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Gospel ReDiscovery


... our intent is to locate and present on-line documents — whose contents may serve as spiritual chisels for chipping away at the mind-numbing, counterfeit christian doctrines that have repulsed, diverted or frozen serious Seekers of Truth in an icy death-grip for many centuries — which documents may support and confirm the internal course-correction which they are being led to take  back to the Inward and Narrow Way...


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Links to the On-line Materials


“For this the Trumpets are gone forth, and are going forth, and will continue to do so, waxing louder and louder;  for the Rousing and Awakening the Sleepy World;  and especially the Luke-warm, degenerate, and Formal Christendom;  that a Refreshment and Revival may be, of the almost expiring Life of Jesus in it;  and principally of the more Inward and Spiritual Rest thereof, which is benumb'd and frozen Part even to Death in the Hearts of its Professors.   The Holy Spirit is now Returning and has sent forth its Witnesses, though at first as Infants, stammering forth in Weakness the first and lower degrees of its Manifestation and Approach.    Thro' whom it now Calls: and it will not give over calling and crying, till it shall make those that have any sense of Good, and of the Love of God even asham'd of their coldness and backwardness to meet it ... ”


Sometimes when we are being shown something new, something that goes against what we have long been taught or believed, it is helpful (and should be expected) that our Inward Teacher, our Counselor, the Holy Spirit of   Truth, will confirm the lesson by hearing it from another source.  And sometimes
those other sources are used to challenge us to crack the shell of our
 long-held traditions and beliefs.

The Collected Supportive Document Links below, are passed along for this purpose.


Gospel ReDiscovery On-Line Materials

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Spiritual Diagnostics for the 21st Century       NEW

 What is going on in the World ?   :    Application of Scripture  from the Holy Bible to what we see around us in the present world,
shows a different perspective as to what is going on, who we actually are,  how we ended up like this,  who is the
spiritual director calling the earthly shots behind the scenes, and why the drama is escalating.
{ Another Missing Part of the Modern Gospel is being uncovered ! } 
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Finding the Missing Parts of the Gospel   :   What major requirement has  modern 'Churchianity' overlooked in its teaching?

Could I  be a Counterfeit Christian? : A Spot-check List  for the  Modern Christian on their spiritual progress.  green arrow - left pointing Updated

Is Our Gospel the Original Gospel?:  NO! What's been Removed? What's been Added?  A detailed Report...  green arrow - left pointing Updated

Testing an Elder's Fruit :  For the Retired Senior Citizen who professes to be following Jesus Christ.   green arrow - left pointing Updated

The Corrupted Modern Gospel vs. the Original Gospel of Jesus Christ :  Exposing the fraud...    green arrow - left pointing Updated
A tabular comparison of the two gospels and how they differ from one another.

What's Wrong with the Modern Gospel? : A 20th century “wake-up call” from 1981. 

What awaits the Human Soul after Death of the Body? :    
Our Destination depends on our state at Death, how we spent our allotted time
and what is left to be done in us on the other side.

The Call to Self-Denial and the  Mystical Death? :   
Christ's command to deny ourselves, take up our crosses and follow Him,
as you will NOT hear it preached  in the churches of this Age.

Exploring Self-Denial and Sexual Abstinence
From the perspective of believers in and followers of Jesus Christ.
Only for those led to inquire...

The Antichrist in Man :  
A discovery of the Great WHORE that sits upon many Waters,
Wherein is declared what that Whore or inward
Mystery is;  together with the destruction
thereof, by the powerful appearing
of Christ in us.

Lost Writings from the Past :
Many voices have spoken on the requirements
of Self Denial & Sexual Abstinence.

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Please report any typographical errors to the Page Stewards.  Although many proofings are done before the documents go on-line, we always appreciate fresh eyes and what is revealed through them.  Many thanks and blessings.