip, that will do a Cure all at once.  It is the running of a defaulted Spirit all new.   All the former Baptizings you have gone through for purifying have but made ready for this, that is more highly Virtual.  All former Washings have somewhat of this old Birth Complexion left behind:  This will give such a deep tinge of Spirit, as will never more decay.  Ye may venture it in what World ye will;  it can abide all Probation:  Because Corruptibility is all exhausted.  And it is become a Spirit all run through with the sparkling Life of the Deity.

At which I replied, O my Lord, this is a new and wonderful Plunging:  How shall it be accomplished?  My Spirit hereat is overwhelmed.

Whereupon this Word did drop in:   To you, who Hope, Believe, and wait for its fulfilling, the Rising Life will hither bring:  And will give a full renewing, such as hath not yet been.  Attend the working Motion of it, as quitting all Dead Pollutions, that would stop this Golden Mint from running.  Only new Coin’d Spirits, that can appear again in their God-like Nature and Property, to manifest what this true Gilead-Balsam hath done in such, who have been Anointed with this Spicy Elixir, that doth give Soundness to all defects.  ...

Above Excerpt from:  Journal Entry of September 29, 1679.



~~~ Recorded within a 1686 Journal Entry regarding God's Plan for His Lapsed Creation ~~~
This message was received 5 years after Jane Lead had obediently published The Heavenly Cloud Now Breaking
and 3 years after the publication of The Revelation of Revelations.

... IN the Night-Watch I was exercised in my Mind, as to the Lapsed Creation, the Dead as well as the Living, whether or no Redemption might not reach to them?  Presently the Heavenly World unveil’d it self, and open’d upon me.  Where I saw the first Adam and Eve, sitting in Thrones, right opposite to the second Adam in his Throne, with the Virgin Mary in her Throne.  And I saw Angels innumerable attending, and Souls departed: And as they had Conduct by Angels into any Degree of the Eternal World, lower or higher, Adam and Eve rose up, and bowed with great Exulting Joy, for that their Off-spring was come up thither.  First, the Souls did appear like unto a blew Breath or Smoak; then immediately a Body of Brightness was made their Cloathing; which I saw with great Amazement.  Then it was repeated to me, How the First Adam and his Posterity were made living Souls, to move in Natural Bodies: But the Second Adam, with his Virgin-Spirit, turns Souls into Spirits, and cloaths them with Glorified Bodies.

Then Queried my Spirit with Eve, who drew near unto me: And I asked her, Whether all of her Progeny and Race should be by Christ redeemed out of all Prisons, Hells, and Centers of Darkness?  She Answered, It should so be: But yet every Generation in their time and order.  The Righteous, said She, shall first come up, and shine Here; the Unrighteous shall purged be by Fires: That after this Purgation, Hell, and Graves, and bottomless Centers of Darkness should give up a Goal-Delivery: That when the Trumpet shall sound, the Mystery of the Living and Dead should be finished; and the Lamb of God with his Blood, all Souls in every Region purge: and his Reign then Begin triumphantly, till all shall be made Pure.  So shall his Kingdom be restored, and given up to GOD for a new Creation, that may dwell with him for ever.

Then said Adam to me: Stand thou in thy Lot, for thou mayest live to see something in thy Day, as the first Fruits of this Great Jubilee. ...

Above Excerpt from: Journal Entry of January 24, 1686.



~~~ The Enochian Walks with God, 1694. ~~~
Excerpt  1 of 3

...   Query. But Here, meets me a Query, What shall become of the foolish Virgins that are found asleep; and of other Ranks, and Sorts, that are dead and buried in Trespasses and Sins, when this last Trumpet shall sound for His Appearance?  Indeed it will be no desirable Day to such as these are, who lived without a God, and Christ, and are altogether Strangers to This Heavenly Country; having loved, and embraced this World, and made it their God.   Indeed a present woe is to them, while Joy unspeakable to the lifting up of the Head, of as many as are redeemed out of the Earth;  their Blissful Day is come which they have long waited for, that do fly as doves to Christ their Life.

But somewhat more I have had revealed unto me as to those multitude of Souls that have gone out of this Life in an Evil and Unregenerated State, and yet are still going in a desperate Adventure, not caring what shall become of That Immortal Spark of their Souls.  How direful and bewailing will it be, that they have Loitered and spent away, That in which they might have gained the privileges and Love Immunities which hath been mentioned here; for had they but Improved their own Talent, the Increase would have been manifold, to present Joy Here, and much more, when time with them is to be no more.  Let me tell them their Loss, and Suffering is so great, and the anguish of their Souls so deep, as no Tongue can express it.  Therefore to the yet Living, let the warning Trumpet sound, both to those that are in part regenerated, and to them that have nothing of it begun.  Oh ! are you not to be excluded from God’s Face, and from out of the Kingly Shepherds Fold thrust out, while painfully you will see Them, that lived in the same Tempting Region with you, hath over come, and are as Conquerours set down with Christ the Lord upon his Throne, while you are bid to depart into a Prison-house of utter Darkness.

Admit there should be a Delivery, out Here, at the End of all Generations, and Ages; Yet how numerous years may you abide in These Purging and Trying Furnaces; one Day (Here, while in the Body) would have set forward your work more, than Years in those Centers, where you are to be confined;   Therefore let This be an acceptable and seasonable Work to all of this Kind and Sort, who so careless are of their Soul’s Happiness, the present and future State of Blessedness.

Now a word to Those that are in part Illuminated, but yet stick in the Birth, and cannot get forth;  the Earthly and Temporal World gives a stop to it, that This Pure Life cannot rise to its Perfection.  The Question is, How will it go with them that gets no further, but dies thus short, as Millions of Souls do daily out of this World depart, without having put Christ on for their Cloathing, without which there is no coming to be Expressly with Him in the Three Heavens?

An Answer to a Pertinent Question:

IN Answer to This Question; Be it Known there are provided several-Mansions, and Regions, by the wise foreseeing Gracious God, that knew how it would be, as to This matter, with the greater Number of His own Created beings;  tho’ he had proclaimed, a Love-Redemption, to All by Christ manifested in Flesh, to destroy, and purge Sin out of Flesh;  which we see is very rarely done in the time of this Life;  where One reacheth to This Mark, a Thousand do miss it;  Therefore for such as were begotten by the Eternal Word, and are going on, in all Good willingness in their Spiritual Progress; (dying short of finishing it). They will be allowed to be in a Paradisiacal Region, to Exercise their Spiritual Faculties, for the effecting what they were prevented, and hinder’d of Here in This Life; and so go on to perfect That State of Perfection, that shall make them meet, to make the Higher removes, to reach to the Mount-Sion-State, which is yet more Glorious:   And tho’ This has not been understood, or believed, yet it is a Truth, that I have received from a good hand;  therefore I am bold to publish it, for all Souls must pass through the Refining, and Calcining Regions, so prepared for their Purifying;  and according to the measures, and degrees they do attain to Here in this Life: Of this Kind; the less they will have to do in the Life to come, which will be much more Easy.

Therefore it is much upon me to Excite to a pressing forward, that they may so run, as to obtain the Resurrection-Mark, while in the Body they are; because it will turn to a present account of Peace, Joy, and Glory.

But yet we have somewhat further to declare, as to the Clearing, and Vindicating of the Infinite and Unsearchable Love of our God to the whole Fallen-Race; as to Angels that have had their time to deceive and tempt all Mankind, which shall have its Period and End; for All must be redeemed and restored, to their first Estate; at the winding up of all the various Scenes which were to manifest the Wonders of God’s Wisdom in Love, Power, and Righteousness.

But you will say, This is only a private Revelation, though it be, yet I know from whence it is;  and if I were not upon sure ground, I should not dare to have declared it: knowing it may stumble many; but I must pass That and must not baulk a Truth given me to make known, for the squeamish Stomach’s sake; but with all tenderness bear with such as may make scruple hereof (for I my self did the same, till by Divine seeing, and hearing, I was satisfied in this Point).  But that you may not be altogether left to my bare Testimony; Mind That Scripture in the Ephes. 1. and Verse 10. That in the fullness of Time, he might gather together in Christ all things that are in Heaven and Earth consummated in him, whom the Father hath sealed for the Restitution of what Sin had brought into a disorderly confusion.

Some Scriptures more I could here bring, which are mentioned elsewhere by me briefly, tho’ not Here.

Oh my Friends! what more joyful Tidings can come to our Ears than This one everlasting-Age, that shall swallow up all those Ages wherein, Sin and Death hath reigned; with all those miserable Effects that have been ever since the Creation of this World?  But a new and wonderful Model God will bring forth in a new-created State; Behold, saith the Lord, I will make all things new, the End shall return to its Original-Primary-Being;  let none grudge that the Grace of God of this Latitude is, as to make a complete Restoration;  for as there was neither Sin, nor Center to it, so it must be again, when the Hour of God’s Judgment shall come, to pass a final Sentence thereupon, to cast all into That Lake, and Bottomless Pit, where all of Sin, and Death, Sorrow, and Curse, shall become a Non-Entity:  Then nothing of Diabolical Spirits, (any more God’s Offenders, and his Creature disturbers or Tormentors) shall be;  all This in the Prophecy of Eternity will be known, and Everlastingly rejoyced in, as a fore-runner of This Blissful Jubilee, the Trumpet of the Everlasting Gospel, of Love, Peace, and Reconciliation to every Creature capable thereof, in Flesh, and out of Flesh, that are not yet fully redeemed.

This Gospel, is not a bare Sound, to be heard only with Ears;  It is a Spirit that enters in, and gives the power of a Resurrection-Life, to the Dead that could no way raise themselves, neither in Bodies, nor out; (as is found in their several Confinements) will hereby be loosened; and set free.

But it may be asked, when shall such a general, and universal Restoration be, as for all Apostatized Spirits, and Creatures to be in favour and friendship with their God, and Creator again?

Now in answer to this Query, as to the time, it is known only to God in the Secret Cabinet of his Counsel;  only it is thus far revealed unto me, that it will be at the finishing of the great Mystery, when all Souls will have passed through their Purgation in their several degrees, that lacking is here;  for in all Centres are found Souls that shall be brought into a purified State, by thorough Humiliation for all their Misdeeds:  And also when generating (according to fleshly Births,) shall cease in this World;  Then this general Redemption will be completed and the Mediating-Office of our great High Priest shall be at an end;  so that he hath nothing more to do but to deliver up the Kingdom thus completed, to his Father, that God may be All-in-All, possessing, and satisfying himself in all of This his New-creation, which will amount to a Perpetuity of Endless Joy, from the various wonders and pleasures that will fill up Eternity, with tuned Instruments of Praises to the Holy Trinity in their Unity, as it was from the Beginning.  ...

Above Excerpt from:within the text of  The Enochian Life, Here follows the Kind and Courteous Reply of the Souls Immanuel

~~~ The Enochian Walks with God, 1694. ~~~
Excerpt  2 of 3

July the 16, 1693.  AS my mind was environed with a Divine Light which opened the great design of God’s Love in the Redemption of the fallen lapsed State of all Mankind: That Scripture being set before me in 1Corinth. 15.45., Rom. 5.12. to the end. The first Man was made a Living Soul; the second from the Lord from Heaven, was made a Quickening Spirit. And so as from hence it was shown to me, that the first created Image, and Form was never intended for an Abiding State; if admit he had continued as he was first created, God from before the Foundation of the World purposed far higher, and more excelling glory; for as much as a Spirit transcend in its Quality and Essence more than That which is of a Soul in its consistency.  Christ the Lord being one Eternal Spirit, in, and by Which we are raised out of the Fall, and quickened into Spirit, whereby we come to partake of an United Purity, Wisdom, Power, and Glory with him.

But here it may be said, this now is not evident, or come forth to all the whole World, which seemeth yet to lie in an Apostatized State.

It must be so, for a time, and time, and half time, and then the finishing of the Transgression and Sin will be: For then will Christ the eternal Root of Righteousness, in all, and over all, spring:  So, as an Universal Restoration to all fallen Angels and Spirits, in Bodies, and out, will by Christ the quickening Spirit be set free.

But of This Jubilee, an allowance of time will be for the working out this more general Salvation, for many are the degrees of purifying, which all Souls must pass through; and such as do neglect their Day, during the time of this Life, as to the New-Birth, and Regeneration;  there is a Law of Necessity for them to go through it, after the time of this Life, in Centers and Regions, which are provided in other Worlds, which are to be passed through. [Margin Note: The Gospel is preached to the dead, or souls departed.]

But herefrom ariseth an Objection, that if it be so that the Grace of God be of this Latitude as to save All, Universally, it may open a door for giving a presumptuous Liberty to some; because Grace has thus far reached as to have any hopes of Redemption after this Life is ended.

Now as to This, let all know, that it is a Punishment and Hell enough to see their Fellow-Creatures entered into Rest and Joy; and they in Labour and Work, having all to do, that tends to a Renovation;   and how long they may be in Punishment, It will be according as the Wickedness of their living Here have been, in all manner of Evil, and Sin, Numerous years may spend away.  All which time, they live excluded from the Lord’s Presence of Joy: All which may be Argument and Motive unto all to improve their Mortal day, which, if they knew what others do possess, they would not lose what may be enjoy’d of the Powers of the Eternal world, while abiding in this very World, which is a forerunner, and sure Pledge of what, after the Dissolution of the Body, shall be entered upon; which here for encouragement, I do give some instance from what some have attained unto; who have first given up for lost, the many Lives, for to live That one Life, which is Christ, which only gives Rest from a Restless World, and weary Life:  For wherever God in Christ, in the Spirit doth abide so purely, they may often be taken up in the Spirit, into Heavenly Court, There to see, and view what makes up the Heavenly-born Family.

But take Notice, such as comes up here, will find themselves as another Translated-Enoch, that may keep their Walks with God; in which Path of Light may be seen the Seraphims, and Cherubims, guarding along up to This Sion-Seat of Glory, In which, filled up with Light-streamers of Glory, delighting the Heavenly Train of Saints, There, all appearing in Robes of Glittering Garments, which Here do follow Christ their Head, in great Order, according to every One’s Degree, Rejoicing with Him by whom they have overcome, and gotten Victory over all Worlds; now to reign as Kings with Christ their Mighty Lord and King, this Mount-Sion-World, thus open-fac’d, and was seen.

Then saw I all these Innumerable Throne-Princes, their Homages and Obeisance, given to the High, and Lofty Alpha, triumphing forth Redeeming-Praises.  Oh how pleasant it is to see what an United Love-Harmony from the Highest to the Lowest degree of These Glorified Saints, all with Crowns, but some more highly Dignified; as Kingly Priests, which had Breast-Plates, set all with Stones that sparkled out with Sparks of Fire.

These, all next to the Glorified Person of Christ, had their Golden Tents, and their Temple to Worship;  the Form of which was only a more Christaline Light, which God the Supreme Majesty opened to be the Glory of it;  to which the lower Ranks and orders of Spirits, were sometimes admitted to worship There.

Thus is this Holy and Heavenly Assembly Imployed and Exercised with all variety of Motion tending to a Divine Adoration to the Rock Eternal, which does multiply amongst them most Amazing and renewed Wonders, which gives perpetual Matter to renew Love-Admirations.  So that I was given to understand, that in this World was no cessation of Spiritual Vocation; for out of God’s infinite Depth and Fulness should Matter still renew, and also with Power be endowed, as fixed in the Humility, all skillfully, and learnedly to act and do after the manner and way of God, their Life Root and Being, subjected always to the Laws of this New World and Kingdom.

But Liberty is granted to many of this holy order that of the highest Saintship are to communicate to them who are not yet come up to their degree; they may help them much in order to the bringing these their Fellow-Members higher up;  the great Saints will much delight in this Office and Service to their Fellow-Members;  for their Joy cannot be completed until all come up unto the Unity of Love, in a pure Deifick-Spirit.

Now to make out this, there was shewn to me some chief ones in the Ministry of Love, as Enoch, and Abraham, John the Apostle, and Paul, with others of their Order, that had golden Vials given to them to pour forth for Anointing and Healing; and Peter, with some of his Rank to unlock Centers, and set free those, who in those upper Regions wanted to be perfectly set free, and in this lower World also.

Now follows an enquiry whether there may not be a correspondency and intercourse maintained by these Holy and devout Souls, who are departed this Body as to any Love or Pleasure in it, living yet here;  such assuredly are very capable to hold, and to have a holy League, and very near Affinity with the glorified Person of Christ, and with the heavenly Frame of Glorified Saints, which have put on Bodies of Immortality;  for the high Illuminated Souls, spirited with Christ’s Spirit Here, but yet abiding in Bodies Corporal, they may have liberty of recourse by the Spirit into the divine and light Principle, where the ancient Worthies are, who would most willingly meet and confer with us about the things pertaining to our Progress to the Kingdom of Christ;  they are very free to discourse us in what may refer to a perfect Life, that so, we may be made meet to come up to them in unity of love to God, as in Triune-Deity, which filleth all There with a full Body of Light.

But it may be asked how, and after what way do Spirits accompany Souls here that are Spiritual?  Is it by Apparition, or com-mingling by Spirit?  In answer hereunto, according to my present measure and experience, I find it very rare in this latter Age that they visit Souls by visible Apparition (though sometimes they may) as Moses and Elias appeared to the Lord Christ; since whose Ascension all of this kind is transacted more Invisible and Essential, by passing in the way of a Spirit, and having, and influencing our Souls, through which there is a sweet congruity, and a reciprocal Love, which is also in our Spirits towards them, that hereby they often draw up to them our more Superiour Angel to be in Heavenly Places with them, being very affable and friendly to shew their Princely Thrones, and their delightful solaces and enjoyments they have from the perpetual motion of the Triune-Deity.  Now as any Soul here below do find Christ their Root of Love in them, as their true Original, for securing their Love, first in the eternal Father, and Spirit in Christ the Lord, then most easily may we, without being guilty of Spiritual Idolatry in this, pay a veneration of Love, and high respect to these great Potentates, that have Power to befriend us upon many Accounts, that we may need their assistance.   For during the time of our Probation in this Life, so it is altogether expedient that we get acquaintance with the Servants in this high and Heavenly Court, for they may do us many Kindnesses, as they are in Offices of great trust from their head Prince and King; it is made known to me, that holy and good Souls have lost much as to the knowledge of Divine Arts, and Holy Skillfulness to do and act forth the wonders of the heavenly Power in manifold Wisdom, as Christ, Moses, and Elias, and the Apostles in their day did.

Now it may be demanded, what in Scripture have you to authorize this Assertion, or Revelation?

First we bring you that of the Hebrews, We are come to Mount Sion, to God, the Judge of all, and to the Spirits of just Men made perfect.  See further hereinto, Heb. 12, 22,25. If there were no more it speaks full enough to the purpose to the confirmation that the Saints here upon Earth are allowed to come up to the Mount Sion perfect Spirits in Heavenly Places, and do maintain a holy Conference mutually as there is to be Instanced in the fifth Chapter of the Revelations, verse 5.  How that the Elders talked with the Apostle John, and did show him several things, Chap. 7 ver.13,14. And likewise in Daniel, where Daniel asked questions, and heard one Saint from the Heavens speaking one unto another for resolving of Daniel in his Enquirings; so that here is a cloud of Witnesses to back it, besides what of this kind is known by some in this present time and Age, who do obtain and retain several of these heavenly Intelligents, whereby Knowledge is communicated, and the Invisible things and objects there made manifest to such as are in Corporal Figures.

Now to instance somewhat relating hereunto, in the first place, we give you to understand, whoever they be who would this Privilege know, and come to enjoy with the holy Angels, or separated Souls, they are to be freed and sequestered in Heart and Mind from all mortal Entanglements, as if they were divested of a gross Body with its Impediments, and so reserving themselves in a most Inward Purity of Heart and Mind; without which habit of spirituality, there is no commencing of this acquaintance with either Angels, or Patriarchs, Prophets, or Apostles, or any Evangelical Saints since those Ages, for they having put on Incorruption and Glory, and quite redeem’d out of the Earth, they will not touch no more with such as are defiled with corruptible things;  now such Persons that stand thus pure and clear, they may have much Assistance from these Throne Spirits and Powers in their way and travel to their Heavenly Country;  for those Angelical Spirits that once liv’d in Flesh, do more nearly sympathize with us in all our Infirmities, and therefore all feelingly they tenderly consider our tempting-state, and give themselves out most readily for our help;  nay they are Advocates, and do remind the Lord Jesus of their Prophecies, that they may have their fulfilling upon us.  Of this sort and degree, they are the choicest and greatest in the Kingdom of our Lord, and have very stately Pavilions which are pitched round the Majesty of the Jehovah God, whose Pavilion is so dreadfully bright, being mingled with numerous Colours, so oriental and fine, that as glittering Stones they do shine;  and above this is spread a wonderful Element, which dilateth it self all over these upper Heavens;  it seemeth to consist only of a transparent golden Mist, which giveth a marvelous golden lustre for the Pleasures and Delight of the Inhabitants of this Heavenly Orb;  Here sometimes the Lord Christ enters into the Father’s Royalty, and the Holy Ghost, and the seven Spirits which appear as radiant and sparkling Flames;  and when I enquired about them what their Office was, one of the chief Elders told me they were the seven Invisible Counsellors, and mighty Powers, equal with the Trinity, by which the old Heavens and Earth should pass away in Mortal Creatures, and also in the room of which should spring all new.

This new mold of Creatures, both here and elsewhere in other Regions are by these seven Spirits to be performed, and also by the going forth of these sevenfold Powers, that are to do the great wonders in the highest Heavens, and so passing down to this lower Earth, which time for their sending forth, I was informed, approach’d very near, wherein they should be seen to move, and turn all Spheres upside down;  Now the next marvelous appearance that opened, was the Virgin;   Her Place and Mansion was pitched betwixt the Supreme Majesty of the Father, and the Throne of Glory of the Lord Christ;  Her Beauty and Comeliness being great, cloathed with the Clouds, in which there was such a silver brightness, and on them fixed Stars of Gold, with golden hair hanging down, with a Crown upon her Head, more excelling than others, and numerous Virgins, the honourable ones, such as loved, and ministered to the Lord Christ here on Earth, and also to her;  These had Seats round about Hers, it would fill up a great Volume to give a particular of the greatness of the Glory and Magnificency of this Heavenly Court;  a thousand degrees of Blessedness it is to have a Place, and a Name enter’d among this Assembly. ...

Above Excerpt from:  A Communication between the Saints above and the Saints Below

~~~ The Enochian Walks with God, 1694. ~~~
Excerpt  3 of 3

Being a Question put to the Author, which is this, viz.   Q. GOD being so Pure, Holy, and Good in Himself; How comes Evil and Sin to be awakened, since God is the Original, from whence All Created Beings have proceeded? As (now) both Angels, and all Rational Creatures are infected therewith all.

As this was answered privately, so it is thought necessary and serviceable (for the publick Satisfaction of All in General) to be inserted Here, being of a weighty Concern for to be Resolved in, (which is not from the Reach of Man’s Knowledge or Wisdom, but from the Revelation of the Spirit of Christ ( so given in, and in This wise opened ) viz.

A. That the Great and Mighty God and Creator, had all Principles and Centers, both of Light and Darkness in Himself;   with Good and Evil, Death and Life.  But all of These (tho seeming contrary) were bounded in Unity and Harmony;  So that the Darkness did not mingle, to Eclipse the Light;  Nor the Evil to lessen and diminish the Good;  Or the Death to be hurtful to the Life.

The Divine Wisdom kept All in their Place and Station Unviolated in Himself. But what the Mighty God Procreated, and Generated out of Himself Angels of That Kind (which kept not their first Station) they derived from their Creator All Essences, both in the Light, and in the Darkness, and were very Noble, Potent, and Great.  But being (now) Distinct, and apart from their Original Root (The Being of God) They found a Power in themselves to awaken what Principles or Essence they would (standing in a Free-Liberty, either to the Good, or to the Evil).  But not being watchful, to keep All in our Bounds in a meek Humility; A Sinful disorder brake forth, and the Luciferian-Spirits got against the Creator, who, (hereupon) turned them out of the Pure Angelical Principles, so as they must remain Apostates from God, till their Number of Punishment shall be finished.  Now, from Hence came the Infection of All Mankind.  These Fall’n-Angels envying That New, and Heavenly Image.  For God, after This, made and brought forth (to Replenish, and fill up the void and empty Spaces of the Light World) Man, whom he had Created in their Room:  Upon which they did Conspire, how they might involve This New-Created-Being, in the same Fate of Disobedience with themselves, for they were Subtle-Knowing-Spirits, and understood better than Adam, of what Consistency of Principles He stood in;   And that (through Temptation set on) the hidden Essence of Evil might be awaken’d in Him;  for He was Essenced both in the Good and Evil;  and so, became more easily corrupted and defiled.

Thus we give the Enquirer an Answer to the Question. How Sin at first came in.  Now it remains to let you know, How this Poyson of Sin (that hath infected All of Adam’s Posterity) shall be allayed and expell’d.  The original Cure hereof, is so known, that I need not set That forth, being generally believed that Christ came in the Flesh to be a Propitiation for the Sins committed in the Flesh.

But now a deeper Thing than This I have to declare and make known as Thus.  We know all Outward-Births have been conceived in Sin;  And yet somewhat of Good (from the Original Root of Nature) hath therefrom (in every one) sprung forth.  Now know and consider, there is no other way to make a Perfect Cure, but by taking the Sting of Sin out;  and that by another Birth conceived within the Soul (which is Christ the Quickening-Spirit) (that which is a Sinless Birth):  And as that groweth up, and becomes strong in Spirit, the Sinful Part withers and dies away.  Thus Christ the God-man works out Sin within the Properties of Fall’n Nature, And so, completes Redemption Victoriously; For that which is thus born of God, overcomes the World. 1John, Ch.5.

But here meets me a Question, viz., Is Christ to be conceiv’d, and born in every one for Salvation so Intrinsically?    Yea surely, This is, and must be the Foundation-Seal, whereby God the Father will own, and rescue us, as being the Express Image of his Beloved Son.

But again it may be Objected, That I have verified, that God’s Love is so great and large, as All Fall’n-Angels and Spirits shall be Redeemed;  But the Question is, How can that be when so many die without any Appearance of this New-Birth you speak of?  It is so, that millions of Souls do so (out of this World) pass away, and much to their Loss and Suffering it will be.  Yet know, The Root of the eternal God is in every Soul, tho never so Vile and Evil in this Body they have lived in and so died. For Christ is the Light that hath enlightened every one that cometh into the World, (John 1), that this Light and Life of Christ hath been shut up, and Sin hath got uppermost, yet Christ (the eternal Spark of life) will save Himself in all that have Apostatized from Him;  Nothing shall suffer Loss but the Fuel of Evil-Works, that cannot pass through the Judgment and Burning;   and if this Life be passed over, and little or nothing of This done;   There must be a remaining in a Fearful-Expectation of going through this Terrible Refining-Work after this Life, in Regions so appointed for that end.  Oh! that all careless, desperate Soul-Adventurers, that know not the hard Tugs they must go through to clear and get off, what they contracted of Vile-Matter, and Evil-Deeds, in this Life;   Therefore, let all be warned to Mortify and Renounce the Earthly-Birth, that so, they may escape the Fiery-Indignation, that will come upon the Works of Iniquity.

Oh! now then, whilst you have Day with the Everlasting Sun-shine of Love in your Souls, Turn into it, and it will Clarify and Brighten you that (so saved) you may be out of all Future-Punishments, and Entrance find into the Joy of our Lord;  which may be known now in This present Time, in the Heavens of a Pure-Heart;  The happy Felicity of which I have already set forth, in this Treatise.

So, hoping This may give Satisfaction to the Impartial and Sober-minded, for Information into the Mysteries, that have been under a Veil (which is now rending away) for the which break of Day, Let us earnestly Pray.

Above Excerpt from:  A Post-Script



~~~ The Wonders of God's Creation Manifested in the
Variety of Eight Worlds or Regions, Allotted to Human Souls, 1695
. ~~~
Excerpt  1 of 4

1 WHEREAS it hath been sounded in my Ears, that no New Spring of Revelation from him who is ascended into the Heavens, doth come down, Behold I JESUS the Lord have given and raised up, and will yet more evidently give and raise up Witnesses to contradict the Unbelieving:   Who while they continue so, will be excluded from this great and in-estimable Privilege of taking from me; and thereby of knowing the hidden secrets that lye in God the Fountain of Eternity.  Now then to thee, who hast already born a true Witness for me, I do give a further Commission to go forth, from a Book within Unsealed;  wherein thou shalt meet with an unmeasurable Deep of Revelation, to publish for the Universal Enlightening of the Ignorant and Blind in Mind.  For from this the Spirits Day shall break up apace, that so it may be known, that God in his Christ, hath not forgotten to reveal himself to the Inhabitants of this lower World in truth and righteousness:   But together with this, there will be that which will take up a false Covering of the Spirit.  Therefore my LORD did say to me, that pure and right Revelation should not go forth Naked, or only Literally, but clothed with Power in the Number Seven, where the Strength of an Almightiness shall be a guard upon its Testimony of Truth and Verity.

2 Now then I am to make report of some particulars revealed by the Spirit of CHRIST:  Of which the First was this, That the time was very near approaching, in the which the Earth should cast forth the Dead, that have been buried in the Body of Sin.  For this end a terrible Blow and Stroke upon the Nations of the Earth will suddenly come.  God saith, he is wearied out with the Sinful Abomination of this World, to which he purposeth shortly to put an end.   For it hath accordingly been sounded in my inward Ear, that the Ends of all Sinful Worlds, are by the great Creator of them now determined.  Upon which saying, I queried in Spirit with my LORD, in what other Worlds besides this Visible and known World, the Evil of Sin did yet remain?  Whereupon it was replied, that such as go out of this World in their gross and unmortifed Earthly Life, without Clarification, obtained through the Water of Regeneration, and the Blood of Christ shed in them, and so Atoning for Sin and Trespasses: (which not being entirely done away before they go out of this Life, will still abide with them in their nature and quality after Death;) do pass into such Worlds, Stations or Centres, which are most agreeable and natural to them, and do accordingly bear great varieties, and sundry degrees of Punishments, proportioned to the Impurity that is left in them.  For as much as Sin dieth not totally with the Body, except while in it there hath been a Dying to it, by the Spirit of Righteousness spreading over it.  So that from hence a Cry doth go forth to all Nations, Peoples and Languages, to Purge out the corrupt Leaven of Sin, that it may not go with them into that World, or Worlds, where their Lot may be.

3. For it hath been revealed unto me, that there are several Regions or Worlds that do receive the Souls of all Degrees and Ranks, to the Number Eight.  The First of these is this Mortal Visible World:   The Second is the Astral or Aerial World:  the Third is the Waterish Elementary World:  And the Fourth is the Fiery Dark World.  These are all the Worlds where Sinful Lustings may be, with Punishments answerable, till Sin shall expire therein, through the Mediatorship and Propitiation of CHRIST the Almighty Redeemer.   For into the next Four Worlds nothing of Evil or Sin can enter, or in the Inhabitants of them dwell.  The First of these is the Paradisiacal World, being all Celestial, and a very pleasant State, where there is a growing up to higher degrees of Perfection; to complete us for the Kingdom of Mount Sion: Where Christ’s the Lord’s Kingdom is in great Magnificence, with all the Angelical Principalities under him, and with the Elders, as Patriarchs, Prophets, and Apostles.   The Third Heavenly World is the Royal and Principal Seat of God the Father, with the Eternal Virgin Wisdom, and the Seven Spirits.  This bears the Title of the Great City, called the New Jerusalem, where the Glassy Sea doth encompass about.   Then above this is that World called the Still Eternity:  Out of which were generated all of these Worlds above-mentioned.  Of all which I must give an account, according as I have had them shewed and opened, from the deep Centre, and Original Being of them.  I did not know when I published my two last Treatises, that of the Enochian Life, and the other of the Paradisiacal Laws, that my God would ever have had made use of me any more in this kind;  the Day of my Life being so far spent, and growing to its evening Rest.  But my LORD doth still follow me with fresh Revelations, and Inkindlings from his own immense Deep, which run as a Fiery Stream through me, so that I find there is no resisting this all-driving Power; by which hidden and unknown Worlds must be made manifest in this last Age of Times.

4. But before I go upon this large and copius Matter, it will be proper to Answer a grand Objection, that is expected to be cast in upon the Reading hereof;  Namely, since the Holy Scripture maketh no mention of such Variety of Worlds, how shall we give credit hereunto?  In Answer to this, it is given from him, who Was, and Is, and Will be the true Inspirer, to open new Volumes of his Mind, which are not to be less reputed and credited than the foregoing Scriptures:   The Old Testament having been appropriated to the Ministration of the Father, the New to the Son;  now the Third Day is come, in which the Holy Ghost will have His, which will Excel all before it, to Unseal and Reveal what yet never was known or understood, that will be communicated to, and by such as are in an extraordinary manner sanctified and set apart for this holy Function.  For from this Spirits Day, must go forth a New Spring of things yet to be revealed, both as to the Present and Future State, that hath lain hid within these mentioned Worlds.  The Account of which I am more particularly to give, according as it hath been shown to me from the Spirit of Inspiration.  For I write here from no other Ground, than what the Spirit of CHRIST, in the Glass of Wisdom, hath presented to mine Inward Eye, which pierceth into the Deep of God’s Mind.  And which is no longer to be concealed;  for the Holy Unction is given for this end; to drop his golden Oil, which will dissolve all those Seals, that have stood so long for an hiding, and shutting up of those Mysterious truths, that a Commission is now given to bring forth; in order to their being proclaimed, and inscribed upon the Pillars and Temple of God’s House.  Whether believed, or not, it must stand as the Engraving of God’s Hand.

5. The First in Order is this Corporeal Visible World, in which we now live:  Where good and evil Births have been produced from Adam, and so still shall go on to be procreated, till the Numbers shall be finished and filled up, that are indeed as to us numberless, but numbered by God.   Here is laid a Foundation for his manifold Wisdom, in a wonderful way and manner, to be made manifest from this first ground of Natural Generation.  Which Births after a limited time must pass through the Death of the Elementary Body, to such Regions as their Lot will fall to.

6. As for such Ranks of Souls that do dye Unregenerated, these having no part in CHRIST, and having lived ignorant, and as without God in this present World, do go to their own direful Place, within the Circumference of the Evil Worlds;  where they will be proved and tried, till the general Restitution of all lapsed Worlds, by the Mighty God and Saviour shall come to be effected.  But of this we will not further now insist, having elsewhere more largely declared it.

7. Now therefore beginning from below, I proceed to make known to the true Simplified Inquirers, what the First and Lowest of these Worlds or Elements is:  This is entitled the Dark Hellish World, and by the only Supreme Creator and Judge, is allotted a Receptacle for Lucifer, and the rest of the Apostatized Angels of that Hierarchy.  It may be also called the Direful and Black Kingdom, over the which Lucifer is King, ruling there in the Pride of his Might in the Wrathful Fire.  Now from hence it is given us to understand, that such Souls as in the time of this Life are Infected, and deeply Essenced in this Satanical Principle, being stained with all that is Diabolical, going hence without being Renewed and Transformed in some degree, by the Love & Light Principle, must when they die out of the Body, expect this Hellish World to be their Habitation and Portion;  with all those Punishments that the Evil Angels will delight to inflict upon them.  O that this dreadful Place and Company, could warn and terrify all that of this Diabolical Spirit are!  For who would ever endure, were it but for a Year, or a few Years, such intolerable Sufferings, if they might by any means be prevented?  Which may be done, if in holy Fear they do eschew all those Evils that do lead hereto.  So having no more to say to this Dark Kingdom, we must leave it to the Fiery Purgation, until the Venom of Sin in every Evil Property, shall by the means of it expire, both as to Angels of the Hellish source, and to such Souls as have been deceived and captivated by them.  For the Creating Fiat will move the Mystery yet once again, for the making of all things New.  Then shall the old things of Hell, Death, Sorrow and Pain come no more into remembrance.  God is said to be Everlasting and Unchangeable in Love, but not so to be in Anger and Wrath:  For Love must drown and swallow that up.

8. But now the Elementary Worlds, with their Peculiar Furniture or Inhabitants severally allotted to them, are next to be searched into.  Be it then known, that each Element hath a Spirit of another kind than what is known, or can be seen amongst Mortals.  The Fiery Region hath a Spirit proper to it; that is of the only nature and quality of the Fire:  The Water likewise, and the Air each hath its proper Spirit to inhabit therein:  Which are to fill up the Wonders of Gods Creation, having their several Offices known to the Creator, the which are not yet manifest to Mortals.  Only thus much is revealed, and deserveth to be known, that these Elementary Spirits do Cooperate and Qualify with the Elementary Nature of Man, both for Good and Evil, according as the Propensity of the Mind doth either way incline.  But we shall leave this Mystery till the One Everlasting Element shall stand open, for unvailing these Secrets;  and so proceed to let you know the State of such as depart out of this Body:  Which I am to order according to their several Ranks and Degrees.  The First I have already mentioned, who depart out of the Body in the Diabolical Spirit.  The Second Sort is such as are Ignorant of God, and of their own Eternal Being, looking no further than to an Earthly Animal, and Rational Life, in which they are swallowed up; yet do darkly see something beyond, Believing in God and Christ Historically, and are convinced by the Light of Nature that they stand in need of a Saviour, and so falsely do take hold of him.  These when they dye, pass no higher than the Airy Region, where they are to abide till they receive power and strength to mount higher:  For in these Elements, the Proper rest is not Found.  Now for the Third Degree of Souls, they are those that are more knowing and believing in GOD and CHRIST, who being truly Convinced of their Depravity and lost Estate, and of the necessity of Redemption, yet cannot come off clearly from the Worldly Principle, still sticking in the outward Birth, so as they cannot pass through the strait Gate of the new Birth of Regeneration;  and yet do, not withstanding, entertain hopes of Salvation through CHRIST, that at Death they may presently enter without more ado into the Heavenly Kingdom.   In which Millions of Souls are deceived:  For they that are of this Rank and Sort, have but somewhat an Higher degree in the Elementary Regions, where their Receptacle and Mansion must be, till time shall wear out all of the gross matter of the Impure Elements.  And as they feel not much Pain, Agony, or Sorrow, so but little Pleasure or Joy; because they cannot reach the Vision of God.  But Redemption will operate in these, and work through great Compunction, and Reflection, for the lost time and opportunity which hath been missed to gain an higher State.

9. But here a Query may be put concerning the fiery Soul that is Eternal, and breathed forth from God, and found to lye hidden in the Unregenerated Persons:  for it may be asked, where this Divine and Pure Spirit doth go upon their Decease?  In answer to this we give you to understand, according to what hath been in the Divine Magia made known, that the Supreme Spirit returns to God, that introduced it into the Elementary Body.  So that God takes that which is his own to Himself.  For this is an high graduated Spirit that doth belong to the Soul, and that being smothered and stifled by the contrary Principle, never came into any Dominion to suppress and reign over the opposite Nature.  And so with relation to this God said of the old wicked World, that his Spirit should no longer strive with Man.  So that the Soul, which never was renewed and Born again, may go into Deprivation and Suffering, together with the Astral and Elementary part, for a known and limited time; till that which is Elementary shall be Refined and Transmuted.  When therefore the set time shall come, for God to move and Open the One Element, that shall transmute all Elements into itself, then the New Creation of pure Celestial Bodies in every Region will be made manifest.  But here I must stop my Pen, for the Mystery of both Living and Dead is so hidden, and deep, that the Holy Ghost bringeth to light a new Record, which this present Age cannot well bear, or understand.  Nor will it be, until there come a breaking off from the old Traditional Knowledge, and a weaning from the Breasts of a strange Mother;  that so they, as new born Spirits, may draw from the Eternal Word of Wisdom, fresh Unction, that giveth light unto the Understanding, and by which the Counsel of the Most High is made known, and all the secrets that can be desired are manifested.  Which leadeth on to the Four Heavenly Worlds.

10. The first of these is the Paradisiacal World, the Inhabitants of which are such as have attained to a good degree of Regeneration, being Born of the Spirit, and as have been partakers of the Baptism of Water, Blood, and Spirit for Renovation;  that so thereby the Principle of the Paradisiacal World hath been opened in them, before they depart out of the Body of Mortality;  which giveth them a swift passage to enter Paradise.  Where as Plants they do spring and grow for an higher Transplanting into the Kingdom of Mount Sion. For it is very rare that any Souls do come up to be with CHRIST the Lord, immediately upon the departing from the Body.  Though I do not say but some may reach to such a perfect degree of Christlikeness, as that when they Die, this Angelical World may stand open to receive them;  and so being admitted into that high Glorification, may from Glory to Glory still be ascending, till at length they arrive to the New Jerusalem State.  And beyond this, there remains no more to pass into, but the inmost Place of Purity, which bears the Title of the Still Eternity; for that nothing but Everlasting Rest, Stillness, and Silence is to be perceived here.   Of each of which Worlds there are some Particulars to be at this time declared, from the Faithful Witness, that it may be discerned who they are that are made meet to inhabit them.

11. It ought then to be known, how that those Souls that are Born of God, and so Renewed in every part, the whole Man being changed into a Deified Nature, must needs enjoy, and know beforehand the Joys and Pleasures of these Worlds to which they do belong, according to that degree which any in this Life-time do reach to.  Such as are allotted for the Paradisiacal World when they Decease, will have it at some time or other open, while in the Body.  For the Spiritual Property will qualifie most interiourly;  so as the true Mystical Paradise puts forth its flowing Glory in the inward ground of a Renewed Mind.  So that this outward Principle, and evil World, preventeth not in the Holy and Heaven-born Souls, those pleasant Golden Springs from running, to Circle and Water every Plant, which by the Spirit of CHRIST hath been renewed.  Therefore the Holy Trinity do delight often to manifest themselves in the Souls Paradisiacal Heart and Mind, as well Now as Hereafter.

12. From hence it was given me to understand, that as the Mystical Paradise, so also the Mystical Sion doth therewith also stand open in the ground of this pure Heart, gradually shooting forth, and revealing it self in it.  And concerning this more than Glorious World, the Kingdom of Christ, in which he with his Perfected Saints doth Reign, it is shewn me how the same Light and Pure Principle doth open it self in those Souls, where the Paradisiacal, or Angelical Life doth spring Spiritually.  For every World, or Principle, doth attract to it self its own, which belongeth unto it:  And the Powers and Influences of each are sensibly felt, according to the Constellations that any one is under.  The vile and wicked sort are pulled and drawn by the Magick of the Dark World:  But the Heaven-born Souls are inspired and qualified by these Upper Worlds, as by some is well known;  so that Paradise, and the Mount Sion World, are manifested in their own Original Light in the Centre of the Soul.  From which I do give a Description of these Invisible Worlds, as they were first opened within:  from whence Love, Power, Joy and Peace do spring, which maketh Heaven to be the Souls present dwelling with Christ, and all the Angelical Train, though not visibly seen, yet essentially enjoyed.  But this is only to be known by Spirits that are deeply introverted, and carried out and beyond a Creaturely Life:  And when any worthy ones in this Light Principle shall be fixed, then expect we may, that the Eternal Powers will move and work through such, to whom the Dominion of Christ’s Kingdom here below will be intrusted:   For which we have many Scripture Prophesies, as in Isaiah, the Revelations, and Daniel, that do abundantly declare how it must, and will be given to the Saints of the Most High, to possess the Kingdom; of which there is also a Confirmation by a Renewed Spirit of Prophesie, that doth assure us, that this Day is very nigh, and that it will be upon the World before they are aware of it.  For as the Man of the Earth hath had his Ruling Day Universally, so shall the Lord from Heaven descend in such a manner into his own prepared Vessels here Below, in his Kingly and Priestly Power, as shall overturn and bear down all Earthly Powers;  but of this we shall speak farther in the next Advance, or Remove up to the Third Court, or Principality of God the Father’s Majesty: That is,

13. The Jerusalem City, which is more Glorious and magnificent than what hath yet been made mention of, far surpassing the Glories of the Two lower Blessed Worlds.  As to the Walls and Foundations of it, with the Gates that open into it, they are all so Diaphanous and full of Splendourous Light, that it is altogether impossible to make it out, even in any degree, according as it hath been exhibited and seen in the Spirit, in the Metaphorical Figure of it, which yet represents it very much short of the Spiritual Substantiality of this City which is God himself dilating and spreading forth his Godhead in such Amazing Varieties.  This is a Principle and World which none but CHRIST in his Glorified Humanity, with such high Saints as are Glorified with his Glory can have any access to.   Of which unconceivable abundance of Glory these are with Him continually participating, Ascending and Descending, as cause requireth.  No pass there is into this City but through the Glassy Sea, which Sea none do tread and stand upon, but such Spirits that are qualified and cloathed upon with the self-same Matter, which is all Chrystalline Water and transparent Fire.  O how am I lost out of my self while this Globe Light and all the Wonders therein do open!  For in this interim it was said to me, Behold ! all these Weights of Glory have I prepared not only for Pleasure to my self, but for such as do love, and put on their Lord CHRIST in Deiformity; and so as Conquerors pass through the Glassy Sea, to enter through the Gates having this City written upon their Foreheads.

14. Now it remains to open the more Mystical Sense of the Invisible Eternity of this Mother City, the New Jerusalem, that from the Father in Union with his Virgin Wisdom doth multiply, and so fill up that Principle with Virgin Spirits, that are most perfectly Pure and Immaculate; whence it is that nothing beyond this, can any of the Redeemed ever arrive unto.  Mount Sion Kingdom is most Great and Glorious, but yet inferior to this; because that is in the Mediatorship of Christ, but in this World all is completed and finished.  So that when this New Jerusalem shall descend, it will soon put this old, sinful, and impure World to an end.  But being able to give no more than a short and finite Description of this Infinite, Eternal and All-glorious World, I am led on further to open the Mystery of it, so far as it relateth to this present Age, and to the Saints, who are to make up this City, and to bring their Glory to shine in it.  ...

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~~~ The Wonders of God's Creation Manifested in the
Variety of Eight Worlds or Regions, Allotted to Human Souls, 1695
. ~~~
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18. Now having given you an Account of the Seven Worlds, with the Inhabitants assigned to fill them up; I proceed on to the Eighth, which is the Beginning, and the Highest of all Worlds, called the Still Eternity.  This there is no way possible for any one to describe, or give account of, but by being taken up into it.  From which there is a freedom to give a Description, according to what hath been seen in this World by a Spirit thither Translated.  It may be most properly entitled the Highest Court or Principality, of the Tri-Un {Triune}Majesty.  The Situation of it is founded upon an Abyssal Deep, where from an inaccessible Light doth generate and spread it self without bounds, as a vast Globe of Eternity.  God is here to be known and understood abstractedly from Eternal Nature, as abiding in his own Simplified Deity, before either the Angels or other Creatures were Created.  Here the Holy Trinity dwelt in the meek Stillness, enjoying themselves, before they brought forth any Image, or Likeness to themselves.  For in this high and lofty Sphere no Figures of Glory could be seen, though great Powers did move here, and variety of Wonders did appear, sending forth a Majestick Awefulness.

19. Q. But it may be demanded, What the Wonders of this World are, since there is nothing of Figure in it to be beheld; neither the Father, nor the Son, nor the Holy Ghost, in any Distinction for to be known?

Ans. It is verily so; yet there is a Consubsisting of the Blessed Trinity in each other.  The Fullness of the Godhead dwelleth here Un-bodily, with his Virgin Wisdom, and the Seven Spirits:  All which do here open themselves from an Infinite Source; and from thence all the Creating Powers do flow forth.  For this is the Abyssal World, from whence all other Worlds were Created.

20. Q. It may be further Queried, What further Wonder did you here see?

Ans. A glorious and wonderful Element was seen with numberless Sparks of Light:  As this outward Air [or Aether] is full of Stars, so this Element was bespangled with Lights.  Upon the Inquiry of the Spirit that was there caught up, what these might be?  It was answered, That all these were Simplified Spirits, that were ordained to garnish that Globe, and to attend there the Tri-Un {Triune}Deity, from whom they are Generated, evermore watching the Eye, to see when it would send them forth to assume or take up Bodies, being all pure, meek and mild Spirits, which do perfect whatsoever, and wheresoever they enter.  These are the Spirits that will sublime, and make Bodies to become All-Divine.

Above Excerpt from: 18 - 20.

~~~ The Wonders of God's Creation Manifested in the
Variety of Eight Worlds or Regions, Allotted to Human Souls, 1695
. ~~~
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HAVING now given a faithful, and true Description of these Eight several Worlds, not from History, but from the revealed Mystery, according to the measure of the Communication of the Spirit of CHRIST;  it remaineth to consider, what Use and Application may be made, by the Readers of these deep and weighty things, that have been here Unvailed.  In the first place then, we are hereby called upon to consider, with the deepest humility, the efficient Cause, and Founder of these Worlds, that produced them all out of an Abyssal Deep, and an Eternal Nothingness.  Secondly, We are called upon to Greater appropriate to God what is more Immense than Immensity, and Greater than all Greatnesses, Higher than all Heights, Deeper than all Depths, Perfecter than all Perfections; who maketh his dwelling in an Eternal Circle of Love, Power and Wisdom, filling all these Worlds with the fullness of his Godhead, made manifest in the express Image of his Glory, namely, in the Second Number of the Three that bear Record in Heaven.  Thirdly, we are excited to consider, what we Mortals are, from whom our Descent is, and what manner of Spirit we consist of, and exist by.  For until we understand our own Eternal being, we cannot know God, the Being of all Being.  For as we are the inbreathed Soul from God, we live in his Essence.  Which is the Glass through which we may see and know the invisible Deity, and thereby also know our selves, as we consist of the higher Principles, and Worlds above, as likewise of those Below.  For they all Qualify with the Immortal, and also with the Elementary, part in us, for most wise, and wonderful Ends.   O how great is the Mysterious Greatness of the Soul, that lieth vailed, covered, and unknown to it self?  The Body of outward sensibility shuts it up from understanding its own Power, as it is an Essense derived from God, and an out-flowing Breath from the Most High Majesty.  The Earthly Life bindeth it down in all Men, until Christ in Spirit do enter in to make it free in his own Liberty, by quickening the Dead Essence of these Principles of Light, Love, and Power.  And by this the Soul is restored to its pre-existing and true Nativity in God; which is apt to be forgotten, if not continually revived in the Mind.  In which being exercised, it will put a check and awe upon it, from the consideration of what it is, and to whom it must return, as to its Eternal Centre.

Being come to the Conclusion of this Subject, I must be permitted, what I am in Commission for, from the High and Heavenly Court, to leave this word of Caution and Exhortation to all them who would full Redemption see, and would be glad to be set free from all fears, doubts, and concerns upon that account.  Watch against all Cavils, and Commotions that are apt to arise in the mind, by way of opposition to the pure Inspiration of the Holy Spirit:  O ! grieve it not either in your selves, or in any other; remembering that you have it for a Counsellor and Comforter, and for a Key to open the Heavenly Worlds unto you, and to give you an inheritance in them.  The assurance whereof will be perfect Joy, Peace and Glory, as some do truly witness, and do give it forth their experience; who do therefore advise and exhort all, to whomsoever this Treatise may come, whether, in this Nation, or in any more remote Places, where God is pleased to have it Published, that they seriously Study, and soberly Ponder, upon what, by the Wisdom of God, hath here been unvailed, and declared.   For it is a Seal broken up, that doth belong to this present Age, wherein knowledge is to increase, in order to prepare for the Great Day, that hath been Prophesied of, concerning the Daughter of Sion’s Kingly Dominion.

O come forth! be no longer hid, ye precious Stones of Sion, whither-soever scattered and dispersed:  Whether near or far off, at Home or beyond the Seas, where-ever ye lye hid, come forth.  To you the Golden Bells from the four Eternal Worlds, do Sound out their Alarm, to draw you into them; where, as to your own People, and Native Country, ye may to the Feasts of Tabernacles come, sitting down together in Joy, and evermore celebrating this Marriage Feast, in the Unity of Love, where the Author of this Treatise would in the Spirit meet, and so never cease to congratulate you, as fellow Citizens, and there to eat with you the Feast of Love.

Above Excerpt from:  The Conclusion

~~~ The Wonders of God's Creation Manifested in the
Variety of Eight Worlds or Regions, Allotted to Human Souls, 1695
. ~~~
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TO Answer a Query, Why such Departed Souls that are detained in the Middle Regions do often attract, and draw their near Relations and Friends to be with them?  This you must know, proceeds from a most intimate Unity that was betwixt them while Living; whence not having Center’d their Loves higher than what was Elementary, the Deceased may have much power to draw away the Life of such out of the Body:  Of which kind some Instances have been known.  Let this therefore be a good Caution, to all dear, and near Relations, to carry up their Love to one another, beyond what is but Creaturely.  But this know, that no Departed Spirit can have any force or power over the Living, without they be such as are of Low Birth, under the Laws and Rudiments of this World, and the Constellations of the Starry World:  But as for them, who are got up higher, by the supernatural Birth, they are out of danger to be reached by any Departed Spirits;  For such are above their Influence, as making GOD their Centre only.

It hath been shewed to me also, that there is a great Congruity betwixt the highest Degrees of Saints, departed into the Mount Sion, and Jerusalem Principle; with such here as have attained to that high Birth, which can reach their Principle.  Now this sort act quite after another kind, they do not so much covet to draw them out of the Body, as to Influence, and bring down their Gifts and Powers into Manifestation, in, and through those whom they stand in such Love-Unity with.  These Perfect Spirits in the Separated order do well know, and take notice, who are most fitly Qualified, though in Bodies Elementary, for Immersement with them, and do thereby communicate, and disperse the Light of New Revelations into this Lower Principle; that so the Inhabitants herein may come hereby to be Enlightened and Transformed.  For these Blessed ones above, do with much longing, wait for their Kingdom to be Opened, and spread among Mortals, till Immortality shall swallow up all in its own Everlasting Light and Life.

This I thought meet to superadd to the foregoing Subject, as the Opening renewed in me from Wisdom’s Centre:  As now being under a Commission to keep nothing back, that may serve for the Information, or Satisfaction of Wisdom’s Meek and Lowly Children, who are restless Inquirers to learn and understand, what in this Her Rising Day is to be Proclaimed to the whole Earth.

Above Excerpt from:  An Answer to a Question [at the end of the Manuscript]



~~~ A Revelation of the Everlasting Gospel Message, 1697. ~~~
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Part I.   Introductory.

I. Having put out a Treatise, call’d ENOCHIAN WALKS, IN 1694 and in page 17, 18, 21, 36, 37 specified the Universal Restoration of all Mankind, with the fallen Angels; upon the which many Objections were raised, as well from the Illuminated, and Regenerated, as Unenlightened and Unregenerated:  Which point being not so fully cleared up in that Discourse, as might satisfy the Objectors, I found my self obliged to give further Narrative concerning this Matter, from the deepest ground of Revelation, that opened it self in me.

II.  For I may truly say, I received it not from the Wisdom of Men, or according to tradition, but From the pure Manifestation of the Love, that did break open its Deeps in me.   For albeit I had heard of such a Notion, yet I did altogether disregard it; and would not entertain any belief concerning such a Latitude as this, that should extend so far, as to recover the whole lapsed Creation, till I had an apparent Vision opened unto me.  Wherein my Spirit was carried out to behold several Regions, wherein I saw the Dead numerously and variously in their Confinements, being in dark Centers, as bewailing and bemoaning their State, that they had while in the Body, misspent their time, and lost their opportunity of taking hold of the redeeming Love of Christ.  Then my Spirit passed through these, and was carried beyond them into a Light-Orb and Principle, where I saw the Throne of CHRIST in his Kingly and Priestly Office, interceding and pleading before the Father the validity of his Redeeming Blood.  And right against this Throne, I saw ADAM the first, with his EVE placed together, as rejoicing in hope, that the Mediatorship of Christ would be of that Power and Force, as to release their off-spring out of all Woes, and Miseries, both in Bodies of time and out of time:   and Further I saw numerous Spirits, as bright Flames flying as it were swiftly into this Principle, being set free from the confinements they were in.  Whereupon, I being as a naked Spirit there, did query: What these were?  And the LORD himself pronounced this Word.  "These are those, for which my Blood was shed, tho long involved and shut up as in the Second Death, having passed through many Agonies and Anguishes: yet now see, how they are set free, and come here to be cloathed with new and bright Bodies."   Whereupon I saw ADAM and EVE rise up with exulting Joy, saying: Thus shall our whole Offspring restored be, and come in by degrees:  At which Word I addressed my self to ADAM , saying: How can this be, that all should be restored from the beginning of the World to the end, that in Diabolical Spirits did live and rebel? And it was answered me:  "The Second ADAM, the Lord from Heaven is more than sufficient to repair that Breach, that was made by Me.  Therefore doubt thou not, but Salvation shall gain the Victory: for Love’s Kingdom will swallow up all Kingdoms that under the Diabolical Reign have been."  This was an amazing Vision, that made me consider and weigh well, what was meant hereby, I being left still in some Doubt.

III.  Then it was thus further revealed, by CHRIST the Lord himself, who drew up my Spirit very near unto him, saying these words, "Dost thou marvel at this full and perfect Redemption by me of all Creatures in Humanity, What wilt thou say, if the Love of the immense Deity shall open yet more wonderfully and deep, so as to reach the Fall of Lucifer and his Hierarchy, that they too may reduced be to their first primary Glory and Excellency."  At which I was cast into a silent Wonderment, saying in my self: Lord, who has comprehended, or fathomed what the immense Love of a God may bring forth? So returning again into my bodily Sense, I began then to entertain a certain Belief hereof, and searched the Scriptures, what I could find to make this out.

IV.  Then were Opened to me several Scriptures, concerning the Restoration of Mankind, as that to the Rom.V,v.14,11,19,21. Which were very Emphatical to that purpose: with 1Cor.XV,v.22. As in Adam All die, so in Christ shall ALL be made alive, and that 1Tim.II,v.6. where it is said, that he was given a Ransom for ALL, to be testified in due time. So that these Scriptures, with several others, did a little confirm me.

V.  But then I could not satisfy my self concerning the fallen Angels, as not finding Scripture ground, to clear up their Restitution, that had brought all this Mischief upon Mankind.   And I had no way to inform my Understanding, so as to see, how this breach could be made up from Scripture ground, but I referred my self to the more immediate Revelation of God’s Mind herein.  And so I passed it over, saying nothing of it, till I had a further more clear Evidence: which was in the Year 1693. Then I had a fresh moving and enkindling upon my Spirit concerning this general Redemption, and had many times Hints and Excitements by the Spirit, to attend this Manifestation, and not to neglect it;  for I had this word sprung up in me:  Neglect not to look into this Thorough Salvation, for though it has been a Mystery from Ages sealed up, and unknown;  yet now is the Age and Time for its Publication. Which drew my Spirit forth much into the Enquiry; for I knew no other way to be resolved than by that Spirit, that searches the deep things of God’s Counsel:  which Spirit did drive me so deep into this immense Love, that I was, as it were, all over cloathed with it.

VI.  Then it was thus with me, that if I was to publish this large Dispensation of the Love, How shall I do for Arguments to strengthen it against all Opposers?  Thus freely communing with my Lord about this Matter, it was said to me, Fear not, but proceed and go on to vindicate the boundless Love of thy Creator, and the precious Worth and Weight of the Blood of thy Redeemer.  Who promised, he would be with me, to open that which has been locked up in the Eternal Secrecy.

VII.  Tho’ controversial Points is a strange and unpleasant Work to me, because I am wrapt up so much in the sweet Love Harmony, that I care not to enter into any Contest, but am satisfied in this unshaken and foundational Truth:  Yet for the sake of such as do earnestly desire to be informed, and resolved in this Matter, as being of a tender Spirit, out of all Bitterness, Rashness and Fury; and who standing in a Childish Simplicity, are willing to have the Mind of God unfolded, or searched out;  I find my self engaged to give forth, what has been so freely communicated to me.  And being it is a Matter of that Moment and Concern, wherein God himself requires the clearing up of the deeper, and yet more hidden Reserves of his Good Will and Love:  So by the pure Dictate of his Spirit, I shall go on to fix the Pillars and Foundation of the Creation by the Second ADAM, by whom all things are to be renewed.

Part II.   Of the Extent of the Love of GOD to Man.

VIII. Now whereas it is charged, that Redemption is to reach no further, than to such a Number as do receive and believe in Christ while in the Body, that then, if they fail of it here, they are destinated to an everlasting Damnation;  this I deny as to that Eternity of Punishment which is by them meant.  Because those Scriptures mentioned for the Confirmation of the Never-ceasing Torments, are properly to be understood but for Ages of Time. Which indeed may be long and tedious enough, according as the height of their Transgressions have been here:  So will they find that Worm of their accusing Conscience cannot cease, till the determinated time, when the celestial Love-fire shall break forth to extinguish it.  For it has been little understood or known what the Purgation Work will be, and how much is to be done in other Regions and Worlds:  because it hath pleased the Father of Lights to reserve and conceal, what hath, is and shall be agitated there in these invisible Regions.

IX.  Therefore let none be so Rash as to judge, that nothing more is to be known, than what has been reported of:  for God doth not bring forth or reveal his Counsel, and the whole Extent of his Mind, all in one Age, no not in several Ages:  As for instance, what he did reveal in the Patriarchs’ days, and the first Ages of Time, had their Cessation and Period, and so as occasion was, new Prophecies and Revelations did succeed, till after Christ’s time.  Now we are not to think that there was a stop, as if no more Discovery should be made, of what is further needful to be known.  Of the which many Witnesses both dead and living are, that have further and new Discoveries, relating to the Restoration.

X.  Now as to that dreadful Sentence, that many do pass for all Eternities, It is very much to the Impeachment and Violation both of the Justice and Truth of God, which is not to be violated:  for God gave that Eternity of Life and Being, from Himself into the Creature.  And tho’ Sin, as an Accident did happen, being awakened by the subtle Introducement of the Serpent, and so became a limited Transgression; which did admit, that such should reject in their Life-time, that Grace that brings Salvation;  yet this is but after the Similitude of the Sin, under the Old Law and Covenant;  for in the New, God undertakes to blot out all Transgressions and Sin, and to be a Law of Life written within.  And this stands firm, while the other Covenant is nullified.  So that to assert this is very Injurious to the Grace of GOD:  for tho’ he may punish for the Sin of Unbelief, (which is the grand Iniquity,) and chasten and rebuke;  yet it is reckoned but as for a Moment, if you compare it with the many Circles of Eternity, because it is but just with God, to save and recover what is of his own;  which can never be Annihilated:  And that is the Breath of his Life, and the Essence of his own Being.

XI.  And then it would be also exceedingly lessening of the Love Benignity in the Manifestation of the great Gift Christ JESUS, that he should be so very weak and incapable to repay, save and recover, what was lost by the Transgression of the first ADAM.

XII.  Therefore let none judge they do God right, to make him such an inveterated Avenger against his Creatures, that never had known a Being, but from his Willing them to Be;   and that the Eternal Wrath must everlastingly without Cessation, kindle upon them.   It would have been certainly much more Kindness and Favour in the Creator, to turn them into a Non-entity or No-being again.  Whence God cannot take it well from any, that should render him such an unreconcilable Father to his Off-spring. For though they have proved Rebellious, and Obstinate, with great Despitefulness to his Grace, yet he cannot cease to be a Father to that Eternal Spark and Spirit, that is of his own in all Mankind, yea and in Angels too.

XIII.  It is sufficient that some are banished for Time and Times:  and some, that have been more highly Rebellious, even within the Circles of Eternity.  Which, I have been made to understand, have their Limitation, as if they were in the number of outward Time. For the Consideration of this Sentence, may sufficiently fright any Soul, from slighting and neglecting the Time and Season of the Love-offers to them.   Therefore they need no terribler Sentence than Christ has passed, Depart from me ye Workers of Iniquity, where is Weeping and gnashing of Teeth, Luke XIII, v.27,28.  But this is not to be reckoned, for ever as Worlds without end.   Love and Light, I confess, is without Limits and Bounds, but Death, Darkness, Curse and Punishment, must have unavoidably their end and period.  For only that, which has no beginning, as Love, Wisdom and Goodness, must abide and can have no end, and must drown and swallow up whatever is its opposite.  O that I could persuade, or rather the Love, that dwelleth in me, might open and blow up such enlivening Flames, as may devour these harsh and inconsidered Conclusions, as do make God so unreconcilable to That, which is issued from him, as Being of his Being.

XIV.  Let me therefore entreat you, whom this comes to, that you pass a favourable Censure upon your Fellow-Creatures;  tho’ you have been as the Beloved Jacob, and your Brethren abiding in Esau’s Nature.  It is said Obad.v.18. The Fire of Jacob shall consume the Stubble of Esau.  What Fire is that?  It is not the fierce Fire, but the Love-fire, that must do this Cure.  O, Methinks we have so much our selves of this Apostatized Nature, that tho’ we cannot love or indulge the Sin in our Fellow-member;  yet we should fall upon him as the Father upon the Prodigal, and send out our Fire-Loves Sparks, and pour out our oily Meekness as true Samaritans to heal him, and perform the Office of our Blessed JESUS herein, that came to Save and Seek that which was lost.  For I am well assured, that if this Everlasting Gospel of Love was better understood and cleared, as accompanied with the flaming Love of the Holy Ghost, it would convert, and affect more Hearts:  and be as the golden Net, that would drag in thousands out of the Sea of this worldly Principle to the Shore, where they might set down in Rest and great refreshing.

XV.  Blessed are those that shall be Publishers, and go forth with this Everlasting Gospel-Message, which may reach both to them that are Dead and in Prison, as well as the Living.  Let this not seem to be a hard Saying:  for Christ went to preach to the Spirits in Prison, that were so long disobedient before.  This Gospel is given me to understand, that it is the Love and good will, that is to be preached so long, till all Regions, Centers, and Worlds shall be given up to the Power, that shall constrain them, to yield up themselves to be Metamorphosed into a new created being.  For which, O God, hasten thy Messengers, that may proclaim this Blessed Jubilee.

XVI.  But here it may be objected: This Doctrine may be dangerous for to publish Universally, that after this Life there may be hopes of Restitution into the same Glory and Liberty with the Children of Light.  In answer to this, I shall refer you to a Treatise, entitled, The Eight Worlds, &c. wherein are opened the Degrees of Punishments and Purifications in order to a preparation for admittance into higher ranks and orders belonging to the redeemed.  And as for the taking of liberty while in the Body to be more highly wild and wicked, we may conclude, there will be no such occasion taken from thence, because they must pass through such bitter Anguishes and Torments, as is enough to deter any from being diabolical in Conversation;  as not knowing how long their term of Suffering may be, under the Power and Soveraignity of the cruel and dark Prince, that rules in the aiery Regions.  Now as for instance, we have made this observation, that the Doctrine that hath been preached of an endless Misery and Torment, has wrought very little effect in frightening or terrifying them from their evil Courses;   But it has on the other hand run many into despair, and made the desperate to run the adventure, being the Sentence is so irrevocable, as to be reprobated throughout all Eternities.  Whereas if the Love’s Centre were rightly and duly opened, and made manifest, it would have worked far more naturally and kindly, to gain upon the Will of those that are perverse and obstinate.  And sure I am, till this Love shall come to be more displayed, and declared, there will be little Reformation or change in order to Regeneration accomplished.

XVII.  But now is here another Objection, that meets me: which is, that this leads to a Papistical Sentiment;  that if Souls after this Life may have hopes, by passing through the Purifications, it may too much Countenance what they have adulterated. But let it be Turk, Jew, or Papist, we are not to reject or throw it away, because it is their opinion;  It is very obvious and clear to me, that what the Romanists have in this point owned to be their Faith, they have derived from the Primitive Age, which was in that time a pure Gospel-discovery:  but since that time they have corrupted it, and mingled with it their Sorceries;  and so have brought the true thing into a disreputation.  For it is of great consequence to be understood and known.  For how many Millions are there of Souls, that depart out of the Body, in an imperfect state, very short of reaching to an Heaven-grown-stature, being but in part regenerated?  What disappointments do they then meet withal, when they are out of the Body, thinking they must directly ascend from Earth to Heaven, and then enter into the Mount Sion Kingdom?  But O how few and rare are they, that have attained to such a degree of a full grown stature in Christ, as to come to be glorified with the same Glory Immediately:  which must be attained to by Degrees;  yea, after they are set loose from the Body.  Therefore it is great Kindness of the wise Creator, that Middle Regions are prepared for the ascent of those Souls, that die in a good state, and the Purgation of those that die in an Evil. This we see in Christ himself: who ascended first to Paradise, before he entered Mount-Sion, and the New-Jerusalem. Which you may find more largely in my Book printed, 1695. And called, The Eight Worlds.

XVIII.  All that I have now to request of the doubtful, that cannot receive these sayings is: that they would be still, and quietly wait, till the Central-Love within their own Souls shall open and spring.  For I my self was averse to the taking in of this Universal Doctrine:  But was always taught by Divine Wisdom, not to oppose, what I could not reach, or comprehend.  So I did let it rest for some Years after the Vision of it:  and being well acquainted and walking in fellowship, with a very Worthy Person, that had this Sentiment in her, who did often excite me, to look into it, and own it for a foundational Truth, and so to be a Publisher of it;  I could no way concur by persuasion from any Creature, till the Light, Life and Spirit of Christ so strongly set upon me, that I could not forbear to give some Glances of it.  Now I did expect no less, when ever I published it, but that it would blow up some zealous angry Flames upon me, as being contrary to the common Doctrines preached.  But I knew well the Foundation and Ground I stood upon, that tho’ uncouth, and like a strange Visage, it should appear to many, yet the Glory, Beauty and Strength of the JEHOVAH-Love would as Fire drink up all the Floods, that from the foaming Sea should be cast out upon it.   So wait I in hope something of this to see before the Day of my Life shall expire.   The joy of which to see, will be Trumpeted forth among the Angelical Quires.

Above Excerpt from:  Part I Introductory & Part II Of the Extent of the Love of GOD to Man.

~~~ A Revelation of the Everlasting Gospel Message, 1697. ~~~
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Part IV.   The Conclusion.

XXXI. Now I shall conclude this point, as having given forth the whole Counsel of God, as it was opened to me, which I doubt not but will satisfy such as are humble true seeking Spirits, that desire to know the Extent and Latitude of God’s Love.  I have only this request, caution, and counsel to offer: which is not after the weakness of Flesh, but according to the Wisdom and Light of the Eternal Spirit.  From which all are warned, to cease from what has been traditionally received against this point, and not to take up any Weapons of War against the God of Love, in bounding that, which is boundless;  For in so doing, he cannot take it well.  It is much better taken to contend for the first indissolvable Band, whereby all blissful Unity and Harmony may be restored again, in the concluding part of various Scenes.  Which makes for the more eminent and wonderful Wisdom, Love and Power of God the Creator.  Therefore my Counsel is, yet not mine, but from the LORD himself, that wherein any cannot have clearness of understanding herein, they would remain in the quiet repose of their minds, and not stir up any misguided Zeal against it;  but let this matter rest, till the Day break, and the Shadows of Ignorance fly away.

XXXII.  And this further advice is also given, that each one look to the present Work in Hand:  which is working out Salvation through the washing of Regeneration, and so be renewed through the Birth of the Holy Ghost, born in them.  Whereby they may be secured from what Sufferings and Punishments either in this present World, or in other Regions there are for purifying and making meet to be joined to Christ our perfect Head.  For without Beautification and Transformation into the Perfection of Holiness, let none expect to see the face of the bright Body of Glory.  The process hereunto, I have given a large Narrative of in those Books, that have been published, and especially in that which in this year, 1697, is come forth of the JOURNAL, called: A FOUNTAIN of GARDENS.  By All which you may well understand, that by holding of this Universal Restitution, I have not indulged or countenanced any thing of Liberty, as some do make this Doctrine chargeable withal.

XXXIII.  For sure I am, if it were received and understood in the deepest and right ground, it would overturn the strong holds of Sin, and bring in Millions of Souls, that are yet dark and ignorant, to weep and mourn.  When the Love shall pierce them, it will open their Eyes so, as to make ‘em weep and wail, that they have so long lived to despise and trample upon the Blood of the Covenant of Grace and Love.  I do in the Spirit of Prophecy see, such a time is near at hand, that the Love-Trumpet shall so sound, as to bring them from the Four Winds and Dark Corners of the Earth, to feed upon a Love-Feast, that shall be prepared;  but yet not with defiled or unwashed Hands to be touched.  For there will be a Love-Life Coal from the Altar, that will fly to touch and purify such, as long under the Death of Sin have lain.

XXXIV.  This is the Gospel-Message that has been given me to sound:  and Blessed are those, that shall the like Mission have, as raised Witnesses to declare the same;  their Feet being shod with the Golden Sandals of Love, Peace, Purity and Unity, standing upon Holy Ground, that their Horn of Salvation throughout the whole Earth may sound.

XXXV.  For now is come the Day, and acceptable Year, for the alluring and drawing in such a draught, by the spreading abroad of this Love-Golden Net, as numberless numbers may gathered in be, to make up the Superstructure of the Spiritual Temple-Body.  Which so magnificent will be, that Solomon’s Day shall renewed be much more transcendently;   because this Temple all Spiritual will be compacted, and builded together of such Stones, that shall sparkle forth as the Flaming Eye of the Alpha and Omega.   The attracting Virtue of which shall be such, as to draw in the Potentates of the Earth.  For as the Queen of Sheba did come to Solomon to admire the Magnificency of the Court and Temple of the Lord:  So verily it will be, that such swift Flyings of Souls, awakened from the Love-Trumpet shall be, as to bring Praise and Renown to him, who has the Temple founded, and set up the anointed Pillars hereof;  Which shall also with their Head-Foundation-Stone honoured be.  And Offerings hereunto shall also not be wanting, to make it stand firm and fixed;   rising still in its degrees of Glory, as a superaddition of bright and pure Stones shall daily be added hereunto.  Then expect we may, the glorious LORD will not long from his Temple-Body stay;  But will make his descension, as a Bridegroom over his Bride, to display and spread his Banner of LOVE.  Which in such terrible brightness is to be, as the whole Earth may be enlightened with its Glory.  This will be the reigning Power and Kingdom of our LORD.  When his Temple-Bride shall be gathered and made ready; he will not fail then to appear, and all his mourning Dove-Flock with his presence to comfort and cheer.  Which shall be the Joy as well of the Angels above, with the perfect Saints there, as of the Sanctified and Regenerated Ones here below:  Which with one harmonious Sound may cry: The Lord Omnipotent in his Kingdom is come upon the Earth to Reign, with all his Kingly, Priestly and Prophetical Train.  Even so, to as many as do believe, expect and look for thy Kingdom thus to come, it will in its due time in great Power and Glory most certainly accomplished be.  So hasten it, O thou Faithful and Great Amen, that we, (who Universally of the Temple-Body shall gathered be) may sing the Song of Salvation in Triumph and Victory.  Amen!  Amen!

Above Excerpt from:  Part IV The Conclusion.



~~~ The Ascent to the Mount of Vision, 1699. ~~~

May 26, 1698.
THIS great Mystery and Secret, of the various degrees of the Deceased, and separated Souls, which opened on the fourth side of the Mountain, being permitted me to disclose to the Worthy and Believing, that desire to have so much of the Counsel of God made known, as has been revealed herein, to such as are weaned from the Mothers Breast of Tradition:  even to them, it is given forth to know, what is reserved for the latter Ages of time.  Now there were shewn to me seven States or Regions which were allotted to the Dead.

XIV. The first Order I shall mention, is of those that have Lived and Died in a most Wicked and Diabolical Spirit, without any Change or Repentance:  Such as Blasphemers, Contemners of God, Apostates, &c.  These have their places in the Tormenting, Anguishing Fire, of the dark Luciferian Kingdom, where they are to be Punished till the decreed Ages of Ages are expired, within those Spheres or Circles:  Which is dreadful enough to endure, to fright all from coming here.

XV. The second is of those, that have lived in the outward Birth after the Flesh, but know nothing of being Born again from out of the Dead and Earthly Image:  Cleaving to this Worldly Principle, and extending their delight and love no farther than to what is Temporary, living wholly as without God in the World:  These have their places in the lower and grosser part of the Airy Region.  Where tho’ they have not much Torment, yet on the other hand they have but little rest;  and such lovers, they are of their Bodies that many of them visit their dead Corpses, and abide sometime with them, as finding more ease there than in that other place allotted them.

XVI. Now a third sort are of that Rank and Order, that have been believing in God and Christ, and under Conviction of their lost State without him, and who have made some progress in the Heavenly Warfare:   Having gone so far as to live a Sober Rational Life, but have come short of that more inward and Spiritual work of Renovation, not having reached to Mortification and self Abnegation, but dying much short of it.  Yet their Mansion is more pleasant, being in the upper part of the Airy Region, annexed to Paradise:  Where they want not for Motives and Stirrings up to go on, and recover what they omitted and lost, while living in the Body.

XVII. As these Centers were opened and past before me, it was much upon me to be informed out of that depth of the Eternal Wisdom, that here opened it self, what became of all the Children that died, either in Infancy or Minority.  Then the Vision open’d shewing me a very pleasant Flowery and delightful Sphere, with a wonderful bright Light, that covered it as a Firmament, and the word said, this is the Children’s Sphere and Kingdom.  It appeared like a little World fill’d up with them, from the Womb, to the stature of about 12 Years.   This was inferiour to Paradise, but was appropriated to Wisdom; to be under her Government and Dominion, who appointed here several ministering Angels to Discipline, and Educate them, in the Faith of Jesus:  For being stained with original Sin, they were to believe in and receive the Lamb of God as their Redeemer:  And so, by Union with him, they become Virgins without Spot or Blemish.  Hereby it was said that Wisdom did make out her self, in the Fathers new-created Wonders, in these Children being transplanted out from the Earthly, into the Divine and Spiritual Orb of Light.

XVIII. Now the Three other Regions, (to wit, Paradise, Mount-Sion, and the New Jerusalem) I have already given an account of it in the Book of the Eight Worlds.  I must pronounce, Happy and Blessed are they, that dye so fitly qualified, as immediately to pass through all these before-mention’d Regions, that none of them may detain them, but that (as an Arrow) swiftly they may fly into this more high degree of the Paradisiacal Sphere, for they shall not long rest here, before their Ascension shall be;  where they shall see the King of Mount Sion, stretching out the Golden Cord, that shall draw them up to sit with him upon his Throne, which he has prepared for them;  and so to rise from one Glory to another, till in the fullness of the Father’s Glory, Christ shall install them, jointly with himself.  The everlasting Gates of the New Jerusalem here open, and wide do stand:  Which properly does belong to the high and lofty Majesty, as his Principal Seat or Mansion-house.  Which he will in the concluding part of all Scenes make to descend, to fill the whole Creation, with the splendor of it’s Glory:   Even so, Amen.

XIX. But for caution, let none think they can reach to these two last degrees, at the passing out of the Body, but as Christ in them shall come to be grown up in a perfect Stature, covering them all over with his divine Nature.  Which we hope and believe, may be wrought out effectually by the same Power that gave a Resurrection to his dead Body, and an Ascension to Glorification: in the Faith of which we wait and pray, for this perfect Day.

June 30, 1698.
I was Considering and Recollecting with my self the manifold Mysteries, that among the Dead lay yet hid, which in these Ages past were to be concealed and shut up:  but as the nearer approach is of the finishing of the fullness of Redemption, the Word of the Eternal Wisdom has been pleas’d to make known, what is beyond the present belief of the World:  but to the Impartial seekers and Worthy inquirers the secrets that appertain to the States of separated Souls, may be communicated.

XXI. In the first place we are to consider how these three Ranks of such as have departed this World, short of Redemption, shall come to recover the Regeneration or Remaining part of the Work, which they might possibly have attained in this Life;  for which end the Mediatorship of Christ was established by the Father, and continued in the Melchizedeck-Order.  And as Souls are daily Dying in this imperfect State, so Christ is daily renewing the Efficacy of his Blood, that must still atone for them.  It is also further made Manifest, that the great Saints that are made Kings and Priests, as they have Thrones, so they have Seats of Judgment, and are also made Saviours with their high Prince and Saviour, being of the same Merciful, and meek Nature, as joined and made one Spirit with him.  And their intercession with him, is of acceptation and efficacy, for these their fellow Members that have lag’d behind, and lost their time either in this Life or in other Centres:   So that it is laid for a Foundation-truth that the great Saints may help the less, whether in the higher World or the lower.  Now as it was queried in my self, so it may be by others how those that are departed, shall be brought to Repent and believe in Christ for Salvation?  It was here shewn to me that there were There Prophets, Pastors and Teachers, that did exercise their Function and Office, as well as in these Regions below.  For it is well to be understood, that this Converting and Regenerating work is to go forward on, till that which is perfect do so enter into every Member, that they come to be in Congruity with their perfect Head:  who must see the full Fruit of the Travail of his Soul, throughout the whole Creation.  For Christ the Head does not account himself perfect till every Member be cojoined with him.   Therefore, also the high Saints do Sympathize with the groaning Creation, because till all are brought in, their Joy cannot be full.  If it be asked, What Scripture is there for this?  I recommend the same that was open’d to me from the Revelations, Chap. 5.8.  Where the 24 Elders were in Office to receive the Golden Vials of the Prayers of the Saints, and to pour them before the Throne.  Whereby it is implyed that the Prayers of the Saints, of a lesser degree may pass through them that are of a higher.  Then another Scripture I shall superadd is that, 1Cor. 15.29.   Where you find the Living, did enter into the Covenant of Baptism for the Dead; as being capable of helping them forward in their Process to Christ, by Concurrence and Union of Spirits with them.  And had we more of this Concurrence of Spirits one with another, the Kingdom of our Lord had not been so long detained and kept back; but a quicker dispatch might have been made, but we are in hopes that as the day-Star shall more Universally arise in Hearts, this Light shall so spread it self, as that the knowledge of these great Mysteries shall find more kind entertainment in the World, that lyes Buried in so much Ignorance and Darkness.  Then there will be less to do in those other Regions, because there will not so many dye in an imperfect State, and the Kingdom of Satan will be weakened and diminished thereby, who shall not be able to hold his dominion, either in this invisible dark Sphere or the visible Principle.  I shall now conclude this Point with this Acclamation, Rejoice ye Heavens and shout ye lower parts of the Earth, for the Lord God Omnipotent is about to do Marvelous things, which shall be seen and admired by such as do long for, and Love his Appearance:  Which approaching is still nearer and nearer.  Even so come: Come, O Lord, in thy Kingdom, Power, and Glory; Amen.


July   10, 1698.
IT was further discovered that the Elders before the Throne, did receive Commission from the Supreme King and Lord, as being his most near Privy Counselors, for to put into Office and Government, such in the upper Worlds as might be as the Nobles and Principalities of high degree, in the Heavenly Court.  These had Power and Command given them to govern and manage the Affairs of the lower Regions of the Deceased, who had reference to them on all occasions.  For these matters are transacted and agitated in various manners, unknown to Mortals, according to the manifold Wisdom that is understood there.  For the increase and bringing all into Subjection and Obedience, for the bringing in and perfecting of Christ’s Kingdom There.   For Christ must Reign till all in those Centres be made to know his Superiority.   Nay, the Extent of this Government of the Saints, reaches to the Binding and Chaining up of Lucifer, and those that are yet under his Jurisdiction.  Otherwise they would make strange disturbances and commotions, by invading of the Privileges which are above his Sphere.  This was made known to me, in order that I might understand better what was the purpose and design of the great Jerusalem King, as to the putting of this lower World into a new Model of Government;  beyond what has been since Christ’s time.  Hitherto the Diabolical Spirit and the Worldly Spirit, have had the Superiority:  but it has been signified to me that the time of this Reign of the Beast and of the Dragon, is very near expiring:  When Christ will bring down his Court, and all Powerful Government, here upon Earth.  And it shall be managed by such as he shall Depute, by impowering with his own Spirit, expressly by which he will act in them as if they stood in his very Person.  It was further proposed to me, that some who are alive in this present Generation, should be Anointed and Seal’d with Power here for, and taken into his secret Counsel.  At first a small known Number, but which should dilate and increase till they were Numberless.  Then was it pronounced in my Ears from the Heavens, Blessed are those that are the first Fruits, that go forth to enlighten and bear Rule over all the degenerated Plants, that are not yet ingrafted into the true Vine.

XXIII. Then was it queried in me, (because there was yet so little appearance of this,) how long it might be, before This would come to effect?  The soft springing Word replied, that there was already a seed of Light sown, and an united Golden Grain of Faith, which would assuredly put forth their Heads, that the time of the Lily may be known.  One full Circle of a thousand Years is already run out, and when the full point of the seventh Hundred Year shall be superadded to it, then the Thrones and Dominions here below shall begin to bow and stoop to That Reign and Kingdom, which shall (by the Spirit in meek and Holy Souls) be set afoot.  For knowledge shall have a wonderful encrease, so that the Princes and Kings of the Earth shall be taken hold of thereby, to promote the Reign of Christ, and to throw their Crowns at His Feet.  And a Solomon’s Heart shall revive again, whereby hands will be put to Build up such a Temple, as shall never be made desolate.

XXIV. As I was still considering of this great Revolution how it should be brought about; there was a Lamp descended from the seven Lamps before the Throne, and put into the Hand of a certain Person, which did at first sight burn but dimly.  Then came the Angel of the Love, that poured in a Golden Oyl, that sent forth a mighty strong Odour, which immediately made the Lamp burn with such a Blaze, dropping Flakes of Light into the Oyl, that caused many more Lamps to spring; which made a good part of the Earth look as a bright Heaven.  Then was it said to me, This shall be the fore-runner whereby the Foundation shall be laid, for the bright Sun of Righteousness to appear and shine forth, in his Temple Body, which is his Spouse and Bride;  who shall not want to be accomplished with all manner of Gifts and Powers, much more radiant and great than whatever yet has been known and declared.  All this it to confirm the Vision of the Mountain of Perazim, that open’d towards the four Corners of the Earth, and tho’ somewhat was for a time to be shut up from the Unworthy, yet as this Blessed day shall approach nearer, permission is given to make the States of the Deceased in the invisible Regions more publickly manifest:  For the Seals that are upon the Book of God’s wonders must have their Day of breaking open.   For there is a wakeful time, in which those that lie in a dead Sleep, shall hear the Thunder-cries that are now upon their uttering forth:  which shall magnifie the Powerful day of the Holy Ghost.  The visitation of which has been already known to some.  Which is a binding Law for such as have received of this Unction to stand in a readiness all these Prophetical sayings to obey.  From which, O Lord, let not any of thy elected Stones herefrom Swerve.  But that they may hold fast their Crown in him, who is the Yea and Amen.

Above Excerpt from: XIII - XXIV.



~~~ A Living Funeral Testimony, 1702. ~~~
Excerpt  1 of 3

22. But what shall we say to the greater part of the World, that stand out yet as Strangers, and Aliens to this Happy State: for whom our Compassions and Bowels of Love are strongly moving, if by any means, by setting forth the Excellency, both of a present Enjoyment, and a future Felicity, any may be induced to the falling in with, and embracing this Life.  Which can no otherwise be, but by a renouncing and denying that Life that is born of the Earthly lapsed State.  For the which so many Motives are, in order to the awakening and stirring up of such a firm Resolution.  Which being found negligent in, and dull, and slighting of this superabounding Love of God, hereby they run the adventure of the loss of what would have been their greatest Advantage and Gain;  by so living Christ here in this Body, that when separated from it, no stop may be from entering into some Celestial Degree of his Glory:  For as Christ says, In his Father’s House are many Mansions.

Now we are to denominate the various States, and Degrees, of Souls that have their Birth according to Natural Course in this Principle.

23. We shall first speak of such as are only Born after the Flesh, by sowing of the Serpent’s Seed in the Degenerated Ground of Nature.  From whence springeth and putteth forth wild and evil Plants; which are the vain and wicked Imaginations, which do generate and multiply, so as to overcharge and overspread, for the increase of the Satanical Kingdom in ‘em, passing thus (as is the case of the generality) the whole time of their Life, in an Animal Sensitive Love to the things that are only Transitory and Temporal;  by which they quench and bury that Eternal Spark, that it never comes to a Resurrection in ‘em.   Thus living void of the Quickening Life of Christ, they depart out of the Body, Ignorant where their Souls must go.  Which State is to be lamented and deplored:   and were it not for the extension of an infinite Grace and Love that reacheth at last to these, they might be Eternally and Totally Lost.  But albeit, from everlasting Perdition they may be exempted, yet not from a State of Suffering, and Punishment, in those Centres and Regions where they are assign’d to be;  where they will have cause enough of Repentance, for the loss of their Opportunities they had here in this World.

24. But among these, those that have been more Incarnated with the Satanical Spirit, into an open boldness of Defying God, and Prophaning his Holy Name, doing despight to the Spirit of his Love and Grace;   this sort are still more under the Reign and Terror of the Prince of Darkness, than the others.  And yet such are the Compassions of the Mighty God and Saviour, even towards the worst of these, that he does take care to send his Messengers, as Christ himself did, to go and Preach to the Spirits in Prison, for the bringing of them out of that doleful State.  So by the same Spirit of Christ, care is taken for their Admonition, and hopeful Expectation, that a release herefrom may at last be given for a Gradual Admission, and Translation, into a more Bright and Light Principle.  For as it is here in this World, the Dead in Trespasses and Sins do hear the Voice of the Spirit of God, through the Ministry of those Messengers sent forth by Christ:  even so it is with those separated Souls;  the Love of Christ and the Efficacy of his Redemption being in like manner offer’d to ‘em there.

25. For upon the Complaining, and Lamenting the State of the Visible Region, that after such an open shew of Christ in the Flesh, and offering up himself through the Eternal Spirit for the Restitution of the lapsed Creation, yet still after all this there remains the same Reluctancy and Insensibility, for a renewing and coming out of this vile and evil Body of Sin:  I say, as I was Bemoaning thus before my Lord, concerning the delay of his coming to put an end to the Births and Generations, wherein the Predominance of Sin still did remain, Iniquity still abounding everywhere;  the Reply of the Holy Spirit to me was, That I did not understand the deep Wisdom of God herein, whose Counsel herein was unsearchable;  but thus far be it known, that one end of the Lord’s not coming to make a full end of Transgression and Sin, in this visible World, was, for the sakes of the elected Ones, that were in these invisible Regions, to be brought in to the Knowledge, Love, and Acceptation of him to be their Redeemer:  for that there were such Works to be done, in the changing and making removes among the Regions of the Dead, as no Mortal has ever enter’d into the Thoughts of.  But this Mystery (it was further said to me) shall be better understood and known, before Christ’s return to this World in his Glorified Humanity.

26. Therefore a Warning-peal Rings and Sounds now very loud, to awaken the Inhabitants of the Earth, that lie buried so deep under the Face of the vile Covering, that they cannot find how to heave it up from that Load of Careful Weights, that from this visible Region is throng’d in upon them.  Out from which there is a call to come away; for no excuse must justify their neglect hereof;  to say this, or that, I must provide for my Bodily Subsistence, and the like.  Here included is both the Countryman with his Tillage, putting forth his Plea;  as also the Citizen, with all the numerous Merchandizings and Traffickings of this kind, which do so universally take up the whole Mind, that there is no leisure to concern themselves about the knowing a Life of Christ in them, either in the present time, or for a future Eternity.  Not that there should not at all be the use of these Worldly Callings, by such as are assigned and fitted in their Capacities for them, as outward Stakes for the Tabernacle-Body of the visible Creation to be supported by:  this is granted to be all necessary; but then it is to be after such a wise Management, as nothing of the External Business, and Outward Calling, may interfere, so as to block up their way in the performance of their High and Holy Calling.  For truly herein lies a great Danger, wherein many Instances have been of a Spiritual Births Miscarriage, in such as have made a fair progress and appearance in Travailing, to obtain a formation of Christ in them; but have choak’d and smothered the life of Christ in its Infancy.  Therefore now this Message sent peculiarly is to all such as may find themselves under a Defraud herein, through the Temptations of this Worldly Principle.  For tho’ they may not excluded be from a future Salvation, yet not exempted can they be from what must purify, and prepare them afterwards, (if not done while in the Body.)  Suffering in this Case can no way be avoided, when parted out of the Body: some of one kind, some of another, according as their Demerits have been while living in the Confines of Time.  For such as live naked and divested of Christ, which is the true living Cloathing, cannot hope suddenly (when out of the Body) to put Him on, till they have suffer’d first an Annihilation of that Body of Sin they brought with them out of the World.  For as the Tree falls here, so it will lie in the separated State:  That is, with the same evil Habit, and Body of Sin, they had at the time of their Death, when they go into the other World.  Therefore let this excitement take place, and be consider’d of Weightily:  for it will be found much more easy to do this Work, while we have our Day lengthened out here;  both for the putting off, and putting on, what may render Souls in such a similitude and likeness to Christ, as a free Access may be found up to those Mansions, which encompass the Throne of the Lamb, the mighty Shepherd of that separated Fold:  where nothing more is to be done, or added, but to know the Blissful Rest, entering into their Lord and Master’s Joy.

27. But here I may meet with several Contradictions, objecting this Assertion is not according to the received Doctrine generally Preached, and Believed in.  Answ. Albeit it has been traditionally set afoot in the World, (at least in these Parts of it) that there are but two Receptacles for departed Souls, which are: the Highest Heaven;  and the Hellish Lake;  yet it is most Ungrounded.  If it were so, Wo, Wo, unto the far greater part of the World, that go out of the Body altogether unqualified, and uncapable of entering into that high and perfect Degree, where nothing that is unholy can appear.   Therefore let it be judged how small a number goes out of the Body so cloathed upon with the pure fine Linnen of Christ’s Immaculate Righteousness.  Such indeed as do obtain this Excellent Degree, may pass swiftly; and not be detain’d in any of the lower Regions:  But as for those who have not reached to this high Prize and Mark, tho’ even Illuminated and Regenerated in some part, there is a Assignment made for such in the out-Borders of the Glorious City of God, the New Jerusalem, there to remain till they have put on the Flaming Garment of the Deity, by which all Defects are swallow’d up in Immortality of Light.  And for those other various numbers of Souls, that are as numerous as the Stars in the Sky, that Dye Ignorant, and void of the Light and Life of Christ in them;  what should become of all these, if there were not Provision made by the great God and Creator, that so they might not fall into the Lake where such terrible and fearful Torments are known?  But the depths and ways of God’s Wisdom and Love are without Bounds:  And so accordingly he has prepared for these Desolate Souls Habitations in the Air, or other Elements, according to what they did most live in here;  until another moving Mystery of God’s Creating Power shall on them take hold, to bring them up to a higher Fold.

28. Now it may be further Queried, What Scripture have we, for ground to believe this?

We must Answer, That the Time for the full and general Discovery of this great Secret, was not when the Scriptures were writ;  and yet they are not altogether without Testimony of the Truth hereof;  but it has lain coucht among those Truths that Christ left to be brought to Light, and full Manifestation, in the latter Ages of the World.

29. One Instance is, that there was a Custom practised by those that were Baptized not only for themselves, but for those that were Departed, not having known the Efficacy thereof;  which implies a washing from Sin:  and not only so, but it reaches further, as to the Fiery Baptism of the Holy Ghost, which falling upon the Persons Baptized with Water-Baptism, might affect also those for whom they were Baptized, that might have a Relation to, and a Sympathizing with, those that are Living.  The place is 1Cor. 15. 29.

30. Another Testimony is, That of the Apostle, 1Cor. 3. 15.  Where he shews that such Works as have been wrought here upon a wrong Foundation, must pass through the Fiery Judgment;  by which the Soul being purified, and the Dross burnt up, the Eternal spark in ‘em, which is of God, shall obtain Salvation;  which is the Sense of the Apostle here.   So that by all this, it is to be understood, that there is a Relief after Death, through the Meritorious Death of Christ for the whole Lapsed Creation.  Whose intercession must never cease, till he has gathered in All, that may make up the total Victory over Sin, Hell, and Death;  throughout all Regions, and Worlds, for the full Manifestation of his Kingdom, so that God may fill All in All.

31. There is another Instance practiced before Christ’s appearance, of Praying for the Dead, mentioned, 2Maccab.12.40.&c. to the end.  Which concludes thus;  Whereupon he made a Reconciliation for the Dead, that they might be delivered from Sin.  Therefore this Inference may be made, that those that Dye in a low and sinful State may have some Relief, by such as are great Saints living, yet here upon the Earth.  This (tho’ it may not be Canonical Scripture) may yet pass for a true History, as from those that were eminently Holy in That Age.

32. But what is without further doubt, or question, is Christ’s going into the Regions of the Dead, to Preach to the Spirits in Prison, that were Disobedient in the Days of Noah, 1Pet. 3.19,20. By all this is proved, that Restoration may be of those, who under present Condemnation are.

33. Now I come further to give Testimony of what has been revealed to me, concerning, the Truth of this, at such a time when I was exceedingly affected for those numberless Souls that departed Christless.   And while I was Bemoaning this, I had this Word of assurance given me, that The Blood of God, shed through the Humanity of Christ, was of that Cost and Price, that it was sufficient to Ransom ten thousand Worlds more than ever was, is, or shall be;  and nothing less than this is the Eternal Purpose of the Creator towards his lapsed Creatures.   But for this, it was to be made known, and manifest, as the Time approacheth for its compleating, as the greatest wonder beyond all that hath been brought forth. From this I was much quieted, and pacified, in the Admiration of such an extension of Love universally.

Above Excerpt from: 22 - 33.

~~~ A Living Funeral Testimony, 1702. ~~~
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44. But it was further said to me, that The Age both is now, and is further coming on, in which these deep Grounds, and Centres, wherein separated Souls are confin’d, shall be better known to the Living;   that Holy Souls may not go out of the Body so Ignorant, as hitherto they have done, of the Receptacles appointed for them;  each one according to what they have attained and reached to Here. Concerning which what has been reveal’d, you may find more at large in the Eight Worlds, the Enochian Life, and the Mount of Vision. Since the Publishing of which, I have had further confirmation of the Truth thereof:   As also of the Universal Restoration, whereby all that has been Impair’d, Desolated, and made Miserable by Transgression, shall to the greatest Amazement (as the renewed Wonder-work of the Creator) be repaired and redeemed;  God in Christ reconciling all that had Departed, and fall’n away from Him again to Himself.  Tho’ I am not Ignorant how much this has been Objected and Cavill’d against;  yet it shall be found a Truth, as the Circle and Ages of Time shall be further manifested.  This is not only my own Sentiment, but God has raised up other Asserters hereof, both in former and present Ages;  that have searched out this Mystery, and cleared it up.  There has lately been put forth a Book of an Eminent and very Learned person in Germany, that has Published a large Folio concerning this General Restitution of the Creature;  with the State of Separated Souls, and various Punishments of negligent and wicked Souls, as Preparatory, in the order of the Divine Scenes, for the Lapsed State both of Angels and Mankind to be restored.   It is Written in the High Dutch.

45. This, however it might be before known to others, I received it not from Man, as in the Book of the Everlasting Gospel, publish’d by me in the Year 1697, is declar’d;  which does evidence after what manner it was reveal’d, and made known, as I was in doubtfulness of this Truth:  where you will also find many Objections against it Answer’d.

46. Since which, another grand Objection has come to my Hand; which is this, The Everlasting Bliss of the Saints, in the expression of it, runs parallel with the Punishment of the Wicked: And if one be for Ages of Time only, as is interpreted;  then so is the other.

Answ. Tho’ this be Christ’s own saying, yet he admits of his own Spirit to interpret and unfold His meaning, what hereby is to be understood, by the true Disciplehood:  Which Spirit leads us back to the Original Copy, which is God Himself, where we may find there was no beginning nor end of Goodness, Love, Purity, and Perfection of Righteousness, that is in the strict Eternity of God’s Essence:  From whence must necessarily follow Endless Pleasure, Joy, and Glory.  Now then this preceding before Sin, Evil, and Misery were awaken’d, (which can be reputed no other than an Accident happening) this last must fall again into its own Non-entity, as a Fire blown up by the Luciferian Spirit:  and so must quenched be again by the meek Water out of the Throne-Foundation;  which the Lamb of God, by descending into his own meek Humanity, hath freely set open:  so that That must carry the Pre-eminence, by swallowing up all of Sin, Wrath, and Misery;  in the finishing part of this great Wonder of his unconceivable and unsearchable Love, which none can set measure to, or prescribe bounds unto it.  Therefore ‘tis hence to be concluded the State of Bliss is according to its original Nature Eternal, the other but Temporary.

47. But from this let none dare to take boldness, or liberty, because their Punishments are not strictly for perpetuity, and without end.  But let all that are so careless, as to run the hazard and adventure of their Souls, by living Christless, and without God in the World, dread and tremble at the terrible Judgments, and Anxious painful State, that they will after Death know;  if not also partly before, by the Sting of Sin, by which the Serpent, will challenge his Dominion.  In whose Kingdom nothing less than bitter Woes, Wailings, and Gnashing of Teeth will be.  And this will be found terrible enough, if it holds but to Ages of Time.  For according to the Years they have lived here, sporting themselves in earthly, and worldly Loves and Pleasures, forgetting the Lord their Maker, and rejecting and despising Christ the Rock, that offers Himself to be Salvation to ‘em:  so will Punishments inflicted upon ‘em be.  But I shall not further insist, having already made mention of the Degrees, Ranks, and Orders that liable are to such Fiery Indignations, from the Vindictive Justice of the most Impartial God.

48.Now it is much to be prayed and wished for, that the Shepherds and Pastors of the Flocks had their Eyes so enlightn’d, or at least would but faithfully and diligently Inquire into these things, that are of such import and consequence to Souls:  that so they may not go so darkly and ignorantly out of the Body, as not knowing whither they go;  there being so many Mansions, or Regions, allotted out by the Divine Wisdom of the Father.  But O the Happy Stations, Goodly Tents, and Dwelling Places, that are prepared for Christ, and His, that are gathered into that Holy Corporation, and City, which is the New Jerusalem!    Whereinto a free Entrance may be found, passing through all lower and inferior Regions, into this Blessed Harbor, and Joy of their Lord: while those others, we have made mention of, are shut out and excluded;  who (like Dives) have their Pain augmented, by seeing the Righteous received into the Bosom-Rest of God their Father.

Above Excerpt from: 44 - 48.

~~~ A Living Funeral Testimony, 1702. ~~~
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66. Now by all this that has been thus far reveal’d and made known, it may well kindle a Love-Aspiration, and Holy Ambition, during the time of living in the Body here, as to be daily Dying out of it, for a free and abundant entrance into this highest Region, which flows as a perpetual River of Light, Joy, and Pleasure.  Methinks there is none that hears of this Happy State, in which such full Fruition of the Tri-une God is so joyfully known, can henceforth ever refuse a Self-Dying, to make room for a Christ-Living;  whereby there will be a putting out all doubtfulness and fear, concerning outward Mortal Death, which now is made only as a Pearly Gate that gives entrance into the New Jerusalem State.

67. But here having given an account of the variety and degrees of separated Souls, it may be Queried, How I come to have such a Sight and Knowledge of it, as if I were already absent from the Body?

Answ. Willing I am to give satisfaction to the impartial and sober Inquirers, according to the Measuring Line that has set Bounds to me, so much to give an account of, so far as the Wisdom of God directs to.

68. In the first place, the Consideration and Expectation of my own approaching Change which for some time of late has most deeply seiz’d and taken hold upon me, insomuch that I was made very Importunate with my Christ, to have a prospect beforehand of the future Degrees and Stations of separated Souls;  which I was watchful and fearful to take from any other Hand than the Alpha and Omega, which did reveal the great Secrets to the Beloved John, as to what was future and invisible.  And laying this for my Foundation, in great lowliness and humility I was answer’d in my Desires, in great Favour and Love, from a Central Light that did surround me, and parted me at some Seasons and Times from my natural Self:  which open’d such an eye in my Understanding, that I became as an Eye in Christ my Head, and so made a swift flight into various Regions:  and as suddenly then Returned again into the still Central Deep, where my Blessed Jesus did me meet, and there Communicate and Reveal, what under concealment has been from the World;  which now the time was for disclosing, being come so near to the approaching of the Kingdom of our Emmanuel.  Therefore tho’ the Scripture has been much silent, and obscure, concerning the State of the departed Ones;  yet now it was no longer to be seal’d up, but the Book wherein the Names of the Dead are to be Inroll’d, shall be set Open to the Spiritual Seers.  Who may know for themselves, and sometimes for others, how their Lot does or will stand;  which is a needful advantage, thus to have a certain Knowledge of the place or Mansion, that is prepar’d for each one according to what they have been made meet for, as to the Degrees and Stations that have been already mention’d.  This is no new Thing:   for the Great Worthies, in Sacred Record, have left their Testimony, in way of assurance of their Stations, with numerous others in all Ages.

69. Therefore, sure nothing is of more consequence and concern, than to be Inquirers hereinto, and not to be willing to go out of the Body at an uncertain adventure.  For there is no Soul but by earnest seeking, may obtain a prospect beforehand, what Place they are design’d for.  As a further demonstration might be given hereof, from One that had a particular evidence and assurance given by the Lord Christ himself;  that so loved him and possest him, while living in the Body, that Death should not divide him from the Participation of his presence:  And (as making a renewed Affirmation to such a Soul;) saying, "Where I am, there you shall come with me, to be sharing with me in the same Glory and Joy that the Father hath invested me withal."

70. O therefore who would not suffer the loss of All, by sinking away from their own Carnal, Sinful, Separating Life, that they may come to know no other than Christ as their new raised up Life.  Which will put all out of danger, and exclude all Fears that do usually attend the outward Death, or suspicions of the Blissful and Happy State, which is to follow after Death.   Which is so great, and so stupendous in its full latitude of Glory, that it is not for Mortals to comprehend.  All that is required, is to be fitly furnished out, and Adorned, as a Bride that is to enter into the Joy of her Lord, And so I Conclude, with a Pronunciation of all fullness of Blessing upon all them that shall so live Christ here, as Death may become a sweet Savour of a Triumphant Life in Glory.

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~~~ The Resurrection of Life, 1705. Reverse Translation: German to English, 2010. ~~~
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... Thereupon arose a Question:  What is then the Disposition of those, or what will happen with those, who are not yet reborn [born again] when Christ would appear with His Bride?  To which it was answered:   That they will be amazed and confounded at the Brightness of the Appearing of the LORD and will run here and there, and seek a Place of Refuge and in great Numbers cling to the Hem of the Garments of the Saints and will call for Help and Deliverance:  But the Angels, by Christ's Command, shall pronounce this Judgment against them:  That because they did not want to know Christ in His Suffering and Death, neither be made Conformable to Him in this, therefore can they also now have no Part with the Redeemed;   which Judgment will cause them great Fear and Terror.  Even so, some among these, who impetuously reverse themselves and flee to the redeeming Blood of Christ, exactly on this Day, will find Grace [Pardon] before the Merciful High Priest to the fulfillment of that which the Scripture says: Whoso calleth upon the Name of the LORD shall be saved and blessed;  To whom will be given Repentance and Contrition of Spirit, so that, even though they will indeed not yet be allowed or permitted into the nuptial Marriage-Covenant which makes up the Unity of the Saints, yet on their further Maturity and Growth, they will be given a sure appointed Time, to make them satisfied, wherewith they may attain to become Partakers with the First Resurrection Body.

However above this, there is still another Part of the World, which remains always stubborn and rebellious and strives to support the Kingdom of Darkness.  These are those who, through Christ and His Saints with Him, as far as the external bodily Death is concerned, [what regards the outward bodily Death,] will have to perish in Condemnation, because the Judgment will so deeply penetrate into them that it will then consume Everything that is unqualified to bear the Glory, Holiness and Perfection of the New Creation State, and thus they will pass over [go] into other Regions, and remain therein, until the Great Common Judgment Day will come upon them and upon all those who have died without any beginning of the Rebirth in them.  What their Purifying and Cleansing therein will be, is known only to the righteous Judge.  After they have gone through all this, it stands in the great Creator's (from Whom they had their eternal Being) Pleasure and His Goodness to extend to them, according to the Merits and the Mercy, Kindness and Nature of the friendly and most loving Saviour.

However, concerning this lower or nether World, in this Manner God will come down and will fill it with His Presence.  Then Nothing shall harm or spoil anymore because all Things that are of Death or Curse shall disappear:  For it will be clarified with such Purity, so that like as the Heaven above, so also down here below, there will be a pure Paradisical [Paradise-like] Earth.  Then will the Saints, according as they desire, ascend and descend, [go up and down], and will meet each other, and will rejoice together in Christ, their Head.

All this that is become revealed, may be Reason enough [sufficient Cause] for the Saints and all well-meaning Souls, to watch, to be alert, on their guard, and to be ready, [consider their Guard, to watch and make themselves prepared], so that they are found clothed, and are not found naked and without that Righteousness which makes up their Power [wherein their Power consists]:  For we may expect and believe, that this Day is not very far in the Future, that it might perhaps come suddenly and before we expect it.  Highly blessed and happy are Those who will be found to be of those First-Fruits of the Resurrection, and who wait on this blessed Hope and glorious Appearing of the Mighty God, who will not neglect to come and to joyfully bring back again all Things through a New Creation.  Yes, Amen! say Those who worship and wait in the Temple.

Above Excerpt from: The Other [Second] Part, IX.
THE RESURRECTION OF LIFE, 1705: Reverse-Translation: German to English, 2010.


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